Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1862 Page 4
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?? ? *? ??? THE EVENING STAR. 1HI BATTLE. The following grand rompoalloa by the Im- ' Mortal German will amply repay a careful readlag Thera la a aubHrn* mtjeatv fn the march of Mi erne, flowing numbera, that must lmprees the lo-er of troe poetry. The real Are la here. Heavy and solemn, A dondy column, Through the preen plain they marching come ' " I w? . Ar?a<i jnroarrreiw apr^ov, nac ??v>x. , For the wild trim dice of the Iron game. Looks are bent on the shaking ground, IJ?arts be*t lond with a knelling sound; Swift by the breasts that mn*t bear the brunt Gallops the Major along the front; "Bait:" And fettered they stand at the stark command, And the warriors, silent, halt! Frond In the blnsh of morning glowing, ** hat on the hill top ah Inea In flowing ? See yon the foeman'a banners waving ?" u We see the foeman's banner's waring ! ? " <:God be wUh yonr children and wife !M Ba*k to the music?the trump and fife? Bow they ring through the ranks, which they wuse to the strife ' 1 hrilling thev sound, with their glorious tone, Thrilling thev go through the marrow and bone ! Brothers, God grant, when this life lao'er, in th* lifi. t/i rnnric that we meet onre more ? the amcke bow the lightning la clewing asunder! Bark ! the guns, peal on peal, how they boom in their thunder! From hoat to boat with kindling aound, *1 be shouted signal circlea round; I reerer already breathe* the breath ! 7 he war la waging, alaugher raging, /.nJ heavy through the reeking |>a!l Tl- - I 4i?a fall ? I ur irun ucaiu-uitc ia?? Nearer they clour?fof* upon foes? ' Ready!" from square to sqnare It goes. 1 bey kneel as one man from tl*nk. to flank, A nd the Are comes sharp from tbe foremost rank, fsany a soldier to the earth Is sent, 1'any a gap by balls Is rent; O'er the corpse spring* tbe hindmost man, 1 hat tbe line mav not fall to tbe fearless van. To tbe ri^ht, to the loft, and around and around, I'tatli whirl - In Its dance on the bloody ground, tod's minll&ht is quenched In the fl^ry fight, C'ver the hosts falls a brooding night ! 1'rothera, God ^rant wlicu this life Is o'er. J a the life to come tbat we may meet once more. The ?lca?l men lie bathed In the weltering blood, And the !t?ln" pre b'ent In the sllnoerv flood. And the feet, as they reeling and sliding go, Mumble still on the corpae that sletps below What' Francis!"?Give Charlotte my last fare, well." As the dying n;an murmurs the thunders twcll ? 4 I'll give?O God : are the guns so near1 Ho' comrade'?yon volley'?look sharp to tbr rear! ? I'll give to thy Charlotte thy last farewell; J?leep soft' where death thickest deacendeth In rain, The friend then forsakest thy side may regain!" Ultherward, thitherward reels the fight; X?ark and more darkly day gloom into night. -Brothers. God grant, when this life Is o'er, la the life to come we may meet once more! Bark to the hoofla that galloping go ! The Adjutant's flying The horsemen press hard on the panting foe, Their thunder booms in dying? Victory! Terror has seized on the dastard's all, And their colors foil! Victory Closed is the brunt of the glorious fight; And the day, like a conqueror burst on the night; Trumpet and life swelling choral along, The triumph alreadv sweeps march lot; In song rareweu, fallen Drainers; tnougntnisiue d? o'er, There1* another. In which we shall meet you onje more* [Trmmslmttd from Schiller by Bulicir. Catchim a i'artab ?Meivin Hutchinson, Third Maine raiment, being on picket duty in Helntzlemau's division, and in advance of two of bit rnred?s. wu challenged by a Confederate, and orders! to throw down his musket and move forward He did so, but in passing by the tree behind which tbe rebel stood, with his gun presented, be quickly seised the bayonet with bis right band, whereupon "Secesh" discharged the musket, blowing off two of the Federal soldier's lingers Tbe Maine man then ran for bis musket, and, before the rebel could re-load, he shot hi in through tbe back He staggered, and fell back dead. Tbe Federal soldier retreated in safety to his company Notwithstanding the balls wbls tl*?d round him pretty lively, he escaped without furtbi li.jury He it now doing well in the Mansion Houae Hospital, Alexandria. I^LCIDEU BAKU AIM i^inen Gooda, a fail assortment all kinda cf the beat iaaa, Embroidenea and Pocket Handkerchiefs, recent aapp'iea in all cr&^ea, Fine an medium White Flaanela, P aib Wtii'aard laid CamDnoa and Muslins. All of theabovea' one proverbially low pnae, marked m pain figures, the actual caah standard V4lue An inspection of stock imp! >es no obligation to parch***. FKKRY 9t BRO., rnh 7-6t Penn. avenne and 9th at. MOSI 6KAT1FYING IN FORM A. tion that we can aire <o oar readera who are suffering from Colds, la thefaotthat FtARSON'S MEOICATKD TAK DROP.- are really a good remedy. Many of oarfriebds have tried them with success for Coughs. t*ore Throat, Hoarseness ai.d AatSir.a. These confections also gi*e relief to Consumptives Singers and Pabiio bpeatera who are tronb ed with Throat Diseasea findreiefby uainc Kwaon'a Medicated TarDropa, wbioh clear the throat oi haaky and ticklinx aensationa, produced by too much exertion of the vocal organs, and grva strength, tone and ral'nesa to the voioe. Prepare! and sold by GEO. PEARSON, No. 8 North Liberty at., Baltimore. Hold also at 491 Eigh' street, Washington: No. 4 Fairfax street Alexandria; A. 11. Hunt. Frederick; and by the principal drosgista ana oonfeoiioners,at lo cents per paosace. fe 24 lm | JLAlLRs IN WATCHES Woalddowell u cat. ud examine the itook o(8.4 J. MYERS, waieh they are selling 9) per cent, lover than any other house in tne city. 10 Washington Bonding. WATCh MAKERS Will savetimeand trouble ? b? ca.:iug on tf. A J.MYERS U> purohase Watch Material*, Watch Glasses, Toole, and Jeweller*' Jobbing Materials. 