Newspaper of Evening Star, March 11, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 11, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Axrmaim To-N^it Tmum ?"Ireland u it Wo," the interlude of ' !? and Ont of Place," and the flarca of "The Limerick Bot." Mr. and Mra. Barnev Wllilama In prominent character*. Fiakxuk H*xl ?Grand Festival for the ben *flt of 8* Paul's English Lutheran Chucb. Lookrut for a capital entertainment Caktx*bv*y Hall ?Second night of the Dew and brilliant troupe, with an Immense programme of choruse*, tonga, ballads, dances, bar. leaqae and side-splitting comic, concluding with ludicrous afterpiece. Matinee and distribution of valuable glfta, Including a beautiful silk dress, to-morrow afternoon. PBiLBAniionic Hall ? Benefit of C. Dupoat, and appearance for this night onlv of Jocnnv Bovd, the champion jtg dancer, with a capital bill or choruaes, *ongs, and ballads, ceadudlng with a side-splitting afterpiece. At-,n?wr n> Mmic.?Hall oDen all dav. Free concert*, with superior music,' excellent refreshments, fcc , Ac , at 4 o'clock. Don Pillow*' Hall ? ?anford'i greet Open Troupe Is a huge bill of burlesque opera, pantomime, tragedy, comedy and extravaganza, with the charming songstress. Mrs. Anns Bordwell. Sanford as "Hanay Andy," and Nell, Qulnn, and other stars In a spirited performance, the entertainment concluding with "La 9omnambula." Musical Hall.?Free concerts, embracing selections from the most popular operas, at S o'clock, su Deri or refreshments, Ac. Hall open all day. m ~ Paocm>i*?s or th* Citt CouncilBoard / A!d*rmtn, Much 16 ?A communication from tM Mayor nominating John E. Neale for inspector of floor and salted provisions; and a commnnicatlon from thetame calling attention to the inadequacy of the compensation allowed to the ward phyticians for the poor of the city, were referred. A communication from Mr Cromalioe offering for conelderatlon bin improved plan of street railway*, was referred Aa act to aupply certain adjoining tenements on north K street with water through one service . "ft e Domination of Thomas G Clayton as police magistrate of tbe 2d, 4tb, ana out districts, wu coamel. A joint resolution proYidlng for the appoint* meat of a Joint committee of two members from each board, and the Mayor, to confer wltb tbe President and Directors of tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company In relation to tbe terms of tbe transfer of tbelr franchise for the construction of street railways In tbla city to this Corporation, was passed Tbe oolics committee, to which had been re ferrri the bill from the lower board In relation to the new gas company, reported a substitute, Instructing the committee before Congress to urge that body to demand a reduction of the price of gas furnished b-' the old fas company from S3 14 nett to?S 50 per one thousand feet Mr. Moore objected to the preamble of the resolution offered as substitute, and complained of the street lights In his neighborhood. Mr. Bayly defended the substitute. Mr. Dove was In favor of the substitute, and hoped the bill before Congress to charter the new wnnlH >i* Amtrated. aa It wrmlil nnlv benefit residents on the lines leading to the public buildings, but would be no benefit to citiiens living on otaer streets At tbe same time, it wouU be unjust to the old company to give the furnishing to the public buildings and thoroughfare* to tbe mw company and leave the old to furulsh the streets in tbe suburbs only. Mr Richards contended that the price of gas was too high in this city, and asked by what authority members stated that the new company would oalv lav down mains on the orlnclDal thoroughfares The old company had never laid any mains la localities where It would not pay To ahow how enormous the profits of gas-light companies w?re, and as the Washington company mad* no showing of their earnings, he (Mr. Richards) quoted ? Chicago paper to snow what the profits we^e In that city to one company?S700 per diem at S4.50 per thousand feet. The substitute offered here amounted to just nothing at all. Mr. Bayly was not wedded to the preamble, and If It was the pleasure of the Board to strike It out. he would not object. Mr. B'odhaad explained the provisions of the jsi V^VKU vw lit ?? vvui^auj by Congress, and thought It wai In no respect calculated to do Injustice to the old company. Mr. Dove thought that Mr Richards' statistical statement was incorrect, as the coal which he stated was furnished in Chicago at St per ton coat the gas company, in Philadelphia, #6 put ton. The new company, having a contract to furnish the General Government for ten veara at S2 SO^ier thousand feet, ought net simply to be allowed the privilege of laying mains in the back streets, but ougnt to be compelled to do it. It wis in the power of Congreas to reduce the price of gas famished by the old company?a power they had exercised on one occasion. Mr. Rrr>dh?>ad raid his friend from the First Ward (Mr Dot#) would Impose restrictions upon the new company which bad sever been Imposed upon the old company. The new company asked nothing more nor 1*m than had been granted to the old company, and wanted onlv fair competition. Ther? was no contract with the government any more than with Individuals. The new company waa bound to furnish at a price not greater than #2 50 for tea yew*, but neither the government nor the citizens were obliged to take Ft unlesa thevchoae to do so ',Mr. tiohrvr moved to strike out the preamble, aird stated that he thought something was due to At -1 ? - - - - - kur tiu uviupauy. Mr. Dove thought if the bill before Congress w&? not a contract he did not know what a coat/act was. Mr Bayly thought that residents in the suburbs would hare to pay an increased price for gas to the old company If the price was reduced to resident* la the main thoroughfares. Mr. Brodhead moved to lnnert 83 50 gross in place of S3 15 nett, which was adopted (10 to 2), aad the resolution was passed. The nominations of Jacob Fisher as scavenger to the second district of the Fourth Ward; James > Miller as Clerk of the Western Market; and of Edward B Burey as apothecary to furniah medicines to the poor of the Fifth Ward, were confirmed An act creating a secretary u> me ooara 01 Health vra? passed. A communication from the Perseverance Fire Company was referred. The special (joint) committee on the subject of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad Company made a written report, detailing the action of the corporate authorities on the subject, and reviewing the different plana proposed to relieve the city from its obligations lu that connection? namely, either to authorise the Trustees to sell the interest of the Corporation in the road at public sale; or to accept the proposition of Mr. Alexander