Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1862 Page 2
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EV ENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITT: Till R*IMY ,HAR? B 13, 1***. Spirit ( Ik* Mar nine Pr??. The Int<lliginrtr eontlnnea lta dta^naaloti of the f ?* dent'* emancipation proposition. The R'p*h!trim oppoa?n the policy of permittins ?l*vr holder* to rcraptnre fu^itivea In the territories. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. A?BTK>X*VltI-I. Tl.r p<>wt-?a|on of Gotdonivlllf In ? tbo"Mi;<l tinea more lu.portant lo tha rcbc'? than that of The prss^wion of the IMtrr point wat inffflf ??eee?aary to ihr app^araiire of metian? against ?h?- national capital tbcy kept up no looy;. It rrally rubied tbeni t" toM no'binp "f lropor? to their efniae l?it a h tltiou* appcarsiKe, their p<w>ltlor? In advance ?f it to th** right and 1-ft >winL' at all tlmi*a tirklUh" on?*? at br^t. If tb?jr In* Wor?l'in*Yille hnwftrr, tbev lo*r their nialn Richmond ti>nn*-' tion by rail with Weatern and Centra! Virginia, Tfnnejiiff, ant the whole aonthweat; thf'r nthr-r rail eoniieotlrn between Richmond and Lrnchbnrg belnsj n rckety old concernt (the South f*)de Railroad.) over which, before the enamrncwi.t if the War, paaaengrra and mail* wi re transported at abo?it ten mile* per hour, at beat. If the rebel# will tiqbt anywhere tbi* side of Richmond It will therefore aurelybe atGordou*vlll** thrmii'ti urhtr th?* of Krlmmi d Lave lor ten vears pant drawn innre thtn half the supplies of iteef. mut'on, ^rain. A' f<*r Uteir necesrary consumption. It la therefore tl.e most t important key to the existing situation. If tbev fall to ttpht tbfre or ^et vanquished, we do not see how the oligarrbv can possibly remain in Richmond a werk longer, with tli<> folds of the anaconda tightening around tUmi on all sides as they notoriously ar-. T11EIR WOU OK USSTRrtTIO* We learn, incidentally, ard have ronttdence in the information?thct the retreating rrbt-lsdid not take time to do as much damage to the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, lef: In their rear, as they evidently destined. Thus they have merely destroyed its bridge*, which are few lit number, and with & single exception over sii?bt and unimportant streams That one is the bridge over the Rappahannock, twenty-four miles south we?t of Manaana It i? only about 600 feet lorni, howev-r, and we take It for granted can be ?ulhciently reconstructed in a few days after our bridge builder* and ro; d makers may reach It by rail. There are but two ether bridges between chat point and Muns^aH?one pcrh'i|?? WO ftet long, and another 150 feet Ions. All other ?^re^m? upon that portion of the route aie so Inconsiderable as to be ( rowtd by wooden culvert atructurcs <>f not oiofo than twenty or thirty fe?t in length. From the Rappahannock river baek to tb^ Rapidan, * here !he advance of the rebel army now real*, la a distance of about iO miles; npt?n which there it but a tingle railroad bridge?it inay be JMJU or tijO feet long?wlib bnlf a dozen (divert, it ream, or dran crcMinga, i?ot ,iv*r<t&iii? wore than ten feet in leugtb Ttere Is no timber, however, alon^ tfcs railroad nuitabU for buildin;; tbe larger cla** it bridge* we describe above Tbat trust up by rail, If it be determined to im tie railroad for the ne< r< ?ury transportation to supply a pursuing force THE MKBK1MAC. The fact that tbe Merrlmar wag considerably injured in bet engagement with tbe .Monitor 1? made plain by ber failure, op to 11 a. m to-day, to return to renew tbe light. Iiad she letircd on Sunday last merely because out of ammunition, sbe would surely have again com# out from Norfolk ere tbi* At 3 p. m. yesterday, a dl?pa?ch rca<-bfd Fort >? .nuuroc irom sewprn mwa, announclus that afcc had mads b?r appearaacc within reach of army ?'** ** there, on her way out. The Towels of our rqnadron were immediately telegraphed, and the Monitor and Minnesota ate*mcd up to meet her. The information, however, proved nntrueAn hour afterwards Information, deemed rrli Able, reached Newport Newt to tbe(tr<ct that that (>e?terday) evening ihcwn lo go Into th^ dry dock to repair her injurlca Snfllctcd by the Monitor'* guna. How extensive they were la not known, though the fact that *he laid from Monday until Wednesday afternoon without entcrlnz he dock, led to the impression that they were not critical lojorie*. Bv this time our fleet to reeelre her h>>? been reinforced by the arrival ef one or more vessel* carrying li-inch Dahlgren guns, the powerful weapon*, which, upon the Monitor, proved more than a match for her armamrnt The steamship Roanoke Is by this time far on her way to New York for the repair of her long ?:nc? broken shaft FB<>* TilK LOWgft POTOMAC. The lug Leslie went down to Quantlco yr-terd?y, towing * large row with aheara and machinery for removing the cannon from the abandoned Confederate batteries returned last night. A large number of xbells have been found in the rebel magazinea They are neatly packed la floe seaweed, an excellent plan to keep the powder dry and prevent premature explosions. THI (ICXSH CAPTAIS BUCHAXA3. We are certain thet Capt. Buchanan, recently In command of the rebel iron-clad ateamer Merrlaaac, waa not killed In either of tne late naval engagements near Newport Newa. One of his knees waa ao shattered by a shot, however, as that the chances are that h? will lo??* the 'eg by necessary amputation. * fiWHUI. Two deserters from Norfolk made their way Into oar lines at Newport News last night. Wbnt Intelligence they brought Is not yet known here. Tas 11 KirtriLiCAS's" N*w Koctk to MiXism*?Oar neighbor, the Republican, has been very shy of talking 'strategy" since the exposure of ita amusing string of blunders culminating in its famous dry-weather steamboat expedition up Bull Ran to Manassas, but to-day it ventures an experiment with the following disastrous result: " large force of laborsra have been set to work rebuilding the Loudouu snd Hampshire railroad lulwasa -* ?? . rauuu inu inaoawu Junction. The repairs will be completed In the course cf a flew day*, which will greatly facilitate the transportation of aupplles for the army, which can now come by rail only an far as Fairfax station, from whence they are transported lu wagons to CentreTllle, a distance of nearly ten mile* " This gravely enunciated proposition to reach Ma?? by