Newspaper of Evening Star, March 18, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 18, 1862 Page 3
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jrrr.'i '? *?"^ " LOCAL NEWS. Ahcihikjit* To-NI?H? Tiutu?Mr. J. S. Clarke, tU American comedian, u Paul Pry and aa Swaahlngton tonight. Reappearance of the charming Mlaa naan Denln, who personatea Pbcrbe A good bill. OddF?llow?* Hall.?Sanford'a opera troupe, with the prima donna, Mlaa Anna Bordwell, and their charming melange of eonia, dancea. Ac., concluding with a aide splitting afterpiece, called Opera Houae, la which the whole troupe appear* A big thing on Ice Don't fhll to aee It. VMM C*apil.?Rev. wiumb n niuourn, the eloquent blind prescher. will deliver bis Justly celebrated lecture, "Whit a blind man aw In England." Smithsoxia* Iwstittjtb ? Wsndell Phllllpa will deliver the 94th lecture of the course before the Washington Lecture Association this evening. Subject-"Tousseant kfJuverture, the Statesman and Patriot of San Domingo." Ltthsiah Chcsch.?Festival by the ladies of the congregation?a charming affair. CLili^Don Mcmx ?Free concerts every evening from 3 until 10 o'clock. Female wslters, and the best of wines and cigars. WasainoTON Mtrsic Hall ?Freeconcerts from 5 until 9 o'clock every afternoon, with cbarmlng females to serve refreshments. Open sll day. Paocsasi*ss o? th* Citt CotrnciLs, March 17.?Board / Aldermr* ?The petition of a large number of merchsnts and flour dealers praying the retention of Mr. Joseph Lyons aa flour In* spec tor, becsuse the in'erest of the consumers of flour, as well as the deslers, will be benefitted thereby, was referred A communication waa received from the secretary of the Board of Trustees of Public Schools enclosing a resolution passed by the board re i^urviiiiK wur i^viniciw w ap^rupriair iur sunt ui lxty dollars to pay, until July next, to the teachers of tne schools In Island Hall, that Increaae In compensation which a discontinuance of the 2d and 3d departments of the Male Primary School, and the establishment of primaries Noe 6 and 7 la Ilea of the same, contemplates; referred. A communication of the Commissioner of Public Bulldtngs to Congress recommending an apSprlation of twelve or fifteen thousand dollars dredging the cltyca-al as a sanitary measure, and suggesting that the earth taken from the ean?i be used to grade tbe grounds about the Capitol, and that a tide lock be constructed so as to sweep the accumulating filth from the work as often aa necessary, was read and referred Petitions from Mr. Geo. C Hathorn (the Trinity chursh llverv-stable keeper), in relation to the remission of the fines imposed upon him for violations of corporation ordivances; of John Smith, asking the privilege of erecting frame back buildings to his two-story brick bouses on Eleventh st east; of Francis Wbelan, praying remission of a fine: of P. T Sands. Dravin? for Dsvmenr nf bis account against the Corporation; were severally read and referred The following bills, Ac , were severally considered and passed : A bill for Increasing the compensation of the ward phyalclana to f2w> per annum, a Joint resolution In relation to the streets, avenues, gutter* and pavements, directing the Purveyor to assess the damage to the same from the travel of government teams over the same; an act to grant John Smith the privilege of erecting a frame back building to his two-story brick house in square 1.U01 (on Eleventh street east); an act to pay the claim of F. T Handa; a resolution appointing a committee to wait on Col. Peter Force, to ar'an?e the terms of purchase of the maps, Ac , of city property, formerly belonging to Mr. F. W. De KratR. and now la bis possession; an act making an appropriation for cleaning, repairing ana liming the avenues, streets and alleys throughout the city; an act making an appropriation for the protection of the Corporation stop-cock and fireplug covers; an act to authorize the pavment of certain bills against the Perseverance Are company: and an act to authorize the replacing of the fire plug at engin* bouse No. 5 The nomination of David \V. Garst, as Wood ana Coal Measurer for the Sixth Ward, was re jecte<l?yeas 6, nays t. blank 2. The nomination of John E Leach, as Secretary to the Board of Commissioners of the Asylum. ww confirmed r?>a voce. The nomination of Josiah Adams, as Intendant of the Washington Asylum, was rejected?yeas 4, naya 7, blank 1. A joint resolution protesting against the amendment of the charter of the city now pending In the Senate of the Unlu?d States; which gives the right of suffrage to all white male citizens who have resided six months In tne city prior to any municipal elect'on,was passed without opponition. The petition of James Casparis was taken from the file* and recommitted to the committee on claims A joint resolution in relation to the removal of the walls of certain burnt buildings, and an act establishing a fish wharf, were referred Common Couiutl ?The Mayor's communication. transmitting a communication of the Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police, reeom uicnmu^ ?u appivpuauvu IUI irpoiia tu lUC tofllern lock-up house, was referred. The Water Regisirar's communication in reply to tbe Inquiries of the board relative to the claim of Wm E Dint, stating that tb? claim wax for brick work, and waa valid and juat. was received and referred to tbe drainage committee Mr. Edmonston Introduced a joint resolution Instructing tbe cotnmltt?? before Congress to represent to that body the impolicy and the Injustice that would be done the citizens of Washington by the paauge of an act conferring the elective franchise upon all free white male citizens who have resided in the city alx months prior to an election; and to use their efforts to prevent the passage of such an act Mr Mulloy offered the following as a substitute : Rtstlvtd, That Immediately tfter the passage , of this resolution, th- President of the Board of Aldermen and the President of the Board of Common Council shall appoint two members of the Board of Aldermen and three members of Board of Common Council, in conjunction with the Mayor, u a committee to wait upon Corner***, to moat respectfully and urgently protest against , (he paaaage of the bill uffered by Hon Mr tirtmes I In relation to the right of suffrage In the city of Washington. Mr. Shepherd offered the following amendment: A+d further resolved. That the aald committee be requested to urge upon Congreaa an amendment to the city charter prescribing the oath of t'-leglaoce to the United tttates Government, to be a4mlnl?tered to *11 voters whoae loyalty may be questioned, before they may ejerelae the right of auOrage at our municipal elections. Mr. Malloy objected to the amendment, and argued at length to ahow that the plan proposed by Mr. 8. would operate disadvantageous]v and unfavorably, and would delay the voting