10 Washington Build,st. C tJ, MYEKS, h*?m? Understood that sevC5# erai Wavemg pedlar. s*ring represented that t'fej are coonecuJ with th?ir house, and selling an inferior artio.e, tuey take tbis measure in in forming the trade that Utsr are in no way connected with any hoaseo' agents in this oit*. l^T" Branob of Boston Hons?? lOJVashingtoc Binding, Washington. w fe 8 ADiES' KUUBLM. BOOTS AND SHOES, AH sixes, at J. B. PUDNEY'S, . S94 Pena avenue, back of Clagett's I)ry Goods Store, 1\1 EN'S RUBBER BOOTS lTl AND SHOES, At J. B PUDNEY'S, fe U tf 3'i4 Penn. av.. Back Honm. W E.HAVE.OPENED A LARGE STOCK ?? oi rery nee UM 1JKR8U1 RTS and DRAWERS, which will bo told at reasonable trie**. ttAitt'L W. THOMPSON, 370 Pcbb. ?Tonae, ft l*-U nnder Hrown'a Oysters! Oysters! YHKOVKRLANDOYBTfcR KXPRE98 COMPANY Bin. aontincato receive dai.ytboaofamous planted FAiL'XEMKIVKR OYSTERS. ^ R itairanU aud riY&ia f?jni* * would do well tu oali a*d try them. Thoce ojcteraare sold Mkm after th?yeoiii? from the water. IT r* otfce No. 48 Market Space, below the A 'fcoe Home. ia 3-3m G BALMORAL, BOOTS. OAT Tipped Double aole Balmoral f 1 K> Calf Kid ao do do k!or? calf do 92 to Aieo, ail other atrlee of Ladiee and Miaaea' B&.moial ttoota.the cheapest and beat aaaortment in the oitj. jTROSENTHaL, No. lb Market Space, )a? eo Penn. arenne, between 8th and ftth *t?. COIN WANTED! The Uif heet Price paid for nni. n a * n a i i ? o o .? *- mr w t U * U Swu Fos 8al? m Svms -to 8?it. LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., BANKERS, PXK2l*TLVAjnA ATMTIi li8 tf Ccryr Tenth ttrrei. BAKMJ.M S HKRK !?Oe fre? -xhibiuuu. >u? ti .,??t atnek cf Clothing in the city, at ti?e Peof e'e Cioth'.nf Htore, No- 460 Ssventh atreet, ppo!!!^ office. N B?Ail of the above tooda lo. aaieat very fow prioea. fe*T-3m *\AT? AT WHOLKSALK, U For Ml* by J. L \ NO DON * C??., New Jeraev avenue. faw-tf ?,?o?n? ? ? ofclo m w 1 COAL OIL-COAL OIL! | AM Now InrniiAinc Uta trade witk the beet Mi'ROSiNK OIL at Baltimore pnoea; alio, HA > i COKN. OATs, Ac. at lowaet market no*. 3. W O'LAUtiHLKN. ffaum* Corner *v?w Jareey av. and K at. L A*fKKMA>TE*8' CKP T1F1CATEB And other OOTKRtiMKXT < LA1MS Uugut Ity JAY CuO*E * roM <> at-yw I *LOul?>La NKWS-BU*M*Il?IS'? EXhE *1 J.uon* fortMC socc*?a. Bat nextU/taati* tti* G rcM Biuft nfc cow o(fpt*d id CiotJu&f, Famwiiiu* Ovxxia, Traska. data IM C?m> at the PaofVa C'.oUi.. s Store. No. 460Tth atr??>t, o#pollU KUfl UtM, f?14-1lU BE, BUftK ANU COME TO THE BKsT to b?y yoir Ci?ttuu-No. t . j 4 Proposals for gradinc. t*i *M1N? Ao. Matob'i Or new, I WMhinctoo, Febmy U, W 3.\ PtoroiALi will b? iwvrMkt thia otto*, up to' IS o'o ook m on the Uth or ftlareii next, for graaiju, trimming, curbing and laying the br>ok aad Bag f??otwaye ud pavin* the gattera and all eye ia thefciratand Peoond Ward a of the oity,forming ou dutrict; lor the Third and Fou'th Waria, format the eeoond dipnoi; and the Pi'th, Sixth and Seventh Ward a. forming the third die trie t, (eaoh diatnot to be bid for eeparataiy, aad to be given to different contractor*, )lor the rvr.oonmen-nng the firat d*v of April, 1883, agreeably to the following apeoifcoatione: The oarbatone to be of the b*at New York North river curbs'one, in eieoeaof not leae than two feet lent.anil not ! ?? than aixteen inohea Wide,and not e?a than three and a half inohea ia thioknoae, the upper aorface or edge to be dreeeea to that tbickneaa, and aet in and well ram mad with olean grave , free from clay or team, to the proper grade, and the jointa well fitted. The briok to be ot the beat quality hard red paving briok, to be laid on a bed of aha~p liver aand, aprea t f. >ur inches deep on a bed of fine eiean gravel, free from oUy or loam, three inohea deep, with two oouraea on eu'ce next to curb.and oneoonrae on edge on the ianer line, where ine pavement ia le?a than the li I width; no extra meaaurement for briok on edge will be made. The etoa* pavement to be of common enarts.not exceeding four inch** in diameter.exoeft the atone va the outtica line o' the guttera, wnioh moat be ~r i..-r. iMd on ? bed of ooarae VI ' 1A luwir 8 IU uia mw?-; ? _ . . tandanlolan a ravel, from olav or loam at lea*t nine inch** deap, an. to b? tw'c.? w?y r*?~ mod, the seoond time aite.* ??,Dt w?'' aAer being t-xamined 'and no * before) by the Commissioner. to be covered with noe clean travel or coir*e aand,and the i ntera.ioe* between the atone* well tuled witn the same materia. .... ,, The flaef :ne tJ I e . f th? beat .'tUtty blna rock or?nei*e. in pieces cf not lesa tha^1 *'? i?e*?ix inches !on< br eijrhiren inchea wide, not leaa than ttre? inches tlrck, t> be laid on a of fine olena gr.we;, free roni cla? or Kam. or ?. WP r'ver tan J, i ix icchna ds?>p, and with o!oae joinU^*' . . All Rradirg eding six inchoa to bv"1 r*ted as trimmin*. ^ iiiewoik to bo done la the beat manner anu 10 the fat<alaction of the Major, and to be con." menoed wi'hin ten <!aya alter the order ia given to the contractor, ami to be oompleted within the time named in the order directing it to bedone, artl warrv.tcd to atand twelve inontha after ita compUtim And up )n the f.tiiure of the oontraotor or ooiitraotorB to oi iiiinenco ui? worit or 10 compete u -withui t: uf named,or upon hi? or thejr lanure to exo~ute tiie v.irk of th? materia' and in tiie inai ner tier- in re?juir d, tlio Mayor to have the right of employ eg ?>tn.