Hay to purchase said Interest, fne committee, in conclusion, reported resolutions authorialng the Mayor to Instruct t&e Trustee* to sell the Interest of this Corporation in the road to Mr Hav on the terms offered by Llm: with the exception that 1 nstrsd of thi* Corporation being ecured by a deed of truat on the road from Mr. Hay for the 930,000 of ontatandlng claim* against this city, be (Mr. H ) pay the amount In cash in Klrtj daya Mr. Brown wanted Immediate action. Mr. Moore opposed each nasty action, and said tbat no proposition in connection with this road bad ever been made here without Instant actien being required He did not know that the proposition of Mr Hay was yet before the board. Correspondence between Mr. Hay, his counsel, nr. Biewari, ana commuievi 01 mr ooaras were read, to show tint the proposition of Mr. Hays * wu ?m pending. Mr. Moore wanted to know the nature of Mr. Hay's proposition. The bill justread wasdltterent from his original proposition, which hs (Mr. H ) states in the correspondence he cannot change or nrt from The act was illegal, and if Mr. aysd Id not accept the term* proposed, the trustees would he obliged to sell out if they did not ? 1 000. He (Mr. M ) thought It best to print bill and defer the matter for one week. Mr. Brown briefly advocated the resolutions as reported, and advised Immediate action. Mr Brodheed moved to strike out "thirty" and lnssrt "ninety" days a* the time for payment; carried. Mr. Moore wished not to defer action, but to save time This bill was imperfect. It had not been submitted to the Corporation attorney. He (Mr Moore) read from a written opinion of the kwrt Bra Itoy, the trustees, sent to Mayor Berret, taking the ground that the Corporation bad bo discretion la tbe nutter. Mr. Brown replied to the position of Mr. Moore, and called tbe previous question; which anil was sustained by yens b, nays4. Tbe bill wss tben passed by a vote of 9 to 2 Several Mils from tbe lower board were tben referred Adjourned. Ctmmon ?Communications were presented from tbe Mayor, approving sets making appropriations for the repair of tbe Western market house and the bridge at tbe intersection of New Jersey avenue and I at south; and railing attention to tbe dilapidated condition of the plastering f tbe Center market-house, and recommending tbe repair of tbe aame between Seventh bad Eighth sta. reeolutlon requesting tbe Mayor lo cause the walls of tbe bornod buUd ng on F street, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth sis , to be torn down, was adopted Mr. Snepberd offered n reeolutlon authorizing the appointment of a select committee of three to lavestfgnte and report upon tbe ordinances of tbe Corperatton relative to tne au*j?et of the recent resolution of tbe Commlaaloaera of tbe Metropol-, lb. rl>w. -- Uu r ihmIbJm 1 m requests the Mayors of Washington and Georgetown to orr? tbe repeal of the law proklklttag tbe appearance of necrose on the street* *fter ten o'elect at night] Mr. Kdaaonsloa aoTi4 to lav the reaolntlon on the table Mr Shepherd hoped the motion would sol prevail. He did not deelre to atlr ap agitation upon U? ?ut*ect, aor did he desire to offend la the I least any member of the Board; bat It wu necessary that the subject should be laid before a committee who should report to the Board all ordlnances touching tbe question, so as to enable them to Tote undersundlngly. Mr. Edmonaton believed the Intention of the resolution to be to net the negroea at large. They already did much damage, and were a growing * 11. with tbe law: but if tt wii rene&led there wonkl be no restraint at all upon them, and the city would be completely overrun by them. He waa In favor of retaining the law upon the Rtatute book, and should oppose all measures for Its repeal. Mr. Shepherd aald the resolution did not anticipate the repeal of laws upon the subject. He only desired to treat the Board of Police Commissioners with the respect due them; and the Board of Commen Council could not do leaa than to refer the reaolutlon of the Commissioners to a committee for the Information of thACouacll. All he desired was a proper knowleage of the ordinances of the Corporation upon the subject. Mr. Edmonaton did not wish to treat the Police Commissioners with disrespect. Tbe Council should let tbe negro question alone. That was not tbe time or place to agitate tbe aubject. Too mucb waa *vd about It in Congress, and it would be a great deal batter if leaa attention waa paid to that, and more to tbe condition of the country. The revolution was tabled?yeas 8, nay a 7. Petitions from fl. Parker, Jamea Laws. T. Jourden and Bernard Bryan, praying the remlaaion of flnea Imposed, were referred. [The latter petitioner waa fln?d for selling liquors to workmen In the Nary Yard on Sunday, wnicn act was pieaa as a " muiiarv necessity j Passed : Bills establishing a fish wharf and dock at the foot of Eleventh street; authorizing the lavlag of a water main on Thirteenth street from * to G street north; making an appropriation for the repair of the roof of the Washington Asylum; and resolutions callig upon the Mavor for all outstanding claims for work done upon the Central Guardhouse; authorizing the appointment of a committee to confer with the directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad relative to the Waahlngton City Railway; and requesting the Mayor te call the attention of the officer* in charge of the Interior Department to certain obstructions in the streets. Referred: Bills authorizing certain tenements to be supplied with Potomac water; for the relief of B. F. Clarke and Sandy Mlddleton; making an appropriation for the payment of corporation constables ; appropriating $300 for the benefit of the Columbia fire company; authorizing the Mayor to lease the vacant lot No. 3, In tquare 490; prohibiting the uaeof privy wells; and a joint resolution A f artAai nnr t%4 *11 tha intoMat r\t thu (!Arnnratinn In VI IM1 klil iimivo* v? ?MV wv? ^Viwxwu mmm the Alexandria and Washington railroad to Alexand?r Hav. Tbe joint resolution of instruction to the committee before Congress, relative to street railroads, wan laid orer for farther consideration, and tbe ref? ts from the committee of the Informal meeting ot the two boards, held recently, ordered to be published. The claims committee was discharged from the consideration of a bill for tbe relief of Thomas Irwin, and a resolution instructing that committee to lnqalre Into tbe expediency of remitting a fine Imposed upon E. B. Conkllng, and of permittlng him to occupy a certain building on square S37. Adjournea Thk B arnxt Estatx in tux Orphans' Court. i u uuurrviana iiit? qurMiuui lufoivru, wc prupusc to briefly review the action of the contestants up to thla date. A few weeks ago Lieut Barney, ai