Mr Shepherd explained that he wltbed the Kno pie established that no one who Is unwilg to take the oath of allegiance to the constitution and government is lit to enjoy the privileges It guaranties, either of voting or filling the ofilces Fealty to our government ahould be one of the greatest qualifications In the exercise of tnese funetlona. Mr. Wilson hoped the amendment would be indrawn. The corporation had n,ade a nua:L-r of requfat? of Congreas The one proponed la thai they refrain from leglalation, and If the amendment ta passed tt may lead to the loaa of what we desire He waa In favor of the principle * advocated, bat hoped It would not be attached to the request we mace to Congresa Mr. Shepherd declined to withdraw the amendment Hp thought It eaually aa Important a? the original resolution f)e would aah the yea* and nay* upon It. Mr Wilson, "Then I will vote against It" Mr. Kmtnrrtcn opposed the amendment upon the ground that the effect would be prejudicial Ito good Union men, who would bechillenged by a cu*a of men, who, aot withstanding their geographical position, entertained the entlmentaof oae who recently avowed openly that for nineteen rear* ae baa o?en striving 10 oriug about a disaoatlon of tkc Union Mr. Malloy asked Mr SbepS<"J if h<* meant to prescribe to* ordinary oatb. or a teat oath ? Mr Shepherd replied that he meant that eye^y oac' challenged *W- 4 prove bU loyalty by taking the oath of allegiance Mr MeGrath aald that he oppoaed the resolution which wu pssard requiring the member* of tbe boards to take the oath, when It was diacuaaed here, simply because of the word -'shall,'' as he desired to do It voluntarily, and thought every 1 loyal member of the boards would Bat thla la a matter of a different kind. Hundreds of strangers would present themselves, and the oath should be administered He favored the amendment. The vote waa Ukaa on the aaoendment, and It fpasaed?tc?s 11, nays #. The question being on the third reading, Mr. Mu:.oy row to ip^dk, and toe chair au^^fi-.rd . that he might not he in order. Mr. Calial, miaanderatanding the chair, contended for Mr. Mallet'* fight, and a little confualon anaued, which w*a soon explained, and? Mr. Malley proceeded to oppoee the reeolatlon M amended Mr. Emmeraon declared he wm ready to rector* the property quallBcatlon; bat wae oppoaed to persona voting wbo nre not interacted in the city. Mr Shepherd moved to postpone the subject till after the regular order of baalncta had been Concluded. Pnaaed. A bill to repair the bridge at the Intersection of Mew Jersey avenue and 1 atreet aouth, a bill mating J. tfmith permission to balM frame wk tfUdlng. to bf? brick dwelling*; the petition of Uwilel Magtonls with a bill for bis relief; I biU to esubaiued the price of gu in the Centre aUrfcH. Wrtr all appropriately referred. Mr Mctirntb from the Are department committer reported a bill for relief of tae Columbia Fire 1 Company; p&??*d. A bill for relief of B F. Clarke waa passed Also, tbo concurrent resolution relative to the accou of j W Thompson * Co., as minuted by the Allermcn. ! A bill allowing C. F. E. Richardson to supply six adjoining tenements with water from one acrtIco pipe, waa passed Mr. Given, from claim* committee, reported a bill refunding to P. Condon money erroneously depoalted; passed Also, adversely <~.n petition of P. Jordan for remission of a tne; recommitted. Als?, adversely on the Aldermen's bill for relief of Sandy Mlddleton; report adopted. Mr. Grinder, from tbe police committee, asked tbat ti e Mayor's menage relative to tbe Center Market be tranaferred to tbe police committee; agreed to. Alao, reported a bill in relation to { disbursements of appropriations for the mark eta, i with a substitute from tbe Aldermen; adopted. Mr ftbvAni rorw\rto^ Kill m V f n or a nnrnnrl i _ ?*? iv^vivou witi wKr r' tlons for paying corporation constables; passed. Also, a bill prescribing penalty for selling coal by other than the legal weight of 2,*4t> pounds to the ton; passed The bill creating a Secretary for the Board of Health with the Aldermen's amendment, was concurred In. The concurrent resolution of Mr. Mulloy was taken up The question being on the third reading, fit required a two-iblrd vote,) It failed to obtain the requisite vote. Adjourned. YovNa Max's Christian Association?The regular monthly and annual meeting of this asso< elation was held at the room* last evening, and wu opened witb prayer by Rev. Dr. Stevenson, aecretary of tbe American Tract Society. Tbe president, in order, presented and read an Interesting report for the month now cloeed. It states that tbe regular, ordinary operations of the association have received due and constant attention. The rooms have been materially Improved by tbe erection, without the actual payment ot. money by tbe association, of a neat partition, securing Ingress and egress to and from tbe read* ing room and library wltbout passing thrcugh tbe large hall of the association. The board of managers recently, on recommendation. established the principle that as a Christian association It was not only proper but clearly tbelr doty to see that the reading room be furnished, at the cost of the association, In order that such supply may be prompt snd reliable, with one paper and one periodical, which shall be recognized as tbe proper representation of each denomination united In the association; and In pursuance of this rule a number of religious papers, In addition to tbe large number otherwise received, have been ordered to tbelr files. A number of other papers and additional periodicals of tbe very highest character have also been placed on file or pledged by Individual members of the board, and a most commendable spirit manifested. Through the public spirit of members of Congress, and the courtesy of the postmasters of the Senate and House, a considerable number of dally /I I ^ ? J >11 _ t ? m 41.' ucwvpapcia nvm uibwcih auu ui>Mli pirilOI IDf country. In addition to those heretofore received, have been placed, aa they arrive, on the flies. In tbe several department*, then, of religious weeklies, of periodtcala, religious, literary and scientific, and of newspapers, the reading roam has recently received very valuable addition*. The board of managers at the last meeting ale? resolved to have published 1,000 coplea of the forthcoming report, together with a somewhat extended summary of that for the preceding year; the bad economy of not publishing a report at tbe clone of the last year having been so manifest as to leave no doubt of the wisdom of this course. The missionary so long sought for bv the Association, has arrived, In the parson of Rev. C. P. Lyford. of Steuben, Oneida county, N. who rp 4rhp<l (hie ritv on th? #?