Newspaper of Evening Star, March 10, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 10, 1862 Page 2
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EYENTNr STAR. WASHINGTON OITT: MONDAY MARCH 10, 1H8. Spirit *f th< Mtrnli| Pre**. The Int?U*gt?etr and Rtpubhcam both treat upon tb? emancipation project of President Lin coin _ rTB MILmUf ei UVGT. The SltnatUa Within the ftehel Llaei! Tk? Entar Eadrittr u Eicapf Prrclpitatrly from Manas***! ThtXalnl tad FillMt Information lon>.?< > lK?lr MaVrmrntl! Many circumstances have very recently conspired to mite their works In oar front too hot to bold the rebels The victories In Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, tnd the demonstrations of tbe expedition of Major General Batler, were tbe preliminary constrictions of tbe anaconda that first convinced them of the wisdom of escaping Its folds la this region, if possible. They soon comprehended that their flick* had been turned at tMae distant points , that It was Imply a question of very short time when those operation* elsewhere would nrely cat the rebel army In Virginia off from any possible succor from other State* In Insurrection. A striking effect of the *ucce*ses of the Union arms of late, 1s the feet that on Friday last "Con J ' '1*1* In V?nr f)rl#ana (a jruciate uiuuey uau ??u?u ?? ??v?? v.,? ? fifty cents on tbe dollar, and by to-day probably to twenty-lVe centa on tbe dollar; or, In other words, that tbelr cause Is financially ruined They thua find themaelyrs without tbe means of buying supplies. Ac., and kjiowthat campaigns ran no more be fougbt without money than without arms They were well aware that, especially under such circumstances as we detail above, they were at the mercy of tbe Government's military preparations here, the moment It might be determined U set the colls of this portion of the anaconda ia motion. The advance of the division of tbe army under General Banks, Ac , was therefore more than they dared risk standing up against. We believe that they only came to the conclusion to abandon their elaborate defenses In this quarter on Tharaday laat, when they probably commenced felling back from Winchester and Leesburg; the latter having long been really untenable by them, unless they were willing to risk a decisive battle there. They made no contest at Leesburg with the two or three companies of our troop* that came down from Lovett's Gap (of the Blue Ridge) on the day before yesterday, to feel them, a* It were In retiring from there, they doubtless struck direct for thetr Manassas works. We find many Incredulous relative to the fact (oai mey ar? abandoning t&em alto. That, however, is a military necessity, since they have abandoned their defences on both their right and left flanks. The fact that they are dcing so is confirmed by ten or fifteen refugees and contrabands who, availing themselves of the withdrawal of their (the rebel) picket guards, have come within our lines In the last twenty-four hours. Thty cannot have spiked their enns and fled from their Potomac batteries and*their camps and batterlef from the mouth of the Occoqu^n up to Wolf-run shoal*?burning and destroying everything they could not carry off in a hurry, as they certainly have done?without thus leaving, their right flank wholly at our mercy, a? well a* their Winchentcr defence*? their left flink?with any intention of continuing to remain a moment longer at Manaasaa tban may be necewary to enable them to run tbelr main force away from that position. A portion of the refugee* and contrabands, from whom the information received comc*, believe uu v Intend to make attand at the Rappahannock river, twenty-four mile* in the rear ol T*a; Is simply impossible. because tbe line ol that river for ten miles north and aouth of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad la utterly un tenable, even with properly constructed earthworks?which they are without there. The first range of country which they mlghi make temporarily defensible, la at and around Culpeper Courthouse, thoughit* frequent eml nencss afford quite as good attacking as defend lng poaitiOQ^and there are plenty of them too 80, we do noLbolleve they will atop running until within aight of the smoke of the chlmnies ol Richmond. We deem it prudent to asy nothing whatever oi the movements of our army that <has thus fairly rlbownl th*m tnf ?v-i- ?1? -?- ? '1 ' ? ... vi .?<n viuj ucienaiDie pollt'onthiaalde of their nominal capital, fnrtbei than that Ita operation* having already brought about their anticipated effort to (teal away from Manaaaaa, the country may rely upon It that It li nobly carrying out it^lorioua -work thua ao admirably commenced. The Praaldent and Secretary of War and the General-In-Chief of courae are buay aa beea, with the matter in hand, aa well aa every officer and man in the Army of the Potomac. .We have further te add, that we do uot believe the rebela will attempt to bold Richmond for a week longer, judging their furpoae to be to get back Into the cotton Stateaaaaoon aa poaalble; Richmond being lea* defenalble than Manaaaas waa three daya ago. At Richmond, if they dare fight there, they mail figh^ under the Influence of Intense panic occasioned by their pell-mell retreat from their lino of the Potomac, and without such stardy works in their front aa thoae they are now so precipitately abandoning. We sincerely believe that they will have entirely evacuated Virginia in a fortnight hence. TBI fLOOF-OF-WAR CCMSKELA.SD. The following la a list of the officers understood to nave been on board this ablp when abe waa attacked on the day before yesterday by the rebel lron-ciad fleet. Up to noon to-day It waa not known at the Department how many or who of them were killed and wounded la tbe engagement, though the Impression there Is, we regret to say, that half of all on board of her were lost when she sank: Commander, Win. Padford; Lieutenants, G I Morris Tbos. O. Selfrldge; Surgeon, Charles Martin, Paymaster, Cramer Bart; Chaplain, John L Lenhart, 1st Lieutenant Marines, Cbas Heywo.