Newspaper of Evening Star, March 3, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 3, 1862 Page 6
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y> =? THE EVENING STAR. ?bor8ktow?l corporation laws. a emouctio* relating to the Market House 4 , - JUmJ??4 by Ik* Board of Aider mi* and Board of **PiWta? Count it of tht Corp orati on Of Qeorgttown, fkit In addition to the atanda uaed for th? aale of vegetables In the market houae. there la aet f npnrt the following, vis; That part of the ir.arket heuae under the abed north of the main entrance thereof, and alone the street gutter, twenty-four ieat oy tnree, in be aiviaea laio three stands, ight by Three each, and U be numbered respectively, C, D and E Said stands not to be oocu'?!ed by any permanent fixtures^ and It aball be , Um duty of the clerk to aell said staoda at auction oa the first Saturday In April next. Approved Februsry 8, 1S62. A Rtaotmo* In relation to the amall-pox. Ruoivtd by Ike Board of Ald'rvun and Board of C?nmon Council of tke Corporation of Giorgtloirn, That the committee on Congresaional affairs be requested to call tbe attention of Congress to the fact that the amall-pox fa now Increasing in our town to an alarming extent, owing to tne close riximiiy oi we smaii-po* vuTcrnuieni nospnai oar town, and that Congress be requested to , ' provide some remedy in this state of amirs. both In the way of providing t boap'.tal for patient* and also the necessary attendants of nurses and ^ physicians [Approved February 8, IrGJ. A Risolcttoh In favor of John J. McQuillan, 1 m and for another purpose Rtteirfd by tkt Board of Aldermen and Board of C?mmon Council of tkt Corporation of Georgetown, ?- . That the Clerk pay to the order of John J. MeQulllan ninety dollars la full for his bill for barytng small-pox paupers to January 1,190-J, Intftaha RtioUtd, That all deceasrd small-pox paupers kali be buried in the grounds of the poor and vrork house, and no hlllwill h* naM h? tWi? Pnr. I po ration unless the bodies are burled there. Approved February 8. 1*?. A RifloLVTio* is relation to water stock. Rtiolred by the Board of Aldermen and Board of / Csnww Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, - That tbe Cl?rk be, and be f? hereby, authorized i to pay the Interest on the water stock out of tbe general fund, tbe amount so paid to be replaced M the credit of tbe gentral fund so soon as water " , taxes are collected and paid over by the Collector. ? Approved February 8, 1962. 1 \ ? A Risolctiok In relation to Small Pox. Rtiplved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of * * Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown. That for tbe purpose of providing medicines, provisions, Ac., for destitute persons atilicted With tbe small pox, th? sum of one hundred dol' lars Is hereby appropriated, to be paid by tbe alark, to tbe order of the Mayor, upon proper finnrAVfid Fehrnafr v MO A Rbsolctio* appointing a Commissioner to represent the Stock of the Corporation of Georgetown In the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company. , ' Reiolrtd by IA* Board of Aldermen and Board of C*wtmo* Counril of Ike Corporation of Georgetown. That the Mayor of Georgetown be, and he is, hereby appointed to represent the stock of the Corporation at any meeting of the stockholder f too Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company Approved February I 18&J. Rmolbtio* Instructing the Congressional Committee. Kttvir'd by tiit Board of Aldtrtntnaml Kcuinl nf ftvwio* Council of the Corporation of Gtvrgttoien, Xhat the Mayor and the" committee now repre atlng the interest* of this town before Congress h are hereby requested to use their best exertions to , aeeure the repeal or euspension of the law of ConMtwm which prevents the issue of Corporation and Suk notes of denominations ie<fthan flvt dollar* . ( ' Approved February 3, 1$&>. A Risolctios in relation to the Collector of Taxes. Htsc'.r'd by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Comneil of the Corporation of Georgetown. That the Collector orTaxea be, and he is hereby, laatructed to enforce immediate payment of all ar-due taxes charged to him on tbe books of the corporation. oy distress and sale of property. Ritolred. Tnat the Clerk of the Corporation ( port to the Boards at their next meeting the taxes paid over to him since the 1st of January last, specifying the kind of tax, and monthly thereafter, daring the present year. Approved February ?, 1S02. ScfRixs Court, February 27 ?Calvin C. Bart, Esq., of New York, was admitted an attor? ney and counseller of this Conrt No 137. George C. Bates, plaintiff in error, v? The Illinois Central Company The argument of ' ' this cause was continued by Mr. Noye* for the defendants in error, and concluded by Mr. Wills for the plaintiff in error. r No. 139, Frederick B Leonard et al , plaintiff* la error, vs. Chauncey Davis, et