-w*nlrtr of A*? of the month, and entered upon the work on the morning of the 2d. This work he has since prosecuted dally, and with unsparing zeal. He has prea - bed the gospel once, twice, thrice, and even four tim?a a day, to those who otherwise could not have heard it; he has visited our mission schools, and has addressed words of encouragement to both teachers and scholars; he has distributed copies of the sacred scriptures as furnished by the American and Washington city Bible Societies: be has also distributed In large I numbers the religious tracts and papers, and the appropriate little book, as furnished by or purchased of the American Tract Society, the publishing establishment of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Boston Tract Society, and the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society Tbe present depository of the Assocation is, for the present, at Mr. Ballantyne's store, No 49H Seventh street, where those who would aid in this important work are requested to leave their names and donations. The following resolution, connected with this same general work, adopted at the last meeting of the Association, has been brought to the attention of tbe *uperintendents of divisions, but no definite arrangement has yet been made: "Resolved, That this meeting refer to the superintendents of divisions for tSeir consideration the subject of establishing without delay a lodging houae or home for newt boyi and other* of the same class." Mission Sunday Schools.?Two are In n lccestful operation, one at the corner of 91xth and N streets, meeting at 3K o'clock p. m.; the other on First street east and B street south, meeting at 3 o'clock Both these schools, especially that at the corner of Sixth and N,are particularly in want of reliable male teachers. Tne Fourth, or Western school, 1s still suspended for want of a room Cannot one be built 7 A member of the Association will furnish a suitable lot, for along aeries of veara, without other cost than the payment of the taxes The pra>er meeting at 7 o'clock each Saturday evening and the Htbllcal lecture immediately afterwards, Is to be regarded as a permanent institution of the Association, and both members and friends are cordially Invited. The pecuniary condition of the Association though without means that might be raott advantageously applied to extend its usefulness, Is yet tree from special embarrassment. One cbtireh during the last month has made a contribution of *65 SO, and three life members have been constituted After the adoption of an amendment to the constitution providing an Assistant Recording Secretary, ana the transaction of some other business, an election was Leld for officers for the ensuing year, which resulted as follows: President, Henry Beard; Vice Presidents, J H. Bradley, Jr., C. E. Uttermuehle, O. C. Wight, 8. E. Middleton, Moses Kelly, Treasurer, R T. Morsell; Corresponding Secretary, O. H Norton; Recording Secretary/Samuel McElwee, jr: Assistant Rec'g Secretary, J. C Clayton; Librarian. 8 W Stacy; Register, N Du liois; pirectors, O Knight, B. H Stlnemetz, J 8 Slater, J. H Fowle. The following persons were elected saperin* tendentx of divisions : 1st district, John Vaniantvoord; 'id district, M. H Miller, te act aachairman; 3d district, 2 Richards; 4th district, R 8. Jordan; ?th district, Rev. H W. Read; 6th dl?trict, Wm J. Rhees; 7th diatrict, U. P. Page; Sth district, M. R Woodward; 9th district, John P. Ingle; 10th district, Wm. Ballantyne. The following resolution waa unanimously adopted, and appropriately responded to by the retiring President: Rttolvtd, That tfie thanks of this Association are due, and are hereby tendered, to Mitchel H. Miller, Eaq , for the very efficient, untiring aad zealod* discharge of his datlea aa President of the Association during the past year. A committee?consisting of the retiring President, the incoming President, and Mr. O. C. | Wight?was appointed to make arrangement* for the anniversary, on the evening of the third Monday of April ensuing. During the evening, very Interesting and impressive remarks were made by Rev Dr Pterson, of Kentucky; Rev. Dr. Stevenson, of New York; Rev. C P Lyford, the missionary of the atlon; Rev. H. W. Read, of thla city; Samuel Fisher, Esq , of Cincinnati, and several members. Episcopal Lirrn?Praytr of Thanksgivimg far iKt Late Federal Victoria ?Bishop Whlttingham, of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Maryland and the District of Columbia, has transmitted to all the Clergymen of that Chorch in parKariTA In niat?(?t m naa nn II iwuibai ?? ?uv AVI UU ?ll VLcations of public worship within eight day* following the Sunday after the receipt of his letter the following; Pravtr of Tkanksgivimg for Lat* Victoria O, Almighty (iod, tfce sovereign Commander cf all the wprld, in whose band la power and tnignl which non? is able to withstand, we bices ana magnify Thy great and glorious name for the happy successes which Thou hastof late vouchsafed in so many instances to the arms of this nation, and mare especially for the deliverance of this elty and district from the terrors of blockade and eelge. And we beseech Thee, give to as and to all this people grace to use this great mercy shown toward us to Thy glory, the advancement of Thy Goepel, the honor of our country, and as much as In as lleth the good of all msnkliid. Stir up our hearts, O, Lord, to a true thankfulness, such as mar appear in onr lives by an humble, holy, and obedient walking before Thee fll onr days; through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom with Thee, O Father, and Tbee. Q Holy Ghost, as for all Thv mercies, no In particular for these victories ana this deliverance, be all glory and honor, world without end. 4mn. This nraver wu uimI at th#? various Knla/>nnal churches of Washington on Sunday. Roiiiit ?Yeaterdty Thomas Kennedy, JohL O'Neil and Virginia Donoghue were arreeted by oAeera Norwood and King upon suspicion of stealing 990 from Edward Flynn, a venerable dlecharged soldier. They were taken before Jo* tlce Dona, where it appeared that Plynn drew his money and went to the house of Mrs. Dee. tnond. Seventh Ward, to stay last week. He gave Mrs. Peamond H3 to keep for him. The aezt day he asked for bis money, and she gave him tSO. Being a little stuplfled wi* h liquor, he pat the money Tn his boeom and went up stairs [? iw ina, iaa ?un im w www y?. ovbua atole It. The me* were dhBtwd and ' Virginia Donocbue wis sent to Jail. A civil wnri raat vu iMued against Mrs. Dssmond for tkr remaining f*3, and a judgment rendered against I her, sod Mrs. Desmond paid over the amount, | with the casta. 1 J I r i ii 11 11 11 Cklbbbation or Sr. Patrick's Day bt the Fbriar BioTimBoos.? 