Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1862 Page 4
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TflE EVF/^LNG STAR. New ud lBciitNTtrtikli Fact*. DI4COT111L BT vCILF. Br&ten ( p-CM-k* d<> not crow. (Fact perbapa you didn't know ) Cbnrcb-y?rd " leepei?'> da riol anofe, . < F.ver brnrd of that before ?) Running water" has no feet, (Wiadcm there that can't b? beat ) "Standing rmle*'- often movf; * * -a ? !?? <innr^Vt- k (^latem-m v>n ? i?i ?4?iv "rt" - Jolly Ur?" ir'u'l aivr?)-? merry; (Very wi?" ?eBe<*t1o:i?very') CongTeas *-Hp?ak?rs " s*idomsp?ak rSajje remark, but r?ther weak ) .Now my wit Is quite run ont; (Fact tu?se :?n t on- w.U doubt ) Tn* Chicago Harris Spa* Mac.- The Chi cago court* have for stune time been engaged in ferreting out an alieg<*d case of conjugal infidelity on the part of the hu.'bar.d?a Mr Harris?and have discovered that instead of the " innocent and virtuous partner of bis bosom" being the injured party, she herself has been concocting a plot, the consummation of which wu to secure a bili of divorce and a large alimony. The following u a brief num mary of the fact* - On the12lb of February last, a widow lady, Mrs. Lydia C Bellows by name, was called ur>cn W a Mrs Hills, a neighbor, who ??ked a private interview The Isdy a.^ked Mrs Bellow? to undertake a p'an wkich would "put four or fire hundred dollars in her pocket." Mrs. Bell own asked doubtingly what wns the nature of the transaction The other replied that there was s certain married lady. Mrs Harris, who wa3 tired ef her husband, and wis he 1 to obtain a bill of divorce She wanted to have some woman procured, who would, for, a liberal compensation, undertake to draw her husband iat? her fs*0T, *cd induce him to commit adultery While the aet wn* g^ir.g os, Mrs. I7i!l? Arid ItaTid Vaughan, an ex-Jiutice of the Peace, who ba? been shown to be a piiocipi) party, were tor^aisle the room and witness tho deel. This woci'l fami"b the reqnired ha?ii for the application tor a bill of divorce. Mrs. UeitJT? ?<>r'*eiited; r>rd the fhetae w?*nt on. She had repeated jF.tcrriewj with the different jarties, and. l>e#i?lcs ethers, with Mri. II. srd l.ugeno Vogle, fcer son-in-law. At last Mrs Mellow*, a- agreed upon, sent for Harris, and, n* the others thonght. arranged everything a? was desired. Instead, bowe-rer, of doiDg as they had proposed. ;he <,"iietJy and nobly in formed him of the plcticio which he was being drawn. Right here the ?flair a tarn. Harris listened tii the <lie^nnr<A. ;.n11 t hf w.-,?nan preserve silence and al!ow the scheme t<~- ?0' on. The interview ended, and Mr?. Bello,ws dated lo the schemers that all w?3 proraisir-g well; thct " Harris would soon be nil rijht. and their olject accomplished." The p4ot luoves on ; a night is set for the coasnmmotion ?>f the act which would give ?? Mrs. Iitrris tbe bill of divorce With a large alimony. On the night fixed, Harri* eoraei as agreed, and close on hi* footsteps followed two nelieemsr. ready to drop on the rrhemers just at the moment they would think their plan wa> !? ru<*c[?-i. It ia frustrated, and Mr*. Hill* aud David ^ aughan are tafcer to tae Police Court. Corn Fodrfer for Dairy Faimrri. A eorre?por.dsnt of the Country wntlemaa wr:iea ?^oum oac .?.1 l ; my er'j ner xarinrrs who ridicule book farming, aril who have a dairy of ten cows, bo induced to plant. next spring, one-half acre c-ch to fodder o^rn, the rows two feet apart, wit] twenty ??r twenty Are kernela to a foot, aud begin to feod about the first of September, and add six week* or two month* to <heir dairy per?-,*a. tbey would be inclined to look pleasant at meir eueoej* and let the name al. ue My expe?ien<>e will warrant twenty-five dollar.* for ihe hall" aore, if properly managed wirh little labor. T want to add that I have ?tab!ed fire cowh night* through tbe .minmLr. filling ihe dr >p ben in-1 thera wltii turf, procured mostly by plowing mo si knolls, taking utf the tuif, and making then even, and with the help of one horse and a few ?_hesrcr pi^? have mide one hundred full cart-Ion!* of compost for my meadows, puttirg j: on in October, i.nd h>ve tnrf nvmncrn in \ v vnr.l nr. 1 hn<? n;-n- f,\r g - V /"*" * ? r? rVMW another hac lreJ in tijc spring. I will gladly liiten to ? better oour?e ?-u * su*i?ll f*i?u Si^n ol h 4>?fd Ox. You ib"UJd ?tau.l before bite sir! be ?nie he has ? tine bsrel eye, lersre po^rili, br??d ni and aboTe the eye?, rather slim born.", toe* straight ont befire Mm. .freight in tie kuees. bosom fail, l.isvk sfitught, and wi<ie hip- If you find these p y..u need not a*k of what breed 1>e ia, bnt it yon wart rr.e buy bim A black eyed ex is rot to be depended on, aa he wil! kick and be ng!y, while s short headed cx will start froxa ti>? whip, but will * >on forget it The Aruiy \\*rii>. J. W. Brown, of Coles Co., 111., fay*, in the A 1.? H T W ??? b ?. *1 ~^ * 1(111 7 AMI Ui <74 A un? C WCii f* I I I'l this part of th? country for nenr!y thirty-seven years. The army worm* havo made their ap pearance Lero froj-iently, ar. l until we to-i-k to turning our hoga upon our gra??, did U3 tau?h damage. I saved my meadows last summer by turning my hogs on then as soon as the worths made their appearance." Dayton'? i-i/yrior Spired Ginger Snaps! Djyfon't Superitr spited Ginger Snaps .' Dayton's Superior SpirtJ Ginger Srups are acid bjr KING & BIRCHLLL, c rr*r. Vermont avenue . t BIOWN. eorror F and 13th st. L. A. DKLI'Wm, i*?? v. rsiftvy Yard. M.UkKEN, corcer I and lata it. fe *1 lw I A CARD. DESIRE to ir.for.i> my ir.eiid* and t'e public thftt I kAVA Mr f r.ctsf ? r> *?va v r* UOandClGAK sTOHrfNo. Srt'J Nirth KrtAt* foar dccrs i.o.