Newspaper of Evening Star, March 11, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 11, 1862 Page 4
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CITY F&0PXRT7 TO BE SOLD FOB. TAXX8. OOLLSCTOR 8 OFFICE, Citt Hall, Fsbboabt 25, IMS t\)MMBSCLNO ON THURSDAY, the 224 d?j of May next, the x to 1 lowing list of Proparty will be void bj public auction, at the City Hall, (Aldarmen's Chamber.) in the City of Washington, to satisfy the . Corporation of said eity for Taxes due thereon as stated, unless the said fajwa be previously paid to the Collector, with ?uch expenses and fee* as may hare accrued at the time of payment. Sale to oommence at 19 o'elook A. M.. and to be continued from day to day till completed. Tanas cash, in Treasury notes, coin srd Corporation oertifleatee of the denomination of Ire dollars. WILLIAM DIXON, CvJUctor. - 1 i I _ . i? .' ' I lv-',dW U SSs i???? Em 6-ag | TO WHOM AME99ID e| a |. ; l? 1881 ?? hi a as b H 4W 13 Adams, Alexander part 14 and Imp Paring tax, on Intereat from March 8b, 1901 .. 38 38 38 36- 38 36 77 part 1 and .Atx, Char lea 7 M 5 93 28 60 38 06 Imp. Beginning on north 1 atreet 1? feet east from the northwest comer of 4 the lot, and running thence east 16 feet I thence south 90 feet II I laches, thence west S feet Incites, thence ! south to the extreme4 southern line of the lot. theoce west ? feet 4? Inches, and theno north to the place of toflMlnff. Tax for paving alley, on 15 71 interest from Nov. 0, I960. SOi 65 and Imp. Ashton, C. H B 1 31 6 33 6 (<S N. 3i ^ Ditto 76 76 509 ? x ?? Athtou, Charles 76 7.V 75 545 23 and Imp. Alexander, Colainbus .... 6 47 5 M 12 45 12 45 409 part and Anderson, Eliza l? 21 ? 21 ? Imp Beginning for the sairnj on 9th street west, 20i feet south from th*! northwest eoroer ofj iaaia w, ana running those* east 91 feet 10* I aches, thence Math 2t> fwt. thence at right angle* with <be last! line 91 feet 10 Inches.' to said street, thence to' 1 beginning. Lighting tbe street, .. 1 63; W7 part 36 and Appleby, George W 4 TO 4 ?ii 4 TO Imps. Being the western 13 feel 4 inches front of ?ald , . lot by the depth thereof, fronting on Muea. chusetts avenne. 948 part 17 and Andrus, Horatio N. 30 ?' jo W fl* Imp. Being the south 25 feet front by the depth ol the lot. I 7*6 3 and Imp... Allen, Henry J 8 7l! 8 71 8 71 -B4 part It...... Adams, James, trustee.... T 36 5 U7 13 0? 13 03 lUin.f iKa ua?? Oil I 1 uv *cri; front of sa!d lot by the depth thereof. 331 rib2... Adama, John O I .. 29 ?i 8 54 ai subs*....... Ditto i as ru; 447 tuba. l>itto 1 48 1 14 2 6*: 4 Ditto t 1 4S* 114 2M 5 Ditto 1 4e 1 14 2 687 5............ Adam?, Jame?. Trustee... ? <Ml) 4ci? 4?t SB1 parts of 3 and Adam*, Jautea A Q V3 8 42) 8 42 4 and Imp*. Being the west ? feet 7 Inches front of lot 3 and the east 10 feet Inches front of lot iNo. 4 ky the depth thereof. , 843 part 7 and Adam*, Jemima and ethers ... ^ 83! 63 impa Belnw the north 21 feet? Inches front of said lot a the depth thereof I Jehu j ~ 5 OW 5 M 5 Q9 Imp* Beginning at a point on j * Virginia avenue 65 feeM 1 i 6 inches from the sontb west corner of ihe lot J and running thencti westward I / with ftbe. line of said avenu? 4o feet, thence north and; parallel with the wes , line of the lot till It! reaches the hack linei thereof, tbence east, with said back line 4tr feet, and thence with a; i ] straight line to the! place of beginning. > 0 W % 9 and Arnold, Mary F ' .. 7 50 7 50 7 30 lmpfl MO 1 Allg,M Pumptai 3 l(jj 3 10 5 71 8 Do. j ~ 1 W! 1 W 3. Do. I ~ ; 87 ?? 714 ? Alexander, Robert. ? | 2 06) a 06 2 06 1M 22 (Abeft, 3 Thayer | ... 5 ?5; 5 65 5 (V5 B part 13 and Austin, Sarah .. 35 13 35 13 35 13 Imp? Beginning at the northwest corner of lot 12 and running tbfnce north 25 feet 0 inches. thence east 100 feet.' thence south M feet 8* a a- ? ? incBe*,aoa mence *?' to the place of beginw 6 AuaUn^VMlam - 15 35 18 82 18 82 Lighting the street _ 3 47 aii Dart l and Buthman, Adallne E i .. j 7 401 7 40 irara Being the east 20 feet front of the weit half oi the lot fronting on nortL N street, an<L running back with that wldtb the depth of the lot 003 N. % of No. Berry, Augustus K., Trnai 10 and tm pa We for J F Kidwell... 4 AO* 3 7V 8 72' 8 72 A** IH* O e i * ? w k~? * ?, , I i ?, ? >< w 11 UV 11 imps Being the wouih 85 feet front by tha depth ofl the lot. Due for 1858, ft* (TV j for 1850, S4 W Paring tax on In-; tereat from N ov 1 18, 1868, 951 08 Xi PMta of 6 and Betll, Benjamin 38 > i? *> ?t? ?Wi up 6# p and Imp.... B?ln? ?