Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Ahhmmti To-Nian. Tiiatii.?Fourth night of Mr. and Mrt Bar n?r Wtlllama. Barney aa "Dr O'Tool," and " Barney'' In the "Irtah Tutor," and " Barney the Baron;" and Mra WI (llama aa " Lotty" In the Interlude of "In and Out of Place." Th? Wlll'ama are drawing tremendous bouaea. CanTitarsv Hall?Second night of Tony Paator, with Mlaaea Durall. Walla, Mllea, La Folic, Magglo, little Ella, Talbot, Parker, Ward, Butler, ana t boot or otber miri in an lmmrnie programme of songs. darces, and aide-splitting comicalitlea, concluding with the capital panto mime, ? The Row of Sharon.'' Onlv three nlgbta more of Too* Pastor, the Leon I Pantomime Com pany and otier old favorite* Philhahmohic Hall.?The Campbell Mlnstrela In an original and attractive blllofsonga, dancea, ballads, and Ethiopian perforataneea, together with the "What la It*' and the Albino fiunlly, the Utter on exhibition all day. Odd Pillows' Hall?First appearance of Panford'a celebrated opera troape, assisted by Mr*. Anna Bordwell, in a grand programme of bnrieaque opera, comedy, tragedy, pantomime and extravaganza, conc'adlng with the burleeqae opera of La Somnambula Willabd's Ball ?Great concert, and appear ance of the talented pianist, L. M (Jt>t'*chalk. assisted by thoee brilliant stars. tMenora Isabella Hlnkley, Slznors Brignoll and Susini, under the direction of Max Maretzek. A meat attractive entertainment. 9xitii?o!tia!i Institution ?Smithsonian lec ture bv Rev W A Martin on the anbject of " China and the Chinese."' Admittance free; doors closing at 8 o'clock YomtG Mill's Christian Association Rooms, I'ennaylvsnia avenue, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel ? Phantasmagoria of the war, an enter tainment of unusual Interest to the sight-seeing public. Acadixy or Music ?Hall open all day Free concerts at 4 o'clock, popular music, excellent re neabmenu, ana oxner auracuons MrsicAL Hall ?Free concert?, embracing se lections from the most popular opera*, superior refreshments, Ac., Ac. Hall open ail day. A Mistaki ?A morning paper la wrong in sta ting that Albert C. Ward was convicted of high way robbery and attempting to kill Charles B. Ma'thews. The testimony of the prosecuting witness, which wss the foundation or the indictments, was to the t fleet that the witness was knocked down by the prisoner with a paling; taken from a fence for the purpose; that wfcile the witness was pros trate the prisoner fired several shots at him from ntatoi. one of which Inflirtrd a wound nn bU forehead. and three passed through his clothing; that while the witness wan Insensible his money was taken. On these charge* two indictments were found one for assault and battery with Intent to kill, and one for robbery. The first only was tried, and on that only was the prisoner convicted. A nolle prosequi was entered by the District Attorney In the other ca*e. Judve Crawford, In sentencing Ward, briefly reviewed the avldence, and said It was one of the moat aggravated cases ever brought before the tout:. The prisoner, as we have already stated, was sent*.iced to eight years in th? penitentiary. Efforts are now being made to obtain his pardon from ths Executive on account of his respectable family connections In his native State?Indiana. SurRKMK Court, Match 4.?No, 140. George law, plaintill in error, vs. Alexander Cross ^tfhe argument of this cause was concluded by Mr Gillet for the plaintiff in error. .Not. Ill and 14-2 George I. Foster, complainant and appellant, vs. Wm W. Goddard, and Wm. W. Goddard, appellant, vi George I. Foster The argument of the* causes wa? commenced by Mr. Sohier for the complainant, and continued by Mr. Goodrich for the respondent. Marek 5 ? No?. 141 and 142 George I Foster, complainant and appellant, vi. Wm. W God dard, and Wm. \V. Goddard, appellant, va George 1. Foster. The argument of these causes was continued by Mr. Goodrich for the respon dent, and concluded by Mr. Barlett for the com nl a1 ntfit No 113. The Jefferson Branch of the 9tate Bank of Ohio, at Steubenville, plaintiff in error, vs. Alexander Skelly. The cause was argued by Mr. Vinton for the plaintiff In error, and submitted on a printed argument by Mr. Murphy for the de fendant In error. Tut Hotel asd Rkstackakt Kuriis ?Yes terday afternoon the hotel and restaurant keeper* held another meeting, at Franklin Hall, relative to the o'd?r of the Provost Marshal closing their establishment* at half past 9pm. The commit tre chargst with the interests of the society be fore the military authorities reported that, having waited upon lien Porter for his promised answer to their request, they were informed by that oili rer that he had not changed his mind with regard to the necessity of tb? new rule, and should con Mo ue to cnforce it. Various plans were suggested by which to pre vail upon the authorities tc grant them the priv ilege of keeping their esttblishments open until midnight, as formerly, and a committee, com posed of two from each ward, appointed to pro cure a list of all parties Belling liquor In Wash ington. for the purpose of bringing before the notice of the authorities the magnitude of the loss istained bv them under the late prohibition. Police ?This morning the Second W ard patrol reported John T. Hollohan, assaulting bis wife; se< urity for peace, by Justice Hazard. The Third Ward patrol reported Philip Wilson, colored, riding on the pavement; fined S3 M, by Justice Thompson Mary Lynch, selling liquor to Midlers, security for court. Mary A. Hogan, do ; do. Mary A Hogan, selling liquor without a ltrense; fined 58, by Justice Barnaclo Th? Piturth W>rM mtrnlmpn pprtnrt fnVin IsrV on, obstructing the sidewalk; rosta 58 eta Mary Broker, vagrant; workbouae SO days. Tboinax Mulqulnn and Bridget Malqalnn, fighting; flnfd I 5* each. J. M Gorum, running wagon with out license; dismissed. Tbe same, for driving on the pavement*; do , by Justice Barnaclo James Cuatln, cart without llcenae; fined S3 (JS. John Miller, do: dismissed Andrew Cramer, do; do Timothy Rogers, hacking without license; ordered to pay 58 cents coats, by Joatice Walter The Fibs is Gbo&sitowm?It la supposed that tbe fire wblch destroyed the residence rin Georgetown) of Count Mercler. the French Min ister. yesterday morning, originated from a de fective flue In the furnace, and during the night made such headway thit its progress could not be stopped. The wife of Count Mercler (an American lady) lost her jewels and narrowly escaped with ner life. The Count's losa of per sonal effects, Including a valuable library, amounta to about $15,000 Two fine pictures of the present Kmpercrand Em press of France vere consumed A raid was made Into tbs wine collars by tbe soldiers, firemen, snd citizens, who thoaght it was better to driok the juice