the Loudoun and Hampshire railroad "to good !" lf7* The New York Tribmnt, Inadvertently, doubtless, In quoting a |>aragraph from the Star la relation to the evacuation of Manassas by the Confederate*, Incorporates a King, not ours, at the "grand army" of the Potomac. Tax Niv Yobk Fours (iiRtiiosiu ?Yesterday the forts la the vicinity of New York were garrisoned by order of (iov. Morgan, (or the purpose of affording better protection to the city and the lostuct Ion of the artillerists. |rr From the tone of th? Richmond papers it Is evident that there Is no 1 ttle panic in rebel don la coaseqoeace of the evacuation of Malta* as by tba Coated*tales. fiT" From the publisher, E. J. "ears, New York, we have the National quarterly Review for March, containing tea articles of fair interest Fisamcial ? From the N Y E?ea!nij Tost o yesterday; TV Stock market baa lost *mnethl?g of the boeraacy of yesterday, under free sale* to realise proftta. la Federal Stocks there waa no malarial change. American Gold told at HHJfalOlx premium. Money oa call can be readily loaned at 7 per cent , bat there art still KOod many loam, runnlng at 6 par cent. Prime paper Is scarce, and Is quoted av. Sterling Bills closed dull, and Hi w would buy teat baakt-ra 00 day*. For the 7 JO par cents there la a good demand at M discount, and at private aale there la a steady buslnea* la rtdenl ?' of 1?1 at ?M9*. * /* FROM MANASSAS. The correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirtr gives the following particular* of affairs at Manassas and thereabout: The plains of Manassas are really what their name Implies. The time was when there were objects which onstructed the range of vision, hat they are all gone now, for miles around we hsve an unbroken view On the hills around are the ramn* still l?ft. anil s column of smoke awav off to the right indicated that Manaw* was on fre. Our cava Irv had erne there during Monday night, and found the rear of the enemy till there; but they were firing the remaining property. A captain, by wbnae aide we rode, told ua of plica of new a-^ceah clothe*, *worrta, flaga, fcc ; galloping ahead of tb?- reat, we reached the Junction. Tbc ?ight here cannot be portrayed; the largo machine shopa, the station-bounea, the Commlaaary and CJuartcrm*ater atore-bou*ea, all in ashea On the track atood the wreck of a locomotive, and uot far down the remain* of four freight cara which bad been burned; to tbc right 500 barrel* of floor had been stove in, and '200 barrela of vinegar and inolassca had been allowed to try experimctita in chemical combination. S*ome 54) bar 1 ? # *_ I 1 ? I J 1. 1 ... J rn*? ui port (inn i?ti nn?i inru utaiif rn< tirvuuu In the n:ud, and a few hundred yards down the track a dense cloud of smoke wai arising from the remain* of a factory which had been used for rendering up tallow and boiling bones About a thousand good hide* were stretched in a Held close by, upon stake*, and remain iinlnjurrj} A car npon tbc trark, which ran to Centcrvlllw, a sbort distance up, had on it the whole effects of a Printing Office, tvpe?, cases, all tint is needed in an office; a large lot of paper and a Washington press. The forms h;td in thcin blanks for muster roll* and furloughs. This car will be a great prize for the regiment into whose bard* It falls An infantry regiment soon < anae in and commenced to ransack the tents and remaining stores, for plunder and relics, but the piinttng office ren.ained untouched A single frame sh?rt was left of the ordnance depot, and in it are five thousand < artridne boxc* and knapsackf. mostly, however, <Wd ones for which Dew ones had been dealt out. The hospital stores in tbc tents cf the Seventh 'erolina Regiment were south of tht; Railroad mid wcrr uninjured. tbey contained hundreds of sheets, hrdding, blankets, underclothes, medicines, lar^e quantities of preparations for making jellies and soup*. mostly made In the North. In one of the tents wa-> a large lot of blue uniform* nevrr used; several hundred tenta and tent iw>les. many entirely new, sb<>es, and atom of all kinds Hut one man waa to be found in the neighborhood; hia name was William Howard, and in bla pocket he had a pass from tien. Tyler, dated last June, allowing him to go to Alexandria. He lived near Arlington Mills, and was laken up soon after the battle of Hull Run, ami has been kept at work by them ever aince. He was very anxious to get back, and gave us information tbat showed how r gularly and how the Rebels received new* from Washington,via Alexandria, they having one man who has made from two to three tripa, with letters and papers, .a ! wpplr niuinn nur at niivhf -- ? t r The Rebels, it seems, kuve been going for a wr<>k, in fact, for a month, aa none returned who went away. He ny? that about forty thousand went down the railroad on Friday. Saturday, Suuday and Monday. This, with the sixteen regiment* of artillery and eavalry from Centered le, would make an army of fifty-six thousand for the last week. This statement tallies with everything we have been able to i?*?ru from different sources. The retreat was well ondncted in a quiet way until Monday noon, when the r? ar guard became i>anie-strlckenand fled in confusion I be railroad bridge below Manassis was Bred about noon by mistake and when those remaining heard of It. the la*t remaining engine, which could have taken all the be?t of the stores, wa? bUwn up and ! the rata fired Then they i?att<red, every man for i?im?Mf. and in the panic but part of the bulldlugr* were tired, and hut part of the tents; ainoin; tbe "left" were a dozen caI?aou?? the borate belonging to them having died, therefore they could not take the gun* by the common road The rebel army of the Potomac, from all ap. pearancea, has been at time* atroo^ la number* and well entrenched They may hav* bad onu hundred and fifty thousand men. but we much dotiM if they hare had over one Luttdred and ten or one hundred and twenty thou;-and Whether thev could have been cut of! la?t fall or this winter, or could have been driven from Manama** In confusion at any time, Is not for m to decide. ??aLn aamcy were tuey have gone henee. Contra band* coming 1 it tell u? that they said they will make a stand at \Varrcnton for the present, but will not li^ht this mde of (iordonsvllle, and will force it* tc come to their mountain fist'ievsi* t<> ineei them The Rebel Stuart was at Gainesville last night, with the rear of his army, moving *wifily on, Impressing all the slaves, and driving them on to work on the new fortittcatiocs NumVr? of m?