*r porsona ti do tlio same, upon such term* a? ro may deem ex?edieat, in which the contractor or contracture so failice rli%il fat mil i .sk or tUmsse the Corporation may snsia u in ct/iufquence thereat Any repairs t r-tiring which mry be reqmred l>eicre the expiration of the tune for whioh the wo-k is warrsn'td to stand, to be done by the contractor fre? of charge within five days after notioe from the C<>miM siiue- of Improvements of the Ward; and upon fa lero of any oontraoior or con iractors t > make any rrpvrs or to relay any pave ineut wit'in five tiays alter notice aforesaid, the Mayor is to have the right of employing any other p->;.vjn or p -reons t?> do the eame oa such terms as he may deem expdiont; in which event the con traelur or ooci aei .re so tailing snail pay any loss or damage the Corporation may sustain in oonseguPtice thereof For the due ppr'nrmsnoe of the wcrk and the furaisMng ol in' materia ? as herein required bond atM security to the amount of two thousand dollars wil' t>e required of :iie ooatractors The bidders wnl etati the rates at which the ourhmg paving and llagring will be executed, inoiadicc materia s. FoWetting nt w curb of New York North river ourbetone- per runninp foot. Pur e.Ting cow t ici: pavement, per square yard. For lajirg nev -t-.x.e pavement, per square yard. For gra<iirg, (whstler cxcavating or filling,) per onbio yard. For trimming p?r running f tot. For spou gutter, p*r foot For laying down fngt:ng, per square foot. For laying three a'.u li/a courses ef briok Ion edge, as reg u:rcd by gutters and alleys, per runmt fo-jt. And the ratfs at wl.ich the following work, ex oiuatve of materia b.except the g avel and sand which may i.e required: For retprn now curb, moludicg dressing, per rut.nine foot. For lay icg new urick pv.emost. per square yard. For taking up an<l re aying old brick r&YemeBt, per s-|nar? yare For 'akitg up ar.u resetting old curb,-par rnnnine foot For takiss up and relaying old atone paramant, per square yir 1. 1 or t&kiuc up and r?!syisg old flag flootwaya, per square foot. No bid will i ? received which doea not ino'ode an t]\r to - eacu a- panto item of work and mate rials Hy law tin Wmor u prohihitsl from awarding contracts for the abov* vror* to any psraon or per-ons who are not -rnotica' pavers. fe 15 aw4w RICHARD VVALLACH. Mayor. PROPOSALS FOR WELLS, PUMPS, *o. MAYOK'3 OFUCK, WABHIHOTOR, i i ebruary 13,1863. \ Proposal* ?n wr tin? wili be received at thia office, up to U c'c-'ck in. on the )4Ui day of Maroh next, foi ir\liut Fuiupa. Hrdrants. Logs for oon eying *? or, and f i-ink i.K Weila, including ail ! necessary maten*is .?nu workmanship in digging. I # 1 r r _ fit 1 ! m a? H ?tin<r an ?Ka i HJ> . n u viii ^ iu IUV ?"vn iimuIIUI ?ua lor keeping the fame id perfect repair for oon 'Mitu e,m too First District, oompoaed of the First an i second NVarda; in the Seoond Diatnot, composed oi the I hirii, Fourth and sfeventh Wards; and in the Third I) strict, composed of the Filth i:id Mitn VVftrda (esch < lstrut to be bid for separate > and to be given 'o different o:>ntraotora lor the term ot on. >rar, commencing on the 1st day of Apr!;, '8oJ, agreeably to the following spool6 oations: FOR WELLS. Digging *a :iug wells, including materia a at.: removing the; >:irt, per foot, lineal. Thewalia to tn four incites ihioic, of a Rood hard brioc. Cleaning oat wails, rach. o'U we'.9 de. per, per foot. Takiug out oM waiia ai.U putting in same, per foot. C*saa of eight feet lei.gth, per foot. Ca?es moie than eight feet length, per foot. Covering new wells, inotuding materiala. The covering to be of tlie be-t Eastern Shore joiat, not leso than ttirea !..c es tmck laid tlnnhln. Paving tew walls, including bnok and punp rt one. Opening old wells, and covering same with old materials, each. Opening old wells, and covering same witb new timber. FOR PUMPS. Keeping tKe pumps in repair, via. stopping a eaks, Ac., wheu it san be done without taking oat the pnmp, each. Takm* ou'.n.. 1 putting in old pumps,per log each Making nsw joints iu old logs. New logs put in old pirinps, per foot. New boxes and ssuuu in old pompi, eaoh. New pumps, per foot. Doies and spouts for new pumpa, eaoh. Copper chambers for pumps. The top log of the pumps to be of the bast sea soned white oak, and tao remainder of the beet sea sonrd yellow pine. FOR HYDRANTS. Keeping the hydrants in repair, via. stopping alt leaks, Ao, all new valves and spouts, repairing the onrs, and repairing the old irons belonrini to them, when it oan be done without taking the hydraatout, each. Taking c ut hj'ir\rt* and putting in same, eaoh. New hydrant', per foot. KpouU for tiydrants, eacb. ?poui atones do do. P&tnticg pumps and hydrants, each. IRON WORK. H\ndles, axles, pears, plates, Danda and repairs, per lb. 8 >out and lower box irona for pamp?> eaoh. NswJoiLts to old spears. I\ew epout and va vo-iiors for hydrants. Tne work and mitena s to tsall ol tne beet ?nal it; oftneir respective kinds. No offer will D6 received that is not made by praotsca pump maker. i'ne per on or persons whose offer may be aooepted will b* required to enter into oond for oiu thous\nd dollars, witb two good sureties,conditioned lor tbe faithful performance of his or then contract; and should any contractor or ontraeton fan or refuse to oomply with any of the conditions Of te rms of hia nr Ihwir aai<Im<i? n? ? ??? ou:e any vork withiu the tlms tamed intheordei of the Comimsn jnt-r direotmg it to be done, U>< Mayor u author z <1 to employ any other peraon 01 person* to exreuie the sam?, or to furnish the materials upon tsooil terma aa he may deem expedient in which event th? contractor or oontraotora ac fai inc ?