Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1862 Page 2
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EV ENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: FRIDAY >1 ARC H 14, 1963. frr"T*h? new Dollar Weekly ?ar, fuller than rrer of Metro poll tan newa and ??oaalp, and choice literary reading, Is new on onrcoonter ready tor 4cllmr to flie nubile kmbraeed In Hi eater tain In? content* are the following articles: The Fine S*? Marr* Gentleman; A Murder Trial la Arkan?as; Catching Sn'.pe In Bag*, how to do It; Western Exuberance; Excerpt* from Vanity Fair, Mr. Ltncoln'a Ball; Latest news from Southern paper?; The War In the Wat; Military Execution. Naval F.ngagrment at Fortrrs* Monroe; Evacuation of Maniw and the Potomac Bat teries bv the Rebel*; Affair* In Missouri, Ken tucky. Tennessee, and a!ong the cos*t; Euro pean Views of the Rebellion. Proceedings of Congress, Supreme: Circuit and Criminal Courts; latest <1ts|.atcbes from alt quarters; Smithsonian Lectures; Great Fire In Alexandria. Agricultural, horticultural and ^ardenlut; miscel lsny, Household and farm m-ipes, poetry, local news, and general Intelligence. This Is Just the paper above all others for per son* sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friend* at a distance Trice only tferee cents per copy, or *| per annum; po?t?j;? prepaid by atawps when so arranged. Spirit *t th? Meriting I'tmh. The TuitUtgtnrtr ar^u'-s Brains' the prop<i?ed establishment of territorial xovcniimn?> orer the eoeded Siatrs Tbe b*f?bUtan advocates sn Immediate sn'rpy of the un*urveyrd landa In Kansa*. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. run* OLD POIST. r^riimlarf o/tht L*tt Conic it hy th Ey WHnt*s The steamer King Philip, Caj* Cooke. I?fl f?1d Point at 1 clock yesterday altf mown, and arrived at th? Washington Navy Vard at half pas' seven o'clock thU morning This b.?at left tbe Navy Vard with th??teanicr Baltimore ?n laat Friday evonlns. The Klnz Philip arrived hereon Satur day afternoon. In tlire to the burning of Ui* Congrew Itwu stated by naval (ffieer* that the coin tnander cf the rumbrrlapd. af?er that Teaael Injured wtm railed ?n by those on ho4rd tLe >!ir r1m??- to surrender He refuted. and said bo inl;ht alak, b'it woald ncTer surrender I( w stated further, that the I>ust ^u?>a were fired from 'ha frbale v hcu the juaner* ?r>e cvn their knen In water Capia'a Cooke wa? on braM tbe Rp*nofce nnt day, and wltnened the cont?tt between ?be Mcr rtmar and Monitor He ?aya the r**p?u in Hamp ton Road# and 'be rampartaof Tortresa Monroe were erowded with eicited apee.tatora of the JL.-LI.WUO could not restrain tbelr f> elinps', bu* at rttiy shot flr^d from either *???rl would rags'lv bout their oainaf"'* to tbe oibci The raptaln of a Frewb man of vrar In 'heR^d* wm one of the mo*t lntereatcd loo%?ra-on; end vii board *o n> ?bat bf bad wttn*???<-d tbf c?n. teste la tb? Crimea and lotk p*rt In 'be alege of t*eb?topol, but bod sever ?eea ?o d??perate a flght before. Tbe Trt>#ri? T*rrc m?nt of the time sear enough to neb other to Uma a bl^ult fr?m ooe to tbe other. Two steam toys were d!"a)>ied In trying to g?t tbe Minnesota vB. and that v easel ?u Anally movea irom her position by the itramers King Philip and Baltimore and the tug Atlantic. While ahe was laying aground helpl?*?s, *hr specie was token from her by the King Philip and put on board the tug Keacue. The steamer Baltimore has towed to the city o{ Baltimore the diaablod tugs Mystic, Zouave and Dragon, on* of which was damaged In the light. | The 1' nlte<l states steamer ?*an Jacinto Is hourly expected at Old J*olnt TBI XOtlTTO*. Erroneous Impression." ss to the fircOTii*tan<e? of the construction of this ship extensively pre vail- She Is not the creation of 11 private enter prise," ss Is so generally stated. She was contracted for last fill by the Nsvy Department, la pursuance of a recommendation of a naval board upoa Iron-clad steamers, con sisting of Commodores Joe Smith snd Hiram Paulding and Capt C. H Davis, which approved Bar model and those of two other*, (now being wpldly puabed to completion,) rejecting the model* of the host of other* offered. She ha* been paid for from time to time, u the work on her progressed, until there remains to be approved bat the account for the 15 per cent, balance, (of her total coat of 8275,000,) referred a* per the contract, ai a guarantee that *hc should perform b? represented That balance Is now ready to be paid, we take It. on the application of thoxe to whom it la doe. roBTKESS MoSKuK ed here per telegram from For triaa Monrc* In th? twenty-four hour* ending at moon to-day. A* message* to that point have gone through from Washington this worulng, the telegraph between the points 1* certainly In working order It la therefore taken for granted that bo change In the situation of affairs there worth mentioning has occurred. Yesterday Geu. Wool sent a flag of truce up to Craney Island. It Is Bot yet known here what news cainc hick to the Portress by It. In answer to numerous inquiriesconcerning the movements of the army of the Potomac aince Ita advance reached Manaxsas, we foel at liberty to MYiOnly, that it ia carrying out to the letter the programme marked out for Its operations ere marching from lta winter quarter* In this imme diate Tic laity. It moat be a week or two y?t, tie for* the plan Is m> developed that the public at Urge will comprehend it in all Its bearing*. rONXODtiAB TOOT?. Commodore Fo?>te'ssquadron doubtless -t?vm.ed this morning from Cairo down the river, to ftxlBl" one of hla peculiar " appointments " We ahali not be surprised. therefore, fo hear that he preaches to-morrow evening at l?l?nd No. Id That's a way he has aaisAOi** s?XTB*? wad-wohth Thla distinguished ofllcr r, we learn. wMl to morrow enter upon the dicrharee of th? dnttm of Military Governor of (bis city, to wblcb be has been assigned by the President. 