Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. None*.?Altar baring for nuf yean printed tk? ltata of lettera remaining uncalled far la the mat office of tbla city, (under tbe law aatber lilna their publication In tbc newapaper baring the largest circulation within tbo naval delivery of the office.) tbe proprietor of the Star baa at length felt compelled to decline tbelr farther Inaertlon, becauae of tbe great apace they bar* roue to occupy, and of Ute inci ion roc monui put be ku been forced to lay over on each occasion, when printing the llata, advertisements the Insertion of which would have paid at least donble as much as tLs law allowed him for the letter list In addition to this posit Its pecuniary loaa by their Insertion since those Hats lan come to be as large as the New York city letter lists, they have entirely?oo the dsy on which they were printed?defeated his pnrposeof making the Star always a ?*wsp*i><r?news being Its well-known speciality. Amobkmxjits To-Nt?ht. Th*at*b ?Barney Wllllama as "Pat Rooney" and "Psudeen" In * Pat'a Blander," and "Born to Good Lock;" and Mrs Willtains aa "Clarlasa" in ' Cnatoma of the Country Ca5tkbbcbt Hall ?Last night of Tony Pas tor, Mlases Duvall, Wells, La Polle, little Ella, Butler, Parker, Ward, Talbot and other favorites; with an Immense programme of choruses, songs, ballsdf, burlesque, dances,slack-rope performan cea, ?c , by the entlr* Canterbury, Minstrel, and Pantomime com pan lea , roncludlng with the "weakett ripping" pantomime, ' The Row of haron." Willabd's Hall ?Laat concert of tbe cele brated planlat, L M. Gottschalk, aaaiated by MIm Hlnkley, Brlgnoli, Buslni, and Sanderaon, In a graad programme of the moat popular music; an entertainment not to be mined by any manner of meant Odd Pillow*' Hall?Panford'a great opera troupe In an attractive bill of Barleaque opera, comic and extravaganza, concluding with "La Somnambula " Go hear the charming aongatrera, MIm Anna Bordwell. PiiLiimouc Hall ?The original Campbell Mlnstrelaln a capital bill of songa, dancea. comic and burlesque*, together with Barnum'a wonder ful " What la It*' the Albino family, and other at traction* Barnum'a wonder* on exhibition all day. Musical Hall ?Free concerts at 5 o'clock, excellent refreshments, good music, Ac. Hall open alJ day. Acacimt or Music.?Hall open all day Free roocerta at 1 o'clock, aaperlor refreshments, ice , Ac , with musical aelectlona from the moat popu lar operas Lbctcki?Last night Rev John 8. C. Abbott lectured before the Washington Lecture Associ ation upon "European and American nobility." Briefly reviewing the origin, development and characteriatlca of tne nobility of Europe, the lec turer proceeded to eatabllah that work, either of the band or brain, ia the only true ennobler, and that nc true nobility can exist unle?*a founded on character. It was false to aay that nobility waa dying out Falae nobility had always been dy ing c?t, but true nobility waa dally growing rooger. wunmtioi, ur. nane, Hamilton, Hancock, Jefferson, Jackson, Webster, Florence Nightingale, Madame Kossuth, the Lnpress Joeephine, and other similar characters were srecimena of true aobllity In Ita highest senae. Henry Clay he styled the Dnke or Kentucky^ Webster our earl, and President Lincoln a dem ocratic dnke and Republican Imperator, wboae heraldic title of "Honest Abe" in might well be proud of. A college one* conferred upon a stu dent the title of F.R8, Fellow of Remarkable gtnpldlty; and It would not be amlaa to Interpret the LL 1). of Dr. Russell of the London Times, Into "Lies like the deuce." The arrogance of British aristocracy, which had stamped vulgarity upon ita brow in showing that it had no con science but the poeket and no principle bnt trade, wan bitterly denounced. Sometime* It became a reltgmus duty to get mad, to be angry and tin not, and Great Britain should be soundly kicked by a bolj Indignation for her detestable spirit mani fested towards IheUnl led States. Somesouls were I'ke Are, soma like cotton, and other* like elec tricity. There was magnanimity in some men's meanness; bat others' was so detestable that even the blood of the atonement might not be sufficient to wash them sway. Tbe old ideas of ttUed no bility were fading out in Europe, and It had been fouad necessary to estimate a man's nobility by his merits instead of rank Most of tbe lllnstrlot s men of tbe preaeDt day were of pleb?ian birth, and tbe greatest lords of England?Brougham, Lynhurst, Eldon.and Peel?had forced their way up from the humble sphere of the artisan and Id conclusion, be argued that tbe success of American Independence depended upon tbe lib erality of public watliMDi, and tbe equality es tablished for all?every man being allowed to enter, on an even footing, In competition for tbe prize of position and advancement; and portrayed tbe brilliant future of tbe Republic, to result from tbe development of genuine nobility. Cnmi:iAL Count.?Yesterday, Henry Lyon, the colored boy convicted of an sssault and battery on Abraham Price, a white boy, was sentenced to four weeks in jail, and to pay a fine of Si. Tbe Court, in aentenclng tbe prisoner, spoke to blm of bla bad temper in resenting a blow from a snow-ball by violence, and also spoke of tbe fact In evidence that persons at a hotel In tbe vicinity of tbe snow balling bad advised blm (tbe pris oner) to assault anv wblte nersnn who !nl?frr*H with him. Pais Gatano, convicted of the larceny of an ax from George Ravage, wa* sentenced to four montha In tall, and fined SI. Joseph Ktdwell, convicted ?f an aasaqlt and battery on Kilzabeth Scott, waa sentenced to six months' imprisonment in Jail, and fined fl. The Court, In sentencing the prisoner, briefly reviewed the facta disclosed In evidence, that the prisoner wae a young married man, and aaaaulted a girl eleven rears old, apparently with the view of violating her person. Wlllism Acton was convicted of an aaaault en Gilbert Melton, also of an aanault on Patrol man Harbin, and realsting that officer. The prisoner, who is a member of the 2d District Regiment, was sentenoed to four months Im prisonment In jail and to pay a flue of Si in each CSMl The Coart then adjourned until Monday, hav ing previously discharged the grand Jury until Tuesday It will be seen that the cases tried In the last two or three days have been assaults and petty larcenlee, principally, which ought properly to be tried by a Magistrate's court. According to the prevent system, the expense of a jury trial In each of these cases, entails a heavy expense on the Government; a larceny of *5. very often coating the United States ten times that amount, besides consuming the time of the Court which has graver and more Important caaee awaiting trial Our Increased population, and the conse quent Increaae of crime, will no doubt make some change absolutely necessary. Scrams Covit, March 7.?Ferdinand N. Clnrk, appellaatj vs Wm H V Hackett et al. i k luvwun i? u hi in in ion cause ?u argued Dy Mr. Carllale la support thereof, and by Mr. Fer dild Is oppsltlon thereto. No 151. L act us H. Pratt, plaint Iff In error, ti Henry Fltzhugh et al. The argument ef this caoae wns continued by Mr ?