Newspaper of Evening Star, March 18, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 18, 1862 Page 2
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...,'x...N;vr STAR. T 4 * - * ? smworoie onrr: - I T: I*' ' ' lARf'H IS, 1W| 4 ? . I ^ N T??- I*-'.. u AI.>HI am IVa fritpa J J ill Ui l> piiu^k WM ?w? ?* ai i | r u In tt?? south of Haltlmdrn, !ti dl?o< ? -o fart-e as to r o!?e It to be pat to pre*a at at arty lionr . A irtritttmtnii', therefore, should b# iFir^lr, bpfnr<* ? o'clock otherwlae they may mav nr,t irpemr nntri the next day. i?va Fxinoa at tte various mill tar* caaapi and posltiona will confer a favor by keeping ?* posted ?? to movraaaota and aflblra la their vicinities. Spirit at the N?ali| Prees. The Inulhgtnctt treats the proposition which contemplate* the redaction of the Seceded State# to the condition of Terrttorlea, as a question ife met*r hvs rs. and savs those who favor It. confound the Statu with the State Government It argue* tint the men Who own allegiance to the sovereign law, constitute the ?tate. 'thfRtpubUran-\i\ks "fctn'tni41patfoil7*" OUR MILITARY BUDGET. ^ * .* ISLAND It*. 10. Up to noon to-day no branch of the Government hefe had received Information corroborating the telegram of la* night from St. Louis, descriptive of General Halleck's speech in re. aponae to a aerenade, wherein he la made to announce the evacuation of laland No 10 by the reheia aa having at that time occurred A knowledge of the altvatlon of affaira there leada us to hope that It ia true. Nevertheless. If s<v the rebel* succumbed there some days sooner than Commodore Footeanticipated. Their works prove mueh stronger than thoee constructed a* CnliimKiu whlt? the nrlnctnal one miv be u. ailed by land forces with great dlfflonlty indeed. Though It was not anticipated that It woald to soon fall, all realised that In two or three days, at f urthest, It would surely be ours. cadits at Lames, for 1*62. The President has made the following appointments of "Cadets at large" at West Point. Vlf: Kd W. Baker, IU ; Albert S. Baylesa, Ky ; Wm H. Upham, Wis.; Kred'k A. Mahew, N V ; Henry D Wallen, Jr., Ga.; Arthur Tracy Mass ; Edw'd Ererett Sharp, No ; Erasmri U. Gaines, 111 ; Tracers Jones, Pa ; Chaa. v\ i.odsoa Hate*, Mo. Also, Richard Taylor Churchill, from the District of Columbia. The last mentioned la a ?on of the late Captain 4'burchlll, L S. A . who died In the *ervlre, In Meiiro. i ims* L banks' almf A portion of the gallant army of General Banks reached Manassas Junction to-day, Laving mar bfd to th*t point from Winchester, via Stra jafrarg ar.d the line of the Manassas-gap railroad mavy y ahi>. Ti*> steamer Stepping Stones arrived from beUvr ycstexd^v afternoon, and left again last night. She reports nothing new in affairs down the river. THK BrR*Slt>? KXMEDITIOJI. We have refrained from mentioning anything sonneted with the movements of the Burnside jpedition of late, least we might, tn so doing. Inadvertently publish Improper information ron<?nilr*g them. This rac rising's Philadelphia Inquirer, bower*', ecntains the following, published by direet {emission, It is to be presumed : SKHBEiS PROBABLY TAKRX. W*?hisg70!?. March 17 ?(Special dispatch to the Inauirer )?Commodore t>oldsborough has recei^eti Intelligence from the Burnside Kxpedi Hon it wrs it'll *u?f ts?ruiiy pursuing it* plans, having accomplished all that it was originally Inter.ded It was jnst od tbe eve of an attack upon Newborn Commodore Goidsborough 1* sanguine that ere tblsit has successfully captured tbnt town. _\?wbern is tbe capital of Craven county, North Carolina, and Is situated at the confluence of tbe Neose and Trent river*, about one hundred and twenty miles southeast from Kaleigh, and fifty miles from J'amilco !*ourd It was for many year* tLe capital of the Ptate. Tbe Neuse river, which in more than a mile wide at this place, is navigated by sU am boils about eight months of the ypar. The entrance front tbe aea is through Ocracoke inlet. Newborn, before the rebellion, bad considerable trade. Its chief articles of export were grain, l<imbei. turpentine, tar and nav?J stores Tbe population !s about 5 500, and besiJfs tbe county buildings, Newberri contain* several churches, 'wo banks, a theater and three newspaper offices A11HT OF AM BDITOK FO* THI PCBLICATIOS OF UMT MOVEMENTS. Ah order was issued yesterday morning for the selsure rf the printing office and the arrest of the publisher fad printers of the Washington Hunday Chronicle and their trial by a court-martial, that paper having on Sunday published news of military operations ana movements, thereby disregarding the order of the Secretary of War and linking lt*eIf liable fcrb? proceeded against under tLe lifty-seventh article of war. The order of ar.was placed in tbe hands of the military gov .#*1. r\! _?_i i . s r? a l I J > l _ _? ? . - crnor 01 lie tcurici or ^piumtfti ??iu ice eaiior OI the pet-fr vi*m brought before h!ra. The editor tated the* the newa waa Landt-d In at a *?*ry late hour end tbe paper went to prexa without hi* ??raonal auperviaion. He exprea*<-?i hla regret at ce violation of the order and proraiaed to guard carefully alalia! a recurrence of aimilar publication. whereupon at the requeat of the military governor, be being aatlalled that the oCenre would not be repeated, the execution of the order waa mm pended ARMY APP0TSTJf*JIT8 A large number of applicatlona have been made toy voln.ite*-r < Ulcere to be appointed In the regular army, bat theae have been unaucceaafnl?among other reason*, owing to tbe dlflculty of diacrimfnatlog aa to the relative merits of tbe applicant*. Th? Striata* ari>rfi fnnr hnnra in a*# I ?? ? . . uu^. W> ?VH< aftvuicr M u ? A> ? Utl ?t alon ynVrday ?