Newspaper of Evening Star, March 15, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 15, 1862 Page 4
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I hK F' ! MNO STAR. > ATIO V\L HYMN. BT KMMA WILLAKD<iM *av? A m?rtca ! uod grant ?ur and^rd may. Where Vr It w?vp. Follow the juat and right, FomMat be In *hr |;M. And t'lorlousatll' In might Our own to sav. rkoruf- Father A1mlj*btv, Hnmbly we era re, Save Thon America, Our Country rave! liod keep America? Of nation* srreat and fr*e Man* nobl?-n friend. still with th? oc? an hound Oar continent around, Fa< h State in place be found. Till time shall?nd. Ckitrus?FatLer Almighty, Humbly we crave. <a??? Thnu America. Our Country rave' God bless America? As In our father*' d.y, So evermore! iod grant all discords cease. Kind brotherhoods I nerease, And truth and love breathe peace From ?horr to shore! Chorus?Father Almighty, Humbly we crave, ?ave Thou America, Our Country save! Financial ? From tLe jN . Y. Evening Post of T: u-slay : The s'ock m?r\.et is t:-me to day. There Is nnr.?^honaiAn oKaii! 12 lirnai.lo TnH tlio \ 1t? r r i _ !? uic af'f icur ijgivd uuvm vunmuv >wv ?. mac and nntil th:a i? rrirovrd pricea wll probably mderjjono g'eat rtaan<?e. T!.e market tow 7e is axdva! quotations. but larka thetperulat. *e vigor wuicb mar ked th* dealings previous to tb? tv xuttion of Ma:ias5ass. 'fbe strongest of tbe ^t.vernt^ent llat In tbe 7.-U) Treaaary notn. tbw being rapidly absorbed by invtrsttrs. The aa'ea were at 99*ja99X? with no Ioi.:e lola ottering. Govern men* 8?' i cs of I;-- I *how no material alteration. The Registered and Coupon both Mid ct 9iX?98*. Money cootinnea active on tall at 7 percent., 'A'l.i L is >?t'l! tb?* r? j!r-^i rait of the market. The l at 6 ptr r i>t !? sin11, *rd only to la\nriU bor tower* F.iid on prime collateral* The speculation in ncld is quite active a:;a!n, hut at a trivial d?-ciine. TLe sal*-s are mostly on buyers'ani se'Jf-rs' option at 101 jJOi . Tlit osh price Is lOlVJalOt *4. Th'- banks of Bosti u are arranyin to ?ettlt balances in 5 per cent government certificates, The specie is about eight and a half mil.ions. fJj^Acurioo* practice is iaid to exist aim Kg lb* ?_ b*re?e of falifornlj. A (Th:nan?Hn Is mar r tn or#? f?f :h^ lrns? w^Tr:?n nl thp i.i- nll^i t -ke? I- a wife t tie iii.nuig dSt- icu of tbe Stat? end ?'lla h> r *4 fr-m ?' ?*> toS-Vt? He theu rc 1urna to ?h rltv d m kes application to 1h< nthoritlnftfbliwifr, cf vltcm tbe law com pel* the "urrriid- r 'o tt?- butfnad The Legialalure : ob.igtd to Interfere, a;:c.& baa become tht litcnt of the tr^Sie J77~TLe Verm nt r>.mm!*?loiierH to procun allotment.* of soidiers p*y, bive tiniabed t'u*ii Ubora at tbe diff r?-nt ianf4?. The total allot ment liu. aiito ?o S:?E I5S |?r annum, which wil It Wrought Into h" Sr^ite. ?nd distributed anient tbe faniiltra ar.d fri?-n<ls of tbe ?oidlera, or fmiii on depo>it in the Mate Treasury, drawing ; pe k a nt. S! re?l. ID-ln r; e ! f <>U' r.elshborlrjr cltiet lirrt ai elderly nian.v bobv thrifty economy, h-.a amasse< <jU'.te a Inrat f< rtune H sviae iiiv-fteti aporlloi vt th.s in tut- United 7 S-'t Treasury nolea bf ur* i<ntlod, a d iv r r tvr.>:i^o. Inquiring ven BnilODtlv U'hfr-r*- Vi^rnnld up* tl a rnrnA-m * nuisl IL/~ K U Prliln?!)l liii) C S. 9?wyer of Lou don. .V IJ , raii^hc t?n(v-i x d^er during th< ia>: t^o days ct January, upon the uu/ninlet imid ne^r Lincoln. T; is lar^e haul of venisoi wt? accomplish? i with pocket knives and thre< dec* lT7m A thorund .Mormon*, from the three north toon'rles of Europe, are just leading let L"t*h ii Aaaerira. by way < i Ii*n t?nr^ Th- greater psr c< me fri ni iDt-nm rfc. very n: ;nv of tteoi l?eiong *ru t-> the wf.l-ti-do mrmii r* of theptaMu V fWB U^-TLp ??r? Cave. K ii?sfon. ln R rlov rcunty, (la , is i ?>wbeii.|* v.t rk?-d by a coiopanv I' i? rttiliia rd ihcy ^vi.S >x* atlf- to turn <;:i I.01't pn j; ?l? p." day, to iuaVe <> II,MO pna- d* of powder }?7" P r,n^ th- Iv.: tore? month* tbe L??n o Critic f3*-< counted up eighteen death* r.f ferua!*1 clearly attdbiikd to the fashion ?>f wearing emu 11 ae ir7*Fouf hundred nad ninety oae of the rel.< pr.?i ae's at /I'on, lli,h*v<? taken the ci'.h < ailejrimee ar.d bp-n r?-lca*ed. 9 '?f ? ? r* i- m t ? ? rr_nri? iniu j umwsv lil weal miaM?t. I.omIo". b"*n d reed a nuisanci Si.d notice tc? btta h'rvtd for its cariy reniovn t?/" N vi^a'ton <>n the l)~l?ware a*id Ranla cai:nl will re rritiBied on the 3o:h tr.??ant lf/"Wa'er l* to he le? into the Peaniylvsni canal on .Monday next hundred gradates of Harvard Collet ar?- now in tre Ftdtral army. ljT/"The E-i fco Iron c!ad veai^lcost *275 Hi rwi.W YOKK GUO-JEKY : NEW YOKK GROCERY! NtW TEAS, OLI? GOVERNSIEM JAVA COf FEE. EXTKA iUGAR CURED HAMS, And a ! other kic<l? of i n iv, i ?!*.-?i.cnir,c>: l or *a> by WM.COKWIN UUKGV. importer'of T^m, fp Jfi Coraer of I and Kioveath ?te. *NKR V??L- DEBILITY, OR *PKF Mi'I OK R licLA ? A pfcrmfcher.t snd las i r Ct'RK f r Uus tarnhieciMuenj&y I obtainr-l o: the Advertiser, who rsfcs lei c .re?J hi:. ouixlndi of oti e i Lrx' a* ?>n .".snip. &:.rl a'.-Jrots i'oi 17 Cklildt i?s, M?m. mh6 lrn CUR E?CORKS?BUNIONS. MK fi HUUliT, t uuejn Cturopodiat. fro Ptr.i. to irform yen fkat lie can effect! a <\ rem v? Corel ? : Hum<" a wttbout pita, i U.*t It *?iiO^ w.i be nn rediately ef tx tl i: coBV?ni?rio?. A!>.o r*rnov U ftimacHl other *ape-flu?>u? fle?h from the hand e that the? viil 'pft jr ?nia; and dedicate. No. 1 4J* t ??r ?'rj Hal!. Char<en iroJerata. K?-iere to t .;?<! cioru of >\ ssii. *'.on *ene a iy. ______ inuS tl 'PHI. M(??