Newspaper of Evening Star, March 11, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 11, 1862 Page 2
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ir/KNING STAR. Washington city: virvantv . MAKni 11. tits. Spirit ?f the Mtrmlai Pr?u> The InttVtgmter treat* farther upon the PresIdent'a emancipation proposition. The Republican has no editorial to-day. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. MAfrASSAS IS 0UB8! THE REBELS DESTROY ALL THERE THEY IOILD MOT CARRY OFT ! Ere nightfall lut night. Col. Averill, with a large body ol Union cavalry entered the rebel workast Managua, and hclatod the Stara and Strlpeaover what remain* of them. They bivouacked In them throughout the night. r?o reoei icrces were jn ?igni, ana irom me ImbI information at band it was clear that they bad entirely fled from that immediate portion of Vlrg'nia. It is to be presumed that in the course of today oar military authorities will learn through refugees and others from beyond Manassas, whether they have essayed to make any pretence of a stand whatever at the Rappahanock river, twenty-four mi let In the rear of Manassas, andnp to which point (and Indeed nine mllea beyond it,) the territory bordering the railroad la almoat a continuous indefensible plain, Interspersed with mt few patchea of woods, none of which will furnish available cover for troops Ere leaving their works at Manasaas, the enemy destroyed everything they were unable to carry ott that might be likely to prove serviceable to oar army. The country, therefore, from Manassas to Washington, at least, has been cleared of rebels In arms, and we think for at least thirty or forty miles back of Msnassas. That, however, is bat oar opinion, as up to noon to-day It was not known In this city what Information concerning Che stare of affairs Immediately south and west at the late rebel stronghold our military leadars on the field had been able to obtain. what wow? Without kaowiag aught of the intended move* iXMLts of our army, our lmprrsslou la that the re> oris'.ruction of the Orange and Alexandria railtoad Is absolutely necessary, to enable It to advanes any dlatanee to speak of. beyond Manassas. ? The rebels have doubtless destroyed the road behind them In their retreat, so that It cannot be mads available for oar army's purposes, except with greet labor and trouble?say at the rate of not more than three or four miles per diem. Nor is U known whether it is proposed to make the ma'a advance towards Richmond upon the ManasiA* Un*. We regard that as being exceedingly d*Mfkl, In view of the better natural fa%F laUon via York river. Thesr en OMR s^ssulatlons of our own. haw. tmr, f?W ? personal knowledge of the oaatry. WIUI lATI TSST OOHB ? Thegeneral Impression around u? to-day, ! that a considerable portion of the llvlnv r?h?i *?><> ?' Jdanassaa la now far on its way to meet Burnaide We do not tuaxe this belief, because very certain that the Banner of their retreat Involved the dlaorganlzation of their forces to a very considerable extent. Our fellow-eltlzena of the Federal Metropolis know (from experience after the battle of Bull Rnn) how thoroughly a general retreat nnfita volunteers for any efficient service for a considerable time after Its occurrence. Our theory la that, from Maoaaaaa to Memphis, the whole country and the whole rebel army are suffering under a condition of univeral panic and confusion, la which any aggressive movement whatever en the part of the latter la a matter of impossibility TUB!* BASTS. The haste with which the rebels evacuated Their line of the Potomac Is nroved l>v tv>? #?<? ' of the capture of five of rebel infantry as late as yesterday. la the immediate vicinity of Burke's Station, only fourteen miles out of Alexandria. Unlets they ware purposely left there to be captared, as It were, they fell into our hands beoaase it was Impossible in the haste of leaving to rail them in in time to save them. LATBST VKOM rOKTXXSS Monoi. We bave Information from Fortress Monroe up o nine a m to-day, at which time all was quiet here, and no sign of the return of the Merrimac to risk a second engagement with the Monitor, was visible. Nothing had been heard therefrom Hstfoll DD to that honr iI*m ^w? - r ? ? ) ?vl wcitst WJ HJO? *lp. That she wu too seriously crippled oa that occasion to continue the flght, Is evident from her abandonment of It when the splendid steamer Minnesota lay aground and utterly helpless withla reach of her guns Nothing but being defeated toy the Monitor, st that time, would have tempted the Merrimac to forego her evident purpose of destroying the Minnesota, which, otherwise, would tivi been WhAl It h?r itimm tROM THi LOWIS POTOMAC. Ordnance Storet Reettered. The Stepping Stone*, Capt. Van Derrent, went down to Quantico yesterday afternoon, and re. tamed to the Navy Yard laat night. A force of 500 men, from General Hooker'a diTiiloa. waa landed at Evansport yesterday. The? acted aa a picket guard, while a large force waa employed In gathering from the latt secession at Cock-pit Point, Qaantico, and Shipping Point, the ammunition left by the TMwu in weir aamy retreat. Knoagb of ordnance atore*. In good coadltlon, were recovered to load a barge. Tbe Stepping Stones, late yesterday evening, towed from Quantlco to Budd'a Ferry a targe containing tbe picket guard of MM, and returning towed to tbe Maryland abore tbe barge containing tbe store* mentioned. Tbe rebel steamer Page to lying In Quantlco viwBi mtuw w las wwri rage. The Baltimore aod King Philip left the Yard some day* since. Their destination la not known. fte great eventa which have juat transpired In the waters near Fortress Monroe give vast Importance to the abstract of Mr. Stevens' memorial which ws published yesterday The Stevens battery, aa appear* by the letter of the Mean Stevens of August, IS41, originated with tbem at that date, and was the^r?i suggesUoala any country eflroa vessels, with submerged propellers pro* tec ted by iron armor, aad especially, of sach lion placed at aa aegis so as to glaafct shot or shell. The Moaltor, although a much smaller vestel, le based on the same great ldean On BaHtfday aad Sunday last eame ofl the gamt