8*5 HALLKCft'S t>*FAl?TM*ST t'islert >? Attmfk mpem H'bft Ferltji'ittmn ?l JPmnt, Ttnm ?A B*ig*d>er Gemtrul Cmptmed** JfilMtri t>en Haller'h baa Ielegrapbe4 tbc following to the War Department: St. Lous, March 13?Hon E M Stanton, Secretary of War : Oar artillery and cavairv yr? lerday attacked tbe enemy's works one balf mtlr west of Paris, Tenn Tbe enemy was driven out with a lot* of 100 killed, wounded and In prison era Oar loss Is Cept Bull, of tbe artillery, and 4 killed and I wounded A cavalry forea sent out from Lebanon. Mo., attacked one of Price's guerilla parties, killing LI aad wounding 5. and capturing over twenty prleoaere, among wbom ia Brig lien Campbell, tbe commander Gilii Pits.?Tbe attention of tbe Wa^btpg ten public baa upon several nrcaalon<> been at tracted to a a star implement of warffere now being introduced by Measrs Abort aad >*mitb. of N*w Vork. b* whir h Ik# rnrtlSi illona ? cuaot only be rrodtrtd untenable, bat in most cam utterly destroyed. Several of tbfc?c pro Jectlles were thrown by the gunboat Puon upon tte aaeaay*a shore at the moath of the Mlsslaal ppl recently, which, falling at distance of three ml lea, aet Ira to a ease brake, which waa found burning Ave day* later. A ahlp pierced with ooe of theae aheUa would, it la claimed, inevitably burn to the water a edge, and an entire city could bo set la flames la tea minute*. Agaiaat Iron. Clad vi?ali this would, tt Is believed, prove a terrible weapou, as the liaus would adhere to A* satire aurface of the object for nearly a quar to sf aa hour, destroying by 1U fUmea every oe capaat of the unset- Mr. Short Is conddent that with fifty at hints Us be could have reduced Fort Desthaa; aad a few such visitors would, la his opt alee, very seen reader Norfolk too hot for the rnsoiru.-Hsa. Caleb Cuahlag Is at the Wll* MML ?Cei Kerrl|U, lately dismissed from the mill bry eerrlee by a court martial, took his ssat as a amkar la the House of R<-presentences jrerfer Affair* Q?? the River. PoaicKCaricH, March 13?ft d m ? An Intelli gent member of the Hampton Legion, of South Carolina, baa Just arrived here, and states that the retreat of tbe rebel* continue*. The Hampton Legion left Frederlrfcaburg yesterday, bound Houtb The line of (he Rappahannock batteries baa been deserted by the Confederates, and there la now so enemy within thirty mile* of our outposts. I* ?>' ? 1 _ ?Wa mmsm 0%.t T AatAII ? UUUCIMiniU IU kUO V?ui|/ 'WV ?'vpi "? that no stand would be made north of Richmond, and that nttacka were to be made upon our aouth em expeditionary corps. Oar troops received quit* a welcome, yester day, from the citizen* of Occoqnan village. Food, clothing, and even money, vtai offered to tb? aoldlera; but every thine Wua refund except milk and boiled eega. With a few exceptlona the people seemed much gratified at beholding the Bag of the Union once more. The following placard Is to be aeen at Occo quan "On* thousand dollara will be paid to any one who miy apprehend and arrewt the Out law Burke." Bnrke la auppoacd to be in the wooda near Brentavflle, with bis band of Guerillas, and aa the citizena and soldiers are both after him. he will Boon be captured, no doubt. He waa former ly one of the guide* to otir array, and led some of onr troop.* at the battle of Bull Run. Since tbat time he baa been aiding tbe Rebels, and leading a haudiiti through the wooda near Ocequan, stealing, robbing and defrauding farmers and othera. T?ncW AT MANAMA*. Captain Wood itate- tbat Wheat's battalion tua been atatloned two inika aouth of Manaa^an all winter, and the whole force at Ibit point waa ninety thousand men. Heaaya tbat nearly all the Virginia troop* have re-en lute J. He report* that the rebrla Lad order* to move to Gordonavillc. A call roll of the 3d South Carolina reclment baa been found, which abow> tbat only nine men agreed tor?-enliat a ranir. \ rebel regiment aome eight mile* aouthv/es' "f Manama*, on hearing tbat our cavalry were at *lanassa?,on Tuesday momlug, became panlr stricken, and threw down their arooa and knap c.acka, in order tha? they might run the faster KFBF.r, FLAS?. Col. Taylor, of tbe 3d Ntw Jersey reclment, haa a?*nt In seven flaw*, to b# forwarded t? the (governor of New Jersey, which were found a' and around Mannas** *?y h\? regiment on Tues day. Our of them, ?f white silk, motto " f'aro Uhlans iu the Held, Tra'toM Beware;'' another, "Cimpbell liuard*;" on th?! revert*, "C O ,*>?n KlgLU, or Death." A vtiy handsome ouc of bine slik. with silver fringe; In gold letters, "Presented by the lsdl~s ^portrait ox Washington) to the Bedford South Ids Dragoons " On the rrr?*rae, ''?fate RljrhU. (coat of arms. 8. C ) Sic Semper 2'yrann't" Some of tb< ethers wrre <?f silk, and some very common One of the men h?a th? roaiinisMcii of Lient. B. F. Bullotk, Tblrtecuth Nor'b Caro lina, who. it 1* snld, formerly lived In Washing* Ion. Abandoned B?'"l Btttrrle< oppsnite Bu4d> ? err) Rod LiTrrpssl F?m? Tknr ottufalion hfov ?K?*>?/? t* rputf fir b'rtiJtrtckiibuj^?Tk'.ii *Mrn tk'tr ramfs? Un*ver*s*fu.l I'ttmpi tn (Hur "innnn ? A Dnhlgrm ft*ndsjtr? Nbar Bvdd's Fkrry-Match IP?LarlyMon day mornlag, In eompllanre with ciders frrm Gen Hooker Lieut. Colonel MHU.lst MMsaeba ?HLa regiment,with a dftarhment. took po?a ??lf n of tb? rebel worka at shipping roint and 1 'an? port .while a similar bodv, under Col Mott, of the 51b Now Jerary.oe upied ib^f* at Cockpit Feint The rebeli, it wj? found, had attempted to de ?rov everything pof?ible, bv blowing up their magazine* *nd biir?Mng h'lr gun* The guns were loaded to the muzzles with aol'd ahefand sand baga, and a flre built nnd*r thero, which burned the carriage? and beaUd thegunaauffl clently to Ignl'e the powder In th'a way tbey bura' three nlled guns nnd one I'J-pound abell gun out of twenty-one left In their work" They bad in the S?hlpp!nt; Tolut battery a 120 pound hnglisb rifled gun, tJlakH^y'* patrnt < ( Ml, weighing M *M? po'ind* It Is banded at the breech. In a manner similar toovjr ParroM guua, while the groove la dlfler?-nt from any I c5"? wn, mring dui Mqirr aown on one Side, and gradually sloping to the next groove. It was tilled with shot and sand and to? carriage burned, but <he immense thickness at the breech prevented Its being heated through sufficiently to cause an oiploslon. It Is probably one of the gun* brought bv the Bermuda some time since. Among the other g'ins uninjured Is a nine Inch Pahlgren gun, which was ca?. In ltv5, and Is support to be one of tho*e stolen by the Rebels at Norfolk. All the gun*, with the exception of the English gun mentioned, are, no doubt, those stolen from 1 the I'nited states at various points. The ex treme northern gun at Shipping Point Is bursted, and an Inscription on the face of the breastwork states that " this gun burst on the 15th of Feb ruary, l-fti."' There was a rumor at that time In our camp that It had burst, killing two men and wounding one, which this date seems to cor firm. One of our men picked tip a roughly drawn map of the Rebel batteries, which gives the loca ..J ?