Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ~ AurmiHTi TO-NI?*T. Tbiat** ? Barnev VVIIUama a* "Pandean O'Rafferty" and '? Dr. O'Toole" In the drama of ? Borr to Hood I.uck*' and tbe fare* of '? The Irlah Tntor;" and Mrs. William* In flv* character* in the new play, ' An Hoar In Stvllle." CAi*T***r*T Hall ? MI*?e* Fowler, Mortimer. VrnncU, B ake, Brandon, S^cor, Richmond, the Pele*ante brother*, Nell, Qnlnn, Heany, J?an C Irak I. and a brilliant array of other star* In a capital bill of choruses, son^s. dance*, tailed-, burlesque and comic, concluding with a novel afterpiece. Odd Fellows' Hall ?A new programme of borlesqoe opera. tm?edy and coinedr, with Sanford as "Handy Andy." and tbe beat of other talent in spirited performances. Go bear Mrs. ftordwell. the charming linger. Fbakxlt* Hall, corner of Nin'b and D streets. Festival for the benefit of St Pau/s English Lutheran Chuc*. A most attractive entertainment. | MrfirtL Hall ?Corner Pa. avenue and Sixth treet Free concepts at 5 o'cltx-k. Excellent refrenhments, Ac. Hall open all day. Acadkmt of Mrarc ? Pa. nr., between Ninth and Tenth streets. Open all day Free concrts, good music and superior refreshments at four o'clock. Srraixi CoraT, March 10?Mr. Justice - ? * * * * < * _ At * I Wayne announced ui iue ear mai me v,oun would not hear the r.rgument if any cw after Tanrvdav. tfce ?oth Jn?tant, nir of any motion after Friday, tbe 21st ln-tant. and tb*t the Court will adjourn Tuesday. tbe'25th instant. No. 130 Samuel Verden. plaintiff ! error, vs I#a?e Coleman. In error to tbp Supreme Conrt of the State of Indiana. MrTjmtiee Orier de'Wvered the opinion of the Court, dismissing tbis cause for th* wsnt cf jurisdiction. No. 132 Andrew Hodges, administrator, et al , appellants. v?. Leslie Combs Appeal from the Circuit Court of tbe United Sfa'es for the District of Columbia Mr Justice Grler delivered tb* pinion of tbe Court, affirming the decree of tbe aid Circuit Court In tbis ca"<s?, wt:h cos's No. 133 Watts Sherman, plalntitt In error, vs. jaa. M. Smith, receiver, Jtc la error to the Supreme Court of the Sta'eofNew York. Mr. Justice Nelson delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the judgment cf tbe said Supreme Court in this cause, with costs and Interest No 131. Duncan, Sherman 4 Compwnv, plaintiffs In error, vs Ju M. Sm'tb, receiver, k. c In error to the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Mr. Jn?'ice Nelson delivered the opiuion of the Court, atfirmin* the judgment of the sild Pup rem o Court In ibis cauie, with ccs'-s and Interest No 135 Richard Plndel!, appellant, vs Napoleon B. Mullikln *t al App?al from the Circuit Csurt of the United Stntes for tte district of Missouri. Mr Jnwtlce Catron delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming f be d?crec of the said Circult Court in th'a cause, with c^sts No. 137. George C. plaint'ti in error, vs. the Illinois Central Rai road Comparv In error to tte Circuit C.sirt of the United Stetes for the northern district of Illinois. Mr. Justice Catron delivered tb?* opinion of the Conrt, ttlirming the judgment of the said Circuit Court in this cause, with costs Ferdinand N. Clsrk appellant, vs Wm H Y. Hackettet al. Appeal ln?m the circuit court of the United State* for the district of New Hampshire. Mr. Jr.stice Wayne delivered the opinion ..r n .s ^ i.. ti ivi. : * v _ vi IUC tuuiv. ui9uni?inv iu:s raur. WIIB c? SIS No. ItiO Jas Harknesa et ai , appellants, vs Isaac Underbill. The argument of tbi* cause wu contlrued by Mr Webb f?r the appellee, and concluded by Mr ?VyIle for the appellants No. 161. Ham J McCool, pldntitt" in error, v? S*pencer Smith. This cause was submitted to the r.ons'd ration of the Court on tb' record and printed arguments by Mr. Williams for the plaintiff In error, and by Mr Keliigg for the defendant In error. No 102 TLe Bai.k of the Slate of South Carolina, appellant*, vs The Com me - rial Mutual In urance Company. Eiwnrd J. Blcknell, et al This cau<e ws? submitted to the consideration of tbe Court on tbe record and prinU-l arguments by Mr. Jerckes for the appellant*, and by Mr. C Brsdlev for tbe 8pr*!le-s. Noa 163 k 166. Gua avu? L Hauasknecht, plaintiff in error, va. Norton F Claypool et a' , and Fit* ha Vance, plaint id' ir? error, va Jihn Campbell. These canaes were argued i>y Mr T. I> I.I r coin for the defendants In error, and ?>ibmitted on printed arguments by .Mfi*r? Lee ^nd Fisher for the plaiatiff in error. Morrk 11?John A. Poor, E-?j , of Maine; | Tboraa* R njseil, Jr , F! :a , of Miasackuse t>; ami Benjimln F. Rexford. l.-q , of New York wee admitted atu>ra*y? and counsellors of this court. ! No 301. The Glfy of Pittsburgh, plaintiff !a error. v.? Kdwin A. O'lrlffca ?*t al. In error to tbe Circuit Court of the United State* for the western dis'rlcr of Pennsylvania On motion of Mr. J H Br*dl<?y thl* rjni' was docketed cat dismtwd, with costs No ifir jcha B Moffit, plaintiff In error, v*. Abraham Gaar et al. This ranse was submitted to the cocs'deratlon of the Conri on the record and printed arsntnentii by Me??n Lee and Fisher for the plaintiffs In error, and by Mr. Stanberry for tbe defer.dan'a in error. No. 170. John A. Washington et al., phlnliff* in error, vs Nahlon li. Ojden, trustee of the Chicago Land Company. The argument of this caise was commenced by Mr Write for the plaintiff* in error, and continued by Mr. Carlisle for th? defendant in error. Diatrs or SoiDtaR*?The following deaths of aoUilers have occurred sinee our last report: Alexander Cleland,77th New York volunteers, at Csmp Warren. M DiWo'f, company D, 831 Pennsylvania volunlwi, at Union Hott-T. Thomas George, crnnpany P.'Ms? Pennsylvania volunteer*, at Seminary Uoipttai. Thomas Brlceiand, company F, regiment, at Graham'* Brigade Hospital. F. Denegan, 5:h cavalry at ramp. James Rooney, company E. 1st rpglmer.t United States Chasseur*, at Graham's Brigade Hospital. Charlea Fougbt, rompany I. 4th United States cavalry, at Krnpttve hospital.' Benj. Posey, servant to Gen. Franklin, at camp. Private Beat, company E, 7th Massachusetts volanteers. at camn A Cask ma thx Bxkzvolkkt ?Tbe d?ad bcd7 of a man wis discovered t r> the city canal, De*r New Jersey avenue bridge, yesterday morning, by a boy who was passing along tbe towing path. It was taken from tbe water, and a jury of inqiret was summoned by Jnatlee Jounaon, acting for the cororer. I? waa discloaed In the evidence that tbe name of tbe deceased waa Thomas B-vmlan; that since tbe d*a'h of his wife, about two motttha a'nce, he baa been drinking to excess; and that be left home about a week ago, alnce which time his whereabouts have not been known. It is supposed that be fell Into the csnil walle Intoxicated,ai.d wasdrowned or auSiczttd in the mud He leaves a family of helpless children, the eldest six years, eud the youngest six months old. The jury returned d verdict of accidental drowning. Poitct.?The Third Ward patrolmen reported the followlne ea^es on Monday : ? Before Justice Thompson?Thi>s. Wiillains, Nat driving; ?5 53. Owen Farley, H. McDermot, disorderly; 91 irt. Michael Stirling, f**t riding; $SM. Before Justice \\ alter? Kdw'd Goe's, ??illn< liquor on Sunday; dismissed. John Anyrmann, throwing fllth In the stree's; ro*N. !