Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1862 Page 4
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THE FVEMtiNU STAR. Drilling Id Grafs, tad Oral* Drills. Frcm an article upon thil topic in the Wls cetrn Farmer, we clip the following* The praotice of dril!-?o*ing m*y truthfully he e'nired to be ?? old a? gr>^d Englifh farm ing. and af'rr * hundred yeari of experience ord' r all clrrnit stances. baa constantly grown In f?Tor. nn?il few or bo good farmers broad cast bow In try coantry. except in tbe New West. where, as yet, with too masj at least, the object fccn.1 more to see how many acres can be rvn oTer, instead of how manj can be caltiva'rd. But even here this loose system 1* rapidly passing away, and joy go with it. i'robably more new drills were boafht in tbe Weft, and e'peeitlly in Wisconsin, last season, than were 5n tbe State previously all put to gether. And during nnr extensive travels among tbe btst farmers aad farming districts la" season, we scarcely me: with a locality *bere thay were not eoming rapidly into f?i ar M it f?rm#rs claim that every 54 atrtea of w*>e?t sowed will annually pay for a good tfrill. They talk a< follows:?First, it saves on# h?lt bushel of seed-wheat to the acre, in Ttrlably. wbich on 50 acres would be 25 buah ela; which at 80 cen's per buahel. (low for s<??d wheat,) Is $20 Neat, it savea one-fourth of fbe lab^r of putting hi, as a team will put in from 15 to 1ft acrea per day with a good drill as ea?y as they will 10 to 12 with a drag, b^sMes faring the expense of sowing. Thus 50 acres can be put in for $5 16 $8 leas than with a drag, and broadcast. Next, !t will add at least two bushels per acre to the crops, taken at an average all through the Star*.' Thus 100 bn?hfl? of wheat at 65 cents, (in the ?traw.) i< $65. Which, add to the preceding S2V and we have J&0? the fall price of the be?t drill (hat is sold, all bought, paid for, and ravrd the fir*t ?ea?on, by any 50 acre wheat farm, (where stomps are not too plenty.) Drill-sowing can be done iust as well and evenly in windy weather as when still; a great desideratum, surely, in the West, as it tends to enable much earlier sowing, as well as much more even and better work. Drill-aowed ersic grows much more evenly. for the reason that it is planted at a more even depth. It not only grow* more even and uni form. but it grows larger and heavier, especially upon uplands, because deeper planted, and hence more moist during our usually dry Western summers. Thus, altogether, and for nearly every good and substantial reason that can be adduced, drill-sowing is decidedly preferable to the old e:attering system of broadcasting. We aro nware ?h?t a me differ with us in opinion upon "us entire question; but we are also aware that tber? nre about the same Dumber whs beliere in sickle?, cradles and scythes, instead rf reapers and ncowera ; and that wheat turns to chess and fcor?e hairs, Ac , Ac. Yet this a^jeassry remnant of old fogies do not stop, hat on!y trig the wheels of progress. C0n?Tf*rilTI50 COSFEDERATK NOTES.?A romspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer wr fe? : A few daya ajro the p^vernment detectives Y^flTui that an 5 rfraninn J Vanlr&A vat r\?ir>tir r* a m v>w >ui>? mm u I 1'pLW UIV/U J A BUaW TT ?f piIUHU^ ? larjc* amount of rebel treasury note*, of dif ferent amount*, mostly, however, of largo de nomination*. They arranged a time and made a descent upon the -Yank,' when he was sur rounded l>y all hi* confederate*, papers, 4c lie seemed surprised at the appearance of the cffioers, but quietly went with them He said be w?s engaged in crippling the rtM treasu ry, and thought it was very strange he should be molested, as he thought that was their weakest point. 'Unw is this V asked the as tonished tfficer. 'You ?e?.* said the 'Yank,' *the?e are better than the original article; the vugiimir ?ic wnriuiisp. iuc/ arr uuaum'Tizcu by law; so I am not counterfeiting. I hare ret attempted to pass them for money, and realty cannot see bow I am doing wrong.' *Ab r said the detective. *cf course you were not g><in* to [wi ihem bn: 3:0a are going to furni-b them u the enemy .' The Yank' tnen rwrH up tbn be wa<? rending them down to flood tbe S.?0!h and destroy tbe confidence of the people, when tbey ruideiily found the whole country f. oded witb a spurious issue, ?ui hfir only circulation rendered worthless. n inrntiftiiwa showed that be bad really jsmt several hundred thousand dollars through tba Sou'h ria Tennessee, and sold them at from tbir'y to ?f?y cents on the dollar. The ease w -s duly rcjorted to Secretary Seward, tbe whole afp-ra'us seized, and the man ailowe 1 to go en bis parole for tbe present. Tb? Secretary frankly admitted that this is tbe tooshest ca*e he has met with daring the war. and be forthwith turned it over to the Secretary of War, who has not yet concluded wba? to do with tbe cee. Samples of genuine and begup are here, and it is freely admitted that the 'Yank' h?a got up a superior article, which is very d'Acult detect. ' A NAV.?. L M EPICAL BOAP D. >? Eo^.