Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1862 Page 1
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-' . , ' " ^ imppp???? ^ i ' r? ? W > . ' ' * * 'fV.,'.1 *' , *V.**'** ' ^ f 'r ** " ' ? f mf i ' ".. * - ; '; r - T; - - ' T? vl " V " ',- ;. " ? vet. XIX. , WASHINGTON, D. C, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 1862. l\e. 2,Ki\ k llHE EVTN!NG STAR IS rVBLTSSBJ) EV&HT AFTMRXOOll, tPrNHAY KXCKFf B1)J AT TH? STAR'BI ILOiHSI, rti- 1/ I'mail it, 99 V.. u. WALJjAUH. aer*ed la peekag?a t?y earrlen it Ml T??r, or 3^ eesta per month. To mall rabaorltoen tkc price ia #3.50 a ftat, in *4*mnet; t( torrix o: 33; 81 tor three ocoauiaj aad for leaa tku Ur?- mca ua st tfce rate of U centa a week. Sla ,? fie cop'.fa, 0x1 cxn; la wrapper*, two enra Avvs^tias <bxt> t-ouid be aeat to tb? *?c? ??vr- it e'c'c* a.5 otberwlae they ouy tat arpt^r aalll tho next day. HO*. MONTGOMERY Rl. KIR OX EMANCIPATION. The f is the letter of Hob. Mont> gomery Blair, on emancipation, to the Committee cf Icvitatioa of the lite meeting at th? Copper Institatt : Warbi.xgtg*. D. C , March 2. H62. ' f > rLTVSX 1 hiva the honor to acknowl?!: r f vor of yesterday, inviting me to mt.c i i oe.iag of the citizen" of New York, at the >0f*er Inat? ute, on the 6'h ins anf. and rcq ? - ing my yiow* on the subject of the call. 1 . i not ^e able t ? attend the meeting, cor have I tho leu-are to write oat my views u;. n tho =u'ject wit.i tie c<-e demanded by the nature or it, but I will cfier some thoughts vi uui v>'iKj'4oianu:i. T d> not concnr in the proposition, that certain ?'i"! have beon "recently overturned an i wh- llj ? ibverted as members of the Federal 1 jlon,-' upon which the cail is based. Thi- i , lit .-v ;auc<?, That the Confederates tfiriL i w cUibb, aiiilhefact tbat secession is L'iti ' lined, by :iic au;bors of this call, r*r a il' parr*?e, 'doe? nt mk# it m>re 00-. I, or prevent them from bei::g *zruA aiders and abettors of the Confederate*. >7 > one knows my political career will *u'p?c: that my condemnation of this doctrine is irti'ienred by sny indisposition to put an end to slavery. I have left no opportunity unimI J o- -- " ? * * i>iu>cu tu Birmc at n, an<i nave never oeen restrained froa: doing so by personal considerate.. Eut I have Lever believed that the m, n of .slavery or ai?y other great ref&rm cori J or vaght to be eff-oted, except by lawful ar i constitutional modes. The people have never sarnvioned, arid never will sanction any oth-- and tho friend?of a c^u^e will especially avci 1 rl -j'lest: ib! - grounds, when, as in the prefsn* ir.stanee, nothing else can long postpone their saece^s. There ate two interests in slavery?the poir il and property interest?held by distinct ela-?E - The reoellion originated with the poi:?: wt- - - - aiucai ci?s5. im property ciaae.wbicb generr ;p l f the organiiation, had Jost no property in tho region where the rebellion broke oat. and were prosperous. It was lbs l>elpratio organization, which dii not repreaeat the ?I*% eholders as a <J*ss, which hi'eh?d the rebeilioa. Their def jat in the late poli ic-il ?tru??le. and in the present rebeMiut-, ex'irgui2hea,~>tt once and forever, the politics! inte-estof slavery. Trie ejection of Mr. Li:s join pat an end to ths hepes wf Div'u. V.'ije. et id omnt genua, f - bo Pre:I len?y r?f ;h. Union, and hence the rcb ;ii ,n. It extinguished slavery as a power to coutr i the Feier d Government, ard it was tb? jot ?! very to subserve this pur\ ..iac which hr?s ^i.-ea it vitality; for ii> ' n i econ Mui;jj)Iy it i3 inde:?iisible. M i h the ex.ire-ion cf its political power, 1'i rc i- r. Li tive iud :ce uny politician to ut.hold it. Mo diid crei defonwl u h an in ouiHHVB, c*ccpt i t pay, na i noisiar Stiort ot 'ii i iwer ot the <j->7err ment coula provide !?u" :ieat gratiiei'bn to ambition to pay for - -vrtrijc . ?! I, th?r?.i"jr<- Mr. Toouibs said w . inrte-" tru*- tv.%t ho ii.itituiion could ot 'y o<? tnt'ntuined. in the Union, by the posbi < f the <i>vernmeat. That has been w.caLci !; a i ??n ! the pny now is on the ?; ie f j-j3. ce and truth. Can any man. who re i ??t3 ; r u'. : iutftlligence, think it neces iry, with a advsr.a^es on the side of justk-e and truth, to relate the great Charter of i' L >er ic- to in*a~? their triumph? Such us f j jijjnKEt, bo far f.jmadvancing tao ?sum, in wht>M urns it is performed, * >ul<i surely bo disastrous, and result in 2 oar opponents into nower 5n nime of the Constitution. it is : merely ^question of oonstitntional h 7 or ?' ?very, with which wo have to deal, rraiicg permanent peace " The problem before M ' . the practical one of dealing with tho relation* of masses of two dilierent races in i.