next best friend of bis children, petitioned the court to compel Dr. Harvey Lindsley to settle his accounts as collector of the Barney estate, and to elve security for payment of any balance due. Dr. Lindsley responded that he was, from the date of his appointment as collector of the estate of Mrs Barney, deceased, on the 2d day of October, 196o, to the '25th day of January, 1882, when Ko or?fl a ntwtl n nit o (i (i r\t tka nKll^ ran art. "V up tl kCU ^UblUiBU VI ?MV VUliWiCU) Bb? Ine as agent of the court, In receiving money and disbursing It for the benefit of the children. and that he gave security to the amount of J 1,000 for a faithful performance of his dnty; further, that he bad rendered an account to October last, and would render an account for the whole time, when ordered to do so by the court. More than a week since he (Dr. L ) brought Into court his account as collector of the rents of Mrs Barney, deceased, to the time of her death, showing $187 90 In his hands; also, an account as collector of rents and profits of the real estate of the Infant children, showing a balance due himself of #G7 67. To the last account Messrs. Davldge and Winder (for 8. C. Barney) made exceptions to the discount charged by Dr. L. npon Virginia notes taken for rent; to his charge for commissions (10 per cent) as exorbitant; and that he had failed to charge bimseii with *60 received from Anthony, the hatter, for rent for the months of August and September; that Mrs B died on tho 2fctb of September, I860, and the rent due on the first of October, for the month of September, belonged to the children. Last Saturday, In open court, the counsel above named added to the paper of exception! the following : "The accounts of Dr. Lindaley having been sworn to this day, exceptions In addition to tbe above will be filed. The Orphans' Court is requested to defer action upon the accounts until an opportunity Is afforded of ascertaining their accuracy." Mr. Kendall briefly replied to tbe counsel on tbe other side. i^aier in me aay, nr. niouni naiea \o me court that Dr. Llndsly was ready for any investigation of bis accounts; that Dr. Llndsly, in tb? accounts whicb be had rendered to the court, and which had been stated by the clerk, had credited every dollar which had come to bis hands in the proper account; that for his disbursements, he felt confident they were sustained by law; and that Dr. L>. was not only ready for, but courted the most rigid scrutiny Into his account* by any party who really felt an Interest in the matter In this connection It may be proper to state tbat on Saturday John %V. De Kraft applied to the court for letters of administration on the estate of Mrs Barney, deceased. Dsas?Mrs. Caaey, wife of Brig. Gen. Casey, died suddenly of apoplexy at their residence on 1 street about 5 o'clock last evening Tbe body baa been embalmed by Drs Brown and Alexander, assisted by Brigade Surgeon Jas H. Warren Her remains will be placed In a vault to-morrow with an appropriate funeral, and afterwards sent to Massachusetts. Mrs. Casey was much beloved by all who knew her, having great charms of rs/> n n nH manr\A?a Pn? aM' mr\ w I % V-> pv? ?v u uuu iiiuuii^ia. vuk vu w uuv*' ' J Au iui. noontide of life, the will be greatly missed by her hnst of friends The General bears his severe affliction ss becomes a soldier and a brave man. Yours Hand* at thb Bcsihzss ?John Fltii^enld and Woo O'Bryan, one tan, the other thirteen years old, were sent to jail by Justice Walter, for horse stealing. They took the horse from the common and rode him Banday, secreted hlmdnrlng the night, and repeated their eques\ 1 .J... ...til Sk. . ... V. iK.n insuisui muiiuay uuiii iuc aiicruuvu, wucu wry were caught by patrolman Han nan. Lent and tbi Spiritual Retreat.?It was announced In St. Matthew's Church on Sunday that daring Lent Aellglous exerclsea will be held there every Tuesday and Friday evenlnga at o'clock. A aplrltual retreat will be commenced on Sunday next, under the direction of the venerable Father McElrov. who vlalta Washington for the purpose, and will be continued through the week. CKXTftAL GCA*DHOtsi Casks? Bt/ort Justice Clark?O H Bldwell, disorderly; lined $2 94 Jonathan Rlee, larceny of fish; dismissed Jobn Crowley. Edw'd Stlner, Joseph Bar>cck, John Smith, drunk; turned over to the miliUry. A. Grouamer. drunk: lined91 M. Mlch'l McHugh, do ; do. >2 19 wra MorrUaey, disorderly; do. S2 94. John Connelly, drunk; do. tl 94. Liziie VVorlliu?, do.; diamlsaed. The Masonic Hall t* GmoaorTowjt?1The tin roof of the Maaenlc Hall on High atiwt, having been blown off by the late dt-mUuctlve gale In this vicinity. It wus decided to replace It with a late roof, The alatea (of superior quality) were obtained la Baltimore and the work has been substantially and thoroughly done under the superintendence of Mr. R. E. Stekelia. Focbth Wa? Station Casks.?Before Juslie* Walter ?Nancy Ogleton, drunk; fined S3 25. Den a 1a Donovan, T. Conner, Win. Green and G VV Paw d r ink* tnmfH nvnr ta th? mllilarv W Tersll, colored, fighting; fined S5.94. Edward Evans, do.; dismissed. Rockvill* Jail?The contract for betiding at Roekvllle, Md , a new Jail for Montgomery county has been awarded to Messrs. Richard Pettlt and John M. Stake of Georgetown, who were the lowest bidders. Liquoa Law Case.?George W. MlLer was arrested In the second precinct, and brought before Justice Walter, on the charge of selling liquor (to soldiers) without license. He was fined 30SM. Ceiximal Cockt.?In consequence of the illness of Judge Crawford and of District Attorney Carrlngton, the criminal court adjourned yesterday w thout transacting aay business. 8ali of Real Estate ?Yesterday, a threestory brick house on the east side of Eleventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue, was sold at WHiVB 4WI Dok't rotoiT tke grand soiree of Prof. C. P. Barnes, at Temperance Hall, next Prlday night. A capital time la 1* anticipation. ATTiitrioR la called to the advertisement of C. H. Morse, boot aad shoe dealer. He hae a flee i stock ef reedy-made geats and ladles boots aad show, foe sale very cheap, at the coraer ef Tenth street aad Peaaeylvanla avenue. 2t* Ikmbtajit to lavALios ? Or. Robert Hunter, of New York, tke founder ef tke Inhalation system of praetloe, for the cure of bronehltia and consumption and asthma, has arrl vp<i In Wuh Ilngtea and opened room* at 903 Pennsylvania e^ntr*tme?ter<th?r 1?* ?, Mm*. Patrawwc* Mazxokt, If atfll In A* city, can bear of aomethlnK to her ad vantage on application at tfae City Poat Olftce. mil 10-St* D*op in at the 'Peopled Dollar Store," 438 Pennaylvanta avenue, near Four and-a-half atreef. Examine the aplendld assortment of Jtapelry, silver Plated Ware, aaa man. mot a uoia rens, and Mtake voar choice for one dollar." mar 8-1 w* BtiireuTB'a Pills ?One million nine hundred and twenty boxes of Brandreth'a Pills were old in the >ear 1881. Let those who require a cleansing, Innocent Vegetable Medicine, use Brandreth'a Pills, which have stood the teat of experience, and are approved by all who use them. Sold at No. ?