- IV ? tiuu auu imuivci "i ?uu? in vuc vanuui tMUtTlSi. It was probably drawn by acme one of the Rebel soldiers for bis own amusement, and la In the main quite accurate. Although not drawn to a scale, it gives a good general ?d*a of the number and location of guns and troopa in tne Immediate vicinity of the b%tterle?. Hatter? No. 1. at Ship ping Point, had but two gum In poaitlon?one having burst, and the three southerly ones having never been mounted, their places being supplied by three heavy oak logs covered with canvas, in tended to deceive our balloonist*. Oeu. T H Holines seem to have been In com _ .J _ 0 aw? / ? * *' ?* ? - - iiianu ui mc lurct", ana tapi. r . UHSrt&rd In command of the naval batteries of the Potomac. Attaibs at Caibo.?The Cairo correspondent ot tne Cincinnati Gazette, telegraphs March 9th . Great activity 1* manifest In the fleet The tin - ishlng touches are being-given to the pilot houses of the gunboats, and they will be In complete readiness in a day or two at farthest. The mortar boats are all finished, and it is pro posed to test them to-morrow down river. Thr rebel steamer Kastport, captured on the Tennessee river, is lying at Mound City, and is rapidly being converted into a gunboat. She will be ready for duty In thirty-five dny* Sh * Is double-hulled, and the rebels had Intended to pack her with cotton instead of iron plating When finished she will be one of the >wiftest boats on the river. m _ _? ?- * ? - - i up lueamcr laian, iront M. Louis, with tb>* Third Regiment ou board, arrived tliis morn ing, and I* now lyluj: at the U*vee coaling. March 11.? A brigade of our troopa went around New Madrid on Saturday last, and arrlv?-.d on Sunday at a ainall settlement on the Mississippi railed Point Pleasant, about ten mllrs below the former place They took |'o8*e*ilou of a rebtl transport loaded with tlour. and scuttled her. The occupation of this place by our troops cuts cfl the communication of the rebel* at iNew M id rid. and will eventually bag them. The bridge* upon the Cairo and Folton railroad are repaired. Trains run regularly froin Bird'a l'oint to Sykeston. The gunboat- are thoroughly prepared for any emergency The mortars are also In rcadlnes* The transport Hiawatba ar-tved tbia p m laden down with Iowa tioop?, whose destination Is <>p the Tennessee. rhe Nival Hattl* ?The Norfolk I?ay Boo* copies th*- Federal accoua* of the fight pii Satur day and Sundiy. and aays: Their accounts are about a* near the truth pox aibly aa we can eipett tbetn. Thtv fall to girr us anv acnunt of the condition of the Mlnneaota, and aa little about other dtoitgri ax ponaible The flag of the CouKrraa and the aword of her t ommauaer are in tbe Navy Department.* i Tbe casual tin cf the Confederates wore Buch anan wounded with a mlnle ball in the thigh, erloua; Lieutenant Minor In the left aide, not dangerous; tw* men killed ii.rt flvr wounded. , Midshipman W. C Huuter of the Confedcr- | ate service, wu killed under the following cir cumstances : After the surrender of the Federal fri^ata Con urns, and wblle the white hi# wu floating at ber mast-head, bla ve?sel ws* ordered to that sblp, doubtless for the relief of the wounded. In the p*-rformance of this humane mission, the Ra- ! lelgh was flred Into by a regiment of the eueniv on ?hore. and he waa sbot by a Minnie, ball, the leaden mUxlle entering the left aide and pasalug out at the right aboulder He was seen tn advance . suddenly a few steps, and then tottering back wsrdx, and to fall aud expire wl'hout a word or a i struggle. M L. CoNriREiic*s.? On Wednesday, In ihe I Baltimore Ccnference Ihe following report was 1 submitted: . The board of stewards report that claims to the | amount of 3U have been presented, viz: By effective men in Baltimore district, f40l); Wa-L < Ington, Potomac, S112-H>, NVInebestrr, 1 fflW; superannuated preachers, (3.131; widows aud orphan, VW. To meet which they have ( received from allaoarces only the sum of SI,202 77 | They have, therefore, declared a dividend of 17 | p?r cent. We have a surplus on hand of ft# '21, I which la at the disposal cf the Conference. We ' rr commend that It be divided between C. . ' neta iM h. c. Meuaniel. Bereral applicants were admitted to full con nection, ana the Conference adjourned Id the haat Baltimore Conference, the aeaaion waa occupied la the disc nasi on of tbe inertU of several applicant* for admission Into full connec tion . Binifit or Mia- Bakkvt Williams?To night Mra. Barney William" takss her benett and it will undoubtedly be a substantial one, for no lady has a warmer list of friends, a fact due aa well to her private worth as to her professional abilities. T|e bill for to-night embraces MUM fcttorti of lingular HtwUoB FROM THE CfriB POTOMAC. OceartdM ( Wllehtttcr by flu. Bask*? Rttml ( Jukm'i Amr-A Large ReV * * ??tp nvpvrtvn | WincmasT?a, March 12 ?Jackson $ rebel force left here lut night by the Strasburg rood, and the mala forces of Gens Hamilton ana Willi mm are now joat entering thla town Company A, of the Wisconsin 3d, Captain Benham, and a com* pany of the Connecticut , followed by Cap tain Cole'a company of Maryland and a squadron of Mich lean cavalry, were the first to enter the town. Our troops encountered a strong fort one mile ont, which was evacuated by Jackaon ltot night. The people generally here are intensely de lighted at our presence, and hall the coming of the Union army as a harbinger of peace and fu ture prosperity. The regiments as they piss are cheered and greeted from the houses with various tokens of welcome, which are responded to warm ly by ofllctrs and men The other column of General Banks' division which approached by the Perryville route haa not yet arrived. Not a shot haa been fired thus far. Yesterday the rebela arrested eighty of the most prominent Unionists, and sent them to Rich mond Jt is represented by residents and friends of the 11 tlinn that nt l*nvt ta'rv.thinla nf thp nnnn l?tl of this town aud county are lcyal to oar govern ment, but have been compelled to succumb to the secession pressure. to fur, at least, *s an expres sion of opinion wu concerned. There hav* been no Richmond papera received here for a week, and the citizens are entirely lp norant of the thrilling events that have transpired within that period. Aa an evidence of the privations which the people have bad to endure under secession rule, the following prl'-ea are quoted: Coffee 7."