oeateet between wood and Iron As shown i> advance toy Mr. Btevana' experiments of 1941, Iron wii tbe victor, with scarcely a contest, oar bent t*4 floes! wooden vessels and steamers being apt a rod or going down before the rebel iron-clad ?ms)1, the Merrimac, like a pasteboard bouse before agust of wind But when the two Iron-clad steam, on, tbe Monitor and Merrimac, came In conflict, after a battle of foor hoars, nod after touching mod firing at each other from close quarters, and with the enormous ten and eleven-Inch guns Neither oe r?t are known to have been very a?, rlonaty Injured; certainly ours waa aaft even proof that the bauary afcooiA b? at obo* i ??ipl?c?, a?p?cUliy u It ippwn the eoold b? I . * - tr. Jt 111 i r i ? finished In four month*; therms It weald take < eighteen months to build a new rwiel of equal lxe and power. imoN cla.0 warn ?H!N, The barking and filling of tbe Senate upon the question ef making the appropriation repeatedly asked by the President and Secretary or ute nary for the construction of Iron clad vessels, delayed tbe arrival of the Monitor at Hampton Roads three weeka after the time It waa latended that he ataould reach there. It waa well known to the Government here that the rebel Iron-clad fleet could not be ready to attempt a demonstration until about thia time, and every efTort waa made to meet thoee vessels with tb? Monitor'a heavy gnns. Mad Con^reas promptly responded to the President's and Secretary's recommendations In thia connection, Instead of wasting their time uni ?a inevitable negro, and In Intrigues to wholly overturn the Conatitution of the United States, under tb? plata or taere being a military necessity tor ?o doing, which no military man mm, we would not have le&t the Cumberland and Congres*, all mutt now knew. It is due to Mr. Grimes and others of the Senate's Naval Committee to call public attention to the fact that they have labored unceasingly for two years past to induce Congress to appropriate liberally for the construction of such ships as the Monitor. It is to be presumed that their advice will now have Its legitimate weight in this matter, in their Chamber. The Mystic, another such ship, will very shortly be ready; and the third in a week or two afterwards We shall therefore probably have all three on the station before the Merrlmac can be prepared for sea by the rebels, either one of which will be more than a match for her, as was demonstrated by Sunday's action, in which she was so sig nauy cnppiea oy me monitor, wiiaoui ice laiter* receiving any injury whatever. Her two big guns?11-inch columbiads?are clearly too much fqj anything secesh can get up. THE DEAD HERO The remains of the late Lieut. Joseph B. Smith, U. S. N., killed in the naval action of Saturday last, while in temporarv command of the frigate Congress, are now on the way up to this city, coming via Baltimore. He was killed by the explosion of a shell, which shattered his person dreadfully. His corpse was brought cff the surrendered ship by some of the men set at liberty by the rebels The remains will of course be carried to the residence of his father here. Xrt MORE T>AH?J?a van 1>Y*T* Major General Dix baa lasutd an order dlreet* ing that do more paaaea atall be granted to go Boutb for the present. All travel Dlxleward, save by the blue eoata, la tLna inapended. . biohlt 1mfobtant fkom th? southwmt. A Great Bnttlr?Th? Comlinrd Kebel Army of Van Dom, McCvllo'h, Price and Mrlntotk Defeated?Great Slaughter on Both Sides? Guns, Fbgs, Provisions, $-e., Captured. official dispatch , The following la the official dlapatch from Gen. Halleck,announcing the great victory la Arkaaaa* baa been received here: 9t. loots, March 10 ?G. B. MeCltllau, Major General, Washington?No 61. The army of the <?aal nnHt.? flan J ? "V?, UUI?V. wwn. vui%tOf UiCI IUicr USTI' bard fighting. >'p?r Sugar Creek, Arkansas, baa gained a mont glorlona victory over tbe combined forces of Van Dorn, McCulloch, Price and Mcintosh. "Oar lows la estimated at one thousand killed and wounded. That of tbe enemy la still larger. "Guns, provisiona. ic., have been captured la large quantities. "Our cavalrv are in pursuit of tbe flying enemy. H \V. Uallbck, Major-General. vaoM fortress moxroc. A dlsjftitcL from Fortreai Monroe last evening aaya that tbe Merrlmac did not make her appearance yesterday. The Monitor was honored with aalutea and cneers, oom irom me iort ar.a fleet. Everybody Tit enthusiastic in her praise for the good ser? vice she rendered on Sunday. The following is copied from an official report of Gen. ool, dated Fortress Monroe yesterday, and received per telegraph: ** Nothing of importance has occurred to-day. The Merrimftr has not made her appearance since yesterday It is not v^t ascertained how much she was lrjured. The chief engineer of the Monitor says three balls from that ves?el passed through the Mer?1ni?r ? In the rentes' witti the Merrlmac the Monitor suffered v?ry litiie, although she was struck twenty-three times " POaiTUHL* PALL; NO BACK . Thete ii? no longer any doubt that the rebels hMVA iurrr. Ponfrnulllo U' ??!.?.?? ---1 . ? vvu.tvom J ?? iutucfbCI ) a UU other Important points. Indicating a general falling back of their forces. Charlmtown. Va , March 10 ?It i? generally rumored here :>nd bolleved that Winchester was fully evacuated yesterday. A recoftnolssance was seat oat this morning to ascertain the facts. Intelligence from other quarters greatly encourages all the friends of the Union to look for a speedy crippling of the rebellion. I LaterCbablbstow.v, Va., March 10, p.m.? It Is now a-cerulned beyond doubt that Winchester has been evacuated by th? rebels. Prominent places between this and Winchester are now occupied by our troops. CON'rHt^HIOIiAL. XXXVllth CU.vmKt>s?SecenJ Sssslea. Bsnatb.?After >ur report closed yesterdayMr. Foot, from the Committee on the Dlstrictof Columbia, repertfda bill authorising the opening or sixm mreet west f Tbls bill appropriates ?3,000 to carry the same into effect. I Mr. Wilson Introduced a joint resolution to grant aid to the States of Maryland and Delaware to emancipate certain persons held to labor therein; passed on a second reading. The bill to encourage enlistments in the regular army of the United States and for other purposes I was passed, also the House bill making an sd| dltlonal article of war. Adjourned. ; House ?After our report closed? The bill providing for tbe appointment of sutlers la tbe volunteer service and defining their duties | was passed Mr H. Conkling. Introduced the followlr.g joint resolution (recommended by the President of tbe United Statu:) Raolvtd, $c. That the United States, to co-operate with any State which may adopt abolition , of slaverv, give to such State pecuniary aid, to be | used by sued State as compensation for Injury, public and private, produced by suchchsnge. After spirited discussion, the House adjourned 1 without taking llntl action upon the resolution. ai?Ql.t . . 