>4 cenla Before Justice Clayton?D K Fitcb, driving on the pavement; %iJ ?8 Tbe Fourth Ward patrolman reported y?iterdjy morning?ino. Rolling, a*Mult and battery; security tor p?ace. \Vm Ta? lK, for creating a euiMnrp; fined ?l 5"?for riding on tbe paTemeut; dismissed, by Justice Clayton. Prlwilla Gray, ?!?Mult and battery; sent to Jail for court. J. Cabo. driving into D;. Ltndsley ? buggy with a wagon; costs, 3ti cents, by Justice Waiter. R J Ralney. csaault and battery, dismissed by Justice Doctt Focsth W*itC??m ? Monday,thefollowing cuci were reported by the patrolmen : Colonel Anguruth, driving on the pavement; dismissed bvJuJ'lee Barnaolo Birtbolmy Gal, charge of obtaining supplies by false pretense* from P. Baurmau. J*11 for further hearln* by Justice Donn William Callahan, drunk a d disorderly; workhouse 3u days Ki. Bnrna and Thomas Young, d'sorde;ly; locked up in the station rella. <'harles Borechaw, drunk and disorderly; lined t* 9svkst8 Wabo Police Ca?m?B'fort Jmttier S:r*tt<m?Lizzie Glbsoo. for vagrancy, wii ?ent to the wotkhou>? for ality days John Stafford, for threatening hi* better half. was mad? to give Mil u> i^pic p^nre. uwiian L,ee, (coiorea; for an assault and battery with latent to kill, on Mwt K Bntler, wu sent to Jail. Michael Nash and Kllea Naab, hta wife, bebnved I1k? Nasb illa!ni, and for disorderly conduct we e fined 91 M each. Arrant is Al*xawd*ia.?Sarepta Rail, which waadestroyed by fire last Sunday morning, la to be Immediately rebuilt, workmen bavin* alreadycommenced the removal of the brick* and rubblab. A man named Leonard was robbed at tbe Railroad Hotel last Saturday night of nearly S5<*J in fold and sliver cola. Two young mm Lamed Murray and Uidsb hare been arrested, a ad over 190 recovered. Gkokcbtow* Police Ca<aa.?B'/ort Jttihr* A<?v?r?William Paul, Harry Lipslcomb, and i ?? ? # u i a > ... A AJ JiiiUf 101 aiMiracriy CJOUUCI, mru r?'*,s Kdward McCain, disorderly conduct; tedfltl as UoTt ?W HI I am O'Brran nnd John Fltxg?r%l4, tbe former tbirWn and th? latter only ten feara old. have been arr?*trd on the charge of tc/ae waaliug, and committed to Jail. teosnWaj Station Ouu- Btfort Jut tut ^ W Whltmarsb, disorderly at the ^lllll'l W M Charles Donnelly, fighting; Fatal Accidvst ?This morning, Mr. Joseph Lynch, a carpen'er, who had been at work all nigbt at the navv-vard, waa going to hia home, taking the route by the canal aid*. Wbea near the brick bridge over tbe canal he waa celled with a ipaxm, to which ho waa aobiert, and fell over tbe bank, and died by strangling, about I o'clock. He was a very temperate man, and la respectably connected, baring brothers residing in Baltimore. It wna nana! for him to call some vm ?v u i ill w urn ur ?v?? ?mv ih?iww?ivho v? "* srrwrnodlc attacks, and this morning called to little boy wbo wit n?*nr him, but who ronld not reach him in time, ills friends deemed an Inquest unnecessary. ForsTn WahbStatioji Casks.?B'for* Jtutirf Walter ?W P Blair. dmnk and disorderly; !W Wm If Price, do ; *2 Paddy Welch, desertpr; turned over to the military. Gus Crsemer, drunk; dismlired. R. Cross, disorderly, 6 91. Wm H Thomas, larceny: jatl for hearing. Aaron Clark, do.; do. Catharine Dar, drunk; workfcou?"(K)dava. Daniel Ixtn?, drunk a"d d'?or<?prlf; $0 58 Thos. Bell, do ; 91. Hannah Hrarlv. do : riltm'sppd Dennis Sullivan. flgbt'ne; *2. Jaa Wheeler. do ; S3. Sarah Ana Rollin*. drunk; workhouse 30 daya. John Healy, drunk and disorderly; dlimited. CimT*AT. GcxmnHorm Cask* ? Before Jnttiet Clark ? Michael CallaUan and Michael Cas*idv, soldier*, raring their bor?e*; turned o?er to the rrl'ltarv Myr 3tirne. peddling withoat liceoae; fined 91 George Pfl <g;er, drunk; dlatniaaed. John Plhper. drunk: turned over to the military KHen Lvncb, drunk; dl?ml?ed Geo. W.Bar, renter, do.; tnrned over tn t'ne military. Timothy Hawcer'v. drunk; dfamlmed. Wm Rothschild, indecent exposure; lined (5 94. Pour* ?The Fourth Ward patrolman reported: David Freeland, sell'njr Pqnor without Mren?e; fined * 20.58, *>T Jnstlce Clayton. Job* I Flahertv, drivlrp cart on tfee pavemrn*; cost 94 cents. James Csv.ina?h, Patrick Walsh, Jobn S?ekston. John Mnrpbv. Daniel, do.; M cents each, by Justice Walter. Tub Railway Baio af*.?Gen. D. If. Miles has been assigned to the command of this force, detailed to enard the Baltimore and Ohio Rail* road, in place of G*n. Robinson assigned to other duty The various corps along the line are row changing petitions, In otber words relieving each other. Th* Fr?*?al of the late Lieut. Joseph B. Smith, U. S Navy, will take rlsce from St. John's Church to-morrow (Thursday) at el?ve? o'clock a.m. The friends of the deceased a?a invited to attend. s:x-h Wa*d Poltc* Casks ?B'for* Juxtie* C-H ?John Evans, disorderly: fl"ed $2 91 Alfred McDonald and Joseph Rice, malicious mischief: committed to jail James Moore, a?aault and battery: committed to jail. Lookoct for the celebration of 8t Patrick'" D^v by the Pla-il* Society at Rainey'a Hotel, D street, between Sixth and Seventh streets. Fifth Wasd Folice Case* ?Jus A. French, for rioting; held for a further hearing, fieorsje Jonea, a**ault and battery on Alfred Reevea; do. I>h. White, the Chiropodiat, ii a wonderful operator Hi< method of treatinz coma, bunions, bad nails, etc., 3s perfection it*elf PoflW no longer from those terrible evils, but submit their treatment to the science and skill of Dr. White. Gkn. Flimi*g's wonderful d??tructlve shell exhibition south of th<? President's Mansion on t -l . a _ t . . i. a < i uii'fnay rvfn'ilST ax g O'CiOOK pr'riieiy. une 01 th? most remarkable diaooverles rt the age, ?hnwing at a glarre Id deatrnctlve ffticiency when us* d in aea or !and warfare. The President, headaof l)r'p*rtmenta, Senatora. ineiT'bera nt Convrc*t fort-inn mlnlatera, and aecrefariea of lejya ion are expe-'ed there, with th- reporter* of the Semite and Hou?e, and thos?of t be city press al?o, with a littlf million of good I'n'.on lad'es. All are cordially invited to assist la glorlfyln? for oar late brilliant arfclevement*. 1'.# 1)2 Vot MoSCTtZlSK?*, OcrLlST AND ATRtST. !