Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1862 Page 4
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* THE EVENING STAR. rOPPT5Q COR*. Attd there thev ?at a topping corn, John Pt'te* and *:i?an Cutter; John P?ile? es ?Vut any ox, And P j?an fst ai botw. And ther* they nt and ?%HVd the corn. And r*k*d *n?t ?Mr??d the Are. And talked of diff-rent kinds of ear*. And hitched their ch*I : up Higher. Tb^n 9u*ati ahe the popp?r ahook, Th>n John be book tue popper, Till bath their fa--t agr. w aa red Ah aaucepans made cf copper. And tb^n th^y ah?iled and popped and ate, Ar?d kink* of f*m a-roklng. And h?* ?*v?-b*wfd at ber remark*, A ad lUe langhfd at his joking. And MM they popped, and still they ate, (Johii'a month waa Hk* a h^r>x?0 A..jd ?Urr*d tbf tir*. and aprlokled nit, And shook and chock the popper. 1 he clock struck nine, tho clock struck ten, And atill the corn k?*pt popping It atmck eirrrn, and then at'n"k twelve, And still no slern of stopping. A~d John h?> at?, and Puc she thought? Th? corn did pop arl ra?'*r, Ttt' John crt?>d ont, "The corn's nflre ! Why Suaan, whit'* the matter?" Sa'd *h?. "Jot<n *t11na. It's one o'clock ; Yon'l! die of Indignation; I'm ?>ck of all this popping corn, Why don t yon pon t?>e q itatl n ?" [Sjirtn^sW Rfpuilican. * n H 1/ F - I? ! ' n 1 (1/1 M T M r? rr TT ? - J [ ft It U ^' tiUV A/J P^Lie*.?Tuetdav, a cj*r'tlfir.M drove to tii? city post ofic# In * coach, n-d -sked * boy to drop * l?t>r. which b" gsv-b'na, !n the b^x. The {-entienm drove off and the hoy, in?t?r?d of doing a* be was a?k?i, tore tbe letter open, took out a Xold doiiar which It contained, pocketed the jft ige stamp, and t*r* np rbc Mter. Patrolman Jli-Dcvitt ?aw the not. nrrrst^d tbe b">y. an?l took u!m before Jn?tl< e Thompson, who coaioa'.Ued b'r.i to |?4 for a fur'fcer htar'ng. Tbe party lo^in^ !he m^nev esn ascertain particulars bv ap plying o J>it -c Thorny* 1. V " Ktcb'ha.reef, or V/ . ?. rr . ru?:Tltl, Wi 1 mid'' Uw CfTest. Jolin Krllv, a hack i>*ner, was arrested by the TMid Werd p ?rol tor overcharging the uack rait* It sppefd lip^a Inve-tl ..a'lon before Ja.V t! e v. alter that a dr1??r in Mr Kelly's employ hid taken a lad* nassenger from tbe d*pot to the Northern Libert: *. ard refining th? legal rates retained ber trunk to a-eure bis demand. Upon ttr Kelly bearing theelreumstanee be discharged !b* driver, *nd tmm<>d'.at?!v returned the lady's *?an?. Justice \Vs!t?r dismissed the case ??artu Wi'4 patrolmen reported this "h. la*c?ny; jail for court, jas. T \V " r bowler, rusnlu* a K?i2*dST*? i?C:?rdMc mrt W 'About ow" U>* Cliisk'-y, Indecent eip-^u.e, in n police. Mi*ma3a?*d ?Oil Tuesday the discovery of a MiBll-poi case In the wood yard south s!d* of the canal at 9-venth atrcef, v<"a? mentioned In the Star The case was In 'bo Seventh Ward but being far to the Th'.rd Ward the patrolmen th<?re imde an *9 >rt to have the woman ca'ed for proper, v Bv some mismanagement the woman remained there all dav. and was not renoved t'11 the Fourth Ward patrolmen were railed u~on !a?t night. Roundaisan Turner and Patrolmen Thompson and Lynch micceed~d at two o'clock th:? 1'iornir^ In onta:nl'i? an ambulance and re moved berto?heam9il-poxho?pital The Fourth Ward patrolmen have t*en peculiarly unfortunate n having to handle small-pox casas; bat have n?ver refused Di-n!?iSD.?Molly Drooiclland Madura timer, th" girls who wer? arreted upon a charge of rob hinif Ohaa. Iiaiaim of at Susan Prince' Sat urday nt?ht, and committed ?o jail for a hearing K*.f ?- l i - t /?u W'aJf.e U'uru K?. . 1 rKI nnf ff?f trf a 1 Tb? WIroOD? of tb#? pri^^uttna wltnew who drenvd inauttrie t to j stify a commiimtut for court nnd th^ w.n d *iii<ssid Ash W*B*sgt\T ?Yeaterday waa tbe rom H;fO'~em<,ntpf l.rnt.whJcb Uobsetved by the Cat h <'< i and KplM-opa'ian d<- ^riipnt!f>::?a? n leeaon of frij'tni; and devotional e*~rcl??? Lent eoatianea forty d ijs, tnd eu-aes on ?t-ere cf Fatter Sun day. DKOPOSAIS FOR \VKLL?, PIMPS, fcc. Mayor's Wa?hi>-?tos, I ? PLruary 1J, { Paor>*aL9!ik vr tiait v. bj -f?c?ive<t at this o2. t? i2o*eln?k i:,. r.ri thaUth rt?j of March r.szt. ! ?- inatazic Pua>| . Hrd'ant* L<>*?; fureon \rj.ut wa*?r. ai,<i fir? uj.i.e VV?1I?. ino u>l nr S.L tecs.'. a*y mater* s ar i w nuriu U'p in aj '"e. fixing at i ooimp elitf >n m? bosi nia-uT ii'.u i. r >e<p>u( t.ii.-.K. 111 periec. rt pMr !or co'i *ia:' u n i..? Ft> at D:stn*'. opposed of tJie Fir:t aa>J-?c. ;i 1 ?rt>; si. t..? &ao<>iid District, Co .n pored o; the 1 hiru. Fourth si-' f^veuth War<)?, 1c :::* Tfc.rt! p.gtriot. eorrp ?ed of th? Kiitn A><1 ? xtn Wi ii e*ch <ihi.'i itto b? bid lor sep Aral* y tuJ u> :o ftiVcii 'o d o ntraotor* lor At t rin vj. ?'u~ y ir.c iLcsnf on tie 1st lay of Ap.t .??>>..?. a?ree*"'ly to the fuiiowicj ?penS ril ioi,s: FOR WKI.Lf. IMxtm* *rii a-i * ? .!?. lac'wlia* materia s rut'teuin, f?f ioc:. ?? *;. r ?L?c*.a 4?>o<l iufi bri?s. C:f\I.:rJ' nt W- , a >*iLk.i . o u *r? a <Jes per, p*r foot. ? - ft . ^ \'M - -t w z. .3 ch . i y i ? J " S : n r amT % p*"1 ". ?i oOicht f?et !?' cth, ??r f>ot. Cami wi!?. it0 cm:- et iec*tfc, per foot. I T.e cc n^w xraus, iool?>ii e in&teiia.a Tho cnv.*' . ioU?f theh* ' ;t >rt jsiit,sat '.er: UUI ? u.!t'!/0. re-ar i^c'.admj h?;o* % "! ?r:mp i mil, ii i cwvcnaf mimo wulio.i B1 ori*.. t?* 50. pct!i5? i eorrrla* t?mf ??'