-.i 41 Meo-c \ will couvsne at the JJaral Aaylarci Philadelphia, on March 17, IS!, tor trie umt -non f ifidatee for admission to the * orpai fme Narir. G?niie??ade*t iss perrr.isaioa to appear before tr>- B"? 1 *.i '?t ir*ke application othe Honorable Stflf ary i i :hs %*?j. statue their residence, p!?r> aci > ?:? of lr?h, Meompaoie-l with reepect at e t-glimo* ia!? ?,f moral oi;s.r*at*r. f ppfciat* ?n?t nut ;*aa 'hu twenty-one nor m- u.^n tw tr t i jrara oj *je. No exp^n-: > in all j?rd by bo?erBmBnt to Candi date* atterdiEK 'i? a?aai'>ns ot the l>">?r<l,?' & tuc oe??ia. e> am ..m.hq u a Ic^ai preretuiaite for ap vouuraeni m lua mil 0 eo2w T NOTICE. ? BE Pnl lio is renpeottu >y informed tnat the ato*r?icc<Hi iim Qotn<n?D<?d ran-_ Slug 4 LINL <?F tTAbE* froir-flMflfcaft# K?:.n ava*a? t Hiii. 'rh?' LU('(V1 1 l?Tt Wiilard*' Hot*! evrry ornui( *t 8 n'oiock an Mercian HiM at half vast S o'eFk. to villiau rezaiariyto and from Meridian Hill en. j boar, ti.u* afforduif a cheap and 'poedy oon -v*j\no*> to ttie rri iou* in lb? neighborhood. The aodeisigned ! < p-?? to reoa|va a liberal tnpport, a? be ia determined u> affora bis patrons every fa m bia power. Pare in oenta each way. GEO. M. MILl,EH, fcH^clm* Proprietor. IXJEW YORK GROCERY! NKW YC ORK GROCERY! Nh W TEAS. OLD GOVERNMENT JAVA COt- FEE. EXTRA SUGAR CURED HAMS, And all othar kinds of FANCY GROCERIES! For m> by W5L CORWIN BURGY, Importer of Thi, f* ? Cornw of I and Klyy?nth it?. NERVOUS DEBILITY. OR 8FKR M *TO" RF 05 \ ? A permanent nod hut hi C? Rt i t .h>a frrihla citea*? may ba LbtAinod nl th? >"> cored au"?*4L* .tly, nandr da of oth ers KncUa? un*iump, aod aldreaa Cox 174. Ch*'!wr>'??!. mh 6 1m ^ K ?, A T li A K O \ 1 N SJ TBK TRADE*A* D SUTLERS! Th* *nh'<jrib*r ittead* oloaioc oat baaineaa on tk? Itth Much, *1.0 will Mil jib enure atook of ProT ston? at cost. Also* lot of ana-nor i:ifara of <1 iff/root iran of ak"atK/?t *i on nioui 1(1)'d to li in and wul h* aoul at >he ocat ?rioa Ca l ar d fM. Aia>, oo* nftba boat bvsiooas stands lataaooy tol*U JOHN T. m B ODER, mh 6 l w* . orn*r cf 'Jth and G au. /" TT9 V ? r*fVD AT? DTT*rrA*rO v w uu VW*HIU~XI I/Hiwua. MR. rc-KUnlAT, r artCun Cbimrodiat, from far t?(s to |r form y>>a ta*t ha o\u tfwts ft iy r?m vtCorni tad tiaaiMna without >ftin, ao tfifti tl>a ?bo? osn b* wen im '?d ately af er the o?? ftt on. v:t .obi ioootvani dm. Also wmoT'i W?rii?, a o i.?r ?B^?riJi'oB? fla-h from tha hada. that t a? will?ppefts ?mftll and 4attMM No. 19 43* < ft, near t.'uy HftlL Ch&rgaa ipoJarftta. ILT Kcwri to t?a doctor a of Wiui. fton itntr %ilyT mh 8 tf ?9Bf FURNITURE' ffi W FURNITURE! FURNI'IVRB t B. MOSES, (of tha ins of Moaea * P^lham, Phi'ad'ft.) Mft&atftotarar ard Wtioiaaftlo and Rataal l>a*iar is Cftae aaat Ouva, Co"*ta, Parlor and Oiiuli Tt>M Kirn.torA?/TKnrt'tTl*iMi?? ft** u*-? itrMt, ?boy*T>. Krorj vanetT of UPHOL8TKR1N6 moftl) Bnc orail; ai'-ouM. Pt?r? ?lsT ud evMlng for tit* toooivntoda tlQU ol th? f a h ue. Parch*##-; will atady thmr lntoreat to o*U bofor* ^<K>^iRX Ja 81b* ^PRIN'i CA8*!MKKE3. AJao, median tad O te* ci -?b? and Ve?t). (? Nary tt:ae UvU-, > lanrtela, u<t CunimrM. ( rtntl >0C? Tift", b:"TM, (UlfHow, f? Vr?.iu, P<x.ko? Haadkerefcitia, I adershirt*, * a. Our Norlliefa ?n^ Eu'ora oorraayon ianta seed HM*H7 Mdulj, , Oi.? ;rN>iMM aota*l caah ataaUBrd tb!b?, K?ri^ m? -ia fifu ?. An taaaoctionwf etock tacura bo nbiiaation to pmrch**. ? mKYUkO, Bliin P?bb. >T*aaa aud Niath at. iUi'i'A A Y oUOKe. MILITAKV BOOKS! At tfca N&'im' B^okatwfa. Wo. <79 PmojItit nuarea**. ti? Niv NiUtt | Bo ka Br* to bo to ?a?i ?a f>om *? >uaaa torn iUa Preaa. t>1 ?aiawr. .-jour?ui k W*. F R1CHHTBTN. ? * 9** rtitnwIvB'iiftftv-ot'CA a. ?'Jl J.K?i?t>eoT.a;??a a"? ?f KIXTl'HtS r iHR elx'MmM (AcTERs i^iiro *t | EON-CLAD STK_A ME*S _ _ w^iVKS^PSk ( Tl* Nary Pepaun-bt will, nnul iha M M ! Marsh nr?t, rao*i< e propoaitiona lor th? oomplet* eoMt-oo ion ird nu'pm-Kt of Iroa tJd tnhIi for riT?r. turgor and c>* at defar.oo. Thea* veaaHa vitn the *xo?ption ofthoaa far tha >l;i'i-ai?pi liver airl ita tributa'i**, wul ba fro pa l.y aorewa: tho?a frr <fta Miaaiaaipati mar tod tntnUrina iray be p-op*lled by paddle ?he*'i. 'In* hn.<a will b- eiij ar wholly of iron (Hr hi oh would he p referred )o-o: iron ana wood ccmn '??!. sb the projector* m*y o Balder moat aaicabla for theobj?ct proposed, bat their aidea and daoka I ouat W-. ?>^k mn iron (krm&MliA U * ff um the hea neat *hot *-d *?* la. Tk- *eaael i lor n.e Mi'iiui^* n?er and it* tn hutariea are cot *o draw more than six fe<?t w* when ful y eq'tiapec ir.fl a' whioh fn? tnev are to be able to n aiLtam a pe manent ope* d of' ine knot* jir hour in "till water, ard oarr.? ai,ffieient coal 10 t'ie i ankerafor aixdava oteamioa " at .aat ep?erl Thei' armawent will oonaiat of not lea* than rix eleven iron guns The reaae 1 for ' arbor defence are not to draw ' tror* than twel-e fr-et water when tally equipped ai.d arrnsd, at which drait the? are to be able to n:?r tain a *-.pnt ?a?