>r Von Moachrsker gtvp? his entire attention to the medical and surgical trentm^nt of the eve and . ar Deafness of th?? longest standing removed i>oth hy medical and ?urgleal operation* on the la'est aclentlflc principles, which hare proved that the distressing milady cf deafness, ar.?l all the disease* to which the ear la subjected, aie as>> u* those wblch attack any ottier part or I the body Dr M 'a operation* inay be witnessed by tbe entire faculty, and In fact Dr M. would be pleased that medical men should witness bl* method for tbe rtnioral cf deafiiena, and all surgical operator* to restore sight Office 9*17 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite VVillard't. mt 12 31+ Mrs. Pkcukxcs Mallort, If still In tbe city, can he?r<?f something to her advantage on nppflration at the city Post Office. mb lO-tft* Prop rw at the 'People's Dollar gfore," 1.15 Pennsylvania svenne. near Four and-a-half street. Fxamine the aplendid assortment of Jewelry. Silver Plated Ware, ar.d man.moth Goid Pena, and "take your choice for one dollar.' n;arb-Iw? BRAtT>B*TH'? Pill* ?One million nln? bun dred and twenty box* of Brandreth*a Pills wer? soid In the >ear 1*61. Let those who require a cleaning, Innocent Vegetable Medicine, usr? Brandrrtu'i Pllis, which have stood the test of rxperlence, and are approved by all who use tbt-m. Sold at No. S04 Canal street, New York. I:ranch r>ttlr? corner Ninth and E street*, Washington, D. C. P. 3.?Sutlers supplied by the doz<?n. marfc-lw Fa*ii,i*s who have never used Boston crackers are Invi'ed to ?ry those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocer?. Ja 2H-tf AtL pmsows can And th? best stock of Clothing, FnrnUMag Rood*, Trunks. Huts and Caps, at Smith's, No. 170 Seventh street, near F. fe 27 3m Tits last** Hkeb Doctor, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his pallet:** tue nature of their complaints or illnen, wSthont receiving any Information from them. Ifo rkargi far Consultation or Ad*i94. OVM. MOTTO. We nap such Balms as have no strife W Jth Nature or th? Laws of Life: With Blood onr handa we never ?U!n Nor poison men to ease their pain. Oar Father?whom all goodness fills, Pror'.d"* tbe means to care iu ills; Tbe simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea^Tl e*?. thw shall speck with touching power Of chcnge and health to the. Room No. 11, 1%'oshln.fton Dull ding, Penn euue, corner of 7th street. Canadian references of the Indian Herb Doctor: Hir E Heads, Governor of Canada Hon. Hy, Stearns, Mayor of Montreal, C. K. Hon. Geo. Hall, Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Hon. John Hutcnlnson, Mayor of Toronto, O. W. Hon. J. B Robinson. Hon. Jan. Cummines. Mayor of Hamilton, CW. Hon. W . Matthews, of Brant ford, C. W. Hon. W. Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. W. Savage, late Col of Artillery. H. P. Dwlght, Supt. of Montreal Telegraph. J. Taylor, Justice of the Peac*. Toronto, C. W. R. H Crook, Alderman, Toronto, C W. J. Urquhart.Surgeon, Toronto, C. W. fe 17-tf Conn*, Bunion*, Cfclonltles, Bad NaUa, Enlarged Joints, and all d'*ea?e* of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon ChtropoJilt. 4'JC Pennsylvania avenue, between Four ana-a-ua.>r ana rlxtu mrm?. Koom 7?*4 floor. OSlce bouts from 9 a. m. to 6 p. id. Coll* made at private residences when dectred. feb 17 Wivbs, Mothish, asb Sums, whose busbands, sons, and brothers are serving in the army, cannot pat In their knapeack a more necessary or valuable gift than * fevf boxes of Hollowny'a Pills and Ointment. They insure health, even under the exposures of a soldier's life. Only 35 cents a box or pot. _ 319 Issta Rrun Goods. India rnbt>er Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should b? without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blanket*, for soldiers, SI.25 each. Rubber Pooches and BLankets combined, 3i-3U each. India Rubber Coats, whit* or black, 99.50 etch. India Rubber Legglns 81 per pair. And all kinds sf Rubber Uoods, Including Rubber Boots and Sham, Rubber Stopper* for bottles, Deer Mata, Under Sheetings for brdy.ln sickness, Ac , Ac ., at manufacturer *? prices, tlfl. A. Hall'a India Rubber Warehouse, UUb Pa. a?., Between Ninth and Teatb atreeta. lab l-?f LAKR1JU). In thla o ty March 11, bj ths Rav. Dr. Fiookel, iuHN GEORtfK M. BcHEPPaCH. of Wash ins ton. D. c., to Miaa caroline FLACH, of ?ary:aad. . * On ths 6th *r slant,at Us Paraoaara, k* the Re*. John C. Smith. Mr. ROtfKKT MoMlLLKN, of Phi adelphia, to Mias MARTH \ E. AlOUKE, of w a*nin{H>n. p [ BalUiaora aa4 Philadelphia papara ?o?m MUi On the 11th mat., CHARLK8 RHOD&8 . Tr.a Irionda ot tha lamiiy are icvitad 10 attaud th? faceral 10 marrow, i kia lata raaidecea, K i tract, batwaan fthan*' IQUaUatU. * Ob tba llth leal, 8A.MU8L L. BtLYAN, la 17th ya*r ufh'.aace. Hi* imMraT will taha ftaaa on U mrrov. tba 13th mat., at 3 o'eiooi.m vhtoh tt.a (rianda or h afaauiy a>a d to auaad at kia lata raaidrnaa. on 3th atraM aaat. Tha dao?aaod aanrad Maeoa.Wry in tha war with Maxioo. aodar GmaralTa?lor, and Caaaral Sadt. He laawe a wifa aad au ohlldraa to soars hia lrrtparabia loaa. J I Q18EASE8 OF THETHROAT AND LUNGS. A CARD. DR. ROBERT HUNTER, of New York. tor of the **N. Y. Journal of D1?*a?e? of the CShaet," Ac , bu arrived in Wuhiagtoa k>r the yorpoae ef treatirg Branohial and Fnuncnary Die whioh b-anoh of hit prolecsion h practioe IB n-chninly eocfi: ed. . _ ilr. Hnaltr'i r n ia deficit*]* limtfod thfee w*aka,anl is only made to afford tkogeaffi.oted wilh Ure diiriiM ( mb ?c?.l m hia ap-cmlity t Catarrh, B'Onct.?tia Asthma ana Consumption! an opport mitr to anbrmt tn*?r oaaea to him in a?r?on. Dr. B.ia trie founder of the inhalmtioa tysievt *f prnttiri. hy which mediti'eaior the on'a I diseases of the tbn at and met;a are applied oireotly totb*? affeoted parti in the form of vapor. By this treatment Aaihma and Bronobttia ar? .acidly and even Consumption. which baa ao lot * haffled the aki l of the ino?t learned physicians and rovfd ntterlv incurable under "*Ooa l.iver Oil, Cocntenriration 'and ihevartnus4t''oughPimpa." ' Ha sains" and other qnaokiah nostrums taken by the i to ma h yields readily to tne heal at infloetra of w?tm m-dieaied vapors, daily a pp tea f> t: a affected parte. In the oily of Nev Y rk iheca'hs from oon*HmptiUA have diminished more thar a thousand a year ainoe he introduction of t>ie praot ca. No othar form of raedioation fives the p* tiffnt the alijbtest chanse ofoara. Tne aeat of th* disease oau oclbe reached br inhalation, aid w.thoot it ia reaofcoJ not one ratient oat of a ih?n and will be -av-d. Thia truth ought to be wti ten in Ittctrt tf toli l>r. HnntVs room* are at No. 20t Pauo avenae.Sd door b*'ow 15th street, acuih aids. Houn (<*m lo a m to 6 p m rr.h 11 wCHENrK'J PULMONIC SIRUP o THE 6REAT BLOOD PURIFIER. Thia firna will search thioush every blood