<! continued Ibc following nominations for Brigadier Generals of volunteers : Major Wis F Barry, chief of artillery, attached to Gen McClellan's st?ir, Willi* A. Gorman, of Minnesota; Col. Mchuyler Hamilton; Thorr>aa I.. Price, a member of Congress from Mo ; Msj Jas W. Palmer, 5ih cavalry; Lt Col W . H Kmery, of the 6th cavaln; Maj Audrew J. SnaUL, of the 6th cavalry, Merceoa L Patrick, of New York; Isaac P ({ulmby, of New York, Orris 3 Perry, of Connecticut, Hirain G Berry, of Maine The following Brigade burgeons, all of Pennsylvania, were coi.drmed?James L>. Strawbrld^e, R II. MeCoy, George t? Kemble, J H Taylor, George L. Par.roast, C F. H Campbell, P H. Grmsand Washington J. Duffre. Cii i off vuca D?w? !?The New York Tribune announces that a* the President ha* derided to retain Gen. Mc'.'lellaa In hfs command ? ?" it la now our duty to strengthen his haad* . as far as far as possible, l.rt us all, then, follow the esample of Mr. l.lneoin, and hope that Gen MeCletlan may yet conquer noble victories, and crash the enemies of tbe Republic Ills success is tbe success of tbe country; bis defeat Its calaf!l!tv Aod I'fxnt that kli hlnnnl. *? - ? pt??- ??- ? ? * ??Y? ttimj wc peedy and glorious " If tbe Ttil umt really nuamt this, wUy dor^n't it call i'tt its doge* U'bat (ball be thought of tbe patriotism of the parties who k?-p up the line of assault upon a commanding otBcer In tbe Held, iadir<ued by tbe following, wbtcb we clip from tb?* htpublua* of tbla morning : "McClbllab and I ?fa a proclamation of forty line*, tbe 'Quaker general mentions himself ibl rty time* " It ta clear that tbe malice of acme of tbeae unpatriotic enemies of General M(tJlellan bas retcUd tbat point of tBtensity tbat tbey would f Iltln.t#ltf rvrefd' In aii w *w^. *>-* ? ? , , ? ??i ***j vt uc rvwwac defeated,and annihilated, rather than victorious? under .McClellan. A Fal?ihood?Tte Rrpublitan't statement thi* morning tUat the Star allied that the rebels had abandoned eighty army caisson* at Manaaaas in Utrir flight la almply an unmitigated falaebood, tittered without any pretence of warrant in fact. W> notlne it only because it aerves to illustrate the sweeping falsehood of its aasertious on which It burl the cUfMlcrlitie In tt M?ka in mat. tbe ire.r r.t the armf of the Potomac , lrst their eucceaa in the field may twulh the conmm matt on J of tUe f urpo#e of its friend* to make tbe ultimate tiiuiL.pL cf tbe oligarchy tare, if ia that way only 1 tLeycan prevent tbe restoration of the L'alon under lea venerated Constitution in fact aa well | aa lb uoe C7T a aij^'Keated, tbat tbe wooden gnni < ttk> - atCentreville U; deducted at tbe navy yard I ee t - phlet, with tie ex. eptioo of one, to be left ? at u.r Stmt oltc ?Mtpublttmm. r?L no, Mr; don't rob yourself. A Wbfiden j ^u? a.:a your aiyle of ainmuuitton einciljr. I ? A LATE MEWS BY TELEGRAPH. O.VIBtR'MENT OF 1ILIKO * 10. Rebels In Lane Farce?tal. Inorenid la Ccaiaaad?Reparted ('tyM^2( thtlMtad ?AMiner rnrnii siccni aikhih./ Caik?. March 15, p. m.?The4|bpcrter ?f the Associated Press aenda tbe f&llowttg : *5 On Board Flag 5AK ) Two miles above island No. 10, MarckIS > Tbe flotilla of Cem. Foote go' under way at S 30 tbis morning, and dropped down the river slowly till about 7 o'clock, when the flagship, being about twenty miles ahead of the flotilla, aud six miles above tbe island, discovered a stern wheel steamer ibxuuU from tbe shelter of point on the Kentucky side, of tbe river, and stearara down tbe river Four shells were thrown after her, bet fti?: distance was too great for the shell* to take effect At 8 o'clock the fleet rounded to about three mile* above tbe Island, when the Commodore ordered three r/ the mortar boata Into poaltioa. At thin hour, 2pm. we are within range, but yet have beard nothing from the enemy. There appean to be a large force on the Kentucky abore We can count thirteen guna In poeitlon on tbe bluff A large fleet cf tianaportn can be e>>n ac oM-t lew point on the Mlaaouri abore, hniilv *-nfraor*H ntnurid the la'and. but what tbev I re doinrr wr can't determine Onr mortal* are momentarily expected to open fire. We ran discer? the much talked of floating battery at the Island. THK BOMBARDMK3T Catbo. March 17?4 p. m.?Com Foote, with his gunboats and mortar batteries, commenced at two o'clock thla afternoon toahell Island No. 10 Gen. Pope's butteries, at New Madrid, ten mile* below, will prevent their escape down the river. 'I he reb^l gunboat* are understood to beenaaglng Gen. Pope's batteries at New Madrid. Beaureisnrti fa iniil fn hp In rnmm?nrl still LATER The Progress of the Bombardment?The Entmy IKougkt to it Retiring. Cairo, March 17.?There la nothing later from Island No. 10 The accuracy of tbe firing of the mortars yesterday was fully equal t?# previous expectations. They threw 240 shell during the day, and tbe gunboat Benton 41 shell. It was expected that one or more of the enemy's works would be reduced to-day and the place uimc bivaciy iikoicu. It is thought by semstbat the rebels are marchinjj across the neck of land to Merriweather's Landing, on the Mississippi, distant only five miles, ever a practicable road, and below tbe point where G? n. Pope has bin batteries at New Madrid. That they had embarked on boats, tbe smoke of which was plainly seen all yesterday at or near Merriweather's Landing, from tbe gunboat Benton. We shall doifttless find this rebel nest empty and the river clear, and the rebels fled to Randolph or Fort Pillow. th* latest. Island A'o 10 Captured ieitk all the Enemy's Transports, Ammunition, fc. !*t. Loci*, March 17, p. m?-Major General Halieck was serenaded brrtr tn-nlght, and In reply to th?> compliment announced from the balcony of the Planter "a House a sot per victokt is arkansas. Island No. H? la our*, with all the ammunition, trausporu. etc . which the enemy had there; and we also Lave another victory gained in Arkansas, In which three rebel colonels have been captured. Tbe particular* of this latter victory have not trjnsplrid Island No 10?This isiaj-d is situated In the rnrn^r nf thnt nf h? Miuiaainnl ??KUK . . wmw . <MV rtlMiaOlf/l/l I 1 TCI * UiVU torches tbe border of Tenne*?ee,afew m!le? further up tbe river than .New Madrid. although nearly oouthwes? of that point It la located about two hundred and forty wiles from St Louis, and nine hundred and fifty milt* from New Orleans. Tbe elevation of the river at this point la about two hundred f.