Newspaper of Evening Star, March 3, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 3, 1862 Page 3
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, ; . | .II'IAU .UT IP ' f'" -",* - 1 rammjj Star. I -11!?U _ U??LI?I??!?p _" ?^?? ??? . ???? ?? Vg. XIX WASHINGTON, D C . MONDAY, MARCH 8, 1862. N8. 2,817. THE EVENING STAR ta PUBLISHED EVBR Y AFTMR1TOOI1, (BdftDAY faiXOKPffSDj AT TiitS ItAH Hi LLD!*?4?, / / ?%<?; MUM ?*'.> < m4 ?*?**? si if m ^ W. L>. WALLACE. " f*p?n acrv?d li package* by evrioi at 94 a fW, or 37 eenta per month. To lull anbacriben the prloe la 93 SU a year, u ti for all ootha; SI for three months; and for lea thaa three Monti* at the rate of IS cento a week. Si> fie coplei, one citr; In wrappers, two enra. CT A&vut'.iisi!iti should be aent to the flee before IS o'clock aa; otherwise they may not appear on til the next day. The New Irox-Clad Steamer.?}Ur Arrival f>om Mystic?Peculiarities.?The ironclad war steamer which haa been building at Mystic, uonnectieut. since September last, has been brought to this port, end now lies at Qreenpoint. The vessel?which has not yet received a name?was launched a few days ago, and will be ready to receive her armament in about one month from the present time, when the will be immediately prepared for ea. This is one of the three iron-clad vessels whose construction was provided for at the last session of Congress. The Ericsson Battery? also one of them?has made her trial trip, and will soon be afforded an ocnortunitr of testiuz her fighting Qualities. The third U bnildins at Philadelphia, and will soon ba clad with iron plates similar to those used on the British steamer Warrior The vessel just arrived at this port has most of her armor on ; the engines are finished and partly in ; and a large number of workmen are employed on board. The work will be hurried rapidly forward. The entire model is new. The vessel has been constructed under a contract of Bushnell A Co., with the Navy Department, and was designed by Samuel II. Pook, an experienced naval architect of Boston, wfco has superintended the construction on the part of the Government. The defei^n was to so con*truct the sides that they should slope inward from the water's edge, and thus cause the missiles which should strike them to glance off. The aides of the vessel. and eren the upper deck, present none but curved lines?a point heretofore unattained to such a degree in naval architecture It is believed that with the comparatively light iron mail, the sides of the vessel will be entirely impenetrable to the missiles now generally used. The hull of the vessel is about 300 feci over all, extreme breadth 37 feet, and depth of hold 12 feet ft inches Her entire capacity is 1,000 toas. Uer sides, from the frame which lies on the keel and the " build'' two or three teet from the frame, are of solid white oak about fifteen inches thick. This thiokneas extends two feet above the gun deck. The walla extending to tbe upper deok are at the base fourteen inches thick, and at the top thirteen inches, the whole being quite as solid as the aides prop?r. The width of the upper deck is buj^ twenty-seven feet. The ball is pierced for eighteen guns, but it i? not designed to iu? so large a number.?N V. Pott. Wit BcchNER Din mot Escapb from Fort l)>aaLSON.?The Louisville Journal of Tuesday, in giving an account of the transfer of I Gen. Buckner and his staff, besides several other officers, from Cairo to Jeffersonville, I Ind., says: At the railroad depot at Jeffersonville, Col. Dant, who was in command of the provost guar J. oonversed freely with the prisoners, many of whom made him the bearer of mes-, sages and other favors t? their friends in this oity. Many of the prisoners were disposed to enter complaint because they were not permitted to visit their friends in this eity while on their way to their place of oonfinement. General Buckner expressed the opinion unreservedly that be owed his captivity to the folly of Gen. Pill* v. The commanders of the Rebel forces at Fort TV\r)Alinn Or*paa<1 tinA? m ?vU? /vf ? k ? **E>* wi upvu ?* pmu ui icntai oucr thej became satisfied they could not win the battle. Pillow, with hi* forces was to cot his v. ay through the right flack of the Federal forces, and at a given period was to signal Geo Backner, who was toattenpt a similar feat. Pillow succeeded partially, bet io the weakness of his joy over his supposed escape neglected the signals, and set about telegraphing, a report southward that ho had won a great victory. In that deluding his Rebel friends, for he was driven back to his old quarters, and only escapcd by stealing out after nightfall. General Buckner states that the opportunity was tendered him and his caff junko their scape with Generals Fleyd and Pillow, and the plan was submitted to the officers. After consultation they, with a single exception, determined to share the fate ot their men. We blush to make the admission, but it was our quondam friend. Diok