Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. HOUSEHOLD RECIPE* TO WASH WOOT.KH" (In ?>Ct witter, and in order to nuke h lather, put half a pound of soap into gallon uf water (or aa much more in proportion u is necessary), and boil it nntil the w?p is dissolve! ; wash through tw? waters (unless one is foupd sufficient), *? warm as can be home, adding, as you go on. wbat onantity of tbe soap-water is needod; wring tncin out each time, then throw them into a rinsing-tub, and fill to covering with boiling water, het them *" ' of kati.llitiA remain until cooi emjujju u?wai.ut, then precced tc ricso, <nd wo'l wring thetu. Observe the rinsing water must be hard tcnttr. This method will do for any kind of woolens; bat for large and strong articles such as blankets, carpet?, etc . perhaps wringing would l?e better omitted, and in all cases, care should te taken to spread out the article straight and smooth. jtrri.E iM.Asn, Stew apple enough to rnHkc a quart, strain it through a sieve, sr-eoten it with fine white suirar. and flavor it with lemon <>r rise. Coat the whites of six e^-gs to * hard froth. and stir into the apple slowly, but do not do this, till just before it is 'o be served. The apple should he stewed with as little water as possible Put it into a glass dish. Serve a nice, boiled custard made of the yolks of the egg* to eat with it. SAl'CB FOR RTMP-STBAK. Take equal parts of aie, red wine and catsup, a piece of butter and a little pepper, with a teaspoon of garlic vinegar; stir these over a hot fire in a small sauce-pan, and pour it very hot upon the steak. It will form a pleasant addition to the gravy of any roast meat, and oan be made in a few minutes. cough smri*. One ounce of elocainpanc, one ounce of couifrev. one ounce of horehound, and one ounce of wild cherry bark. Put the?e in one quart of water, and boil down to one pint. Add three cups of honey, one cup of sugar, and one table-spoonful of sweet oil Tafce one tablepoonlul every two hours. COR* BREAD. The recipe for making corn bread which took the first premium offered at the office t f the American Agriculturist is its follows :?To two quarts of meal, add one pint of bread ?pong" ; water sufficient to wet the whole; add cne-half pint of flour, and a teaspoonful of salt: let it ri?e; then knead well for the second time, and place tho dough in the oven, and allow it to bake an hour and a half. rOTATO CAKES. The following in both economical and good Take of cold mashed potatoes, (which would otherwise be thrown away,) say one pint, to which add three eggs. well beaten up; one cup of flour. Seasoning is generally added ou first cooking, (salt, pepper, butter and cream.) Make into cakes and fry in butter To be eaten warm.?Rurul IStir Y?rirr. HABDEM5G TALLOW <>R LARI> FOR CANDLES. To eight pounds of lard add one ounce of nitric acid. Heat the lard hot. but n??t so as to scorch it, (in iron.) set the vessel out of doors, add the acid and stir un'il it stops spattering The candles must be run in molds Rural Ycrier. STY OS THE KVEL1P. An ciehange says ?Put a teaspoonful of black tea in a small bag; pour on it enough boiling water to moisten it, then put it on the ??v? nrpttv warm. I\??>T> it on all nicrht anrl in tEe morning tho etj will most likely be gone, if nut. a second application u certain to remove it. E C I I> E 1> BARGAINS. Lm?n G?V"1g, a /o I %M"rtni*nl* kuils r.fth* l>?8t a Mm, Enibroi<l??i?? and l'pck?t Handkerchief*, recent applies in all jra i*e, t in?* 3,1 mmiuin >? nue rlanreis. 1* am Wkiittn4 Plaid Cnmr>ric* *nd Mu'li&s. AW of th* above at ow proverbially l<?w prif?, mark**! in pain figar**, I ie actus! ca*h s??n<!aid lie. An indirection o( stock implies no obligation to purchase. PERR\ A hRO., mh 7 SI Fenn. avenue and *>th st. TUb MOST GRATIFYING INFOIMAtion that we can ece ?o our readers who are sufTerinr from Col<!?, is the fact that PEARSON'S MhDIC ATEI> TAR UROPS are realty a *<.M rerteor. Many of our friends have tried them with auccess fur Coughs. bore Throat, Hoarseness ar.d Astiima These oonfeotions also n?e relief to Consumptive* Singers and Public Speakers who are troabled with Throat Disease* fendreiafby using Hear son's MedicatM TarDr^pa, wbioh clear the throat of hnsky an<i tmklint sensations, pro dnced by too inacli exertion of tbevr?oal oreatis. and mv* strength, tone and fnlness to the voice. Prepared and sold by GEO. PEARSON. No. A North Liberty st.. Baltimore. Sold also at 4?1 r,igm Biroei, WMiiin|iDii; ftn. 4 Kairr&x etr?e? Alexandria; a. H. Hunt, Freo?riok; and t>y tbe principal druggists ani confectioners, at 10 oents fr mtu?. fa 34 lm _ rVKALERS IN WATCHES Would do well to U o*ll and examine the stock o/S.4t J. MYERS, wmch they *re selling 30 per cent, lover twin an? other house in the city. 10 Washington Building. 11/ ATCh MAKERS W? J save time and trouble " by calling on a. 3c J. M V KK8 to purchase Watch Materials, Watch Glasses, Tools, and Jewellers' Jobbing Materials. 10 Washington Builaiag Sit J. MYERS, hsviH Understood tnat seT eral traveling ped;ar? "Wins represented that tner are ooncected with tiie.r house, and selling an inferior article, they ta ke tins measure in informing the trade tnat tney are in no way connected with any bouse o' agents in this city. ILT Branch of Boston House?10 Washington Building. Washington. ie8 1 A DIES' RUBBER BOOTS a and shoes. All ll(M ? J. B. PUDNEY'S, 334 Penn avenue,back of Clagett'e Dry Goo<le Store. MLV3 RUBBER BOOTH AND SHOES, Al J. B FIDNKY'3, fe H-tf 324 Peno. av.. Back Rix?m. WE HAVE OPENED A LARGE STOCK of w? fine I'MIKRSHIKTS and DRAWEKs, which will bo ao>a at reasonable prtOM. SA.M'L W. THOMPSON, 370 Peon, avncce, t? i?-tr under Hrawn'm. O Filer*! Oysters! *HEOVKRLANi) OYSTER EXiRE?9 COMPAN Y Ctwl to reo?; e Cm j thosefame Breasted pATUXENT RtVL't OYSTERS. Restaurants and ?tirats tanunesOTSft f,J Would do well to ca.i .