al Tbis c?u*e was argued by Mr Van Arman for the defendants la error, and submitted on a printed argumtnt by Mr. Kuasell for the plaintiffs in error. Ftbruary 2??Wm D Hootb, Esq , cf New I Yerk, and John 9. B jach, Caq , of Connecticut, I Ud Wm C.Traphagen, Eaq., of New YorV, were admitted attorney* and counsellor* of ;h.s Oourt No. 140. George law, plaintiff In error, rt AlexWider Croaa. The argument of thi* cause w<i MMDenced by Mr. Glllet for tbe plaintiff In rrer, and oontlnued by Mr. Lord for the defendt > #at In error . Adjourned until Monday. '/ ^ ? TIB ^RATIFYING INFORMAM. ttoa th*t we md give to oar readers who are nftennj fruoCoIti, fa tasfacttnat PEAKSUN'd MEDIC ATKD TAK L?HOPS are really a good TMMitr. Many ofonrfneLda have tried them with aftii for Coughs. Sore Throat, Hoarseness %r.d Asthma These oonfeotions alao give relief to Consumptive? Singers and PuWio Speakers who are troab ed with Throat Diseases find ie lef by asi&g Pea:K>c'a .Medioated Tar Drops. whish clear the throat ot hasky and tiokling sensations, prc**. fljoed by too maoh ?xerUon of tkevooa! organs, Md give atrengt.1, tone and ful nsas to the voioe. Prepared acd sold by GEO. PEARSON, No. i north Liberty at., Baltimore. Sold aUoat46l Bight atreet. Washington; No. 4 Fairfax street 0 Alexandria; A. H. Hunt, Krecerioh; and bj th) arlaoiyal druggist* an J oonfectioners, at 10 , far nwigfc (o 2* ' * I ? - ? | / AOMC nwMVA * - r ?ttuniuna. (Vf % PERDBIAT. Surgeon ? * Av* Pans, bees to inform yoe ** ..iropodict, from Ir remove Corns and B?" ?At he o&neffeoiual eetlhe shoe <?n be w jm, without sain, so ? eeratton, withoet'- n immediately after the wara and other ?oonvenier.oe. Alio removes fP*a?t tiny ? superfluous flesh from the hands, ?f V* *tr" .ill appear small and delicate. Ne. , ILT' .et, near City Hall. Charses moderate. , . %"* refers to the doctors of Washington sener.. ]Qi-W / * OTE1NWAY A BON'S CELEBRATED PlO ANO FoRTEi*.?These instruments-?*^, ?, * ??#adm tted by alTmusieiaiwto be the be^'IflBta manufactured la this oountrv. They have'Tl mil all times received the first premium overall eaann. wner >ver and vhenev mt they came inoomv petition. They are warranted for five years A large assortment of tnese instruments is al. vara tooe to una at the M usio Htore of . W. Q. METZEROTT, _ Sole Agent. i,' - One 7 octave 4 rouna comer Chickering tinnc ' * mt sale for ftu>. fe is , ., _ _ ? , r ?*? HE ART OF WAR .J' ' BARON DE JOM1NI. ? | .$ TT*Mi?lr1 by Caet Mendell aad Lieut. Craif hill, A ' U.S. Army. i 1 ;* ?HN.CASEY'S INFANTRY TACTIC?, ; .1 .. Tun v clcmi* LI Military Books for sale at Northern prices r Hudson taylor, < ? X Bookseller and Stationer, 334 Peon. av. * fa "l-tw | Intel.. Repab. A Chrnn . Sw] J WALL, STEPHENS A CO., TV 333 PlSHSILVaNlA. A .'I1CB, MILITARY AND NAVAL ? - MERCHANT TAILORS. A .. AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, ' and EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GF.NtLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODB. v , ! > U FOR TIE AMY. vt k Bits jast received, by sUamer Arac o, a Ifrga aee- rtnieot of magaisoent Frenon Brass irrama (o>?xeo>? ureioire;) French Uugies, tor Hhntry, cavalry, and atiillsrr ; Martin Irere't Celebrated Clarionet* an Flptee ; tinwa Inatrn Mateo!all kiada Al?o, th? Sn??t of Ven MStiiofi. Umml'i Aooordeonii and Hutinaa / ToiMhar with a lanse aeeortuient of lateet French A"^.Tlk1?TXKEOTT, , ,. MH Corner Pa. arenas and lltmt ? _ CASH NOTICE. U< Comhmso^ of oar havtaf to par eaah for varr article of cuoda we pdrehaee. we are foroed m iwim oar btaiMN to Caah exomaivey, for the GTiLuVfiZ? SKmiHrSFS SsJffiv"h'0WLL^tftt1rN,'sit0T?r' - 339 Pe. abetween 9ih and 10th ata. fat (Intel.* Rev ] j ffUR TIE FOLKS ATHOSf K.-Offloera' and r t*o:d: iT MMUI *ny kind of" Dry ttoods. for the fa it at hen a, ara offered tho moat ohoiee Ehnoa that par vast a look of?ri. at oar prover H^Ly .ow pricoe, marked in plain fcgurea. Ail ytiootslor oonTerAOM by zprcii.or other ft-rf"""" VfflW UKO.i Fa. ? ?[. md Ninth ?treot. f'AKAT BARGAINS IN CLOTHINS.H th? Clothlax tMor*. No. 460 7th alrML H^wg^LflS'iv Sfi.yK.VAS iFsrat-l*" ^ 0 " " yry V FINK MsortAwt of Tioa, Collsn,9vwfcJfcm. I UK SUAE AMD COME To THE BEST D yl*o* to bay yo?r Cloiaini?No 4*0 Seventh I ^ fclW f^BD^>&v?? lfARNDBN*S MCrRKfS. n. ( L?tablt*H?d IN 1939,) H?g Iwri to inform thepub'ic that thay have extanded their Kxpreea to Wilt;inrtoa. a ad are no v prepared to Tranapoit Merohaadiaa, Bank Notes, Bpeote, Jewelry, fto.jto all parts of the MiddU, Snr Kntland and Wtsttm Siohs and ft?U. Connecting with the moat rpseocstbie Expresses throughout the country, we are enabled to offer x.n?wJUl*d fmeihtiu to alt who may favor aa with their ratronaie. For terms and further information ahpiy to K r*. SMITH, Agent. Thiri' at., Sd door below Pa. arenas, ja9 Sm Washmgtoa. P C. L- A. DELLWlfc, 7th at, Navy Yard, L. A. J>feLLWI6, ft?? 7th at. Navi Yard. u. A. UEL.LWIU, 5?S 7th st, Navy Yard, ha<! for sale DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT, DAYTON'S SPICED SNAPS, DAYTON'S B??f?TON CRACKERS, dayton's soda crackers, da \ ton's graham CRACKERS. feS7 Iw Room to rent, suitable for sutlers' sopp> tore. Apply to !