*T 6KATIFWNG INFORMj I tf-n wecar. ?iv<* ii our rfMf? ?u?? rutf'rii* ifinO >I*U, !t> tfto fact that i'FAHHON VtlJlt AThO TAK I)Ki-I'j ir^ really a Itoi reir.eay. Many of our fr.e dc ha*etrie?i them wi Micce?a for t onuta. Sorw Throat, Hoar ??ne'?; ai A?thiua. flea oonfvjtrons a'ao give r?:iel ('ouaumptivpa KiEc->rr and I'dblio Speakure Wi a-e trouhed witfc laroat l>!eer,e*s bul re isf Pea's* i'? Medioaie! TarDropw, which o e the throat oi imakj ud tick-in* betaation*. pr yuo-*: t>y Umj ranch ?x?-rtii>ij of the vovai orj;ai end five seen? -, tore an 1 fu: neas to the v<>i< {frefa.el a i ttMi. I'KAH^iA, No. win bimir i.> nt. amore. ?o?u i.-ov. 41 fight r\rc?l. Wash Litorv, No. 4 Fairfax i?rt A fMii' 'i?; A. H. Haul, Krweriolt; anil bf t vntcipa. d utgiJit* ana ooniectiouera,at 1??c<h f-r pac*ar? fe 2* iir FURNITURE! (7\ r FUR IVJ TURK ! \*i FURNITURE! W. B. MUSKS, (of t*e firm of M?m?i a. Peckham, Phiiad'a.) *i M-m1! ' and >\ tio.e?a'o %o>i Retail l.eaer Ca&e ? it C.4aiia, Conac, Parlor *ud Oinin i<om F): nituw-Thora'j Bui iiiti #0* Seven tre-t, ab?>T?< D. L.?prT *ar <tj ? IFUOLS'i'KKltNG prom#i a:a r.en'.lj execute su>re np?". am. e-r'nirt for the Mcotnmad LOb of tl- public. p.?rcKa*?.? * : Btujy thajr intere't tc cal' hefn Icot'rr >'??w ja ?2 3m' \K ti.KI? IN Wi i'PnM ur?.u > 11 call an<1 -'xnnrnne the utock ol J. MVKK *! ;cl? tfc^j are eiiiL* a? per cent, lower tlian n other Jtc 'j? in the city. 10 Washington Hot ?? WATC*? x'AKKK< Wi I savo tuneand trool ? ' t o?y uc 'D * J MYK-K? to puroiu \Natch Mate."" t. Watch Ula*s>??, Toola, a Jeweller*' Jobt-irf .Mat rial . JO Waeimigt 4*04 .!??. W * J. MYK.K-', h*viii< "ixieretooc that m H fr^itreirg ped a'? *viih repreeented th th*-* ?re c .reel J wit'r> tlit-ir house, aa<l aelli an IbU' O' a'? o they t* Ire tmc rueaaare in i /o:i.. * tii* us ie t ther ar ) ia ro way oc t'.tr ! with my hr*u?c o' a?eute in ?Ui* oity. IC/" Mranc of Kocton Houi??10 Wukiatt I I # ttf ? ? ? ?? ic I CAj>|v>t.HK8., medium ? &fi<! Cl-<UlS aiiti Vcetli t.? V*vy bias C!'. th t-ianneia* and na?*imerpp Cravat*. N?c* Tie*. t?;ovm, Half Uom, Ui jit*, m. Packet Ha^dkercLieh . Underahirl iVawera *o. Onr Northern and Eastern corro. poadenu ?tit cav eu;p':?? daily. Ore pr ce ontf, the actual oaah *ta?'dard vaiu ma !ff-j jnti*ia A i ia?;-dvtioiiof g.ock iocutn no o'ti.S&tuiu r-- PKH.tV A t'HW, , " U 3-'f Psu. av?'<ae aad ,Nk tt> ?' i\l ii-:taio book-?' . , 'JiLiitAKi miuh\ ... ?na! Boris! :? , No, U7J* !'ern.-yir? J?* xveace, a , tfce New Military Utxfca %r? to b * ?? iesa?ii fiom iii? press, ' i^ia,ii?>?ur tui t r. ^ - . V'. *i. K. K i<"H>TKIN. "6- uln ;'wn?T f . ' "' - -?*<* M- .\ >- |.| k;,. ;;v< %Vh " rti!'- ; ? i? , ?! liu' afiti >U|ti . o#>r?a ,1 { un '.t3.-c3 IruLti. tM.1 m.u t it ti] titure. Ne. 46?'th etrA-^ ti^c SICK AND WODSDKD SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Published tn con formity with tk* resolution of tks Senate of July 16, 1861. At Stmywmry Gtorftfw*. M*rck 7 ?M L . 3. Infantry 14 8r)d Henn Volunteers. 16 1st do Artillery.... i ?sth do do 1 3d do do 1 9!>th do do 1 3d Vermont Volunteers i 7th do Reserve.... 1 4rh do do..... l tst do Cavalry 5th do do,.... 1 4th do do...... 1 5th New York Vol... 1 -id Wisconsin Vol.... 1 13th do do.... 2 5th do do 1 26th do do.... 4 2d Maine Volunteers .15 33d do do.... 1 7th do do 2 43d do do.... 1 3d Massachusetts Vol. i 4lth do do.... 10 19th do do..10 55th do do.... 1 22d do AO.. r> 57th do do.... l 23d do do.. 1 5!>th do do.... 5-id D C. Voluntf^rt.. 2 ?2d do do.... 4 10th New Jeraey Vol. 1 , do do.... }? Lt Michigan Vol?... 12 ? h New ^ ork Cavalry 2 4th do do.^a) 1 M P"in. Volunteers . 2 K bode Artillery t ?-'h do do 1 Cameron Rifles....... 1 J J'iQ an \'uii.t-1 a ?v> ? | 61st do do 1 Tlit do do...... l| Total............144 (a) An officer At G?n*ral Hospital, Union Hotgl, rorner liridgt mnd Washington struts. Qeorgrtotpn, March 7. lit New York Art. .. 11112th Penn Volunteers 1 ell/...), i) i a \ HID QO v 1*1 o nauc * 17th do do.... 1 24 Michigan Vol 1 19th do do.... 1 4th do do 9 3td do do....15 Stockton's Mich Vol. 2 13d do do.... 1 -i& Maine Volunteer!.. 5 4i?h do do.... * lit Excelsior Brigade. 1 49th do do....30 3d do do.... 1 5<?lh do do.... 2 Mott'a Battery 1 77th do do....13 Cameron Rifles 1 HBth do do.... " Signal Corps 2 9th New York Cavalry 3|:ki Mai*arbuw>tu Bat. 1 1st Ptnn. Cavalry.... 2 UthRhode I?land Bat. 1 31 d<. do...... 4,9th Massachusetts Vol.13 6th do do...... 2| isid ao ao. o feth do Volunteers . 1 2d Vermont Volunteers l 2fth do do 1 4th do do 13 ' 27th do ftx? 1 5th do do 1 6Jd dt> (!(>,# ' ?? Kil do do...*.. 3 Total 105 91st do do...../ I At Hospital at Cclvmbin* ColUft, Washington, March 7. t*t U.S.CaTalry 1 JlthNeV York Vol... 1 2d do do...(Stai 7 V.tli do 2 i 4th do do.. 1 fi-?d do d?<V?> 1 . 5th do do 2 76th do do..*.. "> 6th do do 1 77th do do.... 6 3d do Inf.iDtry.... 1 Rocket Battalion 4 fcth do do 1 liftNewJer?eyCav.(6)2..^ Jd MilneVolunteers.. 1 loth do Vol ... 2 'h do 1 lit Torn. Artillery ... 1 i . Uth do rta 4 Ith d(? Cavalry.... 1 \ 1st MoM?> husttts Hat. 1 fith d> do 1 luth do Vol. 1 13th do YoJnnleera. 1 I Sotli do do. l|71?t do do.?... *2 Rhode Ittland Art.... 1'73t do do...... 1 , '24 Vermout Volunteer* 4|Q|*t dt* do...... 1 Hd d-> da 3 ligtklt do . 3 5th do do.... 1 Maryland Knaineert.. 1 . 5'hNewYork Ar ilJery 2 t*?nrgis Illinois Rifles. 1 Tth do battery . 11 MrClcllaii'a Dra^oona. ^th do do....ll 8th IHtnoia Cavalry... I f 2d do Cavalry. I jl'.ith Indiana Vol 1 r 6th do do.(?)37 8th IVi irblpan Vol 2 17th Ifevp York Vol... 1 5th Wlaconain Vol.... 1 i -"id do do.... 1 IstMliuieaota Vol 1 , 25'h do do.... 3 j "iS-h do do.... I Total .....1A9 r 37th do 1 (a) One e Ulcer. (?