> 20 ft*?1 front of lot 6, andth? eaat 1 foot front of lot: ; 7 by the depth of the! 1<* ]_ Lighting the street 2 3U t 31! m lujd tmpa.. Bennett, Clement W 3(J 43* 28 03 74 72; 74 79 Lighting the atreel 5 13 5 13 A W. M u4 Boteler, Charlea vV., Jr 44 id 47 3* 59 67 Imp . I>??? Lighting street .. 2 90 E u Ditto .. 9 51 12 31 * Lighting atre*? ".. 2 80 323 put 3 ud Bowes, Charles H .. 7 12 7 12' 7 12 fmp Beginning at the south line of *?id lot, at ita Intersection with the west line of Fourth i street w?t, and running thence east 05 feet 5 lnchea, thence north of the dividing line be tween lota 3 aud 10, 10 feet, thence west 1?3 feet 6 lnchea, thence IBouin ?u iwrt to the be-' 1 ! J ginning. ratal and 14 Boyle, Coroelltu 33 W 26 98 61 47 173 26 ~~ Ed top!... 3*U??gH ttemtb-l west corner of said lot No 1, and running thence north 96 feet 31 o-j chea, thence east 20 fee) 6* lnchea,theneeaontb OK. ? "? l-~k- - '' W *? luvurs IU uuriu E street, thence west by and with the line of said B street 20 fe?t 5|( inches to the beginIng. Lighting street 90 go 4M part* *3 ?ad Ditto 49 ^ 39 >i4 01 10, M u4 Imp.. Beginning for the ssit* ** at the northeast angU of said lot 24, aad run nine sooth 23 feet 3 In ' chee, thence we?t 36, feet, thene? northwest warily 30 feet 3 inches thencc northwestward 1 y 36 feet X Inches., .. thence northwestward ' ly 9 feet 3 inches, th^n*! north 11 feet, Ihenct v eut m feet to the be 8 Lighting the street 1 jg | ^ * ?2* ISiirrrtr."*". b?^ Oarnellua i *K. P i 11 j a ^ 140 m ;; B Eisktnp WUq........... 6 111 511 171 | wa imp... mj"""! | .. 6 31 5 31 9 Oi So. . D?t? .. 4 31 4 31 ?7 U 11.11. . Brown, Ellxabeth | 9 33 7 09 16 31 10 31 eaa Wwt*3.. Behbey, Uliubeth K. 10 80 12 6S 13 60 m M Lighting atreet .. 1 09 Of B ft Burnett, Booco 13 75 13 78 17 98 4M w?.? ?p. ?ut 44 fm A tnrhat front on north 1 atreet, and extending back with that wldtn 8ft fort lo the north Lint of UK*. ? - .? A .... XMttOooo?*#????* m 4 17 4 17t pan *.. ? gi|Bg tho north to foe! front end extending ^ back with that width ' v 09 fM< 4 lieMUtW M?t hm of lot ? d WAlrnp.... sbera 7 83 17 91 at ?3 11 0f2* 1* 1 83 3 81 ? ?v " 1?j"s "" ? wtbwa 11m i . ,w?r I 3 II? f H|, * TO WHOM AS6ESHEO :! 1*1i 19M 18,1 1 ? ||s I Brent, P. N., continued... ill IaI Ma 4 alttl IVt^ 11 V> V| f?? '? atedSO feet westwardly from the aoutheast corner of said lot, and running thence north 67 feet 8# incbea. thence te a point on the northern boundary ol aid lot, No. 3, situated 36 feet 6 Incbea westwardly from the northeast corner of aid lot, Wo. 3, thence westwardly 20 feet, thence southwardly 6 7, feet 5 lnehea, thence1 southwardly to a point In the southern line of; said lot, No. 3, situated 72 feet 9 incbeii westwardly from the southeast corner of said lot, No. 3, thenct 60 feet to the beginning. 816 7 and imp... Behrens, Frederick 84 11 84 11 &4 11 Paving tax on Interest from J une 6,1660 109 D and Imp.. Brawn,GusUtus ? 4 60 4 60 4 60 36 10 and Imp. . Butler, George A *03! 4 03 4 03 5ag part 1 and Bowen, George (col'd) 7 IV 7 10) 7 10 imp Being the south 100 fed front of the lot by th* whole depth. 514 part 9 and Boiling, George (col'd) 4 Ofl 4 06) 4 0" Imp Being the east 25 feet front of mid lot by the depth thereof. 369 39 Bell, Horatio 1 3 it 3 44' 3 44 Rex 12 7 and Imp... Bond, Hugh L 133 74 102 88 239 62236 62 900 I 41.> Bradley, Henry ' 72 72 2 16 42 Ditto j 72l 72 , 43 Ditto . 7? 72 330 part?1 and lm Brookf, Henry (col'd), dut 3 8 ,y> 8 25 8 29 for 1859, 92 83 Beginning at the northeast corner of tba lot. t thence running west 14 feet, thence south 122 ' e . a ICC> ? luuuta, *UC1U,T east 14 feet, thence north 132 feet 2 Inches to the place of beginning. *77 M ?... B-ttcher, Henry j .. 32 23 Paving tax on interest .. . from March 28, 1<<5| .. 18 13. 18 13 | 35 j Ditto 18 n 18 13 75 8 i Breckinridge, John A 5 351 5 35 535 13S 1 ? right, Jesse D 3 07. 3 07 11 14 2 j Ditto 2 00 2 00 3 Ditto ; .. 3 53| 3 53 14 ! Ditto ! .. j 5 54 5 54, 75 19 and imp... Boyle, Juniue J.. due for, 29 0* 22 ?*> 78 25,1*9 15 | 1^9, 826 b3| 1 20 ; Ditto 12 14j 13 15i 10 12i 35 ill f,M 2 1 Ditto 18 JK) ?i 57 15 ^3 55 49 94 p*rt 1 and irolBoyle, John 6 OS 4 ?-! 10 78 392 37 lleing the south 38 feet frout of said lot by tht depth thereof. PI j 1 and imp .. Ditto 4 61! 4 81 376 ! 2 ! Ditto 24 70 19 00 43 70j 408 j 4 and imp Ditto 8(1 71 53 83,220 78 Lighting the street, 4 08 4 158 t>..,1..?. I 'OA VU IIHrVlCnM from Dec. 21, lSSO1 !* Vf' ' part 5 Ditto ! 0 ??j 5 SSI 41 ??7 j Heiug the south 25 feetj front of Raid lot by the! depth thereof. ! Paving tax on Interest from Dec 21,1569 32 77" Lighting the ?trec: 2 03' 2 03 434 1 Ditto..due for 1*59 S17 17 IP CO1 It 31 30 22 ! 