%cd trj iham. Tfcose oysters are s-.d lb hours after Vu2* they come from tha water. ifr office No. 48 Market Space, below the Amu Hon?. ja a-Sm #Sl OYSTERS-OYSTERS. ^ Gr<MUec;ent:fic i!rj-0V6 mant n STEAMING aud ? ROASTING OVSTEK-. ? by which the enure Lavor a*! aiso ox tie Oj*lei is r#tfti&6d. The PEARL SALOON, 913 Penn. arenn*, op muu W..iard?' Eotci, will op?n thia evemui, (aicn of the glob* lights) v >th its improved manrer of ateaiuinr, neatnesa of fitting, aEd order ol ?erTioe. All deamng a luxury will t e rewa>dedby oa'licf. Superior ana'ity of Freeh Salt Oyetera oonatantly on hand to aopply Hoteia. Sutlers and Families, in aheii, kef, or oan. Families' order* <l?iirered on short sctioe. Chojoe Cigar* at rea sofiahlw rates. te ?-lm? G BALMORAL BOUTS. sb.e-aots Bajinoral?.?..f 1 m | eior* Calf do 12 ?< Aiao, all other ctylM of LMim and Bft.motal liotiu, the cusaf at and b?rt aMortmont WUaeity. J. ROSENTHAL, ^o. 16 Market f?pace, }aT oo P?an. aTenne, hotw?n 8U1 and 9lit >t?. COIN WANTED! The Hifhewt Prioo paid for GOLD AND SILVER! Bracts Vox Pals in tfrxs to But. LIWII JOHNSON * CO., BANKERS, Pbhimtlvajiia Aysrvb. )a an Corner Teeth street. DARNUM 18 HERE!?On free xhiHuuu, mm D buret stock of Clothing in the city, at the People's Clothing Store, No. 4fcO Seventh street, opposite post ofice. N. B.?All of the al>ove goods for sale at very low prioee. fe2i 3m /\AT? AT WHOLESALE. U Fot sale bp J. LANG DON A CO., New Jereev aveaae, hH-tf B. A <ltl? B 1 COAL OIL-COAL OIL! 1 AM Now iarnisDing the trade with the best IKIOAINK OIL at Baltimore prices; also. HAY, CORN. OATS. Ac., at ioveet market price. 8. W O'LAUWHLKN, Coraor New Jersey av. and K st. ^UAJlTKRMASTKJtS'^CbRTlFlCATES GOVERNMENT CLAIMS Vtifhrb^. COOKK ^ co., f> B-tr Ai~2 Frit?cth /^LOJIlOt'9 NEWS?BL'RN SIDE'S EXPE VI diuon* f?rsMt MUOMI. But n??tt? taat.? tfca 6re*t B&rgaiM now offered in Clothinc, FnrnijStf 60.^1, Tnnki, HtU u4 M the Pt? VoA C0?ce'e 8tor#' ^?* 7441 UI BUSK AND COME TO THE BEST D^f^s* lo bit jomr CloUunf?N?, Proposals for grading. trimming. Aa. M Atom's OtriCB. I V\ asliiucton, l-ebruajr 13, IWB.{ PtOfOSAH Will b* received ?t this nlc?, up to 12 o'eloek m en the I4?h o| March next, for ?rad m.trimniinc, carbine and laying the briok and Am footways And pavinc the gutters and alleys in the First and Heoond W&rdsof the oitt, forming one district; tor the Third and Fou'tji Waras. formmi the scoond distriot. and the fi'th, Sixth . ...4 kloMAHlk t C . . J. r >L. tL..J <?uu o*??rum ti Biust ivrrain? m? iuiiu uilliiDii (each district to be bi<1 for *>parat?ly, and tc h? given to different contractors,* for the year commencing the first flat of April, 1862, agreeably to th<? fol'owirg specification*: The curbstone to be ol the best New York North river cnrbsfone, in yitoMol not less th*u two Iwt Int.nml not lets than suteen inches wide, and not less than three and a half inohes in thiokness, the upper surface or edge to be dressea to that thiokneos. and set in and well rammed with oleau grave!, Iree from Ha? or loam, to the proper grade, an1 the joint* well fitted. The brick to l>e o| the best quality hard r?1 paving brick, to l>e laid on a bed of sharp liver sand, spread f ur inohea deep on a l>ed of fice olean grav ej. iree irum oi*y or io>in, mree incn>?* deep, with two course* on *dre next lo onrb, and one course <>a e;lce on the inner line, whrre tne pavement I* lO't titan the n l width; no extra measurement for briek on edge will be made. The Moo* ptvement u> t>? of common quarts, not ex credit* lour inches ic diameter,except the atone on the outside line of the cutters, wmch moat be of. ix inch'-:n diameter, laid ok a bed of coarse sand and cl?an I ravel, free from claj or learn at least nin." inches deep, an J to bo twice well rammed. the second time after beitg well wet and, after heini examined (and not b?tore) by the Commissioner, to be covered wi?h fi .e clean travel or ooarse sann, and the mteratioea betveen the stones well fi led with the Mm* material. Tne flagging to t>? or me t>est quMity b!ne rock nrgnei'a, in piecfi cf not lets than tro feet tlx inches long by eighteen inches wic.s, and not less than three inches thick, to be lai 1 on a bed of fine cleau gravel, froeirom clay or Ic&id, or sharp nrcr band, hi inches deep, and with closa joints.j Ail grading not exceeding six inj.ios to he rated as trimming. The work to be done in the heat manner ar.d to the >-at;etaction of the Mayor, and to be commenced within ten days after the order is given to the contractor, and to be completed within the time n&ir.ed in the order directing it to be done, and warranted to stand twelve months after its ocinpletion. And upon the failure of the contractor or contractors to ooinrntsnce tha work or to comt> etc it within the time named, r.r upon his or their failure to execute the work of the materials and in the manner hernn required, the Mayor to have the right oi einp-'oynij other persons ti do the came, upon such terras as r.e may deem exsedient, in which erent the contractor or contractors so failing shall pay any loss or damage the Corporation may sustain in consequence thereoi Any repairs or re aymg which rr.ry be required before tha expiration of the time for whioh the work is warranted to stand, to I e done by the oontrftAtar of nh&rcA urifcnin fi\rm .J? * ... ? ? uuui uuuU^ from the Commiranner of lmprovementa of the Warf; And upon fa:lur? of any ooi.tractor or contractor* to make any rf pairs or to relay any pavement fire data alter notice aforesaid, tbo Mayor ia to have the rigtit of employing any other person or persona to do the same on such term* as heiiaideein expeiiant; in which event the contractor or contractors so failing nhail pay any loss or damage the Corporation may huataiuin consequence thereof For the due performance of tho work and the furcianmr cf the materia!