>d, Assistsnt Surgeon, Edward Kersber, Acting Masters, M T Sturvestnl, Wm P. Kandsil a .id Wm M. Keamsoii, H tats wain, Edwsrd B. 1?Hl, Uunner, Eugene Mack; Carpenter. Wm. M Laighton, ttall maker, David Bunce. Hti crew waa fall, coasiattng of a little more than >1) men TBI BBIGATB COKOBBM. Below will be found a list of the oflcm itt. cbed to this ship when she wu captured on biturday last by the rebel Iron-clad fleet. It ia not yet known here who or kow many of her tew were killed or wounded la the engagement : Lieut Coanmjndlng, Joseph B Smith; Lieutenant. Austin PfBdergrar* Master, A De Haven V -Surgeon, E-tward Snippea; Assistant burgeon, Edward I). Payne, Paymaster, MrKmn Buchanan; Acting Muter, Tboa. Moore; Third Lieut, of Marines, Joaeph Baker; Boot wain, Chaa. Johcaon; Acting Gunner, 6. W Omensetter; Carpenter, H. M. Lowry; Sallmaker, J. C. Herbert. Her crew waa very abort, not mere than men. She however had two hundred the Naval Brigade on board. FROM THK LOWER POTOMAC. tabiso or cockpit joint battbrt?thr rrbrl* IT BRAT, AFTRRBORWJWO TH BIB T1RT8, ETC , A WD TBI ITIAXit riui The "stars and stripe*" now wire orer the rebel works at Co< kpit Folnt. About iip'clock p m yesterday, the rebels com menced to retreat, and Bred their tenta and other property difficult of removal They alio burned tbetr steamer Urorge Page and all the other craft" which they had la the creek. Our gunboat* opened flre on the Cockpit Potnt battery about 3 o'clock p. no , and at half past 4 a force waa landed and ran up the glorious old flag over the rebel works. THS REBEL BATTERIES OX THK LI!?B OF THa ' LOWER POTOMAC ABlNDOJIBD. Gen. Hooker reports that all the enemy's batteries In front of his line are entirely abandoned and their guns spiked. Some of the guns of which we have taken poa?enlon appear to be valuable pieces. This la virtually opening the Potomac and railing the so-called blockade. The above dispatch Is dated Budds Ferry. PROM FORT CRAIG, NEW MEXICOJudge Watts, the delegate from New Mexico, has advice* of an authentic character fron Fort Craig to the 14th of February, and from Santa Fe to 5 o'clock on the evening of Sunday, the Ihtb ult. At that dnte tbe advance guard of tbe United States forces, .">**? strong, under Cart. Wingate, were on the w?>st side of the Rio Grande, eight mile* below Fort Craig, being at Barage. On the driving In of our picket*. Col. CanbV marchfd In force to that point, and after anxiously waiting until night without any appearance of the enemy, returned to Fort Craig, leaving hla camp-fires "burning. The recently published di?patch from Denver to juiesourg is not, on iu iace, auicenuc, ana must have been verbally communicated through a line of express riders over a distance of seven hundred miles, and Judge Watt* has other Information which satisfies him that the account is^to sav the least of it, highly exaggerated and some parts of it untrue. THE STEVENS BATTERY. >Ir Steveis' Memorial to Cacgress Merit unanimously admitted by the Board of Examiners?Results of Experiments and Opinio** of Experts, disproving the objections of the Majority. The following is an abstrv.t of an elaborate paper thus entitled, and presented to Congress: The Board lately appointed to examine the Stevens Bittery, unanimously admit that the parts of the vesst-1 above water, and intended to be shot-proof, are inruln'rable; that the speed will be seventeen kno's. or nearly twenty miles an hour, even at the reduced s earn pressure of twenty five pounds; that the weight and efficiency of broadside, and also the capability of rapid maneuvering, are unprecedented: that all the guns can fire In any dlfection; that all the eight engines can be managed by two men; that the engine and other framing gives tbe central portion of the vessel great strength, and that the general objects aimed at are htghlv Important; besides which, various matter* of detail are approved. After which the majority of the Board base an opinion, upon rertain objections which they enumerate, that it is not expedient to finish the vessel '-on tbe p-ans proposed;" and aincethey have described and criticised the vessel in detail, it is fairly assumed that there are no other objections. The minority report of 1'rofessor Henry is entirely favorable Since tbe objections of tbe majority were wholly of an engineering character, and the only engineeriua experts on the board?Professor Henry and Mr Stiinors?were equally, divided in opinion upon them, and since the three sea officers of the Board acknowledged that they were not experts on these subjects, by asking that a Naval Constructor might be put on the Board, it follows that I hr re ia mn mn > f*ri t tJ , "r?" of experts against any feature of this vessel The only objection of the majority deemed material by Professor Henry is, that the ship la not strong enough to go to sea. This objection is answered by the certificate of Messrs. Harlan A Hollingsworth, of Wilmington. Delaware, and Messrs. Neafie, Levy ft Co., Philadelphia, teho hart built about trro-thirrfs of the iron ships tehirh this country has procured, that they have carefully examined the Battery, and find it strong enough to safely stand any weather at sea. This opinion is Indorsed by the certificate* of Mr. Lra*tusW. Smith, of New York, constructing ?n<T<nA?r - mm. mm, Hi- VI ?'I ??- ?*- ?