Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Anamin To-Nwit Tiiatii -Bwmt Wllllainaaa"Dr O'TooJ." ud "Barney the Baron." In "The Iriah Tatar" and -Barney the Baron,'' and Mra Barney Wil liam* aa "Lotty" in tbe lntarlode "In and owt of Place ?? C*!?tiibrtt Hill ?Tbe mlnttr-l, Leont Pan totnlroe aad Canterbury compaalea In an Immense bill af aonga, ballade. dancea, burleaquea and eom IcaMtlee, concluding with tbe great roelo-drainatle ? -*?? ' O ?T IV. Qt?r M Tft-mflp. P?I1 WIA1I inc. " n?UUl. U> iur k/-?- ? row afternoon g-*rd matinee and distribution of valuable glfta; imonpt them a Itt atlk draaa Philharmonic Hall ?The original Campbell Mlaatrela In a novel programme of Ethiopian eonga. dancea and comicalities, In conjunction with Barnum's wonderful "What la It" and the Albino family. Barnum's curlsaltlea on exhi bition all day. Kino's Ampithbatsb. ? Tom King, Scott, Whlttaker, Gardiner, Klncade, M'Ue H?*lo1ae. and other atara. In a brilliant programme of eques trian performances Oo are tbe grand Engl tab "Steeple Chaae" to morrow afternoon. Vovno M in'a Chbistiah A?soctation Rooms, Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Metropolitan Motel ?Magical Illusions. embracing attractive obantaamaf oria vlewa of the war. Mtsjcal Hall ?Open all day. Fre# concerts at i o'clock Good music, excellent refreshments, Ac , Ac. Ac admit or Mcsic ?Free concerts at 4 o'clock. Popular music, superior refreshments, and other attractions. Hall opon all day. FmAaaLiK Hall, corner of Ninth and D streets Third grand assembly of tbe Anderson Club Lookout for a capital entcrtalnmeut. rnocKKDiiiasor thmCitt Cooscils, March3? Board of Aldtrm**.?In tbe abnonce of the presi dent, (R|r I?OTe,) the vice president (Mr. Brown) assumed tbe chair. A communication was received from the Mayor approving and transmitting a resolution adopted by tbe board of cnmm 1*1 oners of police request ing tbe Mayors of Washington and UeorgeVwn to uae their Influence with the councils of tbe respective corporations for the repeal of all lawi prohibiting the appearance of certain peraona (colored? K?j>.) on the streets after certain honra of the day or night. Mr. Moore would ratify the resolution If his constituents were In favor of It. Mr. Brown moved a reference of the resolution to the committee on police. Mr. Lloyd waa opposed to reference. We had a law prohibiting negroes from running on the streets after ten <rclock at night. It was a good law Good negroes could obtain a paps without diOculty, while the mtschlevous-and disorderly were restrained from running at large; and he thought It would not be entirely amlsa to apply a similar law to some of the whites. They had nothing to do with It, and he did not consider It a proper subject for discussion by tbom. He moved that it be laid on the table Mr. Richards waa glad toe subject bad come up, and from that source. He waa astonished (bat b'.a friend from ttae Seventh Ward should be worked up Into such a fever of ?seltement about it. Mr. Lloyd objected to auch aa Insinuation Mr. RIcnards.?As the gentleman waa getting cool, be would withdraw bla remark*. It baa been tbe custom here to bunt r nd setae Beg roes, and it had even been almoat tke entire basin ess of tbe old police to arrest negroes as rvnaway slaves. He thought It high time that tke citizens of tbe Dletrlct began to conform tbelr Ideas to those of tbe people coming In among them, and t^7 should take some measures to put tke coun cTTs right before the people. It was time to do something that would invite capitalists from abroad, and if they would adapt themselves to tbe habits and customs of such men tbey wou.d I* l.^ti^p /as #k? Anafiitielltr en/1 Its sesttF UUU I IJTUCJ AVI lire Iiuauuiaii j , auu ii? t?viy other way. Whys negro should be arrested if found out after a certain hour, was to enable slaveholders to I e less watchful of their slaves, and relieve them from the trouble of seeing after property every night Mr Lloyd was a friend to the white man He thought much of the negro in his place; but no act or his would place him (the negro) on a level with himself would the gentleman have ne groes vote In the city; have their children mingle in the schools, and throw aside all the natural barriers between the white and the negro T He should fudge from the tenor of his (Mr Rich ards') remarks that be would He was In favor of colonization, and thought that subject had bet ter be considered as soon as possible, as the city was already overrun with free negroes,who proved to be the most disorderly claaa of people we have at night, notwithstanding the law forblding their appearance after 10 o'clock. Mr Wendell thought the white people needed the benefit of a little of tbelr business, and they bad better get the negro out of the way. Mr. Richards considered the Imputation that be wanted to raise the negro '? an eauality with tbe white unfair, and he would burl the expres sion back In bis (Mr Lloyd's) face He was not In favor of equality, he only urged justlse Mr Lloyd askea if he (Mr. R ic hards) would object to a proposition allowing negroes to vote la the city * Mr. Richards replied that he would not, most decidedly. Mr Moore thought tbe proposition or tb? com mimonrri. ana me aucuwivn, wan premature Slavery did ulst, and the Corporation bad no power to alter or modify It It would be time enough to consider the matter when they bad an entirely free blark population. He mo red that the further consideration of the subject be Indefi nitely postponed. If slavery were abolished they might consider the matter, but aa It was the pollc? could not discriminate between slaves and nee negroes. Mr Richards did not think the gentleman (Mr. Moors) wanted to bring the police op to the atandard of kidnapping Mr Moore replied that he was opposed to the 111 treatment of negroes, but sinc? the establish ment of the new police no restrictions had been put upon that class of people In K*lng from his Ace to his home nights he waa in the custom of meeting three or four negroes to every white man, nianroi waom were noisy ina disorderly w Den military discipline was most rigidly enforced here, ther* were more of that clam on the street than of any other, and It waa now time to remedy the evil, if possible, Instead of throwing down all harrier* against negroes running at large The further consideration of the subject waa finally Indefinitely postponed?yeas 8, nays 4. Bills making appropriations for the repair of the Western Market, and the Washington Asylum; to pay the assessors for tt?e last annual assessment, to pay the Corporation