* a* herein required bond ao>i security to th? amount of two thouaand doilara wil! be required of tha contractors The bidders will state the rates at whioh the onrbmg. pavirg ami flagging will l>e executed, including materia a. Koi sotting >.?wourbof New York North river omhetnne. per running foot. t-oriayi.x new bacic pavement, per square yard For laying new atone pavement. tt>i square yard. For xraniug,(whether excavating or filling,) per cubio yard. For trimming, per rimntng loot. For spout gutter, p*r foot For laying down flagemg, per square foot. For laying three and five courses *f lirick en edge, as required by iaw, in gutters ai.d alleya, per ru bninc foot. And the ratea at which the fallowing work, ex n'.usi*e of raster a *.except tl>e gravel and sand w Inch may te required : t-or setting new curb, including dressing, per running f-m?i. K", laying new hnok pavement, per ^uareyard. For tailing up and relaying old brick ravement, per e* uara yare. For taking up and reletting old curb, per run nmg foot For taking cp and relanng old stone payement, per pqnare yar I. For taking up and relaying oid flag flootways, per square foot. No bid will he received which doe* not ino'ude an offer lor each separate itein of work and ma;e | rials Hi law the Mayor u prohibit? 1 from awarding contract* the above wort to any p*reon or per-on* who are not arac'ioa' pavers. Wtlk e.w4w R1CHAKI' WAL.LACI1, Mayor. pilUi'USALS FOR VVKLLS, FLMPt*,&c. Mayor's Or ri? ?. Wamuhgto.i, ( 1-ebruary 13. \ Proposal? tn writing wili bo received at tins |1 A LA 1^ o'nlrw>|{ t*i rtn lha ?iH. Ha. -r ?L . _r ? ? ? ? vn >.. . ? v., ??*I u?j "i lumgii neat. for making Pump*. Hfdracts. Logs for oou vcTiiif wa'er, and for sinking Wells, including all nece??arj materia!s and w>,rkraan?liip in digging, laying, fixing and completing, in the best mainer and for keeping the 6ame ir perfoct repair for con utAi t iii e. in tne First |)i*t:iot, cuuiposed of the First and Second Wards; 10 the Seoond Distriot, composed of the Third, Fourth and Seventh Wards; ami in t ie Third District, composed of the Filth and Sixth "Wards, ie*cii distriot to be bid for separate!* and to be given to d fferent contractor* for the term "ton? yrar, commencing on the 1st day of April. agreeably to the io.iowing epe-?il? ca'.ions: FOR WELLS. Digging Mid wa ling wells, including materia s ar?2 removin* the dirt, per f?ot. lineal. The walls to four inches thick, of a kooU haid brie*. Cleaning out wells, each. Sinking old weils deeper, per foot. Taking ont o!d walls and putting in same, per foot. Cases of eight feet length, per foot. Cases more than eight feet length, per foot. Covering new wells, including materials. The covering to be of the be<t E?.stern Shore joist, not less than three inches thick laid double. Paving new wells, including brick and pnap tone. Openibg oid wells, and covering same with old materials, each. Opening old wells, ar?d covering same with new timber. FOR PUMPS, Keeping me pump* in repair, vi%. stopping a., cais, Ac., when it can l>e done without taLing out the pump, each. Taking out and putting in old pumps,per log eaoh Making new joint* in old logs. New logo put in old pirmps, per foot. New boxes and spouta in old puinps, eac?. New pumps, per foot. Buxea and spouts tor new pumps, eaoh. Copper chambers for pumps. The t'?p log of the pumps to be of tha beat sea soued white oak, and tne remainder of the beat aeaI soned yellow pine. FOR HYDRANTS. Keeping th* hydrants in repair, viz. stopping alV leaka. &a . all new ?!?? "? ?-? , . c-yju wo? ior<uriu( the old one*, and repairing the old irons belonging 1 to them, when it can be done without taking the hydrant out, eaoh. Taking out hydrants and putting in aanie, eaoh. I New hydrant*, per foot. | Spouts for hydrants, eaoh. | ;?pout stones do do. Faint;ng pumpa and hydrants, each. IRON WORK. Handles, axles, spears, plates, bands and repairs, 1 P*r l!j? s*cout ard lower box-irons for pumps, each. Now Joints to old spears. New spout and vaive-irors for h yd/ants. Ttte work and materials to be al. o4 the best *uai ity of their respective kitds. No offer will be reoeivea thatic not maud by a practioa; maker. mo pvffou ur pereoni w'iou <fTar may b9 aoo >pted will bo repaired to enter i lto oond tor one tnoueard dollars, with two fjod suretie*, conditioned lor the faithful perlom aa a cf hi* or their contrast; and should any contract ror oontraot: r? Hi! or refuse to oompiy with a r of the condition* or trrina of hia or their oo craot, or to execute any work within the time na - ed 111 th? order of the Comuuationer directing it to be done, the Mayor is *.uihor xed to employ any other person cr persona t > execute tha or to lumish the material* upon auoh terina aa he ma/ do?in expedient, in which event the contractor or oontractora so failing shall be responsible to thia Corporation lor any loaa or damage it may tusijun thereby, ani tU* Mayor tray at hi* discretion cnnul the contraot oi auch contractor or contractors. KICHARD WALLACH, fe 14-law4w Mayor. A Hdimkm'i'uihi ..v MMWUt /i Rl Partiouarlj invited to examine onr stock before purohaainc, a? it i* cow oomplete, embrwin* an endless variety of uieful ai d ornamental Housekeeping Artioles,consi?uni{ in part of? Pinteh Ctura Dinner, Tea and Toilet Sets, Cut, Krciaved and Pressed Ulas? Ware, Plated Tea Sols, Waiters, Forks, Ladies and Spoons, P st?d 0&k? Caskets, Ico Piroher?, Castors and Hii(s< Plated Block Tin Coffee and Tea Urns, Chafiinf Oithes, Iron Stone China Dinner, Tea and Toilet Sets, Drittanuia Castor, and Bnttan&ia Goods gener ally, Japan Tea Trars, Waiters and Toilet Seta, Wood Ware and Common Tin Ware. All of which mil be offered at unusually iow prices. C. W. bo I KLKH ft. HjN. mh4-ecatif aiS Iron Hall. L. Towns. J. M. Towers. J. ii. Towaas. f finuf L*ua - t>? ?