Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1862 Page 2
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EVEfllNti STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: tHIMDAV MARCH 6, 1*64. Tb* f'TAH ! printed on Its ' |nLi ib us* urnxa ri r?*nTn">re, is t*?nit>n 1? r lnrptr as to require It to I* pnt to pre** at an e'.rlv honr: Aitvtrtifwmtnt*, therefore, should be cnt In before 1* eYlork otherwise they may nay not appear until the next day. Ova Kuiksds at the varloua military ramp* and petitions wIU confer a favor by keeping us ported a* to nu> vex en u and afiVrs lu their vicinities. Spirit *1 the Xtraiaj Prni> The IntelUgtHctr continue# Its able line ot ar gument In opposition to " the territorial schem#" put forward by the abolitionists for the establish ment of new government# over the territory won from the rebels. The scheme, however, may be considered a dead cock in the pit, as moat of the Influential republican journal* have taken ground against it. The Republican urges that cotton shall not be exempted from excite duty, as In the tax bill re poricf. to the House. The Afhicak Sl*vk ! bade.?The Secretary of the. I (trior, (Hon. Caleh II. Smith,) In his annual report at the commencement of the pre sent ?eMir>n of Congrm, referring to the recent transfer to hia department, by an order of Presi dent Lincoln, of the daty of executing the laws of the United State* for the suppress on of the alave trade, atatet that " the subject was Immediately taken In hai:d, under a dsrp sense of oar obliga tions as a nation, to put an end, if possible, to this odioua tratfic,and with a full conviction that the power of the Government, In the hand* of competent, nonest, and lalthlui offlcer*, was adequate to the purpose," and tbat the plan of operation which had been devised would con tinue to be " vigorously proseeuttd." The humane hopes then encouraged are being fully realized. The notorious Capt. Gordon, of the slave bark 41 E ie,'' has expiated his offences on the ?&iicws?and we learn the following in dictments have just bt-en obtained at New York city: For the c*fit*l cff'nff. 1. Samuel B. Hayres, 1 Mines of the slaver Night > ingale, captured by U S. ' i Bradley Wicslow, ) ship Saratoga ki May tast 3. AVm H Byrnes, fluster of the Dark Wm R. Klbby 1. Morgan Fredericks, mate of the Cora. 5. Erastus H Booth, master of the Buckeye. 6. George Garnett, mate of the lime vessel Henry C. Crawford matter of the City of Nor folk. Win. Warren, > Mates of the Krle, the last *la > ver commanded by the late David Hfell. ) Captain Gordon. Indictnl for the miner offentt. U.nn. P. V >' IX'ttMnZi ( A part of tbe crew of tbe 5 jS: MorrU i bark Triton. 4. Ai>^ert Home, a merchant of Ntw \ ork, for tit tintr out the Cly of Norfolk. 5. Joseph K Turner, merchant, for fitting out the Cora Thk G<?tt?chah Conosrt v?The announce ment elsewhere of these concerts gives pronltt of two very delightful music 1 entertainments. The renowned Gottschalk brings to his aid some of tbe best musical talent now before the public, including Miss Hinckley and Signers Urignoll, t'uaini and Mancusl. Of the distinguished pian ist the New York Tribune says: .... HUB uoa Jiul Kivru :wo Dfliiianl concer's at Niblo's Salooa. In the?e he displayed a prodlgions power of exe< u'ion which place* him beyond being surpassed. In exactitude, clearness, rapidity, sonority, power of sweeping over the keys. trilling and it-rating note*! hu man Angers cannot aurpaa bis. He hat exhaust ed the dtzilini; qualities of the instrument In heroic deltneation he outreaches all we have heard here: not nece*?ary to name Thalberi^ on the l!?t, ?ho wa? deficient in fervor. * * # Mr. Gottsctalk s reputation is now si firmly es Ushed in Europe &s that of any other living pian ist, both in performance and piano "transcrip tlon." Seats for either of the concerts can be second at Metzerott's music store, next door. Tukatkk.?Barney Williams and Lli versatile and accomplish*d wife are drawing crowds to the tbeaUr nightly, quite beyond the capac ity rf the fa'juae to icat, and hundred* are content to stand in the p??a.-"gc? throughout the entire pcr t 'rmanc a, rnttaer than m!sa the opportuuity of neelng thl? inliTiitablecoiiple. kxcellent astuey were on their last vUlt years ago, they now have an added mellt.wue?? and finish to their delinea tions of character quite noticeable. The of Hkairegakl. ?The Memphis of the ">tb uit. U)i: " Gen. Beauregard, we ltarn. is <;tck at Jar k s*>n. Tent). H?* it laying at the house of Hon. M'.ltou Druwn, but ia not too much indisposed to give niiil'ary orders." fJj-Uov. Rector, of Arkansaa, baa issued a "loud call'' in the shape of a proclamation draft ing into lmn.edlate service every man In tbe fctatc sufoje? t to mi'itary duty, to respond within twen ty days i esieruay, non. neveray Johnson was elected L'nittd States Senator for the term of six years from the Uh of March, 1??)3, by the Legis lature of Maryland, to fill the place vacated by Senator Kennedy. The U'aiTiXG o> thi Wall?Martial Law. The Richmond D;*patch has an article headed ' The Wilting on the Wall " This article pro ceeds to cali the attention of the government au thorities to certain significant writings on the walls and fences o? the city, which had been placed thtre on Sunday night. It enumerates nine different phrases which had been selected from different sections of the city, some of which re as follows: "Union Men. At'entinr'" ' The H?n? r?... Deliverance Approacte*:" '"The Comforter Is Coining!" "Watch and Walt!" "The Union Forever " '-The Day Is Dawning!" ,lThe Campbells are Coming," &c. Tbs Dispatch calls upon the authorities to take summary action to ferret out the traitors In tbelr mldsr. and to put down these conspirators by the prompt use of the halter. On the same day a proclamation was issued by Jeff Davis proclaiming martial law In Richmond and Norfolk, and for ten miles in the vicinity. The arrest of all leading and influential citizens whose adherance to treason was doubted was or dered, and In the course of the day John Minor nous ana twenty other gentlemen of pen.lion and character wer* arretted and confined There was not alleged to be any charge against them, but it was thought that If a counter revolution was at tempted that these men would be dangerous from tfcelr wealth and influence, and might be held aa hostages for the gcod behavior of their Union friends. Methodist EriMoru Cowfhhhkcib ?Yester day the Baltimore and E^>*t Baltimore Confer ence* ef tbe Methodist Kplscopal Church as sembled in Baltimore, Bishops James and Ames presiding. In tbe Baltimore Conference Rev Dr w n Edwards waaelcctrd secretary, and tbe several committees nece-sary for the transaction cf bual n?