Newspaper of Evening Star, March 10, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 10, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. 1 AxvaranitTS* To-N io*t. Thutii?Second week of Mr and Mrs. Barney Williams, and their first appearance ss "Ragged Pat" and "Judge O'Fliherty" In "Ireland as It waa," the eatertaInment eoocltiding wih " Customs of the Country,Mrs. W. as 'Mellaa " One Fmows' Hall ?Stanford's celebrated Opera Troupe, assisted by Mr* Anna Bordwell, - V. 1 .< KarlMKU KMn in an ?uric*i tt profrainnic ?? ?? ~ , corned v, tragedy, pantomime and extravaganza, , concluding with a capital afterpiece. Philhasxoxic Hall.?Barnum'i wonderful 'What la It" and the Albino family all day, and at night in conjunction with the original Campbell Minstrels In an Immense bill or Ethiopian songs, dancca. burlesques and alde-apllttlng comleal i ties Castksbcht Hall ?First night of Perclval's new and brilliant troupe, Mine* Fowler, Mortlxurr. Francis, Blake, Brandon, Secor, Richmond, ? the Delevante brothers, Neil, (Julnn, Jean Gloskl. and a host of other stars in a huge programme of choruses, songs, ballads, dances, burlesques, and original comicalities. Smitbsomia* Institution.?Smithsonian lecture by Rev. A. Cleveland Coxe, D. O , on '-Popular Taste In Art and Literature " Admittance free, doors closing at 8 o'clock. Franklin Hall, corner of Ninth and Date ? Festival by the ladles of St Paul's English Lutheran Chuch?a decidedly attractive enter, tatnment Mvaint. Hart., earner of Sixth street and Pennaylvanla avenue ?Pre* concerts at 5 o'clock, good mu?ir. excellent refreabmenta, Ac. Hall open all day Acadrmy or Mraic, Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth atreeta.?Hall open all day Free coacerta at 4 o'clock, embracing aelectlona from the moat popular operas, excellent refreshments, Ac 9 IjrraaKSTiva Lint Cask?Dr. Tumbletf ?i. Canterbury Hall ?On Saturday afternoon a war. rant waa laaued by Juatice J H Johnaon for tbe apprehension of Mr. George Percival, proprietor of Canterbary Hall, on the oath of Dr. Francla Tumbletv who charged that tbeaald Percival did on tbe 7th day of March, l-<?2, utter fcnd publiab a falae and maliclcua libel to tbe great injury and detriment of bis reputation aa a pracllaing and authorized physician in the County of Waabingtan. The complilnantexhiblted to the Juatlcea programme of tbe amuaementaat Canterbury Hall, in which one of tbe fbrrea proposed to be per? J ???! ! lin. jUiKum wa? cumini 1/1 v?uiviv?j ? Patient." The publication of hia name in this connection the Doctor stated waa Intended to ridicule him and hla profession, and to bring Into disrepute hla character as a physician. He said that he had previously requested the proprietor of Canterbury Hall not to us* hia name on the stage in a burlesque performance The Doctor also exhibited his dlplom* to prove that he was a regularly a ithorized physician, and a testimonial to hia eflclency as a physician, which he had re? celved In Canada and a gold medal / Mr Perclval rrpiled to the charge. He disclaimed any design or Intention on his part to ridicule or Injure Dr. T or his profession He did not know Dr. T., and stated that the farce had bern played in New York and other cities. L Several witnesses testlHed that they had seen a play with the same title, or a title somewhat similar to the one on the Canterbury clay bill, per formed by Brvant'a Minstrels in New York. Mr. Percival stated farther, that It waa tbe practice of tbe theatrical profeaaion to Introduce the most comic and unusual name* In burlesques, without Intending, however, to reflect upon or to injure Individ rial* bearing tbe name selected Tbe Doctor asked a postponement until Tuesday, at 2 o'clock, in consequence of the absence of important wltneaaes The Doctor stated that he bad already been Injured in tia business, one of his patients (a lady) having ordered him to leave her bouse, and that be bad been treated with disrespect at bis boardIns bouse, all In consequence of the appearance of Ills name in tbe burlesque. The Justice held tbe defendant to bail in tbe aum of ?.540, for bis appearance to-morrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock. CosrTDEHC* Game?Saturday, officer J. H. hWIse arrested a young man named J. M. Lathrop, for playing the confidence game upon a Mr. Tar ner, a grocer of this city. He was taken before Justice Donn, when It appeared, upon examlna tion, that Mr Tomer bad a customer named Kin?, who dealt frequently at hi* atore, bnt waa to aeldom teen by Mr. Tnrner that be did not know him by alght well enough to Identify him. The accused went to Turner with a check for twenty-lire dollar*, payable to celf or bearer, upon Sweeney, R1'ten house A Co., purporting to be ' signed by C. T. Rogers, and assuming to be Mr. King, obtained the money for it Saturday, he went again with a letter from Rogers, dated at Alexandria, March 7, 1P62, apologizing for the non-payment of the check at Its presentation, and sending htm anotner for dfty dollars, upon Rlggs A Co , which the accused desired Turner to cash for him. But Mr. Turner suspected him, and had him arrested Mr. King, who la a resident of the city, cane forward, and It cune out that 'he accuaed got twenty dollars from him upon a limflar rVi?rV ln?ti/<o IVtnn mtl.nlhrnn to Jail for a further bearing. A Mizio Case ?Saturday night a young man went to the hotiae of Conrad Roa, on Fourth street I near New York avenue, and asked for lodgings, and was accommodated His room-mates were two German girl* and an Irish girl named Margt. Price He paid his lodging fee and went to bed with his pantaloons on. In the morning the v*<ing man mitse<l his pocket-book and money, and went to patrolman llannan, with whom be raturned and arrested Margaret Price. Search was made for the money, and It was found in another room bid under a pile of rags. Margaret , was sent to Jail by Justice Walter. While Hannan was at the house he noticed some suspicious matters, which Induced him to get a search warrant for Government property. He found a Government horse, some ulankets and clothing. Conrad Roa was arrested as the principal, and