Newspaper of Evening Star, 5 Mart 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 5 Mart 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. The rise tt. Mmt'i ftratlemaa. [k rom the Leonardtawn Bracon ) 1 know a clever gentleman, Wicm catty know bsMt, mv-* i? ??o Krrrt tftd * tat . u n m y j? "? w. ... ?? doth itfll r*?! de, W Lv vii r *v*<r known to tarn hi* bsek on either frt??nd or fw, Bu? iiippU his frtM defiantly?hit friend* wtth open arms and purse a~d botisr?, whether taelr coadttlon l? e!tt*r high or low? Thii fine St .Mary's gentleman, oua of th? oUen wboo!. Fall oft. I we^n. Trtftcod by him at Lis old dark ?!de b^aid, And when we each a wholesome drink of Bour bon out hid poured, We drank to each prosperity and nerer ending heilth, Until w- feit ?o happy that w? thought the whole world our own ana an us uuaci aim wealth? Thfa i *" St. Mary's g?n;i<?nian. one ?? the old^n Th;? ?ue St. Mary's ^ertlenwi. not many months 8?0, Paid ire a Tlill wbkh he owed for thirty year* ?r jo, And when he came I welco.nfd hi in !n divers friendly wa\ s, And act P-it wl:!? and apple toddy, but he wouldn't toj~h 'em either, for bf said that whisky hid fct?*n hi* frier-d for forty years, u d be should ster.d hy It the bs.enre of Li? d ya ? Th!i finest Mar}'# n?rt!e oaa , one of taa olden AkfW\1 An toon c? whlilrr !n w-? hrrnpht aid all my /rierds imri h'd. The tL??i:_htso/ all from srdtr.U tin. da&ln(X> lonrdj they jibed; This H i Sv Miry'a ?. n ' man. nr.* ef the o'd-n rl -n|, I>e?lt o-jI the e^rds f->r hut some how or o*b*r enida't a u ad and didn't via in two tuotwl hours h solidary pool? Th!s flneS'. Marj'? peitl >iran, ore of ths clden School. Thl? fine s?t Mary'J gentl?n>*n *t lent plc)t?<l up a hand ?f four tood klnrv on widen b? bet Lis t-a sud ' Haw" ft'iou'. seventeen I or taore nsti! at Jast a sljjht" Le did demand; Bo*When tia friend srr?r* tue board la'd down hi* arts lour. He limned hteiy frll elf h c'aalr and rolled straight out !n tr.?- middle of the flc?or, a# dead as a nail lntr i door, Tt?!? ar.p St. Mary'# ?. on* oj the olden aebool. H'i fr'.nds all tried to wring bim to bv nil the m< ar>< they knew, Ai:d th? v tr!d L irtsLorn to LU aoai* at 4 mbb?d Lit fret aud and piilhd > if bis st' : V jind cost 3"d in h?? free tl y rcM- kv tbr? H*:t be liy qn!?p d?"id and -oid. z* t-ey rolled bim ail about, I'rttll sow? o?i?- .III ? i cr !i; i. .? u. viaen bo j..m^d rl^bt up and iwore b- d u b!p tbe iiaon'4 mac il wu.i pnf that rr *ty stsilr'n h'? ttro.-.tjfhe eould arw* bun out, Ttiaflne 3: Mary ? gentle x?n, one o' tae ?~I ien ebool. ?r>ar:H? Cottbt. Mardi 3 ? Jlou Kobt I? Yanvslk?-cburt; of New V. rk. wis adu'fed an attorney end '-oiin*?-lior of tfci? Cn :r? No. W F.imund R.?-e, i>'.aint;lt in error. *?. t :f Minnesota and Northsea'.ern Railrowt Company. In error to tlie Uis'n.t tv rt U tnl msi- a lor 'Uf Diatilct cf Minnesota. Mr Ju*:lrr Clllfird d? llvered the op*.r.Ion of the Pour'. rfve-?'n^ judgment of ?ue *ald Di?'rl?t ?'oartwi:o i and rpnannd;ni ttc cuu*e for furlUr ; "Jiuj,! to be Lad tueret a la coofcriuity to t_e opinion oi this Cou t. No isJ John Cllften, claimant ot the Wrlfi Water Wltrh.&r.. appellant. r? \\ m. tl > ; . i doa. Appeal from the Clcuit Coirt t"n".,'-d J*tate* for the l;i-'rict of New Vo.k Mr. Juat'ce Grlfrdfl v? d tJir? or> "Ifrt of t; Court, ailirin'a^ t. - ?'; r*-r of tu.- ?"jrcu ' Court In tbi? ran^-. w'th r ?:? nrd in'*rrV. No. 11T. The t il. til HtaU*. a{t."t ;;arti, v Robert B V!~'"h Ap~^l limn 'IL' ?t!?'r!r' court United Mfa* ? f r s<j;ciern d:??flrt t>i California. .Vr.J -? ?.-? deitv r+ii L>* opin ion of theOouri. r f the dta'.rlct Co.irt. J rr t the f.ii'.e, wlio airerMOf;* to aisoi.;* iq p<-i ot i&ecir.rna^i .No !W Jov;,ti Hn': i. f i:? rrror v* the Linked ta m ih^ clr.-ull c-oarl United Stat."-, for fL? TV 'jf i t. .Mr J'.istVeNelioo d?-; '."rr'dtti-opinion of t: e Court, reversing tL* ju?tgTieat t ft;.? ?t clrcui' rour* end r?tnudlnj( ttv* rwe. with direction# U awnrd a venire far "s ?1* i . vo N? Ul?. TV|y Wilson. App~al fr. m 'he d * i"n- rt H?aJe? for the ??"i )?-r i ?l:?tri-:or ( i: . tn.a, ' ir Justice \etoon d<?l!v?.<i tLf the i o :i reveritng ti.r dcerce' f 1L ? i!?l d!j>?ri? * ;r?.- .1 len^ndtnv tfee erase : r L^r p*oecrd:a^? U ??* fend tberec:. ia conf-rarity to t:;? cyii:ioa ? : thi* Coott No 12* J.^Lt Mo^ai-e, p.j!ht!!t In err# r. a_t Mart I Tl'U P ?f h Court of the* of M'.sv.tir'. Mr Jut: - C* tron dellT red the op'r.1??n of t: e Court, sffl'ir ingtte Jad^infQt o( il#> said :?upreir.e CooM ir tkia ?nu?