*d,rw!ck for the defendant In error, and concluded bv Mr Rogera for the plaintiff In error. No 164. Ch i. Clagett. plaintiff In error, *i David W Kiibourne. Thia cause waa submitted to the consideration of the Court, on the record and printed arguments, by Mr. Dixon for tbe plaintiff In error, and by Mr. Mason and Mr. Qlllett for the defendant la error. No. 1*0 Jamee Harknes, et al , appellants, ts. luac Underbill Tbe argument of this cauee vras commenced by Mr Wylie for tbe appellanto, and continued by Mr. Webb for the appellee. Adjourned until Monday. WlSKlSeTON Mil CAPTCkM AT Foet Do* Lao* ?rw ililaw Laura, carpcDHr, Of Uli CJlf, who vu la Dixie at ute breaking oat of the war, and was impreaa ed lato the rebel service, waa captured at Port Donelson, and taken, among other prisoners, to ladlana polls, where be has aiae? died of pneumonia Edwin Laagvoidt, formerly a compositor In tha ofllre of the NttimtU Erm, where he learned the trade of printer, waa also captured at Fort Doael ' son He was working la Memphis at tha time T?awe seceded, aad waa tmpresaed lato the 3d Tennesson regiment, which at that time waa coaamsndad by Michael Cluskr, of this city, and late Post mas tor of tha House of Representatives Mr. Langvotdt la Jubilant over his return to ci - liizattoo, ere a as a prisoner Nati?sai. Mbbical Coll*?s*. ? Tha a'flnual mmeaeMDant of tha National Medical (depart mA CaI nmKla^ P.aI (Mik hIma ai Uoi? hall oa K turret, on Thon3ay evening Pr jfraaor PhaBer iddnind the graduating c&m, and Dr. fllley, by authority of uc troatoea of the institu tion, then conferred dlplomaa on the member* of (be gradnatlng claaa. Dr Thoa Miller baring retired from tha chair of Anataoiy, the fkcaltr haw elected J. H War ren, M D , of Boaton, to til the raeaaey. it !a juat focty-oae yeara alnca Columbian College waa lacorporatod Cixtiu GcAftoiovaB CaalJ?B*fi* Jut tica Waiter.?Patrick MeGaaiy aad Jo ha B. Thorn p AO*, drnnk InriMfl onr (a thji milttirv (i+ciTtr* W Caw, do., ftood 11. Lewis LUUo, drunk aad dtsordorlr; do. Win. Pirhia, Indecent expo sure, do. John Lahs, drunk, held for hanrln*. Panci -T1h8moiJ Wudptlrolawimorttd tee foUowin* euti for r-. -rd*y?Lewis H ^ oun?. usauMa* his wlUr, srnt to jail, vbnt he 1^ -.,^ O'Brton, IgkUig; turned m to *^c*n,tarT. Mason ft Know, creating nul >*>-vKD VV abb ?T4rioM Oasis?B*/0f* JtuHm War#.?Mary Holland. drunk, dlialiwd. M Cur Cnsrs rom rn Q?!c**AA-m-cwi*f Four camp chesta for the nw of G?n McCMlan and staff, hare been prepared at the establish ment of Boteler k. Bon, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. Each ia abrnt 3 feet lone, S faet wide, and 18 Inches deep, and a description of one will answer for all The first we examined had, aa it were, a doable ltd, one opening to the right and the other to the left Iron roda were convenient to be placed under these to sustain them la a horizontal position, formlaar aa It were two tables Ob one wu i chessboard, and on the other a backgammon board. In the raaall space of the cheat we*e cop and saucers, knives and forka, plates, and bowls, castors, a coffee-pot, table cloths, Jtc , Ac, la fSct everything which apper tains to a well furnished table, except the edi bles. The crockery and glaaaware all flta into grooves or apaees In separate compartments, ao there la no trouble or daisy In packing or un packing, and no danger of breakage. There Is enough furniture In thla chest nominally for a mesa of eight, but three or four guests could be entertained by tbe mess without Inconvenience. Another chest contained a stove, stew-pans, kettles, gridirons, and other culinary appurte nances, ad liHtmm. Another, a considerable number of articles of kltcbea furniture, and the laat innumerable articles, seldom thought of by amateur housekeepers, but which are, as Is ob served by Mrs. Toodles, " very handy to haveln the house." CoaaxcrioN.?Editor Evtmng Star:?My at tention has just been called to s report of the pro ceedings of the Board of Aldermen, publiahed In the Star of the 4th tnat , of which tne following la an extract: "Mr. Lloyd asked if he (Mr. Richards^ would ohimt to nrnrwMitlnn jtllnwlno npuroM tn vntp In tbla cttv * "Mr Richards replied thai he would not. moat decidedly." Tbe auestlon aa put to me by Alderman Lloyd was, whether I would flavor a measure allowing negroes to vote is tbla city. My anawer waa, (and aa decidedly aa possible,) that I would not fevor aoch a measure. Your reporter did not Intend to place me In a false light 1 know, but the published report causes me to favor a proposition, than which nothing could be further from my approbation. By Inserting the above In the Stnr you will cor rect an erroneous impression in the minds of many, aa well aa place me right before the com munity. Respertfully, A C RtcHAftDs. Washington, D. C , March 8, 1662. Sscesh Financial Cdriositiks ? Among the specimens of shlnplasters of Dale's land we have neen. Is an issueof the cornorat:on of "*hprv herds town, Va. It I* printed upon a piece of thin glazed cotton, about 4% inches long by 1X wide Tbta specimen ha* bo doubt b?en passed through many nandi until the edges are unravelled nearly to the printing; and the glazing rubbed off. nearly obliterates the official signature. The following la the form; TATS or !B91ItIA. Issued by an act of the Corporation of May 17,1961. 6 Shepherdatown, Nov. 1, 1661. 