*. A J MYERS, Importer* of Watches, 10 W&shiniton Building. Dealers in watches woniddowaii to calland examine the atooJc of 8. A J. MYERS, vbioh they are *e!lins So per cent, lower than any other house in the city. 10 Wariur.gton Building. iVATfih MAKERS Will nave time and troobla " bT f.?ilin< on S, A J. MYERS to purohase Watoh Material*, Watoh Glasses, Tool*, and Jewellers' Jobbing Material*. 10 Washington Kailrimr Sk. i. MYKI8, having understood that aev pnl traveunr pedlars haviur repreeented that they are connected with their nouee, and seil^pg an inieror article, they take this measure in inforiniLK the trade t.'iat they are in no way oonneoted with any house or arente in thia oitv. Branch of Boaton Houae?10 Washing ton Building. Y> ashington. re 8 T NOTICE. HK Puilic ib re*pec!fully informed that the undersigned lias commenced runcine a LINK OF STAGES froir4!0RG? Penn. avenue to Meridian Hill. Stajer w'!' leave Willards'Hotel every n omine at 8 o'olork an-1 Meridian Hill at half sast S o'olT. and will run regularly to and from Meridian Hill every hoi", thus affording a oheap and speedy conveyanae to the va iocs c.irps in thr> neighborhood. The undersigned h^pes toreoelve a liberal support, as he is determined to alio: a his patrona every faci'nty in hia po #er, Fare 10 cants each way. GEO. M. M1LL.ER, fe 14-eolm* Proprietor. ^ KSI lJi iTL' I l D a. urn ? , -Ml ~TT VI u\ r Ml. I < U O IV CI 1 iiDUif I f?| LTlggy iK(? H4LL. UV ( No. 31(* Pens. Avm?, Ml Between 9lh and U'tli Street*. <1* We cordially invito the attentionof all who oontempi&te furnishing to our i.andaosse and well as orteti stock of 0AU1NKT FURNITURE, em bracing every style and quality, from the finest Parlor Suitdowfl totnooheapest Bureau,Bedstead and Chair, ?nd at prioes which defy competition. Give ua a oail and oonvince yourselves, fe 2S eo6t ANNAPOLIS COMPANY. OYSTERS! OYSTERSI^BI^ I An Grater Shipping Company i.&a b*en fonced for ite purpose of supplying Washington and iU Tioreity with Oysters. All parson* which dm from 10 to I'iO callous per day, oar be supplied. Oysters in shell seat in bats or a car load oi from 130 to 2S bushels cr.i be on una day's uotioe;for a less quantity oai: c.t S6 Bridge street, Georg?town, J?. O. The Oysters shipped by this oomranr is as fresh, if not more i o than any others tii&t <*an be had in the DUtriot l<e Outers are opened ?bc same day they are nken irera the water, and a e *?nt to the Diat:;:iS .he siin? utiht. A.l Prd?* ? iirected to WILLIAM HANOh, Annapolis,fe t manager lor Uoumar. will h? ???- & - _ w . ? - ? r> W?ip T QUVUJ - J to OYSTERS-OYSTERS.^^ Gffa' scientific ur.prove ir.ent in STEAMING and ROASTING OYSTKRSj by which the er.tire flavor and size of the <vygtei is retained. _ The PEARL SALOON, 913 Penn. .?7enne, o? poaite Wiliarda' Hotel, vi\ opea *kQls eventeg, m< u of tii? el 't>e lights* with ita W, proved manrer of Biaftiiiiac, neatr^M of htu&f- a,.a order oi aervico. A;: desiring* luxury #,n rewa>dedby o?> eg. "uperior euaiity ?f Freeb Salt Oytter* j< .^vnit.y on band to ?* pp;T Hutela. Sutlera and Families, in ahen, k'.g.or cau Fainiliea'ordera de.iverfr-loa uuort notioe. Choice Cigars At rea aonabie rate?j le 8-iia* f ADIES' RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES, Ail sites, at J. B. PUDNEV8, 334 Penn avenue, back of Ciagett'a Dry Gooda Store. MEN'S RUBBER BOOTS I'A AND SHOfifi, At J. B PU'iNEY'8, fo12-tf 32* Penn. av.. Hack kgum. COAL. lia WHQ\EBALE AND RETAIL, At our UfflM, New Jersey avenue, oppeeite B. ana O. Depot. Jkl>V J. LANG DON A CO (iIi0.RIO,^S NEWS?BURN SIDE'S EXPE* * O'tion 'a perfect sucotsa. But next to that it the brea'. lianca'ns now offered in Clothing, FurnU>,im3?. Trunks, Hatj and Cape, at the I'eojVg Clothing store, No. 460 7th street, opposite ;'oat Oitce. fe 14-1m SHIRTS! SHIRTS!! i SHIRT 8!!! | t We are givlpr special attention to makim Shirts I ~ lurwure, auuea 10 n&viug &! ways on hand a fine stock ready made, uentlemen deairinj this important K&rmeut ?r. vJp is a ttyle and of material a* they should t>e, peaee step in anl leave their number, SAJU'L W.THOMPSON. 370 Pa. avenue, tinder fe 15-tl Brown'* Hotel. ^DAMS' EXPUE8S COMPANY. NOTiCM 0~F~REM0VAL. Trie de 'v?rr offioe of thia company i? removed from Third street to the large deeoton B street, betVwn8d and 3.1 iti de K~tJ inA MALAGA 6KAPE8. I\T\J LBB. Of the latest importation, and Df n. perioranality, jnstreoetved. KING * BURP'jKl t Jii (torner IM? * ^onlaV c BALMORAL BOf jJNKfc- s .W?Clu ' do fi? Alau, ?'l *>tv.