Newspaper of Evening Star, March 3, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 3, 1862 Page 4
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w< a=g=g=. ' '? evening star. ; WASHINGTON CITY: WOMPAV MARCH 3, 1W9. |?7"Tbo'ieb Tbb 5ta* la printed on tba faavat pirn m nst aoum 01 tiuumor<. ita ' , ao large an to require It to be put to pr*-*c at an arly hour: A<lr*rtu*m*nt?, therefore, should be , . - not la before U o'olock a.; otherwise they may s " . may not appear until the next day. J \ _ r * , (>n Fnrtwrs at the varloua military can#pa and ' '? poaltlona will confer a favor by keeping na posted aa to moTenenti and affair* In their vlcln'.tle* . . = Spirit of the M*rala? Preaa. The Jnullxfmrtr treata upon the Ignorance of , , 'he Engllah In relation to the political and geo, _ graphical characterlatlc* of the United State*. The RfpubUrm* urge* the abolition of the Cai.*' . nadlan reciprocity treaty. > r k A*poistmi> ?The placa In the Poat Office Department, made vacant by the death of ??eorge J Pudin*. bat been tilled by the appointment of ' \ B. F Wllkina. ?' _ ID" The Gott?cbalk-Strako?eh concert, tot warda which our muclc lovera are looking forward with ao much Interest, will take place at t Wlllard'a Hail on Tharaday evening next. ' Financial ?From the New York Kvenlng j * roat of Saturday: The stack market la qniet but ateady. Pricea, ; ?t "a th* whole, are better than yeaterday. especially , . *?n Government and State atock*. which are de' ' , . rldedly Arm , ' ? The Government list ia strong Both the Re, anH Pflnnnn KivM nf 1^1 arp L?L' r**r ? / ' ent higher than fait evening. < The 7.30 Treasury notea are Arm at M>^a99V i . ? ' ?n>*ll notes sold at 99,V . Tbeie note* are call-d at (be Bo-rd In tbrre distinct classes: small, un. - der one thousand dollars, thousands, and large There la scarcely io much pressure for monf y "odav Pome of the banks are disposed to lend T < n call at ? percent., which Is the ruling rate of f 1 * ^ 'he market An lmpresalon has prevailed that the demand . aotri now In circulation are a legal tender The t**t of the bill passed by Oongrfts certainly does * ? not warrant sncb an opinion?there being special * , "eetions relating to thia Issue and the new not**s. I ; The demand notes are only at a fractional premlum to-day, one-sixteenth of one per cent. Yesterday the police discovered that counterfelt Treasury notes were In circulation. The " nnteifelts are destitute of the Initials I' 8 , ^fblch appear on the breast of the Goddeso of . ' Liberty in the genuine. tVvrnl of the leading dining saloon* down . ?own have Issued sbinplaatera?good for twentyttve and fifty cento?and pay them out to tbelr uatomera In place of change. Should the scarcity of silver continue we (hall probably hive afloat plenty of paper money of this sort The railroad 1 companies are experiencing considerable trouble, ( - and have tbelr apenta engaged collecting In this . r.itjr ?m?ll silver, especially dlimsand balfdlme*. at 1 \a 2 per cent premium, i _______ - Affairs Oat Wait. [Correspondence of The Star i f '' Mocnp City, Pulaski County. JU., i *, " S February '?5, J I left Washington on the morning of the 1-th Inat , and met Col F. B Fouke at Mount Wash> Ington, and came with hiin to Cairo, reaching here on the morning of the .'lit Inst Met Gen* ' John M. Painter, a man '.veil known lo Illinoisaoa, at the town of Odin, where the Ohio and Mississippi railroads croa* the Central The General and staff came with ua to Cairo, and ' . * t there was ordered to Commerce, aome distance up the Miasiasippi. We found more mud In theae parts than I ever saw before. Yea, mud by the quarter aectlon. The wharf at Cairo la lined with all aorta of boats. irem iD? steam-tug up to tbe Iron-clad monsters. I saw about ten thousand troops there on trana Crts, in a condition for active movements, veral of tboae huge mortars, made to throw a thlrteen-inch shell some three miles or more, have come on the cars, and ?re being put into the barn?>ss as fast as possible. Tbey arc much shorter than I was expecting to see them. They look more like very large kettles than like guns. The for* midable gun-boat, Benton, is about ready for action Tbe prizes. W B Terry and Stevens, are at tbe wharf at Cairo for repairs They arecotton boats. I was bound for Donelson. but owl ng to late swin^em oraen. cwzen* can noi gel up, and there' fore I came up the Ohio 7 mile* to Mound City, which place takes its name froin a famous mound standing near the river back, which mound i* now covered by trees of about medium size: and there Is a tradition among the inhabitants, which has the semblance of reason, that it was put there by the Indians at a tlir.e when " the memory of man runneth not to the contrary." The Siman s general hospital is located here, and about (as I am told) l,5rt>slck and wounded are here, principally from Donelson's bloody Held I have tendered mv services to Dr. Franklin, who is In charge there, and am on doty now In ward A with some other friends In this ward there are ? bo tit forty Ave wounded of tbe I>onelson men 1 have a brother here serving " I'ncle 5*am,'' and *' I shall assist. To-day. w hear many heavy guns in the direction of Columbus, the rebel stronghold. 1 f . ?fclnk It muat mean business 1 am constantly * exporting newt of ureat Importance, as everything is moving here Columbus Is about twenty miles below. Among those who won distinction, ac-] cording to the statement of the wounded men here, are found the names of Gens. $wi<b. Wal I i J . lace. MeClernand and John A. Logan. 1 hope the inthmltln >t ?*?hi ? 4- " - -..,fcrwu ?? ouurrr IU Iur j L' ' role of promoting only those who have earned It | % *' m the stormy field. Yours. Ac , B G. O. P t* I nw 20 ear load* of secesb prisoner* on tae wav to Camp Douglas, Chicago, among them were 300 7th regiment Texas Rangers, 700 20th ' Mississippi, onecompany of the 14th MiHtsslppi, and many boat loads besides The majority of Them seemed to be a very shabby lot of small, ignorant boys, and the men bad the appearance of savages, more thsn any lot of men that I have yet seen. Well, such a conglomeration of brown jeans nnacy wooiaey' I think that Senator Hammond bad better look at borne for " mud ; ' . el Ha"?yea, real, genolne homespun "mndallla " r! In conversation they ?ay that they have been fighting for their rlgbta and for their nlggera. 