^) wllb c~s? a. No yT Tee I SUf*--., iippc-lteat*. n^t Ma. Uiio G. Viiiij i Appeal fro u; t;:t ti:st: :c e.>urt of th# Uol eci f r th* : ftrthm ?*t? tr'.ct rf CeMtorn?a .Mr. Ju*Uc? Wlya*- dellT f id th* opinion of tut- Ci>u:t, IL< ^rant t> I.azarb Pint. Nj 11J Gcwjc J iw, plaintiff la ?vr-ir, ?_t Alexander Cro a The argument of tfc'a rara wa* eontiir.fd *>v Mr Urd for tte rl* !: -rror, and by Mr tilliet for t?<e plaint. J la error TUK MN1 0HA1.K' I Vi INKOFM.* t. -i Ihfct wo r,ia ?i"#? o Mr rc&uera vl ?.-i itff.<rinr fin? -i G";-* , is-: ct Pf'AKSO\ MKiil'J ATI o Ti\:.' *? * ft ?o-t r9it*lT. M&uy o: oarft.e ;su*t?U. ; >.u; vi'i autre5 fj:H i-i:" *' A??hrr.a Thaa" mfMtivnt a ? "? t??e ti OoiimnytivM > &f-trc a;.?i Pubuo t^akfrs vri< are liuaj *J Witu '? !hg\? i>'f find i? l?t J.1 using Pe:v??>n'? TarDrops.Tr. I he *a ?iif> tj!'ovt ui t tikr u i iiot.i: i( ?r rviic: ?ru JUOM I'J ton U.C !l f*-rrtJuiJ -f tl'O VfCil orf-R?i? a^id fif? I"'? *fl* fuM -*e ' < i?s? v. ? Hifpitei at'l no.1 by titO- FtA?<*s<>N, >o. ; .>ui;b Lii>trty *t, >o d ui u*t 4s?l Kight vvr. , !*t?. A Pair-fur ?trt? A aicdTiv A. H. 11 abt. freoeriot; ami ot in principal (iiug{i&?3 v-i cuLlt.tioaej-i r.' V-ce.-.'i p?rpaia*p W W Iw <^TfclNW\Y k PO.VA CLLKli&ATED iJi A>0 pi)RTi>.-The? if vtriiirfaf?^22 a- m t-.ed t?T ?ji-j usi- ia stc r>e:n? or >na.';ut'aeu.i2u tu tiu-i ? '1 >?> 1.1 a urri-B rtp TP i trfl prOn. tl T! or- ' ft wh?rev rt'id wbetiav tr t r.ef in com p't.iioa. Tuej m v vi?nivdi?r fate tear-* \ ?r?f i { m?tru(ne;.u ic a! w?t? t?> he tmiad &t t:i" V???c ?tewi <-f V*. O. Mh'fZb&OTT, S".j Aff 'ut. OBe7oot?ve 4 roona e->ra#r < hiok^'io* Piim or ?*n? for jr*-S. ielb_ /!#; > * WF?THF!MFR ft rr> < * No. 4(J no 46? S s-r., 4 Wl Oppont* Ih? fort fjjfit*, < >ffer their atooK vi \\ UN t:*,,i :t.\M 4)1 Ji?, ?i IN CURIMAL8i?fe..t<?u liu-.r >?rge t)E6AK8, TOBACCO, ^i!tCT tt(N>Oa, for aa.? u V\ uOImvis P.-icib. Tasy k?ep cunst^ctJY oa i ?: d iin? 1'HfLAfJKL PHIA CHKA^j Ai^K, in k*i? &?'* lo> MrtortM^lj n"* '; ?? ' ';c i . f?ier*i * tb tuMlMl tr? g.v* ; . & 01: at-1 (xv .'<? B.Mlllti tu>vi of gtx. U. 8. WKKTHKIMKR A CO., 4?J m?J 4?4 >eve?*r< 4* II lift u?jiO. I 'tfice. rp IMH. HHIMTKII HA^K? X UK Kl. au! til I . H* :ko W ;i la IaW?*D ar ps.f for juji. at ?:.j riur.-, aciil further iiuiiue, via: <um*ri auu Hank. Milto*!. IxU nrtUi#r?i?'a v\trt6L. l'?. Mftrehaali* Dank. Tr*rton. >"?. i, m\ M ? KL? VV. TM IMPttoN, if 3 7 U F* %C., U'oWu'B ilolel. w A LL?, t* I'KFilK.Hb * CO., 3JJ P*S ,-ILV* .LA AViM'l. M ILItAKY and naval. ^1 t. Ui?ii * <U'k? ?? ?* i i i ai M;iV7, ANl) RL4.DV Ma:)*; i :.!)TKigim, AND livFKXS! Vr IJKa LKRrf I N (iKNi'l fcl Hf ^ Kl'tNlbUlMO iOUUB. Wt u- - ? K.OH TUKARMr. *? Ja?t r^ivtj, [i? iletcitfr Am o. & ??? *????? .Vf."^???2owt Fr*iion Gra? ~rr . .. iiv vi \ on* jo# ?tiing3. > Btmon * a o<*.?r--x>r* ?to<1 j ;Uri. &f Tof*Uk#r wit* a i^;o o/ la'ast l- r?r*.-i iuuftio lor Ma--:c z-L~>r* t i W. MbUhHOir, Jail C?;t*r P? ivan??ui lite ?i. ICAHH NUTiC:>. N Con?**T?Mio? of car hftvtoc to *%y o*?h for verr ?iUo<* ut goods ?a ei .-(iM, w ve 1 >mcd to radao* oa.- buia?utu ionnwr ,lor the pr??*nt. WjU,#.Rtt'ifC6Vfn of Rr.Al)Y-MADK CLU'liiiMl for tu?ri ud t yt' w**r. wfaio:. sf wl.ltt a; a muoa low&r raid U?ar. vwuai.f. WALL. t-Ti' PHi-.NS X < ?.. 444 P?. *r., c will *l-1 I' t.'i ita. )?7 A >6* 1 UOBSES FOR SALE. n Of Y?T 0?*Tlpt:oc. i Conatant'T on raa-i?Loaj^ai % k . .-c .a, tk?<>i>)?r M*'"1 '* 'm* Heavy wool ho*k, /?? 1>KAWKW,u4AXMV at 344 P? arena*. bcot ruuot ?r .)1? u ?trc?:, o+iwhl jth ! ? ? ??< |f FINK kMortm-u of Ti?i Coila.-e, Pnspoj 4#r?. fcriirte, Truaca. lUta and Caps, at ITtt'fc* No. 46U7Ui ntreot, opyoaJto Post t* >4-?m K soke ANO COME TO TUB VEj-T place to Buy your Cluthinc?No 460 Seventh tre^i fegT-Tm JUST RKCK1VKl) a larCa lot of BOYb' jAOKhT?, from A-ustlon. wttch we are ael. klSHrutuLMivVliitir &rat Oual, at No. 4t>0, " " W14-Ub A *} m B f.|ARN0LN*S tXPBI!?8, M- . A . . J iUSTABLI?HK> >*? .> 1'fl I^mT# to Irforra the pub'ic that th * i>?T* *" taded th?ir F.x?r<?4 to Waihinrton. av d DOW jr-jared to 1 rana?ort Mm-chsn<?!M, B<u '* <Vo.jto ail r? :j of tna MtJdlt, f.iw Fnnam ar.j RVtfcra S;?? Cnac0ctmr wit? tM most respcsxfua KX} rs*f?* thronrhrnit the connttj. w? ?/e enabled to *"V MMfK.i/lf.' to all who may tivor ui thesr (Stroiwfe. For t*rin? and farther iufor. *H? twaajry U> E. B- SsiWi f H, a test. ?1 - "* ' -?*? ?? ?'*_ liver u?. 4 ;' I VI Bin * * wvwi WT? ? - ? Washington, D C.^ _ a.*? 