^r atylv of Ladies and Misses' pal moral f^ooia, the o^eape?t and heat waqrtmeut m thee^cy. rj. ROSENTHAL, hi? in e ?? I-VI IV CPOUOt _j& 7 go Pens. "avenue, between 8th and 5th rt?. ^hia rinb cottons,and Cottoua lor ladlM' I ?? and ohiid'.en'a wear, a full aupply of the beat grades, nne'er the marked rates Notwithstanding the daily advanes in prio# of a 1 auci> goods, we oontinuo our old scale ofpric?B. PEKKY& BROTHER, fe 13 tr Penn- av. and Ninth at. Adamantine candle*! ADAMANTINE CANDLES!! 60 Boxes Adairaatine Candles, good *?auty, "" KING * BURCHEI.Lt f?50_ Corner 15th at., and Vermont av. The finest and best stock of o u a r\i* if 4 n> oi /vw*? **- * * ? .rnui-nnUL millUlIl VYSBniDgtOB can be fauuil at BAR 4 BRO.'S Establishment, corner of K aud 7th tis. ALL SlZK BOYS, from the age of 4 yean up. rau i>e utteJ out at DAK ft BRO.'S. corner L anl Tth streets. at mnch less than usual prices. CITIZENS AND STKANGERe, took to yonr interest! Loo* for the oorner of E ana 7th streets-it id tr.e piaoe to bay ho* CLOTHING lor but iittls money. STOP WHEN YOU COME TO THE C,foaner oi t an<l 7th sireAts, and boy a ?m? of Cm CLOTHING at ?10, *12, 915, or f 13. , At BAH & BRO.'S fa^-lin* Kaahiopai'le Clotwag Establishment. I\J MOURNING GOODS. x in atore our usual amp e and fine stook of al kinds ot Drj Goods for Mourninc Apparel. One ?ric? only, tnsaotual cash value, marked in pla n figures. FKKHY ft BKO, fe 25 t>t Penn. avenge and Ninth at. /flpt ISAAC HERZBER9, Av The Only Licensed 9 0 PAWNBROKER. 0# JIojwu to be loaned on Sold and Silver Watches, Jewelry, Uuua and Pistole. Silver Ware, ana Wearing App&re ? at ttae old stand, No. Sfti C street, baok of the National Hotel, between Oi and <th ala. de H-lm* UNDRESSED AND OTHER LINENS, and Birda-eye D lasers, of the srossr kiivU Iran's aprons. Pink.Biue and Buff Chints, plain, tor ohildrea'a 1 vew. Oar cortLern and eastern oorreeponlents aeor ] as new supplies daily. PERRY k BROTHER. le 13-tr Penn. &t. and Ninth s* Oysters! Oysters! THE OVKEL^gg2N YLit BXPilEf * Still continne to reoeirs dai j those famous tinted PATUXENT RIVER OYSTERS. Restaurants ai.d private lainiliss^p A / j would do well to oall and try them. _ ^ #\^Ap Those oysters are soM 98 hours alter they oome from the water. IItr Ofioe No. 48 Market Spa**, below Ike Arange House. )e8-*"? IVIOURNING SILKS OP NHW AND MODl'l ern styles and finishU.aok and White Plaid and Checked Silks for D^V'^fash Silks,. , uiuur viaok 81ms aiL vfrdtlu aad priOM, feVJS'BfiBr.- fc? imi?. m ...? ?? o>i?r?, Alt kiada of Dry Good*. . 0?r norther n and ?M?ft oorrMfflodenU se new auppaea daily. Um, fnoo only marked ia s^'r^a&aywi anc" filK Ponn. aT?ane and 9th ?t. T MOORK'8 WKjTBNDDtUG STORK. tf? Pa. ?? **, *>*Ui e?de. a large awl ?mmgjufsssryg. ISft^g'grfcaha: >r^ 7?w??. n tta Bhnmt ratw f*> M-w IJALMUKAL BKir^S AN? H()op MlrfBi okMf, il"y>to #3>W J. W. COLLET. UlTiVBARfl, HOTRldf lOTlKM GR0CKRS, A1W OTUftl. WILUAM TUCKER'S OB RAP WBOLBBALB AND RBTA1L GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 381 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUK. 396 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE (JtJUAL PRICES, Having bun pvrchastd / Bankrupt Mtrehantt nd oUUrt. * TUCKER'S TUCKER'S uiwmiov, ui^aon, w inea, ugarif FOR FAMILIES, JOR 8UTLER8, FOR OFFICERS. T KA8, FINE. U NION CIGARS.* C HACKERS, BOSTON. ? K ETCHUPB, IMPORTED. E XTRA COPPEES. R A1SINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! Extra Brown Sug?r 9 cents mi nound ?, - ? ? r White Sugar IS cento per pound Fine Green Tee 50 cento per pound Fair Blaok Tea 60 cents per pound Extra Coffee 80 oento per pound Good Coffee ...16 cento per pound Wax Candlea........ 39 cento per pound Malaga Ratolna 13 eenta per pound Cotlfiah 3 cent* per pound Imported Cigars ....*..50 cento per 100 Havana Cigars.. to S3 per 100 Almonds li cento per peund Salt 80 cento a bag Good Batter.... 13 cento per pound Extra Bntter... 20 cents per pound Fine Wlnee ..fl per bottle Whiskey .30 to 30 cento per bottle All oU\er Mads of LIQUORS Ln proportion. Call aad we for yourself. TUCKER'S, 325 Pennsylvania Avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 39ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 8fW PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. , GROCERIES | AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, I Hating bum fmekattd / Bukmft MtrcAdntf |Md Otk*T$. Stuart'a Refined Sugars from 9 to bi eta per pound Extra Fine Green Tea.?..78 ? ? Good Green Tea M ? *? Extra Fine Black Ton 78 ? ? Good Black Ten SO " " Old Java Coffee .....SO " ? Good Coflfo.. ?< ? Every thing else la proportion. *9 MEMBER, TVOE?R?S,S9* PENNSYLVANIA AVEN9 TVCRER'B, 9S# PENNSYLVANIAAVIWl' w uiint on | I IMPORTANT TO VAMILI10, RESTAURANTS, HOT1LS, 0ROOBR8, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TOCU&l CBBAP WHOLBSALB AND BJTTAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, M? PENNSYLVANIA AVBlfUK, M4 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. QROCERICS AT V.ALF THE USUAL PRUltt, Having <yCM pwrchattd of Bankrupt tfjrtkom* and athtri. T U C R K R|> 8 #UCK?R*8 WHoMuiil A5D KBTA.IL Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines,4o JXJ/t FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T BAB, FLNE. U NION CIGARS. C BACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCH UPS, 1MPOBTEO. E XTRA COFFEES. K AiSINS, MALAGA. READ QUE FRIGES READ OUR F R J C E 81 # WILLIAM TUCKBAV CUB AT GROCERY WAREHOUSE, ?? PBNN8YLVAN1A AVBNUB