*& t** t> 'tx*. for r I'M re. K*?l"J *?? pcnpj la rdpeur, nj stopping A A?. ?bei. it jac t>e done xri'.h-jut ta! n? on? tfc" pt*.a?. 9*C% l'*sia* uf ?a 1 pBtMii in cid ?-jmp?.p?r l"f e?ch 0?T J<MBt? IB Uili iOft. w .'jkb in oia pu-wpa. sar loou New boxsa aiM ?5<.iiia in oil pu>< each. B ?.?? ? an-1 rpnut* ft>T pu,*??s. f*o\. Coppsr ctUMubera to' pui!.u? 1 09 t>p lov; of tae .>niap? to be of i!ie Lbp? toned while oa?, a.xl me reiaaiuler 1f ti:e b??t eea eoned jBiiow una. K?e;.a? tr ay arte i<i rcpi:;, vi*. atoppicj alt .oftka, Ac . al a.'w vaives aid tpouta. repaint? tie oic ucea, as .1 re;ai'in* t?,? old ircca b^iongms ?v taem, win ittfkc o? fl-j-a wit.-out taku;* ta? Ml t t Out, 'Mil. Taaiag out hid v?t- a-d putt;rj in eaaie, etoh. Nrw ?ir r-p >u:s for iru. uU, eaoh. >pna:atoura do do. Fainting pomp* acd hjuraata each. IRON TVOKK. Handlee, ai'oe, ir?n( platsi, anda aci repairs. P*t lb. Spool ard low*r bo* lrona for pnmpa, each. j.'ifcfa to old . psara, >ew ?pcus and ?aiv- lrcra for hjdracta. Ti.o wurk acu materia.* to be ais ot tne boat <ua .tf of t^4r r eapecu vs kit da. >o cSor wi.l be reeeived that ia cot made br a tOR HYDRANTS trac:ca >niup ma?er. The per'ua or p?r??iBi wn-ee offer rosy be ao ???pt-d will b*? reqmr.d to.enter into oocd tar one trmuaard d > with two gooa euretiee, tondi tionfd lor tho Imufu. periorn.aiice of hie or tlieir o auaet; an: ?~ou.- auy actor or o mtraotoM tan or rehire to c 'U-p.jf any oi the oondt tioua ortfrmi ol hie o' tft-ir o-'Utrtct, or to m cu'e ant work rrithtn *h? tune i.amed ir. the order <>I'he? oniKii t_ n!?f d reotiuc it to be done, the >i-.j jr in autnor * d to eriiploy a..y ot&er person ci p oi>? to exeeala the mis*, or to tin lash the ma ?> i* epoa such terrce a* ie ua? deem txp^dieot, il. Wiiich eveut the noairaoto- or eontrv>tor? ?o fa; tr.f sna.l be re*poneiMe te thra Corporation lor auy .oca or damage it may >uiitto thereby , an t (he Mayor n.ay at hie ?aa?r*tiO:i rnaalthe ooatieot ol QQb Alinirnntrtr <?r ?o?itren?/.?? KICUAKO WALLAOH, f?l4-l&w*v AJ&jor. 'ALL, STEPHENS A CU.t 4'i'i PKNatTLVAMA AVMri, l H MILIT A R V A N i> N A \TA L MLkCHANT TAILOR-J, AND Kl.AlA -.MAKK CLOTHIERS, AND fcXTfeNsIVli DKALKHi- IN GENTLE .Mt.N'8 MKN^Ui.Vi GOODS. *? fr-'f W FOR THE ARMY. " E Rit? juft r?ce.v?U. !.? ?U*mer Aruo. ft large Maortmeut ol uuu French firaa* D'utaa tSynte.n* Gr*,> Frenca Bugles, lo? lifa~t:y, c*va.rj, %r.I artillery ; M*rtm Frore'a Cei^b-attd clarionet* ami F utM ; Bras* Inttrn merits ut a>, kiarta Also, the 6n?et ity of Ven ici atn >(?. Buaacn'a Aocordeooa ar?l Flutinaa T"ftU?rr *ilh & Arte aaiortment of Moat hrauot .V iia;c K*.-, MatiO More of W. ?. MKTZEROTT, j% 16 Corner Fa. avcnne and 11th at. 1CAS*H NOTICE. N CoLteqaecoA o! ou' baring to pay oaah for aftnWMlaal t >di ?e jure ua. v? vafvroad to ti-duoo cur nuaiu a. to CaaaexJfciaiveiy.for tii* re-cot. V\e,.m)in %rceaaao>tn>eDt Of K|VA1)Y MAUK CLOTHING for m?u aad t y? > ear. vbicii art a~lux ?. at x isuch iovar rale thinataaLy. WALL, tTt.l'ritNSA CU I'ii Fa. %v? between 9:h acd 10th its. jet (Inf. h. fieri UOI^KS FOR 8ALK. 1 - Of every a##on>Uoi.. arv Constantly on hand ?Loaiaiaca av*qd?, |?ar lua fwUr Vtrk?? l? S?f?* A2j HLAVV WOOL Must, SHIRTS Mil) PKA W LKS tu WMV VHJKr*. at 9*44 K* ?vt?u??. '?et 'oo a ?r <44 U *tr**t. - ?r < l'-?H ? ? t" AKIN S a.-vWiifa; of Tie* Coilaraj J??r . btiuu, Truuk*. Hata and Cap?, at HMlTii'S, Nj. i60 liii atreet, opp^a.te Poet Oil*- Ml-'" HV. *l'Kfc ANII C?<MK TO THK BKsT ? i?? to buy j nr C! Ihiii-No 4oO S???lh if ? tmtt ' J 4<_ it hTi4. ;rom A u?s:ior.. wh ch w?ar**?li *???i t*?ut |)?o? ti 4t ooai, at No. 400 to 14-la ??*o7?Tjewelry. ?o.,to all S^rttTVuMT Middu\ .Vw Bnglmmd ami W titer* Stfs and Cmmmdm Cocneoiiac with the moat res?c:.aibie Rxprmmm throughout the oonatry, we W? enabled to ?? wntaiiui fmtHitiu to aU who may lover with their ?atrcc&f e. For terms and further infonaar Qoi. M?'y to E. 8. SMITH, Agent. Third at., td door below P*. a*enae. jMjg Waahinttoa, P O. I^HE MOSf 6RAT1FVING INFORMA tionthat we can live 'o our readere who are anifennc fromOWi, la thr fact that PEARSON'S MEUIOATED TAR DROPS are re?U? a *o?d remedy. Many of oar frieuda have tried tnem with auoo**a for Concha. Sore Throat, Hoaraeneaa and AKthma. Tbeae oonf*o',ona a'ao five relief to Ootianmatlvea Singer* and Pubiio SM*kera who are troobied with Throat Diaeaaea hndreiefby uainc Pearaon'a Medicated TarDropa, whioh plear the throat of hnakr and tieklinr irr.ntinna. mo dosed by too much exertion of "the vocal organ*, aud ewe alrengtb.tone and fal'naaa to the toiot>. Prepare 1 and aold by GEO. PEARSON, No. 6 North Literty at., Baltimore. Hold alaoat491 Kijclit atrret, Waahington; No. 4 Fairfax ttreet A rxandna; A. H. Hunt. Frederick; and by the Friccipal drutfiata aca oonfeotionera, at 10 oenta per paotage. fe 84 lm COIN WANTED! The Hif heat Prioe paid for GOLD AND SILVER! SraciB For Sals in Suaa to Slit. LSWI3 JUlIlf38!l * CO., D 4 Jtf r V D e *< ? a i> O | i(jTJ*?Ti.7A!?'A A/IK**, i? g-'f Oonwr Teeth it reel DEALERS iN WATCHES Wo*Id do well lo "an and examine the atook of S.Jt J. MYERS, yh:oh they are Killing 80 per oent. lower than any other itoBie in tha city. 10 Waahinfton Bnila iag. W ATOfa MAKERS Wiii ?av? time and trouble " by calling on tf. k. J. MVERS to purchaaa Watch Materiala, W atch Glaasaa, Toole, and Je^illera' Jobbing Material#. 