w(. ik. tl n ?ui. mw+A au KJ 11 Wlir, IUC 1WV UCIUiBU fill's, SUU OIA VI ?c?cu r ~ aoldlera were taken with him. Justice Donn heard the testimony, which waa so contradictory that be committed Roa to Jail for further hearing. RoBBEkit* ?Saturday night, John Edward* was arrested bv Detective A. R Allen, for pick1 - Ing the pocket of Amon Duvall at the Theater, getting about til. Several other persona were robbed the aaiue night, one losing about f 100 IFdwards was taken before Justice Donn, who committed him to jail for a further bearing. Last week Paul Bauman, who keepa a restaurant, waa robbed of 9441 by Bartholemy Gal, who Immediately went to Alexandria. Mrs Bauman followed him to Alexandria, had him arrested and put in jail. Yesterday, Roundsmsn Fenwlck v ent to Alexandria, and brought Gal before Justice Doan In thts city. He was searched and TJ and a small gold watch were found on his person. He was sent to jail for further hearing. ClMTAAL GCAlDHOCS* CASKS ? Btfott JuttICS Clmrk ?Saturday night.?Fred'k Clark, drunk; turned over to the military A. Nay lor. disorderly. flned S10t Charles Malson, drunk; dlsmlMMd Daniel Golden, fighting dogs; fined yj 91. F. R. Benner, profanity; do tl M Sunday ?James McCor, John Lowery, James Mr Far land, and Barney McMunnlgan, drank and d.?orderlv; turned over the aallitarv WashingIan anii f K Hatn n h A i*An miIM tossing cents: fined 94 each Monda> ?R W Ha mm nek, fiat driving; toed 96 94. Anthony Latrutt, do ; dismissed Kred'k Hoffman, riding on the pavement; fined 99 M John Mom, drank; tamed over to the military. 5>?co*d Wtlt Station Caim- B if ore Jut tit* Cltrk?Sunday?Joseph Naldena, assault; dismissed Mary Holland, drank; do. Frrd Zinsser. selling liquor wlthoot license; fined CIO 38 John Doberty, drank: 91 81 Wm Norton, Wm. H Drank, drank and disorderly; workboase 80 days each. Monday?Robert Trier, drank and disorderly; dismissed W. S James, drank; 91 M. Patrick Calllban, do ; dismissed. Geo. IKellr, drank and disorderly; 91 <U- John Reynold*. fighting; and John Drank, very drank; tarned over to the military. PiMTT or WokK von TIE Mokbt ?This has been a pretty severe winter on the physicians for the poor, or rack of them u conscientiously discharge their da tie* In the Seventh Ward for 4 lartnee, which cover* n hrl4o area of ground, ' and ban a large claas of the population requiring 9 inch corporation aid, the ward physician has J vaccinated some MO persons since January 1st, and his visits to the poor have run ?p as high an W 175 for the qnarter. Plenty of work for 935 per qa ?rter * Focbth Wilt SnitOH Cases?Btf&re Juttut Waiur ?Sunday?John Brad?, larceny of a watch and two lockets: dismissed. Geo. I>ougUn do, do Thos Riley, drunk and disorderly; turned orrr to the military. Thoa. Sullivan, do ; %i y>. Wm Carter, do ; dismissed. Margaret Price, larceny; Jalt. _ . Monday? E. DeUrooi, n^nunjj. niunwra. I N O'Donnel, drunk nod disorderly; tl 58. Andrew Dugaa, do ; S3. W. White, do ; ?1.56. FooanDaownsa -TUi morning Justice Johnson was called upon to hold nn Inquest over the body of a man In toldler'a uniform, found la tho river at bait's wood yard, foot of Seventeenth at. The body was so discolored that It was lmpoastble to Identify the features, and his reblment eoatd uot ho Idea U ted hy the cloth It g Justice John on aid not deem U Bicwiiry to bold u inquem In tkt em The order to bury tbe body *m all (bit wu reqaiaite. J , Lee*.?A litti* bey, aged about sir yean, wu p f>uiid wutlfrlBK about the atreeU, oe Haturday, and wae takes to tbe Fourth \V?rd Station bouee. > H? ?utee that be came from Rig* le**llle," tn tu>-cate, witb bla father and Bno7n??r Patrol* man Crow baa taken charge of Dim until b?l p?reatt turn up. \ Great Fir* la Alexandria, Ta. [Correspondence of The Star.] Alix4Nd?u, March 10 ?Mdifr Btmr: Our city haa again suffered by a very deetrnctiTe Are. About 10 o'clock yesterday morning Are w?a discovered la the store occupied by Coles * Rany, and Brown. Acker A Co , and another Arm, on the north side of King, between Royal and Plttstreeta, which waa destroyed with all Its contents. Loss U7k.. A s J I -J IV. MWAU A/ lk? uc? ? J. ? ? ucu urii mvcovcrrU) iuc wuviv vt wo lower floor wu found to be on Are; and inch rapt d progress had the Are made that a gentleman sleep ng on tho second floor, on attempting to come down the stairway, was driven back by tho flames, and had to make nls escape by the secon 1 story window Into the street. Tne large 3-story building on tbe east, known Sft Sarepta Hall, soon took lire, and was entirely destroyed. Tho first story wss occupied by Henry Cook as a drug store,who loses all his large st*re; insurance only *3,000, and in a Lynchburg o?;e. Elchberg, who bad a clothing store in the saaie story, saved his stock The second story was uard for balls, concerts. Ac.: third storr bv Sareota Lodge of Odd Fellows, Ac. This house wt? owned by s stock com pony?no lnsursnce. Two of tbe lsrge 3-story bouses on the west slso took fire and were consumed; those were occupied on the first floor by Corse Brothers broker's ofl&ce, s wholesole shoe store, Eotwlsle & Son's bookstore, and J as M Stewart's Urge dry gocds store. 1 could not learn whether there was any Insurance on this building, but am Inclined to think there was. Mr. Stewart saved all or nearly all his stock of dry goods, and Is covered by Insurance; Entwlsle & Son lose about half their stock of books, and have lnsursnce enough to save them?could not learn the amount; nor could I learn anything satisfactory about the shoe store, but am informed the goods were saved. The upper stories of those houses were used for ofllces principally. The Southern Protection Insurance oflce which was in this building, had their books saved. D Haas had his daguerrean gallery on the third floor, and lost everything. Considerable loss has been sustained by other parties in removing their goods, fcc. This is the most disastrous Are that we have had since Jannary, 1827. 