of tbe grape than have it destroyed, and the very choicest brands washed the smoke from throats not often made tne cunntu ror sucn expensive nuias. Am Ao*??abl? Vwit ?The members and friend* of the Ninth street Methodist Protestant Church made a very agreeable t!?U to their paa tor, Rev. P Light Wilson, at the parsonage of the chnrch, last Thursday evening. The pastor's term of service having expired, his congregation paid their respects to htm during the day. At night the aoclal circle conalsted of about aeventy persons, and these partook of a sumptuous sup per provided by the ladles of the church for the occainon. Before the company separated, the pastor and h'.s family had received unmistakable evidence of the esteem of the congregation, and their high appreciation of bla pastoral service. For?TH Wabd Statioh Casks?Btftrt Juttict Wnlttr ?Albert Campbell, larceny of a watch; jail for a hearing August Craemer. murder of a soldier named Hammel; for further hear'.ng. W. Campbell, larceny; dlaoniased?not the right man. Cbaa Duvsll, drunk; Edward Barnes, do.: dismissed A. Bucki.nan, beating a colored man; turned over to tL? m iliary. C J Eason, disorderly; St. John Cook, drunk; turned over to the military. B F. Baker, drunk: dismissed Chas. Bare, do ; turned over to the military. Thomaa Sullivan, do.; 9*2. CdviiAL Cockt ?Yesterday, Nathaniel Lord was convicted of stealing a coat valued at f 15 from Reuben Soloday, a soldier, and was sen traced to one year and three month* in the peni tentiary. Montgomery Jones was convicted of stealing a watch valued st 930 from Charles ii?nr>g, and wm f iitmrwd In one vear and rtshl nv>ntha in the penitentiary. Commisdsslk.?The unfortunate fate of Mr. George H Randall, who lost hi* life by falling under a train on the Washington branch railroad at night, called forth evidences of sympathy not ?alv among his many friends, but from the rail road company, which procured everything requi site for the funeral and interment, a handsome catte, suitable grave clothes, Ac. A Complaint-?Editsc Star: The pun.,1 on G street, near Third, ia out of order, and has btea for the last two weeks. Pleaee call the atteatlon to It of those whose doty it is to repair, end oblige ASvmcsibsx. Agorae* Rossiar ?The residence of Mr. Geo. A Smith, on the Navy Yard, was entered yesterday walla the family were oat, and a gold watch, some jArelry, and 9173 la mouey was stolea A ami ? Abo?t MO recruit* for tbe 1Mb New York regiment stationed at Fort Co'coran, yaater day (niri oar oSco on their wajr to the araenal to be araaed wltb the Improved musket AcriDt*T ?A lad named Char lea McUioala, wollc DualuAlong Fourth atreet reoterday on a of xlltt. fell and broke an aim ud leg. # Akbbst ro? Mveosk?Camftuiim /tkt Prit omrr ? Yesterday evening Fatrolman Leach ar retted a man named AugaatCraemer, who standi charged with the marder of a soldier of the 8th Regiment N Y 8. volunteers, attached to Ban ker's division, named Hsmmel Craemer was taken to tbe Fourth Ward station, and Justice Walter being aent for, the prisoner oonfeased that he stabbed the deceased and knocked him on the head, bat did not know of hla death. He was aent to jail for a bearing. Dr Froellch, surgeon of tbe regiment, subse iuently testified that on a Saturday afternoon in [arch last, he was notified that one of the men was lying dead in the woods, near. The witness went with hlsaaslstant and an officer to the plrce, and found the body lying on the right side; blood ?ru flowing from the mouth and nose. Upon ei amlnlng the body, found on the right aide of the neck two alight cuts, each about half an Inch long; and on the left aide, about four inchea long, a deep cut Tbe knife uaed could not have been harp, on the right hand, between the thumb and ir*t linger. Wltneaa thought tbe body had laid about two days and waa frozen. Tbe wound on the left alae of the corpae waa the cauae of death. From me indications or tD? Diooa, iop murderer mutt have been holding the victim. The prlaoner had beea under treatment of the witness about three months ago. He was then out of his mind; other* wise witness knows him to be a very good soldier and a very kind-hearted young man. The cause of his Insanity waa his receiving letters from his home about the dea h of his brother snd slater, and suggesting his return to support his parents. Crammer was born In Stuttgart and raised In Ludwlgsberg, Germany, (Wurteraberg,) and bat been three years In tfclscountry. He is twenty-live y^a-s of age He Is still in prison, awaiting the arrival of other witnesses from the camp in Vir ginia. Lookout to* Them ?Yesterday a ten-dollar note of the "Bullion Bank ' was placed In the hands of Detective A. R Allen, to be redeemed &i me establishment, corner of Four-and-a-half tree', and the^A venue The note was presented, but unfortunately there was not bullion enough on hand just then, ao says the detective, on the teller's authority, to redeem It. The note was new, and apparently from the plate, but the teller subsequently pronounced It a counterfeit. The ottcer Is awaiting the return of the president, to see a little more about the note. It Is dangerous to take them at all, If they are counterfeited so exactly. This morning persons have been shoving off large amounts of counterfeits of the Columbia Bank of Pennsylvania Those we have seen are of the denomination of two dollars, photographed :*rom the genuine, and probably issued since the Bank Note Detector. Vigaette, eagle upon a shield, locomotive and cars upon a bridge in the distance; bead of Washington on the left, female Kn1<|tn<v -? * * a. 4. * uviuiu^, tuuut vviuui/vuia ai urr I6CI| iUt' WOTU ' two1' on red ground fallow the name of bank, the red printed on after the photograph; Barlin Evans, President, Pam'l 8hoef, Cashier. The fraud was discovered yesterday. Those is thk secret, viz. prominent army and naval officers, Senators, Congressmen and ourselves, witnessed a sight last night the most beautiful ever displayed to our admiring gaze Major >1 ver, founder and head of the Signal Department, whose services are so pre-eminently useful, even necessary, to the Army and Navy, last night submitted to a final test a night signal. The brilliant colors and changing hues formed a tout tnsemblt worthy of a Fourth of July celebra tion. Of course, we are not in the secret as to the in terpretation of the signals; none but Major Myer's officers are; but we are justified in saying that with these new signals, called asterisks, signaling can be done as unerringly by night as by the day ua^ 9IOVCIIJ HVW IU UBC, QHU wuicu 1* ?U BiKUpie and effective In character?Itself the Invention of tbe major. No army In the world Is so thoroughly equipped as our own, and Its signal department Is superior to that of any other foreign