> cts afl per pound; sujrar 2oj57 eta : calico 5?t eta ; whisky ?'.* a pint, and other liquors In the same proportion. (?*COHD IH-rATCU 1 Wincbcstpr, Marrh W, p. m ? Jackson's force, which retreated from here yesterday, coualatcd of l?orl .? g Brigade, several acid batteries and 3w of AshbyN csvairy, about 4,1100 men lti all. They coimnencrd evacuating the town about sunset I'he cavalry were the last to leave, and departed just before we entered the town. It is reported that there is a large secession force nt ^trnu?bur^, and that thov Intend to make a stand there, but owing 'o the state of affairs ut Manas-vs, It 1* believed that Jack.1011 will make bis ws\ up the Shenandoah valley to the Virginia Central Railroad ?nd thenre proceed to Rich tnond Prominent ?ece?>?loniits iay the tt>Kl force* will mafca a #tand nt Ucnlvnivllie, and tbey have fortified it to agrea' extent Several rriacners and a small inbuilt of aioniu tlon are el* the aeliures made here LATER Wi^rHHETF*, March 13.-1-' o'clock noon ? Heavy zploaiuii> were Leard here at l?oVJoek la?? night In tl:e direction of Ftrasburg, which, it Is believed, were rained by the enemy blowing upa atone arched bridge over Cedar creek, to P'evcnt pursuit There wa.? a skirmish last night mih?- Stratiaburr road,'ed by Major Mix Van Allen'* ' avalry He pursued 'Jol Ashby'a flying scout* until be camc upon the main b?dy of the latter, taking several prisoners Last night was acknowledged even by ?hesr ccs*?on la'liea to have *een the most quiet for six mouth* Several thousand soldiers were in town, and h? remark was a<ldrd "It was no wonder our arms are victorious from th?- r\< 'client diselp line ?ro<?r troorf ' Col Leonard b-? be? i> dctalltd for Trovost Mar shal by ord?v of r-fn Hamilton, military r^m mandcr. Among 'be dl'tingulsbed person* htrc 1> Mr* DardrMsc, forin*rly Mr# Bll?*, daughter of Fresiden' Taylor Her bu?b*nd 1* an oflker In th* rebel army Col Kauntleroy, laic of tbr Federal army, but new a Brigadier Oeneral of Virginia troops, ef fc?-trd hl? ?pe heme on Tuesday, on our ap proach XV tn< iukitkk, March 13th, p. m.?Two loco motives, surmounted *i'.h the stars and stripes, u-ltb a long 'rain of car*, started bene for Har per 'a Ferry at 'J o'clock tbla morning. It con veyed a large military mall A strong cavalry scout of last night failed to overtake Col Ashby'* retreating regiment on tbe Strasburg road. It li believed he bas re joined Jackson at Strasburg. A frw of hi* scouts may remain this aide of Cedar creek. wikciiestkk, March 13, & n. m.?Yesterday afternoon a squadron of Michigan Cavalry pur sued <'ol Asbby's rebel cavalry &evers! nil lea A skirmish ensued nine inilr? hence, on the gtrausburg mud. The Michigan men took aix prisoners. including Vd Llvuteuanl Murray, of Ashby's corj>s When Gen. Jackson evacuated the town he left unmolested the railroad and rolling stock, consisting of live locomotives, four passenger and fourteen freight can. A train hence for Harper'a Ferry will *tart early tbia morning, for commissary supplies. The telegraph line baa been completed to this place, making a complete connection with all pointa. A number of rebel deserters have given them selves up. Tue advance to this place was planned and led by Brig. General Hamilton, with the impression that our approach would be strongly resisted; and It would doubtless have proved eminently suceessful against Jackson's resistance. Yesterday, Col. Mix Van Allen,with a squadron of his cavalry, pounced upon a party ef rebel cav airy four milts west of Berryvllle, while they were breakfasting. He wounded three, and took them prttonera. [FOR THX STAR. , Who le t? Blame '?In the debate In the Hen ate on Tuesday last, (March 12,) on Mr W llson's * resolution of Inquiry Into the cause*, remote and J immediate, of the terrible loss of our frigates and >] Uvea of our aallora In consequence of the attack of (, the armored ahip Merrlmac, Mr Hale made this t statement:?'* What 1 want to call the attention 1 of the Senate to 1> that there haa been no Inquiry Into the loss of the Norfolk navy-yard. The greatest naval depot we had was abandoned, and no aort of inquiry was ever Instituted; not the slightest." Ac , Ac 1 And who wax the chairman of the Naval Com- 1 in it tee of the Senate all this while* Mr John P. 1 Hale, the Senator iqx-aking ! And what Is of all J things most wonderful, this gentleman has the 1 reputation of having his portfolio 'uil of testi mony on this very subject, taken by himself, of which the Senate has as yet heard nothing?not one word! Scrota-tor - A Utter from Fort Henry, on the Tfenne* ee river, dated the lt)th ln*t , t tat ex that Gen C. I" Smith has been placed In command of the army at that polat Gen t?rant remained there, but had requested to be relieved. A number of the olttcera under hla command prencnted him on the loth Inat. with a handsome sword. U7* The State of Arkansas hd* apent two mil lions Ave hundred thousaul dollars to aerve the rebellion. Thla la nearly tight dollais a head for every free peraon in tfce State. rvwp* OF PICK OF JOINT COMMISSION !L I'NITbW S1ATES AND COSTA K ICA, U i"!?. March 1W iBtii ? At a ineetini of the Hoard held this day it wka ordered tUat toe period of two moo*ha from tlus'Ute it tierebj al.o?dd l<*r _ ?- ii w tucil fi Wil! BKOlttVI IHB Aopttl'i'0 of Costa Rica. ??i<' no exteonon ol ??m1 period W'il he allowed iitieas (owl canse shall be shown for ?>i?li rtelaf. ml. M-'w OH At*. W. DAV1*. goo. |Y?"