~* appointtd A declaration to waive tbe question* Involved in tbe action of tbe majority at tbe iaat teuton relative to alavery. until such time at the whole Conference could aaaemble to gether. wu referred to a special committee; and, after tbe consideration of routine business, the Conforence adjoumtd Id the E.i*t Baltimore Conference resolution* expr^-inj; tbe abhorrence of its member* of tbe rebellion, and approving tbe efforts of tbe Ad minlstrctton In the suppr^lon of treaaou were adopted; and, afUr a protracted debate upon tbe questlvns arising froin tbe nnt'.onal dlfflcultien, tue Conference adjourned uutil to-day at nine o'clock. ">lcl'LtLL4*'? UB.NxaALsuir "?Under this heading the NaaLvllle li-itn? r of the V*6th ult., Tue Memphis Ava'anche, wh'.ch, like many other papers and public ueu, h?> bicn constantly lulling the people into a false security by under rating tbf enemy, la at last awa-flag to the nt co ally of looking the facts In the lice. In Its Issue of Thursday It says: The indications seem to be t jat Gen McClel lan la ibowlov uimirlf capable of vast < ouablna tions and lo Lave the power f-caa-^ard by few; the akllful management of a v^at army It la useless to delude or cheat ourselves. We have a powerful enemy U> mee<; Krr;,t lu numbers, with selected ai d br.ive and experienced commanders McClelLan ha* niirifvlnu In. * in 1 Ming weak add Incompetent men; and now be baa a wrll appointed command Hla soldlera well drilled, brave and gallant. We moat pat forth our b?*t men, and quickly We ma?t put ttoe rlgbt >nan in the right pl*ce " li_/~Tbe I napec tor-General bad condemned 20, OUU uniform* furnlabed by awindllnjt contractor*. ?m NlUTAttT nrDGET. COHri?MKD. Major Samuel D- Sturgla, of the regular Army, was confirmed a Brigadier General yenterday by the Senate, to rank from the 10th of August 1861, for gallant aervlcea on the battle field of Wilson's Creek, where the command devolved upon him on (hp fall nf Ron l.tnn ?rPPLI?D WITH RIPLKS. Ycsterday the New York Twenty-sixth Regi ment, Col. Christian, were supplied with the Springfield Rifle. APPOISTKD First Lieutenant D. J. Hynes. of the Eighth Illinois Cavalry, has been appointed Provost Marshal of Gen. Sumner's Division. IMPORTANT PROMOTIONS BT T1IX FRES1DKNT. Tk# Reward of Htroism and Gallantry. The President has sent to the Senate the follow ing promotions: Col. Harvey Brown. ?f 5th regiment of artillery, U. S A., to be Brigadier General by brevet, Nov. 23, l?6l, for gallantry and gocd conduct during eneaeement of Nov tt and 23.1*61. between Fort Pickms and the rebel batteries. Major Lewis G. Arnold, of l?t regiment of ar tillery, U. 9 A . to be Lieutenant Colonel by brevet, Oct. 9, 1&61, for gallantry and good con duct In repelling a greatly superior force of the enemy In an attack on Santt Rosa Island, Fla , and to be Colonel by brevet for gallantry and good conduct while second in command during en gagement Nov 22 and *.?3. 1861, between Fort Pickens and rebel batteries! Capt John McL. Hlldt, of 3d regiment of in fantry, to be Major by brevet, Oct. 9, HI, for gallantry and good conduct in the same engage ments as MaJ. Arnold. Major Zealous B Tower, of the corps of engi neers, to be Lieutenant Colonel bv brevet, Nov. 23. 1861, for good conduct and gallantry in en gagements of Nov. 24 and '23. A ? ll?? .)J I A t .iltl v?p>. iiviu v ? iviitn. in ir^uiicm flniMtry, USA; Capt. Samuel F Cha'lln. 5:h regiment Artillery, U. S. A ; Capt Henry *V. Clts?on, lit regiment Artillery, U. S. A ; Capt. J?mes \V. Robertson, 2d regiment Artillery, U. S A ; Capt. Matthew M Blunt, 12th Infantry, U S A ; Capt. Richard C. Duryea, 1st regiment Artlllpry, U S. A : Capt Loomls L Lan^don, l*t regiment Ar tillery, U.S.A., to be Major* by brevet, from November 23,1 SC.I, for same reasons. First Lieutenant Walter McFarland, Engineer Corps, U. S. A ; Fir?t Lieut. Alexander N Ship ley. 3d regiment Infantry, U. S. A ; First Lieut. Richard H.Jackson, 1st regiment Artillery, U. 8. A.; First Lieut Alex. C. N. I'ennington, jr , 2d regiment Artillery, U. S. A ; First Lieut. Francis W . Seelv, 4th rfptmeiit Artillery. U 8 A ; First l.leut Fninck E. Taylor, 1st regiment Artillery, I . S. A ; Flrr. Lieut. John \V Todd, Ordnance Department, to be Captains by brevet for aame reasons. VERY LATE FROM THE SOL Til. Arrest of Union Mtn in Richmond?John Minor If out among the number?Affairs nt Winches ter?General Jackson Preparing for an Attack, and is Reinforced?Faulkner not a Union Man, ' His Letter 0/ Denial. ARREST OF CSIOB M*N IN RICHMOND. [From the Richmond Kxaminer, March 3 ] On Saturday night, Capt Goodwin, by order of the Government, proceeded with a party of elect men to the farm of John Minor Bolts, and took htm and all of bis papers and private cor respondence In custody. Leaving an officer in charge of Xhe papers and fcous* of Hot fx. Capt. Goodwin brought him prisoner to this city, and lodged him in Mel>anlels negro jail in Biankin ship * alley, some tifty yards north of Franklin street. Capt Goodwin the.) went to the farms of Val entine Heckler and Franklin stearn* ;ir.H Jrtnlr both of these well-known I'nlon men, and all of their papers and letters, and brought them to this city. Hotts' and Heckler's letters and papers have not yet been examined. Stearns' letters haye under tone only a cursory and parti -.1 examination, and, so far, nothing of interest has been found among them, except several letters (torn bis friend yotts begging for money. We are under the impression that, as yet. the Government is in possession of 10 positive in formation tha' would convict Bolts of treason But he is known to be the recognized ltader of all the disaffected, all the low Germans of the Red Republican, Carl S?churz school, and of the vile remnant of the Union party. Agatn?t Stearns' and Heckler's loyalty the Government has be?