service; and this la entirely owing to the earnest, one-idea, laborious Major Myer, who has seized on every adjunct to render his department aid. To day we may say it la perfect. # Ckmral GcardhoCsk Casks?Effort Justice Waller.?Geo Stowell, drunk; dismissed. John Grlnnell, do ; do. Samuel Hine*, do ; turned over to the military Frank Branson, drunk and disorderly; 9i 58. Jamea Williamson, caught in a gentleman's premises under suspicious circum stances, dismissed. lisamu Fahmbrs' Bank or Vibsikia at Alexandria.?The following gentlemen have been appointed directors of this branch, by Gov. Plerpont, in place of Messrs. J. H. Brent, J. M. l.t. i nr ?? <-?? juuiimju, ana i urner uixon ; i;. a. tiauowell, Robert Bell, Sr., James Vansant. Mcmcital Encnox in Alexandria.?The municipal election In Alexandria, held on the 4tb inat , resulted In the re-election of the old officers without opposition, a d by an increased Union vote. Notabib* Public at Alexastbia. ? T A. g'.outenburgh and J. P Agnew have been ap pointed notaries public in Alexandria, bv Gov. Plerpont. Fob Salb, at the Marsh Market, on Saturday morning, 6th lnst , eight fresh milk cows, wltn calves, from Franklin countv. Pennsylvania * ? - - / I J - - ? WlVKB. MOTHKKS, A!ID SlSTXKS, WbOK hU8 bands, sons, and brothers are serying Id the army, cannot put in their knapsack a more necessary or valuable gift than a lew boxes of Holloway's Pills and Ointment. They Insure health, even under the exposures of a soldier's life. Only 25 cents a box or pot 219 Coal Oil, Coal Oil.?Best Kerosene Oil, Srarranted,) bv the barrel 3? cents, by the gallon cent* Lamps, Cans'and Shades, as cheap as can be bought in Washington, at Stewart Sl Son's, corner of Twelfth and H streets. mar 3?<5t? All fkksoxs ran find thv best stock of Cloth ing, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Hats and Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. fe 27 3m War is it that families and keepers of boarding L son/4 *11 fwti nn r\t (Ka t n Hair uuuvc* UU ilVIU BAA W?IVU? VI *UV< Vt y IV L/ajf* ton's Bakery, 456 Eleventh street, between G and H,for pies ? Answer.?Because they are made by experienced male and female operative*, who have been en gaged in the manufacture of pies only for thirty vemrs past, and every one admits that they excel all otner plea made at any other bakery In this city. fe '-t>?6t Taxi ko more unpleasant and unsafe .Med icines ?For unpleasant and dangeroua diseases, ute Helmbold'a Extract Buchu, which has receiv ed the endorsement of the most prominent physi cians In the U ni ted States is now offered to afflicted humanity aa a certain cure for the following dis eases and abuse of the urinary or aexual organs: General debility, mental and physical depression, imbecility, determination of blood to the head, confused ideas, hysteria, general Irritability, rest lessness and sleeplessness at night, loos of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia,emacia tion, low spirits, disorganization or paralysis of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart. ftnif In h?rt bIi th* rnnrnmltanti nf ? n^rvnna nnr4 debilitated date of the system. To insure the genuine cut this out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. Cures guaranteed. See advertisement In another column. feb 1-tf Coins, Bunions, Caloslttes, Bad Nails, En larged Joints, and all diseases of the feet cured without pain, by Or. White, Surgeon Chiropo dist, 430 Pennsylvania avenue, between Four and-a-half and Sixth street*. Room 7?2d floor. Ofllce hours from 9a. m. to flp. m. Calls msde at private residences when desired. feb 17 Tb* Iibia* Haas Ooctoa, Prom Canada, will describe diseases and tell his 11 A__ AS A M A 1 S_ I 1 A 111 patients me nature 01 meir compiaini* or ill ness, without receiving any Informa tion from them. iVc tkorgt for Confutation or Adviu. oca MOTTO. We ow such Balm* u have no strife W lth Nature or the Lawa of Life : With Blood oar hand# we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Oar Father?whoa all goodness Alls, Provides the means to care all Ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve oar pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Coll'd from the dewy Lea? These, thsse shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Koom No. 11, Washington Building, Peon. it. eoae, corner of 7th street. Canadian references of the Indian Herb Doctor: Sir E Heads, Governor of Canada. Hon. Hy, Stearns, Mayor of Montreal, C. E. Hob. Geo. Hall. Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Hon. John Hutchinson, Mayor of Toronto, C. W. Hoa. J. B Robinson Hon. Jas. Cummlngs, Mayor of Hamilton, C.W. Hob. W Matthews, of Braotford, C.W. Hob. W. Barker, Mayor of Loadoa, C. W. W. Savage, late Col. of Artillery. H. P. Dwight, Bupt. of Montreal Telegraph. J. Taylor, Justice of the Peace, Toronto, C. W. R. H Crook, Alderman, Toronto, C. W. J. Urauhart,Burgeon, Toronto, C. W. fe 17 tf India Rmiii boons. India robber Sheets for protecting children'* beds, that no family should be without; 79 cents each. Rubber Blanket*, for soldier*, SI .98 each. Rubber Pooehss sad Blankets combine*, 88 Jt each. India Robber Uoats, while or blaak, * J9*neh. India Ruba*. Leggtns 91 per pair. And all klads ef Rubber Goods, Including Rob ber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mais, Under Sheetings for beds in sickness, he , he., st saannfoctum'sprices,at H. A. Hall's India Robber Warehouse, 306 Pa. st , between \ Ninth sad Tenth ?re?*. feb l-t| ' Ttlik's Compovmb 9t*vp Grm Ahasic?'We take great pleasure In recommending th* above favorite remedy for Cougha, Colds, and all iffec tlona of the Throat and Lungs. An attache of this office had a severe cough for several weeks, and after trying every likely thing, without any relief, was perfectly cured by a single bottle. We are cot surprlied that It la so largely patronized by o*lt soldiers in camp.?B*lt. Cltpftr . Familibs who hare never used Boston crackers are Invited to try those manufactured freah every day by J. L. Dayton. Bold by all respectable Rrocars. Ja 89-tf MARRIED. Oa the 4th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Butler, at V t resideno* of the bride'a father, 13th atrMt, Miss MARY C. FISHER, daughfr of Mr. Charles Fiaher and sister of onr worthy *!dern>an. Mr Thomas Fishsr, to Mr. JAMEb DUNFORD. of this city. On the 4th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Finokel. CHARLES P. KE.vEnY TUCKER to MARV A. COLBERT, all of this oity. On th? llh matRnt. hv th* Raw Mp Aim REM. DIKJD. On Thursday morning, M**oh 6, Mrs. ANN HEM8LEY HYDK, in the 7*1 j?ar of ber a?e, relict of the late The in is Hyde, of Georgeto wn. Her fnneral will take place it the reaidenoe of her brother in law, John Water*, 19o High at, to-morrow (Friday) a.tnrnoon