*d of *?D knota l-r hoar in emootn w*t*r,ard carry nulfijient real in the hnnkera for eeTea data itMmiut at that ipeed. Their aribam^ni w.M conrist of not i*aa than from two to fonr eleven inoh suna The vessels for roa t <Wencea art* rot to draw mwre than t- tm'T fee1 water when folly r^uif pad find enned, at 'r^'t they are t j be able to invofii! a reman -nt ereed of fifteen knots per hoar at aea, ami carrv euffioieat o^al in the bankers for twef ve csya ata?nnnj at that apeed. Their ar Ri*m? t vi I o^tvutofoud or t?o fifteen or twen tr >iMhKUiia. Tne inn* of ?}t# ve*?rel* for h*rbor and ooaet de fence ti't tot (in toil point* of theoompass with on*. hftnu pi ti? ream's poei ion. The propoei'i><m< mua: tale the lumber of Tea pels. au'jeet t? tne e ec loa of the Department, which the pary pcop^eej to farniah complete in every re?pPO\unbraoinf a mour, plating, steam ir.aohinery an-4 equipments of al kinda. rea/<y for service, exffr p'ng on y the oMaanoe and ordnance stores and provi ?*<?.? : the proposition mustteao -j .- j?? r. a.. ' w in pan eu DJ U"BO?>|?huwo,?jwu a* jatiuua, ui?wiu6B ' ana model* of sect character tn&t t?<j work ooa.d 1 be execn'M from t w>m. Tbe ?'?ce cf <l#irr ry matt be state.); the time wkthinwioh the v ?! or veaaela are to be com f 9t?d. *nd a ? > th?? t-M*l aum to be pud for ?aoh. It will ho atipniat*-*! in tti? contract that one-t.f fa th* tot&i amonnt will lw> retained b? the Govern ment rixty da?? */W the reo'ptioo of the veatW, crder to fto* it a trial, the remaining PMinent< heir? mv a w.tfc dne regard to the proper perormar, ce am pror/'aa of the work; the contract will also ei,*brav< forfeiture for failure to per form the condition The bids mu' 1l** aeoinipame'l bjr the guarantee reanirpd by ;a?, that it a contract ia awarded, it w II be promptly ^X'ouieJ: an i the namea of the partiea who are tv b*c* me the auretiee to the aw-ui.t of the laca~ wi i*'" w>uir?u* win ?iso w> stated "I tie Depa'tmant wit. oop* lu^r any other proposi tions tha? ma? a pr?ts*>. -tad f# whiou the draft o| wat'-r al-o-e ra^iea i? notp* ce?ded. 'J h* lirpdrtm-'iitwill b?'at liberty t" accentor reje.t any or a,l the proposii <o "<* fe28 law4w hraomg every utile &ni quality, froiv' the finest Parlor gaitdovn to the cheapest Hureav '.Bedstead ami Chair, and r.t prices whieh defy cot ipetition. Gi?j n? % ?*a't und rorvinc? ?nnrsfl'v^s. 1 * 25 eo6t hfcCIDEll BARGAINS. l*inen Goods, a fa'.! assortment*!! kinds of th4 l*?t KmbroUones and Pocket Handkerohiefa, reo*. Bupputa in all z^a t>?. Fin* an medium White Flamei*, P aiu VViii e and > aid caraurica and Matlina. All of theab?v>a- on? proverbiaiW low pnoe. markeu in p ain fi*uraa, the aotuai cash atandaiu v?lu? Ad inspection of atock inipiMa no obligation to t PhRRY & UKO.? rah 1 fit Pane avenue and 9th at. THK yiOSt GRATIFYING 1NFOKMA tu?r thaJ we oan ?,vo '? our reader* who are suffering fromJ,rfs? is thefaotthat PEAKSU.N'rf >J E.IUC A'l'Kl) ? AK,DKV^ ar? reir.edy. Many ofov'fru" ,df Retried them with suoodfe for I'o'jghf. N're ' nro%tf Hoarwnen and Asthma Ihea* ooa^o;'0" i,v? J*l,el t? Consumptive* Sinters ?t&v Publio ^peakera who are troubed with i bros,t nndre lef by U3icg reason'* Medicate-1 Tarl>. op*? w*,r,h olear the throat of fcusk'j and tiokling e*.caauona. pro duced by t'-o much 'it tion of the organg, *nd *i?? a'.recjth, tone and in) negg toW? T,010^* Prepare i at.d soid bj tifcU PfcARSON, North Liberty Baltimore. fold al?oat^s* Fig hi street, V*. ash it to::; No. 4 Fairfax trek* Aicur.J:;a: A li. Huut. Frecanck: and b? the , ?.-iEu?a! dru?ists ani o.>nfectio_ers, at 1" cenis par pae.&gp. fe 24 )m Deader* in watches wom;<i>!o w?n u> o*: &1.11 ex*.,mns ti.o atuOK of S A J M yer8, thy are ?ei iHi 2*' per cewt lower than any otti-:r hoaae ir. tas city. 10 YVashintton Build tsf W*TCh 53AKLKS Wiil ?av? time and tronble l>i oaliing < I. r. A J M ? KKS to purohasc Watch Materials, Waujb tilasses, Tools, and Jeweiiora' Jobutcg Material'. 10 Waeiiisftou Uuiidist SA J. MYERf*, ii*vius understood that ?* *r?I trave ir.K p^' ar^ *v:n? reprea?nted th*t ti ey aro aou>i?ct<>d with tut.r honae, and a?ilint an ic'er or ariiol", they take tma measuro in in imi<fk mv n'i'." vii .v n,"f aio in nu vny uuir oectso with auj hunn o- stents in this oitr. ?l_/" U.aiio" o! 15 >Btoj House?10 W&sninjctos Bunding, Washington. iel LAI)! Ed' RUBBER BOOT* AND SHOES, AJi aisst, at J. B. PUDNEY'P, S24 1'rnn Ji?erue,back of C nifitt's ltr> Hnnili y*tnr?. IVIEN'S RLUiiER bUOfa LH AND SHOES, At J. U PUDNEY'S, fa13-tf .TJ4 Pcpn. nv.. Hno>c Hoom. WE HAVE OP*.NED A LARGE MTOCK of tb'-t lite UN OERbtil RTS and DRAWERS, winch will be *o!d at reasonable rne??. BAM'L W. I KOMPOON, 370 Pern, avonaa. fe * A-tf snd?r KruVD'i. Oysters1 Oysters! TUEOVbRLANUOV'STLR EXPRE88 COMPANY Still ocntiuuo to receive dai y thaw famon? p.anted PATUXEN'f RIVER OYSTERS. Recau-anta and private faraiuet^ma f- J wouid tio well to call Hud try thera. 