5 No 567. C. Due by the Corporation of Shepherd; town Five Cents, Payableln Virginia Bank Notes,by W M. Bheetz. Treasurer, to the Bearer, on Presentation or Hill* In in ma of Plv? Geo. Ryers, Recoider. Jno. Reynolds, Mayor Across the ends of the rag "5 Cents, 5 Cents" Is printed, by way of finish Not Bo ? V. S. Steamer Jacob Bell. Potomac Flotil'a, March 4. W. D. Wallack, Editor of the Star?Sir: I see bv the Issue of yoar paper of the 211h ultimo, that I am announced as a de serter from the Nary. That assertion 1 pronounce false. When I was In Washington I was confined to my home some ten days, which gave rise to the rumor on account of not reporting myself every morning, according to the rules of the Navy, at the yard. 1 enlisted with a patriotic heart under the flag of my country, and 1 am willing to die under it By giving this an Insertion you will much oblige, very respectfully, your obe't servant, Chauscby F. Ghu. Buodkn Dbath ?One of the prisoners recently released from Richmond, and who has boarded since his arrival In this city In the hotel on the ooraer of the Avenue and First street west, died suddenly last night. He bad been drinking to exceaa since bia arrival, and liquor being refused him, it ia auppoaed 'hat a fit of delirium tremena was the result, terminating in bia demlae. Lmi out for tbe festival of the ladlea of St. Paul's English Lutheran Church, at Franklin Hall, next Monday night. A rare entertainment may be antlcl pa ted Sick akd Woundkb ?The official report of aick and wounded soldiers, In tbe boipitals of thia city and Alexandria, on the 38th of February, gives an aggregate of 1,367. Da . White la doing an lmmenae buslneaa. In this city th? patronage extended to blm ) in creasing with great rapidity. As m Chiropodist he has no superior In this country. It* Dior m at the ? People's Dollar Store," 430 Pennaylvsnla avenue, near Four and-a-half street. Examine the splendid assortment of Jewelry, Silver Plated Ware, and manr.moth Gold Pens, and "take your choice for one dollar." mar 8-lw* Madam Dkmoiist's Mikior or Fa*h on*, containing full si rod patterns and valuable Infor mation. the spring number which Shtlllngton has received for sale furnishes to milliners full descriptions of the Paris spring bonnets, and to dressmakers t great variety 01 new ana eiegani designa for dream and cloaks; to mothera new and beautiful designator children In great va riety. II BaANORiTH'a Pills ?One million nine hun dred and tweAty boxes of Brandreth'a rills were sold In the >ear 1801. Let thoee who require a cleansing, Innocent Vegetable Medicine, use Brandreth'a Pills, which have stood the test of experience, and are approved by all who uae them Sold at No. 234 Canal street, New York. Branch office corner Ninth and ? streets, Wash ington, D. C. P. 9 ?Sutlers supplied by the dozen. mar 8-lw Odd Fellows' Hall ? Ssnfsrd's Opera Troupe have met with unbounded success. Their enter talnments differ from all other minstrel troupes that have ever appeared In thla elty, for vocal, instrumental, dramatic and operatic. This com pan v is complete, ua neciaeaiy me Desi-regu lated company of artiaUs extant Sanford's year* of experience at hla Opera Houm, Philadelphia, Is uBcleot guarantee of the respectability of the performers and the performances. He, himself, stands at the head of the profession. His Handy Andy, In the Ethiopian farce, and Alesslo, In the opera of La Bomnambala, are aloae worth the price of admlaaloB, to aay nothing of Hugbea' rip tearing Johnny, another new feature in mlnstrelay. The Sanford Troupe perform thla evening, and every evening next week. It Da. J. H. 8ch?hck.?Thla gentleman was ad vertiaed to be in Washington on Wednesday, the 26th of February, but owing to a severe gale which he encountered in hla passage from Boston to Philadelphia was unavoidably detained He now propoees to vlalt Washington to see patients afllteted with diaeaaea of the lungs, atomach and liver at hla rooms at the drug store of Samuel B. Walt#, corner of Seventh and Louisiana avenue, on Wednesday, March 12. Dr. Schenck would further atate to tkoae patient* who called on the day designated In hia former advertiaeraent, and were dlaappointed, that if they will call during du next Tim ne will examine mem wun ma resplrometer free of charge. Hli price for exmm 1 nation with thla Instrument la three*dollara, but aivlce In other reapecta free of charge. n?8-3t* Tu Inim Hiu dootos, From Canada, will describe diseases tad tell hit patients the Mtore of their complaints or ill ness, without receiving any Informs tlon from them. N? tkmrgtft Contvltatio* m Admim. on motto. We dm roch Raima aa have no strife W ith Nature or the Laws of Life: W 1th Blood oar hands we never aUU Nor poison men to ease their pel*. Oar Father?wham all goodnea ilia, Prorldea the means to cute all Ills; The almple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. simple Herb, a simple Flower, PnllM frAin tHm Ijm Theee, that shall speak with tonohlnf power Of change and health to the. Room No. U, Washington BallAlng, Peon. it. ae, corner of 7th street. Canadian references of the Ia41an Herb Doctor: Sir E Heeds, Governor of Canada. Hon. Hy, Steams, Mayor of Montreal, C. K. Bob. ?eo. Hall. Mayor of Quebec. C. E. Hon. Job* Butcbiofton, Mayor of Toroato, C. W. Hon. I. B. Koblaoon. Hon. Jaa. Camming*. Mayor of BamUtoa, C W. Boa. W Matthews, of Brantford, C. W Bob W Barker Mayor of Leadoa, C. W. Cobm, Baaleaa, Caloalttee, Bad Nalla, Kb la^ed Joliito, aadall dt oeaaaaof tbo ft* cured Toroato, C. W. ?,C W. i mm boxes of HoUotr**'? t. Tkn iMutf hditk even >?f a wtdior'a life. Uo|r U * India Knm Soon. India rubber Sbmta for protecting children' beda, that bo family ahoald bt without; 7f cents each. Rnhhar RUnkMa for wldlm. SI M Mr.k. Rubber Ponehes and Blanketa combined, *8.50 each. India RubtarOoets, white or black, fS.60 each. India Rubber Leggins tl per pair. And all kinds ef Rubber Gooda, Including Rub ber Boots and Sbees, Rubber Stoppera for bottle*, Door Mate, Under Sheetlnga for bed?Ai sickness, ke.. Ac., at manufacturers prfon)ttt.A. Ball'a India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. av., between Ninth and Tcath street* feb 1-tf Tylm's Coirom 8nvr Gcm Arabic.?We take great pleasure in recommending the above favorite remedy for Coughs, Colds, and all affec tions of the Throat and Lungs. An attache of thla offlce had a severe cough for several weeks, and afler trying every likely thing, without any relief, was perfectly cured by a single bottle. We are not surprised that It is so largely patronised by our soldiers in camp.?Bait. CUpptr. Coal Oil, Coal Oil.?Best Keroaene Oil, Srarranted.) by the barrel 38 cents, by the gallon cents. LamDS. Cans land Shades, as cheap as can be bought In Washington, at Stewart & Boa's, corner of Twelfth and 11 street*. mar 3?fit* All Piasons can find the best stock of Cloth ing, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, Hats and Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. fe 17 3m Fa mi Lias who have never used Boston crackers are Invited to try those manufactured freah every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocers. Ja 26-tf MARRIED. At St. Aloysins Churoh, on the 2S < of February, nr ine mew. u. a. maguire, mr. r. j. f Knnbbii to Miss M. K. WALSH, both of thiacity. DIKU* Suddenly ,on the morning cf7th instant. LEWIS H- YOU NO Mod if rears ard two months Friends of the family are invited to attend his fnneral to-moirow,(8nnday) morning, atl" o'ol'k, from his mother's residence. 