IU PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN*8 TOBACCO. H. H. WATTB'8 VOLUNTBBK TOBACCO. QROOERIB8 AT HALF TBB USUAL PBIGBt, tfi?h| |nriiw< Bmknpl Mtrekamtt mdmkmt. KM MS MB MM, TCCIKfttt, Mi PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE VUGUIt) M* PENNSYL 7 AN IA AVENUE ? ? 7-9m VAIYIROII * io?i iviririi, BM Mmmtrti tk.4 mutt Otn?*, mU wUf Jtnu^i |4| IfifUj FOE ALL PI8EA8E8 OF IMPEWBNOE. kXt WO FALSE DELICACY FEETEKT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A 9WEE WARRANTED. OR MO CHARGE, m kV/lll /) Ik/ C* T/i ?i u /> n 4 vc? W?it?m tt Ut? lot, Kitunii, ifNBM tt th# 1MMfi ?nd IkMii ^avmbtarv Doctor* Iomimt, Mi DaMlity, Hii'imim, byv?mj, Uagmm, CWum af Umi, U* Iptnu, Fuptaauaa J iki fitn, T'tniiity, twUmp, Dimmaa it tight at aiddintu. Dunn ?f tha m<, Tferwt, Waaa ar tkta. Af actiana af tha Inn, Si#a Ml mt IwriMkm Twittk Mtrtin uuki <?? Mtk>T Baku* af T?th Itm DntKil uM Dwncufi Pr*atkM which Mill Huntff tmyndhU, ud daavay hath My ud Miftd. ro VJfB MEN seeeUHj wfca kin ktuni tha rictimi af Mlufr Tlaa, M MM u< daat??eti?a haMt which ucuH; iwitfi H m Haily inn tttwudi rf T?w( Mao ?f tk mm n-'"j wimu u< WUliui iataUact, wh? mijki MharwiM ba*a Mtiaatad liatanaof liuiu with the thaodaia af alagww w wahad |? loucj tha LlTiaf lyta, say toii with MARRJAOE. MilliB rnilii, m Tnnf Mm MUapUttaf Hulk|i, hataf iwtn rfitrm wutaM, arfult dahiiUy, MHMW. *?., INIW* ctrld. wha pluH himaatf n<? th? km af Dt. i. at; muflaaalj Mold* to hia haoar u a ttatlan aad imMmU> taly apao hia aktii u a pbyaician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FEE DEE ICE ST. laft tend aida jataf (im ? luaiaaa atraai a law daara fraai tha aacnar. Fail aat ta ahaarr* caaa tad asahai. batun aat ha paid aad aaotaia a taai DR JOHNSTON, Mas hat af tha Bay*] OaUaj a af hrraMi, kaolM, fnltata tat Maaf tha mat aminaat c*liara> in tha Vottad lataa, aad tha fiaatat pan af whaaa Ufa haa haaa aeaot la iwa > nif la w ' - PUI. l.i-hi. -i- - ??. -<? *w ??-y?- ?- ? " ?? ? ! HIBIIWI^K WM w?w??| ku alactad af Uu maat uuoukiu nth that vara ara* knavn; bu; traablad with nnfinr la tb* fcaad and HX whan aalaap: rraal narraaaaaaa, baia* alaraaad at aaddan aaaoda. baahftlnaaa with fraqaaot blaahlag, tuandad aaaatlaaa via 4?tuj?hi af mad, vara amrad hum1M9' TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Tmij Man and athara vha hava lo)arad thatcaalraa by a aarvua pracuca Indaif ad ia vhan alaoa?a habit fracaaatfr taamad frara aril catnpaniaoa, at at aebaa!, tfca alaeta dr vhieh ara nirfctly fait a?an vhao aalaap, and if aat wrad, raadara oartufa Impaaaibla. aad daauaja bath ak< aat badr, abaald apply Immadiataly. Tnaaa ara aama af tba aad and malacabaiy ifat'j irWiaad by aarly habit* af raati), *ia t Waaknaaa af tba tack aad fcuaba, raina In tba Maad, Dionaaa af Might, Laaa af Maaca<aa Favai, Palpautiao af tna Haart, Dyapapay, Narraaa irritability, Daranfamant af tha Digaati'a Facctiaaa, SauaraJ lability, Syuptatna af Canaaroptiaa, tt. MBRTALLT.?Tba faartal afaete an tha nlad ara rr.aah ta b? draadad Laaa af Mamary, Caofoatan af idaaa, Da waajiaa af Spirit*, Farabadiaca, Avaraiao af laciaty, ialf-Diatraat, Leva af tatlMda, Tiafldity, ata., ara aacaa af tha arila MBETOVI DlllLlTT ?TkaiMafa aaa aav )adfa vhatla l^a aaaaa af thair Jaclininf baalth, Uainx thair rifar, baeaai__ vaak,pala.aarvaaa aad amaclatad, baring a tiagviar aapa.Muaa abaat tha ayaa, aaagb if aymptaana af ainiaf DISEASE8 OP IMPR VDENCE. Iir . K'araidad and impradaat *aury af piaaaara kadi ha baa Uab?>4 [ diaaaaa, Ijt ta. aftaa kllaau jui, Mi Ul-tlaad aaaaa arihama ar draad af tttwran datan hiai baa thaaavfc?,fca? adveauat aai raapaetabilKy, a*-0 aWa bafnaad km. U? faiia lata tha lV/.. n^.>? u |Mf u U? taallut ftt cam fct *TT" "-i UJ. ,.U latfl kin Wk Mi.Ml k-.kTIA .? * tii an Miliar wky Uat (Witt* aiaaa?Aareuy?haataa U? Mnautsuaaal aynptaaaa at tfcft ItirlUi llaMN, mk u iliMuuW tf Imk, Amu, IhL kla, k*., Magraaaiag vitta trigktfal rapidity, till Aaatk pat* a mM ta tia Saadfei nfar^r aandmj U?l what miitt*Tir*d %aaatnr fiw vfcaaa tana mm tMfaUi mtpa. dr. johnsons remedy for orb an 14 weakness and impotemcy Mat aawaaa aa4 ?aMMa?^vto hai laat all kafa, Ian MM laaaatflataly tallavML ?tsa^i?ssaa^5arsasK Mtllai ui Waaksaaa at Buewtfaa af Ua aaat fcatft! syssfltiy Indorsement ofihe phebs. \*WM mAWr ?Ml M tMa loatltattM VtthU ?a IV* T***% u4 tka aUaaraaa iiapamut karri aal i.wuwi ^aila) d ki Dt. Jatat ja, wMmmI kj ii iwawi " * U? ptHn ul uifatktt aanaoa, aatiaai at *Ua k?