1?**- ?*i - - w iucDii>7nauvuDi .<tw naxnp*nire takei place to-day. How TBI UtJV-BOAT MOVITOK BlHAVSD ON THE PifiUGl to Fortress Monkox?The Sea Pun Out her Firrt ?Tbe steamer Seth Low, Captain Coffin,aalled from New York for Fortreaa Monroe, cq tbe 6th Instant, with tbe battery Monitor in tow, tbe wind light from N VV. Her captain reports that at It p. m.,*he Raraegat Light, wind N. W. On the Teh, at 4 a m , Abiciwm Light waa in sight, tbe wind North, and atroog. At 10 30 a. m , made tbe Capea of the Delaware. The wind waa strong from N N. W., and the sea breaking over tbe oatt?ry when abeaet ber colors union down, and reported that the aea bad broken in tbe amoke plren, and put oat her flrei. Headed N. \V. for flva hours to keep ber head to the aea. The gun-boats Sachem, and Currituck wera in algbt, bnt unable to render and aaalstanca. After Ave hour* tbe wind moderated, and tb? Monitor arrived at Fortresa Monroe at 0 p. m , on the 8th (?.? u?l. . Thk Mosito* and Mxrbimac ? A gentleman haajnat reached beret who wlin-aaed the naval engagement at Ut.uipton Roads on Saturday and Sniday. Only one man wsi killed daring tbe belling of oar camp* at Newport New*. The ftre from oar ah!pa had no efftect on the Merrlmae until th? Monitor arrived. The Merrimae topowerleaa agalnat a fort or veaa?l, unless within half a mile, on accouat of the lowneu of her guna, which are barely above the level of the water. In a gale she would be uselese. The report of tbe Monitor'a guna were much heavier than tbe Merrimac's Not a man waa la sight on either ship, all being honied. Tbe Monitor Laa every advantage, being ablo to ahift her guna In any direction , even to a line parallel with h?r ka*i i M. E. Cosfemscm.?In the Baltimore Cenfcreuce on Saturday, several members ware elected^ to deecoa'e orders, and the day couaumed la the transaction of bualneaa relative to the financial affair* of Otcklnaon College, Christian Advocate i and other appurteaancea of the Conference. In tbe E?M Baltimore Conference, several mlnlatere were admitted Into foil connection, deaeon'a orders conferred upon a number, and tbe remainder of tbe aeaeion drrm?d to th? consideration of J financial matters. ! * Prtaeaere Captan4. gr l-nmi March 10 _Th? wm<n>.i ?* ?* 1 5Prtc?'? army-^? L 5ES*23t and tnunonlUoB. | <**?? >* -a??.r -3BJK.V :?-f M p^-ij Official Report ( tk? Captare ?f rtratadlaa. Florida, aad Braaswlck, G?ir(1a Oapt. Davis, ltte fleet captain of the Sooth Atlantic squadron, has arrived here, bringing an official dispatch from Commodore Dupont, of which the following is a copy: Vi id Qtri Mmrniv i Harbor tf Fknumdina, March 4. 18?. J Hon. Gidton WtlUs. Set'f of tk* Nary: Sift: I bad tbe bonor to Inform you Id my laaf dispatch that tbe expedition for F?*rnandlna wu equipped and waiting onlv for aultable weather to nail from Port Royal. 1 have now the ptoaure to Inform you that I are In fall poaeeealon or Cumberland Island and Sound of Fernandlna, and of Amelia Island and the river and Bound of St. Mary's. I sailed from Fort Royal an the laat day of February, in tbe Wabaab, and on tbe?d lnat. entered Cumberland Sound by St. Andrew's Inlet, In the Mohican,Commander S.W.Godon,oa board of which ship 1 have hoisted my flag. The fleet compriaed the following vessels, sailing In tbe order In which they are named: Ottowa, Moblcan. accompanied by Ellen, Seminole, Pawnee, Pocahontaa, Flag. Florida, Jam s AdSpr, Bienville, Alabama. Keystone State?Seneca, luron, Femblna, laaac Smith, Penguin, Potoraaka, armed cutter Henrietta, armed transport McClellan ,tbe latter having on board the battalion of marina under tbe command of Maj Reynolds, and the transports Empire City, Marcon, Star of the South, Belvldere, Boston, George's Creek, containing a brigade under the command of Brig. General Wright. We came to anchor in Cumberland Sound at balf-past ten on the morning of the 2d, to make an examination of channel and wait for the tide. Here 1 learned from a contraband, who had been !ticked up at sea by Commander Lalner, and rom the neighboring residents on Cumberland Island, that tbe Rebels bad abandoned in hwte the whole of the defenses of Pernandlna, and were even at that moment retreating from Amelia Island, carrying with them such of their munitions as their precipitate flight would allow. Tbe object of conveying the whole fleet through Cumberland Sound was to turn the beavv worst on tbe aouth end of Cumberland and the north end of Amelii Islands, bat on reieivln?r thii intelligence 1 directed the gunboats and armed steamers of light draught from the main line, and placing them under the command of Commander P Dravton, of the (team sloop Pawnee. I ordered him to puah through the sound wttb the utmost speed, to save public and private property from threatened destruction, to prevent poisoning the wells, and to put a stop to all those outrages by the perpetrating of which the leaders of this nefarious war hope to deceive and exasperate the outbern people. In the meantime 1 went out of the sound and came by sea to the main entrance of this harbor. In consequence of bad weather I was unable to crocs the bar till this morning. Commander Drayton, aceompanled by Commander C. R. P. Koduers, with the armed launches and cutteri and the small-armed companl?"sfrom the Wabash, had arrived several hour* before me. Immediately on his entering the harbor, Commander Drayton sent