3 Ditto ; 7 lb 7 4Si Ml I 13 Ditto 77 77 t 15 Ditto 1 59: SP1 1 6 Ditto Ct f.1 1 7 Ditto 6* 0to Ditto 72 72 : 19 Ditto *. 77j 7?, 570 j part T and Berret, Joseph, and \V. & 35 44 27 2>> 62 70; 62 70 lmix J. W. Arnold. Being the east 21 feet 3 inches front by thf depth of the lot. 511 p?rt3and la Barr, Jans A 30 19 23 15 58 "3 58 73 Commencing for the same at point 23 feet 4 inches from the southeast corner of said lot. and running west 85feet 4 Inches, thence uorth 85 feet, theno* east *23 feet 4 inches. thence south to the be I ginning. . | Lighting the strset 2 40 2 40 106 ! 3 and imp... Brereton, John .. 28 t:3 97 81 97 81 Lighting the street 3 3 W Paving tax, on intersst from February 11, I960 02 48 57V i C and Imp.. Huron*, jobu u, ut trust , for Catharine Burche. 22 03i 16 91, 41 40 41 40 Lighting the street 1 ti 1 *22 ?83 part 1-2and 14 Barron, James 17 90 13 7* 53 7? 53 ?? and Imps I For 1856, S10 28; for ! r 1857, Stl W i Beginning 8V feet from! the northwest corner; I of said square, on south, A street, and running thence south 134 feet Inches, theuce east 15 feet, thence north and fiarallel with the first ine 134 feet 6 inches to south A street, and thence west with south A street IS feet to the beginning. 355 ' part of rob. 9 Beck, Jos. ^ Hitd Imps Tax of 1S50, *3 ?7 4 IP, 3 JK* 11 ? 11 ? Beginning 75 feet south * from the northwest ( j corner of the snuare, and running tuenct south 24 feet 9# inch * Ar.ii-aiiig UU'. with that width the: whole depth of lot. j 9W 7 Bullua, John 3 8?j' 4 5V 10 3* 15 97 H Ditto i 3JW, 2 4) 5 59 &U0 1 and Imp.. Brvan, John A, (colored). 4 2T> 0 tt? 0 87 440 part 13 and Baker. John H 1 37* il 01 8 O 1 Imp Beginning at the northwest corner of said lot.! and running thencej south V>. feet ? Inches j | thence eaat 100 feet,! i thence north 23 feet ?j Inches, thence west W< ( feet, to the place of brglnnlng. 158 W X* Beard, Lewis 2 ?! 172 J?i 39; 55 W. U 12 andJBowle, Mary, (colored;.. .. ! 348 3 4-1 3 48 571 ! 13an<flmp.. Bowie, Malv'na H .. ? W) W 60' 34 flo | 14 Ditto i .. 4 *>' 4 W 724 3 Botler, M., In trust fofj Romans Btonestruet I .. , 5 <?5 5 05 5 05 001 1 sub Find Im Bylngton. Marin E. ...... 3 91 3 lO' # V7 ti V7 403 i part 12 and 1m:Brown, Michael, foolortd) .. ' 3 12, 3 12 3 12 Being ttie west 20 feet front by the depth ot the lot. 78 18 Bullui, Oscar and Edward, .. 4 rn i 7ft 470 t269 B and loop..,Bestor, 0.11.... ! Paving tax. on Interest ' from October 23, I860 7 53' -7 53) 11 fln part 15 j Paving tax, on interest! from October 23, 13tf0; 1 (1? , 4 0?' n-t si.- ... c - ? Duiug iuc west o letrt o inches front of said lot j by the depth thereof. 134 13 and Imp.. Bradley, PhlueM.For 1850 w MMU1.IIU|>.. W 35; for 1868, #? Mi i for 1859, ?10 SI 11 401 0 77 44 97 139 17 434 parti 1, t. 3, Ditto Dueforl8S?, and Imp *5 79:1S5S, *!7 3*; | V 1S5?, &7 32 99 90: S3 77 83 *> Beginning at a point '?M feet due north from the southeast corner of tb* quaie, and running thence north 71 feetl thence weet 99 feet 4, Inches, thence south 71 feet, and theuce eaat 99. feet 4 inches to tb* place of beginning. 488 W. W 2 and Browning, P w 57 07 43 Wios 861?7 39 Imp. Lighting street 3 19 1 70 Rra. 10 and Imp... Ditto 90 Mi 74 W|l7l 35 A landlmp... '"I!?"'.""."!!" "".v' I S81 W' voe mr itj?, in ine name of J. B Klb 831 8V 43 aa 33 SS Lighting atreet, Sit 37 7 3Ut 7 30 Paving tax, on interest from MayS, 136<"104 53 W. * 7 and Ditto 51 17 3P WH6 w Imp. ? . Lighting street a mm a oOf Paving tax, on Interest J from Maya, ISflu ?l 02 W. H 9 and Ditto....... ... .... 3a WO ?5 S4 89 23 iu>p. ? . Lighting tree- a a (Jt Paving tax, on Interest from May ?, ltMOj as 83 A part 10 and Ditto.............VA*:* 33 34 53 76 7a 77 Imp. Being the east aa feet 10 > I inches front by the depth of the lot. Lighting the street a 61 a 51 i Paving tax, on interest from May to, lMOi u 431 37 tad lap.. Due fb? l85fi, in mom of J. B Klbbey.......S10 60- 30 88 ? 7ft| M 88 98 ud lop.. Ditto... ^J>ao for 18SJ la naini of J. fl Klbbey $10 80 30 BB S3 79 M 63] #88 p*rt7 ndtm ?Ditto.................. 11 SI 7 13 WW Being the uortb 31 foot b ineooa frost by U*j doptk of Uio lot. m mh8ud tin. Ditto I ? 10 34 10 34 (oowtiwukd in yfrumsnt.j f "= LOU BOiritift, Xf*** +. Rtmtdf *m U? FOE 4^L P19KASK8 OP lMPRtDKNG*. AET 1*0 FALSE DELICACY FRETEtt. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A f WEE WARRANTED. OE NO CHAEBE, W FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WtokMw ti tk? ItU, hntam, IfHtai ?f Ut EM* Mfi tod BUddtt Jirtiuitn OiHUifu, lafMiMf, ml DiMlit;, Rntnukm, iWiftm, Uum.CmMh ' Mm*, b* Bpinu. m tha nut. (Ih4iii. fiinbtnp, Komm W >g bt ir MUmm, DltMM af tXa aad, Tarsal, Mm* ar tkin, A.f aet??r.? af tba Lain, VtaatUl u B?arala?tbaaa Tambla Diaardara ariainf fnm ??torr Babita af Taatb?thaaa Draadfal iol Daatraail*a PrMiKai vbleb racdar Murltfi tmpaaaOla, aad daairay batb Ml ud Miad. TOUNG MS If BaaaaiaUy baaa kaMoa Ua aieuma af Mttar? Tlaa, thai dr a ad fa I and daatracti?a baMt whtab aataally avaapa la aa nUatl; p??? UNtuda af Taar | Ma* af tba aaal lakad talauta and brilliant imallaet, wba mlfM atbarariaa ba?a aatraaead lutauwf Bauaiaa *iU tba ibaodara af ala> ttj0*' tV MIMU'tk< "TU1( 'y?*>u' *?* l,, HABLRuer. MUIIU nutm.wTMai Mas MlMflUtal lurtaga^ ba Ic g*.yt a/a al^hyi'td wiaJtaaaa, Wfull da Wilt 7, If wha pUtaa timaalf andartka un af Dr. J. at; rallfV aaaljr aaaffda to Mi baoar aa a gaailaaaa aad aaa*daauy M?y apaahlaakiilMa pbyatalaB. OFFICE Ifo. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft baad akta fing frare fclMWMmt a faw daaiafra* tba aarnai. rul aal (a ataar>a uaa aad iiaku. kattara ?Ml #*UI aad aaataia a iua| dr. johnston; ' ' 'v Maaibar af a* bnl CaUaf a af Barr aaaa, fcaadaa, riadaata Ina aba af tba maat asioact Callajaa in Ua Bnttad Malaa, aad tba fiaatat part af vbaaa tifa baa baas apaul ta tba kaaaitala af Lauaaw, Pirh, PkilutalpMa and alaawbara, ki? iftdiJ Mm* msf ?1?* ? *- - - 4 - I'll knavo) many iimUmI wiJk nofui (n tha kill ai.d Mr* tbM aalatp; craat irituiiiii, hamf tUnai4 (I aaddati (Mad*, baahflloaaa with fraqaant ktaaSini, attaodad anatlnaa with d*rtiif?a?bt ?f Mini, vara aartd ( (Utllf. TALE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Tn>f Mao ai?4 athan wfca ha?a r)w?4 tkiisMlfH I Hitt n piiciei iudalfad In ?hao alaoa-a litr. fr*j?#oiJr laariiad fraro ??ll tampar.taoa, ?f at Kb**!, tha ificu al vhlth ui uif htly hit a?ao vhio, and if mi carad. randan iMTiji Ivpoaaitltj lid daitrvyt h?lb vied t>4 had*, abcaM apply Iromadiataly. Yalta ara mi af tha ?ad and aalaoahaly afada MdMil kr aarlr haHu t( rtm'Jt, ?tii Waakoaaa af tha Sack tod Ureba, Flirt tuiha Haad, Ihtnuaaa ?f Bifht, Laaa if >1 nci.u Ptwir, PalptU'Jan af in*, Pyapapay, ffirraat irritability. Daraoftiolnt ?f lb a PlaaatWa FntliM. anaral ability, By or v?n? af Cwaiik, ti. n1rt*l?t.?'Tbt furfmi (((? m lb* atiad ut mtk la M Irttdxl- Um W Mtirary, ?' Mmi, DtctMun af fjwrfia, ??11 PtriWilsp, Artraian af Ratiaty, tlf-PUtrait, L?*t af ttnidHy, <?., tra aarat af tbt flit 'niBTor# nillLlfT.-fkNMrlilu ?aw)*df ikttli tba urn ?f thair daellnlnf btiJth, laaln* tbtlr ?if ar, batataln| ?ul, p?lt, etrraat tod amaelttaa, bsrtt-g a tirfatt* ^tuuti iknt tbt ?? ?. Mtfb n lyafWiai af **> ? ??DISEASES OF JMFR VDXNCg. Wbte ik? ?T?r?id?u and ImpradtDt aatary af pi?aairt t?dt kt bat lekibtu u>t atada af Jin paiofal diaa&ta, 't W?*n kaprtot that ac iM tiratd hen or ihamt ar dratd af dlaet'try daitrt b'm fram apptytnf ta thaat fram adica(>aa trd raaptetftkiiity, c\n alaot btfriaed hire. fall* lout tbt bard* af ifcamot *fld dttifniry rralandtrt, wba, fctpsbit af carina, lleh hit ytcvniart tabaunca, kaaa bio tnl'tf aacth a'tr roantfc, ar at lana at lea meflin fat Cad kt aUiotd, and In dttpafr lt*?t nirj ?Uh rsJotd baaltb ta tiak a*at *< jrnlliaf duappatqimtnti ar by tat aaa af thet dttiily Bnaa?>--.Mtrcary har>f. iht can?' a liana] iTinpiatst af (>m

rrlklt diitaa*, ?*efc ? A fariien af tut Htari. t>raat, Htad, kin, kt., prarraaair.f with frtf htfai rapt<i>tr, ull datlh ptu > parted ;a bit araadfa. taf anrfa by aaadirg hirst a thai *alttt'trtd MCQtry fram vkaat bairn sa trt'tlar rttarpt. DR. JO/iNSOyS REMEDY FOR 0RHANI9 WEAKNESS AND IMTOTHNCT. By IbU natl ?i1 lapanaa! vttiaataaf tbt arc tat srt tptadOy aartd and fbll ?lf?r rtttMii. Tbafaadt af iba mi) aarraaa iLDrt aa?'!!l?Ud, tm iii im* ell fcaya, k? ? Hi* irai?*Ji*?a!f raltaTad. All lapadt???ta ta M?rr!*fa,PkyaHai ?i Nn?l Diaaa* 'J?ati**a, Umi af fiKilt'Jri Paaar. <>* * Irruk*Htr, Tiwkliif wl wwkimi ?r iuiiiun ?f ika a*ti fttrfil U?d ifaaflMj aarad. EXDORSEMF.XT OF TW5 PRESS. na mint ti?rupti r*j?d it tkl* Ina'itauaa vtikta lk? lut MT?tiM*o and t*k naasaraaa Inpartaot Sara iMl aptial aoi par' kjr Dt. Jac:;*tao, V1u>aaaad kj ?t rmn*r> af tk? fifin ud nur nktr ilium, uc'.icsi r 1 vhlak ktfi i^khJ *f*.c and again ka'ara ika aaaua, ktI'.daa kft auadlaf u 4 (autlamau af akiiiiui ud rtraasa4.ktiuj, la a Hluau (uiu.ii u tk* illtiil. a>tr ll-ly TRZZ2SBMAR. " r*eUtl*4 fry Hof?l Litttrs I'ntn>1 <>/ England, mmd ttturid by tut Stal* or tiii Ecolt dt Pkarman* dt Pari*, f a4 ii? Iwiptriui ColUgt of M*ditin?, V\*nw\. TIllF.PKMAR No. 