-." nxue community. The ^alnmitica now ur-u o? bare boen brought ab at, as I have v s-d. not by the iirisvanets of the class .'Dii-.p f-' perty in slaves, but by th? jealu-y cf w iste, atrakencd by the Secessionists in the non-alaveho! lers. Tu ovi^'lering tao means of securing the t *ce of tue country hereafter, it is, therefore, ?. !-jfcs'. . of r ice which is chiefly to be cons'. I- red Emancipation alone would cot re !i ve ii li was by proclaiming to the Isbor.wh'te? who fill tiie armies of rebllion, t.,a: 'he election of Mr Lincoln involved fiutrccipi'ioD, e^uaLity of the negroes with them, and convjuaotly amalgamation, that th?ir jealously waj s;imulated to thi? 8?hHn? Voiet Sur ?s il?i- jealousy tho fruit of mere igu ranee and ba i paartcn, as r me suppose, or afiaevl to the whi e people of the South. On -.a contrary, i; belongs to all races, and, like h.; p ">u!ir Instincts, proceeds from the highest wlil ia. It is, in fact, the inninot of selfpreservation whish revolts at hvbridi?m. N .r does this iD3?; ' militate against tho narural lav. that all me a are cr- atad equal, if another law of nature, equally obvious, is < uejed. We hive but to restore the subject race t -? the same, or to a region imilar to that from *nica it wai brov 4L: by violeace. to make .j rrative; and ;n<-h a separation of races v ij he condition wh'ch the immortal author i the Declaration himseli deolared to be inn>n?~? Me to g'Te it practical effect. A theorist. cat li?in? in & < . ,mmska* .1;?? r?fi *re bn>n^bt in contact lu roiMes. inaj s.ille tho Tcico of nature ia his own buskin and fr.?in delermiLiti a to live ap to a mistaken of the doctrine, g-> so far as to extend social intercourse to indiridwli of tho subject r ~r: but r?w. eren of ?u-h poraons, would ?? \rm+ thetr loeories as itr u amalgamation ai ie^itiuiite coaseqaences of their logic. Indeed for the most part, such persons 10 oar country, like the lending spirit* in Exeter Hall, are so far removed by their circumftances from any praotioal equality with working people of aujr race, tha'. they have little -ruipathy for thirn and nothing to apprehend t >r thennelr^ from the theory of equality I WM J" ^ MiiHi " po witd tqb wane workingman in a commuoi'J where there are many negroes In such <; rcumstanoes, the distinction of eaate is the only pro'?etf>nof the race from hybridism and consequent extermination Ta"' thiejea) iTiey oi came is the instinct of the highest wisdoin. and is Xraaght with the greatest good, i* abundantly attested by its effect# ob oar own rpca. in whieh it ia atrcager than in any other* We eooquer and hold our ?inquest* by UItKJ d fficult question with whioh we hare to deal is, then, tte question of raee, and I do not thick it it deposed of, ur that oar difficulties wiii be lc?*~nf I by emancipation by CongrMs, even if *ucn an act was constitutional. It would eertaiuly add to the exasperation of the nwct-slavebwlding white? cf the booth, nrd night unite thru against the Government, and if so they would be unconquerable. Aa mit ers bow stand. we eau put down the rebellion, b*a?se the people of the natural strongholds of thefjuthern country are with us. It ischieily in the low lands, aeoearible from theooeanand navigable river* and bays, that treaaon is rampant The mountain fastnesses, where alone n guerilla war can be maintained, are now held by I'nion men and they are mere numerous, and more r .bast. intelligent, and independent j ?h^n the rebels. It U ehtefly tbe nor* degraded class of Donslaveholders who lire in tbe widat of ?larerj, who ere now engaged against (he Government. , But to* aon-flsvetaotder* ?f the mountain and highland irgiotjs.whftBt for the Union, are not, free from the jeaJoturj cf caate. and the poiiov I objeot to woa'd, if adopted, I apprehend, array them a^iinet as Nor would we eaoce*d in our object, if they were finally su*d?ed an i exiermin-ateri. if mm l*(f tn? mmi*r rtma nm the**!, for othor wbUw would take the ooaairy, ?=d h <ld it guixut tae nejroM, ?nd re-, d?M thiNB xga.B w tUTory or oxionninmU ihem I ?in morally oorUin, indeed, th?t_ U? tr**.ihe tt-'VM of the S>?th, without removing? i fteMa wewU r?