10 WaatungtoD Bi ins. J. MYERS, h%vii-K Understood ti?at eral trave.iog ?ed:ar> ^viu* revrewntod that tfiey arm connected vita tfitir bouse. And selling an infer or artiote, they take thia mea*a> ?n ?n loaning tbr trarte that they are in ro wv'T ooa ueotoa with any house o- ae?nta in thia oity. Ii*" Branch ol Huston Houae?10 Waanin.'ton Building. Washington. fe_8 ANNAPOLIS ^~\ COMPANY. rxj|i i OV8TKH8! OYSTER?:^Bpr A3 Orster Snipping Company hu been formed f->T ?&e parpc* > or aupplyinj \\ Minn*ton and ita w?nlty with Oratera. All peraona whiohuae from inw lro c&ilona por day,can bo anpplied. Oyatera u (ten sent in baza or a oar load oi lrom 150 to 25*1 L 'at&ia can b-3 i vi on one day's notice; for a leaa \u<i*y call at tttt Bridge atreet, Geor(*town, H. V Tfct" Oysters shipped by tnia oompany uai , if cot more jo t&an any others that can be i ean, patriot > ? Oyster# ?re opened th; . j ?iLer are t?*en uom the water, and a e K-njeaa. ^istriot a?e same ctjlit. All ord?r? !*nt i vv J1?MAM HANCE. Annapolis, "to \ tireoted to wc/p-voy, will prompt'* atten u1 nacager for fr4-lm? ^ OVWOMM.^^ VlLfl# ?i?JUftoimprove-^i ?# FKAMI Ntf and H N6 OYSTKRS. ? which the eilure fia 'ur ?* *" ?>' ? " <J'"? '["'a PEARL SALOON, S,1'?lit11D?'h*V*I?"?' posite Willards' Hotel, w. j ?11"3*' sign of the i lob? lights? with ? i!?? manrer ?f steaming, neatness of fittia. i^ti ?rdei ofser rioe. Ai! desiring a Inxury wi t?fu T jailing. Superior euaitty of Fi S5lt.i?y,^S lonstantly on hand to supply Ho. vf* Families, in shell, kef, or can. 1 orders ie iTered on short notice. Choice l'*Vi5,r ronabje rates. tej8-im? ?ii'ui n ft si 11 l> u u/k/iTa LaUilo avodc<h ouuici <ni-v t-u AND fc ho.fc.8, All aiiea, at J. 11. PUDNE , 324 Penn a?euuo,ba ? ?f C'agett's Dry Gooda >r6. vien's Rubber boots ? a ^ 1 and ' At J. b pudnkys, fe 12-tf 394 P?nn. av.. B*ek Room. o A li wholesale AND retail, At our Oflioe, New Jersey av?iiu?, oppoaite B. u:d o. Depot. fe 12-tf J. LANODON a CO l A. dellw1g, S*<* 7th at-, Nary Yard, L. a. j'fcL'-.WIG, 3** 7th pX , Navy Yar<jf l. a. dell\VlG.69?7th ?t, Navy Yard, i,jl* for ml a DAYTON'S LEMON biscuit, DAYTON's spiced &NAPS, day ruri-s BOSTON crackers, D* YTON's SODA crack KRS, DAYTON's oRAliAU crackers. f*27 iw / 1LOKIOCS NEWS?BURNSIDE'8 expe VI ditiooa perf?2t iucq^ii. But oexttothatis the Great n? now vffrred n Clottunj, Furn i?hinK Goods. Trunks, Hat.i and Cap*, at the People's C othiaj Store. No. 4to0 7?h vtreet, otpo ettepoet Olflce. fe 14-lm < aiK'f S! SHIRTS!: O SHIRT 8!!! We are Rivirn spec:ai to maki ?r SiiirUi to neipor*, added to kavin< a way* on hanta hue *sw. fcr rfltil ir.S..4A liArtiAmAn HM1 finf fkiBk 1 HI fortSQt garment made in a ktyle and of materwrt as fey ahonl<l he, will pie\ae step manl mv* tuu number. SAM'l. W . THOMPSON. fe 15-tf 370 I'v avenue. under Brown'a Hotel. A DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OF~REMOTjLL. Tb* delivery oflioe of thia company i? removed fro n Third atroet to ti.e 1ane deycton B street, ' ?t"w?en 2d and 3<1 *ie. _ da >0-tf iiWt MALAGA RKAPE8. II Mi LBS. Of the lateat importation, and ?f ? serior * uaiity, j aa t received. KING & BURCHELL. j?*_ fV>rt;e> 'fcth at an" Vermont av p ~ BALMORAL BOOTS. ll( all io'._ _ ? ? Alao, a.i other tlj'e* of Ladiee and Miaeea' Balmois' Boo ta, the oheapeat and beet aaaortment in tbe city. J. HOSENTH4L. Ne. 16 Market Spaoe, ? ? v .* ?? o* U .J At u. _1 _ TC AT Tipped Double aoie Balmoral Ca:f Kid do do do Giove Calf do .(1 K .?2 00 -la so j%7 SO rgBa.ftVtfUUO, IW>twrH?U QUI AUU nn CM. Y} E CI D E D BAJGAIN 8? Irish Lirtc*..all !?!! . thiok, medium and tnin. Cotton 0)iMur.<r? acd Homings, all of the b??t br&rng p o** 'Jcoj in ihd Urun or ?nrope ? Cazfon'a Linen gL;rt Be?om?; rariong ? .qualities, ohoife.' * * ? titanlita .sor%! .-siris. L?"? ' _i> White Brillar.t< *nd *??l'ties, " ^eph era's Piai^s," for.. w.?. Mary nur Dress Goods (or 647Bering Wear, spring rhawle, v ?i? ?..k?i u One p-ice oaiy, the aotua. oasu v^iu?* RSI" ,n plain S<urea. PKRR v *,? ran 3 bt Peon, tvenut anv^9tl> "** ?* <I11RTING COTTONS, and Cot'ons U r M}??! k? and children's wear, a foil supply of Uu DMl grades, under the marked rates , Notwithstanding the daily adranos in |no? o. ail saoh goods, we oontinae oar old soaleor prices FEKRY ft BROTHER, f? *3 tr Petin- av and Ninth st a DAMANTINE CANDI.E*! A ADAMANT1ME CANDLES!! 60 Boxes Adamantine Canities, good quality. Just reoeived. KING ft BURrHELL, fe to Corner 15th st., and Vermont aw. 11HE FINEST AND BEST STOCK OP READY-MA DE CLO I'H iNG in Washington can be found at BAR ft BRO.'S Establishment, ocrner of and 7th sts. ALL SIZE BOYS, from the ace of 4 yean at. oan be fitted oat at B AK 4t BRO.'S, oorner K and 7th etreet-. n mooh lui than ?ml prioea. CITIZENS AND STRANGERS, look to yoar internet! Look for the oorner of E ana 7th itreeu?it is the plaoe to buy fine CLOTHING for but little money. ? STOP W HEN YOU COME TO THE COR ner of E aod 7th streets, and bay a suit of fine CLOTHING at ?10, 912, 416, or *18. At BAR Jt BRO.'B fean-lm* Faehionable Ulotnini Eetabluhment. N MOURNING GOODS. O W in (tore oar utual ample aad fine etook of -.11 -4 ? n ? * -?? r - i b* K> ui uti uuuui tor mourning Appi'tl. One prioe only,Uiaaotual OMk ulii, nvktd ii plain RtrM. PERRY Jc. BRO., fe |fr bt Penn. avenue and Ninth st. /Mu ISAAC HERZBEKtt. A 1W1 Tae Only Uoensed #0 PAWNBROKER. 