>4 Canal street, New York. Branch office corner Ninth and E streets, Washington. D. C. P. S.?Sutlers supplied bv the dozen. _ mar 8-lw Dr. J. H. 8chk!?ck.?This gentleman was advertised to be la Washington on W ednesday, the 2?th ?f February, but o^ing to a severe gale which he encountered in his passage from Bo?ton to Philadelphia was unavoidably detained He now proposes to visit Washington to see patients afflicted with diseases of the lungs, stomach and liver at his rooms at the drug store of Samuel B. Waite, corner of Seventh and Louisisna avenue, on Wednesday, March .12. Dr. Schenck won Id further sUte to those patients who called on the dav designated ta his former advertisement, and were disappointed, that if they will call during his next visit he will examine them with his resplrometer free of charge. His price for examination with this instrument Is three dollars, but advice In other respects free of charge. m9-3t? Tub I si) iati Hnt Oocto*, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell hit patlenU the nature of their complaint! or 111.nen, without receiving any Information from them. No ckargt for Consultation or Adviu. otm MOTTO. We nae such Balms aa have no strife \V 1th Nature or the Law* of Life: W 1th Blood onr hands we never stain Nor poison men to eaae their pain. Am. >11 m 11. vsui roiiicr?wuvui au ^uuuiich auoj Provide# tbe mean* to care all 111a; The simple Herb* beneath our feet, Well used, relieve oar pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? Theae, these shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Room No. 11, Washington Building, Penn. avenue, corner of 7th street. Canadian references of the Indian Herb Doctor: Sir E. Heads, Governor of Canada. Hon. Hy, Steams, Mayor of Montreal, C. E. Hon. Geo. Hall, Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Hon. John Hutchinson, Mayor of Toronto, C. W. Hnn J R Rnhinirn Hon. Jas. Cummings, Mayor of Hamilton, C.W. Hon. W. Matthews, of Brantford, C. W. Hon. W. Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. W Savage, late Col. of Artillery. H. P. Dwlght, 8upt. of Montreal Telegraph. J. Taylor, Justice of the Peace, Toronto, C. W. R. H. Crook, Alderman, Toronto, C. W. J. Urouhart, Surgeon, Toronto, C.W. fe 17-tf Corn?, Bunions, Calosltles, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all diseases of the feet cared without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 426 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and Sixth streets. Room 7?2d floor. umce nours rrom a a. m. loop. m. rails maae at private reaidencea when desired. feb 17 With, Mothhes, and Sis-runs, whose husbands, sons, and brotheraare tprving In the army, cannot put In their knapsack a more neceaaary or valuable gift than a frw boxea of Holloway'a PlUa and Ointment. They Inaure health, even under the exposurea of a aoldier's life. Only centa a box or pot. 319 TAKI NO MORK UNPLEASANT AND UNSAFE MEDICINES ?For unpleaaant and dangerous dlaeasea. uk Helmbold's Extract Bucbu, which ha* received the endowment of the moat prominent physicians In the United States Is now offered to afflicted humanity aa a certain cure for the following disease* and abuse of the urinary or aexual organs: General debility,mental and physicaldepression, imbecility, determination of bl?od to the head, confuaed ideas, hysteria, general irritability, restlessness and sleeplessness at night, loss of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia,emaciation, low apirits, disorganisation or paralysis of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, and. In fact, all the concomitants of a nervous and debilitated state of the system. To Insure the genuine cut this out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. Cures guaranteed. 8ee advertisement In another column. feb4-tf 1 IXDIA. RUBBKE boons. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should b? without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blanket*, for soldiers, 81.25 each. Rubber Ponchos and Blankets combined, 82.50 each. India Rubbar Coats, white or black, $2.50each. India Rubba? Leggins 81 per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Goods, including Rubber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds in sickness, Ac . Ac., at manufacturers prices,at H. A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. ay., between Ninth and Tenth streets. feb 1-tl Families who have never used Boston crackers are invited to try those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton, bold by all respectable grocers. ja 2&-tf MARRIED. On the eth instant, by Rev. Mr. Finkel, HENRY A. ttOKSI' to Milt *. Ail Lit H'JWfcL,JL. 01 Georgetown, D- C. * On the 9th instant, at 8t Aloysius Cburch. by Rer. Fattier Maguire, Lieut. JOHN O'HAGAJ* to Miss MAKY M. FUNNtLL, both of this city. <t> * DIK1>, On Saturday afternoon. March 8. at 5 o'o'ock, FLORtiNCt.ion of PatnoK anU Ann O'Donno fhu<s aged 24 ?ea'S. * On th? evening of Maroh 9th, LORENZO DOK8E Y, K*q.. m th* 54th >?arol his aie, seo< ud son of the !a.te j udje Oven l)orsey, ot Baltimore. Keanisoat id pace. 1 ho friends of the family are respectfully invited to aooonipanv hia remain* trom hie residence. on L street, between 14th and 15th. to St. Alqrsias Chvroh, where the funeral oeremomee will be solemnised, on Wednesday morning at half-pa** o'clock. On Monday nig ht, Maroh 10th, 10 minutes pai t 8 o'olook, BARBAR. youngest daughter of John and Marcaret Elbert, in the 19th ?ear of her aze. H?r funeral will ta?e p!aoe on to morrow ( Wed nesday) afternoon, at 2 o'oloolt, from her father's residenoe. No '81 Tenth ?t. The friends of the family are invited to attend, without farther notioe. * On the ioth instant, from the meaalea, JESSE F. A. 1) SHREKVES, iou of ^anmel and Elisabeth ShreeTea, a? ed 6 Tear a 2 month* and la days. l)eareit little Jesse, yon have iefc us, A^d to Heaven yr>n are foae; By the help oI bod we'll meet you In Heaven, that happy promts* land ! Mourn not, sarents, for your ange!, In Heaven witft God h? stands: I hen try to meet your little angel Id that far and better land ! The friende of tne lam My are requested to attend hie .uneral, cn Wtdneuiay. the, atso'olook p. m.,from the reeideLoe ol his father, on seventh a.reet, between L and M, No. VIA. ( Baltimore Clipper and Sun copy. ] * Onthftllth instant,GEOKGK W. P. MURRAY, the youngest son of tne ate James A. and Margaret A. Murray, in the 18th year of hia age. Deare?t brother, thoa hast left us, We thy loss moat deeply feel; But 'tis God that hath bere't ds, He oan all our sorrows heal! * LADIES OF WASHINGTON, ADIF,8 OF WASHINGTON. l.AUIBS OF W ASHINGTON. are invited aie invited are Invited to Call at onr Bakery, to Call at our Bakery, t to Call at onr Bakery, and M if oar CRACKERS, CKaCKKKB, CRACKERS, OkllM caEDL w nS Are not luperior to any made in Washington, DAYTON'S Bakery, 496 nthV , mhllw Between B and H. onn barrels aUU northern cider, warranted pare, and a very upenor artiole, For sale by john p. boyle & co, 37 Cheapside. mart-St* Baltiiuor*. v intmoa Li Imported and Domestic, Mill, Imported and Domestic, For sale by JOHN P. BOYLE fc CO.. 87 Chraeeide, mar ?-3t? Baltimore. rpHB AMBEICApArTELE?EAPH COMH?,?, YrtW'o'H ICE i in Willasm' Hotkl. this company is prepared to aeeomiaodate the nests of that house, and the

