Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON CITY: TTTKftDAY MARCH 4, 1W?. C^Thongh Thb Mtas U printed on tb? fastest Vwti press Ir. um south of Ralttmor*, Its edition U bo large a* to require It to be pnt to pte?s at an early hour: Af/rwtisrminti, therefore, shonld be eat In before It o'clock otherwise they mar may not appear until tbe next day. Ovt F*i\yv9 at the rnrlous military cam pa and positions will confer & favor by keeping us posted aa to movements and affhlra in their vicinities. Spirit sf the Mtralai Press. Tbe lntiUigenrtr argue* upon the fallacy of the South In mapnlfvlnr the Importance of cotton. Tbe Republican treat! upon the negro Th* Tax Bili.?Elsewhere In the Star to-day Ute reader will ind a synopsi* of the leading ttaturea of the 6eneral Direct Tax bill?to meet the necessities of the Treasury occasioned by tbe war?reported yesterday from the Way" and Means Committee In the main, the country will be satisfied with Its provisions. Its exaction* are <1 m11 n?H (a Ko mot Kt> IKo no/inla wl>)i aVaas/hI nesa unexampled heretofore In history. The en cmtes ef the Union on both side* of the Atlantic are now baaing all their remaining hope of the eventual triumph of the Insurrection, upon their belief in the ludispoaition of the people of the loyal ftates to atand the necesaary taxation for Its "oppression, and are destined immediately, al most. to have that hope dUaipated, aa all their other almliar expectations have been dissolved. ftn#? bv nnp lnln *1 r " Thp roflHinoca with which the people will put tfceir hands into their pockets, In response to this action of Congress, to maintain their faith in the Justice of the Govern ment's cause, will astonish Kurope, where so few pay taxes cheerfully except thone who live directly or Indirectly upon disbursements by the government* levying the taxation. Thk Gottjchah Caxciiii ?The brilliaut pianist Oottsrhalk. whose reappearance in New York after an absence of some vears from hi* o?ii?c una uas wen m?! musical eveni or me eaaon, -vrill give two concert* In this city on Tbtimlar and Friday algbta next, accompanied by such talent a* Ml*a Hinckley, Brlgnoll, Su alnl, and Mancusl, and with the renowned Max Maretzek a* musical conductor. The sale of *?ta will commence at Mefxerott'a at 0 o'clock to-morrow mcrn'.n^. Contisxatioxs by THi t-KMT e ?The Senate yesterday confirmed Qer.erals McClernand, Buell, BurnaUle, McDowell, C. F. Smith, aud Lew Wallace Sigel, *s Major Generals, and the fol lowing a? Brigadier Generals: Speed, of Ten nessee; Ccl Jonn Cochrane, of New York; Cel. Logan, of llllnola; Col. McArtbiw, of Ohio; Col. Lawrance, of Iowa, Col. Wallace, of Indiana; Col. MrCook, of Ohio; Col. Berry, of Maine; and Col Kerry, of Connecticut. Tm Iln.1. Simo\ Camfkojj?Gen Cameron, who lh now her*', propose* to leave about the 1st f April pro* for the tcene of his mission. St. Fclfrtbur^ I'TSEBALor litMRU 1,km>kr ? We bear that the funeral of Gen. Lander will take place on Wednesday, (to-morrow,) In this city. E7*The New York Pott wy? that the Krlcsaon tiattery, known as the Monitor, since her trial trip has had her rudder and steering g?ar repaired a&d Improved, and la now ready for service. TRI T1 * MIT ? Tb? following it an abstract of the tax bill re ported yesterday la Congress. It providen for the appointment by tbe Pr??ldent of a Commlswloner of Interna! Revenue, with a salary of SO,(NX), bla olBce to be In tbe Treasury Department, with a tmitable number of clerk* Tbe country la to be divided, aa the President may direct, into conve nient collection districts, with an aaaewor and collector appointed by tbe President for each dis trict,who shall have power to appoint auch depu ties as may be nece-sary. Tbe bill provide* for a duty on spirituous liquors of 15 cents per gallon; ale and beer SI per barrel; stem or leaf tonarco .1 cento per pourd, to add when manufactured 5 cecU. s?d ?i ?*vars?, 10 and iO rents rer pound, according to value; on lard and Unseed oil, burn ing fluid, crudec>al oil 5 cents per gallon; refined co?; oil 10 cents per gallon; g*a per 1 000 cubic flfet 25 ccr.ti, s note paper 5 cents per pound; wr'tliig parer 9 c-nU per ponrd; printing paper 3 milis per pouuu, salt 4 cents per 100 pounds, *ele leather 1 cent p?r pound, upper leather X cent per po ind, and all o'her manufactures 3 per ror.'nm ad valorem; on railroad f**sengers2 mills per nine 01 travel; commutation tickets 3 per rent ; steamboat travel ' mill per nlle; om nibuses, ferry boata and bone railroad# 3 per rent on gross receipts from passenger*; adver tisements 5 p*r rent on ai.ount of annual re ceipt*; for u?e of carriage* annually from ?1 to 910 accord ng t? value; gold wstcbes 81; silver watches 50 r^nta eacb; licenced bankers 8100; auctioneers 9'JO, wholesale dealers *50; retail dealeis In liquors frjfl; retail dealers In foodsglO; pawnbrokers #50; rectifier* *100: brewers 960; hotels. Inn*, taverns, gradusted according to rental, frcm 3 tn pM); eating bouses 810; commer cial brokers #50; other brokers 820, theaters ?ino; circuses *30; bnwilng alley *50 each alley; whole sale p-dlers 8?">0; o'her pedlers 85 to 820; coal oil distillers 920. Ac. Incomes, 3 per cent on all over 8000, deducting Income derived from divi dends, be . which are taxed separately, railroad bonds BDd dividends of banks and saving Insti tutions 3 per cent; payments of all salaries of oflcers in the civil, military, and naval services of the United States, Including Senators and members of Congress. 3 per cent. Legacies and * -?ipiiiuu1111 sumcji ui pprwjuii property of de* reaped persons from 1 to 5 per cent, according to the degree ' t relationship, and stamp duties on all kinds of legal and commercial papers?all patent medicines, telegraphic messages, and all goods by expresses. The bill contains one hundred and five sections, one of the largest of any kind ever before pre pared. and on which months of l!me have been bea timed. Washi>6To?