Newspaper of Evening Star, March 15, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 15, 1862 Page 2
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KV KNING STAR." WASfllNOTON CITY: ftlTl'RPAT MABI II li. 1W1?. Though Thi **a.i to printed ?n tfca ftatrat t* uii preaa In ax aontb of Baltimore, lt? edition I * to Urge u to reqalre it to be rut to pr?**e at nn enrly hear: A>irtTnt$wttnts, therefore, ?hould he rnt la before 12 o'clock otherwise they ma* may net spprir until th?> n?irt dav. ?>wa FRttPM at W mioti* rmnwrycamp* ?na pwltlrn* will cottier a by krrplnf na p?at9d ? to movraenta and affair* In tbelr *!cin!tle*. Dplrtt *r th* !?liril>| PrM*. "?he ImtUtgtHcat in tieat'nc upon "military criticism*/' ?ayt: "for a rttr*at tbc **rape from Bowling Green, Columtou* a:idM*n*?aa" wi undoubtedly In each CMC a ?iicf**, but it w>? non? tbe lew a retreat ron pellid by tb? ?upcrl"r f?r?,e or thill of the Union armi*-* If tbe strategy wblcb may be i*tly praised f-r bringing about tbia result bad * ? m _ aiao sutcteaea in capturing ? iarj;r p&ruon "i me retreating in#urec?*? and fhetr munition.- of war, hat strategy would have certainly been more fortunate precisely t?i piaportlw at the enemy's retmt mi^ht have been made W? stirr^uful The R*puhUttn comm^nda Senator Trumbuli'a confiscation btll. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. TBI XVACBATIOM <yr JI15W M?T>*IT>, AtJO OF ISLA?D yo 10?TH* OFFICIAL ACCPrfll. TL'- following c!c^r-,;?i fr<>iu Ca^ri rea' bed the Nivy Department at a I ?t?- ivur last night: *-"air??: Mat' b H. 1-?2 ?Flag on- ?r l ootc left her? at sevea a in to-diy, with the flotilla and he mortar boat*, for d?wn the river. He wis la?t heard from when he wm abont to le*ve Columbus A telegrait haa b*>eu received here from General Pope, saving that New Madrid wn? ev*'-nat?*d last night in the storm. The rebels troused the river and dispersed in (hp lllr^mn ftnlif faVInn a# #V.a<? hnHi?? U'iMi ?HV U""*f) VU1J IHAi il^ " U (UV1I ? tn?m, leaving stores, ammunition, Ac. General Hamilton wai !n command at New Madrid General Pope ia of the impression, from the freqneat passage of transports, that Island No. 10 is also evacuated. A reconnoissance tomorrow will, however, ascertain the feet. SAVT TAED. The rebels itill at Aquia creek?Another engagement. The steamer Yankee arrived at the Yard this morning, and took on board a quantity of shellY??sterday she, with th* Anaeostia, shelled the rebel batteries at Aquia creek, the en?my replying briskly with thoir guns, but failing to reach the Yankee, though several nzcellent line shots were made One shell struck but a short distance from the Yankee, in direct range with her wheelhouse. Most of the shots were too high for the Anaeostia, ^nany ol them passing uvu her to a ijreat distance. 'I'be ueavy guns of the Yankee enabled ber to lay off oat of range of tbe rebels and drop ber ?bell<< with precision into tbe butteries. After tiring some time, the steamers haulrd ?it, without being struck; butit is believed that from the manner in which the shells exploded iu and around the rebel works, that "stunt-body Ik bur'." The cars can be *een running to and from the depot at Aquia Creek, and it ts thought that the Kebel* are removing their stores, ordnance, Ac. I The Rebel battervat l'otomac Creek is also occupied by the entmy. The Yankee has secured a portion of tbe iron work of tbe George l'age, and is to-day having ti?? whistle of ftc Rebsl "frigate" attached to hersteampipe Workmen au also engaged repairing her wheel*. A large number of splendid nuns have l?een aecured, which were left by the rebel a in their upper batteriee. Yeaterday the L-alie brought up from the transport battery a Ttf-lnch rifl-d gun, I throwing a 13S poynd ?h?ll. The breech of this gun Is banded wt'h steel, and when the iplke it removed from ?he vent, tba gun will prove a noat valuable acquisition. There are now two ahcM? and a larj^e inata of mud In the gun, attempt* haviag been made to burnt it. Cannon of the best deacrlptlon are daily bein^ found In the rjver at tb*1 varloua batterle*. many of which, together with a iargf amount of loaded ahell, are being brought up to the navy yard. The Meunt Waahlngton waa thl? morning: try mii ucr n"?w uvuer? xor tae nrst time I'U.ll SO. 1# There -*n be little doubt whatever that ai Gfn Pope bcheved veaterday, on the nljjbt before l??t the rebel* evaluated Island No. 10. It w*s in fact the ouly defente uf New Madrid ,r i'.hct than MemphU) against Commodore Foote'i fleet, <*ud rould not be conveniently evecU4led by land In ca?e our army were felrlv lodged In New Madrid. Thua if they had waited tweuty-four hours longer, they kntw well, Pope'a cannon would have been in position at New Madrid which h? waa then entering, to dl*put? tbe ptaaoge down the river of their ev?rnrfi?i? trars|?orta, while Commodore Foote's flotilla and mortar boats would be showering irresistible iron hail on the heads of thoee remaining ou the island The chance* are ninety-nine in a bundred therefore, that oa reaching I-land No 10 yesterday morning Commodore Footc found it evacuated in the hast* with which they on the . sight before fled from New Madrid, as deacrlbrd in the oSclal dispatch to the Navy Department we publish to-day. THB XI&RTX AC. On Monday last (it has been ascertained with certain.y at Fortress Monroe) the rebele in Norfolk were greatly exerciaed in mind orer the defeat of the Merrimac on the dav before hv th* ? w Monitor. The Merrimac's exploits against our wooden "hipa on the day before bad act tfecui well nlgL craiy with Joy, and cUW-d ?hrlr hope* beyond expression. Tliey were therefore la no condition to bear her dafaat by the Monitor ou the next day with amiable philosophy. BIVISIOK Of TUX XILIT1A LAW-. Secretary Stanton is understood to ad*o<^te a xpeedy revision of the mliltla laws, that a proper system of Instructing the people In milltsrv m*? ten may be adopted. The present volunteer force, wben d banded, will furnish officers for t tie commencement of a thorough, efficient militia system ' -;*w MADB1D. The victorious march of our army In (ien. Hal- I Irt.fc's'depnrtinent.Roe* forward President Lincoln last night received a despatch announcing that New Madrid, on the Mississippi, Is ours. New Madrid is ou the Missouri side of the river : and about twenty-four iuil?