Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1862 Page 2
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"eventvTstak. i ? .? .?...vtlON OfTV WEDNESDAY 91 ARCH 19 1*?8. jj~y?Tfcouch Th* Ma* 5a p'^ntwl pn t?>? t?a:r. pMi la aonth cf Balt'iuor?, Ita *dlt1"U l? so larye ts to r utr* It to pnt to pw?? at an early hour : A'lrtriutmmtt, tb*refor<\ ?bon!<t ^ ent In <xfore 14 o'clock otlwrw1*e th*y m*y Tint anr^M nntU fhr n**Tt d8V '>ti Ft' *!> at the vcrlona military camp* ar.3 poaltlona will confet a favor by keeping ua potted u to movenenti and afffcJra la tbelr vicinities. Spirit ?f the ntralaa Press. The InttlUgiMttr quote* from the proceeding* of a disunion caorua held In this city on the 5th of Jannarv, 1?61, by Senators from Georgia, Alabama. Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, acd F crlda, to abow that, in the very a of orbing the Southern States to ' aecede" from the Union In order to preeerre their "Instltutiona" Inlurw. these arentiemeA asked to be re tatned ta their poaltlona long enongb t? pre*rn: lb# psMt?e of certain irieararfa that might otherwIm b^ adopted to fruatrate tbelr design, acd a*??, If thev .bad power enough to compass tb!a end by remaining at their poata of duty in Cocgrraa, what pretext w?a left for secession on he ground of 'imperloua cecailty " ** The P.f tibhcan arguea (bat Congreaa baa f o*er ever a.avery in the D'?tr;ct of Columbia. Th* FCTUat of we comin?na :o the a tertirn cI the thoughtful the le'iet frcm the pea of Pratrosater General Blair, printed "n the flr?: page of to-dav'a Star. It waa written not long la reerocae to an Invitation to attend a pubi!c meeting of thoee la New York who awtar by the fentiooenta with rpferenc-e to alaverv repreaented br Mtsara. Greeley, V endell Pbililpa, Ch-ever, GarrUon, the Waahlngton Hipub!\-an Ud the actio*! generally who bold, with PhllHp?. that Toaaa**nt i'Oavreture, tbe negro revotailontat of St -D"?caingo, " wu a greater man than Cromwell, Napoleon or Washington." The erowdtd atat? of tbe Star's columns of late haa compelled ua to delay He insertion until this time, much agalnat car will; because we regard It aa being likely, mere than auf ct else we Lave Mtn In print for yeara paat, to bring back to th lr mrms tbe portion of th? race of American public man of tbe times who, without realiy designing to aid in tbe work of tbe ut'er destruction of so c!a:y throughout the United dtatea, are doing so in arriving to get tip and keep up a popular excitement upon tbe slarery question, that they may ride upon Its topmost wave There la, in truth, much more sound pfcllcaoph\ and common sense, as wel! as true patrlotltm, In this paper from Mr. Blair's pen than la to be foend elsewhere In the writings of the times upon the vexed question It la therefore destined to live In tbe memory of the country long after the froth cf tfce two claaaea of public men of this era, who brought about oar currant national troubles ?the abolition slang whanoers on the one hand, and the slang whangers wboconterd that there is no other American public interest worth a straw bat that of aouthern alavery?thai: have been forgotten. "Gbapflijio th* Monitor "?A correspondent cf the Biltlmore American wan'a those knowing Individuals who apeak ao confidently of the Merrimac "grappling7' the Monitor and towing L^r Into Norfalk, to "grapple" themselves with the t problem as to bow long it would take the former | v?M?>ito tow the latter Into Norfolk, supporog ; the b'.ack cheese boi ahould, in addition to the | exertion of her steam power In resisting the tow. j log process, happen to let go lta anchor with fifty ' or six'y fathoms of chain attached on a ^ood holding bottom. The writer might alio have asked what the effect would be, vuppoalng tbe Monitor succumbed to tbe towing operation, and, when ?he had been dragged within good hitting distance of Norfolk, opened h*f two guna on the city A retired sea captain out \Vest ?u{r^?#'.s that the tower of the Monitor should be covervd wi'h a coating of stap and tallow, (auch as is frequently pet on ships' bottoms:) which would present a p?r?ec:Iy smooth surface, and gre?tly increase th.? ch^nca of shot glmcing o?. if they happen to bit the vessel, and would likewise lncree?e the d'flica!ties of the '-grappling" process Thi Hinru'i Fmt Giicsi is Oan* The &alawioT? American of this m?:nlng says thit President Garrett has received a d spat< L stating that laet evening a train with a stock cf eoal crossed tue railroad bridge at Harper** Ferry Tbe dispatch further says: * "We were received with great che??r'ng by the eMUrs and ettiaens. We will run to Charle??owa to morrow, (to-day > Besides trestUng one bridge we have ?ecured ethers on the Wincbes'er *0 d We will finish tra< k iron tiestilag to morrow '* Tat RaatLs Fibiks ?t tiizir owa Woxim 4!<D CaiLSara ?As a portion of Gen. Banks' colartn entered Newton, ten miles from Winchester, OB the Str*?hnrc rosd * *lllu? nf l>nn thmm. /l 1 laaaoitar.ta?on Saturday laat, the retell cper.rd oa :te town with two field plecea, the atr^eta at the lima being filled wltl^women and children, who wero fore?d to Mek refuge 1b the cellars. Ciiiriii Fbom9tioj>??Tee fallowing clerical pre aaetloTja have tbla day been made in t&e ofi e of the Aod'.tor of the Treaatiry fbr tie Pes: I Offlte department: F I. Seybolt, of New York, to a fo jTit-e'ata clerkablp?aalary ?1.600 F*' Bum ; J or B will, of Obio, third class-f 1 ?C0 and M C. Munson of Virgin!*, and Z. P. Gunion o! ludi<u>a, earh 'e nd class?*i.4ls>. Tub Mni j(?c TO BiVi a Heath* AlxiKisi ?The Richmond Dispatch lntlma'ea that tht Virginia, stU< the Merrlmac, since her ra#?nt con es: with the Moaltor, has changed her forward and aft pivot euna. for two of the mi? bra ted Armatroor puna, of henry oalibro Illmii or He* alrikd Elt ? rion Alfred Klv Is with dipbtfcera at Wlllard'a Financial?From the N. Y. Evening Tost of ytaterday T e atoek market la very firm again to-day, earee'ally on government a?cur!tl?-e. which are freely tak-n In the face of realizitlona by tte r??ss in# long Sixes ol l*j0l are wan'rd at 93Jg^94 for the Registered, and 9)ka93?f for 'he Ct'uport. The Fi'eaof 1871 and '74 arc scarce at ma-h higher rMc>?. The Coupons of 1874 are now 67){ bid, 96 asked Thirds a deelded Improvement in bank atocka. Tb? tio'd markrt Is mire active and higher Moat of tbe aalra yesterday were at tmy and doll n that, but this morning 101)* la freely bid The cew government certificates of indeb'edn?s?, hearing 6 r er cant. Interest, have mad*- their appearance la Wall street. They have not yet been issued in any quantity, and may be quoted about 98. ' Ohio C 9. Sanato* ?Tba ?barp contest going on In this State ended in Republican Union caucus. 