< and Gkorgktow* Railway Co*rAj?T.?Yesterdiv the House of Representa tive ptssfd a Bub?tltute for the Senate bill In* corporatlng the Washington and Georgetown till oad company. This bill provide* that llorare M. Dewey, Richard Wallach, Jason Hasbrouck, William A. Darling, Thomas Berry, Joaeph F. Brown. William Rem*en, Jonathan H Butler, John B. Proctor, John Butterlleld. Joseph T Htevens, Will am Claflln.Samuel 9. Reeve*. John L Brown, Kdward A. Abbot.and their anoint** and assigns, shall be tb? body corporate, with authority to construct a double track railway la the cities of Washing and Georgetown, commenc ing on Bridge street over th? tubular bridge Into Pennsvlvai.u avenue, thence through that ave uue, Fifteeuih ktreet. then along Pennsylvania avtnue again arcnr.d the north of the Capitol on to Pennsylvania again, through to Eighth street to be Navy Yard gate. Also, a road connecting the main road with the depot of the Baltimore i.nd Ohio Railroad Also, from Boundary street north, along Seventh street to the Potomac l*o, one commencing at Rhode Island avenue, runotng down Fourteenth street west to Pennsyl vanla avenue, or to the Potomae. The road between the Capitol and Georgetown la to be completed within sixty days, tod from the Capitol to the Navy Yard within six months after the approval of the act. The company U required to Uy a track of the moat approved pattern, and shall piece Irst-clsss cars on the road, with all the modern Improve ments tor ILe convenience and comfort of passen m , ? -? uu k?ia lurrara uurinjj ioc oay as often u every five minute*, and until twelve o'clock at night u often as every half boar; and throughout day and night at much oftener as public convenience may require. All articles of value Inadvertently left In the cars are to be taken to their principal depot, and catered In a book, wblch ahall be open to the In spection of the public at all reasonable hours. The Government to have the rlitht to convey freight over the ro*d at a compensation to be fixed by the Secretary of W ar. The capital stock is KJOO.OOO, to be divided Into share* of 960 each, and the rate of fare fixed at five cents Thr?r per cent of the net receipts are to be paid to the iwo cities. In proDortlon to DOcuUtinn r? the support of free public schools The company U bound to keep the pavements ml till n tad two feet outside of the rails, In order. fT?**The Revenue of the Russian empire for the veer arising from ordinary sources, amounts to two kuad.-ed and ninety six millions of roubles, and from extraordinary sources?namely, from the lota of l??0?fourteen and a-haif millions of roubles The ordinary expenditure Is stated at two hundred and ninety.four millions, and U>e extraordinary expenditure at aliteeo and half mlllloos of roubles. IL/"Japan will contribute some tlx hundred artklee to the Internatlonol Exhibition of INS. Including articles of lacquer wa.e, straw work, china porcelain, manufactures of paper, carvings In lTury, paintings and books. lT^The S**ate of Ohio pays only M.uoo in MbllM Im Ik 41 ImmAilS.r OfB H1LVTART fffOnET. ARDBKW JOHIHOH. It bu not been determined to make Andrew Johnson, of Tenneaee, a Brigadier General, aa la being alleged over the country by telegraph. The President will doubtleaa confer upon bim ids amy 01 n once organizing a provisional ?aw Government for Tennfiw, under military sus pice* at first To that end It will be (Imply neces sary to clothe him with the functions of a military commissioner to the loyal people r f the State, with Inatrurtlons to the military authorities there to carry out hla views of the necessary military action to aid hla labors. In that way he can soon est accomplish the purpose, and at the same time avoid the otherwise constitutional necessity for resigning hla Beat in the Senate of the United States. His presence, influence and labors in Tennessee are absolutely necessary for the prompt restoration of the State to the Union by and through the operation of a provisional govern ment such an that not long alnce no eaally and successfully established in Mls*"nrl, which re quired and had no absolute militarv head, though the temporary assistance of tbearma of the United States made that work of loyal civilians a suc cess. COLUMBUS CERTAINLY EVACUATED The dispatch dat?d at Cairo yesterday, pub lished in the morning papers, Intimating that the rebels have not evacuated their Immense fortifications at Columbus, K v., as wax previously telegraphed to tfce Navy Department by Commo dore Foote, is certainly an error. Commodore F this morning telegraphed to the contrary, from Cairo. H? will doubtless, we take It for granted, take formal possession of the posi tion which the rebels have been thus forced to leave, with a fl?et of gun and mortar boats, and a land force snfflclent for any possible exigencies of the occaalon there. The New York Times Is evidently in error in stating in iU Issue of yesterday that the rebels have fallen back from Murfreesboro, upon al leged authority of a dispatch from Gen. Buell to the General-in-Chief here. No such dispatch haa reached the headquarters Oa the contrary, a dispatch from Gen B to General McClellan, dated at Naahvllle this forenoon, mentions noth ing of the sort. Had the reikis moved from Murfreesboro in either direction, it is of course to be presumed that Gen. Buell would by this time Lave announced the fact here. KAKTA AXNA HAS A FI5GER IS IT. It {a understood here in well-informed circles, that Santa Anna and Almoute are among the main movers in the conspiracy to convert Mexico into a monarchy, with the Austrian Prince, Max imilian on the throne. Santa Anna's busy linger could not well keep out of the mischief. TRIBCTB TO THI LATE GENERAL LARDER. Calmly the