-et above the level of the Delta, or id month. The averag* depth of the water at thla point la from ninety tj hundred and twenty feet, and the breadth of tbe stream, from main to main land, about nine hundred yard*. The current rnna by the Island at a moderately fast rate, and with the powers of the three rivers? Mississippi. Missouri and Ohio?combined. The tauand is near tbe southern, or what might be termed the aitiern, bank of th? river, but that, at this point, the it warn varies from its southern and course, turns tb. vptiy to the northwest, leaving :.?iana in me ?ouikerU t.i^ie or tbe bend. It l?ab?ut f<irtv-llve mile#, by the course of the river, couJ^ of Columbm, and about twenty-six from Hickman. Fo*d"s Athenmp* ?Mr. John T. Ford 1* oa here, in person, superintending the tinal touches to bis l>eautiful temple for the drama, to be opened to-morrow nlgnt. We hear that the ocenintr I to be attfiiiled bv anmp niarkod f?a. turn of i?tere>t ou'sideof the usual routine of ttje aUge performance#, and the occaalon will undoubtedly be one of singular Interest. |0"Tbe body of the late Col. Cameron passed through Ba.: mcr- ysterday and wax placed In a car to be ur cd over the Northern Central Railroad to the late br-me of the deceased in Harrisburg, Pa The bjdy was acorted by a detachni^r.t of tte51tb Per nsylvania R?*giment,and was aeccmpanled by m-mbtrs of the family and their military and civil friends ^/-ShlHington. Odeon Building, favora us wun an e~.riy copy 01 uoaeya lately tiook, lor April. _________________ Financial ?From the N. V. Evening Post of yesterday: Tbe feature of theatock market to-day la the buoyancy and activity In government aecurltle*, tbe aixes o'f l^-l rising j|,al per cent under large order* for Investment In fact all tl.e iiaues participate ri ore or lesa In tbe advance, ond no considerable quantity cou'd be bad, except at much bigber prices. There are now no federal alx.s to be obtained under iti^a'>l Tbe Uvea of 1671 and '7 J are also vrinted at an advance, with few on the mark't The oldaixeaof 186*, '67, and '88 are si arcr, and orders for small lota even cannot be tilled. The / 31) notes sell freelv at par. The first half year's Interest on the October tat notes matures on the lat of April, and will be paid In coin. G?ld contlnueatodecllne, selling freely at 101 % alOl \ cash and 101 ^ on time.. rv^? WASHINGTON SCIENTIFIC AsrSOCli L ? ATION.?A regu'ar u.e-Jiir.f of the abovo Association wiil be held &( the Room* of the Youi'i Mec'j Christian A' sxjinton, on Per.nsTivau a avenue, on 1 l:K?U A V EVENING. Mar oh 18, at IS o'clock, p m. a pur.otuai attendance! the members i* r? guested, H. L. H04MKK, It* Rso. ?<p. (V-P-THE FESTIVAL OP THE LUTHERAN LL5 CHUR<"H Will l>a continued for Hire* e?e DiDii of tins w*ek. ooitiiu?noin* THIS (.\Ioaua?) K.VENINti. in th? fan-ment of tiia Church. at the of !1 ami lltli nU. mh 17-3t* fYTf?THE FXHIBITITION OF THE 84U IkJ? School of Gursuch Chapel, which was postponed od aicnunt of the w<ather, will take ?lac?j on \VE1L\ESDAY 19, < Provideno* permitting,) at the Sixth street Praebrt nac Church. la ?;,J, (Rev. Dr. Noble's.) TiokMs 2S cants ; children 10 cants. n h 17-31* Yf SMITIISONIA N LECTIiRKS-On JJ? P.U.*K.M>A Y. Ma oh 1Mb, Prof. Faiaman Kigek-m ol Ph!l?<ie.phia,wjH oojgonwnoe a oonree of Leotards on "The Glaciers " illustrated l.jr Uia(r?ir.s. T'e pnblio are incited. Adroitta##e The ieotare will oominraoeal 8 o'olook p. m. sitVx f* ^J?WA8HiiNUTON^LtOTURE ABttOCIA Tir ai Leotur* of the <y?um^ will be delivered by RKV.H. MAT USON.ot New York, At tne Smith*on%M Institution, MONDAY (THIS)KVKNIN?, Mftron 17. Sal-jest? Tkr Rtl'ttum of ik* Amtrun Ckvrek*.' to Siamy end the PrtSiM War. MORROW (TUESDAY) EVENING, A1?'oh It, Tweatr-faj't* WKNDhLI. PHIi LIPS. ESQ. Sntject -Towifunt l.'Owvtrturt, tk* Statetntan and Patriot of ban ltominto. FRIDAY EVENING. Mtroh 21, Twenty fifth Lecture, by WILLIA M tiOODfciLL, KSQ .of New York. SttUect?T/kf < onstitvtton frr hmanripation, mod Fmtmm ?*-'? ?*' ? ? y-rw J ?r? - 1/H ICT1 Ticket bolder* wilt be required to exhibit their tickets at the door to avoid oui.luaion. Uoore opea &t 7 O'clock; Lectnre to oummenoe at l o'olook. _ , . , , Tieketa 3S e?ita eech ; to be obtained at the 4>or and *t the Bookttoret. mhl7 [yl^hack drivers and mack ownLL5 er8?The numbera required to be worji, under the provieione of the ordintnoe approved n ibe luth of February. IH63, inn it b? prooured on or before th* 90th met* at, or the pei altiea of the or dio&ccswilt be atriotif enfoioM Br orders mn M r?>ih Ml knH IM' r > .O ??i ?? ? ^ m ?'? ? \'u1 vi Y*?-* ??FFl?:tu OF JOINT COMMI&MOn LLS I' >ITfcl? ?*ATK8 ANUCOSTA KICA, VV /* !?,;ton, March 12 IMS ?Atft meeting oI Ue B??r<l U?>d una i.?y it *h orderad (h?t the period of two iuo;iti?? from ttaia dftte la uereb/ iltovM for Blftiatata to&.etMir areola a?ftinat ihe Republic i>f tuiu K icft. and do exteoaioa of aftid period will be ftiiu wrd uoiftaa good cun aUftll be ahown for ' wt H-*? CPA*. W. PAVIP, gae. TV ixS y .o:* 2S5SG51 *-1v thm JkJ* VCJ U.&NB. sj-BAUVMltli, A*lt SOLDIERS !~l uv? iml rco*v#d a ??ry lire* ted tine Msofimflut uf >priDf Clotbuf. vhioh I ito >fferu.( M our uaaal low prioea, H No. 460 rt?ymtt ?tr?t,op Pol ?????. n?r F. fa T7-3m n-i'Ht; UNION r.KAYfcK Mk,i? 1'lNtt Wui < is b? i.v?;.ie.i i * /-j um i? ii.? LutbarEcbnrch,<J>v. J. U. Huter'i, > at tb? Oormu of llli WiU (i tr?et4,o?i,iiQt<iuufit at tjtf u'otook f ni., l?d 3uulu.*?*i l>u? uot uour. ^ tu FOR BALE?As noommocly hindaone, well Fi bred, fice !*?, Cavalry Q(Boer'? jv HfBSR. ooT^Thar. Can be iw>n at K K M K N K V '?Pt%blH^om?r of at I'eol aaTCentre ttreeta, Ba&imore, on Tburai** and F^ay next. a>tti aiid 8Ut inat mliJiat.* ^^OYireRa-oYSTERL w Cm) af^tfrs %&(m) of the oe*t qna'ity oan be bad ireah every day, *t the Old Oyater Stand, No. iOJ Ninth atreet, between Dud A venae. mh 18 1m* A VRE8 k. OQ. A STAGE FOR MANAH9AH VIA FAIRFAX ''onrt House, giving pMnnrtrijrsw^x,^ an opportunity oi visit nf the bettl<iBBAv"?^S* fi*ld, vilt leave opeoeite Hiih.irr.'.wt'ey* Ciger ?