'Tba Fentaa Brother. hood last evening celebrated the day of Ireland^ 4 Patron Saint by a superb supper at Ralney's g Hotel on D street, near Seventh. Previously to the aupper, however, ther proceeded In a body to St. Aloy^lus Church, where they. In common ? with a number of other societies, listened to a hltfhlv Interesting Irrture br John R RroDhv. * F?q., on tbe Emigrants of Ireland. At about tea o'clock, tbe company numbering * aome hundred peraona, among were several otfi- L cera of the Army and other* ar Invited quests, " took their aeata at tbe well filed tables and did ' full justice to tbe tetapting vlnsda served up in ? Ralney's peculiar atyle. After full Jaatlce bad * been done to the edibles the cloth was removed, 0 and then came tbe " feast of reaaon and flow of aoul." Prof Proaperl'a band were stationed at the end of tbe room, and added not a little to tbe occa- b aion by their moalc. a The Preaident of the Brotherhood, Mr. J.J. Kane, announced the following toasts: The Day we celebrate :?It proves to the world e that the Iriah hearts knowa no diatinctlon between tbe native and the foreigner; that it is virtue, not tbe man, Irishmen honor. The Preaident of the United States:?May he b witneas before hla retirement from the Govern- I ment over which he preaidea, tbe reatoratlon of A peace, uority and happiness to our dlatracted I adopted con ntry. p Ireland, the cradle In which science, religion and liberty was nursed:?May the virtue* which they Inculcate erect her to the attltade of a free ana prosperous nation. The Irish American Soldier of the present, ever * faithful to the flag of the country Into whose aer? vice he volunteers:?May his deeds be as worthy of record a* the "Wild Geeae" were in the battlefields of Europe ia days past. Responded to by Col Irwin. The Memory of the Patriots and Martyrs of ' Ninety-eight, confessors of a creed next to ? | "Long shall their memory remain green in our souls " Responded to by Mr. C locker, of New B York. I The Fenian Bretkarhood:?May their hop* and their tone soon have an opportunity to give their labors in the work to which they have dedicated i their fortunes and their lives. Responded to by a f*. rV IMt W? I ' u. D uuser, &iq. The Chieftain of the Glen:?True to his aneient name and race, Ireland haa in the O'Donoghue a faithful and brave sentinel. t The Irlah Bar:?May It ever have ?uch repreaentativea aa Curran and Holmea. Response by 0 Mr Breanahan. ? The Poeta of Ireland?Carolan, Moore and ti Davla:?Their muse have well expressed the genlns and the aspirationa of the Irlali national heart. Song by Mr. Sheehan. Wm. Smith O'Brien and his Compatriots at home and abroad, living and departedThe [ services which thev sought to reader to their native land are wort&y the recognition and grat- ]_ Itude of their countrymen Responded to by Dr. O'Nell. L Our Iavited Gueata, military and civic:?Their k presence here to-night ia sparkling and bright as the liquid gems which have found their way to ' the hearts of all who participate In our Joyoua \ festival. Responded to by Mr. Tuey. \ The Daughters of Erin :?Though all of them } be not Bar-thnlas, very few of them do not reflect those beauties which adorn the sex, and which ! never decay?the beauties of the mind. Song? " I "The Irish Girls of America," by Mr. I.ackey. ? Suite a number or volunteer toasts, lin r romptu resses, patriotic and witty ?ongs were sung; I \ and when we left, as the oay wa? breaking, the company were in the height of enjoyment Criminal Court ?Judge Crawford, who acted | In hi* judicial capacity for some time yesterday, * announced this morning that the exertion had, | contrary to his expectations, made him feel much \ worse, and that he felt hlmaelf physically Incapable of presiding over the court to-day. He was " therefore obliged to adjourn the court until Saturday next, by which time probably an arrange- y ment would be made whereby one of the judge* of the Circuit Court would take his seat as judge P of the Criminal Ccurt, as la provided by law. He 2 also stated that there was not much business thla term, there being onlv three or four Important 1 cases to be tried. Court was therefore adjourned until Saturday next. * St. Patrick's Day.?The lecture at St. Aloyslus J church was crowded last night with all the Cath- } olie societies end other citizens, to hear the lecture of John P. Brophy, of Boston. F.sputa's Band 4] gave strains of Irish melodies, which brought , tears from the eyes of many, In remembrance of days gone by. Little Willie Randle sane " The i harp that once through Tara'a halls" with great ' taste and feeling. j? Largs Amount op Property Recovered ? n The Metropolitan pol;cemen in Georgetown ar- rested a man named Thomas \V. Robinson this T morning on the charge of the theft. There was 1 found in his possession a carpet big, a gold J} watr.h, and more than three hundred dollars la t gold and Treasury notes. The carpet bs? con- ' tains coats, vests, socks, gloves, brushes, Ac. : Stealing a Ptu ?James Caton and Michael j. Mack were arrested yesterday by oflicer Copeland h on the charge of killing and stealing a pig which ii bad strayed from the drove Tbev were taken C before Justice Ferguson, who held them to ball '* to appear at court. ( n*. Javf- C. O'Niil. a irndiiit* nf lh? mwl. icnl department of the University of New York, o and Physician and Surgeon to the Hospital* and n other public institutions on Blarkwell's island, 4 New York, tnd lately of Providence, R. I., having opened en office corner of P and Ninth sts., respectfully solicits public pitronage. \ P. 8. Partita Buffering from disease of the ch??st, and particularly Consumption, would do * well to call. mh la Corns, Bbsjons. Bad Nails, F.nlarqkd Joints and all diseases of the feet cured without pain or inconvenience to the patient, by Dr. White, Surgeon \ Chiropodist, 426 Pennsylvania avenue. Office hours from 9 a. m. to 6 p. qi. # >' r aim and siriNKss is produced by tbe pretence i of th**e matteri or hnmora which are retained beyond the time designed. Brandrejh's Pills re- t moves these matter* or humor*, and their use al ways relieves, and perseverance infallibly cures. . Oh, that the sick everywhere appreciated the lm- y portance of these few Hues, how much disease would be diminished, and the general health of i the community Improved. Brandreth's Pills are * old at 35 cents per box, with full directions, at ? No. 494 Canal street, New York, and at the branch otlce, corner Ninth and E streets, Washington, \ B.C. PS. Sutlers supplied by the doien. mh 15-lw | diskasks of thx throat and lungs. A Card ?Dr Robert Hunter, of New York, editor of the"N. Y. Journal of Diseases of the Chest," Ac , has arrived in Washington for the } purpose of treating Bronchial and Pulmonary Disease*, to which branch of his profession his ? practice l* exrluitvefy confined \ Dr. Hunter'* visit Is definitely limited to two weeks, and 1* only made to aflord those afflicted J with the diseases embraced in his speciality (Ca- 1 tarrb, Bronchitis, Afthma and Consumption) an - upuuriuuuy iu luuiun iqcu Lair* to aim in prraoo. } Dr U ., ) the founder of the inhalation system of practice, by