at 4 o'olook, which her f.ienda and acquaintances are invited to at tend. On ?he 5th 4 o'olook p. in., of inflam mation of tHe liver, Mr CHARLES M. ffcKRY, aged 77 years, for many years a olerk in the Treas ury Department Friend a and aoquaintanoea of the family are re quested to attend hia funera , to-morrow, 7tb, at in o'olook, at reaidenoe on 1 (th atreet, between M atd N. (Frederick and Baltimore papers copy.) * Onthefith instant NELLIE, youngest daugh ter of William and Luoinda Powell, aged 3 y?ats and 10 months. *?l'f auoh la the kingdom of Heaven." va iuo?m msisiu, r anhi y, iniart daughter 01 Thomas &u(l t hebfl Booock, need 3 weeks and 3 days. i baltimore sun ooyy 1 * list^f unclaimed freight Found at Ike Railroad Depot, and note in Gov ernment Warehouse, near tkt Depot. march 3, 1S62. Cap Yatos, 22d Regt N Y Vols, 2 boxes and 1 hbl Sickles' Battery, 3^ boxes Surgeon C S trippler, Medical Dneotor U 8 A. 3 washing machines Capt P Murphy, Van Allen's Cavalry, 1 box Comd'g Officer 75th rett N Y Vols, 1 box Lieut ti 1) Robinson, 75th Regt n Y Vols.l box Lieut W D uavis. 43d Regt n Y Vols.l box KMGW Ford, 1st Regt u 8 Chasseurs, 4 boxes Geo M r Patrick, 1 box Col Wilson.2d oliio Vols.l box s H Williams, Co K 1st Penna Cav, 1 box L W Pierce,q M 6th Maine Fegt, i box Genl Hospital, 1 box Capt L Beale,2d Infy U 8, 1 box Dr T Dinion, 79th New York, 1 box 3<! Regt maine Vols, 1 box Rev l Anson.30th Penna Vols.l box Col E D Keyei, 11th (J 8 Infty, 1 has Ud 2 bundles Quarter Master 5th Maine Rett, 1 box Capt Benson. 2 boxes shell Mai B F Barker, 43d N Y Vols, 1 bag and 1 box Capt R C Dwight, 75th N Y Vols. 1 bbl A Van Ambnrg. 27th N Y Vols, 1 box S B Parker, 1st Long Is' and, 1 box 99th Pecna Vols, 1 box Miss C Lawrecoe, for Hospital, 1 box W H Covert, 12th N Y 8 T, 1 box 8 Bennet, Califor ,ia Kent, 1 box O F Watts, 3d N ?* Vols, 1 box 1* Bobbins,25th Regt, 1 box Capt W 11 Reynolds, 1st Rhode Island Ba'tery.l box Capt G W Lumbard, 4' Michigan, 1 box Q M Snyder, 331 Regt, 1 box Col J \V Be i. Ordnance Dept. 2 boxes W H Fletcher, 2d Vermont. 1 box Lieut A DeWrict, 15th Now York.l box H Henresey, 2d Vermont, 1 bcx M Smith, 6th New Jersey, 1 box \t Merrill,3d New Jersey, 1 box J H Guilick, Ellswo/th Zouaves. 1 box W ti Fish, 17th Ke(t,l box A Ernest,iStta New York.l box W Wiermer, llth Re?t, 1 box 8 Tnley, 2d Vermont, 1 box K b White, 2J Vermoat, 1 box VV S Rullar, lUh Pecna, 1 box John Smith, 34th New York. 1 box J A'lams.22d New Vork. 1 box 6th Vermont Volunteers, 1 bo* C H Voabare, 18th New York, 1 box 14th New York.l box G S Woodruff, 5ili Conn Vols, I ha'f barrel M Hoy le, 15:h Mass Vols, 1 box J II Leonard, 1 box Capt W Herseford, 18th New York Vols, 1 box Gen MeCa'l, Penna Rese- vei, 12 boxes A Love. 44th New York Vols, 1 box W H Smith, 80th Regiment, lb x U 8 Wau itary Com. 2 boxes and 3 bbls Persona oallinc for thia freight will please say th*t it is advertised. D. H. RL'CKLR, i 4-1 w,33 Quartermaster and Colouel. J HAIR NETTS?H AIR NETT8. l^T Received acother lot of those handsome doubie Chinelle Ne ts. Also, a fine assortment of twisted Hi 1 k ar.a Cor<le<l Netta. in alt oolors, at the Trimming Store of MRS. LOWE, 497 Pa. ave.. son'h side. mh 5 PALMER, WHO FORMERLY ACTED as affect of my Express Coiafauy, is do lonrdr antinr ?n thfit mninir? *nH ? nn? h?Ka n?ed to oolleot Any money or D&ckares du? me Maroh 4th. I86J. JaMES tt. 6IBBON9. mh S 2t f NOTICE. 1 HE Partnership hereto ore existing between the undersigned in the haulm* business, was dis solved on the 4th inst. Ail peraona indebted to the late f rro, will make payment to John Mat. who is authorised to settle the business. JOHN WAV. Maroh fth, 962 H. B. W188NER. mh S-St* |)R. J. H. PEABODY, U DENTIST, Attends to all b.anohes of his profession at the most reasonable rates for which food op eratmns oan be performed i Office No. 276 Pennsylvania avenue. between 11th and 13th streeta, iwo doora east of the Kirkwcod House, in same building wi'h Dr. Don aidson. mh 6 lm*,114 Ptf TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee efthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, t>t-M M*i* tends personally at Lie offioe .n this city .J Many person* ou wear these teeth who 3mot wear others, and no person oan wear others 10 oannot wear these. 'ergons o&lling at ray ofioe oan be aocommoaated th any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are partioular and wish the pnrest, o.*a.i.est, strongest, and most serfeot dentnre that art oan sroduse, the MINERAL PLATE will be more rally warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 838 Pa. avense, between Maui 10th sta. Also, 90T Aroh street. Phiiadel Shi a. raar?-ly,80 |j n i r b g i! THE 1U3B1A ~WATER PROOF make* and keeps Boots and Shoes impervious to water, and will make them last as long acain. Sold by E. DUPRE.3JW Penn avenue, and all H<ot and Shoe Dealers, and DrugtisU and others. Try it! fe 87 1 w* SEALED PROPOSALS ARE INVITED ti 1 the 15th day of Maroh, 1862, at 12 m., for parohasing from the b< vernment ths Hides and Tallow Hoofs, and Horns, Tongues, Chuoks, and Hh>ns, of all the Reef Cattle used l>r tue Arn. y of of the Potomao, exoept those killed within the anoient limits or the Distnot of Columbia. No bid will be entertained unlets the bidder is present to respond to hit bid. The Hides, Tallow, Ao., obtained at the risk of the oontraotor?he will be held accountable for Hides, Ac.. of all animals killed, whether he gets them or not.1 The bids to be directed to "Major A BECK WITH, C.U S. A., Washiniton. D. C. la 3B-td L. Towns, J. M. Tovni. J. B. Towns. L. TOWERS A CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ES TABLISHMENT, Comtr Lomitimnm mmm amd Sixth ft. The attention of the buainese community is re apeotluil? invited to the New Book and job Print ing Establishment, whioh has boon fitted up with new material, in the moat complete manner, ia mow prepared to execute, in a aaliafaotory style, every variety of Printing, vis: Hooka, Speeohoa. Pamphlets, Carda, Cironlara, 1 Hut,*ra' Bi&nka, *?., Ac. The attention ol members of Con*reaa is ecpe oialiy requested for oar faoilities for printing Speeches, as we have the Imrtut steam power in J theeitv. det-lawgm L^OR SALE?A fine atook of Clottung, Furniah F inn Uooda, T rank a, Hata and Gays, at whole sale prioee, at fto. 460 seventh street, opposite Poat Pftoe. fen 3m ( NHVV AKk'NTW Mil l? UIONEY "Advanced on billaagainst the Wuk lnitou Navj Agent, by I HARVEV, COLLINS A BRACE, fe as-lw* 4T6 Seventh at., between K and P. DAKNUM IS HKRE!?On free #xhibiuuu? mm D fintat a took of Clothing in the oity, at the People's ClothiM Store,No. 460 Seventh street, opposite Post N. B.?All of tba above goods for sale at very low pnogg. feW-Sm 1 COAL OIL-COAL OWL! 1 A AM Nov lurnuhing the trade with the beet KEROSJNK OIL at Baltimore prioea; also. HAY. CORN. OATS. lowaat marta* prioe. 8. W O'LAUOHLEN, fs as-lm* Corner New Jersey av. and E M. wvvspjfffvn Mttt n?$ '? draw rjywwr? 37 0 Pen*. avnuaA. fe 1*-U nadir brown't. I * -.X ;; at LOST AND WOXJUD. I OST-On Wednea<Ur, March 6th, a GARNET AJ CROSS, eet in (o!d A liberal reward will to ?iv?u if it u returned to No 21? I ?tre?t. It wai io?t either on Fa. avecoe. between loth and l?th etreeta, or on 14th, 8, or 17th atieeta, above the amw. It* * ' * vBf,~ *.?m? \u tne sioionuvr, oq ino ill <>*? of Mftroh initmt. a dark bar, HORSE, with tome broken harnen on. The owner la requeued to prove property,' P?I charget &nd take him awar. . . _ W. A. T. MADDOX, ran 6 8t* Farm near Georgetown, P. C. 690 and a silver watch reward. SfWTlie *u' toriber, if tfca GOLD g? WATCH, (Ertli*h hunter, H**r, gold