* f*T. PaTR DAY. is A Lfcdl'Rb Will l.e delivered, onder the ?M?ri"*? "f tbeBl A ornns* ln?titute r>t JOHN P. 0ROPHY, fcF"{ . on Pt Patrick'* Day. at 7 o'olcck p in . in th# ba?? nient of Bt. AiOTtiu* Church. Subject - "Th* Linitraiita of Ireland ; their paat Labor* i" 8prea?lin? tit* I aith, and what th?j have iat to do U the? wish to preset ve it " Al the Catholic societies ol tba rity, hkewiae Hii Catho io parents, are invited to be present. Admission free A collection will betaken np, to be applied the Institute for the education .?f poor children. mh 14-31* \V APHINUTO^ijKCTUB E A8S*0CIA ? ilst Lecture of the ooorse will he rf*iivar~? >.. WKNDELX rHIcLiP**, At th* Smithsonian Irwtttmion, On FRIDAY EVENING. Mftroh 14. Tht Ntrtnitv, Dvty, mrl Soft** if Enton t'pthim. frr Tioket holdera will ho required to exhibit Uieir tiok >t? at the door to avoid oonlumun U'<or? open at i o'rlooi; Lecture to o<Hiiintncr it 1 o'clock. Tiokeu iS ornl* each ; to be obtained at the door u>d at the Honkatorea alt 13 v^8T. PATRICKS DA Y.-The Phoenix Bo jjl oiety of Una city city have ma-le arrant* indiita In o?t*brate the oomiug feative of Ire aod'a ration Saint. An experienced caterer haa been imaiovM furnish a auaper on the evening of the I7tii, at Rain?y'a Hotel, D atreet, between ?th and rth etreeia t rem their auocvea on a former ooca ?iou, the frtenda nf Ireland may reat aaaured that lh* main bare of thla Aeaoeintion will leave nothing andoue to make tbia an oooaaion lone to be ra 'uohiubicm wmi p nj ioum ho will honor them wtih their preeeuce. Ticket* ?3, to he had from the Commute* of Arrangements '-James J. Kane. W. L&oiraa, T. J. PhilliM. Tho*. Dully, 6. ay I reetr. Jm. Rutii/ mh 1>-61 Hi TUB LADIES UK 8T. PAUL'S ENS IT lieh Lutheran Chsroh, will live a Peetlval uTranklin Bail.oornercf 9 h and D eta.,oom menoing MONDAY, Miroh 10ih,lad will ooutin te daring the week. He?on Uot?U50oeuU,whiqh m*T be fcadaft ||r Mr jr M the door ?Mr- I^TT^SSF Or*T?*TO . FuitiPe corner of P and 12th etreeta. Single admi?ion 10 oenu. mh 7 ?t K tvtiitf&jWJiikTrff zse r. J. e. ?t the corner of , OOTUMOOM# it ?H o'woofce ?? CONGRESSIONAL. xu tii tii coneuMliMMd ? ! . ? Binati.?Afler oar report closed vesterdav - Resolutions calling upon the Secretary of the Vavy for Information relative to I be law or su feorftjr for the removal of tbs Naval Academy Prom Annapolis to Newport; Instracting the N? r*l Committee U> inquire what legislation la ne :essary to properly reward John Davis for jfal antry. mentioned In Com G olds borough' official eport; and requesting the President to rurntsh the Ksnate with a copy of all correspondence with his Government and that of Great Britain rela ,lve to the attempted seizure by the commander >f the British shlp-of-wsr Africa of M. Fouchet, tnvoy extraordinary and minister nleninotpnturv >f France wblle on board the packet aloop Pejtey >n bis way from New York to Newport, R I., were adopted. A j*lnt resolution of thanks to Captain A. B. Poote and Lieut. J. L. Worden was adopted After the consideration of the resolution for the >xpulalon of Mr. Powell, and an executive ses ilon, the Senate adjourned. Hovsb ?After our report closed? Mr. Delano, of Mass , from the Committee on ;he District of Columbia, reported a bill autbor zing the Secretary of the Interior, In conjunction with the Mayors of Washlngt n and Georgetown, o build a jail In the District of Columbia; which . a -J ? - oruerea \o DC priniefl. The tax bill was diacutcd at length, and with >ut inally dlapoalng of the subject, the Honae idjourned COAL OIL to CTS,KEROSENE OIL 60 CT?., PEK GALLON. Also. Burnera far 0<?a! Lamps, whioh require uo hinMioya. Ala?, tar^e variety >>t Lamp*, fto.. at r?ry !o* price* at MOCRK'S, Weat Rod Drue Btore, lU peoiktmue. IETA lane and ctnera! atonk Drota. Madiomea, fcc., always freali acd pare atahore pi a e. lull 14 ?w L!1LK9! BILKS!! ? B I L K B!! The atteution of the ladies la ca!>l to the treat MBsitniuoQt of SPRING tflLKS, EVENING |)KES9 ???Q1>S. BE RAG E RUBES, ORGAN liv ROBES. URENADINES by the yard. HALL I ALB1NAISE. Xo. Theae |o<Hia a e hem* ?oltl at abvnt one half the lAal in ArWar Ia raali?? ? ' - --*1 Crowdaof ?urclias*i aaiij wstifT to the cheap if *g of thaae good*. CI.AGETT ft MAY. inh 14 3t J'a* *v 1,61 9 ati'' _ ftlttSOLUTlON OF 1'ARTNERtMP.- Th* firm heretofore dome business in and oirler be n?m* of I/n^hmc*. at 31? Pa. i\?dh?. is due uvea by mntual ooumnt, Win. Jn?klee retiring from the turn L. I. WH1TKHOUKK, \v M. B. I'NCR1>E:*. Washington, March II, 1862. DKFERING lo theabareadyertieement.! wrm'd m iniorm mf ?nuno i ?? l Bliaii o*Dtinus at the ?M ?tand, and have the bonie ?d?< aooonoU of th? etirmj firm "f Whitehouve ? I'noklM.and am kii?h"tiied ? > ?ttl? tn? apoonttt* ot Mid fiim L. L. WHITKHOUSE. .14* PeuimlTama avenue. Wa?l>imton, Wft'ohll, UK. It* 1/ R K N C H R K t? T AUK ANT L 4??P TABLh U'rtOTE. jj> P*i*KBTLvAi?ia Avisn. av\ tRKREsTnovBftctArx, kir,f?!?. JOHN FOI'RCAUF. * VICTOR ROUX. i i, FiiKrn Will open At the above number, on MONPAY. Mareh IT, l??i Thair ion* ej^nence will enable them to turpi; iti.iue and ?oj'.>umerii at Wa?)uuiton with ?*iit ihJe Rooms for em*' r*rti??; fable d ilute; meais Ai vfil Tfcer wilt be hu rp* to receive visit* and ordera. >n Monday *?<l thereafter. nh li it' PERSON A L.?II WM. II R I'SSELL the own er of * lot 111 autre Vi?. vii! oa.I iiuirediatelj A the law office of ?. }?. WILLIAMS. ?>, and C treetn, ie fill "Mice t><e of the adjoining mh 13 Si* > rWlft ON CONSIGNMENT? 5,UUU BAKRELSofchoice KXTKA FLOUR or *]? at in'wterato pnoee, in ?ni%ll and iaree lota. kPP?to 'i'HOS H. HAVKNNtR, mh 15 sr 34 7 C street. near fixth. VIRS. EATON, "I Fa?HI0N*BL1 Orimmaiu. Has remo\ed from 464 Tenth stree; to 4? '? I trect. betweenRth and 9th. aonth side. 8 T.Tay JI B U'OBBUUUIOK rUC DT HITB JBs IT1I1 13*1111* l> LACK *ILKS. r> VERY RICH LU8TPR8, Just reoeiv*d. in ^11 the best grades, and at the >weet market prices for cash. J. W. COLLfcY. NEW SPRING DBESStiOQDS JUSTOPFN ING.IN MANY SEASONABLE STYLES. .???? yards Small Figured French, Et fcliali* and Xinieit'o Chintaes, aa faat odors,and at the low it p-ioea. J. W UOLLbYi mn 13 tit 5 Seventh street, above Pa. av. ^ ALE OF F 1 8 H S T A N D 8. Be Fish Stands in the different Markets will be to the highest bidder, for eaih.on the loliow nfdays: Centre Market, on Saturday, March ?9, at 10 >'oU>ok A M. .iaTT ? ara mariei, on Wednesday, April t, at o o'olook A. M. Northern Liberty Market, on Wednesday, April !, at 10o'olook A. M. Western Market, on Friday, April 4,at 10 o'olook l.M. N. B.?Persons nov holJin* stands in the differ >Di;n>arkct*can retain thfin by paying the appraise neotprioe (or snoh stands previously to day of Ale. RICHARD WALLACH, mh 13 St Mayor. ^PLENDlD TABLE DAMASKS. rowels and Toweliugs iu all grades, Jotioii and Linen Sheetings. Table Napkins, Superior Shirting Linens and Cottons, TVhite Marseilles and Allenuale Counterpanes, J u-.t received and at the lowest cash prices. J. \V Plfl I L v ** ?? WJJUU I 343 7th at, above Pa. av. y J| OURNIN Gc ?OOU3 IN ALL BEST J