-th ??f Peau-y vinte. ar?cH">, (Irdian in frout? ft'i* (ioor.) vhere k?r.ail t e tiippy tD*?p *1? thtm wita tu* moat oii^tce artic!*? >a t.i j use of mj bucuMMa. it, U 7t WM. H. THOA1?>SON. T .NOTICE. HK F?Hic ii re^pec.fulli informed th%t ths uder?i*ue*i has oomncn e>I ra*i-. - nine a LINE OF" STAGES fro-ri Pet.n. avecaeto Mer t-a" IS 1.'. Th~J wtll leavs \V Hotel every ?.oriajij at 8 oVock and Mercian Hilt at ba f pv?' So'cl'k. ano will ran rsiuiv'y to and irom Merician Hill ever? hour, U.u? ail a cueaa and tpucy con veyance to the Ta-iims wt:pi !u th* nr! .abort .*>4. '1 tie nn^eietmed t~p"s ?o rt^-re n literal?u pport, a* he le deurmtiied to atfn'a his patr'nig every cUily in kis aowef. Fare !9 ?eaU eaoh way. GK J. M. M1LL.KK, fa lt^Blm* i-'rotnet'if. nm-r i l p >. tun ? ( //; JV HAl.L, V-l * No. 31* AVK^C*. MJMftl Btiww^ 9th a id l<n? btrpf'?. i 1 I We cordially inrit" tli? whooon t?mo.a;e tui u.iiiir.( lo on; ' ai ci sorted stock ?r CABINKT I'L'KNITL'RK. ?n braoicK jr tyje ?ni ^uVity. fruVn tne fiaett Parlor rundown tothdeue&pral Hur'au.Uaisraad and-Uiia.r, aid atano?? wtiiab'Jel? con.p#tiiun. tinre u? a c*.. ai.-J fw-awici-s ?<>ui*etYe?. la ?-">_ * WALL. BTKPBKNM .% CO , 32* rt!c<>i!.ri.iu Avim'K. MILIIAKV ^ N IJ NAVAL .nnautlA <t 1 lAli.OK-1, A.N t> KtADY-^AA>fc CJL.OTI1IKRH, AND KXTES8IVK 1>*.AJLER? iiX Uh.NTLK .ViES'3 frUKMSHlNG toOOD* to Mf ; WPOR 'i UK AM.MY. E Hit? ju?t received. I j stcamfr Aruo, ? larte a>*>rui?ul cl ina.,ni^o?cl FrM?lk Uraci Dm ma (bf?ten;^ O-ssoua;) Freaob tor ir.fantry, ?ava'ry, a-fl * Tillery ; Martin Frera'i 'Je'.ftv-attd Cl?nun0t* and ; Hrass lc*tru monU ?>f %>i kind*. A aof th? lineal aua If of V#n ic?Stnn?. uiiuL'i AoouroNim asd Klat:H?i. 'iofetaer viti. a i*f *s a*??rueeul of iat<nt F reaeL M u*ie for B*au?. xLiw i%t?re of U C. METZKKUTT. Ja 1i Corn Pa ayccae ar.d tHh >V \V BOVS' CLOTHING. " E M&V9 rruc.Tca oar uf t?o a hm ?ortiaeat of BOY!*? SPfl.N6 CLoTH ING. n.braot.x all ?tfie*of iov prioe-d. medium, and ?d? ?ual#ie?, vh'oh ve are nelur.g at v?r j UiW prtMi for cask. WAI.I,. Kt hPHKN!* * T(t . -i*a i s. ?? ,,a ... ib I' W ? If | , IOAJ?ll NOTlCli. N Coc?a<i?o?oo of oar hAvibg U> m ouii ! -* tw? artMM of rood" pwrehs??, we are tor x-J bo reduao oar baiintH in C**b xa.Kuvely, (or die it Moortm ant __ lor nua &n<t bofu' imt, wmofi %r? i?iUM it a inocu luw&r rate tLfto UMuf' WAU-.fTKPHKNlfil O JJJ Pv at.a t>?twora j:a *r.<l HHii it*. rMOCt. Wo have in gtoroa fry '*ite M*ortn;>:.t if RKADY-MA0K 00711.16 lor Mm j?7 A Hot.] UOHSW M?H t*A*rH, *1 Of *WJ flOMTljtlOB, i Cooatftati) cu Looiciuia ?*eu'VO, liw lb? (Shmt M?rh*t- ^ n-MEWEssaafr ?'* arena*. baok rooa. ?r I) ium, t<trm H>. ?n<3 I Hh _jt ?Jtf Be surf and comk to th'r best pl?M kt tnj Jbtu C.^uuac?No. 4M ??r?ntii tr?t fa ?T-3m . . he BKSTtJTOCK OFCLOYHIN0 iN the X o?tf, UN*. 4M ?* ? tilth at, fttMm 1 SICK AND WOD19KD SOLOIKES 111 HOiriTiL. taui (ij rtu?oluti?n X </? Mi of tks 8m*U */ 5uly 16,1811. 4i SmMitf ffMfiiai, (iurfiiMM, JV6 y. 2d U. 8. lofintry 15 i*t do Artillery.... 1 3d do do........ 1 3d Vermont Volunteer! 6 4th do do 6th do do 5th New York Vol... Uth 33d 43d 55th ?>2d Pftth do do do do do do. ?. do.... do.... do.... do.... do.... 22 2d New York Art .(a) 1 :id Peun. Volunteer! . H2"kf Mn*xachu*etU Vol J^tb Penn. Voinnteert. 4 99th do do 1 lit do Reserve.... 4 4!h do do...... 0 rttb do do 1 7th do do...... 5 Uth do do .? l?? do C?T?lry .... H 4 th do do I lit do Artillery.... I 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 2 5th do do 2 lltb Connecticut Vol. 1 7th Maine Volunteers ? 1 3?Uh do do ... 1 4?th do do.... 57th do cut d<> do TUt do do.... Cameron Rifles I 24 1). C Volunteer!.. 4 Officer's Mivaiit...... 1 Total 13* (a) An oflSrer At Gtntral yioif-ital, Union Hot*I, comtr Bri4g* and IVaihtngton strut* Utorgttom, Vtb. 2S 1st P 5th U.ur Vnrk Art 2J 5th WJftconiin Vol. I do Vol... T l*t WMscomln Battery. 1 nth do do* i Ith Michigan Vol..^ t Mth do do. i *2d Maine Volunteer* ? I 17th do do* 3 7th do do. .. . 1 1Mb do do. *, 1 M VermontVolnnteerrtl 2.)th do do* 1 4th do do Sid do do. 1 5th do do Iw 41d do do* J fi'h do da..... '11 tat Kxrelalor lirfl^de. 1 50th do do. i .Uth fin iln.... 1 td do do.... n 1 d*) dOi * * roth do do.... .Vth do do.... 5f;h do do.... fWh do do.... 76th do do.... 06th d-i do.... l?t Penn. Cava'ry.... 2d do do.* 4th do Volnnteeri. 7th do do...... Itth do do LCI do do 35th do do...... Wh do do...... 57th do do hi Hi f i K1 flf?......... 2d Wlsccmlu Vol lit New Jeratr Vol... i let California Vol..... I Hnrrlfl' Light Cavalry 1 Mott'i Battery 1 McMann'a Battery.... I 4iStelnfleld'a Battery... 1 5th Ma?.whn?etU Bat. 1 id U. S. Artillery 1 4th do do........ t 2d Cameron Dn?j{pun?.'l 2d Cameron R Iflet.... > ?tockton'? Rifle* '2 >th U.S. Infantry..... 1 lUthdo do........ \ Signal Corps 1 9d D . C Volunteer*.. 