44 for W ade. 35 for Delano, 9 for Uroesbsck 1 for Ewtng, 3 for Odlin. i for Schenr k. Tbe Unun agreed to postpone election till next eta! OB bv a vote afllinli J ? ' ? * " - - orricui uKDM-iim cotra H"i iquarttrt, Army if Ik* P.tomae. > Fmrfax Court Homti, March 1?, lSfl'J J Cwai Or Jits. >e. 101.?In compliance with tbe Pr eident'a VV?r Order No 2, of Mtrrb 9, Icftl. tb? tctlve portion of the Army of tbe Potod u formed into Army Corp* m follow* F rrt Corpe, Major-Gereml Irwin McDowell, to roa?!*t, for the pr*??nt. of the diTlaton* of General* Franklin, McCall and King ?*eood C->ip?, Brigadier General F. V ?um ? ~* ?-- ? - ... - > >- v* ?lill'U* ni KlCbA.'dSOQ. Blenker and ijedgw ck. Third Corps, Brigadier General 3 P. Helntipi. man, e?ni!sting of the dfYtsloDt of A J. Porter, Hooker aod Hamilton Fourtt Corpft, B'lgadier-Genoral E.l> Key*, rooslaclig of the divisions of Conch, Smith and Cavy. Fifth Corps, Mi>)or-(ienerat N. P. Banks, ron !stir<g of the divisions of Wlillama and Shields I he rav-i'iy regiments attached to the divisions will, fur the p.-esout, remain so. Subsequent orders will provide for there regiments, as well a ' f th** rru*p*p i?1 ? 1 * 4 J ? ? .. ...... j , i.^uiai iuiuu) ana re^'tlar > atralry. At4- jj mn;ti will be made to onlt? tke dWialoo? of act Army Corps u promptly aa poatlbie. I !i- < pa.aidi.dera or* will at once re- i n?n m fwrniB, or ?t?r? that la 1 lupous Hue. by It-ti r, the rommauder ?f their Army C. rpa. H\ ?.a.ioai'd of Mtjur General MrCleilait: A V. Collvm, Aaa't Ad't General. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. Many exaggerated sta'ementa having hera mide aatofke mortality In the army, It la aacwrtalned frnm < tfl !al source* that the number of death* among the Regular* atatloned here for the quarter pndinvr with March. 1-61. vni 28; for the quarter ending with June. H3 regular! and 40 oinnWr*; for the quarter ending with September, 56 r?^r.!ara and volunteera; and for the quarter ending with December 10P regulars and -*,9:0 volntteera Total dratha 3;9*0, of which 100 arose from wound*. The above dratha were In 25? regimenta, Includ. lng the army of the Potomac. TBI COMMI'BIOX CPOJI PRISONERS 0T STATK. * * * - m The romniuiion mauve to rritoners 01 ivaxe? composed of General John A . Dix and Hon. Edward* Plerpont?have ordered that during the hotire when the ccmmlK Ion is in ?es*ion no personal interview cau be had with the commit lonen ie!aUiig to any other case than the one on trial at the time; but any communication, in wrltlrp, 8ddreM>ed to the rommle?!on, or to the ecretary, E. P Wtbtter, E?q , will be rcelvrd at an y tlir.e Olil JK LUSLLAn I I BV/.1 IliP n'JB J?. Gen. McCleilan's horse caught one of hii legs In a b'oken pi nk, while crossing the Long Bridge, yes'e day efts;noon, and threw bis rider For a moment the General was In a critical position, but ?e Instantly regained !.!?tadd!e, amid the cheers of the bystanders With the exception of a slight br*ise he was not at all Injured. THX FIERCE FIC-HTING. AT TITS BA.TTtX OF FX* ftlBOK. A letter received in Washington to-day state* tbnt, at 'he b.itile of Pea Kidge, Col. I^dge, ??f the 4'h Iowa regiment, went Into the fluht with 3<re hu J.-rd men, and out of that number one hundred and eighty were killed or wounded, while tb* ^nllaut Colonel hrd three horats shot under hlic, cr.d was himself slightly wounded SVACC4T10N or AQCIA C&KKX. The tv^ Leslie arrived at tha Navy Yard last evening, from the lower Fotmac. She reports that a large fire was raglcg at Aqula creek as she psssfd yesterday afternoon. It is probable that b? f >re t?;e reh-1* left they set fire to the wharves, buildings, kc The Potomac is now entirely free of reb?i batteries. C JM H EUSIUNA L * JXlV:ilth ( ON?*RKKS? Sec?nd >?s?iou Kisatk? After our report closed yesterdav? The r?rolution In respect to tb* loyalty of Mr. Plarke wu alter tome discussion referred to a special committer. Mr Clark Introduced a bill to compensate the jailors who were on b a:d of the Cumberland v.ue;i she wes attacked by tfce Merrlmac f?r lost ciotbli j:, Acc. TLf bill wa-> j>a?sed I'tie bill providing far tbe abolishment of slavery in the District of Columbia was taken up and Mr Ha e addusstd the Senate at length in favor cf the bill. The bill was postponed until to-day, and after a short extcutlve session the Senate adjourned. Hoc?e ?After our report closed? The <ti-cu-s on was further continued on the bt.l to I: rrtiSt the etlieiency cf the inidical ctfrp* of the army. 1 be consideration of the tax bill wa? resumed, and occo; i?-?l theatttention of the House until the art jour uuut. Wendell PHJLL-PS AND HIS (^TAKSR GUN? ? The i!ory o! tbe Quaker Gun*" at i>lanaa?aa, wtl> h waa a 'i d upon with malignant pleaaure by Wendell 1'blliip*, the N?w York i'rlbone m.d o'ht-r Abo ition malcontents, lo ^ive point to tbeir alaodera a^nlnj-t Gel. McUlellan, turua out to 1>" a canard set nffoat by our own soldiers. Cel. K H Wright and Col. J J. Aator, who role iLrou^r- the r?-bel works immedi^My afier they wtre entered by the advance guard of the national troops, are reported as atatlnc moat poaitivelv that there were neither "Quaker guns" nor pa'nted ioga, n >r lo^a of any kind in tbe embrasures at that t in?* ?Phi'a. Inquirtr. tCTIIon TLecd .e Frel'nghuyaen Is lying diu^-ror.*ly ul at IjIs r<* drnce in New Brunswick Uut (light fcop^a of his recovery are entertained.? T-ticark Ntvci, 1 ~th. r U i iK LADiLiS OF T11E FIRST 15APtie! mvite a.i who w:i?h to aid tir mini i'U" Umi tnoir h>u?e ot wjr>h'p, lat<? t <]: t te ' t.j a ficrm. to Mtesd ? t'hSS 11 VAt, a\d K \1K. the* intsn 10 %1 ? ai I'arVer's Hall, Pa. i^, beiWifD 6 h sr.U 7th, (opioei'.n 1,'rovii a liOiei.' nitn.etc.iLt MUNUaV Mrriii Cje'i iiutions suitable for m.-li an .. vr.! !>w t acc-p'ab.e, a^d ma> i>? aei t t?- J. \\ . i?lh K1.. '<*-1 7ih ,'?" ve I. mi's 2t? i KaiTOK, AARON BtTK K," RLV. WILLIAM ll.MILBURN, TH B B LI .V D r II E AC HER, \** . , J-?: >> in u- iTcr nis f-F 'OND AND LAST LECTURE j A T WESLKYCHAPEL. Jornor cf Fu'tk ftni F atreit*. On THURSDAY EVENING, March**, SuH'ct? Iht Lift ami Character nf Airon Bvrr. Ticket* 25 Ci5T?. For jV at tt:o iio?k"!orf* an*' at the I><?? a oven ft! 1; Lecture t<? oonwnoe at a o'cik. I mhl?