Wintersmith, who proposed to sacrifice the men and sure the officers. Dick, it should be remembered,was himself an officer. It is useless to add that he escaped. Gen. Buckner expressed the opinion that the Rebels woald not make a stand at Nash ill*. Capt. Walker, the commander of the company who had been detailed to guard the prisoners, says the Rebel officers, notwithstanding they had been generously permitted to retain their side arms, formed a plan to take possession of the boat on Sunday bight, a short distance below the oity. It was discovered, however, and its consummation prevented by the vigilanoeef Capt. Walker. Taa Roanokb Rivbrsis.?The Richmond KrMainiiF nnhliihoa fAHnerin- 1 - ? -v UMVW v u V kVliVWIUg To /A* tiditor *f tk* HicimonJ h.rawiner?The independent oonluct of your journal emboldens me to venture a criticism npon the late reverses at Fort Henry and Roanoke Island, which may be grating to ears polite, but is rendered necessary by the condition of the country. It is high time that these surrenders should cease, for, considering the character of the war in its consequences tons, the* have been truly amazing, commencing witn that of the cavalry at Alexandria down through that of Col. Petfram. at Rich Mnnn tain, that of Comnnxiore Barron, at iiatteraj, Ae., Ss., to the present lamentable instance. At Fort Henry a Brigadier General, unwounded, having a garrison slmost intact, lowers his flag over a dozen guns of the largest r oalibre. and with a hackneyed compliment, yields up his bl*odless sword- How withering T and humiliating to our Southern manhood was the sorrowful reply of the Yankee Commodore. That the General should have neglected to make preparation for preventing the enemy from ascending the river and burning the railroad bridge, may be passed over, because no oommiasion can make a man a commander unless it ba given by natare; but if the statement as to his surrendering be true, is he to be retaiaed upon the rolU of the Southern army as an officer f The Roanoke affair is perfectly incomnre hen?ible. The newspapers are filled with extravagant laudations of oar valor?the annals of Greece and Home o ffer no parallel?whole regiment* were defoatei by companies, and we yielded only to death. Oar men finally surrendered "with no blood on their bayonets," and what is theloes' Richmond Bluee, two killed and five wounded; AlcCalloch Hanger*, on* killed and two wounded; the other four cotEnenies lost in &U two killed and eleven wounded Comment is needles;. The whole army had tetter surrender at once, for it will eventually eome te it. I am, air. Ac , A* OrncEB. n VM ifABf A />A*SS?WA?><la?> * V- - OA ? 4? V <? v-wiiwijwuntul U1 VL4C CI, IJUUII Democrat lUtet on authority of a private correa. pondeace with Slgel hlmaeif, that be is prepared to deny the genuineness of the letter recently published in many of the papers, and ascrlfced to hliu Bo far from complaining of peraonal InJuatlce, ha feels grateful for the privilege of serving bis adopted country, and confident that those under whom he acta will adequately appreciate ad reward him. ILT Patrick Welch, a private In Capt. TlsOiie s coiMfmuj', Talrteeuth Connecticut Regl usut. while on a furlough at tl? IbKii la l?Ok?tumgton, Marlon District, on Monday night, ?.id the forrfnger of bis right hand cut off by hi* wife. He waa in a stale of Intoxication at the time, and the alleged reaeen is that she was *p> T?^ In hll nor f ft fh* wa r TKI? malaklm* Im I .j , i , a ? ... ? ? ?> ' WW?' *** >f a ?Ule Prison o?<n?? IT^"No dm in trying to collect that bill, sir," aald a collector to his eaaployer, banding the dishonored document to the Utter. "Wtjy?" "The mn who should pay It la noa oat." replied tbo collector. "Thea take It, and collect ,t, ?1r non eat (honest) man will not fall to meet his eb Wester.1* ExrBKRAirc* ?The Frankfort Ky.) Commonwealth of the 19lh contains the following letter to theBebels: My Dear Rtb*?I now take my pen in hand for the purpose of holding communion with yon through the silent medium of pen and paper. I have just learned that the lines are now open as far M Fort D>>nehon, in : ennessee, and I arail myself with alacrity of the opportunity now presented of resuming our correapfn* dence. Your many friends in this section would like to be informed on various topics? for instance: How are you, any how ? llow does " dying in the last ditch" agree with yoor general health? Mow i9 t&e " Uonstitution" down your way? Do you think there is any Government? How is " King Kotting?" Is Yancey well, and able to eat his oats ' When will Buekuor lake his Chriatmas dinner in Louisville ? Is Lloyd Tilghman still hanging Union men in the First Di'trict? Ia Floyd stiil 4i rifling" cannon and other small arms' H?w is Pillow' last ' ditch,' and when will he srr&tify his numerous irietds by "dying" in tbc same ? How is the " Southern Heart ?" Are you still able to whip Gve to one ? What is year opinion of the Dutch race ? Did tho recognition of the 