\/n duc a t-Uit STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Corntr Louis tuna irnii and Stxtk II. The attention ?f the baimec* oonunanity is r? peottailY invited to the New Book and Job I'rinting KetaMishment, which haa been fitted up with new IMitrltl. IB th* tnnmt ? ... w. auMiuoi * is BOW pictured to txMaU, ib a aatiafhetory style, every variety of Printlnc, via: B< <>ka. Hpeeohee. Pamphlet*. Car da, C iron Lara, Hutlera' Blanks, &o.,4o. The attention of me ml era of Concreea la >eapoetally re^axated for onr facilities for printing Mpeechea, aa ve have the if tut steam power in the oit?. /le 7- lawfla_ /^OUCH3, COLI?, HOARSKNIS&S, Jto. m- Tyl-Jf Jpg COM PC) UND SIRUP or GUM ARABIC. Thia pleaaant and popnlar Cough Remedy ha*, been eo long known and extonairely need that most ersoca have bsooir," familiar with ill extraordi nary Hioaoy. It ean be had u all the pnacip 1 4r?( stores, at 2* a.d ? oenta a bottle. e)4-dmJkM?n* WALL. 9TKPHKN8 * CO ? ^nOlW/HCuai AND 1N QfcN^LK4 * * " I ' *\ f IMPOKTAVT TO FAMILIES, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, SUTLERS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS nrii i iiM TrrsKDii CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3?ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 38ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Muting bttn ptnckastd of Bankrupt Mtrchnntl mnd otktrs. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquors, Wines, Cigars, &c FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, FINE. U NION CIGARS" C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R A191NS, MALA6A. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! Extra Brown Sugar.... 9 cents per pound White Sugar 12 cent* per pound Fine Green Tea 50 cento per pound Fair Black Tea 50 cents per pound Extra Coffee 20 cents per pound Good Coffee 1# cents per pound Wax Candles 35 cents per pound Malaga Raisins 15 cenU per pound ? cents per pound Imported Cigars 50 cent* per 100 Havana Cigars........... SI to *3 per 100 Almonds 12 cent* per pound Salt .20 cenU a bag Rnn<l ? ?? m ? ?v> ititlllitiiiaii iv wuw t'vi |a/u iiu Extra Butter -JO cents per pound Fine Wines 81 per bottle Whiskey ....*25 to 00 cents per bottle All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and see for youroelX. TUCKER'S, 3*25 rcnnaylTasia Avenue. WILLIAM ru :KER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3*5 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. aHOCKR IKS AT HAL* THE USUAL PRICES, Having bttn jmrtka?i / Bankrupt Ntrchanls and Hhtri. Stuart'* Refined Sugars from 'J to 12 eta per pound Extra Fine Green Tea 75 ? " 6ood Green Tea ..*..50 " " Extra Fine Black Tea 75 " " Good Black Tea ....50 " " Old Java Coffee *2U " " Good Coffe? 1# " " Every thing el*e in proportloa. REMEMBER, WCKER'S, S3ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENVE WCKER'S, 38* PENNSYLVANIA ATKNVE WilHlMTOII. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TUCKER S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, Silf PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 311* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having bun pwckastd of Emkrmpt Mtrtkantt and otktrt. T U C K E R]> 8 TUCKER'S WHOLISA.LI A.ND KfTAIL Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines,&c for families, for sutlers, for officers. T EA8, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R A1SIN8, MALAGA. read our prices read our prices! WILLIAM TUCKER'S en rap annnpry uran J? trntib tr i ? 33ft PENNSYLVANIA A V K N U t 33ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. B. WATTS'S VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. OROOKRIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, g Hot purekmud of Bmmkrupt Mtrekant* mud otktrt. REMEMBER, rUC EBB'S, Ml PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUE ru? ?E*V8,IS# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE I WuSXMfO*. I t BDK. I"HN?TU?, AIT1MOIK lO<k PITA I, ? ! (4? Mill Ctrl***. F-mttdj mmj. $mif Kftitmml timid* 4m I4? r?fM, FO* ALL PI?KAS?C?* "F IMFRWOKNCK, Air ffO FALSE flELICACT TRK7KNT. APPLY JN_MJPWAWLV. A f WRg WARfLANTFU, OR NO CPtARbM. IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. VHhMrf lt? ??*. BimiatM, U? *t< ?7? !?<! ?*i ?>*tr*T?T> n*'t mi IdftAI. L?? Imhu. VtlMisHM mf s? u??? Tliahuifi, OvmritM *f li|itw Olddii#.#, Un ad, Triraat, Moat ar >1111. AImjwi < tha Laufa, '.ar? ilk at Bawala?I' tu Ttrnblt niwlm anting (rare *?;tlary liMu af YmiJi?ih?i? r>r??'1'?l and l>?iric:i?? rrtauaaa which iMdn Mtn:>|i li ?aaaikla, lit daiuaj ?atk ady tad Mted. TOUNG MKN ajaalally ?k> kin ktcn i tha ?icum? ?f Mlurj that draadfal and daatracura habit which aai.aally twaapa M an aoturaly gr??? thaaaanda af YawrgManaf ;h? ratal aiakad talantj tod brilliant latallact, wha might aiharw?? kt<i antraicad Iiataiaug Saoataa with tha than Ian af : aatnta at vakad la tcaiac; tha lumf iyra, say Mil with nil MARRTAUK. Mllllll 7** f iMliapUllif Marriage, k*ing i*iri af vtakuaa, *rf*?t? d*kl iir, tftferiBIUM, *c, *p**dilT Car* t whapl*e*t bim**If and*r lh* Mr* af Di I. atj rallflaailj