1 uppcae that they were afratd of Dr. Cbearer, f > Lovejoy 4 Co. Youra, tc., B G.O k; f ??????? 1 ' Farther Parttc?'ar? af the Haveaent at ' e?a Baiki. ' . H*arra'? F*akt, Feb ST ?A ponton bridge arrived here by the train from Baltimore yeatert day morning in charge of Captain Dtiaue and a cor pa of euglneera. who had It thrown acroaa the ? river at balf-paat 3 o'clock, ready for atrvlce. ' . Qen Banka waa about the first to croas, followed toy Hamilton'a brigade, the 3d Wisconsin being ? *' on tbe right of the advance. j ?* Cel. G?-ary * command bad been In posaeaalon E;,.. *>/ Harper'a Ferry for aeveral daya, having croa-ed i f. . * over by a rope Ferry on Monday Koapp'a batterv aucceeded Hamilton'# com" mand, and Gen. Gorman's brigade and aquadron * of Michigan cavalry, under Major Atwood and Oapt Flafcer, followed, and reached the " aacred f 4 woO^atduak , , i wr inDiouanu 01 Harper's Ferry, Camptown, and Bolivar received our troops with every demtr , onstration of rejoicing and joy ' Yankee Doodle" and " Dixie" were performed bv tbe regimental ? * 4, ' band* respectively as they reached the land. ?? y Col Geary, who waa In Harper's Ferry, lcarnI 'g ing during the forenoon that secession scout* were no Loudoun Heights, and within rifle ahot of the , bridge, crossed tbe Shenandoah with four com>4 psalea, who ascended tbe mountain on three . aides and routed two companies of their cavalry, j I* > who were evidently observing our operations Tbe Colonel held the mountain until our position on the Virginia side was safe from attack, i 'r Capt Hampton's battery alao paaard over the bridge and took position on BollvariHHght* last s night This battery ia now attached toGen.Hamilton's brigade, which alao occupied the same iu wvancr 01 omer commands 1. The signs' corps, a division which was ?'a. tloned In Bolivar during the transit of tbe army. rendered Important service. The river waa quite klgh, and consequently a strong current was running, hut not tbe least apprehension was felt for the safety of man or beast, and no accident oe- I mured Intelligence from Pooleavilie states that on Tuesday night the rebel batteries opposite Kd ward's Ferry opened on tba canal storehouses ' there, and also directed several shots at the locks of tbe canal, with the evident Intention of destroying them and draining the canal above It is stated that thev kawe I earthwork* in front of Leenburg to a formidable eittat few rebel scouts from Cbarlestown have been observed beyond Boll var Height* reconaoiterlag, but no large bodies have been seen Hundreds of refugee* are thronging Sandy Hook, anxious to return to their deserted homes fHaarim'tFaaay, Feb.* ?Yesterday morning tbe lr*t squadron of Michigan Cavalry, Major Atwood, appr ached near Cbarlestown They discovered no large body of rebels there, but captared three cavalrymen and three fine horses. It Is rumored here that Winchester has been tersely reinforced br troona from I Tbe ponton bridge wi&.tod tbe gale of laat night without moving. Wagooa with forage, pro*i*iona, and camp equipage are croMing tbia tpr Ohio paya ita Governor only si bwu a year aailrv, and there ia talk of even reducing that to 0?|4W. tTT'The ale of rebel property at St Louie yielded ifc? auni of OCR Ml LIT AIT BTPC1T. WATT TAB# The ateamer Yankee came up from the flotilla yeaterday morning, bringing aa paaaaagera Com. Wyraan and Gen. Hooker, and returned In the afternoon. THE HEAT* itMTIB AT CABII L*?t advlcea aay that the Sumter waa at Cadlt, and the Tuararora there alao after her. DBATH OV OB*.I AS DIB. The braTe General Lander died yeaterday afterno*n at Paw.Paw VVMUm Vfrorlnla. from (hi> debilitating effects of his wounds received at Edward's Ferry. His body Is on tbe way to this city, where his widow resides. u?n Lander had every attention which tbe old and well tried friends arotind him could bestow. His death was somewhat rudden. It waa not until 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon that his wife received Intelligence of bis Illness. 8he Immediately took measures for obtaining a special train to proceed thither, but before the arrangements were completed, Secretary Stanton called In person, and with much feeling and delicacy acquainted her with tbe fact of her husband's death. Secretary Chase, snd other distinguished friends, subsequently vlaited her Id her affliction. GenShielda aucceeds Gen. Lander In command. ABUT ATTAlll Judge Freete Laaobtained leave to vacate, for the time being, his ot&c? aa Assistant Adjutant General and Proyoet Judge of Alexandria. In order to join Helntzeliaen'< Division aa Provost Marshal. The War Department refuses to tranamit any letters to the Southern States Numerous passes have been given to women and children and persons in Ill-health to return to their friends and families. Passes for business purpottea or to persona merely desiring to visit the South and West are invariably refused. Major General Hitch> ock decllnea hia appointment to that position on the ground that the bad health with which he baa been suffering for sevepi) roara urHl n at r^vrv-tW Wlm ui jvu>? mil HUI priiliil UIIII HJ JTI l*'I Ui 'QC duties of the field. LATE NEWS FROVI THE SOCIH A Southern Aetountfrom Fort Donelson?Pante ti? Nashville?A N're Confe4(T*t9 Cabintt. CONFEDERATE REPORT* FROM DOXtLHOS. The Confederate correspondent* who dearrlbe the siege vt Fort Donelson represent that the bombardment wu terrible and quite unendurable. One writer says: The Federal commander finding that his right bad beturned, and that tht? day would be loat but for tome decisive effort, concentrated hia troops in the afternoon on our right, and making a ?udden plunge, after a long and desperate atrug> irlP Kla mA?nlrrr'? K? ? p,., u ? * *"h o iubo %rj tapiui 1 ifK * portion of our entrenchments. The dead lay piled up la heaps. their gore trickling In red 1 nea along the anow In every direction. Mtlll o>ir troops fought on, contesting Inch bv inch the ground fliey were compelled to vacate At nightfall the firing ceased, and at 12o'clock Pillow telegraphed to Nashville, "The day la oura. We have repulaed the enemy with great loaa to them and considerable loss to ourselves. \\> want reinforcements." Reinforcement! were not forthcoming, however, and Sunday