8. Confed. by England and France benefit yon much? Where is the " Provisional Government" of Kentucky, and what is it kept in ? ii*i ? ? * ? - ? n acre is tnc ,L<cui3vine-.NashvilIe-BowUng Green Courier n6w iiublished ? Say? And lastly, what do you think of yourselves, anyhow ? A prompt answer will relieve many anxious hearts. wYours, in a born, A Likcoln Maw. United States, February 18, 1*02. Discoveries at Bowlin*; Greek?A letter to the Cincinnati Gazette, dated Bowling Green, Feb. 18, says : Our success her* is much more important *1 * - ~ man was ai nrst supposed, viewing it merely in reference to what property we have taken possession of. The rebels did not destroy as much of their storos as we imagined, but concealed them in various places about the town and neighborhood, hoping that they might possibly t?oape the vigilant eyes of our quartermasters and commissaries. But their hcpes were vain Such quantities of provisions of all aorta, flmir, pork, etc., have been found, that we should have no difficulty in subsisting our army for a considerable time, even if we should receive no supplies whatever from the North. In every imaginable place the?e articles have been found?up in garrets, down in cellars. in wella. in cisterns, in houses belonging to professed Union men, and, indeed, in every situation which any individual would be apt te select as suitable for concealment. Thin 4 1 ? ? . ^ 0tvui vi u IUIU^ UUl IfUIJ* fined to the town. A great many hundred bags and barrels of corn wero discovered conoealed in the woods in the vicinity. It waa astonishing how speedily and surely these were hunted up. I shall not pretend to estimate.the value 'I the property thus captured I have not s^en the whole of it. but C II. Grosvener, the able and efficient Major of the 18th Ohio, who haa been earneatly engaged in the work of ferreting out Confederate stores, inforaiB me that little less than a hundred thousand dollars worth have been found to-day. A Sharpshooter'? A distinguished duel occured on the battle-field of Fort Donelbod, between one of Colonel Birge's Bh-irp? ?j >- -l " cuwiiib auu a crack BHOl IDEiae 100 OetOy'S fortifications. The Federalist was stationed on a hill adjoining the entrenchments, and at an early hour in the morning the Secession foe placed his rifle on a parapet, an^ fired a ball through the Unionist's hat The Sharpshooter returned his fire, received a sec-nd shot, and sent another ; and from that time until 4 o'clock in the afternoon the two continued discharging their pieces without injuring one another Botn fired accurately; but both oonoealed their persons as much as possible, and endeavored to deceive each other by putting their hltl OB thftir r?mnul? ? . ?.v^o, ?uu tuiuobiug inerr coats from behind the fortifications or the trees Whatever was exposed almost invariably received a balle*; but the two were so wary and dkillful that it seemed they might fire until doomsday without danger to either. About the hour I have mentioned, however, the Rebel forgetful of prudence, thrust his head over Ae breastwork*, thinking, no doubt, as his enemy had not fired for five minutes, that he night be dead. The movement was fatal. Ilia head waa not exposed five seconds; but in that brief period 'he sbarpohooier's bill passed into tbe Rebel's brain, and stretohed him out m. AAPnfa K?frv?o r_n L - 1 ? vva wv?w* V tuv UU1U1 lUiJHIO ICHUW UIQ been able to determine where hit enemy iru lurking, or by whose hand he was deetined to fall. ____________________ CT7"The determination .f ?heFru?-<!an Government to u?e the G?> Un, ' iy;e, Instead ef the French, the mediun fnr 11;'omatlr communications, hits produced * me perpiex!nu reaults. It Is said that th" envova of Itifjla, Hollaed and Sw"dei.hive declared that they will adopt a p*rall< I r^uri" and will rnske ftelr eommunlca?f?-ns t--> the Berlin Minister of Foreign Atfalrs In it ilutcU *r d ^wedi*b liJ"The number of sjas llffht compmiti In the IJ:?!ted St item :% WO, employing S&l ti-2i/,W0/,apW Ul, of which nine-tenth* Is in the loyal States IJj^The New York Bible Sodeti? ! in ?i?Ht ?Gu.(*>0, in consfqueiif of thf extensive publication* for the army, Ac. |?7""The loss by the recent fire In Commercial tr?-et, Hottou, am?un,ttd t > Sl,OuO,(M), which was luaured for half that amount. 1X5" It 1* calculated that there are 1,500,000 Catholics in England and Walei. IfT? Hermann la pre?ttdlgi!atlng In Colnmbna, Ohio. SF.AL.fc.!> PROPOSA L? Are invited till the loth day of M&roh. 1862 at *2 o'clock m., for auapiyiuf the U. ?. Sub Dep't with ?,Wo head of BKKV CAT rLK on Uie hoof. The Catlle "i be del:vera; &t Washiniton Citv. aca eaon animal t' average l jou pouuda groat weight; no animal admitted which weigha iaaa than 1,000 poanda tros?. To* Caule t) he delivered at ?uoh timea ud is Mil <iOUtiliN a* the Gov'rnment mar ree?ira. No Cattle will required u ider thia contract before t&e let d?T Of April. 