*t?re, atiove Wi lards'Hotel. *very Monda-r, Wecce^day and Friday morning, at 10 o cloak, retuminr the following evening. Fare far the round ?ri n AC U ^Traehinanta /> n K> k /! /\n -J Hlf I ?VI H * ? ? waa U HtUHW VWM WW ?? ? "? UUttTUl Pa*?a? required. mh 18 5f rpp UNDERSIGNED Wieheeto inform hit 1 *ien'la and tha puhlio that he haa opemvl a Sew Filing and k opamnf Shop on the oorner of 7th and S atrreta, ani believing. from a long experience in the buaineaa. that he will be able to pieaae the wood aawyer and the butcher and every mechanic that nie< a aaw and hope*, b? a it ict att?n*ion to buaineia that ha will merit a ahare of the pnbhc patronago. ? mh lt-'m* JOHN KENNEALLV. fi^OR PERSONS IN MODERATE C1KCUM1 STANCES. The great bulk of our stock of Amenoan and European Urjr God*. in all the depattmects of general and special family wanta, was selected and prioea arranged to meot the requirements of the c an of person* above indioated. One prio? only, the aotual oaah value, marked in diatinot figures. _ PERRY Jfc BROTHER, mh 18-tr Penn. av. and Ninth at WCOAL OIL T-AMP* E Are now opemag and ahall keep constantly on hand a good s>ij>#!t < f Tab:e, Hanging aud Side LAMPS, CHIMNEYS, PA?*KK SHAI>H*. WICKS; aiao CHINA a^d GLASS WARE? whioh we offer to the merchants of Washington and Georgetown at the loweat Kaatern prices, hoping they wi 1 give ua a call. Aiao, Coal Oil or the beat branda, by the barrel.(warranted.)at Hal timore prices. Also, orders token for Western Glass Ware. Samples and prices van be Been at our new store. No. 4T6 Seventh street, opposite the Post Gifioe, Washington, L). C. mh 1?-1w HENRY pavlF.V a CO. Genuine garden AND FLOW KM SEEDS JOHN SAUL calls the attention or market gardeners, farmers, and others to hie larce and carefully selected siook oS Garden Seed which have been selected from the best growers in England, France and Germany, with each articles of domestic growth as are in usuai demand, via: Extra Karlr and Champion Pes*; Premium Flat Dnton Cabbage; Blood Turn * Beet; Means, Parsnips, rarrots. Celery. Ac. Flower SroJ, an extensive collection, suitable for any latitude in tba Union; 25 v?rieMe?. seleted for any latitude, for 91His experience of over 20 years as a practical seed grower is the best guarantee tbat all are pure. acourate, ana or the most gsnainn detonption. JOHN SAUL, Xeed Store, mh 18 8teo* *06 Seventh St.. corner H. T~FLAVORING EXTRACTS. HE Price roducaa to 20 oenti per bottle, ocsxht'e Oee&rated Flavonrg Kztr&cu, for Pastry, Blano Mance,loe Creama, Jeli eg, ft c., warranted perfeotjy pure a"d genu-ne, at BONTZ <k GRIFFITH'S, Cl>eip C^sh Store, _mh 17 St N-v 369 Seventh street. MOURNING GOODS, in all fabrioi, our umal f.iit asd oo'Epleto ?t?ck, at our proverbially low price*. Fine and medium Clotha, Cassimerea. and Veating a. One prioe only. henoe no purchaser ia deceived. Our uorthern an<l eaatern correapondenu lend Da new aappliea daily PERRV & BROTHER, mh 17?61 Penn.aT. aud Ninth at. WA CARD. ALL A BARNARD, Auotioneera. iiivitaattention to alvertiaement in the National inteiugenoer of aaie hy deorM of Circuit Court of a cumber of Building Site* on Capitol ma. Sale to take p, vse on the premiaea, on the 17th, 18th, 19th. ard 20th instant, at 4 o'olook o. m , oorainencine at Suua'e 7*4, ana otiera rare inducement* to purohaaera. E. C. MORGAN, Trustee. mh 17 WALL A BARNARD, Auota^ SPRING WRAPPlNG8*.fND SPRING Skirts, and Wiajpinga in tb w'oolena. ?Drin? Wr&DBinva in *iil Ir Spriti* Miawi*. modern atylea. Spring Parabola. " Organdie*. Mouaielinea, Mo Mtkiqaeii, Foil de Chevrea, Ac. With all other kind* of Dry 0oo4e, tor the genera' wanla of Honaekeepore. Our Northern and fcaateru correspondent* aecd ua new supp iec o'&i'y. One prioe oiily, marked in p'ain firurea.theaotual cash value. PERKY A BRO., ;nh 17 6t Penn. avenue and .Ninth at. 1 Alin bushels buckeye and peaoh 1,UUU blow potatoes will l>e aold low to oloae out conticiment. J NO. J. nEALL, mh 15 3? 87 Water at. George owr. COAL AT FOR 9,000 I US. At Yikd Nka? B. aut) O. r?Kpr?t. mh l.y tf J. .AW(II)i;? *t CO. LEHIGH AND SCHUYLKILL COAL read* for *h pnieat from Eliz&belhport and Philadelphia. Pur" WHITE ASH. free from ohncfeer, HAZLKTON. HPKlN'i MOUNTAIN. GREENWOOD. BROAD MOUNTAIN, Ao. R.KD. ASH of a yery superior quality, riu imi.i ior I'Xmuryana lore* purposes, PIG IKON for bthut now in Alexandria. - ALBERT ROOT, mh 15 3t* S3 Louisiana aveme. Notice IS hereby given that the contract for BKKK cattle advertised m this paper in h of March has not been oioged. The following named bidden are requested to forward to me tr.eir address, in order that they may be oommunicated Tub, with a view of closing the contract: A. J. Lambvbtox, Jll>C< Frbkl*>D, H P- KiipriH A Co. A. BECKWITH, mh 15 Major Com. ?nb. ?v HOK8% WJgglS. *?.. r ' The urde-Mfned Co.rp&ny art? set!inr eff their entire stock, consisting ot 17 very fine WOKK a ?AI>>iLE HuFVBKS.Snew K\PttE?8 WAGONS, HARNK?*, *o. 4.!ro, Tin Caue. Tabs, and otter materials belonging to the establishment. mature at the sto-e ofri * w M kvbmbim 49 Market tfpn.ce. between 7th arm 8th atroita', uudor the ATeuue Kouac. mh 15 lw OVERLAND OYSTER E.\ CO. Black berage ukknane, in nar row and extra wide, for drernea a-.d ahawla, oouaiJered the boat artioie in uae for tbiu 6 aoic Alao, our uanal full atock of all the thicker Black Fabrics of the heat trades. Oar northern and eaaternuorreepoLdfiita aand u? new supplies daily. One pnoe only the aotual cash standard vaiue, marked in pain figures. An lntpeotion of stock solicited. it inours no obligation tc purchase. A ORO., mil 15 at 1'enn. avenue and 3th street Mrs. eaton, ? F*e}JIONAJ)I.l Dinsviitt* Haa removed frou: 4*4 Tenth street to 469 1 street, between 8th and 9th. aouti* side. S T. Taytor's dreaacutting role bT Mrs K. mh 13-lm* Black silks, VERY RICH I.ubtvr8, Just reoeived, in allthe beef grades, and at the InWiaf mirUt nriKaa f?*?? ~ ^ v <<?> v? f i ivwa ivi U*C U> j.vv. collhy. NEW SPRING 1)1 ESSuoodsjuptOPKNING.iN WANY SKASONABLE STYLES. S.000 yards Small Figured Frenoh. Kigliah, and Uomnt o Chiutzac, a;i ?aat colors, and at the !owMt priflM. j. W. COLLhY, i:in 13 6t 523 Seventh atieet, above Pa. av. (jgFLENUID TABLE PAMA8KS. Tovala and ToweUiuca in all cradea, OoUuu and Linen Sheetinga- Table Nafkina, Superior Shirtinj Linena ?nd Cottona. White .Mari-tiiiteaaud Aileiutale CpunteraanM. J a it reo#i ved n n<l at the loweat^eagyrrtewL I US 7th atabove Pa, ay. Mourning goods in all best i gradkb. Howbaxinea, r haileys, Alpa-soaa, l)uuble and ainfle width DeLainea, . English Craeea, I Laoo and Craps Veils, aom* extra large sue. to ; which the epeoial attention of ladiee ie black , are invited. J W.COLLEY, , mh 1 J-it 5i3 7th at., above Pa. av. , CEAI.EU PROPOSALS ARK INVITED i W ti 1 the 16th dar of Maroh, 1MB. at IS m., for i purohaeinc froin the bovernment the Hides and Tallow Xloyfa. and Horns, Tongues, CUuoks, and < 9hins, of all the Re^ OMti* ijaed tr tne Ar? y of ' of the Potomac, except u-iose killed within the anoient limits of theDiatriet of ColumbiaNo bid will be entertained unless the bidder la preeent to respond to hia bid. The Hidea, Tallow, ?o.. obtained at th? liafc of the oontraetor-he will be held aoeoantabie for Hidea, to., of all animals hilled, whether he (eta them or not. TUe bids to be directed to "Major A BECK I WITH,C. 8-, U. 8. A.. Washington. D. C. fe36 jrTTHK TIME fOJ| OPENING THE BIDS eftne above advertisement it Postponed until the , ad March, 1883, at 12 in. mar 13 til J KW STYLE SPRING OVERCOAT*AND fine Black i* rook Coats jut r?o?iv?