2 Total no At Hoffitml mt Coimmbut* CoUtgt, Washington, F'h SH. 1st U. S. Cavalry .... 2d di do /# 4th do tli?.....#*. Stb do do...... ?*t utu do do........ fid do Infintry.... "*b do do - d iMMne Volunteer*.. 7th do do Iith do do 2d Vermont Volnntecr? 3d di d*..., 4tU do do.... 5tfc do do.... 6th do do..., 1st MuHsarbunetts Uat. 5th do do. lfltb do Vol. iitfWd New York Vol... 1 fi|7f>ih do do.... 1 117/th do do....I*i 2 87th do do.... 3 .11 One! da Cavalry. 1 I i,McUlellaii'? JJragoon?. 3 R.nrket Battalion 1 titiNewJiraeyCav (6)21 Ifrth do Vol ... 3 4th r?i. a. Cavalry <5!a M Id I3'h 7:11 91st do do Ac tio do do do...... Volunteers . do,..,., do...... do..?... do..../. *'3d Marvlsiut Kngtn'n l id D.C. VoluiUem .. f?t New York ArULIery 1 5tU 7 i a s;h j.I Sth do <1 j do di> do do. ... 2 battery . 10 do.... 11 Cavalry. 1 do (d)3??! 17tu K*w York Vol ...11 iWd ?5'h :;?th roth .vitu da do do do do I") do.. do. ... do.... 1 do.... 1 do.... 2 Oue i ttt' ^r ath illtnola Cuvnlry... '2 Slurpli Illinois R.'fJrt. 1 1 (it'll Indiana Vol.1 3d Michigan Vo!...... 1 8tn do do...... 2 1st California, or 71st I'mniyWaula Vol... ? 5;b Wlaconeln Vol.... 1 l?t Minnesota Vol l 7th New York Cavalry 1 Tout (fc) Cue tfllcfr. Utnoil Hosfitil, (Circlt,) Washington, V'b Sh. liiU.8. Cavalry .... l>t NewYnrk Artillery 2 Mil rln 1 4th do 5th do d?>...... .. 1 fit:) da dn n 1st do ArtlUfry.. .. 1 5ih do do...... vM do Infnntry... ..1 ! M do do Uh do f?th do do Bth do 10lb do do do Cavalry 1 .' i' u New York Vol ... 5 do do.... 2 9.thr-?nu. Volunteer*. 1 )'?h do do...... 1 Cy.h do do * .>th_N Hantpahire Vol 1 ; lb Maine Volunteers. 1 lit Michigan Vol..... 1 Y<>tal ?o At St. KUiCibttk Ka*in a Jirjiutk, Frit SH. **>? N"W York Vol... l|5'<th NVw Ycrk Vol . 20 0i . v?>riu?.iitVwiunu-?rs oil Artillery 1 *22d New York Vol... 1 imh Maai. Volaateer*.. 1 4>d Hrtiii VoluatKH. I S'h do Artlllenr.... " Hit N?wYork Vol... lU'h KLod^ f*?and Art. Cameron RIB'-t ...... I Oil P?nu. Volunteers. RxceltiorA tlllery Vol ?!?!k M1<-Ligaa Vol.... Lh New Vera Vol... S:"J Mains V innl^ra '.tfc N Hempsh're Vol l'lVb .\*w Vork Vol .,l> T*h N*w York Vol .. I .'7lb l'tu:> Voluntmi. |i> iu?b NewJrrsev Vol..IT I i'ii New York Vol .. 5 ?"nrr.5n, I'. S Navy. i-l^asPd prison? r... f Totel lie GizM nr.imt-j t* f*.? for hrUf>t%%* Diftasit, &i ?'*! -rtma, Ft!/. Sd lit U. ?. Artillery/... l3t do Cavalry id d) do 4to co do.. atii do do f.ih do do........ -2d do infantry O.h do do........ 5th Maine Volunteer*. 7th do do.... 11th do do.... 1 ^t Massac h uaetta Art. 7th do Vol. ItHb do do. l |*'> 'u New York Vol... 1 li><th do do.... 2 do do.... 1 liKockrt Battalion 2 On?-ida Cavalry ...... 1 1st N ew J eraey Cavalry 1 3d do Vol.... 1 Ittth do do.... 5 l?t Penn He*. Cavalry 1 *tu Oth 7th l(Jth do do do do do Cavalry., Reserve.... do...... do...... Volunteer*. ?ail ?? . i 4th Rhode Uland Vol. 1 lit New York Artillery 3 itrithdo do 4 14th New York Vcl... 1 IU5th do do '2 17th do do.... 1 6th Wisconsin Vol... 2 *5<h do do.... 1 19th Indiana Vol 4 r?th do do.... 1 2d Berdan Bharpa'rs.. 3 4Uh do do.... S 2d U. C. Volunt^era .. 1 59th do do.... 2 Cheers' servants 4 C1*t do do,... 2 _ 6*d do d o.... 1 At Indiana Hcspitnl itattnt UJJlct), Washington. D. C., Fib. 2d. 13th Indiana Vol 15 7th New York Cavalry 1 Wt BerdanSharpa^s.. 3 1st Mlchlg&n Cavalry. 1 2d do do 11 eitiien i Ut New York Artillery 6 ? 9*h do Cavalry. 3 Total..50 i3th do Vol.... 15 At Fifth District Sckort Hou?t Hospital Brantk of Gtntrai Hospital on Fifth strut, Ftb. 88. 2d U. 8. Cavalry H52d New York Vol... 2 Ohio Caralry... II ? 5th Hh/wlo liiliiriH Kit ll T-?-1 *? "I At General Ho.'pital. (E eking ton,) Washington, Feb. lit Btrdsn Sharp'r*... 4'4th l'enn. Cavalry, 2J do 8 1st do do...., ?tb M>:ssar.LitaetU Vol. -i l?t II. H. Cavalry & 1st New JeraeyCavalry .*? * (a) One officer Total *5 At Douglas Hospital, totmr of I street and Sew Jtrstff avtnua, Fib. in. Major, Paymaster.... 1 34 L* 8 Artillery .... 1 Ut U S. Cli-iMeura ... I '2d V t-rinoutVoluiiteera H i>i Kbc de lalaud Vol. 1 4th Peou. Volunteers. 5 tli do 11th do 88th do Jld do -Ui .New YorM Cav.fa) ti*?fh di do. do. do. do. <Ia S6tb do Vol.... 1 lit l'enn. Cavalry ....II Jd do Volunteer*.. i jfl) Au At Omtrml Hatpital. AUxmmdrxm, Ftb. i!s. 4th U. 8. Infantry.... a 87tb New York Vol... I Mil do do ? 1st Nf-wYork Artillery I 5th do a 11th do Battery.'XI Ittli do do........ i I'ith do do..., lfl u do Artillery.... 4 1th do Cavalry. 1 5th do do. . i.i i 5th P<miu. Volunteer*. 1 id Main* Volunteer*. 2 H/i A A < Mttl. J lirid do do i Total 4k> 4th do Mb N Hampshire Vol. M MaawuhuaciU Vol. r.'tu do do.. I >t ?o Itat ltb K bodf Ulimd Vol . lat do Mat.. ft; h do Art.. 5ik (iosnmUcut Vol.. 5tL Vmnoat Vol lat Nrwr J era?y Cavalry ut do Vol.... 4 th do do.... 1th do do.... id do A rt.... l?tL New York Vol... 17th do do.... Md mil Itttb VJd 8 54 th 2 cm 85th -*<th Ifld fh?ii lQ&Ui do j4tn do lat do lilli do do do do do di> do do do do do uo, .... 1 do...... 1 do...... 1 do ..... ^ 1 do Jh * 8 1 ft ft do. ..... do do do......36 do...... ft l ire Zouave* 1 Dragoon*... 1 1 lilh do Cavalry.... 1 1 Indiana Vol..... 4 18 2d Michigan Vol 4 0 3d do do - i do do do do do do do d? do do do do do di).... do.... do. ill do... do.? ? do... do... do.... do.. .1 do> . do i. do... do... 815th do do ti 2 :?d WiaconalB Vol.... 3 1 51U do do 4 ML do do 4 lit Minnesota Vol l