-i% i bri rropoisiMe to this Corporation foi a?y lora or damage it may sustain thereby, ani th< Mayor n ay athu diecretioa annul the oontract oj auoh contractor or oontraotora. RICHARD WALLACH, fa 14-law4w Mayor. HOUSEKEKPEK8 R F. Partiou arly invited to examine our atook b?foie purchasing, aa it la now complete, etnbrao ioc an en-nesa variety of uaeful ar<4 ornamenta. Houarkeepicg Art'oiea, couaiating in part of? Krenoh China Dinner, T*aand Toilet Seta, Cat, Kcgraved and Pre?a?d Glaaa Ware, P.atei lea re's, Waiters, Forks, Ladles and Spoons. Platfd Cats Baskets, loe Puohers, Castors tad Muss. Plated Hlock Tin Coffee and Tm Urns, Cliafilni Diihea, Iron Scone Chin* Dinner, Tea and Toilet Seta, Unttannia Castor, and Brittaaiiia Goods gener I'jr, Japan Tea Trara, Waitera and Toilet Beta, Wood Ware and Common Tin Ware. A! i of which wni be offered at unusually Ion pnoe*. C. W.BOIELEK & SuN, mli 4-eo8tif 83 818 Iron Ball. L. Towixs. J. M. Towns. J.B. Towxxs. L. TOWERS fc CO* STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRISTIKG 18TABL18IIMENT, Ccmtr Louisiana av*nu* and Sixth ti. The attention of the bnaineaa oommuuty ia reapeotloiiT inviiotl U> tue New Book aid Job Printins hitM uhment, wi.icn hi* been fit tod ay with new mate :a.!, .u the ?uoat completemanner, ia bow prepared to execute, in a aatisfaotory atria, every variety of Pnntinf, vis ; Booia. Speooiiea, Pamphleta, Card*, Cirealara, Batier* iH&oica, fto .&o. The attention of member* of Coacreea ia amaialiy requested for oar faoilitiec for ffiiiu Spaeohea, aa we have tho lor gut ate^^veTli C? "'rooLiFTgopnwrfwr~ CC MP (J USD S) R vF OF O DM ARABIC. Thia e.eaeavt ant popular CoughR*medy MS 0*r>^ <- . --i a.ionrnaiid rxtsnaiTe:) aaed thai moat ? areola i.ave become familiar with tta extraordlzxij efficacy. It oin be had a* all tfce prtaelp 1 *rvt aisi r. &* oeataa bottle. ?? 14- dTrrj S ; J * W| ALU aiKPHENS * CO., " M . ?*.8 fPWVfjCJOTFIfa. - t via* *** " tn I* ^ 1 IMPOSTJlVT TO PAXILII8, RXnAHLUm, HOTKU, MJTLIM, ??C1U? ARB OTHERS. WILLIAM TUCKER'S L^flEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, tSi PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3S? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES _ t At HALF THE UrjUAL PRICES, J ffanng bttu purekastd / Bankrupt MircKantt mULmtktrt. I TUCKER'S nKirnvLin ?o lUVAOXV'O , | Groceries, Liquors, Wines, Cigars, &o FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, I * i FOR OFFICERS. | T EA8, FINE. U NION CIGARS.: C RACKER9, BOSTON. M. ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. K A1SINS, MALAGA. HEAD OCR PRICKS READ OUR PRICES! Extra Bro\v? 8t'sw.9 cento per pound I UThll* Snomr 11 "???*? ?>? ? * Fine Green Tm.. ..20 cento per pound Fair Black Tea......*....../.50 cents per pound bxtra Ooffee.........?.? *...80 cento per pound I Good Ceffee 10 cento per pound Wax Candlea.... . ....35 centa per pound Malaga R&lilai..? IS cento per pound 0 centa per pound Imported 50 cento per 100 Havana Cigars,.... SI to S3 per 100 Almonds 12 cents per pound Salt 20 cents a bag Good Butter.. ...18 cento per poand Extra Butter <0 cento per pound 1 CI.. WIUM ?1 M. K-.tlU M IMV " ?MVW * ?w* pvl WW IUC | | WhUkey 23 to 50 c?nta per bottle i All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. i Call and ae? for yoaraelf. TUCKER'S, 323 Penniylvaala Avenue. i ? ? WILLIAM DICKER'S CHEAP GROCanr * r A REHOUSE, 336 PENN9YH ill A AVENUE, 3M PENNBYfttV !"? A AVENUE. QRO<DKRIE8 AT HALT IU MIAL PRICKS, j Having bin pmtAmttd ff Bankrupt Mtrchantt l/and Mkirt. j ______ I Stuart'* Refine* Sugar* from 9 to U eta per pound Extra Pine Green Tea 75 ? ? Good Greea Tea ......SO ? " Extra Pine Black Tea.....75 " <? Good Black Tea 50 " ? Old Java Coffee 90 " ? Good Coffee .....16 " < oT?if uiiog mm in pfoportiom. RB MB MB BR, TVCKERD, tU PENNSYLVANIA AVENVE *?CEER'8,JM PENNSYLVANIAAYEMWE WUIIMVOH. ' ! IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TUCUR'I f t CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE. * IM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 4 GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, ' Having htm pmtknttd of Bankrwpt Mtrckantt and o tktrt r T U C K ? RJ> 8 TUCKER'S WBOLBSALB AND BIT AIL Groceries, Liquor*, Cigars, Winei.fto t FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T Difl PIMV U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. 1 K ETCHUP8, IMPORTED. I E XTRA COPPEES. t R AISINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! 1 . WILLIAM TICKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 19ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 33ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. i GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. i H. H. WATTS'S VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. OKOOERIKS j AT HALF THE USUAL PAIGES, b<m |mrckattd if Bankrupt Merchant* < mmd mktrt. RX MX MB MR, TUCKER'S, ft ?ft PENNSYLVANIA A VEND B j 1TUCIRR?S,1M PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUR I i WAWIMTO*, I ' . v *'$?* . tf*# ^.191 ? yw^mn?3 ^i* < *? - ^ .-- rr 4J ij ti\ rv? B?m. JOMITOR, ilVIHOKI LOCK nOIPITAfti iSM ?WWHI< tk* m* S OffMtl, fcu* arf Mjfmtmml famtdg ( Ui ViprW, FOE ALL D1S&JLBK8 OF 1MPR VDENCK. LET NO fJLLSS DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY 1MMBDU-W8LY. A 9WB.E WARRANTED. OR NO 0MAM9M, IN nOMONE TO TWO DAYS:

( yi u4 BUM?r*OTBMW WiiMUM, lapMMT.*? Tt?S^*^^tJSSV-?rKk TMttap, Dtn?*M rf *chiM <M?m?, dwmTS) IiU, htM, Rmi m Ma, ifNdM af tb* Lhn, M? ilk ? <k*M Ttmkla Dtmtin uMum MfettHJJ laMti ?f TwkHkm DimM MtMMMln fltf ItiM wtiUh r*nd?i Uuitui IbmmUIi, Iwuii talk MruHttu YOUNG MEN ipMlaUy bi>i b*Mat U? ri?ua? * MU&ry TW?, UMi 4r**4f?J u4 iiitmU'i k*Mt ?WU wrtilly ivm^i to u aaUadr rrti tfcewtaie ?f TMTf Mm ?f tk? mm iu!ud talMU ?a4 krillfaat tnUliMt, wba niffci MbtraiM kn imu(ii fcmn ?>u ih? uwlw ?f ati ?r ran ( ICIMiy ttl UTtlf Iff*, M; Mil ?M rail mldim* MARRIA9B. UUIto ruitn, M Tnii Mm Ii?if>i?i| Mw rUM, b?iof itui ?r ?by?ic*l vmklw, **(ul? dlMUl}, iifcrmluii, Ac., ipiidliT rid. VW pllCll hum*If udll aiMllrf ?. J. M| nHfkMil7 mtdi tii bte kMM ft! i (MlllMI 1(4 wMwtt} nly hm u? ikiU u a rtniiln OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE 8T. UFl kud lid *?u>f fr*m ItloawiMiNLih* lim tram Ik Mrniv. fill ?t la rtwrw ?a u< iwtw. kium M ki paid aad Mtlate a lUa,. DR. JOHNSTON, MmWi af tk* Bi^i C*il*r? ( IvfMii, kdlM, m<?>ti Ina mi? w vhl bum <imi c*ilifM to Uti Vaftad V'juii, and Ui graitar put W ?htti Itfi kii Vila mil la Iki caipilali af Landau, Put*. PkUidilpfcka aad linvkira, bu fictH mi af (Jm ni##t utmivbiif tkfti vivt I Tir kocvn; May traaklid vtth nnftsf ta Ui Hid aad in wbia iilnpi rriw sirTuaia, Mia* ilannid n addin iModi, kuhtalmn with tosaMt klaiblnf, ittiodid mib*Uib?i ?1U diruf re?m af Bind, vim caiid Ibm?UMly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Tm( Mta ul Mhin wh? hara tn)artd thamaalTtf by a Hiuh praetiaa lodalf td in fht* alact^a habit fraqaaaiiv laaraad fr*Di aril canpaniaca. at U tchtal, tha afaata af which ara nightly fait a*ao wean aalaap, and if mm, eaiad. I tod an marnaft iicpaaiibla. and dattrayt bath aaiad ana Vadr, ahaaid apply immadiaialy. Tlaia ara tama af tha aad and nalutM; afatu aradaatd by aaily habit* af raatb, ?iu Waaknaaa af tha iaek tad Umba, Paint in tha baad, Dimnaaa af Might, Laaa af Maaaa<ai raw at, Palpitatiae af la a Maart, Prapapay, Nar*aa< Irritability, Otranfamant af tha Digttura raccUaoa, (astral Bability, Mymptaaa af Caaaamr-.iar., *a. Mbktallt.?1na faarfal aft eta aa tha mtad att naah la ba draadad?Laaa af Mamary, Caafaaiaa af Uaaa, Daaraaaiaa af Bpirita, Evil Farabadiora, ivaraita af Saeiaty, ialf-ntatratt, Lava af Mitadt, timidity, at*., arc tauit af tha aalla (Ktuad. UTOIl OiaiLiTT.?Thaaaaadt aaa aaw Mf( what la lha aaaaa af thatr daclintng baalth, laainf thair rigm, bacaaIn, ta>.k, palaj^arraak and amaciatad, having a tmfalar I ^ uuia abMt tha ayat, aaaf h at aymptana af a?tattpDISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. Whan tha re'af aidtd and impradtnt Tatary af pla'aaara ladt ha baa imbibtd tei taadt af th't aainfal diaaata. it kappana that an ?rtihama ar draad af dwM'irr datara hint frarn applying u thaaa wba, tnm adacauao and raapactakilitv, can alaca kafrvau* him. fall* lota Ik* kanda af and daaigning crttandara, vba, lacapakla *f lirinf, tick bia paeanlary aabauaca, kaaa hue trUing aatk afiar maotk, ar aa lang a* in* amallaat rat can ka aklamad, and in daapair iaa?a hinf with rainad kaaltk U algk rrat aia jralliag d.aappaioirnant; ar ky Uia aaa af that daaalj paiaao?Marearj?haatan iba aanatltaQanai aymptama af tkla larrikla diaaaaa, amab aa Afaeuaoaaf tna Baan, fttw, fltad, kin, Ac , pranaaalng with frightfkl rapidity, till death pau a Striad ta ki> (fraadtal aafarloga ky aanding kiat a ikat mtlaMTarad iiuln fna vkaaa Mna m Uaralar rataraa. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR OK Q AN I* WEAENESS AND1MP0TEN&T. By tkla frail aad laiwlaal rtaWy vtakoaat af tka aagaaa i-fa apaadUy urad and fall rlf^r rttirrad. Tkawaaada ar tka aat atrraaa aad daklliutad, vka kad laat all k*p?, ki'l aaa iaatdlataly rallaaad. All Inpadiaaata la Marriage. FkyaiaaJ m MaaUl PiaaaaiUaaliMt, kaaa af Paaaraativa Pm>. iniukfli.. ff??kliuf 111 tlOim M lUUlttM it U* BMt kia4 *yiiallj ?ai?<l. ENDORSEMENT OP 1KB MESS. ma Mart car id m tUa Umiiatiaa vlUU lit iMt iintliH run, u4 th? ciatraii lafwuat lurtMil ipmiiMi ftrUrmtd kr Dr. Jiktilat, *Iumii4 k; Ml DMiltn ( u* ptpiti ui bu; *ui?r hinoi, uum* af vklak kifi a*?aar?d iftli tad afaia hrtri tk? vakil*, k?i'd?? ki* Uadlaf u a flaUciaao af tkntui aas Hill;, h i iilnui (luuui I* Mi iliiud. aulMy TZ1IESZ13MLAR.. Proticttd bf Royal Lttttrt Pattnt / England, mnd tteuttd fry tkt Stall of tkt Ecolt dt PAarwtaeu dt Paris, and tkt Imjtrtal Coiltgt *f Mtditint, Fuiim. TR1K8KMAR No. 1 [? th? el!eotu?l remedy Tor Relaxatiob, SrnBATOXXHCKA and i?xB AtTSTIOB OB TBI SlSTBK. TRIE9EMAR No. 8, Completely Bed entirely eradicate! all trBoeaof Miami, 1UI WUiUIl tiopura toa UIMM bave ceceially been thought an antidote, to the ram of ihe health of a rut portion of the jojalaUon. TRIK3EMAR No. 3, Is the treat and inre remedy or the emitted world for all imauritiea of the ayatem,aa well a* aeoondKy ajmytoma, obviating the dactraotiva nee of eronrv, aa wall aa other deleteriona iniredienta, ltd whioh all the Saraaparilla in the world oannot remove. T*ie*em Noa. 1, 3 and S are alike daToid of taate or ameli.aDd of al! nauseating sualitiea. They are in the form of a loience, and may lie on the toilet table without their see being auapeoted. Sold in tm oaaee atJ3 eaoh, or foar ft oaaee m one for $9, and in 937 oaaea, thus aaving 91. aa administered by VaJpeao, Lallemand, Roux,Ao., Ao. Wholesale and retail by DR. H. A. BARROW, 194 Bleecker atreet, (4 doora from MaoDoapal atreet . New Yorfc. Immediately on re own 01 wp?> ur. btiiow win forward Trfeaemar to any aart of the world, aeoaroly yaoked A??d addreaaed according to the m?Uaotoon? of the writer. Pabhehed alao by DR BARROW, that aopaiar and beautifully illustrated medioal work. Human Frailty. Price 8S oenta. Trieaemar acd Book oan be obtained by apeoial authority from 8. C. FORI), Waahington, D. C. de li ?m f~\ SOMETHING NEW /^N At 881 C itrut, *rr*riu ~ tki Tk*+trr. OYSTERSSTEAMED la the Shall and Thoroaghiy ( ookoc (far raaonai to a roact) in ?t#e mmmj, ik* ftuiui Nau tm tiieri. Call ard aee. The and oral rood reaaaatfuii * i?lorm? fci" friamAm In the Diatriot, and rial tore to the olty, tHet Kehae refitted his old and will-i.iows pnuiMHiinT in a moit thcroaih manner, and Has made oomylete arrancemenuio fornisn OYBTER8 in any trie and in auy < aantity. 