constables; and to repair the bridge at the Intersection of New Jersey ave nue and I street south, were passed The finance committee were discharged from be further consideration of the petition! of Mrs. Isabella Maury and Mrs M A Coxe. The communication of Alexander Have* was reported from the committee and placed on tbe flies of tbe board The joint resolution calling upon tbe Mayor to stop all work upon the Central Guardhouse, and calling for the paptra and accounts of work alreaar done, was reported upon adversely by tbe r*akmlttee Tbe following nominations of tbe Mayor were ronflrmed W. Jourdan. scavenger of tbe Ut district of the Fourth Ward: J Cblsm, scaven 5er of tbe 1st district of tbe First Ward; and A K Baker, police consuble for the 3d district. Tbe nomination of D M Qarat, for wood and coal measurer of tbe Anacoetia district, was post poned f bp joint resolution of Instruction to the com mittee before Congress In relation to street rail way* wu passed,with amendmentsexpressing tbe atlsfaction of tbe counclla witb tbe railroad bill passed tbe Senate, and Instructing tbe Cong rem committee to uae all efforts to prevent tbe railroad bill paaaed by tbe House from becoming a law. Tbe petition of James Crutcbett. In relation to tbe state of tbe streets,was presented and referred. Bills remitting tines imposed upon Study Mid die ton and B F. Clarke were passed Tbe special committee on tbe subject of grant log a special license for a livery stable on Fifth street, opposite J udlclsry skjuare. reported unani mously against granting a Ilcenre; wblcb report was unaalmoualy concurred in, and tbe board ad journed. lommvR iciacu ? A rotniDimtClUOD mm IU Mayor encioalny the Survevtrf'a report upon the abatement of a nulannce la South Carolina avenue, and one with a proposition of Engelhenrt & Co., rff-riog to leaae certain city property, were re ferred. Mr. Mohua presented a communication from W E Dnnt, relative to hla claim, now before the Wa'er ReglaUar, with hla affidavit relative to the toe*, Md moved ita reference to the W ater Re glatmr. Mi " aml matter< rontrao under the late Water Purveyor, Mr.Thoe Evana, It ahoald ge to the Corporation and that properly It ahould | Attorney for eettlement. Uomm Mektaa m~A L impartial settlement ot the claim, ud luliM itat It was not connected with tbe contract of Mr. Mr Morgan* motion wu psaenil Mr Mohan introduced a jolat resolution la* strucllag the committee before Congresa to urge the passage of tbe Senate's snwadment to the bill before Coagreee providing for tbe construction of a Jail oa tbe eabarba Mr Callaa urged the passage of thlarmolatloa. Members of Congreas bad aald they bad not beard a word from tbe citizens, or from tbla corpora tion oa this eabject. He hoped they would bow bear from uv Tbe resolution paeeed. Mr. Wtlaoa Introduced tbe foliowlag Joint res olution* / Brit rt jstrerf, ft., Tbal we see With regret tbe l '?po?ltioe of ?'ongreae to abolleb slavery la tbe LbMriet of '.'olwnbla, aad fet?r that It wiU reault mi disadvantage to tha oausa of the Unjen, the CcmUtuttM, m4 tbt enforcement of ths liwi, u well m mi set of lnjnattoe to the State of Mary laad. B*it fwriktr r?ir*i. That the committee of tbe two boards before Congress be. and they are hereby Ins'rncted, to nae all possible Influence to prevent tbe passage of any such law, until tbe State of Maryland, from which tbe Dlotrlct wu originally taken, thai 1 pass a general law eman clp>ting alavea within her own borders. Mr Callan said that be hoped the resolutions would pass mi mui|(?u Liul~Li '.ue ^fHUroiftU wuum w?vu draw the resolutions, and argued that It was a cry Improper time and place to introduce this subiect; and for the purpose of preventing the agitation of the subject, he moved to lay It on the table. Mr Wilson was opposed to the abolition of slavery, and In view of the effort making la Con gress, he desired an expression of the sentiments of the boards on the subject. He thought it a very proper time. Mr Morgan agreed to the points made bf the author of the resolutions, but did not want them introduced In the boards, as an expression upon the subject wonld have no weight with Congress Mr. Callan favored a direct vote, and thought It might be taken at once by yeas and nays. Mr Morgan withdrew his motion to lay on the table I dp mira ironing was oraerea By yrns 11, naya 4; as follows : Teas?Messrs Bylngton, Callan, Edmondaton, Given, Hits. Mobun, Morgan, Mulloy, Raub, Turton and Wilson. Nays?Meaars Grinder, Lewla, Murtagh and Richards Mr Callan aaid that upon tbe final passage of the resolutions he would call for tbe yeaa and naya, as be desired to see gentlemen " toe tbe mark " Mr Richards wiahed to define his position. He was not afraid to "toe the mark " He did not want this subject Introduced In the Board, and did not help to bring It here. He was opposed to legislation upon the aubject here; it la ne time for It. He did not know tbe wish of his con atltuenta. The will of the people bad not been aaked, nor had the people aaked tbe Board to act. Ho urmi 1A K? rw\fA aleverv bKaI 1 ihprl and v ?I v u 1 V* *r%J ^ 1 u\4 W V VI J u vviiyuv , < V? J u the author of the resolution says, "see the negroes and slaves banished from the city." He was In favor of the abolition of slavery a* soon as It could be done with propriety If there was a man here in favor of slavery let him speak Yet he would wsrn gentlemen (hat In a year hence the issue wonld certainly be upon them. He would vote against the resolution as a firebrand at this time. Mr Mullov said he was willing to have the brand upun his forehead. Wonld It be said here that Congress could not be petitioned. He, for Alia was In favnr a t !> v*ru in AV*ru nf w mm iu ?< ? vi w* ?v? j v ?v? j ? >?