-ii for a month in the po*.?n sion of the most conclusive evidence; and it feels confident of its ability to prove that l>otb of tLe-e men have been loud In their denunciations of what they have been pleast d to term the "Re l>elllon,'' and have, over and again, exp-essed their willing!)'ss to sacrifice their entire prop* rU x * v * ? iu restore me dominion ill tlie >outh of the I'uited States Government. The man Wardwell, another party arreted, has, fince the beginning of the war, bc*n known to every citizen as a blatant and defiant Union nan Millrr, who has al"o btcn lodged iu jail,Is the chief or high priest of the secret ItlacV or Ked German Republican iS?*.ieti? cf Richmond some of wLuc members, it can l>e proved, have, mine tli*' reverie <f onr army at Fort Dvneison, boaaied that they hart thousands of srins Hiid akucdancc of ammunition concealed tn the city, and tbst 'n* men were enrolled wh<> would u?e them en the flr^t appearance of th- Yankee army I An Irishman, named John M. Higt>lns, has also been arrested and put in the same prison. Ui?nl>? I- ? - Mmi^^tua ta u (.vuiKviivu vii v.ui. i^orcoijii), or ttlCi Yankee army. Two of Biggin*' auuts married two of Corcoran'! unclea. A letter from Corcoran to tiigaina, advising (be latter (o send hi* wife and family North, and containing assurances that be fCorcoiari) would Lave them safely conveyed under flag of truce, has recently been Intercepted bv our Government Whether our Government baa any evidence of iliggina' Intention to follow Corcoran'* counsel, baa not transpired It la said that Stearns, the whisky man, on ap proaching the priaon, aurveytd It with a moat contemptuous expieaalon,and remarked, "If you are going to Imprison all the Union men you will have to provide a much larger jail than this." Mr. 8t??.rna will, we think, be rot a little mis taken in bin calculations if the Government ure its power wisely and firmly, this great Union party, on which btearns, and others like hiin, have based such threat expectations, will, In a day. dwindle into ridiculously amall proportiona. By neglect, idle, ignorant aud vicious ncr?mi? Lave been allowed'with impunity to boast their treat on In our streets. We have reason to believe that many other ar re?U will be efl'ected within the next twenty-four hour*. We forego to mention names, lest we might throw tome impediment in the way of the authorities. N ow tnat the government appears really in earn est in the ?uppre?ion of treason, It becomes every citizen who knows a man or set of men inimical to our country and cause to point them out. MORK C MOM MEN ARRESTKD It will be recollected that, on Thursday last, John Gold and Klias Paulding were arraigned for having m?de use of treasonable language, and th.:t it appeared on investigation that tiold had proclaimed himself a Union man, and announced that thp Htan ? -? * ?~ iT/um euun wave iruui the top of our capital, and that Ellas Paulding amended Gold's announcement with an emphatic "That's so" We stated Id our last paper that the Mayor bad turned both parties over to th? Confederate authorities. In tLis we were mis taken The Mayor had merely committed them for further examination, ai.d they were accord ingly brought Into court on Saturday and again committed till this morning. COCXTKRF8iH.NO treasury notes Numerous arrest Lave been made of persons for counterfeiting rebel treasury notes. AT7A1RS AT wirchkstxk. fr*n JneitMom. A ""' - -g-?-g j ?> ?> ? j ne stores and Provisions Removed?Gtn. Jackson Hem forced A correspondent of the Richmond Dispatch, writing from Camp Mason, near Winchester, says the troop* In that direction are Improving In health, and bnt little *lckne*H exists. A portion have received marching order*, but to what point 1* not known. " It*eeinH to be pretty well known that the enemy are threatening Winchester from Romnev and Willlamsport. ' Stone Wall' Jack iton of course will be prepared to meet them." The same correspondent, writing on the'iKh, says : 44 The enemy have succeeded In crossing the Potomac and Lakintr noa?*??*inn nf _ m r ?v? vuailCiVUWII, in Jefferson county. The cart thai left here this mornlug for that place returned a short time after, not deeming It prudent to advance near the town. The Yankees are reported to be in large force, and will no doubt advance towards \\ luchester In a day or two." The Richmond Examiner of the 3d Inst, says : "A report was brought down by pa.*senger? on the cars yesterday, that seventeen Yankee regi ments were at Lecsburg; that tftn. Jackson has been compelled to fall back upon Winchester, and that Gen. Johnston wa? moving reinforce ment to him at that place. Nothing confirmatory of this 4*p<>rt had been received at the War De partment; but aa It comes by a gentleman who Id well knowu In the city, ana was circulated yes terday very generally among some of our public men, we meutlon It as not an Improbable story." DBNIIS IT. Chailet J . Faulkner hu written a letter to the Richmond Dispatch denying that be Is a Union man, or that he bad made any ?uch speech at Mar tlmburv or elsewhere as attributed >o him. ID" There are two huudred and forty-three bar rack* and one hundred and sixty-seven boapitala in tirrat Britain, thua distributed: England barracks, one hundred and seventeen; hospitals, seventy-six. (Scotland--barrarka, twenty; hos pitals. fifteen Ireland?barracks, one hundred and six; hospitals, seveuty-aix. LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. The War In >1liitari and Arkanui. Spiimovield, March 4 ? [Special diapatch to the St. Louis Republican }?On Wednesday night Capt Montgomery, of Wright's Batuilon, with hie company, waa aurprlaed at Kietavllle. Barry county, by S00 Rebels, supposed to belong to McBrlde*a Division, but wbo represented them selves at Texan Rangers. They flred Into the house occupied by our men. killing two and woundin? one. One of tbe Rebela was killed The rest