-2t* Y-S*THK FE8T VALOFTliK LUTHERAN i 11 < ?"Hl!K.''H Will be continue* for three e?e I nibaaol i r *1 ck. oamm^ncitR THIS (Moudftf) F.ViuT*: N if; the kMfmeQl of ti?? Cbup-u at th" cr.-ri r t U nrd 1 ith ?f inli 17-3t* (Y*=? ' flK FXHIRIT1TION OF THE 8AD J J? t,t ; cch> cf 6(.r*ueh Obapel. -which wan p -(?.r>u"t of tii? w ?'hrr, uiliako p ' <v or. W -.D ,, >D\Y EVENi.NS, Mft oh >9, ( Pro vl: - - '.tiii.ifttthetixiii ?tre#t Frest>? r i-j ci u.-ehi UaaU, iKev, ?)r. N^ble'a.) T V '' o . ^'vl^e--. n? cnt? n h 17-3.* y i I IONIAN LK1TI RKs???Hi J < U > ;? K i V MIV chiotu, Frof FairMas iltesB-. oi Fhilft't p>i<%,viii o ininence a oi'trMoi l?j'i *"Tt e Giftci.'ra " i lu-tr&t <i 4itt'<n . H'?p-ih'ioftreinvited. Admittance .. ??. I . cf ,.ro wt.i o at 8 o'o.ock p. m. mh H 3 '. jjjp- AYAFEIy.GT^LKCTURE ASSOC 1A FRIDAY EVENING. Maroh 21, i wntT ait?) Leorure, by WILLIAM GOODt.LL, KtfQ ,ol New York. Subject? Tkt enstitut'tn Jar kmnn'.ipation, and i'Muarir*(<m for t\e Constitution. ITT- T.'fVet ( !#?? Will be ? tliv?r tiojit is ut tr.e uoor to ivoid c>d/usiod. 9 (Vo^mV^11 cioof; LiPoture to ooiuid6ro6 it . M?? **o!i i to be obtain*! at the door ?".a fit t':o Hook tore*. t-. _ NIH 1 * I <YW*- HACK DK1VKK8 ANII HACK OWNIk?! hKB-The Lumbers required to be worn, under thr* (r vision* of tee ordinance approved n lite R':ii of ary irtji, ui'ui be procured on or b?foie ih- 2T-?h lcet'ut. or the penalties of the or j di?aro??il be tt:i? t!? enfo o*d Hrordor: mi. IS * h tMlf. K I !>?'T ?>K POLiCK. T*f- "FFiCfc OK JOliNT COMMISSION L qf I'M !'! ? Si Vl'fcS AND COSTA HICA, WasHi.-Otofilar ii 12 .8-2 ? At a meeting of the U v:.i n d > i* ay it was ordered that the period of two i. i.i t; n fiwni ik hereby al.owsd lor cvmaM* ?o fi o t e r prooia aga.Dst t^eKnpntlio ol t.oj ta K,c*. ai.d n<? cxtei sum of said ffcritd w il oe allow it u kood cause *>iaii be shoirufor suc'i ?Ma*. mh '.4-xw OHA8. *v. n\y|i, Sec. f fcVn V i _W?} lNTf.KKt5T-rt? THE ii TKANGERS, A* h b<jL1)1 ERs -i r ave ins', received a verj large and lite inw.n.i.. of bpnng Clcthmr, which I am d ru;t a: uur uiuil: w priori, at No 460 f'evfnih - ^ ^p .p:te Huet t'ffioe. near F. fe >7-3m tW^T.lh UNION PKAVfcR MEETIN8 Will. -L *< da? t ir we. < in the Lutheran <. hire*, .:ev. J. tj. Dot er's.j a: the corner of llfli >..( ii -? ? * " ,.u. -n*. u ?v. :r: o, L-MlllKCUCinf ftl <K O'OiOOk 9 ID., tiifi ?crtlT ??l mit or:0 twur. ja 2" HOh^K KOK SALE ? Soncd and kind. Apply It Ncu 'a jjea.auariaf. _iy on nc lrnli htrtioi au-1 Pecn-y .varna ava , i?. H r-?? IiAK III ?> K. H? US. UNi; * EAR CKRT1FIOATK8. Ql AK IERMASJTEKS' VOUCHERS*. BuucLt by KlTTENHOUSF. PANT 4. CO., B? ukeTt, 324 PennaylTauia ar. nib la j w [lcUlllgenceM TJU-T PI'BLIMED, HK N?w 1 (ii n G -mac.! r ec?a?t.->c,or Bketahea oftfce Rebellion; iu?t tno tiJng for the family oircle, or to send o tha Lcionro dier. Pablialied by J ?H i P. OHAkLiOW, Pki?del?hia. and for *a:ct'T JOS SHlbLIIMbToN. mh e< .im at. and Pa. areans. ^ 3 10 TivbABtRV MOlEtf, _ v. e. 0UAUB. Bought and sold by Kll itNHOUPE. FAN? ft CO., anfcere, lii'i fennaylvsnia av. m*- J? lw [It-tel i|?- per) |?Oft BALE-FOR #*# CASH -i he owner 17 l&vii,, uu Juiii?( use ior him; a ry ?p nu-<! am gcotla > itORsr., ab ail^fl m* 1 ar* old it* u >& bifb, *nc* ? w i.? wet tu harneae or under ihe aaddle. He can be?. e * at H AZ. L'B Stabie, in titv ie.uvg. nt. J. V. COLLINt?. nULP ANO_EX0HAN?FL?,.W. ALL ?HB ., rumtirAL UI1IK8 I v t ?' . tn<1 to u by KITTK \ HOL'HK. KANT * CO.... Banker#, 36* ftfuiylvaantv, uiU li-lw I lntdiIi(?no<*r.) ' ?* ?i TBI VICTORY IH WORTH CAROLINA. Official Dlipttck*l6ci> Barnlde. H tail quarters DrparimtMt if M Ttk Carolina, ) Nkwbibm, March 16, 1^. J (tin. L Thymus, Arij't OtmU U. S. Army General: I have the honor to rep?rt that after embarking the troop* with which 1 Intended to attack Newborn, In conjunction with the naval force, on the m^rnine of the 11th, a rendezvous wm made at Hatter** Inlet Flag Officer Goldaborough hiving been ordered to Hampton Roada, the naval fleet w&a left In command of Commodore Rowan. Karly on the morning of the 12th the entire force atarted for Newbern; and that night anchored off the mouth of Slocum's Creek, aome .>< >> V. n mlUa rv> V n wKam T Karl ri^uicrii uiur* iiuiii new waavav; a uuu uccld? d to make a landing. ? The landing commenced by 7 o'clock the next morning, nnaer cover of the naral fleet, and was effected with the greatest enthusiasm bv the troop*. IWanv, too Impatient for the boats, leaped Into the water, and waded waist deep to the shore; and then, after a toilsome march through the mud, the bei>d of the column marched within a mile rnd a half of the enemv's stronghold at 8 p. m , a distance of twelve miles from the point ot landing. where we bivouacked for the night, the rear of the column coming up with tbeboat howitzers about three o'clock nest morning, the detention being caused by the shocking condition of the read*, eonnenuent unon the kan rain that had fallen during that day and the wbote of the night ?the men often wading knee deep In mud, and requiring a whole regiment to drig the eight piecf s which had been landed from the navy and our vessels. B\ signals agreed upon, the naval vessels, with (be aimed vessel* of my force, were Informed of onr progress, and were thereby enabled to assist us much In our march by shelling the road in advance. At daylight on the morning of the 14th I ordered an advance of the entire division, which will be understood bv the enclosed pencil sketch. Gen. Foster's brigade was ordered up the matn county road to attack the enemy's left; Gen Reno uptbe railroad to attack their right; and Gen. Parke to follow Gen. Foster, and attack the enemy in front, with Instructions to support either or both brigade*. I muni defer, for want of time, a detailed account cf the action. It la enough to say that,after an engagement of four hour*, we succeeded in carrying ;t continuous line of Held work of over a in We in length, protected on the river flank by a battery of thirteen heavy guns, and on the opposite flank by a line of redoubts of over half a mile in length for riflemen and Held pieces, in the midst of swamps and dense forests, which line