332 1'tn ?t. * J)n the 7th instant, of ty phoid fever, LY D1A M., eat daughter of Joseph E. and Lucy A. Potts, in the 21at year of her ace. Tie relatives and friends of the family a*e ro sp?otfully inv iteJ to attend the fu'.sral to morrow, (Sundavj afternoon,at 3 o'clook p. m., from the residenoe, 30** 9th street, between L and M. * On the 6th instant, at Lone Old Fields. Prinoe George county, Md , ELEANOR MARY, infant d*u|nter of Dr. II. Warren and Lavina T. Brent. * On Wednesday eight, the 5th, Mrs. SUSAN a * *m at a< ITj / ? i i a jtinnsun, wiaow 01 jonu ti. jonnson, ui Charles county. Md.hut for the last 27 years a "Mident of Georgetown, II. C., in the 74h yoir of image. It On the 7th inst, at 4 o'olook, WILLIAM W.. on of Josephine and Carter A. Stewart, ace II month" and 7 days. His faneral will take plaoe from the resiienoe of his father, on 16th street, between K and L. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to at leni. On the Mh instant,of pneumonia, AMELIA M . CAMPBKLL. youngest daughter of C. W. and Gertrude V. Campbell, of New York city. T.fflT nv ttvpt.a tMPn unrrnriT JK &U A V& "*? A. ill U4/ CAtUfcUilL Found at tKt Railroad Depot, find now tit Gov ernment Warehouse, near tfc* Depot. Maici: 3, 1862. Cap Yat9s,22d Rest N Y Vols, 2 boxes and 1 bbl Siokles' Battery, 90 joxes Burgeon C 8 Tripplar, Medical Dirootor U 9 A, 3 washing machines Capt P Murphy, Van Allen's Cavalry, 1 box Comd'g Offiosr75lh Regt N Y Vols, 1 bo* Lieut U 1) Robinson, 75th Regt N Y Vols.l box Lieut W D Dans, 43<1 Regt N Y Vcls, 1 box (JMGW Ford, 1st Kelt U 8 Chasseurs, 4 boxes Gen M R Patrick, 1 box Col Wilson. 2d Ohio Vols.l box 8 H Williams. Co K 1st Penna Car. 1 box L W Pierce, Q M 6th Maine Regt, 1 box Genl Hospital, 1 box Capt L Beate, 3d Inf<y.U 8,1 box Dr T Dimon, 79th New York, 1 box 3d Rent M?ine Vol*, 1 box Roy L A itaon, SOth Penna Vols, 1 box Co! E D Keyea, 11th U 8 lofty, 1 bag and 2 bundle* Quarter Master 5th Maine Rett, 1 box Capt Benaon, 2 boxes shell Maj B F Barker, N Y Vole, 1 bvc and 1 box Capt R C Dwight,75th N Y Voli. 1 bbl A Van Amburg. 27th N Y Vols, 1 box S B Parker, 1st Long ls'and, 1 box 99th Peaoa Vols, 1 box Miss C Lawrenoe, for Hospital, 1 box W H Covert, 12th N V 8 T, 1 box 8 Bennet, Califor iia Regt, 1 box V r ?? OfcMi IfU HI* Ul?t 1 W? P Robbtna, S5th Reft, 1 box Capt W H Reynolds, lit Rhode la and Ba'tory, 1 box Capt G W Lombard, < ' Miohir&n, 1 box Q M Snyder, 331 Rest, 1 box Col J vV Be 1, Ordnanoe Dept. 3 boxea W H Fletcher, 3d Vermont, 1 box Lieut A DeWnot, 15th New York.l box H Henresey,3d Vermont, 1 box M Smith, 6th New Jersey, 1 box W Merrill,3d New Jeraey, 1 box * J H Guilick, Ellaworth Zouaves, 1 box W H Fiah, 17th Reft, I box A Erneat, 39th New York, 1 box W Wiermer, 11th Regi, 1 box llTiiU* 4<i \T^rmr\r\t 1 Lav R 8 White, 2d Vermont, 1 box VV 8 Rutlsr, llth Peon*, 1 box John Smith, 34th New York. 1 box J Adams, 22d New York. 1 box 6th Vermont Volunteers, 1 box C H Voaburg, 18th New York, 1 box Hth New York,J box 6 8 Woodruff, 5th Conn Vols, t half barrel M Hojle, 15th Altai Vols, 1 box i H Leonard, 1 box Capt W Herseford, 18th New York Vols, 1 box Gen MeCall, Penna Reserves, 13 boxes A Love, 4?th New York Vols, 1 box W H Smith. 9>th Regiment, 1 bcx U 8 ttanitarr Com, 2 boxes and 3 bbls Parsons oaKtng for this freight will please say that it is advertised. D. H. RUCK tR, i 4-lw,85 Quaitermaster and Colonel. J HAIR NKTT8?HAIR NETTS. U8T Received another lot of those handaome double Chinelle Ne'ts. Also, a fine assortment of twisted Bilk and Cord?d NetU, id all oolors, at the Trimminc Store of MRS. LOWE, l?9T Pa. ave., south side. mh 5 DR J. H. FEABODY, DSNTiST, >f 1 Attends to all branohes of his profession at the most reasonable rates for vhioh good op eratmns oan it* performed. IMlaw " Oftoe No. are Pennsylvania avenue/**" r TT between 11th and 13th streets, two doors east of the Kirkwcod House, in same buildinf wi?h Dr. Don aldson. mh5 1m*,U< M*. tends personally at his oAoe .n thi 1 cut MU M hit sersom nan warns these teeth who*****? Mr.not wear others, ana no parson can wear others who cannot wear thee*. Person* oalilni at mj oBce can be aooommoaated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 338 Pa. arenas, betweca tth and 10th sts. Also, MT Arch street. Phi lad el shia. mar4-ly^Q O BALED PROPOSALS ARE INVITED ? t?Tthe 16th day of Maroh, 1M2. at 1! m., for sarohasinf fjom the facve-nment the Hides and ofth" ? ?mnssi ir ~itt wt m*v ari??< *v? wi wimu?? ? No bid will be entertaiaed unlets the bidder u present to respond to hia bid The Bides, Tallow, 4o.. obtained at the lish of the ooatiaetor-he will be held aooountabie for Hides, ho.. of all aninalehilled, whether he set* them or not. The Uda to b? directed to "M?jor A. BECK W1TH, C. 8., U. S. A., Washington, 1). C. ? fe M-td pHOTOGRAPHIC CARDS MiijriMi.itNo 480 Mveiith street,^o^oait* RNUM IS HKRB !?On free exkibitivu. oral atook of Ciothlac in the oitjr, at the ET'OR bALK?A fine atook of Clot&uig, Furmah r in* Good*, Ti a oka, H?U and Cape. at whole aloprio?a,a Poat Oftoe. DAI People'a ClothiM Htore, No-"4?0 bevenlh atroet, ' ppoaite Poet Oftoe. N. B.?All of tha above looda for aalo at very low pricea. nTt Sm ( AT W HOLKSALh. "TbANVOON * con blVtf the boat " * ? "fe A UAITUIUBTSWCERTIFICATES QpTE&N&?#FajUM8 Bonckt by f'LOIMOVS NE WS-BURNBIDK'S EXPB WfttMi iwfcrt ???? Bit MBlto ukt 11 Ut ItMt Bfrsftnu apv oftH ta Clothin*, Farn ~ vrr WANTS. \V ANTED-By ft r?*poctftbi? worn, ft 9ITDA IION to oook.nilitMl iron. Afply No. f 6 Mftditon ?tr?t. bMmu 8th ftiH 7th. It* WANTE1KA niddlo-ftted WOMAN to do *' jensrftl hoiiaework in ft amftll fkmily. Inqaire '*4 Foftrth itreot. o>yo?if the ifttl. mh g St* WANTED-A rocd COOK. WASHER ftad IRONER, to whom ltborfti vt(M will bo fftid. Apply ftt No. 430 Now York ftrocue, be