aaulia to hi* banar (*til*ui aad aaatiaaOr taly span hi* *ki!l a* a phyticlaa. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft hand (Ida cainf frani* *is**t. a f*? d*ar* fra*? tb* *?rn*r. fail n?i ta ab**r?* nam* tsd aaaktt. k*U*r* h? paid and aantala a fUrnp. DR JOHNSTON, ( karaf th* lUyal CaU*f* *f Varfian*, kandaa, rradaata frarn an* af th* rr.aat lnui*ni in lb* lnit?i Itata*, and tb* graatar part af wha** lift ht* b**n *f*:il la th* b**pital* af bMidan, Pari*, Philadalphia and ?l**vh?r*, ha* *fl*ct*d *am* af th* isni " tatmhiug ear** ttat ?*>* *r hr.awn; many traaklad wt'h ringing In th* h*ad aud an whan ul**p; gr*at n*rT?Ktn*u, katng alarmad at aaddtn aaand*, kaahfaloat* with fr*<j?*nt btaaoing, atteud*d *am*tim?* wiU d*rtn(*is(tit af mod, vara tu*d )<* *Oillll. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Tilc| Man and tthcn wh# ht*a i..iarad tharaaalraa by a Mrtain praclica indulfad in whan alsra?a habit fracaautiy laarnad fr?n> aril eamp&.iiana, at i; aehaal, t*? ilicn al whiea ui nightly fait a*an wh?n aalaap, and if Mteirad. randara marnafa impoaaibla. aad du'.?;i balk mind and kadv, abaald apply imroadiataly. Thaaa arc uiui af the tad rr.d rnalaneht'y ?ficU iradaaad by aarly bahita af voaib, viti ! tha Back and kimba, Paina in tha iiaa J, Dininaaa af B'.f ht, Lni a? MuciiU Fawar, Palpiutiao af in* Kaon, Dyapapay, Narraaa Irnubility, Darangamant af tha P j??;j?a i'accuaua, fiaoaral Dability, iyxptorr?a af CanaampUar., Ac. ?Ilia faarfaj afacta an tha ralnd ara taack ta ka draadad?Laaa af ftlamary, Canfaaiaa af Idaaa, Dapraaaiaa f Ipirita, Evil Kortbadinga, Avamaa af Saciaiy, Salf-Diatzmat, Lota af lahtada, Timidity, <:c., ara atua af tha arila ptadacad. MTOBI DIBILITt.?Thaaaania taa raw Jadga what 1* tha aaaaa af thtir daellmng haaiik, latin# (hair Tigar, kacarrlng wa&k, pala^p#r?aaa and araaciiiaa, having a aiagalai appaaiaaaa >ini iba ay at, taagh at aymptaua af tauiayDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wkae Sfea rs a;aid?d and ircfr?dai:t afrli'-tara lad* ka kaa icbibad tea aaada af th't paiufal dia'aaaa, It laa aftaa kappana tha: an ili-tiniad aanaa af abaiua ar draad af diacavary datara hue fraiu applying ta tbaaa wba, frain adacatiau ana raapatubiiity, e\n atai.a bafrund him. Ma falia w'.a tha kanda af ignaratt and daaifning prt'.a:iitrt, wba, it.ctf -bla af taring, Clch hla pacamsry aabatarea, kaaa h'ra tr.ling aaanth a/tar mantb, ar aa lar.g aa tra ai-.allaat fat can ba a?iaioad, and in daap&ir !(& ? dik with rauiad kaaltk ta aigk avar a.i gallttg diaappalt-unant; ar by ;na aaa af thai daidiy aiaan?Mareary?hwtan tha ea~a:i;?:iaoal ayrartania af Ufa tarribla diaaaaa, aachaa Afactiana af tha Maar'-.Taraat, It ad, kin, Ac., prarraaaing with frightfal rapidity, till daatb puia a Sanad ta hia draad.'*! by aanding k'reta that ?clatatarad ia?r trT fram wkaaa btini aa trifliai raiarna. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORG AN 19 WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. Bj ikla graal aadin aaruai it aadt waaknaaaaf tka arran ?a apaaduy aarad aid fall ?lf?r rtttaiad. Ykaattada af tk? Mill a* l raaa and wka kiH Iai? all kaaa kaaa kin iianradlRtaiy Mllf *?d. All iiefadlaaati ? MarrUga, fkyila! * Mult! DUaaalIIuumi, km ?t FiMiiitiTifitii, liifiu Iniukuiir. Tnakliit t.L ~ wuiiiii ii IiuiiUm ?; ua bmi feainu Had apaadt:; aarad. ENDORSEMENT OF I HE PRESS. TBI Mant TIIIUFbi caud at Uia loitHaUaa vllkla l>a lut iff nlttu Tiara, tad lit* iirpariacl argtM> firiUiBi ptrfaroad k? Dr. Jitmlw, wiunmd ky it itHr.m ( iki piiiii ud raibj itkn mimm, owltii ?l vkitk ka*? i^miJ agalo an<1 again kafaia ike tikili, ai !dta ku (Uad:ng ai a g asUtnaa af tkaraciar and nrtiilHilly, li a aafltiaat gtaruiaa ta lk? iC'tul aaai li-lj TXIIB nXITklA.Il. FreUttid by Royal Lttltrs Patent of Emgland, mnd ntttrtd by tk* Stals of xkt Etolt d* Pkarmnrit dt ram, a*.; tb* Jmptriml Cclitgt of Midit?w?, Ku*n?. TH1ESKMAR No. \ I* Mm pffectual fwiwdy f??r Kgi.AxtTio*, 5*rw? MA.TOftKH(EA Mill MU> UfTIOS Ol Till THIEJSKMAR No. a. Ompi-'tely a: i entirely eradicates all trace of tuog* diaordere, for wlisoV 0?>j,wa and <*uf>efoi ha\T? eeoeia'iy he?n thocsht an ac'iHnte, to ihe ruin of the health of a vast porfc?u < f the popu!a toon. trii;sj;mar n?. ?, Is the (rnt ani sure remedy of the vetted world for all impurities of the system, a? well a* seoond a?y symptoms. obviatinr the destructive use of Mercury, a* well es other deleterious ingredients, and which aU the Saraaparilla in the world cannot remove Tk>k**m*k I. k' an i r? *' alike?e- 1 void of taate or smcIi. and of ali nauseatm* qualities. The? are in the to-ro of a lo?ec*e, ana may lie on the toilet table wrt&oul their u?e heinj suepected. So'd in t;r> ea**? at *1 each, or four ijs ca?es in one for f m, and in S."7 case*. thn<i savin* 99. u administered by Va;pcao. Lalieiii&nd. K->ui.Ao.. fcc. Wholesale and retail !>y I?R. H. A. BARROW, 194 HIeecker street, it doors from Mao X>oucal atreet). Now York. Immediately on ie oeiat of remittance, FV. Harrow will forward Trieeemar to any part of tiie world, aeonrely packed .a^d addressed according to tiie instructions of the writer. UjV.1i ahaH I mr\ Ke n I? Ri R DO W astmM ? UIOV 1/ I *'?V. ? i* V' TT | ?li?t rvf IliBl and beautifully illustrated medical work.Ham&c Frailty. Price 36 cent*. Trieeemar and Book can be obtained by apacia^ authority from S. C. FOttD, WMtiEft&a, i). C- delMm /^\ SOME'JHiKf? NEW! /A 8S1 f? X.?9p ? t*f 7'kcmtrr, OYSlKiiS STEAMED is U* Skeil and /horoajhiy Cooked i&r riMrier to a -east) in t?c? tki fmttitt tic*? on ruwd. Call and cee. Vbe andersicned rsspectfnliy informs his friends In lUe District. and visitors to toe city, that be has refitted bis old and will-mow* ksyasltsh^bnt in a most thorough manner, and has njide ocra>iete arran*ements to far&nn OV3TEKS in any tyltt and in say suantity. 400 to 400 calions shnck.-o per da jr. J.?*> to J.OOO cana of 3?icod and Freak jut op dailr-oanii hermetically eealed. Fnrwehed in the aholf by t?e bnahe! or barrel. Peraona wiahin* to hav* Oyatera farniahed retalarlr through the winter, at Baltimore aricea, without fear of fai<ure, rhcaid o?!l make arraneementa at once. Freitoi. Liu,9, a;:d money &r.M?>b"in* ?} IS*?** * *ot met ?n article 2ual to the oe.sbrated Baltimore eatabliahicenu prioea Jastaa lo*. TO SVTLEXS, Canned Meata, Lobsters, Sardines. Clam a Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pi*i' Fe^fttjjT, * Stc.,&o. Also, Piok!