of work was defended by eight regiments of Infantry, five hundred cavalry, and three batteries of H*-ld artillery, of six gun* each. The position was finally carried by a most gallant charge of our men, which enabled us to gain the rear of all the batteries between this point and Ncwbern, which was done by a rapid advance of the entire force up the main road and railroad, thp r.aval flppt mwintlm? nu?Klno It* way up tbr river, throwing their shot into the forU and in front of us. The enemy, after retreating in great confusion (throwing r-.way blankets, knapsacks, arms, Ac ) across the railroad bridge and the county road bridge, burned the former, and destroyed the draw of the lat'er, thus preventing further pursuit, and causing detention in occupying the town by our military force, but tbe naval force had arrived at the wharves, and commanded It by their guns I at once advanced Gen. Foster's brigade to take possession of the town by means of thenaval vessels which Commodore Rowan had kindly volunteered for tbe purpose. Tbe city was ?et on Are by the retreating rebels in many places, but. owing to the exertions of the naval officers, the remaining citizens were induced to aid In extinguishing the flames?so that but little harm bas been done Many of the citizens are now returning, and we are now in quiet po?*eulon of the city. We have uflvc ( apiurru igr priming press, ana snail at once iuue a daily sheet. By this victory our combined forr* hare captured eight batteries, containing forty-six heavy guns; three batteries of artillery of six guns eachmaking In all sixty-four guns; two steamboats, and a number of railing vessels, wagons, horses, a large quantity of ammunition, commissary and quartermaster's stores, forage, and the entire camp equipage of the rebel troops; a large quantity of rosin, turpentine, cotton, Ac., and over two hundred prisoners. Our loss thin far ascertained will amount to ninety-one killed an 1 four hundred and sixty-six wounded, many of them mortally. Among these nre some of our most gallant officers and men. The rebel loss Is severe, but not so great a* our own, being ?tfectually covered by their works. Too mucn praise cannot be awarded to the officers nnd men for their untiring exertion and un ceasinsr patience in accomplishing this work. The effecting of tbe landing and tbe approach to within a mile and a baif of the enemy's works on tbe I3tb, I consider an great a victory as tbe engagement of the Htb. Owing to tne difficult nature of the landing our men were forced to wade ashore waist deep, march through mud to a point twelve ml lea distant, blvouack in low marshy ground, in a rain storm, for tbe night, engage tbe emrayat daylight In the morning. Hunting tbem for four hours amid a dense fog that prevented ?hem f oin seeing the position of tbe enemy, and finally advancing rapidly over bad road* upon the city. In the midst of all this not a complaint wax beard; the men were only eager to accomplish their work. Every brigade, and In fact every regiment, and I can almost say every officer and man of the force landed, wu In the engagement. 1 he men are all In good spirits, and under the circumstances are In good health. I beg to aay to the Ger.eral Commanding that I have under my command a division that can b? relied upon in any emergency A more detailed report will be forwarded as soon as I receive the brigade returns. The Brig, udier Generals, having been in the midst of their regiments whilst under lire, will be able to give me minute accounts 1 beg to say to the General Commanding the nrmy that 1 have endeavored to carry out the very minute instructions given me by him before leaving Annapolis, and thus far events have been sic"ularly coincident with his antlclnntir>n? i ouly hope that we may in future be able to carry out in drtall the remaining plana of the campaign: the only thing 1 have to regret la the delay caused bv the elMnenta. 1 desire again to bear testimony to the gallantry of our naval fleet, and to expreaa my thanks to Commander Rowan aud the officers under him fo- tbelr bosrty and cheerful co-operation In thla movement?their aaalaUnce waa timely and of great ?et vice In the accomplishment of our un| dertaking i onmtea to mention that there was a large arrival of reinforcements of the enemy in Newbern dm lng the engagement, which retreated with the rematuder of The army by the can and the country road* I have the'honor, General, to be your obedient servant, a. e Buknsidk, BrVg. Gen. Com'd'g Dep't North Carolina. P H ?1 enclose the nameanf killed and wound> ed as /ar as received The third brlgsde being so far distant It Is Impossible to communicate with It in time for this mall. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. Our troops, con&lstim^of b,000 men, under Gen. Durusiae, landed on Thursday evening of last week near the mouth of Blocura creek, west side of the Neuse river, fifteen miles below Newbern. Owing to a dense rog the naval vessels did not participate in tbe tight. Karly on Friday morning tbe fight commenced. Our troops advanced along a country road runuing parallel with the Meuse river, but a mile or two in the rear. The road Is vkirted on the west side by a railroad and a dense swamp. All along the river side were series of batteries, which ? _ 1 * - were mien uv our troops, one after another, after nome bloody band-to-hand contests. . Oar troops were divided Into three brigades, under Gens Reuo, Foster and Parka. We advanced gradually, the enemy deserting their guns, until we reached a line of earthworks extending to u cross road from river to swamp on tbe west, a distance of some two miles. These earthworks were very strong. Tbess were located { about two miles south of Newbern, and between them and the city ran Trent river. The county road and the railroad both passed through these works and crossed Into the city by bridges. In front of these works tbe rebels had felled a large number of trees, forming an almost Impenetrable abattis. Here the flying rebels were rallied and made for a while a desperate stsnd. Oar brave fellows fought until all their ammunition was spent, when a^prder to charge bayonets was given snd the w<Ms were finally taken at the point of tbe bayonet, the enemy flying, lMvisg everything behind them. In "> ? ' " *1?