Newspaper of Evening Star, March 17, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 17, 1862 Page 1
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* / r . " f" * == V^. XIX. WASHINGTON, P C , MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1862. NQ. 2,829, m?? THE EVENING STAE u rUbU&iiBD RVBRT AFTFRNOOlf, (SUNDAY E\CEt?fKl>.) AT TUB STAH UliiD.IQI, / ?tMM Mi F.i?**tk tt. bt W. D. WAIJAOH. rspers served la packages by carriers at 94 I yev\ or 37 oentB per month. To mall aabeerlben the price la 93 M a year, m tdmmmu; S3 for ail aaootni; 91 for three montha; ud for leaa thai three men hi at the rate of 19 oenta a week. 1Mb tie copies. orb cm; la wrappers, two exitTa !r ^ mvi ,T:misT? ahoaM be aent to the ?ee brftre ~ut o'clock m ; otherwise they may tet appear cntll the next day. Bl'YISO A WEDDISG CAKE. ''Letters, sir, from Pos' Office!" "Very well, Sambo, put 'em down and take yourself off!" I had just finished my breakfast, and the tir.y ckoclattere, with the bachelor service of transparent china, still stood on the damaskdraped mand-table. It was a bright little room, with its white and gold paper, and highheftfel grate, on the very gray light of this chill December morning, when the air was thick wirh noilselessly falling snow-flakes; and this cQutr&st between the bitter atmosphere withovt and the tropical warmth of my own special nook, gave me an additional consciousness of satisfaction, as I leaned back in my oaair ana proceeaea to examine my correspondence. Loe Worcester wants to know if I can oome to tea this evening. Of coarse I can. Le?'a wife is a perfect little rosebud, and one, besides, who don't believe in cashiering all her husband's bachelor friends. And then I rather iiktf that brown-eyed sister-in-law of bis. Yes. I'll go, certainly. Halloo?here's a letter from my brother in Glenfield! I unfolded the document eagerly, scarcely able, at first, to credit the tidings it revealed. ' Well here is a pretty state of things! Going to be married, claims my conerratula tions, says that Mary (who the dickens is Mary ?> is in great tribulation about the wedding-cake; affair to come off on Wednesday and no cake to be had for love or money! Will I be the best fellow in the world, and send down one from D'Artier's?" I elansed at the date of the letter. It had been delayed for several days on the road, and there wu not a minute to be lost. I rose, mechanically, and put on my hat and ?loak, giving more heedful gate at the various directions about icing, weight acd decorations, which acoompanied Tom's closely written epistle, before I sallied forth boldly into the street on my novel errand. It was just about one o'clock, the snow had ceased falling, and the sun shone brilliantly. D'Artier's was full, of course; there was at least a doien ladies that I knew sitting at the tiny marble tables. I tried to a&sume an air of easy impudence, as if I had only eome in for pound of chocolate almonds, but it was no use; I could not disguise the latent sheepishn*c? nf mv aifuu?f oa T aonnha 4a M V* *M J *W|/VV? A U|' IV L11P counter. "How can I serve you, sir?" demanded the trim damsel, who presided over the saccharine treasures I muttered something under my moustache, feeling a hot blush suffuse my whole countenance. Why wouldn't those inquisitive women-kind attend to their ice-creams ? ' Cake, sir' Certainly. For a party, sir ? Pound cake, lemon, almond?" "No, no," I bawled ; "I want a tceddtngcake !'* "O, I beg your pardon, sir," tittered the atrocious shop-woman. Was it reality, or did I only fancy that the titter was echoed among the bonnets and furs beyond ? However that might have been, the mere apprehension wad sufficient to throw me into a cool perspiration. The n?xt moment, however, the counter was heaped with various temples of glistening white sugar, some wreathed with make-believe roses, some surmounted with candy cupiis, others pure white masses of icing. I surveyed them m a state of hopeless bewilderment. "P*rb?ns. air. it annlil h? bntf?r if th? lnriv 1?J ? J -- ? could came with jou to elect," hazarded my enemy behind the counter. I eoull endure thn badgering no longer, but pounced upon a gigantic pyramid of sugarlilies from which peeped up a tiny alabaster eupid. "I will take this; what is the price?" "Fifteen dollara, sir!" I laid down the money, and jiever experienced so delicious a sensation of relief as at the moment when I thrust the cupid, packed in a round wooden box. under my arm and rushed out of the establishment. How gladly I delivered it to the exDress azent. who tuaaed it on one side, as carelessly as if the transmission of wedding cakes were a matter of everyday occurrence! "How d'ye do, Golde? When is it to come off?"' 4;When is what to come off?" queued I, eoneiderabiy puisled at my friend Atherton's address. 