morning found the Federal arrav strengthened by thirty thousand fresh men, encompassing the place and completely surrounding our forces. The light ww renewed at flye o'clock a in . but It being useless to contend against such odd*. the fort and army capitulated *1 a*- ? iu iuc cfitrmv un lanr own ifrms Floyd, Pillow and Buckner, fought like heroes They were everywhere, animating their men, constantly under fire, and encouraging them by 'heir example and pretence. A* the regiment moved on the charge. Floyd would rise In bia stirrups and shout:' He steady, boys, and aim low?fear not, the dav will be ours.'' The total number of our killed and wounded Is estimated at from twenty-live hundred to three thousand That of tie Federals at from four to six thousand. # ? # Had reinforcements been sent forward, so that eight or ten thousand freab men could have stood the brunt of the battle on Saturday afternoon, instead of our jaded soldiers, Fort Donelson would not have fallen; but the luck of this effective strength enabled the enemy to completely hem our little army In and extend their lines in crescent shape from river bank to river bank around us. HOW A PAN!C WAS CRIATXD IN NASHVILLB. The same correspondent tells this story of the Nashville panic, of which we have had some Imperfect accounts The news of the surrender of Donelson reached Nashvllle, Tenn , by telegraph, on Sunday morning about church time, while many of the citl mrnrnm wrrc on ioeir way to tnelr accustomed places of worship. Instantly, of course, every other consideration give place to thw thought of personal safety. Every mema of transportation at hand was employed'to remove furniture and valuables; the depot was thronged with men, women and children, anxious to leave the city; tran after train waa put In motion; government stores were thrown open to all who choae to carry them away, and negroes, laborers, and even genteel-looktne persons, could be seen "toting" off their pile of hog, clothing, or other property belonging to the army, though, by order of the milltarv authorities r># w j HU'bU W? tUI* was recovered on the ensuing d#y. In a word, the city urns erazy with a panic. Governor Harris Is said to Lave rode through the street*, at the top of hi* .speed, on horseback. crying out that the papera In the capltol most be removed; and, subsequently, with the Legislature, which had at once assembled, left the city In a special train for Memphis Still there were aome in the city who manifested a determination to make a stand an<^ apply the torch to every house l*fnre It should be surrendered This state of affairs lasted, without much modification, until Monday evening, when the excitement began to subside All the rolling stock of the railroads converging in Nashville wan brought Into requisition, and the machinery In the armory, guns rtnd much valuable provision* Ac .were removed Seven trains, loaded with women and cklldren Inside and crowded with frightened men on the 1 ?f* tW. -I*- *? * ? ?u)', ini iac ciiy in one aiy. * * The city la said to have bttn r?ry wnfound. and McClernand hlmwelf confessed that he vu In dally receipt of In formation concerning the movements of our troops Fhoaphoroa ana other Imflammable compound* have since b^en found concealed ready for uae, and it la alao auted that a batch of Union flags were discovered, but whether or not those were the remalna of some former celebration is unknown. STIKBIN* KIV? FBOM CCMTBITILLK A private letter received from Centrerille last nmht, stated that the Confederate foree* bad rer#iVfd orrifrt tc% th^lr ? -* ? .. i . . an* w >u- mi, on a pnt themselves tn marching order. By passengers who arrived on last nigh*'* train the above report la confirmed and they al?o state that the woman and < talldren were ordered to leeve yeaterday morning We nnderotand from the aame aource that the Yankees have succeeded In cutting another road through the wood* to Fairfax ? I.ynek Virginian. NKW CABINRT A Richmond paper say* that the following will, In all probability, constitute the Cabinet of Preeldent DavU: J 1' Benjamin, of Louisiana, Horretarv of State; Gen. Lee, Secretary of War; Brig. Gen. George Randolph. of Virginia, Secretary of the n ?? ? ~ ? ? ? Hoy, \,. u ,iiemminger. ?>i south Carolina, 8eere?ary of the Treasury; Mr. Henry,M.C. from Kentucky, Postmaster General; Herachel V. Johnson, of Georgia, Attorney General. nrs^NOTICK ?A me.'tin* of th? Hotel and _L3 Ke?ta-iraiif Keepers or thiae tr wi'l bo hold at Franklin Hail, ??ne- <Hb and D atreeta, on WSDNE8DAY NKX 1. vh instant, at 4 pm. By order Committee. mil V3t* v^NATIONAL 0A8E BALL CLUB.-Th? J 3 members are reqaeated to meet at the offioe of J II MoCntoueu. No. 4T4 Seventh atreet. between Eand F, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Marsh 5th, at I o'olock. A iall attendanoe ia particularly required, as odroera are to be eleotod and other buaioeaa of importtnoe vill aome before the meeting. JAMES MORROW, rnh l 3t* I'reaident. rv*p?EV*RY ONE'S INTKRK8T?TO THE Xj^^ClTIZENB. STRANGERS, A*D SOL viano ?i uftTtiaii rwwTta i rerj large tad line e?aorim?nt of 9pnng Clothini, whioh 1 am itferiog at our uaaallow prioea, at No. 460 Seventh atreet.f p?o?ite Poat Olftoe. near F.fe?7 3m !? THE UNION PRAYER MKKTINV Will LLs be hojden ever; day thia week in the LatheranChoroh, I Rev. J. 6. Batler'a.) at the ooroer of Utt) &nd H atreeu, commencing at o'oiook p m? and eontinned but one hoar. ja to IV O R ? A L E?The STOCK. FIXTURES, F GOOD WILL. Jto., of a wall eeut>liah*4fproduce toum. ''oiij* the beat bmaineea in A If xaaarla. Apply to K. M JuMNSON. Ninth atreet, near the Cai.aJ. mh ? 8t? Hto the public. _ AVIN6 to pap ouh f.*<r ever* article we percfcaae, we are obliged to aell for o*ah only, we hop* to retain the !ineral patronage that nae been b?*toved npen *?, by kwpi^ijie^bMtin o?r < Br&nek of P. Tlernan at Bon, Balttaaor'e.) All seTeatkatreet, mh S St KAVI 4A MaPi??al >v _ M MB tt. COIjRTKfLLK, iron P?rU.fct 468 K ey nth atreet. corner F, hM i? o?itb4 by learner the moat a*>ot waortm'ntof Foiit L??ee> Cnila/I fr m |] up tarca, Mtl Jron ? to ? SO, "Threal i^aee Veiia fiom |!.n i^vwdi, Bawbee, Cape*, eta.; ebarmioi HeaddMeea auoh M Diadenie and Caohr?e?inea ; Parisian Boot Skirte of th' mjat graceful ptiterna. alto, a variety of y moroideriee and other Good a. lt^_ ttPRINO CA881MERE?, A!?o, median and O fine Clithi aod V eatings JUvy ttiue Olotha, flannels, and Casairnerae. , jevs ^?sa?rwE?