0 & 91O.UO0 to bo loaned on Gold and Silver Watehee, Jewelry. Guns and Pistols, Silver Ware, ana W %riaj Appare.?at the old stand, No. Sfl C street, back ol the National Hotel, between <H and Itn its. de It-3 m* UNDRESSED AND OTHER LINENS. and Hirds-eye Diapers, of the proper kinds for chil dren's aprons. Pink. Bine and Buff Chlnta, plain, for ehildren'a Our northern and eastern correspondent* send as new supplies daily. PERRY * BROTHER, fe lS-tr Petn. a*, and NiPth st Oysters! Oysters! VHE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRE8B 'i/J? E-'JftS I* dai^ those famous planted rAlUABnf hlvfift UIBTKKS. Reataaranta au?l private f. J would do well to e*lt and try them. ^QUi TboaeoyaioraaroaoldKhoura after iheroome fro in the water. IlT1 C^nce No. 40 Market Mow the Atccbo Homo. iat-to AT MOORE'S WEST END DRUG STORE. 113 Fa. avoana, auath axle, a largo and gen eral aeaortmoat of Druga, Metlioiooa, Cigara, Toilet artioleo, <fco. Alao, Armor Oil, Coal oil, and l.nniM. a* Hx> bHxhi' r*U? fr 11-tw I II* ?? 111"* *1-1, w. OOLLMTi IMPOBTAIT TO FAMILIE8, RUTACEIRTS, JMTlLi, HITLERS, 019CKRI? ARB OTHERS WILLI 491 TUCKER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE. 384 FENN8YLV kMA AVENUE, 39ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. CR04 JERIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, JiavtMg bun purckasttl / Bankrupt MtrcKants and' oiibrt. ' TUC K E R ? 8 T LACKER'S Groc ?iriw, Liquf irs. Wines, Cigars, &c for families, fo r sutlers, for officers. T EAd, .FINE. U NION. CIGARS 0 RACUERB, BOSTON. K ETCHlUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R A1S1N. 1, MALAGA. HEAD OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES'. Extra Brown SugPir........... 9 cents per pound VThlte Sugar........... ..18 cents per pound Fine Green Tea.. . SO cento per pound Pv'lr Black Tea...- - ?? ?- J Ext.'8 Coffee ? Good Coffee Wax Candles.....*. Malaga Ratalni.. M Codfish...#* Imported Cigars..* Havana Clgan..,?. Almond* .... Salt Good Butter, Kxtra Butter Fine Wine# ??????? . Whlakey WW WUH JAJf pvuuu .90 centa per pound 18 centa per pound 38 centa per pound 15 cent* per pound 6 centa per pound 50 cents per 100 1 to 93 per 100 12 centa per pound .20 centa a bag 16 cents per pouvid 20 rents per po?nd SI per bottle 25 to 50 cents per bottle All outer kind* or LIQUORS In proportion. Call and k? for yooraetf. TUCKER'S, 345 1' Avenue. WILLIAM VfCKER'S CHEAP OROCII V T'AREHOLSK, 324 PENNSYfc'f VIA AVENUE, 339 PKNNdVltf flrA AVENUE. auoofcKrKs AT HALF TU HWAl PRICE!*, ^Having betm purtAtuU tf Balnkrupt MercAaxtx |m4 Iktri. ' stu&n'a Refined Sugar* from 9 to 1* eta p#?r pound Extra Fine Green Tea 75 ?* ? l <ood Green Tea 50 << ? E"*tra Fine Black Tea.....73 ? ?? Good Black Tea 50 " ? Old Java Coffee 20 << ? ?oc 4 Coffee... 16 " ? rjwry luing rise in proportloa. REMEMBER, f WJRER'S, 3>li PENNSYLVANIA AVENWB VfCKER'8,39* PENNSYLVANIA AVEJIVB W'ilHIMtOR. lit PORT ANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAUR ANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TIOKCRU CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAB.EHOUSB, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having txtn ywtkastd of Banhrfi and otktri. T U C K E R;? 8 TUCKER'S WHOLE*AX* AND KBTAIL Groceries, Liqnon, Cigar*, ine?, Ao FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLEHSt FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, PINE. U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COPFEE8. R AISINS, MALAGA, READ OUR PRICKS READ OUR PRICES! WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 38ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 3? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN1 a TOBACCO. fl. H. WATTB'8 VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. OKOO?RIE8 AT HALP THE USUAL PRICES, // vMff bttm jmrckattd if Rmmkrmpi Htrckamtt mmd ttksrs. REMEMBER, TUCKER'S, S3d PENNSYLVANIA A VENUE TUCKER'S,SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Wa?sim?voh. ??T-*a 9 / Bdr. jomnvron. aa timurs ? loci aoiritii, flu ?l?mr?i til dmi r?rau?, Sftmif mmd mttf Mfrnt^ml Htmtdf w ii? WtrU, pok all diseases of imps vduvck, XET NO FALSE DELICACY FEE T?MT. APPLY IMMEDLAHiLY. A 99RE WARRANTER t)R NO CHAR9E, IN FROM ON* t6 TWO LATE. Mrf >; luk, atmiMM, IfTlfTH- rf Ik* KM ?T? "* uiTtinttn i)iitur(H, ImpMMCTi M*1 Dfb^tjr, H( axudih, fryapanav, fciiir?, CaaifMlaa ?f l^iu, Lav Wpinu, J (ki Ion, Timidity, *V??iWiDf a, Dinmaaa af tifht H Siddlaaaa, Dim" W ? ad, Tt-raal, Net* ? kin. Afaejao* af tha Larva, I Mh a? Bawala?tbaaa TtmU* Diaardan aruanf "*** Itry l?"J *f Y?i??Urn OnUtil and Daatr?eu?a Praa Mr i IXm which no?u Maniaf* tmpaaithla, ?4 <WU?T bWh