<v vi ?uw Union. He felt that be wu expressing the will of his constituents when he opposed the abolition of slavery. Mr. Richards ?It Is hardly probable that any man can speak for bis constituents, for they have not spoken. On no occasion has a test of senti ment ?n this subject been had He did not be lieve the sentiment of the people was against the abolition of slavery. Mr. Mullov replied, that there had been a fair test when Major French ran for the mayoralty, and received seventeen votes Mr. Richards rejoined, that the minds of the people bad undergone a radical change since then, and he did not now pretend to speak for his constituents. Mr Morgan argued that the beard bad nothing whatever to do with the subject He quoted the subjects for legislation mentioned In the charter. Upon the ground be bad stated be would vote against the resolution. Mr Wllaon said be waa willing to bear the en tire blame attaching to the Introduction of the subject. It roav be thought by some to be out of place Mr Richards, by consent, remarked that the people bad a right to appeal to Congreaa on this matter; and he would ask, In reference to the in justice to Maryland,what Is the meaning of those words, " Congress shall have exclusive jurisdic tion," which are found Id the Constitution ? Mr. Callan ?" I would like the gentleman to noint out such a sentence. The word is 1 leelsla tion,' not 'jurisdiction.'" Mr Wilson granted the power of Congress to legislate, but It does not deprive us of tbe right of saying to Congress what tbelr legislation in reference to us should be. Tbe boards have the right to instruct their committee before Congress, as they do apon many subjects. The joint resolutions passed by the following vote : Yeas?Messrs. Bylngton, Callan, Kdmondston, Given, Hltz, Mohun, Mulloy, Raub, Turton and Wilson?10 Nays?Messrs Orlnder, Lewis, Murtagh, Mor gan and Richards?5 The Aldermen's amendment to the bill for re pair of the West Market was agreed to. The bill for the repair of the Asylum was re ferred . Mr Wilson, from the wars and means commit tee, reported a bill for establishing a flak whirf and dock; which waa ordered to oe published and made the special order for next Monday. Mr. Grinder, from the police committee, aaked (bat the bill relating to tha Center Market be taken from them and referred to the improve ment* committee; agreed to The committee wn alto discharged from a resolution granting Mr. Campbell certain prlvl. leges Bills for relief of John P. Dennis; of T. Joyce, and others, were passed. Mr. Morgan, from the claims committee, re ported adversely on the petition of B. T. Watson ror remission of a tine. Aldermen Bills referred A bill relating to disbursement of appropriations for markets; pro viding a penalty for selling coal In any other way than by the ton of 2/440 pounds; for relief of Jas. White, 9. Held, ana Hugh Murray; authorizing the laying of water mains In Thirteenth street* fpftm P ?a ralldf . D n*'?M ?v vj | ivi ciici vi % vaiuuou Phased ?A bill to pay for the last annual assess ment of personal property; joint resolution rela tive to the Interests of the Corporation in the Alexandria and Washington Railroad; and a Joint resolution relative to the streets, avenues, and pavements In the city of Washington. Adjourned The L*vt Copet met yesterday, at II o'elock, and was called to order oy the clerk, the presU dent being absent. J. 8. Bowen, Esq., was called to the chair. Sundry bills were ordered to be paid. The bill for furnishing Ice to the Orphans' Court was refused payment. A license was granted to Joa. Ermantrout to keep an ordinary in the county. All other appli cations for ordinary llceniea were laid upon the ?.kU MVIV The Prealdent of the Court reported th. *. be bad taken an appeal to the Supreme Court In the caae of Woodward againat the Levy Court. [Thla la an action brought by the coroner for the payment of hi* fees, which were formerly paid *>y Gov ernment; bat under a decialon of a late i 'torney General, they hare not been paid, and the Levy Court la made reaponalble for them. The coi^ner sued for the feee In the Circuit Court, and ob tained a Judgment, upon which the appeal la taken ?Rtp ] A line impoe*d upon D- Colclaiex for violating the county ordlnancea, waa remitted. Mr Crawford Drenentnd a renort. nrnrwvalmr several changes In tbe ordinances In relation to ordlaarles and bouaea of entertainment In tlw county. Mr. Bowen presented the billa from the Or phan!' Court, ind for building hedges In tbe county, all which were referred, and tbe Court adjourned. Boies Notis? Stcuk Currency in the Dit trict ?It is to be hoped that Congress will right speedily take step* to authorize tbe lasue of notes of a leas denomination tban five dollars by our eorporatlona, and responsible banking companies. For some time past small notea from banks In all rfft of tbe country have been in circulation here sufeb an extent that much time la loet In lnvestl gatllg their character. To make tbe matter worse an individual in Georgetown has, cob trary to law, Issued a number of one dollar notea. We saw one of them dated Feb S8tb. 1HW. and numuerea iwo nunarea ana forty something. The community haye stood a great deal, but they are not disposed to countenance the circulating of any thing so nearly approaching in character se cession trash as tbeae one dollar "credit" notes, and It was an insult to the public to attempt to circulate then We need only remind the bold era of such bills that by the 3d aeetlon of the act of Congrea of December 1854, any person issuing such notes and refusing to redeem them In geld or ulv4t la liable to a tine of ?20 for each and every such refusal, recoverable before ?ny justice of the Peace. Bbkak m thiCahal ?On Sunday night lot, a break wu mad* la the towing path of the Chesa peake and Ohio canal, near the etop-lock about two miles above Georgetown. The damage la extensive aa the break la 80 feet or more In width, and the en bank meat la washed away down to lta foundations. There seems to be some mystery la matter aa the break occurred at a stray joint when there was bo Increased pressure upon the embank ment-la fact the water was lower than usual. It Is staled also thst the Inlet shore was not cut off, and that constant flow of water from this source lacreesed the break. As the government has been using the casal asa chsanat for the traaaportatlon of army supplies, it may be that some disaffected persoM did the mischief It will requires waek or two to repair the break. CkimiwaL Covkt ? Yesterday afternoon, la the UK of Albert O Ward, Indicted for an u aault and battery with Intent to kill on Jame? B Matth#vr? Hon A. O. toner and other gentle men teatifled a* to tb? good character of foe ao cuaed, at hla home In Indlaaa Hon. i>. W. Voorhaea then apoka la favor of hla client for about an hour, aad having coa eluded, U* oourt adjourned - ~ TT Sn eiaewhere tho anoMaooment of Prof. C. P. Barites' ((rand aolree, at Teaaperaac* flail,-text Friday algM. ? I ' Psuintition Scprxa ?A very pleasant affair in the shape of a presentation supper came off last night, at Dubant'a reaUurant?the parties concerned being the officers of tbe Id Regiment (President's Guard) D. C. volunteers. At 0 o'clock the party was ushered to the hand someiy-llgbted supper rooms,Where a most appe S*1"! ?presd of good things had been set ortt in Du bent's best stele. Preliminary, however, to entering upon the