18?a. Heifera, Stags and Bui: a not wanted. A bond with food and sufficient aeountr will be ree aired. government raaervea to itaetf the right to mt IB Treaaurv notea. No bid will be entertained when put In by eon tractora who have previous!r failed to oumpfr with their oontraoU.or where the bidder ia not prtoent to respond to his bit. ilidatobe directed to Mai-A. BECXW1TB, C. 8., U. 8. A., Waahmcton. D.C. Fokm or Bid. I, A B, do hereby protoae to dellver to the 0overnment rood Bear Catte on the hoof for mmr hundred pounds from y*tfht. The Cattle to'be delivered at . coordmf to the terma of the ?ncl>a*d Atiyertli'raeiit. TtMCMUeto be weighed on tiie eoaiee, and the weif Ut to determined to bs ^optrao^aud to receive Treasury bo tea in jar meet ^fcCOND MOURNING AND 61KY 81 LIS, i^for Bfrinj vetr. Bi?ck silka, more than our aaaal !ari? and oomI nete assortment. Ffchoy Blilu. ? aaiaot uftortnMiL MoviBUg Wood*, onr qi^%1 fall %*<1 oumplaM TftTluh Dr?aa Good a, for ??r!y Spring., Alao. oar u?a? aw?U it?*ok or all the lading Dry uooda, *uplea, for Lha ourient tnrj ?*y as eaftift ?,tsra v&w ,?<?. (?ai ciii iianiarii ticJui An lsapaeuoa uf ?tick solicited, it lM?ra no ob;it*Uon U> Bureh***. fuggamSto. T Tr.lUNeDofi * oo.f fa ll-tf "?SSti 2rTWiio ft, ft r ^ TELEGRAPHIC NEW8. LATER FROM EUROPE. THE STEAMER ARABIA AT HALIFAX. Halitax. March 1?The steamship Arabia, from Liverpool, on Saturday, the 15th. vlaQueenstown, on the 16th, put In here abort of coal* this afternoon She report! having experienced rtrong westerly galea during the whole pauage. She has sixty pasaengera for New York. I be sales of cotton on Saturday, at Liverpool, amounted to 19,000 bales, the markat eloslag firmer, but unchanged. Breadatuff* steady, but sales small. Provisions quiet and unchanged. Consols are quoted at 02\a93. Austria K -? 1 - * " '* -*? MttviuK pruvcBiea uimn voe vicwi ci Prussia, with rwerence to German affairs, the latter government, In a note to Austria and the other German States, aaya there appears no wtll founded motive for such a protest. The French papers express the opinion that the Mexican question will lead to the rail of the Palmerston cabinet In England It la positively stated that the Archduke Maximilian has accepted the Mexican throne. The United States gunboat Tuscarora Is reported to be at Gibraltar, where the pirate Sumter still remains without coal In the House of Lords, Earl Russell, in reply to Lord Stanhope, stated that the British government had protested against the permanent destruction of aiiy cf the harbors on the southern coast of America by the atone blockade, and tbe United Btatoa f ? ftUUTh m on ( V. J ? ? Vv?v>>*u*vu? uau auiwcica lis pruic?t uy denying any such intention. Tiie expense to England of the Maaon and Slldell affair ia understood to be ?'J04,000. It is understood that the address from the French Chambers in answer to the speech of the Emperor will contain a mild rebuke to the Hope for not listening to the conciliatory propositions of France for the settlement of the Roman question. The Austrian Concordat was to be revised, with the consent of the Pope of Rome. Gen. Ilalleck Taking Mea^uresfor the Better Prstectisn ( Prisaneisof War. Sr. Louis, March 1 ?Gen. Halleck. in a general order lwued thi* morning, In regard to prisoners of war, directs that where any considerable number of prisoners are captured, the officers shall be separated, as soon as possible, from the privates. A complete list should be made as soon as possible, stating the name, rank, and regiment of each person, one copy of the list shall be sent to headquarters, and another furnished to the offirers In charge of them As a general rule, officers will not be given paroles until they reach the depot, and then only by the authority ot the General commanding the department. Medical officers will not be separated from the privates, but will be required to attend to their own sick and wounded. For this purpose they will be given special paroles allowing them every facility. In (the case of the sick ana wounded no distinction will be made between friend and foe. Presents from friends of the sick and wounded will be distributed to all alike. 1'rlsoners will be rationed the same as oar own troops. The commanding officers of department* will receive articles of clothlnv and cumfnrti "> > sent to prisoners by their friend*, and will penult them to receive from and transmit to tbelr friends open letters.which must be Inspected by a proper officer. The money sent to friends should not be delivered to prisoners except In smail sums, and an account should be kept of such sums to be disbursed upon orders from the prisoners to wblch they belong. When a prisoner Is exchanged or released be will be paid the balance due hi in. Chaplains will be allowed free Intercourse with tbc prisoners to give them religious Instructions. Their friends will be permitted to visit them only when the commsnaing officer may deem it safe and proper, and then under such regulations as he may adopt. Cenflagratlen at