* below Columbus I ?i nmnu J1U IU, BDOUt ten milt* above en the river were the points to which the Rebel forces retreated, and wherr tLey were expected to make a final stand. With New Madrid in our possession the Island is no longer tenable At our previous advices Gen Pope was InvestlDg New Madrid with a force ef eighteen thousand men. whilst Commodore Fooifc was about moving down the river with his flotilla of gun and mortar boats. vVe have no Information yet whether the Rebels retreated or were driven out of their position*, though from the fact that cannonading was heard in direction of New Madrid there has been a battle. The next defended points the Rebels hold on the Mississippi are Forts Wright and Randolph, sixty miles above Memphis, on the Chickasaw blufft. The works there are of Gen Pillow's construction and more remarkable for their labarynthlne elaborateness than for strength but they are exposed to bombardment from the Hatches Hn> v? u^.u -? ...... miMiiVi UOWIUVDC possession or our I force*, Is the capital of New Madrid county, Missouri, on the Mississippi river, 280 miles southeast of Jefferson city. It does a large business tn shipping corn, lumber and cattle for JhC Southern market* The houses are mostly built of woed oa account of the frequency of earth quake*, by which this tows was greatly injured In It'll. The shocks was attended with loud explo Ions and chasms were opened In the ground In rke vicinity front which volumes of water and rtrsm were discharged, Islands In the Mississippi were sank, the current of Ibe river was driven back for several hours by the elevstion of Its bed and overflowed tbeadjacent la d. It has a populstion of about 600 Inhabitant* CjT To-night, Mr. Murdoch, at the special hivitatiun o/ many of the most distinguished peraonagea of the country now la Waahlngten, wtll read the new patriotic poem, "The Wagoner of '4( AUeghaulca, ' by J. bu- bauau Head. Niw Book*?From the publisher*, T B Peterson St Bros , Philadelphia,through J. Shillington, odeon Building, and from \V F Rlcbatcln. *7* Penary lvanla avenue, we have 44 The Earl'a Helra," by the author (Mra. Ellen Wood) of the striking atory, ?? Kaat Lynne," whlcb haa been golnz the round* of newapaperdom In end lew republication The Peteraona ahcw their boaineaa tact by promptly appreciating 'he power of thl* atory and rpttinir it In rh?an f^nn before the Dublir. From Hudson Taylor, 3TM Pennsylvania avenue, we bare two of the useful works upon military matters Issued by D Van Nostrand, New York? " Maiims, Advice and Instructions on the Art of War," translated from the Freuch bv Captain Lendy, and " Rhymed Tactics," by ' Gov " if f The Richmond Eramiitr thus deacribra | the new line of defence taken up by the rebel army that retreated from Manaaaa*. It Is *' a line stretching from the Rappahannrck by a grain! circle to Cumberland Gap, In 'he ntrrtn?? avithweatern corner of thr 8*ate, embracing the Central and the Virginia and Tenneeace railresd-, the chlcf cltlea of Virginia and the *il!ey of tbe James. with It? canal* and rai'roida, wl'hln lta circumference ' The Emmm** farther c?n(e??e? that ?hi?i? ' pnrelv a lin'of d-frnrr ovuwrf mi a a m*c?mi'v in view- rf tbe sreat for ? ' T - ? -* ? - f-1 whith hta been coller'ed on the Potomac C? rr\t?( \Vo*dzk, of tf* Monitor ? Captain Wordcn ia a* the hc*i?e of Lieut. Wlae, under the moat skillful mrdlral t??Mtment and faithful nurain^ ft t* n?>t ye' known whether theaigb< of nnr cy? ;? rn'lrely destroyed When a gentlciiun to'd Secretary Wanton tint it waa feared tha' th? ^ali^nt aal'or would l?ac the slpht of one of his eyes, h< rvlaimed, "Then ?c will ttil Hie other with diamonds " l?y"Il la reported oy |'WeDf(m oi> me steamer Republic, up river from New Orleans, that the famous rebel -(team-ram Manassas was lying at Bayou Sara on February \.'Ttb, having broken down. Tlit Republic was ofl'ered a reasonable price to t?>w her up the river, ai she bad been announced to capture Cairo, but respectfully declined. * Valitablk Maps ?From J. T I.lnyd, >hc wellknown map publisher, 161 llroadway, N. Y., we havs a carefully-executed tnap of the Southern S'atet. and the same of Virginia on a large acaie The merits ot the Lloyd military imp* are aufiiciently attes'cd by the fact that they are in general use by the Departments here. :.J7" We are indebted to I'rof Bache, of the coast survey, ror a copy or tue valuable geographical sketch of the c>ast? of North Carolina and Virginia, prepared by the Coast Survey office The Coast Survey maps are Indispensable to all who wish to obtain precise accurate knowledge of the ground thev cover. 5X7* The speed of the Monitor is seven miles per hour That of the Merrimac Is not believed to be over live. HIT" Brig. Gen McDowell was yesterday eonfirmed by the Senate as major general of volunteers. mp-WENDKL PHILLIPS WILL LECILS TL'KE TO-NIGHT AT <HK SMITHsOnian. It fy%?ST. MATTHEW'S CHURLH-A Sjiritkn uai Retreat will L?e hail in this Ctiuicb, ccrnmeiicnt TO MURKOW, (Kuuday.) the Hth iast*nt, and ending on tin fo lowing s?nr,d?y. The exeroise* will 00 conducted by Hie Rev. Father McKlsoy ?. J., who will deliver an introductory sermon at 11 o'clock a. ni. it* |MM" WEN DEL I'HlLLifS WILL, LKO IL? 1 1Kb TO-MUHI AT THE SMITH SON1AN. It iy*y rhi; annua 1- meeting of thh I 5 Ycuua Men's Cuuai an Aeeooiation for the eVcton of t>arve fur the mum jeai, wi<l l)?