which medicines for the cure of J dlfteasea of the tnroat and lungs are applied dl- ? rectly to the affscted frnta in the form of vapor. { By this treatment, Asthma aud Bronchitis are q rapidly cured, and even consumption, which has a so long baffled the skill of physicians and proved J utterly incurable under "Cod Liver OH," "Coun- * terlrrftatlon" and the various "Cough Sirups," I "tUls -i?s" and other auacklsh nostrums taken by . the stomac b yields reaally to the healing influence i of warm medicated vapors, dally applied to affected parU. In the city of New York the } deaths from consumption, have diminished more * than a thousand a year since the introduction of this practice. No other form of medication gives j the patient the slightest chance of cure. The | seat of dlaeaae can only be reached by inhalation.. t Pr Hunter's rooms are atNo. 903 Penn. avenue, " 2d door below 15th staeet. south aidr Hours from lu a in to B p m. | sick solblkri ( From 3 to 4 'clock daily will b? ds voted io the ' gratuitous examination of aoldieri suffering from any disease of the throat or lunga mar lS-tf ( ] All rnaoss can And the beat stock of Cloth- ; log, Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Hats and Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. i fe ?7-3 m [ The Imia.ii Hbbb Doctob, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patients the nature of their complaints or 111neas, without receiving any Information from them. No tkmrgtft or A do it*. We use snch Balms as bftve no strife W 1th Nature or the Laws of Life; With Blood onr hands wt neyw stain Nor poison inen to ease uuir pun. Our Fithw?whoan all goodneaa flU?, 1 Provide* the oeui to core all Ilia; The almple Herba beneath our feet, . Well oied. relieve out pala complete. f A almple Herb, a almple Flower, J

Culrd from the dewy Lea- a Theae, thaae a hall speak with touching power 01 Of change and health to thta. Room No. 11, Waahln^ton Building, Pena. aa- > enoe, corner af7th street. ^ Canadian references af Ifce Indian Herb Doe tor: air E. Heads, Governor of Canada. f flu. Ht. Xaaraa. Mavor of Montreal. C. K " Hon. Geo. H*U, Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Hon. John HqtcblMon, Mayor of Toronto, C. W. Hon. J. B Roblnaon. k Hon. Jm. Cummlnga, Mayor of Hamilton, C.W. ? Hon. W. Matthews, of Brantford, C. W. c Hob. W. Barter, Mayor of London, C. W. W. Savage, Iftte Col. of Artillery. H. PD wight, Supt of Montreal Telegraph. ( J. Tnylor.OB^loe of the Peace. Toronto, c. W. J R H Crook, Alderman, Toronto, C W. ?' J. Urouhart,Surgooa, Toronto, C. W, g rA v" .at : o: i / ***?--? f Tt-?ftrr ?Fait Lisa who feave never u*d Beaton craekere re latitat fp try thoee manufactured freak every lav by J. L. Dayton. Bold by all reaper table Tocers. Ja?b-tf CTB and V.kK ?Optkmlmic uud Aural Imstiar*. ti7 Penniytranla avenge, oppcelte W illartf >e lotel, devoted to the treatment medically and nrglcaiiv of all dl?ea?e* of tbeeyeand ear In narge or Dr F. A. Von Mn*h*lik?. Oculist nd Aurist, from Clinton Place, New York. >eafnes?, Impaired sight, noises In tbe hnd, clenttflcally treated. Medical mm will be welom?>d at all times to witness operations. H?inreds of testimonial! and statements from person* . ho have been restored to sight and bearing can e examined. Artificial eyes Inserted. mar 15-tt India Kvbbh uoods. India rubber Sheeti for protecting children's eds, that no family should b# without; 76 cents acta. Rubber lllankets, for soldiers, $1.?5 each. Rubber l*onebos and Blankets combined, S2?o ach. India Rubber Coats, white or black, fiM each. India Rubb*- Leg^lns SI pe* pair. _ Aim an nn? m kuodt uoo<u, tnciuaing Ruber lloota and Phoes, R ubber Stoppers for bottles, ktor Mats, Under PheetinKS for bed* In stckn?*s, :c , tcc., at manufacturer's prices,a* H A. Hail's ndla Rubber Warehouse, 3HK Pa. a*., between 4loth and Tenth streets. febl-tf VtKth On the nurniDc of the 19th itstant, GEORGE 50WAHD eon of beorce ami li-izabeth Barber, fed 6 Tears. "1 take these little lambs, said He, And lay them in my breast; l'roteotion.they fhail find in me, In me be ev?r blest "* The friends of the lsin !y are invited to at'end he Apera!, from th? r-Mrteceeof the parents, on j!^r?nth, between G an 1 I stree s. East Washing9n, to morrow, March i9th, at 3 o'olook. At tier residence in Georgetown, on the_Khin *ub. I'O.r ? rmiDAlMUi 11LCIS, MAKV fc.% oloTau wife of Johu Davie, iQ th? 49 tk ye%r of h?r ] On the 16th instant, COLMORK 8 HILLRAIV. Med 23 yeara and 10 months. He wa* kind nd affectionate to all, patient in aicknesa, and bf9VM by ail who knew h:ra * In 8eort"to?rn. D C., on the9th inatant, after a hort but pvnful illneas, Mrs. C V. CURRBN, onsortof r'rancis Curren, m ths Slat year of her ge. [ Baltimore papera oopy ) * At Washington, I). O., March '7th. 1862, at 4 I'oloclt a m.. Captain W. W FKCK.of the lith nfantry, U. S A., alter a brief illueaa. of oonges ion of the brain. , WAftm aKf.F WANTEP?One COOK and throe WASHER W??ME*-at the National Steam .aundrr.Pa avnue and 13th ?t- mh 19 2t* A STRANGER IN THE CITV WISHES A a. Sitnationa* hou?ekeej>er. Address "House eeper.' tor one week, at the St*.r Uffioe. It* ll/ANTED?A NURSE. Incite at Room No. ?" ft. fierndon House, corner Ninth and F *t*., Yashington. I>. Q. mh 18 3t* |j|^ANTED?A MTVATfON w^ttaatoiaiU ww or ary nans. Aac ?*?? ".> k , oiar unu J. ITltl 18 It* LI/- ANTED?A SI FIXATION as ooo*. WA*her ww or iror?r. or plain Win* br a middle ae?d roman. Addrfryp A. M Mar bflice It* LXf ANTED A WOMAN.iwhit-oronto-ed) as ww oook. None need app?? hut those who th<>outh t understand their )'?n; '???. ;t LE7ANTEP- A smart GIRL, todo chamberwr rif, " and wait id the dininr room. No one need pply an'ess ?h?? understands her business. At ?o^432 G etreei. It* 1 LVAMiM) ro FI'RrHA?F.-A S': TLIR7'? I TPVI' IramrA at A I* l?U A L' L - Of\ ? *li? lii^unv wa A . >. ? IV .1 n Ti IV V/ V/1 I asemsnf, Fa, avnue, between Bth aid 9th sta. It" LIL'AM'KD-Br aretpeotal. e wointn. aSlTU A*" TlON as cook, w^nSer ^d ironer, in mm rivate family, t-all At No. 99 K street, t>etween Wtar?12ia. ! mh18 MRS. FAGAN. tVANTU^A SITUATION, by a nu who ? * undoratarirfg at'endinj to ho'aes: *rd Vao hit n'e who ean cook, wish ar.d iron ?i<"r>! reoomiendat:o is can he tiven - if required. Addreaa J. Me.," Star Officp It* IM7ANTBD?By a younic girl. a SITUATION i ?" as cham^unaid and to asemt in waahinrand ron, or as child*? nura?; ha? lo ot j -ction to make eraelf j?enera!ly useful. Address Box No. S Star nno?, tor two cay. It* < r?(MCH.MAKERS W A N T E O-Ore good L? Coachsmith : also, a Painter, a Trimmer, and n? Ww'd Worker. Good, ateady hands can have air waives and steady employment; none others eeda??!y. mh 18 3t WALTER A KARMANN i IIATR1MONIAL.?A voting eentlmnan. 