<n *uape< ted of I'nion sent! men's, b*v? n!so been carried away Thi? morning about (en, the Hrst bridge north r,r m? r..?^ i? ? ?i ? ? VI /uiittiVU nn| U I Ul , Oil (DC rOICl Stra*bure, vU Manassas Gap The smoke could be distinctly wn from bcrc. After a while another Are showed that another bridge goliijj; and *o on, unilinear twoo'clock, did the Hc? iicccusivelv *Urt up The ld?t one was burning near Manama* Gap at 5 p in The road i?, consequently destroyed. 1 be work was done by the party slatting from near the Junction, and, riding rapidly along, firing each one la luceei ion KXAMINine THK B Al LBOA P AT VIKK3A This morning ?'?p'? S>chevU, Topographical Engineer, attached to Gen McCall's stiff, proceeded to Vienna, a distance of some three miles, for the purpose of examining the railroad at that point He found that the track had been torn up about a mile this aide of Vienna This injury, together with that done to the bridge, will be repaired to-inorrow under supervision of the Captain. MORE CONTKAB\KPS This morning, some nine contraband* came within our llnp* Seven of them ?>elongpd to a Mr. Harrison, who lives fenr mile* beyond Ilaymarket. In Princc William county, fifteen mile* from Manas.tav One of these neyroes worked In June last upon the fort at Centrevllle. SECESSIONIST* ARRETTED. I<ater In the day our pickets arrested foursece*tionUts, nainfd Lewis Johnston, hla nephew, Horatio Lamon, and a man named Allen. They were brought to (Jen Mc Call s headquarter* Johnston ia the man who enticed neveral soldlera into his house for the purpose of giving them food. After receiving their money he betrayed them Into the handa of the rebel troops. These men were all arrested near Walter's mills, near Vienna. TI1D T *TP?T tBAU OA 1 ? ? ? ? a ?Ju i oi * w"t n in r A A Fairfax Cotkt llo us it, March li.-We hnve here, as prisoners, one second lieutenant. two corporals and eleven privates of the 1st regiment of Maryland. They were taken near Saugster's Station, on Sunday morning last. They had relieved the nth Virginia regiment only half an hour before the skirmish, and were picketing at the time of the capture. They are as follows: Lieut. Joseph K. Stewart, a graduate of Wrst Point. Corporal Edward Shears, who was wonnded badly by a bullet in the thigh lie was carried away in a blanket. Private Severn Is from liar* per's Ferry. Thos. B Angel is from Washington; is brother-in-law of Win. Ripley, Government contractor In Washington Angel was formerly Government contractor himself, and afterwards enlisted In Winchester. John H. Durst is from Maryland. Krnst German, Harper's Ferry Jan. McManus is an Irishman?he joined the Rebels voluntarily, and declared that he will give the Yankees " their reward" if he can get a chance. Half a dozen Secessionists .caine in yesterday morning and gave themselves up to our pickets, near Ma:>na**as. They belonged to the same regiment. | contraband* at sa.nobtkk's station. Sangtkk'* Station, March 13, A, M.?Contrabands continue to come in from beyond Manassas, ami report a great demoralization in the Rebel army. Gen. Fumuer employs all aa servants who will remain, aud passes the rest to Washington. The whole line of march to thl* point 2s one picture of desolation. affairs in alexandria Alexandria, March 13 ?Editor Star: Since Secesh hm ?o lnglorlously Hed from Mauassa*, the city ha* been full of contrabands, both male and female They all concur in *aylng there was a general stampede; every one trying to be the first away. I cannot learn from any of them that any portion of the Confederate army have gone north (Winchester way); they say they have all gone on the Orange road It isriuite amusing to see what long fares the rebels have had yesterday and to-day Wonder If som* of them will not have long necks before it is all over. 1 regret to learn that there was a Urge number of trunks belonging to ofllcers of the army stored in the bouse occupied by Cole* * Ramsey and othprt insntr Af tlmm ? ? A - ......7 V? >uv tti TI J ?aiusuic. UIIO UOOWillitng u much at # 10,0*0, with bonda and other valuable*, tbe whole of which were burut, with the entire contents of the store. The safe in the late office of Corae brothers w??s open*it yesterday, and ita content* f und to be all aafe; bnt 1 regrrt to have to aay that 011 opening the irou che*t when taken out of the rtilna of Dr. Cook's ?lore, the contents wrrc found to be nearly all destroyed? one of bl? ledgers burnt to a cinder. 1'artlea are at work clearing up the wreck. J M. Stewart la preparing to rebuild at ouce, having made all bis coutracTs for that purpose Observs*. Thk Damage Don> tub Monitor ?Two ahoU of thf enemy struck her on the rfe*. *h??? t?i? surface, and ton: op a few inches of the dirk plating, and p*n< tracing about half the diameter of the ball, affording a complete illustration of ber Imprrgnaontty. On her Cower, where the Merrtmac's shoti struck squire and with fait farce, there are three or four Indention* not ex- j tiding three la depth. Her deck Is biased In tererul place* where shots straek and glanced off.1 The whetlhouse baa several nlmllar Indentations, though not as deep. These are all the marks the Monitor bears as the result o| the action. LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. From Centreville. RKBIL PROPXRTT DBSTROTBD?WISCHRSTIR IVACVATEP T??T*RDAY. (.'sntsrvillb , March 12 ?There is nothing of additional Interest here. An examination has revealed the fact that th*re are no rebel fortification** commanding our left flank, so that the advance of our troops from the Potomac would have been easy. There Ib considerable property here which bas bren damaged, but not wholly destroyed, amounting in value to many thousands of dollar!