&r. ^Our"orthern and Eu'.ira aorraaaondaataaaad OaaV'oa'ca'Tj tKa'aotmal oath staalard valaa, I LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. rmoM whtiimi wowoe, NON-ARRIVAL OF COL CORCOJIAN AND THE OTHER UNION PRISONERS THE STEAMER NASHVILLE RUNS THE BLOCKADE INTO WILMINGTON, N. C. ? Foarataa Mnxioi, March t, (via Baltimore, March 3 )?The ?t?amer Expre*?, Capt. Calaw ay, left Old Point yesterday at 10 a. m., for Jamea tivuP ?a iVtA I'nlnn nrlaAnan aatko mam 11 f ci I iv iwriTc * m' v miwm f? ??vuv i wuw wcic expected on Friday. They were not met, however, rrordlnjr to appointment; and having remained at the appointed meeting place until noon to-day, the George Washington waa teat ap with the order for the F.xpreaa to return, unlesa something had been heard from them. She accordingly came back, arriving at a p m. About 3 o'clock yeaterday afternoon the Confederate KtMDw Jamestown (which with the VArktown la atatloned off Hogg I aland) ateamed down to the Kxprew, with a flag of truce, to aacertaln the cauae of her appearance in the river on two aucceaalve daya She atopped ahraaat, at #AOf r r\Am blatant Imim Was aai I ? i 1 a Waa* " . w?a wiww? ?' "hi un , ?UU lUWriCU NWM with a lieutenant on board, to communicate. He wu Informed of the errand of the Express, and that she wu acting upon Information farnltbed by tien. Huger. He explained that hU command had no knowledge of any expected prlaonera; and from aeelng the Expreaa on two dnya In auccessidii, he had come down to learn the occasion of her viait. He expressed himself satisfied; and returning to the Jamestown she went back to her station, tthe has been armed with a gnn at her bow and another at her stern, and has a sharp iron cat. water projecting some three feet from her bows at the water-line. She Is rumored to be commanded by Capt. Barnard. ti i 1 * ; 1-*-J * ? ??-? ? navuig wrii iwice oiu|ipgiaini in reunion 10 the expected prisoner*, It Is not known when they will be sent down the river, it Is uncertain wbather Col Corcoran will be among the number, although It It quite probable. Another Interview took place yesterday, off Craney Island, between General* Wool and Cobb, In reference to the exchange of prisoners. We bear, via Norfolk, that the steamer Nashville arrived at Wilmington. N.C., yesterday, having run the blockade at that place. A quantity of telegraphic cable has arrived here for the completion af the line across tbe bay. As soon as tbe foundings csn be completed thecable will be extended to Cape Charles. This will be within two or three days, It Is supposed. THIS IS TO 6IVK NOTICE. That the nbsoriber hath obtained from the Orphans' guurt of Washington County, in the District o( olumbia, letters of administration on the personal estate of Barney Donnelly, late of Washington oounty aforesaid. deceased- All persons having olaimt against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the sans, with the vouchers thereof, to the snbsonber, on or before the first day of Maroh next: tney mar otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit oi the sam estate. Given under air hand this first day of Marob, 1862. JOHN O'DONNKLL. Jr., mh3-law3ir Administrator. |j E C I I) E D BARGAIN)!: lri'h Lu ens, all grades, thiok, medium and tnin. Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings, all of the best brands p ?duoe1 in the Union or Europe, 20 Cax. ton's Stitched Linen Shirt Besoms, various qualities, choice styles. Balmoral Hkirt*. now ?nnnli*a White Brillanti and Carabnos, *11 eualities, "She^herd'i Plaids," for dresses. Many new Dreis Goods for early Sfrmg Wear, Spring fch%wls. Onapnoe only, the aetuai oaeh value, marked in plain figures. PERRY k. BRO., mh 3 6t Penn. avenue and 9th street. Rare chance for an enterprisin* business man. to follow ihe army. For ale a business started expressly for that purp-.s*. For partioulara, apply to D. PETERS, New Jersey Pie Bakery, corner H and 11th sis mh 1 3t* Hcoal oil-coal oil. AVINtt Theacenov of oaeof the larseat n??l Oil Companies in the United States, we can sell Coal On wh If sale and retail, cheaper than oan be bought in VVa.-hincton. Also. Lamps, cans and Shades. GKO. W. 8TK?vaRT A SON. mh 1 1m* Cora' r 13th and H streets. K A D AN _I_M A L 8 . Maioa's Ottti, I Watkiugto*. February 28, 1BC2 \ D*ad Animals will immedntely be removed and buned uu notioe being left at either of the Polioe Stations of the Metropolitan Polioe Particularity should be had in looa'ini the oaroass, to insure pre in pt attention. HICHARD WALLACH, mh l-st Mayor. MAYOR'S OFFICK, . Washis?toi?, Maroh 1,1862. rg'T win oe received a' this< dice up to 12 o'olock M- on Wednesday, 12th instant, for the oonatraotion of water oioaeta. with the needft! ftp purteoacoea, rtramate. 4.0 , ;n the basement of the west end of the City Hall, "similar in atria and nunuer to the fixtures adapted to Utessme purpose whioh have recently been o^natrncted t? the United States in the eastern win* of aaid building " roh 1 St RICHARD WALLACH, Mayor. A RARE CHANCE-KOR SALE.-Aa alel cant family HORSE ana new spring jtv WAGON, made by one ef !ha beat makeis^SPk in Pennsylvania. and entirely nsw, witn harness all oomplete. The horae haa not hit an Krior in the oily of Washington, for strength and auty, warranted in every respect; will work anywhere, au<l well broke; oan be left standing with out hitching, before locomotive or masio. The whole establiihmen' would suit a or any trading person. Call at JOHx P. SHRODER, Lancaster oounty Provision Store, eoraer of IStn and 6 sta. mh i 3t* gALTIMORE BARGAIN (STORE! NEW GOOD*?NEW GOODS I LANSBUR6H k BRO. take plaaaiue to laform thai r ouatoraera and the public that tiey have takes Halt'a old atore, No. 374 7th atreet, between 1 and K, where the* will always keea on hand a fall aa aortinent of DRY GOODS, MILLINERY and FANCY 600DS Confident of oar ability to five atiifaction to ail. roth in priee and quality of good*. ladiaa w:ll find it greatly to their ad railage to oall and examihe onr ?tock. mh 1 7t* j^EW WHOLESALE DRY GOODS HOUSE. J. H. HOBLITZKLL 4k CO. have joat opened a large atoak ol DRY GOODS NOTlONS.