*"*, Caiatt^ Sajcos, Brandy Peaobes, Ac. Also. Same and Fresh Fiah, Turtles, Terrapins, Froah Lcbatere, Cod. Halibut, Ae. In fiwt, every thine for sale in the Northern mar- I keta t Iwayaon har-f, at reaaorable prices. Hotel*and families aappiied with Oyatera. delivered w^hout charge to any part of the Diatnet. in season, 11 *he money is sent with the order. K7 OllftOUBUisvci ia vfpnu nuui a m. 111. m u nieht, every day, except Sunday, when 1 oloee at lo o'oioo& a. m. ia? tl T. M. HARVET. & x a h ria&imi Ca^SJRATlB WorceaterihSre Saoce. Pron#auc6u by EXTRACT ONHOISSEORd jff ot a Letter fjrca a i te be the I! Mtdicml GtmiUmm "OKU GOOD ^ \ ttgt' Ih n? Ha MnHur AVCE." um,. ?4.?U?b?U, ggfc . fiVftKVB?Y Sggfr TlSfiVwSSeS ' ImU*. and ia. in vakik jy t?rii'i*/ln}Tfiiinion.thi moai p^ttable, as well &a ok niftH dk^fjBthAmoit vbolftomi ur^iott. rl ;niule.n Vhe above BAUCE ia not only the bxst and moil ForvLA* eoHSiMtifT known, but the moat JEewmni**i, as a low iropt in ?owp, Grary. or with Pish. hot and oold Joitut, B**f Sitmk, Gatnt, tc., impart an exquisite test, wkidh **rri%cirl?d Sauce mac ulkoturera liare in Tain endeavored to imitat*. On the Ertakfmrt, Lwmrkioti. JHnnir, or Supptf T^bli, a oruet containing "LEA & l'EKRINs*' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia u^jspenaabia To appreciate the tzullmi qvalitut of thia dtlitiouf preparation it ia only iiMeaaar j to pnrobaae a amali bottle of the ?xuuu, of a reapeotable grocer or dea er, aa many Hottl and K?.<ria?ra?i propj-ietora aeldom plaoe the Pur* Sauce before their gaeata, oat aut*titutea genuine hot tit tiled with a apwriofei mixture. For aale t?7 Wrooer* and fruiterer* ererywnere. | JOHN DUNCAN fc HONS, Vnim ?d HiJk strut, An? York. Sol# Wholesale AconU for the United State*. A Stock aiwa>'a to etore.?Alao order* reoei ?td for direct shipment* from England. IETBt*mr* 9/ mU Imttmtnmt.-m o _ UPHAM'S HAIR DYE '.?TO COLOR BLACK OR BROWN!!?Only 3S oentea nog. Three boxea fur one doll&r. Bray, red or flaxen hair oan be changed in a few aeooada to a jet black or brown, by naing Upham'a Li?nid Hair Dye, the beet and oheaaeat in the world, prod no inc. the moment ?*i?r?4 raaae. Each Bos of UPHAM'S HAIR DYE la warranted to contain a* mnoh kair 4\t aa other* aell tor am dplimr'. SJlf by s. C. UPHAM1403 Oheanut atreet, Phi la. delphia. and s. UAJ.VhRT rUKU, corner uui C^BN^afffNB ?ui?ilW<!AM" We offrr oitiieoU and jtranceni a lace aaaort N V A NT? A U>L N S (and 8V KST8 of all aolora and tuahtiM, eaaai u Mto a?d ~ ViM - * a? DENTISTRY. |\R J. n. PKABODY, 1/ DENTIST. At*"nda to nil bmnrhwi <( hi* ?> ifc??ii>n ftl 0?# moit r?#on?*l? nttM for which ft >4 op ^ r??2? ^ te2: m between I Itli acid I2tfc streets. iwodoms Mit of the Kirkwrod House, in smue btiMiiig w'h l?f. I">n *!d*on. ink ft In* JM I>1 LOtlMl*. M- D.Jh" intentor anfl patent** I fU>? MINKR Al. PLATK TKKTH at M tends persona*It at his cf? .n this c if Mpw M*.nt person* mo w?ar theee te?th who**'? cannot wear oUien, and n<> per sea can wear other* wtio oannot wear theee. Persons cai ling at n?y o|?# oar. be aocomrooeated with an? style aud pn?e of Teeth tber may deeire; bat to those wtioare pa.ticuiar and wish tue pnreeL rteaneet, strongest, and n?ost perfect dentnre thai art eaa ?rodaee, the MINKRAL PLATE wiU be irore fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33* Pa. avenae, betwaea Mb and loth sis. Also, MT Arch street. Philade! ! Phia. mar?-ly,"? i?n. I'HARLES r. butki,i;r, DEUTI8T, NO. 3.16 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNVK. Bnwifi* 9th shd I?tji ?rs. ja 4eo2m _______ |^EW AND IMPROVKP INVENTION IV1IIU I fl^uf L40J 4 J)VJ1M V B K 1 ? WITHOVT MSTAT. PLATS OB CLASPS. DR. 8. B SI6KHMOND, Frt+Aw+v, y**? York?1 GO Am mm, tilom illA and 13(4 /?., W'a.< *.*????. Ca 'b the attention of tfcepu'.hc to the following advantage* of hie improved sy F'?rri : 1. The Teeth of hia mamiactnre wii hPh never corode nor color rv auj*?1 ^ acids, being three fourths lighter thaa aiiv otner. J. No teelh or r <oU neeu be extracted, aa the art'fcoiai one* can be irserted orer them. I. The roots will b? made inofieaaivc, aa sever eache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent ones can be made immediately, tneret y preserving the natural expression of the face, which ander the old aystein ia fr?t .jent y dtsiignred. I. Thla work haa ue?u lu.'Iy tested over Etc years hr mitnT i%t th* f. r?* m*A -1 r -- ?.? wu ruytitift&l VI IfliV tountrr. Pr. r. huiino invented a white gadeetrncttve mot*: fcillDt, with wmeb the most emotive twth can be tiliedwithoal pan., aud can t ana up % per feet, icuad tooth on any aide rocte, whioh v. J iUl throurh lifetime. The teei of reference! rivrr?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Dorcmue, Professor crChcmetry, N. Y.; Hoa. Judce W&jne.of Uie Supreme Court of Wdimnitoiii and thousacde of or era. 1! IV*? ? 1 ? ~ m w ?- - ivi jruui vcii* i eiin GAS FITTING, Lc. AW!* 7. DOVE * CO. RE Nov vrenr?d to exeette aay ardart with trtioh they may be t*vort<. in ?te Pfc?Mbin?, fAS OR S7r.AM FITTLK* BV81NB88. 1TT Store on >tb atroet, a few door* north of Pa, tresae, whera mar t.e femd a oomy.ete v jrtirssi : CHaN OhMFfc^- a a* alaar ?AS, STEAM ana WATER PHTSKES. itr u W? A B PI X 7 V ft ES. E Hate in store, and are aai j reoe.Tini, VIS HIT ORES of eh ti rely New Patternaaud Deaicua led Finish^ superior m stjie to anytning heretofore ?bvi<u ia tma marcei. ? e invite citiieca aeneral > !T to e&'l and PX?iu:ne our itook of 6aa an.i Witer fix- >re?, fee.iuc ooufKient uit we bars Ue ;coteJ atcck is Wael.icztcn. Ail Work in the above Tine ;atritt*d to c?r t&ri e ill be yr?n!?l.f attended to. MY?