%tb lUlaol* Cavalry.. Ml 5U? P.terlalor Brigade. I q?aiWHMitw'i ran ployaea............. 4 Clttwa 1 .IS . 8 2 . 1 . 3 ?f 1 1 t 1 total d ? a#3 \1 JXrOlTAVT* TO FAKIKIXf, RHTAC1 AITI, UOTKU, . IVTbIM, GMCKRI, AND OTHERS. IftLUIH TUCIER'8 c HEAP whoiftesale and retail gr ocery warehouse, -J3*i pennsylvania avenuk, pennsylvania avenue. GROCERIES av half the usual PRICKS, 1 Havint i>?in pwcknud 0/ Ba*kr?ft MtrcKmti and otktri. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries Liquors, Wines, Cigars, Ac FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA3, FINE. it vinM rim oa - C RACRERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUP8, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AI91NS, MAIJk.UA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES 9 pound \7hlte ?ug*r pound pound pound pound pound pound pound pound Imported Cigars 50 cents per 100 Havana Cigars f 1 to 93 per 100 Almonds ........19 cents per pound Salt. .20 cents a beg Good Butter lft cents per pound Kxtra Butter 30 cents per pound Fine Wines SI per bottle Wblskey .#.95 to 50 cents per bottle. All otber kinds of LK4UOK3 In proportion. Call and see for yourself. TUCKER'S, 325 renu?ylT?6l* Avenue. WILLIAM ?|i:kkk s CHEAP ORO?Ug Y MREltOUSK, 3J4 I'KNNSYfcl !? 1 A AVENUE, 3UA PEftNBYfcV t? A AVENUE. AT HALE VKJ6 MfAL PRICES, Having teen purckMd tj Bankrupt Mercltantx |a?Mf mktrt. rn <?v?uv%t I agai liVUi 9 W U CM pCf pOliftCl F.xtra Fine (Jreen Tea 75 ?* ?? Good tireea Tea 50 ?< ? Extra Fine Black Tea 73 ? ? Good Mack Tea 50 " " Old Java Coffe* Vo " ? Uood Cotttw It) << < Every thing elae la proportion. HEMEHBEK, TUCKER'S, 32f PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE wiuieii's, risrMIMBYLVANlA AYEJIVC W&ihiimtoi. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAUR ANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TIT??n CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 39ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 33ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having htn purchattd of. Bankrupt Mm chant $ and othtri. T U C K E EJ' S TUCKER'S WHOLBBALI AMD 1ITA.1L Groceries, Lienors, Cigart, Wine#,ftc FOR FAMILIES, FOH SUTLERS, urriVKRS. T EAS, FWK. U MON CIGARS. C BACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R A1SINS, MALAGA. RK AD OUR PRICES READ OUR P R T r *> e , WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3 it A PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 3J4 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. H. WATT88 VOLUHTJUIE TOBACCO. -1 < GKOCEKIE8 ' AT HALF THK USUAL PRICES, \ H*9i*i rmcKntU tf Bmkrwft M<r(U?ii otknt. 1 HkbiMMMM Jt, rUCM.***, lit PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE roCKBft'S, 19# PENNSYLVANIA A VENUE Wabbiimton. BDK, JO] IITIIOIB LOCI joniTovi, HOIIlTA&i I tAt mm! Ckrtato, ?ii<r V?<MJ Rtmaif in tk* Wtid, FOE ALL DISKASKSOF 1MPR* DENCK. hET NO FAl-SE PKLICAC7 thMf?HT. J*PLY lilMtUlAPfcLY. A ???* WARRANTED. OR IfO CflAKGM, IN molt ONE TO TWO DAY8. VnIim ?f It? luk, Urinni, IfituinW U# *?? My* >< IkMn ^sfMiuu; DiK>.it|M, lippMmcy, ? ? re! DiMlstr, MuTiuiiia, Djtptfr, Uijm, Orftt* at Uut, La* tpinu, fnpluimi m lk? Httn, Timiditt, TtcmMibf*, Pirootti *f li|tt *r C.ddiutM, DiMiN *C tb? tid, Tirwi, Km ? Skia. Af ictloii ( U>? t?|i, M*a lit u B?w?l?? ih?? TnnUi lht?r<1?r? trUiug rr?? ?** WT l>Mu if Tmk?U>?I? Dntdfsl ut DutncS'i tHM wtieh ric4u lUiikfi tuwtMi,u4 dMirty ?ia *-); Ud Mad. TOUNU MEN a??l*Uy vk* kui kicwi a* tuUxi ( t?auiy dnadfal ud d??;r?cUT? t?bil wMck *ar.9*l\f ?? ? I* U UliCll; (Mfl lliKjU<*l if Ymt( M?o ?T tb? BMt uM ia!?r.u tad isiialUet, vtai mif M MkMViM lifi iuiruiCtti IktxA' *k- *-?* * wtkad l? ttnacy tb. Ilviuc */ Mil ?'' * MARRIAUE. Milli Pnitiri.M Tnu( Hn ? flaf*i Vain# inn W phriita.1 Viatiit, trtuit d??itliy, 4?ftraiut?, *c_, ptidil* carad. wb? placaa busaair audai lh? Ufl af D*. J. (? r?Urt Mlf old* u> hii baoar a* a f?aU*aa*a aad ?a?4J?auy nJy apao nU aklli aa a phycieUu. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Uft haad itd? mlng frwii Baluxara atritt. a few d?aai h? tta 4#rr.i?. rail oat t? (kaarva nam* aad iiaMl. Li'.'.in ?? k? pr Id tad Mcuia a ituu* DR.. JOHNSTON, MwHl ( U? It^al OUtp af hniaai, k?.Mt, {??* au frwa an* af tin runt I Co!l?f?? ia U? Vnitad tataa, aod tfa ftaetar part af whoaa Ufa baa baaa apart la tha Piudt af Laridan, h'.i, Philadelphia aod a^iawbara, kaa afactad aarua af tb* rr.?t aitaniahinf carta that vara ??ar koavu; many traakiad w: h r.ofir.f te tha baad and an vfcia a?laar; rraat d(tt?bi: tta, \tia? alaraiad at add&Ji w..kfa.> *->- ?? " " - ?iLa mi]>IDI Bimitl'.cf. UtodtJ UUUIE^I with 4tfUl(MMl2t ?f Slid, Ctfad MM' TAKE PAKT1CVLAK yOTICK. T?arj Mm and atlitra ?!> ta*a injarad Uam??i?a? by a Mxuin atactica indulfad In vhan aiaua?r habit Itfq?aoti? taarnad frwa a?il carapauiaca, ? at achaal, tha i?fu af wfcios at* Dljh .T fait ?T?n ?k?D aaiaap, ?nrt :( Mttittd. rar.dtra inln>?oaait<la, end i!ai:r?ja b*U micd and bad*, abac'd apply immadiitaly. Tha?a ara soma ef tha aad a?id taalaoebaly afaetajaradatad ay aarly bab<u ?f ???tb, ri* t Waakoaaa ? it.a Bitk acd kimba, faina in tha Haart. mf ifkl, Leaa af Mikmi Pavar, Palpitatiao ?f taa Haart, Dyapapay, Narraaa imu bilr.y, af lha lh|a?h?a Faactaea, ^antral Oatilitj, Syinptama af Cacaarainon, He. ?Jll?TALLT.?'Tha f?