veaae:. equal iain* the circulation, preventing bemorrnage separaung the bile frum the blood, makinr it healthy and the oircn'ation natural With the a daftheSEAWEEDTONlCand MANDRAKE PIL.L.S, the system resumes ita healthy oondltion. the purulent raattrr. abaoetnea and all ulcerations of the Intra mn?t yield to their cover. In almost every square of Philadelphia there aro per*ona who hare oeen cured of Consumption in ita several stages by the uae cf Dr. Schenok's m?u ictnee. Many person* have been iest?re<l to heal'h by these remedies afW bem* confined to treir beds, rednosd to m?re akeieto a. and troubled with ootuh 1,01(11' sweats, heotio fever ani alt the other ind.cations of an advanced stage of the disease I at bran examination with the Ke?pironet.ji me lunguai t)??n found to be in a tolerably iealthy condition. It oauoct ho doubted that m&r.y lives have been raved by a timely retort to these renudiea. It is trne that in all caaea where oures*re efeoted the patient meat nave acme lungs remain* ice; bnt tro <?ands 01 VICTIMS ??F CONSUMPTION have deacenaed to their graves who might h&re been oared if they had oomo to 0r. Boneres in time, and piaoed thsnuelves aa4er his d.reotions. it is Sot denied that some who take So bene k*a Pnltn^n> Sirup die also. They oommcnoe too lata. All lat Dr. Sehenck claims lor his medicine is their ability to rec a late and invigorate tha whoisiystem, te npen the abacesses, and iaoilltale the d soharge of the morbid matter, u> relax the mueons membrane of the bronchial tubes, and to dislodge fom those tubes the touch phlegm or para tut muter whioh obsfruota them and prod noes serious diseases of the organ* of respiration SCHKNCK'S Pl/LM 'MO SIRUP wirt proInn. Ilf* n T-r- 1, r- w-r. r-i rr k_ 1 : it - ivuii ?i?c uiciiiiicB boyciai ihviiui;. uy ilpociiis me bronchial tubs froa from lite putrid matter which impedea U-.e.r funotmns, when the lu><|s ?rs too far gone t-> onre. There it r.o medioine that can cure Gouaamot on wtinn both lungs are di eased, auaUr. hoitonok would rather a?ery one would know their true condition before takir.g hia tr.adicioe. He treats no dissp?e but tnose of the Lnnra, Ltverrnd Stomach, aad makes no oharies for ad Tiee.or examining lunge m the ordinary way,or as phraioiara centralis do; but for a thorough ex am uat on wna tne Rosnurometer he ohargra three dolars, anil wishes every one. rich or poor, tt at has a cough. Pain in the Side, or Shoulder-Made, troubled with Costiveneaa or Diarrhcsa, Sallow Complexion Ix>es of Appetite. L?w Spnits. Restlessness at Night, or auy of er disea>e leading to Consumption, to call on liim and gat his advico. DR. J H.SCHENCK will beat his agents(S. B. Wane's,; corrinr l.ouis'ara avenue and 7th sta., on WedceaJay, Fetruary 2fth and Weduwia*, March 26th, to ree patients ooir.plaiutrg with Oosifhs. Uolria, Liter Complaint,f'Ygpepaia.orjiny disease l*ad>nr toOonscmption He ii?e* a lvio* without charge, unle?s th-y war.t a thorough ex*zninition with his Kespiroiaatcr, :hen his f.*e is t|ir<>? dollar*. Pnos of iha Pulmonic Sirup, 81 per bottle or $5 p?r half dr sea. Pnna r\ f t r> A C > TVaoil 'l'/tm* Al K?Ml? Ar B I IV*" "I . I v> k_. v t* ?f C VU A uuiu?-f ft Vwl L'ufcvi O \J 1 (] ^ p^r h& f doxen ?no? of 'lie Macdraka Pi!?a, 25 o?nts per box. ?i Wta im' gWORDS FOR PR KSENTATiON TIFFAvf k CO., Mm. 440 tod dS'2 Hroatiwat, ,Niw Yoifl. And No. 70 Hr? Ricnmtr, Par s, IMPORTER* AND MAM'f ACTURFR8 OF ALL KlNDis OF MILITARY WARF.4 ?oiioitthe!t<t*i)ti>kij of Civic a:<d Military A?sociKtiobs. Commands on Nat'ona1 or Mat* service. Patriotic Club* \r <\ inc. victual? to their i*rje stock of RICH STAFF AND DRESS ARMY AND NAVY 8WO tDS. Their assortment includes the choicest BLANKS OF KNGLI8U MANUFACTURE, identical with thf>?? made for Wi kinscn. of London, vrorn by theofliser- <>f the British Armi, and most a;proved br experienced European authorities the eletantly * ou<ht BL.ADES OK SOLINGEN ON THK RHINE, in fibre and finish the reoogniced modern typo* of the Oilobrat?d i/anatm Sttei; the exoellentana wrriiMblt BLADcS OF COLLINB, OF HARTFORl), Beeidee those of other domestic fabrioanta. Themoantinga of the all oa?ea exe eu'tri within the establishment. will be foun>i >o compute all requisite nylta of ori.ame'.tation the rcabr>ard? being of r-iLVtm. f n.vtR Oilt. Broxzk, Plain or Fir*Gilt.pilv*r Platro BiR-ih-kbd Htbbl. Rich lathrx.e'o , with t>\nda of Puai*. Okaiit) or fcuao^aao 6<lt. or 8omd cilvsr; li.e GRir? and GUari* o! the name van. ty oi material aua finish, and of cither regulation p\taern or original deaign. tfhoald an artiole of Extraordinary Ki.b^ascb, or a nebnMi and ccstlw.eas not represented in took, be repaired for presentation, tne capa-?iii tiesortne e<tablis'im??nt for the in&nnf%otare of the ohoioaet work* in gold and silver, and iu general artistio resouroes are unusual guarantees of IU satisfactory and ?peedy proilnotiou. In answer to orders, designs aud estimates will bo promptly forwarded Individuals purchasing Swords of Tiffany ft Co are informed that every Blade la snbjeotao to teats even more ae*ere .han those eojaioed by Government, beiore it ia planed on aale?the testing blooS la ia the eatabUahment. and at the oommanU of all who prefer immediate proof of the exoailenoe of their sword*. fega-<1tf TOPROPRIBTORSor HOTEL8,Cj? rkstaukan f b. WlS AMD nnioniwn *i. .rrono na/fl ?! ? Ui/nni/i.iu nuur, W|' Proprietors of the ai?w eetat>!i?h- M im.'ti a-e reipeoKullf invited to in?peot oar muui oI CHINA. bL.A**. i:KO KKRV, OUT. ERV and PLA j'Lli WARE, whioh is oompMe in e?7 department, and will oompare in quality acd prioe with ttie wiipj rtir.g hu?i?? fto.tU. Coal Oil tAmps, Chiinn*y?. and Wi?li, CHAS S tOW I.ER A CO., Wholesale and Retvi Dealer* in Chin*. Gate and Earthen Ware, mh 11-?t' iO?. Odd Fellow' Hail.T h at D OFFICIAL KPARTMENT OF STaTE, Wahh^gtoi, March 11.1862. Information naa ?esn received at >hia Department fro-r Mr. JoKn ce la Nonragnie. the Consul of ti.e United statoe at tvanUe. that a tel^graphio line was taid in November, 1(6) between Belle laieacd the in&m land, and consequently oonaeo'-ing with all tnrop*. Kfcentiy a titul pole has been erected uprn an elevated point upon Bel.e iale, affording faculties for communicating wub vet sols approaching tne ooast. Tuia pole ia placed on high ironed, on the left tHi of the tntranet of tks wort of Palais, (Belle ls.s,> urposiie to thtjort. The signal pole ia provided with both the Marnett and Remold atties ofsigna's. Tbia inlormation n published by rfqn'et of the President of the Chamber of Commerce of NwtM, m> H 3'tf ; UDlbHOC Washington, ladies of Washington. LADIES OF WASHINGTON, are invited aie invited ate invited to Call at oar Btkery, to Call at oar Maker;, to Call at our Bakery, and see If oar CRACKERS, CRfcCCKKS, CRACKERS, SUSS: %??? I flKS, Are cot eu^enor to any mK&'jjnVaahington. DAYTON'S bakery, 496 11th at. mht lw Between B and H. OOn BARRELS *UU NORTHERN CIDER, warranted pare. i and a vei> superior artiole, rur ?.? uy JOHN P. BOYLE St. CO. 27 Che&ptiae, mar ?-St* i'aftimoTe. R inportoi Mj Damialto. StO AKf, Imported and Domeatia, For mi* br j0hn p u<jvlb h co t STCh'tuida, mar >-3t* Baminor?, H'BB l??irip^Jjl!IJWiril COAL Hanoi r?-oMned and r? fitted a B RAN C H OFFICE la Willx*d?' Uu? oompauy u prepared to aooonuno3ate tk? casata of t .?t h <um. ttd t .? imfelio, with r/ Telurtphfo tooiUtj. PaltADBLPH.^