1 am unable to give any correct estimate of the loss 1 have beard 40,000 and 150,000 named, but should think the first nearest the actual loss. Our Are department la la a most wretched condition. Should another fire take place, I know not what would be tbe result; but after what was seen on Sunday morning, I hope the corporate authorities will take the matter really In hand, and not suffer such neglect to continue any longer, fer It is disgraceful! Omibvir. Mi! Prvdkrcb Malloiy, If still In the city, can hear of something to her advantage on appft canon ai lac uny rw umcc ma Dior in at the ''Peopled Dollar Store," 43? Pennsylvania avenue, near Four and-a-half street. Examine the splendid assortment of Jewelry, Silver Plated Ware, and maicmoth Gold Pens, and "take your choice for one dollar ." mar 8-lw* Bba*dkbth's Pills.?One million nine hundred and twenty boxes of Brandreth's Pills were sold in the \ ear 1881. Let those who require a cleansing. Innocent Vegetable Medicine, use Brandretb's Pills, which have stood the test of xperience, and are approved by all who use thrm Hold at No. '294 Canal street, New York. Branch office corner Ninth and E streets, Washington, D. C. P. S ? Butlers supplied by the dozen. mar 8-1 w Da. J. H. gcasncK.?'This gentleman was advertised to be In Washington on Wednesday, the 26th of February, but owing to a severe gale which he encountered In his passage from Boston to Philadelphia was unavoidably detained He now proposes to visit Washington to see patient* afflicted with diseases of the lungs, stomach and liver at his rooms at the drug store of Samuel B. Walte, corner of Seventh and Louisiana avenue, on Wednesday, March 12. Dr. Scbenck would further state to those patients who called on the day designated in his former advertisement, and were disappointed, that if they will call daring his next visit be will examine them with his respirometer free of charge. Ills price for examination with this lustrument Is three'dollars, but advice In other respects free of charge. n8-3t* QtTXKTWht is it That C?i*tadoao's Raie Dyw is the Best in the Worlc! Beo&ase eminent chemists say so! Beoaase it contains no oaastio compounds Because it wears longer than any other! Because it operates inst&ntantontly Because it does not stain the skin! Because it nourishes and strengthens the Hair! Beoause it oorreots i he bad effeo ta of other dyes! Because its preeeno* oannot be detected ! Bteaust it ntver/ailt ! Manufactured by J. CR1STADORO, 0 Astor House, New York. Sold everywhere,and applied bj all Hair Dressers. Price 91, ft 60 and 93 per box, according to sue. No. I. Ckistadoeo's Hai* Prisirvativk, la invaluable with his Dye, as it imparts the utmost softnsas, the raoet beautiful glosi.and great vitality to the Hair. PrioeMoent*. ft,and 92 per bot'le, aooording to sue. fe 28 M.WfcF.lm Tu laviAif Hexb Doctoi, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell bis patients the nature of their complaints or 111ness, without receiving any information from them. No ekargt/or Consultant* or Ad*iu. OVB MOTTO. We use such Balms ss have no strife ?????- ai-A ?. tk. f mm I (la w no usiure or m? uawa vi uiw With Blood oar hands we never (tain Nor poUon men to ease their pain. Oar Father?whoan all goodness fill*, Provides the means to cure all Ills; The simple Herbs beneath oar feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Coll'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall speak with touching power Of change sod health to the. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Penn avenue, corner of 7th street. Canadian references of the Indian Herb Doctor: Sir E Heads, Governor of Canada. Hon Hy, Stearns, Mayor of Montreal, C. E. Hon. Geo. Hall. Mayor of Quebec, C. ?. Hon. John Huteninson, Mayor of Toronto, C. W. Hon. J. B Robinson. Hon. Jas. Cummlngs, Mayor of Hamtlton, C W. Hon. W. Matthews, of Brantford, C. W. Hon. W. Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. W. Sarage, late Col. of Artillery. H P. Dwlgbt, Supt. of Montreal Telegraph. J. Taylor, Justice of the Peace. Toronto, C. W. R. H Crook, Alderman, Toronto, C W. J. Urauhart,Surgeon, Toronto. C. W. fe lf-tf Conns, Bunions, Calosltles, Bad Nails, Enlsrced Joints, and all diseases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 496 Pennsylvania avenue, between Pourand-a-half and Sixth streets. Room 7?id floor. W A- . ? A? M t. C m _ P.11. m.,1. ai UBCQ UUUi UU1U Ul. vw u p w. VNw private residences when desired. fob 17 Witu, motbsb*, and 9iitsbs, who* ha?btadi. mm, and brothers are aervlng lb the army, cannot pat la their knapsack a more necessary or valuable gift than a few boxes of Hollowmy's Pills and Ointment. They Insure health, even under the exposures of a soldier's life. Only V cents a box or pot. fit India Rvbbbb boons. - ww? ML.?A_ m ** .LSI M t_ imu raauu cuwu lor wvwcuai caiimmi beds, that bo family should b? without; 75 oenti snnfi Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, tl-38 each. Rubber Pooebee and Blankets combined, MM ek. Indie Rubber Ooets, white or black, 98.50 each. India Rubber Leggins tl per pair. And all kind* a#Rubber Good*, Including Rubber Boots and Sboes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mali, Under Sheetings for bednX sickness, Ac , fce , at manufacturer *s prloeii) afH. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, JOB Pa. a v., between Ninth and Tenth streets. fob 1-tf Ttlxe's CoHrorns Srmvr On Asabic ? We take great pleasure In recommeodlng the above fkvorlte remedy for Coughs, Colds, and all affections of the Throat and Lunge. An attache of this oMcm had a ?wii aorh for eovaral weeks, and altar trying every likely thing, without ut relief, wu perfectly cure* by a single bottle. We are not surprised that It u ao largely patronised by ear eoldten la eaap.-??H. Cftppw. Coal Oil, Coax Oil.?Beat Keroeene Oil, (warranted.) by the barrel 36 cents, by the gallon SO conto. Lamp*. Cans (and Shades, as cheap as raa be bought in Washington, at Stewart Jfc Boa'a, comer of Twelfth and H streets. mar 3?