*?it is Jm ai^acro of tk?? * | general manraere wat on the eve of taking place, in the State of Tennessee, in 1856, upon a rising of tome of them on the Cumberland, and I have been assured bj ihe Hon. Andrew Johnson, who was then Uovernof of the State, that nothing but hit prompt calling ?ut 0/ the. militia prevented it. . But this antagonism of race, which has led to oar present calamities, and might lead to yet greater, if it continues to be ignored, will deliver n? from slavery in the easiest, speedi est, and best uitiLuer, if we recognise it a* it is?the real cause of trouble,.ana invincible, and dt??i with it rationally. e have but to prf'pow to let the white race have the lands intended f?r them by the Creator, to turn the fierce spirit aroused by the secessionists to destroy the Union to the support of it. ai.d at tbe^Htne time to break up the slave system by which the moot fertile lands tf the temperate z ae are luoacpoliied and wasted loat is the resui'^ which the I jgio of the census shows, is being worked out, and which no political mun?gem?Bt oar pre : v*ni c?ing vtista on' me wmwe w tn# contest is, whether Ihe whit* rafo ?h*ll hn?? the^e ltnds, or whethor they ab?11 bo held by the black r?ee, in th? Dime of a few whites. Ihe black? coull never hold theua as their own. for we have teen how quickly that raca hia disappeared when emancipated. Experience proves, what ui'ght have been inferred from their history, that it ha? not maintained and cannot maintain itself in the temperate zone, in contact and in competition with the race to which that regiim belongs. It is only when dependent that it can exist there. But this servioa relation is mischievous, and the eomrannitv sq r?anstitutah haaj nnf flanri^k and keep pace with the spirit of the age. It haa scarcely tbe clnim to the immcnte area of land it occupies which the Aborigines had, foT ?though the Indiana occupied larger space, with fewer inhabitants?they did not wa?te the land as the slave system does. Ho political management or seTuimcntaliim can prevent the natural revolution of such a system in the An/1 onv fKon *M*na ^ WUV?) UMJ lUVfiV VMUU I)UVU 1UQU9 UVUiU Ol OH IU preserve the Indian possesion and dominion The rebellion, like the Indian Outbreaks, is but a vain attempt to steam the tide of oivilisation and progress. The treachery, falsehood, and cruelty, perpetrated to maintain negro possession, scarcely less thin that of the savages, marks the real nature of the contest. Nevertheless, I believe it mi^ht have been averted, if wo had adcDted Air. Jefferson's counsels, and made provision for the separation of the races, providing suitable hornet for the blacks as we have for the Indians. It is essential still, in onier to abridge the conflict of arms, and t? fraternise the pcoplo, when that is past, to follow Mr Jeffurs-n's advice. This most benevolent and sigacious atateaman predicted all the evils which it hae been our inisfor.nne to witcess, uuled* we should* avert theai, by thi^, the only means which, after the most anxious thought, ho could suggest. No statesman, of our day, has given the subject to much thought as bo did, or possesses t bo knowledge or ability to treat it so wisely. Let us, then, listen to his counsels. By doing so, w j shall establish a fraternity amonir the workinir m?n of mm throughout the Uui?n which has never existed, and give real freedom to tho black race, which cannot otherwise exist. Nor is it neces^ry, to the restoration of harmony and -perity to the Union, that this potior ohou i be actually and completely pat in force. It is only necessary that it should be adopted by the Government, and that it be msde knowa to the people that it is adopted, to ex'inguish hostility, in the hearts of the masses of the S jq h t vr?rds the peopie of the North, and secure their co-operation iu putting an end to slavery. No greater mistake was ever n.:tde than in supposing that the masses of the bouth favur slavery. I have already stated that they did not take up arms to defend i', . 1 t xplaiucd the real motives of their action. The fact that they oppose emancipation, in their midst, is the only foundation f>r the contrary opuiioa. Lut the masses of tho North are ecjunlly oDDosed to it. if ihe four million* of slaves were to be transported to their n.idst. Tho prohibitory laws against their oomiurf cx-stirj '11 the States subjeot to such iuva ion. prove* thi3. On the oth^r hand, the intent honilily which is universally known t-j be felt, by the nonslaveholdeisof the South, toward all negroes, expresses their real hostility to slavery, and it is the natural form vf expression under the oircuiuS-HQces. It nce*s therefore but the assurnnee which would be given, by providing homes for the blacks elsewhere, that thoy are to be regarded as sojourners when emancipated, as in point of feet they are, and ever will be, to insure the oo-opcratiuu of ifre non-slaveholders in their mancipation. Nor w^uld they require immediate, universal or involuntary transportation; or that any iLjustice whatever be done to the blacks. The mora enterprising would soon emigrate, and multitudes of less energy _a.ij 11 , ? :r v ' -r nuutu 4Vli"? j u rmu PUUUC53 tHkCOQ6d IDO pioneers, a? iha care with which the (iorerameat should footer so important an objoet woulJ doubtless injure; and. with such iacilitiea, it would require bu; few generation* to pu. th< ra.': r-^on* of AmeHoa in the cxe>a*ive occupation wi' the white races, and retwwe the vn?7 obiuidc to a peipeuiAl Union of the States. With great respect, I am your obedient servant, AI Blaib. Io '.he C >mmitteo of Invitation, Ao , ?o. IE/" A Vo-k paper'nvltea the K-tiouj ntt^uuouof tt?V\-r i>^fn'tcj> tt to the lrtt?r? attacking Gea. McCi?:Uii and tbe Arjny f f the Potomic wbich tasaaiIn rkur?H-:v'?