'Your wedding, to be sure! Ah, you're a sly dog, to keep us all in the dark so long!" "You can't have been much more in the dark that I am at this moment, Atherton. What on earth do you mean ?" Bat Atherton only wagged his head knowingly, and rushed off in pursuit ef a stage, say in* something of which I only caught the disconnected fragments ' my wife" and "D'Artier'i" '-Hang that wedding-cake!" was my internal ejaculation. _ w a . as i pnrsuea my speculative way a uny gloved hand was held out trom a passing carriage. "Ah. Mrs. Everleigh, excuse me for not seeing you before!" ' We all know that love is blind," said the lady, smiling. "Now I see why you haven't been to see me in such an age! Ah, you need'nt look so unconscious. My niece was at D'Artier's this morning, and Baw how particular you ware in tha selection of a certain article Before I could explain this piece of circumstantial evidence, there was a mortmant in the "lock" of carriages which had eaased the temporary detention of my fair friend, and her equipage rolled away, with a ware of the pretty hand within and the archest of smiles. I stood looking after her, with an odd'sort of impression that I should wake up presently to find myaelf married to some body, whether or ne; indeed, I was not altogether certain whether Mrs. Golde was not waiting for me at home! How brilliantly the firelight aad gaslight ilI 1 a ? !!--* - ? mmJ* iuiniiiea ia?t oosey utue room at uee Worcester a, ?itk its pink tinted wall*.and the crimson carpet, sprinkled with small white bads. The piano wu open, strewn with sheets of mnsic, just as it had been left, its pearl keys glimmering softly in the subdued radiance of the one jet of light that glowed through a frosted shade above The tea-table was all set?I had otten dreamed of a home of my own that should be something like Lee Worcester's, in its snag evening comfort, and somehow that tea-table always formed part of the phantasm There waj something so bright and cheerfal in the snowy damask, and the sparkling glass and glittering ehina. Old bachelor aa I was, the golden blocks of eake and tiny white maffins, breaking into crisp flakes that melted in one's month, and amber jellies, qaivering like gi gantic jewels through their crystal prison walla, produced a wonderful agreeable effect in my epicurean night. And I could imagine no prettier virion to crown it all, than Macjr Worcester in her crimson merino dress, edged round the throat with delicate lace, presiding at the silver tea-urn. Except, perhaps?but that's neither here nor there. I was a little disappointed, on entering, not to see Lee's sister-in-law, a little beauty, with brown rippling hair and velvety eyes, somewhere between has el and black, out I did not like to ask any questions, and consequently remained in irnoranee until Mary casually re marked: "Nettie U very low-fp?rited this evening, perhaps she will come down stain by and by. f How I longed to uk what the natter waa. Perbape the bad received ill nawe; perhaps *be waa not well. I would bar* given my two ears to know, bat I didn't dax* to inquire. S" yo?V- go'-g to b* marri?.d eh, Tracy, y " ? L?? a ? *t in front of the "Well . . can't do better. A Bachelor, at beat, iaa'intr? fraction of aociety!" 1 startel up, annoyed beyond all endnraace. "for mercy'a take, dear Lee, do teU ate where you picked ap that ridiculous report!" "Ridiculous report! that'sprettjcool, upon my honor," exclaimed Worcester. "Now, Mr. Golde," said Mary, laughing, '"don't deny the soft impeachment. I am sure you would enjoy a quiet home of your own much better than that noisy hotel There < is no charm against a sad heart like domestic bliss!" # There was a radiant softness in her own tender ejes as she spoke that penetrated me with the sudden conviction that I had been exceedingly foolish to remain single all these years. " Do confess," she added, gaily. "But I have nothing on earth te confess." ' Nonsense," said Mary, holding up a pretty. warning finger. " What were you buying at D'Artier's this very morning ?" 1 I turned scarlet; here was that everlasting wedding-cake again! Fortunately my inquisition was terminated for a moment by the entrance of Lee's sisterin-law, looking lovelier than I had ever seen her before; a little pale, perhaps, however, i J 1 1 1 V 1 * ?.? 1 _ ? V . ana ner siikj eyeuwnes neavy wun wnai I ; could almost have fancied recent U&rs, were it not that she seemed in extravagant gay spirits. ' Tho soft flashes of color came and went like pink shadows across her cheeks, and her coral lips were dimpled with the brightest of smiles; ] vet all the time I oould not divest myself of thrf edd impression that she was ready to melt inte an April shower of tears at any moment' 1 She lightly tendered me her congratulations upon the approaching "happy event," holding out a small snowy hand loaded with sparkling \ rings, as she did so. ""You apeak in riddles, Miss Nettie." i "Don't pretend that vou have not the key < to them," she said, a little tremulously. i " I cannot comprehend what you mean," I answered I, sturdily. She said no more, but sat quietly down, j shading her eyes with her hand, as though the ( fire dazxled them. Mrs. Worcester, however, still pursued the obnexious topic. 44 Then how do you explain the wedding- i cake at D Artier ' " Is that the only testimony upon which I am tried and convicted of a willful intention of matrimony?" 