hero sleeps, H is battle* now are o'er, The cannon's roar, or beat of rolling drum, Shall never rouse him more. No more, In manly pride. The foremoat in the van, Shall he lead on his tried and trusting band;? A truly gallant man. Wh?n storm* of leaden hall Were falling thick and fait, He calmly moved, amid the wrecks of war, Undaunted to thi last. Son of the lion heart! So manly true and brave, A nation waters with Its saddest tear* The peerless patriot's grave. Although the soldier's d^ath Was not reserved for thee, Thou badst already gained the priceless boon Of immortality. For bravery like thine, And nobleness of soul. Gather fresh beauty, beaming far more bright As circling ages roll. Upon the brightest page Of htatory shall stand Thy name, Ok Lander, with the great, the good, And noblest of our land. What though thy life be done, Example ever lives: And unto thousands, who are yet unborn, I is lofty Impulse gives. And In the years to comc. Mankind shall see thy name, Blazoned In characters of living light, And emulate thy fame. H E. WoODBl RY. Washington, D C., March 2, INC. CONGRESSIONAL. ? llXVIlth COIIORESS?Secend Sessisn. Skmatb ?Yrsterday, after the close of our re port? The bill providing for the organization of the Maff attached to divisions of the army of the United States, regular and volunteer, was passed The subject of the confiscation of rebel proper ty was considered, and after an executive session, the Senate adjourned. Hoc81 ?After the close of our report? A substitute for the Senate bill, incorporating the Washington and Georgetown Railroad com pany, was passed; a resolution instructing the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads to ron?^H?r urhnf UulilatUn " ' ? * u ail J, is UCt'CKMry 10 secure the transmission of the United states matin free of charge bv railroad* that have re ceived grants of public lands, adopted; also, a resolution Instructing the Military Committee to Inquire Into the expediency of establishing at Madison, Indiana, a home for disabled soldiers. The Senate joint resolution declaratory of the meaning of an act to Indemnify certain States for expenses incurred by them in the defence of the United States; and bills providing for the pay ment of the award* of the commission appointed to Investigate the claims of certain parties In tbe Department of tLe West; and to fscllltate judici al proceeding* In adjudications upon captured property, and for the better administration of the law of prizes, were paused. Adjourned. SMITHSONIAN l.KCTURES.-On I ? THURSDAY KVKNlNG, Maroh 6. IR62 Rev. W. A. P. Martin will lecture on "China and tbe Chines*.' The lecture wi.l commence at 8 o'clock. The publio are invited. The red light will be shown o?j the tower whenever ther# is a Smithsonian frea leotnro If any ieotore should be postponed oa acoiunt of the wither nr nih?r resiont the liebt ?iil not be exhibited. mli 4 it NOTICE?A me?tint of the Hotel and Kittairan* Keepers of th 10 t? will ba held at~Frani!in Hail, corne 9th aad JJ streute, on WEDNESDAY MKXT, 5th instant, at 4 p. in. By order Committee. niU 3 3t* | -rW"'NATIONAL BASE BALL CLUB.?The i H members are requested to meet at the cffio* of j H MoCntohen. No. 474 Seventh street, be tween K and F. on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Marsh 5th, at 8 o'clock. A fall at'endsnoe is par ticular? required, as officers are to be eUoted and other business of in.portanoe wi:l coma before the meeting. JAMES MOBRoW, mh 1 3t President Hi EVERY ONE'S INTKRI-ST-TO THE I W CITIZaN?, nTKANOERS, A*l/'?OL DTEKS .'?I have inst reoeivsd a verr larg^and fine assortment of Spring Clothinr. whion. am offering at our usual lew prioes, at No 460 Pey enth street, cpyosite Post Offioe. near F. fe >7 3m If THE UNION PRAYER MEETIN8 Will LL* h? holrfsn AVAf* *Kia ?ArtJr ?n ?h* I Mtkkti. LOCVMIS, M 1>., the inventor and patent** ftbs MINERAL PLATE TEETH, ill _ Ti landsftmaiUj at his office .n this oity.flkJfeii# Mu; personi can wear these teeth who^??1 * *> Men at wear others, and no parson oan wear others who oannot wear ti<ese. Persons cal.mj at my offioAoan he acoommoaated with any style and pnoa of Teeth they may deaua; bat to those who are particular and wish th? rarest, leanest, strongest, ar.d most perfect <1entnr? thai art oan sroduee, the MINERAL, P LATE will be more filly warranted Kooms in this oity?No.>38 Ta.arenne,betWM? Hn and loth >u. Alao, tOT Arch streat. PhiladaT w**- mar?1y,w L^o*ii?ur\^?^"fl"V^^t"l*^in,n8 oor lU>ok D610T6 IQrehUinr. am ift w ? - } eaofc CBina vicawr, rvaand rouei ??if, Cot, Ka*iav*<l and I'reia'd 01m> War*. piateU la Set*, Wuitri, Fork*, Ladle* and Hd0OUIi pi?tod OU* ilukiU, lot Piroherr, Cutun and Platad^iock TmCofw and Tea Urn*, Chafiiag afiteaaiffiarJfttK**! a It MM LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. OFFICIAL DUPATCHE?. r&RTICVLAKI OV THE OCCCPATIOK OF NASH VILLI. The Secretary of the Navy yesterday received a letter dated Catro, February 27th, from Flag Officer Foote, who aaya : I have th? honor to forward a communication just received from Lieut, commanding Bryant, me auoarance 01 wdicd i nave just telegraphed The captain of tbe steamer who bring* the dia patch aaya that tlx miles below Nashville there waa a battery on high bluff, whleh had mounted fifteen guna, but several of them were thrown In to the river before the Cairo arrived. He alao re port* 'hat a strong I'olon feelln? waa manlfeated in and near Nsabvllle, and that Gov Harrla, after vainly attempting to rallv the clttcens and other* left on Sunday morning (2nd ult.) for Memphis. He alao atates that the gunboat* are tbe terror of the people at Naahvilte and at point* on the Cnm berland river, and that on bearing of my arrival, supposing tbe gnnboata would proceed Immedi ate. v to Nashville, the enemy retreated panic stricken. The unuauallv high water on the river enabling tbe boata to ascend tbe river waa provi dential. The following Is the enclosure in Commodore Foote's letter: Gunboat Cairo, Na?hvill?, F?b. 25. Flag Officer A. H. Foott, commanding Flotilla, Sir?Uncertain that my letter of the 23d reached you, I repeat that 1 departed from Clarkavlllefor this point by the request of Brigadier General Smith, commanding at Ciarksville, and arrived here tbia morning, preceding seven steamboats conveying an army commanded by Bitgadier General Nelson. The troops land'-d without op poaitlon. The tank* of the river are free from any hostile force. The Railroad and Suspension bridge* fcerc are destroyed. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, A. C. Bryant, Lieut Com. Gunboat Engagement with a Rtb'l Ratttry?The Enttrry Silenced and the Rebels Driven from thexr Guns ?Three Rebel Regiments Repulsed with Slaughter?Election in Harding County, T'nn.j?A Union Victory. The following despatch waa received at the Navy Department last night: Cairo, March 3,1*?2. Hon Gideon Welles .-?Lieutenant Command ing Shirk has, thla moment, arrived from the Tennessee river, and bring* full dispatches from Lieutenant Commanding Gwin, of the gunboat Tyler, a synopsis of wbich is, that the two gin boats proceeded up to Pittsburg, near the MImIs slppl line, where a rebel battery was opened upon them, consisting of six guns, one of them being rilled, which were soon silenced by the gunboats. Ninety mounted men landed under cover of the yonboats, and charged upon the enemy, driving tb?m some distance, until they were strongly re r.forred, when our pa ty withdrew to the bo ts. Then three Rebel regiments opened u n the gunboats, but were repulsed with great slaughter. The casualties on our side amounted to live killed and missing and five wounded. Lieuten ants Commanding Gwlu and eh irk, with their commands, have behaved with great gallantry and judgement An election for town ol&cers has just taken place in Harding county, Tenn , which resulted in 20<j vows ror ilie union and t3 for sere<?lon (!?l:ned) A. H Foot*, Flag Officer. FROM FORTRESS MOMROE. Baltimore, Aiarch ?The Old Point boat which arrived this mo ling brought nothing new. Nothing has been heard of the released prla oner?, no flag of truce having been received. General Wool has refused to permi any more I passengers to g South/ The ateamer Constitution, on her way up to Newport New* was tired* at by the rebels, but not damaged Fr?m Gen. Hank*' Ominnnd <500 to 1,000 Barrels Flour Stized?A Woolen Mill icitK a Stock of Goods Tal tn?kichard Waj* ingtona Prisoner. Chirlhiiow.n, Vs.. March 3 ?From 600 to > ,000 bbls. of flour, belonging to the rebels, have been seized and stored here. A wjoien mill, owned by Davis, which bag been manufacturing clothing was also seized, witb a considerable stocko^ g?" ds Richard Washington, oi other of the late John A. Washington, Is now confined at Harper's Ferry. LIST OF UNCLAIMED FREIGHT Found at t\e Railroad Dtpot, and now in Gov ernment Warehouse, near the Depot. March 3, 1S0J Cap YaUs. 22J Hoe t N Y Vols, i boxes and 1 bbl Sickles' Battery,33 boxes Surgeon C S Trtpplsr, Medioal Director U S A, 3 washing machines Capt F Mu'phr. Van Allen's CavaJrr. l box Com'J'g Offio9r75th Regt N Y Vole, 1 box Lieut ti D Robinson, 75th Regt N V Volf.l box Lieut W D l>a?ii. 43<i Rett N Y Voia, 1 box Q M G W Ford, lit Kent U S Chasaeura, 4 boxes Gen M R Patriok, 1 box Col Wilson. 2d Ohio Vols,l box 3 H Williams. Co K lat Peuna Cav, 1 box L W Pierce, Q M 6th Maine Regt, 1 box Genl Hospital, 1 box Gapt L Beale, 2d lnf'jr U 9,1 box Dr T Dimon, 79th New York, 1 box S<1 Regt iW?ine Vola, 1 box Rev^ %Vuaon,3)th Penna Vola, 1 box Col E D Keyea, llth U 8 Infty, 1 bag anil 1 bundles i^uauir Master 5Ui Maine Kogt, 1 box Capt Benson, 2 boxes shell Maj B F Barker, ?d N Y Vola, 1 big and 1 box Capt R C Dwijht, 75tta N Y Vola. 1 bbl A Van Ambnrs, 27th N Y Vola, 1 box S B Parker, 1st Long Uaml, 1 box 99th Patns Vola.l box Miss C Lawrenoe, for Hospital, 1 b?x W H Covert, 12th N Y S T, 1 box 8 Bannet, Califor iia Rest, 1 box O F Watta.Sd N *'Vols, 1 box P Robbies, 2Mh Regt, 1 box v/o|#ip <1 u nsjuu.ui, ill nuuus ibiR'iu lift lory, box Capt G W Lumfcard, 4' Michigan, 1 box Q M Snyder, 83i Regt, 1 box Col J W Bel, Ordnance Dept. 2 boxes W H Fletcher, 3d Vermont, 1 box Lieut A DoWriot, I5th New York, 1 box H Henreeey, 2d Vermont, I box M Smith, 6th New Jersey, 1 box .W Merrill,3d New Jersey, 1 box J H Goiliok, Ellsworth Zouaves, 1 box W H Fish, 17th Rc;t,lb?Ji A Ernest,29th New York, 1 box W Wiermer, 11th Rett, 1 box * 8 Tnley, 2d Vermont, 1 box R S White, 2d Vermont, 1 box W 8 Rutler, 11th Penna.l box John Smith, 34th New York. 1 box J Adams, 23d New Vork, 1 box 6th Vermont Volunteers, 1 box C H Voeburg, 18th New York, 1 box 14th New Vrrk.l hr>* S 8 Woodruff, 5'.h Conn Volt, t ha f barrel M Hoyle, 15'h Mmi Vola, 1 box J H Leonard, 1 box Cap? W Horseljrd, 18th New Yo-k Vols, 1 box Gen MoCa'l, Rwe vei, 12 boxw A Love, +4th New York Vola, 1 box W H Smith, soth Regiment, 1 b x U S Sanitary Com. 2 boxes and 3 bbU Peraona calling far thia freight will please aay th' 'tiaadvarUied. D. H. RL'CKFR. t-lw.85 quarter matter and Colonel. I M WILLIAM C. MILLER'S l~ION LIVERY. HIKING. AND SALE MTARl.K Cor 6<A and C tts-.Wafhtn^tcn.rtar Brown'i Hottl. Peraonui \u at all timea be accommodated with Hortea &nU v arriagea for Hire. Hale, Exchange, or at Livery, by tte ??