* * v-? >mvj will* iuo ormgci commatilcstlng with the town over both the county rosd and the railroad. At they had train* of can in their rear just acroao the bridges, they were of coorie able to carry oft their wounaed and dead. Their loss la therefore not certainly known, bnt must have been pretty aevere. Before our troops reached this last crooswork tbev encountered another which was deserted before they came up. It was in front of this last fortification that thumMt loss was sustained. Our entire loss is jRmsted at to killed and 400 wounded and missing. The force of the rebels is supposed to hars keen about 8,000. We captured a number of prisoner*, r--i * ?< ww*. ?yj who carvM Bis soi4iert li cowards. J uit u tb? battle terminated the fog lilted and enabled our gunOoaU, which had been Impatiently waiting for an opportunity to participate in tbe fight, to come up the river, and our troope were furnished with meena of trfnaportation acroaa tbe Trent river to Newborn. Tbe rebela attempted to Are the town in their retreat but werw prevented bv the elth<?? eitlngtuahed the flina u hit u thev were tart?d by the soldlera y WCT* N one of our general* noriay staff oAun w#r*> wounded. ywr?5SS?fSJ thirty to forty cannon. Tbe oAcera of n>ili left . m their private traps behind In (Mr Inal retreet, and the nea threw away everything. The fight terminated at 3 o'clock p. m on Friday when oar troopa remained maatera of the position. Another account *aya the approaches to Newborn had been strongly fortified by the rebela. The mainland, for thirteen miles south of the AI#? tvM m /lAntlnnAtia a ? ?t? vitf wm mmm v WH<ia<iUt? VUVtCVIiVII VI I IMC |JH? UU batteries, wbllsflve heavy batteries lined the cos*t of tbe Nen?e river. These batteries were mounted with the most approved rifled guns, and 'bey were worked with great aklll.

About one hundred rifled guna, a large quantity of ammunition and a numer of amall arm* were captured. A freight train loaded with ammunition, evidently Intended for tbe batteries below tbe clty,waa taken possession of. tk* ?k?U * ?--? ??? i1v?? r v pvpuiativu ursoTKU Uic WWB( and when the (Jnloo army entered It tbe negroes were engaged in tbe work of pillage and destruction. A provost marshal was immedlatsly appointed and good order promptly restored. Tbe rebel loss is about SOU killed and wounded and 300 taken prisoners. They fought behind breastworks, which accounts for the fact that tueir loos Is not greater. At latest accounts Gen. Burnslde had fall possession of tbe town of Newbern, and bad his pickets posted for many miles around A num b*r of ttie in habitant* bad fled, but were rapidly returning, on the imrtnce given Uul they weald be amply protected In private property and rights. There were large quantities of aaval stores in tbe town, all of which waa claimed u private property, and will be ao reapec-ed. The Federal troop* engaged In the flgbt were principally from Mansaehuaetta and other New England States, and they exhibited Indomitable bravery and pluck, aa their heavy loans* Indicate. The engagement lasted three hours before the batteries were stormed. The capture of Newbern Is moat important, cutting off Fort Macon, under whose guna tbe rebel ateamer Nashville now lies, from all railroad communication with the interior of the State. Tbe dlstsnce from Newbern to Fort Mason, which Is located near the mouth of Roanoke Island, is not over twenty mllaa by railroad. cnn nnn LBS- rough tallow and OWUjUUU Array GrMMWMtod for whioh the highest price will be pai 1 at the National Soap and Candle Aoika.Grern itreet and Canal, Geo getown. 0. C. mh 19-im* C. B- JE*?ELL. Proprietor. T ATTENTION! HKUn'tnifDed hai received a large ock of F?l x Reading ALE and LA6ER BEER, to which he rrspeotfn'ly culls the attention 01 all hotel and reeta?irant keeper#. charles madbs, mh 19 1 w* corner Pa. avenue and 3d atreet. rtpbra and field glasses, 8pectaw cles.fto We open this morning a large assortment of Upera, Marine and Pleld Glasses Also, Gold, Silver and fine "teel 8pso?aoies. M. W GALT A BRO., Jewelers, 394 Pa av , 4 doors west of tne mh!9 -St Metropolitan (late Brown s) Hotel. DORR a fo , Rmm, JIT Seventh street, Washington. D. O. bny, sell, regnlaris*. prepare, oolleot and pay Arm?, Navy, and all other i'n<ii*psted Claims on the l>. S. Government at Washington or other omes. U S. Bonds, Ceit fioates and other valnes negotiated. Information given, p*reon?lly or by letter. Referenoei?Wm. H Aspinwall, E?? : Wilson G. Hunt. k>?. Messrs. Spefford. Tileeton & Co.. of New York ; Mmih. John E. Thayer k, brother, of Boston. nth 19 at* I7RUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TR EES, kc r The undersigned respectfully offers an ia>niense steok of PRUIT TREES, of r*rr vigorous, thrifty growth, and at greatly rednoed prioee.vis: 40.M0 Peach trees, bact varieties. 5\0M> dwarf Rears, Standard Fears, Aprioots Cherries, Pigs, eotannes, trainees, Ao ; Grase Vines, CoLOOrda. Delaware. Cuyahoga, fco ; Blaokberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Rhubarb and Asparagus Roots, Ao ; Evergreeen, Sha'e, and Ornamental Trees; Shrube, Rous. Dahlias, Perennial Phloxes. With all articles partaiwng to the Narsery and Seed busine*s,oheap. JOHN SAUL, mh 19 erflt* Seed Store, 396 7th at ,oorner H. CH. RIVART A CO. SILLER Y CHAMPAGNE DEPOT REMOVED TO 0 l> * ? - ? * ct c. tuxniK ur riitN. AVixri awd SflxTH ST., Clarendon Hotel Building, Washington. H. ROSEY, Agist, Nhv York. JAMES MOLAN, Agist, Washington, 1>. C, SHERRY, PORT and MADEIRA WINES. FINE OLD BRANDY and WHISKY. (17 A liberal dieoount to dealers. mh 19 ^ kyyh e b e h t detect o r ! national BANK NO T K RKT>nr?'reT? ? ? ? ?? ?- a. V AJ XW y published on the 15th of eaoh inont? by FELD ft LAKE. Pittsburg Pa , At On* Dollar Year, in advanre, la the Largest and B*at Deteetor of COUNTERFEITS, BANK FRaUDS. ?RD BROKEN BANKS published in the ooontry. and, by givinc the ratee of discount for Niw Yon, PtTTSBCl'., AND CL*v?LAND. the advantacea of an Kaatern and Western Detector are combined in cne. Kaoh number contain* the 'ateat inteHiRer.o of Stv Co*nitt/tii$, Bank fhtluT'i, and a variety of information naefal to the Dustneaa publio Thos? who may wiah to see a eample nnmber of the Reporter ?ho?ld call on Meaara. Gctthelf* Behren. Variety Store, No SS9 7th at., between H and I where they may alaoleave th?ir ?uh?firi?tmn?- I'mIi ?K??r.v,? .