<i at I BAR * BKU '8. mil 13 2?* oorner K aa4 Hk ?trf jt. ' J POTATOES. I (JST Reoeivad a lot of Potatoes of difjreut kiMU"i(T'ckKYK, ^ 1 JAciSlON \VHil%8, . 1 CaRTKR* sad I tlso. ofLDRlf D APPLES and DRIED 1 AC HIC8 for sale at U?w*?t rates in lots to suit by BUSBY * HARNARD, mh U lt Georgetown, D. C. J If* ir-nt;n.\ U t UK THE COMMUNITY AT LA&fi K. \ We are Lof receiving READY-MADE C1.0T"1NG f the Ift'ett design* three timea a o week fron oar nuiWcrini eat&bliahment in Baltimore, whiofe ? offer at aatoniahiag low ariMa. ? mk IS-loi* corner ludIta?* *. i , r i ?

LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Fnd?r nicht, 14th inatnnt. om N ?t, bAtiroen 7th tgd 9th. a BLACK FUR VICTOR1NV. Th? fiader will reoeiT* ? r*wwd^bi leaving It U 9*9 Ninth atreot, botwe'n^M LOST?A CARPET BAO, rad frlnil tmnd it, r%ith aoatenu, wsb loetla?t Friday. Tbe finder vO deliver nud t*c to C*jt. BUTLER, nt Bndge atreet, CJeorjetowa. ] Doe LOST?On Saturday erenmu. a very sma 1 black an tan Terrier, with a collar?s_-0 on. marked 'Dr. P. A. Von Moaohste kur." * very liberal reward will be tiT en if ieft at No. 39T Penn. avenue, opposite Wtllards* Hotel rah 17 St*_ LOST?Between the Treasury and Teath utr^et. on Pa. avenae, a CHECK to the amount ef $16 50, No. 7 to be drawn in the Treasury of U. 8. he p\yment on said eheok has been a.cpperi, and vill be of no ase ex o eat to the owner. 1 he iader will he suitably rewarded by returning t*e same to 3109 Pa. avenue?B. A. Hall A Co.'e India Rubber Warehouse. mh U-tf R. JQ98ELVN. RR.9kE-AWAV PROM 8PB8CRIRKR ON mj York avenae, on Bandar. March gv _ l?th. 1W2. a light bay HORSE, aged about g year*; about 15 h&nda hign; imall star ia"*? forehead; (ff hind ankle wnit* ard blind tn near Md: had on at the time a blaok Mexioan saddl* ?nd bridle. By retnrnire the aama to the (table of !?r. 6KKA80N, No 9S3 D street north, between 13* and ivh eta , the finder will be liberally revaaded. rah 17 31' L?- JAMISON. FMOUNB-A TRUNK, aappoeed to have been stolen. The owner oan hate the eame by proving property and paying expeneee. Call at C atreet, between 3i and street!. _ _ mh 15 3t* JAB. D. COX. DC RKWARB?Strayed awav on laet Tuesday, a imall red COW,with horn*; white spota down along her flanta on both liil^ifUr a small piece of her tail was out off The JUU above reward will be given on its return to the corner of2d and M? ? mh 15 St* "Pa?r1^^ BRAAN. CJORRKk HORSE, 15 banda high, bias* faoe, >3 left hina foot white, about 8 yeara old, ^ey Mme to the anbaeriber. on the id of Maroh,n^ZB near Tennalytown The owner will come^^*^ forward, prove property, pay ohargea and take kin &W*hT 15 St* WILLIAM HOMILLER. tJTOLKN?hrom my atable, la?t night, between to and 13. my HORSH, 8ADDLK. and BRIDLE He la a long-bodied l>ltok bob- jLjA tail, noapot of white on hi >; a little mb>~ed * by th? breaching at the aide; a few frey hairaupon one of the hind fetlock joint* ; he la a very alow wa>kerf and when walking turna hia head to hie aidea with a long afidei treada on the flat of hu forefeet. Theae^dle la quilted black moroooo and oanvaa. The bridle ia a oomtnon carriage ><rid:e, hut good. A lad waa aeen to ride him off, in llghtiah olothee. When in action, aaid horae ia atyuah, long paced, and eat. A auitable reward will be (itou iur rriurn UI UIO nOIM. mh 15 It' Dr^8 8MOOT. V EFT HIS WORK AT THE ARSENAL. l_s Thirtdar morninc. CHARLES THENTON MANSFIELD : last seen on one of the Govern ment waton* going toward* the oity: tie 14 Tears; lose liebt hair; dark eyes; akin a little darf; had on, when he left his wotk.a lark brown alouoh hat. blaok overooat with dark lining with a red 8ow#r inside; had on two pair of pantaloons; his inside p&nu light oolor, wi*h a little narrow strip; outside pants dark and shorter than the m*ide pants; he wore a leather be t around him, with a brass hook. Any information of him will be thank falijr received for his distressed parents. Address to JOHN T MANSFIELD, south N street, be twesn 4H and 6th sts. A literal r?ward will be paid to anr cne for his return to his parents. 1 also forewarn all persons from harboring the same boj, is the law will be enforoed against them tnhisst* inou t liiuauioin ?_ . ? ?- vui? i iUAiior ijbi^l/i PAMF, TO THE PREMISES OF WILLIAM v> GRINDER.eetray.aamall r?dCOW.^M| witn white fa**; lone tail; small horns fUr The owner will oome forward, proveJh^Mi propertT.ya70harcsa.acd Ukaher away. Residence, let aireet eaat, between L and At south, mh IS Q?Q SEVENTH STREET. Q?Q OOiJ BETWEEN I AND K StS. 0O4J CHEAP CASH STORE. We have juat received a large aasortment of Perfumery. Hoapa, and Fano* artioiea, which we ctt'er much below the market prioe, at either wnolea&le or retail. Also. In HtnrA tWA Cannn/1 k m mm.A * . -r w?.iiauu vuii^(C pOlBf 1Q CXCOi" lent condition. Aim, One Now Cottar e Se'.in ocmpiete nrder, whieh we will ?ell cheap for the eaah. Also, A &r?e aa?ortment of Mahoganr and Walnut I)r?aain? Hureaua, Waah?t*nUa, .Marble-top Tabl?a. Sofaa. Rookera, Hair f*eat, Can* and Wood Seat Chaira, large varietiea and patierni, Cottage Union, Japaneae and Jenny Lind Bedate ad a. Walnut and Cherry LeafTablea. P a. ? V. I J- aa - ? rntuoi D(UI| .11 Hir? ? ?. 