44 That is all; we are ready to hear your defence." " Well, that unlucky mess of white sugar and dyapepsia was for my brother's wedding ceremonies, a hundred miles away. I assure you it had not the least connection with my ' matrimonial fortunes!" Nettie looked up with a rare brilliance under her long lashes, and an almst involuntary smile wreathing her lips, I took heart of hope and went bravely on, cheered by a sudden inspiration. ' But I will purohase a bride-cake twice as large, for my own wedding, if Nettie will consent to be the bride!" mere?1 had dene it, and ib less than fire minutes wad an accepted lover, looking boldly into the wondrous liquid depths ef those brown, beautiful eyes. "And n?w, Tracy," said Mary,mischievously, " I'll tell you a secret; the reason Nettie cried half the afternoon, aad became so low- ! spirited this evening, was that " " Mary !" remonstrated Nettie, with cheeks ' ablase "That she heard you were buying a wedding-cake!" pursued Marv. putting awav the white fingers with which Nettie vainly strove to fetter her tell tale lips. " I'll order another one to-morrow," said I, meditatively. " Ah, I shouldn't have repined so much at Tom'a commission had I known what a sweet little wife it would win me'." " Don't Tracy !" said Nettie, hiding her face on my shoulder. And when Tom wrote to know why on earth I didn't come to his hymenial ceremonies, I wrote back that I was obliged to stay to attend a wedding of my own ! And such a wedding-cake as graced the center of our banqueting board! It's no use trying to describe its frosted splendors; but if any of my readers seriously contemplate getting married, I'll send them the recipe. Preatlceaaia* tu. d in:- ...? t?/t % 1UO UIUUOIUUU ff Ul^ Ottjr 3 lUOliJCU. x/av lb 19 a small potato. We suppose that's the reason the editor gives him a dig. The rebel torpedoes, thus far, have proved torpid. Buckner is a liberal fellow. At Fort Donelsod he proposed to treat. Thank you, said Grant, I don't indulge. Immediately in and around Bewling Green, there are three or four thousand rebel caroassea scarcely half buried, and, unfortunately for Bowling Green, dead rebels smell even worse than live ones. A Memphis paper publishes that whisky is abundant and not dear in that city. This gross falsehood is manifestly the last desperate recourse for getting together in Memphis a mi or urn of the Letriglatiirn 1 ? Beauregard and Price may fairly be considered as rivals for the title of the great evacuator. It is tbeaght that John Bell ran away from Nashville because he was afraid of being caught by some Bell-hangcr. THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH COMf&NY, Having re-opcned ai d re fitted a BRANCH OFFICE in willahds' Hjtu. thi# company it prepared to accommodate the anesta of tbat house, atd the publio, with every Telegraphio facility. Commnnioatioa direet with BALTIMORE. PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK, aad all Telecraahia Stations in th? ln**l Mtiina. GENERAL, OFFICE, 43i FEMM*. avbnvs W.P. WESTERVELT. mh 8-lm Saperintendent. PRICES REDUCED! WOOD AND COIL ! Tna aubacriber will, after to-day, reduo* the prioaa of Wood and Coal: Beat Reasoned Oak Wood at ?, Stfsu&..a>. Baker a Fine at 18, Haif-aeaacned Fine at ?6.*), Acthra-lte Coal. Kel and Whita A*h.?t #g per ton. Delivered in Georgetown, or Firat Ward, Wuh ington. Terma Caan. _ JOHN A. GRIMES, Agent, mh U-lw* Canal W harf, 6eorgaown. '|^HE MEECHAN'If KXPRES8 COMPANY BALTIMORE ^INL^ WASHINGTON. Are dail* forwarding (witn diapatoh) by the Waahingtoa Rauroad. Meroh&ndiae of every deaoription, to amount ahippera may reeaire. tbe lownt rate* Agent Tor Baltimore, JOHN E WILSON, ut&ee, N. W. oorner Howard and Camden ata., nearly oppoaite Cttnden Station B & 0#m and btorage, &6J Booth Seventh atreet. oppoaite Center Market, Waahington, D. C. nh S-lm* A. P. PirnH. i???. SHIRTS: SHIRTS;! 1 SHIRTS!!! I . We are giving ?p?oial attention to making Shirt* < to BiMir*, added to having alware on hud a fin* | took ready made, feentiemen dee:ring: this important garment made in a style and of material a* ssMsr1 " 3T0 Fa. avenae,under fe l&-tf Brown'e Hotel. f A DIES' RUBBER BOOTS Li AND SHOES, All usee, at J. B. PODNEY*S, . JM4 Fenn. a^enne, back of vix^n ury uowi a lore. J^,BW8 RUBBER BOOTS ? V?? ,A' PJS JjjfaPTSu- i w wcrii m*?I i8J?SS issIT*"'- w^??w rft?Swr*r ? ??. "* 1 I _ HAIR NKTTW?HAIR NBTTS. JUSP l(t>dair?d another lot of Ihou hkiulaoiu dont.t?Cai?eli? Alao, ft fins u?ortm?nt of I vene^ SUfc sn^Cor^?M N>CCi, coU^n, ftt I W538* as. <u . i ik 4 I I J TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. The Cap'nre ef New Madrid. Further Particulars?Immenit Quantity of Military Stores i?T. Leuis, March 14.?The following Is a copy jf an olllclal dispatch sent to the Secretary of War: "After several days of skirmishing and a number of attempt* by the gunboats of the enemy to dislodge Gen. Pope's batteries at Point Plenxant, the enemy has evacuated his fort and entrenchment* at New Madrid, leaving all hW artillerv. Held batteries, tents, wagons, mules, Ice., and