face.) No. 8.S00, which wa? stolen from hie 3 re*idenoe, is returned, will cive 9m rr-4ma* ward and no quoatioca a<ked at>oui the 'liver watoh taken at the earn* time. GEORGE W gray. mh< No 31 Bridte at. Geortetown. P. C. & reward-ran away-Mr NEGRO . "?X- cam?11 Tho?. Hawkins, ajred A| about 20: fthf>nt A fMt ft llUikfta H?k> atnnt fflv ? bailt; light mul&ttc; ataromer* in apeech. The above reward will be given It Mid mnattoia caught in Maryland. and $5>> if < caught outaide of Maryland, and ao aecarad that I ma; get him. \V H. WARD, n? p. Md* ?C REWARD?Strfcyed from t?>e owner, on the 4th inat., a fellow colored HORSE. lame in the left hind leg. The abore re ward wi'l be given on its return to No 322 C et., between 13 h and 15,', ?t. mh5 at* MlOKV HAMMER. DOG I.OBT ?f?traje?l from No 34 4 Uth at., a whits and yellow Bull TeinerPI'P. ear* cropped; abcut 7 montha old Five. dollara reward will be given for hia de livery, or for aii j information that will lead to hia reoovery. mh 5 2t* OST?r?n ?k>ro'k d. J? -i.?? _ .uv*<"H| uj Wiouuniu Ul ivifH Li HORSE. with waeon hamea on. TbeJ5V-^ hprae waa brown, and rad & white etar in hia fo-ehcad. one whit* Mud foot, ai d abort* ** tail. The find?r will be libeia'ly rewarded by leaving it at 469 Euhth at., between 1) and fcV mh 5 3t* J. glNSLEY, l^OUND?A pair of iron are* HORSES, with a I private Carriage attached The owner J(\__ can have the same by oomiag ' A *1 "mp proving property and payica charts. Ac * Enquire at WILSON'S Lamp Black Worka, 22d street a d ('anal mh 5 "H* /TAUGHT RI NNTNG AT LARBE I.N THE atreet* of WaM-ington. a bay MARE JTv with raddlea^d bnlia The owner tare TLSR queatel to p-ove p-op?rtr, ray cbargee, and teke herawr.'. Forthe particulara, inquire 431 14ih street, comer of I. mh 6 St* IOST?On the evening of Maroh 'at, a dari j bav HORr^E, at>o>t 6 ?ears oid; 15e\ hands hi th; t nu of his tail ciit square; and \L-?V mark*.I II <J " '--J -- ' * ...?> <.? u> nn ?u iipi in iruni oi inp"^?* Huu&o. &i*ti supposed t > lave be^n taken br mistslce, ** anot'ier Vote? was left in his pl?c?. The puaori who took him will confer a fa?or by leaving were! a? the Ehbitt House. R. If. CHA PiN, id LtTVd A ml err. I.' .s*. A. mhtS'Mi'l I H Kit KB Y CERTIFY THAT AN derson.of tli5 county of Washiugtoct hv* broi'tht before me tie Faliicriber. rtna of tliejn tioes of the Pete in t.:j fix aid&vJ^u county, on the 31 day < March. U62, arl rnide o&th, in duefortn of law, that on the 1st met., an a stray trespassing up >n hie "Closures, a liebt brm die BUFFALO COW, with a white ppot in her forehead, and a white list across her shoulders hmd lets whna, ard a white spot bet*?en the hips *nd a aut in the right ear; long bnshy tail; white at the end and gives milk; she is very poor. Siven under my hand and seal tais 3d day of March. A D.1862. J. \V. BAR.NACLO, J. P. NOTICE.?The owner of the above described Cow is requested to prove property, pay charges, and take her aw y. JAB aniik.r?mm Living s on the Rook Creek Road, nli 4-3t*,79 District of Columbia, cobntt of WAHHtjfBTO!*, TovxtI hereby crr- f\ tify that J amea S. Heavers, of this county 'uTn brought before me. one of th-? Jnaticea of"-0 the Peace, in and for said county, thia 8th Febrn S7 18Q.& dark brown'MARK, about 15X hands high; having ita left hind foot white up to the ano'p; itintht hind foot with a little white under the fetlook;a utar on ita forehead, and ita ha ok tore. Said mare when found had on it a military saddle and -bridle. Given ncder mj hand and aeai. ? W. THOMPSON, J P. The owner will cor>e forward, prove property, pay charge*, awl take'' eabo?e camel mare away, or she will be ?oM to p>y eTpensrs. Call at office of Metropolitan Polio*. > 10 lltnat. fell 2awbw iTOK BALK AJSD JiLNT. FOR R K N T-One nearly FURNISHED U < w k ki ??-1- ? nuuni, wun i? ara, m & private l.\mily. on 2d floor, at No 40'3 3th ?t,, be'woen G and H bU It* HOUSE FOR RKNT-A who!o Hon??, No. 301 Pennsylvania avenue, between AS and 6th tree a.on !e?Befrotn Apriir.ext?afirkt-rateobacce ior keeping Lotel, re3t&ar*nt, oto Ap?lj at the p-emu'i. milK-8t* JOSt- I'll 1IAKBKR ft PRO. FfURNI-HKD HOUSE TO LET?No. 403 13th utreet. between G and li. Inquire on the premix'*- City referenoei retmred. mh*-3t* rrWO Fl' R NISHKD ROOMS FOR RENT? 1 No, '245 Virginia avenue, between lf?h and 11th sir. Terriis moderate pki-St* liHJ RN tSI! Kl) ROOMS TO LET?A lady and I cent err.*n. or stngio (tentlemen, with or with out hoard, iiH H wt. _ uhlSt' r^iiO O L'WT a ' * * ? r-*??*. nr. u-? wni iurnifiiPi: KUUM, Krst floor?414,corner ol H and 12th sts. mh 5 2t* k?TO?E AND PIE BAKKRV TO RENT O FIX TURKS FUR BALE. pply oorrer H And Eleventh s?t*. WO LAR?!K AND II1611LY FURNISHKD 1 rooms, ob the first floor, oonrecied hy folding door*; warmed b? furtaoe.and lighted with gat; will be rented einc t or together, for offices o? othor purpoj***. Apply at No. P.Otst mh5 3t* 1/OK RENT-A comtortaf-'e CHAMBER, at P 450 12th St., east side, between G and H sts The location is one ol the mostuasirable in \Va?h Inylon. mh 4 1 w 89 URNI8UF.D HOUSE FOK RENT-No. *49 \n.(.tA?-rtli at rAHf ? ? - mh 5 31* D. PETERS, _ . V.VVU ?i / wuupiwi ?J I J I I V . Gen'l Stoneman. For terms apply to JOHN G. CLARKE, at the Bank of Messrs. Risks Sc. Co. mh 1-lw* HAKFRY, WITH TOOLS AND FIXTURES. FOR SALE. Apply at the oorn?r of Taird and F streets. Isl&nl. f<? 28 lw* fpOR RENT-A I'ARLOR arid CHAMBER very rnatly furnished, on the fir?t floor, ele vated 5 feet abcve the sidewalk; location very pleasant and healthy, near tin State Department and President's House, on New York avenue, be tween Uth and 15th streets?No. 4 60?and but a few yard* east of the omnibus line to the Capitol. fe?tf f?ARM FOR SALE?Two Farms, oontaininf r together 600 acres; one at Annapolis Junction, the otner adjoining, at Sava*e Switoh. fronting the Washington Railroad ; either of whioh will be sold, with the quantity of land to suit purchasers. The improvements are of the first olass, and land of the best quality, with orchards of choice fruit in full bearing ; railroad station within 5 minutos' wak of either dwelling. Terms easy. For particulars apply at the Wine Store of WM. H. CAMPBELL. 