tween 13th ftpd 14th. mh t-St VETANTED?An experienced COOK (whit* or " colortd) who thoroughly asiltrauidi her business, Good wifei given. Apply corner 4th Md D ste.. i pposite City Hall. wib 8 >t WANTED-Sntnl intelligent acd eAoient AGENTS to oanvars Washington C'ty, Georgetown. arH Alexandria, in a profitable busi ness. Inquire of M. VANDUSEN, Mo. 849 Ps. avenue. t tt* \\rANTEI*?A lirrt-clMs COOK (woman ?r? '? ferrei) to take ebarge of a kitchen in a first class restaurant A pplf immediately. Refereno* required. 333 E street, MITCHELL'S Restaur ant. ah 8 St* ?CAft -PARTNER WANTED in a genteel Exhibition now perfo ming in Wash ington, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9d at. For p&rtioulara apply at the Exhibition. mh 8-3t* YVANJKDrrA FOOTMAN, to wear livery, go ' uuv IU me carriage ana on ireuaiM, trim fornaoea and fire places, and clean the house As ply for partiualars to Mr. OWBN. 966 Penna. avecue. mh 8 SI* WANTED-A DRUM MAJOR, for the 10M Regiment. Pa Volunteers, Col. T. F. Leh man, nov stationed at Cam* LloTd. Meedian Hill No person need apply unless he has the best oertifioates as to snality and oharacter. It* AN AMERICAN LADV, from New York, whore husband is in the army, and she in re versed oiroumstanoes, would like a Housekeeper's Situation in Washington City : oan give sauslao tion Addreaa, stating fall partionlara, one week, E. PFNNEL.L. Georgetown, D. C. It* U/ANTED-THREK MEN to work ina Dairy. " th?y must be good milkers. Also, FOUR MEN to work on a farm, by the year; they must all he sober, industrious men. None other reed fir. At Locust Hill Farm.7th street road, near ha first toll tata. mh 8 St* WANTED- An industrioas, honest MAN. who e*n make himself us?fol on a small place, h* must also be a good driver. To sncti a person, who can hrinf theb'st city references noon wages willberivsn. Either white or slave. ApsIrK* I oraina lle'ghts, Mr. Vevon's p ace. m*i n It WANTED?A SITUATION as clerk in a Quarter master'a Office, or in anr other available position. bv a pe'son who ha* been en gaged for several years iu business on his own ac ooust in this oUt; is a rood book keeper, familiar with accounts; and can five the best references. Address at Washington city Post Offise, "Clerk." It* I EFT HIS HOME IN BALTIMORE, WED -a ncsday. a. in . end last seen on the oars for Washington, ALEXANDER OOI6NARD, age 13;light hair; dark eyes;slight figure; dres?ed in gray pant, dark coat and b ti* cap. Any ii forma tion of bim will be thankfnlly reoeived r>y h'? dis tressed parents Address to A. Coirnard, 11 * >*a ratora St., era: Enjaw, Baltimore. mh Ht* WH ANTED-An active, colored CHAMBER MAI I), at lllh lnlPalrut ? <Sf WANTKD-A good COOK. WASHER and who can oome well rooom insnded. Inquire at No. 37 7 7th treat, on* door at^e I ?t. mh 7-8t* WANTED-A small HOUSE or pa-t ofa house, for a *ma I family t in First or Saoocd Wa'd. Address ".'AMIS >N ''Star Offioe. mh7 2t WANTEf>?A German girl wishes to obtain a SITUATION io do genera' housework. Fri Tate family preferred. Apply 382 Eighth street, between I and K. mh 7 Si* WW. MINSTER. WANTED?\ FRENCH I.ADY to tesoh Frenoh, the Puno, and, if porsihie. th* usual English branohes, in a pn?at* famll? near Wa?h iccton. Apply in person to M DE MONTHUK RY, No. 441 Ninth street, opposite the Pa'ent Office. mh 7 2t* WANTED TO HIRE-By tha month or yesr, a MAN and W^FE^wlthout ohildre^*?th? iunuty w? i? Uiia|BiU'-UiB[Ul,aUU UIO WUII1SU IU Mint in the house. The farm ' situated about 4 mi'ea from the city, inaide District of Cclumbta. For partionlara apply at Kiohmond House. corner 8th and D an. inh T-2t* U|/ANTED?A fine looking well eduoit'd young " LADY to attend a first ciass o!ab room One who has experienoe, ?r **k? English, F>-enoli, Hjaniah and U3rmiD, an.1 haa 'raveled to acine ex tent, would be prel?rn?d. Good home, and ?ino ware* paid, by addressing for three daya Mm ?6, City Poat Office. mh 7 2t' WANTED?A middle-aced white WOMAN or " aalave, who underatands thorough'y house work, waahing and ironing. for three in number. In those who oxn brief the hig:.est city reference? liberal wares w.'l be given. Also, for a Duver, and one who car generally m?k* himself tiaeful cn a small farm within 15 minitss' walk of the oi*y; single or married man. who oan also (ire satisfac tory references. Apply at Kalcrama Heights, Mr. Vevon'a old place, opposite Willard's plaoe. mil 7-4t* WANTED.?will be given to any person who will proonre the advertiser a first lieu ten?ntcy (infantry; in the vnlnnteer army ; haa had 1# year*' experience in the English arinr. Addreaa C. C. LAWSON, Washington Ci;y Poet Office, n t ' mh C Iwt derst&nds her business, to do ehamber work. Wares AS oer mnnth. AboIt *.t 3'J1 N?w v??rlr mh 6lw* WOMAN who thoroughly un avenae,T>e?ween 9th mini 10 h streets. A lao, a first class COOK; Bam? place. Waxes 91" per month. None need apply mless they eoine well recommended. mh 6 3t* WANTED TO RENT-A well-faro-shed HOUSE in a central location, from in to 15 rooma. Best of rf ferenoes and good lent given. Address Box 3. Star ()(fir e. mh > tf OLD LETTERS WANTED-I will g;ye from two to tea do! ars for Let"r? written by Gen'l Washington, ard a fair price for Old Letters writ K. A *? ? - *?-?i u? wiwiowj n inn j? , p cvuiuiiUDftry uo lebrities. Prrsidecta. UeueiaU, <'?>mmodore?, J udrei. Doctors, Divines. Lawyer*. 4c. Address HHUKRT SPUING. 344 N. Twelfth street, Phil adelphia. Kare Book* and Pamphlets on America ho?lhl. inh 3 lm' ftlnn -AGENTS WANTKD TO OPEN 'IP I vv. an o?oe a-d take the wholesale agency, in pvery State, for all of Lloyd's Groat Military Maps, used by our Commander-in Chief. The cheapest maps in the world. A fortune can be made oil tbe?e maps in each State 3 ono.