Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1862 Page 4
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CUT PB0PB8XLJQ BE sold foe taxes. , COLLECTOR 8 OFFIC*, Crrr Hall, Famuir ?, 1862. (TOMMIXCIIW ON TM'R&DAY, the 221 day of May next, th? > tollowin* ll*t of Property will be *>14 by publlo auetion, At the Oity mZl {ESSES* Chamber7) in tbe City of Washington, to Mtirfy the Corporation of Mid city for Ta*<* do. thereon a. .tated, unlaw tbe Mid fixee be oreriooalT paid to the Collector, with fneh expenaej and feee m may hire aocniid at the time of payment. Sale to commence tt 10 o'olbcK A. M.. and to be continued from day to day till completed l.nna eaah. in Treasury and Corporation certifieatM of the denomination of fire dollara. WILLIAM DIXON, Collector. ~T~ i- j v-"d-! a lis 9 U i e a Z TU WHOM ASdES^ED. 1?60 1861. 13 part 14 and Imp. p?rt 1 sad Imp. Adams, Alexander. E* li ?? f bjs 3 ri* * a <%?i 1 Paring tax, oa Intent! from .Mar.h 28, ltOl .. 1 Ail, Charles C | 7 32. 39 36 3H 36 S Beglnnim; oa north I treet 17 fwt eest from the noTibwe*t corner of the lot, and ruonlni; thence ra*t IS teet 38 34 ?? 66 An M - - X. 1 . ! s\ V ; *>*' -: - t r; n i. ?* . * l f'-i 4 ' inence aouin *n ien n Inch.-**, tLeoee west fci feet 7^ Inches, theart Bon'b to the extreme! c iihern llaeol the lot. tUence west u fwt 4 ^ 1 inch?*, and thence uorlh to the plat* of1 begiaulug. T?x f?r paving a! lev, onj interna from Nut. 6, 1360 \sh!on, C. H. B . ? TO? 65 and imp | N. ^ 60 ....; Ditto S X \?hto:i, Charles M5 '23 and Imp. I Alexander, OelumtrtH .... 4tf) part 6 and AudciKou, lo'.Sza II., Imp. j B<ginning f.?r the s>am> I ! 1 j 71 G 47 f 5 at 7j 75 5 W> 10 5fl I 5 33< 75,' 7c 12 4." 31 ? < tuJ on O'.h uretl we?i. feet ?ouib from northwest corner cf *aid lot, and running taeuce 11 fr>t li> > Inches, thencrsooth 2U i f^t, thence at iir.jiL-s Willi the lasi line !?1 f?ct 13 IncLe to said street, thence to bcginuise. , L^tlagthcitriit, SI? ( pa. t C6 aad Appleby, George W imps. B i.4; the western 13 fe?t 4 loch's front cf *a!#! lei by the depth there of, froiitld? on Muia-I ehii?p?f* rvepne MS ; part 17 and Andrn), ilTatia N Mritii* t}\ vn.ifh *)A fp,-? V frou' ?>v th" depth ui tbf lot. .j/Jlen, Oruiy J .. ,;Adan.*, Jrfm- - ?*)????.... Being th?- 'M i>i*i font of said '.ot by tli* d*-|.tlJ L?r?->f !Ag iv.*, Juuu o l AM ito J D'.lto ' 5............J*nrsi"*.t Trustee... pdfUfcf SanajAu.ftn'., Jamr* A 4 xr.d iirpvj hrlr.'i ti_e wnt y feet 7 r 7 $ 4? 1 4 I 4; o< & iJ & 8 4 '2 I 8 71 11 K1 * 3j 8 tiv, 2 G\ 2 ?. 4 H? sw! f I I ?U> |?ait 7 &ud Jmpi AM part 6 and Imp* Inches front of lot 3 a:.d the e*?r lo Itret & inrV-sff*"' of lrt No 4 by- tin? depth tber^f \wau.s, ?:Lei B?!r- tLe cnstli ?j i-et : lncb*a f?Mt of said iui by t;i? dcplb.u.t;tvf Angpi, J* bn ' Beginning at a polr.tcn Virfc;!.i? avrn ie tC fee; iuch^tf'cm the south we-t rorne? ol ib* lot rnnning tbenc*, w.nt^arJJy v?l!h tfce' . bi i*aa <rrM4*? ?.? / . ' / > f ( D 06V \V H imp* I thenee north and! pax&ilel '.vita ;ae ?? !ina cf Cue lot till 1( rsacbes tb? ba^k line th^.-eof, tuense ens! w-t'a ?g:d bark ilnf 4iJ i ft.*:, aid tti*r,ce with b ?t:al.kt lln? to tb*. I |>!^cp of b^tnnln#. 9 ar<d Arnold, Mary P i&i 3..., ii... ... i' Puni^ tax Dj. ' Da. At*rtnd*.-, Robert. i.\bsrt, d I iinyer ' ) r so. 7 M' 1 3 ll'| 3 n: 1 w 1 w 6?l t; a oo 2 <?? ."> #V a 65 i 5 II par'. l'J kuu Au?! iccpa I6? SIS CrgiuoL.g a: the north | "orncf rt lot 12 6 Eid mr.moj . *25 I ct i! !ncUf?, tfcprv* r*st 100 iest.| , tUe..r ?o.?!b 'M ft*t o i:icy?^,3:.d thence w??! J to tfce place < t b ,;!n ( La* ...... 4wt:n. 'W4l!!ua Light! U7 the rtrtcif duthirai, Ad*:rai-1". I tit ag tfct ^#t 2U ft-tr j cf 'be w>Mhalf o! ?t?? lot fronting on ncr L' N atre**, end rn:inl;i? part 1 and imp* 35 U 30 13 05 L3 ! : L> 36 IS fi 19 83 3 *7, 7 h-\ 7 40 7 40 ? * | ??sck vptth tbat w.dU. | tbedfpthof tl.e lot I rxw N . w of No. B^rr, Atunatut F.. Tru?