*? nvCDIIiaUl |> XI lit B, UI itl I . i*l ICI> Coryell, Chief Engineer <>f tbe Morgan Iron Works, New York, and of other eminent engineers, shipbuilders and shipowners. Again, ait approved mathematical comparison, proves tbe Battery as strong as the Iron steamers Australasian and Grfat Eastern. Tbe elements of strength of the Battery are (hen fully and clcarly set forth The objection that the light upper deck would be'demolished" by firing over It, Is refuted by the fact that a far-slmlle of th* deck of tbe Battery. similarly sltaated and lired over, In a public experiment, tras not eren ttratntd or started perceptibly. ax witnessed and acknowledged by two members of the Board Five days before tbe date of their report Mr. Stevens urued the Board to witness this and other experiment*, but they deehntd to ?rait and s?e the fact, and declared that tvery artlllerest knew [ that tbe deck would be demolished. TUe objectior that the sides of tbe vessel cannot carrj the armor and other u-eight, is refuted by me tnumi uy mr. a. ? . EHDlttl l)ttorf mentioned, that a section of the side of the Teasel itself, cat loose from the adjacent parts, unsupported by the extra bracing designed to be put in, and loaded with above lictct the weight it would have to carry, <ftd not perceptibly yield, as tested bv gauges. . The objection that the boilers can nfely carry but twenty-live pounds of steam pressure, la re! futed by the certificate of the United States Supervising Inspector of boiler*, who states that he proved them with sixty-six and two-third pounds, which would entitle than hy law to carry Ji/ty poundt. The objection that the pumrs for removing the [ water used to settle the vessel from the coal-bunkers, bilge, Xc , would choke with fine coal and debris. Is disuroved bw tu? ?r titers who have employed the centrifugal pump* referred to. above six years, for ratling sunken f coal vessels; and by the sworn certificates of other r engineers, that these pumps, as used for wrecking purpose*, discharge shells, gravel, Ac., and often sev.nty-flve per cent, of sand. The objection that the vessel would sink if the shot-proof deck fore and aft th? casemate was 1 fl-H)d?>d. is answered by the fact that the buoyancy , of the shot-proof parts above water more than balances the loss of buoyancy bv flooding the 1 deck, and that the vessel would settle bat M# Inches Or, by pumping an equivalent amount of water out of the tanks, or by settling the vessel a little less In tbe first place, all which is optional, i tbe condition of things as specified in the report could not occnr all. The objection that the engine couplings being rigid, the shafts would cramp and heat, Is answered by the statement ?>f Mr. E. W. Smith and of Mr. .Miles Coryell (who has built 125 marine engines) that the couplings are not rigid, bat sufficiently flexible The two or three other objection* to matter* of detail are comparatively unimportant, and are completely disproved. ? Mr. Steven* attribute* the objection* to misconceptions on the part of the Board, which he could have removed if the Board had expressed any doubts while he teas btfort iktm. Instead of which, they omitted to witness the costly experiments he had prepared to prove the correctness of his view*. Mr Stevens then anawers an expreralon of the Board, which might be understood to Intimate tbat hi* plan of inclined armor ii a European Invention, and covered by English patents of 1858 and 1859, by stating that he experimented on Inclined armor during the war of 1612; and he republishes a letter from himself and brothers to a board of Army and Navy officers, dated August 13th, 1&41, In which they advocate this and moist of tbe other Improvements in modern war vessels. He then states that keeping theae plans and results secret for th? K?n??? n. '? - ?? ? ? His uuuuw y, wu done at great sacrifice of personal considerations., Then follows tbe statement of Col. Delafleld, (now la charge of the defences of New York,) presumed to represent the views of military engineers generally, that the objects aimed aft In this vessel are highly Important and can be successfully accomplished The memorial concludes with the statements, that the Oortrnment already hat interest 0/ half a million dollars tn the Battery; that its wkou east will t? less than kalf that of the European iron-clad vessels, which, according to the report of the Board, ars far inferior, as to protection, speed and tJfieUnry of broads idt; that tbe time required to build a v?Mel of equal dimensions ana oower wonlil K? ?inK> ? -tw- - *? , - ? w V.6u?vt.n uiuuiua 10 two veara, while tbe Battery can be flnUhrd la about lour month*; that tbe smaller iron-clad vesaeia now ordered, however valuable for special purpoaea, cannot compete with auch fast and heavy veaae a aa the Warrtor. nor keep them out of out harbora; that mil tk* great /talnr** of tke Battery are gerurally approved , and that no objetttont kare been ratted that earn be maintained. In an appendix there are presented illustrations and a description of tbe vessel, a full statement of her fighting qualities. and the reaulta of elaborate experiment, aa noted by Mr. Btevaoa, and by Mr. W . Craven, Chief Engineer, Croton Aqueduct Department, on tiring the heavleat ordnance at a target reprexentlng the armor of the Battery; en the rapid loading of heavy guaa by ateaa, and atepping their recoil by India rubber; aad on settling a fraael Into tbe water for baiter pretee! tloo, ar <i rap'dly turning her on her cenlar by two B-.iew propellera. Th- appendix conciudaa with the majority aad minority reporU of the Board of gwil?aw i ? _ LATE NEWS BY TBLEQRABifT LATEST FROM EUROPE. 