- - ? ? ? ?. -r ???? -M ? MI HITnisbed with a ooms'etd Coin Chart Manual containing fac similes of all the gold and s I?er ooins in the world, with the U 8 v*iu?> attached. For the reliability ani standing of tha "National," we refer to the Banke, Broker* and barmen men generally of Waahint'on City. FELD A LARE. Publishers, mh jW Pitubarg. Pa. FOR HALE?An unoommoiilj handecme, well bred, fine sised, Cavalry Offioer'a av HORSE, clor bay. Can be aeen at E KKaRNEV'8 8tablea, oorner of bt. Paol^EZX and Centie streets, Baltimore, on Thnrsday and Friday next, 10th and 21st inst. mh 18 3.* ^OYBTKRS-OVBTKBI - OVSTKR8 of the be?t *ua!itr oan be had Ireeh ererr day, at the Old Oyater Stand, No. 30s Ninth atreet, between D and Avena*. mS 18 lin* AYREBt CO. a htafif. pur MANAHRAi) via Piloo a A Court Honee,giving pu?D|?ri rfywf-t. an opportunity ol wait nc the baPlf Id. will leave oppoaite Hilhora'aJHEcSSS CigarStore.above Wi l?rd?'Hotel. nextSiturdST. and af er that eve'y Tueedar, Thurtday and 8atu day moraine, at 10 o olook. returmcg the following evamng. Fare f?r the round trip, #6. Refreihmenta o\n be bad on board. Paeiee repaired. mh II THB UNDKBSiGNBD Wiehee to inform hi. J. mends and the poblio that he haa opened a Saw Filiag and * epairing Shop on the oorner of 7th and 8 atrreta, an 1 believing, from a long eiprneooe in ihe buaineea. that he will be able to pieaae the wood sawyer and the batoher and e\ery mechanic that aiei a saw. and hopes, b? a aMot attention to baameta that he will merit a ,hare of the publio patronage. inhll 'm* JOHN KEWNhALLY. r^nD PL-RariMfl IM Munpo nn>/?>?a. r vw * UV/ilkJ i ' 1 IWWUlVA 1 U ? I W I fl I Ml STANCES The great bulk of onr atook of Amerioan and European Liry tfooda. in all the de?ai tmenta of general ua speoiti Itimiy wants, *U selected and prioea arranged to meet the ieeuir<ments of the oiaaa ol persona above indioaUd. One prioe only, the aotual oaah value, marked in diatinotfigure*. PERRY * BROTHER, mb IMr Penn. av. and Ninth at V|T COAL OIL LAMPS It E Are bow opening, and a ball keep constantly whieh we offer to the msrehanta of Washington and Georgetown at the lowest Eastern prices, hoping th?y wi l give us a oall. Also, Coal Oil or the beet brands, by the barrel,(warranted.)at Baltimore prioea. Also, orders taken for Western Glass War*. Samples and prioas can be seen at onr newstore. No. 4f 6 Seventh street, opposite Uta post OAee, Washington, U. C. mh l?-fw * HENRY BAVLEY A CO. T FLAVORING EXTRACTS. X HE Prloe rodaoea to V Ants per bottle. Knight's Celebrated Flavoring Entreats, for Pastry, Blano Mange, Ioe Creams, J elBwrpiwir-*' Cheap Cash Store, ml> 11.H ??- ?" " " JU? '^tbbui ureecMRS. KATON, _ IU . Fajkiohabli Dimuin.. Hu ramoved from 4S4 Tooth ilr*t to 461 1 treat. between ith and 9th. sooth aid*. B. T. Taylir'a dreaaoatting rale bt Mra K. ?ah !*-! * BLACK 8ILE8,VERY RICH LU8TF.R8, J eat reoeived, in alltha beat gradea, and at the C0LL8Y, 5,00# yarda Small Fignred Frenoh. Bofltah, and KL3l?oB5?. Ji ik., mil 13 8t tSS Seventh atreet. above Pa. m. I gPLENDJD TA.BLK DA.MA.BK8. Towel* ud Towvllnfa in all ctmIm, Jaat rtwrtd u4 It tto loyit^t^jrUjL <81TU it,'MrwiK.w, |^| O U R N IN 0q GOOirn IN ALL BEST rag"-- ...agiffiS;'fflh. smAtt-twesr " %5?.-| lira ARB WOOKOKO MLOURI III I BOSriTAX.. Published ?? mnformihf wttk tkt r?lmti**? / tks SmmH / Julf 16, 1861. At Si >< !) Hwpitml, enr|fi*M, March 14. M U. 8. Infantry..... 7 3d Ponn. Raoervt .... ! lithdo do 1 Ok do do 3 1st do Artillery.... 1 5th do do 4 3d do do 1 7th do do s 1 3d Vermont Volunteer* ill Ith do do 7 4th do do l|?2d do do. 4 13th New York Vol... 9 tat do Rifle* 5 33d do do.... 1 2d Wlaronaln Vol.... 1 43d do do.... 1 31k do do 1 55th do do.... I 3d Maine Volunte?ra . 1 59th do do.... S 7th do do 1 Nd do do.... 3 3d Maaaachuaetta Vol. 1 Pflth do do....88 l?th do do.. I 8'h New York Cavalry 2 22d do do., t 3d Penn. Volnnteera. 1 lat Michigan Vol 4 38th do do 1 4th do do..(?) 1 7lat do do 1 KdD C Volnnteera.. 2 8th do do 3 10th New Jaraey Vol. 2 I0M do do 3 Oflcer'a aervant I 107t^do do 1 lat do fteaerre....lS Total 128 ( ) An oScer. At (taural tfMpttai, Union wnur Bride* mmd Wtukington itriili, Gmfiiom, Martk 14. lat New York Art. .. I #M do Volunteers . 1 13th do Vol... 163d do do * l?tb do do.... 1 91st do do 1 17th do do.... J 93d do do 3 19th do do.... 1 Kan*"* Riln P 3Id do do.... 9 4th Michigan Vol.... 2 41th do do.... S Stockton's Mtch Vol. 1 49th do do.... 3 id Maine Volunteer* . 3 90th do do.... * 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 77 th do do.... 4 3d do do 1 Slot do 4o....lS HirrliLigbtCinlry. 1 06th do do.... 1 MotCi Battery 1 03d do do.... 4 11th U. 8. Infantry... 8 Mb Now York Cavalry 2 4th Vermont Vol S lit Peon. Cavalry.... 7 5th do do 9 l?t do Volunteers 1 Signal Corps t 2d do do 71'id U 8. Artillery .... 4th do do 8 t5th do do ?th do do,.....10 Cameron Rifles 1 7th do do 1 4th Rhode Island Bat. 1 8th do do .... 7 7th Maine Volnnteera. 2 9th do do 14 6th Vermont Vol 9 10th do do S 3d do do 5 14th do do 6 61st do do 3 Total..... 194 At H*rpU*l 14 Mmmbimm Mlifi, Wmikmftm, March 14. 1st U.S. Cavalry 1 76th New York Vol... 5 3d do do 7 77th do do.... 2 4th do do 1 P9d do do.... 1 Sth do do 2 Rocket Battalion 1 6th do do 1 lat New Jersey CavalrvlT 3d do Infkntry.... 1 10th do 'Vol.... 1 14th do do 19 lat Pens. Artillery ... 2 id Maine Volunteers.. 1 lat do CaTslry.... 1 11th do do...... 1 4th do do....*. 3 7th Massachusetts Vol.15 6th do do ?4 Rhode Island Artillery 1 13th do Volunteers . 1 2d Rhode Ialand Vcl.. 2 56th do do 1 id Vermont Volunteers 3 71st do do S 3d do do,... 3 73d do do 1 5th do do.... I 91st do do 1 7th New York Battery . 10 103d do do 5 6th do do,... 7 103d do do 3 id do Caralry 1 Sturgia Illinois Rifles. 1 8th do do....39 McClellsn Dragoons.. 1 17th New York Vol... 1 3d Maryland Engtn'rs 1 U5th do do.... 1 19th Indiana Vol..... 1 , 30th do do.... 4 8th Michigan Vol 3 37th do do.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 44th do do,... 1 1st Minnesota Vol.... 1 CftW Jkjm. ? A tSV/lU UU HU.Mt <01 fl?d do do.... l| foUl 90? At Omural Hotyitai, (Oircit,) Watkirngtm, March 14. | latU.S. Cavalry 2 10th U. 8. Infantry.... 4 1 3d do do 1 11th do do 1 4th do do 3 14th do do 1 5th do do 1 17th do do 3 8th do do 1 UtMew York Artillery l tut do Artillery.... 9 3d do Cavalry. I 3d do do 7 13th do Vol 4 31 do do........ 7 82d do do..... 1 4th do do 4 3d Penn. Cavalry.... 3 3in do do 4 S6th do Volnnteen. 