Mliwaakee, Wis. Milwackkb, March 1 ?A destructive Arc occurred this morning* destroying the entire block of buildings known as the "Albany Buildings " The first floor was occupied by the American Express office, Lesbey's gas fixture, Bell's liquor stores and Wisconsin seed store. The stock was mostly saved. The second story was occupied by tbe law offices of Finch, Kynd A Miller, Brown A Ogderi, Casey A Pratt, and several others. Tbelr books and papers were saved. me large concert and opera ball covered the third floor, which waa entirely destroyed, together with the acenery and atage fixtures. The loaaoo the bolldlnga 1? estimated at S75.00J, on which there la an Insurance of f50,Uti0. The amount of the other loeaet haa not beeu aacertalned. Geld Cealai f/em Oregon and Britlah America?Laid Weather. 8a? FaAiiciaco, Cal., Feb. '27 ?The iteamer Cortes, from Oregon and British Columbia, haa arrived here, bringing S180.000 In gold. The weather throocaout the northern coaat ku been very cold. | Many persons on their way from Portland. Oregen, to Uie mines, have been frozen to death. Thousand* who left California for the new El Dorado are detained at Portland until the spring opens. Retarn at Released Prisoners. Philadelphia, March a ?About 4W) released prisoners arrived here by the Baltimore train, at one o'clock this morning They were received at the depot by an Immense crowd of friends, who bad assembled In expectation of their arrival seversl hours earlier st the volunteer refreshment saloons, when the Philadelphia portion, composJ lag the majority, dispersed to their homes, made happy by their return. /uaiiar > me ?j. 3. rrigate Vermont Bosto*, March a ?The achooner Flying Miat, at Chatham, reports "on the 27th ult , (fc> mllea from Cap* Cod spoke the US frigate Vermont with loss of rudder, both bearer anchors, ault of aalla end four boata S'he wanted a steamer to tow her In." Com. Hudion sends to-night the steamer Man Jacinto, Aroatook and two boata In search of her.

Arrirai of Cel. Lee at Moateo. Boston, March 1?Col. Lee, Major Reeve and Dr Reeve, were received at the depot last evening by liov. Andrew and staff, and a large crowd of citizens Tbey were received wltb a hearty wel[ come and moat enthusiastic cheers. The cl tv government of Roxbury propose giving I Col. Lee a public reception next week. Arrival ( Captared Ctttra. i Ntw York, March 8 ?The bark O. W. Hall, from Key Weil, haa arrived. She brought 2Ju bales of cotten, the cargo of the schooner Lizzie Weston, captured ofl' the Hallze by the gunboat Itasca. Celebratloa af Recent Victarlea. Philadelphia, March 2 ?The recent victories of the Union army and navy will be celebrated on Tuesday evening, the 4th of March, by a grand military and naval bill at the Academy of Music. The Passpart Order Rescinded. Naw YoaK, March 1 ?Secretary Seward has rescinded the order requiring persona leaving this country to procure paasporta. Ctplare ( Rebot Captain. Louisvillb, March 2.?'The Journal has advices that the rebel Captain John Morgan, haa been captnred near ScotUvllle. Departare ( the Steamer Kai|tr?t. Nxw York, March 1 ?The steamer Kangaroo sailed to-day for Liverpool, with $179,OuO In ip'-cle. A Oft 8. WERTHE1MER fc CO.. \ f*M lOa No. 469 4<id 464 Stvinra ST., 4Di Orrotttt tk* Post Oft*. Offer their atook o; WINKS, BRANDIES, ?INS. CORDIALS, eto.,also (heir ivie aaeortment of jJEBAR^, ^^B^Cj^^ANCY GOODS, eto., nTkey keen ooaitaotl; on band fine PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE, la keca and bottles, for MM AP (emiU ?Wiu * , ? ,?-j hbo a uo fuuuu in (oavni An F0?ae*ud to giT? then a oall and examine tbeir * Q??Q- Po?t OEoe. THE SabMnlji^S E>?y MA f%in of in* larc* jo?n| Hum. jAMgg ^ BHEEYE. ta >tr?i. t?-ween H yyt 1, gssass C3H1ETS. 8HIETE. BHI ? M 4? wimSkS' WW I OFFICIAL. fTWEABU&Y DEPARTMENT, A FIBKUAKY 4, ISM. Noticb is biikbt a; viN of the readlneaa of tbla Department to redeem the Trearary notaa payable la one year from date, authorised by the act of Congreaa approved Deoember S3d, 1367. and the Treaaury note* payable in alzty daya from date, antborlaod by the act of Coafrea approved Sd March, lift. Intereat on Treaaary no tea of the above laaaea wtll ceaae on the 7th day of April irat by terma of than acta reap actively. fa 5- tap7 DEPARTMKNT OF 8TATF., Wastomtor, January tS. 1902. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive i v ui wi vi wu^icw cm uu?i nm on ^iurmyi, commencing with Saturday, the flret of next month. Jan 47-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. XT7AR DEPARTMENT, W January 21, 1S62. Ordbrbd, That the War Department will be closed Tuesdays. Wednesday!", Thursdays and Frlda. s against all other business but that which relates te active military operation* in th? fle'.d. Saturday* will be devoted to the bmlnm of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the bualneas of the Public. KDW1N M. PTANTON, jo ?