*, including especially flour and bacon It !? apparent that the entmy could not have mounted very meny heavy gun* here. It Is fully confirm'd they were here In full force till Friday, and did not evacuate Winchester till today. From Tennessee. P>FK.AT or ?!X IltNDRRn RXKEI.S AT FARM BY A FOB' S OF C.M?S TROOP* FROM FORT 11ESKY. Fort IIekrt, Tenn , March 1*2.?A b.tttlion comprising tbe First Nebraska and a portion of Col Curtis' Iowa regiment, attacked a ftrcc of rebel* about ?i? strong this morning, defeating them arid taking posce^slon of the town of Pari*, but bfinp apprised that a large force of rebel* were within a few hour*' marchingdistance, they retired, bringing away a number of prisoners. Coin pan v A lo-.t five men killed, among them the sergeant-major. A second battalion, under command of Lt. Col. Patrick, eroded the rlvrr to-d?y to reinforce them. THK latest from gxn rofk's ARMT?ACT1VX orkrationi in ptioorks*. Chicago, March 11, p. m ?A special dispatch to the Tlriira, from Cairo. ?ays : A mrlvih'rr has ?rriv(>il nt Kiid't Pnlntfrnm New Madrid, M? A portion of Gen I'ope command is at Point Plrruant, ten miles beiow. Thi.s will prevent any transports from coining up the river. A *prcial dispatch from Cairo to the Tribune says that the bridges of the Cairo and Fulton Railroad are repaired, and thai the* train* run regularly from llird'* Point to Sykestown. Gen. Strong was placed in command at Cairo to-day. Authentic newireceived at headquarters stale* thai the rcbe?* are strongly fortifying Island No Itt. The gunboats and mortar boats are all in readiness to transport troops The Hiawatha arrived this afternoon, laden with Iowa troop*, destined for the Tennessee river. New Hampshire Election. CnircoRp, March II ?The election fcr >*tate officers and the li-jvlslature took nlace to-dav. Three candidate* f?f Governor were in the tielcl, viz:?Mr. Berry, the present incumbent, who was supported by the republican*; Mr. Starke, the democratic candidate, and Mr Wheeler, who was nominated as an independent candidate. A majority s required to elect a Governor in thia Slate. Tho following Is the rtsult of tbe vote for Governor In 119 townsBerry. vote*; Starke. 20.100 vote*; Wheeler, 1,4trt votes. It is believed th>it Governor Berry's majority over all will be l;5t>0. The republican majority in tbe iioitso will be from 50 to 75 members. The republicans have also probably eleetid ten out of he twelve Senators and four of the councilors ( barter Klntlsn. Syracuse, NY, March II ?At the charter election, held to-day, a lnr^e vote was polled. r i lii -1 ? ? ! -i ? i ? i iic rc|>uuncaii'> citcitru tacir caiiaiuaie lot mayor by 291 majority, ""nd the entire city ticket, except for justice of the peace. g'^WASHINGTW^ECTURE A8SOUIATri? 21?t Lectureof the couree will be delivered by REV. J FREEMAN CI APR. At (tie Smithsonian Institution, On FRIDAY EVENING. M*roh 14. t?u' j*"t-T'tt /fcctszily. Duty, and S"fity of F.mnn r'filim. icr T rk?t holders will be re^uwed to exhibit I their ficke'a at trte tlnor to avoid oonfuaiotiDoor* op?n at To'elco*; Leoture to commence at o'clock. Tiokfti 25 cent* each ; to be obtained a*, the door And at the Uook?t"re*. mh 13 !Yig?y*T. PATKICK'S DA Y.-The PhcEaix BoJ ? oief? rf thia oitj cut have made arrange nidi!'* to celebrate the coining laative of Ire and'" I'aliou ha:ut. An experienced caterer haa been omp;oyed to furnish a aui-per on the evening "I the I7tu, at Kainej'e Hr tei, I) atrest, between 6th and 7th atreela Fioin thtir anoceaa ou a former ocoamon, th? frieiida nf Ireland mar rekt aaaured that the f iiiIhibof t his A**?ciation wil! leave nothtDg uoione u> wane tnie au oteinoi louf to m > meii?l>ere't with p ewure by those who wiil honor thmi wtMi Ihelr rreesnce. Ticket* Si, to be had from the Committee of Arrangements =?James J. Kane, \\ . Langran, T. J. Phillip*, Tlioa. Duffy, G. fylventer. Jas. Ratan mil H-6t ,? THE LADIK8 OF 8T. PAUL'S EN<Jil k lisli Lutheran Chsrdif will give a Festival Franklin Hail, corner <>f 9th and D sts., oont inenoinc MONDAY, Mftroli l'?.h, an<1 will continue dour* the we<?k Feaeou tiefcttsSOcents, which ma? he li*o fit Mr Noen's,corner of E acd llth streets,at Mr. Futsil's corner ?>f F and 12th streets, or at the dcjr. Nn^e admission 10 cents, inh 7 8t (Y*?TIIK UNION PRAYER MEETING Will U.'S be holaen cvrrj day this week in the LntheranThnroli, i Rev. J. fi. Butler's,) at the corner of llth and H streets, nomiitenaint at 4K o'oiook m.. ami continued but oi.e hour. iito " PERSONAU-IfVVM. II RUSSELL, the owner of a lor in raunre 558. will oa.'l iiiurediately at the law ofliceo? s. VVILLIaMS. 4^ ?ui! C atreeta,? e will oblige trje owner ol the adjnining lot tnli 13 31* 2nnn on cunsignment,UUU BARRELS ol choice EXTRA FLOI'R for ?ale at in >dera*c pr'ce*, in amtil and large lota. Appif to THOH H. HAVENNhR. inh 13 3t* *4 ? C street, near Sixth. Mrs. eaton, FA*l{TONABLa DriS?M*K?*. Haa removed from 1**4 Tenth street to 4H9 1 atreet. between Bth and *)tb, south aide. S T. TayI >r'a dreeacntting rate bv Mra K. mh 13-lm^ Black silks, VERY RICH LUSTKR9, Ju?t received, in all the beat grades, and at the loweat market prioea for oaah. j. w. COLLbY. New spring diessgool . ju*topening. in many skasonalue styles. 3.oi*i yarda bmail Fgurea Frenoa. eig'ish, ar< Domesto Cluulsea, ai- fast colora.and at the low. ti. p-i<*ea. j. W. collky, run 13 6t ZU1 Seventh street, above Pa. av. r -Tt!z?-4RN SHAPES AND STY LI-S, SPRING 1?* .UAni'Lba AND VN KAPflNGS. Spring Shawls, asaorted aa above. tpring Parasols, very stylish. Our .Northern a^d fcaatern correspondents aend na new supp >es daiiy. We alao ciU'jr a'l kinds of Dry Goods for family consumption. One price onl?, marked in plain figures. tkt aetvxl cash itandnri r at tit. PERRT * BRO, mh 13 Pt Pa av and Nin'h street. y LK OF l'ISH STANDS. The Fish Stands in the diff rent Markets will be aoid to the highest bidder, for ca:k, on the following dMH Centre Market, on Saturday, March S9, at 10 o*o:? ok A. M. Navy Yard Market, on Wednesday, April f, at 10 o'olook A. M. MA.IK..I. I *T- " iivi miviii lituviij rv&Cbi ivrt,, UU >~V fQDQIQSJt April 2, at 10 o'clock A. M. Western Market,on Friday, April 4,atloo'olook A. M. N. B? Persons bow holding stands in the differeut;:nafkf tican retain th; m by paying theappraisement price (or suoii stand* previously to day of ale. RICH All L> VVALUCU, inh la 3t Mayor. j^PLLNUlP TABLE DAMASKS. To veil and Toweling* in all trades. Cotton and Linon Sheetitgs. Table Napkins, Superior Shirting Linens and Cottons, W bite Marseilles and Ailonuale Coouterpaues. Ju't reoeived and at the loweft oash prices. J. W. COLLEY. S'ilTlh >1 Mhourmnu goods in all best GRadbs. Bombazine*. < hailey*, Alpacoai, Double aui aiugle wid'h L'eLainei, Eugliah Crapes, Lace &''<1 Crape Vails, some extra large tit*, to whiob th?