Newspaper of Evening Star, March 17, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 17, 1862 Page 2
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- r - iim t vmmf tmr ~FyKNr?TsTAR. VA.StflNGTON CITT: MO>OAT MARCH IT, !*??. r. rTbcugh Tbi ?ta.K It printed on fc*t?*i i; sin pr-*? In K?uth of BalUnaorai it? ed!tton I > M U.a. ..4U ia K? nnt tn nr**ttl ?it ftfl i w M>|Kir ?w ho r uirr i? ?v ?? ' I *w:ly boir : therefore, should be ett In brfce IS o'clock otherwise thev m-iy may not appear until the next day. Spirit ! the Mwaiui Prut. The Tnttlligennr, under the head of "Faction Rendlrg Itself," notices the manner in which the Confederates abuse Gov. Letcher, of VirPfinl*. and other public m?n , t the South who ? ?? rvAlllU*! obtc wrnoini piMiwiuufimvuB |#v?i?u?? principle In subservience to the clamors of the secession agitators. The Rrrmbli'an argues against su?mltt:n<i tfcc proposed measure of emancipation In this District to a vote of the people of the District. The Frpubliran contlro^i to further the plot for hounding down Gen. V.cClellan to put Fremont In his place. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. m A all EAT BATTL* FROBABLT FCrGHT VISTtKPAT The following dltpatch reached the Navy Department this morning It tells that yesterday morning ommoaore rwte prooaoiy aniixra tbe rebel work# on Island No. 10. We hope thst, ere going to press with the second edition of to. dsv's Star, to get later news from tha* qcarter. Cairo Mareb 18, 10 p m ?A messenger lelt the flotilla at 3 o'clock yesterday. The fleet was then In line cf battle, dropping lowly down, and within two miles of the rctir.y a*. fV.and N<> 19. Two mcrtar brots were In position, and four sh< ta had been Cr-d by them. The gunboat Benton flr?d a few sheilb to try tbe range No reply was made by the rebels. The rebel gunboats were in . Large bodies of troops appeared encamped on the main i?ad close to tbe L?ad rf tbe Island. Tbe CrtEitirdore (F?o!e) Is tn fine spirits, br.t tte me*?en<?er did i?*>t expect the tight to come ofi before lo-dsy TBS KXC05>0!S8ASCK Later Information ?ati*fl?? us that the recent reconao'.nance of General Stoneman on the h?"-Is of tbe rear gca'd of tbe rebels retreating frcm Mi it 'ski extruded up the Orange and Alexandria Railroad only fo Cedar run, a mile and a half tKia aM a nf IV Inn/itlAn * ?? Vt ?? Ul II ii ?U 14 lUlltUMI' Gereral Stoneman'a forcc consisted of but 1,500 cavalry ?rd 600 Infantry. At that point tiey csjnc ?'"? 'he rebel pick?t?, whom they d ove t < : rua to a fiTCe of abort two rei;lai?*rrs of c"\*.i 0<v> 'rfsnt-y and a battery of ariliUry, \f pip attempt to follow General S. on hu re*. rrurda Man >am-<. '* * "Vr?1* *'ad burn* d the Cedar Run br'd^e a-." i\s h:' 'ri it Briatow, but * ctr.c:wl?e lu**.!? riiirard The roads traveled over by trill g fore* were found strewed .. iib ! at . "iiP, *? :'keU, blanket". aunr.ur.Hion. kraj je* c- irokea dtwn and abardontd loaded irv e*?, Sc., Ae., afltr tfce fcsLlcn of tL ro-.d f-or. "all Run to this city afV-r the ever mem?r mole Sunday of July la?t,she*lc^ that th- rtiieat cf the itaro/ tb** Rebels at least wns made under a re*I snd ex'enai vc panic. 1HK POLITICAL P*lroSKRl' COMMMSIOS The eomoiifcfcion, Gen. D'x, Jud^e Pierpont, aid Mr V ebster, of the War Department, eeretary, >o snake ex elimination* cf tbe ciki of the political priaonera still held by the War Department, nr.eet to-day tt the Stare i;epa-tn:ent. They comnn<*nce their labcra with tbe o;?e? of ? such prisoners now In confinement in the o'd Capitol military prison In this city. On finishing those cares thev will probably proceed North, and consider the cases of tticse in eonfi~'*ireEt. n:*t, at Fort Lsfayette, and next at Fort Warren. 4VFAIBS OVER THE E1VTE. Mary of tbe regiments over the river ?u fit red , exceedingly from the storm of Saturday, stvtra be rg rx^.^ed to It without any shelter whatever A oitn.ber of the New York '-'1st regiment wa? drowned in fording a stream swollen by the rain, a:d a 1* ie team attached to one of tbe baggage wagons ?wept ofl. {Several men belonging to otter regiments are also reported drowned A must ian, named Jcs i?haier. in the band of the Slst, was accidentally shot In the leg by bis con.rade. but without fracturing the bone. The Hit! urftt r?*t hu ? J 41? ,,? w<*w ?J ??*V UI^CVII, atiU ILf wounded irsn is In a fair way to recover speedily. apihtiosal article or was. The Pifsid-nt on Thursday approved the additional Article of War, which goe<? Into )mnc -dlate operation, namely: "All officer* or per?ons In the military or naval se'V'.ce of the United States are p-ohlbited irorn employ ng any of the force uudei their respective commands, ft r the purpose of returning fugitives from service or lalor, who may have escaped from say persons to whom snch service or labor is elslmed to be due; and sny officer who shall be found guiltv by acourt-mar'Ul, cf violating this article, shall be dismissed frtm the service " HCO.tSOtSSANCg TO B8 INT* ViLH Our cavalry, Saturday morning, made a reronr.cissancess far south n Brentsville, about thirty miles from Msnas^s Junction, and learned that a rebel picket was stationed In the vicinity, more for the purpose, it is presumed, of giving alarm to tfcs rear guard of 'he rebels incase if an advance of the Union troc r than for making defence. ALLIES? or MAJ0B SKSEBAL K'CIIUAI TO TBI 4tMT or TBI POTOMAC. General McClf!Ian. on Friday last, issued the f>.lowing patriotic address to the Army of tie Potomac: HtadqHa.Tt'T? Army of tkt Potcmar, ) j Fairfax Court Horns*, March 12, l*tt? \ | Bold ers at tOe Armv at lh* Pntmmx Ft* a Ion.; time i have kept you Inactive, but ' not -without a purpose You were to be diac piin??:, armed and inatrueted; the form dable ar.lle y you now have had to be crca'ed; other armlet were to inove and areomj ilah ter:air. re ul?? I have held you bark that you might ^Jve the death blow to the rebellion that hasdiatra 'i d oar once happy country. The patience you have town, and ycur confidence In your General, are wcr'h a doi?n victories. Th??e preliminary reial>i are new accomplished. 