* held at their !imn i,ou HONOAi 7>* o'o'iK'k. ^9Tor?l ainen<l;iiert? to the t ons'ititini ai * alao t-) l>e acted uiou, a 1. 1 it ia eaiii?at!j li<>po<1 that every member will l>e p eseut. tfAML'EL McELWKB. Jr.. 11 h 16 :t R?C- !*eo. |>g WKNDKL PHILLll'S WILL LEG !L5 II RE TO NIUHT AT THE SMITH simian. it rrs-iia. k drivers ani? hack own V>.*? KRS The DiMiii>?ra requirej in |i? worn, miaer t'ie piovis.oua of the oidiuaiioe *|>i>ruvc<l 11 the |wn ??| lehnnrj. 18*3, maat h? *r??pur??l on 01* 2"lth nr II.* "? ditaucewnl I.? itnotlf rifo-oM B? <nd?i : mli is t^'th SCPhHINT OF POLICE. f>f WENPfcL PHILLIPS W ILL LLC 'Lw TI'RK TO Nigh i AT TH>% SMITHsonian. it ir^ "Hl'jfc (J1 JUIN1 COMMISSION 'L5 1 NITt.H SlAllvH ANDCOS'I \ RICA, \V ??U!ScTnj, March 12 M?-2 ? AiauieetiiiR of the B->ard li?ul thi?o?T M wm ordered that lie ptriud ..f t?y nioullm froiii till* 1M? ? h?rel>? all?'W<?d for elarmaiiU to Sle then rroofr a*aui?? the RefnMio jf t f?t? Hir?, *nd no e*ter?ion re'iM W'll fallowed urtes* iood eau?e ?hali t>? eh<'*n f"t suoh delaj n.h II-jw CPAS- W. L>AV1S. {*? nr??WfcNMiL PHI LLIPS U IL1. LKC S0 \ IANUK L A"~*IG,lT AT IHfc fMIIll Hip ST. PATRICK'S DAY. JJI A LKCTURL Will i>?dsliTfird. oiidei luo au#pic;s "I tfce ?t A rf?ius' luttitate. hr JOH N P BBOPHY, Kfq . on 8t Patiick's LMt. ?t To'elnok P '? .111 the mant"! St A,n??u? Church, Subject-'The hmurauU of Ireland ; their ?a*l Labors in Spreading I aith. and what th?j ha?e ?et to do if thu villi ?r> nuui t-? if " A1 the Catholio societies < ( the oily, likewise !i CMl) io parents, are invited t<> l.e present Admi'smi free A collection will he l?k?ii up. to ha applied by the Institute for th* education of poor children. inh 14-H' rr?-WENl?b.L PHILLIP* WILL LL?: j.R TURb iO-NlOHT AT TI1K HMI IIISONIAiN. !t_ fVW?ST. PATRICK'S DAY.-Th- Phu-nix Ho ;)??? eiet? ofthia city city have made arrange ludnta toe?lehia'e thecuroini festive of Ireand's ration Haiut. An experienced c?t?rei has heaii sinp <-ved t<> furui*li a super on tiie evening of the 17th, at Kainej's llote>, D street, letweea btii ami Hh ?tre?ts Prr ni 1h*ir snoccse on a former orea ion. tho IneoiU nf Ireland mar re?t a*?ured t|.i? the imrnhsrauf this Association will leave riothms undone?? make this an occasion loa* t? ?>e re ii?eml>erc'l with p'eaeuTB hy thoae who will h'?n??r thsin wtth their presence. Ticket* 92, t<> '>e had from the Commute* of Arrangement* Jan<?? J. Kana, W. L*i>f ran. T. J. Phillip*. Thos, Puffy, < pylvfster. Jas. Rat an. mh H - m Hf THit. LAMES OF HT. PAW.V KNW ? "C !'?n L??unerau t,h?r"ti. will live * Kepiiral at franklin Hall, crner tf mli and t> (ta.ooiu iti?ncm; MONDAY . Msroli mmIi, and will cojitiu ?!??1orin Hi? week, "'MKII tickelflWeentn. whirl* mar **li?ci?tMi Nr-err'B. corner of I. ,\ud Utb street*, at Mr. PomP's corner of 1 and J.'th uttrrtii it ar the door. bingle adm'uion l^ceiiU. iuh7 8t YW^TTvun ONE'S I NT KR KMT TO THE II *1 CITIZENS. ?TMANUEKS, A?l* 60L DlElib .'?I have just roceivod a *?ry large an<1 fane acsoriuicnt of Sirring CtotUinc. whioh 1 am cfler.'ni at our ui'ial low prioea, at No. 460 feventh atrcet.opyuaite I'oat Office. near F. fe >7 3m iff THt: UNION PRAYER MEETIN0 Will (JJJ be holaen ever* day Una week in the LutherauCharcii, (lie v. J. G. liutler'a,) at the oorner of 11U> a&d 11 atreele, commencing at Of o'oiook p at* and continued but one boar. ta V AT THE "PEOPLE'S DOLLAR STORK" yiu oan speed your money to the be?t ad van t age Take a look at their aplendid atook of Jewelp. an/1 Silv^f nli.t-frf WarA nH talrn . - w-*-? - - r?? ? ?.? ?V?W jvm WUUIQV ior Ote Uoliar. It* I iUU\ BL'SHELS BUCKEYE AND FEACH I,UUU BL??W POTATOES vill l>e noil low to oloae out couiiguuJnt. jxo. j.beall, mh 15 8t ST Water at. George own. Coalat ? fok lbs. At Ya*d Near b. and O. Depot. mh 16 tt J. < ANGDU.N it CO. Twelve pounds of good brown Stgar for 5M. ana all kioda of Hacara at re JaAjul LI?? *?' UHVTM fliWOS VI1UIVV UJWWU ?UU OUNI 1JMM IMS ttau New Nork prioia Prime old Java, Mir loabo, Lacairiaul RioOuffee Aleo, NytCutf##. JOS. W. DAV18, It* oorner 9th and E atreeU N| F'?ULARD SILKS EW SUPPLIES OPENED XO-DAY. Whit# Marseille* Qui.U, all aisea.with a fall atook of uti Ooodt tor the general aud special wanta of famiuea. On* ?rio? only, tti* aorual oaah value, inarkod in pliio liuiia fEKKf A ' HO.. mil U 61 Pean. trrmi >nd 9th atreet. EH10H AND SCHUYLKILL 'COAL Li ready for ak pment from K.ix?bethport and ! Pli adelehia. Pur* W Ml i'E ASH, free from olmcker, HAZLETOW. HPK1UU MOUNTAIN. tiKfaEN WOOD, BROAD MOUNTAIN, *0. RED ASH of a Terr avperior quality. PIG IRON for foundry and force purpvaee, PIG IRON lor baliaat now in Alexandria. ALBERT RO?T, all I* 1* S3 Loaiaiana aveaae. N?U?!Sfor1 not to \ CLi^Vot >u?k_y ss<?w ?g. ??? \ 3&is3S0&?s:tfs01 ? \ SSrSS j !*????**"' \ wk? CONGRESS ION A L UXVIItk iwiM. Hknati?After out report cloard yeaterdaY? The revolution expelling Mr. Powell was disagreed to, yeea 11, nara 2^; and aftei an executive CNiun iuc ociwk aujvuiuiu. Honi.-Thr day wu occupied la tbe co>ialderatlon of the tax bill, and finally, without diapoaing of the bill, the lloute ndjminwd till Monday. I J. The ?n<ler?ifned I'-onpaur srfSL^JS? ellim cfl their entire ?t->ok, o??ciisu?* of 17 very fine WORK a d SAP'iLK HORtffcfl, 3 new KXrftF^S WAOONH. HARNESS,*0. Alao. Tin Can". Tuba, and other miteriala beloncinc to the eotaMiahmaot. irouire at theetn'e of 8. & W. M KYKNBfcRG. 