-: 10 and lie ps tt-e for j F K!du-e:l...! tfir. part P ?ad Bock :*.' .... imp* I B Mn? the ?outii ii feet l front by t*.? d?p!h of the lot. i>jhto:** w for 1>w0; *1 1? Paving tsx in in tWi?* fr -in Not 1-2 1-5*. S?1 (Mi - I ft 7?: 7*. M> 11. 7?1 parts of * a. 0. ??* ' E i 34 > M* t9 69; 6f) u9 \ <7 sod imp..... li* lu? ti. wr?t 5?? ft-ei I fror.t o: 1o? 6, end th fM! 1 foot frt>nt c.f lo' <18 7 by d*r h cf lh? 1 tot. I ! I.tlCiiting lb? afreeii 4 jj|j 3 a; land imp*.. iBeni.fett. CUme&t W > 06 43 ^ 03 ?? 7* 74 7< ..... .. . ; 5 13j f ..i lji?btia? the ttrre: i 5 13i 5 13 A *V X 8 and Jr ! .. 44 at 47 36 59 fi7 Imp Utttu | Lifeline ata-at; .. 4 *u; t K S 7 Ditto ( .. . it ?l 12 :? Lighting atfeti i be t} pert 3 and Boweu. r.'iarltM 7 14 7 12 7 1< i imp i M'xi-iuli'u at lb? aotib i line ?>t eiid lot, at !ui . JUICJ--CCliVU vnu 1U* I vet-ft line ct fourth' j street \re?r, and /ua. rf"55 #" *! 9-> (wt , t 5 ?nfh??. noilh < r tb? dividing !i0" be trueu lot* J and lli. 4', luetic* wnI If) ? t*ei 6 tnrh*?. tbeon I *ntb 40 feet to ttac be-. - Waning. , parts 1 ?rd 11 B?vS>. Coruailus 33 av ?i * dl 4T-IT3 . uid Imp....! Hi^r.nsn? -! the ?>utii. vest > ><-ner of said lr,t No 1, tud rucfiinj] I ttmcer.arttl93feet3tn- ? t eh?s, Ihenceeatt it) fertj | U?/ ?V I I I 461 P&ru ti M and imp 05 feet 3 loch-* to north K street, thence w?i by and with th* lint of *ai I E *reet 20 f?ft i% iachj? t j \b* tx?gin lr.^. Lighting street! Wv ?>' .1 49 W 38 *4 dwiauluK for the *?R?e at ike nortbcut angle a ?*ld lot U, and ma nia.? ?oath 23 feet 3 In { cb??, tbioc? w??t 30 te-t, fbetc*northwe?t > .. O I -?V? I *1 14) I 40 ?M 140 3t? 174 *r naittij thnao* rorthWK?iw?rd If *? f?*t X laeb" ttKB-t north w?*t ward ]yif^t3tiv he?,?h-nc* Bofi h 11 f**t, th?*ne* east 1*5 f?*t to the be ginning MgUttng the ?tre?t; ?>' rto fc K. P 1? II..... Uowie Good* 20 iU?4j??. *?** ' K k 8 It imp Intto 10 * h.?lm-nd.... Jjt # ? browu. Klifihfih i * 11 7Dj 1 K>' 8 W M;rab*1trK 1% M 4 U? a n 6 3) 4 31 ? ? - 7 00 90 U * 3 4 ItS I 92 1AM OV 7 lfl 11 31 9 9i 31' 31 18 31 ww ?* ? n ~ " Lining *iaa? . 4<>l i ors * trap. Bnmrtt, Knocn I . lfetr.ff the cast 44 rat 4 inches front on north 1 1 Irrrt, ?nd extending 4 back Willi that width M feet to tLe north ilat' rflotO. part 0 ' Ditto , Being the north & itti. i froat and extending' bark with that wldtL I M faet 4 inches to the' i rut Una of lot"7 413 *0 A imp ... Bu;d, tturn * iu ? u?t uk I eU 13 75 1? 741 17 M j 4 17) 4 171 J 17 31' i s i j ^ "'-J##!'**1 "W V? a i ' s s i Ywra due. 4* J 55 u? v la! H 3 X * e as ??j s e z TO WHOM AME9PED. 1 f 1880.'l9Cl i 1 S J3 h Brent, F. N., continued... aid lot, No. 3, altn ated?0 fret westwardly from the aoutheaM corner of said lot, and running thence north 67 feet 8# Inches, thence to a point on thr northern boundary of *ld lot, No. 3, situ ated 38 feet 5 lncbea westwardly from the nnrthMct rnrnpr of > j | i i ? 1 1 1 I 816 im 36 SOT 514 aid lot, No 3, thence weatwardly W feet.! thenre southwardly AT; feet 5 lncbea, tbenef; aout hwardl v to & point In* the southern line of aid lot, No. 3. alta-j ated T2 feet 0 lnch?* westwardly from thf i aoutbeast corner of said lot, No 3, thence CO feet to tbe begin ning. 7 and imp...'Behr*na, Frederick .. * Paving tax on interea'j from June 6,I860 D and Imp.. Browu, Guetavu* 10 and imp.. ButUr, George A Crt 1 and Bowen, George (col'd).... ip Being tbe aoutb 100 feet front of the lot by tb< whole depth. 9 and Boiling, George (col'd)... pert i Imn 11 ' i ?4 11, 84 11 4 do 4 03 7 i?? 4 ?<> 4 03' 7 10 4 <*0 4 03 7 10 -J Uelnj ih? t nat M i Obi 4 i# 4 (rt I front of Rid lot by thr dectta thereof. 309 2? 'Bell, Horatio ' Ren 1*2; 7 and imp .. Bond, Hujjh L SO) ! 