7th it., Nary Vard, . a. iW\lt?WI?. *(* 7'h *t, Navr Xw1* . a. DKuLWIO, A-s 7tn at, Navy \ arii, has for s\> DAYTON'S LK'-ION BISCUIT, 1>AYT<?N'S HtMCKf) fcNAPS, daytovs Boston CKArtf-V*** l)*v TON'S SOU A CBACKKHsL . DA > ton'S <>K AH AM CKACKKiTs. fa 27 iw DOOM TO RKNT. BHitabl? for gut'.err * u?p!y H.MO.? a.pp't to ft J. MVKR3, Ion'twri of Watchft*. 10 V* tthmttin iiuiidinc DfcAl.r.RS IN WATCHF3 WpbM do w*'| > -via::J itocfc of SI J. M\ vMi-.a ibi y i/a le.hnf ? > par c*j;t. 'over than A "1 other ?i?o?a in the city. 10 Waslungtos Baifcu n*. iVATCl* MATURE Will eav? timeaa>t troubl# ?? b* call ue oa a. J. MVEKS to pnrchasa Wa,;i Niatartaie, Watch. UltUutft, Toola, atul Jewelers' Jobuvr.t .Viataitail. 10 V? isiiiugton Huiicist. X J. >i VKK.>, htviiift "'jii?igtoo<l that aer r (Zi travf ir< ??' *.r? *vis* represented ttsat i? ?..? correct <t wU?i th?-Jr iCHse. and ao'lin* ^ <e>r oraxiioio,thrr taks inn ni8*%ura in in i'-" ? tli* ira-ia tfc _? tuof ia (o way con c' ' *h #.r!y a* e^^ti in tina citf. t. 7" - At Bo;.ro'.: lioo*.?1'? ?? Mlio<w>o W Xj>rv. ? J v rlr M ' Mm! Iian HIM at Mlf #sst % atai*k* and v tit to and feOM Msr:: sj n.:; very it. ur, t^r ? ad'ordir.< t. ors&p and = *? ? ?(? w-nr vpj i ,9 vn 10 :n CABrpt t.i? n-i hr ?.rj.oc J. 1 fj > lu.-OISl ;n(ti p J ' r. i ?r fr ?! I y.^O't, v ! 6 lg ?M?t< ri?un*ti to hi* patrons every ia i:r vi !u< ;os?r. I-arc t<> ?a."!* way. tii. : > \I ".t 11 - vfi t,J aMy invito t; e at'eotionofa I wiinoor. fen." v ftirr..? v~ t < *:ar Iwwuo -?r i v*ii *n r stock ol C.\l ! ::T FURMTtRK. Mi ' -to! i pv ry >lj ( %i.'. i'j*: ::ry, from tie finest I'a '- T'uit l"~ a ?'jl ?Hnrran,li??^st??d entl < t>, *.t pr a w'v ?h d?>lv cosi r^'itloi. iii?- a cr.'! a/. 1 <' .nnci u-se v<s. (f _ eoo: A N N A rn IS C?>M?/AMV. I <? STKHS" A . Ct-hr rhipj,.^s r-nif&B/ M* 1. nn f??r v r'iiy?'?" t-? as.rp'Yjuj \? is .i -tor. r rt it* *, ii 'T.U'r. A yt> ?.;?? wl.'.ctlUAd li ..a i mi i MM'ikhcia b*auyplied. Oytt >n it -i:iiu!. , -f *-i i v o*l .>< ir;>rr 15?'t<? *3"> daai >iutokM oMaj'tawMihrftlM q : T ? ? MTMl* Kif"'K^MWn, i?. Of?i.v* tit,,-;- . 1 r iir.4 e?i.^{iaur <? \? sr.: j ii < ?! ; i? otit*r< t: if itkn i>? !% >:: A" Dtilric; i (irt^tri an* opoucrf tu:> ?f. -?ia? tn?j?ia*v .1 : i*iii tiio wxtof, ami a e ,, , r > hiitmt Jm* Hi? uiicl*t. All or<l??r j.r.'-.'-<u to w 1 lij#lA M Arc&ioito,flt 1 :r: iorCoxvaJ-y, wi!l I ? p.<*rtJi>;* 1 to _______ 1" 4 -lifl' KOAMiiHU OVOTKHtf, .,f xi ' ' ex-tiru L: vur suJ sia9 02 t.'io Ujslftr ' ' { rr. p?.?i:? avsnu*. WiunrJ:-' IS' fpMi ti;:* eveair.f of {U- ??! < t it i >:r-f>v ?<i; \nr?r ; r . lt?? iri. CMtBtOT Of ItllKfattd OltttT ? f Mf vii'c. AH <iitriB|R x*ry will 'o rm*'awl !*j M n:|tnw au&itty i U/?ters .> *6t.j o . v ! > flu Sut>: i &:i<1 ifc : L3(,ur ctu- ??! ' onl*? ?.. ?u<*. c. vri < au;;o r.fisatr^ PlUhll Ifel. ItHii' f A DIBS' BOBBER BOOTS 14 AMI MlOE:#, Ali ?1X?4, &l J 11. I'L'DNKVS, 'ij4 V?"iiu a>?.Bno, l-iok of i 'jctiiiii tiff (iwMi bu>re. MEN'B RUBitLli IJOOIS A M? StMiEd. ?! J IS hubxeys, _J- ' - tf " j 4 ! . |.r. f.V.. >:?. . < ho mi. i' a li . v wl k.BALE and retail, At wi'nrw jttit) fcver.ue, uppo?:te li, in ?. jiepot. 1 1. *; J. la.nqljon tr co ;i.i ? rt -xkvvc-m'r . ji.k's i:\pe tiu&a pertoot moo cm. ii\U bultouitm ik* itb muni waffiraiiaoloniiiifan> tjr>r * trp l:*t -. .'1 t ap*. at tl;# 1' ; ' ? v' i-tiiki mo. 4li07th ?trfcet, <)pfo t?i?-* t''?*t chiira! s ii i n t t? p. s k : r t * i & tw k i i*:;: V.'c va zi >-i r f; -. f^ten^eivtoirakinrbmrtj i . \ '-irf. a. nit i? ' > >\? f.? v?*?s -i l.snj a fi:i? 4 "t.!r P-r.*n ft.'fiirii.r thi*:tn u < v u 4* u ju vl crown'* Uot<>l. KXlttKSS COMPANY. KOTICS 0* 'REMOVAL. T ? dehrut-T t-ff V. e eoir.pary <a rectovfel frr->.i Ti:; U tota? iAriv depctcn B ^rreft, y-c ??>n V'l sid Sd :? rn-if IMA MAI.\G\ GKAI L*. ' * *" LU3. Otti.i .u.-?: i!u?uri?uon, sait of ?n y : r %u4 itj, just r:ceiv?d. KINH * BURCHKLL. j> 4 IV'* * i*?h it tno Vminnr.l t*. 4~l IU! MHB*! nilfiTW 1 vTO\ Tipp<>u a<> 3 B%'wura! 0? I O.'f KJ. ao d?i <'o s* n" 5 Calf <io i /. *>, a I atlv *"?Tij=* of LttliM ftr.-i ftusses' ri{:?ii3i?! i.ocit ,ih^ cue-spMt nud t>f?t a^ortinsnt 5 Hi tiiooitj. J. KOSKNTIML. ho. 16 Mar St ?t 11 ? r > p?^n ay?; ><? y<> gth ft?. ^H1 KTINta rorvoN:2 v?J Oot utu for ladloa' ar.-; cl tl iren'a'jrear, n, .uliruppir of tLo l>e?t era*: . ORci? r '.si# iiariN rates iSi'>iVith>l&i.di'j{ t <> itsilt a.l-mno* ic *rio? of % eut: goo-tj,?? Co- ?* i>nr?ii| e< v? ..r trice* PtKKY A RitOTHKR, '3 tr P<?nB. av ,N|ri?h it x. UAMAMTINK f'lNIH,F.-i! /> Al)A\lANTI.\K CAMH.F.8M f <? Hoi^i Ada;: act!i.9 1 a gno-1 eualit?. Ja, r35?i?ed. K?V?; ft BURf lIKLli, r?2? Orner tith it,?w VWB?urt>t>> HPHK FINKHT \N"< BRBT STOCK OF 1 ltfA.DY-MAD^. ('(.OTHlNGm Waiih nctun a.