dfu4MM. TOVNB MEN MalailT wha hart bictni tha notion af MKarj Tlaa, that dfaaifal and daatrmcuaa La hit which aacaally i*Hft M an mntliraly (ra?i thaaaaoda ( TnmRm ?f tha mat aiakad talaata aad brilliant tntallaet, wfca nffht atbarwiaa lata ntrancad Uat?nta( SaoAtaa Vttfe tha thmndara af a la aaauta a? vtkad ta aoauey (ha Una* lyw, mkj ?hU <* Mi taoldiMa. MA&R1AOE. aim Pni?Ki,wTm( Mm KtuapUdii Mat il^a^kainf^rara tt^hy?ic?J^v?*\naa?, '!**' dtkUltj, 'l| ?W p\ae?i tnioMl/tildar*At Nil tt Of. I. m; ralifV ?ulj mbmi to nil Mm u a ptiltau ul inUmu; Illy p?a kit ?k?<! U a phyaiclaji. OFFICE If . 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST laft atda fatof frata Balomara atraac a f?* ilMi ft?M Ua twcif. fail dm ta akaarra Mat tad atoakat. kiRIn MM ki paid aid Mntili a maf. DR. ft*ni*STON, Haalu af Ua ftaval OUafa af tarf aant, fcanJui, rrtda >: fram ana af Ca maat tmioaol Callage in tfca Vnittd ut??, and tia riiatar pan af wh?-_. ?ra kit kaan apaot la tba fcatphaia af Landar., Pari', rT?Uad?if<hi' and aiaawbara, baa affeiad mk>? af ti% mat utanuhm( carat thai vara irtt kcawn; many ' witfc nnfinf la ika kaad atfl aara vkaa ta.tapi rrtat oarraaanaaa, aatof alarbtd at Mddan aaatida. vitb fracaact ktMMBt, autadad atDMlimai viU daring imaii af *mm4, tin mid wat 4Utilr. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Ta?i| Man u4 MAtra vba kava in)arad thamaal*aa kp a Hifjii praauaa tsdalgad io vkaa alaoa?a kaMt fracaandj lunid aril cataptuana, ar at acteal. tha afaeta ?' Vttto >ti nirMJy rait iin vbaa aalaap, ud if Mtctril, rt.-d'.r? oun>{? linpoaarbJa. ui dNtnyi batk mind u4 b*4r, ?baald ?ppij imaadiataiy. Tern ira mis* of Uit tad ahd maiaaahaly ifiMMndtilt aarl* babsta af raata, ?u i af iba But aad Umba, Palna in tfca Head, Dinmaaa af Sight, UN ( ?MCMI Pavar, Mpttntiao if tn? art, Dyapapay. Jfarraaa lrnta Mlitr, 0?rinf m?nt ?f tba Dtgaatiaa i'uiUki, m?r*4 Dabllity, Symptomi ?f Canaamptian, fte. Ml*TaLLT.?Tha furfal !? ;? an lha Bind Uft re??* ka draadad?Laaa af Mair.orj, Caofaaiac af I .lata, Dt?;i?M af Vpirita, Eril Forabadinra. ATiraiab mt falf-Dia traai, Lera tt felKada, Timidity, au , ih t?m? af ui aatla ptadaaad. Nbetous DiiiLiTT.-n?wudiMi Mv)id(??killa tka itMi af tt air daciininf btalib, Ihio| kbair *lf ar, k?CM tn( waak, pa] a, oarraaa and amaciatad, having a au>( aiaf appaaru?< aitit Ik* ayaa, caafh ar lymptama af MMWp> DISK A SES OF IMPR UDSNCM. Wkic ;*a itaf aidad and impradaot ?atary af p'tuat* ftoda k? ku ioklkad usa aaada ( th'a peiafU dtkaaaa, it taa aftka kappact Uiai ao ill-t'nad aaraa of abaaa ar draad ?t dticarary itun Wi? I - - " " ,.wu, >t>pi/uvg v irate it?, It?d adseatian t>l retpeciakilily, tan aiaot befriend bits. fallt iota the Mill cf if oeraat an4 daaifnlnf prtteodera, ?bt, tneapakla f eannr, llch fcte pecaui&ry tabetarca, keea bim truing erth rjantb, at aa lac* aa t?* imalleet fee eat ke at tained, and Id daepair leavablm with rained heala tt tirb '? aia jf?iiing diei-ppeiounent; ar by tha Bat af Stat deadly paiear?Mercery?taattao Ua aatiautauapl tympana *4 (fan terrible dictate,tec* aa Affecueoi ?f u>? lian,Threat, leed, bin, *?., wt'J> fri(btfe*> rapidity, (111 death yeu a pared M bu f'%adfml imffarlofi by tending bint that m UaM<mi tauirr fna Miai knrnt ne ui'alu mini. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORG AN19 WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. y tbla (ml ud impartial renedy TiUcaaiaftkl mui ua tpeedtly ewed and fall *if?? Metered. Tbeaeaedt ar tba eat aerreee and dablliuiad, wbe bad laat til Myi, u?a h?ee immediately relie?ed. All liepedimeata la Marrlafa, Phyatoa! a* Maatal Dleaael I Uaatuuj, beat af Preereattve Fever, lirrtai Irritability. I Trembling and Weakattt ar UaaaUea af Ua Mat fearwl uh ifxuuj tirtc. ENDORSEMENT OF 1HB PRESS. til mart tb?via*?i ?ir?< ?t uu ictuuu?a ?iula u? lut hfmun tim, ud ibt tiinimi impartial itrri ml iptnuki ptinratd kt Dr. mqiub, thbmiii fey m* r?mrt<ii / th? rtyin "i many ?ih?t hnm, dkich w valtk uti imtmd tf tii> tad tfslu vmil u? piklu, it i!d?t kit ttaadlof u a ftnlltau ?f itaniut ud rhmtl Hill;, it a iiltiait (uiuui it ik* illiui atr li-iy TRIE Protttttd by Royal Lttttrt Patent of England, and 1 teurtd by tkt of tkt FcbU d* Pkar wtaei* dt Paris, and tkt Importml Coihgt Mtdicino, pwnni. trie8kmar No. 1 la the effectual remedy for Rkjlxation, ATO&&hcea and exHAV*TTO* os TH* sySTBM. TR1ESKMAR No.a, Completely and entirely eradicates all traoes of those diaordera. r>r wnioh Copaiva and Uabehs have {eneratl* :.e*n thought ait antidote, to the ruin of the t*ealtii of a rut portion of th* popula bon, TRIE8EMAR No, 3, I'. the great and sure remedy of the civilised worid for all impurities of the aa well aa seoosd ary ayrr.ptoms, obviating the destructive use of Mercury, aa well aa other deleterious ingredients, and whioh all the Sarsaparilla in the world oannot reoove. TxuxiVik Noa. 1,3 and 3 are alike de void of taate or ameli. and of al! nauseating quau tiea. They are in the form of a loaenge, ana may !! on the toilet tabie wtfcout t:-.eir uae being ?ua pected. Bold in tin cases at 93 each, or four 93 cases is one for 9?. m ?7T oaeea, thna saving 9>. as admimalered by Vaipeao, Ijailemand, Ronx,&c? Ac, Wholesale and retail by DR. H. A. BAR ROW. 194 Bieeokcr street, (4 doora from Mao Dougal street). New York. Immediately on re oeief of remittance, Dr. Baaaow will forward Trfeaemar to any part of tr.a world, aeeurely rackeu.and idiirMwi ? u-;?*?* wvwt Htu? w tuo tUOU UOUVUI of the writer. Published also *>y DR BARROW, that popular and beautifuiiv illustrated medics wotk. Human Eraiity. Prioe 26 o?nta. Tr'^eetnar and Book oan s obtained by speoiai authority fro.n 8. C. FOR I), Waahinf ton, 1). C. de lJtm /"""N BOMETffiNS NEW ! /A ?W8m tB?A?;/nT orvv(y At 981 C iirMt. ?rr*sits ?t? Tkmttr. OYBTER8 PTEA.ME.Q la <> Bkull and TnoroufSlr Cooked (fir rvperler to a rout) in iw?w?.v, tkt timt * r$t0rd. Call and se*. The underlined raapeotfully lrJortna hiafri*n<i? In the Diatiiot. and naitora to the eity, that he haa refitted hia ou> an<l will-mown xrr>?ums*y in a moat thcroath,manner, and has made oom piete aimr^emente to furuian 0\3TERS in anr ij.ofc?u in ut tuacuty. iootofoofftilonaahaoked porday. I.dOO to S,X>0 etna of gpkoea ud Freak at ay daily?oana he- n.etioally ?