-tf Secretary of War. AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS! Ni Mare Eagllib or French Rubbish, made Why shou d an American boy a foreign Wa'.cbt when he oan get a tetter and oheaper on* at home? Why should an Amariean needlessly enriob foreign Watch manufacture* at the expense of cur own artisans ? Why shonid an American send gold to Eng land and France, our oovert but bitter enemies, when gold is to muoh needed at home ? VVty ahoukl an American buy an imported Watoh, which, in nine caaea ont of ten, will coat more to keep in order for one year, than iteordinal pnoe, and whioh was never intended to keep time under any olroumitanoea I Why ahoalJ Americana not patronise more generally American manufacture*, and thna eirano.pate themaelvea (torn the thraldom of Engliak capital, French faahione, and Continental gewgaw a ? The Amermn Watch Coropany'a Watohea are particularly adapted for aoldiera' use, being moat! aubatantially made, and not liable to gat oat of order, ei'her in inarching, riding, or fighting. Sold by M W. GALT A BRO., 304 Pecnaylvania avenue, Washington. Wholeiale order ahon'd be addreaaed to % ROBBINS A APPLETON, Agenta of the Amenoan Watoh Company, fe 28 Ira 1S2 Broadway, N. Y. nmnil & tsroiner'fl PPPPP AA LL EEEEEEE PP PPP A A. A LL, EKEEEEE U k\\ h n PP PPP AA AA LL EKEE PPPPP AA AA LL KKBE PP AAAAAAA LL EE PP AA AA LL EE PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX x*x XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X^X XJOC XXX XXX XXX xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxS&cx iScxSnc xScScScx XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XX X XXX ixx XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX AA LL EEEEEEE AAA jL EEEEEEE A AAA LL EE A AAA A A. EE AA AA ,L EEEE AA AA LL EfcEE AAAAAAAA LL EE AA AA LL EE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE CPSK10E AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND NEW YORK BROWN STOUT, In Wkolt, H*lf, and Quartir Cants, BREWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS BREWERY, 18(b Street, between 7th uU 9th Aumet NEW YORE. fe 27-dU?fl NOTICE. PROPOPALP FOR FURNISHING U. 8. NOTES AND dONUS. Trbasxjet Dkpartminx. Feb. 26.1868. GKALED PROPOSALS wiii t>e reo^ireJ at U.e C5 etnoe of tbe Secretary of toe Treaiury unti! Wednesday, the 5th day of Maroh next, f >r furnishing &in?tr millions of tmted Sta-ee Note* ani two Hundred million* in Uouda, to be lametl under authority <>f the act of February, I8fl2, OLtitled "An tot to authorize the tune of United Statee Treaenry ao et, aaU fur the r*iem?uou or refunding thitpMr " Notes and Bonds will be required of the denomination* ?ud in the proportion* a* follow*: Thirteen millions each of United States Notes of the enominstionsofS's, l^s. 2<>'s. W*. loo's, and SCO's,and twelve milliocs of the denominations of OF REGISTERED BONDS. * Five million ol the denomination ol.?? ? 960 Fifletn do do do l<-0 Fifteen do do do? ?.. 5? Forty do do do.. ?. 1,103 Fifteen do do do? .... WOO Ten do do do WOO# OF COUPON BONDS. Eighty million* of the denomination of. !,?*> Twenty millions of the denomination of_ 800 Proposals will fa* raoMvel for the deliver* of ?ii p^ltr' ,le of?t St u?Jr*yi'' m& 1 ? * ??. H.m ' >*P*ro?tSi / 1 -Jfs&ssstsis^fi^1^ " J ..wtwou* vi wvu auwiiijmuy mem. Moaela of noteeon the face will be in the ume form u now uaed, ud on ttaa back a w ill atate t"? privilege of legal tender and other prtviiegee stipulated in the lew. Models of bonds will, la Addition to th e naval stipulations, have the statement that they are reimbursable after fire and payable twenty years from date. It le expected alao that, aa far ae practicable, the diee and p!atee wll1 be auch aa have not been heretofore need exoept for work of the Gnittd States. K*oh proposal must be aooompaaied by a state mentor the biddera' taoilitiee for exeontlng Up work, the namber of areaaea in nee, hamis employed security of buildings oeoap\e<l, ana oafita. I Propoaala by incorporated eompaniea moat be aocompamed by a eopy of charter and th* namee of theofloere; and propos&la by sunoorporated aeeoeiatieaa by the articles of aaeoeiatioa and names Boaoa idt U? fcithfn) ib< yronft neoitlOB of *MBW ei the pertiee offarod unr?b?i ud tbtir vritUa MMMt to kNtw n?lu t?(*U?r with Mjifioidofu Afvtmat Tiiwim M totMir to r?j?st my or all of tfca bida.Md to tut" aar.jgssa.'x tsar" tn.'^"u Mittreud, tod Wr^M^wui.^ to i.h,% 390 PCNHSTLVANU ATKNIK. EMILE DrPRE. Juat R roe Wed and Opened, large and Irit-tiau stock of eboloe FAMILY GROCERIES, romlftlng of: 81'GARS, of all gradea, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LA K D, FLOUR, MAILLARD:* CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac , Ac. All cf Which he cVera at L'rir?at r*?h r rlsvoa 1 PIKE'S CELEBRATED NVHlSKIEti. 500 barrel* Magnolia, 500 barrel* XXX, SOU barrel* Miller* Rye MoacngaLela. 