-i if f mm! a? BAK ft BKO. ? hatablisnmsnt, xixnr i f 11 an?< 7t!i ?t?. A I I. HI'/.K f-om f*-* aj* of i y*ari? up, in !,? fittH rt.t v BAft ft Htt< corner V: Hi . i;n iirMM. a: n:u -h l? r? th*n_u?a*l prtow. < riZRN^ ANV KTfANaKRll, Mrtto Ml J ir.zcrrtil f.>r ?ti(" coiii'f ?i 1 F *i:il 7th rt -rri?? j; i? t' ? ?tv. 10 h-.iy line OI . >TH1MW lor but lil.H UtO",?T. V ^ i??j? WIJKN % (.b r??ME TO 1HK UOR '.t - < i f", *H<i HL t'.'fiGU-, h!i??8illt of fin? UI N?. at 31", ;?!?. fl\ r Ql* At BAH * HKO.'H te^hlm' fr.Btamnmae/it. V mocrnino sooos, X>OW in etorr anir nnu?' an'p'? tnil in? *took of a," kitflsof f*rr Bood* for Mourams Appi'ei. One m.if, omMi v*!u?, n<arkej m pl?un (ieura?. I*?.KBY & bHO., !? _ nt J'etn. nvftnue nod Nintu at. ISjAi'1 HKK'/BKHO, l> a Only jv.e?.ns?<l X a V W pawnbroker. !5 ?i >??>Tear.*;* ?>? t?o J ?!nl HiItw W atoiisa J ?* t. Uuuri aad i'litoia, Hilver Ware. ana 'A-'ajjfcj Ap?ar6 ? a? th? old 'ta^d, No. 351 C a.c*r, bac* wi t;.e Nations! Liute:, I r??en 04 at<! I'-a it*. d> 1t-3ac* t JMDKK8SKl? AND OTUbR MNFNtf. and > Ki,?f#-?je iJifcj'.m.of llm propar inula fur chil dren'* a>*on?. Vmlc. 1? o? ard liutf OtiUils, plain, fur hi!dren? w^r. (is. conho.T a ?i ea?t?ru cot respou iei.ti teud da tow saypiSM Uai.f Vkhhv * hi(otmii.h t* 13-tf p?in. av.*in?t Ninth lit. Oysters! Of iters I THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPHKlkJ COMPANY ^ *tin caLtluir? to :?<vjT?eof i rtuoaefajnoaa pt&ntwt 1'ATPXENTT filVRR OY8TER8. /^v RasUurttrta i .; *riT?t? f-J w<>u! I co iTi.,1 to call ar?a try Uieiu. vluf 1 se _ j(va ta 1 3C ;.oih? after " * ?ora-> from tha v?*?T. ? ? *ca No. 48 Mfc/Ice; Sf&Ofl, bo!<?? th? * r llnirm iad aui_ 'ilOCRMWS l??r.K? OF NEW AN1? MOD in em efy1f?an4firtrlr, Li a.^4 VViita 1'iatd ?u?l Ch?ok*l 8iika for f?rinr. \v &?h J?i)lr?f Kxtra Glo??y ?l*<;k Silk# *11 vidtha ?uJ ?noM, Kt^cii.' l>ro.? Kp&I t\ris Kid Ulcrtea Joi' Ifcuies, til aizea Hi.J co'or*, All klarl* of Dry Good*. <*u' noiti.ero And osats:c ?*>ir?a><'i?d?iiU Mad ?upp,ie? daily. ur.? .''?? only marked m * ' " k ' ?? * - - - ' At *aaV iiv.uira ma / UO PTORE, '* -*? *nfl ren OU. ^ |>-gw HAUMU*A'^ t<KIKT? AND ^ lZu*m' htri fcUPMUOit HOOP SKIRiU *? L' jeli'r^kei HMdkwcSiifS!Very ohM?, W, COLLKY, IH PORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAURANT*, HOTELS, ftWfLERS, tiKtftERS, AND UTUKR). WILUiM TU &fiB'8 CBEAJ? WHOLESALE ANi) RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3>16 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, JS4 P ? N N H V I. V A N I A AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRIUES, Having bt.m yurckastd *f Bankrupt Mtrckantt and othiri. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Oroceriea, Liquors, Wines. Cigars, &c FOR FAMILIES, FOti SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. U NION C1GAKS.* C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUFS, IMPORTED. K XTRA COFFEES. K AI#INS, MALAUA. HEAD OUH PHICKS HEAD O U 11 PRICES! Eitri Brown Sugar.....? 'J cents per pound WbUr Sutrar....... 1- cent* per pound Fln^ Oreen Tesi 50 cent* per pound Fair Black Tea 50 cents per ponnd Kxtra Cott'ee... .'.'(I rents per ponnd UcoU Ccft'ee .Trt cents p?>r pound Wax Candles cents per ponnd M-tUga Ruislns 15 cents per paund I VmIflati i: ???*- 1 i ui? |?*Tr ptr-iim Jmpurled Cigiri,.,. ..50 cents p~r lixi Hvtvani Clears ?l to FJ j*?r inn Alinonds ..14 rents pr>r pwtind Halt yu rents a l>ex Mood flutter 10 rents per pound ]'*tr? Butter..... ....*20 cents p?r pound Fine Wine* M p?>r bottle WnJakey .....15 to 60 cents per bottle AU ?ther kinds of LIQUORS in proportion. Call and fee foi yourself. TUOKKK'f, oi5 Pennsylvania Avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP fiROCERY W.\ REHOUSE, 3?4 PENNSYLVANIA A V E N U E, 3Ji PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. OKOC'KKIKS AT HALF 'I'HE USUAL 1'KICES, l*tn yurthaul 0/ lumkr*)>t Mtrchanti |inJ oilers. HtUiil'i K rUii. d Huxara froin v to U cU p? ?r 41 44 Extra Fine Black Tea... 4C 44 14 44 Every thing else In proportion. KEMEUBE/i, TUCKER'S, 34i PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCXER 8, r#*? PENNSYLVANIA iVKMt W&IHTNSYON. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAUR ANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHER". WILLIAM TCCKER'* CHKAP WHOLESALE AND K KTAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 39* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 344 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Haeing bttn furckated of Bankrupt MtrtkJinti *rtU Olktr I, TUCKER;!! TUCKER'S WliOI.KSALB AND RKTAIL Groceries, Liquor*, Cigars, Wines,Ac FOR FAMILIES, hXjR SUTLERS, fVR O&ICERS. T EAS, FLNE. L' NIOS ClUARd. C KACKERS, BOSTON. R ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. H AISINrt, MAl.AOA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR F R I U E S ! WILLIAM TUCKKK'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, t Hi FESN8YLVANIA AVKNUF. PKNtNSYI.VANlA AVKNLK GOODWINS TOBACCO. H. H. WATTS S YOLUNTBER TOBACCO. OKOOERIES I AT HALF THE USUAL PRICKS, Hating bttn fwrtkaud of Bankrupt M* chants i *nd othtrs. HUME MS KB, i i v Hi-jit ??, ?? n.i^ABU.VAMA AVKNUfc. TUCKER'S, 394 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Wa(IU.1?TOR. JOHNSTON. LOCK BOSflTAl, M*t AHMtr(4 ikt (UK Ctrtuim, SwuAy mm4 mIf Bftt'.vi Kimif in <*? World, roft ALL DltjKAgES OF IXFRVDKMOS. A*r NO FALSE DBLTCACY PA Eft NT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A 9 9hE WARRAXTMV, OR NO CM A at* B, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wulaia < u? lul, Imam, IVitdtciif tt? )? ?tT? ?cd BUddti .utw?nrr Dtacntrf ??, lr?p*i?i>?T. 8?b ml l)?ki.KT, HlomntM, ?>Ti;?p?? LarfBW, if Id***, t?w Ipm-j, ?:-yu?a?u tf Ci? hurt, Tia.duy, Tr?n.kuii f, Oinuitu *f ligfciar Oiddirtu, D iuii ? Li |ltj, Tfr?*U Nom ?r Ski.t, AfieMera ?f th? 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JOHNSTON, HiaU) af th* fc?y*J Oa)l?f? af Bcrtaaa, Iv ilii, ata fiarc ?..? af f.i rani aminant Uailafta in lot St. Had >U?, ttd tha na*:?r carl af ? - <ka baapita'i ?f Lrndan.Varia. lU-.-Ulr' !i ?r,d # ???tart, kaa i(?cti4 Hmi af '>-? neat *<ton>tb>-'g esrai Ui?t ??n fit k-m; nny trMfcUd vith mgiugir :bt t aaJ t-ci tin wiita (rati tirrniuiii, katuf ai*roa4 il IIJda.i knahf*i..?-a vilb f-?q?anl r.lsttO mtij>T<i vtU af ami, T?r? tut?l Una# dUMly. r.'JTS PARTICULAR NOTICE. Xtmag Man ail atiiara wLa fci?a irjvrta kjr

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UDL. ji-*trff>(jr,'S KFMKDY l-Y)R OKU AN 19 V> KAKNESB AND 1M POTENCY ij UU icJldMUit r?is?^T w?<A ?n tf l? j (?? .! y ?a<l f?ii Ttf3?? f?t'?n J. ; *??l f ui?i, ?? kna .??. t l op?,?i?? i??* imr.??iu.ttj ! ?-4C. Alt :r.?? K.ii i? Pfcftfe*! tt sJttn H!uU' <, Mm *? k"i?? *r, ifii'tn l/ni4MitiT| mi ?/ klUlkwu ( U koi ftaiftti kiail ??" ifly 4>rll. Ei>'UORSEMBXT OF 1HK PRESS. v*a Max* ?'?! l*i lutKTKtliu i?ui,kr.<l th? Ai'cirMt K^rtttil (((!' U. t^trnik. iftrhcltltl kt l)?. tt??d u lit KMrnti i,' Ut ^i?ri Bt-y ?.Mr j - ?#.?, i ?f ?t kk ant iftuii4 tfuji. J ?i -i: ?>'? <* tlillti il ? J#? ?.? I.ului li a > (Ktrattd u.d ritril kilit*. 1. ? rvc??a;-.t t? l>l *K f*?l. ml It . j TIITER? SIVt-A-T*. ttct'ftfl fcjf /?cy *t L'ftn* r* >'*rI : *. / un-i nr.HTf'I tkt SfuJt of tkt d* tna'U >}* far.?, And t%* /?*,<?r<a? </ Nuictxi, hiHiia, TKIKSRMAK No. 1 la liifl 'tfwtuM r?n:r.JT for p u ^p*? MA.TomiUCfe.A 8.1: ! KXHit)>T!OH t>? 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PrtfCJBUted by CONNOISSEURS t* t li.e "ONLY ?*OOD AU'Jfc." and fcp*!ica!.!a to . EYiiRY AJMEYY OK l)I8d. KXTKAOf of a Letter from a Jlrnuii bmUMM HI MfcifM r? His Krotktf at WviutiM. mm. mi. ' Te i l.tx t i**r rU' that their save* iQ hifiiiy *et??lneo ill l?dia, S.tid If. ia nj okkuitfti.tiiM iTttiil ^statable, &? veil u the u<aat vUwtuuuiaa Sa<K? tii&ti. .uade." TLe above SAUCE u net o;?!j lins aaar aiiU u.oit roprr.A?coi?itiiri!iy kuowe, bat t:<e uto^i Seam.m umk as a h* dropt in ?>V*#>, Gravy, or witL >t?A. hot ar.d coltl J-tints, BmJ Sttmk. Ham*, ft., mifrtrt aij examine ic.t, wltioL riplU t'auce man uiioturor* have ta vain endeavored to tatiMia. On tLe Lumckto*. Jhn*m, or Ttl*, a oru?t oont&iiung " hi'.A ft Hi.KKlNs' WORCtSTFRSHlKli SAUCE" i> ifcdtafwiaa lie. Tc 4n>roui?LUs the txttlUnt itmiiiUr of Una &*U mmu ?r*paratu>u it ia only ceo?u&rT to ynrohuie a email bottle or the ttnv*?u, of a re*pectal?e gro cer or tioa er, many Hotil and Kutaurami pro. 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Gf^MKV Wtf o??IW W? if alt co or* and f luiah to the h*?t cut torn WAL^IiTRPHEAB A CO., Merahant Tai ora unrt rintkan. * *u 1 DENTISTRY. DR. CHARLES R. BOTELKR, DENTIST, NO. 836 PENNSYLVANIA AVK>UK, Bnwm ?ni axv l*ra Pt?. . )t 1EW JLNU IMPROVKU INVENTION AkTlflOIAL CHKOFLtSTl BOX I V B I I I, WrrBovt Mital Plati or Cljam. l?K 8. B WfiKHMONU, VlO Aw ler*?*bO Punvytmmt* A ***> , 12(4 1?U tit, Wmtkmttea, Oa.t the attenroa of the paoiio to U:? tvtiow^ci *ar?!UJ40f of improved ?T?t/?ri: 1. The Tret;i u hi? Bumulkctttre wil! never errode r r c^rce co!or br ar.y ar?da, hems three-fourth a iijbter than ai.? other. f. No teeth cr roots need be extracted, aa the artittoial ones ear: ' * iu?erted over i\ e?