Lieut. White, of the Ottawa, to hoist the flag on Fort Clinch, the first of the national rorti on wmcn tne ensign or tbe Union has retained It* proper piaceaince tbe flrst proclamation of the Prealdent of tbe United States wai taaued. A few scattering mnaket abota were flrad fromj the town by tbe flying enemy, when it waa diacovered that a railroad train waa about to start Commander Drayton, on board the Ottawa, Lt. Com'd'g Stevens, chased thistraln for two miles, and fired several shells at it, aiming at tbe locomotive, some of which took effect. It was reported that tbe Hon. David Yulee, late Senator of the United States from the State of Florida, escaped from this train and took to the bush Commander C R P. Rogers, pnsblng ahead with the launches, captured the rebel steamer Darlington, containing military stores, army wagons, mules, forage, 4c., and fortunately secured the drawbridge, which waa held during tbe night by the second launch of the Wabash There were passengers, women and children, in tbe Darlington, and the brutal Captain suffered her to be fired upon and refnsed to bolst a white flag,, notwithstanding the entreaties of tbe wnmjtn \ftnnp urn a IninraH I ..v hjhivw * ?*vuu ?uc vapwiu of the steamer home ? prisoner HIb nam*' i? Jacob Brock. He Is a native of Vermont, buthaa been a resident of Florida for twenty-three years. The same night Commander C. K. P Rodgert ascended the 8t. Mary's with the Ottawa and took poMeulon of the town,driving outa picket of tb? enemy'a cavalry. Early In the morning the town of Fernandlna was also occupied by a party of teamen and marines from Commander Drayton's command. In both places moat of the inhabitants had fled by order, it in said, of the Rebel authoritiea. A company of seamen and marines under Lieut Miller was aent from the Mohican to bold Fort Clinch. It la reported to me by Lieut Commanding Dowries, of the Huron, that the whole structure of me rtaroaa on me Kernandlna aide, Including the swinging drawbridge, is qnlte unlnjure<f The Rebels have done some damage by tire to the treaael work on the'Otber side of the river, but I am not yet Informed of Its extent Bev? rgl loco motives, baggage cars, tenders, freight cars, and some other property, besides that found In the steamer Darlington, have been recovered. The whole number of guus discovered up to this time Is thirteen, embracing heavv 32-pounders, 8 inch guns, and one -0 and one 120-pounder rilled guns. The town* of St. Mary's and Fernacdina are uninjured I visited the town, Fort Clinch, and the earthworks on the sea face of the Island. It is impossible to look at these preparations for a vigorous defense without being surprised that th<?v mhnnirf I have been voluntarily deserted. The Wteries on the north and northeast shore* are as complete as art can make them. Hlx are well concealed and protected by range* of sand hill* lnfroatcontalnlng a perfect shelter for the men, and are so mall ana thoroughly covered by the natural grovrth, and by the varied contours of the land, that to strike them from the water would be the mere result of cbanre. A battery of six guns, though larger, and affording, therefore, a better mark, U equally well sheltered and marked. These batteries, and the heavy euns mounted on Fort Clinch, commanded all the turnings of the main ship channel, and rake an approacbingenemy. Besides these there was another battery on the'south end of Cumberland Island, the Are of which would cross the channel irside of the bar. The difficulties arising from the indirectness of the channel and from tbe shallowness of the bar would have added to the defences by keeping the aDDrear.hin<r 41 ? ? " m> K _ R - twug iiuic CApiWTU to'flre under ^reat disadvantages, and when the atiip* of an enemy bad pasted ail these defenses tbry would have to encounter a well constructed and naturally masked battery at the town, which commands toe access to the Inner anchorage. We are told that 6eneral Lee pronounced the place perfectly defensible. We are not surprised at this, If the Information Is true. We captured Port Royal, but Pernandlna and Fort Oil tea have been given to us. We had on the expedition Mr. W. H Pennls, the assistant in the Coast Survey, who possessed accurate !ocal knowledge of a part of the ground passed over, of wbicb, indeed, he bad made the topographical map under the directions of the Superintendent, lie was tealous and active, and It gives me pleasure to mention him. The Kmplre City, on board of which was Gen. Wright, grounded od the bar. As soon as he arrived In another steamer lmm?at?u >u>? taken to transfer to hire the poata and all authority and poaaeaaion on the land. I desire to apeak here of the harmonious counsels and cordial cooperation which have marked throughout my Intercourse with thla able officer. Our plans of action have been matured by mutual consultation, and have been carried into execution by mutual help 1 take great pleasure in reminding the Department that the principal and ultimate object of the naval expedition which 1 have the honor to command waa in lta flrat conception to take and keep under control the whole line of tea coaat of Georgia, knowing, to use the language of the original paper, "(Aar thr naval power that controls the sea toast of Georgia controls the Stat? n* - ? - ? wy ? *V(| 11*. The report that the fortifications &t St Simons, armed with Heavy coiumbisdi, bad. been abandoned, which firat reached me at Fort Royal, I* confirmed. Thia being the case, tbe entire *ea coa?t of Georgia la now either actually ia my poaaeaalon or under my eoatrol, and thua the viewa of the Government have been accomplished. Very reapectfully, your moat ob't aervant, ' 1 (Signed) 8. F. Dupont, Flag Officer commanding Smith Atlantic Blockading squadron. -v-f WASHINGTON SCIENTIFIC A8SOJJ> CIATION.?A rag a'*1" etmf will be held of tfra Aaaootation. ana a read or a aoieaufto (entieman oc an intareatiac abject, at tha Rooms of ina Voouj Men's Chriauaa Aaaua1* tion. on Fennaylvama avenue, on TUESDAY, " *"* "' Tii roljgtr1^:^. (VW^ST. PATRICK'S DAY -ThaftHaHo11 3 oiaty of thia oity city b&va mad* arc an**mauta to oelebrat* the oonunc feativa of lra?