3?4 Fa-ayenne. fe2S-2w* A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the City Hotel, (tho only first olass Hotel now open in Alexandria. Va?) is desirous to retire from business, ana will sell, for a fair price, the FURNITURE, FIXTURES and GOOD Wll.L oimeuouae. Hi) loua vili terminate on the lat of January, 1863, bu: the property can ho doubt be leased for a muoh longer term at a moderate rent. Tin* Hotel is now doing. ana haa lor many yrari done, a large ar.1 profitable buainea#. I'Lo desire of the nnderaisneil to retire from public bu?in*at ia the only inducement to aell, aa he could not hope to engage in one more profitable. For terma and Mrtiou ara apply to J AS A ENGLISH,who ia au thorized to negotiate, or to the underaigunl. ja 15-tf SAM'L HEFLECOVV ER. A housekeepers RE Partiou arly invited to examine onr atock | before purchasing, aa it ia now oomptete, o lit rao ing an enuiebs variety of useful a;.d ornamental 1 Housekeeping ArtioieH.ounsistiog in part of? 1 Frenah China Dinner, Tea and Toilet Seta, Cut, Engraved and Preaa<?d Glass War-1, Plated Tea fc'eia, Waiters, Forka, Ladiea and SpOOUB, PutM Cake Faakets, Ice Pirohera, Caatora and Mugs. Plated Block Tin Coffee and Tea Urna. Chafiinr Ditties, Iron Stone China Dinner, Tea and Toilet Seta, Brittannia Uastor, and Brittauma Goods gener ally, Jspan Tea Trajs, Waiters and Toilet Seta, Wood Ware and Coamon Tin Ware. All ol which will he offered at unusually low prices. C. W. BOlELEK A tioN. mh 4-eoSt.f 93 XIS Iron Hall. L WILLIAM C. MILLER'S NION LIVERY. HIKING. AND SALE STABLE, Cer.6th and Cst.i;Wa>hi*gtoH,rtar Brown's Hottl. Persons > mi at all times be aoeommodated with Hortesand *. arnages for Hire. Sale, Exchange, or at Livery, by (he i a* or month. Also for sale a splendid Jet Black Harness and Saddle Mare Also several pair Hones and Sutler's Wacons for rale, both o.d and new. low for oath. Apply to ALBERT BELL.. Agent. n.hl-eoim* a pad n 1 DESIRE to inform my mends and the publio that 1 have suooeeded Mr. Foster in the TOBAC ui? and C10AK STORK No. ft?9 Ninth street, leu r doors north of Pennsylvania avenue, (Indian i a front of the door,) where 1 shall be happy to sap pi* '.hem with the most ohoiee ar tieiee in the line t>i .ny business. fa8< it WM. H. THOMPSON. Dayton's Supertax Spiced Ginger Snap* ! Dayton's Superior Spiced Gtnger Snaps ! Dayton's Superior Spiced Ginger Snaps ! are sold bj 81N6 4. BURCBKLL. corner. Vermont avenue and !5ta st BROWN, corner F and 11th st. L, A. DEi.LWIG, V". st., Navy Yard. M. GREEN, oorner I and lath st. fe8T lw QUARTERMASTER*' CERTIFICATES ? OOrX&NMK^CLAIMS #U J?Y COORE * CO.. ie SWw it* rUiaeuth street. . WANTF. WANTKD-A COO*. WASHER ?* iRONKR.for tintil fiailr. A^tNo S45 I ?treet, betw?on i>th an<l 14th mti < ?i* WANTED?A COOK, it th? fcx-h*rj? Hotel, fttwesa 4* ?nd6th ?u. Goad n weacM r? rah St* WANTED?By s r#?p!?ctaM^ Tonrfcirl,* SIT UATION M ohambftrraud or to uMirt io washin* and ironing. Addreu Box II Star Otto*. mh6 ft* \\i bu-a ufrmtn w &i ikk.ii tee tioa ?" line Reataurant, 947 Penn av. Non? need app y tut there wh*? perfect'y understand their buaineea an<1 can com* we'l reemmenled. Also, a toed GIRL wanted f t general work. It* WANTKD.? **> will he given to a*:y person who will procure the adve tieer a irat l'eu te-i?n!cy (infantry * in the volacteer army ; haa had l?year?' e*?en?nce in the Kngliah ai my. Address f!. C. L.AWSON, Washington Cuy FoitOffij#, D O- ma 6 lw?_ WANTED?A young iran, tl years of are, who ha* h&<! six yeara experience in aGroc ry ai:d Provision Store. in this oity, war'e a SITUA TION aa book keeper, aaleanan, or to make Lim ?e!f generally uaeful, m some respectable business. Beat of testimonials of honesty and capability. can t?e fnrsishe.i. Addreas "K. T. J-." S ar Office. It* WANTKD-A WOMAN who thorrughl* un ' ' der?tands her bnaioea*, to do tnamber work. Wage*43 p t month. Appiy at 329 New York avenue, between <?th and W.h utrer t<?. Also, a lirst class COOK; at same p ace Wares 91? p?r month. Non? need apply unless they come w?il reoi-in^nended mh 6 3t* WANTED?A MAN t*canvasstfcc District for Ai article constantly in demand. I'o a sober am! jerseve'ing !r?an a fi->e chsnce is offered to make money. Adnr*?* Enterprise," 8 ?r Office, With name and residence. 1 will give an undisturbed right *or tiris city, Georgetown. and a license to sell in Alexandria, to a coir.peient man. it* WANTED?A respectable GIRf-tod" general houlework Good rfcommenonpri wi 1 se cure the highest pay. Apply at No- 33* No?th Capitol street, between B and C sts. mh *-tf WANTED TO RENT-A well furn shed IIOUSE in aoectral location, fr<?ir. in to IS rooms. Post of V f?renees and good rent given. Address Box 3. Star Oftibe. mh S tf WANTED? Bv a respectable young man, a SITU ATION as ooa?bman or omnibus dri ver j can bring good reference Address or apply at No 33 Corgrees street, Georgetown, mh 5 2t*.f7 tHOM a? NORTON. WANTED TO RKNT-By the 1st of April or Mar, a sum 1 HKNISHED HOL>E in Georgetown or in the immediate cf o-r.ii!?i"D ; 11 om 01 :ne oiiy, muai ne rear ?oir.e atace route or other direct oommunicau n viin the city : rent ir>?*t be low. aa pay will b? prompt iind tii? tenant pe::i:?cat nc4 careiu!. Add"-eaa? de?rr>i-t prerr it-en au<2 stating terma?"Wal'er," Star Office. mh 5 >t* \\'ANTED? A DRUG CLERK; a!?o,a Youth ' ' to learn the bueireea. Addreea, lu appjciut'n handwriting, gitiug refereucca, &o ,' I'iiaranaoT,' Star Office. ml. 4 3t.&8 YVANTfcD.?$15 p"r month will b? given to a -T oomjscteat and sober co :ored M a N to work Ob a farm in the LCntrict, a few mi es from the oily. Arpl' atCapito! Hill Market,ci>:n?"of New Jer eeT avfjuc ami H ?>tre*t a.-.uth. mil S-3tAo*,lQ6 OI(|n -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN ?3 lUu. an ofhc* a'd take ti o who'*rv'* agercy, in every State, for ali of Lloyd's Great Military Map*, uaed by our Commander-in Chief. The oheapcet mips in tne world. A fortoce car. made on there m*pa in each Hta'e. 3 non,noncofi*? of one of my mapa have aiready been sold. A.'ao a man to go to California, Ecu.and aid Coba. Agent* alto wanted in e^er* county and in every regiment in our army. Send for oiroulara. J. T. LLOYD. mh 4 lindftwif,78 161 B roadwsy, New York. OLD LETTERS WANTED-I will fire from twj to ten do! ara for l,et"ra written br Oen'i W&ehingtoa, ar.d a fair pnoe for Old Le'ters wnt wo i>? ociei-rairu nmoricaiiK, i?evolutionary Ce lebrities. Presidents. funerals, Commodores, Judgea,Doctors. Divines. Lawyers. 4c. A do i em ROtfERT SPRING. 