'lboee oyttera are sold to Hours after tflej oooso irouQ the wat*r. 117" office .No. 48 Market Space, beiow the A^onne Hon?a. ja 8->m G BALMORAL BOOTS. OAT Tipped Double eule Balmoral f 1 <0 Calf Kid do do do W2 00 SioVe Calf do is? Also, a.i other itylee of Ladiea and Miaaee' Balmoral Boou,tlie c;.e&pett and beat auqrtment in the city. J. ROSENTHAL, bo. 16 Market 8paoe, Ja 7 an P<?pp. avenne, between 8tli and 9th eta. COIN WANTED! The Highest Pnoe paid for QOL1) AND SILVERS Sracis Foa Sax* in Sums to 8wi*. LKWIS JOliNSON * CO., BANKERS, Fajt.nTLVAjiiA Avimi, jag-tf Corner Teeth it ret. ^DAlttS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE qVrEMOTAL. The delivery ofRos of tbia company la removed from Thtro street to the (arte depot on B street, W ar<4 "JW ># ** IU r*u BA R.N L M S HKRRi-Onfree-xhibiuuu, mh> bunt stock of Clothing in the oitj, at the People'* Clotiuur "tore, No. 460 seventh street, cppocit* pi ?t Olfiae. N B.? All of the above toode fo. sale at very low pricee. fe Ti 3m / \ ATS AT WHULLSALh, V/ For aale by J. LAN6DON * CO., New Jersey even a e, f* 19-H H % i iMa * R 1COAI, OIL-COAL OIL! AM Nov lornithing the trade witk the beat KKRUSiNti OIL at Baltimore prioee; also, MAY, COHN, uATS, Ao.. at loveet market pnoe. 8. W O'LAL'tfHLK.N. Ir J& lm* Corner Vew J-?rs?T av. and K et. L. Tovui. J. M. Tuwui. J. B. Towns. L. TOWKH8 & CO? 8TKAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING 18 TART.rrnusNT Career Lmuimm ??mm and Sixik it. Th? attention of the banneaa oomrannity i? ra ppectlnllv lnriied to th? New Book aid Job Print ing fceiabliahment, whioh haa boon fit tad aa with new material, >.n the moit complete manner,la row prepared to exeonta, in a satisfactory atyla, every variety of Printing, via: Book*. Speaohea. Pamphlets, Cards, Circulars, But.era' Blanks, Ao ,Ao. 'l'he attention of memoera of Congress ia mm eialiy re^netted for oar fiaoiiitiea for printini Speeches, as wo hava the Imrttti steam aower la thaoit?. deT-lawtai ?OU6Ht?, COLI>yyHOAR?ENK88. COMPOUND S)k ifSfevM ARABIC, Thia pleasant ant popular Coagh R?melj naa boen eo long known and extenaively usad that moat persona hare baoome familiar with ita extraordi nary eficacy. It caf b? had at al| the pncaip 1 (rag stores, at tt at a *> oacta a bottle. <?1| dT" ? ' i * WALL, ttTKPHENB k, CO.. ?? 3i? PsiKsTLrsmiA. Arintii MILITARY A N 0 NAVAL MERCHANT IAILORH, AMP HtAOV-MkUE CL'iTHIKWL iNu?utmufiiuifif1ttfijp*1* aCAft rfcK.MAtTfc.ttb' CfcttflFiCATES AfldoUwr DOVERNMBls T CLAIMS sr,"A'v tr?M. f'L0K104J8 fjfcW8?BURNSIDE'B BXPK VI 4stipu a pArfoot mioomi. But o?xt t? ihatU tj.a Haijvn* now off?r?l >n Clothii Furp uiitox Go?><t*, Trttak*, tlat-j and Cap*, at tM f '^ieU C ol^m titor*, No. 460 nil ?tr?e^ o^po HTLIftl, GR9CEB*, AHB OTHIU. 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Fine Wlnea .... a cenxa per pound 50 cents per pound 50 cents per pound SO cents per pound 16 cents per pound 35 cents per pound 15 cents per pound 6 cent* per pound SO cents per 100 .SI to 93 per 100 12 cents per pound .20 cents a bag 10 centa per pound 20 centa per pound .fl per bottle w matey 25 to SO cAto per bottle All other kind* of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and we for you me If. TUCKER'S, 3*5 PennvylTUl* Avenue. WILLIAM TU /KER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 33ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 38ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCEHIKS AT HALF THE USUAL PRICKS, Mating b*tn pwrtk*?d ff Bankrupt MtrcXnis and ttktri. Stuart' Refined Sugar* from 9 to 12 eta per pound Extra Fine Green Ten......75 " " Good Green Tea 50 *< ? Extra Fine Black Tea.....75 ? ? Good Black Tea 50 ? Old J ara Coffee '20 " ' Good Coffee 16 " ? Every thing else In proportion. REMSMBBR, VVCK?Rnj,S9C PENNSYLVANIA VBNBE VVCKEK'S.W PENNSYLVANIAAYKJTVS Wuiimteii. IMPORTANT 10 FAMILIES, &18TAU& AJ5TT8, HOTELS, 8R0GKRS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TUCKKK1 CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. QROOERIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having bum pmtktutd of Btmkrwft MtrtAanti mnd otktrt. TUCKBR]*0 TUCKER'S WHOLMALB AND 1ITA.IL Groceries, Liqnon, Cigar*, Wine?,ftc FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, FINE. U NION CIGARS c racker8, boston. k etch ups, imported, fi xtra copfee8. r a18in8, Malaga. READ OUR PRICES HEAD OUR P R I C M S1 WILLIAM TUCKER*