>) One rflicer. . At Gtntral Hospital, (Ctrcl*,) Washington, j Marek 7. ? 1st U. ?. Cavalry 2jtth u.9. Artillery.... 2d do do.? 1 T) i l do do 2 V 4th do do 2/.M New Vork Cavalry . I 5th do d.> 112d do Artillery I Oth do do 21t?2d do Vol,.... 1 r 2d do Infantry i-' "T,HPenn.Voipoteers. 1 1 Jd do do........ y i d'i do...... 2 u 4tn do do 2j:>th N. Hampshire vol. 1 ; 6th do do 3;3d Vermont Volu.'ite*;.** 1 loth do do 2 ?. 1st do Artillery.... l! Total... ....48 .i i J . a _ I Q ay au Ste* firciiiiiif t* Ho'fiiit for F.rupti*$ | Vistafes, ci Kilornmn. Mirrk 7. '2d U. 4*. Cavalry 3'Rocket Battalion 2 i? 1th d?> do.. 'iiN'W York .Mounted :>th dfl do 'J! Hi Hps 1 t 6'b do do \ (Oiirlda Cavalry 1 t Jd do In fin try 2] 1st New J er?ey Cavalry 1 ?i'.h d/> do.. 1;3d do Vol.... 1 n Uth MalaeVotoatoen IIIMh do do.... 3 s 7thMassachusetts Bat. 1 1st Perm Re?. Cavalry 1 7th do Vol. 1 Oth do Vol.... 1 1-th do do. 1 7th do do.... 1 , M?th do do. 1 5?d Penu. Volunteers. *2 iid do d?. :j Mat d> do...... i '* 1st New York Artillery 4 lftltudo do...... '2 12th New York Vr.l... 1 105th do do 1 11th do do.... 1 (ith vviic?n?ln Vol... 3 ?> 2o?ti do do.... 1 10th Indinna Vol 4 1 3<5?h do do.... 1 2d D. C Volunteers... 1 n 41th do do.... 2 2d Bprdaa Bharp?'rs.. 3 61*t do do ... 1 Olfii ?.r?'Kt-rvanU 3 a 62d do do.... 2 ? *6'h do do.... 1 Total.... .....* .69 Kith do do.... 1 ;e , At India*a Hotjntat (Paten! OJfle*), Washington, <) D. C., March 0. ISth Indian* Vol 31 &l?t Penn. Volnnteera. 7 13thNew Yoik Vol... 14 4*>th do do 2 do do.... 6 53d do do 1 .T7th dr, do 5 iOld do do 2 >6th do d?.... 3 1st Berdan Sharp?'rs.. 1 Sid do do.... 7|2d do do......10 69th do do.... Ij2d D. C Volunteers.. '2 7;th do do.... 11Cameron Dragoons ... 1 2i do do.... 1 lit Michigan Cavalry. 1 (?!?t ' do do.... 1 b.b New York Cavalry 2 Total.... ...110 1st New York Artillery 6 - At General Hospital, (Eelcington,) Washington, I- Marrk 7 l?t U. 6. Cavalry 3 Hid .New York Vol ... 1 j* 24 do do 1 5th Rhode Island Bat. 1 h- htNew Jersey Cavalry 4 7th Maine Volunteers. 8 *. Oblo Cavalry 1 ? 1st U S. Sharpshooters 1 Tctal.............21 2d do do 1 m At Dovglas Hospital, corner of I street and !feu> u Jersey avenue. Marrk 7. A I tie Major, Paymaster .... 1 09th N?w York Vol... .1 "* 5th 1". S Cavalrv..(?) 1 '8th do do.... 5 *j 33d New York Vol.(6) 1 1st NewJerseyCavalrylfi 4tu Vermont Vol ..(c) 1 1st Penn. Cavalry ....11 lr_ >-th New York Cav.(rf) 1 8th do do 31 f 3d 1' S Artillery.... 1 id do Volunteer*.. 3 lat U S. Chasseurs... l|4th do do...... 4 1^. jth N . Hampshire Vol 6 7th do do 1 re 2dVernicntVolunteersl4 11th do do 1! '5 ?id Massachusetts Vol. 8 53d do do 6 '2d Khode Island Vol. 1 88th do do...... 1 *5 17th New York Vol... 7 HJd do do 9 i5th do do.... 6;9Pth do do 12 bo 56th do do.... ljliriddo do 1(1 t>j ti-fd do do.... 3 4th do Res. Corps. 1 ?4th do do ... 7 ' 6#th do do.... t?| Total .....HI (a) Chaplain (6) Captain, (f)Captain (J) As'a slstant Surgeon. >1 et At (rtntrai Hospital, Al*xa%drim, March 7. [i? 4th U. 8. Infantry.... li57th New York Vol... J t 8th do do 1 MKii do do.... S 5ih do Cavalry 2 H'.?th do do.... 1 tith do do 1 87th do do....IS 2d do Artillery.... 5 l?t NewYork Artillery 1 T 5th do do 1 11th do Battery. 16 2d Maine Volunteer*. 9 12th do do....l] 3d do do......10 Ut do Cavalry. 1 . 4th do do 11 5tb Peun. Voluateera. 1 'L 5th do do 1 32d do do I ft 6tbN Hampshire Vol 1 35th do do ] Jd Mauarhuaetta Vol. 4 16th do do 1 lit 12th do do.. 2 53d do do...,.,14! 1st do Mat.. 2 51th da <ln c * 4tb RLiod" Island Vol. lltilst do do...... ? r, 1st d?? Art.. a|isl?t do do 1 . 1 6th do list . l;s?d do do 3 ? 5th Connecticut Vol.. 1 99th do do......H \P Sth Vermont Vol 5 lUitbdo do...... ' lst.NtW JerstyCavalry U 11th do Cavalry.... 1 Y 1st do Vol.... 1 s47th Indiana Vol..... si 4th do do.... 5 vid Michigan Vol 43 7th do do.... 1 3d do do......13 >,e 1st do Art.... 15th do do 11( ' ? ISthNew York Vol... t? :Jd Wisconsin Vol.... S D? 17th do do.... 4 5th do do 1 lath do do.... '2 ttth do do 5 ?d do do.... 2 1st Minnesota Vol I *- aiiio ao ao.... 5|tf:n Illinois Cavalry...81 *27th do do.... 9 5th Excelsior Brigade. ] ;Wb do do.... 1 Quartermaster's emD: ?d do do.... 3 ployees..... 4 37th do do....21 on 38th do do.... 1 Total 51; 40th do do....25 n l t ~f Wastln};ton papers please copy and send bills to the War UeperUnent. mar 14?31 n- - ? - ? is. ^JUUeHS, COLlia^HOAttSENKSS. *0. rOMPOOND S1KUP OF HUM ARABIC. This aieaa&nt me ansnlu f!nn?h If ,jrn?rf. I?. le"* been ?o"1cdi knavnind extensively mod that most . person* hftTe beecne familiar with its extraoAli10 nary efficacy. It oan ba had at all the pnnoif I 4rsr stores, at J# acd in cents a bottle. L_ ??' mII*' WALL, 8TKPHKN8 It CO., U23 Pssjuylvahia Avntva, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT /AILOR8, AND KKADY-MAOE CLOTHIERS Nl? KXTKNhlVK DEALERS' IN ?ENTLE* MKN'!' FURNISHING OOOU8. _ *A K 'J ___ ? 1? A K N 1 >1 s H ERK!?On free -alubiitu... -*m < 1? u.s* -f>ok of Oiotninjt in the ott?, at the 1 , 1#?* CU*' S-ture, No. 4aO tterenth street, * |?>o\iti Voa? ofioe. N. B.?All of tse abow 5 I good* for aai? ** v#ry low moos. 7* ?-*B ???i - ? [MPOBTilVT TO 7AX1 MIX8. RESTAURANTS, HOT Eli S, SUTLERS, OROCERS, ARB OTHERS. WILILIAJH TVCKEA'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCE RY WAREHOUSE, 385 PENNSYLVANIA AVRNUH, 33# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. lOCERIES AT HALF* THE USUAL PRICED Having e?