*fc!ed. Furruahed in the shell by the baakel or barrel. Feraona wiahing to hare Oyater* fu.ntahed retm lariy throafh the winter, it Baltimore price*, without fear of failure, should call and make ar n*r,cements at once. Freight, timej and money saved by rurehaeinc of mo, aa I fumiab an artiole 3 uai to the oelebrated Baltimore establishment*, pnoes Jmat aa low. TO SfVLEAS. Canned Meats, Lobster*, sardine*. Ciama, strawberries, Tomatoes, Plra' Feet, Trip*. &o.,4co. Also, Fioklea, Catsup, Sajoeo, Brandy Feaohea, &o. Also, Game ana Fresh Flah. Tur tle*, Terrapin*, Freah Lobster*, God. Hsllbutt* In fact, every thine for sale in the Northern eta always on hand, at reasonable pi' Ho tela and families auppued with . livered without ohArio to any part of the ! in asaeon. if the money la aer.t with the oru??. Mr eoUDUahmentia open from i a. m. to 11 _ Licbt. every day, except Sunday, when 1 oloae a 10 o'olook a. m. Jet tf T. M. HAKVKT. ! K A k riRRimi OUJIIUTU Worcestershire 8anc?. rroi??QMd by mj EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS fll of * L?tt#r from t* b? Uie "ONLY OOOD Mtditml 0mtUmmm it Mfelru Tt Hit ErttUr at Worocmtsr. a&d applicable to EVERY VARIETY OF DIBH. May. i?l. rail Lta t Pmr ftw that thetr Smw is highly esteemed in India, and la, in opinion, the most ible, m wail aa moat vho.eaome wUMABtda." The above SAUCE ia not only the hit and most fOFVLAJi coi(I)ikiiyt known, bat the moat Ecomom Uml, m a lew drop* in Samp, &rs*v. or with IUA, not ana coia Joimtt, Bnf Sunk, G*m*, ft., import i ui ex?uisite seat, which tmprimcipltd Sauce maa Jkotnreri have in rain endeavored to imritutt. On the Br?kfnst, Lunch* on, Dinntr, or Smfmi TnbU, a ornet oootainin* " LEA * PERKINS' i WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ta iodiapanaa ble. To appreciate the trttllmt fttnhtiu of this <UH- \ tions preparation it ia only neoeeaary to pnrohaaa i a amall bottle of the imwvu, of a reapeotable gro- ' oer or dea er, aa many HUtl and Rutamant pro prietor* seldom plaoa the Pmt Saaoe before their fneeta, out anbatitute a renuine BottU filled with j a immw mixture. For eale by Orooera and Fraitarar* everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN ft SONS, Union Snar< Mi 1 uk tin*. Nt? York. Sole Wholeaale AienU for the United St A Stook alwan ia atore.?Alio ordera reoairad tor direot ahipmaata from England. |E7? Dtmmrt if Cvmtwfnu i ee? t-ly^o Urjp/o?WU?W22?SLf boxea for on* dollar. Cray, rod or fta be chaojod is a few aeoundp to a brown, by nam* Up ham's Liquid Hair acd ofaeapoet ia Ufa world, prodaouu. ; u' r dy u otberi aau for aaa i ?m*&Tc?Stfi,"S?: ^y<?ssi.&r",'ri*- ??ggaY t -1"-* - DENT18TB*. im. crahlki i. ntun. NO. US PBNN8YLVAN1A AVENUE, BnwinVtiiRPlOnSTi. Jli: J^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHBOFLAST1 BOHM V K 1 ( Wirmov* Mnu Putt ot Cum. OR. f. B ?i?K8MQN0. , Bit Brmdwrng, frtw ltrk-U60 *t? i? mm, ittvm I2ik mmd IS*A $U-,wk?kimiUm, C*li? the MtBEtion of the M'jtld to Uie loQowias MTSct&tMof hia i*>jrcYed litem : 1. Th* Teetfc bf? n ftE.'lietare vi!;fl|H never corode ner ehsv* eoier by any *1J Midi. beinc thrie-toortha Itcktar (Ma ?&> uUw. L No teeth or rortm v*A b? ?xu*otrf, u the artificiai o&ea cs-n I * mierted orn taem. t. The roots wil' b J na?Ie inoffenaire. an b?t? Two temjormry teeth AT* seeded, n fern&anect one# ml be immediately, thereby irw*rrl|t| the aatnrai axtreeeion 01 the (he*. wfilfch tnder the old ay atem l? fre*ie&U? cikiftred. ?. This work hM Whi folly tested outlTtynri by many of tU? Bret ohprtuata fmd ?br?,"T*-i e? Uue IpB. hae alw> t&y&ai. h Wiite undeetraotiTe :n-tw ifttirir?h the meat ifrntife teeth behli^d without pain, and cac bmW up a ?er no*, lonnd tooth on any aide roota, wfcioh will last urouch lifetime. The beat of rafarasoaa siren?to Dr. V. MoCt: Dr. Dor^raaa, Frofcaaor oi Cberruatry, N. 8?n. Jadf e V. ayne, of th- Supreme Cotit if Waihlftt ton, and thoucard* of , Call ?r.d for not tin oas fitting, kc. AW M *. DOVfc Ji CO. H.E "< ? p'r^a t-i t" acj ardari vllfc W.uoh tftay itaj Va favored irjt* FkfMBlNt, 0AS OS^TKAM FIVTlMt KT 8*?ra oc H.K rtrrM, a Jew doera north af Pa. ?Ttn?e, wnora Brar ha fo ud a oors> at* assoroceat I CHANDKL! fcHt? and etkar AS. 81 ISAM ana WAfKIt FiXTWRKE <aTt I* VJ ?AS FIXTt&fcS. ' E Have us ft^re, kuu ara d*i.j receiv. ta, mAa fJXTtrRKS&Zi.UT* * New Patterns &rul Design* *niT\ni?a, superior c ??r'.e to anything heretofore ai>T'C in this market. We'tnritfcoirvecsf?er?l !y to ? aiiii exarr r e ocr ?to"i of an? \\ ata? r if. ?r^?, f(H*ine aonCient ikat n tare U* boat ?;foW stock in WmUhzUb. Work in the above be ratrcatod to #a' aara Will VW 9TVZT.JUT WZ- 53. SfYL'KB * Mc?HAN. arl-tt 3T?P (treat ! in DR. LA BONTA Carea all Venerial Diss&aea permanently and qoiekly, without the nae of diagaatmc or ?olaon oqb drags of any kind. No dieting or iou<rteresM wita haainaaa. ConaiiitaUona fr*e. It ia taring 4uite enough ia iU favor, when I say that ray praotioe ia that wln+h ia ia me il all the New York city hospitals. New York City College asd ttoapital Testimo niala fari;ighed. Ladies with \Vhit?a and ttntiM ot 'he Womb oared t-ixi saved a c< nsaatptive's crave ty mi MIHIIIITOI. Thera ia rothir.j nftniixx or 4it+4f***bU i? 4&] >&rt of the treatment. All ourea wurrntlt-d, or bom; rtfurded. Commnninationa in writinf, wiWi return atarap, promptly attended to. Mcdicines for traveMra and obiera puked, with Aili instructions for use. and warrauteo. Olfioe?Room No. s wast in* ton Buildis*, Pent, avenue an/1 Seventh at., Waahiufton. D.C. reb 1-lm' FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. VOX SILK BT i . P. BARTHOLOW, Sole Aient, Hardwire h Agricultural Warthotuc, 036 SireoU Street, ?