*o., at IVo. 347 Weat Baltimore atreet, Baltimore. Tfce antira atook eaa puroiiaa'd in September and Ootober ait. at prioea enabling them to aail to dealera on aooh terms aa will make it the interaat of both oity and oountry marohanta to examine their atook. frr Their tarma will be oaah. fe 2?-3w% DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT! DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT! DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT! Are aoid fry KINtt A Bl'RCHELL. corner Vermont avenue and (6th it P. WHITkTo.Tner F and 13th *L L. A. 6kLLWI<?, 589 7th ?t. Nary Yard. M. URKENi ooraer L and ISth at. fe *1 lw || K Y FEET! THE RUSSIA WATER PROOF make* and keepe Boots and Hhoea imporvioua to water, and will make them laat at loot again. Sold by E. DUPRE, Paon avenue, and all Ifcotandbhoe Deaiera. at<d Druccieta and others. Try it! <e>7 1W A NKW DAILY LINK BKTWKBN WASHA ,NScri;\^u^i!ftfeAN Running daily to S?M, Hooktr'l and 6itklu' Dirisiont, i* lk4 Lotesr Potomac. Toaehini at Pyae'a Wharf. THK ST HAM BR AHGO. Cam. E. W. Datimon. Leaving Riley'a wharf, loot ot nth street, at o'clock, on and after Monday next. jpw ^ Mth mat., returning tame da? at o'oloek. Refreehments on board. Fare fleaohway. Freight taken at reasonable ^ID-TRIP ON SUNDl Y. For further partioulara ayyly to Cap'aln on board. fe lT-lt' SEALED PROPOSALS ARE INVITED uTthe 15th day of Maroh, IMS. at 18 ra., for eurcuaaiog from the Government the Hidea and TftHov Hoofa. and Uoma, Ton*uee, Chuoka, and ?hina, of all the Reef Catue used br the Amy of of the Potomao, exoeft Uioae killed within the Buuiem im-iM oi ine lnatnot ot Colombia. No bid will b? entertained unlets the bidder u preeent to respond to lui bid. The Hides, Tallow, fee.. obtained at the uak of the oontraotur - he will be held aoooantabie for Hi<1a?,4o.. of alt aminala killed, whether he *eTbe bid a to be directed to "Major A BECK WITB.C.B..U.B.A.. Washington, D. C.

fe?-td Al,OTBE600?n.6m?;i, The treat snooess attending the sale of Bioh Bilk eobea. Sprint t ilka by the yard, Evening Dreeaee, reiee, Oieoadmea, t?? eonaigned to nalrom on* <irtk? Large it Siii Houses in Nm? Tori, baa indaood the aaaigneee to itad on more good*, end we take pleamre <n sayihg to the ladies that the kami aaaorfont we now offer them to ae- 1 : eot Trom erabraoee a great variety 01 itrf*. and tbe prioee they are being aold at u oortaimy tot tore than one half tbe ooet of importation , _ Tkoee who have not availed themcelvee of thla would do well to eall eirly.aatne goods Will reuii^' WANTS. WVJM^WBfr.a?gM ?1.?WiHItD-t IMMI'rl IMni ?5ITCATI0N S. T&'i&c'Tf'szs&r'"" ir WASSSfcVfi:.^ ?s r*fw*ne?( Apply M No. 406 Third *r'rt W*?t, betwo B wTO ?tr?t- north ?hm* \^ANT?D?P*r?ob? ?i?Iiii c torvplor a latfr ?? w nron v?rs?ier* Wi!aoii*? or 8inr*r*e sewing machine will pleat e adrireaa a cot* to SARAH J. JONES CitT Fo?t Ofiioe. It* WANTED? B* a reapeatftble yonng min, ft PI TUATION ft? ooftohmfto, or where he can mala hinaas'f general i v uwlyi. Good referanea given- Aadre??"J D ." Star OIB a. It* 1*7 ANTED?A fosng LAPY of good bnalnaae "" kiiow f.i** fora wife between 14 and 23 yeara of ags. Address "Chai.ei," Washington Post It* VVANTKD-A lady dasiras to rmt a FUR W NISHED ROOM between 12ti and 15th ?ta. anil Pfnaaylrania a*e neanrt H at. Refersrpas fi?en. Address, atating lositton, Ao.," B U B StarCffioe. It* House wanted.?Any on* wishing to diap>seof aamall Dwelling, oontamittc. say ?va or aut rooms. looatei in the northern part of tha ity or Is'axd.may hear of a rarebftssrby addresstsg-T. P. tt Bo* ?4? City PoetOSo*. Washington. mh3 K mHD LETTERS WANTED -I will giTafroai wo to ten Sol ara for Lef*rs written b? 6?'l Washington, and a fair p-iaa for Old Lefrs wnttsn br oelebrated Americana, Revolutionary Calamities, Presidents. Generals, Commodores, Judge*. Doctors, Divines. Law?era. Ae. Addreaa ROMERT SPRING. f 4ft N. Twelfth street, Philadelphia, Rare Booka and Pamphlets on Ans'rica bomb>. " mh 3 lm* %*7 ANTED?For a tenod of three month*, a vv weU-fanuahed HOUBK, eligibly aitiated in the West ted. for a aiuaU family, fjr wbnh a lib eral reat will be paid. Apply to JAMK8 C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Auotioreera, fe>8-6t WANTED?One thoaeanri (l,noo)(roea of vine and ale II ?TTLKS of varioaa )>* . for whioh caah will he p%id. Inquire of ANDERSON A CO, at Hawlev A Mtoghl'n'a Portable Tent Depot, oorner of Tenth and B atreeta, Waahiniton. D- C. feM lw* WANTED?Old Amenoan Hi?t*ry, Sd and 4Ui Tolumea; Hurk'a Hiaiory of Virginia; Drayton's South Carolina 3 vommee: Nile'a Reenter, Ramaay'a Bo-th Carolina; Wilkineon'a Trial; Burr'a Trial: O'd Cofne; Actocrapha; Old Paintin- ; Old Doouoieiita, Writi"ca, Letters; Lee a Memolra. In moving. aonae Voiumee were loal; their value vill be paid, if returned to me ALFRED HUNTER, fe?-3t* Over Bank "f Waahiniton. \^ANTEI]?'H) have every one krow that they ' * can una ma oesi sous pi uioibiqc . Ht!i and C*m. at the very luve<t ra?e?,at SMITH' *. No. 460 Seventh atreet. fxlow K. fe 27-Sm WANTED?To ergMeaGENTLEMANfami^ iar with Washington oily, to attend to iom outdoor bn?ln#?s. Apply to JOHN IRWIN, Room No. 4. 478 7th at. fe>7 WANTED TO S?5LL-A HOTEL doing a ?? geod bosioee* will be eold on food terms. The propntor wieh?e to retire from baalneaa it the only reason for selling Apply at No. 64? 11th at, Waihi-gtoo oity. fe T> 3'.* WANTED TO HIRE?A WOMAN to do TT oookinc and homeework ia general. To one well reoomniAnded good wanes will be given- Apply at No. ?01 7th atreet, opposite Odd Fellowa' Hall. fen 3t* \*7ANTED?Three good STABLE HANDS. " and one M&n to wa?h narriagea. Apply to W. C HAZKL. Heall ltr?St. lMt>Mll Hirk .rut Congreea, WeorgVtown * fa ?"6t* WANTED? AtifjLr?nenoed WOMAN,Mnint ?" lor two infant ohildren; alto another aa oook and vHher for a small family. For honeet and faithful wmoM food wagea will be given. Apt y at No. 9 Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th ata. fet&tf \fUSICIAN8 WANTED FOK 1ST CAVAL1*1 RY BAND?One first o aas Musician, capar>le of oompnainc and arranging musioacd instruot me and leading a mounted baDd. Alao. eight or ten good Musician*. Term of enliatmsnt 3 years; the usual pa*, rations, clothing, %o.. of the regular servioe given. Wanted alao aix or eight Trumpeters Inquire at Regimental Headauartera. Camp Sprague. Washington, D. (late Camp of Rhode Island Reg'i,)of