1 3d do Infantrv 44 Wtk do An 3d do do 20 3d Vermont Volunteer! I 4th do do SI 9th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 8th do do 4 eth do do 1 Total 130 At lndimmm Hespttmi (Patent OflUt), Waiktngtan, D. C., March IS. 13th Indiana Vol 1 S3d Penn. Volunteer!. 1 19th do do 29 021 do do 3 7th New York Cavalry 7 5th do Artillery... 3 3th do do. .19 1st BerdanSha-pt'n.. 2 9th do do.. 1 id do do 3 61ft New York Vol... 6 eth Rhode laland Vol. 1 Slat do do.... 3 5th do do. 1 13th do do.... 14 3d Michigan Vol 1 2d do do.... 1 4th do do...... 4 6id do do.... 3 6th Wlftconain Vol... 1 66th do do.... 3 7th do do.... 1 57th do do.... 4 Oneida Caralrv t?3th do do.... 2 McClellan Dragoons. 8 52d do dv.... 1 2d D. C Volunteer!.. 1 09th do do.... 1 Capt. Whitney's Inde70th do do.... 1 pendent Company.. 1 lit New York Artillery 4 Government employee 1 8lit Pain. Volunteers. 6 103d do do 2 Total 145 JMh do do 2 SUM rtmminmg to Ui Hotjifl fm Rmfttmt KmltrmmtM, M&rrk 14. 2d U S*. Cavalry ft New York Mounted 5th do do 2 Rifles I 6th do do 7 1st New Jersey Cavalry I 2d do Infantry 3 10th do VoL... 3 11th Maine Volunteers 1 1st Penn Ret. Cavalry 2 Tth Massachusetti Art. l 6th do Vol t 19th do Vol. 1 11th do 4o.... 1 ?2d do do. 1 5id Penn. Volunteers . 3 lit New York Artillery 4 Slat do do 1 12th New York Vol... 1 104th do do 1 37th do do.... 1 lMthdo do...... I 44th do do.... 2 ?tn Wisconsin Vol... 2 61st do do.... I ltth Indiana Vol 2 ttd do do.... 1 3d O. C. Volunteer*... 1 76th do do.... 1 sid Berdan Bbtrn'n.. 2 Plst do do.... 1 OAc*r>a servant 1 96th do do.... 1 ? Rocket Battalion 1 Total M Oneida Cavalry 1 At Qtnml Hospital, (Eckingto*,) Washington, Marc 4 14 1st U. 8. Cavalry 4 oeth New York Vol ..18 2d do do 1 IstU 8. Sharpshooters 1 1st New JerseyCaralry 6 <d do do...... 1 3d N?w York Caralry 1 llth U. 8. Infantry... 1 4th Penn. Cavalry.... 2 7th Maine Volunteers. 4 5th Ehode Island Bat. 1 75th Penn.Volunteers. 1 latN??V'apV AHllUrv O Md New* Ywk Vol /. \ | Total 44 At Dauglms Horpitai, t*m*r tf / strut mmd Ntw JtTSf armu4, March 14. Major. Paymaster.... 1 64th New York Vol... 7 Captain, CommUiary. 1 Mth do do.... 4 Sth C. 8. Cavalry..(a) 6 69th do do ... 5 1st do Artillery.... 1 y8th do do.... 8 Cameron Dragoons... 4 101st do do.... 2 lit U 8. Chasseurs ...14 1021 do do 1 19th U 8 Intentry... 15 lit New JeraeyCanlry 17th do do 6 lit fenn Cavalry .... 3 6th Maine Volunteer!. 3 8th do do 5 5th N. Hatnpehlre Vol 4 3d do Volunteer*.. 3 2d Verroontvolunteeri 7 11th do do 1 4th do do...(?) 1 3d do Rm. Corps. 1 24d Maasachoeetta Vol. 6 <3d do Volunteer! . 5 #d Rhode Island Vol. 1 '24th do do 1 lit Long Island Vol.. 7 31st do do S 8th New York Ca*.(e) 1 46th do do IS 8th N?w York Vol... 3 53d do do 5 17th do do.... 4 6iat do do t *5th de do.... 3 74th do do 8 33d do do.(rf) 1 86th do do 1 41st do do.... 8 93d do do 14 43d do do.... 4 10M do do 1 45th do d?.... 4 107thdo do 7 M(D oo <10.... SlSth WUconilt Vol... f 56th do do.... 1 63d do do.... 31 Total ( ) Chaplain. (?) Captain, (c) Assistant tvgaon. (d) Captala. At Omurml HupiMtU, Afiraa * < , Mmrtk 14. 4th U. 8. Infantry.... 1 6?th Now York Vol... 6 8th do do. 1 8lst do do.... I 6th do Cavalry 1 87th do do.... 6 6th do do 1 88th do do.... 3 3d do AitUlary.... 4 let New York Artillery 8 3d Mala* Volunteer*. 1 let do Cavalry. 1 3d da do 9 11th da Battery. 7 4th da do f 13th 4a do.... 3 6th da do 35 6th Paam. Volunteer*. i 5thN.Haaspehlre Vol. 5 ?d do da #1 6th do do. 1 96th da do 1 3d M?irhneetta Vol. 4 46th do da 1 19th 4a do., S 63d da da 38 let 4a Bat.. 3 64th 4a 4a 3 let Rhode Island Art.. 4 5Tth do do 14 M v/ooaecncut voi .. ] out do A* 4 Mb Vermont Vol 4 83d do do 9 lrtNewJonerCtnlryie Slat do do 3 4th do Vol.... 4 ?M do do...... 9 7th do do.... l 96th do do 4 1*4 do Art.... 1 Mth do 19th Now York Vol... 106th do do...... 7 do do.... 3 11th do CoTmlry.... 1 99d do do.... 1 97th Indiana Vol..... 9 9jkh do do.... 3 9i Michigan Vol 9 JJ* * do do 4 96th do do.... l Stt do dow 75 JJM do At.... 1 3d Wisconsin Vol.... 9 99* do dou... 9 9th do do 9 97th do do....19 Sth Illinois Cavnlry...99 ? A* do.... 5 Sth Exeolsior Brigade. 1 40th do do....10 1st Minnesota Vol..... 1 5M 4a dldh_ y><l?wdn? i I J/th 4t plo?*8?............. 4 I flat A* do.... PnNMrofvtr II <34 do do.... ? 1 Hik do do.... 4 do do....II I At St thMmUa Kmtfm ?wil, MUrrk 14 ?Wb New York VM... 1 40th P*nn Vol nitons. I Hk Vermont Volunteers 1 r?H do do 1 t*d New York Vo! ... 1 ?*tk New York Vet... S 4Ut da do.... 1113tfc do do.... 13 <U'k do do.... 111 Sth Mam Tnlnalfffi. 1 6th N Hampshire Vol 1 -Vh Prnn 79<h New York Vol .. l|?3d New York Vol ...U o 57th Penn Volunteer*. 7'5th W tare a*la Vol... 6 ICth New Jeraey Vol . Sf tp h P?-an Volunteer*. 7 Wth New York Vol .. f!0:k Maine Volunteer*. 6 611 Penn Volunteer*. I|i? C. 8 t'tuwnn... 1 21 Maine Volunteer*. 3 Cameron Rlt** ...... 1 .Vi'h New York Vol . 8 Excelalor Artillery Vol ? kth do do.... 1 51th do do.... i Total lot KWaafalngton paper* please oofT aad and > the War Department mar 19?91 AUCTION &ALK6. THIS AFTERNOON > TOMORROW rpRUSTKE'S S?ALB.-By virtaa ofa decree of 1 tha Ciroait Coart of the Diatnetaf Co amhia, for thao:an'y cf ? aahinfton, aittinc aa a Co art of Chanofiy, dated the Md day of Jaaaary, A- D. 186/, 1, L U. Morga-.w!l eHi on Um tireatteth day of March. A 1) W, at (oar o'o cck to tha eventnt, Lota Not 0.9,10, in aa'iare No ft?. and improTSn.ert*, oonairt ua of tha hoaae* thoroca. fhata'a will lakepiaoe ia hent of th< jretniaaa. he tern, twill be one third eaab: th? Kalauea ia ai*. tweive. %r><1 eighteen month*, aeoared by the purobaaer or purohtaar'a notae. boar tag lataraat, aa t andoraed t tha aiUafaction >' the traatee E. C. MORGAN.Taetoa. mh '? WAI.I* BIKNAWP. A acta. ' By M A K0HA 1.1. A PAG E. Aaetmneer* AO'J 7(4 ?lT~r. r*J*r CMH A<<ew?* H*ll. Omg N Tl'MDAY ant; THURSDAY MOIMN6. 10 o'clock. ** will if I at oar fttor*. a large lot of Grooertc#, Liquor*, Wir,e?, Haini, Cheese, Butter. Ac . with a art* aaaortment Goods froa Hou*ecfo mine ba?n>??a. oonr.atiac ol Pnllera' Gordi.Ae. A action ? V tRY k VISING. mh 17 ?t MARSHALL A PAGK, Auota. Br WALLA BARIMARD.AMUodmti. ^JUVKRNMIiNT t?ALK OF TWO HUN vT ???*d a"d Kirt^ Hni>u it Armoji ?Oi THUR9D*Y next. March jrta, IMS. at the Corral, n ar the Ob ervatorf, will be aoid. at Pmt> ic Aa? tt*n. T ?VO HUNDRKD AND FIFTY HOKPK*. Condemned a? ?c?t far pnb io eervioe !?