public, with every Teleiraphio facility. Comma nieafaoa direot with BALTIMORE, r niuAiwuriuA. M Superintendent. 53ga??a?? * ? .' -'.* ' f .. ? ?????? WANT8. r W\aff8 tT9 Phii. avenge, b?"?r??p 10th and Uth ata. It* lirANTED-^ young German BOOTMAKER, *V Icq air* JOS Keveutn atrMt, near I'ecns?lvania w. it* \TITANTKD_a ?o?nc MAN who *Dd*'?tauo? " cooking onn cet a (o^d ?laa* is a total in the 0itr- Call fct 6Z*i p*mi?yIvaniaaT. It* WANTE?>?* WHITK WOMAN M ?ook. Call at 409 Twelfth street, between I and K r? it* WANTED TO RKNT-A larKe ROOM <n Room*. tmtaMe fjr mPohario\? on first or second floor. A tusuie*8 locality pref?rre i. Addr<*ss "Meot.%uical," ?*t-%r <)ffio-? inn II ?? %17AN TKli?Af t>> A P Aatanran# OS* -- - - ? ? .? twv vvaiui^ < ' '"' ''i' *H*j y * vv Fetinty van;* ave&ue, a food WAITER ? one who underataada b-.a buain-ae aer'eotlv well; none n: sucb need apply. dood re.ereno* reanired. It* WANTtD-M 94 Pennay varia atenoe, a Co.orej Wcmu to cook, waah and iron, a Colored Woman f,?r house aervant, and a W hite Woman for ohildren'a mrae. Kecommsmiauoo# reqnired. II* WANTKD TO HIRK-A ?OMAN t? do ocok n< and houo^work in seoflrai. To one we'l recon nundeJ food w&cea will be (iven. Appr at No. 266 r' atreet, between ?Sth and Utl?. mh 11 3f WANTED?A young WOMAN to do of amb?rwork and a;*iat in general housework. Also, a young i.AuY who wiahaa to iearn the ve*t making. Beat reference* required. Apply No. 4T3 Tenth arrest, Ketween O and K- It" WANTfcO?A stront two-horse SUTIiKR'ri WAGON and double team HARNK-8, alnn perfect ooedition. Als j, & strong, active, m.a ?ound HORSE. Address 'L. A. E.,r' No. U23 Penna., It* ROOMS WANTED, ma private funiiyacd in a re?pectable neighborhood. for four adu U? j a Parlor and two B?drooms.f!urnish??d.) on the] first or reoond floor of a cvnfortahie house south of H street and between 4)4 and ]2th streets ; possession between now and April 1?t; rent not to exoerd aso Address Post Office Box No. 1T5, statin;termg. ftp mhll Si* WANTED?Two MEN to work on a farm a short distanoe from theoity. Apply at 346 7th street corner H si. trh 10 2t* II/ANTED-A GIRL to do central houp?"? f<>r a family of three perioae," Apply ?t 317 fc'h treet.bctwen l.andM. mh 1Q 3t* WANTKD?Ttro roof WHEELWKIfiHTt), Anply at H. PAl'TER'SS. on K ?tr<w?t. between nth ard lftth street. App y immediately. None but good hai.ce need apply. Good vazee given. mh K-2t* WANTED? A HOUSE with 5 or 6 ro"ra?, fronn the'stof April, in a respectable nsiitn^nrhoofl, either on ?he Island or m the Northern Liberties A permanent i^nai.t may be geonre'l b* J. W. BRU.HAR1M, corner 19th vtreet and Maryland avenue. Island. mh 10 lw* WANTED?A fir.e-'ookinc.well-educated young a n\7 ?*> ? J ? _i?w r* ?* ? ? * - KAU i iu wioiiuitiiiuu [imm WHO HM experience, speaks rifferent lareneses, p'ays the p!ai:oan<l has (raveled to i?in? extent would be preferred. Goad hon e and &1A0 wages paid Uj addressing, for one week. Box No. 66 City Put Office. mh 10-1 v* 117ANTED?A rood COOK, WASHER and " IRONER, to whom libera. vii>u will be paid. Apply at No. 430 New York avenue, be tween 13th and 14th. . mh 8 3t WANTED?Several intelhfeut and efficient AGENTS to oarvass Washineton C'tT, Georjetown. ar-rf Alexandria, in a profitable bun up" mfmrvoi m. v /?- r?. avenn*. mh 8 ?t* WANTKI??A fir?t olM? CU!?K (womat pre?? ferred) to take oh?ry? of a kitchen in afi'stclam restaurant Apply immediately. Reference required. 333 K street, MITCHELL'S He-t*ur s.nt. mh ft st* C*" An -PARTNER WANTED leu gei.teel Exhibition now perfoming in Waithington, corner of Pfnr.sylvania avenue and 2d tt. For pgrtiouiars apply at the Exhibition, mh 8-3t* WANTKD?A FOOTMAN, to wear livery, go out in the carriage and on rr.cegaee*, trim furnace* and fire place*, a- <1 o'ep.n 'ho hous? At ply for particular* to Mr OWKN< P?nn*, avenue. mh 8 it* WANTF D-THRKK. MRN to work lr a Dsiry, iLtf must be good milkers. .M?o, FOUR >1 F.N to work on a farm. by th? year, ti.ej must ill be sober, industrious jnea. Mono otter i oed app t. At Locust Hill Farai.7tii ttreet ro*.d. near t^e first toll gate. mh 8 3t* WANTED-An industrious, honest MAN. who can males himself useful on a small place; he must also be a good driver. To suun a person, who can bring the best citj referenori food wage* will be riven. Hither white or slave. Aprlr K?J oram% He gftta. Mr. Vev m'? p'aoe. mh ft ?t EFT HIS HOME IN BALTIMORE, WKU nesdaY, a. m , *rd last seen on the oars for Wasting ton. ALF. XANDER COlGNAKL), age 13; light hair: <1--* eyes; sii<ht figure; <lrcs-e.1 in gray punt (lark coat and b tn oa? Ar.y itformation of him will be thankfully received by h * dh?tressed parents Address to A. Coignard, Ifc* Saratoga ?t? era- Eataw. Baltimore. mh O-St* *? r A MiL'n A H1T1T1TIOM ? -lA.b ... - ii ? a i ii' a ?- i f z1 i < V/1* ?/iCi A 4H a | Quartermaster's Office. cr in &nr other I availai< position, by a pe'aon who has been en-( gaged fur several yrara in b?*in?u on his own ac 1 count in thia citr; la a good book keeper. familiar ] wi?h acooun'?;an l can give the best referenoea. Address at Washington city Poat Ofhio, "Clerk." mar it 3t* I \\j ANTKO.-I/mi will i>? given to auy person vv who will procure the advertiaer a first l'?uten?ntcy (infantry / in the volunteer army ; ha? had 10 years' experience in the Ecgiisn army. Address O. C. LAWSON, Washington City Post office, D. O. niti6 Iw? WANTED TO K KM T?A well-fVun nh-rt H in aoent'al IccatiOP, frun 10 to '5 rooms. Eestci ref<tr6iiee and cood rent live :. Address Box 3, Star Ortiso. mh*tf OLD LETTERS WANTED -I wi!! civefrpm two to tea ?lol ars for Let'TS written br Gen'l WMhingwii, ar d a fair prioe for Old Lemr? written by ce!ebrate<: Amfricanti, H evolutionary Celebrities. Prraidonta, Generals, 'cmiriodofea, Judges, Doc to is. D!rine?, Lawyer*, Ac. Address ROBERT SPli ING, 343 N. Twelfth troot, PLiladelphia. Kara tfooks and Pau t-IJeU on Am*noa bought. rrh 3 1m* -AGENTS WANTED T?