*? * Me?EAN. a; Ml ST? D street. FAIRBANK'8 STANDARD SCALES. iM^ F?S *1 LI BT i . P . PARTHOLOW, Pole Airst, Hardware k Agricultural Warchouft, 5? Seventh Street, Fituttn Ftnn'vlrani* <* ?nut ind tki CmmI, opposite east end of Centre Market, ja 14-tf jgi^nB?Cg?3EBgP SMMePn? u. VII ?HR HARNDEN'fl EXPRESS, <E?TABLIi?Bi;l> IS 1*39,) H??t leave to tnform the pjb'io that they have ex tended their Kxprets to VS aahiniton. and are now prepared to Transport Merchandise, Hack Notns, Specie. Jeweiry, 4o.,'o all pane of the MvVlU, An* ?nila%d and and Canada Connecting with the most res pons; be Kxpretaes throughout the country, w? are er.aolert to olTer u**ivaiitd fanht\*$ to all wbo ir -.y lavor as witb their patronage. For terms and l,:rther informa Uon apply to E. 8 SMITH, Agent. Third st.,td door below Fa. avenue, la 9 *m Washington, D C. Wall, Stephens A Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AKI) OBA.L128 in SWORDS, MMW, BELTS. EPAULLTS, SHOULDER STRAPS, 6AUNTLEY8, 8 LOVES, A a. And every variety ol HEADYMADE OLOTH1N3. At RBA?021A.BLB Pbjcbs. WALL, STEPHENS St CO.. 348 Pennsylvania avenue, between _J* 11 [Intel. A Reynb.] ?;h tad loth ?t*. ^po MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS BATCNBLOR'S QBXTTTyK HAIR STB* The Beet In the World. Tk* Only RiiimbU Md JIarmUit Haw Dps JEmmm. Sold by all Drnc c ltta; aleo. at Bxjubtcn'> Patent Medicine Store, cp. Patent Officf. oor. F A 7th, and at QiBifN Hair Store, IMS Penn'a avenue. where oan u?v? it applied, ir deelred. Faotorr??1 Uaro.ay kt. (iave ? Broad way > N. Y. oe I-it C: WATCHES. 'OLD AND SILVgR^ENe^ISH. SWISS I have now on ^anc?a^iarge stock of alt the racst celebrated Watohes, that 1 am selling at the very ioweat prioee that good acd renable time keepers oan t>e afforded at; and every description of fire JEWELRY on hand; all nev styles reoeived aa aoon aa manufactured, and offered at the loveat ratea. Silver ware mar.uiaotured in my own ahoa. Alt kinda of MILITAR YGOODS on hand, auch aa Revolvera, Sworda, Saahea. Belt*, Bowie Knives. Pocket Compasses, Ac., Ac. Also atror.f Army Trunks and Bed Combined: and many other things useiul and ornamental at 33S Pennsylvania avenue. ?f H. A. HOOD. Dr. dupon t9 sugar-coated female regulating pills Read the following muohoitad enoomi lima ^ "I cannot oommend them too highly." "They are the beat 1-emaie Pilia extant." "I have used them with oompiete tuocoas." "Would not be without them upon u; consideration." "They operate seeedil and effectmiT." Price 81 Sent by mail- Bold by 8. C. t'PHAM, 403 CfaetEUt street, Philadelphia, end in Washington by B.C. FORD, corner 11th atraet and Pa. aveone.; in Alexandria, by I1ENRY COOR * CO.. iiracciats. no aa eoly | \R. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE U GONORKficEA in aix d&ya .No change of diet requited. It ia an Engdan ??cciho of sixtr-five year* a tarn imHg|L and w ill not harm the most del loate oon - UV ktitatioa It ooctaira ne minerals. Price PL Sold by S. C. UPH AM, 403 Cbesnat street. hiladelsLia, and in Washington by B.C. FORD, sorter lltli street and l'a-a?c : in Alexandria, bv HENRY COOK * CO.. Dnutisls. ao* eoly" Adamantine candles: adamantine candles!! 60 Boxm Adaiuautiue Ca.idles. jooi tuaiity, J u?l reoei?ed. KING 4. Bl'RrHELL, feJO Corner l&Ui at., and Vwmuctin. N MOURNING GOODS. OW in store our usuai ample and fine stock of al kinds of Drf Goods for Mourning Apparel. Oueprtae onl;, tlieaotnai oasb value, marked in plam figures. TERRY A. BRO., lofft u Penn. avenue and Ninth at. /#V ISAAC HERZBERG. /Mfv X A The Only Licc-jeed 9 9 FAWNBROKKR. A #10/**) to be loaned on Gold and Silver Watches Jewelry, Guns and Pistols. Silver Ware, auu Wearinc Appare ?at the old stand, No. 9*1 C street. l<aok of Ike National Hotel, between and *tn its. ielMa' 1NDRE*8KD AND OTHER LINENS, and U Bi rds-ey c Diapers, of the proper kinds for ohil r?inV*$Ue*and Buff Chinta, plain, for ekildren's U MV uppity 'rFK?RY * BROTHER, fatt-tr Per n. ?t. and ffintt rt. DINK, WHITE. BLUE, AND CORN COLOR E rioh Bayadter r?iikt, for ?T?niEg orn?r?, (or r p.ioe per z?rd,offered now anu for the i?.. BmtZ ^ r ^rMsressfc. I j1 I ?. J? *T * X3L t ?* t Wf TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. rA88IF?M TRAIWH iMNUVHV On mmd Aftm MOM*A Y. Frbrvri \ )?S. PAMRMBB Till** KTVItK WA?H?R?TOJI AND R?LTI.MURE Wi'l ru M i I stt p*ih tv??j *tm *4 '? tm For I'MladHrhiaapd Nfw Y*t-l<???W|rt- * inttnn at ?? * ?. Ii?a *.aiHl?i?r m. For *a*wa?t*? at *.?*aixl 1 for Arn?po.i? art+> a m \ma ?? r x. --V W a?bin?t?c a??">**.ait<l? **?' * For Frederick ai 7 ?n * m. and S-"# r *. Sains mowisv nokth. i f rem :? ? Wm?>inat or 4. ?. A.r B,aik ?t Oa 1 a- ? ?? ^ ~~ L I>? a;njvrv "'.w A. rriii*4 p pril IUP r.lU ^ New York r. HajTi?r<?r( I II p. . Morning A^o- moodMoi ?t*f Washington!* a.m. Arrive at Ba tiirnre >' a m. No eonnoc tiona at Ba'tiir.or?. Tin* ! tne M'-ruug oonnei.on f??r Anrapoiia. New Vorfc Mail Tr?ti>?Washing ton at 11 , | . a. arrive at Ba timore It?" p. *.. Philadelphia 1 if p. m.. New York IK p . Phila<iephi? Tram lea * Washington aliWr m. reaching Baltimore at? so p m. ard Pm.ari* >i, a I at 1? r n- _ I Aftoixoon AooommodatioB-ianee Washing i<t at ?pm. arrive at Baltimore at 6 pm. No connexions at Baltimore. 7 hi* ? the afternoon ?on- I nr*ion i?r nni'?r ?T . Evening Muh<ciioc Sr.ii ArriTf ?t lim tiitcre U. p. PNundeljhm 1' M p. ?.; New York ? a. Hnrnnterr' *. u. On ?tinvl?J iMTe WMhUlKtOD ?t J.?' ibu 5 r. M. omly. The 5 r. m. trun from WMhmftoi eorr.^U Ih'Hijh to New York *T?rj d?? derict the wer?. TRAIVS MOTISB SOOTH. , UtT* N'W York ?t 7 a. nie.pkS* 11* 4. M.; tuao:>? 00 t. u. Arrive ?t WMfcinctoc *'{*?* New York *t? r. a* Pk;'.?4e.ebi? ir>jr t. M. MXBC-t UD i. M. IrriM tl VN U|.14k . U" A. M. Kaare N*w York at 11 P. .; Ph. ade ph'a ?> *. Nh Bslttaora 1JSS AtM. Arrive at Waakinftoa I II a. 1. - L.ooa. Aooorr Tr.