1 ! the effectual remedy for Rxlazittos* t*rnmatomkacka and hxuitrsTioK ui thi TRIMKMAK No. S, Completely and eullre y eradicate* All truwof thoi? ditorderi, for viwoh Cop&iva and Cubebe have ceDrrailT bc?a thought an Antulotc, to tba nun of the health of a vast portion of the popalation. TRIK8KMAR No. 3, la the treat ar ' ?nre remedy of tti? oiTilised world for aillmeuntiee of the a*atem,aa well aa aeooadary eymptoina, otiviatint the destructive uae of Merenry, m well m other deietenoua ingredient*, and whioh all the Saraaparilia la tt e world cannot remove. T^ikkkxah Nos. 1,? and 3 are alike devoid oftaate or ameh. and of all nauaeatmg oa!it<ea. They are in the form of a ioaenge. and may lie on the toilet table witfiout t&eir tee Ming aae?? ??? ?-w ? ? JVIM Ul UU ' B? ? Will! U1 iUUI ?<J UMN in ore for f?>, and in 927 cases, thna savins |9.u administered by V&lpeau, Lallemand, Kou, 4to., 4a, Wbolesnie mil re??in?T DR. H. A. IfAK|0\V, 194 DlMcker street, (4 doors from MwDouiaJ street), New York, imiuea lately oarsMiff of remittanoe, Dr. Bi&auw will forward TrieMinar to any wt of the world, securely ^^ d,a^daddressad acuoruin* to the instructions ? Pnoiisiiea *j?o by DR HARROW, tb%t fropnlar aiwi beautifully illactratsil medical wor?,Ha-:4D Frailty. Price V oeuts. be obtained by t^Mih authority from S. C. ? OK U, WMhiiijton, JP. C. de ISta A ^OMiiTHINB NEW ! ^ /^V Ji /^JetUTlIT Diicotiit trfTfi f&i ^K*Ur Till Acs! 4< SSI O ilTNl, tpHliM "nv OV 9 f ^X^rSjLMED la tfca Bheli ana Thoromhiy Cocaad fir r*Mri?r to a rout) in two MMWtu, iJU /mttui imm m rttord. ?all and aee. Ybs anderauneo reoectrtUy lnlorma lua Merca In the p.ntriot, anj naitore to tue city, that "e hu refitted his OLD and WVLL-KN9W* is a moat thorough manner, aa ' hu m&de coo yjet* airaac ementa to farTiah OY8TKRS in *uj atyleaad ys anr tonntity. tootngvifa. Iom isuook^ p*rday. ??? to l,rtJO can? oi s^K^i ani Fresh ?*tM dailr-aane liormetioai!)' mi**!. Fvnusfced in the aheli by the bnehft or t<arr?l. Persons wyiliimt to ^are Oratera farniahed r?f*iarly through the wiutrffr, at Baltimore inift, witnomt fear of failure, oa.i and inai? ar raacmaenu at ouoe. Frelfht. tiros, and roonm ayd by MuehaaiuK of rr *.M ? fnndah *a artiota anal to tli? oelehraiea Uainmor* eatAi-lUhmesu, f lutu low, TO SfVlJiR& Sc., fce. Aieo, Pick! pa, OaF*r.r, Rdjw, jjr*-4V eaobe*. Ao. Alao, fiaraeaiiU Freeh r'uih. TTpree,TerTa?m?, I-reah Lobetera, <%*!, HaliSnLAe. Id nwt, every tbiu? Tor Mle in the Northern nuw fret* a)warn on haoM, at ie&?ouaM* prico*. Hctal' and famLii* supplied witu Graters, Urered withont charts to mit part of the Diatnot, ic ww<ib, if the money i? eent with the order. Mr eataVUehmentia opeL from t a. in. to It at nltht, every tlay, exo?pt Sunday, when 1 o'otr at 10 o'clock a. ra. i?*tl T. M.HAEVKT. JLB A * f E R R I H | CBTJMF ATBD Worcestershire Sance. ProaaanMd by EJ EXTRACT ONHOI98KVRS W of a Letter from a u t* tha J vmtumtm "OttLY OOOD d?\k M*jr" faeSl r. Hi' Eretktr AUCE." M it WoroMUr u4>?u<?b;.u> fT*c% - r?u ?AVft *vk*Y in India, aud is. in ARIETY ?l?SvfT? ray opinion, th#n ?*t teaii f?WoM>Ublf. &? W?il M OF DISH IK^JHthe im.*t wnoiaaon.? * ^y?Jrs??<?tiiat remade." Vhe above SAUCE la not only the ?irr ud most rorvLAK CONDI MINT known, batthe moat Stono ?U*i, m a lew dropa in Sour, tfrovy. or with ><?*, hot and cold Jonus, Buf Stt*k, Burnt, ft., 1 in part an enuieite seat, whioh tmpriiuipitd Sauoe manmfaotnrera have in vain end o*to red to imHit*. On tli6 BrtmkfM, LwmtJuom, Dinmtr, or Swyw T^u. a ornet otmuinisz MLEA A PEKKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ? Lcdujena*bic. To appreoi&te the txctlltnt malitus of this dtlitittm prepai ation it is only dmmmit to purchase a small bottle of the tof a respeotabie gro06r or dea er, a* many HoHl anil K**taura*t proprietors seldom plaoe the P*r? Sauoe before their guests, oat substitute a genuine Bail* filled with a trtmtmt mixture. For sale by Orooers and Fruiterers ererrwhera. JOHN DUNCAN * SONS, Vnio* Sfttart mmd luk Urut, JV?? Tori, Sols Wholesale Agents for the Untied States. A ptook always in store.?Alio oratn rsoCiTM tor direct shipments from Kngla?d. CyjUiTi tf&mur/titt ?4 lmitmli?u.-Tn aep?-ly,eo | TPHAWS HAIR DYE i-TO COLOR SLACK ' U OR BROWN!!?'Only 38 cents a box, Tnree Bixee lor ore Grey, red or flaxen hiur oaa K cheapest in tiie world, produoinx, u* moment i applied. * nch nature! appearance. Each JBox < of IJPHAMrB HaIR DVK is wwrented to ooataia M did oh katt dvt as others aeli tor ?M i?Umr I i rtoid by 8. C. UPHAM.4 0S Otaesnnt street, Pj il*. delphla, and 8. CALVKRT FORD, ooraer Uua ? rjBNTL?MEN8? *Eip.y ??M.pE 84JU*. I "L . _ IO. vr rira hvam i i. i Weoff-r citiaentaaud strucert a tfge MMrt- I i|fe ^ EST*" I' DENTISTRY. I\R J. B. PEABODY, Lr D1NTIST. Attsods to *11 b*?ncbw or Ma yrofMtioa ?t Ut moat r*?ar>n?M? nt*a for vtuch good of fr*tr-nf o*n be p+rlorvMi. MM K~"A?0 No. 87* f?an?vlTUit* fcT+cua.