**ihii?"? If tocu artii lt?t aOi.ul oar general* aud cur army are allowed to be p ibUabt d witL impunity, the Boston Post tblnkt '.be idea ut cent >r?Uip might as well be abandoned. Uy The policy ef putting down a pro-slavery Insurrection upon pire pro (Uvery principles n an absurdity ?X Y. Ttibunt We ?app.'*e v?o iblnk tuat yon aee the Km of trying to put down au aoil-coaatltutional rebelIlea apon pjre ai<tt-c?a?tituiiouai principles.? Liutvule Jou-ntU ID-Tfcfy rnll?ur irou-ciad Monitor a "choeae I b)i".on a r.tft A com?poudent wonder* If they did not tiuJ ifcat >t!ur- ' c-fs - box ' a llitle more mlte-y (bant ey anticipated! M rwwum Brown, of ?ht? Mackerol Bridge, N. V Mwrit*# f ?in Mnami: ''*Vf b?*e m-.t tb? entmy,aiidtb?y arr boors- ahead if t? IjJ-Preailce uyf It -* a tLam? th-t the ?ou'heru Confederacy calla upon ;ts women to bear arms it ia enough fur li<rA to boar children. THE MERCHANT* * Xf RESS COMPANY 1 3E7W t>!? BALTIMORE a#U WASHINGTON. Are dv.< forwardm* iwun dispatofel by tba WMl):Dftu. Kauroad MrrUiU- M diss of eveijr description, to aor ajBixuit sftiypnfsiiui;**^^-^* . tie lowagt raiet. Ajea. I r Baltimore, JOHN E. WILSON, t?fSc?. N. W corner Hoifara *cl Camden sU , cearir oyjosite Camden Station B. 6c. ORE Ofto* acd Morage, S?J J^Mtlt t^evnth ctreet. opposite Center MarK?t, >v Mainjt. a, JD. C. n s-la* a. PT F> Ic 0. Ateiit. I AMIES' RUBBER BOOTS L \ND shoes, .... All tnea,at- ( LJ ?j J 334 Peon 'nerue.^acM 'of Dry (iooda fctors, \|fcPi*fr KLfltoKR BOOTS ItI and shoes, . .<1. At j. B pl'drtepst , ?<4 P?qp> ?t~ Biolt Koom. W?.HAVS???'K,,,li:P A 1<AKBK rTOci ft .?f T#T ii.o UM UEtSx li Ts u? lifeLAWKfts, wJttDH.Wiil to sold it iMtofttl i ?r,c?u PA*'*. ?v~ i bUMF^uNAy I. > ,no P?n .??i>b?Sl i? t.t-tf ^ ^ ' Tt- nifl |_| U Jtr *?i * O * . ??a. v j uuskCa' a. .sag m TELEGRAFUIC NEWSTke La*t VicUry in Arkansas?The Puitiia ( 0*b tartli. Roll*, jM? , March 18 ? anticipating tome rebel movements In l>?*e?nntf, Mo., Geo. Halleek ordrred five companies and a battery o? two light atari atx-ponad'rs, under Col. Wood, to repair to that vicinity; finding do enfmy Col. \V?od pushed ?<n to 8*lem, Fulton county, Arkansas, and encountered a largely superior force of rebels. but afU?r a sharp igbt roofed tbem. killing about 100 and taking mnnv prtaoneri. Aidotj? the latter wef three colonels' Our low vai about 50. Tbe prisoner* taken by 0*n. Curtis at Pea Ridge are now ea route for St. Louis, uedar a proper gn?rd Tbe reports that Gen. Curtis it in a dangerous poaitlranrefalse Forage for his cavalry iascarce, b rt In fther resperti the situation of bis troops is cbeerlnz. ' Tbe denwraH^d and crippled force* of Price ft/1 Van r\n?n - r.. QUU V Oil 1/UI II llir 9VUlUWlfU, okn hauici's orrraxi w*fatch. St. Lorn. March IS?J'he following is Gen. Hailack'a official dispatch totbc Wu Department lu refcrr&oe 4* tbe victory in Arkinsaar " St. Lornt, March secretary Sinmton : A scouting party under Lt Col Wood and V jor Drake, consisting of abont 250 men of the ?>ih Missouri acd 3d lows cavalry, encountered near Salem, Ark . about 1.000 of the enemy under Cola. Colemm. Wood*idt* and McFarland. After a severe fight the enemy wnrn defeated, wit^i the lou of Oot. \Voud*ide? and about 1( 0 killed acd wounded, acd a considerable number of prisoners. Oar lots is 85 killed and wounded. "(Slgn-dl H W.UiLiut, Maj Gen." From Fortress Mtnrte. [Correspondence of the Associated Press j roRTRKts JHoNao*. Alarcb 17 ?The weather ii not quite celmeurugu for repairing the telegraph cable. Th$ gnnbnata Wamiutta and Fenob#cr,t have arrived, and a fleet of about fifty acboonera reached here to d*y ' The 20th New York regiment, Col. Weber, and apart of the 16 th Maiui buaetU, Col VVyman. itarted from Camp H amilton on a reconnoUsance thla morning, undf-r command of Col. Weber. The enemy was found at Uetbel aome two thou*and Ktron^. with six pieces of artillery. Several bots and nhelia were fired by tbe enemy, but It irvi uaTiuu vrcu a pan ui iuc piau 10 urmg oa a fight, out forcet withdrew. The steamer Stateif Georgia arrived from New York tbU afternoon There bai beea ao flag of trace, and we have heard nothing from the Merrlmaor_from Col. Corcoran ana (nemion pilson^rs at Richmond, witli regard to whom, and tbe dishonorable <onductof the rebels In retaining them, much feeling U entertained. A It old increment of Stmt Rebel Cavalry. Locisvillk. March 1? ?Ye*?e'd*y morning the traH from Bowling Green to Nashville was intercepted at Gallatin by a party ot reb?