41 Bradley, Henry ; 42 Ditto 43 Ditto 538 part J-J and lm Brooki, Henry (cofdh dn> for ^59, **2 fcC! Beginning at the north-j eait corner of the lot j tLence running west 14, fret, tLence ?outh 1*2.; f?-et '2 inchea, thenc e?.?t 14 fe?t, tbAncel norfh 189 feet 3 Incbe*! to the place of be^ln-. nlng. j 977 31 Busch^r, Henry . i Paving tax on Interea' front March 98, l?56l 35 Dit'o 75 i 9 Hrecfcinrldt*. Jebn A 3 44' 3 41 3 U L33 74 Ifei 86 236 M 238 0*2 3 06 -2 T1 72 Ti !! :e 13 "i 5 1') 7*2 71 72' Jt 2 Ifl 13 lii 13 5 jr> IK 1 l Bright, D j .. ; a Ditto I .. ! j .... Ditto 4 Ditto .. i 79 i IV and Imp... Doyle, JunltuJ . due for. '>?(>?, ? 1*59, fc:?l ! u) Ditto ia n i Ditto 10 09 part land im Boyle, John Being the s< utb 33 feet front of f i!d lot by tU* dvpth thereof. Ditto ( 51 I | :ire | 40ti 1 and Imp .. t and Imp Ditto Ditto i Lighting the street '! nj Ik v r.n 1 ntaraat 'J4 7?? AO 71 4 U> 3 07; *2 ool 3 50 5 54 U v: 14 14 2 Mi 3 5; 5 51 79 11 l?* 15 10 15 57 a <# 10 1* 35 41 15 65 4!> 4 6r lu 70 t ri 37 4 61 4 01 19 Wi 13 7u v> trtut 7(i 4 Oo*4 60 i . 641 670 344 3 2r U u ; 71, ul from Dec 21, 1S5# 98 3<t t*rt 2 ouio o b: Bcli;g the touth *5 fwl! front of tald lot by tU* depth thereof J I'avln? on lateral (roin Dec. 21,1809, 32 lJghtlnirtbeitteri1 2 1 Ditto..due for 1?59 ?17 17i 18 (Jo 3 Ditto. J2 DMto 15.... Ditto 10 , Ditto 17 Ditto IB Ditto 1? Ditto . part T nuA Berret.Jo*eph, and W. A 35 44 ltnp? ; J W Arnold. Being the Mist 21 feet 3* i incurs front by thrl death of the tot. pariOand In Barr, Jans A 30 48 23 45 58 73 Commenrlnz for thf. nine at point 23 feet 4 2 u3 14 3< 7 4K M W! o-i 7',-j 77: 27 26 50 2^ 7 4 s 04 ?*, 72 77 62 7t? &2 incur* i rem loe souxu OT*t corn?r of Mid lot, and running whI 2ft feet 4 inches, thence) north 80 fret, thenr? fait 23 feet 4 lncl I tbenra aouth to the be I gtoning. Ltgbtfng the xtrteij 2 40 8 tut 40ft -laud Iran .. Brereton, John .. 29 S3 S7 81 07 LUbtla; tWt- street 3 S3 3 26 Paving Ux, on Interest' from February 11 1MB) fti 4fc B70 O au?t Imp.. Burehe, Jobn C, In troa.| for Catharine Burche. '23 02 Ifl 01 41 40 4t 1 ? 1?? l 22; n 72 53 70 Lighting the street 6*fi part li and 11 Uarron, James... | j and lir?p3 For IS-tC, f 10 i8; 1 ' iM7, ?tt m Beginning ?9 fe#t from the northweat corner' of said square, on aoutt j street, and ruantn? rhene? south 131 leet 0 Inches, thence east lsj toet, th??oe north and parallel with the first line ISt feet 6 lnch<* to south A street, and thence weal witb south A street 15 fe*t to th? beginning. part of Beck, Jos. W and ln>r? 1 ax ?r ,-5u- wi * ** 3 33 11 Begtuuins 75 fe*t cou'b from the northwest' corner of the square and running thenc? aouth 21 f-*t Inch 355 ' ra, ?nu ?xv^nain^ Da?* wit'u that width I La whole depth of lot J'9I 7 iJu'Jua, John j i # DKt" a Ifl S9N I 1 and linp.. Hrvan, John A, (colored). 54* 540 | part 13 and Baker, John H 3 7S

imp. > liaglniiing at the mirth-, weet corner of Kti?l lot aod running thenctl eoith iHfeet t? incbm thence east loo ft-et thence north W feet tt ioche?, thence w?l loo feel, to the place of be ginning. W % 0 Bearil; Lew<?. W \i 14 ?nJ Howie. Mary, (colored)..! lain 13 and trap.. dowte, Mai 1 i<a H M Ditto. 150 "l 571 i t 2 Jl 4 5*4 H 4:ij 4 *5 V 91 10 38 5 50 0 H7l o GW I ! 1 Ti J 4b 3 M 3 4f. t? eo 4o ti> 4 to: 4 to -M i 3 llntler, M., la trust for , Rfttiina Mtonestreet. .. 4 U3> 5 OA wo; lub Paod lin B>lngton, Maria E. 5W J Vji 5 To Attl Dart Maudlin Brown, Michael,(colored) .. J l^i * . ^ Halng the wear *?? fee1 front t>y (tie tleptu of' I the lot. 7tt H 'Qullua, Oac?r and Cdwurd .. 4 ?u 4 70 4 7u Xft) ' U a'ud imp. Bettor, O H ; ; Pavlai tax. on Inters. . . ? from October ?3, lMt?| 7 61 7 li 6o *>ait 15 Paving t*i, on int#re* frr.-m October 23, I960 4 U; 4 0. Ilelncr the weat j feet t Iw hcs front of natd lot by the depth thereof. 