9TOCK8?COTTON?THE SUMTER? THE Tt'SCARORi?SPAIN AND MEXICO. [Special Telegram to The Star.] Nkw York, March 10-?'The rteamablp City of *-? A 1 I k? ?kU nVArn in/? Ok. TT (UUIB^lOU OIIITCU UCIQ iUH Uiui M?ufe. >ju^ brings Liverpool data to tbe 27th. The ?tearner Bermuda la about to Mil for Bermuda. It Is reported that her cargo in destined for the Rebel States. Cotton la Arm and unchanged. ConaoU 93# The Sumter is atlll at Gibraltar, and the Tuscarora In the Spanlah waters of Algeria. A Madrid telegram of the 25th says that the cap. tain of tbe Sumter has been arrested at Tangters, at the Inatance of the American Consul at Gibraltar. Tbe Monlteor's London letter says that the ses. slon of the English Parliament will close about the 1st of June. It Is oftclally confirmed tbst Spain Insists upon a special Mexican ambassador to come to Madrid to give satisfaction. IMPORTANT FROM FORTRESS MONROE. A Naval Engagement?Attack made on U. S. Vessels Sy the Steamsrs Merrt mac, Yorktown and Jamestown-*-U. 8 Frigate Cumberland Sunl?Captute of the Frigate Congress?Reported Damage to other Vessels?Arrival of the Iron-Clad Steamer Monitor?Second Engagement?The Merrimac in a Smiing Condition. The Baltimore Sun of this morning ?aya The steamer Adelaide, Capt. Cannon, arrived athalf-paat nine o'clock yesterday morning, from Old Point; having left the latter place at eight o'clock on Saturday night. She brought the important intelligence of an engagement between leveral United States and Confederate vesael* In Hampton Roada, between the mouth of James river and Sewall's Point. The newa, aoon after the arrival of the Adelaide yesterday morning, created quite a aenaation, and an endleaa variety of exaggerated reporta were put In circulation. It appeared, after careful inquiry, that passengers who came up in the Adelaide, and aeemed to be intelligent, stated that the Confederate steamer Merrimac came out at one o'clock on Saturday afternoon, while the Federal frigates Congress and Cumberland were lying off Newport Newspolnt. She headed for these vessels, and was soon within range of the Congress, which opened a broadalde on her without any perceptible effect She passed the Congress, when the Cumberland opened a broadside on her, but that likewise had no Injurious effect, and In a few minutes more the Merrimac struck the Cumberland am1dsh<p, and so crushed in her aide that she sunk in a few minute*. It was reported that one hundred and fifty of those on board were known to have been saved. but bow many were lost was not known. Tbe Merrlmar next turned her attention to tbe Congress, wblcb bsd not ceased to fire on ber, and after a abort engagement captured ber and all on board. Tbe officer* and crew of tbe Congress were sent to Pig's Point, and the Congress was Immediately manned by Confederates. Tbe frigate St. Lawrence was engaged by tbe Confederate steamers Jamestown and Patrick Henry, and la said to bave b-en disabled and rua ashore in a sinking condition. Tbe steam frigate Minnesota left Old Point to Join In the engagement, when the Confederates turned tbe guns of the Congress against her, but she grounded, and was still aground when the Adelaide left Old Point. The Congress, after ber capture, was fonnd to be In a sinking condition, and her captors fired aad burned ber TKoafoam frlustA D ??n/vV? - 1? ? - wvvvs"*** 1> MvauvAc aiav nvancu Hi IHMC part in t&e engagement, but the battery at Sewall'a Point opened agaln*t bw and ao disabled ber that abe was obliged to pat back under canvas. {Several smaller nunboat also started toward* th? scene of action,wfrom ?Id Point, but withdrew. Capt. Buchanan, formerly of the United States navy, and a native of Maryland, was in command of <ne Confederate fleet. ANOTHER ACCOUNT. The correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer says : Fortius Moshok. March 8.?The d nines* of Old Point was startled at 10 o'clock to-day by the announcement that a mysterious vessel, supposed to be the rebel steamer Merrimac, and looking like a submerged house, with the roof only above water, was moving down from Norfolk by the channel In front of Sewall's Point. Signal guns were also fired by the U S sloop uf-war Cumberland and the frigate Congress, to notify the Minnesota. St. Lawrence and Koanoke of the approaching danger, and ail was excitement in and about Fortress Monroe. There was nothing protruding above the water but the flag-staff, flying the rebel flag, and a short smoke-stack. She moved along slowly, and turning into the channel leading to Neport News, steamed direct for the Cumberland and Congress, Whirb \VPri? 1 vlnu at thn month nf I ..?> -l v? kt?v ??IUC? I I ?H . Aa soon hk the Merrlmac rami' within range of tb? Cumberland, the lattrr opened on her with her heavy guns, but tbe balls struck and glanced off, having uo more (fleet on her than peas from a pop-gun. Her porta were all closed, and she moved on in silence, but with a full head of steam. In the meantime as the Merrlmac was approaching the two frigates on the one Hide, the iron-clad iteamers Yorktown and Jamestown came down the J amen river and engaged our frigates on the other side. The batteries at Newr jrt News also opened on the Jamestown and Yorktown and did all In their power to assist the Cumberland and Congress, wnich being sailing vessels, were at the mercy of the approaching steamers. The Merrlmac in the meantime kept steadily on her course, and slowly approached the Cum i?. nana, wben tbe latter, u well u the Congress, at tbe distance cf one hundred yards, rained full broadsides f n the Iron clad monster. The shots took no effect, glancing upwards and flying off, having only the effect of checking her progress for a moment. After receiving tbe first broadildes of the two frigate* ah* ran Into tbe Cumberland, striking her about the midships and literally laying open her tide, fc'he then drew off, Urea a broadside Into tbe disabled ship, and again dashed against her with her iron-clad prow, and knocking In ber side left ber to sink, while she engaged the Congress, which laid about a quarter or a mile distant. Tbe Congress bad, In tbe meantime, kept up a sharp engagement with the