*rfal affaeta en tha mind art roark la ha diaadad?Laaa af Mamary, Oanfattan a" ldaaa, Dapra iiiaa f Spirits, Eril I'arabading-a, Avara?n ( teciaty, ia'.f!>ia trvat, L?'i af tali.ada, TiuUduy, alt., it* aat_t af tha a*iia MMlaead. Mairnri ?? ?. ... 1 ..? > onuDil ?aa raw Jkdfk Wfclt t? U* ?>mi af tbair dkcliniaf haalth, loainf tfe?ir rig?r, kM? tn| waak, pal a, ntrraaa and aiaaciatad, hiTin[ t ^pitiuM iknt ih* kyai, Mifli n i;npur^ af MaiMf DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Vki: ;h? te a^aidid and iturreoant vatiry af pl?M*t? l?d? I ka ku V.? Midi af th'i fi'.-fsi laa tfli? kappaoa '.La; anil! urr.ii iiii*? ?f ahamaar drand cf Jiiemry dktara bim frara appNUif ta vtii, frara tod raipaetakiiUT, can "Wfi* Vtfr ir.4 him. Ht fall* saw tha ktL ii of ifr?r?i:t md diuruiqj pritiodin, ?ba, lrcap\?l? *: ctrirr, flich hi* pa?* ativvck, kl*? bira mlirf aoih ?n?r month, ar a< lour ri tio tmallti*. fn can k? ok tataad, and in laaoa Dim ?i;Ji ratnod boaltj to airt aoor aia railing ?ia? ^paiMitiaM: ?r ko UiO aia ?f that dn?:r paiaaa?ft"?rt?rj--&aoti'i lh? ?auiu:aumai ajraotama af 'Jill Urrikl* diiaai v amth ?a A.Cacitaui af tfca Inn.TbraaBoad, kla, Ac., aff .'iiilnr with ftig olfal rapiditfi uil diif. f.i Skrta^ ta hia jMadfkl kj aaiii.^f tin;a >k*i l?aa?ar?4 e?*ntrr ftt.a vkaaa k?axra aa if t*ai?? rtikriii. DH. JO HXSOtPS HKMEUY ?OK OftHAS 19 WEAKNESS AND IMFOTSNCY. n?? ? a??<< * 4?* * . , .... f ai iimi'.j V.aX^aaa Ua )i(ui ?r? 'paaduj aatad a:, J f?l! *lj?? liMmi. Ykatttadaaf U? ??.\ Iirrm and dtklUutad, vka kad imt all k?pa, km I Vaaa lR?aJ!*t?iy rtUartl. All layiilfatiiU <a U?fUft, h^W?l m M?eu.l Wiikil ilaaiiac;, fcm *r Frvuaauvt hwtf, Irriukiluy, aiid WaaiUt ?r Bxaauuaa at Ua atMt fa&^ai ktad apaadilT ?ar*<T. ENDOKSfMKyr UriHB PKLSS. TBI M&fft YBBBIABB* t fal at tHla loalitwlaa ?itkl? ika Uai iaf yaxru, acJ tba r,*roaraa? tmpattaat S*?|i Ml apcavxa ytrain ti k? l>r. wiu twad *? ?* rtMrtira *f Uayeparaial tr.anv alhar ptlMnf, catitaa r! vknk un appurad ajtm trU t f . 1 a ka.'ara vka paHla, ka lldaa k<a aundr.f aa a jaoiian?& m akaratui as-i ia*jaaal W!:?y. la a a??auut (iirasiai '.a Ua cliaiad. mi IHj Proitcltd by iicjii l.ttltri Faunt of F.lami. *n f secured by t/it Stals of tk* EtoU tit Pknt ma-tii dt f- ini, ??.( tk* Ivxpirml ColUgt (J Mtdicmt, Y<*n*a. TRIE9EMAR No. 1 la Uie r?ue<lf for RblahTIO*, Hpbb MATOHn.K(?A and Kxhavbtion ob thi |?X I KMk'M ?u ? ..... TKIt8K\lAK No 3 I* *a? and cure rem *^7 of the ciTi!>ied ?nri<t s^rawSss^jsriK .si.iuTr, miisiiNik >08. ?,a end 5 are alike de void of taste or ftineli. &r.C of al! nauaaatinf ^nalU tie*, Tha? 6 re in tiie form of a ? *?..c\ aan niay 'te ob the to. let tabie without tLeir ute beitj m* fected. bold in tiu owe* at 91 each, or four 93 caret In one for and in 8<7 ca?*s, tliua naviig SC.aa a*timci?iered bj VAif*%a. Lalinnand. K"uj,Ao.. Ac. Whntswiie tnu ?etai] bj 1)R. H. A. IIA R KOW, 194 Uib^ot'T at?-<*et, (4 door* ftun Mao Uuutak atreet), New York, ircrr^diately on r? oeipl of remittance, l?r. liittaow will forward Tneaomar to tuj >?it of tne w rl<J. aec?re!y ^aclred,and addieeMdaccordicc to tlie itstrgititna of thf writer. Published also by DR. HARROW, that aopnlar and beautifully il! *u> ^ mejioai work. Hiinan Kraiity. Price 25 cents. T-issemar and tiooit car. be c' tained by ??vjiaJ aatiirr't* trr.m h r- r _ / ?i V *w aw - VI A ViWj wuu.j?ton, 1). C. deli Si!i SOMETHING MEW I ,%?? " or^iw li 881 c* wind t) ySf KKS ri'iEAMKD 1* Ik* Sh?tt mo Ib^uMs.ilf Cooked (flu m??rl*i U a roMt) in hHwxnru, tkt ftuiul s<*%? ? Call and tee. Tb? Enderaicned reaaectluiiy inlonna hia friosda In the District, ftnd vnitcrs to the oiiy, Liat he Itaa rofi'Xi k:a 07.D and wia-iJowii x*Taauearat* in a moat tborough manner. bud hM r-aee ixui plot? ariMa?Tijecr? to fs-nian OYSXKRS tn any tjie ?.Li la any %naJititjr. **>to 4u.i taiiur-s !ic3*,*3 per day. *,'*< > to J,0(0 etna of and Kroh ut ? daily?cane hermetically sealed. Karme&ou in the aneil by the buahei or barra!. I'eraor.a wianing to have Oyetera fu rot abed reft larljr through the printer, a* Cauunure anets. in>Duui:?roi livure, s&onid call uil in&L? ar rangements at one?. Freight, time, and reoi.ty sa-rod by purchasing of ice. as I farrish an article aual to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, prioesjastaj is*. *0 S??LE*3. Canned Meatd, l.obst-re, B&rdines, Clams, Strawberries, Tomato*#, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, Ao. to., 4 a, Also, Picklee, Cetsr.p, Sauces, Brandy Peaciie*, to. Also, Game ana Freeh Fish, Tur tles, Terrain*, Fresh Lobsters, Cod. Halibut, ie. In faet, every thine for eale in the Nortkrrn mar ket* always on ha'ifl, at reasonable pries. Hotels and famines supplied with Oysters, tio llvered without charge to any ?