Lt. J. H. KELLOGG, Adj't lat Cavalry. fe g aw* IIT ANT ED?Every peraon to know that I am in vv the market, ready to pay cash for all artioles in the honaefnrniahing line. Thoae leaving the ?.?. e ?.11 <* ? >1 ? U1?I I VI iWTtNK m HHipiUVf w 111 UU W?II l"D?I|. R| BUCHLY, Seventh st.. between? and H ate., (eaat aid*,) Dealer in Nev and Seoond hand FarDiture. no 16 tf ANTED?Sntlera and Soldiers to k&ow that Yl they oan buv CAMP 8TOVE8 awl TIN WARE oheap of 11. J. GREGORY. SU1 Penn. avenne. Ja M \JUANTED.?We are now barinr SECONDTV HAND FURNITURE,STOVESaad BEDDING. for whioh we are paying the highaat oaah prices. Fwmliea declining hoaaekeepis*, or having a rarplns of fbrnitnre, will And it to their advantage to give oa a oall. BONTZ * GRIFFITH. lell-tf No. 369 Tth at.. betw.I ana K sta. E jff' ^Ha ^jHni . sn^B Vj^B^ V THE EAR DR. F. A VON MOAC HZISEEK, Ocnl fait and Anrftat. < L?U of Clinton Pitoe, New York,) Ou be oonsnlttd on all Diihmi ol tne KYB AND BAft that require modioal or rargloal operations. Dr. Von Moacaxtaun u the inventor ud Introdaoar Into the medio*] prae'ioe of th? ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treat meat of obatlnata own of DEAFNESS AHD NOISES IN THE HEAD. Hundred* of Testimonial* mar be examined at the Dootor'a Offise from aome of the moat eainwit men in tha Union s alao, a letter of refereooa from the followinc gentlemen now under hia treatment: w. H. HaaIta TrAtanrf (War??nM? . O wr?.t lngton, Surveying Def&.Mceot; Henry Beard, Interior Department; John Wood,Capitol Bxten tion ; F. 8. Waleh, Eighth street out; N. P. White, Oen'l Henry R. White, Hamilton Johnston, Cm, Rev. H. W, Read. Patients wishing their fkmily physician to aoeompany them to witneee operauona or for the parpoee of oonsaltaUon are at liberty to bring them. Medloal men will be at all time* we loomed to ra? tr ae - * viuimi in, fui iu i operaaona, ana eualM oom oI the metruinenta ha hu Introduced for the facilitation of Opthalaio and Aarai Surgery. Arti fioial Eyes Inserted withoit oaaaiag any pats to the patient. OAea hour* from a. m. to s p. ml and from a ta I p. m. 0 F FJC E 8, Ne. ??T PENNSYBLVANIA AVENUE, orrortTB WILLARD'S HOTEL nth 1 It 1 NOTICE. . . . HEREBY Forvwarn all persona frcin harboring ena Margaret Degon. who left mj bed and hoarding without any provocation. I will not be reaponafble for any debta contracted by her 8he ie now bettei known ?a Margaret Browiiiailler. having married the said Oeorce Brownmiiler, of the United States Cavalry ta Utah Territory, A t 6 U?TU8 DbAbN. Washington. D. C.. Fab'* 24. iaas. CSCHfcNCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS.?Tkia u O on* of mi THRBE URBAT REMEDIES which bar* reads DR. 80H 2NCR mora ?uoo??fB 1 in the treatment of BeveraJ very dangeroaa im fatal dieeaaee that any other m*dloal practitioner in the United States. The Mandrake Pille are offered ae A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALOMEL. DR. SCHENCK nvera that hta Mandrake PiUa will efleot every oojeet for whioh the areparationa of neroery oan poeaibly he aaofnl; and he deolaraa moat aolennly and oonaeientionaly that tbeae Pilia may be need with perfeot aafsty m ail oaeea where altorativoe or parfativea are reenirai. H la not maoh woader whoa we nH ?*? liver it the largest organ iu tb? kuui or*aaiaation, that it beoomee so frequently diaaaied. Tbe yellow and sailow alun, the onatad tone ma in Um morning and the anil p?in in the littbejiel'. at oaaa that thin great depurating orgaa .1 loin am work by halroe only, fay peraoa who will He one of tkeae PUls at Bight will aot oaly r*Tiered of dieeaes, bat likewise its disagreeable atacfissa whole frame, whieh oftentimes make life burieaeome, aad render the patient wholly anfit for enjoyment or bnsirees of any kind. DR. J. H.xCHKNCK will be at his ateota (8 B. Waite's), ooraer Loauiaoa arenas aodTtfc street, aa Wedaeeday, Rebnpary Wth.and Biarof Sth, to Ml Mlunt, -. k A * - WM^CMUIUI W1 Ml VVllMl W"*t L?1T r Conplftiat. Pyapowft. or My ?mm? to ConauiiUon. H? utn ftdvtoft vitkoat h?r*?, b'ms Uoy Tint ft tftommgh oxftnuftfttio* vltft Ua ftMMToowtor. tftae hit t? it UirM dollftrt. Praia of PftlmMM By nip ft ft bottio or * por bftlf doaan, PnoooiMVMdT?bm 91 I*rbottioorWpN AMU3KMKNT8. foruno* -ill omw'Ocoa viUi the Sr? ?l Tki Inah ?.io*"-Tom Mvort, M.r lirm WiUttaa l Mr? PitSfSg. Mra Ba;n?y wi.lurct AtattkMi "In and Oat of Plaaa*'-Lotty. M^a M||*y William'. To c">no luda with tba farra of"Tra Iriah Tiff"? Paddy wy?n m- Ba n-? v*il Lata* it* SOMETHING NEW! MAGICAL ILLUSIONS! PkanXasm*fria Vittrs of tht War ' Por a Paw Dayaoaly. At tha VnTVd V? fmiatiav AianriATlnl RaoMI. Opoofite BrnvVa Ho'el. ConniDcini TUESDAY EVEN1.N0, Mnroh ?. A<Jmt??icn 25 ceita ; Ch Idren 15 oeoteDoora open ftt 7S, : Kx ibiticn oonuoenoee at o o'oot preeuely. P. T. BARNUM'S MUSEUM OF LIVING WONDERS.* Chance of LoMtioi to PHILHARMONIC HALL. Opm TAi* and Every Day during th? VnI. The WoMlerfni ALBINO FAMILY. Anil tk MYSTERIOUS WHAT IS IT. will hold tfcmr LEV EES FOR LADIES, JUVENILES. AND FAMILY PARTIES K?A Day. from 10 a. m ? 8 p. m. And M Night in oonjnnetior with tha CAMPBELL M1XSTRBL3 ' AdmUaion 19 ornta; ohildroa and Mrmti 10 cent a PHILHARMONIC HALL! PBHIWYLV4JI14 AviMTI, A*OTS llTH ST. CAMPBELL MINBTRELS! SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS: in a O- ? P W..L ? t |T? 1*7 m w vpromiVM Qx w*y IB connection With P. T B A K N IJ M ' S CABINET OF CURIOSITIES. ALBINO FAMILY. and the WHAT IS IT? Grand Mmtint* Every Wednesday and Sat urday A ffrnoon* POR LADIES AND CHILDREN, mil 1-lT WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALL?FREE ? CONCERT EVERY NIGHT, fmw 5 o'oiock to 9 p. in. Beat of Kefreahmaata. Fine Female Waiters. Open mil d?y. At the eontbeaat corner of PeineylTani* aveme and oorner of Sixth atreet, nnder ths Central Hoaae, oppoaite the National, Brown'a. ard C Iarenden Hot-ia. fe U lm* w ASHIN0TON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, f !?!?. Avinri, (t*orr* Std*.) No. ???, B*HMn 9(4 mmd lQlfc tit. Every evening a remarkably fane Free Cooetrt, embracing eeleotiooa from the beet olaeeic mnaio. and the moat pop alar opera*-rendered in better atrl* than at toy other American oonoert aaioon. The (aeete?and u>e pnblio are freely inn ted, without charge for entrance,? may rely upon bav me every oomfort they deatre. In addition to the ineet masic in Washington, they will obtain, on call, from the attentive attend acta, decidedly the beat Refreshment! for sale in the Pedera: Metropolia Offioera constantly In attendance to keep good order. Conoert oommenoicg at? f. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL. feb 7 1m Proprietor. ICING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. IV Paim. At. A.nv E ? *., Near WillmrJu'. T. King? Sole Leasee aad Manager C. $00 tL....? Associate Manager P. Whlttater Equestrian Manager THIS EVENING. Tom Kmc viLl cive hia Cou.:c I raitation* of CLAS8IC STATUARY HORKEBACK! Hire yon m>?d o d DAN GARDINER In hia (rent Barleajne Dance. A ? < \tomer / And 8c>nmorcu The BeanOfnl M'lie HKLOISK Krerj Ktwui|! KiNCADE. the 100 t*ummerui t Nu ! The Great Zouave Halt Mnat b? mo (o b? tppraolntod. eO Pi JUAN i?ht until farther notioe. Nnw Notbltiss in Pnzr&L*Tion: a cm** v rntii-t;reoeinr i/uiri to dcdu; i/res Circie to oente; Children under 10 years of t|? fc> Dreaa Circle ? oente; Sooiai Range 2S oente; Colored Gallery 25 oente; Colored Boxes SO oente. Door* open at 7 o'clook; performanoes viil oommeooe at I precisely. re 7 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Gaide to Patenta, Catalocne of Cariosities and Goverament Gardens, at the stead in Patent Oftoe; Raro Antiquarian Books ; Gorernmeit Book a; Dooamenta furnished: Railroad Reports; Military Re aorta; Burnt Patent Offioa Reports; Cheap Books Nrciahed to Pedlars; Mi.itary Trials: Military Lavs; Army Regulations; Panorama of the Coast anoving over 2,000 miles; many tfcouaend Cheap Booka. Rectohect cheap rent. Larce aalea, lev prioes. Ua stairs, over Bank of Washington. ja?->m* ALFRED HUNTER. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. ^fHE 6TH GRAND COTILLON PARTY A Wl* r* g:ren at eA TBMPBHASCE HALL. ji K strnet. between 9th and K>tn. JB on Friday evening, Mveh i Gflb D& to oomtnna oe at IH o'olnck. M aeio by Prof. Arth'a fall band. Tickets $1, admitting a gentleman and ladiea. mh 1 Iw* PROF. C. P. BARNES, Manager. May tK* name of Andtrton ne'er ??fker. Nor ike skrm> of kit glory r?ote dtm T'HK MEMBERS OF THE ANDERSON JI Clab take great pieaanre in announcing to their manj frienda and th'pabiio genera'.- JH It t^at they wi l give their THIRD GRANDMA AS4EM BLY at Franklin Hall, oorner 9th UM and D atrrata. on TUESDAY. March ?th. IKS The Committee pledge themae rei to laave nothing undone that will add to the oomfort and pl'aavraof thoae who may honor th?m with their AA A rtr 1 a A ? J I IAM OamJ kaa PI ? awuvv AIM* m W??IW I ?ll M WV41IVH 0WH umw DMD for U?? OOOMIOD Ticket* fl, *d outline * jentl#m*n and ladies. Floor I. K?1!t. J. BruMtri, . HuhN, H. R?*><U. whl It' pOBKRT E M M E T . GRAND BALL ! To Cuiiuti tic Birth or Iauit Hviit, Under Ut? Auapioe* of The Fenian Brotherhood or THUCtTTi WiU be fceid at TBMPBRASCB HALL, (b street, between Mh and l"th streets,) Oo MONDAY EVENING, Maroh Id next No effort on the pin of the tod m*mbere will be spared to reader thie H*.< truly *4 worthy of the oause ud entire, y agreeable to JH its partioipantr A food Brass and Stnnc Band is eacMeduife for the ooonstonTbe Supper and other Refreshments will be furnished by an ei??rtenoed oaterer. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR, ndmiKini ? ienti?m\D tsd edies. The Ball Room opens at 7 o'olook p. m. (\xnin)(i'< 41 Arramgtwumi*. f_?>ae, J.B. ?hilliN. J. VHKIf 4 WE"?. p. CtllMhM. J. RtfU, J. Kju. Mr. Unify. P. H. Dooegan. fe ti it* IIROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEM V, at TinMrtm 3* Hi'u, fc rtrwt, bttVMo SKh sod loth Ciae?ee Jb twt Tueedsy and Fridsr?sft#rooon c uiiB at 3, evening olaaa at T. Soiree ?v?n Fridsj UA Mine a< o'olook. Maaio by Pro/. 8eo. Aru^ . Temperance Hail will be let for Mi. Parties, Ao. Apply m above. ft 14 In* 486 486 ttWMtSUWVt PICTURE FRAMES, Ue largest aeaortatent. ? -"^7 MKHBik."*?... mm ^ Study tour intereat and the interest of yosr ess ? muai Ha iiunlilii our nHntr BOSTON CRACKERS. DAYTON'S CRACKER BAKERY. fa r-iw "\StsFs\Kvr' nuRiuii it co , OPTICIANS, 44 (north v4o,) twelfth udHU^. EYEGLASSES, MARINE AND PI ELD GLASSES, COMPASSES, * * H ***"* OMtMllT Ml kU(L' THE MSSSftKESSaSSiEte, I keeieew will hereafter beoMTiedoiBBder ike we) u^fjii rfj^LLTn| K A m.M Ain^We e^? f AUCTION BALES. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW By WALLA B^RVARD. Sdr'lrttr f? ?*('?? I. lUTTKl AT ACTION -r, \3 tl'tSDAV . I. *t our & not .ob room 36 ln? pri?? ,>?w Yvrfc tt.*M Bat*er. p-witiv* TUMMIII. It WALL A BA RNA R D1 A?rt? B? J. C, H OI IRK A CO.. AntiioMcrt. DK8IRAR' K TWO t?ToR V KRK'K l>WKLLim Horn, with Bmut ATT4(in.Fot .MOBIDAN AfrrKNimN, i ?a m - L ? * ? * ji.uiuc uci, on rr?a.i??p w* 'lit | it | ot No It, in No. Mb. irutUni H Mitfc itrwl *Mt, bM?rM G ?td H atra*t? ?urth and rurntnj back 15 f*et t? an ail' j, together ?it? th* im?toT9ir?>n?a. c<>nti*iinr of a tw a ory brick dwrUioi hooa*. w ih brick bakery attacked Tfim: Un? fourth ca?b; U?* m rodtr lovii, twelve, aid cifhu?cr. moctha with infrwr, aaaarad b* a daad of Iraat va U* praaiaaa 'i itl? >eriaot. ht*d J C. MoGUIRK tCO.AMU. Br BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Aucti< naar?~ POHTiVK SALh OF A PTOoK OF DRV a Good*. Fa*ot akk Millimmt Good*. Rc-Oa TUESDAY M(?h.%!.%?. Marak ?ib. o>?mromcitn at loo'elcck. ard cotitinaini dai y, and n the cvemc* at tfco'alock. aa??: tAawkow took ia Otajoard of wa will aal! at thaator* of Maaara S A W. taoyanbcrg. N*. 4%, Crater BBorr n? btvhi nom, Uteir ettire iiMk of tfooria.ooaiprietng la part? Raaaiao 8a'.e Cloaca. Cap** and Viotorinee, Midi and Caffb. Mink, >^B'rr#i. Pitch, Store Marua. Water Mink acd Sable, rioaka.H V Capea, Victor; neB, Muff*, t off*, to , Ac.. Kiac aaeortroeot of < twdreae' Fancy Kara. UenU' KarCoi'ara. Ulovea. Wolf, Deer and Buffalo Carriage Kobe*. ALSO Ca.leoa, Dtlainea. Bemgea. Cbalnea, Monalioa. Valer cies. Fenry Silks. Sheeting ar.d Shirting I'ottocs. Lmen toheeting?. Towels, Napkins. TaMe Cl"tha. Caiiimrr'a ar.d Caeinette. 8i:k Velvet and oth*r V*et:nga. ALSO A Im uanrtaant nf CInak Vutal'u *iul Ik.. tart Brocbe! Ptelia and Woot?m Phavli. J*?enaid assortment of B?iMrt. MlhUNKKV GOOfW* Fine French Flower. MiMtorn, Kuahec, Trimnunc* of a 1 kinds, kmbroidery, Lacc. Cambric Banu?. Incertinec, Ac., to.. Toother wth a i0D?ra Mtortwwt of TV j Fanor?ooda 8a.e pocitive, w.thont regard to weather. Twm? ouh. feP-d K?p ? FONTZ k GRIFFITH. A note By WALL A BARNARD. Aaotioncera fMth Ctmrr Pi. mr. Mad MA (tract. CALK OF 6ROCKRIKP, CVTLKR^'?