* aaaaartd ijili ud ipli Mmi tk? NkUa, ktaUai kia itudnf aa ? (Mlltaaa < atatimatat aal ratftatfftMtttr, b i I.^tl?(t puuut to tka illllH, aaa* U-tp THZBSZIMAR. Protttud by Royal Ltttors Pauat of England. md ttcurtd by tkt Stals of tkt EcoU dt Pkar ukm dt Paris, mad tkt ImptritU ColUgt of M*d*ettu, Vitmmm. TRIE8BMAR No. 1 U Iks effeotaal remedy for kslaxation, spikiunuiiia ud fcxha**tion os tbi swu. TRIB8EMAK No. 9. CoafliUir iu entirely eradioatee ail traoee of mat diaordera, for whioh Copoiva ud Cabefca haw* xenerally boon thought an antidote, to the rum of the health of a Tart portion ofthe poyat*TRIE8EMAR No. 1, Kibe great aad ?or? remedy of the otnlised vorid allImamritiee of the ay atom, m well aa aeooad Xr ermKoma.obTiating the deetraetare nae of remo re- TiiieiMii Not, 1, t and s are alike devoid o or ameli. and of all naaeeattac aaalitiea. are in the form of a losenge, ana mar lie oa the foiim tabic without their in being ?aa'Sr^S?X."'U?,MC: 3 ROW. 194 HleoOk*r "treet, U doora from MaoDoagal afreet). Ne.^ Jkork. lauaediatai)> on fmuLrx"z?-~i szzi p^aked^ad addroeeed according to the InatrnotioBa Pabiiahed aiao br DR. BARIOW, that po polar u4 baautifullr ill nitrated medioal vork, Haman Friilty. Prioe tt omiti. Trlaeemar and Book oh be obtained by ?fWi?l authority irom 8. C. F OR1), Waahu. jton, D. C. tie 12-tm /^NSOMBTHIN* NEW ! ttWemT%teni OVBIKR8 8TKAMKD la Ui SkaU and'Ihoronf hJf Cooked ((kr nnritr I* a rawt) In NMwtmiii, it* fmtuit timt cm rtcmri. Call and i>??. Krodereifnod reapectfnllr tal >rria hiafrienda patriot, and vial tars to iha asj, uat he haa rafittad hia o?ju *op wmx-asovrii i riiLMHKiNt in a moat thotonah njia#/. sod hse nade conp! ate arrant *meui? to raraiah OVdTERB in any Ctrl* and ui anr aoai-titj. 400telwc&!Ionaaiiaoked . ?r day. S.000 to LK? Mm of Bf?^?d and Fraak Pert ** vuhinx to ^ave O rater* furnlahad r?0 ?*? u. "0??n UkA winter at lultfmnrl ansae. without K'V of ailur*, ?hoald ctiT isA m&ke ?r3 friOM jMt fc? -OW. g> k.0..40, Al?o, PiakJfKN 0?S>y?, Sajoe?, Brandy ?$??: In fact, er?rytkiDc rornM.'n tt? Northern mirliT?r?d without ohwc? to uy tmrt o! th? Diatnot, la eweon, if the money u tent viUi Ue oraer. My eetebliehment ie oe?n from f t. m. to 11 it nljut. erery day, exoept Uemlay, vhn 1 oloee at ^Sr1, ** T. M. HARVEY. Hi it rKE&imi oiunuTC lf6fcCMter?hlre Sauce. PrmiiMi by ^ EXTRACT ONMOIBSEURB trom a U ba the B MUM MJL. KHidiM ONLY eoOP T.HOMr?Ur SAUCE." u w oroeeter. fejgg ,lfll pVp. v 75aftSJi '; rial that the. r ???c< EVERY msg 11 hiiklj Miwm?d 53=5* in Indie, end te. in VARIETY KMfgi my option, the xpo?t OP DIM. KB^^t??5S|1?5 . WtoaaboTaSAUCK waoipnlytheiaatandmoet rorvLA* oo nc lm KtfT known, b?l Ibe moat KtmamUml, M a tow droM in Sour, Qfvy, OT with Fitk, toot and oold /mil, SW Sua*. OmwUi t*-, ijnpart an ax^oiaita BMt, which umpriiuipltd Sanja ?MS ftootnreri hare la rain andoavorad to nftitaJa. On the Brmhfmtt, Lmmakum. Dimmm, or ftfw ItaM* ? crnot oodUudldc m LEA * PERRIN8' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la IndiapoMabU. To apprmi&te the mitilmt tmmiitiu of tkia i*Uete? iniwUioa it M only neoeeaary to pnrohaae a mall bottlo of the tmmimt. of a reapeetable rrooer or dea nany Hidi and Ruimmmmt pro prietora seldom f laoe the Purt Saaao before their fSMta, Dot anbatitute a genuine B*ttU tiled with a tmnotu mixture. For ?! by Rrooera and Fruiterer* everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Vnim Bfmmrt mmd l?li strut, JTm York, Sola Whotaaale Agenta for tha Unlkad Statee. A Stook alwaya w atora.?Alao ordara reoaived for (Urooi UupmeoM ire* amn. CTJumm i/Ommtm/Hu tmd lmUtimu.JDl M?t-ly.00 UWfBISfm iVSSKSk'ttS boxooJbrfpe dollar. 6n#, i?d pr luis hair ou of UPHA.M'S HAIR DrRii WinuMto oontaic JWtfi stefe^ap /TKNTLKMEN9 ERA DY MA UK 8AJLM PR. OMAIIM K. ?TILBL, MO. Me FBMN8YLVAM1A AVKMOR. ^ ^JBwwin ?n ai itn Brt. I^SW AMD IMPROVED IMVKMTION ARTIFICIAL CHMOPLASTI BONM W K G 1 H. Winuw MiuiPun ob cuim . DR. B. B 8I6K8M0ND. *19 Jrirtwr, A'ata Tarb? Jo mm, buwsm \2tk mmd Uuk its., (Ttitwi'M. Cai.a the k.rtf>LUon of the pablie to the tollowiog deantocea of hi* im?uT?d intra : I. The TmU of Lia nionitecture ?, MM carer oorode nor ohaoce oo.or by Mj" ' '* eoitla. beaux three fcurtha Matter that iu other. I. No toMti or rooU seed bo extracted, u the trtiloitl oaeo ?t bo inserted oyot tbom. S. The roota will bo udi isoffeoaiTo. an aerer 4^*No temporary tooth or? seeded. aa m loarent onoa eon be mode in,n.ediato.j, thereby ?reeemo? tr.e natural exareoa.on of the free, which aader the old ayatom la fref0*1.1.7 diafirorec. $. Thia work boa boee Fully t?tod oror It* raare by ruocy of the first ohenuota end pbruoiaaa of thia eountrr. Dr.B.kMtlio unrooted a white eadeoti active metai ftiticft with wtiioh the aoet aeamtive tooth oeo be iiied wiuaout pain, tad oan bo* ,d op I Hi iect, boudo tooth OB aay 0M0 roota, whioh will loat thjouf h lifet'.roe. The beet of refe-enoeo citqb *? Or. V. Mott, Dr. sOss:* ton, ud UkmuukIi of otheri. 