and ?ll Telecrwhio ? th? loyWl Bute*. J O^NERAU eA",. h H? C?OSl SALE?A tn? utoak of CL<*ia?. F*r*i?h T ?a"<vs? ""VIS **TI0?#M8r?lsT^F? ...... ^-,^*4:??;? ^ I'ttkaia-/i* . "Al ^ ^ - WANTS. l*7ANTBl>-Tv?jrood eHo-ml YVAITKRW. at " >4 7 P^nniy *T?nne. wih H 31* YVANTKl>-B?th??rrtef April,aSTOEE on Pa iv?d?*. (north aid*,) for wh'eh % f*ir fiea, hut no hood- wtlJ ? >&id. Addr??? Hoz MX.iVn>ii?to? Po??T?l^ mh it 4t* U7ANTMKA a ?oan? ttn% ? ? (H V UBIUC U'B' . FB^Uy Ot?ni, IT rake baker. Addreta 'a C. X. " Star OScfl, for four day. 11* l nnn flour for s^lb? I,UUU BARRKL9 OF fc&TKt FAMILY FlOUR FOR SALE. Ca" ionr np?n mh .3 31* GOKtiK T MoQLUB. WANTH) IMMKDIATF LY?9"?*ral ???d BtKKR?,at N. V Excel a or P e Fakarr. 441 7.h afoet. between G and H streeta, Waahn.toa. D. C lt? A woman wibhk* to obtain a pit atino in a private lMri ?;c%n do cook bk ard w*?hiif. Go d rtfeie.cea will befiteu. Car at 1^0 Oi it, Island. 11* WANTED?At the Goaling Peitanrant. 947 P?rntylvaait aTe-<ne. a eood w*iri?K ? one who underat%ida his buain aa ?sr'eot!r veil.; none aianoh need apair. tfool ree.-e.O' laired It* WANTKD?A B??Y tokfsiat in dinmc roo?, a?-d to wake him??'f r*ce?allT naefni. *1ao *CHAMDERMAll),oue Uaithn omhly nrd*?atar;d* h?r bn?'nea? Aa?ly at 309 F atre?t. ?>etween 11th and )?1h tre?ta n.h U 3 .* WANT*"!)? Bttwo respectable cir'a, SITUATION;*? the one aa a fir?t ra*e ?v>k ar.fl laandraaa; the othe' a n^od ch&mberraaid and VMtcr.'ll. The h*lt nf nitf r? ?-?nn?t r.?n ha *t*ea A private famlY preferred. where both wi?h to (to together. Cal at No 71 Dnujeitr^et, GeT^getowH, It* U'ANTSI)-T*o (Tood SIR L???n? to eoo* w * tuH. and iron, a^d one to do onaroberworlr: t^e hUhest vajcea will he paid to gule who will nit and * t>-.ones'. to^er. ar.-i iF*u?trione f'a'l imin^d at If at 43H F 'r?rth between G sn*? H. *t M , DAYTOW'B Crackcr Bakery, mh 8 St WANTFl) TO RJIVT-A a * > RO M or Kootnu. m'ta' ie f t mscha* to*i puron***. m firet or eeeond doer. A beeiro * "ooah y prrf?rrei. Addr?^? * iral." yt*<-1 'ffjas mr> n a * WAN r-u TO KIRK?A * OMAN t > f*o ot ok us h?>u?3Work in reaar*1- To ore we'l rerrm rii ?n<lel % od vttH ?i;l be rivea. App'j at No. 266. atroet, bctwoeu ;3tn and l?th. mh 11 3t* Rooms WANTRD. ma private fiini j ird in a re?pect&bl? no'thborhxxt. for four ain't*? a PaMor >r.d t?o Bedroom*, (fu*,niah*d.) on the first or aacocd floor of a ennifo^M* hoaae aonth of F attest %nd bMweon Hi and 12th 8tr<*etfc ; po*teae.on he??re*n now an<F A an! l?t;r?it fioe'd J?' Addreaa Poat Offioe Box *>** 175, uta'inyt?rwm. fto ?*hU3i* en * mtv n a n d i a- ? 1 ? '? ?r <1^1 r* kj n I r. I( k?? l>U gCCTTI: flOUi""* HT " a faun y of three p?r*oue, Appiy at 317 9th street, bet en 1, and M mh '0 3t* WANTFV>?A HOU"*E with 5 0'6 ro^mf. from th?'?tof April, in a resTMtabla neighborhood, either on 'h* la'and or in tn? Northe-n Libertiea A pennax.ent tenant may he secured b? addrea-lcg J VV. BRUMA'ilM, corner llth ?treai and friarylnrd avmute, Island mh 10 lw* U/ANTKI>-Afi-? 'o-tkinr.wrl' dnoit'd tout* " LAO V to aitenJ a o'ub room Un? *hoha? experience.?paslm rifJVrent largnages, p'a?s ths tistoand h?B irivaiej to some extent would b? prefered. 6o<>-l home ard $100 waz^a pa'd by a*, vmrnm I nm nnA . .Ab. o - ? ? .'" USIIUI vuv >ro?, Uli i-*0. "" *_/ H J r I ??Ifioe. inh 10-1 w* WANTED-An iidaatnona. hon*?t MAN. who o*n ninka him >?!f uenful on a fia\l! p'?oe ; h? mo?t a!a'? be * K *>d driver. To ma.i t ps'top, who can h1 iu( th? b??' o'?y references gooJ w*/*? will bo riv m. Isithar wlute or r!a*e. Ap-l-K*I traun H* gliU. Mr. Vevjn'a p a?e mi S ?t LFFT HfS HOME IN BALTIMORE, WEI)nei^a*. a. in , *td ia*t tern on the oars 'or WMMinftftn. ALFXANPK* OO'GNARD, a?e 13; li^ht fair; d*r* eye>; tijnre; dr*.g?e in <ra? pant , dark coat and b m ci? A;.y i format:on of niiu will be thankfuliy received ry h ? distressed p\ronts Addres*to A. Coituird, >? rato'a at.. r*a~ En aw, H Vtimo-?. nih 9-8t* WANTED??2f> will be ?tiven to any perron who w'll procure tha adve tser a firat l'eutemnicr (i:.f?nt>y in tbe vnli'iiser army ; ha* had year*' e* t.#rierce in ihe English arm*. Add'e*? ?"!. C. lAWSON, v^a#ii;ngu n Ci y poitf ffi . D. C mtt 6 1 w* WANTFD TO R K N T- A well fa^n Mi'd H in a nertra! Uoat o^1, fr ?m In to 15 iwnia. t'Pii ui rrisrvTiosa uu gujx rem fivun. AdJr ai Box 3. Htar mh* tf Ol.O LFTTKlfs WANTKO-I wii:*ivefro?n twi to tea <Jol ar? f r I,ut"r? ?riit(-n b 6rn'l Wftuhir.cfon, aT.d a fa:r p^ic? for Old Le written h* celebrated Amer.cans, I1 ev <lntio^ry Celebrities. Pr*sid*i . t?. UTfl'&ls, ? rmu' wrM, Jari*e?, TVio't*. ntvine*. I-awjera. Ac. Addreea ROtiERT SPRING, A4# N. Twe'fth afreet, Philadelphia. Rare Book* and Pau.piiJeu un Am net bontht. Trh 3 1 ni* WJ A^TFD-Frntn Atri! 1.J8C2 f>ra permane* t " rea-deno*, a CO TTAtilfi HOU8K. ei her in vv a-hingfon or Oeorjetowu. Rant n<n*t b? mnd^ratfi. nn^*Ap?h'in?KU A h? i-t'er or personally'to K. P~. T^IIAN. No. fi F r t ?tr??t. Ocorg-Uiwu, II. C - fell Sawlm* WANTKD-#16 p*r month -wit! h?tiVMtok w ?ii4 lobar colotw) M ^ M to ?<.rk on a f*rw in th? DU'.riot,? frw roi>? from tit? city. App'y at Oapi'fl' H:<1 >)a-k't, oort>er?T New J-t aeT a*eme an?l B stren 8'>utrt. mh 5-3.eo*,lC6 ?inn -AflKNTS WANTKD T?? OPKN 1 UU. an a*d tane the?bol*ti!? *n?rcT, in evsry P'Jite, lor all of Uoyd'n Great Military Map*, aeed by onr Co'rmardw-in Ch'*e' Tb* cheipfat map* in the world. A fortat e can be n. t^'a OD ttxwe impi ib each ftate. S ooo.noneopi'a nf one of m? maps li*?e alr>v1y !>een ao'd Aleo a m\r. to go to Cahtornia, Em-an" and Cuoa. Arent? alto wanted in e?er? eonnty and in ever* re*m.est in oar army. fend for circular?. J. T LLOYD, mh4 IrrdAw.if 1G4 Broadway. New York. WANTKP?To have every one k ow that they can find the heat s ock of Clothina. Hata and C?pi. at the rery lowest rates, at SMITH'?. No. 46Q yeysnth street, "clow F. fe >7-Sm WANTKU-To ^|i|??GENTI,KMAN familiar with Waihinrton at'end t<> mm? outdoor butin*??. Apply to JOHN IRWIN, Room No. 4, 47 6 7th at. Te37 %IfANTRD?Every per?"n to know that I am in * * the market. r6*ly to pay cash for ?I1 article in the houa?