* ?p*fcial attention of l&aiea in black are invited. J VV.COL.LIsY, inh 13 5t 3*3 7th at.,above I'a av. Sealed proposals are invited 0 ti 1 the 15th dftf of March, l*g. at 12 m., for eurchaaing from the the Hide# and Tallow Hoofa. and Horoa, Tongue*, Chock*, aud Shine, of all the Meef Cattle used by the Ari&r of of the Potoinao, except thoae killed witiun the ancient U-nita of th<< Piatrict of Columbia. No bid will be eueitamert unleu the bidder ia preeeut to rtinniirf r < hia Kirf T io Hid**, Tallow, fco-, obtained at tu? list of the oontra?u?r-ne trill he held accountable for Hides, 4.O.. of ah auimfcle hiiied, whether h? t?U tit em or iW. The hida to be directed to "Major A. BECK WITH, C. 8., U. 8. A.. WMhimtoB, D. C, |e? JIT-THK TIMK FOR OPFS1NO THE BID? efine above advertisement i Postponed until the 7ii March. IMS, at >2 hi. war la td KW STYLK HPRiNti OVERCOATS AND hue Black Frook t>at? jut reovred at BAR A BRO mh 13 2a* oorncr K and 7th ttrcen. 1 n<lftS00,.'xy^,8SY B4?RBUl Waated 1,UUU tor mh 12 ? Cnrnmr V?? i ? ? --T * ?- ?! .fWllBMa B?. A TTENTION! A v .. TO PRINT DEALERS A number of fin* hniraviucf for Mtofor a ftrw "j. Eaftresisg' / $ H liWllPt tt ? ;rr-i - JV ,, v << >...r?tr ' "* CONGRESSIONAL. XlXVIlth CONGRESS??(M5#Bd ItHlH. 8bn&ti?After our report closed ve*terdar? RnolntloDi of thanks to Capt. AH. Foote and Lieut. J. L Wordcn were Introduced and made the special order for to-day. The bill defining the pay and emolumenta of ottrera of the Army was passed. Tbe bill for the release of certain persons held t/i ? l.k.. i- '?- - r"--1 -? -? " ' ? ? W..(W VI I?uin ID IDC l/l?iriCI U( VUIUITIUIQ I *ri? taken up and wrpnl amendmenti *?fed to. I A* modified, thin bill emancipate* all slave* In the District, privilege being granted all loyal person* to present to the c?inn>t**loner* appointed to carry out the provision* of the bill, their re pecttve tatemenfcs or petition* relative to th< Ir

rlalin upon such pervona held to service, the cominUsi oners reporting their proceeding* to the Secretary of the Treasury every nine months No claim (ball be allowed for *laveabrought Into the District after the pontage of the act; and any per- i on kidnapping a alave frotn the District with the purpose of re-enslaving him ahall be Impriaoned l.i fV.o ? > ?* * ixiuivuuoi i uvi ir->? loin itc nor more than tweuty year?.j Without finally disposing of the bill the Senate adjourned. Hors* ?After our report rlo?ed? The ' tax bill" wm taken tin and di*rus?ed at length by Mrwn Morrill, Waa? worth, Bingham and othera Adjourned. Letter fr?in Sir. Erics??n. To tht Editor* of t*? iV. Y. Esprets : I encloae a letter from Chief Knglneer i*tlmers, dated on board the Monitor March Oth. I adopt thia course a* th" best mean* of furnUhtng the entire Pre* of New York with valuable Information on a 1 u.vuu u. ?* J ? * i ?> uiLu uai< r?cura alien inifrcil. Yonra, mott respectfully, March 1*2, J. Erk*?on. itton clad Monitor, > Harirlnn Hon 1%, March !>, 1W-2 } My !><"?r Sir: After a atoriny passage, which proved ua t-? he the Bnest ?ea hoat I w?s ever In, we fought the Merrinoac for more than three hour* tbla forenoon, and sent her buck to Norfolk In a sinking condition Iron clad against iron clad, i We inan<euvred about the bav here. and wrn* ?t f-ncb other with mutual tiercemss 1 consider I that both ships were well fought; we were struck twenty-two timet, pilot hou?e twice, turret nine timet, side armor eljht times, deck tbree timet. Th only vulnerable point wai the pilot house. One of your great logs. (?? by 14 Inches thick.) Ii broken In two. The shot struck just outside ef where the Captain bad hla eye, and it has disabled him, by destroying his left eye and temporarily blinding the other. The log Is not quite in two, but Is broken and pressed inward one and a half Inches. (She tried to run us down and sink I us as she did the Cumberland yesterday, but she got the worst of It. Her bow passed over our dei k. anii our eharn nnnpr rHr-p ?> ? iKr?.i?u , , -i-r- 1? ?vv?.? uu)!u | the light Iron she had upon her tern, and well Into her oak. She will not trv again, She gave us a tremendous thump, hut did not injure ua I.i th?* lea*t We are just able to find the point of contact. The turret laaaplendid structure. I don'tthink much of the shield, but the pendulum* are fine things, though I cannot tell you bow they would stand the shot, as they were not hit V'ou were very correct In vour estimate of the effect of *hot upon the man on the Inside of the turret when It Ktruck near him. three men were knocked down, wf whom f wh? one. the other two had to be carried below, but I was not disabled at all, and the other* recovered before the battle wan over. Capt. Worden stationed himself at the pilot-house, Greene tired the guns, and I turned the turret until ?he Captain was disabled, and was relieved by Greene, when 1 mtnaged the turret myself, Master Sfodden having been one of the two stunned men Captain Ericsson I congratulate you upon your great success. Thonsands have this day blessed I you. 1 have heard whole crews cheer you Every man feels that you have saved this place to the i Nation by furnishing us with the means to whip au iron-clad frluate that w*?. imMl ?nr arpiw?i having it all her own way with our most power- i fill vtndi. I am, with much esteem, very truly, youra, Al BAN C. fcllMERii I Captain J Kricsaon, 95 Franklin street, N. Y. A*m? ?The '"log'' alluded to la made of , tcruvgki iron of the belt material. W SILKS. OEL.ECT Sha.'.ea in Plain Fijnr?d and Chocks. A H')| d*cid?"i t?rcami in illaok bilk* of a. I grades ?ml width*. Mourning bilks of tha proper grades. One prioe onlj, tk* actual cask vame matkrdin plain figure* I'tKKV A BRO., , mil 13 ?Jt _ Penn. avenue and 9'*li_atreeU_ 1 DdTiTnL'O _ | VIA I UDC. I UFT & lol of Potatoes of different kino*. viz: 1 HUCKKYK. WHITE MERCER, JA< KSON WHITE*, CARTERS ?nd PKACH BLOWS. A!?o. a lot of URIED AITLE8 ?'J<I DRIED PKAt HE** /or sale at Iuw#?t rales in loU to suit i ht cusey a. Barnard, mil IS lw eeorgetowii. D. C. INTERESTING FOR THE COMMUNITY , 1 AT LAR6E 1 _W?_ar? now reoaivinc READ Y-M A D F. CJL." thing 1 thB !V?ht deaigna three timea a wek from oar ni&nti'actnring esrabliahiLent in Baltimore,which w*offerataetoniahmc low ?n*ea. BAR & RKO.. inli 12-lin* corner K and 7th rtwm a~UARTBRMAHTBR OKNKR'L'8OFFIOK. 