fled, taking with them about seventy horse*. Two wagons loadvd with army stores were burned the sam? night at Major Harblfl's farrr, two miles bevond Kletsville. Coienels Kills and Wright, with an adequate cavalry force, were sent to Kietsvllle. Price had burned several public buildings at Favettevllle, Including the Fayettevllle Arsenal, lesd factory, and several flouring mills, with 100, 000 lbs of flour. Many of the inhabitants along the road say thev have been derelved by the lies of Price, who said they would all be butchered by the United States troops. A ^strong Union feeling !? exhibited amone thooe remaining An old soldier of 1812 brought out a Union flae that he bad long concealed. The fear that the combined force* of Price, Van Dorn, McCullough, Mcintosh and Price will again overran the country, keep* thourands from avowin? their sentiment* Priced after his last cbase, la cooling off on tte Itostcn Mountains, and Ben. McCulloch la on this side cf him. The Negro to be Excluded from Illinois. 5*PRiNGFiKLn, 111., March 5?The State Con stitutional Convention to-day discussed the article which prevents negroes and mul^ttoes from eml l'ratin<? into this State, and prohibits them from pxerciair.g the right* of suffrage, and requires the Gen??ril Assembly to pass laws to carry out the provisions of the article. Tae article was adonted hv section* In C.nm. intttee of the Whole. The report was then sub in Ited to the Convention, and concurred In by a vote of 13 against 13. CONG R. ESS ION A L. * XXXVlltb CONGRESS?Secead S?tal??. Senate - Yesterday, after the close of our re port? Tbe bill heretofore noticed to provide for the codifii aiion and revision of the law* of the Dis trict of Columbia,was parsed. The codifler is to be appointed hy the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and to report by the Itl h of May neit. Mr Sherman, from the committee of conference on the joint resolution for the payment of the award- of I he commissi on to InvMtlaabi ihp miii. tary claims on the Department of the West, sub mitted a re;*>rt restricting the operation of the rest'lutlon to claims and contracts for service, labor, or materials, and for subistence, clothing, transport Hion, arms, supplies, and the purchase, hire, and construction of vessels ; which was agreed to; and, after an executive session, the Senate adjourned. Horsn ?After the close of our report Mr. Calvert, of Maryland, reported from the Committee on the District of Columbia a bill to authorize the issti? and circulation by the Banks in tte District of Columbia of notes of a less de nomination than So Ordered to l>e printed A bill prohibiting the allowance and payment of pensions to the children ?f cttWrs and soldiers engaged in th? war of the revolution, where such persons died without establishing a claim for pen sions, wa* passed; also a joint resolution relative to the stle of goods, supplies, Ac , unfit for use by the War Department; and a bill regulating the compensation of chaolalns rf mllitarv h?>?. pitals. The amendment to the bill making an appro priation for the sundry civil expenses of the gov ernment, relative to the construction of a new jail, In the District of Columbia, with an appro priation of fit*) tX?0 therefor, vu non-concurred In by a vote of 61 lo 19. Adjourned. A Military Kxb?t*!on.?Private Jo$eph Keon, of the Second Maryland Regiment, hat been sentenced to be Long to-morrow In Fort Mcllenry, between the !?r?ur* of twelve and three o'clock It will b? rowilJected that two months since, about the time that the regiment was mnstrrlng for parade, the accused. without provo cdtion, quickly seized a musket and tiring killed anomcer inMsnisy Arterwaiil? he was tonflne-i in the auard lious<~. but snhst-q'tently removed to Fort McHenry, where he had a fair trial by court martial. Col Alford, of the Third New York In fantry. presiding. Op. the occasion of the execu tion the re<;imentaitatior.ed In and near the city, mu?tering a force of nearly live thousand men will pcrade, march to th>; fort and witness the execution.?B'tlt Amtrica*. No Coc.NTEKrEiTs.?The New York Journal of Commerce of Monday evening savs:?"We uave a notice rf a discovered counterfeit of the lTnlt<d States tire dollar demand notes, as fur ril?h'-<l by the police, but a diligent Inquiry has failed in detecting any such Imitation, and w> now believe tta: whole story Is an invention of the parties who promulgated it. Kither the po lice have been humbugged, or they are trying to iniptin- on others. Let the correction eo round There Is not, bat not been, and is not "likely to be, any counterfeit of tbeae notes '2 Yb?PKK^vKKANCK firk company. l,?t Th? r?iuar m-intlilf meeting will be hold THIS (Thuraday) K V KNING, at ha f-paat aevon o'clock, in the new Ha!I. Huaineaa of importance wil; be hr u*ht '-efore the Company. It* UMl. FLKTCHKR. See. YSr**MITH!sOiNlAN L KC T II Kt8.-On i ? TH1KSDAY EVKN1NG, March 8.1882 Rev. W. A. P. Martin will leotnre on "China and th;' Chines V The lectu.e will commence at 8 o'c'ock The public are invited The te4 hnkt will be shown on the tower whenever there it a Smithsonian fres lecture. If arr leatnre should be pottp'oed on aooouot of the vather or other reasons the li?ht wi:! not be exhibited. mh 4-?t EVKRY ONE'S INTKRKST-TO THE CITIZENS. tiTKANGFHS, A*1j t>UL blEliS 1 nave lunl received a Terr lar*e and fiii'5 assorinsout of Pprinn Clothing. which 1 aiu . Barine at our luuaUcw prices, at N >- 460 Sev enth street, opposite Post Office, near F. fe 27 am V f-IHE UNION PRAYErTiEETIN8 Will i./! b* hot leu ever; dar this week in tlie Luther an Churoh.f Rev. J. G. Butler'*,) at the corner of lltii and H streets. commencing at iii o'oiock p m. and continued but one hour. ja 30 I nOll POTATOES. Iv/UU Bashels prime Maine Jackson white Potatoes, suitable for p!antirc or t*b!e use. PETER BKKRY, mh6 3t* Water at., Georgetown. F'OK BALK.?A GROCERY store, on E street, between 6th and 7th nut, Navy Yard Ar.f pe sen desirous of going into the Grocery business ?i!l fitd this a r*re ohanca. Particulars *iveaty applying on tne premis**. n>h 6-3'.