1 feel that the patient labors of many month* have produced their frutt; th? Army of tbe Potomac l? a real ermy? mavnlttceiit In material, admirable In disrlpllne a:iU instruct.on, excellently equipped and armed ? yojr ron.n ?i.drr? are ail mat I ceutd with. The moment for action baa arrived, and 1 know th it I ran trust In you our country. A? I ride throo <h ynnrrarns.l see in your facet the *ure ( teiwe of victory; I feel that you will do whatever 1 esk VOU. The nertixl ?' * ? m w?v?IUU ucs 1 wl!i bring you now face to face with the reb-ls, ard prav that G<x may d-frnd the ri/ht. In wtatevrr dliectlcn you may wore, howtver *trar>.:?' my actions may appear to you, e/er bear lo ni'nd that my f&U-!s linked with yours, and tint all 1 do la to bring von. where 1 krow you w <h l? be?on tbrdciilYf battle fl-ld. II li ray buainers to piace you there. 1 am to watch over vou us a parent over hl? children. and jou kn-iw ta?t your General loves you from "he depth of hla htari It tball be my care, as it baa ever Men, to g?ln succec* with the la-at possible Ions; hut I rr . tl?tt, if it la ntces* ry. you will willingly follow me to our graves, f-<r ou r righteous cause smiles upon us. victory attend* us, yet I would not have yon to think that our aim Is to be at'alnrd without a manly struggle I will uot d *'_'ui*?lt from you; you have brave f?e? to euc W. 'lemen well worthy of the ?terl th.*t v .i Wil uae so well. I aha'! demand of you threat, heroic rxertloce.rapid erd long I^.ar';b?.d^?l>? rI,le r w' ' ?, "rtvation*, pertap*. We will aliarr all to?*-iu?sr; aud waen !b'.? sad ' over ce *viu r?* ufn ?o o'!" ' ""om, ?i>4M ibtt tiaMk t- M.:rt bOZUT CoHarlO JM?*? tuat wt lh?* Arniy ol the P 0..' 0 Mrj^r General Comnia iam^. IZf The' txtg ??f e Iroac' *. oattarir tb< - h**e nearly ready for opt-??:on a,js (be I'n'l?u fta' ** for#"** in ^.va'insh r*w. try Th? New Vorh VTiU *avs teat the iron-1 il gunboat My?t.c la too ii^blv nulled to j taad the orduu of battle | _ __ _ . . LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. LATEST FROM FORTRESS MONROE. ALSO FROM ROANOKE ISLAND. Foxtxrss Monroi. March 16, ( !? Baltimore, March 17 )?The Suwanee arrived here tc-day from Roanoke Inland, which place ahe left on Friday, and Hatteraa on Saturday. She no rews that should be tn?de public. The Hugh Jenkins arrived to-day from Washington, which ahe left on Friday, with one of Professor Lowe's balloona. Rough weather delays repairs on the telegraph r.ible. We have no boat from the Eastern Shore today, and consequently no new* of the Congressional election that has just taken place Iker?. The Congressional Committee on Navni Affilrs com" down here from Washington this morniag and returned to-nl^ht, after Inspecting the Monitor and other objects of Interest here. THE LATEST FROT1 WINCHESTER. Wiseman*, March 17 ?Contraband*arriving here, confirm the report of the destruction of the bridge over Cedar Creek, and reportthat Jackson has retreated upthe valley toward* Harrisonburg. All is quiet along the outposts. THE *V4R im T*E WEST. Ponttnn of the Enfmy?TK* Ernruaiton of I'land iVe 10 nn/i y*ir Predictfi?Rtbtl Stmd to b? Afi<ir at Handolph. A Cairo correspondent of the Chicago Tribune thus Intelligently writes, under date of Marrk 10, pi mc inoTfincnn now in prnjj"?s uown ire Mississippi : Hut row, shifting tfcc picture, what of tb? war? There Is a iull In the element#?the calat f? re. running the orm. To-d<?y th? cheering UiM. liceMe torari from official source* that the Reb^l batteries up<?n the Potomac bave D?>en evacuate. Touplewltb this the evacuation of tbelr strong, hold at Columbus, ar.d th- declaration of Jftf" Davis that hereafter their forces must be concentrated into one or mor* ^rand armies and strike a decisive blow is dimly shadowed forth This 1* necessarily tbe rfernitr resort of the rel?els One decisive battle at the Kast ai d one at the West are tbe nrx' movement* upon the rel^l board If thev are victorious the North mini rise i wiiu rrnrwro s'remjiu ana aeiermmanon. It defeated the rebellion Is an erd. and the In* lrj jrn's at the mercy of the Federal arum Tbe wrsVrn battle, it deems 'o me, will be fougbt at Randolph. There Is little danger on th^ Tennessee. ftwo of our gunboats now on that river will 1 prevent the erection of batt?r|;*s. At Corinth, the junction of the Mobile and Ohio and Memphis and Charleston rallrcads. undoubtedly ,i staid will b?? in-de, but the Issue there o-nnot tie do-ibtftil. The descent of the Mississippi is, with roost reason, frared bv the rebel?; and to prevent this move by Commodore Foot's fleet, they ? ill *>end ail their energies and concentrate ail thHr resources at some commanding point Island No 10 is a Lua-bear, and la probably evacuated The rebels cannot make any flight there. They will not make a s!and at New Madrid or there are natural advantages for fortifications ther?- 1 be highest point of land be*w?en New Madrid and Slk>rtown. bjr actual survey, is I %x iM.y v -3I.V i'ti ouuv* iut* wairr 111 rs Al Randolph there Is a hieb blulf, and nature h^s In o'lipr res^ec s admirably qualitied the site for . pnrposr* of fortification It 1* well ascertained that the heavy Mege gun* at Columbus w rv removed the'?, and that the rebels aiv rapidlv fortif-. i. Hundreds of negroes are at work, night and day. c^sematlng. If theysu - et d In their tffort* they will haTe rendered tb-ir wnrk? well nl^b Impregnable, at lenst to an at'ack from thegunboats It is <loubtf'i!, however, even with casemit^s, whether they I < ouid long stand the tire of the mortars, twen'y of which at leant cornd t>e made available there, I ra'nlng a shower of bombs day ind nl^ht tt the j rate of one a minute. Th?* taklnr of Forts Henry 3"d Donclson, aftd I the admirable result* of th* guiboats there, do not nectssarliy Involve a similar result at Run dolph. In tLe fo.