4? Market Sp&oe. between 7th ana 8th etreete, nmfer the Av?n>ie Hone?_inh H lw PVKR1.AND PYCTKE BX ro. m ti'k Ri.:n?ci' kkdmin i< Tni mi ti r u*a > .? uui?4tv>.l ??ii#i>i ' 11h ?j, HI | I> r?w dud ?xtra wide, for drtMM and sfaawU, o manlered ihe i<e?t artioie in im for Una b'aok A'eo, our na>ial Im!I a?>ck ?f all tit* thioker Oi?"k F*t'rt< s "f the t*?t crMer. t?nr ?prtlwrn and ""rr?ap?nd?nt\?eod ua , new aupplie* rtfttly. Ouepr ceoa > the aita*! ca*h atanUrd ^am*. 1 mv k?1 <d r!"?'n httiroa An iMMtion ofMixk lumiranoob- 1 i ligation i? pnrcha*"- 1"LR R \ 4m HRU., mh is ?' I'en? ftvani* ami ->th atieet. 4 ?"AL OIL ?0 \ -TS.. KMOSENE OIL 6? */ CTt?., PUiK QftLLON. A:?o. U'uearafii Coal Laura,wiurli require no clnniuejr Alio. laice variety of Lan<pe. *e.. at ( M*ri lo* rrf?? ?t AlOOH fc'j*. Wc?t End J)i u? Store, 113 Tenn. aveuue irr?A iars? and *e?ier?' ?t??,li Prnga. MediciD**. * ?i wm? Mid pure at aN??e pia:a. _in? 14 ?'w l W 1 L K S! BILKS:? 1 O SILKS!'! , The attention of the ladie# n nailed Nj the creat oonotrnment '>i Sl'KlNti *?LKS, KVKNING r\u L'uu m.niiL] ii i.?i? ? i-- ? - ' ? ? fKBDO 'U1U1>^. DIjn.T't. m'ltL?, llRI)Ai1l?\ ROBES. GRENADINES bj th#> jard, L'UALLI ALlJiNAlSK. .V . Tbese (o?Kt? n e iisiiic #uld at *b<>nt balftlie com in ?f<l?u to rvalue /A rath. Crowds of r"rch**?m <laiij testify t<? th* oheapn#?? ?>| Ihw J'MKIh. CLAGETT ft MAY. mh 1? 3t 334 I'a, *v . Imt ?.h and i?th ?U._ |> R E N C H R E S T A U RANT r and TABLE If MOTE, ?TT PmtNFYLvanta Aviso*. A UX *K EliES FROVENCSA UX. MESS. JOHN FOURCADE* VICTOR ROUX, FftOVK88IONAI, F*1NC11 COOM, Will opsn at the above number, on MftMlUV U.?L I* taM 1 maiUJI I#, ion* Tii?i r ioiie e > penance will suable them to aupply oitize.aa and aojourD?ra at Washington with auitahle Koomi for until |artieo; I able d Hate; mean served at'eaidencea. They wiii bo happy to reoeivo viaita and ordera, on VL?aday aud thereafter. mh l4-2t* PERSONAL.?If WM. H RUSSELL, the owner of a lot in square 358. will call immediately at the law office of S. t*. williams. 4>i and C atreeta, t e will oblige tae owner oi the adjoining lot. mh 13 3t* 2nnn on consignmknt,UUU BARRELSofohoice EXTRA FLOUR 1 for eat* at moderate prioea, in email and large lota. Apply to th08 II. HAVENNER, 1 mh 18 St* *4 7 C street, near fixth. MIt?. KATUN, Fa*uion*bli Drissmakth, Has rsmoved from 4*1 Tenth itreet to 4 69 1 atreet. between 8th and 9th, south aide. 8. T. TayI ir't dreaaonttmn rule by Mrs h. mh H-lm* Black silks, VERY RICH LU8TFR8, Juat reoeivod, in allthe beat gradea, and at the loweat market pnoea for oaah. J. W. COLLEY. New spring dress goods justopfnING.IN MANYHKABONABLE 8TYLKS. , rj.un jariia Small Figured Frenoh. Etgliah, and Dumuit'c Chiatiea, an faat oolora.and at the lowest prioca. J. W. COLLEY, inn 13 tit r?i.{ Sevwnth ?tro*>t, above Pa. ay. ^ A L EOF F I S II S T A N D S. The Fiah Stand* in the different Market* will be oi<l to the Highest bidder, for cmh.un the following day a: Centre Market, on Saturday, March ; . at It) | C'o'.rok A M. N(itt Yard Market,on Wednesday. April 3, at in o'clock A. M. Northern Liberty Market, on Wednesday, April at loo'clock A. M. Western Market,on Friday, April t.atioo'clook A.M. N. 1J.?Persons now holdinc (tauds in the differentiiiiarkrti can retain tlirin by paying tneappraisement price for such stands previously to day of ale. Hit HAUL) WALLACH, inh 13 3t Mayor. J^I'LENDID TABLE DAMABKP. Towels and Toweling* in all trades, Cotton aud I,men Hheetings. fable Napkins, t*up?rior Stiirtinc Linens and Cottons, White Marseilles an<l Mlenuaie Counterpanes, | | I - ? -4 ? ? * ? - l * " * * * ii-1 in ntr-l mrl in VIIC l(>*9li OUII IIIC6*. J. W. COLLfcV. ft'J3 7Ui ?t , al><>v<? ]'&. a v. |\1 O !3 K N I N H GOODS IN ALL lii ?T 1?I UKADhb. Boinl>asi>!*e, i'li?tl*T8. Aipvou, |>oni e and single widih HeLaiuet* Entiinlj Oa?*s, Li-* ?' 'i <'ftpe VeiU, sotue extra large me. l?> which the special attent'ou of ladiet m Mack aieinrit?U. J W.COLLKV, inh 13 .Vj3 7th .aix'Te I'a. >?. sJEALti* I'ROI'OHA Ltt ARK f&V|TKL> '.i ! ute I'th da? ol Match, !??,* 12 m., far ftuc'iattni fi"in 0"v?nimeut the Hide* and a" 'w HooM.aii'i Hon.a, rongnee. '".utka. and hii<a, of all <lie We*( ('attie u?ed M ll?? Arm? of i'l <h? l>tonian. j'-ept (hoao fciliH within the SfK'Pnl i?*? I tn of ilia Dl'llint "f Columbia. (sin i>ti| will ?.-e enteitAin#?i .? pr*0O|tt to to hi* t'ld. Th* llnte?. Tallow, *o., I'l'UmH at th* i?k (?!!? c'iii(f#?l<>r -h#wi!l l># hel?lafo-juntnOi? tor Hi<l<*?. 4" "f all uiiiikU kill**!, whether b? ?rt? timni Of u??t. Xh?? to t.p <liir<;t<*l <? "Mftior A DECK WITH.C. S., t'.H. A.. Wa?huuton, U. C. fa s* Jp-THE TIME FORTIPFNING THE HI OS <>f the al?>v0 adv^rtia^msct n PoatponM until the M March, 1^2, at U in, mar la t<l (V1F.W STYLE SPRING OVERCOATS AN1) 11 fin? Black friook Coats jaat rnwiTM at IIAK A HKO *S, will 12 oornar E an?l 7?h atree.w. J POTATOES. UST Rncwve'J a lot of Potatoea of r1iff*rent kini?. Ti* lil U*K KVK. WlflTK MkHCbK. JACKSON WHlTKH, CARTERS ltd PKACII IILUWH Also, a lot Ol l>R11 .L) APPLES &ud DRIED Pl.A* HE* for sal* at IowmI in >oti tu suit *7 flUSEY A UARNARD, i?ih 13 I w ~ UeorotoWE, D. C. I NTEREKTING i'UK thk COMMUNITY I AT LARGE. \\> are now receiving READ\-MADE ri.oi'UING I the iR'oft design* thre? times a 1 wn<k from <>nr tnaiiti'aotarinc establishment in ItaltMiiore.wlnoh weofleratastoniehinc low prices. BAR A BRO., , 1^-lni* oornef E *nd 7th streets. Modern shai*f.?,spring mantlks ani> wrappings. Spring Shawls, assorted as above. f nrtn* Pu&uil> ???? ?h?k Our Northern acd Kaatern correspondent* send j ua uev supplies d?iiy, Wealboctfor all kind* of Dry Gooda for family i oonauuption. One prioe only, marked in plain figure*. tke at- '