< or month. Alao for tale a aplendul Jet Blank Haraeu and Saddle Mare Alio if veral pair Horace and Sutler'a Warona for rale, both old and new. low for cash. Apply to ALBERT BELl.. Agent n h 1-eoim* DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT! DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT! DAYTON'S LEMON BlSbUlT! Are aold by KING k. BURCHELL. corner Vermont avflie and 15th at P. WHITE. carper F and 13th at. L. A- DELL WIG. ftBS 7ih at. Navy Yard. M. GREEN, oorner L and 13th at. f? 17 lw V It v It* U M T I u " ' ' _ THK I I'SSI A WATER PROOF insku and keeps Boots and Pbo?a Impervious to water, and will make them last u long uhd. Sold by E PU PRE, IM Peon avenue, and ail Hiot and fcUoe Dealer*, and Drur* ists and others. Try it! feTT 1 w* fiEALED PROPOSALS ARE IfWlfED ? ti 1 the 15th day of Maroh, 1362, at 12 m.,ior purchasing from the b<?v"-nment toe Hides and Tallow Hoofs, and Horns, rongues, Chuoks, and flblm, of all the Beef Oattle used by the Amy of of tha Potomac, exoept those killed within the anoient limits or the Distriet of Columbia. No bid will b* entertained unlets the bidder ? preeeiit to rerpond to his bid. The Hides. Tallow, Ac,. obta.nfd at the * official. abraham Lincoln. prmidaat at u>? i'mm of Amerioa: To All W%?m U May Ctmetm. Satisfactory evidenoe having been exhibited to m that G?*hard Labmsn hM boon appointed Vioa Consul of Sweden ana Norway, for tiio Unifd States, to roalde at Chioac o, llliaoia, 1 do hereby reoogaiae him as auoh. and declare him froo to exereiae and enj^y en:h fanotiona, covers, and privileges m ara allowed to the Viee Consaia cf the moat favored nation* in the United States

In testimony whereof, I have oauted theae lettora to be made patent, and the aeal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under mi hand, at the eity of Waah ingtoo, the J7th dar of Keb'aa**, A. P. lWi. [l. a.] andofthe independence of the United States of America the e'ghtr-aixth. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President: William H. Siwud, Secretary of Bute. WANT8. U/ANTED-Tvo or thrde LADIES for the TT ballet. Apply at Theater. U'JaO WANTED?By a yoang, healthy woman, a > SITUATION aa wet nura? Addreaa ,fE. 6,"' 8jarOfioe. lt\99_ 1X7 ANTED?A COOK, to wash and iron; alao. H a naif grown GIRL.ooloredandwhite Apply at 396 H atreeLoorner of 14th. 11" JBTI \m/ANTED-A good WOMAN COOK, need to YT the work in eatinc hoaaea ; alao.a GIRL for waahinc and ironing. Good wagea given. Apply at MT Pa. mh 4 2t*M f\Di:caiKT i . ai? ? ?? ouvvu, ny s yuanK iriftUt A BIT* IJ U AT ION id a drag store; has been in tbe business for three year*. Please address "A. I," offioe of Evening Star. It* 87 WANTKD-a DRU8 CLERK; also, a Youth T" to learn the business. Address, in applicant's handwriting, firing referenoea, *o.,* Pharmacy," Star Office mh? 3t,fi8 WANTED?Br a respectable woman, a SITU ATION to do general honaework.eook.waah or iron,01 any whve the oan ni we herself gener al'y n?eful. Re.'erenoe given if repaired. Apply st P. Harney's, No. 98 23d street, between L and M. lt?,9T QIAO -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN V I vU * an offlce a d take tbe wholesale agency, in every State, for all of Lloyd's Great Military Maps, used by onr Commander-in Chief. The oheapest m%ps m the world. A fortune oan be made on thete maps in each State. 3 mo,000oopi*s of one ?i "17 ni?p? aaig mrsHT oeen aoia. Also a mu to go to California, Eng.and and Cnoa. Agent* alao wanted in e?*r? oounty and in every regiment in our army. Send for circulars. J. T. LLOYD, mti 4 lmd&wif.78 164 Broadway, New York. W ANTKD?A good COOK, WASHER, and IRONER?a atnrle woman with ccod city referenoea Aycly at No. 4?*> Third atrret weet. between B and C etreet? north mh 3-St* HOUSE WANTED.?Any one wishing to d>s p aeof a amall Dwelling, containing. aay five or at* rocin?. looated in the northern part of the oity or laand, may hear of a aurohaaer by address ing "T. P. G Bo* 94 9 City PostOfice. Wuk ington. ma3 8t Ll> LETTERS WANTED ?I will give from two to tea *ol ara for Let'/ra written br Oen'l Wukinftnn fmir nriaa fi\r Old I ten by oelebrated American*. Revolutionary Ce lebrities. President*. Generals, <'ommodores, Judges, Doctors. Divines. Lawyers. 4c. Address KOmKRT SPRING. 445 N. Twelfth street. Phil adelphia. Kare Books and Paophleta on Am*rioa bought. mh 3 lm* ANYKD?Kor a period of three months, a well-famished HOUBK, eligibly sitiated in the West End. for a small family, f?r which a lib eral rent will be paid. Apply to JAMKS C. MoGUlRE A CO.. Auotioceers, fe23 6t WANTKD?One thousand (1,000) gross of wine and ale B (TTJ.Ud of various siz*a. for which cash will be paid Inquire of ANDERSON A iO, at Hawlejr A Maughl n's Portable Tent i/ppoi, oornor 01 renin ?na n iumu, wubint ton. 1). C. feffl lw* VVANTED-To have every one k'ov that they " can find the best a'ook of Clothing. Hat* and C*p?. at the rery lowett ratea. at 8MITH'"*. No. 4 60 Severth etreet, ??low F. fe 27-3m WANTE1>?ToerKMeaGENTLEMAN famil iar vith Washington oity, to attend to some ont door t>uain*?s. Apply to JOHN IRWIN, Room No. 4, 476 7th at. feS7 WAN TfcD-Three good STABLE HANDS, and one Man to vaih carriages. Apply to W. C. HAZKL. Beail street, between High and Congress, *?eorgetown. fe 26 6t? 1%^LTJ1CIAN8 WANTED FOR 1ST 1T1 RY BAND?One firat c aaa Muaioian, capa ble of ooinp >ainc and arranging musioacd inatrnot lng and leading a mounted baDa. Alao eight or ten good Muaioian*. Term of enliatmant 3 yeara; the usual par, rationa. olothing, ko? of the regular service given. Wanted alao aix or eight Trumpet era Inquire at Regimental Headauartera, Camp ,'P<ague, Washington, D. C.. (late Camp of R hode Island Reg'i,)oI Lt, J. H. KELLOGG, Adj't 1st Cavalry. fe 22 2W IITANTKO?ETery peraon to know that I am tn * ? the market, ready to pay oath for all artiolee in the houaefurniahing line. Thoae leavinc the city,or havint asurplus, will do wall to oall. R. BUrHLY, 428 Seventh at., between 6 and R ata., east aid*,) Dealer in New and Second hand For citure. no W tf w ANTEI>?Sutler* and Soldiers to know thai " they oan buy CAMP 8TOVE8 and TIN WARE cheap of H. J. GREGORY, S81 Peaa. avenue. ja M W^T" P-A PURCHASER foj a new Cart, ? ? */i uiuii nun ?Aio? ?iiu wi'i noia & von oi OOil or half oord