^r instances our boats fo,:^ht J against op*:. bsttenRi. either should people imagine that b*csu?e Columbus his been ev-cuated the approach to Memphis will be undisputed. A desperate bat'le must recur necessarily, and the ir> :< iixy. rn-i r Mn_r ^!l th" inf. rmatlcn I rereive, I w'.U bent Randolph. Its locality and lta relation J to Memphis any of your reads r* can trace upon j the war mans. That this fact Is appreciated by Com. Foote l? 1 evidenced l?v bis rrfuvl to go Into action agn'n until th- boats are thoroughly repaired, the mortals mounted, and everything In complete ri tdiness. This is now nearly accomplished The pilot-houses of all 'be boats have been strengthened by an additional eight inches of wood All defects as revealed by former actions, bave been r m?died as far as practical, and a very few days will s?"- th* whol- fleet as eocd as new. and rp;idy for *!ioth?r encounter with the Rebel batteries. I GtJJEEAL Bi-'RN-UDK's PoniTins ?t-Vr-r* lown been e*pre??ed in rninv quarter* that turm mlt'bt eitme to General Rurcrd* from the retreating j tnas*e* eva-nating Mananv, or by the rapid ton> en!ration of rebel troops against hiin from <th?r i points. Wt h*ve received Information, warrantI ine the opinion thnt every provision has been | n.ade to avert disaster, or preventthe enemy from training tnv Rucoe*s?s over our forces in North t aroilna General Bnrnside, as hat already been stated by telegraph, started on an important enterfr'?e several davs ago His division was of ample strer gth, and possessed of every requis.te to sustain iUelf in an enemy's country. 1 "nHer tl o n?AlurtUn * - J* - ,..vir. umi i/i mr t;iiuu"8i6, inc expedition proc*tded to a cprtiln locality, wb?*re a floating wharf, of Immense length, was launched. The gunboats and transport* lie alongside this whirf, the f?. mei protecting the country for three miles and rendering the approach of .in enemy within that distance almost impossible. Uoats are prow uVd in case of a retreat, and >o numbered that no confusion would be likely loocur In gett'n^ on board of tbem. If the command Is compelled to fail back. From tLe gunboat* to the pot vt hrre Ibe first attack of the national troops will be made Is not one day's march. In marching Inland Gen Burnnd* would undoubtedly throw out his scouts, and consequently learn of the enemy's presence, If anywheie within ten miles of his aavsnc'.n^column. There is tardiy the possibility ? f asurprlt>e. The Gfnenl 1* exceeding popular with hi* men, mid under h's competent leadership, any attempt to stop their progreia would bea fcaisrdous undertaking. Before leaving their former camp, one of the BMgadier General* addressed his coinn?and, asairing them that they would be led Into no ambuscades, but were about to participate in eflorts nearly certain of accomplishing the end In view, *o complete had been the preparations. J*ome hard lighting might be encountered In that case the greater would oe 'he glory of victory From the above statement, It must be necessarily luferred that the apprehensions entert lned by maiiv persons ah to the safety of Gen. Burnstde's tilvUion may reasonably be dismissed.? Bostcn Tramc:ipt, Mirch 14. rvr=?THK FCMTiVALOPYHK LL'THKRA i JJJ CHUK<;H WUi b? o?ntiuu??i for thr< ?e*? Dni(Fu: ooiriuoncitg i Hif ?.?lorji'aj) ?, XJ i.' * rv? * - ? - * ' > t u < iui in ios lateineni ol ti>e Church lit ti e corner of H tied lltli ma. mli 17-81* rv^=?>0~riCr,-ST. PATRICK'S DAY.-A J U_2 pivrtiee h Uitg tick-U for Hie Din-er to t ila j? aaeatKan ev'e Hott 1, D etreet. near 7th, il) N IUHT, wiii (..-aje take no tie# thit tha cornp?rj wi l n esc at quarter to 9 p.m. It* R. KMVfcY. rrS=-THE tXHlBITl i U>N OF THf;siUlU : atu School ot G r?uch Chapel, whio&waa P itipoiied on aooount of the ?ialter, wnl lake piece on WKOKHDAY EVENING, Ma oh 19, IProrideuc* prrmitUru,)at the fcixth etio?c fresl>?< r..\u Church, leant!, <Ke?, Dr. Noble's.) TickMs 25 conn ; children 10 cent* n h 17-3.* I r ^ M I T HS OMAN L?QTl'RKi*?Cn '?_? \v FDN K? I) * Y. Ma'ch 19th, P/of. Fair man Rcobrs. of PhKarf*ipbia,will o tiiiiiecce a ooree c.? L<?3tnr"s or- "The Glaciers " i 'untied t?j diJKtr'iSo. '1 l.e po blioars in Tiled. Ailuuttaaco fr<"'. The lecture will o< uctmnr e at 3 o'clock p. ui. _mti 17 Si _ WASHINGTON^ l.LC'f UKE ASiOCIA IIJS TION. The 23-1 Lecture of the eoureewill be delivered by KbV. ti. MAT tlSON,ol New York, At the lS VI , / A frt.l / .. .^. I MOND\Y7THl*7EVEMNe, March 17. Eulje-t?2*A? Hthxtion of Amtrinn Ckurckt* to btavtiy and tkt Prts.nt ir?r. TO MORROW (TUESDAY) EVENING, >ia oh 18, TvtBlr-fot'tn Leo?ure, by WkNDKLl I'HliLlrg. E?C|. tjubject ? Towfxnt L'Ouvtrtnrt, tkt btatcsrr.H* % and Patriot if ran Dominto. FRIDAY EVENING. March 21, '<~w?atT tjl Hi Leoiure, t>T vvif LI AM UOODi.LL, ESQ ,ol New York, -'a joet ? Tkt < onstiiuttom for IMMtp-ition, am i Emancipation for tut Constitution. llf T.oket bod?'? will be r*^utr*d to exhibit thc:r tickets at the door to avoid confusion. Doutb ufSK at 7 o'clcot; Lecture to ooiumeace at 8 o'clock T c?t ceote each : to ha ?k? * -- ? , ? ? ? ? - W # k*IV UVWI &t tue i>Cwk^>are<'. mh 17 r**THK ANNUAL A1KETIK0 OF THE Vouue Wtu'? OUrwt Aii Am?<>ci?Uon A.r nielocton of tj ??.-vq ior the "rjibj ?>yir, yi i ?> tir-ld at ii?e.r ?ONUa\ KV r .NI .Mi, M 7>f o'u.ook. 8??or*. mi' uJmo' l? to ifld C? oa'tt.'UunareUAo to b? &otau u?<<.l 11* aftfue**.., h.peJ tn*t ewr !? ?