-mo copies of one nj my maps have already been sold. Also a man to go to California, England and Cur.a. Accut* also wanted in ever* county and in ever* regin.eut in our army. Send for circulate. J. T LLOYD. mhi lmd&w.if 164 Broadway, Mew York. WANTED?To have every one k^ow that thsy * ? can find the best s'ook of Clothioi. Hats and Caps, at the very loweit rates, at SMITH'*, No. 460 Seventh street, oelow F. fe 27-Sm W/ANTED-ToergageaGENTLEMAN famil iar with Waahington city, to attend to lome outdoor business. Apply to JOHN IRWIN, Room No. 4, 476 7th st. fe>7 WANTED?Every person to know that 1 am in vv the market, ready to pay o&sh for all artialea I (i ti.A K<in mm1 n rrfiahivi* (in A T hnaa I mm inn* ilia oity, or havinc a surplus, will do well to Mil. R. BUCHLY, 428 Seventh ?t., between 6 and H it*., (aut aid*,) Dealer in New and Seoond hand Fnr nitnre. nolttf WANTED?From April 1.1 MS for a permanent resiaenoe, a amall COTTAGE HOUSE, eith er in Wa*hincton or Georgetown. Rent mut be moderate. References unexceptionable. Apolr, by letter or personally, to R. P. TH1 AN, No. 17 First treet, Georc?town, D. C. fe 27-2awlm* 1*7 ANTED.?S15 ptr month will be liven to a oompetentand sober oolored M*N to work on a farm in the District. a few miiei from the eity. Apply at Capitol Hill Market, oorner of New Jer sey avenue and B street sooth. mh &-3teo*,l06 w ANTED?Sutlers and Soldiers to know that they can bay CAMP STOVES and TIN WARE oheap of H. J. GREGORY. SMI Pans. a venae. jaK WANTED.?We are now bamut SECOND ' HAND FURNITURE, STOVES aud Dht) DING, for whioh we are paying the highest ?MU prioes. Families declining housekeeping, er having a anrplus of furniture, vill find it to their advantage to give us a catt. ??* T COPARTNERSHIP. HE Copartnershipheretofore existing between Walter, Karmaan A Bopp, haying been dissolved in oonse^nenoe of the death of one ol the firm, the fejsiness will hereafter b? carried on under the name atid firm of W altkk Sc Karmann. W e are prepared to build to order, and keep oonitantly on nand. ail k'Ldiof the mostfuhionableCARRlAGbSoftha very best worktr>aiship. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to at the moat reasonable prices, Thanklul tor past favors, we hope for a continu ance of the same, at oar old estafciisnment, on 1) WMr~ * Nwast 2 VaVmisht BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE ! NSW GOODS?NEW GOODS ! LA.icul/non " niu, iu> picoiiue 10 loiurni thalr oaaiomera and the Mblio that they have taken Halt'* old atore. No. 379 7th afreet, between I and K, where they will alwava ieea on hand a fall at ortment of DKY GOODS, MILLiNKRY ar.d FANCY GOOD8- Confident of oor ability to nire aiwtiafaotion to all. both m price au<i tualitr of (ooda, ladiee will kd4 it greatly to their advantage to oall and examihe our alook. mh 1 7t* NKW YO" "WWWaa geocmy: NEW TEAS, OLD OOVKRNMKNT JAVA COrFKS. EXTRA 8U6AR CURED HAMS, And all other kinda of FANCY GROCBRlES! For aale by WM. COR WIN BURGY, I msorter of Teaa. fe V Corner of I and Eleventh eta. MIUTA?T BOO?B! iUTA(lY , At the National Bookatore, No. I7B Peaimy tra il* avenae, all the New Military look are to be loaad aa eooa ae ieased fiom the Preee. Call uo waM??r atocfc. , v r. ?* iv klll? LOST AND FOUND. w w ?.vw v o uu * V UTVUK f (ft- II" PAME TO THE PREMISES or Q. T. V JaMFS, on the 8th, a etray COW.^h# brindle bi.ffa'o; white etripe down btrfUr heok. The owner wiil oo?e forward pro re property. par ehar*ee ud take her away. Reeuleaee 9, between IWfc acfl 80th etreetr. mh St* OCA REWARD.?Stolen. I* it mi ht, about one o'olook. from the o?rner of let a-d F?t? U treets, Georgetown, a GOLD WATCH ud CHAIN. W*ujh wae made by Bran* ton, Liver pool. No.S.OSt The above reward will be given If returned to the above aadreu mh * St* JOHN ORUMBAUGH. O Z REWARD.?Loet, or taken by mistake at the Rai'road Depot at Wanhmcton. a b'aok eumMH cloth TRAVELING BAG. market on one aide with white letters "Majo- 6.8 Jennings, J6ih Rec'i N 'V. Vols., Rooheeter. N- Y " Who ever wi:l return theumeto Brown'* Hotel, Wash ington, will raoeive the above rewnd and no f ueetiona atked. mh ? ?t? fVSTRICT OF COLUMBIA, W*?iiiiotoii " CornTT.?I hereby oertify that Pat riok ( nsiok, of Mid county, brought before me u an eetrar, fanning at large in t'<e' streets < f Washi' gion, a dark bay MARK, aboat 14 band* high; t>:a*ed laoe: left hied foot white; between * aad 7 rears old; shod all round. Given uuner my hand thia >d da? of Maroh, 1W2. D. ROWLAND. J. P. The owu*r of the ahovo n>are .s rr^aeetM to octne forward, prove property, ?*t or>a'g?*. and her away. PATRICK CUSICK. 1 at. south, between 6?h and 7th ats. * *100 REWARD.-Ran away from the aufc aonb.'r, living n*ar Pieottaway, rriuoe weorge'a county, Md., on Tuetday, the 6 h day of January laat. m> two Nt GROKS, vii : PAL L BRISCOK..W yearaold.S Teet 1" or 11 inohea liigb; of oopaer oo?r; wfan a muatache. but has probably out them t fT He had on wben he lelta drab fulled oloth rait of oloth'e. oat an'! panta; he ha? a free */an<1 mother living in WmI? i niton city, named Margery Mnitn. feUWIN MCHOLLS, a bright mulatto boy, U yeara old; very likely an<l p>aaaat, black eyea and fu iraitof b.aok hair; haaa mother belonging to Mra. tfuroh, on 6th atreet, Washington city, II. C. He had with him the came kin*! of olothing aa the other, but be ha* ether olothing net recollected I will giva the above reward for the appr hrnaion of tiem, or 9b" for either, t( delivered to me or te emed in jail ao that 1 get them again. rnhj tf GEO H HUNTKR. ?Q RKWARD.?Strayed from the aubeoriber. O one COW, 7 yeara old; large horna; oolor nearly white, with brown fota:Vayv ahe ia giving mi'k. The above rewardJbaJM will be paid br iravmc ter at PATilPJl !?<? * 1 NELLY'S, 4*1. between 31 and ?Si at eet. Pa. avenn* inh 7 St* IOST OR STOLEN FROM THE HOUSE J S44,oorner of H and 21st, a mall ti;aokan<i Tan Ternar SLUT, cropped eera; lone tail; answer* to thaname ot "Fannie/' any one brincinc ber bank or any in formation of her, will beTibeially rewarded. mh 7 3t* RE WARD- Strayed or atoien.oa the 6th, O ** from the coiner cf B and 24 at'e?t. a larae bar HORSE, no ahora on; had atar in forehead. The finder will reeei*e the' abov? reward by rftarning him to the oorner of B and 3d at ^TURNER'S Oya er Depot,) where the owner will prove property. mh 7 St* OTICE.-Came to the anbacriber, on the lat d&T of Maroh instant. a dark f*? N HORSE, with some broken harcess on.T .