->un:?E Inn D? t a.on ?t n M., and 4 31 p. m , lor WukisftM, arrire th*re at 11 4. k. 6 45 P m. on Sundaya at 4.3' a..d 7.35 a. m. on'y from Bktl more. No Annapoiia or Fredenok eonnexiona on Sundaya. Pa?*ecr?r Trams .saving WMhiifton at 7 40 a. M. sad 4Mr.K., a:.d Baltimore at 'Jt a. m and 4 s p. m , makd direct cocitentiora ff?r AMpNI at the J miction. The7.4<> am, and S?? p w oorneot at Relay 'or Fredenok, iiaceralowc, Ae? Ac., ex.ept Audaya. tea^e Annxpoha for Baltioore a&d WaaiiLr.iton at >> a.m. and 3 4-> p. m. Pasaeujer Trams leavinc Waa&icgton at R-O* a. m.,11 a. m.. ar?! ? p.m.. an.: Ba tiirore at 4.s" xlo 7?S5 a. m., Will ttop onlymt Anmwolti Jvncttr*. Way Paasebcera rouat lafcn tue AttommodAtiom TVauu onlyTrains will laave Wftahineton and Baltimore *romwti* upon mrd (twir, excrptn g thnt ti.e 4.S a m.7SS a M. and 4 06 p m tiama wal waiti>< nintM if neoesaary, to aeoaie the paaaecgera and Ma..a from the Kaat. For i*ick ard VVonnded 8olfli*re?A electa ear, with an a teulaiit. with r-eda, will leave \\ aa: n.r toatwioeawwk fi.r rh'l .1 -<v-l ?? II - w for tno aoounimoJaUon of Vri an<i ?outn ?k/ ?o.?iier?. W. P. t?MlTH, 1 f? 4 Matter of T rancor tatiOE, Bait. * f~ lttttfj THE [196S Pennsylvania Central Railroad, SSKH f (with ito eonnectiona) 18 A FIRST CLAPS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED. SAFETY AND COMFORT: ' ? 8TONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! THXKV DAILY TlilKI PftOM PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH: Two of their silking CLO?* CONS*CTloKl AT HASSItSVM with trams on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, and forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE no* WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to a'.i iq the W*?t, Nokih-w*?t (M Socth-w??t. ICT'For Through!? at the Oifioe oi the Northern 4 eclrel KimI R??ad Cenipa.y.Ca vert Station, Baltimore. Spl'vdid Slr'viH? Cars on nil Nifrkt Trains Smoiing Saloon Cars on all Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. Passenger* wi I t*ke ih*? a. m. auu 6 p. m. traica, , arriving in Baltimore at7Jf a. m. an<i t- 45 p. m.. Where close ominM*tinm ar? duli* wif k 'rtm? the Northern Central K. K..*nd arrive in Harna barf ? I p. m. an-1 1 *s a m., there connecting with the trains on the Pfr.DMivuat Centra] R&iircad for all psrta cl the weal. FREIGHT*. By this route. freighta of al! deeeriptiona me he forwarded to and from toy point on the Railr<ada of Ohio, Kentucky. Indiana, lilmoia, W iaoot>ki&, Iowa, or Miaeonri.ty Kat'rttad dtrttlThe Pennay. var. a Central Railroad alao ooutecta at KitUborc with steamer*, by which Goodaoaa be forwarded to any pert on the Ohio, M utkincum, Kentucky. Tennesaee.Cumberland. fllinoia MiaalaeiFjpi, Wiaeorain, Micaouri, Kanaaa. Arketaif. and Red Rivors: and at Cleveland. ??odaaky ena Chicago with eteamera to all Northweatern Lakea. Moroha&U and ahipeera entruating the Iran ape taticn of their Freight tothia Company, oan rr.y with confidence on it* ?eeedy t-anait. TU K RATKS OF FR LIG HT to and from any point in the Weat, by the I'.-r.nayIvania Central Kan road, art at alt Imil as farerabU at art t karttd by dhtr Railroad Can ramus. lL7~Ue f*-ucj.*r to ujwk "via Pim. C?miK R." MAIiRAW A KOON9, Freight Ajgentt, No. *0 Nortii atr*?t. ?a tmcre ENOCH LEWIS. 0?c'. Hnperinft, Aitoona, Pa. L- L. HOITT. fceO Ticket Ag t. Philadelphia. H. H IlOL'tiTON, fcer.'l Freight Agent. Pfcilad^lphia 4-dly f^ORTUERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. TA? Skprtttt, Quickttt Btst Kouttfrtm B*IHmors tc U? _ WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. Ji W1XTEK SCHEDULE. Cs^mior A ma. On and after SUNDAY, Mtfc Norember, Paaaaager Train* will arrive aa?l depart fr*a Calvert Station aa foi owe : Tkaiiu NoarB Lairs Mail at ?.? a. in. Bnffalo Express t p. m. R.rkton Acc"<1&tion ? P. m. ttabtrg and Harr.eburg Express tjt p. m. msiiti JSotth Abe:vi Parkton AeocmmodatioL Ulin. Betislo Express i 80 a. m. jMubnrf and Harrisburg Exprees tp.UL The I l n, train from Washington oocbnu With the 8 JO a. TO. train from Ba.tiinore for UM VVwi and for Buffalo. Eimira,Rochester, Dcnkirk,CanaoaJLgb& and Niagara Fa .t, ana lor New York city. The 21 a. m. train from Washington oonneets with tneJ?. a. train fun Baltimore to w ML Eorth a?d N orthweat ami L.mira aa?l BsJaio asd ochester. The * p. m. tram from Washington connects with 8e8.9>p. m. train from for Pittsrarg, arrisburg and tne W nt mo le a direct connection for Lebanon. Kaston Allontown and New York via Central Railroad of New Jersey. Try tins route for New York. B^Tha only tram leaving Ba;t;m\reon ?nndaj e 2 p. m. train, for Harrisbarg, Pittsburg, Chicago and the We*t Tke only train arriving la Baltimore on fcunda? is the 3.20 a- m. train J As. C CL.AK EE, no Mly iuaeriatecdsfrt. T NOTICE TO TKAVK'.KES. BE Potimastor fceneral baring ordered tfce mail service betweoi. Washington, _ JWk Baltimore, and Old Point i Forcesr^UQKta^? Monroe; to bs resumed, on and wM|B'*u,v"nin insc&ni, 10? Hay Lice of itoamere will lotK&.tin<cre LVKK' DAY <eseept San day) from their wi.erf. fi>ot of Umon Uook. %X 4*4 otook nu, or lunMiato'.r aftor the arrival of UaWaeMnrtoe Train. which l*ere? Waahiactoa ^o^oc m. M. W.FALl/*. Frmt taea. TOPWAM'u WOBM W F R B MI M TB W N E VB eevEHTa 1^r?n5f^VMH,i.'i?muBi,e. SilTtt Medal awarded b? Maryiaae I aetata le Baltimore, November I. If*. 1 mi eenetantlT niakinj. aid a: wan have ?a haM. cf the 'beet material, every 4*^(riytMa N Ftae Hole I.e*iter, Irer. Krrnma, naErM Weec l.c* ? < rartini Tnmhfj< Pirmfjimi Iml >rt? ? At lAm Fr*c**. M?ah?ri of CosiTMiud tr?T*l?ra will ?lmm gto.'M.m stoef b<rfor? r'l-.uuj timtwkmt t ula that v? mad* ii other cipm. Monor Uiilw aad I>r?M Trufci aU? to mar. Tnnki ?otot?4 an<l iffjro* m iktrl mim, ooi? ct ' <* c; otmwe to Aaj#ert * rw-tnir aiiNII ? BUV IB A nVlltriMd TO.

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