an Immense quantity of military stores, See. " Brigadier Gen. Hamilton has occupied the place. This is the last stronghold of the enemv in this State. No rebel flag Is now flying in Missouri." (Signed) H. W. Hallkck, Major Gen. Commanding. captubl of tw1ntv-fivb t1kcks of artillkry , with skvkral thousand stand of arms and tkwts. St. Louis, March 15.?General Pope, in his dispatch to MnJ Gen. Halleck, says :?Our successes it New Madrid arc even greater than reported Twenty-five pieces of heavy artillery, 24-pounders, and rifled; thirty-two pieces of Held artillery, an immense quantity of fixed ammunition, several thousand amall arms, hundreds of boxes of musket cartridges, three hundred mules and horses, tents for an army of 12,000 men, and an immense quantity of other property, of not less value than a million dollars, have fallen Into our hands. The men only escaped by the enemy's whole force being demoralized and dispersed in swamps on the opposite side of the river. The enemy abandoned their works so hurriedly as to leave all their baggage, officers' knapsacks, men, their dead unburied, their suppers on the tables, and randies burning in the tents. A furious thunder storm, which raged all night, enabled them to get across the river without being discovered Our heavy batterv was established during the night of the 10th, within eight hundred yards of the enemy's work*, and opened at daylight on the 13th, just thirty four hours after the guns were delivered to the United State* at Cairo. During the whole of yesterday our lines were drawn closer around their works, under a furious fire from sixty pieces of artillery. Fear of an assault on their works at daylight induced them to flee precipitately daring the night. Many prisoners have been taken, and the colors of several Arkansas regiments have been captured. Our loss is about fifty killed and wounded. Hollins was In command of the fleet, and Generals McConn, Stewart, and Gnott, of the land forces. The gunboats went down the river. Pope has twenty-five heavy guns with two works of the enemy, which command every point of the river. A Skirmish with Ashby's Cavalry. Wischksteb, March 15?Gen. Hamilton yes sf(a?nAnn ura? tira 1 A/I unnn Ktt nAArlti ill T.iuuT ui?vi uuvu wao " uii?u ujruu uj ncany ail the officers of thedlvlsion, to congratulate him on his advancement, and also to express their profound regard at the necessity for his departure A Pennsylvania regimer.ta! band gave him a sere* nade, and the staff accompanied him as far as Perryville This morning Ashby's Cavalry, with two guns, were driven thre? miles beyond Newtown, by a force of artillery, inlantry and cavalry. Many pheils were thrown on both aides, but, aa far as known, uobody killed Captain E. T. Pendleton, Quartermaster of Ashby's Cavalry, wan captured yesterday morning. l'he eara reached a point three miles tbia side of Harper's Ferry to-oay. The road wai In the worat possible condition, requiring extensive repairs to be available for heavy transportation. On several occasions obstructions have been placed on the track by the secessionists Col Goodwin, of the v!d Massachusetts regiment, has been appointed to command tbe brigade vacated by the transfer of Gen. Hamilton. All la quiet to-nlyht. Sailing of Cam Facte'* Ganbaat and Mortar Fleet dawn the Mississippi river. Hickman, Ky , March 15 ?The powerful naval AvnpHillnn rnmnruiasi a# nnnlvA*.?? If/. I A|" U1-IU14J \yWkM U? fc U l ^ IJU WVUIS I?t II H'U J Louliville, Cincinnati, Carondelet and Conestoga, under Commodore Foote, left Cairo at 7 o'clock thi? morning At Columbus they were joined by the gunboat* Plttsbnrg, St. Louis and Mound City, making a total of eight gunboats, and were overtaken by eight mortar boats In tow of four steamers, with transports and ordnance boats. The fleet arrived here at 4^ o'clock this afternoon. Mounted pickets of the enpmy were In slight on the bluff on our arrival, and two companies of the 27th Illinois were sent after them, but they escaped. A strong Union feeling is manifested here. An impressicn prevails that island No. 10 will nut offer much resistance to our progress. There Is said to be 2,000 rebel troops at Union, 7,000 at Humboldt, and 15,000 in the vicinity of Island No. 10. Also, twelve heavy guns In the batteries on the Island. Arrival tl Pars#n Brswnlovr at Kaihrllli. Naphvillk, March 15.?Parson ttrownlow and his ion arrived here to-day. He aav* be wai imErisoned In tbe common jail at Knoxvilie, on lecember 6th, in violation of the agreement with tbe rebel government, aud confined in a email damp room, until be was attacked by typhoid fever, when he was removed to his residence, and was there laid up eight weeks, under a strict guard. Having partly recovered be got a pass irom me reoei governmem and left Knoxvllie two weeka ago. He wai detained by order of Gen Hardee at Shelbrville for ten days, and finally reached the Federal linea this morning. He declines starting his paper here on account of 111 health, and proceeds North to publish the story of his wrongs. He has sot been affected by consumption, as