(Ivm? Pmnsylvn*m amtnu* and tJu f?Mi, oppoBite fut ec<i of Centre Market, ja 1? t" SUTL.FRS AND OTHKR8BHODLDHUB 8CK1BK lO THOMPSON'S BANK NOTE REPORTER -Weekly, fi.50 per year; eemi monihiy. moaitily, TS oeLta; witii two oopiee of descriptive lmt free to all who par it aavarce. uroera promptly executed t>y er.-loeirj the mor n in a note addressed to WARREN choath, 33'i Pa. htwm fa 7-w* Wall, Stephens h, Co., * MILITARY AND NAVAL M?jiCHANT TAILORS, Anc Dumi in SWORrS, SASHES, BELTS. EPAULETS. SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, & LOVES, A a. ku l every rarifltr of HEADY-MADE CLCTHJUU. At Kiabokabli Pticn. WALL. STEPHENS & CO.. 333 Pennsylvania avecce, between j% 11 [Intel. Jt Kcpab.] 8th and loth ?u. rpO MILITARY OFFICERS ANDOTHKK8. EATCHBI.Oh'S GKSCJNE HAIR DTM, The Beet In th) World. IV Only R$hsbU mmd HmrmUit Hmtr Dvt Sold by all Drutcl'ta; ?:*>. at liiniTON'i Patent Medicine SUire, c p. P?*s;.i Office, oor. P & nb, and at Bum'* fla;r H* re, Mt recn'a neme. whera Ia4i* can aa?? t Mfue>1. if dsairtvl. FmUit-Pi Ba;oL?y?MfiW ?3 Broadway) N. Y. 00 l-Ij f2 WA1CHK8. l*OLD AND SILVER EN8L1HH. SW1SB AND AMERICAN. i have now on baud a iarje stock of ail the moat selebrated Waioiioa, that 1 am ao^u* at the rerj lowest prices tnat cood ar.d reliable time keepera can be ailoraad at; and erery description office JEWELRY on i;and:a!! r.ew atylea reotived aa ?oon aa manafaetHre?i, and otfered at the loweat ratea. Silver ware nianulaotured in mr own abop. Allkindaof MILITARY (1O.OD8 m :>a? >, auch is Revolvers, Swords. S&ahea. Belts, Bowie Kmvea, Pocket Compaasea, 4.O., Ac. Alao atronc Army Trunks and Bed Combined;and many other thinca nselul and ornamental at 33?? Pennsylvania tvenne. nny tf H. A. B(Mil). k. J., MYERS, kj?. 10 wa?hin?toh Bclukxs, Pen*. At* en M, A. large stock of Amermn Watohe? for aala, at wholeaa'e, by 8. ft J. M YfcRS. American Clo-ka at wholesale by 8. ft i. MYK.R8. Watch Materialsat wholesale by 8 ft i. M Yfc.R8. Plated Ohataa at whole#*:? by 8. ft J MYKRS Watob Work done ior the trade only, by a praotl ^ workman, at 8. i J. M \ LR8\ Gilt Keys at wholesale by 8. ft J. yi V ITT All wholeea'e dralera id WatoLee acJ Jew el try would do well to oali at 8. ft J. M YKR8* ba Fore foinc on Kaet or farahaaiag eleewkere. Ja ?>-lni* U" ?i'LU?Urf'^tli?!iNiGB Head the following unsolicited euoomi V/ B"f aannot oommend them too highly." 'They are the beet 1-emale Pills extant." *I have used them with oomplete success." "Would cot be without them upon any oonsider Ulon." "They operate speedily and effeotiTeiy." Pnoe 91 bent by matt 9?'d hy 8. C. UPHAM, 103 Cheenut street, Philadelphia, and in Wash ington by 8. C. FORp, oorner 11th street and Pa. itqddo.; in Aiei&Dariti or BGNKY COOK h POm DraiinU. no?-aolf R. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURlJ GONOHUUUiA mux data. No - jfajhCte ot diet re*aired, b la an En*- J iab srMiio of sixty-five yeara attar in* md will not harm ut moat deheate ?on Pnoe ^Tc'Vubd: xandria. by ao?-?oty DINK, WHITE. BLUE, AND CORN COLOR 1% rioh Bayadier &Ufca, for T?nio( dreeara, lor r prioe A2JS par yard, offered now anu for tka next ten aaj? at 9125 per yard really a decided VS5, ""KiVSSJSSfk BU?* *EA! BLJkC* TEA! m oheata standard Bliok Tea h?r* b*6H nound ?-daj. ^'?ho'*\r?tf|,TrRURCHKIJ |?? Cornf JtflZJi IS55tf;y BlACK 81LK*Jurt*p5nt!<?ui?ll cradM, from r8*Jpfe*2f& .. - <"M? J. W.COLLBV. 9^-mm rnm "" TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. rent t&ahts cm ??i A/it MORDl Y. futnui ftiiw in#na washington amd baltimore * Will res u follow* t Six Dmitw 7V??*? ift*? ?l Mi p?fc1 . # ? ita rtiay d?iy iwirak, p"r in* new York?l?*r? wlih ibrtoa "*** i k. llmi h.uii lm?a y> Mhi&ctoD &?d 4 ?n or km r Por Frederick at 7 ?u * M, an dMn. TkAltfK MOT4K? NORTH. Momint Karma ??** W?jHUnttoB aj?. Ar m? at liat. naor? UP*.*', fku*ielMM "J? * V.rk ? T. Uar;i?b?r? 11* V*. v j!H?WSSi*r I'tetejc bona at Bti&mcrt. Th'a is tk? Kotamg oobmiwi {. A L r.- jvo i? r*?r? \ ork Mail Train?.aa*a WaatucxUtr M il A, arnva At Ilalttaiora 1140 r. PLCac>.pfcia &> r. Nmt Vori 10 r v.>bi?Train :a* * Waabintton ats?r uklnr fUilinxiM u i M x ? m m ? ? . I ? WO * UliSUV.pUl* m lo r it. AI.on.oon Aooor , Nation-! cart Wuhiiclot it4PH,tmr? v Baltimore at Irx. No ooa ret'ota at Baltimore. ?bi?i*Uie afternoon ooo uex on for Atjcapoua K?r-:tf Kirw-inv* Wa#' lcctoa If.* A.tito at ha Uu o e 4.U p. Pui.ade.plua ioM P.*- New \ ork 4 ?. m.; iiarrirt arr* a. M. Or. (aadfeTt save Wukiagtcn at 8 W and 5 t. a. obIt. Th S p *. tntiB frria W%*hin<tr>n eoet>e*?u Ui^e?h toNaw York n?*r<ia.? Uanug the wee*. TRATHS M0TIK9 SOWTH. L*?v?New YcrkatTa. ? : Pmiadaiphia I1.K 4, batmort 400 r. k. Arr.ta at Wlii-rtnn Vbfc. L?caTe Mo* York at p. Pt 1r-jr p. Ba^uaoro 4J0 4. tt. Arr:rt at v* ufc.r.f toe ISP i,R Leave Now \cl at It r. Philadelphia ijp A, M.: RllD-'- .A 4- M Arr ? *? iVa-k r-4? U4.K. Lo?a'Aooomroti a...?e V> 01 .ear* Pa tl more itii m., Kd 4 3> p. m WuMcfWE, ?rrn? tbjrp *< 11 a. X. *Ud 6 ?S P. K. Ou fti- at ?.