&i t of the Diatnot, in season, if the money is sent wita the order. My establishment is oven from I a. n. to It at night, every day, except Sunday, when 1 olose at to o'olock a. m. ja? 11 T. M. HARVKT. Ill * PEKKIRI' ouiuiru Worcestershire Sauce. e Pronemneed by HJ EXTRACT UNMOIPSEUtta t? be the * ONLY GOOD SAUCE." ui applieftble to EVERY YAAIKi Y or D1BH. of ? Letter fW>m ft ftt Mft<!rfta TV Hit kretktr ftt Woreeeter. Ma;, Ittl. ? r?u lm t p? rhks ttiftt their .Seat* a Uiclitr aeteemeJ in Iu3 ludia, and n, id UB;ciou,the inost ..lAMbte, it* Well U ,?he moet wiiole?x>?e S*mt* that > made." She above SAUCE i? not only the un and moei pofvla* eoNDiMBMT known, bat ue iuo?t itml, fta ft lew droM ? SeKf, Ur*Vf. or With t\?k. hot ftnd oold Joints, Buf Sink, Gmwu, It* en extuieite seet, wliioh tmptuuirltd sauce iuau uActur?rt hava La tub eudaavorod to fcnilott. On th? Bi*?kfast, Lrmcktm, Din**, or S*r>? Tbtlt, a oruot oont&ininc ** LKA Jfc fbttttlNS* WORCKBTLKSH1RK SAUCE" u la<iia??Q*a Wo. To a^yreoiJkte tha txttllmU tuaiitUt of thla Mi Hot* preparation it a only iaommit to puroUua i small boiue of tha immm, of a raapaetabla gro Mr or ?lea ar, u many Mont ami ftoiotoruni pro KiMora aalduu plaoa the Pmt ?auo? bofore tb?ur (ueata, but mixititttUa ceuuina fcllod with i trwrwai miztura. Put aaie by tirooara AoU FriilUrora aT8Tj ?li?ra. JOHN DUNCAN * SON?, Vkioh 6?v4f? a*J Htk strut, N**f York, BwU Wholesale A<?uU for Ibe United SHook a) war a m store.?Alao ordera r?o*i?eu I* dtreot ahipmeuU from fcmland. ICT Btwmrt *f C*tm1ir/titi mtU m+*!~ - UPHAM H HAIR DYE TO COLOR BLACK I OK J}JtO WHI Ooly IS otota ? box. wiNlHtudtUtr. ttray, red or flaxen bair ma ? ohutM in a few aeoonda Ioim black or *?w?i?r Mt*c Dpfaam't l/t^uid Hair IWe, the beet Ad otteaiieetin the world, prodeohn. the mmafat iMnat ati FORI). I gafcyjegafty"" - ?,?s,yn; .-t I. T A if?. DENnSTBT. DR. CBAULKS K. IOTCLUU NO. IX PENNSYLVANIA AVftCNUK. Birwm ?th ami* l Otu Ht*. j%4 Mftn . N KW AND lMPKOVEli INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHE0FLAST1 BONE T K F. T H, ' Wintoit Miru Puti ok Cuin. DR. S. II fll6BS.nOND? VI* bf?Awmt, Ktm Yrr*?360 PrwyltiaU 4? mm, k?tw*m litk mmd IS/* ft* , W&.'ktntttm, C*ii* ths art -nUot oi tea pvtUic to fee loltovint tLiY&uiA-i** or kia ip-.proved ataioui: ^Mk| 1. Tm Teeth of Lj? iMnuflMtar? va. AJr3 never ?orcde #or change oolor Lj m ' *? acida. bein; three ft-jrtii* iiihter thac art oiler. ?. No te?*h or r<<AM wtc b? ettraotrd, m tt* riibouU one? can N maertod over then; ?. The root* Vti b > made lcodeuaira. aa sever e aci.e. 4. No temporary taetUw needed, aa porniB^ul ones cat be made K-.n.t^iaialj, tI?rei>T preaervinc the catcr&l expression of tne flee, irfcich ander tee old ay atom la fretnertlj red. ft. TLia W(.rt baa beoa fn'ly u>e*d over fire y*ara by uiar.j mi ito* fcrat c heniiata ud phratotaoa of Uiia ooulUj. -- Dr. fc. Lu b.'bo iLveut?d ft vhit* udMtruotiT* mccsi fillirr, witfi vbich th?? mo?t aessitiTe t*?th CMMfi'lM *ithont pain, ai.d can build up a ??r foet, Bused tooth on ui aide root*, which will laat through ufetima. The heat of rr.ferenoet ?*???to Dr. V. Mott .Dr. Rremua, Proftaaor ofCii?D??try. N. Y4 Hon. Ire Wayne, of Ui?8a?rt:<j? Couxt of Wulusr toe, ud thoBE&Qda of ctftwr*. Call and *xarnme for jocrerif. so tin GAS FITTING, 4c. AW* *. DOVE * CO. X? f<9v f.-o?r.'H 10 rzacnlo ur artara vltk V??h tl.?T 7wt?f b<? f;rrr?-f th# rfcVMlSiN*, CAM OR btfjl* F1TT1H# BUSINESS, 117 re a sue?i. a fsw d&ora B&*th at Fa, ft vara*. where tjt b? f?* %' * CuuifitU a?*>r.. .?1 1CH A N UI,L,;L?L.- "wid attar CAS,bTFAM \xi WAtFIt Pfx?V**S. t|M? vv WAS 1' I X T V R 9 ?T K Hav*ia?tor?,aiKiar3<la? 7 rsoemnf, 9A8 HITCHESofeatuo.y New Patternsind iVi.ta I and V iiuah, aapenor m a'jieio anything Leretoffcra l**r<<ri in this market. Vve ffcTiteeit;*w:e tor era I r to Mil and exam?r Block of Sag ard \. atfii _'tx* >'?*? f#c;;r g confident that we hare the L?t M eousi e.'ont >a W&Ebincte a. A'; Work in the alow Lbs latriaiod to oar car* vui tc aitii. .t j sc. MYa&> * MiiSiN. ?tr I if ST6I)?tTMt. I RONCLAD3TEAMER8 NaTT P*FA*TK*tfT, WA?H:^aTfiX, Fibrvarv ?0. JSbT The Navy Departm-nt will, ur.til the S4 h ol March Brxf, reoeive nropa?u>oDs tor tha eoin^lfto coiittrcc ioa a 4 e?uipni-rt o; iroa c ad votarla for rivar, harbor lu.ii c >*8t Ihese versels. wiU? the exception oft bore for the MiBri'etppi river %nd ita tributaries, will to fro P* el hy ea'eTrs; thore ftr ?he Mimi?r?ppi river and t*r utarte* tr.fy he p-opf!!ed by paddl<< whs* a Trie hi:"s will be either wholly of i ca (which vott!d o? preferred' or ol iron ana wool comvned, as the piojeotors may o^Liider ?.<irt antcKk f< r the object propoj !, tut their a-des acd dtaks mast be protects vi?h ac lion a-;n?tu:e auffioitnt lo ro ?> ? ?he ho??T?st rhota-.d *! e'la. Th-. vesEfiurr t!.o .MraiiPijp! n-er fnd itc tri t>t>tari>>8 ar? ;*>t to draw ?iore iitati ?ix feet water when iul-y evuppec &n<1 arm*l,a? wh'ch (raft th-y Mr t > l?) a'?le lo op.u.Ut<ri a pa niaceut *pe< J ofri'r. kcoti y-r hour in Mi'! >?at?r. a-d ?*rr? F?..'UJitn,; foa? 1: t o l unL?." <UUMI ttcariUEg at it;at aprrd. TLr5* armar eui will coastal <?l "x.ol lo?" thn*?rix eleven irc> *uai. Tfeore?a?l for t'arhor ic.fetirce are rot I d-*w n ore than tw> be fret water when ftl'y eqnipp <i &Ld M bi which dralc thoy are to t>e aL> e to maintain a pemtanent f p^t.l of ten kcuis p?r hour intrnocth wat?r,ai:'J carry *4&*lenc coat in the bcnKera lor ceven tiara ?tMminc at that ipeed. The r arirarnrnt w.l! cos*!?t of not eta than from tw<> to u?nr eleven imh font. j > e veeaeiefor ooa t defences ara cot tod'aw mora ti an t?en!y feat water w?