14 and Imp . dudley, PhiueaH.For l!s5fl " * *0 -VS; for 13o9, ?7 ?! ft* *10 61. Mtts 1 -J 3 Ditto Due for lead ad Imp j 79; 1W, Wf M;, lsfilf, e.?7 W I fy *0 till Beginning ui a point 36, feet doe north from th?' southeast corner of th* square, aaJ runnlns' | thence north 71 feet,1 tfcenoe west 99 feet 4 inches, thence south 71 feet, and thence cist W feet 4 laches to tht j place of *>e?1nntug. W.u( and Browning, I*. w 67 07 Imp. Lighting street 3 19 a -? ?_ ni*t? 1 ? ? 11 4o 6 77' 41 V 138 17 13 vu 43 9W10J WV27 39 I to' w sua imp... 1 and Imp... \V * 7 and imp. W. V 9 and imp. part 10 and Imp. VTW |-J31 ? W U 71 ja .. Due for 196V, In tb? nam? of J B Klb-J bey ?1 41 *3 3) Lighting atreet. %A 37 7 30 7 30 Paving tax, on loteres' from May 3,1830. lot 13 Ditto.. Paving tax Lighting ix, on fr ntereai Ditto. from May 3, 16flU Lighting atrwt< lor?" Paving tax, on laterwi from May 3, 180t< Ditto.....' lletng tba east 33 feat 10 luebea front by tb? depth of tba lot. St 17 S? ?,iw w twi 9 ? 33 23 44, 69 W 3 0b %i S3 31 31 33 7* 73 77 I I 37 and ioap 38 and Imp port 7 and lm ii?miDg meaueo'i 8 01 3 01 Paving ux, on 1 uteres, from May *0,I8?0 11 43, nihA _ _ On* frtr IkSQ L Dltl*-...Due lor 16M. 1b oome ?t J. B \ f K<bbey *10 W 30 88 33 76 liltto Doe for 1848 la name of J. B Ktbboy ?10 50 30 fc8 33 75 1 >m I BelafttoB"north 31 fee't l3U fioa* by depth of the tot lialta, Ditto. ? (OOWWVED IH ?VfFL?||lir?.J 7 la MM 54 63 54 A3 10 63 10 J =p tlAitNDKN'P tXPRBt?B, XI (fcii um?pB in Bef Mn to Inform> o tW tier tended thfir Exarcua to wasbinaton. and arep*r?toTranaaort Merobanaiae, Ban- ,? Ba?oie, Jewelry, ic.jto all parte of tft* MuUU, Yw Bntl*n4 aco tf uttm *t?tu Mi Cunod*. Qocniotmc wit a tna moat r?a?o=aibia Mnwp 1SW.) bar* ex and ara now Uank NoN, tiir..u?aoottna oourrtry, v? are e&ftoied to offer ?M?fMMiltd faaliti** to ail who in* j tar or as witb tbeir ea.rouaje. For tern Oon a>flr to E. I wbo mar iarot aa with msar.j ftrtiar lntorm* . PC tsMtTH, A genu oor beiow Pa. arecoa. Ja?->m Waahiarton. P C. L- A. DELLW IG, S?S 7th at-. Nary Yard, L A. ''KuLWIG, 7tb at, Nav/ Yerl, L. A. DKLLNVIC. 7th at Nav/ Vari! hat for B&'e DAYTON'S LEMON BT^OyjT, !>A YTON'8 HPlOKP 6NAPs?. I>AYTON>9 B^r*TON CKACKf-* JUkYTUfMT* >HIIIA CRACSKKH, iJ.\> TON'S uk ah AM crackers. f*? !w Room TO RKNT, for ntier*' atapply applr to J*. A j. myers*, Importer* of Watchee, 10 WutiinitoD Hnudinf, Dealf.ks in watches Woiiddowii to o&' ud examine toe stock of t*. A j. M\ erh, wiiioh th?y ar* leitiBf fe> percent. lover uu an? other bouce ib tue city. 10 Wuluaftoa BohJ lEf. ll/ATCh makers Will *av? t;meaod trouble *? b? cailini puU. Jt J. mvehh tt> pmrekaee Watch Mtteruli, Watch tilaasee, Toots, and jewellers' JoLbhic Materials. 10 Washington BUllCia*. Stc J. MYER8, b*ri?* anderatood that wr oral travo.inic pfJi&n hannjc represented the* are oo..r.s>oti<l with their houae, and ael!u)f au fnfenor arliole, they taka ttus ratun't in ia foru.iig th? trade tn&t they ar? ia no war eoo oectod trith an? hon?e o* a*?rta in thin oily. irr B;ano>i of Honton Houae?10 Washington BnTTdiDt. WialiincViD. f* ? T NOTI?K. I FR Ptj? he : reapectfu It tnformed that the nnder?l*n*<i has ?opin-en^M rcr /CTrn^i^ ^ nins a 1.INE OF ?TAOK* froirM^ife^# Pean awnar t: MTura-i Hi'!. Thi rtar*?wili leave VViUanis' Hotel evrrj ?i oraisc at 8 '.'clock ani Mfrt?jian ?'i'l at hall rul 3 o'e k. and will s ua regularly to ard from Meridian Hi f riveri hoc, a(I>fdirj a o!:esp and *p*edy oon veyanoe to th? mucus ran ps in Ihf n?isht>orfco.-?d. Tb? u^deT?t?rr?i h?'p> j tor*oetve literal tnpport, as he is tiete> imr'.d to atto-<i laa patrons every fa cility ia his poser, Faro Moguls t.voh way. liliU. M. MIL.L.KB. f? 1I?oo1it,* rropi i6t>?r. /*MBf liOIKM tt Jr WILSON, M /R?>?V HALL, UL ' N.>. 31S Pi:**. Av* rt. jgjkg^tjtteiween 9th ami l'Mh SirerU. I 1 1 We omdiallj iuvtte tlie attentionf?/a ! rho M>u temp'aus furnu.nre to our f?r and w?n ta forted itock of CABINET FIJK.NITUEB. luaoitg ev*ry ntjla and from ti>e(ioe?t Pw'or riiit J-iWi) tothechea?"