^*"71 p vMnllthacd 12th strata, i wo doors M<t of the kwcod Houm. ia ume bulaitu wi?fc Dr. I>onMdton. rah 5 lm*,11? M LOOMIB, M.V)t?Aiwt?#r u4 ^MtM fthe MINERALPLATE TEETH, il _ Ji | Uwla peraoa&iiy at his o?oo .b Uua oityAflh Many ?eraoM am w^rlhaaetoeUi whoXEZZ:m W MM VMI?I *| jv PV. tub U4L w CAT OLuOil Who MDDOt WMr iLms, P'(rjMi calling at my otojow b* aocemmoaaM yJH *HT 8tT,# ^ f***orT?5k H??y may dMir* asiSKfSWKira^^'.ja ksms^SS*1N krXl fLift Koomi in thle oitr?No.3SSPE.STenie.b?tve?e and iota ?u., tOT Aroh itreot. i?hi.ft4ei flu*. mar 4 1 y,? " PR. C MAR HQ R. BOTKLKK, NO. SSS^PENNSTLYaSST^ENOK. UlTWIP 9tH AJ1D 10TH fc*Tt. )> 4-ocgm f^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICLUs CHS OP LAST I BONE m k m winovr Mitu Puti m Cum ... * mm, tiHNM 12J& m+J IS/k lit , VTuhtnium, Caiia the attention of th? ynblio to the following oTaLiagr* of hi* imyruvw nrttn t 1. The Teeth #f hie ?r*r? future villndK0 newer oorode nor caacce oolor try aide, being three tourths lighter than aty other. t. No teeth or roots' he extracted, as the artificial ones oa/-. i>b inserted over them. I. The fooU wi*? h^made inoHeiurjTe, at newer ache. 4. No tonifrarT teeth ?'e needa4. as permanent ones m.b h? made Inuaediateiy, triers by ?ree?*Tln the aatval expreesnn. ol the taee. which urn tue ?id ostein is fr^nentlr dief cared. 4. SuU work has Loan (p.if tested over fire tears by many cf the firat ehemsata ?cd phyBlciaos rf this ountrr. !>t. p. ha* a'eo ipwer.ted a white *r><1eetrr -<tive raetsl fclUng, with whioh the u.oet seuutiwe teeth ean be tiled without pain, and oaa build ? a perfect, sobv^ tooth oa ao? side roc is, wtieu wul laat The N?tof* tireo -to Dr. . MottJ Dr. Pnremns, rrofoe^r orcbennirtry, N. Htm. Jn<lte Wayne, of the Hasreme C??art of Waehington, and thonr*iidii)f others. CaU and examine for yourself. to ? #m GAS FITTING, Ac. AWH *. DOVE ? CO. RK rr??&r*4 tn*x*?*t4 ?n? oriere wH| waion tiw jra,r r*i favored in the rbVHmH#, ?AI? OK 9TKAN rim** BV0INB88. fTT" *Uwe ?b ftk a f?w d<KK? n*rtk ! Fk ran*e. w?*re ioajid *pprc?.-W? a??3-tme;il i CHANDEL1.KI13 it4?V A?. STEAM and WATKE rlllWfll* VLT AB HXIIIE!, " K Da?* ia ftor*, an?t ar^rfa- r reoe;*inj, 918 F*XTCHESofeotsrely New Pattsrtaand Decixra ard Kieirh, ?Kp*>rtor in atri* to ^aythiuc heretofore ffw-4 id thia TuarkvC \ve icnt?aitiiw-* c enor*l t to aeJiai. 1 azAfmra out alook of fiu uj vVatw Fix'irea, faeh:;t confident thtt v* bare th* twt it>cted (took xn Washington. AN Work in the ftboveliae uttruM u ear ear* *i!t M jraajt!? atMcded U. &*fc?S * Mo?5AW. ut I U STe D atreeb F AIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. rot sal* bt J. P. BARTHOLOW, Bole A if at, Hardware k Agricultural Warehouse, M9 limth Street, Bttytu* Ptnmfylvantm mmm *nd tkt PimI, opposite eut eod of Centre Market. Ja M-tf ; n (b?TAlLI?HW) m 15S?.) Bm leave to Inform t.'ie pab jc tn?t ih?r have extended their Kxprmsto W asti.njton. end tr*uu? prepared to Transport Merchandise, Kuk Notes, P?eoie, Jewelry, Jto.^o all pane of ttie Jjiuhll*. C r?ei UMt OUU FT W?fT? Ml 11*0(14 Lv^ueotiM with ua muit r6fpo~s:b.e F.xjreMea throughout the oonntry. w> are enabled to otfar wa4>. ?a.'.'i(f faeilxtits to all who may favor** with their patronage. For tenniand nrther Information apply to K. S. fcMiTU, Agent. Third !., SJ door bc'ow ?-a. avenue. Ja9-?m Waiiiinitua p c. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, Anv Dsalxkr if 8WORD3, PABHE8, BELTS, KPAUI-fcTS, SHOULDER STRAPS, 6AUN'f L?T?, 6LOVL3, Ao. And every variety of KKADJ MADE CLOTHING. At 1?A?ohabu Pven. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., S89 Peniicylvacla avenue, between 1^ 11 f ?-*-.! a. n X- * jm ii |>ii?n.. a. linyau.l m Uifl 1U1II HI. rpo MILITARY OFFTCtRU ANP OTHERS. BATCHRLOR'S OR* VI KB HAIR LTB, The Beat in the World. Tkt Only RtliahU **d Fimrmiw Hmir Lhn Im>i Pold br ji" Dn>rc!?t?: a>*>. ai RMBtren'i Pmi?n MMicfU* Stem. e*. Patent OmW, m. V (k HA, a) Giraa't H/wr B*ore, *?? Penn'a a*ecsa. whrr* i LvUmraw havsita#p>liv], tf dealr?3. FaeUry??1 Baroiaj ?t (late to HroviTxj> N. T. oo ? IT C*OLD AND , FWI0B 1 bare dow on ^uin^'a'larie auxk of ai: the moit oeiebrated Watches. tiiat I &>u e^llinc at the Terr iownat ?i icee tnat gooJ Mid reliable time keepara can be afforoM at; and eTerr deacription orfiae JKwtl.RV on hand; all new atyiaa leoeivau u kuon t? manufactured. and ottered at (M ioweat ratea. ?M?