*t*r will I? p.eHji. ba.MLLL MoELWKK.Jf., miiSit Roo^seo. r, 77*HACK DRIVERS AND MACK OWN?'The tiuiater* remaned to be w? rn. u .a i ?r jVi?iou? tif toe ordiaeuce &pp ovtd q iu > >'& of Kedruart. Itai, m<i*c be proo.?r*u on or b>fwie ihf ? t>: iLtt tv. or u e penalties of the ordi fc-ac wi.; t>e striour eafoccd iJioree.: i mil U-iMt atftklNT OF POUCK. i vtmvss MM/Bo sssamsE Waihisotow, Mftroh It 1882 ? At a mectinc of the Bocrd h - d thu flay it *u ordered that the period of two month* from this date i? hereb* al;owed for olaimart* to file treir proofs against t' ? Repmblio of Co*ta Rica. and nr? extersion of said p?nod will t*> allowed atlees good cause shall be shown for tueh dflar. nub 14 tw chas w da vi". fee. ryl" ST. PaTKI< K'S DAY. ]_3 A MCCTUJt K Will bedeiiT-rfd, under the auspices of tii* St A oy?ins' Imtitu a by John p. brophy, k?q , on**'.. ramcK * jmt. utTO'omoK p m , in me d&mnientnfSi A oy*ius ('lunch. fcuhj >ot-*"The Kmierantft of Ireland ; their vast Labor* in tn? I atth, and what they have jet 'o do if (hey wish to presei ve it " Al the Catr. lie rocietiea ol In? city, > hkewiae *11 ?'a?h<> ic \-*r uis. ye invued to be present. A?'mission fres A collection will betaken op. 13 Leap; ie.t 1?, tae ItsUtule for the education of poor c&'li^er. tnh 14-^t" Fa ntiCK'S DA.Y.?The* Phoenix 80eie'y of thi" city city have mad? arranceindr/s to e; !fl >rafe the coiTiim festive of Ire atid'a P*t oa haiu*. An experienced caterer has been fmp "YPd to finish a supper on the evening of tb? 17tn, at li9ia?y?a Mote!, J) street, between 6th and "tli st.ree:? t r< in *h-?ir success on a former occasion. the friend* nt Ireland nisy rest assured that the inrmbsrs of tli s Association will leave nothicf undone to make this an occasion long to be ra m??r wuii p o\*ure by those ?ho will honor ihein wt.h tiie<r fresenco. Tiokets 92, to be had fr?.ni the I'ommi tea of A-rargemer.tsJames J. Ksna. W. I .an ran, T. J. Phillips, Thoa. Duffy. G. t-y'vestor. Ju. Rat an. rail 11 5t fyH^FVKKY l.NE'9 I NT Ml K8T? TO THE si? ' >TIZ.- .W. >TtiA.\<rEliS, A*l* bOLD1 Kb ; f %ve msl received a very larre and fine Rci?r>r?nieal of y-prini? Clothint. wbiofi I an ciTsrii.* al our ui-nal low prioee. at No- 460 Seventh p- ?:r? P??t office. n-'ar F. f? t7-3n . fp 1 H N 'HAVER MEKTINS Will U? . ho!rf n tr <!*t tiiie weak iu the I.uthera i < h Iter. J. 6. Boiler's,) at the comer of 1 Utt r. h i r: :a ( nmcj'.cing ml 4H o'clock p m.t p. -Tinned hut Ma ^our. ia JO r|i N??TIOF. I UK C*"r\rtn*r?hip her-toforeexiatinc between I or e I-'. I'?i >;v ai. I Thoma* D. Dak^iil has ???n ? ' ! t. A:! p?rroaa indebted to the said fi >i. V,: p'ctite tu rett'e their account* with Loinr F parry. wtio -will also settle with the c;e<l.t t.j "f tl!?? firm . w LOUIS P. PKRflY. FLAVORING KITIAOIH A Hh. Price roducei to ?) o*nt? per botHe. K shi'* t ? e. ra'td K.avorir 4 hitrapta, for ri?T"rw| m rr. italic ice CrMmii jollies. <Vc., war,acted K"'w r i pure and genuine,at iiONTZ * GRIFFITH'S, Ch**p Ciah Store, _mh 17 ST N v 3H9 i*<?vfnth ?trpt tMnAT.T!*wHT, March 'Sth.lW, : RICHARD it. ?jH I - t 11 H, Jr , haviog e*.re I Iro i. I'r 'iriLes* which he ha? b^enoo^<1 tl .e," i f ?r us for T>m? time paet, w? i-iv'i'ii viiMbJsa ii" liia. Wr.Uh'>KSE T. L';HLK ?i !ifkv<? ci>ai rp of the earn* nntii further n . J ! i'X!u:f.>ria t I'.vor'.weshall enceavnr'nne .t'h ir Co'timian "e m 117-la ;vr* A_ShhMCLLER A 3"N8. h N \<; t.uODt*, in all laorioi, onr u?n\l a?! I > . Jc^i f!rte atck, at our proverbially !o?- pti?je?. Fir o auu uieiiuiii C'otiiB, CaseimoroB,and VeatingS. tn. pi- ro parol aaor Is deceived. Our '>rt!i?r't ? 4 caetorii ci-rre-.pi'ujenu aoud as new ?. ?.ar? j?i--mhv * nhfirncb ith PM.n-av. and Ninth it \v A CARD. AL!. A. ~ \r !\a v ii, a jct:on*erg,inviteattr ' - , in tli?? rsatinna' Intehijn <.?r it i? cecr. * of Circuit Court of a i um''or i;j: V"?!? S '.r "itCapitol Hill. Salt* to : a p. -i'o "<u n.e prriirtei.on tiie 17tu, 18th, 19th. ? 2' 'f *. a* 4 uV'uk p. in .ommencins at h i . > 7 i vll'*ra rare inou omenta to pcr0. i-i . '-, ' . C. A'OKGaN , Truatoe. : WALBA(<NAR1), Aucti. I HI - '.I !: NOri That the tub a h ihi,- n. U uM'i i from the Orphans' 1. >< i .cton ounty. in the Jiatrist of C< i .a. to 'k- tary < n t!>e ??ii;na! esti o A r ue- Hu;r<>w?, iateof Waahnrton f'l. A. perao?a haviar oa.rn?si'^i tt??:? haidrtfa i*-d are hereby warned to exhibit i i * : hi>-? witfi the vouchers th^reaf, to t " ?.ul>?o. . '>:i r before ?!>? fifteenth tty of Mv;i r*xt ; th*/ r. ar itherwia* by iawbeexc i I 'd fruit. ttenelii < f th" *aid estate. . . rot iii-u t'1* 3r'<> da? of M&rob, JOHN DAVI DSONi mil 17 iaff3w* Eieoutor. Cl'KIMJ WHAPPiNtfS AND HPK1NS P Hk t , Writer.!i^? :n thin Woolens, rpnne V\ rapper* 13 f ilk fcpnns ' tiiw. . >i, eiylee. Sp-:n? Pftra?ol*. * ;' uaic.ijjci. Mox*inb:qu9?, Foil de Ch"vr >?, A o V it .i a ; i t' fir kindi of Dry Qocde, for the jeni-fa! w.ii.-i .'n?i wsiMi of Housekeeper*. C,ur "V* rt n. avl Kasteru ooridependent* tend 11* ' 61? Ell op !*= ?? aiy. A.a . . I- ' * - * w.... .. <j w-.j. hi ..? ou in ncnrn?,in?aotu&l oath*-.-e PERKY * BRO., . i b* ! a.yrci e M:d Ninth et. Rla with decision and act vklth PRECAUTION ' dk m.vki.lny'8 private hosittal, In tun Ikdrial Block, Opposite tke Utn>ral rost and Fatmt OfiztS, I'O M V4 CP STAIRS, Cor er of 7th m.--? F ate , Washington, D. C., KS3TAUL1?mkd I it THE SUPPRESSION OFt?UACRERY. THE ONLY RI-'U'LTR PHYSICIAN ADu fc- ?. Tfe / vu i Ji4? i itUilU Dr. M. Velny's loif experience in honpitV pract!cc warrants Inn ia *ajmg lLat h* can oirea.l ijiteaeos 1 priv*!e nature, or h? wi'l forfeit the sum of livo huudied dollars. Call and fee him. %?> charco fjr 0"nfu tat'on. A perf-riand radical our? perfected Irom one to four 11;< or no a are*. inh 17-8m* Qf!G PKVRNTH BTRilf, Q?Q OOJ BtTIMBEN I AND K STS. < HKAP HASH STORK. We hax-o juit r?<eivf?d * lar?e assortment of lVifiiiT.^ry. ?< apa ai d Faao* articles, whio^ we offer mutii beliw the market price- at either wuolesaie or retail. Also, In r*tcre. two ?eoood hanu Cottage SoU, in ezoelient condition. Also, One New Co(?a ? ^e-,io complete order, whtoh we wis! ;B,i for tii.i tasli. Also, a *r?? *..r.rt...a --- * __ .... .11114* vi uiAuuKiftuj anu v? a mm lkr^sKinr Kukmh, Wath?t*n<ls, M?rble-top rab!->?. hofM, Rockers, Hair Heat, On *-.(1 YVooa beat Chairs, larre variolas ar:d pvjeru*, Cott*t? Uuion, Japanese ami Jenny Lmd Bad-| st'-a'ls, Wa nut an J Cherry Leaf Tables, Fc ! ? r ttfd*, M *it""sses. Ao.? %o. A il at a K.eaf ?ao'ific?? for rash. j Kem> !Dutr rt>e uumbar, 369 Seventh street, Letweea 1 tad K streets. inh 17 S? BONTZ * fiRIUTITH. I Afin ?USHEL8 BUCKEYE AND PEACH I,UUU BLOW POTATOES will bo Bold low to o'icae tut ooiitigTmai.t. J NO. J. BEALL, tti^i 15 3* 8T Wacfr it . Georgetown. i^OAL AT 96.50 FOW 8,000 LBS. At Yard Nkak B. and O. Depot. | mh 15 tf J. ANGPON ft CO. I EHIOH AM) SCHUYLKILL COAL L.? ready for fcii pirunt from Llisnbetbport and Philadelphia I ur* WHI TE ASH. fr?e from chccker, HAZI.KiOV SPKINU MOUNTAIN, UUttNWIiOy, UhHAlt AlOUN TAIN,&0. RKB ' tiH of a tc > t up? nor quality, P!?i IRON ior f r.ujrj ii??l forte purposes, PI(t IKON lor tii.ajt ao# in Alexandria. A ( I? I* * - " " * 1 * Aiiiinu 1 HUUl'i mli 15 3'* **' < l.ouiaiana tvatua. NOT1CK M HKRKBY GjVEN that the oo??r?K>t f.