>furnishinr line. Tho?e l?-avin? the city, <>r hav;nr & i>urplu?, will do wili to e\ll. K. BUCH L.Y,48? !*?Terth St., between G anJ II ata , (east aid*,) Dealer in New and Saoond hand Fnrnnarg. ri<* i> tf *J|/ANTED?Sutlers and Soldier* to know that VI they oaa buy CAMP STOVES and TIN WARK cheap of 11. J. 6KKG(4lY. 3J1 P-nn avenue. la 11 **/ANTED.?We are now Ita/mc SECOND VI HAND FlIRtflTURB,STOVES and pED DING, for whiok we ^re paying the hicueai cash prioes. FnuIim wolming houaekeept&r, or having aaarpluaot furniture, will find it to tteir WT*UI*(B IU |1TB IM u?ll. BONT7. 4 GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf No. 369 7th et.. betw. I am K au. ^03 8ALB A&D ttlSHT. O R R K N T-Or.e newly FURNISH ED ROOM, with i! ard, in a private family. on Sd floor, at No 402 8'.t? ?t,, between G ?nd H m? It* I7URMSHED ROOMS TO RENT, with board, r Alio, a hanlaorfte'y furnished Parlor and Chamber. commun'ca'.iEK in a sKmsiiU ncation riir fh? r.'.litAl. Ain't nt St?r it.h 12 tf FOR RENT-A 'plendid BUSINESS OFKIi^B, with DnIi, Coanten, safe, & ; veiy >> *? location on Pennsylvania avenue. Apply Poit Cffise Box 39, ateunc, with real name, mh ls.'-<t*o* POR SALE?The BRICK HOUSE No. 44* L 1 atreet uorth, on eaay term*, viz : a sma'i payment in arfvanoe, and baanee in monthl* ita'almenta for four year*. trqu re at th* -bo*# rum ler, or Koom No. 3 Eaat ?a.iin?Et Patent Cffne. mh 18 ?t' A FINE FRONT ROOM WITH HOARD, U let, a'. No 4'ii Thirteenth at., between and li, 3J ?1 ?ir from G. W* at aide. ir.h 11 3t* .^nn u.i |> ?HGTECiflOUD VVILLi JSTIX'K fc rftWA^'KSsI15 between 30lb . Willi-1? T"a?;i?.SES5fJS^Ko?.?wf torj: both comfortably furnished, inqmra nt4'i? Ninth iiwm, r.ear B. iru uncjUo:?No, 14 Market Epigc, botwe?n 8th and 9th ata. mti II-St C'OR RENT, WITH BOARD-One mot a KOOM sanab.elor one or two gentlemen, at No. 289 New York avenue, between 9tn aid 10th treeta. Nona need aaily anleaa they are wijting to fay lib'ral prleta tor good accommodationa ana are tor '"Liberty ana Union," and again* { "tMav?ry an^ Disunion." mh 11 >t* FOR RKNT-A newtwo-atory tlnok HoU?K, tti am table for a aioe.on toyth B atre-t, be twean l?t at <12d?treeta eaat,fronting Pennaylvania avenne Capitol Hul. For ptrtion.&ra injure of WM WiTFHAKl', 33T at.nth B at. mti Ifrft.* FOR PALE?The GOOD WILL and FIXTl'RES of a Baketv. in Alexandria. Tte Bitaation la excellent; and fixturea complete. Any ons wuhim to engage in a laorUive buaineee. mis viii prove ?o ejoeuant pportnoity. WiUD* sold low it ftyphed for immediately. at No. 4 Fair ia:qgtrMt^&ear kicj at., Alaxaad.ia, Va. FOR BALE?Two ftta ola<e Bl LL1A KD TA BLK9,inublliaH, ahJ ererj arrangement oorrpleie. '1 hoie ceairing the above will attif their inuteat br Bailing immeaiaulr at the European Uotcl, oornar nth aireet and PennaTivania av*Btt?. mh ?-u I/OK REN T?A FA*LOR and CH}MB8g r rerr neatly furnianed, on the firat floor, elevated 6 feet above the eidewal*; location very pleaaant and healthjr, near th* Bute department and Presidents Houae. on New York a vena-, be tween 14th and 15th aireou?No. 460?and bat a fev^ariaeaatof Ueoauubaa line to the Oapitoi. |7iRM rol BALK?Two Farm, eontainir? m. tofewer tmw MfMj uui bi a?mm ????npi iaMM litaMiif tt MMUt gwitok. tr*ntio? ? Wunir.iton K?3froS3l j iuw of jnuo^rifl T# Old, with UiO?MaMf of land toaait purcti&t?ra? The lBtrovMMnU are of the fi/tt o.m, tod lud of tkt Msttaality, with orohinU or oho iota fntt ^S^arKU KSMEr ""WW* p. 9 I ,.i LOST AND FOUNP. ABf,4CK I APE VEIL -ft? dwd bT ft 1 wSr on the wall frcm theCft??to ?p P un??! U ft ?TM??tO ilfM! Or 1 riar. M?rol? It. A 'ih^i r??>rd ?*li he ri'd It it? ?je iv ?rr to be own#-, ftt the Ktrk*oo<1 H ?? . w>h 13 It* a . % ? b r< tar . nit . . # v %m r. n r. n a i\ n-pi ?n nn o r>eai*r>eci *J C'J 'ki ml M-ih?r, on 5*0151** cfct, \ cv white MAR*. with U. n mine ai <1 *i :T.?.1* with ndd!i> ar.d t a te-. Th- ar>ov?? rs?ar I wi Ha paid T?r 'h? ?.? :reh nam- mod o -?v o n if the thief, or ftlu for th* re'un ? f ?iaraan i-.rt m. J H. c LI.I** wih '1 St* f? ?tr*M between 1Tt?i a-d It h. TAKKN UP?On Mtu dir ?f??'to)n, " frey BOHSK; h?4on?ndde The owner fix. Urrqaett*d too >me 'or* ?-J. prjve pro* jL?T* erty par oh*u**. and u?c? hi>u aw at, i-or 1 ner ? h a'r.ct aai Ltcuui&n* ?v. jnhjO P. C'Ol'Niy?Ti?d ir front ef 'he Ra hH )Cie on C P atre?t.b twoQB4X * .?if h,a S R*Kl.?v_ MARK mod TOP |ii GtiY ? he nw?-r jJ> wiil ple\eecorm f>'wa d. prove prtpyrty.**"^ t p*y eharpea, and take nm ???? JAjiES W RAINKY'8 ' Wih 10 3l* ? i*e t St?S!?. HlKKi), MARCH A H. FROM MARTIN !" L'tvp'j ft* 'e, a HOH>k and B'JG c\ 6 V Tt it A ) 1 V ?? . rm 1a? m H _ u -ivt iv ps ? " ? whits ?t?r in for a ie*<J:ati ut '5h*r.d? A bisok mourred harn?*?; J-a^e col ar; o aah top huge* wit i * aeer? hta 01; the side of the aea : the ! or;* about hal? worn * liberal reward wi'! be tire.i f r thwr r?*u u to tl>? fub?ori!>er, or anT laf.ima i?Mi of thei' *?? ? ahontn. (rrLi n 3. ) OVK' * M ft ft ' IN. OQrt REW* RO? 'tol-n fr< m Ni?rtt ?rn LiberfjOU ties M*r*> t Sat?r Ja? i,ignt * atm! irv BRO AN ? H O CcL 1,3 year*oi w-n a ?wal ip ok a ; lou' t\ 1 * ' hea*y n-M'; biack ?*ar ir. a:? fo'O.'.rad Th?a *< ? reward will be t vea fi r ti e returu of hurte ar* detection r?f 'hlff. <~r /''f f >r r??nr? nt mm iA kn?? I toB A. PRAf U-:k Cd'oLor stUINo 4 3 n 'u. Market nr ?0 St* CAMK TO 7 H I. FRbM!-K^ ?K O I on?h*8tb, a ?t'a? b ladi# btflVo; white a'r p? <l.'Wn > ?r PMf baok. Tlie owner vi i corre Am-?? i!.?kAm pruv* property vay ptiarira and takn ier &??y. rferi ei ce aetwern 'Sin anu y*ti. atreets. mil 8 3t* GEORGETOWN ADVBKTMT8 U C K 8 K 1 N 6 L O V K 8! Rami burs & Ebert, 1<?5 Hibh VtUh.Ut.TUWn. D, c. Theonly maDn'aotaror* < { Gennlne BICK8K1N 8LOVK8, MILITARY GAUNTLLTs, *o3 MTtTKNS in tha District. Qffiosrs' GauL' mvlo to ?>rd*r. i Bnokakln Disoom ar.n Shirta >a U i \fA8SKY. COLLINS A. CO.'S ' Ifl PHILADELPHIA URAVUHT ALB. We ha*sjuat reoei*e<i n su ol the above Ai*. which we recommend to be of a very rujrrior 5 na!.iy. Peraoca wiaiunc to purohaae. by makmt im mediate a*?!i?auoa, oan be fcrniahed. ARNY h 8HINN, T?rt * fltNH ftlovn. PROFESSOR*kIORRIS' AZUMEA. THb PREMIUM YFAiT OR B AKING POWDEI. Maiufaetnrd ty B. MOCKRIOSF. A. CO., No. 6'i ?orth Fourth Miest Philadelphia, 1 ana No. 1?*3 Keade street. New > oik. Thin fjcl ent oorcpositicn does not con'am a p<rtit!* of A ini.i, Sa re a us. or any kind <<f deiater.ous drat; but i? perieouy pure ard he?'tiy. en 1 a* a culinary p-ffWien, i-? in a iihie and lLvaiunble At ?ho l'<i:r in Cincinnati, there were a uurnber cf n&?ic; i-u*ders on exhi'Uk-n-tb* a ?nmea. with ??v?'a'other*, was ana!jae.i, a; d obtained tti* first pr *'. ?s t.e cures' ard le?; known. 