40., *0. All at ft great ksotifice for r&ah. K rntin'nr the number, 369 Seventh atreet, between 1 &ad K atreetn. mh 17 9w BONTZ k. GRIFFITH. p^>EAD WlTHpDKC18IOTNo^ND ACT WITH DR. M. VKLLN Y'8 PRIVATE HOSPITAL, iNTntFiDmiAL Block, Opposite tk* UtntrHl Pott and Patent Qfteu, Roc* U4 c* iiTAims, ' Corner of Tth and F iti, Washington. D. C . ESTABLISHED F'?R THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY. THE ONLY HXGULTR PHYSICIAN ADVERTISING! l)r. M. Vellnr'a long experience in koapita! praotiee w?rrant? him in eajing that he can oareali direanea of a private natn-e, or be wi'l forfeit the am of five hundred do!!ar?. Call and eee him. No oharge fjr conru'tat'on. A perfect and radio a! on re perfeoted from one to fnnr naytorcoo arge. mh 17-Stn* B~E SURE AND COME TO THE BEST plaoe to h"? rnnr Clothing?No. 460 Seventh itreet. ^eJT-Sm . ur\r\nr*o oimoo ? ^ | ?O (it/AO : MM V ^^Cob.nkk Tbstb St. and Pa. Av.fmJ W ? SHINGTON CITY asp LA^rF.RNMAPE Lai'i**' Tipped Baiuiorala 91.25 to S2.2A Gfiit#' Baimorer ml St) to #3?> Gents' FineOaif Boot* ?? 00 to $6 00 All kinds of BOOTS an I SHOKS very cheaf. 1T7* fagots nad* to order in the b?at f?Dn#f,l? roll U-lqa* CflAKLt-S II. MOftSp. A LI. THP, BEST COOKINH 8TOVKS, JJL BLE CUTLERY, fca . to be had of W. H. HANKOVUR. , mh l-fcm 33?7dttU?l. ' 486 " JGffHBIIf"" 486 Card Photocrapha in vartMv, icoluding copiea of Chdioe Pioturos. Aleo CARD VldlTEand OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, the larSeat assortment, ' Iron the beet manufactory in the oountiy. for oath, at J. MARKRITEk'S. No. 4S6 Seventh stree*, fe 18 8 door* above Odd Fwtlowe' Hal* * fiOAL OIL 60 CTS., KEROSENE OIL 60 Iv CTS., PER GALLON. <i.A o. i - ? ? -VJ.L ? anui ouiu?r?iui v/iti ijpuivs* wruoa rv^uiro DO oiumneya. Alto, vanei# of Lajpp?f ** err low prion at MOORE'S, Wait Bed Dr?( Store, 113 Penn.aveime. ICTA i*rc? and reneral (took Drug?. Medio.nee, fco., aiwaya fresh and pare at above plate. P"' " ^ \IODERN SHAPES AND&TY!<E8, SPRINO . ill mantles and wrappings. Spring ShawU, aaaorted aa aooy?. Sprint Paraaola, Terr atflian. Uar Northern and Eastern correspondents aaqd -J us nev supplies daiir. , I We also offer a'l kinda of Dry Goods for family oonsutnption. One pnoe only, marked in plain figures. tkt actual cash ttandanX vaint. PERRY * BKO., mh 13 6t ' p<* Ninth street. OYSTERS?OV.- "**0^ j ^UnAf Great scientific lmprove-^^^&flF meat in STEAMING and ROASTING OVSTERS, by whioh th? entire g&Vor and ais? of Jhe Oyster ia retained. k2S . if r of the flobe lights) with its improved m&orsr I rfateamtnr, neatness of fitting, and order of ser- I rioe. All deeinnga laxvrf will he rewaidM by saHing. Superior euahty of Freeh Seit Oyaters t jonstantly on band to supply Hotels. Sutlers and 1 Karailiee, in ahell, kef, or can. Families'orders j lelivered on short notice. Choice Clears at re* I ignable rates. tet-lm* Gold and silver coin and < DNCVHHENT BANK NOTMS I Ay COOKE^fc'cS!, Bisiils, mh 8->w 4<? Fifteenth street i NOTWB. j H9EBHE9nESI i ?? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMTA.MY." Tkia ConMsr o fieri to Uie >ublie " UBMaailed J iC*antafaaf7Tor Ua 8ale ui Qaiok DirfCtM #f J learj PfjWfkto. PwltMM,Jahiablea. Monay, ** J to.. to all parte of theuaited States. J Exireeaea to and from tho f^orth and Weet do- ! tart from and arnre t* Waaiuaiton twice dally, e 11 Paoka?M for Tha Botdiara camM at "on j ipiip. , ~ 1 ^fSSGTT 33 VEi ^rawt^^aaviw *tiai& ? tlx?reaM for all joists North ui Wwt \mv VMhioftoaat1M ATM.ud UO P7M.duly. Special Coutr&oU (or larg* ?uuiUUN of Fright I an b? mad* on an.ioation to thia U|m. J wMhiWufc&2JMnwUM,0r? h ??I I I lllil AMUSEMENTS. STHKATKH! BCONO N itht of ikejonlir Anwriotn Com """"" iNtrwUM of Ml* f?U"AN DEM.N, th? favoriu. who will mpetf ai Prbbi. 8?f ??cur?<l thrf n xit>do?. It* ftDD FKLL.OWS' HALL! u Sitimh Bnm. Saafar<l An?ra lWnn? -one' wm^JTITOICK' Thia Etc nine NEW BONUS. DANCES. Ao. Bg IAAA! Iaaaam A m I P W : > ri I1B Gems of the Opera, Drama, mn>I Comedy ! Concludlnc with the most laafhab!* Afterpwoe of th? day entit.?d O P EN HOUSE! In whioh Mr*, and Mr. Bontwatl.Sanfcrd, Hufhea. Edmonda, and the Entire Troop* wiP appear. During the piece, a GRAND SKATlSe SCENE will be tntrodooed. Doora open at 7; ecmmencinc ??arter to A ADMiaeiOR. ...... .a* CntTa Oichutu Surf - - - to Cut* mh 17 ?t FORD'S ATHENEL'M. Johs T. Ka?n-.- P?fn?i?r and Manaier This Magnificent and Mpacinua Ttnildinic , whioh haa been in the nourae of eons''*4tion for aorpe time br Mr. J*a. J. tirronn. Architect and Builder, WILL. OPEN On WEDNESDAY EVENING, March 19th. The proprietor, in announcing tne optni&r of thia iplendid TEMPLE OF THE DRAMA to the oitisftc* of Washington. dooa * with a proud aatu faction that ali that art aaii genius onuid achieve hu been done to make it the rooet Beautiful and Comfortable place of araaeement in the country. THE DECORATIONS, which are of >he moat CHASTE AND ELFG ANT DESIGNS, " NBW AND BEAUTIFUL 8CBNERY are from the B?nm la nT ih> T? A ~ ter.~juHN"R."SMlTilT'" of the Academy of Mu?*o. Phi adel^tia, and Mr. JOSEPH PARK Kit, the well known Scenic Artist of the Holiday street Theater. The Sta<e vill be oondnotea by th9 eminent State Manarer Mr. JOHN B. WRIGHT. and th* Orcheetra directed by the accomplished musician EUGKNK FKNKLON. late of the Great Ravel Troupe. The Manater hat arranged for the appearatoe of MR EDWIN FORREST, whioh will take plane at soon aa he recovers from aa acute attack of loflsmmatory rheumatism from whieh he it now suffering. THE FIRST STAR OF THE SEASOS Will be the Gifted, Beautiful and Daahint Aotteaa, mig-> btUILLK WKSTtRiM. The Initial Pi*?, Celeste^ Great Military Dram*, entitled THE FRENCH SPY; on THE STORMING OF ALGIERS. TIIK DRAMATIC COMPANY, Hrtt-cl*ts in Kvtry Ktsptrt, wi!! etnb-ac* Ma<it WiLL-tmwx awd PorrLAR Favomms ! The moet Beautiful and Giaoeful D&meuse on the state, Mii*S OLIVIA. vill al?o appear >n ELEGANT DANCES! A LAUGHABLE FARCE will oonolnde the Performance* of the evening. The Box Offioe will be open on Tue?dav from 9 to 4 o'clock, and everr nooeediuc buiin*** day. between the aante hour*, wnen neat* can be re trnd. KAnxifsio*. Ma Circle and ParqncUe Mcerta loony Seats ___ j|t Orchestra Sfata _.?l Family Circle 25 cants No extra oharre for rewerved seata. mh 15-St CHARLES' E. FOKU, Treasnrer. Rev. wil? iam h miibi;rn, THE BLIND PREACHER, Will deliver b;? CELEBRATED LECTURE, 'What a Blind Man Saw it* Eimlano." AT WESLEYCHAPEL, Corner cf Fifth and F streets. On TUESDAY EVENING. March 13tn. Tickxts 2# Cxsts, For aale at the Bookstores and at the door. Doora open at 7; Lecture to oommence at 8 o'clk. On THURSDAY EVENING, March*), MR. NILOURN Will deliver his SECOND AND LAST LECTORS, A# sa m a alsnA n? MIW " ?? r1**"-* Subject? TKi Lift and CKaracitr of Aaron Birr, toa 14 4t* f^LARENDON Corntr nrnt and, v/ Pa. avenrt, smith ftd*. undfr the Clar-ndon Hotel ? Free Concert Every Kvenmi from i nntil 10 o'plook by the Bra*t> Band. Gentlemen vlajt IDC thu p'aoe 04n be waited on by ftma'e wai?er?. The best of Wice Liquor, Cigare, and every thitj in aeae->n for the inner man. n.h is It* WASHINGTON MUPICAL HALL?PR Bib CONCERT EVERY NIGHT, from 5 o'olook to 9 p. m. Beit of KelreehnieaU. Fine Fema!