^ The nwner is requested to prove property p%j oharges. ana take him away. W. A. T. MADOOX, mh 6 3t* Farm near >rtor|?t )wn, P. 0. District of Columbia Washisoto* Coprtt ?I hereby certify, John H. Newman, of said oounty, brought before me as a stray, running at la ice In the streets ol Georgetown, a dark ay MARK, rap posed to be about 1<> tears old; about 16 hanls huh; a star in her forehead; ring-bone on her left hind foot, both forefeet shod; switch tail; has been worked in gears. Given ucfter my huid and aeal, this 18th day of February, 1853. HENRY R-KAVKR, J. P . (seal.) The owner of the above described mare, will please ooroe forward, prove property, pay charges, and take her away, or she wi I be sold to pay ex penses. Apply at o(n?? of Metropolitan Po ioe,3i6 11th street. fe 19 iai3w ZUR BALK AND RENT. FO R K E N T-One newly FURNISHED room, wittt iitard. n a private family, on 3d floor, at No 4 0'J 8th St.. between G and H sts It* Furnished rooms to rent, with Bo\id. in a pleasant :ocation, near the Capitol. Inquire at Star Office mh 8 2t* Room to I.ET, suitable for on?ortvo(tn t'emen. within two blocks of Wi lards' Hotel. Inquire at No. #03 Twelfth street, between E and P. It* For 8ALE-Twofi s -class BILLIARD TA BLES, marUe sabs. aid every arrangement complete. Those des'.nnf the above will study their interest by oaliinc immediately at the Euro pean Hotel, corner 11th street and Pennsylvania av?nue. rah > tf FOR RENT?The STORE ROOM 496 first fljor, adjoining Clarendon Hote.. Arply cn the premtaaa. rah 7 3t HOTEL FOR K KNT?On Penn?/lTania ave nue. Good Will ank Fixture* for sale. For particular* applv at M \ KTI.Va Fraikiia Hoo?e, corner 8th ana D *ts. inh?2t* ^OR RENT OR Lfc A'-E?1 he arte and com I modioua four atorr HRiCK KUILDING next to the aouthwe?t oorr.rr rf Twelfth and C etreeu, within one rquare of P?nnm Ivam*. avenue, at prenent occupied % a oo?eh fao o't ; with h<i*Unjr mac! ine, Ac., a'taahed. For le ir.s app'y to C. T. GARDNER, at No. 5IIO G *lrT?. l etweea 13th and 14th. mh 7 St* HOUSE FOR It KIT--A wl.ole Houte, No. 391 Pennsylvania ?? nu?, t>*tw*<ri \% and ?m tree'?, on lease from April next -a first rat* chance for keeping hotei, restairant, eta Apply at the premises. mh6-*t* JOSKPII HARPER * BRO. IjH'R RENT-A eomforUS'e CHAMBER, at " 4 AO litii st., ?-a?t n il*, l*ttwe?n G and Hate The iooat o'i none of thr inu*t<> >irat>|e in \Va?h inicioD mti t 1* n I70R RENT- A PARLOR and CHAMBER 1 ver? neatly famished. on the first floor, ele vateci b feet above H e sidewa'fc; luoa'iou very pleasant and healthy, near ths State Department and President's Home, on New York avenue, be tween i?th and IMh streets -No. 4 60?aud but a few yarda east of the omnibus line to the Capitol, fealtf ftj^ARM FOR SALE?Two Far ma. oontaining r tofether fon acres: oae at Annapoua J unotion. the other adjoining, at 8arase Switch, frosting the Washington Rai.road ; either of whioh will be sold, with the quantity of land to suit purchasers. The improvements are of the first c'.aaa, and land of the heat quality, with orchards of ohoioe fruit in full bearing; railroad station within 6 minutes' watk of either dwelling. Terms eu;. hFcaWbk p, fl? v Aiu iD d LLt o~ J II t the Win* Store of WM. 'a- avenue. fe J6-J*' A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the City Hotel, (the only first-oiass Dotal now open in Alexandria. V*..) is desirous to retire tTR^?^V.'Vii^|)r&'a*'aS'6r?l?iC of the hou?e. Hit lease will terminate on thelsl of January, IMS, but the property oan ao doubt be ieaied for a muoh longer term at a moderate rant. This Hotel is now doing, acq has for many years done, a large and profitable buiunees. The aesire of the undersigned to retire from puMio bu?in??? is the only inducement to sell, as heoonld not hop* to engage in one more profitable. For terms and aartionara apply to J AH. A ENGLISH,who is au Ihorixed to negotiate, or to the anderaigned. ja 16 tf SAM'L. Ht.KL.fc;BONN EK. GEORGETOWN ADVKBT?MT8 NOTICE?.The Second Annual Meeting of LLS the West End Bui.ding Association will be oald at the Council Chamber in Georgetown at 7 o'olocion MOW DAY EVfcMlPlB, the 10th lost, prerioui to which an election for oaoore, to Mrve th? eosmnc year, will be bold Polls to bo open at 6 o'clook. mh 7 WILLI AM KINO, See. gUCKSKIN BIO V E 8! Raouborf Jl Ebert, 104 Hiss Btuh, e&OKUETOWN, D, O. The only tn&Qafkctnrora of G*nn;ce BUCKSKIN " ^MILITARY GAUNTLETS, - " i in the Dietnot , iauntieu made to ordor, iaokakin Dra vera and BhirU. ja M ALE. v* o siTtjui rooeiTeo k rnpy.y 01 me hotb a>i. wtiich reoon<n)?ud to be of a Tory uponor^uW Itjr. Periona Wiahinx to poroiuua. by making > - Ml 0?oriMan. r ADIE8' RUBBER BOOTH Li AND SHOES, All aiMa, at J. B. PUDNEVB, 3il4 Peon, hum, back of Cluttt'i Dry Goods Mora. j^EN'S RUBBER BOOTS At J. 8 falt-tf IM P a*.. Bask kooau ?? O A L . WHOLLfALE AND RETAIL. I earUBoe, N?w Jaraay ami*, oppo?lU B, " J. LANG DON A OO OAm m4 Mormc*. Coath MtfbU OrMt SECOND EDITION. mm roocft, r. OUR MILITARY BUDOBT TH COiri D'tlMIV It bM been lully deterinloed to divide the srtny or im rotomac into ?** corps t inwH, according to the plan of Major General McClel lan, urged prior to (be retirement of General Scott These army corps are to bo commanded re spectively by Generals Basks. McDowell, Pan ner. Hemtzieman and Keyes, and Major General McClellan la of course to continue In command of the whole. sKiaKiaamo We learn that throughout yesterday there was occasional sklrmlahlng between the plcbsta of Gen. Sumner's division and those of the so amy. at the cat on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad ju?t tbla aide of Fairfax atation. One Mtaaiaalp plan waa killed, being abot through the head We loot none killed or wounded LATE LOCAL NSW$ PicKPocaCTa?Yeete da? the Fourth Ward patrolmen'a report exhibited the name of Jamea Mowbray, arreated on auaplclon at robbing Capt Melater. The captain bad been euga^M for a long time in the oyater trade, and on Thuraday night waa flnlahf m; op hia rolleritoae frta *vi oaa reatauranta of amounla due htm. He waa followed from place to place by two Ma; aad naving attended to buaineae at Purdy'a restau rant,, corner of Slitb street, opposite the Nation*) Hotel, about iO o'clock, those men net him, and one threw hla arm* around his body and bald blm, while the other rifled h1a pockets Patrol man Hannan was aoon notified, and arrested Mowbray on suspicion of being concerned In tbe robbery Mowbrav ?u taken to tba stat'on brute, Fourth Ward, and aearcbed, ai.d between fifty and alxty dollara In cola and netce were found, alao a valuable Wket aeal of gold, aet with a handsome atoue and hair. C*?t M .loat about eighty dollara, all In paper, eicept about a dollar In silver The case la for trial thla after noon before Juatlce