* a&u 1 S6 A M. or.ij from Ba li roa.?-?. Nil ALsape .a or Fri<ienok ounneaiona ?e Sundays. fwr*T THr? 'rtT'ii Wuh'Mtoa at7.?> 4. M. a..d 4 t? r a-<i l??!timore *\ 1.?* a. m atwJ 4 M p. u , make " )*? ? /u,f?<vjt) >??? for Ar.? at th? Jusotic'. 1 he 7 40 Ait, Mid S>' r x connect at R?.*t ;or Fredenok, Haier?towB, Ac., Ac., ex. efi Sunday*. Trais? '.eare for Baltimore aad Waab mater. at a. st. and 14<p m. Paaa?jfar Tra ;ca l?anng W'a?k:niton at W1 a. * 11 a. ana I p. and Baltimore at 4jn am. 7JR a. m., Viil dot tmiy at jwifciti War Faaaesc?ra r.iuat take t&e Accammotfattaa IVatiti only Trair.e will .eave WaahingtOL and Hatimore promptly *p?n r?? f (m?, exoeptirg that the 4.9'a v,7SS a m. arid 4 on p m train* will wait & minatee tf &<*oe*aarj. to ito? the l>W?n and Matia #. A- _ a ? "in > ? for Sick and Woooded So'miim?? A cp?ct* oar. with an a'ts^dant, ?ith >**, wi I imve Waahisc torn tvioe a w?kk for Pbiiau?j>>ua airaet at 11 a m. for tbs aoooiamodaQon of air* anJ vobbcm olJiera. W. P. fMITM. Ite4 Ma?t?r of Trana^-tatioc. Bait. IMS] THE ' [1M9 Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (With lU OoQDfOtlODt) 18 A FIRST Cl A^ RoTtK TO ALL THK WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETT AND COMFORT! 8TONE BALLASTED AND FR EE FROM DUST ! BAGGA6E CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTiMORK! titbbv r&n.Y tbat** mow PHILADELPHIA TO PITTBBCRGH! Two of ch?m it,alt ici CLOSE CONKKCTIONS at HitKUlCM with trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. and f rming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE nov WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to ad pouita in th? W*?t, NoBTB-WS*t AMD SoCTH-WW*. (i^For Th'otifh Tiok?U, &r|lr at the Off?oe 01 the Northern <'?nuai kaii Road Com pany, uavert Station, Bait more. Sylmdid S/eemng Cars on all Night Trains Smoimg Saloon Cart on all Train*. FROM WASHINGTON PuMs;eri wul take the 6 a. m. and ? p. m. train*, arriving in Baltimore at 7J0 a. rn. atd 6 41 p. m., wr.trr clone <x r Ject.on? are trait with trai na on the Nortoern Central K. R.,and arrive in Harr a bars at I p. it., and 1 45 a m., there oonneotinf with the trair.a on the Pennsylvania Centra! Railroad lor all parte of tut ve?L FREIGHTS. Br this root#, freiRi.u of al desc-ipiioea can forwariie.1 to and from a37 p m' oa the H -.iiroada of Ohio, Rectuoky, Indiana, lilinois, W imocsiu, Io^a, or Missouri, by Hmlroad dtrtct TiePecwy.van aCectrii Kailroad a'soor treats at PitUbare with by whioh G<?od ^ao be forwarded to any port on the Ohio, Muvkinc am, Rentuckv, Tepnosaee, Camt>erland. Illinois Miaa issipp . \\ ijcocain, Misaouri. Kaasa*. A*ka: aaa, and Red River*, and at Cleveland, Saauduafcy and Cfeioaco with ateaiuera to a.! Northwestern l ake*. Merchanta an-i ohippera entraaOng the transpor tation of Uie r Frei|ht to this Company, 0*0 rely with oonfid^coe oa ite ?peedy transit. THK RAThs 1>F FHbiGHT to and from any point ;a the West, by tha Pennaylvama Central Railroad, ari mi mil as fmrormbU aj mri lA^rtti by Otkir Rmiiromi _ _ PVWCI Cnnii R. R." MA6RAW A KOOW. Freight Agent*. No. ?0 North street, 0a. ti mare. ENOCH LFWIS.een'iSuaenuf, Altoona, Pa. L. L- HOL'PT. <5<*n'i Tiohet Ag't, Philadelphia. H. H H018TON, Sen': Freight Axrat, Phila dflphia j* 4-<<ly OKIHLKN CENTRAL RAILWAY. IV Tlu Sho*itst, and But Remit fr0m Fail* mort 1 !?< WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. WINTER SCHEDULE Ceimi or Tixs. On anrf i.1fr SUNDAY. ^?th Nprent*r, Paee? car Traioa will arrive and depart Tram Oairarl Station at follows: Nobtb Lkavb flail at 8.2P v in. nfffclo Expreea S p. m. arkton Aooommodatior 4 p. fr. ittabarg and Bamtbarg KxrwiJ' p. m Tbauis Socth Aitiu Park ton Aoooinm^au n at a. iu. Baflalo Expreart?' a. 10. JiMtuborg and Hani* burg Expreee I p m. The C a. m. train fro-n Washington oocnecta with the 8JO a. in. tram Iron lit. limine ft r tAa Wm: at'l for Be.tie o. ESintra, Koohe*ter, Daa krk, Canadaigua find Niagara Fain,and for New "ork eity. The if a Hi a. m. train from Washington connects with the3>. m tra.n frC'tn Baltimore to West, North a"d N ortbweer and Flnnra an<l Baflaoaod Rochssfr. The tc^m. train from Washington oonnecta wiu U?Ut|. m. train trow Ba.unore for Putaoarg, Harrisbarg and the West and u a direct oonnee. ^liejrtowp ^d Tfjw ? ?? vv?. o. natirUBU OI i!5W # CTWWf IT thu rent? for Nev York. IET The only train letviny Bt^timare on PnndM i?.ti>? S ?. . tntin. for .T'ltUburt. Chi ClLfO *nU UM VN e.L The oali traia ft:nTinf ,1? Baltimore on gsndny UtheUbft. ?ltnun. JAS C CLARKE, no ? ly 8b pe ttecaect J*j JfOtlCTB TO TRAVKLKK8. Poetn^Mter enorftl Bovine ordered Bftl! MTT1N iKtVMB WftCOinctOft, fhutuaore.ftnd Oid Point tFortreeiJ Monroe) to be reoumoft, on ftad after* Motdfty, the jnth lnitftct, ttieBiT Lino of stetmero will left to Bft umore K VER YDA Y (e*ee?t Sen dfty)fTon> their whftriTfoot of Union book, ftt 4M ejo. o^^BnOr immodifttoly ftfter the trrlvai ef the Wftahin*tun Train, vliMh Uftvea WmLL(U>i ftt Jj% o cioc* p. m. mfc-tf M, W.F^LUi, fgt TOPBAM'b MJLXUfACTORT, 4*9 8mm Bnur. waiimtn, D. ?. Box, r*ci.ui rrun ^H_raia?r. CvmI,I Cuw Tmm sotooi mh?m ^?5^SSLX56S is oti.<n aibM.^H *to Drw Trun

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