* Walters. Open all day. At tne eontbeMt oorner of Pennsylvania avenue and oorner of Sixth atreet, nndAr th? Hftn^ra! Hnn?? i -J vr|></?l?v ?UV Ikl lt'UCk.| Brown'a.and C areaden Hot Ma. fe II lm* PATENT OFFICK CURIOSITIES-timde to A Patenta, Catalogue of Curioaities anc! Government Gardeaa, at the stead iu Patent Otto* Raro AaU^oanaa Booka; Goveruine't Booka, Lk>oumenta furniahed: Railroad Reports; Military Ko aorta; Burnt Patent Office Reports; Cheap Booka furciahed to Pedla^a; Mi.ltary Triala; .Military Lava; Army Regnlationa; Panorama of theCoaat anoving over 2,0wi ua.ea; many Uousand C..ea? Booka. RaooLeot cheap rent. I>arge aalaa. lov prtoea. Up ataira, over Bank of Waaninrioc. ja?-2ro* ALFRED UCNTEIt. P| RUF. C. F. BAR NFS' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, at Temperaooa y% Hall, t. atreet, between 9th and KUi C.a**r-> every Tueadar and Fndav?afternoon o.aia/n at 3, evening olata at 7. Soiree everj FndavUHA evenink ??8 o'cJodk. Muaio hy Prof! Geo Arth'. Teroperaaoe Hall will be let for Balla, Partita, *o. Apply aa above: le 14 lm* M W/?TI?^L' ? ? T H F COSLINU RE8TA17R4MT, IMT PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, POUTH SlD*. (Formerly of New York.) Has the name and feme of being One of the Best Restaurants in Town ! C^Give ua a trial, and judge foryoa lalt_TT1 Ml Every thing in the home is a _ of the Zg^ ijQfcBK9 r Don't forget the nnmber? 947 Pemieylvania avenue, between llth and 13th streetc, mh l?-lin eoath aid?. I COAL OIL-COAL OIL! AM Nov farmthinc the trade with the beat EROtflNE OIL at Baltimore pnoet; aisy, AY. CORN, OATS, Ae.. at loweet market Hjee. _ _ c J (I'LAL'BHLKN, ieaenn forcer [Mew Jereey ?v. and E at. J 3 10 TREASURY NOTE8, I Id Large or Small Sumi, Bought and Sold br " JAY COOKE A CO.. Binuii, mht-tw Fifteenth rtreefc fiOLDIERH' DRAFT# O ON ALL POINTS, Bold by JAY COOKE & CO . Bank***. >h I frw i* Fifteenth etreet. A NAVAL MEDICAL BOARD. t\ Board of Medical Officer! will convene at the Naval Aifiom. Philadelphia, on Marolt 17. lfi. or (be wuBiuuoD of Candidatee for ?dmiMioo to .he Medioal Corp* of the Navy. 8*ntifinen denning permission to appear before he Board /.mat n.ake application to the Honorable Secretary of the Navy, atating their residenoe, ?asd date of birth, aooompanied with respect testimonials of moral eharacter. Applicants mast not be lees than twenty-one nor ore than twenty-aix years of age. No expense is allowed by Government to Candi* iates attending the sessions ol the Board, as a ?uo>eeefai snaiawna is a legal preref aisite for ap oiatmsnt in the Nary. mh 6 eogy r NOTICE. BE Piblie is respeotfally informed that the tndersirned has eomnienoed ran- xTTM/s?^ line aLINE OP BTA6E? fro* gllflP r* a >ean. avinae to Meridifto Hill. TheJHEfiQ?? Ma?MTl0 Iny* Witlftrda'Hot?l every morninc A o'clock ana Meridian Hill at half Mat S o'ol'k, vod will run rejuiariy to and from Mendflaa Bill very hoar, thna affording a cheap and speedy ooneyanoe to the vanou* oainpa in the neithborhood. rhe uderaigned hopes to reoeive a liberal tnpport, .a he it determined to affora hia patron every fa""WirMKfcB. fa 1<-oo1hi* proprietor. pRICES Jtr.pUCKD: wnnn *a.? *. DoiiverffTia Georgetown, or Pint Wirt, Wash MaftaSh. ggaaas'su^ i a 11 i r i ,,i AUCTION fcALiCS. THIS A FTEKNOO & TO- MOSHOW TRU*TKIvN virtc* of diwroo of Ik* Circuit C??rt of th? Oift i?? ol Co imkM for th? oo?rt? of Wn . n? . t r.? m * omt ol Ch*t e?rj, S.j vt| c: J?n?fi, A.D. 106*. I, 1?. C. Mor*?r. Will tell re th? m ? ?? of Moret. A D 1*3. *t twelve o'o'-ok in tho d*?, 9?u?r# No t hncdron ud mufij -fear, in tha cilyof Wm i(|t>n. Th* l?'b? ol (kit intwlil oe o?*-l!iirU oa?h, tbe MMMM m i.i, !?'?, aad ?f ktwi month*, a-??r*d hy the nnuwroi parc hui ' no to*, beauni nt?Mt, aid eudoraf* to the <At tfac'iOK of lite tri ?'M. Tkta )(tu? ia laid off tr >iitaen fin* lota,aad the lota will he eo d separate, y 1 a* a& e will take oa aaid square. _ ? _ P.. <\ VOKG AN, roetea. nth 1?- WALL* B? 0REKN A WILLI AMP. A?cUon-<-a. EXECUTOR'S BALE OP HOUSEHOLD md Kitchkr Fvaaitcaa. Cold Wikh, Cow, W ason, Ac . Ac . ii ulmt ot t?? Oa PBiXi' CotaT.AT acctioji ?Oa W fcl>N t-.PDA V? the MUh ilar of March. IMS, we eball tall by orttor of the Orphans' Coart, at the lata ' etdeoee of Alfred Heitmuller, deoeaeed.on North M.naar North Capitol ?t>Mt at 10 o'o ook a. m .a l the pereonai eflecta of the deoaaaeJ, vn? Mahofan? Pofaaaad Ghura, Bade. Bedeiaats sad B?dd:bC, Center and other Ttb'ee. Can* and Wood Saat (haire. Bureau*, one large Mirror, and cthor I ookiei Ot* Gold \vatch and Chain, cue Cow, cna Wacon, Carpets. Move*, and rood lot Kttohan Utentila, with reanr other l t-nii.i wkich vidua un neeefearv to enairorata. Term* oaah. W. Y. FKNDALL. A IIHTMUI.I.KK, Executory. inhlSit GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaata. FUTURE VATS. TRUSTEE'S SA1.K.?By virtae ofa.leoree.f the Circuit Court of Lfce District / O-o'umbia, fortbeo;cn!y if v\ aahioftoa, aittiac aa a Cob t of Chancery, dated the 23a da? of January a d law, i, K. U. Motru, will Mil on tfce twentieth day of Mveh. A D 1<62, at foir o'alook in the evem'..f. Lota No* 8.9,10, id aeuara No fU, and nnpruT?tr.?nt*, oonaiat ng of the hoaeaa therecn. The ?a!e will take place la front of Ae premiee*. The term* will be one-third aau; Ut baianoe in ati, twelve, aod eighteen month*, eeeered by the purchaser or parohaaer'a notee. bearing intereet, an 1 emloraed t*> ttae aatiafacuoa of the treetee E. a MOESAN.Trartee mh 18 Wall A. BAWSAKD. Aaeto. Hr MU!>IIALLft PA? E, Aaetioaaari 803 7tk ttrttt. Cndtr Odd nilovtt' H*-l. Ol HN TUESDAY at.d THURSDAY MORN1N6. 