*: N ucan.LeIrietd ani Chair. n< d et tries whla'ictiv conaetidm. i?iTo uk a c.t'l ami ooTiyinc-''T^uryfi'vae. ie 25 evy: AlCo4AN^.Ia OY3TEH8! OTtfl'KKS! An Hhippirs Company l>u l?#ai? formfo k>r uio pur>os,e of fe?pp;yiUf V\ lulnuitou ant ita Tioralty Witn Ov^Lars. Ail pt. son* wi.icli u*? from 10 to lie fa ioce pe' day, can l*e supplied. o?g|?r? in tiirt ? rent m ! %<? or & or lord ol fiow 15*- to ?V> hashc-l* omi b? ra<t cn one da?'? mitie*; f-.?r a ieat quaLiuy call Rt fab U.nj'o Georp'towi., |i. i!. Ttie Ot*u>ta mupi??kJ by Ih a company i( u :r?ei?, if not more <a tfa&n bi> other? tu&t can t?o had in the Dislrut i . r Of?u?M are opened ?bi faiueday tneyare fiitec iron: ti^> vater, and a e sent to tti? .!) ? ti*n?utfht. A'l or<l?. JirectsU to WILMAAl H4|MCK, ?: na^olii,>1 1 ni-ager lor Compaf y, w.ll l a p.t>mbt> attauJ. * t? _ fa< lin* ovStkrs-oystkks^b^ /--v ^2lCSF tifMkt wenMhij improve nont in HTKaWINO and UOAttTINU OV8TKRU, ? t>f wli.cfj tx.<j c-Ltiie ii?Vi?r and tut oi lite OyBtei le reta-ne-t. 'i'tie 1'k.sUl. HAl.OON, 21.t kVi.ii. avcn<ie, < p Willarde' tiotf-', win open this eveuin* i?rfn of ?!\e jlote !>chm *"!i iic improve'! iranroi of famine. KPMnej* of tit'in/ &:.rl order of ??r vios. AH iiesmaj a iusury will re rewv?lt~J tij Oi'tinf. Bupenor us iiy i>{ Fret/i t>?lt 0OM?tM>Hy oa naul la supply Hotel?. Sti?'.er? enrt Famine*. it, siiOil, keg, or <ad. laiiulies* orderc de:ivtre.: or. sLort doUu*. Cboic# Cis&rs at re? ?ocai>lj ;z'sm. *e 8 1 pi* IAlilLK' KCBbEtt BOOTS a AND SHOE*, A!! r'lte, W J B. PUDNEYTi, 321 Penn a?, back i-f Ciagett'a Dry Gooda Btore. fYfEiVS RUBBER BOOTS 1*1 AND SHOES, Al J. H PUO^KV tC fa'S-tf .V.M P un, ft/.. Bioit Room. CM! A I. , f W-TtOLFSALK AND RETAIL. ?At ctr OSise, New Jersey arenas, opposite 1>? aul O. Depot. f? 12-tf J. LANftDON ft CO /'LORIOU8 NE'.VH?RURNPIDE'3 EXPK VT ?];tion a perfcjt succsb. Bat next to tA&t ia ibe iirraf no* offered in Ciothiag, Furn ish'ri Goods, Tracks, Hatj and I aps, at th# P^op'c'a j Store, No. 400 7th street, nppo git> Pogf Otftoa. f? H-lm y HUU! 8 n I il T 8!! ? 8 n i k t 8:u We are <ivinj :>j>oo al atrcttien lo rtakinr Siurti to measure, aarW to fcavtas a'waja on hand ? #;.? Etopfc ro!?or mada. neelrju* this hd portaat k v r?:?ni und* in a ?ty e atd of material at t-.or ntiould he, will r e ac step ii* inl leave their number. iAill \V. THnMl'SON, 3TO Pa. aven under f* l.vif Brr yc i Motet. adams' OOMPAr./. NOT ICS oTlililOVAL. The deliver* ?ff?8of ?t aoirparr la renjoted from TUiro street u> the la.^e depot on B rtr*?t, lerwepn 3d ant'. ?! tt*. oe>n-tf irWI MAI.AOA 6RAPBB. I< A? I,US. Of t.^e iatmt importation, and of in terior aua.i'r. iuat reoeivert. KINO * BURCBELI* i* 4 Cornnr ISth at. tiw vwmniil ?. Gi HA'.MORAL BOOTS. TOAT TifKd DooUe w.e BaiuunU. fl *> Call n'd oo do <Jo ?<> blovo Calf da ? ?2 i<> A'.ao. a'I oth^r of Larf:oa ao4 Mitm' yt'lliOja! HooU. U10 Cfl?AS>-St *r)<* h"0t A8V>rtm*tit in tbcoily. J. *OWK*TlF*U f*o. IbM&.ket PfM*. J*7 ao Patii avenue. Ixuweeti iiui ar.?i $tft t?. SHIRTING COTTON*. mtfCottoaa for Mlta' ar4 ohiidrenV xrr*r, & f.?M au?>l/ oi the i'fit jraJ.'a. ni.dur lue ii:-r<ed rates Noiw.i:.?iv tkttalilr a-Waue? i? friek of a ! cuch goodn. vc uvUtisno ot>ro!<i trice* PEKRYk BROTHER, fe IS tr ^ ?T<n. av ar.d Ninth * ? UA.tlAi* I < A NLM.I O ADAMANTINE 4TAN0LK8 '! tO UuXc<? Ati*L-.AtlUU0 CfcLO.oJ, (uu i ?uv tj Just rej?;tc?l. KINU k LI'K' HF.LL, le 20 Corner Ivth rt., and Vwiwrot aye. TUi; FINEST AN : HL>T STOCK OK HI"A DV.MADE CLOTHING ui IVMiiiglOB can he fjact! a' t! \K & USIO.'S E?t&b'iBliinenl, ocrner of K ana 7?li ALL HlZK BOV S, ir??m tb? acaoI 4 }?