6u0 barrel* flne Old Rye, SOU barrel* flne Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All tbe favorite brands of CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verxeny, Green Seal, Hetd*tck, wblcb, being bought low. we ottrr at unusually low rate*. Also, Sole Agent for PIKE'S ARMV CORDIAL. feb 14 tf NOTICE TO WATCH MAKERS. J*. AJ.MVKKs* bavin* OMntd a t>rauoh of their Boston Route at No 10 Washington Building. corner of Fa. av? and 7th street, inv.te the attention of Watoh Makers, Jeweller*. Pedlers, Ac , Ao -to their .arte atock ofGoU and Silver Watchea, Watch Materials, Watoh Makers' Tools. t? &*?es. *ilk Guards, Leather Goads, Spectac es. beside* a rariery of gooda too numerous to mention in ordinary adver uaemaots, whioh Uiey will aeil at the invent eau tern prioea. 8. A J. MYERS No ?oods at retail. Watoh work done for the trade only. Printed price liat of Watch Material, Toola, Ac., a?nt post free on app ioati<>n No oon neotion with any other houae in this city. iajr lm* JAY COOKE A CO., No. 4fS Fifteenth Street, opposite Treasury Buildtngs, Washington. In oonneotion with oar Philadelphia House we have opened at No. 469 Fifteenth street, an oBoe for the transaction of a general Exchange, Collecting and Baukini Business. We bar and sell Coin, Unoarrent Money, Stocks and Hnnas. (on oomniMm .. Drafts ol Amenoan and European oities, reoe:ve Dep.urs, and make Collections upon all accessible points te4 Ym JAY COOKE A CO. COIN WANTED! Tbe fiif best Price paid for GOLD AND SILVER! Br men Foa Sali in 8c ms to (Hnr. LEWIS JOHNSON k TO., BANKERS, Pl!t??UVASH AVIMIS, ja23-tf Corner Tenth atreet. BOOTS AND SHOES TO SUIT THE TIMES. We are now manufacturing all kinda of BOOTS and SHOES, ar.d couattyut j reo-ivmg igAi upplf of eastern made work of ever? de-BHI aoripti on, m&^eexprei:.) t.. order, aud wiUy V| I be fold at a rauoh lower price than baa i>eeuw heretofore obarjed id ttra citj fur much inferior arDolea. Persona in wait of Boot* and Sh?ea of eastern or city made work. wnl a.wiji ?uJ a good aaeort mentin store and at the loveat p toes Give na a oail. UKIhFi.N A BRO , ap 5-r 314 P?un?tlvania avenue. nones. ^ADAMI' uracL ?'hla Corancr otf>-a to Ue futl;oM U:Mi<i':td mUi?i ' - tl.e sa j axu.' Quick Di'fAtati of Hoary Fro.jhta, t'&utb/tea, Va.*a?>le?, Money, Ao. kq.,to ah part* rttheC ti'.ed S^at?*. LitroMM 10 aad frciu the North ud W Mt depart from ai.J aimeib Waehirnton tviudu!;, All Ex*r?M9? aro U otiaice of tmprtmutd mmd riliMbii Mdratnidra, All Packatea fji T?e Bo.dUrs camea at "our UIJ our uria! ratee. Aii Gooda for tae ?o-oaJ?d "Oocfrxl?-?U Btalee'1 tad all AiUelM Cocm?s ! of War ' wil be lirian. Our ExirNiM leave Naw York it t r M.^arrmnf in Wa*L!?.??ou at ?A. M. an! I J* KxirMioa iea*-s P jl'ftdeijhla at ?*> A. M. and 11 P. M., arnrifif in WaahiUfun *.t i ?> P. Si.a^u AM. kxpressse leare iia umcro at 4J0 A. tt. an.:11*. M.. arn*iUt iu Waaumcton at b a.m. aa? *J0 P. M. for all joints r^'orta and Weet ^eare waeni&XUJa U7JI A. Vjn P. M. liallJ. Special CoutrMla fur arte %'Jaskliaa of i- rs?tlt oan be tca Jo vD ioatio'i U lias <<Ace. All tJooJa oil lea lor ana de. verou <r*t of hjrtri eJiarjee. K. W. l'A?sO,>\ t! ap't Adaiua' Kx?r>?a , WtaUEttoe. Augaat a, I Ml. au J* u_ |NPOKTANT TO LADIES. Th* anheori?er* fiave opened Die atcre No. lfc Marketplace. | i av.. l*t. ?th acd nf; eta. aaaCrfit alaaa Laoe and Faooy Oreaa Cap Depot, oon?iatint in part of Point d'Aienoon. Aaoiiaoe. Mnnk m *t>h 1 Valenciennes Lao<*c, auon as Collar*, s:??vm, Hardkerchiefi. Cape*. Founoirg, Oftps. Caps. Ooiflu-e*. and made up good* of tlie linesi 4 uality, and at New York prloae. COHEN 4 t)USSEHK?Rt\ ifuw New York. N. B.?All aorta of l<aeaa waahed. mended, and done np eenal to new, at short notice, de 36 2m* IH. O. HOOU 9 Constantly receiving, an<t haaa waya ol hand, a fall enpply of all tne nioU o*lebrated Iv WAICHr,8 thai are manufaotared in Engiacd, Switieriaud and America, both in Soid^jjB and Silver oaae*. He alao k*epsa arte atook of fiine JKWfcLRY of the moct desirable stylas aet with Diamocda, Rat>i?? and ail other Gema. He ib alao manufacturing all kirua of ho. id standard Silver Ware, and keeps Swords, Revolvers, Sword Belts and Sashes, Bowie Knives, asora, 8oia?ors, Sold, Silver and Steel >pectaeles. and a great variety of other things usual y kept m a Jowe ry Store, and a'J at tha very loweat prloe. No. 3*9 Pa a venae, between 9tn and loth atraato. fe lS-tf 1 CARRIAGES. Have sow on hand a large and fine aaaortinent of CARRlAOfS9> aopenrr to an* in tk?- ? mar*?>t, whioh I am prepared to low for out Persona in want of Kooc-SE=5fci Fj^> 4? *r*" 5f oaii and examine mj atwck bafnp parotiasiLf e.Mwhara. 1 * * UDdid*^air' ' 'and 0Titn ? ??* at:f ?E$rB; i^tiUfwsB 2E? to\\?* M A^DKKW*JL?J^Lr ?" Corner l?t* aZd E etreeta. 2 BURN ITU RE ' ^T~ FURNITURE I V-L FURNITURE! ff\ ?5m?&?o? ?&& Kv?rv Hati a# VTBnrv > vrnvL?TiCKIN6 *rom?tly tt??o? ^taf fOT ?????<? , rf.rohutfi wffi atndy their interact to Mil before loohlm eliewnere. je B in' QOU0MB, COLD-, HOAESBNE8B, it. POMPOWMD 8YHUP ofg CM ARABIC. _ Thu ilttMit Mtd yopater Coiijh *e?**j hu bMD #o long known &ad extensively ?a*d that bmI ?? ftu WIUkLY S11.U IH B?? IMIU: <-aMU?i*r (Wt* WWT ?t t? wJ t?