tuil taik standard valu?. , PERRY * BRO , 1 mh IS 6t Pa. av and Ninth atreet. | -v OYSTBR?-OY8TERS.^^ ? ViUf Breatacientifio lmprove-^2>llF by wbioh the astir* flavor and aise of the Oyatar 1 ia retained. _ f The PKARL SALOON, 813 Penn. avenue, op * I poaite WiTlarda' Hotel, will open Uua evening, (aign of the globe lighta) with ita improved manrer ( of ateauung, neatneaa of fitting, and order ol aer- ( vioe. All deainnga luxvrr will be rewaiaedby oilung. Superior euality of Fraah Salt Oyatera i oonat&ntly on band to aupply Hotela. Hutiera and Faralliea. in ah all. i n*? ? ? ? 1? wnuiuvv delivered on eliort notloo. Choiee Clears at re* ?on?hle m?i. tot-lm* **|| BOOTS?SHOES! ||i Corner Trmth ax. amo Pa. Av.f ^ W 8HIN0T0N CITY AMD LAftTKHN MADE Ladiea' Ti?ped Balmorela f 1.35 to ?*? U*lM' Baimoraie flfi0toa3<* ? UinU' Fine Calf BooU i> UO to 00 All kiuli of BOOTS and SHOES very oheap. ] 1C7* Boou made to order in the b?et wanne', by ( mh 111m* CHARLKB B. MORSE. ALL THE BE8T COOKING STOVES. TA BLE CUTLERY.? ,.to be had of tt. n. kaoxiTKR. inh Mm 338 T.h rtreet. 1WOOD AND COAL. Bare on Carter'# wharf. eeaaoned Oak ami Eine Wood, whioh 1 will deliver fromptly, at the UowitiK prioee: _ I Oak, #9; Pine, ft. Ae thie Wood ie already on hand, there ean be no dietepointmeat to thoee or- < derini. Ordere left at 4T? Mh etreet,-ay ataire. or at my reeidenoe, MM> 14th etreet, between B ana < C streete eoath, will be attend edto. . inh 10 6t* 8. W. E. HANDY. 1 C ? A L ' WHOLESALE AND RETAIL* ! At onr ORoe, New Jeraey avenee, opfoeite B. 1 ^e&F***1, J. LANODON A CO 1 FOR 8ALE-MALT GRAIN, enitabla lood for * hojra. oowa, et9.,at 10 oente per buahel. Affl* ? atLOEFFLKjjt'q Brewery, New Yor^Vrenae. ^ i; / ~ - t 1 I L =g AERATED BREAD. ASQITA It CO., 96 LOUISIANA AVENUE. Thi# Bread la always uniform In quality, keeping moist for many days, never aoarlng, and la roach more healthful and nutritions than fer minted bread. It is warranted free from all deietarloas lag reStents, and ia manufactured by the only true pro3eaa, being raised without fermentation. It la highly recommended by acientlAc men and physicians throughout the countrv, and by the medical faculty of London, aa alto by all the l?*adlng phyalclana in this city. The rsccLlA* features of this Bread are:? lat. It Is perfectly lisht without the aid of any n*xioua Ingredient. Hence It nevtr become* ?w?f, but remains always sweet, pure, palatable, and healthy. Id. It la perfectly clbakly?the Hour being rebolted, and the dough kneaded by machinery ind drawn through faucets into pans, so aa not to coine In contact with the hand. tistimomal8. The mrrlt? of thla Bread hare been attested by many of tbe moat eminent and enlightened men ?f tbe present age, Including (among other diellttgultihed nanu s) Gen Seott, Gen. Die, the Ran* Itary Coinmlaeion, Prof Bache, Mlaa D L. Dlx, Kred . Law Olmitead, Prof. Slllim&n, Ac. Aleo he following well-known gentlemen t From Pro/. Torrey. " The Bread made by thla procea* la of admirable qualities?being light, entirely free from all unoleaaant taate and odor, and hnM> iia m/iiktm* longer than any other baker's bread that I have seen. It It perfectly wholesome, and I hope It will come into extensive uae. JonK Tosrf.t, Prof. Chemistry, U. 8. Amy Oflce 1 have for some weeks past been using In my family the Aerated Bread, made by Messrs. Requa & Co , and I prefer it to any other bread, either of domestic or bakers' manufacture. ..> ta * - in uguiucaa, wuucucn, ana swinw 11 cannot, In my opinion, be surpassed. I have also examined the process by which It is now made in this city, and am satisfied it produces a ywrtr and cleaner loaf than is made by any other method. Jso. Febd'k Mat, M. D. Wa*h:kgtom. 2Rh February, 1062. 1 concur with Dr. May in his appreciation of the Aerated Bread of Requa tc Co. A. D. Bachx. Washington, D. C., March 7th, 1^. Sines the introduction of the " Aerated Bread" of Messrs. Kequa ?V Co , I have had frequent opportunities of testing its merits. Having advised its use among my dyspeptic patients, I have uniformly been gratified at their reports of its digestibility and general agreeable qualities. The peculiar principle Involved la its manufacture, and the absence of everything but the pure, essential ingredient*, render this article peculiarly useful to physicians. Perhaps one of the moat frequent causes of dyspeptic disease, in this country, Is the almcxt uniformly bad character of the bread eaten by oux people. Thus, cither di?i'd Willi ai/ents. to blanch the ma. terlal used, or to leaven the roui, the stomach rcceivss a food which can only be assimilated with at difficulty, and a persistence In its use will Inevitably lead to disease From lay knowledge of this process of Requa A Co., and personal experience as to the merits of tbe bread thus made, 1 can cheerfully commend It to my friends. R<?b'i Kirs ?tu?*, M. 1)., No. 3Btt F street. WisutKCTOir, March 23d, l?t?2. Having had ample opportunity of testing tbe Aerated Bread made by Requa A Co., In this city, and also of examining the establishment where it is manufactured, 1 take pleasure in recommending it to public patronage. *4 it a - _ * M- .a a ii ii po?>tssr? io?