*! up, oau l?e f.tuJ out a' i?AK A uKO.'ti. corner K and 7tf? at rr.oeh law thaa uaual jtnco* CMTlZKCtS ANf? STRANUKKe, look to jomr J inierefel! Loot far ttie corner o( K aud ?tl? treeta-it i* i-?e j> aoc to t>uj fiuo CLOi'Uf.MU lor but UtUa !aoi.ey. OTOP WIIKN Ydit PfWiPHi THI.' ma I,r h and Tlh etrsau, an i bur a anit ol fine Ci.U 1 ttINU at 310, 912. *ta, or fit! At H A It Jt HKu.'B feW 1 m* Ka?>ttar,?M? Olotmnie K?Ubli?i<m6ht. NMOl'RNlNfi COOW, (>W in ptore nnr nsu*! tn p ? ar.1 Lis? ?UX>k ?f all kir.iiaof Itr? Oootla for Nionrtunc App?'?l. Ona price on:*. t:ii tctuif cash v?Tu<?, i>i?rk?J in plain t?arc?. fl.Kll Y k. MHO , fe 2i U I'ear*. aventi* aLJ Smti ?t UJAAC HKR'/.BEKtf. /fv XWA The Only LiMMM JL~\ V ffl PAWStfho&jtH. . B ^ f lt.,wu to 1.0 vn Gold and Siirof vv, Jew#!:j, ouq& and Pisto'f. &UT*r Ware, aiui Wearing Apparel? at the o!u sta-id, No. 311 C etreot. bail of the National Outoi. between Oi and (1)1 tt?. U>UKi;?fKlJ AN!) UTHKH L.1NKNS, fr.O Ui&yrrii! of the yroyer kiodi for onil dreri'd tgroDa. Pink. H.aoui) Duff OMtu, >i&in. to* elilWWn'f war. Our borUiArn t)>4 eaatoia oorrMtoBleota a*n4 a. rlew hu{.plic? ,lti'[;t.RRV 4 bKOHIKK, fa 15 ft Peep fcT.nnd Ninth et, Oysters! Oyster* t VHh OV iiRLA N DOVfTKH EXPRESS KMuurft<!i ?:.J frir&te /-J wo^M do well to cfc'.: uajn them. ^ Vllflf Tno?e oyttdranr* cold ? Uuore i/Wr weveome irorn u? t&ht. ~ iLT" >?ce No. 48 Market 8?*o?. below Lb? Arenue Hon**. . M^saisiss,.0"NEw an>> *<>? B:ack and White Plaid an.l Ctecked ?11 ta for tfnvg, BImc WHk Plka, Extra Otocey Black Silks alt widths aad ?rt?e?, Kmucg !* * Siist, *" heal Pan* Eid tf loves for ladiae, all aisea and AllHad's'oi Dry Oooda. Oar northern and IMPOETAIT TO 7AMILIIS, ISTLUU, SMVUi AMB OTHER? WILLI 491 TVCUR?I CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL noriPTD v ttr a r* nnnrrni 3D* PENNSYLVANIA AVRNl'K, KM PENNSYLVANIA AVRNl'E. GROCERIES AT HALF THE IWAL PRICES. Hiring t*#? fwrtkttd / Jawtrnj t Merchant* mmd ttkttt. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceriei, Liquors, Wines, Cigars, 4c FOR FAMILIES, FOk SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. U NION CIGAR?.* C RACKERS, BOSTON. K BTCHUP8, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. K AHINS, MALAGA. HEAD OVH PRICES READ O 0 R PRICES! Ettr* Brown !>ug?r cents p?r pound VT Ult* !*u^ar VI ctnU per pound Kin* (lie*a Trt M r#nt? Mt rmiinil Fair Black Tea Eitra Coffee Uood Coffee W'a Caiidtra Katalua C'otlflak Jul polled Cigar* Havana Cigar* Almond* .... Halt... Good Buttor Kxtra Butter M tenia per pound #' cent* per pound 16 rent* per pound 33 retita per pound to centa |*r pound <i centa per pound 90 centa per ItW ?1 to f3 per 1<? IS centa per pwutd .40 centa a bag IC centa per pound Xl r*nil n*f nnun^ Fine Wines fl per bottle WbUkey IS to 30 centi per b?ttl<* All other kind* ot LIQUORS In proportloa. Call and tee for yonrael/. TUCKan, 341 Pennaytrasla Avenue WILLIAM TUCKBt'B LMKAF UROtEKV W AKKHUlIK, 3*4 PENNSYLVANIA A V E N l t, lit PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUK. GKOCKHIfcS AT HALF THE IVfkAL PRICES, Having b*tn r*rck***d & Bankrupt MtrUamtt find otktrt. etu&rtU Kfined Augtrt from 9 to 1* eta p?r pc-und Extra Fine Own T?? 75 ? ?? Good Green Tea Vi ?? ?? Fitra Fine Black Tea 73 " Good Black Tm SO 44 Old J ava Coffee 20 " Good Coffee tl " Brery ttln^ elM In proportion I REMEMBER, VOMER'S, *M PENNSYLVANIA AVENVE TVCK&B'S, m PENNSYLVANIA AVBKVB W illlMIOM. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAUR ANTS, HOTELS, QROCX&8, AMD OTHERS. WILLIAM Tl'dLKKf CHEAP WHOLESALE AND MKT AIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3?* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE Lil'AL. fKICKrt, JUtiag *??* of Jtf?rc4?