*? pv rehastrt oj nawmpi mtrrnann i and otktri, TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries Liquors, Wines, Cijfars, &o FOR FAMI'LIES, fJJIi SUTLhtiS, FOR OFFICERS* T EAS, FINE. U NION CiGARS.: C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCH UPS, IMPORTER K XTRA COFFEES. R AI?IN'S MALAGA. READ OUP.i PRICES R E A D OUR PRICES! Extra Brown Sugar 9 cents per poa'id White Sugar ....It cenU per poand Fine Green Tea 50 cents per r,ound Fair Black Tea 50 c?nto per pound Extra Office .....20c?nta per pound Good Coiie? ..... ... ......16 cent* per pound Wax Onndle* 35 ey.iti per pound Malaga Raii'm. ...IS t?nt? utr rwimj ? D ? i?- rCodllsb... 6 cents per pound Imported Cigars cents per 100 Havana Clears .-..SI to 83 per 100 Almonds ..... .....1*2 cents per pound Salt 20 cents a bag 1 Good Uutter 16 cents per pound Extra Butter 90 cento per pound Avlne Wines ?1 per bottle \\Thiskry .,'25 to 50 cents per bottle Ail other kladi of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and see for yoaraelf. TUCKER'S, M5 i'e.'insytTMia Avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 32# PENNSYLVANIA AVKNI1 if 333 PENNSYLVANIA. AVENUE. GROCERIES AT BALK THE USUAL PRICES, Having bem pnr&Aaiut / Bankrupt Mtrckants and ttktrs. istuart'a Reflnt^d Sugar* from 9 to 13 eta per pound Extra Fine Green Tea 75 " ? Good Green Tea SO " " Extra Fine Black Tea 75 ? ? Good Black Tea 50 ' ?? Old Java Coffee 20 " " Good Coffee 16 " '? Every tblny else In proportion. HEMEMBER, TIOKRIl>S.3ili PKNNSVI.UiVii - , ? < ? * a * Cii'i TVCKER'S, 38? PENNSYLVANIA ATXNVS W&IH iNCTOM. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, A KTi ATiroii n uiv VillUUtM, WILLIAM TICKER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3ii? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. i ' GROCERIES at half the usual prices, Having ban pvrckastd of Bankrupt Mtrtknntt and otkirj. IUCKE Rj' 8 TUCKER'S WBOL18A.LI AXD KXTAIL ! Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines,&o FOR FAMILIES, 4 FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, FINK. U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AISINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR P R J C E St i WILLIAM TUCKERS CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, SSft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 835 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. H. WATTS'S VOLUNTSEK TOBACCO. > GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICKS, Hating Utn pmekattd of Bankrupt Mtrckantt and ?iktrt. REMEMBSH, TUCKER'S, SS* PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUE TUCKER'S, 3)19 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE I * 5 *74* 0 LO?I BOirif il, a At ?ww?r>i >4? M?d aprtsfe, Swttdm amd mUf Mfutmml Krmtdy ft* rti t?U, JFO* ALL DISKASBa OF iMPKVDKNCK. i UT NO FAL8S DELICACY PRETMWT. xruy immmmftl. A 9WMW WARRANTED, OR NO CHAB9B, IN ?R(JH ONB TO TWO DATS. Wutam W ai Ittk, IfiilltM *r tk* IM 7? ?ud BUddti Jniitoi? U.kmi(H, lapauncv, r*l DOUity, M<r.<nray. Dy?f?p?T, Uuw, C?nfMM" f ld*u, Lav tpinu, fupiutiH J the Cttrt, Tumdi?, Tf?mWinf?, DifliaM* ?f girit ( 6tddiD*m, Dihui tf ? ad, Ttrtu, H?m ? tkin, ihcuMa / tin *t*ut ? ?lh?? , T?m*l* DlMTdcn arwmf 1t*m ??Ukuf l(Mu *r Y^.tb?(km DrtiMil tod Dotrveti** Pnf MM vkieb rM'i(| Mimifi Inpmibl*, ud <nu?j HU Mr ui Miad. TO UX& MEN ?M km kM?M th? ?it'jr?? af Itflun Mat draa ,fu and itiutcmt ktMt vMek iuiajl> ?%aapa la u u Jb?1; |T??? tniKodi ?f Tmt( Mai? ?T tha m?\ atakad ulanu u< fcriliiaat iotallaei, vb? ~l?ht atbarwiaa ta" aoiraacad hat*txtag Iwim vltk Ul thaadara af ala?r vikcit u iciutT Ua U?trw j.M| mat ul! vttb f*'1. MnldtBk*. MARP.iaqb. Mtllill rnatm.n Vtu, Mll aaaUapUUaf ??rUga, MtD( tnn ?f >.??| ViUnw, Hfull daaHlty, dafonniUaa, 4c., ,uf. 'emi ?"> P'"*1 bjumHT andaf lk?*tni(Di 1. ?? amaly Maid* ir hsn#v ? , puJiBu ul MUlld; wljr tfM hi? M , Phy?ieUa. OFFJ'jx Ne 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. ft ^.d aid* frarn alttmaraatrtat, * faw datra t*?m aarrsai. fail ua'. la aaaar?a nama aa<i aftaako. kauara "'? ? ka paid sad aantaia * au??. BR JOHNSTON, IMiMii af tfca Raya! ' imrfaaoa, UadM, aiadaw, fnr* nt af tha raaa* arnica tit Callafaa io Ua laitad rAataa, and tha f iaal?r part af arhaaa lifa t>?? ?> ? - tha haapitala af Uandan.Paria, Philadalpbia and aiaawhara, In facets Mir.i af tha nM aataniahnif eataa tbat am kmri; many traablad with naflx.f to th* band acd tart ibio aalaap; rn?i nar*t?*na?a, aaing altriahi! at ?ad*?:i aaanda, baahfalnaaa with fraoaant blaahtrf, attacdad IKilUUH With iHUfiaMI l! Bled, *m ??T?d >= ?- ! olataly. ! TA&E PARTICULAR NOTICB. Taaaf Mari ana aihara wh? 'u*t? injarad tbamaalraa by a artaio pracuea tndvlf *d tft wbto alac*?a habit fragaantiy laaroad fram a?il cn .p*uiar:a, ar at acfcaai, tha afacu at which art nifMly "ait a?an whan aalaap, and if iitcuad.