-l cavali"V, under Capt. John Morgan, who ran (be train off the track, and took those in the train prisoners, about thirty bridge bui.drn* en route to ?/x U..1 1.1 . V- - U-: J ^ i^HKUTiuc t\j (cv>ii*u lur uiover itie t<uiDberlani river The only remaining loromotive on ttie Memphis ranch of the LonUville and Nashville road, near li us?ellvlile, exploded yesterday, killing th? engineer, conductor, and brakesman. Tb's suspends railroad communication on that branch for the present. The Aifinirot of Tax* s in \% ltconsln. Milwack&b, Ma-cb 16.?The decision of the Supreme Court of this St ite, In relation to th?? assessment of taxes, declares all State taxes *lnce lijfi unconstitutional, by reason of (inequality of taxation. The l^uli'atiire will take immediate action on the act for th- relief of farm mortgage*, also decld -i unconstitutional. A'rival of C'ettop Vciirli it Nauai.. New Yoek, Mnrch 19 ?A Nassau letter of the 9th !n*t . stales that the steamer* Ellaand Warlv witb 1 000 bil*> of cot'on, and tbe Kat??, from K?ruaudlna, (which tnd escxpert before tbe capture of that plac*",) bad arrived *he*e Tbe cargo of *h? former wa? being transferred to the Eliza Soman. BarniDK *f a Mew (bnrcb. BixonA.MT??, N Y , March 17 ?Tae new and splendid Presbyterian Ctirch, an edifice Just completed and unoccupied, timber with (he old cbo'reb, wm burned to the ground at one o'clock U?5? ruornlng. Loss ?5<J,000: losuranc? lb,000. T M K UOSLYIIC RESTAlRiNr, a4 7 rr. NNSYIVAMA AVENUE, POCTH SlliB, f Fo*m"?rlT of New York,) ll*a the L&me an<1 fame of beine Una of the 3e*t Restaurants in Town rrrGive U* a trial, *rd jud<e for you ?*if?TTI Every this* in the hciue i> isr t^k^mabketS^^W AFFORDS. iry Don't firf the n?n(*r? 4 7 fenntyivftni* avenue, - between Wtu an 113iii atr#?t?, m? IVlm south aide. OYSTKKtf-OYSTKBa. 6r?Rt aoiectifio ?*'TJiwfr ^SisP meet in STKAMINft and ^gSMf ? roasting OVHTKKI*. ? by which the er;t,re flavor and aize of the Oyatoi ii retvnci. The PEA RIj SALOON, 813 Penn. Avenue, cp oeite wizards' Hotel, will open thia eveiuus, Ifign of the s'obe lirbts> with i?a improved inanrer vi ??aminr. tr^* vf fitting, a. <i order ot?er Tie* Al! dssirinj a !'.?*nry will be rm'cud by c\Mi?ir- Superior nality of Fr?sh Salt Orst^r* constantly on baa>110 supply Hotels. Antlers anf Paim'lM. in kf*r,or can Paroi'i<>a' ordarr re?i or. akuit nuUcd. Choice Clears at r*a ?oaab!.y t*>. t> 8-1 wi* r^ij BOOTS?SHOES! wgjj fjg^CO*!mi TBSTH !<*. A*D P*. AV.f jftj W9HIN9TON CITY aht> LWTFBN M*DB Ladias' Ti|p*4 Balmoral? l)1.Sto &ij?b G?nU' H?mi>rV? . .81 Sfl t'i *3>e Cuu< ri?? .?.ir ? ?iv '? > v nr vo ^ o w All kind* of BOOTcfail SrtOES vary cheap. \rr Bopu n fcJe to oitl?' in tLe br?t "?un?>r by mh ll-lm* OH a H L,*-t? H.A1QR3K. NOTW&. a?ws?M?g ?*AJMjas? exrp.ssa ccMFAifT.??_ im* uomwiay o"?it[ to uie nma" f.'ne<oalIi* 4?i?*HtatMf'Tor the Safeauu Quiok Oiejatoti ?f Hoary Freight*, Paetaaei, Valnablea, Mocey, ha ko., to Ml parts oi tbe Uoita* 8iatt>s. kMTMMi to ltd fro id lie North ?n<l Wert defart from and arrive iu Waii^ntoa Urwe dally, 'g hJlr*B ?* trrtrunttd amm All Pi3kMea%r Th* Boldiar* oamefl at "ami *al*''our atnal rata*. A 1 ibojt for tha"nnrifk.'*..* t* aad'all Article* "~Cout"rVu^P<Tw*ar" w5l b? Oar buitum J&vra Near York U l, ?. * P M., vnnu la WMhiuttoa it . M. aad '''Gx'rMiM lNTt Philadelphia at tjn a. M. tn<! 11 P. kU arr*?*ug la Washington at UDr.M,tu! *ftipi'f?m s?a?? Baltimore at 4J0 A.M.and!P. M., arnrinf in WaShitftoB at I A.I. uiu * Jf KiirMiat for ail vointa North aad West Imt* W as n'nfton at ?.*? A.M. and 8JO P. M.daiir. CojitraoU ior large (uaatitiM of Frotffct oaa bo raade ou a?p ica t>. on to tin a < >Seo. Alt Qooda oailed for and doUvorod Jru of hxtoa aharfM. li. W, PAR^ofTs, Bap't Adama' Exarars Co- r*i?. Wa*atoaK>?'. Awrg?? ** *?1 ta.t? EVKRY Pt.RSON'8 INTKRKS F ?That fine

took of Cl<'tiling fur sal a orat SalU' Jeva.ry htorojf row offorad at Im? than who lacale pric-ni. at H*tt. No. 460 Savant h ttraat^cpaotlta rni<m?a MJ-''" T|hk, PKOPLb'sJ <U.ul'glfliO Df ORB, No. 46" r-evanth si. Alva;aahea<1! N*warrrml ?f aprin* Uooda. all thn lataat atiiaa of <;U>Uuac( it No. 4l? ??w F f?2l Jb iB? .took or ClotUMC* Farauii1 t 6oada,T unks. HaU and Cap*, ax who!? aal* >noM. at f?o 460 sovaath atreat, nppoaiU faaofe.',., f?*fs?a G^.*y?it^S^i.T!KS!.ciVStSE at the Poo#'? '? T-^ Na **?> 7th aire I i ^JHIRT4, SHtKra. * n IK i ??J uat rsoeiTat * ' ' a.'mM ?-ta i % I OFFICIAL. rEASURY DEPARTMENT, FmviiT 4, lstti. Notj? * i? EiBUT s.vkn of th* rmdln^H ot Uf w i?arimrni w rwimu uir i reuury no rv psfeble In one year from date, authorised bv the ad of Congress approved DecemberttJd, ls6T, and the Tressury note? psyabie la sixty dart from dale, a nth or tied by the act of Centres* approved 2d Marqh. 