reported. The Battle ?f Pea Kldgt. St Louis, March 18 ?A private letter received yesterday from officers In General Curtis' army says that the rebels In force are still In the rear of the Federal army, and another battle la noon expected. In the late fight at Sugar Creek, the fourth division stood the brunt of the battle. The 4th and 9th Iowa and the 1st and 3d Iowa batteries are terribly cut up. One hundred and eighty out of five hundred In th? 4th Iowa were killed and wouuded. Kverv field officer-in Dodge's brigade was wounded General Dodge had three horses killed under him and one wounded. Captains Burton and Burman and Lieut. Crittenden were wounded. Lieut. Jackson was killed. The Latest fraaa Winchester. WmtHBBTii, March 16, p. m.?The members of tbe Indiana regiment here publish daily a news sheet called the "Army Bulletin " We have received here a large and well edited paper published bv a regiment at Leesburg, called tbe "Advance Guard." The churches were open here to-day, and were well attended by citizens, officers and soldiers. It is worthy of remark that your correspondent has not seen or heard of a single invasion of private rights or any intoxication since the arrival of tbe army tn this town Thiscauses us to be hlghlv SDDreciated. even hv urMilnnlati greatly to diaabuse the Southern mind of erroneous impressions Arrival ! the Ctliitraia Steamer Ariel Niw Yobk. March 18.?The steamer Ariel, from AspinwalLwith ?677,000 in treasure, has arrived from California Capta. Schenck and Smith and Lto. Hall and Robie, of the navy, are passengers. The U. 8 ftigate Saranac remained at Panama. Advices from Carthagena report that the conservatives have taken the town of Nare,on the river Magdaiena. and seized a river steamer with

5.000 muaketa and all Mosquera's correspondence abroad. gBS&saas&l -?ns?jssfis^t.gfias ,?nans-l ?U?I1 twvuiT'HA jo?r? ui ?IO. I No axaenae la allowed by 6o?ernm?nt to Candidate attendinc the aeeetona ol the Board, a* a ?uoseeaful eiamination ia a lef al ^reraf aiaits for a*aoiauneut in the navy. mh t ?o2w JOR8B8 ft)R BALK, Oonatadtly o 4 DAMS fcAFiui COMPANY. NOTICE OFJtEMOr/kL. . ?*?? ?f thll company la remo?*i I ,p^u^S'miu ^ WRFJ *' lWi r OFFICIAL* rEASURY DEPARTMENT, Fbbbvabt 4, 1S42. Noticb is hbbbbt sivk:? of the rendlne* of thta Department to redeem the Treasury note* payable In one year from date, authorized by the ct of Congress approved December 23d, 1967, and the Treasury notea payable In ilxty days from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved 3d March, 1961. >Interest on Treasury notea of the above ismiea will cease on the 7th day of April neit by terms oi laoae acta reaper uvpiy. re ?-tsp7 Department qf state, WAcniKGTO!*, January 25,1HW. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Metcbera of Congreaa on buaineaa on Saturday*, commencing with Saturday, the flrat of next ttonth. Jau*7-M( WILLIAM H. SKWARD. War department, janbart 21, i"<52. Ohmrki), That the War Department will be clewed Tuesday*, Wednesday#, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operations !n th# fl?!d. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 24-tf Secretary of War. AMERICAN WATCHES FOlt AMERICANS! No Mare Eniliihtr French Rnlibish, mad* to tell, bnt not to keep time. Why should an American tiy & foreign Watch, hen he can get a better and oheaper one at home? Why should on American needlessly enrich foreign Watch manufactures at the expense of cur A.* * own artisans r Why should an American send gold to England and France, our ccvert but bitter enemies, when gold is eo much needed at homei Why should an American buy an imported Watch, which, in nine cases out of ton, will coat more to keep in order for o ne year, than ite original price, and which was nevor intended to keep tine under any circumstanoca Why shonli Americans rot patronize more gerorally American manufactures.and thua emancipate themselves from ti.e thraldom of English capita!, French fashions, and Continental gewgawa ? The American Watch Company'* Watches are pa-ticu'arly adapt-d for soldiers' us*, being most substantially made, anl cot liable to get out of order, either in ma< chine,riding, or fighting. Sold by M W. GALT * BRO., 354 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, Wholefa-e orders should be a-idre*sed to ROBB1NS ft. APPLETON, Agents of the American Watch Company, fe 38-im 182 Broaiway, N. Y. PROPOSALS FOR WOOD. Dirnt OmiTiiviiTn'i (itrira. ) Corn*' ?/ IS A in*I O*, 5 Washington, March 12. U6?\ Sn4.L*r. Proposal* *i!i li?iece:v?.! aUr.n< ffloe until MONDAY, tiie Slat <ia? oi M%rch. at 12 o'oloclf M ,to l.irnish the troope in this city acd i?? vicinity, nort'i I in" I'-'dh w r;vor, w;t .in <5) live inik? o! th ? city of Washington, with Wood lor (6) bix in athB.ooniiiirrci i on t ? l?t cay of April, 1P6.'. and eniu.g the 3?th day of September, 1362. tie Wood to he of the l>e?t quality of oak or hickory,and to he .ie iver(*i a: ''i-campi or^mr tors of the troop/. iu aocn <a*unities and at such times aa the t>?