raodara maraaja Irapaaaibla, aiid daatraya kaih mind aad bad?, ahaald apply inaciadia*.*!*. Thaaa ara aar.i* af iha aad and m?U.?thaly af ?<?aradatad by aart* habits af yaatn, ?'?! af tha Buck aad bimfea, : an.a inUia fcaad, Uimnaaa af Btfhi, Lata af .Vn'.lai Pawa*, Palpitatiati af tna Haart, Pyapapay, NarTta* irtuabill**, Daraofauaot af tba 0:(?tu?a l"antU?~a, fjlrai lability, Byniptama af Canaamrtian, Ac. M HT4LLT.-Tha ftarfal alaeu au tha mind ara orach la ka draadad?Laaa af Mamary, Oanfaaian af Maaa, l)apr*aa<aa af Ipinta, Kvil Farabadiufi, Ataman af Baciaty, lalf-Oiauul, La^a af Baiitada, Timidt;y, at*., art taira af tha atila pfadacad. nihtous Diait.tTT aaa aaw Jadf a what i* iha a*aaa af tbait dtetirunf baaltb, Wain* thtir tigar, basaaw Inf waak, p*-!*,ncr?aaa and aiuaciatad, hitinf a iogalu l^iuutl ta* ayaa, aaatn ai atiaatama at ' DISEASES OF IMFR UDENCE. Whr x??f aidad Hid irrpraiitr,: Tatar? af pltaaua la da ku ittVkad V.t latda af th<? prinf?l d.?an", it tM ?fta? kappana tha; us l'tin ad lanaa of atnucaar draid af d acatary datara him fratn n.fp'.TiMf ta ihaaa who, from adata'.iou and rMpacUkilitj, cu a',ana bafriaad bus. I a folia Ir.ta tbi kanda ar ifnoraot and daaifntnf crataudara, vba, Incapbla ?1 ainnr, flcb hia pacar.iar j aataUnca, kaap bim tnliuf aaauth i'ir month, ar aa long aa tna am all a at faa cin ba oblatoad, and in daapait la??a htm ami raina J baaitk ta airb ar aia railing diauppolMinat.'; ar by tba ua af that daadly poiaoL?Marcory?baaian tha toi.i jtauanal armptao af it ,a tarn a, a diaaaaa, tachaa AfaeUort of tha Kaart, Tfcraat, laid, lk!a, As., programing with frigbtfal rapidity, till daalb pata a panod ta b:a craadfal atfartnga by Banding him ibat aaaiiMTarit cut frni vboaa kausa r? Inralti raiarn*. DR. JOHNSOWS REMEDY *OK ORtrANI* WEAKNESS AND IMPOTEXCY. By 'Ala rraat and ln-p?ruat raaady waaknaaaof tka orgaaa bra '.paadUy ?>rtd am f>!! ngor mlaracl. Tboaauda af ua *ol aiarraaa ud dabtLutad, oho kid laat all hopt,ba*? b?aa laraadlataly f,'ii??ai. A II 4? ? Jl - ? > 1 larnwi'.u \m Mirr'.if t, riiTita*! u Maaul Haitian., kv? rf rraa/aailT* Pavtt, I?tni Irr.ukflitT. Tramklin* u4 WitktMl 01 IlimCti Ik* *? faaifW] kted awad. Endorsement of 7he press. Tna Mart Teocpakbs tsrad at tkla lQititstlaa viikla 'a* 1?j: t?T?ntt(D T?tr?, uid th? c*ra?r*ai iirp?riut rc>aai aptratiaci par'arrstd kT Dr. Jaht.iiaj, vitciuad ky tat llfutiri it tk* f-frt uJ OLts.j nkti iirtina, naliCM af valak ktT* ( trad afaio and ?ftla ??r?n Ui fiklu, ka 'dat kit iludtnf u a ftstltraac f Ikttiitu ud xapaaatklllt;, ii a ?St.tot [Iituiii ta ta* iftliud. air la-lr TRIEaBMAR. Proteettd by Royal Ltittrs Patent of England, mnd mcnrcd by t\t Stilt 0/ tkt Ecolt dt Pkarmari* dt Paris, mnd tkt ImpftH Colitgt 0/ Mtdieint, Funna. TR1E9E*I AR No. 1 la tha effectual /-emody for Kblaxatto*, ??*?knckbii'bi ana lxhab ;tion c? tu? systb*. TR1EFEMAR No.U, Completely ani entirely eradicates all trace# of those disorders, for whioh Copaiva and (Jubebs hare eeuerally beea tiioaeLt an antidote, to the rum of the health of a vast portion of the population. imnsciiAK r*c. 3, Is the |rnt and sure remedy of the olvili*e<l world for ail impurities of the well aa recoad*ry symptom*. obviating the destructive use of Mercury, aa w??l a* othei deleterious inuredicntx, a^d which all the Sarsaparilla tr. tiie world cannot removo. Trikssm&k .\o? l. u r.nd 3 are alike devoid of te-ste or Bine.;, ar.d of ai: nauseat::.g ?ua.itiM. They are m the torin of a !oieun?.&nd m*y lie on the t?i>ie wfthoni their use bsi:'s suspected Soli! in fn oases at A3 ??ah,or four $3 cases in one for 19, and in cae^s. thns saving |?.*i administered by Va:pean, l.alleinaud, Koux.&c.. fco. Wh<':? ;&le ai.'i retail by 1>K. H. A. BARriOW.194 lleecker street, <* di<"rs from MaoDo ugll .. -f. New York. immediately ou receipt of remittance, Dr. D?kk?w will forward 'Enesernar to any sart of tf:e world, securely packed .a^d addressed according to the in&truotions of_tho writer. Published r "> ' j DR HARROW, that popular and beautifu ily .uuatraten tneccA wo-i:. Fraiity. Price 26 o-^nte. 1'rieseniar and Uook car be obtained by upeoia. ??WiOr:t? froin ? C. FORD, Washington, 1). C- tie U-tm 80NETHIN? NF.W ! D^>COVtB.X XI iM G firm, cpr?j.H *A? Tk?ai?r. OYSTE116 STEAMED I* tii? Bkell ana ThoroocMy Ovofc&o (f?r iiMn?r U ft ream) in ivmimtu, tkt fattitt (?'?? ? rifsra. Cail and ?e?. The snder^ijL^J retpeotfmiy informs friends lb the f)i?tr:ot, and ri?itoru V. ?l.e oity, t^ai iie ha* refilled hii old ard wiil-inowh bstabl?:iirn! lb a moat thorough manner, and >-aa ma^e complete arrangements to furmah OY8TERS in any Mtvl0 in ftnv *?? ? >!*>? m ^ -i mj . *w ?v v .V?UO ailUUIDQ per day. to I,two oua of U^rcod ar.d Fresk at tp daiij?cui hermetical.y s< aied. Furnished is the iheli by the bushel or barrel. Person* wishing to have Ousters furnished regmlarlr through the winter, at B?t.;uote prices, without fear of Canute. sh??n:d call aad mare arrangements *t once. Freight, time, and money tared by purchasing of me, aa I fawnish an article esual to the celobrttea Baitlxore ectat-Ualuxienta. at prices jaat as low. VO BVTLEKSi Canned Meat*, Lobste.a, Sardines. Ciame. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pits' F?v?t, Tripe, Ac. Ao., Ac. Also, Pickle*, Catsup. Sejoes, Brandy Peaches, Ac. Also, Gs.rre ind I re6h Fiah. Torties, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod. H*ih>ut, Ae. la fact, evety thing for sa.e m the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable rices. Hotels and faint He* supplied wita Oratera, <leIlivered without charge t?i any part of tne District, in season, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from i a. m. to IS at night, every day, exoept Sunday, wheu 1 close at lo o'clock a. m. _ _ its II T.N. HARVEY. K. KA * PERKINS* 01L11RAT10 Worcestershire Sauce. ProMiDved by KjjI EXTRACT SONMOI39EVK8 Fl of ? Letter from * u be the II X*"*1 Omtltmm wrlJ 1 jff 1 T"? His iiroik* SAUCE.