> OPEN tJll/U an offioe ard take the wiiol*rale merer, in every State, for all of Lloyd's Great Military Maps, used by our Commander-in Chief. Tha chea.L>*at mass in the World. A f.irtui.e oar-. h?? mil,,, on thete inapt in eaoh Stv?. 3 nril),M0 eriptra of cine ol ray Kiapi Iia.*e * ire&d j oeen aolrf. A!?o e. m? to go to California, Enjiand and C?ba. A|?DUt:n wanted in ever* county and in overv regiment in our army. Send fur circulars. mh4 lmd&w.if 164 Broadway, fcewVork. WANTEV? i'e have every one k* o w that they ? ? oan find tiie beat a'ock of Clothimr, H&ta and Op?. at the very lowest ratea, at SMITH'-*, No. 460 Seventh <treat, helow F. fe 27-3m WAN TF.D-To crjueiG KNTLEMA N fantiU with WMhinrtftn nitv_ tn uttnnrf tn mnma outdoor bmin?se. Apply to JOHN IRWIN, Room No. 4, 476 7th at. fc 27 \V ANTED? Every person to know that I am in * " the market, ready to pay ra?h for *11 arttc>* Id the homelarnishiUK line. Those l&nvint the city, or havme a surplus, will do well to call. K. BUCHLY, Seventh st, !>etWeen& and H itt., (east aid*,) Dealer in New and Seoond hand Furniture. En it tf WANTED?Sutler! an<l Soldier* to know that they oau buy CAMP STOVES and TIN WARE ohea# of H. J. GREGORY, Sill Peon. avenue. j>M WA.IS TKiX? Wt? are uow buyiu* SECUMflHAND FURNITURE,STOVESar.d BEDDING. for which we are nyirr the bit' e?t ruh priaea. Families d^liiunij honaekeepinc, or iiSTiH r. aurpiua of furnitare, will ftnd it to tfctir 4r&i.t?ee to fire u? a oail. BONTZ * GRIFFITH, lelS-tf No. 369 ?th ?L. betw. I and K eta. FOK SALE Afll> FoTh K N T-One newly FURNI8HED ROOM,with Board, in a private family, on 2d floor, at No 4Q'i 8th >t., between O anil H iti. It* A FINE FRONT ROOM WITH BOARD, . tr let, at No. 4'24 Thirteenth at., between ana H,M dior from ?.w*at eide. win 11 3t* I^OR BALE ?HOT K l,, GOOD WILL, 8TOt;K and Fixture*, and f io?nae ft r aa:?, and House for rent, a ppiy at No. 1U9 Pennaylvania avenoe, between 19ui and 20th ata. rah II 3tTwo ROOMS FOR RKNT-Ono large, on the firat floor, the other a ama'l bed Room, third tori; both oonilortabijr furnished. Inquire at 4?? Ninth street, near K, < r at Fancy More No. 14 Market Sp^cc, between 8th and 9th ata. mh II at FOR RKNT, WITH BOARD.-One nice ROOM aunable for one or two gentlemen, at No. 389 New York arenas, between 9th and 10th atreeta. None need apply nnleea ;hey are wMlin* to pay liberal prioea for rood aoaouiao4ationa, and are for <! iharti *.nfl Union." tkd unm. "Blavary and Dminion." mh It 8t* FOR KENT?A new two-story Brick HuUi*K, ver? suitable for a eiore, on aoiUii tf ?;re*t, b? tween 1st aul 2d ttreeta eaat,frunUux fennajlvaaia avenue Capitol Hiil. For part;ouiara mature of WM WiTI'HAKT, 33T_a?ujh B >t ma 10 3t* FOR 8ALR?Two firs :-?lase BILLIARD TABLES, marble a.aba. aad every arrangement oompiete. Those desiring the above will study their intereat by oaUiac immediately at th* Euroii nlal 1tik a i w AA f Bn/I pAnnav to I. IS prcau mvki, uuiuoi iiku auoviwiu i cuuiii<au<a avjpne. mh 8 tf FOR RENT-A oomfortabie CHAMBER, &t 440 12th it.,t?it side, b?wwa Q and H its The looatton la one of the moat desirable in Wa?timtton. . ' . * mh ?-i w 88 1/OR REN r-A PARLOR and CHAMBER . err neatly furniahed, ou the first floor, elevated b feet above the aidewalk; loeauon very ieaaant and healthy, near the State Department and Freaident'a Uouae, on New York avenae, between 14th and 15th atreeta?No. 460?and but a few tarda eaat of the omni boa line to Use Oa#itoL Je*?-tf . ) FARM FOR BALE?Two Farm*, oontatning toe ether 600 aorw: one at Annapofia J unouoc. the oti?er adjoining, at tjtrua tfwifcli. Irontmt the WMuncton Railroad; either of whiok will be old, with the quantity of land to suit ?*r#faa?er?, T^e u^rw^Bto are of^the irjt e|and "viz*1? J*.. ?i?r i ( t.Tn#AAlTl5^?Ut.i J JUT * WST ASP FOP W P. roi'\D-A light b?y HORSE, In tb? rtrMt* l withont bridle. tnddiaor bnltr. tiTMrgy CM turn by calling on bATKSAlrA WOOD. 989 Pannryivnnmnveroe. pror irg property. and yytng ehnri?. U* LOST?On the ?v?am, Of Ura IHfc mat, FUR CA PR. id goiaf Ihm.? from the Thaatrs. on tt?roit?froBtlii ? K urMt to 9 h. up 9th to rt-Mt, Th* fin<4?r *yi i>e r?w?rdMi hy >vw. (Ut SUV r?UI T I'iDVf. inn n n' <>us heavy baok AIaR?, aviU-h tail; lftt car hu wotnd^!, ?ni ftfHtJr gv curl.d over; white spot rn r-ane owrTJLtt iiou <)er; marked U. 9. on rirht 11m k. k*i^ttz3 mar* *i< ti?d to IM fe*c* at cattle j*rd, at ?h? extren.Uy ofwth ?tre?t vnt. wcee which time ah* i \K wt Wn l ea d fr m. Act per?< n hartc* foncJ sad mare, wi!l l>e t rewarded by briPcine hor to rar offioe Vo M-1 G atre?t. mh H-6t A B::CKWiTU, <3. 8. Ri.VOLVER 8T<>LK*Thn-?4** nifbt. a RKVOI VK* .(Colt's Navy kite twa* ?to lea *nd sold in \Va<himton 1 be c*'intf?w *a? nnmbered 64, 9\ and th* ?t<>ol; 61.153. Persot.t are warned aeaicit pnrohia nj it. aj the owner ia ou i.e u .. WMWf WUIIMW the iwolwr It 1 tni? office or at the o?ie? of J aaiioa Dcnu, will raewve the money h?wid 1. r it It* LIFUl'. A MATTiU WjiQN, S.1C HRWARD-St Man out oT th? at*t?? of >h? subaonher, <ad Sanlar night, a |C\ . white MaRk. wi:h to tmn# ana tai'jTLiJl with saddle and halter. The aw>v? re war i wi I ' ? pvd l?r th? ap?reh naiot- and oobtio'u n of the thief, or 910 for the ra^aT cf mareaixi avl ie. Ja?. H. r. llins. mh 11 3t* G ?tre?t. tetapen 17th acd 18'h. 'PARKN UP--??n fatu-day afternoon. a grey M HOUSE; had onaaadde. The owner fry ia rrqueitM to come for?a--1. pryve proa T-.^ arty pay oharae*. and tafca him away, cor- ** ner 9 h s'r at at 1 Louisiana av. mh 10 3f P. MULLEN. KtOtlN 11?Ti?H in -r ?-_ ..--L .. ? it vylib ui .no r*a'n noose ou c I P e'reet, b-tween** ac<i F'h.a tst'K t: KL. av MARK, a d 1??i* B- 6GY \ e owner will p'.eare ecm^ fr** (i prove p:cpsrty,^^"* r*y charges, and take up aw<? JA.U1& W. RAINKVS mh 10 3t* I ivory frtaMw. H1KKI), MARCH 3 ! H, FROM MAE TIN'S L Lively Stable, a HOk>E a:i<1 BUG l\ GY It la a tl%ck m\re. lor* awitc' tal'; *uJfi white *tAr in forenead: ah >ut 15 kr-Bde 7 r? 8 ynvra o>. A black Mounted harneac; name ool ar;o.aab lop ! ug(?. witn a r?;ra hea1 on the airfeof the sea; the r>>*fy *bont ball worn A libera! i^arJ vi be ?iv.>c f - the.' '-ta'ii to t ie r- any tnfjr?ia*i^n of t? -?ir w.-ereabonta. >ti'. m3'.-) CVKL^MARrTN. R!;WAKD ? Sto'ls from Northern I.ifrer<$0\r tie* M*rk< t. Saturday Dif .'it, iimi! jrv_ BROWN SiUD CoLT,3?eareoU,withT.irri a arral epeok'n trs !eft e>e lone ta.'. | heft?y ir &oe; black alur in hi? fV?rnK?>?jl .... aw> v.ivmw * ?*?- e? ?wtt? retra'd will' t>-? e ven for tlie return of fcorae and det-?ction of r.tef. or ? o for return ci *&id horse tn U A. rHATHKtt, Butciu* stv No. 4 i N L. Market. ___ urn ift-st* CA.MK TO 1HK Ft EMMS* OF 6. T. .JA.Vi:?, onth<>8t'u, a Uray COW. bundle t' iT?.o; white smpe dowu lierjfMr* baoi. 1 i.e owner wl!l oome furwa'd.fck prov? pr perty, pay cuariea ai d i*kc ter away. Ke?iie*^e i?, set ween ?t| ana Stth etreete. m.'i 8 31* RLWARD -^tolen tat night, about one o'o ook. from the e >rner of lat a-d Fayette atresU, Ge> jetown, a GOLD WATCH a? d CHAIN. Watch wasm&ds by B anaton, Live pool. No. 2,(34 /be above reward will be given if returned to the above aadreae m V? O Cr* " "r* " - * -- ..... x. ?un.