-pot uart-irn'iiter rear direct. Payments to lie made at i;.e end of each month, upon ihe return by the of the order* drawn upon him. The deUi-ery of the Wood orJ i A A -X ? - 1 * *' ?" uoi' i niuei i o Biiiiwii i-f trio receipt 01 trie o<rcer receiving it (ipecilymg tho amount delivered) endorse** upon the orders. Vv ood ordered lor regiment*, hrirad^s, or divisim s mn?t >>e receipted for by the quWerrpasters. T ie pr- posnis n-ust specif? the price per oord of(1^8>one hundred and twenty-eight cubic feet, fcnd (nii4t be plainly marked "Proposals .or Wood." The ability of the bidder to fill the contract, should it be awArdeJ to him, must be gusrantie' by two rorponsib o persons,whose signatures must be appended to the guarantee. The responsibility ol the guarantors most he shown br the official certificate oj tin r erk of the nearest distnot court or ol the United States district attorney, Bidders must be present in person wtien the bids are opened or their proposals wili tit i >9 considered. Bonds, in the sun: ol ten tkoua%nd dollars, signed by the contractor and both of bic guarantors, vill be required ol the suoeessfml b.dder upon signing the contraot The right to reject auy or all bids that may be deemed too high is reserved by the Depot Quartermaster Informal proposa'p wili be rejeoted. Form oj Uuarante*. U'? nf >1.. -f ?J > ? i vjt* mo wuu?j ut ?? auu cimo of, .and , of tne count? of , and State of??,do hereby guaranty that u able to .fulfil a confraot in aeco'dance th9 term* of his proposition, and that, snould hi? proposition be acoeptod, he trill at once enter into a contract in aooordanoe therewith. Should the contract be awarded him wo are prepared to become his securities. (To this guarantee must be appended the certificate above mentioned ) i>. H. RUCKKR wh 12 dtd Colonel and Quartermaster. / M ?T t * D UQ / k n r* n ?s ?j r* %t ? ? ? * ' g u uni;o run r n DSCi 1 A i'lUfl TIFFANY t CO., Nog. 850 and 532 Hroadway, Niw York. And Mo. 79 Rci Kichbliiv, Pari*, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF MILITARY WARES, Solicit the attention of Civic and Military Associations, Commands on Natioual or State service. Patriotic Clubs and individuals to their targe stock of RICH STAFF AND DRESS ARMY AND NAVY SWOKDS. Their assortment includes the choicest BLADES OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE. identical with those made for NVilkinnon, of London, worn by tho officer* or the B ritish Army, and moat approved 1>t experienced European authorities the elegantly wrought BLADES OF SOLINGEN ON THE RHINE, in fibre and finish the recognised modern typea ol the celebrated Damascus Stitl; the excellent and serviceable BLADES OF COLLINS, OF HARTFORD. Besidea those of other domestic tabrican ta. The mountings of tne blades. iu ait case* executed within tho establishment, will be found to oomprise all requisite styles of ornamentation. the ?cabbard* boing of Silvir. Silver Gilt. Brohzr, Claim or I-irr Gilt.mlvkr I'latkd Burnishkd Strrl, Rich i bather, eto .with bandsoiPlain. chased or j^mborsrd Gilt, or Solid Silver; the Grip* and Gvaris oi the same variety of material and finish, and of either regulation pattern or original design Should an artiole of Extraordinary Elrsancb, of a richness and oostlicess not represented in stock, be required for presentation, the oapabili tie* of tr.e establishment for tue manufacture of the ohoioeat works in gold and silver, and iu geeera. artistic resources are unusual guarantees of Ks satisfactory and speedy production. In answer to orders, designs and estimates wiii be promptly forwarded. individuals purchasing Fwords of Tiffany & Co are informed that every olade is subjected to tests even more severe than those enjoined by Government, beiore it is plaoed on sale?the teeuns blook :a in the Mtaouaiiment. and at the command of all vho p efer immediate proof of the exoetleuoe of th ir aworda. f*2B-lm Oriteri! Oysters! WHE OVERLAND OY&TER EXPRESS COMPANY SUil oonunue to receive d?i.j those famous planted PATUXENT RIVER OYSTERS. Restaurants ana private fanulios^Ra /_ J would do veil to cat! and trv them. WlljV Those opsters are sold 96 noun after they oome from the water. II> Offlne Mo. 48 Market 8pace, below the A venae Hoose. COIN WANTED! The flifhMt Prioe paid for SOLO AND SILVER ! Uracil Foft Sm m Sm to Bfit. LXWIS lOUNSON * CO., B A N K M H 8, flNlUTLVANl* AVWflBt 1* a tf Corner Tenth itrtM, . ?? H A Ij , 340 PEKISYLVAPIIA AVENUE. E91ILE DUPRE. Just Received and Opened, A large and firat-tlast ?tock of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: SUGARS, of all gradea, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAiLLARD'S CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac.| Ac. All of which he offer* at lowest cash price*. PIKK'9 CKLEBRATKD WHISKIES. 