0*11 fcufl ?ttmiin for yomr?It ! ga8 fitting, kc. a w? *. DOTS a OO. ^ AlS {l?Tyrsnrv. letiMito ur *r4m *1U V#t?h th*r m%j be ftTorsJ is the FfclMBIKf.BAt* OR STEAM FlTTl** DT Btore m HI mtm*, a tow fain Mitt ?f P*. Wo a 8 fixtv kill E Bin m More, u<) we d&i y reoeiTin*, CIS W11TU.\ASofentire y New P?ttern? *.r^ PwifM tn<] Ftniah. ? peri or id itrii to *ayUi;r.| heretofore ffer'xl in thi? market. W e lonti oiti*fc# namti j to mil and examine our (look of 6aa wm ^ ator Fix4 ?r#e, feeling oonfiJent UaIti have U( beat e.eeted stock in Waehinrton. All Work tn the a&ore Tine utrmetod to Mr etre Will be promptly attended to, y wfia a m ? m mrMT PHI V ATM. PRIVATE F XI I V T DR. LA BONTA Carta ail Venerial Dimum permanently aad taiokly, without the aae of diafaauag or poUoaoua 4mg? of any kind. So diet, c? or lnUMereEoa with baainaaa. or.autauona froe. II ia aaying suite acoogh m iU favor, vkai I aay that praoiioe ia that whioh u la aae ia all the New York oitj hoapitala. Na* York Pit* roll*.. aiu< RmIIiI *?^l? WhitM and Dinum of tba Woat oarod and aarod a oonaDmpUre'a rrara by my Tkoraianothing Mmtin* or ittmgrtmiU IB aaj art of tho treatment. All oarea warranted, or mo nay rafucded. Comrr. cr.ioatMus in writing, wiU ratam atay, promptly attended to. MMioiaoa for traveiora aad othora packed. with fill lastraotiona for aao. aad warranted. Ofioo? Room No. 0 W aeMnjttor H ...ii li, Pana. "??-? ??- w^toB-g* F AIRBANK'8 STANDARD 8CALES. ?0* IA.L1 IT J. P. BAR TUOLO W, Sole A rant, liHvart It ifrlraltaral W&rchMi*, H9 SiviiU Stract, ^ ^ opposite Mat rai of Cantre Marfcat. SSicWBK T^NTHoI34o&^lANkDNoSrBK RKPORTfcR.?Waakly, |1V per year; wni monthly, fUfc monthly, 75 ?ant?; with two oopiaa of daaoriptiva hat traa to all who par in sdvanoa. ON are promptly axaaatad by aaolpaiu tha m?nay ib a note aMreaaad to WllikvCHOATK, 33* P?. arena a fa 7-St* Wall, Stepbema * Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, Am n?>T n rw BWORDS, SASHES, BELTS. EPAULETS. SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, 8LOVES. A*. Aad rrwy variety of RXADY-MADM CLOTHING, At Kuwuhj Pucas. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., S9d Poanaylvaau avenue, batwoao Ja 11 [Iatal. A Rofnb.) Kh aad loth ata. rpo MILITARY OFFTOBR8 AND OTHERS. JBATCHtLOR'S BKNUIWt HAIR KYM, The Bast ia the World. jv Omit RMtkU md HmrwkUti Haw Dim Xbi?. Sold br all Dractieta; tlao, at B wsToii'a PaUnt Medfouia Eujre. cp. fataatOftM, aor. P A K&, -tagsndlsevraa. rMUn?ol uarokif M. < me M uraMfW/N, Y. oo >-ly Gold and .wn I btT? now os hand a large itosk of all the mo?t cx> WatciiM, that 1 u soiling at the Tory iov?it p-.oeg that c<^l and ri.iib.t tin* kMHrt oan be afforded at; aud every description ofhes JBVVELRVon hand; all new styles reoeived aa aeon as manufactured. and offered at the lowest rates. gilyer ware manufroteml in ?y own shoe. Ajtk:n4aof H!LrTuT GOODS on hand, auoK. u Revo) vera, ft words. Sashes. Beits, Bowie K t-ives. PocksC Comruses, 4o, ko. Also strong Aray Trunks and Bee Combtesrf; and oaay other uuacs sstel and ornaiteutal at 338 rennsj.vaci* steeps. no? tf H. A. HOOP. 8 k J. MYERS, t 10 Wa^HixeTon BriLDiwe, a i&rrit .took of *Amerioen Watches for sale, at ~ T vhoieM^, by S. * J. MYERS. Wnoh Work don? for u? trW* only, br? frtaUoil workman, a* S, ?r J. MTklBI', 8t?el uid ??it lieyj^Bt^whuleesle bj f. 4 J. IET All vkolMfl* d?ltri in WatciM ?fid Jewelry would do VeTto ?3I ?t 6. A 77ft Y?Kt? t?for*?oia^oa Eut or rirckuiuc Imvmi*. D*ulE?^i8MWFmJt: Read lb* feUoviat a&Mliottad Moomr^K "^Toaonot oon>m?ud them too kirtly." k UH u VilLuut mem tyoiftnj ooui4?tl>*d8?8?l6SliS3,D2KwAit5Ll8 ohaace of di?t r*??ir?dL Itta u Eoc-^HKh jM to; a^Kaxiasf P'H*- JK!2&Kfc4J^SI?S.l8? lSpHPS iri- sr???* S5? $$ gffg "" " *tT' 'cnTjkita^.^ | BLACK SILKS! LACK SILKS,Jeetopeeed,laali grade*, from "if NFmmt Pt?" i!& wlliac off at oo?t prtoM, ".far1** | W. OOLLET. TRAVELLERS ttiiltfOTOHY. PA08KB0KK WIAIH8 Om tmd Afim MOffDJ J, F*b'?r* s, \m piuimii mwm* WilHINflTOM A>n RlLTIMtfRK Will I'M** fu>'i*VS : Str iMhtw TWtr.j JfnuiiMw U'aM > *(* i>w.|> 4riu .-4, w4, <%?? om kimd*** Fot N?? York - L?f? Wut .trton ft C.M) a *. II " * a, *bJ 6.? r *t. F"or B?rtin?0f^-1^??? ^VfcMiUjftoB ?t tm a u, mmm ??? mm w r For Arnkfoji at 740 A a&d 4 <? p m Korfkitt>l*)pM U W) r h. For Harriet* at<i the North Bt>d \Ve?t, .ear* WMbirttrn: uflPiM.ud 4 ?orl? p m For Fredenok at 7 ?o a m. and li? p TRAjyS MOTiffff SOHTH. MortiseKi?mi )?>* w*jhdc*too ?<* a. w. a rrive at Baltimore 7Jr a. : PhilarelpMa 11*- p. New V?rt p. Barnpi txg t-i* p. m. Mortal Aoeon.mod?Uoi. i?ti W AAtiagUn 74r a.m. Arrive at SaltiTnore IJt a m. No aotito tiona at Ba'timore. Thia ia the Morn:ag oon&ei.oa for Annapolis. Not \ ort Maii Tr*tn?.?