>en fully equipped aii.' an^ whici 'raft they a?e t? l*? at>le to iua.i,t?:i. a pa.manfiit treed oi fi fieri, kr.otp per hour at *?a, and carry sn9jo;eot o a! in tLe t'unkcra for twelve cava ete?iri:rr a* tf'.t *pe> J. Thf-n ar rsameit wj I caaeictof on? ur two titlocu or tweu Ij iE?h kuna 'ite suns ot tt,4 \e??ei- for ti\rL->r ai.d o< act de (etiue pre to t a i. to t:l point! of the con.para wiUi <>4t chan?? ir. the vet**.'* poei'ion. The r'r>pP8itiox;i roaat ttateths tuuberof Tea tela, (inject to tlis e m'idl of the Department, which the tarty pmp- ?e? to f-in.iah eomplete to every re?p*e?. tn:h:acir| amour, p'atine. tfeam iisuuine i asi e?t tiptneLt* cl a.I kicdfc. r**' j lor faivioe, exotpiiiig on j the crCc&nee and orda&i c* tori's and pruvniuui: tUa want I to coaipa!.<eU bj ikeoripti<?iia.*p?r' i??ati.?n?, dra^ir ana a.cdels of aiir>u ct>ar&cter tuat tuo work cou d fej exscu^oJ pyi ttem. The p,ace < f delivery inu*t le I'lted; t'it?tiine witi-inw ich t:.e v esel .?< veeeels are t~> teo>in p KeJ, RUd e'?-j the total au:u to l e p -lit for cacti. It will be isfipn!*T?t! ?n tb? contract that cue-tf U the total ar.ioni t will it? retained h? the Govern meat tintt! rixtj data alter the rrcption ?.f 'he VrB-ef. hi ? rtier to give it a trral, the leo&iniDc paymenta being rut'1? d'-e re^ri to the proper per: vrmi-co a:. 1 pfO*rcMbt t;ie work; 'lie con'raet will aUo ?t.I r\o? -ture lor failure to perform th? consJt'iofa specified. The bid* fi?t be nre,iftjp4n.$<i T>y the fraranUe icouin.1 t>y iaw.that if a o<-ntra-<t laawart *d, it wiii l?e prompt!* eaectite'- ar. 1 theramen of the >ait:es wh*J rtre to b#c^nia the a.irettea the amcckt of the fios cf lue oontract vui be la'.feL Ite Department Will cai:?ider any etLer propoal tlons that mar be preset te4 iu which the draXt of vrat-r (*t>o<r? ra-red i? lot excelled mi i?ep\rtin- fit v.ii beat liberty t*? ?coert or r#jo:t My or &;i the pro?osit <u?. fe52 *&?4w ii ? ?? ^ am FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. TOX 8 AX I BT J . P. BAKTUOLOW. Sole A (OLt, Hardware k ifrliBltiral Warehanse, ##8 S?rfcth Strret, B'twun Ptunsylvanim ittmi and tki Cam ml, opposite ea?t esd of Cettrs Market, jn H-tf _ Wall, Stephens X Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, An Duint m SWORDS, SASHES, BELTS, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS. GLOVE8,*?. And everr variety cl READYHADE CLOTH Iff#, At RfcA.tONA.BLB PaiCBt. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., S9U PeoBsrlraBi* arvtioe, between Jail (Iatel. A Repat.l tth aiTd 1-tth ?t?. rpo M1L1TAHY UFTTCKKB AND 0THLK8. BATCH BLOWS 8BNVINX HAIR A'TM, The But la the World, Tit is*h Ay.Jl Jlttmlm Hmtr JJ*t Jlmvm. Sold t?r ail Dratr?rte; ItmiTOK's foteni Me .mi.0 :Jvr?,<.>. t'dtent Ot&oe, ovr. F 4 TIL, a m! at u.m i Km *?? *-?L&'a areuae, vkora FautCiT^flSr''aLlSK T. Mrll G?U> AMI.' SWISS 1 have uoir on nana a (arte ttock of ail the tacrt oelet>ra:ei Watchet, that f an. M?lltnc at the *?rj towcut prieee tnat rood at*4 reliatelHhae kWMt can t>? alor.lwl it; ma every otworipi.oc ol toe J t W ELK V mi bai?ti all aew tj\m rtotiwd ae or.u a? mesufectured, ana offered at the lo'wet raUe. Mirer ware raacofaetwrfcd in nr ovn ehok. A!: ku.J.of UII.1TART CMHODSoa hand .inch rni Ktvt.vert, S* worst. ttaabea, Bella, Bowie uvea. Peekat Cnweeeeei Ab..^*. a ? A r hit Track iLtut* ueHul tma*. j Dugs. DUPOW MALfc )fl_ . Head the fotloTTlu* MM : "I < "They m? U?? beet I 0 Pn?? 81. bent ?>j_ir*n. OA Ct?e*?M l'i| (OB If t*. issr&m i ^4 BXUiT utbar ctv :'i wc?* & rl to* r?i?wa?." upon My ooii?id?r ? ? rt7 " M &<5. OfUAM, :an ??e?ao?: Ml u.i will not h&rra uttticn. It ovbUi | L. Ho d by ft. G. ; moatde o&U ooo mm mvtmm atr, Price MM) ro ? cheats standard Bflak 1 lao.ahoi Ml CwMr ' &jgS??2T*t mjSsAsnssiti. TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. Om mmd Aftm MONDi T, F+nmn> S, 1ML PlHimit Tlt'Vr iitvu1 W1IHINATOX AM) BALTIMOK K Wl!! ran u tuUova: 8u Mil T^aim* /rn* mt mmd OfHrlAM IT?f4tK? f? Aa? > 4wri?t tkt * W IWC M For Phrarfe^kiaatd New Y tnftnn tgi.on a M. II 00 a M.anS a.w r m. For Baltlmo-*?!?? WattingtoB at U?kU T?H 4 M. and )roawl?mr M. For At uapolia at 7 40 a m ud( (*P 1. * or tk\ via pfcia at son r x. York?Laara Waak ' S.o* r m. ? For >r Harotbii't aM to* North aad W?i,l*ri Hifp :un at? 00 a u. an 1 4 00 or 5 oo r M >r Frederick at 7 40 a m. abd iu> r u. TKAINS MOTlhia Mnm-ru Morning ?xf r?cs )*ara W u niti't l*i. ? Ar rim ft : re a.. M ; Ft.t*2?iffcii*lt-r p. * Neir York p. HarrnMirjt l.llf. M. Marsui Aocono>o4auoa i?ti wu(ic(U>i 1M a. a. Ar; .-.e i.t fcaltjroor* *? . N? oodom t'.osrat Ba tin,ere. Thia is the Morning oosmiioi lor _ New Yark Mail Traln-oara WaaktaaWm f? U a. K4 irrin at Bcibmora ilea r. a.; Pkiia4*>>nia ?.r p a.: New York wr a. l'hi:a fe phia Tram ! %.? Waakinctoa ataorr a. reaching Baltimore a?? so r a au4Pkila<lo>kia at 1< r * AReaoM AeeotEiao4atioB-4?ava Waafclnrtoa at4px.arriT3 at Baltimor* at r a. No ??>a texi> t? at Ba'timora. Ifcia i? the afUraoon ooo nexion for Ar.r.apo.n. t>er:ng K*rrre?? leara WaaMn<to? * * Arr;* at Ba^timora U9? ?