>r BKKK c;.vi'TljE advertiaed in thia paper Id it of ftlai\ h Uj uot been o ojed. Tr.e lollcwinz i.amed bidden are requeated to forward to mo t?.eir address, in order that they may !>o ci 'tm : >at 1 wi.U, with a Tiew of eloainx the ooutract: A. J. Limbzktox, J ams* KF i:K:.isn, H. f. KtirriK & Co. A. BKCKWITH, mh IS Major Com. ?ab Tim und3-*i)?ned Oonpany art w - VU ?< . mc oil t. r : ?re stoclt.c. : aiatinr of 17 very WiiK h e ; 1?' L?; H< ?RS E9, 3 new KXH*RNEjS,*o. Alao, 1in t'a- d. i u i, inveriala belonging to the eatabliahnent. dqai.-o a: the r to*o off*. & W. MKYENBRR6, 4* uartet invert, reiween 7tli ana 8th atreete, under th?iAvemi(? Houae. ml. U 1? <?? LMii ? ^"""" him i ? \/t oiv l.a .1II U > Bl'KK EX CO. ! g J 1,ACK KKKAUK I1KRNANK. IN NAR" If r wand extra wi<1?, for dresses and SLawls, corn :??re<t the i>?*? (irtio in u?e for ?hin b uk A s's cur usual full ock of ail the thicker Black Fabric* of the b*?t gradw. oar no trior' find . astern correspond ruts send o? new supplies da iy. One prioe oi'y th* actual cash standard value, ii.a led in r- Siu figures. An inspection of stock solicited, it incurs no obligation tc purchase. J'KRIIY ft BRO., nili 1St>t Penn. avnue and 3th street. CMJAL OIL 50 CTd.KFR08F.NE OIL 60 j OT*., HhK GaLLON. Aho, Hurnsr* for Coal ps, which require no olumueys. Also, large variety of Lamps, Ac., at yen low prions at /ViCOitt'S, West End Drug Store, 113 Penn- avenue. \TT A large and general stock Drugs. Medio; nes, 4o.,alwaTS freeh aud pure at above pla:e. mn 14 gw ajiLKS! SILKS!! O SILKS"! Ph? r.f .U- l-J? "-J " " - - * -H??vnvi mwipuiM IV Cft! r^i tn 100 rrMt wn.inrae..i ot SFK'MG V1LK8, EVKNi Dk*.S?? ?...()t>?. HKKAGK ROBES, ORAAN4>V ttOBES. GKKNAJ'iNKS by V* ?ard CHALLI A LJIIN AisK, 6c a. ,Era' 1l;?a* tood* a 8 Dsing old at about on# half tha S?Jr KLfESS"" ""to10 ? el-w ??? p. T????KOI?l!;'S i'LOTHlNO STORE, No. 1 <<?'> r-d"*nta ai. Alva;a acaad ! N*w arrival

?[ iiooda.all tie l&taat atiLa* of Clottiac. u No. 460 Seventh atraot, Utr F. JaSMhB f m i 1IK6. BATON, * 1YL rtmovvd fcPSi? 1 street, between8th and 9 th, eoath aid*. 8 t. Tay- 1 I ir*e d'eaaonttina rale b* Mn K. mh Black silks, very rich lusters, Jnet reoei^ed, in allthe beat grade*, and at tfea loweat mart et prices for oaah. j. w. collfcy. New spring de ess goods j u??t opfn^ng. j.nmAny hkasonaplk styles. Siuuv jmru* oDHut ri(i'N r rencn. r.rg i?n, UC Domett o Chiotaee, ail faat color*, tad at the loweat pnoee. J. W COLLfc V. mn 13 6t 6aS 8er?ith treat, above Pa. a*. j^plendid table damasks. Towels and Toweling* in all gradee, Cottou at J Linen Sheoticge.Table Napkin*. 8np?rior Shirting Linena and Cottona. White Marseille* and Allenuale Counterpane*. J u?t received *nu at the loweet oa?h p'toea. j. w. colley. 93 7th at, above Pa. av. Mourning goods in all best GRADK8Bombasinea, Cbaileya, Alpa?oaa, DoaMe and aingle width DeLainea. Kngllab Craaae, Lace acd Crape Yeila, aorae extra large tiae. to which the apeoial attention of ladiee ia black are invited. J W. COLLEY, mh la st 383 7th at., above Pa. aT. pniiiXiHii a imvi-rpn F5 ti'l the 15th day of Maroh, II m.,?or purchasing front the faove?nment the Hides and Tallow Hoofs, and Horn*, Tongues, Chuoks, and Shins, of all the Beef cattle used bftbeAriryof of the Potomac, exoept those killed within the anoient limits of the Distriot of ColumbiaNo bid will be entertained unlets the bidder is present to respond to his bid. The Hides, Tallow, Ac., obtained at the risk of the oontraetor-he w ill be held accountable for Hides, Ao.. of all animals killed, whether he jrts them or not. The bids to be directed to "Major BECK WITB.C.S..U. 3. A.. Washington, P.C. fe? JD^THKTIME FOR OPENING THB BIDS ofthe above advert'sement is Postponed until the March. 1862, at 12 m. mar 13-td IV] KW STYLE SPRING OVERCOATS AND I' fine Black Krock Coats just rooeived at BAR A BRO 'S, mh 13 2w? corner E and 7th streets. J POTATOESUST Received a lot of Potatoes of diff?rent klU.S. T1X : BUCKEYE, WHITE MERCER, JACKSON WHITES, CARTER:* tnd PEACH BLOWS Alao, a lot of I KIED APPLES and DRIED PEACHES for sale at low*?tt rates in loU_to suit uj 01'OE.Y ot UAH^AKU, mh 13 1 w Georgetown, D. C. INTERESTING FOR THE COMMUNITY i AT LARGEWe ar? now rtMivmc READY-MADE CLOTHING f the la'e?t designs three times a wtek from nor maru'aoturing establishment in Baltimore,wtiioh weofferatastomshing low shoes. Bar a bko., _mh 12-lm^ corner E and 7th streets. THIS IB TO 61VK NOTICE. That the subscriber hath obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the Distriot of Columbia, letters ofadminittiation on the personal estate of Harrev Donnelly, late of Washington cunty aforesaid, deoeased. All persons having olaims against the said deoeased are hereby warned t<> exhibit the sasne, with the vouohers thereof, to the subsoriber, on or before the first day of March next: they may otherwise by law t? excluded frorr. all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this first day of Maroh, 18?. john o'donnell, Jr., mhS-lawSw Administrator. K ante ami rnvi- to tup near IV p.ace to >?n? ?nnr Clothing?No. 460 Seventh I trect. fe 27-3m yjfla BOOTS-SHOES! g|j y Corner Tintu St. a*ii> Pa. Av.fB5 WASHINGTON CITY asd EASTK9N MADE Ladi*s' Tipped Balmorals??1.25 to 92.26 Gent?' K&iniorais ?l50to?3t? Gents' Fine Calf Bootc 8* 00 to 96 00 Al! kinds of BOOTS an 1 SHOES very cheap. 