*n mud oiAtrt. tucxbr;*i tucker's WHOI.ltlll a*D UTAIL Groceries Liquort, Cig-art, Winet.fcc FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLK&S, FOR OFFICERS. T EAfl, F1KE. I) NION CIuaRS. c RACK ERA, BOBTON. K RTCHUPA, IMPORTED F. XTR A COFFEES. K AlMfttf, MALA6A. KSAD OVh PRICES R 9 A D OVH PRICKS! WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, St* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE IM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIira TOBACCO. fl. H. WATTS 15 YDLT7HTZBR TOBACCO. QHOOKRIB8 AT EALP THE USUAL PRICES, Havftiff hm pmtkmmd tf S?MmiaM KSMMMBMM, TUOKKt*!,M? MINITLViNU AVENUE TUCKER.>8, HI PENNSYLVANIA A VENUE Bra joimtor, Aiviarti df to >* w?u, foe AX>L DIFEAFK80F IMPIfMNOK, iir MO FALSE DTLICAHr rKMTEBT. AJ?PLY IMWBWaEELT. A 99*M WABHAirMD. 0M MO C/fAMVM, IM rROSI OM* Tb TWO DA Y*. VmUm rf IM luk, frrHMMa, ilNUra rf t?? *H H;i ?u4 BUSIti Jmuttij i1 kmi(|i, 1 yn?T? twl P>MlKy, 0??y?y??, Ubm, r M(U, u? pwtu, Mr<MM * ix T??i1u?. fiwNMii, * *c?t ? Um*w ?f *? wlkM.4fNMM?f A* IlU ? Bewe'.f?'ke?? Ternt'e Meerden ini j | a* Miry ItVt'.i : T? ? [> ?? Pra?Ai?1 aari IW.rttui Phi tkM vMefc n*4w uspaaaikia, u4 taut) k<i W,Ulltoi TDtA-B JlfFBT aaaaiiVj *M Un feacar. tfca nc'ca ? afHary .?#, tkii ?r?ad aJ urf 4tr.-w 'i haWi ?Mrt aar?ally M as a/rtlma W jtim il"?i ta af t?'| ' tt IU ia:aata a?< fcruliaai lata .aet. *w li>i niru . <! ii*ur>irf tf t'.M ?>-? isa tfai<lar? a< ta ar *ik?l w t.iuc; Ji ;??lt4 'fr?, ?i> aa. r* rau mMiiw. M4AJKS40* _____ MiUlU rntMi, tt TNB| HftM MMafMu Ife t t?*| ivtNif afcyxca. mhiM, null ??kniif, <<araiM?, tc, ?r?? 41'? card wt-a jn-,a? ai-dt? t?? MM af Da. i Bay M"(V ' l aaaMaia bUkauar u a yaapaaaa a*4 Mty mpm> bto akn?ai a ftytc tM. OFFIQM IH. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST aHa * ?*>? fraaa hiurnii atraau a hf ?wra fra? *** *? ' r?jt am ta itwm aaaaa aa4 aiat? kiwa ** P?i< as4 aaauta aiuaf DR JONWETOtr, Mr a* Ifca BaraJ (Xlafa tt Barfaat.a. I ? tia, nila ata frarn ? af U>a aaar. aaanaat 0>'ta(aa m fta ? ia4 1^1*1. Lh? # O'at n**-. ad ? ? ? - ?? Oil Pttla4alf1kli i*4 ' ? . ku ( (:?? Mrt *f mi iiwMiii mil Am vim ? ? ti'?wii| m'l UVMiiaS VI'K Id t>*?4 tai in vhia ulltp fr*w itaraiu M, kaiaf aat Mir aaan>?a >?*'?aa viU fit , ( k.aa'tif, iuii 1*4 Hril.j'n Vttt ?r a S<1, *m t?ra4 mat inilf, Tjiirjc rARTirvLAR jrorrrg T(U| Mac n*r aUara w\ a tw*? kv * w u> >? a tin a I. fr?<-aa-ittf fr?o. i*U nn|>imi m at MkMl, v*a af?-ia > rt.f- ?r? nl|v.:'j ?f ?r< Mlia^, U)4 if n?i and. f*o(! in wm.f? ur-.-u**' o>a, i .4 C ir,-?n k< i bi 4 aa? Wd*. ak??>? f r-j !? io?ni*>a at*. ft?M irt Ml tftMfll ao4 MIMM7 ifMU U*4mi| ka Mm k<kiu tl nau, mi *Wom ? Of U*.? u< Piiu in U* faiil, Ditwwi ?T lifkl, Lm at llntiii Ntm, ( ini Ufa-". Hirit" rru kMr?, *f tfci !v*aa-i?a ftiWW, ataaa. Paaihta. trnfmmm M Cmhk (4 wv, Ac. HI^TlLLT.-ni f?ar*i! ata'? ?n tM kM iii rail ta ka driC'iai?Ueea mt Mlnw;, C? fill? ?f ,da?a, bar nam ? ptr'ta, K?n rntahi*"ip. *?arw?r if a*!ait. ftai<TH? U?al. L< ?a ?i Mi.kdt, t iKidHJ, alt., tta MM ( (M !?' I R?i?an r??1LITT ?Thuaacla i?a h?|?4|l vtnik Ua ?a<h ( t*-a.? 4ac .n^tf hiahh, hm*~w t*ilr '.far, ai as of waat, pila, '? iii ?"?c?lal. Lii uf a 1 i.(Uai a^paaniia akaa. Ita |?I?,ih|L N ayr.>fMaia if aa^aaarf V15KASKS Or IMPK VDKXCK Wk* i ! > ? ?? fc* fc? Ua i?%- > = U i.tJt *f itt p* 1st*. <ihim, H VM ktfpai.t lUttlatl1 mi m ?f ikMM taU w 4?c?**r? iltm tt?r'' f ' thwi ?!?,lrM ? , can aW kafr>???# t?(T R? fait* I * J.? ?f ifMnii ut^ Caaifuief ?fc? af Nr.ii.lUk i ? ptca turr ?M-s<>ci. *??r tin ir l .14 11 v. ? iih ? iii ?( l| it tainad, e"8 la iaajv. ,r tai*a bin viu raii.aA AaaliA ( ?fk '? ? lufi; >1 *ia?j>?r!- mai 1; a* \jf a* ui ' tkn <xf; f** -5l?r??ry? k*?.?u |M Ui<ll''IJn>l am it* ? ?f '> * ittnl 1 iuH?, ?ct tf Ai?cu?-.a ' lf>a lun. **.? ?' In! kts, Ac.. 1 ?.dk lr (kifa. rapt?Hr,ta'l fMik piu a HMi! \? k : aafanufk it ii?<1' j kin.i it?i iliMilrlii ?Vi tr? 'mo ?imi k**"! ba l>a?ala> ItMIU d*. /rj//.Ysr>.rs xkmedy rr)R oRGjffjt vnULKNSSS AMj lUFOTKXCr Br AM (Nil u4 hHrtuinak? rnUMialiti wm tn apaaAPy i*n< au.J fall >1|M rrttaavA nMiiiJiil ika mi >111111 k*4 4tk:niu?4, vk? ha* taai All km l*o*dteiai*rait?