10 o'clocr, we wiJ! te'l at our Store, a large .lot of ?r<*oerie?, l.iquorv, Winaa, llama, Cheee*. 'Butter. &o , with a large aa? rliurnt Oooda from Hoaae >c i&iug buaiLeaa, oonaiabng o( Ma tiara' Good a, fco. A actios ?-A'K*Y EVENING. mfa 17 ?t MA1.SHALL k. PAWK, A acta. dt wall * BARNARD, Auctioneer*. GOVERNMENT SALE OF TWO HUNVJ iiRtD a*d Fifty Houu at Arnioii?On THURSDAY next. Marou * tn, IKS. at the Corral, near the Obiervatory, will be Aao tion. T^O RUNDRKD AND FIFTY HOR9R8, Condemned ai unSt for public ternoe r?.e to ocmmctue at luo'oiock. Term* cash in Government fnnde Br order J J. DANA. Capt and A?? *tant <.{oart?rrt>aet?r. WALLA BAKNAKD. Auota. By WALLA BARNARD, Aaotionwm. \VALUABLE IM?*ROVK|? REALt-MTATK at Abctioh?4?n THL Kt*DA Y AFTRR NOO > '. 20th iiiktant, at 4 o'clock, we will Mil in frost of the prenneee, part of Lot K. being a part of rabdivialon of Lot 9*. ??uare MS. fronting 14 feet 9 lnehM on L atreet north, and running back 9j feet to aa alley. And ot L, in the ?aroe eiihdiviaton, and adjo mng lot K. and fronting 14 feet 9 lr.ohea on L etieet north, end running back 90 feet toanaley. Each Lot improved by a three-atery BMok Dwelling. Terma: One thi d oaah; ha'aaoe in thrM and aixteee montha. hearing intereei.anu aeeered by a deed of iraet on the ?r?ro? inh It WAUt HABMARI). Ah1>. \|ARS HAL'S 8 ALE.-in wrU# of t vrit ol Iwri i" 1 f& uouer lien !?v,iwu*d frumtk* Clerk'a office of the Cirou t Court of the District of Columbia. for the count? of Washington, asd to me directed. I willexpoaeto public aale, for oaah. in front of tiic court ioum dtwrof and oounty, on FK1D\Y, the 21a; day of March next. lfca. at IS o'C:ock m , the following deecri'ed property, to wit, v!iAll defendant'* right, title, e aim or interact m &nd to a oertiain dwelling bouactnrected on lot No. 8 and the couth li feet 4 mobeaof lot Bo. 9, in aquare No 37T. in the city of Waahiacton. . C.aeisad and aviea up^s aa the property of Ju.iu* Viedt. ar.>i wi . be >id to aatiat" judioia.a No 33" to October term, 1897, in favor of Jonathan T. Walker. I. V. HOOVES, fe 26 dta _ Marshal. MARSHALS BALE.?In virtue of a writ of fian faciaa, ia?u?d from the o erk'a office of tie cucut court of the l>iatnct of Columbia, for the of Waahirgton, and to me directed, I will exfo?e to public sale, for oath, in front of the lyvanniiiH aoor 01 nu< oonntT, on M'?NDAY, the Slat day u( March, n ?Utt, 1K2, at 18 o'oiook m. th?foliuwinj property, to-wit. mLot No. 16, in i?ntr? No. 41, lot No 2. id rgnare No tt, tot No. 5, la seuare N?. 44, lot No. f?, to r^vtr* No, 56. lot N# i? in rqo?ro No. ?. and lot No. lt^in ?nare No. 76, in the city of Watiuuiton, D.C , together with all and ti^rciar the improTt meet* thereon, eeiaed and levied npon aa the^ropert* of Brook Maokaii. and will be eold to aatiety No. n, to May term ltfi,it> favor of How Brother It Co W. 8KLDEN. mh 7 dta late Marabal, t?. C. BALLS, PARTIES. 4c. HI H AIL TO THE HTAR -* ANI> ?*TR1PE8! THE ARMORY BOY8 oelabrate Tin Start and mtatn ITatmi Orer M A Pi A ^ A 8 By Kirisi th?ir bkOiind URAND BALL at Temperanoe Ha l, on TUESDAY. Marefa h JA Yieum* to the ohoitadouofvery inanv who pitioniaed our first, we acnoanoe this ou-/H Hecond ttrand Mali?p'edfir* <>n-e*!ve? to in-aHP eurervery thu - conducive to the p.faitrr and enjoy mftnt or our patr am. The tame Batd of Mumo with wLich the iadiM I were to ninoh delirh'ed has been eecured. Tick eta #1. arimttin# ? ? ? ?-?? ?1 - * ? : - ?uu iMliM, r Kin, 1 ommuirt Qf ArrmMttmenU A Hattoc W. Vernon. 6. Adtmt. J. Hi 1. mk 17,?,^T' Kiernam, W. Hngbea. 'pHE M-H 6KAN1I COTILLON PARTY ?... WUi b* ZlT+tl at At ? JEjfFr/cjj&cr Ball. A _ ?':jrt!'Vtt t'MW'-rt 9th fcr.0 i?b, Os K 1 L)A \ KVKN.Ntl M.J.o. A _ - , ? >?w| Dtro ii( to oumn^DU w u't!'4l. Maaieby Crof. George Arth'f oeletrat*<} iiaud Ticket* 91 limiting a gectlem&i, and ladies mil 16 6t- prof. C. p. barne9, Manager. Every pp.r9on?? interest ?That toe took of Clothing for eale over 6a u' Joweiry Store ! now offered at tea a wltoiaeaia pncoa, _ at ^MITU'^. No. 4t>0 Savauti ir?at.oMM>W Poet Ofto* lie T? THE PEOPLE'S CLOlUlNu MORE. No. 460 ; at. A1 wayeahead ! N"W arrival of Serine Goods, all the lateat ett'.ea of Clothing, at No. 461 *?v?nth ?r??t, i*<?ar F fe X) in. |^OR MLG-A hns at >ok of Cloitun*. Pur?n?h m. mg tji>od?, Tmnk*. Hate and Cip*7 ?t whole ale prioee. at No 460 Btmu etreet. oppoeiM PoetOftce. Uxft m " (KENT'S Furnishing 8ooda. Tmnki, Clothing, I Track*, Biuui) Capa, ail at Nortkorn pnoee, at the People's Clothing store. No. 4&0 TUi fire t. feU lm C<HIRTt?, SHIRTS. *HlKIe*!-Jn#i reooivad H 1<? doien Sb' rt?. which we offer at old prioes, UHM1THH. Nn. ?*n )Uti?i<i>i gt Tt-tn* IfOR A FfcW DAYS ONLY.?1 tare restored r tny tine a:ock of Clothiw from orer Qa.u Jewelry Store to J. H. SMITH'S. No. 4*6 K?r?nth fttreei, near t\ whe.-e J eha>> oflai it at lean th*c who.esaieooet prioee, iur a few dare ooij. r??t tm * **f ? ?. win 3 ** ATiCr / ^BEAT BARGAINS IN CLOTHING,at the vV People'a Clothing Store, No. 4t>0 7tk atreei. ft 14-1 in IL'ST RECEIVED AT L A- BE ALL A CO.*8, J No. 361 ^ereiitfi, M?wr I ud K otrMU. I new a took of CLOTHING, FURBISHING GOODS, TRUNKS. HATS aikl CA*S. LM A BKALLACO'S. No S61 fereath atreet, I etween I ami K. ia 'he elaoe to bey your CLO THING, KL'RMSHING ?0*?D8, TRUNKS. HAT^and CAP?atNew York prioee POJK ON K AND ALL AT L. A BKALL* V> <X>.'S, No. 261 9oventti aireet. icvm I tad K, to bar jour CiAlTBINtt, FURNISHING GOODS, MATS kLa CAPS. NOW VCMLJ? TIMK TO MUV YOUR CLOTHING, Pi K.M>HINu ?OOU?, E A"R? fcLd CAPJ at r*n iow L A. UKALL tt CO.*S, No. Sol Sereuih.> Wtween 1 pad K etreeu. ill l? pAMP FURNITURE AND TIN WARE OF Vy all kind* to be hod of W. H. HARROVER, wh Tun A?*7tfc? rpUE AMERICAN TELE9RAPE COM'? WiLLAibt' Hum. thie eotnponv it prepared toMooaaioitte |M nwu of tkot (,ogee, and Ue Mblio, With every Teletraphic facility. F.Iladklp^. and all T?l?fra?kio Statiou in the loyw Stotee. "nkk^ *k*\m ?Q?fiafc?dept. SHIRT#: lilRTW _ BBUIia. We ore firir* ??oi! mention to aakiat Sfcirti to V hoTlnc atVftr* oTSSod a too itoek roadr ?4a .?latlipM ttw i? f?*Hl ,7? Ffc VWW?> ?oU>.. ROAMS' BXPKMB COMPANY. Ul' NOTICE OJjLMKOrjJL. Yb? Mmrr oAm of tbu wmmi) u nt?rt B?25OTJ&r 5.W

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