11^ Boots rrade to order in the b?st wanner, by roh 11-lm* CHART'S a. MOKSE. ALL THE BEST COOKING STOVES, TA ur L' f I If I CO V A? W- A aa. i/uu vv auo(\ I * (vu t m; uc u?u ui W. H. HARKDVER. mh 7-gm 531* Tih iitreet. IWOODJkND COAL. Rave on Carter'* Wharf. seaeootd Oak and Pmo Wood, which I will deliver promptly, at the following price* : Oak. 93; Pine, 98 At thie Wood u already on hand,tuere oaa bono d tppointmect to thoee ordering. orders left at 4 7 9 tth ?treet.?up ataira, or at rnr reaidnnae. StiB tith urMt. h*l?Mn R *nr1 C atreeta *ooth, wi'll be attended to. mh 10 fit* tS. W K HANDY. C ? A L* WHOLE8ALE AND RETAIL. AtoorOflloe, New Jersey avenue, opposite B. and o. Depot. f?lVtT_ J. LANS DON A CO t^OR SALE-MALT GRAIN. aaitab'.e food for hoca. nova. eti.. at 10 oecta per boshel. Apply it LOEPFLER'tt Brewery, New York avenae. bwtween 1? ' ' ie22-lm* FRANKLIN fc CO., OPTICIANS, 144 Pean'aar.,(north aide.) bet,Uthand 19th ato. EYEGLASSES, MARINE AND FIELD GLASSES, n rv if n > i^ci m l/U.urA?9fiDi ?.! of the b?at qualities, oonstantlv on hand. f? WE OhFER TO MILITARY MEN a larie assortment of ?JR Ev wja BLUE FLANNEL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRTS. DRAWKKS, CAMP BLANRETS, HALF HOSE, to., which we invite a 1 cash purchasers to examine before making th*ir selections. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., rn 22 33tt Pa av . hetw??n ath and Iftth sts. 486 ca"AVDuFJ??ES.phs 486 Card Photographs in varietv, toolnding oopiesol Choioe Pictures. Also CARD VISITE and oV AL PICTURE FRAMES, the largest asiortment, from the beet manufactory ina^ERTT^It's 0-411' No. 486 Seventh stree', fe 18 8 doors shove Odd Fwi'nws' Hall I>1 MftNTLKb ANl> WRAPPINGS. Spring gii&wla, aaaorted m above. bpnnc Paraaola, *erj at jllan. Oar Northern acd Em tern eerreefosdenU eend a nav (apples daitr, We alao offar all kinda of Dry Gooda for ffemilr oonaumption. One prioa onlr, marked in plain figurea. tk? actual task standard valu*. PERRT4 BRO, mh 18 6t Pa. > and Ninth atraet. QYBTKRS?OYBTKR&. yitff 8 reat aoientifio 1 mprov?-VtUf moat in 8TKAM1JTO and ROASTING OYSTERS, h? vkiflh tho untirn fluvnr and alu nf th? (Inio la rctamM. The PEARL SALOON. K13 Penn. ivenw, op poaite Willarda' Hotel, will open thia evening, feign of the globe lighta) with ita improved manrer of eteaining. r.Afttneae of fitting,aco order ql aervioe. All aeainng a luxury will be rewatded by oa'linr. Superior quality of Freeh Salt Oyatera oonatantly on hand to aupply Hotela. Sutiera and -Famiaea. is aheil, kef, or oan. Fami iea' order* delivered on abort notioe. Choice Clgara at reasonable rataa. tw ?-lm* Gold and silver coin and UNCU&RENT BASK NOTES Wastid it JAY COOKE * CO., Biraiia, mh 8-2w 4><* Fifteenth etreet. PEACH TREES. GRAPE VINES. CURRANTS, fro. ^ The anbaonber offera for ?alexiaatook of Peach i roca, cooiaioing 'v,w i ree? 01 onoice varietie*. Also, 5,0(X> Vine* of the Concord andSM other Qrapes; Ifi.noo Currant* of all varietiet 10,000 Lawton Blackberry, <'attawi*ea Ra?*t>errT and other fruit*. together with alargeoolleotion of finely grown Deciduous and Evergreen Shade atd Ornamental Tree* For prioea and information apply to JOSHUA PEIRCE, Nnreeryman, mh 12-eoSt* WaehlngtonTD. C. S Also, all other etylee of L&diee tad Mi**e? Ualnotal tfoote, the oiienpeat and beet aeeortment in theoity. 4% J. ROSENTHAL. ' ho. 16 Market Spaoe, ja7 eo Penn. avenne. between tth and Mn sis. I NOTICE. *? ADAMS* KITRBU COMTAIVY." ?'hie Cornfany offer* to the *nblioM Uftiillii aDUces^for the 8afe&na Qmiok Dtapatoh Heavy Freights, Paocaies. Valaabiea, MaMy, ha l ps-? w~?. ?*rurom and^ynjre in WMhlnj^optw^ce deily^^ f*Ail \'VckaiM'fujr^The Beldian camea at "an ^s^^sBSS'fw^ we -^TsrJRsasJaMvaifi . ifflAtVglK'itffcftsnii i wfeBfMSrtai'" I Speoial Coutraou for tare* ?maatiUM of Fratcht | AMUSEMENTS. HEATKl! . Fir?t Night of the POPULAR AMKK1CAN COMFDIAX. who WI'I trp?vr a* Browu. in MY NE1 ??HBOM'8 WIFK; And TOODLK8, At teted or fnm with the f e?'e?t meoeM In New Yo'k. Phi Ida ah:* An VI r H'? .. * M??Mm in TtiE blue' in V iLS." ODD FELLOWS' HALL! 9*v*xth 8:rut. Sanford's Opera Troupe. ONE WStK MOA B ' Thie ETfn.neNEW gONU9. DANCES. &e. Mieoeilaoeoua Gtm-i of the Opera, Dranui, mnd Corned}/ ! Conolndinc with the moat laagtaable AAe-piooe of ths day entit.ed OPEN HOUSE! In whiob Mra. and Mr. Bordwa l.HaaforJ, Rugbee, Edmonds, and the Entire Troupe vili appear. During the pieoe, a GRAND fRA MNtt 8<;ENE vili be introduced. Doors open at 7; commencing quarter to 1 Asmaeion 93 Cbhts UICHHTI1 TKATI -.90 C*5T? _m? 17 jit /CANTERBURY H*LL! CANTERBURY HALL! M UN DAY. Mnroh 17, ST. FATKICK'S DAT! COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT OF GEORGE PERCIVAL, TKNDIBED BT Hie VBIEKfiS. An iminMft rummer of vo'sntMra have kindly roflered their a*rvio??, among whom ar? JOHNNY BOYD and JOHN LANDI8. th? flimhrAtAd ?'* nnnnlAr Ffhini-ftii duuia. PEECIVAL'S IMMENSE COMBINATION! MISS MILLIE FO tt'L tR, MISS JULIA MORTIMER, MISS LIZZIE FRANCIS. MISS MARY BLAKE, MISS LILLY BRANDON, MISS FRANK SECOR. MISS JI1I1A HICHMONn THE DELEVANTE BROTHERS, CHARLEY N M I . HILLY QLINN. M JEAN CLOSKl, JOHNHKANY. in booor of the da?, a (rand IRISH REVIVAL: DONf* YBROOE FAIR ! A TRIAL JIG ' between CLO?Kl, BOYD, and QUINN. the three First Jir Danoere of the day. A ? 25 OAnta: Oro*??at*- <"kair> *?< oep?? rr~f i..t H.,4 r?. iv . ,?/-ti f? f M I W IIOI BUSfOUUlU IUU VVVKIVU'^Jl Afternoon Entmimnmtnt For Ladies and FluuliM, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, at8 o'olook, Whtn a lavish distribution of Eief ant Preaanta ia made: Rich and Costly Jewplry. Boots, Toys, Kacoy Articles, and magnificent Si'k Drcs?es. Admission cet-U; Chj!dreo Wsgtt. mh 17 FORD S ATHEilEl'M. Joan T. Foid Fropnetor and Manager This Magnifio?nt and Hpaci"u? Building which has be*n in the tours* of oonstruotion for aome time by Mr. J as. J. birvoKD, Arohitect and Builder, WILL OPEN On WEDNESDAY EVENING, March 19th. The proprietor, in announcing the opening of this apler.did TEMPLE OF THE DRAMA to the oitiz*ca of Waah<ngU>n. doea a"> with a pr<>ud a*ti?f*ctioc that all that art and genma oould achieve r.ia been done to make it the moat Beaatifu1 and Comfortable piaoe of amuaemest in the ocuntry. TlIK DECORATIONS, wiuuu arc ??i Mir ni"*l CHASTE AND ELEGANT DESIGNS. aD NEW AND BEAUT'FUL SHENERY are from the p?aci's of the Ta *r.te^ Artiste Mr. JOHN R SMITH. of the Academy cf Mono. Ph' a^elphia, and Mr. JOSKPH PARK?