| mi tia ki (*?< ti u; W>n -?>?in??* ^ -iAa* aMtlai Til # - -AiU, ??. uwmi SliflaMW. fm UII? ^.?r M Fll Mp! W rfim umiiwt ?IM?>H H ut'HMniy (HHIIIM " WMUIfM NfWI feat ka nUi IV Dmiif Kmmimg 6tm itiwJM M fCMrmlly tfcroujkoul Ue oeaatry. G^Slaffle oeplee (la wrapper*) ?u to pnaored at tie cornier Immediately altar (hi Imm f Ike paper Prtoe?THBKK CENTS HELMBOLD'8 GENUINE PREPARATION. HUrHLY CQVCKHTHATMD" Compound Fluid Extract Bicfcu, A /MMW Hi 0p?ri/u limit For PlMMM of lb* HL?L>D, HD.Nt \> ,'jRA\ KJ. as4 UtOT fclC'AL 8W?LUN?B. T! '? TrCT?*?*? r y?wr- rf ft <; t!:f M. i to ? Jft.tfrf lOtil^ bj V" tu? 1H?V . K ?.? i ? li.-f .. '2t &! : \ r' .>vi? ' ? . , <( ft* ft'l ft* PA N AND 1M' tMHITIVH. HnLMBOLO S EXTRACT BVCUb For W m.> -.est Ar1? Br froir E*c?*i?.rA, iit.tu of i* E*r\r or A' i?e. ul'.ktkt t\-Uc *i%g Syviptomt: In<lUf>CH>itksB to Kxe.'buu, LomcI t-o?r?< i?niF 11 M "moT, t-.fioa tj of Hr?eth.t.? \V ?&k N erves, Train <*h u<, Horto of ?, Dimnrn of f*?iw n th? U*c . Untve.-??. IjMaitiiJe of the Mu?o?il*r r>- rtom. Hot Uvidn, Kmtiinj of the <cdv DrjEM* of tht a, K'npuot.t on iM Km? PALLID C?. U!*TESP4MrB. The** ?? ttpt.-rot, 11?..owed to to nr., whlofe ?i : *!? <]ic re invariably r?mom. noos futlowe IMPOiENCY. FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS* M on4 ?/ wktik tht P+timu mmf Kjcyxrt Who oao m Wiftt tn^r a'? rot fr*?initlt followed by low"l>B?IL bi.UtM," *' INSANITY ANI> CONSUMPTION." Ma it are awar* of the caaae of their auJerio*, Ht NoNB WILL COItriat. THE RECORDS or THK INSANE ASYLUMS And U< MtUmkoJf Dtmtkt by Clnnim>iiM, tut am w isim to tub tkti or rue aasiKTioM. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AIT^CTEtt SviTn ORGANIC WtAKNi^, e^iuiee the aid of medic ae to atrentthen ?nd Irr 1*0 rate the Stateoi U;Ou HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUt'Hb k?r??u 10 niAL WILI. C0HV!!*C? TBI -> * *ia*T:caL. PEMA LE3- PEMA LES-PEMA LE8, OLD OR YOUNS, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING SURKIAGL I* Afaay AJ/ttlion* Ptcu.inr to the Extract Bitot,u is bi.mui. mI t?j an? c?tucr 'em etly, as in CiUorosu or Reteutiac, lrr?cu t-uv Painfc!i?e?t, or 3cp?rea?oc o' Customer? Kviuj nation*. Uloeratei or Schirrous state of the I torus, Leacorrhra or Whites. Sterility. ana for ail oorapiaii.ts looidetil to the sac. whether ariaiLg from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation. or m tus DECLINE OR CHAKUE OF LItE! SYMPTOM* AtOTI. NO FAMILY faflOULD BK WITHOUT IT. ami mri swimi, junary ? ( JMttMH /w Unrnatmmt m U?fr*M Dimmm. HHLMBOLD S EXTRACT BVLktU cnu SECRET DISEASES In all their ?ta?es; At Utte Kinbm Little or bo eh&cce in Diet; No inooLTeueoo f|C ?|( it HUM a fr?*u?ut deaire ac<i f.ree etrencth te Jncate, thereby Reim v.nj obetrucuoca, 'reveutu-t ai.t> Curing Striotarea of the Urethra. Allay-ag tarn and lc!l?.i.ima?oii,ee frequent in the c!a?a of diaoa?e*. and expe act PoumvMt, Di'Mutd, and worn ?m Maittr. tbovrance vron Taoca^no? WHO HATE BEES THE VJ CI IMS (J> quacks, and who fn 1 to bo eur?! in a *?jori time. fuudd ifcfy wore deoeired. n,- U*t U?* **roi?o:?" h**. -1 tut ui? MtrM|M.| bera ?lneU ur m t?? itiMs, to biM* niuukt imnuc form, %o4 fmahatb i/ni kj xiitfj f?>lELMBOvD-S tlVKA T B?CB? all affMDooa uc uioe*?ss o 1 tfce OROiM, wkdtr exist* ux in hajutl UK VBI1A1I, from W*>: tr-? r -jiad coq?iu< hj ?* lok? l7a!ionis OlMMMO? U?M Orftti r?(l Ud of ? U: niTic. I JUiLMBOhD'8 MXTMJOt BVt HV 1 H? THE BRiiAT HILRKTlC. I uk .a oeruic to hftv* iUe deairad M<Ml la lhieitM r?r wkuJk u u ructnm-nitd. msuci or tu most *a? s? buu.a cnrM.r^A VlU|MMmpa&T Uia CElWiUCATttf U.' OtfSP.S. r? U- G raaxi.' alb3?l?a uFiirsiciAhi" tLK.ut - \or;c'i.?i<An "?u ticuf'1 or "iiaitirinra ULL1UFOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU la orrifoBpJ of Ruci a.Cc ?. a tu4 Bmiim i miKm wim f"?1 cmsr of m dfilff (?:, ! pkkhred ik vacoo. B T H. T. UELHB.OLO, au?l AuUrtioal Cheuuat, tod &o.- Maa ofwstu'ei of HKLMBOLD Q1K UIKS PtUU>AJUL UO:xS. atfjva . Poraonallf appeared oefor* me. ac ? (he city or Ptmadelehii1., H. T. Hsluboll. woo bein* duly evreru, aof? tay. hit preparation* oooU.m no n&rootic, oo i;trroary,or ottier injuricuH[,MBoUU. Svoroaad aabaanbeo . efore roe, ibialJ aaay e November. 1964. WM. 1*. Alderman, Ni&Ui ?t.. above Raoe. fki a PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FKOM b A. M TV b P M. PrlM tl pw ktUli, or iU tor II. t^rrtltlwL** %iCrfsm' !<! p*??oa A<Ut?m latter* for ?i |? m|4i m H. V. HKLMBOLD, Ami* Dotot, )M 8o?th T?iU St., balov OtMtaat Pail* BKWAftK OP COVNT&SFKin AND WNPK1NC1FJ-MD D*CLEA* Who MMlWTOT to dlMM Mmt ?M*' oy?* 'othor" artioiM OS U? r?Mttt??" Ummu ) ? " XdrMtAM't, ii m (t ftTwyrlfla, POM Vf B? B. WUlli > WWHi JHI B. C. F?Ui 8. B* SlTVUTUk I. C MiiM, D. B. ouui lmrau ft tin? J 1. Hiiw.WMtim* \iwn ALk DM.W9VI8T8 MfMMTWMMAM AHronuom. saxi bo cub AM? ATOIBIMTOMTIOM al JUOSfftS BmmktBxt i tmmiin m?? r-i _ *'uiuj

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