1? rairo" ?ho 11 ir'dir?c'l^ It is introduced, witacut fill. en-.:ii(5 ii. or stdifTifr t. ar,d rrtvna 11 it-c i.u ritivc <j of the w: e it, the Lotto! wti:c-i are l<>ct bt u?e <?roi;.a-y lerni-ntlug prco3>s (h?-o* one i "a! of sin - o* *?:??! eon. cvte as mucn Dutriwst as !* <? leaves ofyea^t ' b'ea-t, and weij hs 15 ft v. t nor*>; it keep* moist for mariy ds.*?, * d r?->? r coar*. M mj o-?i# i>ra??sl F' yc'0;\L?, co h la this couu ty ai.d t- n ope. t art o*o *red tb:s to t.e the ? true an naiu'al pro ce.?* f?f n akit g hre% I. ani at ;e*?t in a 0 fimiiiea 11 f Mlaca ph..- < av >, t y their cot.# act usa of the Ai'jm'i lur DIM) . O! k t'f, p* ?I rT, ?c . uur Dg *1)6 iml hrd ye?r?, $iven their hearty spprt tU. Kor ual? ?'T tfrcoerb in WMbicglM &c<! Ueorjetcwn. mH7-lw ^L09ING Ot T AT CUSf! 1 b? ondrrpc **1 V?irg ton' to c!om his busi lists in Wasui. *t> n ?-,d <tturn to New Vork.oifcra ONK WKKK ONLY hi* lane ?t ck if I.AUlKd' FINE KMBROIDhKMl and PLAIN LINEN H&MIKKR CHIt.KS, an-1 G K.N ILKM KN'5 FURNISHING GOOD?, l"Ol??in* S>H1M 1 COLLARS, UNDERGARMoN 18. HA^DK *- ili'H I KF>? NfcCK TltB, BCAKF>, HltMKKV. T()W?IA Ao.Ac. N??bttt-ropp rtnn'ty can p be pr sartod to tho citiacn of Wanhtufton snd *e. names in the &'my tor re 'uncg Ih *e ve.j tej'.scurj a tides of inercij&tdis . SAMl'FI. W. THOMPSON, 37 0 P(n'ji}itsn'&avna?. rr.h 6 1 w uii'W Bro n's <7 3 10 TREASURY N<'TW, I ? In I irta/wflaA1! I. b v " v- <? < i W v. li|*| B neLt and f*?!d hy JAV COOKE C" , P*nn?, m'i 8-Sw 4?*J F atre?t. ttOLDl K rt>' DKAFT* O Oi* ALL rOINTU, fold t)T J\Y COOKE * CO . BankVR*, rrh 8 Sw ?.W F;l<;e th gtrxt. 'PHE F?Nh>T AN 1 BEST STOCK OF I K F ADY-M ADE Ol.O I H NG la w^-hinstot c&nb?f>uud &t IHH t ItKH.S Eat&tiashraeiit, earner of ? - a i?l 7ih ?u _ ALL SIZF. HO* S, from thf aj* of 4 year* up ran h? ti'ted o??t a- BAK t BKO 'S. oorner E and 7th *t nm<*h 1 >? th'**! ???? mri***. CITIZENS AND M'KANtiKKs, look to t^ut inie^eet! Loo* fjr ?h? oo'ne' of E and Ttli atreeta?it i? t o v ace to buy fine CLO THING for but littl? mo- e?. ^TOP WHEN VOU LOME 'O THE COR * - nerof E ami 7'h etree'n. and bu*aau.t oi fiue CLOTU1NU at flu. 912 SIS. off 18 At BAR A BHO "8 fe2"-1m* FaaMopab!w i??"ir,r JU*T RECEIVED a &r;? ot ol UUYs' JACKKTS.Irom Auction, vhtod wearoae:in( 26 aar oent. (Mtlow tneir fa-?t ooat. *t No. 4t>0 Tit- ' fl far ONE VK.KV ;\i >. KU.HKW IDU v mICKeunc Fi'.u ar.u o- ? Gen,for asie v-rr-?far-, cheap,on acoc nii CKiati t 'etroa M'o,a|UU!J lir?e ?86ortmc. 5. of M*inwa? A Sooa' anc'? * ? ' Kkv?n, U?ooa X Co'a Pianoa, al thaMssio S?o'? ot W d. MfcTZWI'i. ia'i 10 ?UT TbIB ADVEKTlSEMEN r OUT! CUT THIS ADVEliTI9EMENT OU*! AND BRIN8 TTF WITH YOD ! The subscriber will a^v*nce, in the way of ohaae or ;oan, small antra for short periods, <m DIAMOND. WATCH"8. VALUABLE JEWEL**, or any deecriptlon of aati^fvjtory secuntiea Any iadr or gentler*\n who would Uke toqb;aina?*w dollars tsmporarily, in a *ui?t manner, may da ?c "T ap?!yirg at 4 56 inn atree;, between O <wd H, from it tofo'c oos. f> 27-1 m HCOAL (4L-COAL, OIL. AVING The ag'ncr < f oae of the largest Coal Oil companies in the United Sme?,ve can sell Coal On wh. l. tale and retail, eheaprr ttan oan bis bought in Wa-hingtc-n. Alio. Lamp*, cant and ghadaa. GEO. W. STiS * aH f A 8ON, mh 1 lm* CornT 12th and H streets. PROF. ALEX. WOLOWSKI BEGS LEAV? to inform his friends and the pnbuo, that. Laving met with ec n uoh success, la oontinuinc his Course of InstrroMon on the Piano and id c-ingtng, by hia new mathod. All thoie who desire tv t>?>0>>me, In a short 11 :ne, tine t icter? or esc*llei.% perf.irinAra on fhft ni^nn flmnld thfmiA!vai ?if hi* new ijrtera of iratrnc'ion. hy ap;ln?? at hi* re*ider.oe, No. 4.?l Tenth ktreet, Wcit do, between t And F street*. Keception hour* i>etwecn 10 and 12 o'oioek a- m., Tuesday*, Tbur day* and Saturday a feitt 1 m |/OR A HiW uAYS OftLV?1 have re moved r my fine ? ocit of Clothing from over Salt*' Jewelry ? to J. H. frMtTH'tf, No. 460 tier enth ttreet, near F, where 1 da l offer it at less th*n wtiO esale ooet price*, for a fewdara only. fe V Ssn J. W KRKP. J^PRINS WRAPPINGS AND SHAWLS. New supplies in the above food* Ladle*' r?al t-aris Rid Glores, all size* indootors, ISew Stlka, a fall assortment, B asp herd's Pities, f r dresses and suits. Oaa priee onii, marked in p am fimre*. PKKRY k. BRO . rah 7 fit Pena. avez.ue &l<1 <Hh i ' KKAT BARGAINS IN CLOTHIN8,At tfae Vl I'eople'i Clothing Storo, No. 460 7ih itttiL ?M-lii * f^KN t'S Furniatunj Goods, Tranke, Clothing. Vl Tr*nka, H?ta and Cape, allat North?-n p.iwa, II the People's CloUun* >tora, No. 4*0 7th etra I. f? M lw , HB BRBT sTOCK OP CLOIHING IN TUB aitr. ?* No 4 fto at. fx tt~3m j^EW WHOLESALE DRY GOODS HOIBK. ?, H. HOBLITZKLL Jk CO. hare Ju?t opened hrgaetoakot 1)KV GOODS. NOTIONS, at tvo. 94T Weat Baltimore ?tract, Baltimore. The entire itocic ?u purchased in Septan her ana October last, at price* enabling Ujern to aa 1 to dealera on aaon term* aa vill make it tae tewreit <>f KaIK All* ftnrl AAiintr* tr.Airha nt? tr\?vairiii? VI V?? J ?UW WMMN/ WVI ?V WMMIi iUV their* tock. T ha<r Urm? will be cash* fe ?-??* W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Hart repaired within tne taat day or two a tare* Msartrnfat of ROY? ?**K1NU CLOTHING. ?n\br?oii* all atylae of low prio-xi, medium, ud fine ?u?l*ie?, which we axe aeUing at rary leir arum for o&ab. WALL* STEPHENS * CO.. .. ^ U^OTTiCK. ^ oa/ba'n?ae Jo (?aah exc u ?^retyt KrtM I rmmL We line ta torea wry IwtiuiottMt of HitkAUY MAi>E CLOTHING Tor mtm aid ^ ! !? . ? SECOND EDITION. THRti vtUH-k, r.; n OUR MlLtT* H Y HUlHthT TBI T M(LI AT a -IMMfiU* Jint er<? colnc to press with the o-?ond ?dlt'o? of today's S:mr, we b?T* poait!*e. Information 'bst (be tr*> !i b^ff f<-tre*ted qulKbck IoOmdftMTlllr. Th" %(ouU of Gf? McOitllu'i *drnre bad probihlr pfurtrf^d Ibi coontry it II p?rlv hoar 1bl* m< mln^,m far a? Cutpeper Court Uo i?, tiittf lfr miles In the rear of M <nM>i our trrrr sre not permittee crass to grow under their feet, evidently. * The enemy rest with their front (sdvanee) at lb# Rapldan river, and their camps ex'end ba*k near to GoidonavlUe?twelve miles. tooiutts. lCt Th* fttAP* f Kit A mm' ??.,* r % - ? ?. t - ???" iri?i y f v* UH telejfraphrd brrr (from Fcrtrrea Mnnrr*-) tbat at It a. m. to dar the Merrimnc araa making bar way oat of Norfolk to try another "bout" with the Monitor. TbU la poMt rely untrue 3d Tbat the Star CiflS '? baa a dlap^trb (rating tbat Barnaide'? a'mv bad been cut to placet. L?e of tb* fl*at wat#r. COtK'HKS^/ON/L XXXTIItfe roft<iKfr *%?K#??a4 tmlu. WitMHtiT. N rrktt. ?Mr Tutmt'Uil iiiMle ? report from tbe JurtlrUry Cowi'tw that the re?oluM<?? fir the t-xpuUlon ol S.nator Powtllbe rejected, co<r?ml?'ed Mr. Sherman introduced a bill authorizing ?v? Prri drnt t? tik? [Kw?ilca