^ < WHAIBH. OC K K WAUD-? Lost, or taken b? mistake *? yP'J the Railroad D?p:>t at cios a b.a<-* euameied oioth'1 RA v KLiNG BAG ii.aikei on one side wth white'etterg "Maja. t?.8 Jonnicgi. ?:h Reg'* N 'V. Vole.. KooiTor. N. Y." Wdu erer wir tenure the sam? to Krown't Hotel, Wt:tiiutm, ^7i'l r^os.TO lite above rewa.d ?id no tu j?tion? r.sked. mh 8 St* G&JRGETOWd ADVERT'MTS y JGKHK1N HO V fc s?! Ranmburgr & Kbert, 10A HIGH Wtixst, QKOi\OETOIT /). C. The only ir.aaufactarrr* cl Gee :::* BUCKSKIN SLOVE8, MIUTAKY GAL'N lL.Ei?, Md n-TllNS ic fc.e Bit-:. at O&eers* Gaunt ?ta mvi e to itt!sr, UtrOkakin Brewer* arvi Fhtrta ja 18 fit A&&Y. COLLIN jfc CO.'S* It! rHlLAbKLFHlA DHAOftHT ALF. We hire iort rwi?n?' * ????. r., Which we recommend to be o^a Terr supe ior <calltf. Pereon* wuhme :c? purenase. t j ir^kiuj ini madiate agination, can be furni*t:ed. AKNY A SHINN, no* THK KIM EST AN" HKST STOCK OF 1 RKADV-MADfc CIX> I'HiNGin Washington canbef>uml at BAR A BRU.'S Kst?b..?ai:ient, Corner of t and *?h nt?. ALL SIZL BO\?, f.-om tuo u? of 4 yaara u?. oan t ?i httec! out ar HA K fc BR<?.'S.o>rnarK and 7th otrt^eta, at rrmfh li-o'-; n a-?%i pnoee. CITIZENS AND 8 1'tt A\ti KK>, look to jocr j interest! L< ok f>r the corn?- -of B ar.d 7ti? tre?t??1? is t^e v see to buy Una CLOTHING for but little mover. ^TOP WHEN YOU COML TO TRK COR neroi K and 7th streets, *a 1 MJfaecit o? fiae CLOTHING at SiO, Sli *15, or t 8 At BAR A BKO.'t* , feao-lm* FMhiOJiab!e ? ' rtr.11 r r.?ta.hli*hm?rt |U?T RKCEIVED a a-je lot ?>1 UOYs' *J JACK: TH, frtn Aao'.ion, vhioh we ?rs f !line por md^. >Hrio? tiiSir Gnt cos:, at No. 4t>0 ttn ?tr?M '? H-lo NOTICE. Hh'REFV Foreittras.i perwm f.-cm harborinr one Mar^arst Deeon. who left n?y hod and l?u.-.nlicr w taout &ny ptivooation 1 will not b* responsible {or ar.y <le;.t? contracts' by her She it no* better kr.o?i, u Marcaiet Krovumiiier. I avin< marriea th^ -aid ?e-or?.? Brownmi .?r, of tue United States Cavairj jr. Ltah Territory, ALGUJsrtS* HtGON. Wtfhinttnn. !( r ,a f-oj mk? _ _ ? - . ? .w J - !C*?|iHUJ|<V rI*H18 18 TO G1VK NOTiCK. ~T>7at &?> ??bl scriber hath obtained from 'ha Orphana' Court of Washmjton County, in tho D'.striot of Coluiulia, lettc-s o{s.'7n.nict.&t:? n oe t o perar.z^l estate it Barrey Uoauaay, iato of VV t>.a.iin(i<jii county ai'orrsai<J. dPoeMu. All fertoa havint claim tagamet t.'.a aid aeoft.iB'M arc hertfy warned to exhibit the aa* e, witii t! ? vouch*m thereof, to the ?uiiBorilj?r, ou or l-cioro the first day of Maroii next; tney ?i&f otao. by law L>e excluded fr?>?n a >>*! p.J > t th.- *Md iiiveii undoi tuy ' ..if this fir?f daj l Maroh, 1862. JUtfN O'DONNKLL., Jr., mr.3 lr?w3w Admnuatrator. OWii V (>K V MCE KO8KWOO0 CHICKenrc i*i?u j&ii<] on? Geibior e&ie vwty.?TTT> cbe&p,oo acoummoaatit * termj Aiio,r.yJJHl Large assortment of StMu 4 Son*' ?ua*? ? *" K*v*&, B?oon <V Co "* htsno.s, at the Musio Store of W. G. Mt:TZ' K??l t. ran 10 FRAKUilN Ic tl) , OPTICIANS, yit fenn'a a*.,;north aide,) fcat.istafccd uth etc. e.yeg lasses, marine and field glasses, compasses, ao.. of the be&t *uautte?. oos&t&ntir on f? 4-? /^ut this adv ebt1 semen t ohm cot this advertisement olfff and bring ft with you! the ?ubacnb*r will *<1v?ace, in the way ? pu chase or loan, tmi.l sums for suort perioas, diamonds, watches, valuable jewelry, or an* deaoristion of atiifi/tor* imur^im ??? lady or gentleman who would like too .s.aiicw dollars temporarilr. ma <uiet manotr,cit; Qo 10 by appiyiER at 4 5o llih street, between limJH, from 11 t'> it o'o.oot. i fr T7-lm H^m OOA i j OIL?COAL OIL. AVIN6 The ag?n#y ofoaeoi tne largest Coal Oil* in ihe L'niu*i States, we aaa eeil Coal mi whelrsaie &l4 reiatl, cheaper tfean can be IxMithtin tVa*.Umgtui. Also. Lamps, cans and Shades. GEO. W. B'l K ' - ART A. (SON. ah l lm* Corn' r 12th and H streets. P\m RUF. ALEX. WOLOW8KI BEGS LEAVE to inform his friends and the ?ubio. that, kav lnj mat with ao muoh luooesa, ia continuing 1?1? Course of Inatruouon on the Piano and in Hnginf, by hie now method. All thote who deiire to beoome, in'a abort time, finecincera oreioelletu performera ^n the piano thould avail th*mee]vee <>f hia new ayatem of applyii" at hia reeideaoe, No. 431 Tenth street, w?it aid*, between E and F atreet*. Reception houra t-etween 10 and 12 o'oloolr a. m., Tneedata, Thnr.daya and r*atar<lara. I* ti lm CfOR A KKW L'AY? ONLY.?t have removed a mf fine a.ook oi Clothing from over baiia' Jewelry Store to J. H. ?MlTH>o. 460 8?v enth atreet, near K, where 1 ahali Ofiei it at ieea th?n wi,o.e?ala coat pi be*, for a few aara only. t a rt *m i w u r k p I^EW WHOLEtiAU URV UuODSuoluk. 4. H. BOBLITZ?>'LL & CO. have juet opened irge atoig o t DRY GOODS*. MOTIONS, to., at *o. 347 West Baltimore street. Baltimore. Tne entire ?tock ?ae parchaetd in September and Ootober iaat. at pricea enabling uiem to 1 to ?e?lera on laoti term? a* wit. make it the ut-4? t of both oity and oouitry merelianta to examine ^'iT^'iUeir term* will beoaah. ftM-Se* W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have received tue an day er two a large anortment of BoYS* SPRi.NG CLOTHintt.aubraainc all atvloaof low erioed, medium, and fine ?ualK>ee, which we areaeiungat very low pnoea for oaah. E1LL, STEPHENS k. CO., ?v, between Ha and lfttb iu. nW lw*y t D?.l i , CASH NOTICE. IN CotiMQueaoe of oar having to pay oaah for very artiola of foods wa enrehaae. we are foroed to teduoe o?r buainoaa to Caah axoioaively, for the present. We have is atore every targe assortment of READY MADE CLOTHING lor man and boy a' wear, which are eeUkig at a moot lower rate n. " u iici d * Sl- ijS* * ' ' I , I K>. ' SliCOND SDITk"^ thrkk rtboc^ r. m. OUK Ml UTAH T BUDGET. vest la tut rioM tbk rrrat m?ic A telegram received bore from Ontnl Backs column at one p m to-dry, aUVt that that eaamander ia of optntoa that th? eoemr cobOboo la hit froot, at Wlnr.bwtef, In force. We cannot believe to In the tmof of lh?lr vacnation of their rati ra lower lino. It ia probable that the m'lltia of the rlrlal'v may be keeping up a tham of the anil Star? oreupotton of Wla ruotrr, 10 amy (Of prOgrtM Of CM BUb' cciomn enter, ng the turn, Id order to afford the people an opportunity to run off what article* mt any value the aeceah troop* have left there. 