* Who Mfl MTU UM till?in cracxerv wo lifttii to try those manufactured freah orery dif by 1. L. Daytoa. Bold by all raapoctable grocer*. affod 2 rMra monthi tad SO daji Bar Banoar took bar boat to alory * _.?n %itoHt IW*?t K?a*. lho? hMt laft , ^-auasssSsL * t i ?A????. r AMUSEMENTS. T'HEATEB-feoond We?k of Mr. and Mr? 1 Barney William*. Monday, March 10th, the Hrfcibhm? will rommsnoo with th* drams o< "Iroland a* it Wa*"?Ragfod Pat. (with bodki,; Mr Barney Williawa; Judy OTrot. Mr*. Barney William*. To oonolndo with tho faro* of "I ha Canomi of th# Coantry"?Moll una, (with mnn,: Mr*. Bsrney William*. Seat* oan he sooarod 3 day* in advanoo at the Box OSsa of tho Theator. ah 10 lt? yy ILLARDI H ALL! THURSDAY. Mmrck 13. MR. J. E. MURDOCH Will have t>*e honor of cm**f SELECT READINGS from 8hak?p??r*. Dickens auU other popu lar anthora,on THURSDAY EVENING next, at W illards* Hall. oommenoinK at 8 o'clock preclaelv. Tioket* of tdiniteton 50 oeata : reserved seats 75 oeota. Tt be hul of M?uri Pnila A Solomons, Metropolitan Bookstore,and at Willards' Hotel. Programme in fntnre advertisements. ^ih Ift-tj CANTERBURY HALL! CANTERBURY HALL! TO-NIOHT TO-NlttHT Th<? Brilliant Ne*r Constellation of Beauty ! PERCIVAL'3 IMMENSE COMBINATION! MISS MILLIE FOWLBR, lly far the moat perfect and heaatifnl Danaenre presented to the Amerioan poblio. MISS JULIA MORTIMER, The Idealisation of Me ody and Beauty. MISS LIZZIE FRANCIS, MISS MARY BLARE, MISS LILLY BRANDON, MISS FRANR 8ECOR, MI8S JULIA RICHMOND T1IK DELBVANTE BROTHERS, CHARLEY NEIL. BILLY QUINN. "AM I RIGHT." M. JEAN CLOSKI, JOHN II KAN Y, AND NUMEROUS OTHERS. fT7"No oli?n*e in the AdmiMion rrioen-TTl AdraiMion 25 oenU; Orob?at?r Cfcaira 80 oenu. Afternoon Bmlirtmtmmtmt For Ladies and Fftsuliea, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, at 2 o'olook. Whin a lavish distribution of Kief ant Presents is made: Riob and Contly Jewsl'y, Books, Toys, Fancy Artioles. and m&Knifioent Si'-k Dresees. The Silk Drens presented on Saturday. Maroh 8, was given to Miss Anna Uurke, D street, near 11th. Admission 3Q oents; Children 1> oents. inh in SANFORD'* OPERA TROUPE, KANFORD'S OPERA TROUPE, SANFORII'S OP EH A TROUPE, SA^FORD'S OPERA TROUPE, WAM'-UKU'S OFKKA TROUPE, SANFOKU'S OPKKA TROUPE, HANFORD'S OPKRA TROUPK, 8ANFORD'8 OPERA TROUPE, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL ! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL? AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL! AT ODO FELLOWS' HALL! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL! BANFORD'S GREAT PHILADELPHIA TROUPE. Feom Sanvokd's Op*ea House, Philadslthia, COME AND SEE U8 ! SANFORD AS HANDV ANDY! 8ANFORU as HANDY ANDY! I tj a af a n. _ _ ? * - ? *? !"flr?rURU AS tl API IJ Y AWUY ! 8ANFORDas HANDY ANDY! And xni Geiat Bdrl?;qui OruA or LA BOMNAMBULA! LA BOMNAMBULA! LA SOMNAMBULA! i a somnambula: Oni or TBI Bmt CriRATio Bcrlisquis or th* Dat ! PEE BILLS! BEE BILLS ! And be Convinced thit Ycb will Ssi THE BEST THE BEST """"N0- DANCING. INSTRUMENTAL, OPERATIC, DRAMATIC. FARCICAL, COMIC AND LAUGHABLE ENTERTAINMENT. AS CAN ONLY BE PERFORMED BY SANFORfTS TROUPE! PERFORMED BV SAN FORD'S TROUPE! PERFORatF-D BY SANFORD'S TROUPE! PERFORMED BY SANFORD'S TROUPE! Doora open at qnartar to7. Commence at qu&r t?r to 8. Carta of Admiasion 95 CenU Orcheet'r Seata (a limited number). SO Cenu SAMUEL 8ANFORD, mh 8 2t* Manater and Director. QDD FELLOWS' HALL! THE FAR-FAMED gandford's Opera Troupe. 8. 8. BAN DFORD, M anager and Proprietor of SANDFORD'S OPERA HOUSE, Philadelphia. This famoua Comvaoy of Vooaliats, Muaioiani, and Come<*?ana, assisted by MRS. ANNA BORDWELL, The Queen Bird of Bonf. will appear FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVENINGS, At thi Odd Pillows' Haxl. The entertainment will be of a superior order, embraoisc Burlesque Optra, Comedy, Tragedy, Pantomime, and Extravaganza, in whiflh ika Kunrfford TrniiBA avaaI Ik* vmld The opening programme will present the lateet Scngi, Ralads. Choruiea, Danoea, 4o Drawint Room Scents?Old Drayton'!. Cocoladiog with the Borleeqne Opera of LA EOMNA MB ULA Amini..,-? ?- Mrs. A. Pordwell Kl?ino. Mr. J.A- Paine Count Rodolpho.? ?.Mr. J. A. Arnold Alearo ..Mr, Band lord pioiarr.... ? ponaThereea Mr. W Rordwe I Elisa Mr. F X Arnold Condnotor of Oroheater Mr. J. W. Holden For partioolars tea billaof the day. Cards ef admiaaion 36 oenU. A fev aeoured aeata referred, 60 oeita. Door a open at half-paat 6 o'olook ; oommenoe at half-paat 7 o'olook. Box offioe open from half-paat 10 to 12o'oloek. mh 6 tf COMETHINfl NEWI 9 MAGICAL ILLUSIONS! Phantasmagoria Views #/ the War ! For a Fev Day* only, at the Yotns Milt's Chiiitiu Association Rooms, Opeosite Brown's Hotel. Gommeiu#ng TULSDAY EVENING, Maroh 4. Admission 26 oents; Ch'ldren 15 oents. Door* open at l\ ; Exhibition oommenoat at 8 o'olook precisely. mhS-6t* to 9 p. m. BmI of Refreahmeots. Fin* Female Waiters. Open all day. At the outneaat corner of Pennsyhraaia avenue and oorner of Sixth street, under the Central House, opposite the National. Brown's, and Clarenden Hotels. fe 1? lm* PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Gnide to JT Patents, Catalogue of Cnriositiee and Government Gardens, at the stand in Patent Office; Rare Antiquarian Books; Government Books; Documents furnished: Railroad Reports; Military Re KSRiS'S Laws; Army Regulations; Panorama of the Coast showing ot#t S.ftBO miles; many thousand Cheap est- lo* j.B-Sm' ALFRED HlNTKH. ???T???S LADIES OF WASHINGTON, LAD* tl OF WASHlNGToS; are invited ara are Invited to Call at oar ihktry, to Call at our Bakerii to Call at our Bakery, AM not WMUKtoui mh. lw ? ? jgALTlMORB BARGAIN BTOJAK7 NBW GOODS-NEW GOODS! LANdBUk t>H fc BEO. tok* ?l?urai? to inform P)K bALE?A Am rtgok of Cloifiini, F*rnt?h toe Good*, Trnnki. fUti and C?m. 1 whole Rt'SSZ."*'- " * s""t4 . |V . t' ?* 11 '-I'li f 0 WANT8. i WANTED-Two MEN to work on a tern a