lombaiines, Chaileys. Alpaooas, I Jouwe and single width UeLatiies, ingliab Crap?*, j&'je ar<tl Crape Vails, aoine eitra large aisc. to whioh the apeoial atteutioo ol ladiea ia biaok are invited. J W. COLLKY. 1 mil )3-5t 393 7th at, above Pa. av. i SEALED PROPOSALS ARE INVITED ! ? ti I the 15th day of Maroh, 1862. at 13 m., for ' mrohaaing from the Ooverpmeat the Hides and Tallow Hoofa, and Horus, Tonguea, Chuoka, and J IMua, of all the Beef Cattle used br the Army of < ,f fh? PntnmaA avmaa# lr? 1 ? *k ' *uv a vrultivvf ? *wf tllvmv ? ? w1vuiii iqo ,noient iit'iu of the uiatnot of Columbia. No btd will be entertain*! ucleea the bidder la resent to reapoud to hi* bid. The Hide*, Tallow, ftc.. obtained at the iak of the oontractor-he will be held aoooootabie or H idea, Ac., of au anuaala kilted, whether he ;eta them or not. The l.nla to be directed to "Major A. BECK vitb.C.S., (7. S. A., yvaabmston, 1>. C. fe 26 idtbetjme fokopenin6 THE BIDS f the above advertisement 1a rcatpvned until the i 1 March, 18S2, at 15 ni. mar 13 td New style spring overcoatsanp fine Black frmck C?ata jnat received at BAR a uro *S, mh u * * comer e and 7th atresia. i |h|||??00? whibki ban reus want-i i .ulju f-f which 1 will cive aooU price*. ' 43 *xt a ff?< ( i ?j*? ci. n, u uAiuniiriiii tii'a 11 3f Corner SewJ arenae and K t>. A TTENTiON! \ TO PRINT DEALERS A number of fin* EDRravioca for sale f<<r i few aya. Apply at A. HUNTER'S. B'jokao.lei, over be Bank ?r\Va"limelon. N.B UiietnErapha oct ree in a superior at?Ie for $1. Prints afro colornd. mfa H-?f J. CHILDS, Artiat. H*OR SALE? A new. beat Nev York make, " Tor BU<16\ jalBO.aame make, one^v rithout toe-hoth elegant. Alan, a large T ,r lied PON Y, in beat oomtition, icentle**-" ml yonig. Cheap for oaah. Apply Box JtJI Poat flioe, Willi real name. mh 12 tteo* I POTATOES. 'LIST Reoeived a lot of Potatoea of different inns. (!: carters and PEACH BLOWS Also, a lot of DRIED APPLES and DRIED PAl UM la>? U-. ?- * I1AVUUW ?w awv 0? iWOTjk 1WOI 1U IOU VU huh r _ , BL'SEY * BARNARD, mh H lw Georgetown, 1>. C. NTERESTINB FOR THE COMMUNITY AT LAR8K. Wt now reoeivinc RfcADY MAUE LOTH1NI- ( the la'est designs three times a eek from oar nwnu aotnring establishment in eltimore.wbieh wt offer at astoniahmc lowerioee. BAR A BRO.. n?h la-lin* corner E and 7th street*. GREAT _VI?TORY! /^\ EUflf/at every quarter THE GOSLING RS8TAUR4IVT, it PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, South Bids, (Fo'marly of New York.) He* the same and feme of boiac One of the Be*t Restaurants in Town ! yOire u a trial, and Jnd?e for job ael?-/Tl Every thins in tko home is Basest ^tYiemarket ArrunvD. ID* Deal forget the number? *T Fenu?jlT%ni? avenue. iim, -Agfa,. TOWflM^EUS ^ teneee, ia pteMant mm! healthy locality, for e?Jo a aoaomnodauac terma, or will exchange f r o rrici&L. rtLPAR TMfcNT OFBTATE, MJ Wro*, March 11, 1-*' inrornutlcn baa been received at this Depart moat from Mr.JThaddeoa Hyatt, the Consul of the Vetted Stale* at La Rorbelle. of the death, an the 7th of September laat, at Royaa, of Mlaa Ann Wilson, an. American citizen. It la believed that Mlaa Wllwn has left aome property, both In France and the United Statea, and baa relatlvea la thta country. Farther Information can be obtained bv her relatives and frleada at thla Department, mh 13-3" If ICh AND WOORDEl) BULOlUll IN HOSPITAL. Publithsd in eonformitv snth the resolution of iAjt /?#/* ia taai At SmiMff Jfoipittti, Irtorfitm March 7 24 U. 8. Infantry 14 1st do Artillery.... 1 3d do do 1 SdVermontVolnnteers I 4th do do..a. t 5th do do 1 5th New York Vol... l Kith do do.... 2 Jtith do do.... 4 33d do do.... 1 43d do do.... 1 4Uh do do....10 55th do do.... 1 571 h do do.... 1 59th do do.... 6 ft-Jd do do.... 4 Pith do do.... 9 9 h New York Cavalry 2 3?l I'enn. Volunteers. 2 83d Penn. Volunteers.HI 9th do do...... 1 r<9th do do...... 1 7ih do Reserve.... 1 1st do Cavalry .... 1 4th do do...... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 5th do do i 2d Maine Volunteers .15 7th do do 2 3d Massachusetts Vol. 2 18th d" do.. 10 22d do do.. 5 -'3d do do.. 1 2d D C. Volunteers.. 2 10th New Jersey Vol. 1 1st Mlchlgau Vol 12 4th do do..(a) 1 Rhode Island Artillerv 1 do 57th do cut do 7lst do do. do. do. do. Cameron Rifles ...... i OBccr'i servant 1 Total. ( ) An oAcer. .111 A$ O en fit I Hotpual, Union Hotti, tomtr Brid^t i%d Winking ton iiriiii, JtftrcJk 7. 1st New York Art. .. 1 112th Fenn Volunteer* 1 11th do Vol... 5 Kane's Rifle* 1 17th do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 1 19th do do.... 1 4 th do do 9 3Jd do do*... 15 Stockton's Mich Vol. 2 43d do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteers . ft 44 th do do.... 9 1st Excelsior Brigade. 3d do no.... 1 mb do do... .30 1 50th do do.... 2 1 do do do 3d ?th Rth .Mh do *7th do ?d s;i >iit 77 tD rto do.... U With do do.... * 9th New York Cavalry 3 1st Tron. Cavalry .... *2 do.????. 1 do...... 2 Volunteers . I do 1 do 1 do ? do 3 do... do do do Cameron Rifles I Signal Corps 2 kl MaasachuaetU Bat. 1 4th Rhode I aland Hat. 1 ?th Massachusetts Vol 13 1-th dc do ? id Vermont Volunteer* 1 1th do do 13 *?h do do 1 Total. ICS 1 Hrtfitml si Crlumhuin CoUtgi, Wifkfftem, Mirth 7. l?t I'. 8. Cavalry 1 id do do........ 7 Ith do do I Sth d? do*....... <! Stb do do 1 3d d? Infantry.... 1 5th do do ! *d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 7th do do...... l Uth do <!o 4 1st Massachusetts Bat 1 10th do Vol. I guth do do. I Rhode lasland Art.... I 2d Vermont Volunteer* 4 ad do d?.... 3 ith do do.... 1 Sth NewYork Artillery 2 Jth do Battery. 