* THE UNDKRSIUNED is fep?red to procure Cars ari l attend to the 'oadnu same with Hay, Grain, or other goods, for Iho oity of Washington, Al; orders tor the purchase of goods of every de scription prorrpt'y attended to. Term* moderate. Address JOHN MITCHELL, at J. Atom's Hay, Peed, and Coal Depot, No 79 North street. Balti more. mh 6 3t* NERVOUS DEBILITY, OR SPER MATORRHEA?A permanent and last lug CURE for this terrible disease may be obtained ol the Advertiser, who has this cured hiuise'fand, sutaequei.tty, nurdnds of oth ers Enclose one stamp, and address Box I7f, Charifstown. Ma?r. mh 6 lm LOUR, CLOVER SEED, Ac. 510 bbls. EXTRA (Fenn'a) FLOUR, ISO bushels prime CLOVER SEED, 7?> do. do. TIMOTHY SEED, J .ist received and lor sale br # J. HENRY GIE8E, 21 Sfiai'i Wuaii mu6 2t* Baltimore. r RliAT BARGAINS VJ for THE TRADE AND SUTLERS! The aabsoriber intend* closing oat business on the 15th Maroh, and will Mil bis entire stock of Proviaiona at c?>?t. Alio a lot of supsnor Cigars of different brands of about 55,rw. wVch wasoon ainned to him aud will be sold at the oost price. Gail and aee. Ala >, one of the best business stands in the oily to let. JOHN F. i?HRODER. mh 6 1 w* corner of 13th and G ?t?. A NAVAL MEDICAL BOARD. Board of Medio*! Officer* will convene at the JVyal Aejlnm. Philadelphia, on March 17,1862, fkr ^ of candidate* for adini??ion to the Medical Corpe of the Navy. Dlie1",n d??rin*. permission to appear bafor? the Board mm m\ke application ;o the Honorable Syjy*!; frftT*- ?ta??r){ their reeldenoe, K5?^ at? V Mcompanied with reelect ab.e toatimoniaU of moral oharaoter. A" io?nU mu?t not be leu than twenty-one nor more thau tw?nty-aix years ol ace. Nti HTMniA ia bIUmajI I ?j * .. i? ?n?wcv uy oummnrni lo uandl tlatee attending the sessions ol tUf Uwrd.utno oeHiiut examination it a legal prerequisite for ap pointment in the ."Xavy. mhieo2w_ ^LOSING OUT AT COST! The undersigned, being aboii' to oloee hie bull nessin WaihicfU.ii and r?tnrn to New York.offeri ONK WEEK ONLY In. lane ?t'ok ulLAUltg' FINE EMBROID c.RKl) and PLAIN LINEN HANDKER CHIEFS, and GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOOUS, including SHIRTS, COLLARS, UNDERGAR M NTS. HANDKERCHIEF*. NECK TiKH. SiK?S? the army for ueauriog "?* rmrj ? of merohwdiij. UKl w> THOMPSON. ?" r,3i/15lttTB6f. IUU6 1W * aim and wot'ifdki# ioldihu w HOSPITAL. Publi?h*d tn eonformitw wttA tk* resolution of tK? Senate of July 16, 1861. At S.h??ry HotpttmI, Omt|K*m. fW ?. *dU 8. Infantry 15 lit do Artillery.... 1 3d do do.1 3dVermontVolantcera 6 4th do do 9 6th do do 1 5th New York Vol... 1 13th do do.... 2 33d do do.... 1 13d do do.... 1 55th do do.... 3 ?2d do do.... 6 *? A- >M 96th Penn. Volunteer*. 4 90th do do 1 l?t do Reeenre.... 4 4th do do 8 6th do do 1 7th do do,,.... 5 llth do do 5 l*t do Cavalry.... 8 4 th do do 1 let do Artillery.... 1 id Wisconsin Vol.... i 5th do do 2 w?'?u %**? UUf 2d New York Art.(?) 1 3d Penn. Volunteers . 1 36th do do 1 47th do do 1 57th do do...... 4 nut do do i 71st do do 1 ( ) An officer. At Gtntral HotfUeU, Union Hottl, comtr Bridgt nd Washington ttritit, Otorgttown, Fib S6. 1st New York Art. .. 8 5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 5th do Vol... 1 1st Wisconsin Battery. I 13th do do.... 1 4th Michigan Vol.... 1 14th do do. 1 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 17th do do*... 3 7th do do...... 1 10th do do.... 1 2d VermontVolunteersl4 Al >1L * _ uiu uuuuo;?iuui f wi . i 7th Maine Volunteer* A '2Id Massachusetts Vol 1 Cameron Rifles 1 Id D C. Volunteer*.. 4 Officer's aerrant 1 Total .138 ii? a au ao.... do do.... 43d do do.... 50th do do.... 54th do do.... 55th do do.... 56th do do.... 5Hh do do.... 59th do do.... 69th do do.... <?th do do.... B6th do do.... lit Penn. Cavalry.... 2d do do., 4th do Volunteers. 7th do do 11th do do 23d do do 35th do do...... 46th do do ?Hi An An 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 l?t California Vol. ... 1 Harris' Light Cavalry 1 Mott'a Battery 1 McMann'a Battery.... 1 Stelnfleld's Battery... 1 5th Maaaachaaetta Bat. 1 2d U.S. Artillery .... 1 4th do do........ 1 2d Cameron Dragoons. 1 2d Cameron Rifles.... 2 Stockton'a Rifles 3 5th U.S. Infantry 1 iota do do l Signal Corps I Kane's Rifles 5 2d Wisconsin Vol 2 At Hotyitml mt Columbv Fib l*t U. S. Cavalry 2 2d do do 6 4th do do 1 5th do do 2 fith do do 1 3d do Infantry.... 1 8th do do 1 2d MMne Volunteer*.. 1 #th do do??tt?i 1 11th do do 5 2d Vermont Volunteer* 9 3d do do.... 5 4th do do.... 1 5th do do.... 3 fith do do.... 1 1st Maftuchugetti Bat. 1 5th do do. 2 U XS v. UiUU Itc IOii ? Total 170 * Colltgt, Waiktngton, V 62d New York Vol... 1 78th do do.... 1 77th do do....l-J R7th do do.... 3 Oneida Cavalry 1 McClellan's Dragoons. 3 Rocket Battalion 1 1st New Jersey Car (6)21 loth do Vol ... 3 4th Fenn. Cavalry .... 4 fith do do 1 2d do Volunteers. 1 3d do do 1 13th do do...... 1 731 do do 1 91st do do 2 3d Maryland Engtn'rs 1 1VIU uu *Ol. 1| l#t New York Artillery I 5th do do.... 2 7th do Battery. 19 bth do do.... 11 2d do Cavalry. 1 8th do do.(a)3fl! lTth New York Vol ...11 *2d do do.... 1 25th do do.... 6 36th do do.... 1 37th do do.... 1

.Vith do do.... !2 (a) One cUlcer. za 1/ u. voiunieers .. 2 8th Illinois Cavalry... '2 Sturgli llllnofa Rifle*. 1 19th Indiana Vol 1 3d Michigan Vol 1 8th do do 2 l?t California, or 71st Pennsylvania Vol... 2 5th WlaconslD Vol.... 1 lat Minnesota Vol 1 7th New York Cavalry 1 Total 200 (b) One cfflcer. At Otntral Hospital, (Circlt,) Washington, SV/i Off l?t u. 8. f * o 24 do do 4th do do 5th do nth do do ?> 1st do Artillery.. .. 1 5th do 2d do 3d do 4th do do .. ? 8th do 8tb do 10th do do...... .. 1 l*tNewYork Artillery 2 2d do do.... 1 2d do Cavalry. 1 50?h New York Vol... 62d do do.... 2 9-">tta Penn. Volunteer*, i 3tftb do do...... 1 09tb do do...... 2 5th N Hamnbire Vol. I rtb Maine volunteer*. I l?t Michigan Vol 1 Total. .?) At St. Elixabitk Hospital, Matttru Brant4, Ftb 2? 2Vth New York Vol... 1 5'hVerinontVoluntceri 1 22d New York Vol ... 1 53d Penn. Volunteer*. 1 5CHb New York Vol . .20 21 Artillery 1 'uhMa*. Volunteer*.. 1 5th do Artillery.... I 4 lit New York Vol Cameron Rifle*.... Kxcelslor Artillery Vol ? <Mth New York Vol... 3 8th N . Hampshire Vol 1 "(libNew VorkVo^.. 