400 to 100 rilona ahuoked per day. J.W0 to MOO oane of 8pwed and Freak nt? duly?eana herraeticail y aeaied. Farmahed [n the ahelf by the bushel or barrel. Persona wiahini to hare Oyatera fnmlihed retmlarly through the winter, at Baltunore arioee, without fear of fa:ln e, ?houid oali and make arrencemeuta at ono*. Freight, time, and money eared by anrehaains of me. aa I far of eh an artiole eauU to the oelebrated BaXmore eetabliahmenta, at yrioea Jaat aa low. Canned Meeta, lJb?te ,~^rdlnee. Olama. Btrawberriea, Tomatoea, Fixe' Feet, Trite, Ao. ho., 4.0. Aleo, Pioklee, Catena. Sauoes, Brandy loacbee, Ao. Alao, 9mm and TreshFIeh, TarUea,Tenrayina, Fresh Lobalers, Cod. HaUbat, A a. In not, every thine for aala in the North am marUnararl ?ithAnt lit a?? tw-* ? in itl ? if the money ii sent with (ha order. Mt e?tftbli?hmect is open from ? ft. m. to U it nuht, every <l?y, taoept Bmndfty, when 1 oioae ftt lO^cIocH ft. m. t T M HARVEY LKA fc PKRRINI' OnillATD Worcestershire Sauce. PrOMtnoed by EXTRACT ONMOI88EVR8 Kf of L*tor fron a te be the Ml Midifl Vmlltmrn* ' at Madras " OMIT eOOD XV ifu SrtHur 8A0CE.'' u WoroMter. aada,?lieablefa> glgg -rollEiVRKVE*Y kg^ [TliJhly h~ruS^ . " KS?y in India, and la. m TAKILTY IPkwW""-' my opinion, the moat ajii'Mii palatable, m well m OF DIBH. yvnt) moat wholesome r iDn" ^^Psavcs that* made." The abovo 8A VCE is not only the mt and moat rorwLAM. eomixnifT known, bnt the moat Bt? > ?Uml, m a lew drope in Bernt, tfra**. or with Hii. IIAI an/) aaM Ta a f*?L UV? WM wv?? I 47H/ ?&?? ! * an exquisite sect, whioh m?rri*tirl*i Sanoe vuifftoturera hare in vain endeavored to mttctt, On the Br?kfmtt, Ltmtkton, Di*n$r. or Swmr T*bU, a eruet containing " LEA & PERRINB' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" u indi?pen?ble. To appreotate the taettiltni im+Jitiu of this d*Htieut preparation it ii only neowry to parehaie ft email bottle of the f(*wta?, of a respectable fro oer or dea er, u many Hottl and Rutmmrmmt proprietors aeidom place the Pttrt Saaoe before their facets, bat substitute a (enniae BottU filled Yith ft fpwrwiw mix tare. For eale by Orooers aad Fruiterer* eremrherc. JOHN DUNCAN * SONS, Vnim Sfttun and 14lk strut, Ntw York. Sole Wholesale A<onU for tha United A Stooh alwaye us store ?Alio order* reoatvatf [or direot shipments from England. 07" Btwrt 9/ Cmmttrftitt mmd Imiuuimu.JJl ?apMy<e box? for one dollar. 6ray, red or fiaxea hair oan be ohanged la a few eeoonde to a Jet biaok or brown, by nsint upham's Li?aid Hair EJye, the beet and cheapest in the world, erodedat, the awneet M muoh ka?r 4t* as others eali lor aw iolimr-l sold by 8 G.UPHAM.40S Oheeost street, PhiiSr ielphia, and 8. CALVERT FORI), oorner Uth itreet and Pa. a*e; In Alexandria, by HENRY COOK A Co.. Drug fists. eept-eoly C<Q'f'A."*< tut , -*! *2rf> \ \ S DENTISTRY. rift. i. h. pkabody, AttaaAa to ?D bruobM of M i^pro attko ry for wki*b ickh! op fSK? No. afTpninliuii ftrot..5?"' bet wetn 11th kad 12th itwti, two doom m? t of tho Kvkvood Bobm, la un? baildiag wi?h Dr lK>naldaoo. toh I lm*,U4 M* JUOOMIB. M1 D.. the iB**Gbir ?jwI ???? ? I Of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, >t > tends M his cftoe .n this oitr-mefaif TKn/pereoBsMBtnvthee* tooth wno^ 2^ sannot wear c mors, and so person ou wear others who aannot w?w those. Person* o& ti atmy oRoecan be acoommoaaled with any style and price or Teeth they may desire, bit to uiooewao are parti eslarerd wish the purest, o.sanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be 3re rally warranted. eons is this eitr-No. 33? Pa. avenve,hetweei and 10th rts. Also, 907 Arch street. Pttlade phia. ML. CHAALEI R. BOTELRK. DENTIST, NO. S36 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Brvm 9th ins IOih 8ts. lai-oetm j^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTl BOXA TEETH. WtTBOVT M ITU. PUT* OB CliSft. DR. P. B SI6 ESMOND, 910 Brmdwy, A'm York? J60 Itnartiimmm i? mm, bttwttm 12x4 and 1 Sj* $ts , WarktntUm, Calls ths attention of the public to the following advances of kuninprered system : fc l.Tne Tooth of bis aiaauiaotnro wi uSte* never oorode nor ohaere oolor Ny auy^*1*7 aoids, heia* three fourths lit otor than any ot or. ?. No teeth or r?>ote nec-j be extract* , as the artificial ones oan irsertrsj <roor tbeni ?. The roou wit' b"> made izcjcc.arf, sn rerer eaobe. 4. No temporary toeth sis needed. ?' permanent oaes oan bo made immediately, thorn y preserving Se natural expression of Hie fr.ce. which nuder e old system is frequently dnhgired. A This work has been fnlly iMm: over five **ar? bysacy of the first eheiuitts ar 1 ph*;)ciaL* of this outer. Dr. 8. kaii!m IbmrI^ a ^? ? - ? ? -? v. ? w > ' iv fc. I. .' CI' UV-iH w o metal &Uu>c, with which the in??t teeth oan be filled without t k.:s, ?.nrt can t>tnM up ? per feet, leuit tooth on an) ewe -wota, whion wi'.l iMt The t>eai of rMferecoee cusa? to Dr. V. hlott; Dr. Doremaa, Professor of Chemistry. N. V.; Hon. Jadte Wayne, of t!ie Suprrmc Court of Waeluccton, and thouRaiida of others. Call aud examine for jonraolf. to I tin GAS FITTING, kc. 4WJ4 *. DOVK Jk OO. IKNsv prepared to cieett* ai.j e:4era with Which they mar be farorri in tk.? PfcfMBIN#, 9^ OR CTKAM 11TWIKB ILT Store en Mb wtr?*t, n few doera Boief Fa* arenee, where mar toarl a eoropiet* ? Drtrret' a^ nUAMi\L'l I L bu - ?? * - W* - ui C. n - WIU fi; - W A ~ V I A..H WATKK FatCgL^. jar ?T W# A 8 FIXTVKL8. K da*# in atore, &-3 du r rsceiTiu, MAS HITVKESof 6uUrt\j Nov Pattern* and l)o?iaaa asd Kicuh. aoponor in ary c*to antthinf herrtorora ?fap<d ib una market. We irrito ottice; r jrrera. j to mUI and exani'ce onr foot of C*.b rlJ Water rlxfftroa, fooling coLidect that wa ?iTt Uo lost o.ected atcok in Washington. A'i Work in tho abovo Lno iBtr??tod 'c oar oar? ?1U bo proiaptlf attended to. MYKB3 * ye* SAN. Mr 1-0 5T6 D afreet. FAIRBANK'S 8TANDAKD SCALES. 