*, to coromf n:? at l? o'eloek. Terms caah in Government fends my wiuer j j. u&nA, ("apt and Aii'itftat CJsartermaater ml 1J W ALL A BAKNARD. Aaets. Br WALL A BARNARD, Aoot.oceers. VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL fcPTATE at ArcTiow.?On THURSDAY AFTER NO"?N.Snth instant, at 4 o'clock, we will coil ia Iront of tfca premises, part of Lot K, bwr.g a part of subdivision of Lot 34. 'qaare MS. Iron tug 14 feat 9 mchci on L atrret north, and running back 91 f-et M>an alia?. And ot L, in Uic same iiMiriiioa anrt adjo ning lot K. and fronting U (mi 9 inoaaa r.n L atieet north, and running back M feat to anal'ey. Each Lot improved by a th e* storr Brick dwelling. Taunt: One thi d cash; ba'ance to thraa aad si* tee mo&tha bearing interest, aad secured by a deed of iruet on the premises, mh 15 WALL A BARNARD. Aaota. FUTURE DATS \1 ARS* HAL'S BALE.?In Tirtii of a writ ot fieri 1"I faciaa unier 'ien lew. leened from the Clerk'a office of the Cirenit Court of the l>iatnet of Columbia for the ooanty of Waahint w n. a^d to m? directed. I will expoee to pnb io sale.for oeeh.ta fn nt o( the ooart ton?e door of said eounty, o# FRIIM Y, the slat day of Merck next. IMS. at It o'oioek m . the toMowinc deeo?i^ed property, to wit, tii .-?All defendant's right, title, e aim or latereet in and to a oertiam dwe'Unc bou?'K>reeted on lot No. f and the eoeth I* feet 4 inebea of lot No. 9. in Mnare No STT. in tbeeity of Waehieetoa. D.C., aened and levied npua aa the property of i Julins Viedt. and wiii he ' id to aauaf* luC.oiea No 3Sf> to Oototier terra. 1A9T. in favor or Jonethaa I T.Walker. J. D. HOOVKR, foK-dta Marehal. | l\f AR^HAL'S t*ALK?In vlrtae ol a writ of 1*1. fieri faciaa, laauec from the e erk'a office of tl e eiroBt oourt of the Diatnotof Colombia, for the oonnty of Washington, and to me directed, I will expose to anblio aala. for oaeh. in front of the Coart House door of said oouctf, on MONDAY, the Slit day of March, instant, lao, at IS o'oioek m. thefollowini properly, to-wit. ti? ?I^it No. ' 15, in Mtart No 4j, lot No 2 in ititrt No <S, lot I No. 5, m square No. 4J, lot No. 15. in e?aare No. I <6, lot No. i<> in iquare No. 62. and lot No. IS, in Muare No. 76, in the city of Wa?kuirton. D. C . [ tceether with all and tinriiar the improvement^ thereon, eeited and levied upon as the property of Brock Maokail, and will be sold to ?atiefy judicial No. 43, to May terra 1861, in faror of How Hrotber ft Co \V. 8ELDEN, rah 7 dt* late Marabal, D. C. BALLS, PARTIES, *c. THK *TH GRAND COTILLON fARTY Wu; be given at g% TKXPEKANCK HALL, if ? etreet. betveen 9th and lnth, On FRIDAY KVKN.N?, MarohSl.Ofc Danong to commen ce at o'c <>ck. Vu?tc t>y l?rof. George Arth's ceiebraud band. Tiok?'-? tl adinittirge tc..i emanand ladiee biii ls-st* prof. c. f. barneb, mum". 1coaloil-coaloil! t AM Now fnrnuhiag the trade w:th the be? KEROS1NK .Uli. M Brumore pricea; aeo. hay, UOKH. OATS, ?o.. at lowest martft pnoe. S. W O'LAl'GHLEN. feaUm* C.TWr New J*rt*y *v- ?' I K it, fc*OLDIE&8' DRAFTS ? ON ALL POINTS, gold by Jay cookk & co . bamb*?. roh 8 3w 4* it Fifteenth ttreel FOR t?ALK-M ALT GRAIN. itabte lood for hoes f?wi, eto.. at 1" ceci? per bnebel. Apply at LOEFFLER*S Brewery. New York areoiie. between 1? ' ' 'oB iw' LEHIOH AND SCHUYLKILL COAL, reativ for sh pmeat from Eliaabetbport and Philadelphia Pur* WHITE ASH- free from olineker. HAZLKTOV SPRING MOUNTAIN. GREENWOOD. KKOAD MOUNTAIN. *e. R ED ASH of a very up-rior quality, PIG IRON for foundry and forge pnrpoeee. PIG IRON for ba iaet now in Alexandria. ALBERT ROOT. ipfa la at w"* Louisiana avami*. fVOTICK 18 HER LB V 61VKN that the ?ontract for BEEK cjaTTLE tdmtind m this p?f?r 10 h of Mar^h has not b?*n e osed. rne iouowicg named bidder* are tqneetrd to forward to me t^wr ad Jre??, in order that they iray be oommnmoatNt with, with a view of e.otiag the contract: a. J. Lambiktoh, J AM Kg P&BKIUND, O. Knrru * Co. AJ?!?iZi7&. Wiowjp^. ygjg "*.fl The nnde-ncned Co.rp&ny art w ? ILL Mlling off their enti?e ?tck,cor?.?Ucf of IT very firA W ()t. K A . i V A I ft 9 f _ ki* KlitE. y LU ? ? a. % ftMwredNTHiW?,*T A;to. % ^Ubh'.h^n^ OUler tn^r"i' W,?n?Ul? 10 ? .icV,r*at U>??t?'e of 8. It W. MEVKNBKEO, * .*!?* *fL9a hotVMi 7th ana sib iimu, under the Aruun Hnnu mb 15 iV OVERLAND OYSTER EX CO. ULACK BERAGR HF.RNANE, IN NARKJ row and extra wide, for dresses and shawls, considered the beet article la ase for Utin b ask Also, oar asnal fall sock of all tne thioker Black Fabrics of the best grades. Oar norther? and eastern correspondints send as new ?applies daily. One pnoe only. the aetaa! oasb standard *aiae, ma- ked in p ain fig urea. An maaeotion o: stock aolieitad, it iceara no obligation tc pnronaee. PERR ^ A HRO., mb H-?t Penn. arenas aad ?th street. DEAD WITH DECISION AMD ACT WITH It PRECAUTION' DR. M. VELLN Y'B PRIVATE HOSPITAL. n m xxm m 0bVi&t Grrotut ik* 6?iril Fwt m4 faioit Qfius, Room X cr itiiii, Corner of 7th ud F eU . Wukinftoa, D C., ESTABLISHED. F?M? SUPPRESSION THE ONLY RJfOVLAK PHYSICIAN ADVERTISING ' Dr. M. Ve!lnr*? loaf extarienoe in honita' mt ooo wirranti feirn in eajiac mat fee ne air*all diseateeof a private Dfetara, or he wl'i forfeit Ue ram of fire hundred dollars. aod im him. No tktrn far oonrn tat on. A Hnect and radio al oar* perfected from one to foar oay?ornoc arge. mfe 17 la' UK SURE AND COME TO THE BKHT t> place toH*? roar riothlB*?No. 4t>0 Seventh 4861 "Wfgzattf "486 Card Photofra^lu in r*n?tt, ineindmi ooj?im 11 ? is?t '?k*KAVS.cA".d aBSSSLAt: from Um (Mat m\nnf?ctory ita'kKIUT^eM^1' ?... , SH A I. B D PROPOSALS ABB IHVlrSD tt.rtue lath div of March, 1M. at t> ? for aurchfcaiag from the bomntci tia ItiMtM < Tv.ow Hoof*, and Horn*, Tolims, CLacks, ard 1 Shin*. ofH MMtrOMH u?ee bf toe Arc 7 of of u? rotMM, except those kilicd vitkia the aiiOiMiii?ita of Us District of Co. t n tm. No bid will be entertained anises tit* bidder m jraacnt to raapoac to his t-.d The H?4*rTaJow, Ac- obatMd at the ,0(a** r-!* ?M t* **>? n'ao?.??.. OI ail HIMUIUIOT, VMwr nm twm or not. Tb* OKiB U>* 4ir~tod to -Jiator A. BECK VN ITH, C. 8.. 0.8. A.. 1* MhiBftOB. D C. / ? JD^TflS TIME FOR OPENING THE BIDS ?T?ff??? a*T*rtts*?*nt is Pi??tpoc?c or t u,? Bd Mink IMS. atlfH. Bkr lS-td WA CARL. . . toetiALL ^BA R N A SnobM of SaiWinctStM^fcMitol Sal*'to UlMMM ika Mka aa lLa i?k IMk Mik

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