1 57th Pean Volunteers. 1? Kith NewJersey Vol. .17 Uth New York Vol 6 . l|4'h Rhc-de Island Art. 2 . l'fiid Penn Volunteers. 7 Kb Michigan Vol.... 0 21 Maine Volunteers . Uth New York Vol ..17 Seaman. U. 8. Navy, released prisoner... 1 Total UP Sick rmststsi t?s Ikt Hospital for Erspltsi ihlisiu, M Kaloram*. Ft b V? 1st U ?. Artillery.... 1|7??h New York Vol... 1 1st do Cavalrv 1177th do An o 2d do do./...... 4th do do 5th do do 6th do do id do Infantry t>th do do. ?..???. 5th Maine Volunteer*. 7th do do.... Uth do do.... lit Mannachusett^Art. 7th do ^ol. 19th do do. *id do d*. 4th Rhod* Ul*n<l Vol ?5th do do ... 1 Rocket Battalion 2 Onflda Cavalry 1 1st New Jciaey Cavalry I 3d do Vol.... 1 10th do do.... 5 l?t Penn Rrt. Cavalry 1 8th do Cavalry.... 1 Sth do R^serv?.... 1 7th do do...... 1 10th do do 1 45th do Volunteer*. 1 Sid do do...... 2 01 it <tn ?? - ? 3 1 1 r? 2 1 1 l II o 1 1 1 iat New York Artillery 3 -V ?V...... 104th do do...... A ft %> MthNew York Vol... 1 105th do do 2 17th do do.... 1 0th Wlaconsln Vol... o 23th do do. ... 1 19th Indiana Vol 4 34th do do.... 1 '2d Berdan Sharps' .. 3 4tth do dOa ... 2 2d D. C. Volunteera... 1 50th do do* ? . ? 2 Oflcera' servanta 4 01st . do do,... 2 6id do dOa ... 1 Total At Itidtama Hotvital (Patent OJlct), D. C., Fkb .96. 16th Indiana Vol 18 7th New York C.ivalry 1 1st Uerdan Sharpa'rs.. 3 1st Michigan Car&lry. 1 2d do do 11 Cltiien 1 lat New York Artillery 0 ? 9tU do CaTalry. 3 Total 59 13th do Vol ....15 At Fifth District School House Hospital, Brunch of Otnsral Hospital on Fifth strut, Feb 28. 2d U. 8 Cavalry 1 Ohio Cavalry 1 5th Rhode Island Bat. 1 #2d New York Vol... 2 Total 5 At Utntral Hospital, (E eking ton,) Washington, Fkb 29. lit Berdan Sharp'rs... 4 2d do do...(?) 8 7th Massachusetts Vol. 2 1st U. S. Cavalry 5 1st New JerseyCavalry 5 (a) O 4th Peon. Cavalry. 1st do do...., Total M (a) One officer. ?ir?? dm 11IW _ | wmt u/ j Jersey avtnut, fib. 88. 4th Penu. Volunteers. 5 Mai ior .Pay master.... 1 3d U 8 Artillery .... 1 1st U. 8. Cbuun.i... 1 2d V ermon t V ol u n teera 14 2d Rhode Island Vol. 1 3th New York Cav.(a) 1 56th do Vol.... 1 1st Penn. Cavalry ....It 3d do Volunteers.. 5 ,th 11th 88th Old 90th load do do do do do do Total. do.... .. 1 ..14 (a) An ofllcer. At GmurtU HtfiuU, A Fkk.18. 4th U. 8. Infantry.... s 87th New York Vol... 1 8th do do........ a 1st NewYork Artillery 1 5th do a Utk do Battery .20 6th do i 12th do do.... 10 Zd do Artillery 4 4th do Cavalry. 1 *h do 1 9th Penn. Volunteers. 1 2d Maine Volunteers. 3d do do 4th do do 8th N. Hampshire Vol. '2d Massachusetts Vol. 12th do do., let do Bat.. 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1st do Bat.. <Wh do Art.. Sth Connecticut Vol.. 5th Vermont Vol lat New JerseyCavalry tat 40 Vol.... 4th do do.... 5th do do.... Sid do Art 7th do Mth do 3*d do 35th do Mth do* 53d do 54th do Stat do 85th do 86 th do SOd do 99th do lOSthdo 1164th do 7 tat do f 11th do 971k In/lli do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do.. do., do.. Fire Zouaves Dragooas... Cavalry.... 96 16th New York Vol.. 17th do do. 19th do do., n& do do. 96th do do. 97th do do., 99th do do. 39d do do. 38th do do.. 40th do A _ do. ? M MIchlgu Vol. 3d do do.. Stk do do.. 3d WlaeoMU Vol Mk do d M Mtaneaota Vol... SthllUaol. Cavalry...? 5th Excelsior Brigade. 1 " * - on. ?r?u uu Slat do no* do. 0 M I car ?3d do do.... 1 / ___ Mth do do.... t Total.. Ruth do do.... 1 \rr WMhi biHTk, um w Ctoa pa j* n pl?M M 1 1 & iDmi in ml I I AMUSEMENTS. fiHE^TER-Mr. and Mr.. Hrnn William' 1 FoBr'liTr'tKt. rhur?:?r, March 6, will b# r*??nt~d th* f%rc* or 'The ri" ? Tn'?>r"?**r. O'Toole, M r. Bar:i*t Wil i\*ua. AfW wh<c "In aod ' at of riactI-?Uty, Hr? Bvuey Wi! am?. To ooBo!a<*e Willi * Barney. ihs liarBare*? O'Toolw, Mr. Many Wi'liaa*. V s.c*? can b? eonred at the Boa t'lSo* 3 day u advaora. 1 * (J"" r?si*iA?*> r mail,: THE FaITfAMED laidford-B Opera Troupe. S. 8. SANDFORD. ?nd Fropnetor of ? SANVFVRb'S OPERA HOUSE, 1 HlI.AIISLrEiA. This ftmout C<>ni"ary of Voe&iia'a, Mtuioiati*. and Come'iiana. asnsted ( MK8. AMNA BOB DWELL, The Qumg DiTt! of Pont, will avpear on TIILRSLAY KVtMXi.Ma.rca 6. At th* Odb FillowV Hall. Theent^ri&,!it vr'l ha of a superior order,em hr?im Burlesque Opera, Comedy, Tragedy, Panto mime, and Extravaganza, in whieh the $and:ord Troupe exee. the world. The o?*mnr p-o^rarnme will present the !ateet Sengs, Bal ads. Oh jruses. Dancei.&o /hawing Fooin Stm**?Oid Dnyicn't. Coco'.ndicf with th* IJcrlesetie Opsra of LA ? (J M NA MBIT LA A mm ..... ... Mrs. A. RordweU Klvino Mr. J. A Pmc? Count Rodoipho . - M'. J.A. Arnold Alfg? o??. . ?... Mr. landlord SOtliT. - Mr. MBOM >?a Theresa. Sir. W Hordwe I iisa ..^...Mr. F X Arno'd PArdllfiinr nf # aeUr Mr I \MI DaU* For partioa.'ara bill*of tbe<tay. Ca'ris of admission 25 cent*. A lew secured ifkti referred,? ceits. Doors omu at na.f pan6 o'clock ; crmmerce at half-past 7 o'clock. Box offioe open from ha'f-past 10 {o 12 o'clock. rah 5 tf W1L.LARDS' HALL! L. M. 6OTT8CHALK. MR. GRAW ha* ?h? honor to ar.ronnoe that MR. GOTT^CH ALK'S only two (WAND CONCERTS mWuiunt' n vi t&kn p ac? on THURSDAY and FRIDAY KVbMNfiS, March bU and 7tb. MR COTTrCHALE baa receirrd from the New Y- rk Philadelphia public and p^es* the moat sirns! proofs of their high estimation of ins talent, and their warm ap preciation of t/tezaal wita vhiob be 1 a? cultivated bis extraor liearj uTIe I lie Conaerts be ? now *tvms in those cities are meeting with immense uoreu MR GOTTSCHALK'S First Appearance in WashiCKton will bo att-nded with anm'eand com pVe arrant err.tnt? for the amusement and oomfoi t of his patron*. The oriccipa! Artists of the Ao*d my of Music, Ne* York, including SiG'A ISABELLA H1NKLEY, SIGf. BKIGNOLI. SUtHNI, htve been einatei to give first* prominence to the vocal nt And. that the entertain ment ma; lack nottiirc for want ot the supervision of ?n experienced and compete-1 Maestro, MR MAX MAKKf/KK will assume the entire Musics* Direction. The price of admission is fixed at one dol'ar. Reserved Seats 5? cents extra, rears for either of the two Gottschaife Concerts ran he secured at Mr. Metzerott's Music !