cheap grocery warehouse, IS* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 1W PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ooodwjira tobacco. H. H WATTB'B VOLUNTMR TOBACCO. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICKS, * S?9**t Urn r*nkm?$4 tf Mmthu+t Mmrtktmtt and wthtrt. MM MM MM BE, TUCKER'S, IM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S, 3*? PENNSYLVANIA A VBNUB < FOE ALL P1SKABB8 OP 1MPR VDEMOK. ur NO FALSE DELICACY FMgtMWT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. U?? vhich D?u?cut. Pn*. Jdy^ lLT hVMik,,'u' ***** M _ , , TO UNO MSN &3&&z^&tt*2ar?si SHSSasS?^* "v--."' g^rrvajraarr.^ &?- &" jis marriaoe. . ??'>? miHi.MTiui Hu MUutadif Hu. Nlfif itart if ?bT?i?rii?aw.^ AkKfT _ m?m - Wg?ll *? " /? 4af*rrmiti*t, Ac., <p*?4ifr ctrtd. vb pUcw kuBMtf uin ik* mm at ?t. i. map MUft mly Mold* to hU Mom u a iiuImu u4 mUImU; ralr un hi* akili m i Wnltlu. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. lafl ka?4 *Ma niaff IHa Baluaaaa lunt a h? 4mm tMa U* aaraar. Fail *M u abi*rv* tin* aad nakN. Mutn Mat ba paid aad aaataia a nam#. DR. JOHNSTON, Mm* Ma af tka Rayal Cailtf a af Mart Mo *, kaadaa, rnda au fraa as* af tka Mat atainaot Cailtf** la tk* Vnli*4 tat**, and tk* fr*at*r part af vha** lif* ka* Man *p*ot Is tk* haavitai* af Land an, Pari*, Philadelphia and *laawk*ra, baa afact*4 *aoa af tk* maat aataoiahtng aar*t tkat vat* * *? knava; many tr*akl*d with nnftnr in tk* k*ad aad at* wbaa aalttp: rrtat airman***, bain* aiarncd at rad4*a *aan4a. baahfilnaa* with fraqaanl blaahtaf, attan4a4 aaatin** Vita dcraofantat af mod, van IUI4 tat Calalfi TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Yaaaf Man aad athtr* vha Ma* in)ar*d tbamaalT** bp a I Mftaio practic* indalf *4 in vh*a alao*?a habit fr*qa*ntJ? laaratd fraa *?U aatnpaniao*, ar at tcMal, tha (facia af vkiea ar* aifffetl* fait ?~ ? * ** ?' , ua ll w Un?i Cndtr* auTMfi impoMibl*. and daairaya bath Mtad la* Aj, ahaald apply lromadiataly. Tlui ara hoi af tba aad and malaaahbly ifiUi indHll kr aarly habit* af raadi, via i Waabnaaa af tba laek aad kuaba, ralna in tba Haad. Dimaaaa af light, Lm af Maaca?u Pavar, Palptuiiao af to* Start, Dyapapay, Mann* irnu billt Daranfamant af tba Lhf a*u*a rir.cuaot, antral ability, ymptac:* af Can*amp:iao, *e. HlKTiLLT.-ni faarfal affacta an tba mind ara M?b t* b* draadad?Lata af Mamary, Canfaaian af ldaa*, D*pr**oaa af Myirlw, Kvil rarabadinfa, A?araiaa af Saciaty, talf-Dia liart. Lava af lalitadt, Timidity, ?t?., ara md? af tbi ?*ila Bftdllldt NUTOti Dibilitt.?Tbaaiud* aaa lit )*<1(* vb*l U tba u**i af tbair dacltnlnj baaltb, laa'.n* ihalr tif ar, baaan lag waak, pal*, aarraa* and ?macl*tal, having a atafwUf appaaruaa abavt tba ay?|, *?a(b at aymptam* af Mump DI&SM8SS OF IMPRUDENCE. Wbaa tfca it'jfvidad aad impradantTatary af pHaaata tada ha baa iatbibaa tea aaada af tb'a painfal diaaaaa, It laa aftaa bappana that anill-tlmad aanaaaf thara* ar draad af nun um nm applying ia thats wlw, trim tdacttian ud raspscukility, aan alans hsfneod hira. (alls inta Ik* kudi a? ignarant ud designing prsisndsra, wbs, Inespikts t baring, ilcb kls pecaniary sabstancs, kssa bin inlmg Moth ansr man lb, ar at lnr u us smallest fl? can ke ak tatnsd, and In despair leave aim with rained health U sigh ??r aia galling disappatnunsnt; ar by the aas af that dee/ly palssc?Msrcary?baittn vhi aaostiiauaoal symptems af thfe terrible insets, sash ai Afseuani af the liari, Threat, lead, kin, *a., Magreaeing with fnghtfai rapidity, till daatb ftu a triad ta hie artadfal saf erlnf t by sanding bint that ? disMTtrsd aacntrr f?a? *k?s bstns na traveler rstaras. DM. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS ASD IMPOTENCY. I; tkts mat and In partial rsnidy wtakntes wt lb* Hfus art speedily eated and fall ?lgar rsslarsd. fuua>di?7us eel tsntai aad d?ttlitats4, vha bad last ail baps, bare baaa inaedlately relieved. All tnpedlneati ta Msrrlag s .Physical at Msatal DitaaaJ Uaatiaae, Uw af P?esr?sU?s Fevsr, Isrrtu irritability, Trenbllng aad Weakaeaa ar BuaaaUaa ?f the nasi dm iptiin} tint. ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRESS. TBI Mart Tbovsamb* taitd at UU la?Utatl?a vlUU Ut iMt IITMUII tun, and tkt nantraa* Inpanaat larrt Ml afarauaot ytnanatd kr D?. jMrtMi, viututd ky & *f tk? ftfin ui May atku a?r?an?, d<u<?i aI valtk kart aaaiartd ayaia aad afaia kafata ika aaklta, ka aldia ku iaadlo( at a (Miliau ?f aharaiiar aad raapaaat klilty, ta a laflaiaat faaraaiaa la U? aLtud. uilfl; TZIIBSZIAIAZI. ProttcUd by Royal Lttitrt Pattnt of England, and ttcnrtd by tkt Stalt oj tkt Ecolt dt Pkar Mtu dt Parity mad tkt Iv.ptrial Coil*gi if Mtdicint, Vw*??. TRIB8EMAR No. 1 ia the effoctnftl remaoy for KblaxaTIok, Sr** HATOKBBCBa and -- TRIESKMAR No. 2, Completely and entirely eradicates all traces of those disorders, for whioh Ccpaiva and Cobebs have generally boon thought an antidote, to the mm of the health of a rut portion of the popula tion. TR1KSEMAR No 5. Is the f <tat and sure remedy of the cmiiaed wori* forar lmeuritiee 01 the system, as well as second ary symptoms, obviating the destructive use of Me:?ury, as well as other deleterious ingredients, a jd