Yorktown acd Jamestown, and navlng no reeular crew on board of b< rand seeing tbe helplessness of resisting the iron-clod steamers, at once struck her colors. Her crew bad been discharged several days since, and three companies of the Naval Brigade had been put on board temporarily until she could be relieved by the 8t. Lawrence, which was to have gone up on Monday to take her position aa one of the blockading vessels at tbe James River. On the Congress striking her colors tbe Jamestown approached and took from on board all tbe r>fflr*r? ?? ??rl?' w.tvviKia, uui aiiuwfU IDC OffW 10 escape in the boat*. Tbe veaie 1 being thus cleared It waa fired by the Rebels, when the Merrlmac and her two Iron-clad companions opened with shot and shell on the Newport News batteries. The firing was briskly returned. Various reports have been received, principally from frightened sutlers' clerks. Some of them represented that the garrison had been compelled to retreat from tbe batteries to tbe woods. Another re not t la ?h?t tt? ?? a? * " " . v - vcouiCfl DSQ been compelled to retreat from the guns of thfe kttttrin. In the meantime tbe steam frigate Minnesota, having partly got up ftteam, waa being towed to tbe relief of tne two frigate*, bat did pot get up until too late to aaalat them. She waa alio fol vwca oy iLe n iuate St Lawrence, which was taken la tow by several of the small harbor attainera. It la, however, rumored that neither of tbea* veasela had pi lota on hoard, and after a ahort engagement both seemed to be, In the opinion ( tne pilot* on the Point, aground. The Minnesota, either Intentionally or from necessity, engaged the tbree Rebel a team era at about a mile distance, with only her two bow guna. The St. Lawrence alao poured In ahot from all t. ' ,j - ? u^i gum sue cuuia unng to Dear, and It wu the Impression of the most experienced naval oMcers on tbe Point that botb had been considerably damaged. ll was tbe intention of tbe Minnesota, with ber picked and gallant crew, to bave run into close quarters witb tbe Merrlmac, avoid ber Iron prow, and board ber. This tbe Merrlmac ssemed not Inclined to give ber an opportunity to do, beintf afraid to approach ber at cms quarters wben aground. Tbe Rebel battery at Pie's Point w?? >Im ? bled to join in tbe combined attack on the Minnesota, and several uuna were frrd at ber from Bewail* Point, aa she went up; none of them, however, struck her, but one or two passed orex ber. THE LATEST FROM OLD POINT. itTlNJ ?f li? Fbdtral Ironclad OtaUoat Monitor?Ami Attacktd by tk* Mirrtmae, Jnr+ttown <M Yorktovm?Tkt Mtrrimat Drivtn off nd put Back ts ti?r/olk w Sinking Condi Ilia. [ornciax 1 March 9, 7 p. a.?The telegraph line to Portress Monroe was completed this avenlii* following dispatch luii just been received by the government: Poitmm Monioi, Match , p. aa ?Tho KrIcason iron-clad gunboat Monitor arrived km Last night. Early this morning aha was attaekad by the thro* vessel*, the Mammae, Jamsetown aud Yorktown. After a five hours' contact they were dr)v?ft of? the Merrlajac la a slaking condition jyt it -~-W ' I s ? .VftiiM * ' TBB OFFICIAL M9PATCIK8. Til Mrrnmat Rtttrtt fr*m tkt Fight in * Sink. t?f CiuditUn?Sjfintncf / tkt Mmifr?Tk* Frig at* Minnesota Soft Mabch 9? P. M -Tki following ?m to-night recMved by M?J General McClellan from Major General Wool, dated? Fobtbis* Mo* bob, March Mb, 6 P M ?Two houra after dlepatch to the Secretary of War last even lag the Monitor arrived. She Immediately went to the aaaiatance of the Mlnneeota, which waa aground, and continued ao until a few minute* eince. Early this morning the Monitor waa attacked hV_ the Merrlmac, Jamaatown and Torhtown. 1 After a Ive houra' coateat they were driven off

aadthe Merrlmac In aalnkin? condition She waa towed by the Jameatowa, Yorktown ?nd aeveral mailer beala toward* Norfolk, no doubt for tb? purpose, if poealble, to get her la tbe dry dock for repairs. Tbe Mlnaeaota It afloat, and is being towed toward Fortrraa Monroe. dispatch rrom assistant ik1im1t iii. Tbe following dispatch waa also received last Bight: Fomiii MohboC, March 9?4 46 p. a ? G. Well**, Sterttarf 0/ Iks If*vf: Tbe Monitor arrived at ten o'clock p. m last nlsbt, and went immediately to tbe protection of tbe Minnesota, lving aground ju?t below Newport Nfcwa. At even a. m to-day the Merrlmac, accompanied by two wooden ateamsra and several tugs, atood oat towards the Minnesota and opened fire. The Monitor met them at once and opened her fire, when all the enemy's vessels retired, excepting the Merrtoac. These two Iron-clad vessels fought, part of the time touching each other, from 8 a. m. to noon, when the Merrlmac retired. Whether ahe la Injured or not it la impossible to say. Lieut. J. 9. Word en, who commanded the Monitor, handled her with great aklll, aaaisted by Chief Engineer Stimer* Lieut. Worden waa Inint+A hv lh? remrnt hum ? driven Into hU eyes, bat, I trust, not seriously. The Minnesota kept up a continuous Ire, and Is herself somewhat Injure 1. She was removed considerably to-day, and will probably be off to-night. The Monitor is uninjured, and ready at any moment to repel another attack. G. V. Fox, Assistant Sec. Navy. THS MEKEIMAC. The Merrlmac was built at Chajlestown, Mats., in 1855. was one of the llneet steam frlgafcs in th? United States Navy, thirty-two hundred tons burthen, and carrying forty large guns. She was partially burned ana sunk at the time of tbe destruction of the Oosport Navy Yard. The Rebels having succeeded In raisin* th* vft els, cut down her" ball to within three feet of ber light water mark, and built a bomb-proof bouse of wrought iron plates, three Inches thick, on ber gun deck. She is Iron-plated, and ber bow and stern steelclad, with a projecting angle of iron for the purpose of piercing a Tessei ?he has no masts, and there is nothing to be ?