*t<<r?, corner of lltfa street and Pennsylvania avenue. Door3 open at * '4 ; Concert to o^mmepce at 8. mh 4 PHILHARMONIC HALL! PiNNSTLvaxia Avksce, Abov* 11th St. CAMPBrLL HIRRtEU! SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS! in a A tie Prorramm' Evenr Nitkl il ouint 0110:1 wim P. T 15 A K N V M ' 8 CABINET OF CCPTOSITIXS, Al.BIM) FAMILY, an 1th* WHAT IS IT.' Grand Matinee Every Wednesday and Sat vrdny Afternoons FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, mh 1-lw PLANTERBLKV HALL! V> CANTERBURY HALL : The entprtvu.n~nt a; this place far eclip*ea in alentio- and niagr. t jdo ar * tii i* i the kind ever tempfd in \Vas..mfton Tiie ; Mintnse company at the C%n*?rt.u ? STANDS FJRSV IN THKIR LINE! a u-tuftui, vriruiBk-ni dB|Vl? TONY TASTOR. TONY PASTOR, * m The Best Comic Simper of iLc Age! POSITIVELY FOR THREE NiUHTS ONLY. By of Mnr patror? cf ttu estabhrh ment, the mauaco'e hare re rnt*n?<1 the LKONT PANTOMIME LEON I PANTOMIME COMPANY, COMPANY, FOR ONK WKBK LONGER! This will !> X\J~roSiTlYEL \ THE LAST WEEK ^31 Tliie tiouf o n?r< ar s u< !>%It>u.uie Monc?y. Mac'i 10. I .ft \V>*lt o| rh#? CANTERBURY MINSTRELS CANTERBVK Y MINSTRELS TO NliiHT, The Partcmmt ROSE OF 611 AEON ROSE OF SHARON Ai.i au immense bill in vUol *.; tke A rtiat* appear GO A.NK 9KB The fiir.nT Bob Kntlar! rba tlori'-a* rcoet trtoitiea of A. J Ta.b*>? ! ' eon:io&liti?a of Dick Parker! Tbe Uaatifa bailaoa of Mian Sal lie Duval' TMcharntcf aosta of Mica Anw it Weill! Tlie darici; c vhinaai, jtfaea Ward! Tk? exaui>ite dauo'or of n'lle La Foil? and Laaaa Milea ' The splendid jiKfliBf of Willia Armatreac: Tlie Old Virgiunr dacoa of irntak Wjajtt! Ad>nia?ioc ?> ccuU ; O.afcaBUr Ckaiia m oeata. Afternoon Knttrftmmmt For LaJiea acd FJtar>h?a, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER NOONS?, &t * o'clock, Wh?n a iavisii distribution of Elefant Presents ia made: Rich aid Cost y Jowsl-y, Books, Toy*. Kancj Articles, and mac uificant Si'k Dree***. Mrs. M. Pove !. corner 1* th rtreet aod Mana chnse'ts avenue, received a sp.r i4id Silk Dress on Saturday. Admission 3" ceiits; Children 10 cents. mh tjt ai - COMKTBIN6 NEW ! O MAGICAL ILLUSIONS! Phantasmagoria Views 0/ tks Wat ! For a Few Pm? only, at the Yome Mbn's Chiimui Atwcunox Rooms, Opposite Brown's Botel. CommtneiDK TULSP_AY EVENING, March 4. Admimion 2.S c*rtf : Children 15 oenta. Door* open at ; r.x .liution commence* at o'clock precisely. rah?-6t* I17AHB1NGTON MUSICAL BALL-FREE CONCERT EVERY NIGHT, fro* 5 o'olook to 9 p. m. Best of Kefreshmeata. Fine Female Waiter*. Open all day. At ttie >outtieaat oorner of Peonaylvania avecue and oorter of Sixth ttreet, undey the Central Hoane, opposite the National, B.own'?,ai?d Clarctden Bot*la. fe 18 lm* 1V THE f A8HIN8TON ACADEMY OF MUSIC. 1?bhn. AvsNOBf (Hofth No. a?t, Et:%0een 9th and lot A tit. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Conotrt, imhrtiiine la<itiA??? ?t? ?? ? ?h? uwi> vvivti j *i ?iii wio uc?i uiascio UlUUOt ..HWI-WV4UB wwiwv.iwuu ii"iu Mio ur?i maamo uiuuo? and the mvit popular operas?rendered is better i style than at any other Amerioan concert sa.oon. i The foeete?and the public are freely invited, ' mthotft charge for entrance,?may rely upon ha* inc every comfort they desire. In addition to the finest musio in Washington, they will obtain- on eaU, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the best Refreshment! for sale in the Federal Metrop olis. Offioers constantly in attendance to keep a /vr-v si /\ p/4 A V 4 1AnrtOrf AA?nm An At ft sr A A A Wl "DATB.NT OFF1CB CUR1C?S?IT1E?-Gnide to ? Patents, Catalogue of Cariosities and Govern ment Gardens, at the stand in Patont Office; Karo Antnuanan Books; Government Book": Docu ments fuinishe.1: Railroad Report*; Military Re r?i *.e?-orlSL9.h,K. Iw >> ; military of theCoaet thousand Cn*%? inoviQK over nines, i.iuiy wuhmw vrn Book*. Reooheet cheap rent. Large tale*, lo' rioee. Up ?tair?, over Bank of Waanincton. jaW-fra* ALFRED HlflNTKR. T *HK MERCHANT^ EXPRESS COMPANY L 1ITVEIH BALTIMORE AND WASHINGTON. Are dailvTorvardinc (with <lnpatch* by the WariiiBtton KauroadJi nreUaa diaeof every deeonpUo.i, to anT^P ainonut ah'ppera n?> the loweet rate*. Agent lor BaJUnore, JOHN E. WILSON* Ofue, N. W. oorner Howard apd Camdeu ?t? , nearly oppotite Camdee Station B 4 OAoe and btorace.ftttii 8o?Ui Seventh phoTvrD-wasft 486 pmam J MS*1*?**. L.T ,?**i ! - ***?>for AUCTION 8AUCS. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW B? W t BARNARD A??tin*rm 'PKE ?ATi*? STOCK OF A 81 "I LfcR. I I UK I tti.TK*. Ho|t|. \V AAOl A\D 1a A* At. *!? ? * ? KRIOAY M?>KMSu, M?r. k ?. "Minwo.M ?t l?o'e?o?jf, va wi>1 ?e.l, witfioat rm v*,MM?rt No. S?H I) *(-? t, na*t U tie star <>ft. ?. the en tira at?ol of ? !*?t er et>ang i:.c t>aaiae??, auoh aa? W k te v low ?*?r*ra, n^xcitva *.?sd8vu^iii, Sardine*. I'icklea. Barrels Rice. Bsrrela ('akra. Ba.i ! Hania, K.U Jtfaik<-rel. S'a'iooe>r,Cab<li??. D *' Pie K101U. Brand* Pevhe*. B *ea He lea AC Mranti* au I St? i' Candlr*. Caaea B ratid y Cocktaia at.O Sntaahet, Caae? Hoa-bon Wntaky M?nt J?h?. Arrack I'unob, I or 'on Jockey Clcb fiia, Slieidam Schuapa Eya Opener, Arm* Tone Co dial, ItarreJa WJute W Lea? Mi ier> K re, Macao.:a Whi/kv, Caaki Brand;, Ouka P"rt and Maiara v\ lnea. rak* Hoi ard GmaU Scjteh Whifkioa. Kov?i Ti i.trti I * hiriii Bar re * New York him*, l,*rre bet J*etar? * d Fif?e, Om Uoru, Sprm WMOBUd H^rnui. With mar.t other roojs n->t fcar* ir.entiooM. All o' w*ioh will be po*ittr?ly ao!d. "wnf?* WALL A BAKNAKD. AucU. Br J. C. M'GI IRK A CO., Aa?twn*or?. DKftlKABt.K TWO-;*T?'RY BRICK DWKL lix3 Hoc*?, wiih 1I?(?T Ait*rn?i>. l-om Halk.?Or. MONDAY AV'ftlSwiN. fc.areh S1,?t 4 o'clock, on ?be prrmiar*. w? *ha: eel' Lot No 18, in ?