(KIPP. f5 Liqcor*. (i ciiiTWAiii fntiL Ac. at Aetna*.?'The t?ook oiA Wood A Co , Mvrd from the tre. on IUKt?DAY Mt'RMNS, ?h Mareh, at tf> o'olook, ?? will eel at the A action Room* without receive, the remainder of Mid ct^ck comprisiux? ta Dk'_ - l n -M a - . ? null vmin'* . it.races ?oa IkiOV P(|krt. likdSrMD and Burnt Coffee. Cbe*ee, ftareh.aLd Candies. ud t*oap. Bit* R ice and ( um Nmriit Ou?i Crtnbfr? ud Tomato Mauoe.ard Pickies, Cun Muttard, Cinamon, Pepper, Mustard.aa4 other Apices. Stationery. Candy. B acking and B'tikM, Boxes Tobaooo. Hard.nes and .Mackerel. Casks Ham', Besfand P?rk, Cases Whiskry. Brandy, Sherrr. 8oheida<n Scbnaps, Kaspl-ery, Biaokbary Brands. Cases Cia^et. and Lomot Cot aia.?. Barrels Whisk?,different b-ands, \ audit Catki Hi sr .It and Jamaica Spirits, Sin. hootch \Vh fkji, Ba reis New ^ <>;k t yrtp, Kf * Lemnr. Sjrup. 500 Wmdow Sa?h, 75 Barre a F.oar. Or.enear.T rew ^pr n( Covered Fipresa Hu e Tbe attention of deaiars and otters is oa led to this ??l?. as the w'oleat. rk w. , be ao d wittn *.* rearrve, u> oio?e tne t>B?m??a. le 24 W ALL A BARNARD. Aaota. FUTURE DATS By THOMAS DOWLIN9. Auoticn?*r. Georgetown, D. C. The stock of a retail grocer . at ArcTios?<>n wkdne^l'ay mornin6. sth ii.atB2t.*i 1" o'oiook. i wil. ii in IroLt ol the auctiot. ru<<o?a, the ?t?ck of * rftn . oompruicj th* u?u* variety kept id a r?ipkut e iroc?ry, luoluoine tha Fixure?, coui.t?rf. Bin*. ?r.f.TM,4o . Ao. Term* c?ah mh>-d THOMAS HOWLING. Auot. By J. C MoGI IKK A CO Anction*erm. Dwelling house on marw.and Avsjicb, Brrw. 5th awh 6th St? W'im. at PrBlic a i'< tio*.?ob w ednt !*l>a\ a> i erMlllS MirnhMh ?nki, -- we shall eel the west hft f ? f Lot numbered 9 id Pquftre I). froi.t r.c 22 leet on Mftrj ftnJ *vlu*. b?*m 5th nod ? h tta wwt, raoiucg hftot '?7 feet 3 inches to ft vide ft *y. logrtiirr w th the mi provemeLU.ooDsietiDg of ft two-*t >r j frftme d*c log house wi" lid builciiu.fto: oolUisicc " room. Term*: One bft 1 cfteh; the remainder id J. 4. ftuti mor.tiit. w.t interest, wnrN by ftdeoc i tru*t on the premise*. inh 3 3t J ( MGIIRK fc CO, AocU NOTICE.-BAILIFF'* SALE -Bj virtue of ftn order of distrain from John M. Voutt, ftcftirn! he I" 'U* ftL(. r i.fttte of VS Iftir. W ft e? . (or etftble rent, due ftnu in a're*r?.ftcd to medi rected, 1 t.ave, this l*t Oftf ? f Mft'cr1, i-l.mtK ftrH taken ore 6 rat Mftre. o ?? Cray Ho- i??ll <.r * Bfty More*. %&d I her-bj *i??n.'tio? that or. rAT IKDA> MORMNG Marrn s:n 1L*tft t. nt 11 o'clock it front of W?1 & BainsrJ's auction tore. I ?hlt' I i ff?r f ft* miiI ? - - the hit h?ii bidder for cmh _ J M BfgHKK. Hi <T_ Br J. n. Mofil'IRE ft ru, Aoetion??ri. PKRKMPTOKY S*LKOF THK KM IRK Fc*sirr*i. fcrracT*. <?d ?<k>d Will of LBK Ilit Hotii., is th:? < ;tt -On Ihl >AY XOIMNtf, March tth, at U o'c ook .n the Ha ! <>< the l i?? F"tei, in I'enna? Ivana tvruf, l*i??ec J' *b< 4H ttretu, w? aha >e tn the hiaheat bidder the eitire Fnrr.itire at. 1 FfTaota and <?ood W i ?.f the Ciay Hote . coi.ia.: ice about oc? hatdred rocaii, *l<i dor i an ea.iei.eot kunaeaa. ImTediate poaneaaion will he gi ven ,aa the proprietor baa rt.ade hia arraofem?Dta to eigage in otiier t caiceaa Tarmi: One half oath; the rena.oder in two. four, and a x m< i.tha, ?ati?fact?r; j aecurad with intereat. fett-d J. P. McSIIRK k CO . A net*. lltilKUH van f " " u CAur,?ID Time "I I wril Ol LArt Caoiaa under lien law. leased from the Clerfc'e omoe ol the Circuit Court of the IMetnot of Co iVmhit. for the oouot? of VViihioitoB.&Ld to m d rooted. I will expoee to pubic sale, for mh. in coert toure d<x?r of said ?ownty. on FRIDAY, tb#i 2l?t day of March neat. IMS at 12 oo<oofc m. the fallowing dreon-ad property, to wtt, tie AH defendant * right. title e aim or id tereet i n and to a oertiain dwelling boaeriereeted on lot No. ard the eoath 14 feet 4 inche* n* iot No.?. in Muare No 377. intheoity of Washington. D.Q .ieiitd and evied neon aa the vroee-' > 7 Jalin* Viedt. an* wi 1 be eud to eJIu?|? jidieiaa No ""to Octot-ar term 1857, in far^r of Jon?tnaa >?#r_ _ ' tmovsL. JVlAR^HAL't* SALE.?In virtue ot a writ ol LJi. hen (aciaa. leaaed from the o erfc'e office of Ua c.rcut eon rt of the Dietnot of Columbia, for U ?f WaablPfton. and to me directed, I P' naie. fur oaab, in front u! the W Houm door ofeaid ooanty, on Wfc^DNK;*DAY. he 5th day of March IMS, at 18 o'Sooi thefcl lowing deecribed property, to wita; defendant e right, title, e aim and interest in and M U.e south 3 feet* i no bee ol Lot No. 21. in P^'ar* No.Selfronting on 8th etreet west, berweea u and r street* Bf?rin, in the city ol Waehington, 1). 0., to?etber with ail and uncalar the impr;wnrfi : thereon, eeiae.1 and .evied upon aa the proper?* A Irwin t*. bark?r, au-i wi.. be eold toeati?rj )u o,a.? No. J"T tc January t?nn IMS, in favor of John B. Kende.L WARD H LAMON, fa l" u U 8 Marehai D. C. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS pish wharf, georgetown, d. c. mitoi'i omci, ( Georcetowc, D. O.. Feb'y 1I3.( Ntict (ir??, tuat Proe>ee wi.. be reoeired at th;? cftoe nctii ti.e let Monday <>f March next, for tMe rectinf of the Fith Ubarf. owned by ttie C?rporau?a of thie Iowa, for one year from toat date. Term caeb feC aawtd HENRY ADDISON, Meyor inn Aim KI SHKI.S "P LIMB. for Ifr>IUv,IaFU ?i.tura. nr?>ih,oa bandar dfx eala. KIRKLANDt DOWlIW< Innn bushels potatoes, ,UUU buoteye and Peaohbiow Potatoee in etore and for eale b* JOHN J BBALL. ah f 3t* No. 91, &?or{?towc. g UCK8KIN 8 LP ? B Sf Rams burg Jl Ebert, __! ? Hiei Stuit. MITTENS in the Diatnol OftMri' 6hiU(U mad* to ordar. B?ck?fcia Draworo and Shirt*. ? u !\? ASSEY, COL UN 8 * CO.*? M .. , 1*1 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We ha>v? jut rtoc.yr*: % ilbttior* At*, which w reoommend to bo ofe wtmkt ior? ?*lty^IPoroou wnbin* to purch???. matlM im wAMtMvaMttn.oaa ^JRy * MINN, BO J Bwff*"*" Lm/w5{/?a GOOD?, REAL LACES, BjlBROlDEIttES. *(n Acv? 1 take iltMir* IB iBforaing tke K'" SKi ri"T?fT' <&T| AW Ksj^s?55i5cur5u57 ?N<T HJgl| ETC H (SON - No. 11 N. B. Pipfcing doo* lo ordf. Jbllm IT*OR BALE-MALT GRAIN, saiiabl* 1?kx3 tar Lsswnsjtf i^TTSiR kU-M ltd*' H" ? I

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