^en ow her gun deck, with the exception of her pUut-bouse and smokestack. Her armament consists of four 11-inch navy guns on each side, and two 100-pounder Armstrong guns at the bow and stern. THX JAMESTOWN. Tbe Jamestown ia furnished with a heavy, clumsy and ridiculous looking iron prow in front, tbe point of which baralv nnfarii ?w? tt>* water. To all appearance the a&lp la not razeed at all. Iron plated or pierced for broadside guns. Rer batteries seemed to consist of a 38-pounder rilled gun, fore and aft. They are similar to the Parrott gun. THI FLAG-SHIP MINXKSOTA. The Minnesota Is one of our largest acrew steam-frigates, 3.200 tons burden, rates 40 Buns, and was built in 1865 at Washington. Sbe'ls what is termed an auxiliary propeller, and her engines are 450 horse power. She left Boston as the flag-ship of the blockading fleet, and has been In that service up to the time of the departure of this expedition from Fortress Monroe. Her guns are very heavy and moat effective, as has been proved in the last engagement; two of iuciu err vi rifvrn-incD CUlOfr, Ctpttllf Of throw lng ball*of one hundred and sixty pounds weight. She baa made but one regular crulae previous to her present position; that was In tbe East Indies, from which place ahe returned In 1P38. TBI CCMBIBUUIt). Tbe sloop of-war Cumberland Is 1,736 tons burden, rated twenty-four guns, was built In 1842 at the Charlestown Navy Yard 8he Is a sailing vessel of good substantial build. She has been the flag ship of the Home Squadron, selling under tbe flag of Commodore Pendergast. THF MONITOft, OK ElCSflON B&TTKBT. The vewel > sharp at both enda, and consists of a lower and upper hull. The lower boll ta iron plated. The upper section ia Ave feet high with perpendicular aides and the aame sharp ends, and la forty-one feet four Inches wide, jutting over the lower hull three feet and seven Inches on each side. The deck or top of the battery is even with the top of the hull, and Is covered with two thicknesaes of Inch plats iron, fastened to 8-Inch oak nlmtV ,nA M ?*- ' ? -? - . mmiim uu iiBlinr. mil IWMIIJ-lll inches apart. There la no railing or other ob traction on the top of the battery except a round tower or tu rret, 20 feet In diameter, 9 feet high, and 8 inches thick, made of nlata Iron. Tbe turret haa two port holea, each two feet In diameter, for two eleventh Inch columbalds. and I* also pierced for musketry. 7 he turret la of immense weight, but made to revolve by machinery from below, so as to brine tbe guns In any desired range, and to remove the porta from ?k > - -- mi, mcuiy b ^um wmip lo&aing. The battery la steered from the front,the wheelhouse standing before the turret Thcwheelhouse Is strongly built of Iron, and can be lowered Into the hold Like a bale of dry good* When lowered, the top, which Is bomb proof, Is leveled with and form a part of the deck. The joints are water-tight. The house la pierced for sharpshooter* The only entrance la at the top of the turret, which cannot easily be acaled; and even then, but one man at a time can descend The battery Is now about four feet above water, and weights 1,400,000 pounds. Her two columblads will carry round ball* weighing each one hundred and eighty-three pounds, or conical oaiis or inree Hundred and flfty pound*. The Congress, which carries SO gun*, la of 1^667 tonnage, and was built at Klttery, Me , In The St. Lawrence was built at Ooaport, Va., la 1847. She carries 90 guns, la of 1.726 tonnage. She la commanded by Capt Hugh Y. Purvlance, of Baltimore, and some time since engaged and sunk the Confederate prlrateer Savannah, off Charleston harbor She was engaged for about six months In blockading southern ports, but returned to New York on the 9th ult. for temporary repairs. Th* Rfltnok* wai alxt fcnili ? -? - <?? ? ?? ? ?? ?? ?** WV*|TVI % IIS IQM. She is of 3,400 tonnage. position or tv vssskls whin attackid. The Cumberland and Congress were rationed opposite Camp Butler, Newport Newt, to watch the James river. The Minnesota was aground on the Band Bar, midway between Bewell's Point and Hampton. The Merrimac pursued a course down Elisabeth river. THE mbbbimac catcbbs a tabtab ib thb monITOR. The following description of the terrfble armament of the Monitor Is from the Sclentlf c American, and furnishes a sufficient reason for the Merrimac drawing off in a sinking condition after her encounter with the former: "The Ericsson Iron-plated floating battery, Bt Gretn Point, has been armed with two 11-lach coiumblada, which have been furnished with four hundred wrought Iron ehot, each ball emtio? forty-aeven dollara, and welshing 984 pound*. These balls were made by forging aqua re blocka of Iron at the Novelty Worka. and then turning them at the lathe. The coat or the lour hundred amounta to S18.000, and their total weight la 73,000 p unda. Caai iron ahot are liable to anak In plect~i when flred against thick Iron plates Tbeae wrought Iron ahot are for amaahlng through the aides or auch aeoesslon floating batteries as the Merrlmac at Norfolk and HolUns Turtle at New Orleana." Staktlino AND luroKTANT NIWI.?Evacuation. of "?a*- U.K.I. Jiwuy oil their Big Gumt ?The Alexandria Chronicle of thia morning has the following : Oen. Kearney, of the New Jersey brigade, who now occupies Fairfax Station, sent In word to headquarters yesterday that the rebels were evacuating Manassas, and taking away nil their heaviest guns. "We give this Information as we get It, and our readers can judge of the probable truth of It as well as we. ' Gen. Kearney obtained bis Information, we understand, from contrabands wbo had escaped from the enemy's lines." (VW-BON8 OF TEMPEKANOK Will ho d ft at iKo'elock. The pabiio are respeotfklly invited, also Tem?eranoo speftkers. mh ? ? on MONDAY, Mi oh inth, it I J. M " Popil&r iHto is Art ltd LiUralar*.