*?. >. The rvou vii b i made iljJouiu. aa never e ac' 4. No tei&for&rr teML are seeded. se fennaatiil oue? nan N? ira^e tmntediftteiy, thereby rreservicc 8te nator*l c-x?re?sion of the face. ?U.1 wider leo'd system U frequently dithtcred. t. Ttae work Mae beea faHy te?te< frrr years by irany of tiie irtt obeuuew aitti pbyriciare of ttua VUUiU. f Dr. a. hM ai*c i re:.t d ft wMta ucdMtruotlr filMc?, with wfciet> tta u?ort r^rrntiTP ts*th o n b bi!r<i wtt*jort ^ i 5, nd oftn Lui'.d up ft ' it it, eoutd toots oil tkCj n lo roots, waioh will lftit t*- agh hfetiir< , T ie b i.of ro'ar*MM i:*ec to Dr. V. Molfc Dr. Co stavx, p ro lector olCb^Jintry. N. \ Hon. J* { V. ftyts, of tp Suerexse Court of Wftali.Qi to ftnd tbourindf -f other*. O ill ftse ex*nn? * fr>r ronrsel'. bo I fcra OAH FITTING, tc. AVTM . DOVE A co. . _ . RK Wow sreyt.r ii t" eji sc?te ry a:irr wltk W ; <**> th rr r*t.j t r* o c lr th# ruMtiAf, oh steam mvvik BWSEp*. . try P orf> 9a it* a *r st, ft few tiocrt cart* it fft kve^re, wh re t?,tbs fo nd ft -ca'st* ft* ortr:e* f OH A N L> 5 LI1~ Rt? *p ! tUtr AS, 87KA M ft^ WA^ * rTxTt<BK& 4 r l WIA8 riXTIREB, E Bft t> la itor^.m^rt ara i'ai r f^oatTltyr, VA8 riXj CRBSitf*nti'.o:f Ne Pftitern* ftr.d f> cos j K uifc-j .u "jiB to U;i::e :or wtcx'ti minis c ;.nt c:uierji ij to ta!! *r i exairjce our 1<>ok of (* ana V st * f .*' trf , {ct':r.f ccnfi<icat Lzts the best tioek :n Wuhtoftcn. A:i Wcrkir thsaoor* ntrc r tMj t nrNn ViU t fr n;ft!f *weE -' to. UVJt^.5 * Me3B4N. Ki: f-lt *7 I> PRIVATE. P H. I V A T B PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Corn & Veuer l an] ^CICKiV. Without t - .. ;<f or pOiftC'Q ouidruc* of any k.utl. No <lu-tiL or mtWorffsco vit*i l ueii e . Consultative in**. It iii ^u:t? e i- b c iU Uvor, vlif: ! r* t.iMin fraetiee i ti?v wk k la ii ate in a.i tut ^ o*lf < it* Nftw VoH OitrCol eftAsi Mortal Te umo ninis firahkM. Latitea w th \v uit t and 'JiMvrfM ol ti V\ omt Oare.; t J s&trfrd i tr**i j.ara Uj UlJ t! . *? .< f i^ue .* KuUiiBt or in tm >vr of tr* tro*tn.ei.L AH <*'?rc* -X6-rs::t <J, or mossj "^forded. Co neiUL-kftM iCS :ii vritlaii witk return etanif.!* ir r< to. Medicine* rur tritetora &nd <>tLan puked, ftiii ! .'urtioue for , &ud v&r.fcntac. Office H -k t Nu,t> W ' in* ton Bmldinc, Peum MjJ Sere:.!it il., YVkiLiiiiou, D. O. feb FAIRSANK'S STAN DASH SO ALES. -"*1/ F 'R *!. If J . r. uakthoi. ow. Sv'.s At*ct. Haruw&re & Agricultural Wtrt-bouic, 63 5 Tfrth Strert, fi:ut<n fiM^tVaaii a%cHH! and lie cvpoelte t:.-_ of Cectrc MAxket. J& t ff kjUTLVRS AND OTHERS BBUUf.D !*UH 80R!BK TO VUOMPfMVfcS UA\K NOTE KKPOHTKR.-W f|t!y. per TC&r; temi Ki<-iith'v. Afl; mofttHy, IS c rt ; wtl< two c-'<p.* cfe^rrip iv ist <r tn n.i who p%T ir. a-ivarci , C:uen pr mpt xt<cut*>l 1>T #r.olpn ic h iooim In * *'drecK t u> YVAKRfcN OHdATK, f.'.iii t*a. fe 7-fcr* Wa'5, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL M h it C If A N T TAILORS, And Diaivhh i* SWOill*?, bASHI.H, DPt.Tf, KPAULKTB, SHOULDER fTK APt>, e.J l I LK1A, fiLOV KS, Aid v6:f vartetyof f 14 Al> S CLOTH INH. At Hia ohasls Piucii. WALL,8TLPHKMAA CO.. i'MUUTlVWlift &V6LU8, totVMQ ] ?! l!uU .. & Ucpoi/.) BUi ud lutli tU. 'JM> MILITARY OFFICLC8 AND O'i HERB. BATCHELOR'S *}iyOJNS HA1S A 7 S. Thu beot in tiia World. Ta Only Iltlii'j'.t anrf HormUsi sl*ir 1\* ftw, fold t y r.-ort:eL ; auo, tt it n iron's htieut MetUoict Store, c?. Patau* OSce.cor. F & rjj, (Ufd kl Hair Store, vteS ireEn'a avetsa, where Liaiiea ox-.. fcav it ihu 1, if det.raJ. Ficte-T 91 Daru y at. (*W lire *dvur> N. Y. oc hf g -y W> IfH K*4 VJOLD AND 61LVEH KN6LJ8H ttWIBK AND AMERICAN. I h*.T. now cd hand a large t t-joit of a!l the moat eaiebreted Watches, that I tu aolac* at the very lowest price* te\t to* 1 er .l re!:at>ie time 13o?.*ra ca.; beaffntjed a': ai.d every doecriptior office J KVVEl.K Y >U J.auUja.i i.e ?y: fc received u woe as ntauuiae'nmd, < ffer ! at theloweei rate* Silver vare i.iai oiarfured in dt own ahop. AiikiD'iaof MII.ITAHY lit on hand, audi a.1 Hovol vera, bvurdi, Haase*. tte.ia, iiowie Kuivea. Coil jHUjfa, Ac Ac. ALaoatroug Army Truuk ai:J Bo<i auJ l>:ax other Uitu4 uneiu! and or;rau.euta: at 33- Pejy.ejWania aver.ue. vr-y-tf H. K HOOD W! A J. MYRRH. f tu n til.MIiiN til'lLblN*, A l&r^e MOf* of American *Vfttche !ut *a!e, at * tolMfc'.e. *y S- * J. M Y'KRS. Air^rifan O d'^ at v!.u;e *! * h A. Ac J. MYKJIS. Wnt-h 'MtwriMit uhclma'.tbi 8 A J. MVKHd. I'ta.. it Cfeuiifc vl liT t*. Jt J M YKB8. VVatcii Wki c Jnub fc<r Ui utunui^, by a i oU ta! vuikiui^.