1 y- /| I ma V^E ^ FOX "AL* BT J. P. BARTHOLOW. Sole Asset, luiTtrc It Igrlcaltaral Wtrchtoii, 68 StTtith Street, ?<Iwn? Ptmnsylvmim amti and tk* C+nml, j ^jo^poiite ea*t ?od of Centre Mark-t, UARNDLN'S EXPRESS. xi ( k?t* bltceid in 1939.) Beg 1mt? to inform the pab'io I'.at Uie? have extended their Rxpreaato Waahinrton. and are cow Eared to Tranaport Meroband.*;. Hai.k Notes, ne. Jewelry. Ac., to a ! pa*u of the MiddU, K*mI and and Wtutm Stat>.* ad CnmaAm. ?>nnee?in? wjUi tne most responsible r xpr???si ronchoni the oountry, w? are enaruM to ofler /meUui** to ait who may favor us with tkeir patronage. For termeand further lnforniaUonapplrto K. 8- SMITH,Agent. Third at.,3d uoor below Pa. avenue, Ja9-8m WaahingtoB. D O. Wall, Stephens X Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, Ann Dxaxskb in SWORDS, BASHES, BELTS. EPAULETS. SHOULDER STRAPS, ?AUNTLETS, U LO V IS, 4o. And every variety of READY MADE CLOTH J N**. if R VA * ?T P?:? mm WALL, STEPHENS A CO ~ V 333 Pennsylvania avenue, between ja 11 llnteUjk KeynM >th and K*h tt?. 1*0 MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. j>A2ViUJi.UA d w Ei* VINE HAIR ~ TA, The Boa: ic the World. fU (Miy RtitmbU mud HmrmUa limit Ln ?*< :m. Bold by all Dnufiets; alto, ?t 15 ux iron's Paur.t Medioine Store, cp. Patent Ofcce. oor. F Ct nh, and at Siiu'i Hair Store, ft?8 Penn'a avenue, where Ladies can La?# ii aapUad, ii riasirei ractarr?01 Barclay 1. <lete 31 li-oauvay) N. Y. M t-lT 2 WATCHES. 'OLD AND SILVER J NGLI.fM, FHISS ANJ> AM! RIOA.N. 1 hare now on hand a large stock of all thi moat oelebrated Waters, tliat I am reliinc at the very lowest prices mat good acd reliable time fceepera can be afforded at; and every description of lire JEWELRY on handjall new styles received as aoon as manufactured, and offered at the luwest rates. Stiver ware mmnfa?-?u.-e<i in m? o?m ? All kind* of MILITARY tiU'?DS* onVaud, auoh aa Revolvers, Sworde. 8aat>ea, Belta, Howie Knivea. Pocket Conip&ase*, to., Ac. Aiao etror.f Army Trunk* and Bed Combined; and ir&ny othnr iiun*? naetul and ornamental at 33S avenae. riojo-tf H. A HOOD. rfcR. DUPt)NT*b SUGAR-COATED KBU MALE REGULATING PlLLfe Read the fohowini unaonoited enoomi-^Kr orr.c : "I oannot oommend them too highly^r_ fJ "They are the beet temale Pilla extant." 'f have need them with complete buccjus." "Would not be without them nponany oonaideralloc." "They operate aeeedilr and effectively." f'rioe fl. J?ent by mau. Sold by 8 C. UPHAM, S Choannt atreet. Philadelphia, aud in W'Mhiiirtm E a r> niiirt ~ ..n.u ?. ?- ? MAvvaa VI VI > vnvi VV1U171 U .U ?lrWV ftUQ fA| arenae.; in Alexandria, it hfc>iky cook * CO., Unigf uti. noft-Kl? DM R.GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE 60n0rkh<ka id i:i da?*. No ob&ngetM diet required. It ia an iiti >*(?c.fiool ?ixtT-five jea-? etanciuj^^HBfe and will oot h^nn the mostdeuoate ooo- IKf UtBtion It eoDt&inaae muter*.*, Price (1. Bold by 8. C. UPHAM, 403 Iheaout street, Philadelphia, and in Waahinfto^ by 8. C. FORD, eemer llth street and Fa. a^e ; m A!exardr:a, by HENRY COOK ACQ.. Dnmiete. ao36eoly Ah damantink candles; N~ "Sou*2 ?'*?? K ' ^ " ??a,. " I lk&8t&$L.eil aSCTrosjgp s S3' ysFts/ """" & ?'c'^ I muu ^ M. d? H-?m* drp?n\^r u?knd Duff ChinU. plJun, tor okildrwi'i *Oir northern Md Maters eorieajondenta iiod UMV ?m>M 'VE?*T k HROTHER, fa lf-tr Pf in. nnd Ninth at DINK, WHITE, BLUE, AND COKN COLON oiiic^. for frwdy? dry<y. t?r W ?WM. r* J?'u,wiriw UUf JOr lti(* e?x* M <H2^T4?sr1M fclS-tf P*no. *v asd Niuth it gLAOK VKA: ?^CE TEA t ??hMtaaUr.4*rd Black T? Uswe bwe rwiied lo^u Alao.ekoioatirMiiTM. . TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. I PAWiasn TULtse Om MU Aflm MOM DA Y, Mwri X 1MB. Puimn Tiiin iiTvim WilUINOTON AND BALTIMOflK Will ran u follows s Six Dmtiw 7V?mm Jm+t mi mmd D***rt frem Waskmttm D*m> dmnmt tJu w**k, w' fw? M PAT Whi >i^?I?Mi A.M< Maw V MM ll a.k a w ? r 4?W W I V?B ?* intton at .?'i?,il#4 m,aco 6.M)p ?. For Bftttiwor*?ba?T? Waimnftob at and a m. and s (?ui ? oo r . For Anna?olto ** 7 *? a * and ?.oo p . For For Ktrmt an Md th+ North tad WnI, l?*ro Wuhincton at C00 a m, and 4 00 or 5.<*> p m For Fradenok and S-00 p ?. TRAiXS XOTIJie MOUTH. MrrniPf Kxpraao laaro WwL.'fto?|?*i,B. Ar rive m Baltimore 7*> a. phuad?totao ltjt p. m* N?w York I p. a.; Htrnibiri I.II f. I. Moraine k.coo hidooauob loaro WHbmrtei 7 0* A.*. At:, re at Battmor*0J? ? a. Mo ootr ?*n t'.onr at Bt'tirror?. Thio to tho Moroiag connexion for Annate!*** k N>w >cr* Maii Train?l?a?? Waaktnfton at li a. M.: arri*? a*. batinior* ll-?0 ?. ? ? ii7 p. New York io p m. Pbiia<>ptii& Train lea*e Waehi niton at 3 ? r m. rearMng Ba'-.imore at? Ji? p n.acd Phi.ado.pi. ? at KB r u. After^cot Aconno, ation?iww WaahiW >n at 4 f x.arriro at Ba.timore at r u. No conceal ou at Baltimore. 7 bia ie the afternoon cod cf*:on for Annapolia. Krf! m: i:xpr<???iee^e WaeHiacton ? p. ? Amtt at Uamirore ?.<2 p. a., Philadelphia 1< .u p. n : New Yort 4 * w.; Hani?b?rrl a.m. (?n t*nc ay* -av* Washington at I* and 5 p. a. only. '*1)0 5 r. m. train from WaakiBftoa rr^-i Ui**?a*h to New York, over* (Say dinar the week. TAAINS HOW1N9 BOWTH Lrar- Nov ? or* at 7 a. **.; Pauan?.p?ia II J" a. 1^ .ore t ? p. v. imn at WaefcngUT "i~'?rTNr<r York at r-rv m. B* t asere CM k* u. Amw at W Mk1 t t. ?.? a. . _ __ L'^?ef * Ycri M II P. H.; PMH*>ir^n I I a. !Ja.iUxora7J5 a. a. imnal Wa?o" ? Si A. M. f.ocai Aooi'iuacc-aticn Tra r? h? Ba t.iro:? at r a and ? 3? p. m , for Waakiiifflor, an ;? th*-rv *? MAM. acd 6 4S P. H. <>n ^nriiaj? at ?.?' and 7.S5 a. *. only from Ba tl more. No /.naapoha or Fredanok eonnexior.e vu Baadaya. PMaoifrrTrainaioarinc WMhiu'r at7.?n a. M. a>td ?(?