- aavaniagra <>i peric.x cinnii* iic? In the process of making it, and of freedom from all deleterious mixture* It also retains its moisture and freshness for aeveral daya, and la as agreeable to th* palate at the end of that time, aa when newly made. H.Lindslt, M D ., 370 C atreet. Washington, Feb. <#, 19fc>. Messrs Kiqca A. Co.?Gentltmen: Having carefully examined your "Aerated Bread," and having witnesaed ita manufacture. I am happy to be able to state, that you have aucceeded In producing a moat wholesome, aa well m palatable bread. In fact, your process seems theoretically and practically perfect. It la well known that tbe wholesomenesa of bread depend* on ltd forosttjf or tpomfimss, which character is Imparted by the expansion cf tome volatile fluid. By the common method, this fluid la developed In the dough by chemical agents, at the expense of an important ingredient of the floor, or by the introduction of deleterious lubstances, notoriously uncertain in their results. Your plan, on the contrary, Is free from those faults and accidents. The carbonic acid gas, rendered chemically pure, is introduced Into the lough, under pressure, without effecting the illghteet chemical change la the constituents of the flour?a little over half an hour being suflleient at your model establishment, to transform ;our uarreia 01 aour i mo weu baiea loaves or perfect bread. I have no healtatlou iu recommending your term ted Bread, as the best that can be mide; aa containing ail the conatltuenta of good flour la be beat form, and containing nothing elae bat jure water and common nit Very truly Nathan Smith Lincoln, M, D , Prof. Surgery, National Med. Col. Wmiihoton Citt, February 17,1M3. deaara. Rxqva k. Co. Dbah Sua : It afforda me pleaaura to add my eetlmoay in favor of the "Aerated Bread,*' pit?red by the prooeea of Meaara. Perry k. Fltxgerdd. I have bo hesitation la recommending It to ur cltlsena aa both wboleaome and palatable. Very respectfully yoora, he., 4c.. Ac., THOMAS MILL** , N. 0. I have examined everal apeelmeaeef tlx Aeraed Bread, manufactured according to the patent >f Perry ft. Fitzgerald, and have uaed it ia my w? wuuf. i b?tc iuuuo i? of superior quality n all respect. Oae desideratum attained In Its uaauiacture is entirs cleanliness. 80 far as I un been able to ascertain, it Is eminently healthul, Inasmuch as ltcoatalas none of the products >r results of fermeatstioa W Ishlag you all mm* :eas lu the prosecution of your valuable esterase, 1 si), fours, eta., W illarp Paaasa, M I). PruT ?urg., Colkf* vf fhyslviaataitd Vwgoat*. The Aerated Bread, manufactured under the pstcnlof Perry * Fitzgerald, la, without exception, the best baker'a bread I have ever seen. The process employed, as I witnessed It at the bakery, is baaed upon true eclentllc principles, le perfectly cleanly, and yields bread wLlch contains only loer, water, and salt. I Lave used your bread In my own family for some time, and have uniformly found It sweet and wholesome. It keeps fresh and moist longer than ordinary for <nt?a EvrBiuif recommcntl it as well deserving public attention. Your obedient servant, Wolcott Gibbs. Prof. Chemistry and Pfayatcaln the Free AcaAssny In New York. Lttttf /run PrtftutT /. R. W. Dumber. I have been present at the preparation at the Aerated Bread at the establishment of Messrs. Reqna A Co., and an entirely satisfied of The purtty of the articles used, snd the great caro nj9 1 -? - viwuulm rmpivyca in iu imi.uiiciiirr I have also given II a fair trial by using II fcr some lime, and am prepared to glee a reliable opinion aa regard* lit qualities In the procees of making nothing is uaed that is net healthy, and the nutritious properties of the Avar are preserved, and the natural Hwcet taxtc Tetalncd. The Breed Is beautiful, white, spongy, light, and eaey of digestion. These qualities recoaiineud It to general ubc. But we think It will be M A ? - - iouna 10 pof peculiar claims to tboee wbo arc dyspcptlc, and of great value to the grrot nam* ber of persons wbo are thus affected. Frou. a very careful examination, I feel unusual freedom in commending this Bread to the favorable conalderatlon of the community, J. R. W. DriBAa. M D. Baltimore, Aug. 27, I??1. 41 YaLB C<1LLB<<K. NBW HiVI.1,) November 15, l?6l. f M I hare long been familiar with tbe proceas of nuking bread light by Aeration. "The common notion that the process of fermentation la eaaentlal to prepared digestible bread, by ?ome change effected by It in the starch globules, la effectually art aside. The experience at tbe London Hospital shows that this Aerated Bread is digestible without Inconvenience by stomachs which wholly refuse fermented bread. Whiter, aweeter, lighter, more digestible bread, and mors from a ol?n au?itlt? of flour, la made by this process than by fermentation?while entire cleanlineaa and the absence of all deleterious substances are secured at tLe same time. Notblng but salt Is added to the p??te?the carbonic arid escapes in the baking. 1 have ealen this bread for a considerable time, and at Intervals for many months, and always with satisfaction. Drv toa?t made from this bread Las a delicacy of flavo* not found In any other bread i luve tasted. B. Billimas, Jr." A Niw Kind or Btuo ?Who does not appreciate good, light, and wholesome bread * It has Justly been termed the naff /lift. And, yet, owing to a bad "rlalng," or the unhealthy foreign ingredients put Into it, to mak? It rUe, It often proves to be the drug of deatk. We congratulate our readera la this city ou the fact that we now have an establishment which will aupply the pore, unadulterated article. Meaars. Rtqua ft. Co , have just started a new RalrAttt An I Atilal?MA ... . - ? t>a ?i.*u -* vmvi j vu 4iviii?i?awavcauc, DlgBlOWM Ninth streets, near the Central Guard Haute. We took occaaloa to go through their establishment yesterday, and were much pleased with the appearance of things In thla novel method of producing bread. From th? time the flour leave* tbe?