1981. Interest cn Treas irv notes of the above issues will eea?e on the 7th day of April next by terms of those acts respectively. fe 5-tap7 T"VEPARTMENT OF STATE, -Lif W ashih&ton, Janmry 25. ls?il. Hie Secretary of State will hereafter receive Msmbers of Congress on business on Saturdays, covmenslnx with Saturday, the irtt of next mB&J JR*!'*f WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, i* ? ?. O&CBklD, That Ibe War Dt^xniivnt vr'M be cloatd Tnndav*, Wednesday*, Tfauttday* and Fridays against all other bn?lne?a but that which relate* to active military operations In th? fl?ld. Saturday* will be devoted to the bu?ine* of Senator* and Representative*. Mnadavs tc the btialnen of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 29-ti Secretary of War. AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS !f* Mare English ar French Rnbbltb, made t? tell, but net ta keep time Why ihou'd an American bar * foreign Watch, when he oan get a better and oheaper one at horn*.' Wkr ahonld an American neecileulr enrich foreign Watch inannfaotnres at the expenve of our own artipats.' Why aboild an American wnc gold to England and Frano?,cur oove.t bat bitter e&"(niea, when gold |a ao mtioh needed at home t Why should an American buy an imported Watch, whioh, in cine ouea out of ten, will cost more to keep in order for o ne year, than it* original p'ioe,anu which was never intended to keep tirre under any circnmatanoea I Why ahoulJ Americana not patronise more generally Amerioau manufacture*, and thus erranOipate themselves ftom the thraldom of Eng'.iah capital, Frenoh fashione, aEd Continental gewga wi ? Th-' Airenoan Watch Corapanj's Watches are partica'arly adapted for soldiera' u??, ben* most substantially rnaoe, and not liable to ge:outof order, either in marohu^. riding, or fighting. ?ni(i hr M W CAI T* nun 1&A D- 1 ?? ? ? / ?? v ? * w *-?*% v| x rjusji ania avenue, Washington. WhoIe<=a;? ordera shcu'd be a~dre* aed to ROBB1N8 4 APFLETON, Agenta of the American Watch Company, fe W-'m la'2 Broa'lway, N. V*. PROPOSALS FOR WOOD. l)*rOT Qc?BTIRMaBT*R'8 OttICK, i Cornif 1/ K h amd (r frtts, > Watht gton. Uarck U 1 63 \ Ssal** PanroaA.1? will Le eeeivjd attain <>?;*>? until MONiMYVtho S!*t <fa? ot Mtroh. at li S'e <>ok M , ?o fnrn'ah th? trrjy* lr. tfus o:j ai d ? vicinity, north Po'omai river, wt.iuit51 fiye mil*# ol th* City of WmIi net" ?ririt Woo4 t<?r(6)fix months, oommeroi c en ti* 1st <*a? of A int. 186i, and tndus the 3?.:h daj ofge^t'mber, i he Wood to b* of the ba?t ?na'ity of oak or hirkory, and to J>e deivereo at th <ampa cr ^a?r leruofthe "roop'.in such *c?inc>tie and at auoh times a* ihe L>rpot Qa*'-teriniaf>r it,ay direct. P&ymenta to 1* rnvle at ti e er d at *ach month, upon ?fle return by tit* oor.traot f ? f th ord(t?> d awn upon him. Th? de-ivy ?f ti ? Wowl f rd?ri?<tmu4t bs aitown by ma receipt ?-f the t>*t?cer racp!*\nr It (appeityirr the auoo; t delivered) eaB(,nn ! ^ p-d??? Waodordtr?<t >.i*iiuents. UTigs.d**,or tivimoat t>? locfiui' d iur o? tfcn qu v ?err \*tc -1. 'i .? pr poa?t> nnji' >p f? the ?:tce ?Pi ocr i ' ftlif.;one inu>drod and t?oa'j p:i.? o-ir o ?iiJ must be e.aiuiy tr.&rkO 'rWo*.o*:.!? 'ur? vw OOl! " The ability of the bidder to fill the oontrart, ehonli it i>e awarded to him mnat be fti> rantie' by tw -* repinaibie f-rs >na,whaae ai&i aw..ea into! be appeuded to t?it? ius-ran ?>o lh* rt?<-fua#ir'i lfr oi tho guarantor* mo?t *e ?ho* a b* t.e iffi; a. certifioata oi the c ork of *iie n^ari t dir'not ooar. or of the United S'ates d.atnot attorney. Hit .iera inuat he praaent in person when th* bid* aru opened or tftnr propotata will > ot bec.'i Uj-'wr'd. Uoiida, in the aanwl ten thoua\uii dciia-'a, ?i?? ?' by tho o<>iitracu>r aud boUi of hia cuarantor*. ?ill b*> required of thj svc ;tfs?fut b.dder upjn aifntar the contract. Th^rttM to reject any oral! bidathat may be toohifh >9 reserved by tho Depot Quart;. naatcr. informal pro?oea!n will be rejected. Form of truarantee. We??, of the coucty of , and State of, j and , of t >e county of , acd State o/ ,do hereby guarat.ty that js| a >.'e to fulfil ft contrast in &?oo dftnoe w th (ho terrai of hia proposition, and ih*t, shonld hit* pro po?ition be aoeepte;i, he will at or.ce outer idw a contract in aooordanoe therewith. Should (be ooctr&ot be awarded bun we are prepired to iii? securities. lTn this guarantee mast be appended tb-? e?rtifioate abovo mentioned ) L> H. KUCKBR 'i h li dtl Co!one] tnd Q?arter?.a*f r. DWORDS FOR F F E3?.STATION TIFFANY * CO., No?. C30 md 532 Bro^vtki, N**.V York. Am! No. T9 kui Rickklhu, Par s. IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF MILITARY WARES, Eo'.ioit the attention of Civia and M ihtary AreociMi >n8, Command* on Nations' or Stat? service, Pitriotio Olubc and individuals 10 their iarce took of RICH STAFF AND DRESS ARMY AND NAVY BWO.tDS. Tbelrmsortment includes theoholcest BLAI'E? OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE, identical vith thou made Tor Wi'irineon. of London, w??ro hr the ofiser* of the British Army, and most r npnr<ul h* L'n r - ? . , , .,wi m uutvywu MfcUVIl" tien the eicg&ntly wrought BLADES OK BOLINttEN ON THE RHINE, in fiKv* ?nd finish the reoocnized isixlern tjrpee at the ocl^bratod uamutcm at?.; the exoellebt&uU ?i iu?hl?.j . HLAIi, * no rm.l.IMB no n* Oirniin ? v m. wMumvi vr nAA*r v/rj/j BnidN those of other domestic febr.'ein te. The 1110nntinta of the biiMiea.ia ell cum exe ea'eU Within lite ett&bliaiimebt, Will be founu to oontpaae ell re%aitite ?tyle? ofora&tr.e^t&tjoa the to&bii&rd* beiaxofsilvkb.silvk*gilt. hro.nze, Plain or t ir* Bilt.mlvb* Plated Bcink-hsi. 9tbkl. Rich I *athe?.etc ,-with h\ud? ot Plain. Chared or Kmiuiiu titlt. or Solib mlvar; tue 6kip* and Gvaris ?rt tite aerae varii-tj ui material end finish, im of e-ither lobulation pattern or original deaign. (Should en artio'e of klibao&dinaki km?ance, of a tiebneas er.d eoailaeaa not represented in lU'Ok, be required for presentation, tna oap&uili tica o! the establishment fodPthe m* tifn-tnr* nf the oUcicest wcrki in gold afifl silver. And its tellers! annuo rosonrees are nuuooal guarantors of its satisfactory and ?peedv production Ia answer to orders, uengitk and estimates Wlti be promptly torwa'Ued, ItLutviUuals parchaxirg Pworda of Tiffany & Co ara informed thai e*ory>lade it subjected to te?ts ever more severe than those enjoined hy Govwrnm?nt Oeiore it is plaoed on sale?the teaung blocs It in the tsiablisinn* nt. and at the oommauO of all wbo ? eier immediate prool of the MLoeaenoe of JU ireworda. ? , feSa-tm 1 I 1 Oysters! Oysters! V&B OVKHi. vNOUVS.Tt R EXPRK8S Still continue to reoefve Sai j iuo?e famous plants TaotnoyttdtaaraaatdJKboari altar they oomo from the -rater. . W IE/*" ut&oo N?. 46 il*rk?t 8pace, belov t: A??n? Hoaea, i*Hro COIN WANTED! 1"'? "11 V .1 ; .) :* * Tfca Pnse paul far SOLD AND SILVER! Sraci* FOB SAL? ra VIM TO 8TIT. UK WIS JOHMON * CO., J JB A It K MM S, 9 }* mer T*ct? itr?H ,' 330 FEUKSYLTAMlA ATC.1UE. EMILE DUPRE. Just Reoelvrd &;.d Opmed, A Urge u>1 *tc:K of ch Ice ' FAMILY GRGChRIES, conr sting of: SUGARS, of all gridea, TEAS, OOFFEE, PUTTER, LARD, FLOUA, A'AILLARD'S CHOCOLATB, *e.. Ac , Ac. AU of wfcicb he k oa*b nrlrj*. PIKE'3 CELEBRATED WEARIES. 6irt> U rtli Magnolia, 500 b-nrr-to XXX, 3**) bcrtcU Miller* Rye Mcnon^**#'#, 000 barrel* fine Old Rye, MO bsrre!* line Old Boarbo?), AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All the favorite ferer.d* of CHAMPAGNE, Mutnm Verseny, Green Seal, Heldslik, ?.Vl.k k.l -. V-..-V4 a ? * OTMK-U, VCiUg B'MKBl l?W, W- OHPT fll CnU?"j*i(V low rate*. Alao, Sole Agent L>t PIKL'S ARMY CORDIAL. frb l?-tf Teie ambkican tkll^f.aph company. M&vine re-nfcjc?_nrdI re HKARUH O f F I C E in WiLlABM* M rn 'h.* eon * r it pr*'m~cd to a^ojmino at* tb? t nr<-t* "f t at U use, a d u? fUf'iic, with fTerj Tele*raf tiio fac;utj. Commin'.ca*' n direct ? th HALii.MOK K. FuILADKLPHI K. ISKW VOFK. gjj.i ?p T*t*fr*rb>c StaMnn* in tf>? iova' GEMtlSAii OFF1CK, 43J >*R?iS4 A *ME W. P. \VE?iKrtVKM. ttib 8 tm "lipTM t I riiMF. FINEST AN'' !tf!?T STOCK OF j I KFADY-MADK CLOJ II NG 1 -i vv *?Mr<tcii { caDb<?f?und *? & BK'i.'is t?tabisii;ie^t, j ournerof r and7tn,stB. ALL SIZE ROV^,rioxttieM?of 4 ycs,r? n? car; tio 'ted out ?' UAH Jr uRtl jJ.O' rr.?r E and"'.iii"Uect?.a' m.i '?I u s.\l jricor CITIZENS AN[) Si RAN'tifcHf. <v W to iO!?rrit! t oo* f tr ih* oo-tr of K *ti' ?th et'dcts-i! i* tl e p *o? to buy fcne CLU i UlIW 1? bat iittl* mo m. ^jTf?P WHEN VOU COME *. O THE TOR Mf of E auu 7'ti st'M a. *rd M? ft foit c. fin* CLOTaiNCJ & $i0. si- 515. r'?'8 At bAK Sc. BWO "8 fp29-Im* Fuiiionftblo Ciotnit-g KiU11 '. hirent Suiltb & Uro'.bor s A A ! L KK'V F V K I P** ?>PP AKK hU LEEKE I PP PPP A AW LL ?Pl? I'PP A A A A I.L * t. f? PPP A \ A K LL K' EE ? PPPf AA AA Li. > p,fcF, t P A A AAA A A LL PF. ?P AA AA LL !>' PP AA AA LLLM.L ? ^LEEEE V t A A AA LLLLLL EEEEKKE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX \ \ a XXX * X X XXX XXX v X X x x x X X X X X X X X X X X X X \ X X X X XXXXX Xv XX.\ XX XXX X X XX .XX XXXV X X X X X X X X > X X > X X X Y V V V V V v V V v- V ? * %r * ** " A \ .\ A A A \ A \ A A A A X \ A I xvx XXX XXX AXI XXX XXX | XX V \ \ X \ \ \ s i XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX \ \ AA LL KFFEF.