*' at Woroestw. and appiioable to ? fan iJaVfar~-~rrr ' 'iws that their Smut* EVERY HVipr"' hie hi y estsemed m India, and is. in VARIETY 3Es|y--: ^lop' kdtkciM p?i!awt>ie, as well as ? ? nmiI KLjS'he most wholesome OF DIBH. Hp?PsaM<? thatrs made." The abore BAUCE is not only the *?sr and most rorvLAX condikikt known, but the moat Economist, U a law drops in Sour, (iravy, or with t\sk. hot and cold joint', Buf St**k, Oamt, te? impart as exquisite test, which tutfrituipltd Saaoe manaifcotarera hare in rain endeavored to unit***. On the Brtnkfmst, L%ntKton, DtM?r, or S*w** I\blt, a omet oontaininc M LEA ft PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" u indiapenaable. To appreciate the ireillmt ?umUtitt of thia <UUiinj preparation it ia only neoeaaary to porohaae a small bottle of the $tnmnu, of a reapectatde jrooer or, aa many Hottl and Rtsianrant pro prietors seldom pl&oo the Pur* Sum before their C peat a, bat substitute * lenuice BottU filled with a gwrtwii mixture. For sale by Sroeara and Frmterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN * SONS, Psus S&tmrt tmd 1414 Jtrsat, JVm York. Bole \Vimiesaie Areata for the United States. A Stock always in store.?Also orders reoeiTOd far ihinntAnta fr?m IDT Btw+rt tf Ctmmiir/tiu mU Iwifuw -fl JWWMo ITPHAM'8 HAIR DYE I?TO COLOR BLACK U OR BROW If.'.'?Only 38 oenta a box. Three boxes for om dollar. 6ray, rod or flaxen hair can he oUanged in aTew eeponde to a black or brown, by aeiac Up nam's Lie uid HailDye, the beat *Q'l oliMMit ia the world, produoini, the Moment it 11 applied, a ncn natural appearanee. Each Bos of UPHAM'S HAiR D VE ia warranted to oontain M much kair dv* as others eell for ea? dMmr] So!d by S- C. UPHAM, 403 Obesnut atiwet, Philadelphia, and 8. GAliVKlT FORD, oorner 11th street end Pa. a*e.; in AJesaodna, by HENRY uuua m u*. wniiua. nyt-wiy GKNTLlSfS8o?ff^ a?EftyeA,tM?,s.,o,?rvgs,sa's?? gvesghsftg. wst NEfdOOATS. PANT4IXJCNS ?a<f VfcSTS, of <41 aolora ud taalitiM, i<ut ia nui &ai feniah to U? bMt eastora work. \ ??????*> I zm ; iMwriHYgr. Hit i. H. PEABODY, Yj dkntist, Attrods toft'l b-*?eh#a of hi? pi-o*-3?. n %r the moat r*Monar>l? r*t?s for vhioii good Of rs-ti^ns o*n b* perform*.; Oftoe No. itS M>nn?t!raEi? botvMB 11th ltd 12th atre?u. ivo doora M<t of ths Klrkvood Hobm, ia nm? wrb Dr lH>n aidaoB. mhSlm*414 Mvutl LOOM18. M. 'nTcttor ud pfcterl* fths MINERAL PLATE TEETH. it 4 bii a tcnda person*! i? at hia ufto? .a thi* ottyRhJlBif Muj persona o&n ws?r these teeth who**1'lJJ HUM Wtar ntkan ??<< ? 1 1 " _ w?t mw fviuva v*o WW W5TI who cannot wear these. hereon* oaMmi at my o^<?csn If aocomwo<iated with my style and ?r'?: 01 Teeth they ma> dw't; bat tothoee wno are particular a:,-. with th* purrat. cwoaorri, atrongeat, and moat perfect denture tr.a? art can ?rodu??\ the MINERAL PLATE w..i be more fuhy warranted. foe me in th.ia city-No. S3P Pa.aT?r.i?,berw?wi and 1Mb at*. Aiao, 907 Arch at-eet. Phi lade vhia. mart ly^fl DaTIuARLCS It. BOTLLtK, DENTIST, NO. 3S? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BKTWISK 9TH ASP IOTU m^gg J^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHK0PLAST1 BOISE teeth, Wiraowr MtTAL Put* o*t Cuara. vni r?. O CiUKBMUM), 910 BrjVm fcfk-Kifl fn*>vir?u? A* tmui,bnmttn iis* e*dl3tA , lVa>kxntt<<* . Ca'.is t*e atter.tir a of ;he poMio to the t-i t?wic? advance* of I!.n, prove;! system: 1. Tfce Teeth of hii T.annfr^tc * T,: N|Ni ne^si ?orod? nor rhs-ntr color t>? 1 Cids, being t* re- fc. Uts ,uj:ot th?\ *l? Btt,?r. t. No teeth <-roots need r>e -xuacted, as Ut trtlfioia. ores can be rs-?e. , ?? V *m. S. The rocts will fee made lBoCcrtu?, aa &wt ache. ?. N<-. t?-rpr?r%rr t?"eth are i.?r!*a* perr.ane; t onet can be mad# in<r-.edi*te!r, thereby prerer?;rg trie natural Hiiwira of tk* fare. uhich* the old ejstem is ire?aently i. This i?, ,k i;*" be >o f tert' cvej fiv- rears by many of Le trstc! eaniisand s rr.ciacs of tins Ot'UUl^T. Dr.t-. fi?a >> iriT'vte-* a w'.te u. 'estruv-tiTt metai fi lms, with which the BioCt NMRtS teeth cai: i>e fi '.eT w.'iiout paiif. *no car ; ,j >-p * perfect, slurs'! tootn oi a; ? s:de r?-!ts, wijic wi l aM throcfh lifetime. Tiie uestof efe'-'ccee given?te l>r. V. Mott. Dr. Ctireuiii. Priifiuinor r.f r.k?n>ntr. m v . n? , - W ? - / V t?i r ,, UViii Jadte W&jiiP.of tha^ufrtuic Court of Waeh:ng tot. *r.d t:. -6&. u? of others C*il *1)11 ?Mnin? for roor*vf. po t Cm GAS FITTING, Ac. AnH *. DOVE * GO. R E New ffci reeait" mzj *r4rru v.U U;oE tnflv inn hfi mik? 1 rh 24fiiN? #AS OR STEAM FI*?IK? fi'y i?tcre er. >th s'.rvt, * f?w aoo:? torti ! 1*? ?Trri?3, wr' < 'o?"d c c n? r-.e *?-cr*-7;?: J CHANJ : : ! I .W -n-ji ?tk*r?A>* 8?t A M en* y?ftT?*'r t-'ix * }-: j ??-,? WS A 8 FIX K RES. _ ,E ttij notmv. ti' njii?rajo 01 mumi nnr patterns an3 D*?ir?? tid Vir.iBh. superior ie nt 7 ? to ?nythirc heretofore ?ffer *1 iu thu market. weinrit?c!t!SN:s r? j to ?aJi and ex v.: no oor stock of 6m ana Water MX' I'M, f?eu:.g o .r?: eat *t bt*a ike b#*5 ct'.etu*1 stock in Ww ir?tci: A^iWcrk m tr;ealcte line la.Tutrt te tir n:i iu b* aUCLaeti to. f*YLJ? & UeVJIA*. trl-U S76 D i>rMi FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. i %?& s \ ro% HALS S* J , V . BAKYHULOW, Ho.e Agent, Hirdvarr & Agricultural Varrhtnie, WS Seventh Strut, B*tvun javrr.vt awi (%? C***;, opposite eaet end of Centre Market, ja 14-tf HARNDEN'fl EXI'RK!**. ( h STASLl?HBI> I* 193?M ltAj i*?Te to lrform the ?.il so tl-at they havoex tended tfteir Ki?tw to \\ ae^'neton. *nd ar* n? w prepared to T ansport Merihai J:ee. Ban* Note*, Sp*ois. J<*wcirj, &o.. 'o all pa'** cf tup MMJlt. ,V?v? Enxlamd ar.d Wttmn State* Canada Conner"ir.e ?.fh the n ? ft resp-h e Fxpre??** tiiroarhout the country. w* are eriar-.ed to ?ifler vntqva:!i i facUitU* to a!: wl.o may ta^or i:? With their patron&go. For terms and fnrttor iciormation apply to K. K SMiTH, Aiect. Tbiru at.,3d door ueiow !a. averue, ja 9-Sm \Va?h nr*QB- D C Wall, Stephens & t oM MILITARY AN1> NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Di?l*s? !5 SWORDS, HASHES. BELTS*, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, 4o. And every variety of HEAVY-MADE CLOTHING. At Kkasonablb Paicn. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. S'ii PeuntjIrarua avenue. between 1% 11 [Intel. fc Reygb.l ?th ??'! 10th ?U rj^O MILITARY OFFICERS AMD OTHERS. BATCHSLVR S VEX VINE HA1K HYM* | The Liert in the World. Tk* (Mlv RtiiabU mud JJatmlui H?tr JJyi ?m?m, Sold by ail Drutfisu: also, st U*^a?tcs'? Patent BteUicue Store,?, p. Patent O&?e,oor. F ? tu, arc ai e:i??'? Hair Store, '*%* pe:,n'a avecae. where Ladie* oan hava U a#pls?4, f desired, rectory?91 Barclay ?M Sate 333 Broa&var) N. Y. oo I It (2 WATCHES. 'OLD AND SlLVliK ? N'Sf.iSH, SWISS AND AMERICAN. i ~ ? t.- i . i- t -/ - ? ?! * ft u??r ituw uii u?uu m tai Bi'A fc Ul ftu H O Hirn celebrated Watvlie*, that 1 am sel.'ng at tne ?ery loweet pnoes that good and reliable time keepers can be alTord<?d *t: a::d ever? description offcre JKWKLK\ on fcand;all new styles reeeireo as soon a^ niant iaotun* , anJ >fl'ered at the lowest rates, hilver ware manufactured in my own shoe. Ai. kinds oi MILITARY GOODS on hand.sueh as Revo've^s, Swords, J-aaI'*8, Be ts, Bowie Knives. Foeket ?assea, *o.. 4a. A!so stmcg Army Triu.** and li d Coir.!>i<:e hard many otlKr ttiiucs nselul and ornamental at 339 Pennsylvania avenue. no?'-tt H. A HOOP Dm K. DUPONT'S 8U6AR-COATED FEMALE REGULATING P1LL8 Read the foliowini unsolicited cucowi-UB^ oms: Br / "I cannot commenJ them too highly." W. p-7 "They are the best fremaie Pills extant." "1 have used them with oomptetesuooeea." "Would not be without them upon any oonsiderfttlOB " "They operate speedily and effectively." Pnoe fl Sent by ma. i So!d b* 8. C. UPHAM, 403 Cbrcnut street. Fh'.adeipbta, and in Wastiington by 8. C. FORO. oorner 11th street ?d<1 Pa. avenue.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK 4 CO., Druggists. no X eclr I 4R. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE Lf GONORRHOEA in six days. No I ohangeof diet required. It is an English specific of eixty-fire rea-s stare ingAML and will not narai the most delicate conI : 1 - n | J - WUMU 'B W 7/JlllfTH i * , rFlCP (1. Bold by 8.C. UPHAM.403 Chesnut street. Philadelphia, and in Washington br 8. C. 'OKI1, oorner lltb street and Pa-a?* ; in A:exaa<iria. oy HENRY COOK * CO.. Drnirtists. noKaoly Adamantine candi.e*? adamantine candles!! t>0 Boxen Adamantine Candles, goo'l quality. J uat received. kino k. burrhell, fe 80 CoroarJLMnjrt., and Vermont are. N mourning goods. OW in store our usua. amp'e and fine (took of al kinds of Dry Goods for Moarnlns Appall. One price only, the actual cash value, marked la plain Scares PERRY * BRO, if fc bt Penn. avenae and Ninth st. A /n W PAWNBROKER. B A #L(UXM to be loaned on Moid and Silver Watcnae. Jewelry, Gnna and Pistols. Silver Ware, aua Wearing Apparel?atthe old stand, No, Sil C street^back oi the National Hotel, between 4* jSSSfwTknd B?ff Chintm, >lun. for child*?'. *Ou'r norU?ra ud ?t?n> *?rr???on<?U Mud ua Cew lavtUes dial* *ERRY * BROTHER, fe lVtr Perm. av and Nil U> at. OINK, WHITE. BLUE. AND CORN COLOR K ricn l.ayacher Silk a, for ?M(Udk driMta. (or iner p ie? 42.2? j?r yard,offered now anu for U? next ten aay? at #l.? Mr yard. raaJly a oeciiled bargain- PERRY * BROTHER. felS-M Fenc.?T. ami Ninth at e tka. & otieata rtandard Black T". ha?e a-*?* to-4ay. A'ao. oKoio? 6rMn T?a j&IN? ? BUEOEfcLL. ! ? OsrMr IMk strwtMC vtraant a?, TRA?iEr.ER8' DIRECTORY. PAS8MIUEK TEAXN8 Om mmd Aftm HUH DAY, F+rmmrt S, 1MB. PwtMn rum nr*i?? WAWIIIWTON AMD BALTIMORE Will ncu follows: Six Dmilf 1\mtmt cr mmd Dtp** AM tfutuuln* Dm* t 4*rtmt tkt ?r<"k. For Phi;Me!?hi**8<l Pl?tr York-LMnWk^. tacton at cj9 a m. 11 m> a m. and $m p u. For Kaltimor*?wa&ui&fton at 6.oo alU 7.40 a m, and 3 and 4 on p . ?or A nnapottf at 7 40 a and ?.? p F or Ph.tad* at l?o p m. For Hariisbsr* atd the North and Waat, i?ar? at 6 mi a m, aad ? ? or *.? p Far FradAnah at 7 4? a M, and iO? p m. THAWS MOTlim NOKTtL Mornrnt E*fr*? I oats WaihiactonCMa. n. >r n?e at BaJOmoje 7.a a. FhilidPlrlia T.m* yfW N ork 9. H 1 It ? - Morr.inj Aooo^w-xHirloB i?aVo WMfeiitf toe 1# A.M. Amwgl Uaitimor*tjt *. No connee t!*r ? it H? timor*. Tiiia ia tlx Morning OOUMIIOB lor AiiriapoU*. New \ ork >Tail Train?Washington at 11 a. arriYO ?t Hilt.more IL40 r. Thtlade.sLia 1.1?\Kt-. New \ ork in r M. phtla;Te>hi? Tnun i?a e? Waakiorton at son p *. re*chlng Baltimore at ? r It. and Ffeuade,?tia a? 1*1 r ?. Alf'i.uoa AcooniikcrtHion? Wa?n.n*toc itUM.arrive Hat more ?t ?M, .No oonr.?xi" -at Ha < >* -?. I in* i? U?t> aflaraoonoot, ufcion for Ar.rnpoua Ktccibc hxficec?leare * r. * A ?? it i tif.r.x.; Ph..adf,?kia i?>Ai m ~>r HrH< v Han-i trf-l 4. If On ^ai.'iar* fjvf WuhujioaatSW and 0 p.m. oc it TM 5 p. w. trnn frora a?h r,ftor. connect* It -mch to New York erery tlay dnnnc the werfc. TRAILS KOfI>& SQ9TH. L'??* New York el 7 a. Pfci a^ejein 1 1. la umorat 00 r h. Ait # %i V. ait r.ftoa P.M. Iy?ar? New York at I p. Pkilave.abi* 1?Jf> p. m. Sa!um?r< Oft a. H. Arrirt a; V? ntui-ft't u Le>&?? N?v Vorr hi fl r. w. ?.*> a *.; JUItl a..M. AniflM W??h'rctr>n lUi.K. i>oc&! Aoeffmmo.abon Tr?it>? nti 0?. < 'it or* till *..f. i (1> p. a .tor VVMaiSftct:, airir* .! *!? *? i i a., m. ?'l4 4* t. m. Ou Su?i i*y* a*. 4.*> *r. j 7.5.S *. M. eclj from Bkiitmom. No Antapo it or Frederick ouuun i.k'D Sub^J*. . t^r T^? r?WMhiritcxi ?t 7.??i a. ' lia't ncr* e.i c * ? r M . r '.f rt ->"? for Am?o atu<? Jurct. , 1 hoi*' a Mf ai J 3A r x out' *?' at K - !\t or Previa ick, dtkttttXowa, 4.e., &.C.. rx cpt 8ut>d*?s. aiuiua .