dlynssloa of the edibles and drinkables a couple VI prtwawiDiM wrre itiouc Col. Peck, in behalf of the officers of the regi ment, presented to Captain Chauncey McKeever (mustering officer of the regiment) a auperb sword belt and sash, and In so doing paid a handsomely worded tribute to the energy and worth of that officer. Capt. McKeever, In reply, spoke of the earnest desire he bad felt to se? this regiment successfully organised, a fact now accomplished. He hoped soon to be ordered *o take the field, and should endeavor there so to conduct himself In using the weapon placed In his hands as to cause no regret to the donors TCheers I Major C. M. Alexander then. In a neat little speech, made a similar presentation (a handsome word and belt) to Adjutant C M.Zulick. In his hand* the sword was sure to do good service upon the enemies of our country. It was a stout and noble blade, and with It and the recipient were two noble blades well met. fLaughter and applause. J Adjutant Zullck, who is a young evlawyer from New Jersey, though taken rather by sur prise, not having been Warned of what was coming, replied with the usual self-possession of the leeal fraternity, giving an eloquent expres sion of what the country expects lu this time of her trial from her young men. The fine sapper was tnen taken in hand by the not unwilling company, and after the fullest Justice had been done to Its merits, some acree able hours were spent In the manner appertaining to such affairs, and patriotic sentiments were seconded by patriotic songs bv such excellent vocalists as Captains i. H. and P. Dubant, Adj't Zullck, Lieut. Col. Pearson, and his soldierly looking brother, Adj't. Pearson, of the f>2d Penn syivania rcgimem; uapi. uuccati, ana omers iu the course of the evening Lieut. Eaton waacalled npou to narrate, amid exploslona of laughter, those rich "Recruiting Experiences," which se lect circles who have heretofore heard them knew bow to prize m coming from the lips of to ex cellent a raconteur. Fourth Wa?d8tatjonCa<b*?Bejora J Walter ?Patrick Farrell, highway robbery; jail for court. Barney Collins, do.; dismissed. John Connory, de ; Jail for further bearing. Lizzie Parker, .Mary A. Mctiuire. and Lizzie Connor, vagrant girls; workbous< JO days each M. E. Maxwell, drunk and disorderly; fined S3 50. W. McUoldrick, do.; do. $3.68. Chas. Coledy, do.; dismissed. James Faulkner, do.; dismissed. Inquest.?Yesterday, Justice Johnson, for Cor oner Woodward, held an Inquest In view of the sv# ?... W 1 ~ In wuy ui a new uui ii wuitc ui?ir iu:aui, iuuiiu iu the canal at Four-and-a-half street by patrolman McCauley. The verdict was that the child came to Its death by being thrown In the canal by aome rson unknown to the jury. It was taken to the venth Ward station te be properly burled. Thk funeral of the late George il. Randall, yesterday afternoon, from his late residence tn Sixth street, to Moant Olivet Cemetery, was at tended by a number of friends and by the Colum bia Typographical Society of this city. The services by the Rev. Father Boyle was of a very Impressive character. George J. Fursess, an efficient clerk In the Financial Division of the General Post Office Department,and brotherof the Rev. Dr. Furnens. of Philadelphia, expired at his lodgings In this city yesterday morning. He was thirty-eight years old. His body was conveyed by rail to his northern home for interment. Second Ward Station Cases?Effort Jusiira Clark?John Walsh and James Hug ben, drunk and disorderly; turned over to the military. Kltas Baulaur, malicious mischief; dismissed. M. tsateman, aruna; nnea si.'.m. Ckntbal quabdhovsk Casks? Before Justice Waller ? Seth Lunaford, drunk; workhouae 30 daya. Michael Kendrlcken,drunk and disorder* it; do. 3*) days. Patrick Canan; turned over to tne military. Coal Oil, Coal Oil.? Beat Kerosene Oil, (warranted.) by the barrel 3*9 cents, by the gallon 50 cent* Lamps, Cans fand Shades, as cheap as can be bought in Washington, at Stewart i Son's, corner of Twelfth and H street*. mar 3?<h* All piisoks can And th? beat stock of Cloth ing, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Hats and Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. fe 27-3m Sxvkx hrnsrkd Volbntikhs Sick is Camp! Young men be warned in time, aupply yourselves with Holloway's Pills and Ointment. They are ^uarauicru w cuic tae wuw vi ovrw, u i cere, Scurry, Fevers and Bowel Complaints. Onlj 56 cenu per Box or Pot. 318. THE lUDlAN Hill DOCTOB. From Canada, will describe diseaaes and tell hta patients the nature of their complalnta or ill ness, without receiving any informa tion from them. iVo ekargt/or Consultation or Ad*ic*. on MOTTO. We uae such Balma aa have no strife VV ith Nature or th? Laws of Life: With Blood onr hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Oar Father?whom all goodness Alls. X lUf iuci vuc uicaui .u tuic mil ma, The simple Herb* beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Ropcno. 11, Waahlreton Building, Penn. av enue, coruer of 7th street. Canadian references of the Indian Herb l>octcr: Sir E. Heads, Governor of Canada. Hon. Hy, Stearns, Mayor of Montreal, C. E. Hon. Geo. Hall. Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Hon. John Hutchinson, Mayor of Toronto, C. W. Hon. JR. Robinson. Hon. J<is. Cummlngs, Mayor of Hamilton,C W. Hon. VV. Matthew*, of Brantford, C. W. Hon. W. Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. W. Savage, late Col. of Artillery. H. P. Dwlght, Supt of Montreal Telegraph. J. Taylor, Justlce of the Peace, Toronlo, C. W. D VI PsaaV AMarman T#\rAn P W iv u vi WB| 41tu^ i mun , iuivu?v| w it ( J. Urouhart, Surgeon, Toronto, C. W. fe 17- if TAX* no MORS UJirLlASANT AND rSSAFE M*D ici 518 ?For unpleasant and dangerous dlseanea, uk> Helmbold i Extract Bucba, which Imu receiv ed the endorsement of the moat prominent physi cians In the Unlted States Is now offered to afflicted humanity aa a certain cure for the following dis ease* and abuse of the urinary or sexual organs: General debility, mental and physical depression, Imbecility, determination of bliwd to the head, confused Ideas, hysteria, general irritability, rest lessness and sleepleaacessatnlght, loss of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia, emacia tion, low spirits, disorganization or paralysis of me organs 01 generation, paipi union ci me ceari, and. In fact, all the concomitants of a nervous and debilitated state of the system To lnsare the genuine cat this out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. Cures guaranteed. See advertisement In another column. feb 4-tf India Rciiik boons. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should ba without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, 81 25 each. Rubber Ponchos and Blankets combined, 82.50 each. India RubbarOoats, white or black, 82.50each. India Rubber l*KKlns 81 per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Goods, including Rub ber Boots and Sbaes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds' In sickness, fee., Ac , at manufacturers prices, at'H. A. Ball's India Rubber Warehouse, >M3 Pa. av., between Ninth and Tenth streets. feb l-tf Coins, Bunions, Calosltles, Bad Nails, En \nrufA Jnlnbt anr) All dliMuw nt thf> fppt rnfod without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropo dist iM Pennsylvania arena?, between Four and-a-ha)f and Sixth streets. Room 7?2d floor. OAee hours from 0a. m. to p.m. Calls road* at private residences when desired. feb 17 Fajhum who have never used Boston cracker* are Invited to try those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocers. Ja SS-tl MUi On the 3d instant, of typhoid fevur, Mrs. ANNA M. STEWART, eldest daeihter of W H ClMnsitt, Esq., of this ?ity, m the 46th year of her a?e. Shewasakind,?rt#ouonatedn?gnier,aiHi a lovjBn ?nd de*ots<l wile, and has left a large eireie oa Wednesday the i the tewdenoe oi her .. Ji

I lnteiiicenoar and Baltimore Suucopt.I Waroh 4th. JAMES E. ANGEL, in th? 14th year of hl? ag?. youniMt of Mary D. and the lata John a#|ol, of thia otty H u laaorai wiil take plaoe to morrow (Wadaee day) afternoon it 4 o'olook, from hi* mother'# m ideaee, on Virginia areaae, between 4K and fl h trooti, inland. *,89 On the 1'hiaetaot, of a*thm?, after alone and Hi* laoeral will take ptaoe to-morrow afternoon ^ a O aI?U ^ Tat tK a t rill liai f\ anil II a v? I< V UIV m?w.woou H 1%. vli In this eitr, on Moitdu, Karoh SI. after a lia afimMnu* MiiMi ?f hn lather, u>-?orrow <\V eunetdM) altoraooa, at S o'olotfc. Jt>| ? WORDS FOE MLK8EMTAT10N TlfTAMY fc CO., Not. 060 ud H9 BtoiswiTi N?w Yomx. And No. 7ft Kui Ricmuit. Pakis, IMPORTERS AND MAiVUFACTURER8 OF ALL KINDfe OF MILITARY WARES, Soliolt thea'tention of Cino and Military Ateo Qiations, Command* on Nationa or State Mrvioe, Patriotio Clubs and individual* to their larg* took or RICH STAFF AND DRESS AIMY AND NAVY 8WOKDS. Their assortment ineludea the oholoeat BLADES OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE, identical with thos*raade for Wilkinson, of Lon don, worn by the offiser* of the British Army, and roost atproved by experienced European authori ties the eletantfy w ou?ht BLADES OF SOLINGEN ON THE RHINE, in fibre and finish the recotni*e<i modern type* o| the celebrated Dam*tc*> StitJ, the excellent ai.d serviceable BLADtS OF COLLINS,OF HARTFORD, Besides those of other domestio fabricanta. The mountings of the biades, in all ca?es exe ou'eri within ihe establishment, will be found to oomsrise all requisite styles of ornamentation, the fcabhard* beinr of sMlvkr Silvih Gilt. Bkuxzi, Plain or FjriGtt.t.Silvkr Platrd Burnuhrd !*t??i.. K;cii i katkkr eto , with bands of Plain. Cha*rd or Exiikkid Gii.t. or SotiD Silver;the Grip* and 6uaRIs ot the same variety of material and finish, and of either recniation pattern or oricin&l design Should an &rtio:e of Extraordinary Elbsancs, of A riohness and oostliness not represented m took, be required for presentation, the oapauli tie* of the ect&bUshment for the manufacture of the ohoioest woits in gold Rod ailvar. and iu gen eral artistic resouroes are unoiual guarantees of its satisfactory and speedr production. In answer to orders, designs and estimates will be promptly forwarded Individuals purchasing Swords of Tiffany A Co are informed that every blade is subjected to tests even more severe than those enjoined by Govern ment, beiore it is piaoed on sale-the testing biook is in the establishment, and at the command ofaP who prefer immediate proof of the excellence of their sworda. feM-dtf WEW YORK GROCERY! NEW YORK GROCERY NEW TEAS, OLD GOVERNMENT JAVACOfFEE. EXTRA SU6AR-OUREP HAM?, And all other kinds of I ANCY GROCKRlES! For sale by WM. CORWIN BURGY, Importer of Tea?, fe JK Corner of I and Eleventh eta. t*TlTCHED IN CONTRAST COLORS.-All O color* and sizes, ladies very best Kid (jiovea. A large lot of cheap and fine Black Dress Silks, Fancy Silks, lor the present and approaching aeasons. Many New Spring Goods. One prioe only, the aotaal oash value marked in plain figures. O^r Northern and bastern Correspondents send us New SoDDlies daiir. ffl 26-6t PERRY 4. BRO., Pa avenue and Ninth uteet. Dayton's Superior Spiced Ginger Snaps ' Dayton's Superior Spiced Ginger Snaps ! Dayton's Superior Spiced Ginger Snaps are sold by KINS A. Bl'RCHELL. corner, Vermont Avenue and 15th at BROWN. oorner F and llth et. L. A. DELI.WIG, 7t- et., Navy Yard. M. GREEN, oorner I ana 13th it. fe ?7 lw AMERICAN BPECIFIC.-The only safe, speedy and oert?.;n enre for a certain Prtrap Distnu?oure in fa m three to six days. sold otw* at 11 Pa. aveune. fe 18 6t TOWELS! TOWELS'! TOWELS !! 150 dosen Huckaback, Damask, and Bird-eye Towels, 1JM yards R ussla Crash, 25 pieces heavy Huckaback Towelin*, I?. .....L T.l.l. I (.' fi*uvn i/.^hKNK 1 Ui'lO UUlVUf loii dezan 'I?Me Napkins, Bleaobedaud Browo Co.ton Plurtine, Linen Sheeting, Blankets, Quilts. and Fnrmture Prints. With a f?!l stock of ail Kinds of Dry Goods, for sale at the lowest prices. WM. R. RILEY St HRO., No 36 Central Stores, Between 7th and 8th streets, fe21-2w Opposite Center Market. (JUT THIS ADVERTISEMKNI OUT! CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! AND BRING TF WITH YOU! The subsorlher will adv*noe, in the way of ymr ohase or loan, small sums for short periOJt, in DIAMONDS, WATCH"SJ. VALUABLE JEWELRY, or any description of satisfactory securities. 4iy iui or gentleman wr.o would like to obtain a few dollars temporarily, in & quiet manner, may do no by applying at 4 *>6 Uih street, between O *rd H, from II to 2 o'oook. fe 27-1 ia PROF. ALEX. WOLO\VS KI BEGS LEAVE to inform his friends and the pnb io, that, hav ing met with so much success, is continuing his Course of {nstnto'ion on the Piano and in Sf" * by his new mettiod. All those who desire v? m oome, In'a short time, fine tinier* or e*oeilent Mr formers >n the piano should avail themse'<r*?ot his new system of mctmotion. by applvinc romance, No. 303 6th street, between K si New York avenue. Reception hours between in and 12 o'oio uesdais, Thurcday:; and Saturdays. f BARNUM 18 HERE!?On free ?xhibittuu, in* fin?st stock of Clothing in the oity, at the People's Clotbtnr Store, No. 480 Seventh street, opposite host Oflioe. N B.?All of the above KQikIb for sale at very low prices. fe?T 3m ICOAITOIL-COAL OIL! AM Now lnrnishing the trade with the beat KVIM)SINK OIL lit RnltunnrA nriflAi i.!an I1AV, COkN, OAT!