1 \Va?H!J*<jto:? Citt, Maroh 11. Is&J, WANTiPtt Shp Island, Mlaaisaippi. two light drought Steamer*, auited for towing boaU. I'ropoaa'a, atatiue taring and tune* at which they will tie elivered at Ship laiau 1, with deaoript'oc* ill tlie Ik ata ottered, will lie reoeived at the offioe of thii i )n? rtarm??*a? *L" ' * ' v. .m? %imi>i*viiiv???oi VVllClfti Hit VII iUO 4111 Ul March. Proposals rhoulri ds enr.MopeJ and endorsed "Proposals for fteamboats for rh;p Island." and addressed to the Ouartermaster t?enera!, Washincton, D. C. W C. MKIGS, Quartermaster General. mh 12 (Intel.. Repub. A. Chron] ^h1i?TS. shirts. shirts!?Just received ?3 l?0do?en Shirts vhieh we ofler at old prices, at HV I'fH'H. No. 460 Seventh ?t. (V? SR-Sm Philadelphia propkrty for sale OR exchange-New three-story briok Ituiidiui;, 20 feet front, with double three story baok buildings, replete with all modern conveniences, iu a pleasant aad healthy looality. for sale on accommodating terms, or will exchange f >r property in this oity or vicinity. Addrss F K. MORRIS.8<>6 h st mh ?-3t* NEW IDEAS JN ALL THE NEWEST AND beat atylea Hoop Skirta opened to day, with nor U8U4I fine and complete stock of all kirda of pry Gooda for the current every day wanta of familiea and houaekeeaera. Oneprioe oulj, tkt actual cask standard valut, marked in pla n ftcurer. An iuaptotio. of atook solicited, it inenra bo obligation t9 pu.chaaa. PERKV A ?KO., inh 12-bt Penn. aver.ue and 9th utrcet. ' PRICES Kr.DUCED! ; WOOD AND COAL The Huliaoriber will, alter to day, reduce the . price* of Wood and Coal: \ Beat Seaaoned Oak Wood at 98, Hickory at $9, Ha f ceaeoned at ?7, Hake;a' Pine at #m, J Half-eeeaoned Pine at 96 50, a t P/*el A?-4 -..J 1 -v 1AU VU1 l^tlrU VV<Uf IWi dllU ill MJ A Bill Si ?J# J per ton. . Delivered in Georretawn, or Firet Ward, Waih d inctou. Term* Cash. JOHN A. GRIME!?, Agent, , mh 12-lw* Cacal W barf, Georgeown. ] J UST RECEIVED AT L. A. BEALL * CO.'S, , No. 361 Seventh, between i and K atreeta, a new atock of CLOTHlftG, FURRISHING GOODS, TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS. 1 LA BEALL & GO 'S, No 361 Seventh atreet, 1 between 1 and K. is the alaoe to bay jour CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, . TRUNKS. HATS and CAPsat New York prioea COMF. ofllfi AND ALL AT L. A. BF.ALL k CO.'S, No. 361 Seventh gtreet, between I aud K. to bur ronr Cr.OTIllNG, FURNISHING i GOODS, HATS and CAPS. JVTOW IS VOUR T1MK TO BUY YOUR ni CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS 2nd CAP4 at Terr low prioei. at L A. BKALL * CO.'S, No. 361 Seventh, between 1 an<I K itreeU. n.h 13 GRKAT JflUTORY ! ^ EYBRY QUARTER X H K liAKV.l nf CI nnfi^Airii A -%*r mut m 11 V IftCOI At/liAil I ) ] 947 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, < POUTH 8iI)S. (Foiiusrly of New York,) He* the name aud fame of being < One of the Best Kestatirants in Town ' \ fCTGivn m a trial, and judge for you Every thing in the boat* i* BB8T ; IC7" Don't forget the nomber? U?T Pennsylvania avenue, < between 12th aud 13th atreeti, inh lt-lm eoath tide. I IK WAR I GET THE BEST. I I'* VTON'S HK1CKD APPLE PlfcB, ? Mired DAYTON'S MLNCK PIK8. '^ttaSs.r Um * p,~ mM* ' ? Annrtr.? Became they are raanufeotiired with a i (real dealre to p??a? ekillal KM and , woman, who k?w aaia >im for thirty jMn J At*rr -Bmuh we mak* th?m oat of prmmmm 0 flour .and th? beat mstariala la market. . Arnnrtr.? Beoaaa* wa aat our own piea and a*ke clean'luoaa the ftrat rata to ha oOaarvad in ? An* u S5i?iSSs,'"nd """ *"'T "? "? | DAYTON'S BAKKRY. -kww ttS$S&VStu. 9 OFFICIAL. r|EPARTMF.NT OFSTATK. U Wtfiimo^Mirek ll,IW Information baa been received at thia Depart in; nt from MrJ'btddriia Hyatt, the Couaul of the t nlted tMat^s at La Rochell*. of tbn ieath. on the 7th of September la?t, at Rojran, of Mlaa A>i Wilfc*. an American citizen. It is believed that Mlaa Wilson h=a left aome property, both In France and the I'nlttd States, and baa relatives la thia country Farther informs''on can be obtained bv h-r relatlvea and frler.d* at thia lVn?r?r?.??i.t mh 1 j-3'lf "" IDEPARTMENT OF STATE. Yf WA?iu??.ron. M%'?h II. 1*63. Information nv? i.een tmmtm at ?hu I>? p?rtment from Mr Johnc? laMoot(<cie. tb?CoumI of ti c I nited M ?t ea at isanta*, tiiftt a Ul'crtphic line *u laid in Novfiniw, |f??? between Bail* Itle ar.d the nit in !and,aud conicqntnti j connecting with 11 Europ.?. Keoeutiy a ritnil r*b hail hoeo erectod npr-n an *lpvat*d point upon Bell* lale, aff faonuiea poiit W|W' iwB'ii r?Hioiiicf iii* Jni'r ff'* on huh ironrxi, n% ik' / f: rim* of ik' tntranc* of i*? fo?? of runu.iHa:." JS? *'*n*1 . ...? ..mi tin .iisirjru Ilia nfJDOiQ MflM officiate. Tina information la ptiMiahed by rfqa**t ?> l,'p PrMilent of tl>? t.'Uan.i??r of l'<>mtin?rc9t<f >?iil*a. mh II 3'if AMUSKMKNT^ THEATER-FRIDAY, l?. JL B'D'ki <<f MRS BARNEY WILLIAM? ! Th? n*w dram* of "Th? Kairf Oirtl?"-C? O'Oarolan. Mr Barn^T \Villiain?; Mo'catee, Mre. Karr.ey Williams To conclude with >tie *occe??fnl oom?di?tt? ot "An Hour in SrviiW-" in winch Mri^w i!l:am* jnatainn > chtiaoters. It* pLARENDl)N Mi:8KUM. r(.r??f(./* r.reu ind Pa. nrenre, scvtk ride, umd?r tke Ciai'mlo* He 'el ? Free ?:<>uc -rt Eierj Kvenioc front t iin'tl 1" o'clock bj the Marine Band. Ber.ileinfn vtaitiiic this p ai? can be waited <>n by frn.a'e wai'eia. The beat of Wine Liquor, Cigar:, and *very ?bu g in leu 'n lor the inner man mh 13 !?' QDA> FKLLOWfc' HALL! Snnrord'N Opera Troupe. ODD FELLOWS' HALL IN ITS 7,KNITU OF ITS POPULARITY! II - ? I1U11I5 CROWDED TO rxCltS I To Witness FAIVFORD'S TROUPE! 5\NFORD PERFORMS EVERY EVENING ! BURLESQUE OPERA This Evening, introducing Burlesque BRI9NOLI. BU8INI. PATTI. And all other C?>Vrttiei! No other Minstrel Trjupe possess the TALENT FOR BURLE8KUKS as SANFOKD'S ARTISTS.' 117* See Bills or the Car. Doors open at 7; commencing ?uait?r to ?. ADMtMIOX... 95 ClNTS 0*CUX?TKK 8KAT? 30 CEMT? ni'ilSJt \V ILLARD8* HALL! THURSDAY FVFNING March 13, MR. J. K. MURDOCH 8 SELECT HEADINGS! PROGRAMME?Pari I. :e>ctioc? from the tracer of Hamlet oonclKdmg with ttie So il' qur on Death 8hak?pea*e Eoem, "Dri'tin*'" T. Buchanan dead he uious and Uie Glove (trai elated from 8ohiiier,)_ - - . .....Leigh Hunt Tie Bridge of Sighs ? Hood Chars* of tue Light Brigade at Balakiava, Tennyson Part II Be'.eotione from the tagedy of Jul ua Csr'ar. i*clndi??c Mark Aathon*' Pr >ph oy and Oration over th* dead body of C:r *ar ... .3hakspeare Tom King's Pers?outio s, or the Tronb e i f Mo-itimir Tcn?"n Jonathan Taylor gketohes from the Piokwiek Papers, embracing a I a * - * ? " IHC CPir:.r?