28 "I years of age, is desirous of forming the ac . uaintance of a younj ladv, with a viev to matnlony. AHiiabdity, beauty, asd vivacity,are a'l ' '.at is required. Strlotir confidential. Address t A. F G.,'* Poat Ofloc. If LVANTED-For 1st April or before, at ?20 or ! per month, a FIRST OR SECOND 'LOOK, furnuhed or unfurnished, in a rood . ouse. oocosied by a pleasant and respf ctaMe farn- i y. near Lafayette P aoe and noteas1; of th* Post A perm anent airanrementdesired Ad-lress, _.?U ? ~ 1_ ??.1 - J J ?? ? ?l *v ? "iu k>ai uuui&i o *uu auurtJBB, a XI. I? fUVT I Jffioe. _ _ __ mh 18-3f ! j Lll/ANTKD?At the Gosling Festaurant. 247 ? Pennsylvania avenue, a good WAITER ? ne who understa^-ls hi* busin'an perfeetly t??il ; , one 'ut inch need apply. Good re:ere..oj re- j uired. Alsoa 61K I-, to wash dishes, and make herself enera'ly uspiul. It* LV-A^TKl) IM.MKI)IATEL\-A ftr?t-oa.s " COOK, (white wr>H.aa > A*oi GIKL to rash A?p> 536 7tta at. mh 17 3.* i L17AN'I'KD? A ?ood joumymen UARBKf, ?? ind asteadt woik?r>an,atS.FI^HKR'^.SQi 1 th stre-t, coar Maryland are., Isat.d. mh 17 ft* l1/ANTL1)-A SITUATION, U a respeotaWe " young woman, as chamb*nn*id; ran bring ood recommend at i ops. Apply at No. 191 I st., tween 2??th and 21st streets. tnh 17 8t* Ll/ANTED IMMEDIATELY?At No. art. H ' " st, near 18th street, a good WOMAN, to do he general housework of a small family. Refrences required. A white woman preferred. 1 mh 17 3t* ' ilj ANTED? lly a youug lady.a SITUATION ' *' as governess or lad'es* oompanion. Can give nstruction in muiio, and is thoroughly conversant nth the Freroh ard Werman langnar** Address r apply at DR. HROE6LEB, No. 620 H street, i>tween 6th and 7th sts. mh 17 2t* i\ ANTED?A few aotive and intellicent young l ?" MEN. to aot as agents fur onr new pnhlioa- ( ion,"The Offioer* of our Unioj^Army and Navy; heir Lives, tneir Portraits. *1*" L PRANG A CO., 520 7th street, 4 doors above D, (up stairs,) < mh 17 at* Washington, D C. \ IVANTED? By a good tenant, a SMALL "* HOUSE convenient to the Treasury Depa?tn?nt Address "A. B Star Office. iiiti IS 6t* Ll/ANTHD?A small,neat HOUSE, with garden ' f In/I rtnfhnncAB Alf <i?r fiirniabaH r\ r - - ?IIU VMVIIMUmo WV | VI VI 1UI 1MB IIV\I VI Lnfurni?hed, in or near the city Addresa^'O. B.," loom No. 40 (ueoonil floor) Treaaury Department. 1 mh 16-3t* 1 VUANTED? By a aingle gentleman who has had ! " aonis experience in the traoery\dry goods, aid aboe bnaineaa, a SITUATION. He oan proluoa the beat oi recommendations for probitr and tonor, and would give hu undivided attention to 1 us employer's cusineaa He baa an extensive} aoluaintanoe in the Diatrict of Columbia,aa a1 to id oine of the surrounding counties cf the State of 1 Maryland, and would doubtless, therefore, be o( 1 :reat aervioe to bia employer. Employment of nore conaidert'ion than salary. Address, through he Post Office. J. G." oih 15 1 r\Ll> LETTERS WANTED ?1 will give from Lf two to ten dol ars for Letters written by Gen'l Washington, and a fair prioe for Old Lett're writen by celebratel Americans, Revolutionary Ceebrities, Preaidenta. General*. Commt 3ores, I 1111 tl A . TV n * . > * a Hi til f * ?wrs Ava ^ A A m m . uMftw-.iM/vivuj pa uit 4tiv?j uawjoiii awi auuiosi iOKERT SPKINB. 44? pf/Twelfth street. Philwielphia. Hare Books and Pamphlet* on America >OB?ht. mh giro* WANTED?To have every one know that they n can find the beat e'ock of Clothlac, Hati and 3a?a. at the very lowed rate*, at SMITH'*, No. 160 Seventh street, ttelow F. fe 2T-8m , tl/ANTED-^?o engage a GENTLEMAN familv? tar with waahington oity, to attend to iom? tut door businevs. Apply to JOHN IRWIN, , Room No. 4,476 7th at. f?27 WANTED?Every person to know that 1 am in the market, ready to pay cash for all a?uel*s n the honaefnrniahing line. Those ieavlnt the ntv.or havinc a anrplus, wi'J do well to oalf. H. JUi.HLY, 4'J8 Seventh a? .^betweenG and H at* east aid*,) Dealer in New and Seoond har<t Pcriimre. ao is tf , la/ANTED?Sutlers and Soldiers to know tuat 1 they can buv CAMP SFOVKS and TIN -VARE cheap cd H J. GREGORY, 3*1 Penn. 1 venae, ^ )a ' ? 1 W .e? JKTOH&- ' ' * .1 i/ri nn n until biu v t,? (ua utuii )lNtt. tor wliioh we are pa; mj the higheet mi prices. Families deoliai&c iioiaekeepinc, er avict aearplua of ftnuture, will find It to their ; drantaie to r hre aa a oail. UONTZ A GRIFFITH, jjU-tf No, 3B> 7th at,, betw.I and K ate. pHE FINEST AN0-BEST STOCK OF j i ready-made clothing m waaiumtou i m be found at BAR A BRO.'S Eatabiiahment, \ orser of K and 7th ata. ~ I ll SIZE BOYS, from the ace of 4 yeara up. ; 1 ?anUltted out at bar a bro.|S. oorner E ] uu tin uwu, mucn imi man diom pricet. CITIZENS AND STRANGERS, look to ioni j intaraat! Look fur the oorser of E and 7th J croota?it is the place to buy in* CLOTH INS for < ut little money. t 3TOP yVHKN YOU COME TO THE COR 1 aej; of E~ana 7ti etreeta, acd buy a anit oI in* i LOTUlXb at ?io, 913. f 15, or #18 _ I At BAR * BRO.*8 MM?* Faahianable Clotnim fcetahnehment. . ^NE VERY NHJfc ROSEWOOD CHICK- J 9 ennc Piana and one Geibfor sale very?aa^. t Map,on aooommociatinc term* Aiic.iMHI >r?e awortment of Steinway * Bone? aianiVl t 1 1 1 . J? GEORGETOWN ADVEBT?MT8 LIST OF LETTERS REMAIN I IN THE POST OFFICE, GEORGETOWN, D. C , March li, IMS. JTT' P*iom applying fr?r y*tt*rw m the foi!owint liittrill pleMi lay t.i?? are ad wtnid: otherwise they may not roceive them. LADIES' LAST. Bond Marr*ret Fun Mim Mw? Panfteld Mr, 8 C Barker 8<j>hi* Fuller Mr* Mirjr P ItejuoMa Jiu Bull Mn t W Faulkner Mr, nenrjSrr th A H Buroard Adeline 2 Furneaa Sir* AasefeftmitN Miaa M A Baker MiaaAonie Foi &1im Anna Sauilt* Mia* Mare Ball Aleiatitiru Oamaoo Mri SB S?*p> eua Mr* Mary Bvrnaidea ElisabelhHifhfte,d? Mr? L Sib?(l> Mr* Burro* Annie M John* or Mrs M I Biaat Miaa Mu(i< Lwn. l" * I ? " ? * - . SK o*w?ni tmon x hooper Mm L. Mnm Mr*M A HkirvwJ Eiu?u> Center V.r* Alrin Rirby Mr* Mar? Teeker Mr* ? Sleavelaad Anuii Maruu Ctothia V?u Mm M Dino?i Mri hrih Nelson Miijt V Waiter f" en Dillon Mrs M A Nswtoe Mm A A Willtt I. ?* Dor# Mary Isabsll* Onsster Kimty W?H?r<"lnrlotti Daw Mm Annie * Onutbjr Mr* ? Wilsoa Josephine Durall Mr* Aniudi GENTLEMEN'S LIST. lllen John H 2 Filltn MkHtl McVarmsnCB Urtnstrong J W-8 Ford Thomas Maine Albert Alertou L I'rttnu Sidney Z Mervni* A Atkinson Tbos A Planifan Pittr Morf art A B Annour M R Fowler S A Co Mitf Joli ' Miio?oi. Basil Far*t Francis A MosierJofcn C Burch Walter OarraU W m M or (sr. John Barba Warren (iliddeu 8 H MucMll Jo* Bradley Saiul liarratl Ralph Martin Mtehall n , rioot Ore lb a Margaret Morpbr Michael I ?7 Uallegon Luke Morn* Patrick S'lLV. m . ... ?