*, Ao? At lowest market price. 8. \V O'LAUGHLEN. fea-lm* Corner New Jersey av. and E st. I^ALTIMORK BARGAIN STORE ! NEW GOOD??NEW GOODS! LANSBl'H iH k BRO. take pieasuie to inform their oustoimrs ar.d the puMio that the; have taken Halt's old st< re, No. 37 i 7th street, between I and K. where the* wiil always keea on hand a fs l as gortment of DRV GOODS, MILLINERY acl FANCY goods* Confident ol our ability to give satisfaction to all. toth in prioe and ounltty of 'goods, ladies will find it greatly to their advantage to oall and exainihe onr stook. uih 1 7t* Law school 0? HARVARD COLLEGE. 1862. Two Te-ms of niueteen weeks each, eoru menoiux Mar oh 3d and September 1st. For Catalogue and Cireu ar, address JOhL H.VRKI'R, toy7.11 Prtjtstor. Cambridge, Mass.. Feb. 1862. fe 84 ti.3t COPARTNERSHIP. HE Copartnership heretofore existing between Walter, Karmaan A Bop*, having been dissolved in oocse^uenoe of the death "f one of the firm, the business will hereafter b?carried on under the nsme and fi>m of Walter ft Hermann. Weareprepared to build to oxder. aud keep oonotantly on han<*, all kin'isof the mostf&fhion?b:eCAKRIAG>Softiie very best workmanship. Repairing promptly and oarrtally attended to at the most reasonable prioes, Thankful for past fovors, we hope for a ooctinu anosofth* same, at our old establish ment, on D street, between 9th and Wth sts , No 346 up stairs. fe 15-lm WALTER ft KARMANN. DIITTEK U AND EG8B. Goshen Butter exoellint fresh print. Fresh Roll and U lades Also, Western Hatter, for bakers'use. For s&!e low br D. E. DUTKOW, fa 28 6t* No. 4*0 Eulith St.. near Pa. av. Photographic cards AND ALBUMS! The larf-st and finest assortment in the oitr of Photographic Cards acd Alliums are to l>e found at THE NATIONAL BOOKSTORE ! VVM. F. RICHSTEIN, 'i7H penss?lvama~avenne. New styles reoeived daily. fe 28 2w* Military books: MILITARY BOOKS! At the National Bookstore. No. 878 Pennsylva nia avenue, all the New Military Book* are to be found m soon as issued f:om the Preee. Call and examine onr stock. WM. F. RICHSTEIN, 13 28-3 w* 378 Pennsylvania avenue. FRAKKUN * CO., OPTICIAN8, 44 Penn'*? .,(north Bid*,) bet. 11th and llth at a, KYEG LASSES, MARINE AND FIELD GLASSES, COMPASSES, Ao., of ttie beet *o*htiea, ?omtantlT on hwxL fe CENTRAL HOTEL, (ppo* tkt E*Tor*a?plmn.) \y corner of PennajlTania avenue ana 6th itreet, cp?< aite corner to mown a aua the National, ia how ftufiiakad throughout with new and handsome furniture. The proprietor ititorms lua frieudaand the pulillo that they oan be acoommodated with rooiu?, by the day or week, with or wltuoat meala. The Diuinc Sale on open at al hour# _ H. DURHAM GJfcLHTON, fe 10 eo/w* Proprietor. 17" VERY fKRBQN'p INTEREST-That Sue Ej atook of Clothing for aale over Oalta* Jewelry Store ia bow offered at leaa than wholesale price*, at 8MlTHr?, No. 460 Seveath atreet. eepoaite Poet Offioe- fer-oa FOR a FEW DAYS ONLY.-I have removed my ?:.? a oak of Clotbwc from over yalta' Jewelry Store to J. Jtl. ?M1 IH'S. No. 460 8w euth atreet, near FT where i abaM otlei it at leaa th?n wtio ejale ooat prioea, for a few daja only. feaum J. W KEEP. 13 UARTEKMAfTKRS' CERTIFICATES (# O rx R NMEt?TTCL A IMS Boajht by < AFFAIRS I if 8IOR0KTOWH Oiwoym^ww of Tks Stmr. Gkombtow*. D. C., March 4. The D*mb?ri elect of the Board* of Aldernea and Common Council useable* la the Con men PahaaU Pkafnk*> l?a* awUa * nil lk? ? ATAMai Mr. Capertoa, took the chair, called th? meeting to order, and r*?d the return! of the Jodge* of election All of the recently elected member* were present, eacept Mr .Marbnry The oath of offlce was administered to tboae present by J no tice Reaver, and the Board of Aldermen retired to their chamber, and soon af'^-rwardt adjourned Tbe Board of Common Council then proceeded to the election of a President. and on the fourth ballot elected Mr Banga, who, on taking the chair, briefly returned hlstkanks Tboa Jewell wa< then elected Secretary, and Tboa Donaldson, Messenger. The rule* of the laat Board were adopted A resolution in relation to the Georgetown (ins Light Company, requesting the Major to Inform the Prealdent and Director* of said company of the pricea charted by the several companies from Boiton to Baltimore for private consumption, and calling their attention to that section of the corporation ordinance of l^Vl which rrovldeathat they shall furnish eat a? cheap as It la furnished in any city of tbe Lnited States wh?re the coat of mau-riai i* nei greater i can 11 ) nere. wji ps??ea ?aye*, 10; noes, none A communication waa received from The Cl*rk, stitlng the amount of tax***!**- fl ved for the month of February, wb'.ch was referred, and the Board then adjourned. m - _ GEORGETOWN ADVE?T'MT8 inn (WW) Bl'SHKI.8 OF Ll.MK, for atr cultural purposer.on hand *'<i fjr aaie. until 3'.*> KIRKLANDA DOWlINS. i nnn bushels potatoks. l^UUvJ Buckeye and I'oachbiow l'jtat'>es. la atore and for sale by JOHN J. BEALL. mhlSt* No *7, Georgetown. gUGKSKIN 6 L O V E 8! Ransbur; A Eberl, 105 Hmii 5rTasit. GEORltETOWy. D, C The on I? manufaoturera of Gennine buckskin 6 loves, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, anc M1T|'ENS in the Di*tnct. Officers' Gauntiet* ma-lc to order. Buckskin Drawers ami Shirta. ja '8 \f assey, collins A co.'S 1*1 PHILADELPHIA DRAt'GHT 4Lg. We have jast received a supply ot tueabove A.? which we reoonainend to be of* v?r? auaenor auai ity. Persons wishing to purchase. by ir.ak: ct he mediate apphoatioc, can be furnished. ARNV * SfllNN, do 7 ?eorr?town LOST AND FOUND. District ok Columbia. wa?hin?.tok CornTT.?I hereby certify that Pat- av rick Ctisick, of sai l oounty. brought before jL^J? meu an ?stray. running at large in the^^ 1 streets of Washington, a dr.rk bar M A K E, about 14 bauds high: b!?z?d 'a-e: left hind foot white; between 6 ano 7 years old; shod ail round. 