> r. m., atv- Baltimore at iM a. an ! * .it p. m . rn&Le iuM oouneotioaa for ABaapoli* a: I a Jarctios. The7?? am, and 3 0 p a connect *t K" a? lor Frederick, H&c erctowo, Ac.. k.c? ex ?UI days. 'f raice leave Afcnapolu for Ba Umere and Warn iccu a at %Jn a. a. &ld 340 p. a. rascencer Tiain* leaving Waihicitmi at *.<* a, m., U a. and ? p. i., arid Baltimore at 4.*' at o 1jss a. a., will stop cm*'} a: Aiutapoiw Jmnttxtm. War Paaaeiuerc moat take tb? Aceoaimorfeuai IVatu# o?i?. Triune will leave WaahinftOB and Baltimore wromptiy ?rpr? rurd |t?m, (Mlftlri that the 4.J A m,7 35 a m. and 4Wpa traiaa will wait *" minute* if necessary, to eeco e the paaaengert and Mai.? from the t a?t. For Sick And Wnin 'oit Snlm?r^.A with M (i tPLdant. with t.edi. wi l leSVeVaehii.e ton twice a for Philadelphia direct at ll * m. for the accommodation oi sir* wounded soldiers. - W.t.SMII'M, fe 4 Muter of Transportation. Ba t_ 1MH] THE (1?6* PenniylTania Central Railroad, (with it* connections) A 19 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! TKIH DAILY TKAIR* FROM PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH: T *n nf tkAm bibUm CLO?I COX5BCTIOIU AT HAlftI??**e *itti traica on the NOKTHKRN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, and foraunc THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE nov WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all pointa in the W 1ST? No*TH-WEeT AMD UoBTM-W***. XZTFor Tnronto Tiok?ta,a*ply at the OfBee ei the Northern Central Rail Road Com pa^y, CAlvort Station, Baltimore Splendid Sleeving Cars on all Nigkt Train* Smoking Saloon Cart on all Trains. j FROM WASHINGTON. ruarccrri wii. ute me 6 a. m. aeo 8 p. b. trams, arririnc in Baltimore at T5f a. m. ai d 6 ?i p. rt.. w^erec.ose connections are mas* w.tfc traits ob th? Nortiie, uCentra: H. R..and arrive m Harrif burj at l p. m. and l.*S a m., there ?onnectii-i with the trains od the Penns/ivania Cer.tra Railroad /or al! pa-u or the weit FREIGHTS. By this roct#. freijnu of all deawtotions ean be for war Jel to and from any point on the K i.iroads pf Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wiaoonein, lo^a, or Missouri. by Katlr?A dinU. The Ferns; Tan.a Central Railroad alaeoonnects at Hittel>urc with Steamers, by which Uooos ran be forwarded to au? port on the Ohio, Mn?kin|oin, Kentucky, 1 er.uees^, Cumberland, lllino;*. M iscippi, W irconsin, Missouri, Kansas. Arkansas, aad Red M iters, and at Clevolaad, ttandasky and Chicago with steamers to all Northwester- l.aksa Hnuuiiacd shippers entrusting the transportation of thesr Freisht to this Company, oac re.y with con&dence on ite ?peedy transit. THK R VTES OF FREIGHT to aad from art point in Ike Weet, Ij the Pennsylvania Centra. Railroad. *n *t mil (mu mj fmrermbii ?i ?ri thatftd by ctktr Ra\lro*d Cempamw. Be particular to mark packages Mna Pdi CWTSiL R R." &LAU&AW A ROOMS, Freight Aienta, No. 90 .North street, Baltimore. KNOCK LEWIS. eec'lSajennt't, Altoona, Pa L- L. HOUPT, Gen'l T:oket Af't, Puiladelekia. U. H HOUSTON, ?ei/l Frei?ht Ajent, Philadelphia. Ja 4 <Hy f^OPTHLRN CENTRAL RAILWAY. TA< Skurttti, (jfuUMtt *n4 Bui Remffrtmi WlOfi to til WKST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. ilUHIHJi ' WIXTEK SCHEDULE. (Jsimi or Tina. Oc and HUN DAY. 34th November, Pa*?#Ttrr T'l r.1 ?l.l ir-it# ?.nd <lnurt frMi <"? w?T? ? tit. or. 11 fo'.lowa : tbaim NOET* Lbatb M ill at 12? a. m. LaflVo Lzpma I p. m. far k toe AcoomiBoda' ion 4 p. m. itUborc aL'l Hamabnrg Lifrtu ?M p. m 1 eaiwb SorTH Are;vi PrrVton Aocominodati< r Buffalo FxprsM I*1 a. m. Pitubnrg and Harnsborf Lipr*** t p. m. Mail i s p. u. The f a. m. tram from Washington connect* itb the *> a. m. trait: from Ba timor* for t.?a Wei! and for Bnu'e^. Ksnura, Ro<.heat?r, l>or'* kirk, Canadaicua and Niajara Palla. and for New York eity. The ?l a. m. train fiom Waahinfton ootcxU with tiioS?. m train from Baltimore to west. North ard N ortUweet and timira and Bnflac and Rochester. Toe t p. m. tra:u from Waahinfton oocoeeta witi thegjop. m. train from Balbnor* to- Pittoiurf, U m .. tlf * < - - - J- ? uwiwuuiK wiu UID TTC?1 ftUU IB m ail OU1 OOUD*?* Uon for Lel>ar?on. Km tot, Alietitown and New York via Cehtral Railroad of New Jereey. Try Una routa for New I ork. C7"rne only train leaving Ba timare on Banday is.the 3 p. v.. train, for Harriabarg, Pittabarg, Chioat o ana the Whl The only train arriving in Baltimore on t*ctaa* ia tbe 8.20 a m. train- JAB. C. CLARKE, DQ?ly Baponnt?dect 1' NOTICE TO TRAVELBRB. flE rixlMiter ?eneral hiring ordered U? auui aorviae between Waahin*ton. -W?* ^ Baltimore, and OiJ Point (FortMonroe) to bo renamed, on and after^^^^^^" Monday, thetoth inctant, U:t Bay Line of ateamera will leave Ba.timore EVERY DAY iesee?t Sun day) from their wnarf, foot of Union bock, at ?* e'clook p. m., or ini iced lately after the arrival of the W aahincton Train, whioh leavae Waahinctoa at SH o'oiocE p. m. P>?-tf M. N. FALl*. Preat TOPBAM'k m ?ln r * m m l m ri?*i HE MAyVtACTOMr, AM Imaw (bant, wiiaiaataa. an ** I la Mutu?IT makiac, and ? ?? m ton pj*f#IT *?<np&?B 4 I lr*n Kr?rr.?, IbMLi^ ' Dim WMd iiox,an< "SH^m _ ^p'istsxi. . Ntft.4n of CeuVewairf^rtan WUifkj** ?IUM BIT etocK baton per^eeUw >lM?h?rt *t ?r.k? UiAtare r%de in other c.tiM. i for'r ^ 0rwa rraalta w4i to Trunk ?ov?ro4 tad * * ?* hOm. 4 =K.a?tfeliverwlrrwor atari*to acrlpart of IM til* ertelown.sed Alex^rie. Ti'FliN fxitiBy HAiK STORK, VT N?. sM* Pi. i}t* am UT1 111 rfiRrVM Fht. tc. BliiMCVRiAWlvS B.M.r A ,63. FKlZlfrTnr?4. A Mi ami ftlVAT* ue hand, or iMMi* to oraor uttt : ?liOe Hair Work MM< c- WOtatagM. H. ii.~U< M' !*!?#? < % OM MOM nai? ? ?M?T 1|u? man obama isuv m anviMnms Tit > i - wraeftS"N? . y I

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