*a'a plhno ?? ? ? ? au rxperienooa caterer hti'b^Q meioyed to famish a supper on the renins ofth? 171(i, *t Kaioer'a Hot?], D iUMt, betweensth 4ud 7th streets h rim thsir success on a former ooo& 10p.. the friends af Ireland may rest assured tint the member* of thia Assootation will leave not tar c undone to make tins en oooesion lone to be ie ineinbered with pleaattre by thoee who will honor then wtth their pressace, Tioketa 91, to be fad from the Committee of Arrangements i-Jaome J. Kane, W. Langraa, T. J. Phiuipe, Thoa. Duffy: G. By 1 reeter. Jae. lUyan. nth fi-ft Rati, on TUK8BAY KVENiftCF, tne Uin iat, manouu MONDAY, Mar on i o 14, h><1 o'n n ti *T I nsoMil Official Dtnatek ( Capt. Minm, of tka Flag Skip Riaaaka, relative to U? Ifiral Kammut la Haa^toa Rnia. U 8 STUMD Komom, I Hampton Readt, March 10, 1962. C To Htm. OWko? Wtlkt, StcroUtry Navy Sir: I ban tbe bonar to inform yon Lkat yesterday, at 1 o'clock, ooe of tbe look-oat raaai li reported by signal that the enemy was coming oat. 1 immediately ordered the Minnesota to ret under way, and aa soon as the two tugs appointmA f? tnw ?Vt. .VI. ? -? .j.". .ttTL-j cable * The Merr!mac ?u soon discovered passing oat by Sewall'a Point, standing up towarda Newport News, accompanied by aeveral small gunboats. Every exertion waa made by ui to get all the a peed on the Roaaoka that the two tags wen capable of giving her, bat In conacqeenee of oar bad steerage we did not nt ahead aa rapidly am we desired to do The Merrlmac went op and immediately attacked the Congreaa and Comber, land, particularly the latter ahip, which was hid from ua by the land. When aboutseven or eight m 1 les frem Fortress Monroe the M lnnesots gsou tided. We continued to at&nd on, and when we came-in eight of the Cucaberlaad, we saw that she hsd careened over, apparently fall of water. The enemy, who had been joined by two or three steamers from James River, now devoted themselves exclusively to the Congreaa, bat she being aground, could Ming bat five guns to bear on them, and at ten minutes before four o'clock we had the mortification of seeing her haul down her flag.

I continued to stand in till we found ourselves in thrne ann a half wvakh ?? i ? ? ? ? ..auviaw ?t Bkbt , nuu WOS VU tbe ground astern. Finding that we could go no farther, 1 ordered one of the tags to tow us round, and aa soon a* the Roanoke's head was poWed down the bay, I found she was afloat gain. 1 directed tl e tugs to go to tbe assistance of tbe Minnesota, underIbe hope that, with tbe two others which bad accompanied her, they would be able to get her off. But up to the time that I now write they have not succeeded In doing so. At 5 o'clock the frigate St. Lawrence, In tow of tbe Cambridge, passed us, and not long after she also grounded, but bv the aid of the Cam. bridge she waa got afloat again, and, being unable to render any aaaiatance to the Minnesota, came down the harbor. In passing the batteries at SewaU's Point, both going and returning, the rebels opened their fire on u>, which waa returned frcm our pivot suns, but the range waa too great for them, while the enemy's shot fell beyond us. One shot went through our foresail, cutting away two of our shrouds, and several shells burst o-er and near the ablp, scattering their fragments on the deckBetween seven and eight o'clock we discovered that the rebels had set fire to the Congress, and she continued to burn until 1 o'clock, when she blew up. This was a melancholy satisfaction to me, for, u she had foUen into the hands of the enemy, it waa far better to have her destroyed than that ahe should be employed against us at some future day. It was the impression of some of my officer* that the rebels hoisted the French flag. but I heard that the Monitor had arrived and soon after Lieutenant Commanding YV orden came on board, and I immediately ordered him to go up to the Minnesota, hoping she would be able to Keep off an attack on the Minnesota till we had got her afloat again. TK la H : M *? * Hiviwiug ?uc iuci11uiOL reuewfu uit? 8i* tack on the Minnesota, but ahe found, no doubt ?reatly to her aurprlae, a new opponent In tbe [onltor. The contest baa been going on moat of the day between these two armored vessels, and most beautifully has tha little Monitor sustained herself, showing herself capable of great endurance. I have not received any official accounts of the loss of the Congress and Cumberland, but no doubt ahall do eo, when It will be tranamltted to you. I should do Injuatlce to this Military Department did I not Inform you that every assistance was freely tendered to us, sending five of tLelr tags to the relief of the Minnesota, and offering ill the aid In their power. I would also beg leave to say that Captain Poor. ot the ordnance department, Kindly volunteered to do duty temporarily on board tnls ship, and from whom 1 have received much assistance. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, JOHN MAKITON, Captain and Senior Officer. PROPOSALS Will b? reoeived until Tuesday, I 18th Maroh, at S o'clock p. m., lor rebuilding th# First Baptist Church, on Thirteenth street, between ana H, Washinfton, U. C., aoonrrfing to specifications to beseaaattbe bouse olJohn W. Clarke, 364 Seventh street, above 1. Bids for oar pouter work and bnok?a*in? received separately. [mh 11 St" 1 BUILDING COMMITTEE. MA CARD. AOAMB LEONARD, Faahionable Dress Mater from Bos?on, would reapeotfullr inform toe lsdiea < t this oity tnat she is prepared to do firstola's Dress Making,promptlv and neatly. Oxdera reoeived and attended to at the houees of omstonr.era, if desired Adrfreea or apply to corner of 8tk wxl M sts., at MRS. PARTEL.LO'tf Millm-ry Btore, mh 11 ?f y?