*' Admit twwfw- mk ?It ? THE LADLES OF AU i ?od ocouaitod bel oa^YoET** J*'? ^ Rimatmi 45t* Imikhit. N. Y. S. V., Camp Amber*. Hontn'i Chapel, March 9, IBM.?To tht Editor of tht Washington Stnr : Sir We, the undersigned officers of the 45th regiment N. Y. volunteers. declare that the statement of CaM. Mnndsdorf, A D C , to General Blenker In the N. Y Tribune of Msrth", IN? In regard to the confidential ?ddre*? to General Bleaker, Is fhlse In so far as he states that the oAorrs and noa-cojnmlm^',one<l officers of nil the regimeni* 01 uincer ? aivMion A?a iied tbe mm. The oflic*?i of IbtiStb regiment N Y. Innteem have unanimously refused to sign such document Signed? Edw. C. Wratlalaw, Lt. Col.: Chr. Semsev, Major; A. Mletaelte, AdJ't; Herman Roko, Quartermaster; H. Idel'r, burgeon; Pb. Feldbauacb. A*at Snrg ; Pb Hafncr, Chaplain; A. Doebke, Captain: P. Picket taaupt, do , Chr. Koeb do., A Brae kiln, do., Chs. Hochleltner, do., H. Wellor, do., J. G Menvbart, do ,T Der mm, do.: Cba. Hoefer. l*t Lieut, com'd'g company C; P. \V. Drew, l?t Lieut cotnd'n compoor F; II. Gras>an, lit Lieut., J Spangeubeiv, do , G C*ermllyi, do , Ch* P. Luti, do., Tu. D'Urban. d^.. J. Hell, do , A. Strcck, do ; Otto W lagan d, 3d Lieut.. Martta Peter, do., Flllbacb, do., Loul* Bluky, do , Andr Seartea, do. Chaa. Bartb. do . Loul* Hofftrbrrtb, do , P. Wechael, do , H. Mathetlus, do, Fr. Grabaer, brevet 2d Lieut. Geo V Amobkbo, Col. 45th Reg. N. Y. V?l. ANB VERY NICK R08KYV00D CHICK ^ Piano and one Geibfor *&le very? cheap, on aooomroodAtin ferine Alro.apaHl ; large aeeortment <?f Stun way A gone' uglllVfl Kiv?o, Baooo A Co V Pianos, at the Miieie Store of W 9. MKTgKKu f 1-. _ mh in I "WOOD AND COAL. Have on Carter'* Whaif. eeaeontd Oak and Etna Wood, which 1 will deliver fromjtiy, at the Howie* price*: uar. ?Moe, us. Asthi* Wood ia iMMr on hand, there ou be no <1 ftppnin'me>Lt to thoae ordering. order* left at 479 Mb street,?ataira, or at ay reaidence. ftfiH 14th atreet, between B and C etreeta eonth, will be at endfd to mh 10 6t* 9. W K HANDY. ^RBAT VICTORY! JN EVER Y~QUARTER ! THE GOSi.ING^E'lTAURANT, 11* D. a t? a* *11 r*. Ad.lll, DUl'TB CMUB, < Fo'insrly of New York.) H?a the name and fame of being one of the be?t Reatauranta in town. I ... 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The aohoonrr Swift is now takmc in freight for the above named plaoea ui.tii TUESDAY, jlxv at IS o'clock, at ft ilej'* Wharf, foot of llti, atrest For partieu:ar? iraoir* on board. "i'fc mh 8-gf LEWIS HACK, Maxtor. Gold and silver coin and VNCURRBNT BANK NOT IS Wasted bt JAY COOKE * co, Basiui, nab a 8*r 4ft * Fntm?n?b atreet 17OR BALTIMORE. r TO SAIL WITH DISPATCH, On TUESDAY, ths HUi next, the *3hoon- ? xv r BRUNETTE. &kf Freight taken at low rate*. Apply to RICHARD W1MSATT, mil o I I\ 11PT ff Bin. 200 BARRhIIN8ORTHEKN CIDEB. warranted pure, and a very superior artiols, For ia> by JOHN I*. BOYI.E k CO. 27 Cheapaide. mar 8-31* t'aftimort. f 1QUORS. Hj Inipoited a* d Pomestio, StGARf, Imported and Domestio, For Ml* by JOHN P. BOYLE k. CO , 27 Ch*&Mide, mar 8 3t* I5?! tiirnre.^ TUB AMRRIOAN TKLE9RAPH COM1 PAN Y Having re-opened ard re fitted a BRANCH OFFICE in W&LakDft' II <tr. this company ia prepared to accommodate the guests r f that h->u*a. atd the C'jiio in that vicinity, with every Telegraphic ility.communicatin* direct with I BALTIMORE. PHILADELPHIA. NEW YORK, and all Telegraphio Stations m the !?y?J States. RRNEBAI. nPPIPV B ? v V* * ?"t?| I n??nv? W. P. WESTER VELT. mh 8 1m Sppeniitendcpt. SET HIE BEST, GET THE BEST. GET THE BEST. D4VTON'S SPICEl) AP?lLB P1KS, DAYTON'S RASPBERRY TIES. D4> TON * MiMON PIES. DAYTON'S MINCE PIES. Owj?t?,-Whj are they the toil Pim made in WaahingU'i. i Amvtr ? Mecaure th?y are manufactured with a great deeire to pleaee, by ekilfat men and woniefc. woo q?to mace pies for Uiirty yetra pfcftt* Annr r ? Became ve maka them out of premium flon', and the hMt m\ieri*la tn market. Annrer.? Beeau?? we nt our own piea asd mUe eleanuneas the &rat rue to be obMtved in oar Bakery. Antwtr.? 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Manufactured by E. MOCKRID8E * CO., No. 6* "North Fourth Street, Philadelphia, and No. 183 Read* Htraet, New ? ork. Thia ejoaTent ooin position doe* not oontala a partial* of Alnm, Sa'eratut, or any kind of deleterious drac; bat it perfectly pare and healthy, aad, ae a ouliaary preparation, ii in a lible aad mvala viv. a> wb rur in tiinoiBMu, mere were I number of Baking Powders on exhibition?the Annet, with several others, wu analysed, and obtained ths first prise, u the pnreet and best known. It raises the flonr directly It is mtrodaoed, witnost fermenting it, or leaving any sediment, aad retains all the natritivetnalitieeof the wheat, the beet of whioh are lost by the ordinary fermenting prcoess. (henoe one loaf of Assnaea bread oon. tauu as ntnch nutriment as two leaves of yeast bread, im weighs is per cent morefc it keeps moist for aany days, acd ne>sr soars. Many celebrated physicians, both in this ooantry aad Europe, have declared this to be the only trne aad natural pro eess lor Risking bread, aad at isast 10,Of* fun 1 lies in Philadelphia have, by their oonstaat nee of the Aanmea for brand, oakes, pastry, Ao , during the last three yaars, given their hearty approval. Por ale bv 6 roeers in Washington n?l B?nr??lA?. I miMT * /^LOSING OCT AT CObT I The auieraifDed, hotoj aboa'toeloM his ban mm ifi WHkiiitoi ud return to New York, offers liftnp No bettor opfortonity ou ?osn oly be prreMtod to Us mtlMM of WMhiagton ud imUhns is the amyfor iscmnct th?M reiy Mos?xy arttoUi ? "sAMURL W. THOMNOM. |??OTO??iPH.O 04.1? ?D N~*ta r-?T-"i27'"JU'"*"Vi,V^ i I AUCTION BALES. TNT9 AFTERPfOON fr TO MORROW Ft J. O. Mc9UlRK * CO,. Auctioneer*. ^LOTHlNfi ArN 0 DR T GOODS-On TI W Vv DAY MORNING. March 1 th a' U? Xwotioc Room*, at o'olcek, will he eoM the faUnn# of* ?'wk of pMh ioaaile Clothim. made tram th# be?t guoda *nd id the beet wanner Conautibg ofSupen r l'rr?? ai d Frc^k Coat-, Ha*rer Cioth Sick Coats. l'ln!k Top Oats, Fan?? " MMam Fantafcocs, Silk ve. vet and Varntia Vests. also. a ,?