of wood. Icqnire at corner 9th an? I tti.. ?t HA'iKRMAN SGri'owt le 25-o*v3t* W/ ANTED?From Atril 1,18F2 f >r a permanent ^ reaidenoe, a tmall COTTAGE HOUSE, (4 to 6 rooraa,) ei:her iu Wa-hincton or Georgetown. Rent must be mud<rate. Refereno-a unexoeption ah'e. Applr, by letter or psrao&ally to R. P. THIAN, No. 17 Firat atre*t, Georgetown, D. C. feS7 3awlm? 1V4NTED.?Wa are now bnyinr SECOND TV HAND FURNITURE,STOvfisand PED DING, for whloh we are paying the hichMt ouh prioea. Famihea declining houaekeepinf,? having a aarpiua of fnrnitnre, will ind It to thalx advantage to ji*e u? a call. BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. Je 11-tf No. 369 Tth at,, betw. 1 ana K ata. FOR SALE-The STOCK. FIXTURES. GOOD WILL, io., of a well est%bliah*d are daoe house. <*oin< the beat bnaineaa in Alt x&ndrla. Apply to R. M. JOHNSON, Ninth atreat, near the Canal. mh 3 St" Hto the public. AVIN6 to pay oaah for ever* artiole we pur otiaae, we are obliged to aell for oaah only. We hope to retain tha liberal patronage that haa been bee to wed upon aa. b* keeainc the h??t ?roHi m ?nr urn. BMiiy a ha'rtV (Branch of P. Tiernan ft Bon, Baltimore,) 411 Oevrnlh atreet, mh 3 St Ne?t to National Intelluenoer. SPRING CASS1MKRK3. Alao, medium and O fine Cloth* and Vesting* avy Blue Cloth*. Flannel*, and Casaimeree. ravata. Neok Tie*, Glovea, Half Hoae, Um brellas, P< oket Handkerchief, Underahirta, I?iawera Ac. Oor Northern and Ru'em correapon lenU send u? new aurpliea dailv. One ?r oe only, the aotuai oaah atanJard value, marked in plain firu'es. An inspection or at<?ok incur* no obligation to puroh&ee. PERRY A BRO-, m)i > i r Peon, a venae and N inth at n K C 1 J) K 1) BARGAINS' u Irich Lieeca, all gradea, tliofc, medium and tnin, Cotton Sheetinga ud Shirtinga, all of the beat brands p-oduoel in the Union or Europe, 80 Caxton'a Stitched Linen Shirt Beaoma, vanoua tualitiea, ohoioe atylea, Balmoral fkirta, new auppliee, White Brillantiand Camti'ico, all ?uahtiea, "."'hephard'a Piaida," for dreaaea. Many new Dreta Uooda for early Spring Wear, Spring r-hawis. One price only, the aetaai oaah ra'ue, marked in plain figurea. perry ft BRO., mh a 6t Peon, avenue and 9th atreet. Rare chance for an enterpris ing bnaineaa roan, to fouow the army. For aale a bnaineaa atarted exprraalr for that parp ae. for particular!, apply to I>. PETERS, New Jeraey ie Bakery, oorner H and llta ata mh i St* MATOR* OPK,CE.H|^n^ ^ PnoroeAL* will b? received H thie offioe ay to It o'olook M. on Wedceadny, 13th inatant, for the oooatrnotion of wator oloeeta, with the needful a? pnrtonanoea, drunate, Ao , ;n the baaeaMBtof the weet end of the City Hail, "aimilar is aty le and meaner to the fixtsrea adapted to the nine ynrpoee whiob bare reoently been onetruct*d by the United Statea in the eaatern winf of aaid bolld >Pml. I-at R 1CHAKD WALLACH, Mayor. WA^ON, male by ojuof thebsat maketa^TQ in Ptnnaylvaaia, and entirely new, vlUAA harmaaaaiioompleu. The horee hie not hli an aerior in the eity of Waahia* ton, for rtrength and ?SaSffifflroJ?? AMUSEMENTS. T1IATKE?Mr. u4 Mrs. Bvmt WIIUm*' 1 Seoond Night. TgNdtf, March 4. tW If formiDoo wUl roemwoe wi*h U? faro* of MTh? H? Dr. iFToole, Mr. Haro*? Wi.aaira. i. **In and ut of fiao*"? uotty. Mrs. lliiam*. To ooce:?d? with "ftarnoy, ? Barner, Mr. Barney Wi htmi. lt*,*Q W1LLARU8* BALL! L. M. 6OTT8CHALK MR. GBAU hat th* bono.- to ancoinoe that MR. GOTT?CH ALK'S only two GRAND CONCERTS m Wuhicfton will take > ao? on THl'R904Y and FRIDAY EVKNINwS, March 6th and Tth. ran wui trtniiuft , . hu reoeired from the IV ?w York acl PhiladeeHa Mblic and press the moat sit nil proofs of tl?ir nigh estimation of his ta ent, and their ??rm sp reoiation of the goal with which he bM onltivated bis extraord.nary gifts. The Conoerts he is now ctTint id those cities are meeting with immense "MR 0OTTf*CHALK*9 First A?earacoe in Wwhincton will be attended with ample nod pom p.ere arrancements for the amssemout and oomfort of his satrcns. The principal Artists of the Aoad ere? of Musie. New Tore, mc'udinr SiO'A ISABELLA Hl.NKLKY, 8168. BRiGNOLl. MANCV8I, 8U?INI. hive been enfaced to fir? first olaes prominenoe to the vooal department And. that ih? entertain m#nt m&r lAflk nntfll n?r fr*r win) aI uftArvtainn ot an experienoeil and oompete-t Maoetro, MR WAX MARKTZCK will aaanue the entire Maaioal Direotion. The prioe of admiation ia fix?i at on* dollar. Reaerved Peata So centa extra. petta for either of the two Gottachalt Cocoert* can be aeca red at Mr. Metxerott'a Mueie Store, corner of ilth at'eet aad Pennaylrania avenae, ooaunenomf to morrow ( We lteaday,>9 a m. Door* open at 7'4 ; Concert to oommecoe at I. mh 4 CANTERBURY HALL ! t CANTERBURY HALL ! The entertainment at thia place far mlipaoa m aplendor ud mtfiiitide an? thicg of the kind ever attempted in Waahintton The immeme o >mpai.j at the Canterbury STANDS FIRST IN THEIR LINE! By requeat of m%ny pat rone of ttia e?t*Ni?h ment, the managera have re encaged the LEON I PANTOMIME LEON I PANTOMIME COMPANY, * COMPANY, FOR ONE WF.EK LONUKR : This will be JET"POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK .JLII This troupe appears in Baltimore Moncay, March in, I.ant Wwek rf ?he CANTERB UR Y MINS TR E LS ! CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! TO NIGHT. The Faotcinirae ROSE OF SHAftOK HOSE OF 3HA&0V And an immense bill in wbioh *tl the A rusts appear no A NO 8RK The funny Bub Hutler t IM cloriou eoees trioities of A. J li'bot! Tbe oomioalities of Diok Parker! The b?a*tafsl ballaf s of Miss Ski lls Duval! The charming sonis of Miss A?lie Wells! The daring symaaM lapei Ward! The exsui.ite danoing of m'lle La Polie and Kua Miles ! The splendid jutcUnc of Willis Arroatraag! The Old Virgmny danos of flMk Wyant! Admission iS oents; Oroli?lsr Chairs to cents. Afternoon Snttrtmmmmu For Ladies and fraaehe*, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER NOONS, at? o?o!ook, W hen a Ianiti distribution of Blef ant Present* It made: Rioh and Costiy Jewsiy. Books, Toys, Fancy Artioles. and mac nifioent Si'k Dresses. Mrs. M. Powell, ooroer luth street and Maaaa oh u setts avenue, reoeived a sp.eadid Si!k Dress on Saturday. Admission an cents; Children 10 Mnts. mh 4-6t 81 tJO.MKTH1N6 NEW ! 