| BOOTS?SHOES! |gj f |U CosMia TshthSt. ard Pa. A v. J VU EASTERN MARK Ladiee' Tipped Baimoralc f 1.J5 to $2.V> Guu' Banioralf I so to as ro Genta' Fine (,alf Uoota 1100 to #6 00 AUkindaof BOOTSaid SHOES very cheap. [r7" HooLa made to order id the b*et manner, by mh 11-lm* CHARLKS H. MORSE. t? pRoRpPi?itig!;s'rSoTKL8'an AND BOARDING HOOSES, lj| Proprietors of the above eatabluh- W n.o.n are reapeotfuliy invited to impeot our atook of CHINA. GLASr*. CROCKERY; CUTLERY sad PLA rEil WARE, wtuoh ia oompl?te in every department,and will oompare in quality and price with the liapu rtmrhouiea Coal Oil Lamp*. Cnimn?ra. and Wiokt. T~T " CHAB. 8 FOWLER A Oft. Wholesale and Retail Dealer* in Chut*. U M< Ud Earthen War*, mh 11 -St* 604. Odd Fellows1 Hall.Hh at D. OFFICIAL. EPARTMENT OF STATE, Wabhisotos, Mar oh II. IMS. Information naa oeen reoeived at this Depattment from Mr. John ce la Montag nie. the Consal of the United SUtes at Nantes. that ate legrsphio line ?u laid in November, Uft>. between Belle Isle and the main land, and oon*e<jnentiy oonneoting with all Earope. Kec?ntiy a sinnnl pcle Lai been erected upon an elevated point neon Belle Isle, affording faciei;let for communicating with vessels approaching the 0<Tnis pole is plaoed on high gronnd. on the lift licit of tie tntrantt of tki^port of Palais, (Belle I lmc,) offom 10 imtjori. me signal pol? is provided with both the Marryatt ana Reynold series of signals. This information is polished by retatst of the President of the Chamber of Commeroe of Naotee. nan 11-3'if JJIBKA8ES OP THE THROAT ar? LUNQB. A CARD. DR. ROBERT HUNTER, of New York, editor of the "N. Y. Journal of Diseaus of the Chest." to., has arrived in Washington for the psrpose of treating Bronchial and Pulmonary Diseases, to whioh branch of kis profession his praotioe is txzlusivtiy oonficed. Dr. Hunter's visi< it definite!/ limited to three wseks, and it only made to afford those afflicted With tie diseases tmbraoed in his sociality (Catarrh, BronftUitis Asthma and Consumption) an ojrport mity to submit their oases to him in person. Dr. H. is the founder of the inkmltiom jy.*tem practiet. by which medici?es (or the cure of diseases or the throat and lungs are applied direotly to the affeeted parts in the form of vapor. By this treatment Asthma and Bronchitis ar? rapidly cured, and even Consumption, which has so Ions baffled the ski.l of the inoft learned physioians and proved ntterl* inourable under "Cod Liver Oil," Co a ntenritation ' and the various " Cough Sirups," ' Ha urns" and other tuaokish nostrums taken. by the stomaoh. jrields readily to tne healing lnflsesoe of warm medioaied vapors, daily applied to tneaffeoted parts, intheoity of NtwYirk the deaths from consumption have diminished more than a thousand a year sinoe the introduotum of this praot.cs. No ot tier form of meOloauon gives the pa went the slightest ahanoe of oure. Tne seat of tne disease oan only be reaohed by inhalation, and without it is reaohed not one latient out of a thousand will be saved. This truth ought to be written in Utttrt of fid. Dr. Hunter'* room* are at No. 90S Pea%avenue. 24 door bsiow 15th street, south side. Hours f ..... Ifta ? ??? - ? -- ww *w m. mi kw v f su. mn 11 Q R E A T VICTORY! IN MTERY QUARTSR ! THE GOBLIN B RESTAURANT. 347 Pi. Avmi, South Bids, (Formerly of New York,) Hn th* Btm* ud Came of baiaf Ml of the beat VSXSS'&lX&Mntom*I IAlt Every thwgin the home ie of the befti^jHl the wiarhet affords. fTT" Dont forjtet the mmber?34T Pa. avenue, between Uth aaa Uth atreeu, tooth aide. nth lo-lm r FOR 8TK A^N^OYSTkilV^i^irVS Baltimore 8tM?n (rriter Boua, BorthMit oorner Baltimore Mid Holfid?y ite. at ? 3t* 17OR SALS?A baMtiftil MUSTANO PONY, r six ;?ui old; Mrfaotly Mind &nd g~n- wv ^^MSSnSlS. AfJOt ?jjOLD AND SILVKR COIN 1 UNCURRMIiTBANK NOTES ?h. iiY cool"flgl^X WOOD AND COIL AaUue Wood UslM^dy n or >t my ?^i dVnoff ft 6*UU> eveeutihr&lPul GSZw\rMXh' *M?1 KAHDY. I . . .it AMUSEMENTS. DftiLHARMONIC HALL! IT CAMPBELL W1NHTREL8! ?? ClmriM J'i Dmmecr of tk* World, JFo* T*i* Niobt OittT' ^"Th? BnI Bill r>| th- ?e?aon -TH fta 96 eraU; O'ohMtsr 5"* ren'a Door? opan at7 ; eommjpoe iM o'elott. H yy 1 L L A RD?'J ALL ! THURSDAY. M?rc4 13 MR. J. E. MURDOCH Will h?T? th* honor of giv;r| SELECT READINGS from ?h???p'?r?. Dirkeix. %nd oth??r t>< pu l?r %otbor?, on Th I RSDAY KVKNiNG WUlarda' Hail, oonunocing at o'clock frMtoatr, Tnktti of tteiiMM M Mat* ; wiHTri m?U 7ft a?nta. T* b? IMU of M?*?rs PMIp A Solomons, Metrrpolitap Bockctore, and ai \V>.la-d?' Hotat. Programme m fa tare aaver hag meats. nih KMf C*W?Rau?Y H(j^n|UKT HALL. TO-NiOHT TO-NIGHT The Brilliaut Naw Conateiiation of Beaat; ' PKROiVAL'S IMMENSE COMBINATION MISS MILLIE FOWLBR, Br far the moat wfeot aad baaatifal Dan teat? presented to the Amenoan publio. MISS JULIA MORTIMER, The Idealisation of Me ody and Beattjr. MISS LIZZIE FRANCIS. MISS MARY BLARE, MISS LILLY BRANDON, MISS PRANK SECOR, MISS JULIA RICHMOND THE DELEVANTE BROTH E KS CHARLEY NEIL. BILLY QUINN. "AM I RIGHT M. JEAN CLOSKI, JOHN HE ANY, AND NUMEROUS OTHERS. ITT No ohfcnte in th? AdmiMinn Fnoog_/TI Admiuion 85 omu ; OrahMUr Cturi fit* oeuu. Afternoon Smltrimmmmt For Ladies and PtaultM, on UJL'nMffanAV i vn Ol VrTB n A tr ? nmnn ww i uwva a an 1/ OA ? 1 ? l/A I AX* X NOONS, at i o'clock, WlMft ft lavish distribution of Kl?ra.nt Presents is nude: Riob ted Coitly Jewruj, Books, Toys, Kuo; Article*, and m&gnifiosnt Bi'k Dresses. The Silk Dress presented on Saturday, March 8, vh given to Miss Anns Burke, D street, near Uth, A""?ssion aooetts; Children 1? outs. ih 10 QDD FELLOWS' HALL! THE FAITFAMED Sandford's Opera Troupe. S. 8. SANDFORD, Msnster and Proprietor of SANDFORD'S OPERA HOUSE, putt atiot ***** 1 B*A? This famou* Company of Vooallata, Mnmoiana, and CoDdiwa, ualitad br MRS. ANNA BORDWELL, The Qseen Bird of Song, will appear FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVENINGS. At tb> Od? Fsllow*' Hall. The entertainment will be of a auper ior order, embraoinc Burlesque Opera, Comedy, Tragedy, Pantomime, and Extravaganza, in which the Sandford Tioupe exoet the world. Th* oiemu projramrne will preaent the lateet Sonci, Bal.adi, Choruaea, Dance*, fto. Ifrmmint Room Semts?Old Drayton's. Coaolsding with the Barleaque Opera of LA BOMNAMBULA. A mini Mra. A. Pordwell Filyin" ? -Mr. J. A. PMce HMlXBwlAUhA ' ? * a vvWH, . ? ?- . . ? iw # A* A I U'JIW i?.?in - - Mr- landlord NoUrr - Mr. bdu.ond Dona Thereaa . Mr. W Hordwe ) ?liaa . -Mr. F X A mo 4 Conductor of Oroheater........ Mr. J. W. Hold en For partioalara ?ee bill*of the day. Card* of admiaaion 25 oaota. A few aeourcd seat* r Marred, SO oenta. Doora ohd at half-past o'clock ; oommetca at hJf-past 7 o'olMk. Box ojkoo open from half-paat 10 to 12 o'c ook. D|7A8imSTON MUSICAL HALL?FREE CONCKRT Y NIGHT, frnm 5 o'cioca to 9 p. m. Boat of Refreahmauta. FioaFema.e Waitara. Open all day. At t..e ? corner of Peonaylvania avenue and corner of s- ith atre*t, utile* the Centra; House, <opposite the National, Brovn'a, and C larenden HotMa. fe It lm* OATKNT OFF1CJS CURIOSITIES-Gauie to JT Patanta, Catalogue of Curioaitiea and Government Gardens, at the stand in Patent Offioe; Rare Antiquarian Books; Governme> t Cooks; Docamente fumiahed: Railroad Reports; *?i!itarr Re porta: Karat Patent OAm R*snrti <" .?* r u . tarnished to TPedlara: Mi.itarr Tri&K: Si. itary Lavii Aroir Rernlatioaa; Panorama of tneCoaat novinc over 3,OUO milaa; many thousand Ccmj Booka. Recoheot cheap rest. Larce a&les, ow artoea. U? stairs, over Bank of Washington, ja 29-3m* ALFRED HUNTER. I70R BALTIMORE, r TO 8AIL WITH DISPATCH. On^TUEPDA Y. thaIlth next, the sjLoon"Wight t&ktn^at low ratoa. Am It to RICHARD WIMSATT, _mh? K" Rilor'a Wharf. 7 3 10 TREASURY NOTES. In Large or Small Sums, Bought and So!d by JAY COOKE * CO., BA*kzm. mh 8-2rr 44* Fifteenth atreet, ttOLDIERS' DRAFTS ? ON ALL POINTS, Sold by JAY COOKE k. CO , Ba*KI*8, mh 8 2w <5* Fifteenth street. SET VHK BEST, GET THK BEST, GET THE BEST. DAYTON'S SPICED APPLE P1L8, DAYTON'S RASPBKKRY PiES. DAVTON8 LEMON PIES. DAYTON'S MINCE PIE8. OuuUen.? Why are thty the bat Pim maue m Washington ? iatiNr,?Bmmm ther are w,?w great deaire to pleaae, by itiiu: mnllnd women, who have mad* pies (or thirty yean pMt. i?w r-Beoaoie we make th*m oat of premium flonr.and the beat materials in market. Anrwer.?Became we eat ovr own piea ard make olean;ineas the first rale to be ooeerved in nr Bakery. iuwr.?Beoanae every body who eats them HTi they are the beat, and "what every body say a mmt ^a^ton's bakery, 4#6 11TB STKBIT, mh 8-lw Between *? and H. All the best cooking ktoves, table cutlery. Ao . to be had of W. B. HA?R?'VER. mh 7-Cm > 3 U 7 h street pAMP FURNITURE AND TIN WARE OF v> all kinda to ba had ot W. H. HARROVER, mh 7.8m 53'i 7th atreot. PROFESSOR MORRIS' AZUMEA. THE PREMIUM YEAST OR BAKING POWDER. Mwfr-*Ti?' by B. MOCKRIOGK A CO., No. 63 *orth Fourth Street, Philadelphia, -< and No. 1S3 Read* tttreet. Now t ork. This exoellent composition dooe not oorfata a partioleof Alain,Balerataa, or any kind ?-f de.etenoae drtu; bnt m porteetiy jure and healthy, ap4, aa a oaliaary preparation, is infallible and mviuabla At the Fair in Cinoinsati, there were ft number of Baking fowdera on exhiMticn?the A*a?ea. vith eeTe .! nth?r? ? ? ?* -J SIlMi the first prise, u the p ureal mk* >et ?wa. It raiaea the flour direo^# It is mtr duoed. taout ferircnting it. or letting u? aediaiant, and retaina all the nutritive qualitiea of lae wheat, the beet of wluob are loat :>r the ordinary fermenting prooeea. (taeooe one loaf of A rumen, breed aun. tuu M moh nutriment m two laavea of r*Mt bread, and weighs 15 per eent more* it keepa inont tbr aaay due, and ne>er uoara. Many eeleb rated phy aioieae, both in thia oc entry and ts-rro pa. ka?e deolared uua to be the on./ tree and uatu ral pro mSxgtssSms, 'ssfiryreS: Anunaa |or bread, oakes, pastry, itc . dtring the list three yean, siren tnefr hearty aj troTtl. For aale^by^8rooen In Waehiagton aad Georgetown. LOSING OUT AT OObT! The underlined, being abou? to his baaineeein Washington anireturn to Nev^ ork, offers ttjawW LaVn Il i N 6!N e ?Ml?S: | ^JwIL'SmEN'S PVKNMRIN a annm ! SAMUEL W. THOMPSON* ^.-,. '^^garsisti. Nf rt/Ut r?odT?d^Iur/"^ >'V Sftfi |' MWM????M?1 ??? > AUCTION SALES. FUTUKE DAYS Bj J. C. MaOUlRK Jt CO, Aaatioaaera ADMINISTRATOR'S** LB OF THK Homihoi?t nmrii.B'i.m Fixrrata. a;it?MD will or t1 xrtuiot Clc* Hotia?<>a Tl h.-DA > . March lnh, b? nid*r ol tk? (Irfkui' Court. I shall Mil th? F rnitara, Bar Fixtsre?,acd fool will cf tba txoe.?ior Clab Horn on IM atr^et. t?t*N>r, K and F ?tra?U, e^mjriair f? faita of Walcat ptnah oovwod parlor Fr rnitara, fuitaofdamaak ?or* red Parlor F a rait a ra, Vvalnat V* taat&ot. Marbla-U>pT*b.aa, raneaod Wnm) ffeatChaira. Loaara, Walr.nt and Mafeocaay Card and Whist TaMaa, OrvM'iu Ciooka, 6?> ChUt^ 'm. W irtfnwShadaa, Hra?*< i**n I strain Carpota, Oiieleth. Rues. PUir Car pat. xt?nnor> Dir.;: ? T?b ?. niBii* r1 > r* China. * laaa, Crookor* War*, Fi.w-flateU Ca?tora, labia Catlary, Bnditnli, Furoana. W ubttudi, ^ Hair ard Hack Mattraaaaa, ftoiatara aad PiUawa, H>aak*u. <?aat*>H?, !*?rea?ia. Kttohwi Ptenaila Mow?. A?. The a* la wt.i ocnnuenca with tha Bar FiataiM an<l jo?<1 wii*. Term* : S.i and ocder oath; orar that aaao a orad.t of t* <> an-i four monttia, with intaraat aatia faotority a* oral. JOHn O DONNKLL. Adainia*ra>or mh U-aotd _ J. C. MeOUIKK 41 CO . Aaota._ R, GRFEN ft WILLIAMS. AaoUonaarm. f^OVfcKNMBNT SALE OF SLBblSTENCK 1* S?TO??? ?On TUESDAY, Itch Matt. wa sha'l arl:, la front of oar Stora, No ?*?. ooraar 7th and i> atreata, at 10 o'olook a. - tha *? tl?!?a.vix: . _ I hi H&o-n. T. 4 !ba. Ham, am ibs. M am K??f, I?S Iba. Beef Tontuaa, 100 Iba. M?m Pck. 8 ftilooa MolfUH. 617 ib*. Dried Applaa,wo Its Hon.inj, S55 tb?. Bioe, 155 po"r?'? G -onnd Coffee, loo Id*. *plit l<m?, <?H baahela Bmei, ltd iba. Green Ci tf a Terma o'afi. mt 11 C GREEN k, WILLIAMS, AtoU. MARSHAL'S hALK.-In vtrt?* of ft writ e! fieri facia*. tabued from the e erk'a >->ffee of tl e oiront oourt of the lhatnot or Co'.nm U*, for the ooar.t? of Wftabtagten, &.nd to directed, I will ex?' ?? to.i>ubho a&.e. for ottk, is front of tbe Court House door of a&id oountJ.oe MONDAY, thaSUtdarof March. l vaunt, 1?J. at M o ciool m. tli" f< .<>w r.r Droeerrr d.?h ? - 16, in r*aare No. 41, lot No 2, m taaare Mo. CLiot No. 5, in Mure No, 4S, let No. 12, in 86, lot No.l? in tqnare No. KJ,aBd lot>?o i?c?r? No.*, ib the oity of waibiuUHuD.O, together vilk ail ai.e ?ir?niar the improTtmMU tuwreoa. aeiaed and levied upon aa the property of Brook Mackall. and will foe a?ld to aatiafy juiioWl No. 41, to Ma; term 1861, in lavor of Hot e Frottar A Co W. BKLDEN, _rah 7 du lata .Marahal. L). CMarsha L? a ALF.-Ib vlrtBe of a writ of ftart f&ci&a nndor tieu law, ia?aod freni the C.erk'a offioe of tUe Cirocit corrt of th* Diatriat of Columbia. for the connty of WaahiBftoB. and to ma directed. 