-ar *wf manuiaotared in rar own auop. AH kiula of WIuflllYCOODS on eh to RevolTem, Pwordi, Sacbea. JJelu, Bowie I DiTM, Pocket (Joiuaaasea, Ac., ?o. Alao a treat Army Trunk" au<i Bad CouibiDeti: and u.auT ?tlifcr Unci* oaetui aud yri*meutal at 3.?* PranariT&nia a?eupe. ti?an-tf H. A. tftHJD. DR. DIJPONTS BU8AR-OOATKD FEMALE REGULATING PILL* 1 Read the Ibliowiac auaolioilad eaoogjl-jyv ?"l canDot oommeod ?ham too highly." wfJ KTL*. *1-? ? --? ? ? 1 1 1 j. ucj mi o m<o rvioiUV riili CXl&Ql?~ "1 have nse<1 them with <y?inptete doom*.'* "Would not be without them upon any ci fc?i4?ratloc.% "They operate ??ee<Jily and riTectiralr." ' PnoefrBeut by mail. 8<> <Tby B. G. CPHAM, , 403 Cheanit atreat. Philv^phta, and in W?d loston by B.C. KUKU.ooruer litb rtreat and Pa. aVaaae.; in AUftwdrla, by UfcNKV COOK * . CO., DtumiU. noiaeolf DMR.GODFREY'S AJfTIDOTK WILL CIX*B j tfONORKHfEA in iia <U?a I ouxoee ol diet re^aire-i. It la an liata Byeoifie ol eutr-fire year* static . and will not ham the most deUeate flMis nr? Fit?? bT*87c?*rO!U)J ! oorner 11th etreetaad Pv *?e ; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOH * CO.. Drmtrta. mo ?-eoly . AD?,^T,Ng CAN^I ci>dles | 60 Boxee Adamantine Caodiea, |ooi 4ua.ifcy. -*IN8*BUR<Wu fey Conwr ttgj and VermontiTt. N MOURNING GOODS. 1 O W In store our u?u*I Wf 't and fine stock of i aJ> kind*of Dry Good* for Moarninf Apparel. One prloe ody, tlie aotoal oash vaine, Marked in flun fiiarea. m PtKK\ A BKO., i faJfrjSi Penn.arenceaiU Ninth et. ft tJWifflV n' Aiojuu to be loaned on Gold aaU mirer a:al?e. Jewelry, Quni and Pietois. fcilrer Ware. qui Wearini A?parei-?l the old ??nd, No. ?*l7C trMt. back of the Nauoafti Hvloi, Urreoa ks A mta '*11K-r 1 na^L'roe'kijd Buff Chintz, pl?iB,frr?kl.d/6b'a "roJ?r?ortbOTB aa4 Nmn f??in >te4 u MI U?a? ^|||Y 4 HEOTBKRu i DINK, WHITE. BLUB, ANDpO*KCOL*R 1 rich tiiiks. Wr nisi drwws. ft>r Mr yrim iiM ft vard.oJTfcre* no w Hk lor the S? - stammer gLACK TEA! TjJ~ ^ , TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. PA88KHQ1R T&AI5B S1M9SPVI Om mmd AJlm KOHDl Y. Fikrmm^ S, 1ML PAUIMII n4iM iifvm WAIHISIfiTOJI A> D BALTIMOHI Wlil ran m foltowat Sit D**lf 7V??i i"ir< mt mmd Dtytft IfuiMrin Dmi y dwimt tin tt>. (W(?N Mi ? '-y-|_ For PWIe<el?WSBBd N?w York-L?*v? Wa*fc. In*tot. at C M a m. 11 ? a m, to: h ? ? n. For b?ltnw)r^-Li*w ? ki. iutvi it IViod *4**M.MidSMiaud?flirM. Fur Annajo i? at 7 4f> a and (If k For Philadelphia at S.(*? r m. u v .u .-A ? - . i vi iiMiiavii'i a' u ino MQ W Ml. ?4T* Wulnw'<'!i M6?04 u, acu 4 WrrMH p m. ForPmiwiokuiiOiM,and SMm. TRAINS MOVItM AOHTU. ftftrciu Kxftma i?w Wa*kii Bfti.B t Ufl *. Aj rtve at Bs.Uiitor* 7Ju a. m Pb'.vialjriia II* r.a; New Vorklr. m.. Harnsbcrt l.tff. M. Monuuc AcoemmooMioB mrt W M^r.jtoi 14* a.k. Amrttl BatiiDor#Mf 4 a. No mpbm oon? at Ha time re. Tiu? 1a t*? Acuimi ooaaaxioa for Annapolis. Mnr * ork Mail Train- :?* * WaalnDftot at 11 a.x~ arriT* at BaMta*?r? n.?r p. r t.. ,*,e.pi.?a ?J7r. ?ra 1* r a. . Fhila"* jLia Traia ! %.? W aah n^toa at 3 <* r a. iKwm wuviv ?r a, mm riUiaMl|U *'After* ion AaocKnuxJatJoa? !aa*t Waahlngtoa aiiTx.arrrre at Ba't:iror# at lr?, No oo?. n?ouoaft?t Baltimore. 3 kit la Lka afteraooa <*oUWOL fur AUMfOUt. Bnuac Wuhimto# I r. Amvesl BtlMo.ti6f. TwfttaphtalMl p. H.; New York it Hamebarfl a. . Oe 6ucaa?? icave \Yaakii<?u?a at s.ue aad 5 p.m. ?Vk. 5 r. h. train from WatMBttoB *ena*<<ta thr-,a?h to Na? Y"rk ri*rj dar *?waf ** vaat. l.?. ?t*fSi tfL'WZggfr. ???. m.. La.Un.ork ? ft t. K. Am to at Waaklncka* *'lVot* Nov York at p. v.; Philadelphia Hue p. . Baltinere CMn. Am? *t mm Lear? Nrw Y?rkM V r. Pb!^e!tkia IJ> A< M.; tifc?Uiiior e IJo a. H. in;?M WnLr.|io: i tt a. if Loc*. Aocomjnolatioc Tr?.r.? 'aava B^'timori at ? a w Mid 4 3! p. w , for WaaJu&f toa. arriva tH<*re at Ha.M. aud ft 4S p. m. On Sna'aya at ?.* ai 1 7^6 a . m. only from Baltimore. No AnMrvili or FredorioA ommjUuma* ^^wisnrwTr^iiu'paT^nf WuliBrtwi At i m a, m. aod 4 f>' r. *.. and Baltimore at 1M a. m and ? M P. M . *???**? tor A1 lupous at w>? Jaaotina. TmTW a *, aod S"1 r m ouaoeot at Rpi?? lor FrMorlofc., hk?'rit >?i>lte.ltgH oxc??t r*iji?ays. Vra;n? lea** Annapohn f??T P*'?'?ort> aol WutInxton at Ot a, m. ax. l s ?> r. n Fai?*TSf*r TraicA leading wa*hi?