- R, the well knows Scenic Artist of the Uo iiday street Theater. The Stare will be oonduotea by the eminent St*ce Manager Mr. JOHN B. WRIGHT. and th? Orchestra directed by the eooomplishad mutioian EL'GtNK FENELON. late of the Great Ravel Troape. The Manacer hat arranced for the appeara-oe of MR EDWIN FORREST. which wil1 take p'aseas soon as he raaovers from ao acute attack of irfl?minatory rheumatism from which be is now aefferinr. THE FlftST STAR OF THE SEASOS Will be the Gifted, Betutlful and Daahing Aotreaa, MIS'* LUCILLK WESTERN. The [nit al Plaj. Celeate'i Great Military Drama, entitled THE FRENCH SPY; OR THE STORMING OF ALGIERS. THE DRAMATIC COMPANY, t* Evtry Rurtt, will embrace Many W*u.-k*owi* and PorrLAR Favoiitbs ! The moat Beautiful and Graceful Dan tense on tbe titer, MIPS OLIVIA, will al*o appear m ELEGANT DANCES! A LAUGHABLE FARCE ?iI! cono!ide the Performuoea of theeT*niD|. The Box Office will be open on Taeadar from to 4 o'clock, anrt every auooe^dinit bn?in*?? day. between the same hour*, when ?eaU oao be reserved. A EMISSION* Drew Circle and Parquett* ?Urtnti Ba.oonj Beats__ ? rohestrm 8*ats il Pamij Cirole 25 oenta No extra oharje for reserved iaaU. mh 15-St CHARLEfr E. FORD. Treascrer. Rev. wilmam h mm.burn. THE BLIND PREACHER, Will deliver his CELEBRATED LECTURE. ' What a Bltnd Man Saw in," AT WESLEY CHAPEL, Corner of Fifth and F streets, On TUESDAY EVENING, March Itth. Tickkts 23 Cents, For MUe at the Bookstores and at the door. isoora open n 7; Lecture to oommpnoe at 8 o'olk. On THURSDAY EVENING, Maroh*, MR. M1LBURN Will deliver hi> SECOND AND LAST LECTORS, At the Mine place, Blbjeot ?Tke Life and Cka.ra.citT if Aaron Burr, mi> 14 4t* CLARENDON MUSEUM. Corner 6th H rut and V/ Pa. avenve, south side, under the CIntend mm. Hotel? Free Cono-rt Every Evening from ft nntil 10 o'oloek by the Urea a Band, Gentlemen vlait Kthia place oan be waited on by frma'e waiters, a beat of Wice Lienor, Cigare, and every thing in ?aeon for the inner man mh U lw* WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALL?FREE ? * uwnvr.ii i r r r.m mun i, xrom i o'oiooK to 9 p. d. Beat of Kefreahmeats. Pine Female Waiters. Open all day. At tbe cotneaat corner of Pennsylvania aveoue and corner of tiixtk street, under the Centra. House, opposite the Nations., Brown's, scd O larenden Hot*Is. fs 1? lm* PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Guide to A Patents, Catalogue of Curiosities and Government Garden*, at the atatd in Patent Ofioe; Rare Antiquarian Books; ttove-nmei.t Books; Doouments furnished: Railroad Reports; Military Re forts; Burnt Patent Office Reports; Cheap Books famished to Pedlars; Mhilar? Trials: Military Laws; Army Refutations; Panorama of tbe Coast showing over 2,000 miles; many thousand Cheap Hooks. Recollect oheas rent. Large sales, lew '^r',OT ALFREyk^kR. P| ROP. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, atTemperam* ->% Hall. K street. hatvMo 9th snd luth 1" ??. ?? IW every Tuesday and Friday?afternoon oiass/MA at S, evening o ut at 7. Soiree everj Friday M evening at I o'oiook. Mnsio hy Prof. ?eo. Arth. Tmnperanoe Hall will be let lor Balls, Partite, Ao. Apply as above. fe 14 3m* NOT1CK /S TO TH K PUBLIC IN VKNKKAL. the 6MLIHG EB8T1VBA1VT, B4T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Sooth Sick. (Formerly of New York.) Has the name and fame of being One of the Best Restaurant* in Town ! ET'Oive as a trial. an4 judge for yoa eeil^TTl Every thir.^in the home is ;??&&?? ITT Don't forget the number? 84T Pennsylvania avenae, between 12than. 14th strata, ah It-la ^n-tk | . GOAL OIL?COAL OIL! I AM Nov i'armtmnf tba trad* * th U? best KERO0INE OJL B?iUinor? prto?a; a: to, HAY. CORN, OATS. Ao.. at ove*t mar ret mo#. S. W O'LAUHHLKN. ! * Corner New Jersey av.aurt K ?t. AUCTION SALFS. THIS AFTER MOON ^TO-MORROW " _____ By MAKhHtLi. * PA?K- AHtioown 09 7ik ttnrt V**4m Odd Aiiwi1 H+.l. OX TUK8DAY ltd THLRSPAY MO*MN?, 10 o'c!oc?. vc ?il! t? I it our t*lor?. a ?rg? ctoffir.-ofri?>, Liquori, WtnM, H?n ?, Cbttw, Butter. A q . ?itb a iarr* "tin*: t Goods (roa |!ou?? i? ir.inf coni?tiBf of ftatiaiV Goad*. Ac. Aarti?? * V m Y KVtiMN?/ h 17 ?t MAl>8:iALLt I'aOH, AueU. ?y WALL* BARNARD. Aueu.aeere. (0W4 Pa. it. amd 9tk arret. (2ROCKRIL8. LIQUOR*. tM'TLERS' I HttI'i Ar ?t AVrrTON ? Ot Tl.'ESJ>AV MORNINt*. March ll,o n n,{D?>r.( at lOo'e oofc, ? ?i.l aei. a; our Auction Room*, witnoat reserve to chme several lermoee. a iarge aeeorUaeat ol Groo<riee, Liqu<<ra. Pn.iera' ire. Re., oeapriiiof? Barrels Re&ced, Vt l<i*,?nd Creaked Pecars, Burnt aiid Kreen Ccfffi, J-taror.. ? oxe A daman 1oe. Mould, and tfter.ce Caallea, Keia Knino Go?hrn Batter, Bcxra Che-ae. B i t r?oep, farl.rea, Bo*ea ToMooo. Cea*a Bratdr.Gin, Wite, and Cordials, Cui> Han ?, oate* f?ranf? Peechea, pie Frmita, vmi rw? cur?f nw vinvpir, Barrels WMiki, d ff>r?nt tried*. Cuki Braady, Jan .a i * taints. Hollaed 6ia. * tf Barrsia FTcar. ha-ms Cum, 5i,0W> low ?ho<^f Sogars, Sutlers" t*ina>; stores. With many other ?ooda in the 6r<?e*ry line All of which wiii t># ao!d withoat reservation, iMtaft Terms cash. _ % mh 16 WALL* BA8NARP. A.oU. Bf i. C. MaUl'lR K A CO. AaoUoneora. AD M I N I ST * A TO* '8 i'ALBOF THE HOOSBHOLD t rlMTt ll. B?H. A.ND FlXTVaaa, am1 ?ood will or I xcxlsiok Clcb Hopsb ?Oa TL ls?l)A\ March l?th, h? frder of the Orphans' Court. i shall sell ih* F*rnttara. Bar Fixt?r*s,aBd good will of the txoelnor Cioh Horn, ? 1Kb street, between K and F streets, oomprisreg? eaiicoi wkinuTriHU coTrrad rarior fortmor?. ?aiteofdama*k ?overed Pa lor Furniture, Walnat W iiatnot, Marbie-to?Tab:M. Cans and Wrnx) Seat Cbsira. Loung*, Walnut and Mahogany Card and WkwtTabiaa. Mmte! OrikMHi C.nek*, Ga? Chandener*. Window Shade*. UriueliMl it irain i.'aipwt, Oilcloth, Rue*. 8tair Carpet, Kxtention Dining Tab'e*. Dining Chair*, Chu a, * iaa?. and Crocker* Ware, ?iiyer-platnc Cantor*. faMe Cutlery, Be&d*t<a4*, Bureau*. W MSi?tand?. Hair And Hu?k MattreMe*. Hoteter* and Pillow*. Hiank*u. Comfort*. Spread*. K itoner; Lten*ila, Stove*. Ac. The **] will ocnunence with the Bar PicturM atd cr od will. Tern* 925 and under o**h. over that inn * credit of two and four month*, with interact *ati* laotcnly enured. JOHN (I'ltllMNri 1 hll-eotd" J."C."BiiMriI?4 of. A?lfc By GREEN ft WILLIAMS*. Auetru.eera. C GOVERNMENT HALF OF t*V BS18TENCE * ?To*??.