1 will eipoee to puMio aale. for oaak. ib front of the ooart tonaa door of aaid eowaty, oa FJUD4.Y, the 21 at day of March next. IfiSS. at IS oWoct ni, the |<>llowini deacn'-ed property, to wit, via A!: defendant's richt. tlt'e e aim oriatereat in and to a oertiam dwel'iBf hot^fe-ect^ nn 'nt Na t n-' l- la * * vm ? m.u mr r-JWfcll I? ?OTl ? lliOnVt OI <Ol No. 9. in io*re No 377. in tke city of Wa*hik?u>?. D- C,,?ei*??rt acd levied upon u the art-pert* of Juliu* Vje^t. ad wt I be sold to eatief* indioia No S8ft to October term. 1857, in favor of Jonathan T. Walker. J. D. HOOVBR, fe * dU Marehfti. BALLS, PARTIES, tc. qnBK TTB GRAND COTILLON PARTY JL Wu, b? iiven at am. TEMPEKASCE HALL. M E atreet. betweer ??h aad loth, On FRIDAY KVENiNG, March 14 faflk Dacomg to oommw ee at 8)6 o'clock. It umc b? i?rof. Geor?e Artn'a celebrated bead. Tickets ! adm tticj & ceatlemanand ladies. ah lQ-5t* FKUt C. F. BARNES, Manacsr. PHROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHION ABL* DANCING ACADEMY,atTemefranoe Hall, k etreet, between ?th and 1< U Clas?e? j/a everf Tneadar and Frida??aileraoon Oiacc/^K at 3. eveclnt oiar* at 7. 9oireeeve^ F;> '?>UM evening at 8 o'otook. Mueto by Frof. G?o Arth. Tonipe>-%noe Ha'.! will be let for Bal!a, Parties, Ac. Apply aa above. fe 14 lm* A NAVAL MEDICAL BOARD. Rourd of V?,n?.l I ? _ - . t Will V?U?0||C M ITIf Naval Asy am. Philadelphia, on Maren 17, IMS, for the examination >f 'atdidates for admietion to the Medical Corps of the Navr. gentlemen desiring permission to appear before the Hoard ?m' make application othe Hoaerable Secretary of the Mavy, stating their resicenoe p!a/*e and < at? of* rth. acocmpanied with reapeet ab> tfftimoDiaU of moral obarsoter. A pp. leant* mast not be iees than twenty-one nor m?re tnati twenty s>x years of ace. No expense is allowed by Government to Candidate atteroinr the seosinas of the Board, as a eaoces?iul examination is a legal prerequisite for a# eoiatinent in tbe Navy, mh K eo2w ~ M ERCHANTS?Call and Fxawime. M KKCH A NT 8?CaU ana Examine. MEKUHANTtf?Call and Examine, OUR CADDIES, OUR ?:AN1>IE8, OUR CANDIES. w holeSfcie, at >ow**l Sisrktt pnoee. MMlfutared Freoh Ererr Day. 4 36 11th snnt, 4*6 1 Ith SmtT, 456 11th gTfctET, DAYTON'S Hiker* and Confectionery, DAYTON'S !!m|u acd C onfoetionery, DAYTON'S bkMn And Confectionery. ni a ?-iw SAMARITAN'S SIFT. HE MOST CEKTAIN REMEDY EVER USED. "Ym," a pwtitlve oure lur SECRET DISEASES, GONORRHOEA. GLEE r, S TRlotURES. *o. Cccta'Di no Balaam, no Meroary. Onlj ten Pi! ?to be taken to effeot a our#. They ar- et.tireli ve*ct*.V?- -- any anpleese t taste, a'd will r <n in u? way lsi tir* the eiomaoh or bo we a of the moet deiieata. Cores it from tv.t to four oa?a, iud raeeat own in "twenty lour t jars." Prepared by i |ruuM of the Unveretty of Pennsylvania, one of the moil eminent Dootora and? hewitsta of the praaaot day. SAMARITANS GIFT Willoureanj ci?e in (rum two to Ionr daye, and recent cmm in TWENTY FOUR HOURS! Ko ezpsumt, ae troubU, mo eMail teAaiever. Let thote w!io tiave despaired 01 fetUa* eared. or who have been sorted with Balaam Copam or Meroary, at ocoe try the J-AMARITAN 8 OIFI. Seat by mail ir. a plain envelope. Pr oe male packages, 82 Prioe teioaie packages, RS. _ SAMARITAN'S Ki/OT AND HKRB JUICES. A S^EEDV AND PERMANENT 0URK FOR sYPH?L18 OR VfcNEKKAL DISEASES. Here ia a positive cure? no Meroary?bo Poiaon? bat the Juioes of Rcota and Her be eombtaed This form of the dieeiae makes Its appearanoe in sores on the organs of feneration,or tne? may occur on other p*rt. of t .e body, which happens mostly oa the rromi. snJ ver. - - ? ' the month, tetters, spot*, caries and nodes of the bones, <ko,Ao. Any and ail of these ay mp tome will soon yield to the SAMARITAN'S* ROOT AND HERB JUICE? Se t by express. Prioe 81 a bottle, or 6 ho it <s for tS< SAW AH I TAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Price 2ft oente. Fall direoUons, ?la;r< enough for any l>oJy to understand, scoomKnT^w# rent No. H South Kigbth street, Philadelphia. fa. |T7*Letters answered and advice (ivea free. Mtn? tf . J HAIR NETTS-HAIR NETT8. . UST Received another lot of those handsome double Chineile Ne H. Also, a fine assortment of twisted Silk and Corded Netts. m ail ooiors, at the 'frimmiag Store of MRS. LOWE, 8?T Pa. ave _ ? v.| whmi aiuoi Mill 5 SEALED PROPOSALS ARK INVITED ti 1 the 15th day of Nlaroh, 1862, at IS m., for eurchasinc from the bovernment the H idee ai d Tal.ow Hoofe.antf Hcrne. roniuoi?, C;.uok*. and Shins, of all the ?e-f Cattle need bf ti.e Ara y of of the Potomac, except there killed within the ancient U*>uta ol the Dietnot of CoiamUa. NobidwiiiLe ratertained aaleea the bidder la preeent to recpand to hie bid. The Hidee, TalioW, Ao., obtained at the liak ol the contractor?he w ill be heut aooountabie for Hidee, Ao.. of all aaun&le kii.ed, whether he get* tbem or not. The bids to be directed to "Ma^or A BECK W ITU. C. S., U. S. A..*too, D. C. le 36-td _ ' ? .NOTICE. I HF PnHic te respectfully informed that the andarauii.Ml haa oommenoed runcm* aLUNii UF SI AtiES l-o? A|flgCt Polo, arenue to Meridian HiTl. *>* Mage* will loave Wjl'arde' Hotel ever? . oruiug at 8 o'ciook and Meridian Hul at baif past 9 <Vc a, and will ran regularly to and from meruiian Hill every hoar, U-n* afior.liLg a cheap and aper^y eon veyance to the Ta'ioa* aampa in tie ccigbt-orhood. Tlie aadereunod bo pea to reoelva a libera, auppori. as he la aeur.-niaed to afforu tua patraoa every Ik<d.,.,u 4 fe 14?eolm* Kropnebor. i Z._ BOIKLKR * WILSON, ffi l*OH HALL. VV , No. SIS fim. Anm. M Between 9th and 10th Streata. Ill We oordially innte the att action of all wh? oooS5;n?5rjf,s'4SiSfttirt?T.w?r.t:: Dnusi&K evwj iti'e uj ^Mlltr, from tua finest Parlor Bait c ?l to the cnaapaat Biraaa.BadaUad and Chair, and at prioaa whiab 6*h oooMtiuoc. 6iyftaaoaD acdooaTinoa yourse.raa. frls ?o6t fiHIRII! 811KTS!! 8H1ITI!9 We ?r? ciripc imo i attontiea to nakioc ShtrU to meaanrr, adcM to btnni aiwaya on Mad a fin* 06?stwpjp?5 , .. ijt H9Pa.tTNM.tLd* fett-if brown'i Malt. T?P PKOFLB'S CLOTHING STOCK, No. ? sraFHSiS ^gyb- | S.r.^'.^oJa5^:,ysKik < i

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