**A. 4U iBft itaftl II M.n ? # rbni?a mm 1 1 MNhO&EhMFVT OflH* MISS. Til HiPT T?rv?.'.*? (Kit ? l?? ttkla ikt um m'him tun, i?4 tfm hkcwt laftruw *?-p m.i ?? 1)1 jcfcafec., k? ? hmn?m if ?_ ftptrt ul n.lli? mtit limn, mcn ri >u?b u'l mnltl ?|l'l l l4 l|t!l lift:? ik* **? 14. w' imm ku luihi| *i i rirtliair ?f cmni.h im m^mk ml<if ,1) i ii*?n?. ( ) m iii itttiil a&tli-ir T il I ?3 ? isma.r. p*y Rcval lrtkri Pmttnt of ?J, a f *<r?r?tf ' j l4i staii t/ ui f i^U d? Pht* mnrU di Parit. ?<! (*? Iw.ptrisl L eiltgt a/lci:u(, r??wi. trieskmar No. 1 la th* ejects rfme:j for piuntion, f mi ?atgikb<sa ami kxeacrtionoi th? mltix triwil MAR inrt.8. coin>lot*,t ?rtlre:y all u.< din-r<? ? ?, ( ? whi,?h c<^:v* and c?^h? a*ve |?b?raut bees thc.?? bt an ?nti<*ot*. to tm ram of l:i ml *l m ??-< ? -j I FULMAR No J. It thfl [r?u utd ?ur* rrr??OT ui Ue oiv.llaMl wot 4 for *!1 ini?ontf?? o: %h?? i?rt?m,u well M *coari fcry symptom*, o*>ri*ti-? tt?e d**tn??t?T* n?? of M#ro?ry. la v?:' %r a* rtwn* iD(r?4i(>Dti. tad whiofc aii tne t^craapari.l* n tli* world o*mx4 r*mot?. T?ts*ix?il No# 5. S ?nn 3 ?re *n?? old ott??ve or m*U.?r.C of ?! rv:?*fttinc <?*i tl*?. Tl#* m* ib the fans of t "?er f r, %no n.*j li* <y. the toilet t?n:? without tawr im t?einf ao? ro.i id tor (? * ?: *3 mca,<r focr PI cam* 11 om for ft, md in frt omm. thai m?.iii ft u %?aubin?re4 by V?,^?r, |,? ro?n<J. Km 4e? fc?. Wh c. ui!i ird Mi?.f '"u " ? ?' " _ -- ? W - I J I/f%! II A II Itli* ROW, 1*4 B!?ac*e.- etr??t, (4 doors from M%o I>oiir%I fttrwC.1. Nmt ^ ork. Imra^Afetr msm aeipC of r?niU?Bo?, IV. Ltiimw will fo?-w? Tnwiwt to b.s? Mirt of im imrf.r i^ck?c a;.-: addrened fcooor JU14 to U?* 1 astroolioci of tu vrittr. P??ii?hfT?!?ohDR BARROW.thUiMliM ud Jx?ai:k!lii!!Tiiit?xri:<% medio&l vork.Hac.M Pratity. t3 srt. Tr>*r.x*r ud Boo* <*a t* orlkined by rpoet*: Mti-vrity trca: B- C. FOR 1), vVwh^a*toa, D. C. <!? U-ta MK,/ D 291 O OTVTER8 &-1EAMB3 la (to 8k?'J mm Tjioro^jhijr C c>ckt?1 (fcj nfirw to t roMt) in ttrcwwuir, Ik /m^K M?4 >< fttr;i Call ?b4 atwt, Tl;? *i?U?r^rafr; recfectf*i!y toforoa tuafriecda wnJ^?*wp MTixuniiin U\ a most '; -n5 jts raitacr, ad Em nisde ton HT*EcriP#Dt? toWrnicb OYSTEltS la any t&h&ssixsPiK Per?OEi vutu:* to h:rt Oratort fcrnlebed r*? jyjywintrr, iu BtJ?.*ore -,<**, of .urct sitoUid Mil ihax a u KS aa~ - 0*La?d , Mw!*, iJEiwnf^Maiia. cmm. . In tact, every tkin* for ale is tfe# N*rtk, tela on LsmT, m refc*cuible prteae. lfntelas'jd f?.uji.iM iv?f :ad vita (tyawn. de livered withont chirfe to vny ptrt al the LrialneV i:i ?9*.?ob, jf the mon -r i- ??Bt with the order. M r ectauluhineot in eeou from t a. m. to II M utiii, every cx?, except t*tud*y, when I c.oee M t caumru Worcoklcrshire Mtuce. PrOB?HC?etl Ly COM<OlSSi:tK8 Ma.<> M EITftAOt of a Letter from ft U4 4^?ao4..c u fcVULY op uifta. TUe kU>w 8A L'CE tc oftl j iLe tuv fci<J bk-*i CCilkktKT kluVf.blttMMIl tM>j > i**l. u ft Wi droya ia ffw?. # * ?. or viU A<t. lot MkJ Ooid Jomii. w .Tim*. ba?u, #u in.^rt An excuiait* taat, wt eh viwi+riifUd Mum i "OHL* ?UOD AUCK." rw Mm VritMf ft! Wor?Mt?f I ifccmw kav? in rain nd?i*or*1 to taiuMfc Ob tt? UruJtfMX, LmrXtcm, Dtmmsr, or t?>w t**U, a oraet ocatair'n* M LKA k PUR KINS' WOKCK6TKKSB1KK SAOCK" u Mo. To awroeiato U?e trt4Umm (MJtiU' uf this tiMl pnytntiM it If only ?HM?>rr to Mr?h*M a aaall bottlo of tho rMMM, of a roopoot?t<:? jro eor or d? or, u man j ffc?i ac4 hut^mrmmt pro prietor* saMora f too tho Fun ft*?oo boforo tkotr (qmu, cot nutiuui gacaiao ?<*tU KUod viU ?ipwneeu naxiars. For nu? by Qrooora and Frm)tNora ??oii ohava. JOHN DUNCAN * PON?. mmd UU ?m?. Mm Tirl, Mi WMmit A*wt? for tho UniM StMoa. A Mtook altrmra u> tor*-Al?o ortfora racoiro* tor direct ahipnmta from Fatlagi BTBwfi Ommttrftiit mmd yHyfo . (irHAMtt HAIR DYE \?TOCOLO* BLACK

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