- ? ?. n.; Ns* York ? *. Harrfeharrl a.ST^ On6?n<:a?a <*ve Y> nhir.ctoc MSM and 6 p. m. oz.ii. The 3 p. x. train f-oi* Wuhinftoa #ornwu tn'Ulh to New York every day dariaf the *Nt ; La iiEore ? ?r r. Arrive M WMVN '* * *T9 Ktrw York ul r, u* PklladeiHua l?jn p. UH it a.1.acre iM a, jl. Arrive ai Waekififftoii U> "l!W * York at 11 p. v.; PHled^'phle |jn *. K*mtnoTo7-J5 a. *. Arrire at weakiactoa t'tt> k .U. Ia>oai Aooommodattoa Tt*.l? iHti Ball tree at t a. and t 3( p. m , for WaeJuactoa, arrive m 11 a. w. Md ? p. m. On Bnodaya at ?.V ard 1S? a. u. only fro* Balti more. No ADLSfo'u or Frederick codhxicu oa Baadaya. Pan*?i-|#r Tntita l?arir.f Wa?^ at 7.en a. *. a..J 4'0 p. *:,<! Haiti more at ?Jl a. aod 4 a i . h i 9 ? i*?* ? *-*/- rrvnon i0*- it rr,i? fcl lf># Junction. T ha7 4 > AH. an4 3?*' r M ?ocnKt U Rrlav for Frodsiick, Hr.;*r?town, Aa., 4c., ex.eyt Triim leave A.nnaf?!i? for Baltimore a&d Wut lnrton at Mo a. m. ih s ?f* p. Psur-rter Train- I'*?i:.? W *?tumtea &t M? a, H a. M.. ' * p. k.. and nv.-.nor* at 4JP MM 7.3!> a. v , V(:t tlnp 0m it it Annvpoiu .'**< ?trm. W?r PM^aieti cval tUtlhf ictwmxiina jVatu* only* Traica -will leave Warhmftoa and Raltiaora rrowiptly ?r?? eaesf *??*#, rxcaptir g that th? i.91 a k,7!Ka m. and 4 no p m tratna will wait IT mi natee If neceasary, to aeoa:e tne paaaercera and Mail* frrm tM f aat. F?r tfok and VVooodM ttotoiara?A aaaeia1 oar, wiik as awto cLti t. with rone, will itan Waahma ton rwoe a xeek f<r Phuada ph.a otroot at 11 a m, ior the aocoii iao4aUoc oi ' -k and ?osmm orfiera. W. T. PMITH. ft4 Mtwtrrof TraB'portaUoo, Ball IM-i] THE [IW? Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (with ts o'.nE*etior.?) IS A FIKPT CLASH ROt'TB TO ALL THE WCTTEIN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED ZND FBEE 1 ROM DUFT! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE.' mil I>AtLf TK4IH* FT* OK PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH: T? o of thorn rookire CLO?? COfHBCTJO!* AT HAEB)?kCEO o it!, tmca on tfae NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, ocd w*riiiiQc THli CHEAT CENTRAL ROUTE now WAIHlN(tTON AND BALTIMORE to all p ?cU in the Wut, Nortu-wk't tm> 8o(th-wht. CTi'ur Tn'oniU T.okata, W U>* OCm ot the Norltern Ceulre.1 K?ii Coaa pasj. Covert Station, Baltimore. Spl't'dui Slffjnne Qnrt on all Nigki Trains ? Moling StUouu Curs on all Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. Paa?ai>?ar? wi .< take M* 6 a. m. ac< S p. n. train*, arriving ;n Baltimore at lJf a. m. aaJ 45 p. m., vbm c!m* oocn?ctioM are a:?l? w.tb trair.a oa li. > NtMthari Cestnl K.R.,a-.iJ amvi ia Hurra burf at I p. m. aoJ 1.45 a ?., there ouaB?*otir^ with the iraiLa on ?lie Pe&n?vtTaaia CetiraJ Railroad for ail parta of - he tmI KR KiGHTS. Uf tkia ruata, fief .U of all deacnuioc# eu to forwa*J?d fc? aud lioui at. j p?.in' oo tua Jtailroada ofOblo.Ker tucsj, lot'iaaa, lihnuia, Wiaooctia, Iowa, or Miasovn, by Rat'-rcad dt'tA. Ttt" P?i-ri?? van.a Centra; Railroad a aeaonneota it Hl"jhur> *Kl> tt."?~ ?? _ ...a ?..n 17 wr.ti *JW?r| "iB t' forwarded ttuy port on U>* Ohio. Maakmiaia, eatvukjr. i ctm rM*. Cnn'irif-mi, II!iboi?. Miae lcairji, WitottMiu.MiMouri, Hutu. Arkuai. trJ R?1 iisvcia; ud ti Cl*v?iwd. avcdLsky tud Cbicaro with rteaniere to ill Norhweatorn i Uw MercijacU icd thipcort entrusting the .rUtfor tation of their Frrifht tothia Company, oaa rrif with oonf.dMkoa on iu 'fwci THL KATES OF Fkti!GIli to a.nd from ut pointm toe W mi, 11 the fetnat.vaaia Ontral Railroad, ar* at mj.1 nnwi u *\ormlU aj an tki'jrt-i t-j ether ft nrMUi. fry' B? f*rt i-.u^r to mark paclc?t ca "vii Put a. Cimu k n/? ftlAb'RA'A ft IOONS, Freight * frata. No. North atr^ftt. Ma t.more. PWrk/^r* * r??? ?? ? ? ? CKUVU i.?, V13, *?en': M?er<nt't, A! loon*, P?, L. KOVf C.GoJ'. Tioke?A$ t. Piul?4?l?hi*. H. H HOUSTON. tien'l Frenht i|?t. Phil? delybi*. I* 4-rily j^ORTHEKN CENTRAL RAILWAY. J%4 Skerutt. QmUkut **4 Bui Rcmti from B*iH WEST, NORTH^AN^NORTHWEffl. ITIXTKR SCHEDULE. OiutMi ov 'fiats. On &ad &!ter BUNP&Y.24U NoTenber, cer Trsias vi'l fcrme in?l depart tr*& M?Ccn u fn'. rnre: Tuim No*th Lxin Mai. ? Cfc.T?f1 Bvfffcio Expraee p. m. r Briton Accou;i >oottion 4 p. m. ritUbaif * - ' bamsburR bifrtii IJB p. m. Tbainc eor*B Au:vi Ptrkton Aconmm"u*tion itlin. BbSbIo ttpr*? ifi.B. ntubait &ad iUmeberg Kxpreee I r. B. Mftii (.30 p. ib. The I*. B. Iriu fioa WackuictM eopneett with the PJf b. m. true From ?& timor* for IU W?rt and for Bk&Jo. Elmira, Kncbester, Deo kirk. OMadaijaa Bed Nibjbi* FbU*. bo? lor New ? "ri eity. The 21 b. m. I'tla from WBehiactoe oenoeete with tue 1?- ni. train from Baltimore te Weal. North N orlhveel end I'inrm Bad BuSbIc bm ftoctester. vT1?e 6 p. m.lrtin trow Weehiurto* ?',k Retjop. m. tm".n fVora Hi.timore for PitUovrg. arris Surg and th? W??t acd it a direct oon Mo tion for L*bu?i. Eutcs AUent?wa w) New York VIA Ceaimt RuroM of New Jeraoy. Trr Uii? route lot Mew V or*. ir7"Tt>? only trim loavin* B&'umtrtoi: 2 p. m. tr*in, for Harriabarg, lituburj, Chf ouo &b<2 the W eaC The on.j u?? a-mriBf la Baltimore on Panda? JAS.C. CLARKE. X> ? Ij Superintendent Tut, - gomro#) to bereeuned, cn an4 n i iiiwwg mn. tfc* H*g UMrfiMtiMri f?iJ?W? Hniumort?VhH? DAY ttan laj) iiom tk?u wi^i-rfoot of (Tumd book, tt ?m 00 P' M. N. FALU?. Pr?X TOPBAJTc r A ?M1 * M M?*I i . MApVhACTVMT, ?? lirniiltun, w umimw, P.?. Bllw IUt>lunMHHH < n t I

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