ff crU'n pr?prrtr, artH th? eonflic ition bill; referred to tb? J udlclary Committee. M<^. Mtbam introduced a bill repealing all laws preventing foreign y-aaela f-tai carrv'ng 0-8. ma'l* frem U. 8 porta to Aaplnwall and Panama; referred. Tbe bill authorizing the Secretary of War ta r?ee|y? m->rey a- prrp'lated by 8ta?ea for tbe pay, fcc. of volonWra wna tsk^n up and paned 1 be bill defining tbe pay and emolument" of pffl-er* of tbe army was nest taken op and dlacuaud by Mtaar*. Sherman, Fetatndcn, Wllaoa ana roster Hoc** ?Joint resoln'lon spp'iiMni J Wool??y, R-jj-nt c.f tbe Soilth?onl*n Institution, eleo Prof. Kelton, d^rnstd; rapr*?lHg tbr ireogiltton of Ccu^rfm of ttr mrrgr ind forrrut of John Encsaon In cou-pietlng hia steam battery, aud of the brsvery of Lieut Word** In bta entailment with the Merrlma''; and lnatroct1n( tbe Secretary of the to Inquire Into the clrcnai'tinre* of the failure of certain contractor* to f irnUb steam machinery according to contract, were introdu ed and referred A bill amen<t?tory to ?n act 1o Increase the proficiency of the Nary, wii p*ss?-d LA TE LOCAL NE WS. Thk Maryland Coirimci of the Methodist Protest^nt Cli'ifch tw?_ ai Ita annual session la Ch?*ster'own MJ . E .sU?rn *nore, yesterday. and It it f*p?fnl tut tlif ittenrtan'-e tS^re of miniate'* a?d lav delegates will te v ry foil. R-v Mr Hobl't-Jl, p-ea. b?r In charjrs of Prince Wl'liatr circuit, Vi., drt?wl?(i to attend tn? s???s on *nd for that purf* ?" plac- d himself Wtbln tbe F d*ral lines, and ?*aab on/b' to the cl'v a'd deiiea'ed to the custody of the Pre*, cat Mar?bil. YesWday b? was rr.eased, aad W now on h>s war to tbe C Jnfe-ence Among the Important bu? ness to be transacted a? tbs session ' the elect;oi ?.f ministerial and lty dele^at** to tbe Gener 1 Conference ?f the oh'irch. wbl^ '.a to In Georgetowa. 8 0,1 n M*y next hy which Mm- th it place will undoubtedly be with n the Unl-a 1 net Th* l-T*rL Cask.? Dr. TutnbUtf verim Cm* Hill ?Ananiirtb evtilriiirntof bnriN wit ff 'ed y^'Tdnv. Vf. '?-orjre Perrlral, the prop-le'or ?f C*n'r:b ?ry H*l'. having ?t *t?-a tbnt be bad no Intention to Irjire tb? reputatloa ordrfntie tbr prr?f-*?V?in of Dr. TumWetf. la bis (Mr. 1' 'a) prlotrd p.o^ratiiine ?f i*r for manege, ar.d ' aving print:! *"<? that the D^ctor'a name abould not be ii-ed w tb hlaconaent in asy f itarc prr-gramm*- at the Canterbury. Dr Tumblrts bright no wiinnn to e^tibllsb the barge m*dr ?ealr'?t Mr P?-rclTal. Juti'.c i<>bn?3n dlaniiavd the caa?, th"?t If :> prosecutor c.bra* to proc.e~d w.tta the r??" the matter could be bou'bl before a bibber roart. rt Carter'# wbarf, (f of Thirteenthande-lialf street ) ?cLooner? J. J Cr ttenden. Mills, Hivr?--de Grser. w!tb ro*l for M*gruder Ic 8 <ne; >i.'?h?d Kfrtv, Philadelphia, coal for F-'nvtrtrk & >t-wart; J. J U^rr?ll, Jcei, edit-port, coat for H It-^ha*; R H K??nip. Rotan, no- prrt, c*ial f?r Geonre T. L*ngl*>v; E. ?!??- " .... .., v?f ?* i r p'?u? who ?firr V?fll OI COil f"r C M Key?; Ma-v . Ciipt , name port, coal for Geo L ? her IT; S Q Klag, Fountain, none port, coal fjr Jatnn F-w-r. It Thk Fcxeiii <f Mn u?-o Ca*y waa wy largely at tended to dij. It took place from the bouae of b<-n Caaey, on I street The i<t?Ic? 1.- u ? ii- - nv.v wj n r? \j i nil!, Ol IDC UQQrCD nf tbe Eplptxny Tb* remains were dep?itcd in a va .lt In Georgetown cm t--y, and will be removed to Massachusetti hereafter Coal Oil, Coal Oil, Coal Oil!?I am bow furnls"in? >h?tt<de *ita lhe best quality Keroslue OH for 3J cmcta. 9 W O'Lacoklkr, Corner Nhv Jersey svenue si a & sir-?-t, mbl2 2.? Wasumgtca. Tub CHt*?ruit inn Ohio Cikal ? Th? break ab v G"?> get. w<i wll, t? la rtprrt<d k* repilred *i.?Xiirt\'-y (onllo# tbf pa?<ageof loaded bvaia bv Tiiurrtliy next. Four boat loads of Hoar arc new above the break ready to eoae Into Georgetown aa aoon aa (bey can pua. Ths F sit Distiict R 10 mvst la vet guarding the Wut> u*v>?i Brauchol tti? Uditlmore and Otl^Ktl!ro >d Tfcey are autionedabout 3u miles f.-ciartli cUy. Cbimifial Corat ?In coda-queo'-e of the con" tlnued 1< d tp alnonor J tidjje Crawford,tbe Conr* this morning again adj juriud over for one day. PiDD'-im Sitnu ? Yeaterdsy.e'tv Pollcemas Huruie arrmtea f French, for ptdd log military a-tsbea without a license He w? 'akea before Justice Walter, wfco tned him \l~T Tbo newa of tbe capture of Elixibeth City, and tbe otbei fiurkiide lurcniri on the North Carolina cneat, ta nnhllabed in tbe English journals of tbe ?t(b (Keutrr's trlegr^m* ) Tor Lotd->n ed'tcrs nuke do torn men ( (How d ff-rent It would have been tud Burnslde been a Rebl, and bla "successes" Rtbtl ?mm a !) Tbe Liverpool Poat, however, e wdetcenda to exproa* a belief that "something more tnan tbe alllgatora are to at it red uptbiatiin-,?on tbe Confederate horea." We presume toat -belief" waa considerably strengthened when tbe Fort Hecry and Donelson victories came to handr A F b'ght ?It Is currently stated that a cumber of ?rifcht?-ned gea?le?nen biId a meeting on Sunday night, and called sundry distlogu abed merchants and loyal ship-owner* out of th?ir beds to advise on the b*at means of d>finding New York against the Merrlmac, wb'ch waa believed to ho on Its way to Fort Hamilton, having demolished Fortress Monrce Tbe Mayor. It la sfefed. suggesud the procuring of old ships aad alnktag a atone fleet la the ahip channel. Later news prob> ably relieved the anxietlea of the parties ?If. T. Jomnmi Commerct. f?7" Trouble it brewing 1b France Hungry workmen are beginning to " demonstrate" la Paria Two thousand of them, In proceastsa, turned out, the other day, to march around tbc Place d? la Ba?tlle, but the policemen dtaperaed them The cry of d atreaa coatlnuee to coma ap from tbc operat.vea in the manufact irlag district*. eautln^ much unosineaa, now, to lbs Government Da. Chisvsr His*kd ? Dr Cbo?v??r delivered cne o( bli rbirtetr upe llrulM la tbo Bftlindi Bapttat Chureb, Jerary City, on Tb a radar wnlng, bat TtnturlM too far la bla 4?anaeiit>aM of Washington andMoClrllaa. br ?m vlgtroMljr hl>Md. At dm time a row *u imminent. After bo left tbo building, tbf Docfc r wa* biaaaed la the atroet. CAMD PHOTOGtAPHS iOtf *00 ANl> KK AMUk *oO Card Photorrajfca 1 a nrUi. taciodiaf sumot cnoioo Piturea Also CaKD VIM It ?:< UVAL klOTLKF, FKAMce, the IftrrMt M<oit?if. from thu baat fciviuiaetory la Utoooaafei.H* ?aak, at J. .haKKKiTtk'B. No. IM scwi b atraa". f?ig ?r- ?? .' ? " SfRINU i KL?? bUuUs -Mui *-w m| okjiM thicn A at, OB' a u?W fall atook of all klnda of Poraif? and ifc)B.?>t>a Vrr 6coda, far U?a oarraat vaata of famlies ud hiiaaaa a1 fa Oca yioa omly, mar ?a plain ftfaraa, Ui mnutiWL mk T 6t ttwic KT III* nw>?*> M -V-? *? H tm* ? " V

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