-nn TUESDAY, 1M M?'Oh. wm ha 1 af 11, in front of our 8tore, No 626. comer 7th %nd D atreeta, at 10 o'ciook %. m., the following u tiol?-a. vis: 5,"39!ha UM^n.SH !ha. Him, pm I ha. Meaa Keef, 175 Iba. Beef Tongnea, 100 Iba. Meaa Po'k. '* r& Inna Moitaeea, 817 iba. Dried II,a. Hominr, 36ft Iba. Rice, 155 *oor?ia Gronr.d Ooff*. 100 U?a. ?p!!i F?>a*, '?S buaheia Be&o*. 1V> Iba. Green C^ff.e Terma o?ah. nihil <1 GRFK* * Wll MAMS, Aaota. FUTURE DATS. Br WALL* UARNARD. Aiotioneen. /lOVKRNMEMT 8ALK OF TWO HCNv* dred and Fifty Horu? at Acciior?Ob THUR?*D*Y nf*r. Maroh **n,18?. utiie Corral, n<?!vr tne ObiWvtfory, w:l! t.? sold, at Publio Anotion, TWO BUN DRKD AND FIFTY HORSES. Co-demced a< an?t f-ir put>*ic nerrioe. J?ale to comro?n e> atla o'oiook. Terms i**h iu Government fund* ht nrilut i ' Cast. and Ass'stant ^nirtrrmutor. mh i7 W a L LAB A K tV A R1). A Beta. B* GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer EXECUTOR'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD amd Kitchsm Fcrhitcm. Gold Watch, Cow, Waoos.Ac, Ac. bt ukmk or tii ui> pham' Cocrt. at acciios ?On W EUNKfrDAY, the 19th ay of March. 18^, we stall cell by order of the Orpuans' Court, at tt.e late reeiSeooe of A.1 frfd Heitmaher.deotasfd.oa North M,near North Capitol ?t eet at in o'c > ?k a. m , ail the persona) moots of the decease!. vn? Mahoganv tofasand Chairs, Beds, Bedsteads and Bedding, Center and other Tables, Cane and Wood Seat ?' Lairs. Bores lis. one large Mirror, and other Lookinx Glasses, One Gold Watoh and Chain, on* Cow, one W agon. Carpets, stoves, erd good lot Kitohen Utensils, wnh ma:.y other Lt nsns whioh weUeern un neoetsarv to enu merate. TtruiiMih. W. Y. FF.NDALL. A. H l l MUi.l.KK, Fiecotori. mh 16 4t t WILL1AM.1.QC-J. Br WALL* BARNARD, Auobonar*. Valuable IMPROVED real estate f AT Acctum.-On THURSDAY At-1 ICR NOO.M, 2<itti instant, at 4 o'clock, we wil: sell in front Pith's pr-?Mr<i?es, part of Lot K. bom* a part of aatx* iris tots o! Lot 34, square MS. fronting 14 feet 9 inches on L street north, and running back feet toati aller. And ot L, it u? same scbdi talon. an<i a<1jo nmg lot K.and frontier 14 fret 9 inches rn L street north, and murine back 9> feet to&naley. fcaoh L.ot unproved by alh'ei-itorr Brick Duelling. Tirins: One thi d cash; Ua^aooe in three and sixtee* months, bearing interest, and secured bj a deed of trust on l?*e premises. mh IS ALL A BARNARD. AucU. \1 ARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of ten i'l facias under 'ien 'aw. issued from the- Clerk'a office of the Cireuit >'ourt ?f the District of Colombia forth* of VVashirgtor. and to me dir-cted. 1 will expose to put io sale, for rash, in front of the oourt loose door of eaid cownty. on FRID \Y, the *lstdarof March next. 1162. at IS o'e.ock m . the following deson^ed propertr, to wit, vi*j? All defendant's right- title, c aim or interest in and to a certiain dweing honarfereoted on lot No # uril ?ho 1j r?? a ?1 " . ?_ ...? * ?7 i?7c\ t 1 nturs vi iot No.9. ic square No 377. id theoit? of WaahiBgtor D.C.,aeis?l and levied upoa m the property of ialiaa<i wul t?a<>id to nfttisf' juJione lo 380 to Oatoher t*rm. 1?37, io faro- . { J ocvthan T. Walker. J. D. HOOVER. f?26 dta Marahal. (If AKrHALt* PALK.?In virtue o! a writ of i"l fieri iaoiaa. tamed from the 0 erk'e office of tta oircat oourt of the Distrust of Coiomtia, for tbf ooantr of Waahiccton, aad to ice direct, 1 will expoae to pnbiio eale, for oaah, in front of tha Coart House door of aaid oourtr, on MONDAY, the 31ft day of March, inetant, IKS, at IS o'olook m.. the following property, to-wit. tis Lot No. 14, in ana'-e No. 41, lot No 2. in aqnare No. <3, lot No. 5, id aau%re No. 4?, lot No. u, in equare No. 86,lot No 1010 ttinare No. (U. and lot No. 13, in ?nare No.7*. in the city of Watbincton. D. C . together with all a&d nrtoia.r the iirpro?em?nt? thereon, eened and levied apon aa tha property of Brook Maetal., and will be eold to aatiafy iu<Mcial No. 4j, to Mar term 1861, id favor of Hooe Hrothar JtCo . W. BELDEN. mo 7 au !Me Martba!, v. C. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. U&IL TO THE MAR* AND ?TRIPES : II THE ARMORY BOYS celebrate T%4 Stars and mga*n IVinaf Otur MANASSAS! Br finri th?ir s?,Ohnu uKAND FALL at 1>mp?Tuo? lii'l.on Tl'E?DAY. Mtrtt I. M Yielding 10 ttie eolioit&iiouof very mur who flS patiocnad our firat, we annortce tbia ocri^A Seoood 6rud UMl-j edgitg onto ieaure every thirc condueive to the ri>ir? and enjoj insnt *r our p*tr c?. l he mils Bai d cf Mu'io with wrhioh the Iftdiee were ?o much deiuhed hu been eeonred. Ticket! 91. adwuuiDc ?tent.emwa ar.d lndiee. CommtttH if /rruimnti C. Kinc, K Fletche-, L.. Martm, J. O'Bneo, W Wilson, A.. Hntton, W. Vernon, G. Adams. J. Bi'l. J. Pl : |>nrey, F. Kiermin, W. mh t>-8t* rpiK STB GKAM 1> COTILLON PARTY 1 Win be cirra st *? TEMP SKANCK HALL, *1 E street, between ?th and loth, _ On FRIDAY EVE.NiNS, Maroha.flfc Duemi to eommen oeU IK o'eloek. Mm? bi prof. George Arth'a oeiebrettd bend Ticket* fl admittir c a gentlemen end tadiea mh 15-61* FKOK. C. F. BARNES. Ifana?er. MKRCBANTS? ?ll ud Kzmim, MERCHANTS?Cell ud Kxhum. MERCHANTS?Ce and bxaauM, OUR CANDIES, ouS W holeaale, at loweet Market pnoee. Hanefce tared Freeh Ererr Dm 496 11th Stkiit, IS* 11th Hthit, 460 11th Sthkit, IJAJ^rnNJS {Jekerr es4 Confectioner*. llAVTMV.S mfillw Baler y a^d CouiaoUosery. J H?T ^KCK1 VKD AT LA BE AIL* GO.?S. 1 SmhU.Mwmii I ud K IUNU. I go'ojrr'Rt^f^g^ sLAJBEALL. * CO H, No 361 oewmtk nUmt. WtVMB I End I, U ike tltM U> btT voir S?Lu??l8H l\IOW 18 VOUK TIME To BUY YOUJl CLOTHING. FURNif*RLN? GOODS. start Co.* v ttdHtmto. ir.h li r^KNT^ Far&iatuac Good a, Trunk*, < ottBf. \3T Trnr ??. hauv dttM. k.'at MorUia- t'loaa, at tka P(k,?1?'i Clouiin* Nv> 4M fu> atra t. *? (4 |fn f AMP FIRMTURL AND TIN W'AKh OF V/ an kinds to ba bad el W. li. BAHftOVEt, Manur?

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