i M ahort diatanoe from the oity. Apply at 396 7tfa street oorner H it. nth 10 >t* WANTED-A SITUATION u oook.waahe and ironer, or to do general housework. Cal | at No. 130 34th atreet, between L and M. 1* 1 WANTED?A GIRL to do general hon?*w for a family of three aeraona. Apply at 317 ?th street, between I. and M. mh 10-3t* WANTED?By a yonnf, bealt y woman, a SITUATION aa wet nnraa. Addresa >lE. Q 8Ur Cttoe. It* |J|7ANTED?A food GIRL for general houte"lt work. None ne*d appl? bat snoh %n oanoorn* wn I'l'Timsndea. Kirst rate ?um giTen. 48T Twelfth str?et n*ar th* eorner cf F- M* 1 \ATANTED?Two good WHEELWRIGHTS. TT Apply at H. SAUTER'S. on K street. b?r tween 9'h a>:d inth street. Apply imni'diatrly. None bat good hart need apply. Good wares given. mli lC-gt* WANTED?A HOUSE with 5 or 6 room*, from the let of April, in a respectable neighborhood, either on the ls'and or in th* Northern Liberties A permanent fna; t may be seonred by addressing J. W. BRUMAG1M, oorter 19th street and Maryland avecne, Island mh 10 1 w* 117 ANTED?A fire-'ooking.well edns\Ud *our* " LADY to attend a club room On* who naa experience, speaks different 'apgnare*. p'ays the piano acd has traveled to some extent wocld be preferred. 6ood home and #M0 wa*?s paid by addressing, for one week, Box No. ?6 City Post Office^ mh 10-lw* W| HANTED-A middle-aged WOMAN to do filtAnl W- in " I' 1 * *34 Fourth street, opposite the tail. nihB^t* ANTED-A coed COOK. WASHKR and IRONER, to whom liberal wigcs will be paid. Apply m No. 430 New York avenue. be tween 13th and 14th. mh8 3t WANTED?An experienced COOK (white or colored) who thoroughly urderstands her business. Good wages given Apply corner 4th and D gt?.. opposite Citr Ha l rob 8 2t WANTED?Several lnt?l'igent ard efficient AGKNTa to oar.vass Washington O ty, Georgetown, ao^ Alrxardna. in a p*ofitaMe bu?i nets. Inquire of M. VANDUSEN, No. 3 4* Pa. avenwe. m1* 8 3t* WANTBD?A first olus COOK (woman preferred) to take charge of a kitchen in a firstclass restaurant A pp 1 y immediately. Reference required. 332 Eatreet, MITCHELL'S Restaur ant. mh 8 3t* -PARTNER WANTED in a genteel Exhibition now perfo-ming in Washington, oorner of Pennsylvania avenue and 3d st. For pvtioniars applr at the Exhibition. mh ?-3t* %lfANTED-A FOOTMAN, to i.?rw .? '' cut in the oarriage and on messages, trim furnaces and fire placer. and o'ean the house Acply for particulars to Mr. OWEN, 860 Per, n*. avenue. _ mh8 3t* V17 ANTED?THREE MEN to work in a Dairy. they must be good milkers. Alto, FOUR MEN to work on a farm, by the year; they most all be sober, industrious m?n. Noue other reed apfly. At Locust Hill Farm.7th street road. near he first toll gate. mh 8 3t* WANTED-An industrious, honest MAN. who can make ninnelf useful on a tinall place; he mast also be* good driver. To snoh a person, who can bring the best oitj references good wages will be nv*n. Either white or slave. ApMr Kal orama Heights. Mr. Vevon's plaae. iiu 8 ?t Left his home in Baltimore, wediesday,4. m, and last seen on the oars for Washington. ALEXANDER OOI8NARD, age 13; light bair; dark eyes; slight figure; dressed in gray pant, dark ooat and b us cap. A:,y i: formation of him will be thankfully received by h>? distressed parents Addiess to A. Coignard, 11? ?a imKJt* >i? i"*r riDirnr, DB'iuuore. inn 3-31" WANTED?Ad active, colored CHAMBER MAID.a?'2*fi 9fh an<i F street. mh 7 St* Wantkd-a good COOK. WaHHER and who can oomo well reo<;mmended. Inquire at No. 377 7th street, on" door above 1jgt. mh 7-3t* \Jk} A NTED?A SITUATION as c!?k m a (.partem aster's Office, or in an? ether available position, br a pofa who ha? been engaged for several jr*e.r* ia L uc cess on his own ao ooust in this oltvi is % good book keep< r. familiar with acoounts; and oin live the best references Address at Wathington city Post Office, "Clerk." mar8 at* WANTED.??200 will be given to a-iy person who will procure the advertiser a fcrst I'euteasntc* (infantry, in the volunteer army ; has had 10 year-.' experieno in the Knglieh aimy Address O. c. LAWSON. Washington City P<?t Office, p. C. n.rn lw* v*y ah i iw' j u k b n T?A weil-inrn.sned ' HOUSE in a centra! location, fr"?ni 10 to 16 rooms. Bestof referenoas and jool not *iven. Address Bo* 3, 8te' Office. mh * tf OHLU LKTTt'ES WANTKD ?1 wil fire from two to ten rtol ars f >r Letters w.itten b* (ien'I Washington, acd a fair price for Old Le!t?rs wntten by celebrated Americans, Revolutionary Celebrities. Presidents, tienerals, rommodores, Judg??, Doot^rs, Divines, l.awyers, ftc. Address ROBERT SPR/NS, 045 N. Tveltth street, Philadelphia. Rare B^oks and Pamphlets on Am?rioa kAH.k* ' " * mn a im* ?1HO -AGKNTC WANJFD TO OPEN ' V !"" an ofiioe a ilUie toe wholesale agoccy, in every State, for all of l,!oyd's Great Military Map*, need by our Comiuatider-in Chiel. The cheapest map* in the world. A fortiiro can be mvie on there map in each State 3 non.oononpifs of one of ni! map* have a I read? been told Af*o a tnan to go to Calitorr.ia, England and Cona. Agent* also wauled iq ever* oounty and in ever* regiment in our arm?. 5end for circulars. J. T M.OYD. mh? lindAw.if 164 Broadway, New York. WANTED?To have every one k' ow that they can find the bent a'ook of Clothing. Hate and Caps. at the very loweit rate*, at 8MITH' *, No. 460 Seventh street, oelow F. fe 27-3m WANTED-To ?r(i(e a G ENTLEMAN familiar with Washington oity, to attend to aome ont door hu?in?K*. Apply to JOHN IRWIN, Room No. 4, 4 7 6 7th at. fe 87 WANTED- Every person to know that I am in the market, ready to pay cash for all articles in the hougefuriiish!:;? tine. Those leaving the Oity,or havin?t a ?urplns, will do well to call. R. BUOHLY, 43(? s? st.. betweenG and H sta , (east sia*,) Dealer in New and Seoood har.d Furniture. no U tf WANTED?Bntiers and Soldiers to know that they can boy CAMP STOVES and TIN WARE cheap of H. J. GREGORY, 3*1 Penn. venae. u WANTED-We are now barm* SECOND, HANI) FURNITURE, STOVES and BED DING, for whioii wo are paying the higheat oaah prioe*. Families deoiinmg, or having a sorplus of furniture, will And it to tneir advantaje to give us a oaii. . , . BONTZ * GRIFFITH, le 13-tf No. 369 ?th?t.. berw. I and K su. FOR 8ALUi AND BENT. Foe RUN T-One newly FURNISHED ROOM, with Board, in a private family, on 3d floor .at No 408 8th st., between G and H ite. it* C<OR RENT-Handsome PARLOR and CHAM1 BER, coirinunicating. wi'h Board, ai.d private table if desired. Apply No. 9 Indiana av. It* P)R R~ENT-A new two atory Brick HOUSE, vf r? suitable lor a store, on eouth B stre -t, between 1st ai.d 2d * treats east, fronting Pennsylvania avenue Capitol Hill. For partienlars inquire of WM WlTTHAFft 337 south