which all the Sarbapanlla in the world oaunot remove Triesimax Nos 1, S and 3 are alike de void of taste or imeii. and of al! nauseating quali ties. They are in the form of a loasnge, ana may lie on the toilet tabie without their use oeing sus pected. Sold in tin ease* at 93 each, or foar #3 casee in one for 9, and m $*"> cues, thus saving $9. as administered by Vaipeau, Lalleraand,, to. Wholesale and retail by DR. H. A. BAR ROW. 194 bleecker street, (4 doors from Mac Doagal street*. New York. Immediately on re oeist of remittance, Dr. it ah bow will forward Trfesetuar to any vart oi me world. eeoureiy packed,a*id addressed according to tfco instructions of the writer. Published also by DR BARROW, that popular I.?. ? ii - - uu ixvnin'iiiT ;tiusirare<i ire<iic?i vmk.Humaii Frailty. Pric? % oentn. TneMtoar and Book can P3 obtained by *p?ciatzuthonty from8. C. FORI), WMh.r.jton, i>. deU-im JKk SOMETHIN8 NEW ! S~\ WtUD^ai "HgilW xEy At 981 C ttrut, trr*liii ikt OY8TEES 8TEAMED U U? Vkell idA Thoroughly Cooked <tu n?mtm to a ro&At) in iihmmvm, tit futut itm? m rami. Cail and ?ee. Tlit andoraigned ree*ectfu!iy inform* hn fnendi la the District, and visitors to the city. that he ha* <-*>6 tUw! hia m ti mil ?*' * - ? Mvwn MiADbiBttHiiVT r*w Mnmipiupflu w mraigQ uiBiiSKS in &nr i-5??HSw?hiS* to t?7? Oyster, furniihed rer* ?? rsn??n-aTit> at ?.u T..I.H j " etui to the oelebrita u yrloM jut u low. Ousad . Me*uf?l5>T?ter?,t'llUrdinftfc CUuna 8tr?wberne?, Tomato?*, Pif?' Feet. Tri?e. k.o. ?3.,?C. Also, ricfclM, CaUue. Sa^aae/BY^ay Peaohee, *o. Al^, Game and Freeh Flah. Tcr tlee, Terra?ine, Freefi Lobetere, Cod. Halibut,Ao. Ia feot, every thinr for sale in the Northern mar ks* ^W.OP b* '?' reasonable erioee. Hotels and families in^plied with Oyater*. de livered without charge any part of the Diatriet. Uvered without charee to any *art of the Diatri In eeaeon.if the money u sent with the order. My establishment la open from I a. m. to 11 .. nirnt. every day, exoept Sunday, when I oloae at 10 o'olook a. m. jel tf T. M. HARVEY. Worcestershire Since. Froaoueed by ONMOIS8ESRS to MtlM "OMLT SOOD SAUCE." m4 avplleabl* to EXTRACT of a Letter from ft Mtditml titmtlmum at Madraa 1> Hi* Bftktr At Woroeater. reii Kv'R. ?k.4. C?? EVERY VARIETY OF DIBH. The above SAUCE is not only the mi and moot rorvui condiment known, bat the moet itaww iuU, u a term droM in S* *?, Srmmv, or with Wi*. hot and oold Joitut, Buf Sttmk, 0mm. ft* impart an ex?aiute aeat, whioh tmprimcirUd Baaoa maa ilkotnrers have In vain endeavored to ? ??! *?. Oa the Brtmkfixt, LmuUm, Dimmm, or Surwm TtU, a ernet eontalning M LEA * PEREIN9' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" u indiepenaa bla. ti - aki. J-u timt preparation it U only neouivr to parahasa a null bottle of the of a respectable jro oer or, m many Hotti and Rsstammmt pro prietors seldom place the Pm$ Sanoe before their guests, bat sabstitate a cenaine BottU filled with I DNrvwi mix rare. For aale by Srooart and Prmitarara ererrwhere, JOHN DUNCAN * SONS, Oniorn Stuart mmd lit* UrM, ffm Jsrh. Bole Wholeeale Agents for the United Stataa. A Stock always ia store.?Ateo orders ressirod tor direct shipments from England. CTJaMri tf C*m%Uv/iiti mmd isUiaitau^B wmyjo riBMVT ffftffVMI ttVATIV ftiAM Al?y DENT1STBY. VZZSZivm - SKKS?Swi'* ? . V*? No.- tmiH >?r?? _ _ wnh pr. Dom ftt faVlT 004 ffw *??** kldWB I?mW lit. mirt-ly.M ?a. C1URLBI R. BOTELfcft, NO. SSC PENNSYLVANIA AVENVK. Biiwili 9th aj?? 10th 8t?. * ???? |^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHE0FLAST1 BOItM f B E T , Wmon Mnu Pun n Cuirt DR. 5. B_8I?ESMOND. JJTW'II, nn? r?r*-H60 PiM?yl?aM* it mm, iiwrn 12(4 Md 13t4 ill, Waj?r**lo?, Calls ths attention of the public to the following advanta?ea of hit irar-ored system: 1. The Teeth of hf; rr-aunfa^ttre w. MM never oorode nor chance oolor by acids, beinc three- fourths ujhter than u; other. _ I No teeth or roots need he extracted, a* the artificial ones can be inserted over them. S. The roou will be made inoffensive, an never ache. 4. No temporary tooth are needed, as permaaeat ones oan be made immediately, thereby presemnc the natural expression of the nee. which snder the old system Is frequently d:??f l*?v i. This work has been fully tested over five years by many ef the first chemists and physicians of this country. Dr. 8. bukim i - ? ? * _?? ?m wuiw m?niBMW metai illsnr, with whioh the molt aectifve tMth oanbe tiled without pun, ud oan build up a per feot, aound tooth on an; aide roota, which will laat through lifetime. The beat of referenoeaciTen?to Dt. V. MottjDr. Dcremua, Proffeeaor orCheroiatry, N. V.; Hob. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washing ton. ar d thouaanda of othera Call and examine for yourself. no t in GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM ?. DOVE *CO. ... EE Now prepared to exeoute any erdara with which they may bs favored in the _ rtVMfil??. At* OR STEAM FITTIM# RMINvm rr Siorn or Kc"atreetYa7ew doo.a nertk ( Pa. ttjm, where may be fo*ad a oomp ete use freest f CHANDEUL*3 *na other 87KAM U< wAfKi fTitbrks. ;?r w WCAS PIXTI1EI, K Hat* in store, u<! are du; rooemnj, 9AS flX TORES of entirely New Pattern! a.:.d Deaic&a ana Finish, anterior in style to an? tLinc heretofore eff"er??d in thia market, we inTite citi??rj ceneml j to Mil and examine our atook of Gaa ana W alar r UC |rea, feelin* confident that we have Ike boot a lock in Washington. AH Work in the above line utraatod U oar ( ill be promptly attended to. MYKRS * MtlBAN. ur i-V it* n . FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. *om liLl IT J . P. BARTHOLOW, Bole Agent, larivare k k%rlcnlioral VarekHii) 686 Seventh Street, Bitwun Pennsylvania ?m?i Mil tie Cul, oepoeite east end of Centre Market, Ja 14-tr HARN DEN'S EXPRESS. < b?TABLuan in 1939.) Re( leave to inform the pjb'io that the* have ex tended their Kxpreea to Waahinztun. end are now prppared to Transport Merohandiee. H&nk Notee, Specie. Jewelry, Ac., *o all Fan* of the MiddU, >tt? Entland and IT?j(?ra Statts an-i Canada Conneo'inc with the most reepccaibie F.xprereee thronehoutthe country, w* are enahied to offer MH tonal Lid fmsiliti** trt n.! S vhn ma w fa?nr ? tn*ir pa'rcu&ce. For terms and further inform* tlon apply to E. 8. SMITH, A tent. Hird at., 24 door below Ha. avenue, ja9 9m Wa?h)crtoB. P C. Wall, Stephens Jt Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dsixna in SWORDS, SASHES, BELTS. EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, 6AUNTLETS, 6LOVES, Jte. Ard every variety of JtKinr.irinr nt /i^orva At Rba>oiuali Pxicsa. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 3)19 PwwsyiTMte ftrvnaa. b*rweaa 1> 1! Untol. A R??nb.| Kh tad Mtb ?U. JO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHSLOR'S GENUINE HAIE HTM. The Beat In the World. Tkt Omly RMim&U mmd Hmrmlut Hmir Dm Tmmmm Sold by all Drue fists; also, at Buinoi'i PUMt Medicine Store, op. Pai*nt OS8,Mr. F ? Ttk, Gum's Hur Store, Ml Finn's avense. where Ladies oar. have it a?phed, if iesired. FaoUr/?SI Barclay et. (Ate m Broadway) N. T. oc i-ly CrOLD AND 81L ^K.HK^leu 3H, SWISS ANpAMKRICAN7 1 have now on huid a large ctook of all the most celebrated Watches, that I am selling at the very loweet prices taat good and reliable time keepers oanbeaflorded at; and every description of fice JEWELRY on band; all new styles reoeivM as soon as manufactured, and offered at the lowest rates. Silver ware manufactured in my own shop. All kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand, such as Revolvers, Swords, Sashes. Belts, Bowie Knives. Pocket Compasses, fto? Ac. Also strong Arm? Trunks and Bed Combined; and many other things nsetal and ornamental at 33B Psncay ivania avenue. n<i?n tf H. A. HOOP. Read the lol.owing unsolicited enoomi umi: / "1 oannot commend them too highly." W.*3 "They are the best hemale Pills extant." " 1 have used them with oomplete ocoess." "Wnnlll baI Ka wiikoat tkam >? "They operate Pnoe fl 8nt 40.1 Ckeuit i Lug ton by 8. C. avenae.; in Ale; CO.. Drvcciita eolr chance of diet repaired. It la an Esi-MPi liah Speoifie of auty-five yeara etan< lnf and will not harm the moat delioate oon-^^KF^ atitation. It oontai?a n? mtMrdi, Pnoe fl. So id by 8. C7 UPHAM, 403 Cbeenat atreet, Philadelphia, and la Waahincton by 8. C. PORD, afreet and Pa. a*e : in Alaxajidn*. h? oorner HENRY COOK ft CO., Drag gists, so M-eoiy ' ADA?ANT.NS.SMBffHRU GANOL 60 Boxes Adsm&aUns Cmdiss, good ( JlStrMMTti KINO ft BURrHELL, jlik St, u4 Vsnasost srs. fe 80 Conor yras^jSR^'ifiefta! lrp?nk?S\Srkwi Biff Cklots, ?>li. for okUdraa'a "Tju'r northern^ and ^ eMUrn oorr??on<?li Mad la U-tr Y * '.XSBKfk RINJWE COLO* \*xtW rou. frtt-tr TKA! jB^afSSS'?. mi TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. U*m*AJ*r MONDAY. WASH I KOTOS AMD BALTIMORE Win rtBM fallow* i Sit Dmih IVtuu imr? ?t Pih'I Ami RMMMWlAnH U* wm, ?*< Mi < For Pfci'.*do!>hiaMd Now Yort-Lo*vo Wuii lutoo til.oiia.ilMt ?.?? M? r _ For Baltimore?LoMto VV kt iVud I.?tikudsi?ud4?rii. ^ For Ac&opo l? M7M A U4i?*r M For Fhilodolpfcift itlw r . _For Btrrtofeori Kd tko North ud Wool. Ioom WMtllkftOd MlHi H.aod 4 M or Ml r * For Fredanek uion,and 1m r u. trains morirrv north. MorniBf Expreee leave W uL: :.f t<>t ( n*l at Be timore Tjn a.. Ph;a2e Nov York P. Harmr orf l.l* P. - Monuof Aocom?Kx1H:op inn Wutnttoi i ?e a. . Arriv?at ? n. No oobdoo B?na it Baltimore. Tiua ie tke Morninj ooanexioa r Annapolis _ New York Ala.i Tr?lB-!?n WaehiBrtoa at U a. arrive at Baltimore 1*.? p. Philadelphia IJ? P. New vcrk M p a. Phila^o'phia Tnun iea n WuhniKi# at s or p M. r??oblD( Baitim<?r? at 4 SO P M and Pfei AC 10 P M* AflerLOOC Accommodation?leave Waahinftna at 4 PM, arrive at Baltimore at p No oon nexiooa at Baltimore Ihu i? the aftoraonaoa necion for Annapoiia. Ever..r g Kxarcwr?leave Waehin*to? ? p. ? at Baltimore MS p. Philadelphia WJi p.New York 4 a Harritl trri a. a. On Sunday* toave Waahir.f too at 3 '*? and tP.a "ft. 5 ? . train from YVaahinfton oonnecta tk~>agh to New York ever; day dunn? the week. trains MO r I mr sowjh. Leave New York at 7 a. Pfctlaue'phia 11* a. f 1-JLitinAftt A Oft ? mm A ?