9 MAGICAL ILLUSIONS! Phantasmagoria V*ew? #/ the W t I For a Few Da's only, at the . Yo?n? Mr's Christian A sociatioii Room*, upvuiiu Drown aoreu CommcDoinc TUESDAY EVENING, March 4. Admieaion 2b cfrti: Children 15 oenta. Doora open at 7:? ; Ex .ibttion ootnmenoee at o'eioclt preotaely. mh ?-et* P. T. BARNUM'3 MUSEUM OF LIVING TT0NDER9 Change of Location to PHILHARMONIC HALL. Open This ami Every Day durxnp 144 Irul. The Wonderful ALBINO FAMILY, (D/1 Ik* MYSTERIOUS WHAT 19 IT, wi LEVEES FOR LAD1K , K 1LES. AND FAMILY PARTIKrt Each Dap./rem 10 a, m. r.en. And at Night in oonjimcti jn with the CAMPBELL MINSTRELS Admission V> cents; children and aervanta 10 oenta. PHILHARMONIC HALL: Pihhbtlvawia. Avinti, Abovs 11th 8t. campbell MINSTRELS! sixteen star PERFORMERS! in a Iftw Programme Every Nttki ! In ooBDeotion with P. T HAKNI'M'8 CABINET OF CVRIOSIT1MS, albino FAMILY, and the what I?* IT? Grand Matt nee Every Wednesday and Sat urday Afternoons. FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, mh 1-lw Washington musical hall-free concert EVERY NIGHT, from 5 o'clock to 9 p. m. Beat of Refreshmsata. Fine Female Waiters. Open all day. At the onUieaat ooroer of Pennsylvania avecne and oorner of Sixth street, under the Centra! Honae. opposite the National, Brown's, and Clarenden Hotels. fe 18 lm* YV the ff ASHINGTON academy OF music. Fwvii. Avisrt, (?*octh Sidi.) No. 8S9, Between 9tk and 10(4 id. Every evening a reirarkably fine Free Conotrt, embraoing selections from the best classic music, and the most popular opera*?rendered in better style than at any other American concert ulnnn The nNti-&cd the public are freely invited, without charge for entnvnoe,?may rely upon hav ing every oorofort th?y desire. In addition to U>? finest music in Washington, they will obtain, on call, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the l.est Refreshments for aale in the Federal Metrop olis Officers constantly in attendance to keep jovkI order. Concert oommencing at 4 p. in. HENRY ROSENTHAL, feb7 lm Proprietor. I/1N6'3 NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER, IV Pkmn. Av. AND E Sr.. A'sar Willmrds'. T- Kmc? 80le leasee and Manager C. Soott Associate Manager F. Whlttaker? ??Equestrian Manager THIS EVENING. Tom King will give t.,i Comic Imitation*of CLASSIC STATVAkY HORSEBACK! Have yoa seen old DAN &AK DINER In tils great Buriesaue Dance, A la Cubutttr! And ScalAJiotrcH! The Beantifal M'lle hki.oimk r1 RlNCAUK. the 100 ftammarsaalt' rfanY"*** The Cheat Zovave Halt Mut be seen to be appreoiated. SON JUAN ight until farther notioe. N?W* IM PnxralATlON ! 8ScaU 9f Prtu*?'Oroheeter Chain 76 oeota; Drean lrole fO oents; Children under 10 rears of ace t? Tees Cirole ? oenta; Social Ruse Si oents; Col oml Ga.ery 25 oents: Colored Boxes SO oents. Door* oven at 7 o'clock; perfor manoes wili oom menoe at I precisely. le 7 TJATKNT OFFICE CURIOSITIBS-Gaide to X Patents, Catalogue of Curiosities and Govern ment Garden*, at the stand In Patent Oike; Raro Antm*n?ii Books; Goyernmei.t Books; DocS nents Tarnished: Railroad Reports; Mliitarr Re orts; Burnt Patent Otfioe Rsports; Cheat f??** furnished to Pfrdars; Mi.Itarr TrialsIalMtary l^i ATBT Regulations; Panorams of theCoaet rowing oT?r x,wn miiM; mmay ?o??n(j UbM Booki. R?co,.e-ci ohwi rent. Latc* mim, low fipT Hind7 roar intornt ud U? inthreat of yo?r cua tomora bj ofcilimjmd ?uniuB|0?r anterior eRARAM?tA(.KKR*. faff- lw Hetween 6 and H. 486 o*?r^sat!M#a? . th? largest ui rtinn' v. bseBmSiP AUCTION SALES. THIB AFTERNOON 4 TO-MORROW By THOMAS IK1WUNI. iMdotMr '"frt'totn, tt. r. Tub bt?h:k ok a kktail ??ock?v at Acct:ox-4?? WtnNfi'D*v MO?N |N?J. 5th IL?**Ct.?.t M A'llMt. I ??l . >? ' ? of tb* aotioii r mil, tb? ?took ofaretai. G'00*17 oompruinc th* u?u?, variety k?^t m a - rrp-ntatiia fooorj, iioln-'ina th* Fixtarea, Ho* **, CoibUri Bin*. W.e, vw, Ao , *0. Tor no 1 oaah. nth TH' M?P DBt J. C MoSniK A CO AKlion*tn WhLUNG HOUJK UN MARYLAND Avian, Hitw. &** **d 6th *t? Prauc Acctioh?On WKDNfcSOAY AFTK* NOON. March 5th, at ?>'e oft. or. th? r*mw>, we thai; i*l. the w#at ha f ? f Lot aairherM 9 .0 t*<juare I). fruelic* t? ;*et on Mary ai.d *??t?e. Kweon 5th and 6-h ?t? wo?t. baot 1*7 I 3 inch** to a wid* alley . toffther ?nh the ? pr-'TMnecU.0"Ctiit?r|[ ofatwc-atori frao>*dw* irr hoaa* with back bath iaf. ana ootUic.t.* t room*. Terma On# hafraab; tba remainder in I, *, and 8 montha, with lutareat. arcur*^ 1-y a<ie*doT trait on tfca pramiaaa. nh 3 St i.C. McGl'IRB * CO.AueU. H|AR?HAI/S 8ALK.?In rlrtna of a writ of 1*1 fieri laciaa, mond from the e ark'a ofltca of tia oi'ont ooart of tha DiUr .ot of Colombia. for tbf ooncty of Wuh:r(t>(, and to ne directed, 1 will axpoaa to public aa>. for oaak, is front of Ik* &oart Hoqm <loor of aaid ooncty, on WEDNEfc A Y, tha S:h day of Maroh 1863. at IS o'oJoek mM tfcft ffUowiac daaortt>ad propartr. to wit.-?All dr> fandent'a right, titla, o aim and intareat in and le tba ?ooth >3 f?*>t ? mehea of Lot No 21. in K^vara No, 0*. frontmc on SUi atraat waat. batwaaa u and P atraaU n>rtl;, in lh* oity of Waabinrton. D. C., tocathar with all and a i molar Ua uripr vaoiMia tharaon. aanad and laviad apor. u tha aropart* of 1 rvin !*. Barker.and will l>aaoid toaatiafy jadn^i No yq to Jaiiua/j tarm 1MB, in favor of John B. Randall. WARD A LAMON, fal" u U. 8 Marahal D.C. FUTURE DATS. B? J. C. M< 01 IRK * CO.. Asotionaara. DMESIRAU'.K TWO #TdRV BRICK DWKL li.i? Horn*. with B/kekt Ati?( mr, Fob **l?.