B st mh l<V3t* FURNISHED ROOMS TO~ RENT. WITH Board, m a p'eatant looat.on,near the Capitol. Inquire at Star Oftioe mh 8 8t* For sale-two firs -eiats billiard ta BLES, marble slabs, and every ariangrmeiit oomplete. Those desiring the above win study their interest by calling immediately at the European Hotel, oorner 11th aireet and Pennsylvania avanue. mh 8 tf LHiR KENT?The BTOR E ROOM 496 first t fljor. adjoining Clarendon Hotel. Atpj cn the premiaea- ron 7 3t ftj^OR RENT OR LEA8E-The large and comr modioos four atory BRICK BUILDING out to the aouthwest ocrner of Twelfth and C streets, within one square of Pennsylvania avenue, at present occupied aa a ooaeh faotory ; with hoiatinr maohine, 4o., attached. For terms apply to C. T. GARDNER, at No. 8S0 G street, between ISth and 14th. mh? 8t? FOR RENT-A comfortable CHAMBER, at 400 13th st., east side, between G and Hats The looatton la one of the moatdoeirablein Wa?hinftnn. M I COR RKNT-A PARLOR udCHAMBER ;! r Terr neatly furnished, on the first ioor, eie, rated 5 feet above the aidewalk; looation very pleasant and healthy. near the State Department and President a Houae, on New York arenne, be tween 14th and 15th atreeta? No. 460?and bat a few ??rda eaat of theomnibua line to the Capitol. I7ARM FOR SALE?Two Farms, containing r together MO aorea; one at Annapona Junction. th? other adjoining, at B&vige Switch, fronting the waahincton Railroad; either of which will be eold, wit* the qaaatity of land to eait purohaaera. The lmpiovementa are of the firnt ciaea, and land of the beat quality, with orchards of ohoice fruit in (all Rearing ^^atlroad aUtion within 6 minntea' jRSSka:!* naaa? " sfstss1 ARARB CHANCE.?The proprietor of tte City Hotel, (the only nrst-oass Hotel now oyen in Alexandria, Va.,) is desirous to retire 'fTR ofthehoasa. His lsaae will terminate on the let of January, IKi. bulthe property can no dosbtbe leased for a.muo.'i longer una at a moderate rent. This Hotel is now doing, aua has lor away years doaa, a lar*e and arofitabie bast Mas. The desire of ihe un<l*rsi?nea to retire from pablio business Is the only inducement to Mil, as heoould not hope to ens ace tn one nore profitable* for terms and iggsaasgl^jaa;MIW WHOLESALE ORY GOODS HOUSE. t nags tnS Ootot*r l&st, ?t *r!o?s aabUng IkmafiVt^lAo 4a?l?r? ob u#k tarnw mm wili mmkrn it tit* uttmt ' tiw^rUKUu3' 00un*1' mw?h?at? to uibim ttT **?U MrflM WlU b? 9M&. f M-lv4 T Vr.*Y ~" "SECOND EDITION. THRU O'CLOCK, p. H OUR MILITARY BUDGET BRUNSWICK AND ST. SlUOtS, GA, AND FORT CLMOtt, rERNANDINA AND ST. MARY'S, FLA., IN OUR POSSESSION C?pt. C. H. Davta, Fleet Captain of Papon'.'a Squadron, has arrived at Baltimore on hla way to this city with dispatcher. 'He telegraph* briefly that St. Simona and Brunawick, Ga., and Fort Clinch, and Fernlndl na and St. Mary'a Florida, are oan!! PARTICULARS OF THE NAVAI. ENGAGEMENTS OF YESTERDAY AND THE DAY BEFORE! At 2 v( p m to-day we learned the following particulars of the naval engagements of yeoterday and the day before. Vli: At 10 a m. the enemy's vessels were discovered coming out from Norfolk and James river. Capt Marston. senior officer on the ?tHon, then ordered the Minnesota, Capt. Van Brunt, to ge* undrr weigh Two tuga aided Captain Matron's ahip, the Roanoke (whose atram power was Injured) The vierrimar was then seen coming from Point towards Newport Newa, accompanied by several rebel gunboats. The Roanoke waa with difficulty towed to. wards the enemy, but her broken shaft made her progress slow. The Merrlmac Immediately attacked the Congross and Cumberland, particularly the latter. The Minnesota grounded at about 7 miles from Fortress Monroe The Roanoke pressed forward. On getting in light of the Cumberland, It was evident she was sinking. , The Merrlmac was then joined by the James- i *own and Yorktown Iron-clad rebel steamers, 1 from Jaines river? both of which attacked the Congress The latter surrendered at 10 minutes past 4 ' p. m , in consequence of being aground, and therefore unable to bring her gona to bear on ( them. , The Roauokc about then got aground. Aa soon as the tugs pulled her off, they went to the Min- ! nesota'i aid, hoping to get her off also. . At 5 p. m. the frigate St. Lawrence, in tow of \ the Cambridge, pissed up above the Roanoke, < AV? UJ?? 41 * me kiiiiuciiuu uciuj; infu Agrouna and engaged 1 with tbe Merrimac. The St. Lawrence also grounded, bat the Camg bridge got her afloat. Tbe 8t. L. being unable | to render tbe Minnesota assistance, returned down 1 tbe barbor. Theenemy's batteries at Sewall'? and Pig Point opened Are on all our vessels as they severally went \ up and returned?the Minesota, St. Lawrence, Ro-1 ' anoke, Cambridge and Mystic; striking tbe 81. Lawrence and the Mlatlc. ( Tbe range proved too great for our guns, but < those of tbe battery went far over our shi ps i At 7# p. m. It was discovered that the Con- ^ gress had been fired by the rebels, and she con- j tinued to burn until la. ra , when she blew up. At 8 p m. (Sunday) the Monitor arrived, and Capt. Marston instantly ordered her to tbe assist- ' ance of the Minnesota. j Yesterday morning the Merrimac renewed the < attack on tbe Minnesota, and was promptly taken 1 In hand, to her surprise, by the Monitor. 1 The fight, which soon became a close quarters one, continued for several hours; the Monitor going around tbe Merrimac and hammering on her like a cooper around a cask. Finally?near evening?the Merrimac aban- J doned tbe contest, running back towards and t past Sewall's Point. I \V ben last seen, the Merrimac was apparently ' In tow of her consorts, her crew being on her j upper deck, as she disappeared. ? 4 I. W? f ? -A nr ? J -? - 1 it ! uv? uuuuuu uy liicui. >> uracn IQSl BDC II seriously crippled. The Minnesota Lad about 5 killed anl 9 or 10 wounded?no officer* among either. The Cumberland had her Chaplain (probably) drowned, Master's Mate Harrington and 20 men killed, and about 130 drowned, including some 60 who were wounded. Acting Commander Joe 9mitb, jr., (Commodore Joe Smith's son,) of the Congrens, was killed. Pavmaater Buchanan waa her only officer not taken prisoner. None of the reat rf her officera were killed or wounded It is not known yet how many men she had killed or wounded. Lieut Morrla (who 1? aafe) fought the Cumberland until abe sunk?which she did with her flag flying?a worthy son, indeed, of a glorious naval aire. >m mm ?