-? **T ~ .aw?-~aeoa? jLi(iT?ai tt *?d;L|(UC F? H \y?w Nnr York at P. *.; Pfc.ladeiehia !*>' ?. Kh Ut A> A'FIT# It W MBlCf I. : L> 'Leave Now York st 11 ?. : PM!*le.?hie I J* a. a.; Baltimoretj? a.m. Amreal Waahingtoc Looa A.ooommo4atioE frame :t?r? Baltimore M ii m., and 4 3> p. m ,for Wutytoc, arrive tb*re at 11 a. K. aad 6 4S v. *. On Bnndaya at 4J? arxi 7J5 a. a.oaly from Balti more. No Anaapoha or Frederick mcmiiou oc Sundaya PaaoargorTrama leaving Waatucftoa atrtn a. m. aad 4 ? p. and Baltimore at 1J? a. m and 4 31 p. . make direct nor metier* frt Anra?oh? at the Jnnotion. The7 40 ix, and IN r l oocneet at g^ay tor Frederick, HageraUivo, A.a., Ac.. except Trains leave Anna*olie for Baltimore aad Wnt. inxton at MO a. u. and s 40 p. u. Passenger Train* .navng \\ aa.iicgton at 6.? a, .,11 a. It., ard p. m.. and Baltimore at 4-* ant, 7.35 a. M , Will ttow onif aj Annnpoht Jwntttim. Way Pai 'ay Paaaeogera muet take the Actomm?dAt\om JVaiai snip. Train a will leave Washington and Baltimore promptly upmt carif (tow, except)rg that the 4.31'a m. "J 36 a m. aad 4 00 p x traina will van to mi natea if neceaaary, to eoonie the paaaengera and Mm from 'he fcast. For Stick and Wounded Solmw a iu?i> ??? with an attendant. with heda, will iaare Wuhini 8n iwioe a webfc for Pbilad<> ptua direct at 11 a m. r tH? aooommodauon ol sirk and wo an ^*4 soldier*. W, P. r*MITH, fe 4 Muter of Tran??ortatioii. Ba-t. IMS] THE (1*69 PenmylTania Central Railroad, (with iU oonnectiooa) 18 A FIRST CLASS* ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES 8PHED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FBhJE FROM OUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! tbbbb tviily tiaih* now PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH: Two of thorn makinf clofb coknbctioim at with trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. and forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE noil WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to nil points in the Wm, nobth-wbft 4 nd softh wbt. 0*For Throofh Tick?t?, apply at the UAm at the Northern Contrai Kail Road Com pauy, Ca.rert t?tatiot, Baltimore. Splendid Sleeping Care on all Nigkt Tratne Smoking Saloon Care on all Tratne. FROM WASHINGTON. PUMciin wni take the 6 a. m. anu t p. m. trains, arriving in Baltimore at 7 Jtt a. m. and 6 45 p. w . where okm connections are ma e with train* on the Northern Central R R.,a?xl arrive 10 Uar is bmrg at l p. in. and 1.46 a m., there connecting with the trams on the Pennsylvania CeL'.<a Raiiroad for ail parte of the west. FRKieH-r*. By this route. freight* of ali descriptions ear f-e forwardf?i to and from ar.y point on the Railroad of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana. Illinois, WieeotMn, Iowa, or Misaoari. bg tinxlroad dxrtti The Pernsy van 1a Central Railroad a!ee e> i.c"cu at Pittebnrg with Mramri. bj Gooca<-as be forwarded to any port on the Ohio. M ntkiLcum. Kentucky, Tennessee. Cnmhrland. Illinois Miss issippi, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Arkaraas. and Red Hirers; and at Cleveland, Standasky and Chioaco with steamers to all Northwestern l aksa Merchants and shippers entrusting the transpor tation of Upir Freight to this Company, cat re.j W??U?UU? VU IM "WWJJ irwill', THE BATES OF FREIGHT to tod fromac? point IB tne West, by the Pennej>Mu* C*ntnu K*. .rood, ari at ai? n?<t ti fmrormbU oj or* tknrjtd fry Kir Aoiirood Pwumwi Bo to mork p*ok*(M mtia Pwl OONS, Freight A (onto. No. 60 North atreet, Bo t more. ENOCH LEWIS, ?oB'lllooonnft, Alteon*, P*. L L. HOUPT.?ooMTickefA?'t. PitilMlelvhit. H H HOUSTON. Boc'l Freight Agent. Pti* wWdA j? i-dly J^ORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. Tkt Sk+rtut, (Jmicbut ??<Y But RmUtfrm* b+l** ffiCfS tC til WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. WINTER SCHEDULE. Cbajwi of Time. On and after 8UNDA y7*Ui Novtabar, Piim I?r Trt will arrive and depart fram CalTeri station m follows: M ^ Teaim Noith Lsara Parkton Aoo< mm<x!%iion 4m. PtttebsrgsLd Hamsburg Express IJB p. m Taxins Hocth Atun Ptrkioc Aooommodiuor.atta. m. pnflalo bxiiaii ? ? a. m Pittsbnrg and HarrLsburg Express t p. a. The a. m. train from Washington oonnseu with the I JO a m. train from Ba.timore lor U? W*tuil for Buffalo. K.m.ra, Ruohe?ter, Dan kirk, Canadaignaaad Niacara Falls, and for New York oity. The XL a. m. train from Wubinftot ooypoto With the la. m. train from Baltimore to Weet, North and fi orthveet and Elmira and Bslaio a*4 Washington connects viu s Baltimore for Plttsoarg, West and is a direct oonneo

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