*twge a S Moone? Peter Barker MauliU bunty A H Morn*. R F Brovn Jm F Hou.a H ealey Miller Robt D BrevtCaptJee Hog* Wni M ftlorao Thoa Brae* Jon Houghtoo N A Mirgnm W a 5U,,J'"J Hewitt RL Molra?Wu, Bull, lute Hall O O McCarthy Andrew Buren liuc Ho?ell ]~B-i Mcileawt Chae J Briston Jt ha Hill J M Mtrriv Dtal Bjrra Jamee Hinni John McBm Gi? Boroyue Hear? Hillarey John W McCarthy Wru Buhoop Hy C-s Htjier M A Newland Alea Bahane A M Hill John T Nevio J Blunt AW Hook H J Oyater I) W S4Jl,LSLeo P Holmea H C Porter D 8 BoUnd Geo Haya Abraham PiroChaa B L H W Pohooat A Bateman ErU Hammer Charlie Paat Theodore B wir Surg Chaa Jarere Peter Packard M Betteng Cbaa A Johnaon Mr PeUroMoca Benton Ben] Johnaon Geo Krnty Hojrh Lbitdler Capt W-S Johnaoa Capt A Po. r? Francia Can* 8 Koheler John Paina C H U?mi"?a Thoa Keilt Wm H Prueatly Wm Laiiol Patrick Keller Timothr Pendleton Wm H-g 1 o.aei Mickl Kenedy Thoa Rank Win Coleena Junta* KoetenWider M V Ryan Mtchal Carline John B-3 Raylee J*a Clement* J Kohler Lewu Rifltton Je**? I) Clark I>r luic I Kepply Le?i Ram bo Rev Jacob Crocker J D Kiem John Reeca Henry Carty Jonn Kelly Jiue Rinf H L!?riC)n John Kidg C J Richard H V Cook Joim G-8 Kayre Anthony Smith Mr Crocker J tinea Lynch Aaibroaa SuoJeraai Lt R >1 Cinley Hiram Leary Jos Sire O ti Caldwell Jia M Laney Robt V Bterene John W Cluki (a J Law Mr-3 jSumnona 1 N Cramer G D S Laden L D Shinfler John Clark Gerome Laney Hnward Soole (?eo W Cleland Cha* G Lytte tirjfith SeiuGco Coma Chat Loorl'andM Speilmmi Praiici* Co* B F Leuner D F Smuh ?Ui> Carrol Andrew Leterrn Dttid Oolidi C Chandler U t' Lynn C R H Stoddard T J Oerol Wiu l.ane Ambroa* Sue* TV* 1' Dunk Lt V\ m k' Mann J C Touney Tunotbv Denty J W McDon i Id TallbJu T Daua J J Myera ' I) Tnnp Per-rr Darnel* J>a McGnltlyJia Ttllur H?err t)sTii I. M?*k J II TrtrtTr?i.f - L>roafhtGtfo Mjgintiit Jn V \i,Ve ,t?n [Jilcairp lhi?ei .M uncut Uaic v icton A lira t Doyle P^viJ iMoran J#hu Wila >u Job i !)on Adam Mirr^niOto Wilton Wm V D.ivld Amem Moore ??eo WetrellW K!?!redLtLt Murphy Fr ujcw WiU u C?I1 Kiirhth Geo W Mar* >n E C Woode Rich .r t Pclljr Janifg Merntl Eh s Wright Jac * Pord John iMeilen Cajt Wains L; G !i Poster Mihaia MatkyCuu ID* All Letters (except "Soldier*' Letters") must,in every iuatauce, l>e propud. It BMHY APblWW. Pwhiiair. Buckskin g|.ovKa! RaiUNburf & Ebert, 105 IImil Hi k set, 6KOHUKTO H'Y. /?, C. Tl.? oa?f ni?i,jfaoturv* i Uetunne Hi-t'KSKlN Hl.OVKii, MILITARY IjAL fl l.l'r. n.i MJTTLNSiu the DialnoL Officers' (iairaticta wade to O'der, OBClrsfcir. Urawera ai;>! Shirta. a !l VlA^f. COLLINS A CO.V M PHILADELPHIA DKAVHHT ALU. We havejeat receiT-d a supply of ttieaiove Aie, ?rni?li we recommend tol>e of a rery aupeno' unity. Persons wiahi&c to purchase. by iuac:ut aa mediate ap?Uoatioc, can r* luriuahed. AKiNY ft &HINN. no * Mtirretown. *-<* ? ? ?- - ? ? ? -? ? ?UK fcAJUiii AJND KENT. EmTr SALK-Th? GOOD WILL and FIX" TURKS of an Katim Room. A!b<>, ]*rje I'eepitif apartment fitted up. Applr corner of iu sea r& avenue. n:U 18-3t* AH RAKK CHANCE '.? FOR SALE-A Urge doob.e BRICK HOUSE,containing 11 -o'ins, ?rith psiu(* in oenter; water and gas throughout the t'u; dun ; a > attached a fine arte brick ?ta I* e witu two stail*. with servants' rooms and carnage honse attached thereto. Hie above mertiond s-opert* is situated on Eleventh street, l etwesr. f. ant M street* LiOtth. For terms in^irr sf liEOKGK T. LANGLEY, Woo and Coal Dealer, oorne/ Ninth and K ?t?. mh 18 lw* Fm OR RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE. Ci?j rrlerenoe* required. App j yn tha preiu im, No. 404 K street. ma 17 3:* FU OR SALE-A tw? story FRAME DWELLING HOUSE. 2-10 Fuehth street, ootween M *.nd N, in got.d order, containing six rooms. Price -v. n pji.j iu ii?i v i ii* 'Ui*i i r? iv Hi uU> 17 Iw* rUHMSHEO ROOMS WITH HOARD. may L be had, oor.Ten!?nt to the Treasury and War [>?par'iusnU Reference* oicliaaited. Addteaa 'IR'araing,'* g'arcflic* roh 17-2t* '|"O K F NT-A ooTT.niO'iiout Brick t*TABLK J a ;J('fc i;ae? House, looate<i in First Ward, ?r:tv. a?a?.'- ni* at <i feed room. Tuere i? aiao a froorr's room attached thereto Apply at the Udioe <> U. S. T. Co., 32 Louis asia avenue. mh 17 2f FURNISHfcO KO??MS '?U RENT, with or without tJoard, at JJ42 H street, between f>th md Ttli. mh 15 3?* r>OR RF.NT?One or two oomfortable BFL) F KOOMS ai.o a ?mal Sitting Uoom, all neaty in.! comfortab.y ftirtunBed, at 4*0 12th utreet, eait ide. ti ?.!id H itrMta "rh? !/.? ?.?? ? ? ? ? ? ? iiv ivvauuu * >co of the most desirable in Washington. mh U lw L^UR SALE-A two-atory HOl'BE, with baok1 oontaiiiiDE six roomi, located on Kourtecuth ttreet west, near b street north. The ot km afrcntot 8u teeton Fourteenth aire*!, ar.d run* t>a-jK to Vermont avenue. Fump in the ya d, 'irick milk house, and stable. Title perfect. AcIress No. 57 3 Seventeentn st. tnh l<-5t* Furnished roomsto rk.nt,with board in & pleavant location, near the Capitol. Also, \ handsomely furnished Pari or and Chamber, aoirmunioating. Apply at Star Office mh Ij'URNICHED ROOMW FOR R bINT, ir 170 17 K street, between 18th and 19th streets, or if preferred, the who.e furnished Loan would he rented mh '3 6t* FOR SAl.E-.Twu ft/a:-olass 1IIL1.IARI) TA BLKri, tuarbie aiabe. and every arrangement aomplete. Those desiring the ai>ov? wiii study their interest by ea ling immediately at the Euro pean Hotel, corner llth street and Pennsy vama tvMM. f mh 8-tf A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the i\ C)ty Hotel, (the $nly firet-c.ass Hotei now I open in Alexandria, Va.,) ia deairoua to retire from busmen, and will eell.for a fair prioe. the FURNITURE, FIXTURES udtiOOD Wll.L of the house. Hia leaae will terminate ou the lit of January, U68, bu: the property can no doabt be leased for a rauoh longer term at a moderate rent. This Hotel ia now Horn*, ana haa for many yeart done, a large %i?d profitable buaineaa. The aeaire of the underaigned to retire from pablio t>uun*u La tue only inducement to aeil, aa haoonld not hope to engage in one more probtable. For lerma aud Ejtioa are apply to J AS A ENt?MSH,who ia auorned to negotiate, or to the underaigned. ial*-tf ftAM'L. HEFL.KKOWKR, QHlUARTERMASrBR bENER'L'HOFFICfc;, I W&8hinqton City, Ma'oh 11, IMS. \Vat Ship laland, Miaai^tippi. two iightdrnucht Steamera, mite-i lor U>wmg boat*. , Propoaala, atating tenrr; and timee at wbion they will be < elivered at *?aip island, with deaoripti?na I of the hoata oflerad. wjfli be received at the ofhoe of the Quartermaatv tteaeral until tits Slat of Maroh, 1'iopoaaia afcoatd ne enToloped and endorsed "fru|osais for Steamboat* for eh'P Island.' and aidrAggfvl to the tfnartermaster fceoeni!, Wa?nihgton, l). C. M. C. MK16S, <iu&rtprma?t?"r ti urinal. n>h 12 (Intel.. Repub. A Chr<m.j ^EVV WHOLESALE OK Y BOO US J. H. HO BLITZ KLI> * CO. have iu?t opened a large a to ok o( 1>KY EOODS, NOTIONS. Ac., at oo. 847 West Baltimore street. Ha.tiwiore. Toe entire slock van purobas;<t in freptomber and October ast, at pnoea euahiiTiK taem to bp.! to tieaiei a ou such terms as will make it the interest of both oitj and country meronanu toeaaaiine their stook. __lfy Their terms will be oash. fe 23-3w * PH KOF. ALEX. WO LOW SKI BEttS LEAVE to inform his friends and the pub 10, that, having met witn so much sueoess. is continuing his Uourae of Instruction on the Piaao and in Singing, By his new method. All tfeoee who desire to hesome, in'a short time, fine singers or uoaUem per oriners on the piano should avail themselves of lis new system of lnstmotion, by applyiss at his -eeideuoe, No. 451 Tenth street, west side, between E and F streets. Reception hours between Wand Q o'clock a. is., r?edays, Thursdays and Saturdays. iea<lm QWM. C. MILLER, NION L1VEKY. tllKiMU, AND SALE STABLE, Censer ?f Sixth a*4 6 M|. ' Waikimnon, 1). C? Persons oan at all 1^. i?e. be aooommodatMl with Horses, snisrss or Biriiss for hire. asls. a* JB IfesSsgKBSS V SECOND EDITION^ ThKtk U'CLVCI, r. H. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. PI ADT<?! V V! LH1V II uuvttivi nn'fi"'!! AIOTBEK VIKIT 1*10* TlfTOlY!! Burntide in Possession of Hewbern, North Carolina. OUR LOSS ONE HUNDRED KILI.ED AND FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY WOUNDED* TilE ENEMY'S M**S ABOUT THr. SAME. THREE HUNDRED PRISONERS TAKEN THE ENEMY 15,?0i> STRONG UNDER GEM BFANCH THEY RETRF.ATTOWARDSGOLDSBORO v HUMBUG MAURtl* TORPEDOES AND FIRE-SHIPS OF NO AVAIL. The Government 1? la receipt of the following thrilling news : Newbern, N. C., wa? captured on the Mtb Initant by the forces of Gen Burnrde. with a loss of 100 killed and 450 wounded The fleet left Roanoke on the 11th, entered the mouth of tbe Neuae river, and landed under rover of tbe gunboata; on tbe morning of tbe 12th, it glocuon's Creek, marched ku twelve miles ind bivouacked on the railroad Gunboat* went up the river and shelled oat the first battery, Fort Dixie. The troops started again on the morning of the 14th About five miles from Newbern the enemy waa found behind breastwork* and batteries over two miles long, protecting the railroad AfU?r a battle of '2 k hours the enemy's flank was turned by a gallant charge of the Massachusetts 21st and New York 51st, supported by the other regiment* of the 2d and 3d brigade The enemy retreated to Newbern, crossing ttw> railroad bridge over the Trent river, and burned it a* soon as over. They aNo attempted to burr the city. bnt the Inhabitant* eitingulnbed the flr<- Th? .- unb'wts continued rp the river before the tr?>op"i, shelling out In sircee^ion Ports Thompson, nrr.wn. JUlis and l .ne The river was ol*<rucle?t t.y sunken ships and rkermmr de frt ? of Iron shod ?tak^. and torpedoes had also bepn placed the channel. Our Meet er*aped almost wlthont damage. The reliels had scow* lilled with tar and turpentine at Newbern to go down the river and burn the fleet When tired IL? tide failed to move them out Into th?- itroam. Our troop* crowed In small boa'* to tit* city, and took possession in tbe afternoon The greater part of the Inhabitant* tied No opposition was made to its occupation The ret??l troops retreated by train toward* Goldaboro', leaving about K*? pr toner* tn our hand* Their low was nearly a* ureal a* the I nloi. force*. Among the prisoner* is Col Avery, ol Soam Carolina. The force oppoaed to u* wa* nearly 15,?40. under command of Gen Branch. Among our killed la Lieut. Coi Merrett, of thB isd M***artmnet;*; Adjutant Steam*, of the .'Ut M ..J nw-i-i- ' -?? - i auu viupiini vwm MBUII, of the New York Sift. LATEST FROM ISLAND So. 10. ? HARD FIGHTING ALL DAY YESTERDAY. THE REBEL FORTS BATTERED ALL TO PIECES' THE DAMAGE SUSTAINED BY OUR SHIPS, Ac. At 2 p m to-day, the following gratifying dla? patch reached the Navy Department: Caiko, March 18 ?Newt received thU ? a m? from flag ahlp Benton, dau*d near laland No. 16, 17th : " We had hard work thla afternoon, with th a upper battery of all at thla point. ''Four ahota atruek ua only, out of the Art of Ave fort*. One ahot, after striking the up[>?r deck twice, and the lower deck once. Woakln^ wat half a dozen beama, finally lodged In tbe Fla* Officer' deak, depositing lt*e>.f in tbe drawer a* quietly as possible j "We have battered tbe forta all to pieces, dismounting one guj^ but night came upon ua and we had to l??v? without finishing tbe work, but will to-ruorrow go at him asala. 44 A rifled gun burst on board the Mt. Low is and killed two men outright, wounded, mortally*, two more; and wounded ten other* These ares the only caaualtles. "The mortar*are doing well. A. M Pkhjiock. Senior ' Tbe fleet of mortar boata there, we re hs pp? to be able to aay,ware doubtless well ni-gt doujeied In number to-day. CONORESSIO&AL IUTIItk CONOR F.fls-S* (M4 %s*at?a? TtTMr,AT, Marco 1*. ?k?at*.?Tbe Indian Appropriation M2l reported back v>1tboat im?idmfni Mr. Femen^ou offered a resolution 'ailing /or a full afeitMM>nt of all the trana"i<-t'.nn* of tb? Government with ft 1. Stev?wa relative to tbe eonatroetlon of the Str-ven* Floating Battery, and alM *>r tbe report of the cmmlsalon tiaat examined Into tbe matter; referred. Mr. Sumner Introduced a b'll abollahlng all distinction of color In c rrv'.ni; the I' S maiia; referred Mr..Wllaon reported b: ( k ihe Ml! aothorirlnr xne r resident to assign the ommand of troops is the samr Held without regard tosentoMty of rank, with an amendment Riving the President power to dismiss officer* from tke service without previous conviction by court martial; passed On motion of M t. Trumbull the bill to provide for judicial proceed!nj^s in raws of captured property, and for tbebeter administration of the law of prize was taken ':p and pasted Mr Mtarke offered a r<*s?lutlon for the re-reference of the papers of his case, on whtcii Mr l!.da made a speech. Hots* ?Mr. Bi ir of Mo., from ti e Commlttee on Military Affair*, reported back t^e S -?ale hi tl nrnvlH itirr /a? ? - ? w _ ^ .VI >itv iwi^alllMi'DD oi (be Medical corps of the Army, with a substitute. [The substitute propose* that teti Surgeons sad ten Assistant Surgeonr be nd<Vd to the present | force, and makes tbe Surgeon General equal la rank and emoluments to a Brigadier General ) This bill was debated by Messrs. Blair, Sherman. Kellogg, Campbell and McPbersan. and was still under consideration when our report OMBM LATE LOOAL NBWV. ptimmu Rkliasvd ?Bv order of the W?r Department the following prisoners were released from the oM. rapltol prison to day on taking the oath of Mleglanre. which was tdm niiiered to them by Justice Johneon ? Francis X L* Cram, Mi ; Michael F McKee, Baltimore, Md ; Capt. Wm. Co*, Port Tvbacco, Md.; beia'l Van Oi?<Uk, Berkley. Va.; James Halallp. Fairfax, Va ; John M Brooke, Fauquier, Va; B D. Wine, PawinU. ? . MMk U ..I r.lA. Va . - -wiiiuvi , T?.) kiuut, a mi?i * Rtlev, New Orleana; A O Gunnell. Fairfax. Va.; Albert 6. Gunae!!, do ; Tboe B Angel. Waablagtoa; Michael Koirke, Md ; John Rochford. Fairfax, Va.; Peter Harertv Ireland Aaron Van Camp, Waehiagten City. Pal* or Reu Eata** ?Laat week, let -j, of quale 1UU, located fca the Flrat Ward, near tke Circle, waa aold to Mr. Edward U'Couor for 1A. oenta per foot. Tula U not ao bad for real eatata.

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