>arrel, until the bread leaves the oven, It Is not touched by hands The flour is rebolted, put Into mixers, with the salt and water, and while being agitated, by revolvtug arms, It is rendered light by a powerful Injection of a gas I ta l. * * s - - - iiiiv 11, wuu u is iiiauuisciurev sua Cleansed in the cfttmbltihmcnt f hu?, no foreign unhealthy dreg, auch as yeast, pcU?b,4c., Is used In the manufacture, and it must nceeanrlly be wholelomr, sweet, and good. Physicians pronouuce it healthful. We have tried it, and found it far superior to anything of the kind ever tasted. It is sold at the aame price as the best bread umde by the fermeuted proccaa ? Washingf* HtfmbIt cam. The advantage* of this method are : First, that the bread la rendered perfectly light without the addition of yeast or any other foreign Ingredient; and, second, that it la made entirely without handling. From the time the flour leavea the barrel until the bread leave* the even It la rot touched by the hand. The flour la discharged into hopper* on the third floor of the building, and from the hopper* descends Into the bolting apparatus on the floor below. After being thoroughly re-bolted It passes into the mixers on the main floor, the water and salt having been preTl oualy Introduced The mlxera are hollow globes of cast Iron lined with block tin, each mixer having a capacity of about Ave or six hundred loaves. While the dough la thoreughl) agitated by revolving arms driven with ateam power, It la rendered light and poroua by the Introduction of carbonic acid gaa, under a pressure of one hundred and forty pounds to the square Inch. It la then drawn oat through the faaceta Into pans resting on scales, and from thence ptmn rapidly into the oven*; tb? time consumed between tbe flour barrel and the oven being a little over thirty initiates. it la found that bread prepared In this manner never becomes soar, that no change of climate Impairs Its quality, and that it doea not become stale like ordinary bread, being nsarly as fresh and platsble after ten or twelve day* a* on tbe day after baking. We can easily understand that bread prepared in this manner la naceamrlly pare and palatable as w?U aa healthful: and aach we And to be the opinion of aclentile and medical men.?National Iuttlligmctr. "Tu Anaavan Baaso."?'This tpecla* of bread, recently introduced In Baltimore by Mesar*. Requs ft Co., la rapidly gaining in s.ia - ? M m ?? ? s _ * ? ? puDuc mwuva, ua ? xauy iMoncd by Professor Smith, Dunbar, and oar leodl^ physicians, m the potest, moat natrltloaa and healthiest bread thai can poaaibly be maao?aetarad. la the language of PreftsaorDonbar, "it is beautiful, white, apoagy, light, and easy of digestion ,M and haa been extensively recommended to the use of dlspeptica, aa well m thoee who desire to avoid contracting thte disease. Messrs. kequa k Co. have beea supplying all the regimes to in tM vicinity of the city with their beea#, be. idea a large city custom, consuming from thirty to sixty barrels of flour per 4sy. It has also bees Introduced In Washington, and the demand for It Is s* groat that the pro. prleton have erected the necessary machinery la that city to Supply a demand of one bandied barrels of flour per day It Is sold at tbe mm pries as the best broad aide by the fermented process, and furslshsd to stores sad funtltos In 11 psrtiof the city iw?n<w HmA li-W <v V Uofe-am**. .-*?? *# ?' A % v ? I V I Jl |< | DEPARTMENT OK STATE, MJ Wa.uin?toh, M?rch II, IHS Information hu been meltti kt thla iVptrimat from Mr_Th?4drui Hjrmtt, (kt CoekI of the Ualtrd 9t?trc it La Roch+U*. of tbe am tti? T?v >??.? ? ? - ?? - ? ? ... ? ?rrH,wr. II R?TU, ?I Mia Amn Wiuok. an Awlcw cttlz*a It U believed tbat Mln Wilson h3* Wt sow property, both la Frant e and the United Sutn, and baa relatives la this country. Further Informa'ton caa be obtained by her relstlves and friar d* at this Department. ah 13-attf AUCTION 8ALE& THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW By J. C. VoGUlRE A GO.. Anobonaera. PMl o VISIONS. GROCERIES. Ac , ?T PI B Lie Arctton-4>a MUNDAY MORNIN6, March rnh. a< li o'e ock. at tha OaLty Prcrujon titore, a >rnar | nth aid to e'reota. ?? haliaell las ant re stock, to close ttte owoen, vs nam* ia pet? Barrel* of Koll Bnttar, E??a. acd Cornea Beef, 45.iW Fxoe lent \ iftrs,of brands. WW UgUI, MIWT4. Sf?M, App'.aa, PoUtoM,, fto., ft c. ?twA !?r*e <u\ntity of fcu:p:y i>vxraia4 iterre.a. Term! rkk. It ? J C MoftUIBK ft TO . A?fU By WALL ft HAK N A R f>. AaotHB*?ra. Lturk Corner F* nr. and 9tk ttrvt (2 ROCbl I KS, LIQUOK9. BUTLERS' W Hrursa. ftc . at Amiw-Ob TUf'StfAtr MORN I>6. March It, ooniueiMuac at lOw'e ovft, ?e?H aati at "mr Auction Koom. wittK ut it *( tOOloMMvntl ILVOICM, ft lar(?UaortlB?(,| ol Oiootutf*. Li^uora, fuuara i*?. ftc., cmpruici? l?arr*'? WIiW,|*4 Crushed fi(i a, Marnt ft nH ft. rr ?t! l ft**? ? ?o*?11 XOMMbtiiw. ?lo?ld. Md m*riD? C%o?l??, Khi tr nwOi??li'ii livttor. B?*f? Oh#-*, H x-? r>oer. !*ardine?, IttiiM Tobaoo*. S1""** Wim.wmI Cord CMka H&ro*. Rr&ou r PMCUM. Pi# Kruti H?rr*'? Herri n<?, Vm?**r. 'r,*rrB,U? Barreia Wfciskv. <1 II -r?nl t rtsdi, Ctika Krftriiv. J&a a < a Hftinta DaIU^a a.. Barrel a Hear, barraia I'UN, ft ?,? * loir Sotara, Setiera* tttorea. With many other sooda ta the Srooery line AU of which vill be a?ld wuhoat roMrra'ion, to oloae. Tar? wall. rwh \i WALL A BARNARD. Aaota Br GREEN * WILLIAMS. Aaacioneefa. EXECUTOR'S SALE OP HOUSEHOLD arb KlTCHB* Fvimnti, GotD Watch, Cow, W<?ox, kr , kC . ?T nimi vW TPB Ulnia^a'Cor*r, at acctio*.?Ob WEl/N KhDi V. ue 19>h oay ol March IHt. we ahaM a?U by order of th<- Orptiara Court, at the lata rwtCeoe? of Alfred Hc-eur u.en, d*o?at'd.oi Noitti M.i.ear North Cay:t <! at eet. at !? i/olook a m , a I the nerao la electa o'tlie deceaaad.