* ? Waetiingtoa at U a. arrive at Hnincie lie# p. v.. Ptmadr > .? ?J7 p. m. New York 1? p tt. Phi!a<le'phia Tnuc ea re Wa*fc:nrtcE at 8nr p M. reaohin Baitimore at? S* p m and Phrad* pr i MltPM Afternoon AoMnwaabM-iean niiiiLi; at 4p*.arrive at Bauiaon at Ira. N? c?> noxiona it Ui t.mor*. This i* the afternoon ooc nezion for A- tap? ? ITi?II fimtmm law WU^UIM f. ? imrt It Hh t: ruo'e MS f. PtuiatfOipkM 1"AJ r. a.; N?* York 4 a. a.. Hamtbnrri . Ob fraiutara iaare Wutui tioo at 9 ? tod s r *. Tnt f. M. train from Waahinrton oor.r.r th**??gb Co New York ororr <ia? da ring the vm T&AINS MOYIK9 SOUTH. Uar; New York at 7 a. Phi ad* phla 11 jr Bn umoreinm. Amvoat WtakiagUx. ' T'SrMW W? York atlr.l* PtUadetntia 1?> f. a* Bait mora CM a. a. Arrm at Wnakiiigtot t?> ^*L?AT? Nov York tt 11 r. * ; Philadelphia li flalOmoreTM a., a. Arr.ra U Washington tM A.M. _ L*ooeU Aooon-.n-rxtkUoE Train a ;aara Batiioore at a a H.,aad (il r. I .lor Washington. arr'.aa tb-'f at 11 a. a. and 6 4f p. a. On Snndaye nt and 1? a. a. f>nl* from Ha ti mora. MoAnu?o norFwdtr-k countxJol? uc hMn Hwmiii?t Tmiaa Imtidk WMh nrto* ?t 7.?f' ?. M. ?od 4 a p. &nd UiiUinr re fc* 1M a.. m iimi 4 .1 p. m , nUt 4i'Mt oooB?oiiora for AtnMtiii ittc Junction. Tbe7.40 am, ?nd 8 to p m oonn?ct?t Rat at lor Fr?denok, htirrbwva, a.c.. HUdlTf. TrkiB* MT?ALUfo.n for Fait: more lac Wwi inctoD it ?JDa.. K.and S * < P m. punufw Tnina '.earing 'AM.irjt?* at ftjot a. Mi 11 A. H.. AMI $ P. AJ)d UA l.viur* At ?jn IMi * > *>U M<p ?>i? 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For Throagh Tickau. apply at the Uftti o: the Northern Central Kail Road Compacy, Carert Station, Baltimore Splendid Sleeping Cart en all JVifkx Train Smoking Saloon Cart on all TTrain*. FROM WASHINGTON. PaaaOBfera vnl take the 6 a. m. act 6 p. n. traioa. arriTinx ib BalUnore at t jc a m. aod itf |. >., vliNro?H <K>niie?Uoci are ha <e w.U traioa a ue northern Uotrt. P K.arda'.ve m Hvu k?cr? at I p. m. and 1.48 a m., there oouwb^ with the train? on the Peeneylrama Contra. iUiiroU for all ptrti oftb? m FREIGBTH Br tkia roata, fre.ct.u oi all tleecmuoaa eat N forwa-d^ to and f-jm aj.j pou : ..e Ri. ki of Oh . K-tuoky, it.diai.fc, 1 .. i. W iaoot>aiL, lo?t, or Miaooari, fc? Rmx'road dire: Tair* Centra Kai n aaoocuevta fct hutaburc villi Hteaia^ra, )-y wUiok boMiwt St forwarded to ai.y port on Ue Oh o. Ma?k:r.c be.. antnokjr, Tecaeeaee. Cnisb*riaa<i, Ii lnoia. Nlea ittppi, \Viecona c, mieathp, ki ?m a', and Rk! Hiwi. ud ?t r r, *, uL?fcT a: : Chtoa?o with >t?am?ra to a Norrr ? ?tarn i a tea. MtrohaaU u4 ahtppcra eutrueun* the trai.?p " tatioa 01 Uieir t' roig ni totbi* i'< ir./auy. oaa if with oobftdecaa on ita ??eeCT travail. THE BATE3 OF FRfclGfl I to n.Irom any point in the West, b? the Ontra Railroad, m* i ai aUMmut ?j f*t>ormlU mt w tkmrfd fey Hie KatMu ftwymi.' Cr Be gartiouiar to Mark paokacaa "m PkHH aAWHAM ft BOONS, Froigbt Aiiati, Nu. SO NorU> itiMt, In x met ENOCH LEWif.eei: SuMriat't. A too la, I'a L. L/tfbrPT.GocV 7 oket A$'t. 1^:kJa;?u? H. H HOUSTON, God'! Freight Agent, Fl^a dA.phiA. ??4V1? J^OKTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. TV* Bkartut, Qtnebut m4 But R <mu ft em ???!*WEST, NORTHLAND NORTHW EFT iW?UH IWJIfTKE SCHEDULE. Cimi OT fixi. Oftjad iter SUNDA yT??Ui NuTombor, Piukcor Tmaa wth aMt* ixxi de??rt troai C*iT*r1 ifrttoft M follow* : v ^ TB^IM Nobth L.BAVB PltUtmrgkod Hamabtirg KirM*FAi m TftAIlM SoVTft A EE) V? hrHna A?a? * H"- - ? baflaJd"?xprflMrSPa.nT" * ESS?V*? ? The # a. in. traia from Wa?Mnrto? eonceo* with tte BJb a. m. trail f-om Hi uror? (o't* West aaa lor LuiTa'..- Ein..ra. K< <ob"t*r, i'tc kirk, Caoadai< ^a ana <>i??ftra F*..e, and York city. The 81 a. m. train from Wa?bm?ton oonnecm With taeSB. m tra.n from IH .. . . re to \" c*i. Northavd f<orthwestand tlnn/aanil Baflaoaal Tm?|' in.trait from Wut :.ft t oernecti w u the & JO#. na train Iron Ba.umore for PitUfot Bamsbarg and the W??t ai-J u a d.reot ectv^ Uon for Lebanon. Eaatoa A Lieotuwn and Neo l ormria central Railroad of New Jersey. Tr? ttu roate for New York G7*Theonly train lMvinc BalUmareoo *?nJ*y Mittoe 2 p. m. train, fcr Harriet* rg, i . t:?: nrg, CMaaro aad Ue Weet. Tke only train mvtagja Baltimore on ?under u the UP a m. uaic. M8.C. CLAftKK. ao?-lr g?fr Ltecd?t f* NOTICE TO YRAVKLKKa A K foetaaeter SeieTal harmi ordered tM Mianwiee between Waafci&cion. J k Be t.mcre.^nd Old PoilI iFonr?it^^yj|^y^ B%jr Line of eteair.en fctimore EVKR V DA V 'exee?t&uB ?ir wharf, foot of L mon Dook, at ?M ( ?r lotaediete.) atler Ue arnra of ton Train, which !?* ? Washington *'** M. N.FALUI. Treet BSK / m wvr**M i' BTT MAMrHCTOKT, 4t# Birnri mitr W4ih!mtm, D. S. livw Mate! ftwted by MaryW J menu __ Eamgyw. NorwfchT 1A I fta Mnitut y m&kicx, ?&4 ?.w?n have * kiM, rju'sij' W ^ ?T^ 1ft* Kr'^HitnpU* moihtr mUy. JS/* ***** *?**" TrMMkM " "fehs^a ? ^^Wg^^AiffltSr?.T0PEAM._ linn If ^-ifi 1?'* for UIM ? ?**** SMMRM#

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