* - * - * - ? - i ne monitor naa noi imiti killed-Lieut. Wor- i den, her commander, only being wounded on ber. Hi* eyea and face are badly but not danger- < oualy powder burned. Capt Radford, tbe command'r of the Cong ret*, J happened to be abaeat uu a court martial, and 1 tnua eacaped captur e. FABTICrU** or TUK EVACOATTON OF THK TO- TPMAC BATTBRItS ( The ateamer Stepping Stones. Capt Van D?r* t vent, arrived at tbe Navy Yard this morning. It 1 aeema that the first intimation received by cur ' force* of tbe evacuation of the Rebel battteriet, rump fpAin rnntr?h?nH Ka? ? ? 1 www ? ? W??.. wvwuw ) ? VWJ ) WMV VBIUC Ull ' board of one of ot:r vessels Saturday night, and ] reported that he had come from the vicinity of ( Csnterville, and that all the secession troop* he { met in his four dsys wanderings were going away and that he heard them say they were going to leave their batteries on the river. Yesterday, the Anacostia, Lleot. Badger commanding, shelled the batteries from Cockpit Point to Evansport, and receiving no response, a few men were landed from the Anacostia and Yankee to reconnoiter. They found the batteries evacuated, and proceeded to haul down the rebel flag and hoist the Stars and Stripes. Some very fine guns were found. There was one 9-iach .lAoil ? OaUI J * ? i mru ^uu aw vuvmpu ivim, auu a uuiuuri uI V- j Inch shell Runs A portion of these Kun* hsd been piked by the rebels. Oar troops not being able at the time to move the guns, spiked all the j others which were serviceable. The magazine J at Cockpit Point was uninjured, and contains a j large quantity of shells and ammunition. Two heavy explosions were heard In the direction of Quantico, and Immediately afterwards large columns of smoke arose. This was supposed to be, from the blowing up the Page and J on? of the rebel magazines < The flotilla will take off all of the army stores a and ammunition that was left In good condition. ( TH* CUMBERLAND AMD CONGKKSS. The loss of two sailing war vessels is of no importance whatever to the service, except so far as the loss of the officers, men snd material of war on board them is concerned. For a contest with 1 modern ships they were worse than useless,though as against snythlng but iron-dad vessels such as attacked them, they might nave been efficient. employed aa they were, aim ply to lay at anchor before the entrance ofrlYers. < ^ ? m? Rimoval Alio ArroiHTMiMT ?Hon. Calrln C. Chaffee, an ex-member of Congreea, who haa for i Vnaw 4 IkmUn A# t Ka CI Mian a# Imm. tentative*, wm removed on Saturday In his place, Mr. Etberidge appointed Charles L an man, E?q , well known aa an artist and aa an author. Thi Puatasnr's Mzssaen? Preaident Lin- 1 cola's message (upon border State emancipation) meets wttb general favor, and even the radical abolltlonista are puzzled bow to Ind fault with It. 1 Tn CowriDi*at? Capital or thi Movb J Tbe North Carolina Standard baa an "important rumor that the Mat ml Government la lo be n. moved from Richmond to Raleigh." i Faiarax Station Ovu.-Wt Lmrm that oa ' Thursday of this week the rebel pickets war* i -* ?..M ..J Ik. _1 I uri veil uvyvuv tuimu umuvu, ?uu iuc taken pe?anion of by onr troop* wtthout resistance. While the advance was being made, a j squadron of the 8th Illinois Cavalry, consisting of i Companies H and L of Major Dusdn's battalion, aur prised a detachment of rebels and Immediately trod a few ahota at them. w>ea they retreated In double quick, louring all their forage nnd rations behind?AUx. Ckrmicl*. ( All psnneaa can dad the beat atock of Clothing. Purnlahlng Goods, Trunks, Hnta nnd Capa, at Smith*. No. 470 Seventh street, near F I fa <7-3m w I a - !? r? V: *?'.? - .. j?h 'tfl ] M4'(| ; S-* ti* ul ' ***' mF * -1** I THE LATEST BY TELEOEAPmT Fvtkir ?f tki n?torlM Is ?**rfla u4 n*Hte Biltihoii, March 10 ? The Alabama fram Do pout'* fleet, arrived here thta morning. ud bring* fall particular* of the taking of Bntniwick. Ga., oa the ?<!, aad Fernanda*. Fla , aa the 4th The rebels fled at both plaraa after flring a few guni The old flag is flvlag from Fort Clinch, and tae United Statm force la la foil poaaeaaion. i m % m CONOR ESS JON A L ailTHUCOSWRKH 9mm* Moxdat, March 10. Pbsats ?Mr Collamer rfporW back from tb? Post 0?ce Coomlttrc.wtlh (aradmenU, tbc bill providing for carrying malls to foreign ports. Commuted Mr Crimea Introduced a joint reoolutlor, declaring that, In the opinion of the Senate, no person should be appointed to the command of a division of the arm? unlew be bad exhibited superior competency for the command of men, or gallantry In the face of the enemy. Laid over The blU to encourage enlistment* la the regular armv was conaldvied on nrtnn?m?i4m?ik?tka bill authorizing the better orranltatiop of the cavalry being adopted (in Committee of the Whole) aa an amendment, derreaafitg the cavalry force of the U. 9. to thirty regimenta Hovas.?'The Sena'e bill providing for the appointment of army sutler* in the volunteer servlce, and defining their dntl?