-ra 1 ri*I oarOei v?. I ickwick. with tUsfathetio, tliril n* and impmiive pescn for th* fiefcnce l>y f??reeaut fiuzfni Dickear. ?f ^ ( 'oo 50 oenU ; rftaerved aeata 75 Sy1!"' tfVJ** i'.v'Mfaara. PMip 4 boloinou*' Metropolitan Book?tore,ar.d at Willarda' Hotel. nig li-2t PANTKRBI'RY HALL! CAN1'KRBURV HALL ! TO NI9HT TO-NIGHT The Brilliant New Coniteilation of Beaut? ' feroival'8 immense combination: MISS MILL'E FOWLER, Bt the ino?t perfect acd beautiful P*r???u?* Fr??ented to the Ainencin pnhlie. MISS JULIA MORTIMER, The Idea!:xa'icn of M^'ody end B*aaty. HISS LIZZIE FRANCIS. MISS MARY BLAKE. MISS LILLY BRANDON, MISS FRANK SECOR. MISS JULIA RiCilMOND THE DELBVANTE BROTHERS, CHARLEY NEIL, BILLY QUINN. "AM I RIGHT M. JEAN CLOSKI, JOHN HEANY, AND NUMEROUS OTHERS. * fETNo Changs in the Admiuion fricw-Til Admission 35 oeata ; Or oh?It Cfctira 60 oonu. For Ladies and raoultea, on WEDNESDAY AND 8ATUSDAY AFTERNOONS, at 2 o'cloek, Whan & lariah distribution of Elerant Preaenta is made: Rich and Costly Jewsl-y, Booka, Toya, Kanoy Articles, and ma<nifioant si'k Dreaaea. The Silk Dreaa presented on Batnrday, March I, raa iivea to Miaa Anna Darke, D street, near 11th. Admiaaion 30 oenta; Childraa 10 oonta. mh 10 Washington musical hall-frle flOMOIcBT KVkBV Nicni" ? T - ? . * ? i<ivuAt n?>ui J n oiuoi ;o 9 p. in. Beat of Kefreehmeats. Fine Female VVSitera. Open all day. At tne rouUieart corner >f Peitsylvama avecue and oorner of Sixth street, jnder ths Central House, opposite the National, tfrowii't. ar.d C larecden Hot'ls. fe 18 lm* P| ATENT OFFICE CURIOBITIES-Gmide to Patents, C&t&lotae of Cariosities and Government G ardent. at the stand in Patent Oftoe; Raro Ictuuauan Books; Government Books; Documents furnished; Railroad Reports; Military Re ?orte; Burnt Patent Offioe Reports; Cheap Books Tarnished to Pedlars; MLitary Trials; Military Laws; Army Regulations; Panorama of the Coast ihowing over 3,wo miles; many thousand Cheap R/Vilra QaAn).aA? ??a ? ' ywMt #%?vvttov? vutojj i cult iiftrCV U168| iOW trices. Up atiira, over Bank of W wtunrton. J>a-2m/ ALFRED HuSiTKR. pROPOaALS FOR WOOD. D*FOT QuiBTIKMASTBH'a OlTICI, J Cortur of 18 h and O strutt. > IVaiAtKUM, lUroli IS. 1 62. S t^KALin PE0P08A.L* will be received at this cftoe until MONDAY, the Slat day of March. at U u'olcok M , to forniah the troopa in thia oitj and its vieiuitr, north of the Potomac nrer, witain (5) Five miles of the city of Wftahincton. with Wood lor (6)aix months, ooiiimetci'-t on ti? lat day or April, 1K4, and endue the ?Kh day of Sefteuil>er, 1 he Wood to be of the beat quality of oak or hickory, and to be delivered at tlucampa or tuarleraotthe troop*, in aueh foantitiea and at auoh timea aa the Depot Quarter inhaler may direct. PaymeuU to t?e made at Ue ecd of each month, upon the return by the contractor cl tu? order* 1< awn upon him. The delivery of the Wood orlered muit be shown by the reoeipt ol the oCoer iroeiviui im*p6cujiuk u?e amount delivered>*adWood*ordcred "er^refimenu, brlxtdn.or dlviuoni wast be receipted far b? the quaMeraaeter*. The propoeai* ?? * ***? fr the pnoe ?er oord jfi 128) one hundred and twenty eight oubio lett, hud niu?l be plainly marked "PropoiaU or Wood." The ability or the bidder to fill the oontraot. ihoula it be awarded to turn, mat: be cutrautle1 ?j two re*poneibie per* oae,w hove ?iiratur*? ninat v* ? ? rrvuw?u av uio iu?ruiN 1 lie reepoiuiMlitf of the caarantora maat he ihown by the oAoial certificate ol the clerk of :lie leareat diatnot ooart or ol Ut* United i*tate? die triot attorney. Hidden mast preeent la pareon when the bide ire opened or their proposals will tot be considered. Sonde, ia the aain ot too thoaaaod dollars, algned >y the oodtractor aad both of hia luarautor*. will >e repaired of the aaooacefai bidder npon eicntnc he contract The right to rejaet any or all bida that tear he leemed too high ia reaarrod by the Depot Quarternatter. Informal propoaaia will be rejeoted. Form a/ Unnmnut. We?, of tka (wurt? ?r ?1 r~ ?< ! 1 ura ow tf, . aad? ?, of tha cocntj ol , aad 't*t# of , do haraby gaaraatT that la kbi* to fulfil a eoalraot ta anoo <(aao? tha artua of hu proposition,aad that, t ho aid his aro otiiioa Ba aoaeftad, ha will at 01.0a oatar into a ol tract in aooordaaiw tkarawitk.. UhoaJd tha aontraot ba avartfad him arc M?arad to baooiaa hi* aacanUaa. nth It dtd Colonal and qaarianaatar. "SimP"**1, J, LANMON * 00. i AUCTION SALES. TjUISAFTER NOON ? TOMORROW By T. DOWLIIIO. AMtWMM. m. t W ? ? 1 * ' " ? ~ Aui i i r? r>nuc. ? r i I KM 11 K f , BA kEl. f?l( am* B??r ? ?On FrnDAY Ext. tft< U H in??ao: at II ?Virol , ac th? \N arouse of John A- 6ii?" tha <tu:, I at all aeU, raccount t wh nt \ m*y c i.rrtu to par aavacort and ?ip?ii?ea of a ?>ia-?. As . a variety of geonrd hind Ftrni'ortorn tictac?f? Ote Pi%lo Ft rt?. M*r<?anj On* ha.! <Jc??u #!afcoc*n? Two 8;'a T?l. m ?ith Mar?.> t p>, Kookinc and A?tn Chai a two Naltofui TkHlii, on^eletaot (iilt Krame .Mirr ?r, Droaaeia and Ptair CarjHU. L?re*a nt tturt&a, Mahocary ar.d th?* B*.1at'*< ?. Prints a<id Fram?a Fif# K'aik*r bedaand Piliowa. I ot F?ddir?. A!?o i**ven l-\rre Mmi Pork tfcr*? hwro'a B**f. Thiity-h*e Uu Picks. B*rr* C'tcktra. twn*? pi:ri Bmti, ftc. THOMAS I>U\VLi>6 A??._ FUTURE DATS. By J. C. McUtlRK A CO. Ai?tioiMr?. A P M I N I ST R A TOM'S* Ml-kfii' Tilif WILL OF I XCBLtlO* CltB Hor?U?< ? Til tooDA * Marih loth. I>? ?Hd*r "I the Orphan*' Court. 1 ?baM 'h* F rnitu/?. Bar Kixt?rae,aud jnoj will cf tbe t.*r*!#icr Clut> Huaat. 01 Ulh atr? #>t. W*e?u E aud F atr??*U, ?<?it prieitf? 9ui'? o'Walui' r.gih eo?fr?d Parlor Far&itura, fiuteofiUmut eo?M?d Parlor FiralUira, Walnut A liatLOj Mart?.e-to|?Tah.?a, Caa*?a(Wr>?i Soat Chair*. Lourca. Walnut and Mahogany t'a'd and W hiatTablaa* Ornaro?nta Ciock*. Gai ChanCeliere. Wind >w Shadea, Kri*w!a and Ingrain Cat p*'a. Oilcloth, Kuca, Stair Carpet, _ r A^usiuit I71R~I:( I ifl '8. IM'.i'QI f"hir.a, i-iu*. and Crockery \Var*. ?i'ver-plated Ca?t- re.Tab!* ''n'lery, Bradatiada, Bureau*. Waahetandt. Hair ar.d Hud Maureaas*. Koiatera ard Pillowe, Kiiwuk*ts. i'oinforti, tfpreada. Kitchen rteca'.le Si<>ve?, to. The rale will commence with the Bar FixtarM acd gcod will. Term* : $i5 and no<f*r rath: over that nn a credit < f two and lour montus. with mtereet tan* factorily *t>r??l. JOHk O'PON'NKl.L. Adn>nie*ra*or mhUeold J. C. MeOtlRK t CO . A?U. Ft GREEN A WILLI A VS. Auctuieeie. i'OVEHNMKAT S*LE of subsistence *1 <?n I t'l-8I?A> , '?h Ma-ob. wa aba I a< 11, in front of ou'?