&t S. A, J. JiYhRB'. mmi ftoti o u vVbb!'^'' b' p' * ' ICjr A I wliwI wUt> dealer* in W ateLftp at. l Jwf tirr aoulj do w*il to OftL at r*. A J. MV'KKS' h - fure foiiif v Lit t or yuxchMi ut laewiiar*. ) .a>-lia* IVJI. UU *ONT,8 fUJGAH COATED FE LT MALK KKtiUUTIfie PlU.rt % KMd iha tulko#iag muoaatuu tuouutl Uh/, r tma "1 Cftuitot uvUHiitfbU 'u i'i two bit til}.' -- ra*T ai e tr.e i>e t i- <?rua:e ri;:a extant." "1 have u ed them wttb oiMtjp'.ete aaooaan." "WouiJ uoi Lo mthoat then u^wii any owuatder Mi or-" "The? OMik ItMd.'lT ai.J ertecUvaij." PrioA Hout <n aii- $<>'d l r H. C. tf H AM, 03 ChMuut street. FkiiaJ^fcU. and lu Wuk l&ttouT.j 8.U. PURu, oorc r lltli jldJ Pa. arecoe.; in Alexaudua, t.r BhNRY COOK ft CO.. Uru(|ifu. boV-tclv DAia.GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL OURK QONOKmBUlA 1* in data No eha* #ot dial rnaired. It 1a ac Ki - (iah Sjttuitw Of felXlJ-bve Jftari Uu lux And wj'1 not harm the looctde.ioate oon fcutation. It oviiiatna no mimtr*:*, Price PI. tlo;dbr&.C. l.TPH AM. 403 UiiMiiKl |UM(, hllade!pJ:ia, tnd It Waj-'Mnjton *>t 8. U. KORD, aoroer nth atre*t and Pa. a*a ; 111 Atexaadua, by UKNKV COOK fc 1:0 , DriditU. aoKaoly P^ INK, WHITE, BLUK. ANDCOBN COLOR no* l ja ii*r tlka. for avaniug draaara. for mar frioe per yard,oifered tow aau fur the EyrJ*" " %grtvv,B i'-fS s,u,M fa 13-tr Fan a. ar and Ninth at RLACKTKA! 60 olteeU Uiiu&rtTS Xok*Tm have been reoeived Ur-dfty Aleo. ohoioe Ureen Te*. KIN (A a Cor&erttcha KKiStSSKftv B, HLACK BILKS! . LACK HI LK ,ju t opened, in all |ttdM, Iron "Zr&ZttZot ooet ! W.COLLRY. WALL. STEPHENS * CO . 39S Pa. , between 9th And lOtt ek Ut*. A Key.] TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. PUtSEKQEB IRAKIS SiHHiJHKflPHI CM a%4 A fU* MOSDJ Y. hUrmm * *. INK. I'linrmn HTWIIX WASHI^RTlO A\U H M.TI MOHK WH ran ft* * !! : Kir IMil* Trains ilrin i J ^hi /mi frf*r* ' e lk4 Wfik, M<i two M For l*tnted*>bia r<t N v Vcrk I *r* W k Urt^c f a *. 11 " 4 a. and 5 w f *r. Kor Cftltifnor* Lmvc VVMfetagtM *t t. u A M, Ud S > (> uxi 4 <<n f M . K r AuuablAlt40 a m *jv! i ,41 9 tt For PhiiA'ie phi* a' &> r For H rii*t>tirx **.C. ?he Sorti an* W*t, le+r* VS E*:i;rr on KtSVtV, a d IK'U'iHtF* Fur KTMwKkai 7 * x.atJ t.Nri> TRAMS JlOTfXH ffOKTH. Mornlii KxprM* , ** V\ a t:irrt..n no a. . Ar nren U tuner* 7> *. at.; frlnlaanpr.ia 1U0 r. .\fw Xoik 11. UarriAt .r Ui t. m. Mcru&f A-Ocomiro^ation S*Ya Wa*hirrtca im a.m. Arrfraat Pa*t"r.or*t* w N onn e tiono st Hatimor*. T ia > tte .' T.ruint ooanaaioa fbr Acraroi s. ?*>w kcrk Mail Tiata : Wtafifton at 11 a. k.; arrive a: n*!t;m >r 11.* p. Pcitadalphia 4.2T r. !H w Vork !< T V. phi'v*>hi . Train ! * n Waihtnrton at S r m. r*>cbi.i( Ha t;more at 4 SO r m and Pm Me ptua at l" r m. Ai'^noon ACC^Uirf r*OD WtlhttftOl at r m.arrive at l>a'tin" re at r w. No oon reiirn t *. IMi l* the afieraoee coa nexifto for A ^rapuu*. tTtiini f ipiamt ln * \va rMa*'.oa * r. w Arrive 11 8a untcr* < . ; p. u.} P-V-i^e^tia 1"J8 e. New Yvrk 4 *. v : 'iirrnkBrrl a. a. On J*anii y leave \V&at>:r jtoa a> a * and Sf tL onir. 1 he S *. *. truta fmm WaafciagtM ronneete th^uth to New York e j dar ti&tiac Ibe week. TRATTM MOYI1S 0 COVTH. bra** New Vork at 7 a. u.; Pta'ade pValljn a. .a co-.cre r.u. Anita at W u^^ton *'ut*T4 Haw York a; r. Feil^e^k a lf>J8 t. a. BalUiaore t* a- K. Amve al vV Mtia U>c Uf1 4"L1riw?r wY 'lrM1' T. Pl^'a^'ehta IJT a. *.; Ha!Ux : *-Y> a.k. AmnM Wa b.c{toa att *. v. Lcca. ":or. n:c<lattot Traiaa laave Baltimore it u M.-ard 3t r. * for Wul ijIol, arrive tt"r s. il a.M. acd 64 - P- It. un ..'ay 4 at 4.V j..: 7 SJ * *. only from Ba'tl lo^e, No Anr.ipoln cr l'rtdf riofc o r.nnioni on SostUya. r+rteifr Trmirit nit >r Waa&irctcn 4. k. a.c 4 r. Haiti.-oore u? J a. 11 and 4 31 f. M t .rjile dl'Mt "Ci;r cl.n for A-r o.ia at IM Iauction. UieT t a v, aed S K> r m oor.caetat Rrla? 1 or Fred6i i;i, iii^crtt.'wn, &e., k.o., ax.ept Curds.