845 N. Twellth.stre?t, Phil adelphia. Rare Book* and Pamphlets on Am'rica booghN mh S lm* WANTED?For a rericd of throe month*, a wll-furnished HOUSE, elijiMy sitiateJ ic the West Knd. fir a small famny, f >r wni<>h a lib eral Tent Will be paid Apply to JAMES C. McGUIRE & CO.. Auctioneers, fe2. 6t WANTED?One thousand (1,000) gross of wine and ale BoTTLKj of various s'*-??: for whiohcash will be pnid Inquire of ANDERSON k. lO, at Hawlpy Jfc Msugtu r.'s Portab'e Tc-nt Depot, corner of Tenth ?ad fc streets, Washing ton, P. C. fa 28-1 w* WANTED?To have every one It <>w that they can find the I est s ock of Clothing, Hats ar. j C*ps. at tU/> very lowest ra'es, at SMITH'-, No. 460 Seventh s'reet, nelow y. fe27-Srn_ WANTED?Toe K?ge a GENTLEMAN famil iar with Was.unloj city, to at'end to tume outdoor business. Apply to JOHN IRWIN, Room No. 4, 4 7G 7tU st. feS7 WANTED? From AiriM. 1862 f?ra permanent residence, a sm%U CO TTAttE HOL'Sh.ei ti er in w a hington or Uei reetoTrc. H?nt niu~' mod'rate. Reference un*:*o;?pti< 'able. App ?, by letter or personally toR. P. TH1AN. No. 17 F nt street, Georgetown, D. C fe?7 2awlm* MUSICIAN* WANTED FOR 1ST CAVAL RY BAND?'<>ne fi'gt caxs Mueiciau. capa ble of composing and arrnujinit rnusicaud instruct In * au<t kadinr a mounted ha-d Also. c<ciit or tea *ood Musician*. Term of eclistmanti< art; the usual pay, rations. ciorhiM, Ac., of regular service civen. Wante.' ftt?o fix or eight Trun:i?ei ers Inquire ?t Re^im?utal Hevla ?!v<-t?rs. Camp t*Diacue. \\ asiiiiictou. D. C.. < nr* '**t uf a iin.-m IslandReg't.lof Lt. J. U. KKLMKiG.' VdV't T?t Cavalry. fe28 2w* WANTED?livery per*- n to fcaow that 1 am in the market, ready t.> pa? ca-su for *il articles in the hobsefurrishiug line. Those !o&'/inc tte oity, or havinc a Kurpiu *, will do weli to call. K. BUCHLY. 4'i^ t*e?e?.tl? t..l:??twoou?? and H sts.% (east sid?,) D?*a'<*r in New .md t^econd hand For Pltore. no It tf WANTED?SatterMDi! Soulier* t.> know that they can ' ? CMP y i'oVKS and TJN WARE oheap ??i H J. tiKESOR Y. 3?1 Penn. avenue. ja II WANTED.?We ars no* ouyinr SfEUOND HA N D VIK Nl f i< it E, S J O V As and BED DINtt, for Wujoit <ro ."-re ?ayir.r. the hiifest cash prices. f 's.u ;Ues ree!in:nf Ik usoteepinr, #r navini a surplus ?<i fnrr.??nre, wri find it to tr.eir advant?fe to jive d> a rp.:i. BONTZ 4 GRIFFITH, JelJ-tf No. ith at. (>dtw. i ana K su. GEORttWTOWS ADViLixT'MTS POTATO E S! POTATOES!! VVa 1.1 vA insf rAAAitfA/^ ** ? ? u?*v jub* iuwvi ?wu f? fi inio iui Ui li a uipyo and Peach B;ow Potatoes. For aaie low m lou to suit customers. Aiao, a lot of Dried Apples for sale at lowest rates. BUSEY A BARNARD, e 24 eolw Georgetown, D C. B UCKSK1N GLOVES! Ram*burg & Ebert, 105 Hioh Stbkkt, GEORGETOWN, D, C The only manufacturers of Genuine BUCKSKIN GLOVES, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, and MITTENS in the Distnot. Officers' Gauntlets made to order. Buckskin Drawers and Shirts. ja It MASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We have just received a supp.y ol thee. Sore Aie, waioit we recommend to or a very superior qual ity. Persons wishing to purohaae, by making in mad iate application, oas be furnished. ARNY A SaiNN, no 7 Georgetown. 'P OOPARTNERSHIP. I UP I?.--a ,r * - ? ***-4 w:uiaiuy itrici iiuioci wiinj UOIWOOL Walter, Karmauq A B?pp, naving been dissolved in consequeuoaof the death of one ol '.he firm- the MffapMa w>ll hereafter b? oar red otmnder the name a.idhrmof Waltkb* Kasha**. Weare to baild to order, and keep oomtantly on LanJ. a 1 k'aas of the most fa?hion*b!e CAttUlAG KSof ti.e very beet workmanship. Repairing piotnptiy aad carefully attended to at the most reasonable prices. Tuaokfut for past favors, we hops for a ooeUdb urosofth- same, at our o:d establishment, on U etreet. oetween 9th atd l??th str , No 34b up stairs, fe 16-lm WA1.TKK & KARMAXN. Photographic cards AN1> ALBUMS! The largest and finest assortment in the city of Photo* raphio Cards acd A!hums are to be found at THE NATIONAL B'tOKSTOHK ' WM. P. R1CHSTE1N. ?7? PentsylTaLia'arenn**. New styles reoeived da::y. fl> 28 2w* JJALT1MORK BARGAIN store ! new goods?NEW GOODS ! LAN3BUK t>H k. HRO. take pleasnie to inform thsir fiDitoinsri ud the nhlifl lk?? thaw h>M Mir*? Hti.'a old store, No. 37b 7th street, between Tand K, where they will always keea on haiid a fa'I at tortnent of DRY GOOD?*, MILLINERV acd FANCY GOODS Confident of our ability to give i&lisfaotioa to all, both in price and eeslit* of goods, ladies will find it greatly to their advantage o oall and examihe oar stock. ma 1 Tt* MKW YORK GROCERY! N NEW YORK GROCERY! NEW TEAS, OLD GOVERNMENT JAVA COh FEE. EXTRA SUGAR CURED HAM?. And all other kinds of FANCY GROCERIES! For aale by WM. COR WIN BURGY, Importer of T?S|, fe & Comer of I and Eleventh sU. 1 BOWELS! TOWELS!! TOWKL8!!? 19B dozen Hooka back, Damask, and Bird-eye ToweS, JU? yards K asaia Crash, 25 pieces heavy Hockatic* Tuwe.iuj, 25 pieces Damask Table LiLen. LM dexen 'labia Napkin*. U?M Slaaohed and Brown Cotton fhrtini, Uncx. 8bAeUbg,BIaniet>, Q ail la, and Faraitara Witt'afelfstoek of all Kinds of Dry ?coda, lor ?la at tha lovaat * rioaa. WM Batvaao lib-aod ttk airaaU, f? 81->w OpiKXit* C?nW Murkot. ^HIKTS of all daaortatiana |?H prtcaa. at 3 SMITH'*. No. 4M 7U atr la u lm SEAJOND FDITION. THit KB O'CLOCK, F. M OUR MILITARY BVDOET KIRMItH NBAS rOlifl W? ietrn that a skirmish took plac* yesterday morning, on the Telegraph road Mar Pohlek, between a party of Texan Ranjrera and a compa ny of Heintzleman'a Dlvlaloo. reaultlajc la throe killed and one wounded on our aide What loaa befel th?enemy ia not known. It 1a uld that thla company were commanded by a volunteer Lieutenant Colonel, who permitted the enrmy to pa*a to their ambuacadlng position under hia guna. bat yet led hla command into tk* tmn ' Tbe killed on our side were one captain. mm lieutenant, and a private, with one private wounded A court martial ahould dispose of that Lieuten ant Colonel'a without loaa of time. Ma. 9iwaid'i CoaaBxroHDKMCi.?1 be Diplo matic correspondence of Secretary Seward has been reprinted In England by order of Parliament at the requea* of Ue Queen, a compliment never beforr rendered to American slate paper* LATB LOCAL HEWS The FrsaaAL or Hkiiadier Gmui La* dir.?Brigadier General Lander died at Camp Chase, in Western Vlrglnt*. on last Sunday af ternoon, the Immediate cause of his death being dlptherla Ills remains were brought to thla city aim itnura ow 11 idoui I wo o clock vtMerdir morning. The body having been placed 1b wooden cane, covered with a mat ;rea*,and brought aixty mllea over rough country road*, and more than ?