50U barrel* Magnolia, 500 barrela XXX, 50(i barrel* Miller* Rye Monong&hela, #00 barrel* flne Old Rye, 500 barrela flne Old Bourbon, . AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All the favorite brands of CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verzeny, Green Seal, Heldalck, which, being bought low, we offer at unuaually low rates. Alan, ftnlo Arrant fnr PIKE'9 ARMY CORDIAL. feb 14-tf Smltli & Brother's PPPPP AA LL FEEBEEE PH *"PP A A * 1.L KKEEEEE PP PPP AWK LL EE PP PPP AA AA LL KB pl? PPP A A A A LL K'KK PPPPP AA AA LL KKhE PP AAAAAAA LL IT PP A A AA LL KK PP A A A A LLL';M< KKEKF.F.K PP AA AA LLLLU. KEEEEEK XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXXX X X X X X X XXXXX xxxxx xxxxx XXXX XXVI xxxx XXXXX XX XIX xxxxx XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX AA LL EEEEEEE 4 A A iv L'L'L'Prru aaa juu r- n r,Ti l.n AAA A LL EE A AAA A LL, EE AA AA LL KEEK AA AA LL EEEE AAAAAAAA LL KB AA AA LL EE AA AA LLLLLLL EKEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEELEEE irrniot AMBER ALE, PORTER, AilO NEW YORK BROWN STOUT, In WaoU, Half, and Qumrltr Ctfki, BREWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY. 1Mb Street, between 7 lb tbd 8tb Atiimi, NEW YORK. fe 27 dtja? SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE f . I.S.-This is one of tii? THREE ?Rii*T REMEDIES whir havo rr;a<1e U H SCHh.V'K we sucossfu' in ttie treatment <1 several va-r i.t. ser^us ar.d fatal diseases that other m di:i practitioner in th? United i?:ates. The Mandrake I'llia are offered a* A SUBSTITUTE KOR CALOMEL. DR. SCHENCK avars ttiat his Ma^r'.le 1'tlla will eff<?ct every lor which the preparations of mercury can pc- t>>y be usefi:!;aml u? declares most solen:'y a-1 conscientiously that those Pills may be >isrd *i'h perVct safety in a I cas*s where alteratives or purgatives are lequired. rtts not uiuoii won?ie whon we reflect that the liver is the tarrest orgaii in the human orgarixation. that it becomes so frequently diseased. 'lhe yellow and sai.ow skiu, the coated tongue m the morning a:.d the du l pain in t;.e . irats; tel! at once that tnis treat depurating organ isdoir.e its work hy halves only. Any person who will take one of these I': !? at uicht will not only be relieved of disease, bat :ikewi?e its disagreeable attendant*, such as hoadaohe, sour stomach, costive bowels, piles, and the dull, heavy feelings over the whole frame, whioh oitetitimes make life burceusome, and render the patient wholly unfit for enjoyment or business of any kind. DR. J. H.vCHENCK will beat hisacects(S R. Waite's), oorner Louisiana Avenue and 7tii street, on \V?*lne?day, February J6th, and March 26th, to re patient* oorrtlaininj with Coughs, Col>U, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, or aQy d.eeaee >a> to Consumption He gives without aharge. nn'eu they want a thorough examination with Eia Keapirometer. then his fee 1* three dollars. Price of Pulmonic Syrup 91 per bottle or #5 per half doten. Price of Seaweed Tonic Si ?er hott!? or *Mr half dozen. Price of Mandrake Pills 25 oects per box. fe* T NOTICE. HE PuMio is r^peetiuiir informed that the undersigned lias oommenoed run nine a LINE OF STAGED fromAiflHg^* Pei a. avenue to Meridian Hill. TheJEKZSS stages will leave Wiliards* Hotel every n orDiLi at 8 o'clock and Meridian Hill &t half east 3 oV'\, and will run regularly to and Irom Meridian Hi 1 every hour, thus affording s chess and speedy oonI vers nna fn thA MriAna <* ? ?- IU ? --;-L 1 * 1 . v . ?uw ?w ?uv ?w * .'mO WttUiyD 1U fcU*~" urif 11WIQWU? The vndeuigned hopea to reo*ive a iberai iupport, at be is determined to atiora bia par.rona every facility in hia power. Fare 1<> oents eaoh way. 6EO. M. MILLER. fe l?-eolm* Proprietor. UWM. C. MILLER. NION LIVERY. HIRING. AND SALE STABLE, Conurtf Sxxtk and C tt!> . Washington, D. C? Persona oan at ail 1^. ? timei be accommodated with HoraM, Carriages, or Bnggtea for hire, sale, or exchange. V '1 Liv?ry by the day or month. s?ver?i sutlers' Wmoji tot wle low for cuh, both binileaad Double Wicons. Appir to mfa 12 eolm ALBhHT BKLL, Agent. OOTd AM) SHOES TO 8 U ITT HK TIMES, Wewe now liiMufioturing'ni kinds of BOOTS and SUObS, ai.d cunit?nt,y reoemnc uppiT 01 BMurn maae work oi every sorption, made expressly to order, and willv HI be cold at a much lower price I ban baa been* heretofore ouarged in Uus city for much inferior articles. Parsons in want of Boots and Sboea of eastern or city made work, will always fend a good a sortmen? in store and at the lowest pnoes. Sire as a cail. GRiFFiN A BRO., ap ft-r 314 Pennsylvania avenue. 8. WERTHF.1MKR A CO., A(*A iO? No. 46S ahb 464 tfavxRTH J*T., 41)4 Ovporitt tk? Pott (JJke*, Offer their Block of WINKS, BR AN 1)1 K*. GINS. CUR DIALS, etc.. also fiieir larre aseortrien: or SE6ARX, TOBACCO, FANCY GOODS, etc., fur ULlft At WhoiMuilfl Priiwta TUej kweoMtkntir on hard fine PHIL.ADEL PHIA CREAM ALK, in kr{i ana U Uim, U r bars or t'amii? nse. The pablio ld general are re tnested to give them a oal: and examine their "?Ck I'SJ&tTHKIMM * CO.. 469 and 464 Seventh street, 4e fl-tm oppo. Post Oftoe. TCOPARTNER<<H<P. HE Copartnershipheretoforeexisting between Walter, Karataon & Bopp,having been dissolved in eon sequence of the death ?f one of |he firm, the **99m wwrnw on uaaer iue nam* 2*WALT**4 K J *MAN!t. Watr*ir?HrM ^3^?aattn&52 TtaUfo! for n*t fcTor*, v* &op? for* ooottun faiwm - wai/TER' IqKEvgP ? _! ? .