*e. Traica loexe Aarn^o'ia for Baltimore and Wut tries tt a. m. at<i i n r m Pusenrer f rfciot-ieavict Ww'unitoi at . * a. * . II a. *.. arti b r. x,.and irainntora at 4,T bin. 73' 4. Z6-, Will Hop o*lt <xi A\ ipoi*} Jmnttxtm. V a; Pttttzton ucrt 14k: tLe iumMMAitoa TVn* cw.'y Train* v <! I" r# Wnnhinrto'i *t"< lla!tm 4 r pto*np:l v;cnra"i < , ex<**ptirf that the 4 V'a v,1 S5 a M. aao 4tW p x tra aa will wait J mi i.utra if u- oewtrf, t < n- c u.i the fMMagau au<i Mai* (r< ta ta a h a u for y c'k ar<! WoaudeJ Solaiera A rec . car. with as a'.te^ar.t. wu'.i edr, wi!l ;eave Waihim U t wee ^ for I'hi'adelphia rtireet at 1! a *. for tM aooommojattoa oi i/k aud voudumI aoidiera. W. C. _ fe i Mu>t of TraBa ortat:on. Bat. 1*62] THE [l*e Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (Vita it* ooi;e ot:ot*> lt A FlRUT OLAr** Rol'TK TO ALL T IK WKfTKKN CITIKtt ft'FLD, SAFETY AND COMPORT! tflO.NE liALIJkSTKD AND FREE PROM IM'ST! BAGGAGE CULCKLD THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! HKI 1 411.T TKAiN* fti PHILAUFLK'il.t TO PITT*BI KOHt Two fU *to ui&kit'C tU'l (u.^McruRI AT Bikkl'tCIlt * i in t tiLi 011 ti e NUklHKKN t FNTRAL KAIL KOAU r.1 f'-r :iM.c THE UK HA T CBIS TR A L KOUTH riov WAtlitXOYUM ASlt UALKMOHK i p- ira* in tu0 W ui, ,Nu u-wui tu What* i rr i Vr 'I" Ai . T ' - - '- - - mtJr . w. u. V .1 a .V ' 'C, ~VY> J ITiO VIIHW VI lue Norttu'-P CentriL. liu! Ro*<l Cum pa. r.Cavert Mat'oa, kvtruure. SfU'-iidid Ctu* on .* '/ N<gJ<t Train* Hmo&i.jg Su/oo/i Curt oh uil fratu*. hit I'M A A9HINOTON. w.l tAgr t:, . i. m auJ 6 p. m. traiii*, r :i ai it Baltimore ai?V . in. axd 6 45 p. in.. m-h.Tf clcke eon,, ct.oua are ma:e tritk trama oa the Nortrera Centra! K. K..awi arrive in llarr - bu g at i p. in. ar.-i >.< > a m., t i*re conL *iu antr. the tra >. or. 1 > rasia Cec.*rw K iroae. lor a.i paru oi the ceil rREHJBTS. Hj thia root?, freieuU of a.; deacrlptjnDB oan be forwarded tr-ar.1 from acy poirtocthe Railroads, Ke:tuefcy, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, lo1 *, or Mien nn. by K itlroni dtrrrt. 'ft e i'oniif vii. a Central Hail road a>a oonaeeta at IV.Ubsrj ritb ^uaincic, t r vki.ob liooOiru I - i farax^c. tu *i y pcrc uu tLe 0,i.o, Mnfkic(nm, kcu Uix, 1 ...:-xt - ,i Ulu.T.tCC, I .iUO; MlN irsirpi, VS irscosr.c, Misaouri, Kacraa. Arkacaaa, tad Red R:v?v: and at Clrvf'ar,*!. J*acdaeky and Cpiomp vitit <5<ea>ner to & t North v tara 1 akaa. &lefcianta ai <l a'^ppera rutn rt:nc ti-a iranapcr tar sou i i t!:wr Kreifnt to tl'ia Company, o&n raly will: co^L' tu x, nc its >pe uj t aiiit . TU\: Ec-TES OF FRElGH I' to and from any goictiB the West,+j t'.; peiaiaylvama Ontrai K .i!road, <v rt mil timti a farmmbU a* an c ly ciktt liMUrrtui C<rnir*.nui ir?"Be a*rt!00;ar to mark &o*i ae "via. Pbjol Uunu tt li." &LA6ILA A A KOONS, Frairht Areata. No. VO North street. Ka t more. ENOCH LEWIS, 6 'l ^naorint't, A toona, Pa. U HOUPT.eaan Ticket Ar t. Philadelphia. I. ti HOlriTON, ben'x iie.tut Afoat, Piula de. liia ja -dly MOKTUEKN CKNTRAL RAILWAY. Ti* BLmitit, Quxekrtt a*-t B**t Homtt frrm JM4 WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. WINTER bCHrWLB. Ohirm or 1 iks. Oi and sAw SUNDAY, ifilh NoTMBh*. PWW for 'fsaics wi.i amr aui cepart Iram CalT rt ptatloL u folicwa: Tc tns No*th Lxav* Mai! at * a> &. m. B*(f*lo Ez r ns p. m. Parkton Aecomrcodatvon 4 v. m. Pl.ti>t ar< a.*l Htr.-nliai fcx -r; IJfl p. ml. TaaiMi bocm Are;v Parkton Acoorfl.TK^Miou at 8 a. m. Bsflalo Expren 8 a. m PituNorg atd Hamburg I'ifrw* Mai: can p. m. Th 6 a. m. iraic from Wathi&cton oobbmAi WJtk li.e - a. m. trai:> from ii& Uaiore for LM West ard fo- BatfaJo, Minora. Rf<chf t r, pi a kirk. Cam'ai(B anU Ni*tara Fa i, aro lor New sore ciij. T'.ie i a. in. trva from \\utiiMioii ecvDmotm Willi tiiaS . m C'*iD if u> ii4.ti.uote to VfNt. Korth A*d Ni>.Uiva.;t A^U LiiiUAAuJ XiufiAlc Aofl ociiaator. T>>* i p. ui trun from Washington cocnocta vnt t i 84j-'f. rr.. train from Ki!timuf* lor hturiri. Harriioort ate the W rt acl > Adfeet oonnoe Lwa n r LeM ot>. Kabcud A llen'own u l N > Vw:k via : (- . kauiroAd ui A w Jtriii. In li. b iunit for New Vork. II^The etli trua leaving UilUmirron l*anri u.t<ie3p m. tr*.in. for ii rriat> rc,FitUbiirg, Cu omo ae l tM \V e t I bc only train arriTUi* In K ":irmr on t*uu<lar 1. tiiv b-*. a n.. tra.u. JAb O.Ct.AKKK, bv A> 't 8u Tipt*pdect TNOTicK *< TKAVtLKEH. HE Pcitnjaaler flesefAl i A ing orderod (A* fcfc:. erTio* be'verr. V\ a> rcUm. Ha Viir.or*.vlU Old Print itc-tree. Mvui x i< be reauaiod. u aaU AiUr MooUaj, liiOJp'U iiiaiAft, iLttUj uiMcfiuamm yti: .BAT BllticoitTYEfTDAV (exoept |?cb dAy) from tliAf wharf, foot of Union Dock, At 4fc t'citftc p. m , or Mi-nxCiAteh Alter the ArrlvAl M w MmnsutB wkiok Imtm WMtiBftoa U ** o'eiooK f.tu. w. N.FALlA Pr 1 VOPBAM'a UAyOhAi-TORT, At* Bivdti mm, Wiiui if r Mm1*I v rd a by I ' Nothu.*x 7. ^^usass^wBc I M MUftU&Ul u*klu*. U* HWM bfr* M ' ili bwt n t*niJ, m7 4*-tr _ M*i or AuTMar tar I . HE 9RANI* ARMY 18 ADVAXOtff* *<> 1 varda SMITH'S. No. 46 iwrtcU aM*. ' * ttaugiBSfts? * ^Stt:

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