6iven under m? hand this 3d da of Maroh. V#>t. D. ROWLAND. J P. The owner of the abo?c mare i? requested to coins forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away. PaTAiCC Cl'SICK, It* I st south, between atli acd 7th sti. 1 HEREBY CERTIFY THAT JAMES an derson.of the county of Washington. broncht before m?. the eabaonber. on* of BUif the JtMtioea of the Petoe in and for aaid Jhaa cooBtv, on the day of March. lf?2, and mide osth, in dueform of law, that on the 1st :mt.. ti> a stray. trespassing upon hit eaolomirce, a litht brm die BUFFALO COW, with a white spot ic her forehead, and a white list acrou her shouidera hind lers white, and a white spot between the hipi and a slit m the right ear; lone bushy tail; white at the end. and g- ves milk; she is very ?oor. fiiven under tny Uani and sea' trns 3d day of March, A I>. l??a. J. W. HAKNACLO, J. P. NOTICE.?The owner of the abov- described Cow ib requested to prove property, cay charges, and take her awy. J AS ANDERSON, Living 5 on the Rock Creek Road. mli 4-3t*,7i STRAYED AWAY-On Sunday nisht last, from the British Legation, a RACOON. Who ever will bring the aam J tc the above addreaa will reoeiw #1 reward. With red oollar on Ita neck. mh s if I OST?Rr Mtinr Tnnmaa n*\*hl nf 9*4 Li Battalion New York Volunteer Artillery, im portant and confi.l-ctta. PAPKRt*. of no useto kpt one tmt himself. An? on* Ie*v in* the Pooket rook at the Star Office will be rewarded. THOMA* O'NEILL. 2d B -t:'n N. V Vol. Ar iTlery, 3 3t* Cairp Meagher. LO^T?A Urge GOi n RING, witha carbuncle ??t'ing. inscribed "Marie, Maroh 18th. \8!6 " The find r will he suitably rewarded by leaving it ftt No. am Fs'reet, between Uth and 15th. iph 1-31* reward will he paid for 0?vJ the retnrn of hone, and noiiaM ftv tion^aeked. The horse wa? hired "" "" 8?h inst , by a person sigping Lis natre E."-*7* S. H&mblin. Surg, unh P. A , !*. V. The hor*e ia v-oat IS hands ligh; sorreli in oo!or; with on* okite hind foot, the wh'.te extending from f.>ar to six inch** above the fetiook Joint; white in the 'cehead; with a large scar on the left shoulder, fryna a collar gald; al?o on the i?m? shoulder, haif t.">? letter C, made from an i ?np?rfect atte t. pt to the letter C KIRKL4ND* dowling, n 1 3;* No. 1 ? 0 Bridge Bt.. fieurgetown, 0. C. Dog lost-?S Rxwaart.?SUayed from No, 339 Eighteenth str**t.a !ar-e white > Newfoundland D< ?G Thf al>ove r'war^^M will hA Pltid for III! HaIiuppt nr !?? in " formation that wi Head to hi/reo-very. feas-iv* BOARDING. TWO OR THRKK GKNTLK! I aooomauMKtrit with pU?.a Board ?t No. 41) Twelf h ?t. WKNCAN BK ;i Room* and ?? h3 3t* rUH SAL& ASM tiSNT. FOR R K N r-One new * KtKMSHKI) ROOM, Witb H' ard, i?i a priv*!? fa>ni r. on 2A floor, at No 4 02 ttli st, t>e?ween t? *n<J H st? H* FOR RKNT-A oomfortab!* CHAM PER, at 460 l^.ii ?t., tiiFt de. between G ar.d H sts The looat'on is one <>f lb* moetdesirat leln \V??t* mttoa mil 4 Iw M AN ELEGANT FRONT ROOM, ON 8EC ond floor. with fir?t-oia?s Board, oan be ob tained at 43ft 13th tr?6t, between 6 arid 11, three doora from G, w??t ifde. H*,it l^URNITURE FOR SALE AND ROOM? TO r BENT, suitable for a boa'ding houie, id a good looality. Ir.?ui:dit ExoeUjor pie Balc'j, 4 til Seventh street, l>etw??n G and H. mh 1 St* I^OR RENT?A Snt clui H U S I N E 88 ST A'? D?>re Uas?*ir)?r,t ard l'litare*?ue\r Pennsylvania avenue and tteven'h street?No. 61 Louisiana avenue. For fcerma appy on the prem ises. into 1 it* BURNISHED HOUSE FOK RENT?No. *4? r Nin^tMnth atrAAt.rAnAnl'v nAminiid Kt llnm Gen'I Stoneman. For terma'apply "to JOHN <5. CLARKE, at the Bank of Meaara. R:?i * do. mhllw* U'URNlfcHKD HOL't*H FOR RENT.?The r three atory brown hol-'L, arinf and back building. at the oorner of H and Slit atre?ta, gaa and wat*r throuihout Pr.scean .n c'?en immedi ate y. Apply at No. If S H etruei, b*twe?n acth and ilat ttreeU. nih 1 3 " ARAigg CHANCE FOR A PKR?(rN TO encage in hufineea, in Waeirncton. in a won eatab lahed Sutler Supply t*tore. now dome a g< od bueiaeta, have a fine oonnexion w th Sutlet'a.and the beet location in the ort?. To the rialit kind of amaa.thia ia an opportunity aelcom met with. Will either sell cut entireir or accept a partner, ifir.u'utliT catiafactory. For partioulara addreaa "H. TV Box 747 Pout OAoe, Washington, with reai name and address. inhl St* For RENT-A PARLOR and chamber verr neatly furnished, on the firat floor, ope rated 5 feet abeve the aidevalk; location very pleasant and heoithy. near the t*tate Department nH Preai^ant'a U /mi oa a* ^ tween Uth and 15th streets?No. 460?and but a few yards east of the omnibus line to the CaaitoL Je 26 tf FARM FOR 8ALK-T?o Farms. oontaini"r together 00 aorea; one at J unotion, the other adjoininr, at 3ava*e Switch, fronting the Washington Railroad; either of wkioh will be old, with the quantity of land to sait pnrohaaers. The improvements are of the first olaas, and land of the best quality, with orohards of ohoioe rait in fu)i !>oaring; railroad station within5 minutes' wa k of either dwelling. ?erms easy. or partftoalara ?M|y the \Vine Store of WM. a. lyanrpoLiij. oca Lots for salk or rknt\--w? ??? * ur.: mproved Lou, aitaated m the immadute vioiiuty of the RnilroH Depot, which we wilieeii low for ouh, or leaee on reaaonatne term*. For iubonliriis(uin of BARBUl'lli 8KMME8. fe 18 6teo A RAH K CHANCE.?The proprietor of tbe City Hotel, itbe ?nly firat oiaea Motel now o*en m Alexnndua. Va.,1 n i <i?s:roue to retire from l*Bir,eee,anu will eel], for a fur prion, the FLRNlTLiRK, fixtures and good Wii,L of the bona?. Hi* leaee will terminate on the Tat of Jnnnnry. IKS. by. tbe property eau no dontH be leaaed for a flinch longer term nt n moderate rest. Thie Hotel ia now doing, wo bna fur inrn.y yeari done.nlaiieeiKi prontable baeineea. The daaire of the nieraiguea to retire from pablio la the only inducement to afil, aa he oonid not hope to engage in one more profitable. For terata and wrtfcuaraafflyU.JAa A ENGLISH,who ia an Mrs. burr will kes'-mk rer School lor JJn^lieli and Freuch Mcnrtay, Jau u';wu,.icv zoriureaB*. Deis *?ulit: fcnJ ?u< U ja l7-ttUkyv??4 Da Si KKRY, WilH TOt UK SALfc. App.y f 0trMU. U'Wi. )L8A.NU FIXTl'Bl&S *t the corner of Tut id r?w iv* Vi AtiUM FUR rJALfc, bone*; nui in Con MM, Melropobt** *t?W ini- lLootn No. 19. uiiA ? far two or lo?r pord, N. 11.; oo*oh ?; or Waahiogto* BmiM ! Jl- 41* SECOND EDITION. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. . I I M*TH or MI* ?SX. La fftmdfuartrrt, Arwtf qf lU ( Marrh 3. 18? > General Orders, N'tf ?6 1. Tlif Major General "owmandinx. ??thde?j? regrH. announce to the Army ?( the Potomw tho lo*? of Brigadier (.aneral Frederick w Lnndor, the commander of om of iu dirlalona, who dtod at Camp Chaw, on the t'pper Potomac, f* {he afternoon of the ltd Instant, from the Hfects of wound rrceirr-d In tl?e affitr with thr r?bel? at F.dward'a Ferry, on the 2M of October 1*1. i or p:i?ur *mrf? m iu?- ?i i1 , >urn. known at Colonel l.and?r, In connee'loo with th? overlaid route to the P?f!lP, h??