*uare No. 4?, rronUaf St foet ** ? i?iiU i. eet weet. between G and H street* torth. and rr "i :g back 85 feet t--? ar. all^y, to**th?r wit* the impioveipenU. of a two ?:ory briok dweii.n* hccm. with briei I akerj attached. Term*: One f urth ca?h,Ui*> reiran?1er twelve, and eighteen mor.ths, with ictfre^t, eourou bf A (!mJ of tn.?t i-n tK? irMiiM Titlo perfect. fe 2' a J C. McC.lIRE ft CO.. Auctf. tTTTHE ABOVK*~\LE 18 UNAVOIDABLY pi.?tpnne>i vu account of t5? nun antil l HU*S i)A\ Al TtKMtOM, M*;ch6'li, cftm* hoar *cd p *c? mar 4 d J. C. MoGURE ft CO , Aucu. FUTURE DAYS. Br BARNARD ft HLCKEY, AncLcn<w>ra. Orcr*ft9%tn, IK C. TPRUPTKKr*' WAL?" - B? rtrtsif of a <t?M1 of E t'uat from V\ in. XV Mr\e#r, dated April J?. 1861, and of record. ?cwi I offer at anction oit tl.? 11 th day of Febtoarr next at 3 o'clock p. m , on tLa premiae*. a I that lot of rronnd in Oeo'tetown uownaatue't part of lot i.mab-r me hundred aid tventy-?-n> t, (l&> ) in He* i"a addition toUeorcPt wt,fronting U!e?toij l)un. art;>n e'reet. and racnice laok north of the p*m? tjn feet?witn the iiupruvemcL a, ecu itiLt o- a iwo etorj frame hone*. Term* of raic: One-third of the parchaae di>>dh to be paid jr. eaah ; and the rend ue at three ??? u a instalments a: three, aix a:.U nine month*, with interest, to be ec cured. __ WALTKR 8. COX. HUfcH CAPKRToN. Trunteea 6eorcetova Buid'r A?aoo.a n. |a6 3avts BARBARA) A BUCEKY, Aacu. ID"TnE ABOVE HAf.K IS POSTPONED to the 13th day of Ma'eh i.ext. W ALT* R J*. COX, I Xr__, feb la 2awta HUGH CAPK*TO*,< TnM,*r* \| AKSU AI.'S ?ALK.~It virtue of i vnt of t?ri a'J faci&a unJer Iteii aw, iaaueU from the Ctork'i office of the Circuit Court of the Diatnct of Co lombia for the o att* of IVaahinrton. ar.ri to me directed. J wiliexpoeeto public ea le. for caiii id front of the court icuee door of eaid court), oa FRIDAY, the 21st da? of March r.ext. IW>? alii o'ooct in . the to'lowmc d.aori *d p-opertT, to wit, vis All defendant'* right, title c a: m or io Idteal in an 1 to a certiain dwe^ing houarfereoted on lot No. 8 and the south lrf feet 4 mcheaof ;ot No. 9, in '^uare No S77. in the city of Wuhi*(toii. D.C.,resmi aid 'evied upon aa tie property of Jalms Viedt. as i ai i be a >id to satisf? judicia a No 38>' to Octotwr term, IGfT, in faror of Jonathan T.Walker. J. U HOOVKR, feao-du Marshal. BALLS, PARTIES. Ac. T*Hii 6TM GKAM) COTILLON TARTY V\' l.? At ?? in ?V4. ? ? arm TEXPE*A*CE HALL. Jfi F. rtrw. 1 etween ?th an<* loth, /S On FRIDAY tVKW Nti. March 7 idk Dancing to oommen oe a'SK o'clook. fi??ic by I'rof. Arth'g fan banc. 1 caeU SI, admitting a gentleman and ladies alii If FROK. C. I . BA R N Ki*. Manager. PROF. C. F. BARNKP' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADKM V, at Temperance r% Hall, K street, l?erweer 9:n and 1< th Ctaa e? J?T every TueaJat and Fndat ?after aooafcc>aM^K at S, evening class at 7. t*oiree?ver? Friday ISiA evening at A o'clock. M??ic f?y Prof. tiwn Arita. Hal. will be lat lor Kali*. Partita, Ac. Apply aa above. je U lm* FR1.ULI1 fc CO , OPTICIANS, 44 P*rB'a?T.,'north m'le.J het. Iftji ftnd UU, tto. KVE6LASBE8. makl.Nti AND flLLU glasses. COMPARES, 4 9.. of the beat ^tialitiea, oousmjXv on h&nd. fa ?-eoif,ti ^JlLirARY books:. 1* MILITARY books At the Nation&l H'?okst-re. No. HI* HfnLn rt MHaiM.all Ik* %a* Viiitkfi Bmkiwt fooud ib oa>h &? iu?m fiom ibe Press. Call ana eianuneour ttonk. WML F. RICHSTKIN. I fe2" Sw* '21* PennsyiTanfaavsrae. jQlTTHH ADVERTISEMENT OUT! CVT THIS ADVERTISEMENT Olf AND BRING It WITH YOC? The sabeorlber wi'.l advsnce. is the way of |tf cha?f or^l nn? for short penoja,** DIAMONDS. WATCH* ft, VALLA8LE JEWEL**, or any description of sati'faotory eoonntiea A?y lad* or geuieniau vbo would like to olHam a lev dollars temporarily, in a 4met manner, may do ?o hf RRB vinr At 45A HtW ? - - - n J " , ?rr / ?r> ?- I>?u i. WI Wt| l/WWOCH V Ifct U CI f from II to i o'oioct. fe2T-lm Hmm COAL OIL-COAL OIL. AVING The M'ncv rf ou of the larceat Coal Oil Coinpamea in the (Jaitrd Kiatea, we o*u seli Coal On vh-vl'ttie acd reiail. cheaper tfean oar. be bo?|tht n WatlitDKton. a '>. p?. can* aud ?hade?. GbO. W. 8TK * AH r k. RON, Dti 1 Ira* Corn-r ltili and R atreeta. PROF. ALKX. WOLOWfKI BKG8 LEAVK la inform his frieuda and the put' io. that, bav ins met vith ao niuoh aueoete. is continning ha Coarse of lnatrne*inn oa ?te Piano and in mbiili, by hia new method. All thoee who de*ire to be oome, in a ahort time. Loe unier* <>r eioeUeo* per former* -?n U.e piano ehonid avail t'l-mae vea > i his new ayatem of instruction. bj appi<ir? at lua re?ideroe. No. 8036th street, between K atreet and New York avenue. lAMBfinrt hnnra 1A IO ? ? ? ?r ? ? - ???? v^u ?? ??u i? v vtvuk m- i?i Tu?id?ti, Thursdays aud H*tur 'ay fo <4 lin GROCERS, bRltC OROC ??5: Stud j Tour iaUrett an 1 the of yoar oua tomer* by oallmi ud eiunin nt our a?p?rior BOSTON CRACKER*. SODA CRACKER? B'llhRCKA*. GRAHAM CRACKKRi WATER CRACI ski DAYTON** CRACKER BAKERY, 4*? Eutixtr 8tkmt, f? fflw Between B and H. T NOTICE. HE P1H10 u rwjectfu!!* informed thtt anderu(t>M _h*a jx>?i raencei /ml jnder?:R:,ofl tju 00?rDe&c*1 nine R LINE Of HTA6_i> reon. ?o Meridian Hill. TheJ etuM will .mt? Willarde' Houl evry orninc at t o'olock and Meridian Hill at bar Mtt s o'el'k. and will ran regalBrly to and from Meridian Hill very hoar, tbwe afforc inc a cheap and 'reedy aoa Teyanoe to toe raitoor oatnpa in the nfifhu>rhood. The nnderaigMd hope* to receive a liberal???p<>rt, a* be ia determined to afford In a patron* every fa cility IB hie power. Fare 10 oauU etkcti way. GEO. M. M1Ll.EE, fa M-eolm* P-opnetoc. Zt(nms in'tr*- a No. Sie Pkhm. Atibfb, fOT Between 9th and 1Mb Streeta 11* v* ooraiftiiT invite the attention of a.l who oon temp>*te firuahiOK to o?r tudwM wd wall M urMd ibMk of CABINET FURNITURB. krwiu wrtry etjle ud mim, froi Itt imt P&riur ftait down to the elMWMt Bifl fy compe tiUon. 0iTe % o? : and oonvinoa yoaraalvaa.If 85 ao?t QOU?H*t OOLU ^ HUA J^tM 2 pq KW WHOLESALt OR Y GOOIW* HOl>fc. i 11. UOBLITZt'LL * CO. have isai open ?large stock oi DRV UUOW NOTlONf, A et >o. 347 \\ mi U?.i nmrtiUMt, Ba.u more Tee entire stock in purclias*d ifiSepteiaij aod October ast, at prices enabiini ttem to m ! dealers on seoh terms as will make it the ist?n of hoth eity acd coentry nereUanU toexavii Their tenns will be easfc. fe M ?sj FOR A KKW 0AY8 ONLY.-I hare remored Jj.S^o4 kerf 1 shall ofle it at lees a few dafs oelT. i?r ? J. w KfcfcP. THK PKOPLt'S CLOTHING STORK. W*. I 4M KMWtli ?1. Alw?r??te?M! N?varrtv?l of Ppnot Qcxxii, all U? lttMt of , at Wo. 4*0 wmtt rtr?t, n?r V. f ti ? ?!__

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