** Oj rtovr J JACKfefS. from Anotion. vhioii w ?r* ?); 1P? * Mr NBt.)wi?V tMi, fir it wit, ?t No. ?6l *4? itreei, te J4-1* THE ffOKLY STAtt. ami ?J rwilr lU Hrvf j iutti . ?rtk:iU| ? (win v*tt<*y ( ia<rMi| nm ill >?u Ma W <m< >a u? ?<? >-)< ? PriUfMtaiii rilW?l?<i, tottHM.f. m ???? > ShgteWpfi piruxiM.MUM.Jl m F;r# wplw fvntp-1** It MiTmrl&bly mW w U? ' W wklairtM Win ttal tu mzie t\* D?%if B+m\ng Stmt *lr**UW . M ffnrrmlly tbromcfcovt tfee ecutry. copiM (1* wr^ppcn eu to pf nrrd U the coBnto lmmrd t?r1y ef tt.e paper Prfee?THRKE CENTS ^? P HELMBOLD'8 GENILNE PREPARATION. " HMiULT COXCEITTKATMD" wmpoaca r u.o MtTRCt Victim, A /<iuiw ?U SfcxfU /Ltmtdf For DiitUN of lit* BLADDER, RIDNEYB.< DROf Ir'lCA I. SWELLINGS. Thit Medicine ltcr?UM the power of DigeeUoc, ?'dexoite? the absorbent* into he*, thy action, bj vcich the watekt ok calcbeoc* depc*ttioo?. and all VHmrrtiAi. are recnoe-: M we.. U PAIN A.ID lirU*.ViT 01. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT JfUCHU For AriBiUf from Exc??se?e, Habtte of PiwtpaUc* Ear!* lodieoreti >b or A1 u?e. w+tkt Following Symptoms. 4u4-'.^position to Eierfcou, Ix>u c! i'. %? L<o?s of Memory, IMBcu t* oi Kre*tbinc. Weak Nerve?, r. .ti: :u j, Horror of K ft-n#: W*k-foiis?;.?, Itinn.MB trf Vi?ior., 1't.n so ti.a Bkc , Vcivem! i-???itudeof Its MucuitrST?teni. Hot Ukuili, Kiushice oi the ifady Dryneaa of the Site. Ernptiona ca t.e Fuse pallid covntrkakrs. Thew ay m? turn*. it tliovw to go on, whicc t_.i tnedioiue mvanaMy rmrorN, soon follova 1MPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS M on$ of which th* J'antnt wmy Hrptirv Who can u; that th*y &re not fVe^aect r 10 owoi: by tboa- **i B*r i. d:?ia >*>?." * INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many ar? *w&r* at tr.e c&n?* of tneu ^aen^* but nonm will ? osr<?s. THE RKCOKDSov THK INSANE AS . LIMB And th* MtiMtkoly Otniht by OMnmtHM. tui ixpm wrt5*#f to th? rxirr or tb* UlIITiOR. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTE0 WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. M a 1 re? tbe aid of motiicine to tronctSen ?cd Invigorate the Sr te? ki?k HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BU IHb UltHV ' i( d?H T11U WIllCOSTISCI THI KOPT til' TICUt FEMALES- FEMA LES~ FE M 4 LE3, OLD OR VOL N U 61 NULL. MAKKl \L>,\ H. CONTEMPLATING MAKKIAGt. m m r m ** -f n .1 . < . 11. 1% many AjrMcx\ons riruitir io rt na,t* thefc'xtrart Baeha u udmu< icd by an? other r?re>ay, ae iu Ckloroiii or ketetUua. lrr?cu.a~i<y P?iiJalnc*s. or s?uppr*?*ion cf C?ttora? ? L.*aa nation*, t'!r."-ateii or Sehirroae ??sre of tue Ut? rus, Leuoorrh*a or \V lutoa, Sterility. t 3 lur a. ytrnfin ct t-> th? jt. r ar?? from Indiecretion. Ha<?t? ?f Dusiratu a,cr .c t .? DECL'^E OH CHJtrBK OF Ll.'-S z? "tiptok* IW FAMILY SHOULD Bit Wll iO T PI T*k* *? b:?i Mt'r+rf ?r t/K^t?c?a?l /or I'n'.'ca.'Mi ??* H&LMBOLD S bATRAC; B'JCHU enn KKCRET l)MEi?HS In a!! taeir magee; At ittis Kxf Little vr no ckanie 1111> ?i, ibv^n * ;.- ? ?c i.rronr*t lioaua's a fre*u-ut denre a a ti""* errem*- g Urinate, thereby K?moviu( u!?tr jjuo Draa >rtm? a n? r r . <k'riA> ..r. . . -1 .. M .. < - ?i fc ?"< i itn; c? i ; tt.i . J . A!lAy<i:c t-a;na w ie&en i i%t ?t Ire^nect in the claa*of du> ast-a, a: J ?x, ,-?n F0U0****, luiui/n, muff n?* Mart ?. TMO*?a!tDg VPO* THotfatrs IT.HO BEEN THE VCIiMS Ot QUACJL8. and wfco have faic k?aryft$ to * u a * >*ri tim?. have f?>n:.d tbpr w?'e ??2. a.?: 1 h?.t t # "WIOSI" hu. by the vn ot"r<mtrful ? be*n?iried in ib?aiaMu, to ue&fc out it *ti: cmv&tM rcrni, and tsahats irrwr xz* luvi V^IELNUOi'V'flEim T IfffcW *11 r^MUSUa *Ii- CU??*?M V f IM Oft<llU, wk?'k?T exiitiac it ULK OR ?EH<JL5i, .r?mvk?tSTer lot# ?nfir?' rt f.d DusMMof'.aefte Or?*?>rc*Bi fc-<* * ' ?U . nnii. HBLMJiOU) 3 EXTRACT BUCHV MS VHK eREAT DiL iC KliO, ?i4 l* wr1?in to h?r? the crtirrsl efcot ? 0i?e? ttl/r wkuk it ti rutmmtntlsd. wnonMcu or m moit bmroasuu aid u LUIU cmAcrn WllXWHJJ U? BSdlClBM. ?fit!ficatkt* of cues. Troalto C <cfe? wltk Rum kn*?s t* SCIENCE AK1> FAME. M * **IR YB1CIAKS" rLMA6?"XOTiCB.* wn KAKS "SO IICtH ' OW "I??R?DIFHT? HfcLMBOLD'S EXTRACT J3LCHU iseomposod of Huchn,Cnb?b?*r.J Jamper Berr*? e.ecteu witii jreat ove by a oompeioct dr*cc> ?u PEE FARED IN fAOVO. 1ST H. T. HELM BOLD, rmoUruti acd Analytical Cbemiat, ud Soi - Mfc* aXacturer of HSLMBC'LD SeKNUmiP&XPAILA iiOi. * I AWnHf' ?t LAmnamn \ ?^^^?^'<nSraiUn Sworn and *uD*r.b?d I fore -t- ?h t'ujoar. November, ism. WM. P. H1HBK* l?. Alderman. Ninth >U turn R?c". Via * PHYSICIANS IS ATTEND A. VIM FHOM & A M. TO tf F. M. Pri?? SI *?tu#, or til k. ? . Delivered to A2y aMrew. ?eo*:t;y ?-ekr #b*arT?lioa. Atftraw fer lnferxkbet in cor*3# t CLT. RJJLMboLD, Cktmu , 0?ytt, IM SNU TMU Cl?i< .?* i A MEWAAK Of OOVNTKHI t and bifra.irroiri.Mn Dh< WfcO DCMTOr to dlfftr" "ll It 1 ?' "oth?r" trtte m oa tLf re?oi?tioJHaMf 1 tflMMU * ** M Mmtrmtt Pma ? ii ? >t fm-r , " ' * -? *?rt, sol* bj 8, b. fv4jts. Z i.' ? > v?? j?kn Wan, 8. c. r*u. J U. !jwr?t 6. O MAJCX, 1). H. iXAMJU & >? - <-'? J ft. Maim, Wuku(M fAffi* iii WWi'f^ *'H /il ill fOfc 4 JLm* ** i 4,' p mi ? " ?*' ' ar? Aim* mr- m' * | <nwt? ? - rt -mt. mt ? Ml

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