*. made bta nam^ familiar to tb? American people At the rommencement of thla nnhappy rebellion, be vru among tbe llr?t who volunteered t? ?upp<?rt wit!) bla life tbe Constitution and Lawa of hla ceuntry. From the beginning of th<* military operation* which h?T?? restored Weetern Vir ginia to the Union,?from (be original mrvement upon Fiillippa, where hi* qualltlea aa a lender of troopa ?ere atrlklngly dtaplayed,? to the com plete ei pulsion of the rebel* from hia department, 1U w uu.u ur nuaunra Ilia tailing enfr|[lN, DM conduct ba? elicited the admiration of tin covm trvroen His invaluableeervlces at Klrb Moun Uiu were recognized by tbe Govern Bient in bia appointment u a Brigadier General, And bia last edorta were rewarded by tbe eflctal apprtWH and tbanka of tbe President. Tall of stature, and of great strength and ac tivity, with a countenance expreasive of iata^W pence, courage, and senftiblllty, Gen Lander* pretence was commanding and attractive Ae a military leader, be combined a spirit of tbe moit daring enterprise with rlesrneas of Judg ment lu the adaptation of mean* to rNulls A* a man, his devotion to his country, his loyalty to affection and friendship, his svtnpatbv with Buffering, and hla Indignation at cruelty and wrong, constituted him a representedva of true chivalry. He has died In the flower of his roaaly prtine and in the full bW? >w of bis heroic v:rtoe??, but history will preserve the record of his itfo and character, and romance will dehgbt la por traying a figure striking, a nature so noble, and a career so gallant. While paying this public tribute of reepeet, the General commanding fc?is most deeply that, tn the death of this brave acd distinguished soldier, he baa personally lo?t one of the truest and Otu est of friends. !i. Brigadier General Silts Casey will make tb? proper arrangements for tbe funeral ccrsmonlesef the deceased. By command of Major Gen'l McClelUn, 9. Williams, Ass't AdJ't Genera. . savt T4K9. There have been no arrival* at tbe Vard since tboee already reported. Tbe King Philip expected to go (lows tbe rlrer this afternoon Tbe Baltimore lock on her new boli ?rs * morning* auu wm ?wu wc Ir?Mj ivn again. The Yankee, which came up from the ftottlia on Hunday morning. returned again ta the after noon quite auddouly, leaving at the Yard aevermt of her offlceri, Including her pilot, and party of Army officer* from Hooker'a division It la reported that a new rebel battery, mount ing fourteen gun?, haa been d'^overetf iff Handy Point, but no partienlara are given. Nomira.ted ?Hon. Reverdy Johna>n waa nom inated laat night on the tenth ballot, the con vention, for the poaltion of U. 9 fteoator from Maryland. XUTIIU CONRR KHIUAcmM ??ulra. Titbsdat. Much 4. 9e!?ati ? Mr. Sumner presented a petition from U. 9. mercbanta doing bailor** on the Paeifte coant, for the establishment of a mall by** from New York to Aftpinwall and Panama Referred. On motion of Mr Harris, the bill for the main tenance and safe-keeping of prisoner* of war, wm taken up and pisaed The bill to appoint a rommiMtOuer for the pre servation of the Atlantic fisheries, was, on mo tion of Mr. Coliamer, considered and paaned M r IVd^An r<*nn -t~A hark frnm MIMtarv Affairs Committee, the House till making an ad dltlonal article of war -fort>dd:ng the arrsst and return of fugitive sisve* by I? 8 military author ity and force Committed Mr. Grime* reported, from tl.e District of Co lumbia Committee, a bill for the cod 1 Beat Ion and revision of the laws of the District ef Columbia. Committed. On motion of Mr llarlan, tfc . bill for tbeaaua faction of claims and certain bonds sold by lbs United States in Louisiana, wu taken up. HvCse.?A communication *? presented from the President of the United States, recommend ing that the thanks of Congress be tendered to Com. Gold3 borough for services rendered at Roanoke The Senate ajr?Miuenta to be blU providing for the sppolntment'of additional clerks In the office of the Assistant Treasurer of New York were concurred In. and the contested election ,aae of John Cllne vs John Verrec of the third con gressional district of Penasyivaala taken up, Mr. Dawes, of Vlass , having the floor. LATE LOCAL NEWS Bold Roibut -Last nlgbt. about 9 o'clock, a soldier went to the show window of VVaidhamer it Co., on E it-cet. nur Pcurtrenth, tod bwk? i Sane of glass, and stole two watches, valued at 14. The storekeeper was looking at the window at the moment, but the act waa ao quick h* could not prevent It The fellow wat puraued. but tbe darkness favored blm, and by dodging Into V\ el don's alley, near bjr, eluded tbe police at 4 all other pursuers. Smill Pox morning, some eitl zens reported to Sergt Glttings tbat a calored female waa sitting In the wood-yvt on tbe sooth side of tbe canal, west of Seventh street, la a de plorable condition Patrolman Skippon aad Lewis went to see about It. and found tbe woman in a fence corner, and very badly broken oat with small pox. She said sbe bad been sick two weeks Tbe patrolmen Immediately proceeded to have her properly cared for The Fiiii Estate ?The Orphans' Court this morning appointed Mr. Thomas Carberry admin istrator of the Fieri estate <ln Virginia), In place of West Scott, deoeycd. the lata administrator. The administrator was required to glee security to the amount of tS5,?U0 for a faithful execution of hla trust CimiliL CotiT?Thia morning, lathe case of Albert C Ward. District Attorney Car ring ton add re surd the Jury for more than an hour, after which certain instructions to the jury wrre prayed ov .?ir reoaau. counsel ior oelcxoe The ww *u then given to tha Jury, who had not returned a verdict when our report cloned The Teamp or Aim* ?The LoulavllV Jonrnnl, Feb. '26ili. Mjn: lx>ulsvlUe presented the appearance yesterday of a military tamp, owing to the arrival la th? city aud suburbs of the First Division of lb# De partment ut the Ohio, under command of St* George H. Thomas, embracing the brigades of (Jen. Scboepff aud Coi. Msnsou, and inclndlog uo lea> than twelve regitneatsef infantry. one regiment of cavalry, fear ba?teri? of ar.,lWv, and a corps of three hundred Mgln^esa Fnnr t-tii Ktcsmers were awaiting their snivel, and oURm will arrive ?< <1?J, npoa which t^-v wtil be tpeediljr Ml forward to tbrir destination 1"Ta uari>. DKBitE to usfor?r mj inoada ami tM mat 1 have ooeeeed Mr. 11to tbe toSj.' ' U(*tD4 UlSAIt S>t' * K t? ,mo i^l til tour door; north ol f?oniy r*^i? ?*?., ?. (Ilium la frost ti ths Uoor.) wUmc 1 at*.. o* &* ? to??? fi? thun Vita tM toon eh u tee vj tiei*? m tfce lu>? of m? bttlMU. < >? n wm. h. POTATO e ? . , r o r a t i? t ?s \VI hAti lart a mr. nt n# a . sfc ^^3sr%t^*Tui#i ^ am* f<H ?"*" AJJAtitVb.

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