13 4 (tb New York Vol... I y?th do do.... 3 Bid do do.... 1 .Hth do do.... 5 77th do do.... ? Rocket Battallou 1st New Jersey Cav (6)43 l?th do Vol ...2 1st Fenn Artillery ... 1 4th do Cavalry.... t ttth do do 1 13th do Volunteers . 1 171st do do 2 731 do do 1 j9lst do do 1 ll'.'thdo do 3 Maryland Knglneers 1 Sturgls Illinois Rifles. I Mcclellan's Dragoons 2 -iu uu au. 11 2d do Cavalry. 1 9th do do.(<r)37 17th New York Vol Wd ?>th J6th J7th do do do do l?) do* ?.? do. do.... do.. . . no u:inoii uavniry. IVth Indiana Vol. .. ttta Michigan Vol... Sth Wlaronaln Vol.. 1?t Minnesota Vol... One f iBcer Total (b) One cHirer. Jl Otntrnl Hofj iinl, (CtreU,) Waikmgion, Mirck 7. lit u.3. Cavalry 2 M do do l Ith do do 2 Sth do 1 Uth do > id do y Id do ? ith do 2 tth do do 3 luth do 2 1st do Artillery.... 1 id do do 2 ?th D. 8 Artillery.... ) 5tfl do do^ S id New York Cavalry . 1 'id do Artillery 1 <Wd do Vol I VOth Pean. Volunteer*. i Vttb do do 2 Sth N. Hampshire Vol. 1 3d Vermont Volunteer* 1 Total. .48 Sick rmamiaf t* Iti Horpii+l far Dxstastt, mt Ralorawia, March 7. a i>. o. v^Tiiry <i Ith do do 2 5th do do 2 5th do do 4 2d do Infantry 8 do do........ 1 11th Maine Volunteen 1 rth Massachusetts Bat. 1 7th do Vol. 1 18th do \ l'.'th do do. 1 Nd do do. 3 l?t New York Artillery 4 12th New York Vol... 1 14th do do.... 1 ittth do do.... 1 16th do do.... 1 Itth do do.... 2 (1st do do.... 1 S2d do do.... 2 76th do do.... 1 <5th do do.... 1 Kociet Battalion 2 New York Mounted Rifles 1 Oneida Cavalry I 1st New Jersev Cavalry 1 3d do * Vol.... 1 10th do do?... 3 1st Penn Rer Cavalry 1 < do Vol.... 1 7lb do do.... I 5id Penn Volunteen . 2 Vlst do do 1 104th do do 2 105th do do 1 0th Wisconsin Vol... 3 lmh Indiana Vol 4 2d I). C. Volunteen... 1 2d Berd&a gharps'rs.. 3 Oflcen' servants 3 Total.... *9 Al Ind Ho tfitai jPatint OJfUt), Watkimgtom, March b. 19th Indiana Vol 31 I3Ui New Y??rk Vol.. .14 3lat do do.... 8 >/ tki do do>... 5 hi lb do do.... 3 i'id do do* ... 4 ,'lth dn **" 1 Slat Penn. Volunteer*. 7 9~th do do...... 2 53 d do do ?.? 1 iu3d do do a lat tferdan 8h*rpa'ra.. 1 id do do 10 Oxl r. r? \r -i?? 7th do do. id d" do. Mat do do. ;tb New York Cavalry 2 LM New York Artillery ? Cameron Dragoons ... 1 lit Michigan Cavalry. 1 Total...,, 110 At Gtiural (Eckingtom,) Wmfkinglom, Mmrcn 7 lit U. 6. Cavalry 3 6id New York Vol... 1 !d do do 1 5th Rhode 1 aland Bat. 1 IstNew JeraeyCavalry 4 Tth Maine Volunteer*. 8 Ohio Cavalry 1 ? latU-R t*harp?ho'?UT!? I Total SI ?<t do do I At Dovg'ai Horpitml, turner #/ I ttrut ?d y*te Jtrsey artnut, Mitch 7. Major, Paymaatcr.... 1 >th t". S Cavalry..(<*) 1 3d New \ ork Vol.(k) 1 Itb Vermont Vol ..(r) 1 th New YorkCav(rf) 1 Id L' B Artillery .... 1 ml' H Chaaacura... | >th N Hamnalilrc Vol 6 Id Vermont V olun teera 11 rMMaaMcliiisrUs Vol. ? 'A Rhode laland Vol. 1 i7tk New York Vol... 7 Oth do do..*. 6 0th do do.... 1 N?w York Vol .. i W8th do do.... 3 lat New JeraeyCavalrjlt lat I'enn Gavtlry ....II 'th do do 31 id do Voluuteer*.. 6 4'h do do 4 7 th do do...... 1 llth do do 2 old do do A r^th do do...... 1 Hid do do t t*tk do do 13 jlWd do do 10 >OU un U". ao Kft. Uorpc , 1 >ttb do do ... rl >#tb do do.... 6J Total ....Itil (?)Chaplain, (*>) Captain, (c) Captain (<f)A? latant Surgeon. At OtturtU HotfUul, AUnmdri<a, March 7. th U. 8. Infantry.... 1 th do th do th do d do 4b do do 1 Cavalry * do 1 Artillery.... S do........ 1 d Maine Volunteers. 9 Id do do......10 th do do 11 Ah do do th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 d Maaaoehuaetta Vol. 4 9th do do., t at do Bat.. * th Rhode Mud Vol. 1 at do Art.. S th do Bat 1 57th New York Vol... 3 th do do.... 1 90th do do.... l 87th do do....IS lat New York Artillery 1 Uth do Battery .IS Pith do do....11 lat do Cavalry. 1 5th Conn. Volunteer* . 1 Sid do 35th do Mth do S3d do Mth do Slat do 8 Lat Ao 93d do do 1 do...... 1 dO.M... 1 do...... 16 do a do 5 do 1 do^ 1 th Connocttent Vol.. 1 th Vermont Vol 1 at New JeewyCavalry * at do Vol.... 1 th do do.... 6 th do do.... 1 t do Art.... 1 thNewYochVol... ? 7th do 4 tth do do. 0 0 o 8 ad do do. o o 2 6th do &O.00 0 5 7th do do* oo o 9 *h do do* 0 o o 1 aid do do.... 3 7th do do..0.91 8th do do*... 1 Mfc do 40....*5 do do......10 106th A* do 7 11th d. cmlrr..,. 1 87th Indian* Vol t M Mlchtgu Vol n 3d do do IS Sth do do.....110 3d WUcomU Vol.... ? 6th do do 1 th do do 2 It Minnow* Vol 1 :oTmlry...Bl IthJEjcoeloiOfB rigodt. 1 MttOMMI 4 ..315 B7 Wiohlnftoo pop? pioooo oopr ud iliCi to tho Wu Oflparanoaf matt 14 Bjrsvsa Jse^ufcSK AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON $ TO-MOKJLOW Br J. C. BtceVIKK * CO., ABOtiOM?rs. Exl*?2\Z?J?ZL%M?W> taMIRE March ITtn. at 11 o'eiitok. on th? ait* of th* ! ? 6rm\ry. Judicial? *<utre w mall ,! m oti to it? SWW l>r*Mfri Brisk. o Wm.!o* itta Door Frame*, fifl Alton a \V ir.Hnw Lot o! Briok aa<? Baa Koek o? the vaii, Lot of Jont. Floorir>c. 9uh. Ac, Lot of Fom.dat.oa Frw 9toBM Tcim oach mh\A4 J. C. MoOUlKB ft CO., A acta. B? J. C. MaGl IBfc ft CO.. Aaotiooaara. ADMINISTEATOI'8 fALEOF THK Household f visitvBi, H i, mti Fiirrni, ANDOOOD WILL 07 ^ xriUIOK Clvb Morn-|<I Tl) Hal) A V March tstfc. by cider ot the Ur^taM' Coun. 1 ?hal; Mil the F -raitara, Bar Flitor??,acd good trill of the Kxoei?ior Clab Hoaaa. on UU tr??t. MtvMa H and F atreaU, acaipriattc ? gait^o'Walav' yloik ?or?red harior Farnitara, Puite of dimvak oovarad Parior Fmraitare, Walnut W hatco', Marb.'e top Tab cs, Pane and W r> i Saat Cham. Loaci , Walnut atd Mahogany t'ard and Whiat Tat.l?a, M?ot*l Or nam', cm Clock*. Gas Chanoaliera, Wind >W shade*. Brveaelaaad Ingrain Carpeta, Oilcloth, Kud, Stair Ca'pet. Kiudiiod UiL'nc Tab ee. 1).i .e* Chain. Chi: a, > uf, *i (l Crocker? W ir?, plated Castor*. TaMe ?-atlery, B* adit'aJ?, Fureaua. Wuliittr.di, Hair and Huak .MaurtMM, Hoiatera aid Pillowa, Kiack-ta Coififort*, bpreada, Kitobaa Ctanaila, Stovea. Ao. The aal? will coinmcoca with the Bar Fixtaraa ac?l ( ckI witt. Terme : $35 and under ewh; or*r that am a credit of two and four in j&tba, with inter eat aalta (aotorilr ?? u red. JOHN O'lHiNNRLL. Adwnia?ra'or _n?h 11 -eold J. C. MceUIKEACO. Aaeta. By GREEN 11 WILLIAMS. Auotioi eera C GOVERNMENT B^E OF BbBBIBlENCE 1 St<>rb? ?