1/, however, the Impreaaioa prevailing l? Ban k?' column be correct, J ackaon'a army remain about Wlnrhcster only beraoee In tb* harry ot the evacuation of their lower line tt w.:? left be* hind a* an absolute aereaa ty, for want of tranaportatlon to move It. OtherwtK, It would auraljr have gone oil jeltb the re*t "ibe story that it bn been reinforced from Minaaata la boah. The rebel a would not abandon their railroad connection w'.tfc Richmond, to risk defeat about Winchester, where they are now wholly without railroad connections aoxth or wed. The only means of retreat from Winchester now left to them Is per turnpike down to Staunton, If our army proceeds along the Orange railroad to Gordons*ill* tm IB ''- ? two miles) It can mrh Charlottesville, and that cut off thf ent:r-? JMaunto.i rail connection with RU hmond. As we can progress aJowj the Or a of* rood quite aa fast aa Jackson can-escape down tW valley?the llnea being nearly parallel?wo do not believe that the rebel commander* have risked leaving J aekson ' army isolated at Winchester, as la certainly thought to-day in the column of Gen Banks A.KBIVA.L OF SICKMION PB1SORBBS. The Lincoln Cavalry, while scoutlo* <n ?w> vicinity cf fluYke's station, or. the Orange end Alexaodrfa Railroad?fourteen miles out?yester day,capturedtbirteenaecca?ion prisoners. Eleven of these prisoner* passed through Pennsylvania avenue this morning, In charge of a guard, on 'heir way to Gen'l Porter'* offl"e, and attracted a great deal of attention. aa our main thoroughfare vni thronged at the time The prisoners ware flight of stature, and looked as If they were not fitted for the wear ar.d tear of a soldier's life. Tbey are roughly clad, and their bearing and demeanor was more like that of laboring men (which they probably are) tban of tbe F. F. V'e Tbey bad on rough homeapcn drab coata, panto made of tbe stuff known as Kentucky J-an* 01 'hard times," and eacii man had a knapoack, with blanket Mr Th.w ?? ??' -*?-* *? 7 uw, em were exceedingly dirty and slovenly. LITRR FROM FOR T RIt* MnffSOff. We have ad vires up to 1 p m t?-4ay, per tele gram, from Fortresa- Mor.rte, when everything wii quiet there. A flair of truce that wen: up to Craney Island earlier In tV day had not returned at that boor. a **eo*n<oia?ANci A reconnotaaance w?? m?dt this forenoon arrose the Oceoquan, acourlng the country for Ave mli"j wet' of that stream All the late rebel ownpt '.o that vicinity were found deserted and de?trov?d CONGRESSIONAL lUTIIth CO.inRLAS-Sm?i4 Swill. Trw?*T, Mar h 11. Sesat* ?Mr. Wilson off-red a resolution directing the Naval Affair*' Committee to inquire Into and report upon the clrcumat&ncea of the late destruction of the sloop-of-war Cumberland and 'be frigate ConureM. near Fortrea? Monroe, which, after diacu??lon by the mover, and Mean* Hale and Grimes, was referred to the Bpoetai I Committee on the Condnrt of the War. I i ne mil or tfte Houm providing for th? pur chase of coib for the o?* of tbe Government wit taken up, and dlcuM> (! by Mr Fesspnden m ita I favor until the expiration of tbe morning hour, I when it wa? la.d a?ide The bill to confiscate the property of rebel* of every rtrscriptlon was next tafcen up, and Mr. Carl lie addressed the Senate at length against Its passage Hot?e ? Resolutions calling upon the Secretary of War for a list of regimes al and hosptal chaplains, aud upon tbe Secretary of the Interior for a list of names entered upon the pension rolls since tbe rebellion. Mr. Wiiaon asked leave to Introduce a bill dr clarlne certain peranna Ineligible >o office f Th's bill provides that no pmcm woo baa held anv oHirf, either civil, military or naval, under the ao-calied Confede-ate Government, a ball bold any office under be United Slates Government or in any state of the Union ] Mr. Wood, of .New York, objected to the introduction of the bill. Tbe bill amendatory to thwart Incorporating the Colombia Institution for the deaf, dumb ana blind, and appropriating ?4,400 per annum for the benefit of tbe same, was paia-d. LATE LOCAT. NRTVX A Nov*!. Case ?B Bucber, who re?ide* uv tbe camp* at Kalornrra. we* employed by themen of tne 9th New York cavalry, to do work for them, and bad the assurance of tha captain, J. NY. Dickinson, that he should be paid The amount coming due tor work wit #60, wbM tbe corps suddenly received marching oiders, and the men were in no condition to pay The captain's horse and equipment were In Bncher's care, nrd when tbe captain went for them Bucber declined giving thera up, holding tbem to secure tfce payment of tbe money due. The eaae wu laid before J uatice JoboMti. who advised Btiebe> to give up tbe property without trouble, and take the proper steps to secure payment; the certainty of which there conld be no rt/viHr tk. *? of the jnatlce vu oompUed with, and tb?* property reatored Old i'oataok Stam**.?Poatmaater Clephaae state* that a large number of lettera and pn-er* are daily dropped into our eltv post office baring npon tLrm tbe old poatage at am pa. Tbe letter* and paperaare ofcetirae not forwarded .and remain in the office a? unpaid letUra We deem thi* notice important, aa many peraona are perhaps ualng them \rhn are Ignorant of the fhrt that the. old Issne la no longer reoogtu?ed in payment lor poatage. Eirnr Thiw ?This morning a lady wu standing In front of .Marshall's auction roemt ?n Seventh street, when * young man nudged her at If forelng hit way to some one in frent The lady tamed and looked him in the face, and the voung fellow stepped aside A moment after the lady missed her purse. contaiatia& twe Ave dollar Treasury notes and nomt- t,mail change. CojtraAB4BDS ?This morning a squad of thirteen contrabands, mru and women, with oneer two ebtldren, passed up tbe avenue In the dlreetion of the Provost Marshal's office. In charge ot two Cavalry soldier* dismounted. It was said they came from the Virginia lines. ATTXifno* i* eaiiea to tbe notice tlnvhtn of tbe meeting of the Washington Scientific Association. at the rooms o( the Young M?a'i Christian Association to-night. An interesting paper will be read by a scientific gentleman Mahokih Otstbbs ? Harvey has received some of this delicious variety of oysters which he Is selling at the lowest prioee, at his famous eetab lishment oa C street. Many good judges prefer these oysters to any others known. Ah ibtbbbstuio mbbtiho of the Hon* of Tenaperaace will be hald to-nig^t at Tanperanee Hall, with some of th? b*?; speakers of tbe .lay iu attendance | Cai*t*ax CotTBT.?In con-ecuen.e of ^ oo t!nn?1 1 -J ? * , ....... > V rawior^thU oourt wa? a^ain adjoornrd ova until W-;aora?w 486 t4"W0Bl?i5SUp'"s 486 F1CTC?iK ^FW Ag^p?^Hie fa ) D Aoar* l, eOuDt?.-Mm ??w un Alao, oar ataall fell took of all kiada of Porot?n and lk>aiMt4o Dry ftoodi, for UM tirnal vuU of fa an lie* aad he utiiiim lie* frit* oalf, marked in plain fccaiM, tk? actual can oaia*. _ i___ PKA&Y* BRO. ma 7 gt Pa. ao. aad Wlafc *r?l Ilktw WOOI. MML rt~'i nii % 0

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