**??ra, No AV?> corner ?Ui an t 0 fctreeU. at 10 o'clook a. in., the foilowinf art c>a. via: M'S91I>? BM 0 S'?'bi. Him, 8oO I be. M m Heef, 173 Itw Beef ToBfnM, ICQ lh? Man Pnrk > l?" u-'* 617 It*. Dried A ppl;s, ?&*? U s Homily. 3f5 It*. Kice, 151 ponrds Ground Cosm, im lbs. "pUt >'ea*, '? >* bushels Beans, iy?lta Green Ciff e Term* o-stmt) 11 d GREEN * WILLIAMS, Aacts. \f ARFllAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of fcsri i?I facia* under lien law. is*ued from the Cierk'e office of the Cirouit Ooort of the District of Columbia for the coactT of Washington, and to me directed. 1 will expose to pukio sale, for cash, la front of the court loure door of (*id county, on KRID\Y, the 21st day of March next. 1S?2. at 13 o'c ui ra , the f ?>iowmt d^sci'ed property, to wit. visAll defendant's ncht. title o aim or interest in and to a oertiam c?e! in* Lf?n?< on lot No. 8 at,d tne south feet 4 lnoLeeot lot No. 9. in rquire No 377. in the city of Wuhiittoa, ?i. C , ee<z-?d and evied upou ai the property of u!iu? ViHt. an<i wi I be a ,d t" c?'im; judicial* No 33" to October term. 1557, in favr or JoDttbaa T. Waiker. J. D. HOOVER, fe 36 dta Marata^ MARSHAL'S SALE-In *!-U? of ft writ of fieri f&cj&a, istued from the o erk'a oftoa of tie oifcut courtof the Diatrirtof Columbia, for tlM oourty of Wubiuton, and to me directed, 1 will ezpoee to public rale, for oaah, in front of tba Court Itionee doarof taid oouHy.on MONDAY, the Slat day ul March, inatant, ltea. at 12 o'olock m. th?* folfowme pr-per:y, to-wit. viaLot No. 15, in tquare No. 41, iot No 2, in tquare No. <2. lot No. 5, in e*u?re N".4i, let No. ia. in Muere No. 46, lot No 1" in rquare No. K2. and iot No. 13, in a?uare No. 76. in tks city cf Wa-hiuiton. l?. C , together with ail a..<1 n-erl&r the lutprowemente thereon, eeised atd lev e<i upo?i aa tLe property of Brook Macaail. aud will !>e aold to aatialy judicial No. 4 J, to Alay Urai 1861, in iaucr of Hooe Wotter ^ Co w hci np*i mh 7 du lata MartbaT,"u. 'c. BALLS, PARTIES, kc. The ttm grand cotillon party Wi,, given at TEXPEHAXCS HALL, M K street, between 9ih and l?*th, JM. On FRIDAY EVKNiNG, MarokUUHfe Dancing to somara ce a- <K o'clook. nsToTy i*rof. George Arth's ee dbrated band. Ticket* ftl admitting s gentleman and ladies mli ?<-& l-RQE'.c. K. BARNES, Manager. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADFU V, at Temperaaoe A Hall, I street, letweeu 9th au?i l"tli Clashes JH every Tuesday and Friday?afterooon ciuiiM at 3, evening c!a*s at 7. Soiree ?vrrt Friday KM ?Temcg at8o'olock. Mu?io r>y Prof. ?*o. Arts. Temperance Hal. will be let (or Balls, Parties, Ac. Apply ai above. feMlm* rRiNKi m a. rn OPTICIANSt >44 I>rn'?*T.,!LOiU> ?:de.) bet. tfti. ud lltk Ml*. EYEGLASSES, MAKINE AND FIELD CLASSES. COMPASSES, * ? of thP best {Unities, oonstAnt t on hied. ft __ NEW YORK GROCERY! V LM?f V/1DV ** n < - _ - no" i una oi\UL C.H 1 : NLW TEA#, OLD GOVERNMENT JAVA COt- FEE, EXTRA SUGAR CURED HAMS, And all other kinds of fancy groceries: For aale by WM. COR WIN BURGY, I it porter of Teas, feg Corner of I and K'.erenth ?U. nKPII I A A Bi'nunwn m n ?-?* ? n n u ** i" * * 1 * 1/ 'n 1/ ? XfnWDMC 0( V' the Pennsylvania Medioa! Ur.iveraity. Philadelphia. wul rive frof^Miona'. attention to thoas of her own sex ard children. Tbirnday of eaeh wHk will h? < e .ated to the mdic*nt. gratmtoaa. Office at Kfdran ' .'a Ga;ie?y. No IS Prnniylvacia avenge, between 8th and 9th ata. Office hoara from 9 to U a. m. and from 2 to 4 p in. mh 5 eo3t* I7?OR SALE-A beautiful MUSTANG PONY, 1 aix t?na old: terfte'.lt lound am t .a- ^ tie, auitabl* for a bey or lady to ride A p- >13 ply to R. KUTLER, 491 9ih at/Ml mil 8 1W* A FINK aaaortinenc of Ties- Collars. Saspandera, Marts, Trunks. Hsta and Can, at SMITH'S, No. 450 *th atreet, oppodtB Po?? Offioe. fb IWi 1,-Ull SALA-iHAkT UKAilM, aitabl* food for 1* hotf ?o*i, eto.. at 1*> Mcti per bosbel. Apply at LOEFFL.LK'!* brewery, Mew York between It ' MERCI1 ANTS?Call and Examine, MKKCH A NTS-CHI e.ud Examine. MERCHANTS?Caii and Examine, OUR CANDIES, OUR "AN DIES, OUR CANDIED W holeatle, at lowest Market pneaa. Maaafna rarea t reth Kverr D*j446 11th ?ttm, 4i? 11th 8tuit, 460 11th stutr, DAYTON'S E*k*rr nd ConfMtioMry, CaVTON'8 Bufry ?ad Confootionry, DAYTON'S Bakery and CoufeoUOMry. mh *-1 w niSEASKB OF THE THROAT ami. l.rnm A CARD. OR. ROBERT HUNTKR. of Nov York, adltor of the *\N. V. Joarnai of DiNHM at the Cheet." *o, hu arrived ia h i ton (or the porpoie oftreotiLf Hrorchia. and filaoMr; Dtmrvan to vhiok brsno^ of kia proteeaioa h.a praeOee ia *xzlutiviy oonftned. Dr. UvDttr'i t h ia definitely halted to three VMka, ud ia only initio to afiord Umee afll toted With ts? diaeaaee mb aoed ia hta a?>ciautj (Catarrh. Bmnobitie Aathma and Conaantptioa) aa upport unity to aabout tk?ir caaea to tu* fa Mrw?. Or. H. ia tae foaoder cf the i?Aciai?<>a iiiMa af fratitf, by whiok medici'ea lor taa oara ut 4ieeaeea of the threat and area are applied dtraatiy to the affeoted parte ta the form of vapor. By tkie treatment Arhmt m/i k.n- ... ..^iu e?r?d. and even Consumption. which bu aoloac be tiled the eki.lof the wort laernad pbyueiaaa and roved otter.? incurable under 4Ctod L4ijar Oil, Cob u tenritation ? and ibe varioae M' laegh ??* ? _ ' H& e\mt" ar.d other <u?cki?h n^etrame Ukeu bp the (toina^h yi*ld? readily to U?e julueare of warm rmdioa'eu vapor*, dally app ied to t>? ?ffooted parte. lBtheouy of Naw*?rfc 'Mdaathe from oon?umptiou hsre diminished p?r# troueacd a yrar sinoe ihe latrodeouon ci mm M o other form of medication tiresthe pa tient Uaelithteat ehanoeof eara. Tne eeat of u* disease oan onl? be reached bp iihalauoa,, atd w:t'joot it ia rraahel not one paueni o?t ot a th?aejacl -will be saved. This tnsth o?*ht to ba wrn.Ua . 11 1 vnm<?rvM iio. pn?. 2d door hfiov 16th itreet, scath ?id?. Hotra f oil tJ? m to6? ? Alt W !i I R T 6! B H I ft T 13 8 I * T SS W# arc Kivisc ?tt?au?B?? MkiuSkirta *? added to kftvtat oo kand ? Am *ock iWy n*d?. MiriM Uia uafortont tftraiont m?de id ety t? ted of icatona m sasr" - TOcrtiaMK^ " '- sxattu. DDoroSAU *<iMmi^ mil tm?I. I lltk Miroo, at 1 o'clock p. >.. lor rvbviMiac lo Meifo*tiooa to b? M*n mt tbe kowM ?l J*M W. CUrkt. S6? Seraqtk imt, tbori L B*? fat r is?svritti wKamr

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