- tc/v. ? f i? jur v% * 3melon at (.P a. x. er <1 s?" r * PMicrt?r'Jtnr.?!f??iiH WMfciDffton M ?.?* i. * . 11 a. * I f> r. m.. &t;d iJ? timore at 4? aitu 7.?> a. m-, will fioff OKU <w Annr.fcr.i J*n-i%on VVm Ptiuate:i uuat Ukst'it Ae<ow>mci?no* Tratut only- < Trm ? wit :*ave VV**hirtU?i< *.c^ H&ttimor* vr-miftiy ?r?ii '?"f (imi, excepting that the 4.9'* m. 7 SS a m. acd 4 no r x t.-mua will wait mi nntec | ifnnoeM&rr, to ueonre the pae?ruc?rc aid Mm from i he K *?t. | For Sok m.u Wounded Soldier*?A iptm -nr. witli an attentat. \..Ui will leave V a*.Sit.?tan twio* & week for Philadelphia ?WP*9* at II * n. lor tie BMMUnMation of ?irk ai*<1 wo-jnjea I oloiert. W. f. sM 1TH. J _fe 4 Muter of Tftkaoportafco^. lie t. Ie>?!4J THE (1?M? Penriylvaiua Central Railroad, IfrVPEflBK ' (with it* ecnneotioaa) IS A FIRST C I .ASH ROUTE , TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES BPKED, SAFETY AND COMFORT* SI ONE BALLASTED ANU meK i ROM DI ST! BAGGAGK CHKCKED THROUGH FROM liA TIMOR L! tf*** rAij.T Tiiini nox PHILADELPHIA TO FITTSBI ROH: Two o th?m making cLOft ro.tKicriona at Btir?Bn< with traina on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, and farming Till; GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE FROM ASH 15SOTOM AND BALTIMORE to&il points in the W*st, NoKTH-WBST IMi Sotn-WIiT. IIT^'or Thronph Tick*u, apply at the Office ot the NortliT. ? enf-ai Ka-1 Koad Com p*n?,OaiT?rt station. Ka tiraore. Spin: aid Slt"pin? Cirt on ail Nipkt Train* tSmoii*f b .loon Cars on ail Trams. k'unfu U* Atllll MISV/kM S ??V i*? *? n i-"Ii I* V * v?i*? Facet ^ora ? ! t&xe tutbi. m. mo 6 p. m. t a r t, a rjVifie in HauniGre at 7J*ia. m. am! 6 41 p is., w.ierecloae c'-'iii ciioa* are oia.e with trr. . on .\oi! in : Cert-V K. R.,a d arrive in Kvm bt"i at i p. in and 1.45 a m., there com ^ with the tra'9? on the Penn*ylvama K.a?.-"&a f r a. pe.;t? < f he vert. FKKlSHTt*. By t:.!B Tviate. fount* of a deaonp'iocs ov ' ? fo- warued Uj au<i ?r<?in a y point on tl?e Ka. r- ah o!, Ka. tact y, > t ;aoa. 1 inote, \\ i?cul.i?, luwa.or Mlfc .un.ftv road 4tr?rt Ti " I nsy van aCentra! Katlroad a!?? c-n.uecta at 1'ittsLiurc with !*teani?rr. by vb oh ?<*> <*aa be f< rw*rde<J to ai:y pert on tiieOhio. Mu-kn,ci;rn, Keutuckr, > e:.c?>aaeo. Cur:-cr ai d, -> ? .V M i*sip?i, H !Booi ?;n, Mitt 'lir., Kaue&r, A'kat ?& . acd ftt^Kiretr and at Cieve as'l, Sendo-ky asd Cti:c.aeo with stcamera to ali Not tbwe*t<-ru i a*ea. >I?rchaf t? ai d ihippem entreitinc the .ranap?rtat on of tfceir Fre.g ,t to tiua Company, can reiy with cctfidrnoeoK is ?pe?!; t^aaait. THE KATES OF FREItHl toted from any point m the \% oat. ; r the Pennsylvania O'lf*. Ha.iioe i, ?*< ?> ?? ' mr ferormlU at y r!??r -.x.rcvi i -*ipa?u> !Z7"Be v&rticnlar to mark ptck?{N "via Fan*. C*RT?1L K K." A1A6RAW A KOONS. Freight Agent*. No. frO North street, iift t inore. ENOCH LEWIS. ??o*I SuMnnt't, Altoona. P%. ' L. L. HOUrT- Sfn'i Ticket Ag't. Fluinlefphia. H. H HOUSTON, 6et'i frrignt Agent. Phi ?deiphi* j* 4 ^ly I\OKTHEKN CENTRAL RAILWAY. Tit Skmrutt, Quuhtti ?nd ?*ft Romtt from BoM rort to tkt m WE?T, NOFTH AND NORTHWEST. ^ WIXTHK SCHEDULE. C2ANU or i HI. * , On *!id ?..ter t*l'NI?AY, a?Ui now?rnh*r, Prm*dt*r Trm?i w;ti uriTe and depart from Ca.Tprl elation u follow* : i rains North Lrav* Man at 8.20 v in. Buffalo Kxprr*? S p. in. Jarktoc Aoocmmodatioc 4j. ra. asd liarrisbarg Express SJO p. m T&ain* hour Aaaiva Ptrktcn Aceo '.mocatusn at 8 a m. Batfalo feiprMe b a. m. PitKbart b arntt'Bft Kliriw Man t.? p. Hi. The <S a. ra. train lr!?m Washington eonsMti with the 8:8V *. m. tralu from Kaitimoi?? lor Uta W?t and for ISsliiilo, K.lnurt. Kosfcertfr, i>ODkirk, Caoadatgoa and Ntagara Kalis,atU jor New York city. The 21 a. uu train from Washington cennecu with tueSp. in train from Baltimore to VVmL [ North a"d Northweatand Llnuraaad BiiDa o and Roc heat sr. The t p. m. train from Washington eonneeta wiifc the 8jo p. ra. tram from Baltimore (or Pittaourg, btrriaKiip* ar.d 11. a LL ia a /4 > r&nt ?..* Uor lor Lei>?non. Kutoo Alientown Ud New Sork via Cehtrai Rai.road of New Jersey. Try is route for New York. C7* rti* osly train le&viuf Ba timare or PnnJay isjFhe 2 p. m iraiii. tor Har-isj>ur(, 1'ittst urc, Cnfoacu and the WwU TUeonly tram BiriTinf 1b Batimoreon Minday is ths 8.&> a-m. train- JAS C CI.AKKK, BO H 1 y Ssperir>trrQ?t.t TNOTICK TO TKAVbLbtB. I HL Postmaster fMt-ti ordered Us an servioe between Washington, __ jrwr ^ Baltimore. Bud Oi l PointiFirtresi Monroe' to b?, on Bad Monday, tbeJOth instant, the Bay Lmeol ?t earners frill leave Baltimore EVLEV BAY (eacept See day I from tfce.r . foot of Umou lV> ik. at ?% e'elook p. m., or immediately after the arrival of tne Vi as tuncton Train, wiueb leaves Washinttos at 2* o'clock p. m. m %V_H ! M VA I U.M*? am vopaA.M'b * M W r A A M A + TJt 9 It 4 llu MANVfACTpRY, 4?t l?TPT? MUlt WuliU1?T??, P. ?. SOW Mecfcl awarded by MfcryAim jaalltaU SaiomorA, No iwwji imp. aim, M*4al by Metropolitan M?eh??m,l??.it?la, WujiLtton. i). CM ian. 1 Ml ?nmrniii n&kio?. alvay um kui of tfce t-Ml m?t*ria , ?*?ry 4?*cnp*iaa N i**Xa? Sol? "V.;v; ... fv*o3 Box, *?? I faatrnr Tiaato, NlMr.OMUM I MNm of Comtwi and travalara vui i examine my ttoeM before mtrrmiim tleaV l 111 *r?nki that are nade ib cu.r cibea. Nftmr Leaner ud Draw Traafca made ta kss1?JAMBS S.TOPMAM. m fliTid. or lUmfj wj wrvm ?i ur noma* Ut>M. Mai' Work "<V:r?t K. R.-U< M' Ot* la Ik* W? I ?r????r 0* * *m T?HK JMIVV fs ^DVaNCI'** TOin ?uimii| uifcfitii*.' ^wt' .piiiai 9?*I. H?U ut4 l * * JDHli

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