Walter Foraging.?Three months ago Sergeant Cronin *m informed that the bouae of Michael Flti;tr aid, a laborer in tbe Government granary, w&i depot for forage stolen from tbe granariea In tbe First Ward Men were sot to watcb tbe house, but nothing unusual was discovered until I act Thursday. when tbe sergeant was notified that a wagon load of forage was stored there Yesterday Sergeant Cronln went to tbe bouae with Rounds man Fen wick and Patrolman Hannan. and ar rested Fitzgerald, hi* wife, and aister. and Park Reagan.and put them In tbe Fourth Ward station Returning they made a thorough search of the premises Four aacks of corn were found con cealed behind aome old trunks, under a bed, three In a closet,and sis in s? old shed In tbe yard They also recovered forty three empty cora sacks, a Government rifle, (new pattern.) and some U. 8. clothing. The DartiM were all h?l<l ?' ? further bearing to-day. Thi PTrasi* Riflks ?This Am company of Illinois volunteers, who have seen service la tbe conflict* In Western Virginia under Gen McClal lsn. and came wltb him to this city as a portion of bis body guard, have made themselves popular with oar citizens by their gentlemanly and sol dierlike deportment during their long stay In Washington as a portion of tbe Provost Guard They are now expecting to be relieved very soon, and attached to the commander-in-chiefs body guard,which will corner1 of an Infantry battalion composed of two companies of tbe 10th, two of the 8th U. 8 infrantry aod tbe Rifles, a squadron of cavalry, and Howe's battery of artillery k SrccissrvL OrtaATion or a Pirare* ht ? Yestwdav.a gentleman named Phelps, riding in tbe omnibus carrying passengers to and from tbe Ktcamboat, bad a valuable gold watch stolen from bis pocket. The occupant a of tbe omnibus with him w#*r+- th<? hov whfl t*V?a ihs person In the uniform of s captain, vboMt beside Mr Phelps Upon discovering his Iocs, Mr P. had the boy arrested and searched by patrolman Leach, and both being satisfied of the !adt inno cence. be was diamiased. The Captain haa not been arrested. Fureth WaeijSiatiosCase* ? Bt/OTI JutttC* Walter.?Jsmes Twee, er, disord-rly and threat ening his nelgtbor* lined SHI M William E. Moore, disorderly and fighting; do 91V- Jamea Comer ford, do; do Wm Baker, do ; do. J as Ellis, do.; do. Michael Fi'tgerald and Mary Fitzgerald, his wife, and Marv Fitzgerald, his sister, and Patrick Reagan, arrested as parties to the larceny of forage from the Government gra naries, held for further hearing. Seventh U'hp Police Case*?B'fort Justice Stratton.?John Haya, Andrew Kidwell. and Sol Turner were nil arretted for being disorderly. The two first were dismissed, and th* last, nnt having the wherewithal" to pay a line of 92 91, was banished to Adam* place on the banks of the hastern Branch Jane K Johnson, for pro fanity, was fliied 92 94. Sixth wim Polio Casks?IStfort Jmstte* Cull?James Boyle, riding on the pavement, fined SI 5% John tiatten, disorderly; fined 91. 5P John Willett, drunk and disorderly, flood ft 94. E. O Sanderson, selling liquor on Bun day, fined f25 5?. UlOKOKTOWS polick CASK* ? Bt/or* JuilltS Rtavtr ?Benjamin Bannister, huckstering with out a license, fined Si 44. Andrew Hennlsy, for the larcenry of a cap from Mr Kolyinger. was committed to jail, Bophla Herbert, colored. dis orderly conduct; fined S3 (U Ft km wakd Police Casks?Bt/ert Juttict Drurf?Nelson Hodges, riding on the navement, fined ?J 75 Mary Beyfred,drunk and disorderly, fined SI ??. John Lelpfried, for threntenlng his wife Catharine with all sorts af <tl??w?llr?l chief, wu made to give security to keep tbe peace. ?The restaurant of Mr. Glbeonwae entered last night and robbed of a pair of Colt1* revolver* and live doLiara in amall change, which had been left tn tbe drawer. The book* were overhauled and artlclea strewed about promlecu oualy by tbe parties before decamping Count * Police Cases ? George Cann and James Conner, drunken soldiers, and private Devlne (not Divine) too drunk to give any ac count of hltueelf, were all handed over to the military. Violating thi Reoclatioks.?Otho Gattrell was arrested yesterday for violating tbe martet regulations by kindling a fire In the market, ne waa fined *5 5b by Justice Barnaclo. Attention la called to the application, In the Want column, for a altuatlon as clerk. Pr?B G?b Buki' Cwn< . BrxKKft Hill, V*., March 7?Theoonntry be tween here and Winchester la Infested with the enemy'* pickets, who at time* approach near oar line?, but no general encounter has taken place Straggling parties of tbe enemy returning from tbe upper counties are occasionally entrapped by our troops Chajllkstowh, March 7 ?Nothing of apoclal Interest haa transpired to-day, at the outpost* Tbe reconstruction of tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and bridgea la rapidly progressing Col. Terry, of tae Fifth Connecticut Raglaaoot, has been appointed a Brigadier General PTl private Utter from Gibraltar on the 13th ult . states that the Tuscarora had arrived and gone over to Algealras and anchored to watch the Sumter, which la still at anchor In Gibraltar Bay. The Sumter could get no coal, the private coal companies refusing to supply her Her Captain bad applied to the Government for a supply,and was refused without orders from the home Government Several of her crew refused to embark, and claimed protection of tbe Ameri can Consul, and wanted to go on board tbe Tua carera or be sent home IT* Tks \UoW.4IU 1M y f a mv . i T IMS I lam UI IBV LSI llMAl ssjrs that Got. Ham* has called the Legislature to meet at Memphis, bat at last account* w quo rum had appeared ia either house, nor was it poitslble a quorum would be secured. The sub ject of adjourntaf to some point la Middle Ten nessee was discussed, and McMlnnvlile was spoken of, bnt U is hardly probable that point will be selected. /TriZhNS AND STRANGfc.Riv, look to roar v? iator?*t! Look for ib? oormmr of K on J Tti tr?*u-it ia tH? ??oe to baj in* OI O THING for MimiiMw. 8 CL TOP WBKN YOU COM! TO TUS COR J Mr of ? Hd Tti atroots, ud hot a Mlt oi n~o LOTA1M6 ? ?u>, ?- !*. ?jr At B *. R ft BRO p BRMw* r?tioBfcb<o <;iW'4 t ?to'.n>' rr IUST RfcCfcJVKD kM 4 JOYs i? JACKKTS,mNB Aaauvo. wb:ofc or IOC *> por MOi. Mow tho.r ?wt u \ J '.o *tr?M > ? I,f, U J?[*f Rfctm, Tr*u?o. L? I TH *i No. (M ht ab*oi, ofM*!* I ? ? f? 14-1?

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