(?n TUESDAY , lttk Ma-en, we aha'l e?li, in front ofon* Store, No 98b corner ?th and D atreeta. at 10 o'elook a. in., the loUowiaf ticlea. vi*: ,s,i? Iba karj. *14 Iba. Ham. no iba. M*m Keef, 17> iba Baaf Toniaaa, l<? ll>?. Meaa Pork.?" Moiaaeae. 617 lb* l)ned Applae,S? Iba Boralar, 315 Iba. K ioe, ?s' po?n?la Groand Coffee, iw Iba. "flit Pea*. '<>v. feuatie.a Baaaa, 16? Iba Green Citf e mhU*4-' ' GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaeta. IVIARSHAL'S BALE -ln?,rt??'? ? ? 1*1 fooiai under hen law, ir?ued from the Clark's off-oo of the Circuit Court of the District of Co lumbia for the ooanty of Washington. aid to bm Hirer tod. I willaxpoaato aale, lor e*ak. la front of the ooart toaia door of aaid oounty. oa FRIDAY, the 2t?t day of March cast. 1*3, at 12 o'c.ook rn . the following deaoiiK?d property, to wit, Ti?."?Ail defendant's right. pte e aim or in tereat in and to a oerttaiu dwel;ing ho uar ferae ted on lot No. S and the eonth feat 4 ineboaof lol No. 9. la r^nare No J77. in the city of Waahiaf too. 1?. C.. aaised and laried upon as the propel? jaliui* will he sold t? eatigf* fudioiata No ?> to Ootohor term. 1W, in farnr of Jonathan T. Walker. J. D. HOOVER, feaK-dU MarehaJ. MHAR?RAL'S ?ALK.?In rtrtue ol a writ of hen facias, laanerf from the c erk'e office of tl e or cut oourt of the Dietriot of Colun.Mv for LM eourtj of Washington. and to me direotad, I will expose to f ublio saie, for oaah, in front ol tne Coart House door of said oour.ty.on M<?NDAY. the SI?t dat of March. ir.stant, lata, at U o'etook m. the following property, to-wit. tie Lot No. IA. is i?n%re No. ?l. lot No 3. io nuare No 42, lot No. 5. in aenare No. ??, lot No. U, in a*aare No. ?*. lot No. I? in tauare No. W. and lot No. l.v m inare No. Tfi. in tbe city cf Wathiucton. D. C . together wiUi a<! ai.<i eitcnlar tit iiujrove meet* thereon. Mil*! at:d levied upon m the property o' Brock M?vokal., end will be sold to Mtiafr laCicul No. 41, to May term IMI, in fe?or of Ho<>e Wrotter A i'? tar nifi i\dm Prof. Geor?e Arth'a ceebraird bud. Ticket* 01 admitting a gentleman and ladiea. _mh injf FKOr.C. F. BAKNE8, Maa*?w. P"Q._F- J*A RNL9' r A8HIONABLB BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. JL UA.>tl.M> AUAUtVi.MTMlWrtLO* * Hall, K atreet, hetv??eL 9th nnd l'th C u>n JB very Taeariay and Frtda* ?afternoon olaea/^n at 3. evenioc c'.a** at 7. Soiree r\tri Friday UHfc evenini a*? o'clock. Mucio (,y Prof. ?eo. Arth. Teuiporanoe Hal. will be let lor Italia, Parti**, 4c. Apply aa above. ( 14 lm* JUST RECKIVF.DAT L A. BEALLACO.'g. No. 361 Seveuth, between 1 ami K atreeu. a new atock ?f CLOTHhti, FLRRISUlNG GOODS, TRUNKS. HATS and CATS. LA BEALL A CO?S, No 361 Seventh etreet, between I aud K. la h* alaoe to bay yomr CLOTH IN ?, FURNISHING GOODS. TRUNKS. HATS and CAP? at New York prioec COME ONE AND ALL AT L. A. BP.ALL A GO 'S, No. 361 Seventh atreet. SetwMc I aod K, to bar your CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS acd CAPS. NHOW IS YOUR TIME To BUY YOUR CLOTH I NO, FURNISHING GOODS, HAT** aotl CaP4 at verv low prioea. at L A. BKALL A CO.'S, No. 361 Seventh, between I K itrMt! ?? jySF.ABES OF THE THROAT a.xd LUNGS. A CARD DR ROBERT HUNTER, of New York. edi tor of tii? "N. V. JuuMift, of l5i*e*?e? of tbe C.he?t." 4.C., hu arrived in Wiuhi-ctoi. lor the parpo?eoftreatit*"Broroh>al and Pulmonary Die M< whioh b-ancr, of feu protection k.e practioe la ex:i?'ic?iy conlited. Ur. Huuter'evei i? definitely limited tr three weeks, and laoniy made to atforu Uioee alfi.cted with Uie iMM ?nil'-*oed in hie sp-cianty (Ca tarrh, Bronchi tie Aethira and CummnpUuDl an opportunity to &ai'Tit tn*ir < &?ee to biro it pereon. Dr. H.ia tbe tKuie of the tmkalmtiom tmUm ?f fT'idict. by which raediti'ee lor the oare of die eaeee of the throat and ulc? are app.ied ci'ect.y to the affected r arte in tbe form of vapor. By thia treatment Aathma and Brocohitie ar? . apidly eirMd and even Conauraptioa. which haa ao lone bellied the aki 1 of the rao*t learned phyaioiana and proved utter!* incurable under *(5od Liver Oil," Cue uteri ritation ' aud the vartoae " 'ouch Hi rape." 'Be eauia" and other eaaoktah n^atrama taken by the ?toma?h. yieida readily to tne heaNui influence of wartn medicated vapor*. daily ajpp led to tne af fected pkrta. In the city of New v rk ihedeatha from ooiliumptiuu have diminished more than a thouaar.d a vrar aiuoe 'he introduction of thia tract oe. No other form of mediation g 1 v<?e the pa ent the aluhteet cIhum of our*, f n? mi ?.f i? riia*aae oaa oclr t>e IImBM by ir.ha?atioo, ml Without it la rraehcj oot one ratiert out ot a tfe?u Bind will be iav?d. Thu troth ought to be wntUo IB letters if gold l>r. Hint**'* room* are at No. VOX Pmi. tn nue. 3d door b'low IMh ttreei. tooth aid*. Hotri fom 10* nt toti p m ak II MERCHANTS?Cail and Fxamiae. aKKCUANT?-Ca . and Kxamioa. fcRCHANTS Call and Kxamiee, OUR CANDIES. OL'R CAN 1>IK?. Ol'f CAN 1>Ifc?. W holeaala, at low*et Market pneea. Macvfae tared Freah Evari Day. 4J6 litH Hniir, 44* 11th Pt&ksi* 466 11TB t>TH(IT| SAY TON'S i'akerv and Coaieetionary, AVTOV" bUVrr Coni'^uone^' Ai i uii c Dii*'t muu c out e ry# nil Hw r v? valid?n uvMiiim mvri Anb run*, Bix jmti old; Mrfeotly aoBnd uiJ |.i-|v_ tl?, ioit?b!e for a hoy or lady to nde * r~TriT ply to R. HDTLtK, 491 9th iUmC ? mh I 1W rRlHKLlR A CO , 0 P T I C I A N 8, 44 Penn'ft av.,( north aid*,) bolltthMd Ifthi EYEG LASSES, MARINE AND FIELD GLASSES. COMPASSES, of th? hftat amlIiHm fc ?-ooi/.tr~ A. OYBTEEft-OYBTEES Ciilf ?rmtMiMUfteiBrror^^^LAf "^WiSAJ^TiSf" no*. A.U OMirioc ft luxury will r* r?wft?a*o by oft'hnj. Superior ooftlity of Frwk Bfttt Orator* IBB? 5?13nSii?52 dolivorod on aJM>rt aotloo. CfcOM* Cuvi ftt ra? MDftbl* rfttM. ! ?-!? APBRSONtt IN BLACK ^ EE Ro tciiod to it.pool oir Iftrje ftad oo?pl?U took of Motroiftt ?o?.d?. Dowfiu ta_aMUofftb ruw w>nii rur yrMciii On 9?- a* only, tJututwlcish vim, I iai?-?tt*i ?T itoek tad frwM aotittM, it i?> ? -vs?t ??. It M . P?? ?n?l ?'h ?tr?t. m wortawi of TIm CoiitfiJ>? >? xrijftfcjsr EK>R SALE-MALT GRAIN. ntabte too* tar S? SHI ATS. SHIRTS!?J Mt r?Mtr?d tester ""Msr

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