^E AAA LI. F.FLEELF A AAA LL V?. A AAA A I,'. EE AA AA LL r.EER AA AA LL LL'LE AAAAAA> A LL RE AA A A LL EE AA AA LLILLLL EESEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEKE It'tuiox AMBER ALE, FOR TEE, AM) KKTf YORK BROW* STOUT, Ik Wkcl'f Halfi and Quirt it Caskt, ERHvVEO FROM TI1E CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY, 19th Street, betwetc 7th ai.d 8th Aftmu, NEW YORK. fe?7 dtje* ?CCHEN''K'S PITJ.MONIC SIRUP O THE?REAT BLOOD PURIFIER. This Sims iri i scarch Ihronth every blood ve? e . rqu& iEirL- the circ.-.&tUa, frr venting berr^rrnafe aeparaunf tiie hi o frjip the bi<x*! uli u? it healthy ami the cir^a'aiicn natural V? ,t . r-.e 8 <1 of the SEAWEED TO NIC and MA\ f)RA K K PILL**, The vyatem re.cme* ita ntal<uy cocnttior. the Bi.r titeut matter. atcce-sea at?? aii akera'-iubt of tb" larr*: niMyie'd f> *^*ir ?o?rer. In a ?v-ry j%r? of Phila'-lfh;a t lie re a e f* orr jrho rave cecaovrsd of CbLMiuuon in I ita ?e?eiai Ltagea h* tt e use tf Ur K-iief ioinea. Mar* p?rwjn? have Jveo ie?t< red to by the^f. ?eii??<lie3 af-r oorfii.eol to tr^r bidn, rt.'nc-d in m*re iketMo * aid troubiej with eoaRtf ui*h" sweata, heot>o:ever an-i ail tna other indioatioua of an a<iTai:eed tat? of the disea.e ba* bj an er**?ir ttion with the K?>piro>t et? <~ue ubk uftj ne>g i )tt_o ic m:d t wiein If ; e%i<hy Oimaiuon. It csac?t b?,.!oo't?(l tai' nn y'lWi ha?e rsv^d h? afrbeiy reavrt t-? tht?e ren???d es. It ia true tuat in ai ca? ? wi.ere ou>ea?re e3>oted the pvi*nt mutt hive eorae lunrr rerna.ntci; but tno> card* o! VJCTIMS ??F CONSUMPTION 1 hav<? d??oecard to their grave* who n.i*ht > r# been cured if they had com* to Dr **che: ot ia tiuus aui placed thttui?6|ve? under b.a o reoboj* it ia mt dtnie<t that some who twerobeuck'* Palm u10 Sirup die ai-o. Tiiej e'imic6i>oe loo late. Ail that Dr. bchecck claima tor hi* tuedc n# ic their ability to ?eg u ate and inv.iorat* f-e whoi-iyitein. tn ria?n th* ^ he .1 ie?aa ..<! iaAili<?ta ??.-<< * - ? - V rvw ?u rf ia i.U i??v 'ii a.o Ui? U cum JC oftha morbU ma ter, to relax the muooti* membrane of the broiiohial t jbe?. and to dislodge f ?nr. thoaatubea the toiuh pWe<inor puru e?t m?'t'r whioh ob-tructa 'hem ad produooa termua dues ?c? of the o'?am> of re*pira<ion SOHENGK'S PuLM >M J 8IRUF will prolone life aunftimes aev' rai luon'ha, by kae:ing the bronchial tabe f:?? from the putrid mauer which iinprdea tt e r faucti<-oa, when the laiga ere too lar g- ne t--> cure. There ia > o medicine tLa ca: cure Conanmt"on wn-n b,.luoga *r?j di eai<M, ana Dr. t-cfceiick would rather e<ery r-a* would know (heir true condition before takr g ne n:e4i ciu?. H-> treat< no dieeaee but those of the Lufi Liver and Strioach asd mafcea n? pfcar<es fur ad Tina, or examining luagtin tn? ordinary w^f.of ae phyaioiana ceacrMl* do; hut (or a th?n?ngn ex a>o nat.on with toe Kerp.roaieter he char*-* three do lar a. a:;d wishes every on*-rich o'poor,t?tat haaat'ongk. Fain in the Side, or Shqnld-r-blad*. iioubled wt-n ? oativenesa or Diarrina, talow VXilTip exicn 1/U?? OI b'?W BfchT" ieiiMia at Nif ht or auy ot' er dues o iMd ff to Consumption, to cftli on him ud get his M vioo. DR J H 8i"HKN<"K will tx? %t his ae?Gts(**. B. Wiin'i,) corner Lomi t't aveuueaid *ib ata.. oa Wednes-'ay. February ?tfc ?.i.d Wedaeatfar, March *tb. to aee latifrt? eowrlauiiLK +nk ( at III. OoMs, Li?er Ooirplan t, I: *&p'p? t,or r, j oii?u* ieadinc toCnt?jmpuoi be ai?e? eltnc viftiovt oh**t?, nn:e>B tforf vest a t?or? a** * ammatioE vil i hi* Hesfsronu tor, then la* f^ois tlireetfoMaro, i < Pnuc of toe Felmoulo Sirip, ft per bottie or $& ivr half di'ser. k *"59 r f tae t^a Weed Teaie,f 1 per bottle or $i per a% f Price of ia? "Tm Irak* Pill a, 25 eeaU per box. fogs wtaTn.* /" OAL OIL ?? CT*. RtRWKXt; oiL 6d V/ i:Tft K O' L.LON Also, Barnsra fur Co*l La-? p-. vmeki rf^atre^c oiumn?j?. Aleo, l?:ge variety of Lamp*, e.o , at eer? low pr,c * at .ttUOJlh'tf, Weal Krd Drug Ptore. 1 is Pm . tp*..ia ICTA iarceaod cnerai stock Draaa. M* fco..1trmth M.d par* ?( mbvT* ?.* ?. *k-i TZM n*?hLA Si .. ?V? -! *? it**/* -V * *-? r?^ *2 ruaartte* nM i| **? i t ** r** i^ <? ui ?wr-u?iv?Nrf ft f'*)f ??r -I TlHl?fc t, ?tH(W |,t* >4MMf e-LglM ?Af>?, par ui 91 n*? ?* >?*? ? M**: ? t Yar<HT-lve r Ik " I* lavarttto't iocltir* ILc 1 * P Wt' hii kM ciLt n< iMily ?*mt 4J' ?!** r^r -r*ity t&r""r ncB? u vi^$ln?le copl?i (la rmrtcn) :U k( ft% '-Ti> -' " ^ - w??, ran ^ .itrif i?V* (kf ! luf p*f?*r ?' ?' ??1 NilKK CfcNT*. itr.LMKOI D'S GENUINE rRiPAEATIOf. - HM HL T CO NCM19 T* A t !J>99 Compound Fluid Ex raet kuc 1%, J N-ttH ?* < Htm 4*t f?t !i.'hk? : u 0 ?fcADU?CR. RIDNKVR. MAUL, >*? D iOft?i :AL fS L^i\U J * Tktt 5!?d ::n? InemM'^ ?u*wof i_i*i *ti?n. <1 tn? *b.on?s>r? uto ?*< j ? >buc. bi w not. t.ic Wiim ?* ttimoti tioiw. k-ili V' CKXtIDS.A.1. KM?ik 5^J *Tt V r? 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