*, waa taken up and discussed at length by Mcaars. fcUlr, Dunn, Cam pell, and others LATE LOCAL NEWS. Robiiit orTHiCiTT poitiuttia?Oa Saturday morning at an early hour the house of Mr. Clephine, wai entered by burglars, who applied nippers to the key of the basement door which they succeeded in opening. They proceeded to iuc uru room 01 .iir V> ana kh>I iroai [Dt DM OB which he wu sleeping L ? pants which tbejr carried to the parlor below Here they took from th? pockets (-30 In money and two checks, one for S22I ind one for ?5<) Ttev also took from the pocket* the keys of a Are proof safe, but left them and a pen knife on the table Th??v then decamped without disturbing anything else. The UwrimsHED Worn?The army engineers having been assigned to other duty, the whole work of finishing the fortifications around VV sthinrrlon V,.a kwvnn -1-I 1 ? -w-lHtWH MOW WVV U MBtKUCU IU IUC i-ivtl CII eincers heretofore engaged In the work. Mr. Frost baa charge on the Virginia aide of Mm Potomac atfd Mr. W. C Gunnell and Mr Childs on the Maryland aide. Mesara Frost and Gannatl ire well known In thi* community, having been engaged for veara on the Washington Aqueduct, Capitol F.x tension and other works. Rev Mb. Coombs was last night Installed as pastor of th? Western Presbyterian Church. The ermon was preached by Re*. Dr. Sunderland, and prayer offered up by Re* Dr Dunning, of Baltimore. Rev Dr i*mith charged the pastor, and Rev Dr. Noble the congregation Tne services were of an impressive character, and were listened to with Interest by a large audience Lost Child ?The county patrolmen picked up t boy about five year* old near the camp* nortu jf tbe city, lost His name In John MeCollum, ind be sey* hi* father la uaroed Larry MrCollum. ind Urea at Rlggersvllle. His parents will And aim by Inquiring at tbe FourtJk Ward station louse The laairKE**:blk Livebt Stable Asatir ? Z>n Saturday U*{ eleven more warrant* were lamed by Justice Johnson agalnut Mr George C. tfathorne, tbe proprietor of tbe 11 very stable In >ld Trinity Church, for violations of Corporation iwi The warrants were served by Pi'.rolmaa Pendle. r / * ar n uuinun UUOl V fVUil 17. LOST?On Saturday, the 8tn mrtaEt, a POCKKT 1JOOK, containing a ama ! euro of money ind a ticket wrapped in a piece of brown paper, of to o?e to any cue but the owner. The finder aha.l >e rewarded by leaving it ftt j?17 Pa avenaa, op>osite VV iHards'. It* rAKKN UP?On Sfttu'dar afternoon. ft frey HORSK ; had on aeaddle. The o?n? <v . ? requested to oome forward, prove prop _i iF *rty pfty ohftrgee, and tftke him ftwfty, ooraer 9 h street and Louisiana ftv. mh 10 ?' P. MULLEN. C'OUND? Tied id front of the Bath House ob C r ?tr??t, h'twm *td *'h.? 8oRREL |V_ VIA re ud top buggy Tbe owner ^3 rill please oorns forwa-d. prove property, ^ " psy oh&rcee, and uke him ?v?t JAMES W, RAINKV8 mh in 3:* l.ivery Stable. Q 1 A RE WAR D.?Sirayed on the 4th inst., from 3Iv the Poet Office, a Mack PACER; ^ iad >?n a MoClellan aaddle. Tbe finJer ^ will reoeive the above reward, and the jMfi thanks of the owner, by leavinc it at C. vfwv L mrown'8 Jewelry 8tore,No.Sia**l? fa. arena*. between 6 and 7 o'oloofc p. m. If Hired, march sth.from martin's l ivery Stattle.a HOK8K and BUS JY It is a t lack m%re, lor* switch ltd; rtutectar id forehead; abont 16 hands lujh;^"' 01 8 yevrso.d. A blaok mounted harness; ham* iQllar; clash top buc*y. witc a deers heal on the ndeof the sea', the buggy about half worn. A iberal reward will be given for their ret am tolks subscriber, or any information of thair whereibouts. ) mh 10 3f ) CYRUS M4RTIN. y'ifl REWARD ?Stolen from Northern Liber*M.V,'LPt Saturday night,a imil. JK. BROWN 8TLD COLT, 3 years old, with i smal rpMsk in nil left eye.Jon* tail. and-^CCt ujaur, Diwl list IB DIB IOrsn(M ril#?OOT? eward will be t ven for the return of horse at.d let?olion of tbief. or #'<> for return of said horse o B. A. I'll AT HER, Butcher Stall No. 4 3 N. L. Market. mM ?*-* _ PANE TO THE PREMISES OF G. T. U J A M EH, on the 8th. a stray COWltfM| >rmdls bufli o; white stripe down b? wT taok. Tbe owner jri?' oome {otwk-c trove property, pay charges and take ber'away. ftesidenoe S, Between 19th and 90th streets, mh 8 St* _ ten R EW\RD-?tf','?n a it ruht, about one P*J\J o'c'ock. from the corner of Istaod Fayerte itreats, Georgetown, a GOLD WATCH acd 3HAIN. Watch was tnads by Branston, Livertool, No.S.^4 * be above reward will be given f returned to the above address mh 8 3t? JOHN CRUMBAUGH. fttr REWARD.?Lost, or taken by mistake at V*J the Railroad Depot at Washington, a b'aok tnameled cloth TRAVELING BAG. market on in? iid? *ith whitn4*tt*ri " Muar B 8 Jmhhm 8th Rec'i N Y. Voiii Rocbwtir. N ~Y~ \V]E^ >rer will return the nmt to Itr n'i ?Ir tel. Wuhngton, will receive the above rew*id and no inestions asked. mk ? ?t' Q;Q REWARD.?Strayed (ion the snbeoriber, 9*3 one COW, 7 rears old; .arge horn*. ^kd| >olor nearly white, with brown iKUjpUf^ the is firing mi k. The above reward rill bepa:o t ? ?avini ter ?t PATRICK DUNVELLY'S, 4*1, between 3J and ?K street, Pa. l venue- mh 7 >r* | OST OR STOLEN FROM THE HOUSE Li *44, oorner of H and 2let, a ima.:#, j 'lack and Tan lerrier SLl'T. oroppeccj^^ptf tare; lone tai ; answers to ths name ot m 'Fannie/' any ace bringing her b&ek or any iaFormatioc of her, will be liberally rewarded. mh 7 3f QO RE WARD?Strayed or stolen, on tkelU. C ? from the oorner or B and 2d street, a i\ arte bay HORSE, no shoes on; had star ibMkMi ri? <~i?r win tk.&n: it>OT? reward by rftumill* him to the oerner of B LridSdat JTb'lNEK'8 Uyi or Depot,) vhm the jwtiot will prove property- mh 7 X* GEORGETOWN ADVEKT MT8 NOTICE?. The Seeood Anneal Meeting of lL5 the Wrat End Building Association will beheld at the CosncW Chamber is Georgetown at ro'olockon MONDAY E VKNINS. thelOth last, previous to which an election for o Boers, to eerve [ha atnamnv ?o*r will h* Kalii F .to b? open it6 ?'clock. h 7 WILLIAM K?>6, P?. gVGKBKIN BLO V ? 8! Rams bur g * Ebert, 104 Ul?8 BtIICT, GKUHUETOWN, D. 0 i&tfenifriraf is!?,TK?s,,a mTTTKNB in Um Dmtnet. oHocri' OfcuLLeu made to ord*r. BmofctlUP Drawer* anC HfairU ja M ALM. We h?T? juat raoNVH ft amapi j ! the it-ove Am, vtuoh we rxwBBiMd to be of ft ran Mrior ? **ity. Pereona wiehim to purehftte. by miliM vmmediftte ftpphoftuoo, aftB befaraiehftd. ARNY A B&iNN, oo T ?ee?rce?ay?. . TvtE^i^MiUmVssaji ?a be foend ml BAR * BRO S betfttniaftaeot. >ora?r ?f ftnJ nh ?U. A LL KiZK BOYS, lioai the at a of ? >?n ?P, j oftn bft fitted oat ftt BAR t jRO 'li. oofaai h MITIZKN9 AND HTKAMUtKa. look to ??mr L/ interact' L>ool far U.? eomtr ofK M Hit meets-it U buy fine ?:LOTHINfi ?or >*t little Bony. ^TOP WHEN YOU COME IO IHt COR Mr of E ?nd 7til itt?u, m! t a aoit oi fii_3 CL01HlN(r?t?i?.?17 41&, < ft! At BAA A BNU IhfMw* Faatnonsfeie om. t ?u ?? JUPT KtCKl V LD ? o| ..o* JACKti.Ttt.lro* Amum. vtMk Wllwi fl*t M?*t II \b ? tt? # * i.. AriMV. tMortBM. of riM Cu ?'i.Smk \ Mirti. Tmiti. Hm *a4 but. %l t. /t ^ I lC*' -'j** >Vf 4 i * ?<?* ni?ki(

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