< vent y ml It* by railroad, wu verv mock dlaflgurcd. decomposition ha vine rapidly ad vanced. l>ra Brown and Alexander at once pro ceeded to embalm the body, and thta morning II had cbangcd very mjch for the better, the ala coloraMcn being p*-?tallv removed, and no often aive odor perceptible. The undertaker, nr. Harvey, having arrayed the body for burial, It waa thia morning, about nine o'clock, removed to the realden<-? of Sec retary Chaae, at the corner of ?ixth and E streets Two of the d^o-aaed General's body guard, who accompanied the rcmalnaUi this city, were placed on duty at the door. During the morning hundreds of cltUenaand grangers called to take a laat look at tbc deceavd, but were In formed that Mr* Lander waa with the bodr of her deceased husband. and that no one except the intimate personal friends of the deceased would be admitted Sb<?rUy before ig o'clock the door* of tbe man slon were opened, and a great many persent were admitted to viewthe*"?dy Anion;: the*e present were tbe President mil members of hU Cabinet, Gen McClellia, Gen MePwwB,BpjjW an4 Repr?sentativrs, and a boat of other distinguish ed per>on? military and civil Tbe noble f*m of tbe deceased General wa? clothed In full uniform, witb aaab and sword, and lav lu a cothn which wi? covered with black cloth, and mounted with silver On tbe lid of tbe colli a was a silver plate bearing the Inscription? < Fred W 1-ANrKm. Brio Gm. Died March 2d, 1-62 at Camp Cbas?, Va , Aged 35' year* K BIVFIT nv TUB Ho ? W? *> A few minute* after 1*2 o'clock the offln was closed, and was torn brought out and placed upon a caisson. It wa* covered with a large American fldk, or wbicit wit laid tbe sword and cap of tbe decea??d ; a!?o, a beautiful wreith of white flow ers. 1 be funeral procession wh fortded aa fol low*?tbe military for* being in column: lWth regiment Pennsylvania volunteer infan try. with reversed arms, preceded b? a line band Company A, 94 Artillery, (Capt TidbaU's bat tery.) alx piece* A squadron of cavalry?two rampinlea of (CoL Rush's Pennsylvania) Lancer* Brig General SUas Casey and staff. Officiating clergy and clergy of the District Pall-bearers. In carriages ?Hon. F. P. Blair, Hon Henry Wilson, Major tten. (i. B. McClellan, i? _: Ji-- i _ ontauiei venern ir. Caisson, wltb iue body. Pail-bearera, inearrla+res.?Hon John F Potter, Hon. Cha'les Muuiner. Hrig.Uen'l B B Marcy, Colonel T M Key, A D O. The relative* ai d friends of the deceaa d. The Fleventh Maine Regiment Volunteer In fa "try, with tide arms, in und-eai uuifcm. S'iOoffice ra Officera of the Army. Oai-ers of the Navy and Marine Corpa. Survivors Of the war of IS!2 The President of the In ted fts'.ea aud ieem ber* of the Cabinet. The Cbief Justice and Kmrx '.ate Jnsttce* of the S upreme Court, and 5).strict J utiles of ft*United States The President aud Jrcretaiy of the Senate Senators and < tti era of the Senate Foreign Ministers and suites Governor! "f States aud Territor'*" Speaker aud Clerk of tbe House at Repr??en?9 Uvea Members and efflrrrs of the Houae of Rcpra tentative*. J ustices and offirers of the Court of Claim* Members of the Sanitary Commiasion. Citizen* aad Strangers The members of the demeaned General's body guard, who accompanied hU remains to this city, about thtrtv in numlter, were formed on each aide of the body, wbicb was also guarded by the ar tillerymen attached to the r-aiseon on which It was borne The procession being formed, moved from the residence of Secretary Chase, corusr of 9lath and K sts , through K street to Thirteenth, through Thlrteetb to G, and was formed In front of the Church of the KpSphany The sidewalks and windows along the route of the procession were thronged wilh thousands of spectator*. a large proportion of whom were ladies. The church was crowded The body was brought in, preceded by the palUbearers, among whom was General McClellan, his Ikce shadrd bv grief a? he gazed upon the cofln which contained a dear friend and companion lu arms Following the coflln came the widow of the ttaiuui vDccr, lean in ji on me arm or Heeretary Chase They were followed by Secretary Scan ton, accompanying one of the daughter* of Sec retary Chase The other member* of the Cabinet having entered, the tall form of the President was *een, and after him came Gen McDowell and other Army officer*. In the mean time the organ and choir of the church joined In a solemn dirge The audleac* having been tented, the Rev Blahop Park, of Rhode Island, proceeded with the lmpre?lve funeral service of the Episcopal denomination, being agisted by the Rev l)r. Hall, pastor of the church. At the conclusion of the services the procession re-formed and marched through ft atrm?t to Pm>?. teenth. through Fourteenth to Pennsylvania av enue, through Pennsyluama avenue to NewJr r sey avehue, through New Jersey avenue to" the railroad depot Wm have seldcm on any occaalon aeen a denaer throug on Pennsylvania avenue than was jratfi ered to *er the proct-aaion. The fla^ all over ttt ctty were displayed at half-moat throughout the morning, and our citizens manifested every token of reapect for the hero, who haa ao gallantly sacri ficed his llf.- in the service of hia country. There la a tear for all who die? A mourner o er the humblest grave; But natlona aw. 11 the funeral cry, And Triumph weeps above the Brave. COIiGKBSSlOHAL ? ? l&XYlItk CU*UKCSS?&*c?ad ftasslsa. ? Thprsoat, March 6. 8mat*.?Mr. Fe*aenden reported back the an nual post office appropriation bill, /from the Fi nance Committee;) wliicb wu committed Mr Collamer reported from the Post Ottc? Affaira Committee a bill to eatnbllah a pottal money ord r aratem; committed. On motion of Mr Sherman, thejr took up the Senate bill to regulate the pay of Cougre?a. Ac , which wti dlacu?aed by Meaaera. Feaaeuden, Ten Eyck and Sherman. Hoc** ?The leport of the Committee ef Con ference on the disagreeing uotrs of the two Houses on (he amendment* to the joint resolution mthorizing the payment of the awarda of the Military commission, appointed to iaveatlgate certain clatma in the arpnitmeut of the west, was concurred in. The bill to organise the ataffW of the arveml Ilviaiona of the, regular md volunteer, wu akeo up and dUeu*?ed by Mntn Blair Mi 1'benon, and other* ? - - THE LATEST BY ThLhUUAFU Dfpartir* ( C?MBt4tr? Dapeat't ri*e?. New Yokk, March i ? Port Royal tdelce* tale thnt Commi dore L>apoal% l?*t had NlM torn iheace. The deal)nation of the rapidUion rat not kcown. ruis 18 TO Givt NOTICE. Tiat tti* ?ab oriber hath ?b<aiaii rtvmi 'be Orphaaa' >oartuf Wattnuiton Cuabtf, 11 tee District oi ?oiambia, lettera ula> miui>t kt on on the ht*. .a' u dwiot uiujf 7, *.m*m ut nunillftOP iouni? ?Sor-aki4. d ??<?d Ail K>i ?>na . irta. il*im? HliiM theaud ilniMHd are herafc; w%r *. O eibiMt the MC. wit* Ui? ?<*uch. r? tfc 10 *? aafaMriiar. m ?r bafa.e tu* *r?i car I Mwoii nut; th?j mat other vim b? lav ** iron: ftii bentut of the tud estate <* ? ??** * ? turf (lite ftrsr da? ?i Ma e*, w John L.J I I nuu lawsv - -

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