*i?? Mahogant ^"taaand ChUra, Beds. Badateela a:d Mine, Center ana other Tab'ea, Caca and Wood Seat t~ Lairs. Bu'Mua. one large Mirror, and other Lookint One (juu Watch and Chain, cna Cow, cne Wagon, Carp?t<, Moves, aad iwd lot kitchen Utenai.a. with natiy otber (Jt-naiia whioh we deem uniieceaaarv to caatrerata. Term* oaah. _ _ w. x. iIBMUh A HKKlMl'l-tN. Exccu'.ori, mb 15 4t GKEE.N it WILLIAMS. A lot. Uj WALL A BARNARD, Amotion** . VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL fcSTATt? t at a i ctioji.?On THURSDAY AFlfk NOO 20th icetant, at ? o'oiook, v* will **li m front of tb? prowi***, part of Lot K. k*mi a part of nbdirinos ol Lot 2t. >q?a'? &LS. froLtiLg '? f**t9 tnchoe on L ?tr**t north, and raining back 9J feat to ao alley. And ot L, In tb* nan* iiMirifton. anrt adjo.ninf lot K.and fronting U ft*- ? inch** < n L ?tr*ct north, and rauioc back * f**t to an al ey. KaoU Lot improved ?y a th * *tcry Brick Dwelling. t?rm* > On* thi 6 caah; ba'asee in thro* and ixt*er month*, oearirtg int*r**t, acd secured t>y a deed of 1 mat on the premier*. mh 15 WALL A HABN?RO. Aiict*. Br j. c. McOLlKE a co., Anouun**'* extensive 8ale OF OLD building iid mituul -l?e MONDAY ? UK.M%G, Maroii 17th. at llo'^look.on th* tit* of th? In firmiry. Judioiary !*?uare, we thai! **.i in iota 10 it? SO.OOO Droared Crick, *1 \XT, * ? ? w ?? iuuu* ni-u i/??ur r r&niN? I Go Stone Window 8 I la, I Lot orlinok and Bins Book on th? wall, Lotoi ioitt. FiOurir c, S-.kb, Ac , Lot of I- ontdftt on Free Stones i'e d,i o??b. mb 14 d J. C. MoGlIRE ft CO.. Anctt. Bv J. C. MoGL'IRE ft CO.. A??tioa*rt AH I> M I N 1ST R A TOR'S fALEOF tri: HOUIBHOLD I-VBMTI'RB, B. B, add FIXTTB.*. and good WILL of t xctxaioB CLCB hern-' e Tt hizDA > Alnrcb 1-th. bf oidtr of tte Urphar.a' Conrt. I sbnli m?(I th? F rr.-.tnr?, B?r Flxtur??,?r J good wtii of tU? Lxoei?ior C:ul- lew* on 13U tr'et. MtwMn K atd F itrMti, comprint g? rmt* of WnlniT plnab oovrrcd f^rior t'armlurt, nit* of dfttntrk oov*r?d far' rr?niii?M Walnut Whatnot, Marble-top Tab es, Cane and Woo a seat Gh*ira. Lo?ic?, Walnut and Mahogany Card and WuitTtbln, M?ntel Ornaments Cocks, Ga? Chandeliers, Window shades, Rrgiw sand Ingram Carpe's, Oileioth, Kucs, BUir Carpet, hxtensioc Dining Tabes. Dining Charrs, Cbtta, - tai*. and Crockery Wa'?, Silver-plated Castors, Tab)* Catiery, Beadstca^a, Bureaus, Waa&atandi, Hair and Husk Mattreesev, Bolsters aod tMiovs, Rkank?ts, Comforts, Spreads, Kitchen btensils, stoves, fto. 'Die sale will eommeuee with the Bar Fixtcrei and scod w?f. J'eruts 92b and under oash; over that earn a i ? ??/ J ** v.~? v, >?? uiu ivai w jDiaa, wiu? u.lare?t aatia factfrii* bp urtd. JOHN O'DONNRI L. A<1niDia*m?or nth '1 ? old J. C. MoC.ulKE t CO . AmIi. By GREEN A. WILLIAMS. AaeUoraara. C-??VERNME\T BM.K OF SI'BS1STEMCE 1 SToaa-.?On TUESDAY, W:b Mt'th. w bail Mit, id irontafoa No M6 corner Ttb ami D ibMtt at 1" o'olock a. m., the foUovutg ai tlo'ea, via: S,i?S9 Iba Bao*n, >14 lb*. B?m, M? I be. Mm Hoef. 17) Iba BeefTonfiaa. iwulbs. Men rork.M aa'luua Muiautt, KH !b?. Ufiad App!*. 3uo U? Hminr. *S Iba. Rim, 15> poi^la Gr???r,d Oonae, 1011 iba. S?ht Hea?, '(.'S t uaheia Beexa, | 16" Iba. Green C< tf e. Terms cat. nihil d GREEN * WILLIAMS. Anota \f ARSHAL'S PALE.?la rirtae of a writ qf ftari i"I faciae under hen lav. ineaed from the C:?rk'a ?#>?? ?< ?? " * wmw vi ? vii vui? wan wi iiic miPlOV OI U?* lumbia for the countv of Waehiacton. a~d to n?e directed. I will expose to puW.ic sale. for cui 11 front of the onirt loate door of said oovntr. on FRIDAY, tb* 21st da* of March next. 1*9. Mil o'o.ook m , the Itik/wint drecl ed property, to wit, All defecilMt'a right, title cam or interest in and to a oertiain dvel'inc boBe*tereot?4 on lot No land the soath H f?-t 4 inchM of ut So. 9. in sqatre No *77. in tin* eit? of WashiMb ?> i. C.,aaised and leried apun as the prop#-i? of alia** wi'l bes?l<l to satisfy judiciss lo 380 to Ootobar term, \hb~. ' ? Ktt?t J?n?thaa T. Walker. J. D. HOOVER, fel&dts _____ *ar?uai. MARSHAL'S BALE.-In Tlrtae of a writ of fieri facias, issued from the oerk's oflceot tie c.'cct ooart of tiio Distnotof Colamhia. for toe ooucty of Washington, aad to ae directed, 1 j will expose to public ea'e, for oaek, in front of tae I Coart Hour door of said eonctr, on the Slstda* of Maroh. lusUnt, IMS, at IS o'olock m. the folu.wir.c property, towit. niLot No. 16, in square No. 41, lot No S. ta teuare No 42. 0t No. 6, in eqeare No. 41, lot No. Ik. in square No. 16, lot No. i? in t?icare No. ?U. aad 'ot No. is, in siBare No. 7t, in the ci?? of Wa?btn?ton. D. C . lofemer wiixi an and i',r?i!ar improve m?rt? (Mr?on. mi**1 and ! ? ?(! upon m ti?? propertv of Brook Macitai.. acd will b? *oid to aatiafr oio.ti No. 4i, to Mar tftrm 1*1 in favor of (too* Hrotttr * Co W. 8ELDEN. mh 7 dU If Mintol, H. C. BALLS, PARTIES, Jtc. T??E STH OK AN D COTILLON PARTY A Wit; iitw at a* TKMPEliASCS HALL. M E atravt. batvoaa t?h at i loth, JB I% _On FRIDAY EVEN.NS, Marobtt.Qfc umua<ug 10 OOIUHflNII IK v'oloo*. *> by Prof. 9 org* ArUs's otiebi?i(d bui Tt?k?U fl ftlatitUoc a wriinimii isdiee mh 14-61" PROF. C. F. BARNES. MiMftr. A, SREAT VICTORY! A. /A STSRYJiUARTMM^^^lM THE GORLIRG RISTiCRAMT, 947 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Focth (Po-marly of Nov Yort.) Hta the nam* w><i feme of boiac One of the Best Rutavrmnta tn Tovm uy wit? 11 t irui, iu limp iotjvu ??i._? i? dBk fL/~ Don't forget th? n??b?r? mh II-lm MWtt aid*. j S!f MiSSUiS? <?te?fl53?'?S?3 aro&^.^fA'ytfLgW''"' N? r i HKAI.LkOO'^Nu J61B???ttiltrwt. Ttuwkf. Ill?mc?r?u H?w Vort prtoM &?r usr jj^sthwbm... fBHUBfU\?gi agrtssa ;lai sittfiMittirer *HW

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