= ? .* v?,.. 2?? dozen l.adies' Wk te Cotton How, IJifUB Lin*n CaThric F%i ke ektefe. ? *??: .. . r\ icw ufjrn urowi wnv?D '*!>? Hoop rawi*. Ma" no and D?l?in? Dreaa Gnodi. ITT-Now ob'b f >r examination mh 18 It J. C. McGURK A CO., Aaota. Bt WALI, A BAR NAN D. Anct oa*ora. PEREMPTORY 8ALE <?F 8L1TER.? Oa H LPDAV Ml RMSG. March 11th. v? will Mil, vitkovt reiwr*. at oar a action rooaa, lor acc ount o' whom it mar oonorrn. 75 kags New York 8tat? Batter. Sale poaitiva. Tarma oaak. It W ALL A BARNARD. Aaota. By WALL A BARNARD, Aaotioaaora. Srmtk co'-ntr Pa trm*??aiM4 *(. PINE PAIR HOR8E8 ahd SPRING WAGON at Atrrio* On TUESDAY MORNiNg. 11th mat., atino'clockiVevtllaalTia front of l?a auction rooma, a hta Pair Boraoa a ad dm ? prink Way on mh? d WALL fc BARNARD, Aeota. Zj WALL k. BAINARD.AintioMm. fMU Corner Pm, mr.amd 9tk jtrttt. y ALK OF GROCK.R'fct*, *Vfptttff 90UDB. ki Liyroas. CRoriu\wiRi. Fwiil A?., at trcTioa.-On TUfcMJAV MOHMMO. nth arch, it to o'clock, we will Mil ?t the Aaotioa Room*, wuhoy* rwfrv?, the remainder of C- A. Wood k Cn.'i stock kb<* other 6rown?. SO keca pr in? Ooe.'en Batter, snfcx-r Moald Canclea. SO Bbla Crutiiarf. Refined end Yallow ttagara, Uac * tireen And Borrt Coffee. rhs??e, ^Urch.acd C*ccf,ee. acd Soap, Bat* Rice end < aaea Mi fin Caees Cranberr ar.d Tomato ?*uee,ard Pioklee, Casta Muttard, C Damon. Pepper, Muster<1. end other Ppicee, I , J D^t. 11 J ? - vi uwl?, uiM)>ir|?n i nrnnWi stationery and Pi*?>ng Ca de. Boies Tohscoo, Pttdmea and Mackerel. Catka Ham', Besfand Pork. Cases Whtakey. Brandy. Sherry, Bebeidain Sohnapa, Kaapbery, Blackbery Brandt, Ca?ea Clare*. Hnnranan and l.emoc Cordial*. Barret* VV hit kt.d. tiered triad a, V atd V Caaka Brandy and Jaai?ioa Sunt*, Hoilai.a Bin. Scotch Whia.ya, Ba-rela New \ ork Syrup, Kn Lemon By rap. vwi Window Saab, 75 Barre a F our. I*t ono low price C gara. Vot ers' amal chorea, and many other artiolea is the Oroaery line roh ? WALL 4 BAKNA1P. A??ta : I TTTR.K n A TM MM AR'HAL*? S*ALK.-ln rlrtne of a writ of fieri facta#, laaaeri from the c*tk'? oft** of tt e ciroat ooat of ti.e D.atr.ot of Colmriia. for the oonrty of Waahincton, ai.d to ma directed, I will expose to public aale. for oaak. in front of the Court Hon *e floor of aaid oonctr.on M??NDAY, the Slit day o! Marok. i&atant, tin, at It o**ioak m. th" following property, to-wit- viaLot No IS, in a*nare No. 41. lot No 8. ia eauare No 4Liot Mo. S, in aanare No. 4J, let No. 13. in eqa*reNo. 66, Ut No. 1<> m rquare No. fU, and lot Mo. 13, in atuare No. 76, in tha eity of VVa*htnctor .DC, together with all and ti^calar the jir.provrment? therfon. aeised acd tared apon aa tha prop*m of Brook Mar k all. and will b* aold to eatiafy iadioial o. 41, to May term 1861, in iavor of Hoo* *Co ^ W. BELDEN. iuii t au late Marahk!, V. C. \| ARSHAL'd SALE.?In virtue of a writ of 6e?i i"I facias under lien Iit.wimI from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the Distnot nf Columbia. for the ooanty of Washington, and to me directed. I will expose to pubic sale,for cash, in front of the court touee door of said county, on FRIDAY, the 21st day of March next. IMS. at IS o'oiook in , th? tallowinc deaci*??d property, to wit, vis:?All defendant's richt. title o aim or interest in and to a certiam dwel inf housr|rreot#d on lot No. 8 and the south 19 feet 4 inches of lot No.9. in r?u%re No STT. in the city of Washington. D-C .se ??d and levied upon as ths property or Junut Viedt. am wi.i bes>ld to satisfy iudicis s No 380 to October term, 1897, in favor of Jonathan T. Walter. J. D. HOOVER, BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. THE TTH GRAND COTILLON PARTY Wui be siven at TEMPSKASCE HALL, * K rtrert, between Mb and loth. AA ODFRIDAV EN KNiNO, MrcKK A D*nein(rtoconin?*noeat8Ke'elocfc. Mr ua'o by i*roL Georte Artn oelebraud band. Ticketatl. admitting a gentleman and ladiee Ch PROF. C. F. BAKNKW- Mm.r?y>r TMAY HALL RKVK'R CLl " VP UNION nffSL8" !?Tne nembvi of the H;ekorr mm Club take great p eacure in a> n >onoinc u> theirm an; Then .. and the pablie ?enera. iyJtk th&t the? will cire their eight* Graad Ma i flft lemperar.ce Hal, K street. between <nh and H?h. on THURSDAY May 1 t. TickeU $1. adnuttirc agouti m*n ana .adie?. Mr order of th* Coir m ittee of Arracgement*. 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NT CI Ht: F(?E SYPHILIS OR VtiNKREAL DI BRACKS Here 1a a poeitire a a re?ao Meroary?no Poison? bnt lite J aiof a of Root* and Herba CoiiibiuM. Thia fo-rn ofthediceaa* makes ita appearance in aorea on the organ* of generates, or too* any eo enr 00 other parts of toe body, vhiok happens -T-?J ??? TWJ (M M HflTI of Ua mouth, tatteri, <pota. cariaa and aodaaof the bqn?,i8tio. Any ud all of tk?N irnytoM Will toon j lata It/ the SAMAJLfrAN'S ROOT AND HERB JU CM. forfi ** * bo^r'or bottiM * SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Pnoe s& Mito. F?U d rootioc*, plain raoagh for anybody to aadarataad. aooompaay Um* rem adia?. / j. *7Baton, No. 83 So?th Ejffcth . K^Lajtara aaavarad and advice given fraa. hslrS^S^\H<Si??-?doable ChiaaUe WaU. Alao, a ftae aaeortment or twiatad Bilk ana Corded Netta. in all oolort, at the Trimming Stora of MR&UOWE, ? * I'a. s wtfemftana; rarekMiDK from th? farve'cmut H^m*h liimSmU Vm Anii9 cf tK Potom?o, axoepl those kiU*d wilhia tte M?i?itii<riu of th? Diatnoi of Com?p?. NobMtviUbe uUiU'G-d inlaw Ue bidder is rs:f?.rt ^ ? IM SM b " I invsriwn, S8ea^3?Sa?ir a ?ay

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