*r?n? at WH a. *.,11 A.w..a"*J? p.m..aod Balframre at >' art 'JP a. M. vill fllvmlvar i?mf<uw jlmclma. Way Fmmii|w? Bin at taae aba irowauitiut ^Irr wili iaave WaahinctrB and Baltimore ??? fAr<y Pxoej*ir? iMttkt4J*i m, * & a *- ivud traina will wait ? an note* if , tn ? the pt??ei.?f?? ai;<l Na frnm ihe K'a?t. For ? cV .nd Woonded Solo\P'??A aeeaial oar. W'fh ILii /1?nf witl. ? ' ?11 - ~1 * ? ?? ? ?? tWi VMM WAiX IW.?C Utu t?.oe? w?pfc for Philftde'fh* UirMt ?t II & *. for the nc(H>inmodftt>c>n of ?trk and jroaMec oMiors. VV. V. f Ml rjl. fci of Tr*t-??prt*tiOK. Bvl. 1M9] THE Il*?8 Penniylvania Ontral Railroad, (with its ooor.eotiowt 19 A FIRST CLAM ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN (TTIEl SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! BTONE HAL LASTED AND FREE FROM DUST: BAGOA0E CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! TUB X* DA.IL1 TlAJHfl TXOM PHILADELPHIA TO FITTMirilGir. Two of th?ir matin* CtOBB COV"?BCTloJk? 4.7 BmiflTU with tra<r? ob the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, fcsu forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE rua WiSHinr.Tiiv i mi m timod b to all pc iata in the WlfT, NOKTl-WIIT UIII SOVTB-VMT. C7" fur Tt. rough T.cket*, app!y at the Ofle* M the Northern Central Kail Hotd Com paiy.Ca.vert btation, liaitirnore. Splendid Sleeving Cart on all Night 7V?w Smoking Saloon Cart on all Tratnt. FROM WASHINGTON. PMPeoterr wrl t%ke ti.e 6 a ra. ana 5 p. m tra*n?. arriving in Baltimore at 1.60 a. m. aad 6 4* p. n., wiiere cloee conneetioni are ma~e i&i*? on the Northern Central K R.,a d arrive in Harr labor* at i p. ?ii. and 1 i5 a m., there with the trains on the Pennsylvania Central Railroad for a!! part* of the west. I?r tMa route. fro^/a^of'n^'tUecriptiona oan U larvafded to a&<* frw?i> a:.y pui^t on iRm roaaa of (Ahio, Kei.tucHy, in'iana. Iltino.*, Wiecorsui, lo*a, or Miaaoun. ty Haitroad >tfr*ct ThePenEB y vert* Central Kail road aleooonneeta at Rittaburg wnh t*teanx?ra, by wh ch Gooceaan be fcnrirded to any port on Ute Ohio. Murk.Lcbru Kekiuokr, 1 emaeeee.Cunt'tomA. I..ii**,a Miaeuaippi, \V laoonatn, ViMoori. Kauaaa, and Red H;vera; and at Clev?-.and, SMianaky au<2 Chicago with eta?ni?re to all Nortbireeterr. t aken. Merci.ante and hippera entraeting the iraaeportatioa oft^eir Fretful w>thf CoitpanyiOax reiy with ecr.ndetce on its *pe?xif faneit. jhk MAT Kb OF Fkfci 1G H 1 to and fro? any point iz. the W eat, by tie Pennsylvania Centra. RaLroad. arc mi mil tiwitt at fmvmmbU at art IMTfl i * .' <*fcer BaOromA Ommnamiaa lZ/~ Be ?*rtiouto mark m?U|N "tla Pub. Cfinu R R." MAG RAW & BOONS, Froubt AMta, . No, M NurU itiMt, Bat mora. ENOCH LEWiB.Sea': ?jpenct't, Altoona, Pa. L. u xipi rr. G#a 1 T?cket Ai't. Pin ad?tX?. e.J? ^OL'ITTON.GmiT Fr^U jyiORTHLS.N CENTRAL RAILWAY. , 74? Bioriui, Qmukttt mm i Bui KmU/rtm B*lHWK9T, NORTHLAND NORTHWEST. tf&SSHBHBSB UBB WINTER FCHEli VLM. Cuu*io> 1;mb. On acd a*er SFN1JAY, Puwi t*r Tr*!Lr w. I *n-:rt and drjt* fr*a Calvart ptatlor at fel!o? Tratim Noith LB*tv Mu at * 20 v. ra. Ru^-i Ki|rn? ?. B. i' ukW'l A 3C<?1! TiOLiUOE if. m. 'itUbcri fti.d U&mcNnrc Ex pre** ? Jf f- B. TBk'Sg horTH AKRrrs Parkf>n AoconnuKlation at a m. Batalo F.xpre?? 8 30 a. m. pituhvrc and Uarrwburg Ezymf t f B. Man f f m. Th? # a m. train from Waabtn*t?n oonwaM rub the 8^* & m. tram from Uvttmora for u* Wnt an<1 for B?*a!o. Ktm<ra, Roeh**l?r, D??? fcirfc, Cas.wiftJfuaand S;acara ha .a, and !? N*? V^.w ...a a ui? vn y. Xiie 41 ft. rn. train /rem Wmmlciol oobc^cu with tnele. m. trftm fn>in Mft.Umore to ?wt j North ?--4 NortuwMtaid Law/ft fti.d UuSftloftU f Tne i p. in. tnin from Wftahicftot oonbaou W"iU in. t^mm from Btltiniore for Pitttcirf. Hftrrio' ; t uic to* \V?-et ico ft <l?reot ?olln Hon lor bebftooB. Kftaton A i?i;town tad New iork vlft Oeittrfti of New Jersey. Try > ronte for New York. IT^The only tr?in lenvinr bmhiwmwob Mutday njfne* *. m. tr?m. lor Hft ..sharr,PitUt>nrg,Ciu}mo ftnd tbe West. The only train Bfttimore ob Puixiftj la the ij>< ft- n. tram. J A8. C. CLARa E, iu*l? ? * T NOTICE TO TKAVBLBK8. PNaS^L>*n SCi" n?M tki MoscMt theSwfc UJ l&!'t,tieB*j L,L??f itM^.eri \ riH it*< !'>* timore KY EK YJOVr faocyt 8" 5?y> from t i?ir wharf, foot or I nton Doofc, M ?* ?'CiO? k p. a., or lUiine^iM^ T fcitsr tut ftrrtvw of jheW^?*itnjioii Tim, wfateb ?m Waakin?ioa mtZu * "* M. W. FALXJI. Prart. TOPBU'o Mfra \ F M * M 1 9 M TM IfffWD JIJJVWjCTOJtr. Ill Irrnii tiruw. w uuwnai D. > RLtw MM)*1 *wmr?? oa'-Tox, ^ ny__ :' llMb?n?(C<iBtrMi kM tr?nl? Ml iImm / K&xciBC my MtoeS b?#or* rrhwuag eieewtere / FmrFe that are ma J? w attar wUt. Super o: LmoLw and Draaa Trufci w4( Yraiaka wTtrtd jtd rMAlradat short soOoa, --^=gSi^5g.tS

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