-Ob MONDAY AFTfcRNtX?V Marab 31, at 4 o'o ock.on Mi# araimaaa. wa aha aall ix?t No 13, in l*au?re No. ?fc, irncUnc feat oa felxtk atraat waat, t>etwaan O and H street* torth, and runninv binkr M , > ? ? t L - improvement*. con*i*tinc of a two orr briek dvcllinc houee. w th brick l^ker? attack# d. Term*: One fourth ea*)> . the ren.amder in *i>, twnvf. aud eighteen month*, with int-reet, aeoured b? a deed ?l traat the premiaee Title perfect. feSad J C. MeGI'IRE ft CO.. Aac'a. ICT" TH E A BO V fc * ALK I* U N A VOI DA B i.V pupteoTitxi onaoconDtol the ram until iHl'NH OA v AFTERNOOM, March nth. same h ur and p aoe. _ mar 4 a J.C MoGUIRK ft CO . Ancle. |\JOTlCE.-BAU?!FF'i* PALF.-By nrtue of an order of diatrain from John M. Y<>utg, uainat the cooda and chattea of Wi. iam Wha ?, for atable rent, due and in a>rear>,aa<i to medi reoted, I hare, thte let dar rf Maroh, l*?. eelaed an-i taket ote tirav Mare. 6ra? Horaeand or* Ba> Horae, and thereby five notioe that on PAT L'KDA? MORNING Maroh 6th inata t. at II o'olook. in front of W?ll A Barnarn'a auction atore. I ahail otfer the aaid horaea at public eaie to the hit heat bidder lor cm h. mh 3-3.* J. M. BL'PHER. Ba.lifl Ut J. C. McGL'IRK k. CO , AuottoaMr*. PI EREMPTOR V 8AI.E OF THE EN TIF K FcRS'.TrnE, Emrr?, A*r Good Will ? ? Sib Cx ay Hotkl. is iii'? < THUS AV MORNING, March ?th. at I* o' e Ha l of the ClaT en Pmnayivaoia avenue, M'wwn 3' and ?)? atreeta, we ahail ?eil to th? big heat W the er.tira Furniture and Enacts and Rood \V til of Uie Clay MuUl, roc la it leg ai out oi.e btLured ro? ma, at J Uoiag ad excellent feusineaa. Immediate p< s?f *eion will be gives ,a? tiie pro pnetor baa uade his a raufemeot* to ariaga ia other I uaiteea Term*: One half c?ah; the remainder ia two, four, ana an montha, aatir fee tony aecured witA interest. feW-d J. C. Mefil'IRK > n<? \1 AKSHAL's 8ALK ?In virtue of a writ of fcari i* 1 facias under lien .aw,ie?u?d from th? Clark'a oftoo of the Oireuit Court of the Uiatriot of Co Inmt'i*. for the oonnty of Washington. ard to n? directed. I will fxpoee to public ui*.lor oMh m front of the ojurt I odm door of Mid oonnty. on FRID\Y, the .lit day ?f March text. IMt at It o'ooci n , the lollowint dreoii^ed property, to wit, via r?Ail delendant'e ncht. title, o aim or ta tereet in and to a oertiam dwel'ing houefjereew*: on lot No. 8 and the aoutft f?et4 inoheaof lot No. 9. in square No m. in the city of Waat..hf ton. D.C ,io if4 and evied upon aa the proportr of Julius Viedt. an ' wi i beaold to aatiaf- Judiolala No 3B" to Ootobor term 1657, in favor of Jonathan i. *> n?er. f? 2S-dt? J. D. HOOVES. Marsha*. BALLS, PARTIES, kc. SECOND GR4ND BALL OF THE CAR TRIDGE ML'%L'LKRr* OF TIIE ? O LUMBIaN ARMotiY.-Tti* mtinbtri at toanceto their t tenia andthe pub'io that the? vi.. give their o'o^cd Grar.t: Ha . at. Tfnij?ran->? Ha 1. ot Tl EMJaV. Maro*> |R Tickets )i, admitting ac?aU?man and ladi?*. tteejt rti? uiars in luturn advertiroment. By ord?r ( f Connn itf?. lt'Ji 6TH GRAND COTILLON TARTY & Jil wui u? IW at TEMPEHASCE HALL, E atr?et. bwvwD ttb and loth, On FRIDAY EVEN.NG, March 7 1 ?c It Danoinc t?> oomm?D o? a'o'elook. M nno tr *?rof. Artb'a fnh hand. Tiok?M 91. adomtitg a (?Dtl?mac and ladie? mil 1 lv* PROF. C. F. BARNES. Manager. M*y ike natve of AnArtftm. w'er wt'kor, Nor tke ikrtnt of kit flory r?ote dim ! T'HE MEMBERS OF THE ANDERSON J. Club tu? ?rea: pieaaire in atnounclnc < to their m4c y fr end?an-J th<? pnbuc *?'/eral- JB It that they *i 1 kit* th-ir THIRD *>RaM iA ASSEMBLY at Franklin Hi.i, oorner 9th and D streets, on TlTESDAY\ Hvofa ?U>, Hfii The Committee pledge 'hemeelvat to leave nothing undone that will add to the comfort and pleasure of tboee who may honor tn??a with their ereeenre Art!,'* oele'rated Cotillon Ba?.d naa been enlaced for the ooeaeioa Tiokeu 11, admitting a gentleman and lad tee. F.eer 3f ???Mr?r j. P, Kel'r, J. |mMM, J Hnghes. H. Reesida. roh \ 3t* PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY,at Temperanoe T* Hall, k. street, between 9tk and l?th Cias>es IS every Tn^ef'a* and Friday?afternoon c ucJU at 3, ei ening class at 7. Soiree ever* Fnca?uMA erening at 8 o'clock. Mime by Prof. Aeo Arth. Temperance Hall will be let lor Balls, Partita, Ac. Apply as above. w W la* THE EAR VII. W. A TON MOSt HZISEKR, OcullHt and larftit ' Lite of Clinton P w, New York.) Can be ooniultod on all Dnwiei of th? KYE AND KAK tn*t ro^cir* modioli or nrriotl operation*. Or. Vow No?rHt!?u u tbe inventor ud Inlro daoer into the meaioti prmc'ioe of tfc* E THE RIAL EAR INHALATO R, for the treatment of obstinate oum of DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD. Hindrod* of Teatunoninla iur be examined at the Dootor'a Offioa from bom of the moat eainat a in the Union ; nlao, a latter of roferaae? from the following ?ent amen nov acder bin treatmr nt: W. H. Cooke, Treasury Department; H. Wash ington. Snrrayini Dee&r.mect; Hoary BaftnJ. Interior Department; John Wood. Capiun Eater, ion; F. 8. Walah, Eighth atreot eut. N. P. White, ?ac'i Henry E. White, Hwiltoi JohnatoL, Eh. Rot. H. W. Read. Patienta wiahing their testily phyueiac to aa eompany than to vitaeaa or for Uo r?r?oae of ooaaaltataon are nt liberty to bring Unl mmu am will be at all tu*M welooeed ?o VltANi Dr. Von M ' o*or? uon., ma4 ilWM om of U?? 1BJ ItumoU h* hM intnidioed for tto ftoiUUUon of W<> Anrftl rforT. Artifieiftl Ktm iu??rf<l vitkoat ?uini Mr fftia to u? pUMat. OAo* hoar* from * ft. a. l? ? p. m. Md (roast* ?.?. OFFICES, !S? rtSNN8Y8LVA.Nl A AVENVE. rrofiri W1LU&M HOTEL mb I la R|EW WHOLESALE OftTMMHMKorar k fcj' Bte>??ot'li'YLfcob^>i* m)TloNS^t tlN*> mT W Nl t .iiM>r? atrMt, MMthaore b I _ _ r Tk? entira ttoAk iu Ht blJ Ootobtr iMt, it pr one <Mi*ri on s?oh terms u b ofboU ?ity ai.c oouot-* T^"?fclr tBT?Will bB POt tSALK?ItAliT fl*AIN. MitabtB 1** tot E^svwsrwv'SV#

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