Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1862 Page 3
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| LOCAL [NEWS. , Anrarai*t? To-Nwht. f o*t>'? ATinitM -Tbc opening of thla beauttfnl and comfortable temple of tbe drama this evertng, will, we donbt not, attract aalmmonf* crowd With a Irat claaa dramatic company, new acenery. an excellent ore heat ra, and tbe , noTeltlea promlaed. Mr. Ford'a enterprlae will par To nlgbt tbe beautiful and daablng actrraa, M!aa Lucille Weatem, will appear In the great military drama called theFrench In which j piece she is said to equal ueiease. kihuiitii m an elegant dance, and a farce In which Mtsa Weatern will appear, conclude! the entertainment. WtiiiMTOH Thiatcb ?Mr. J. 9 Clarke, toi night, will appear as Toodlea, In which character he la inimitable; also, aa Cousin Joe and Pmashlngtnn. Miss Susan Den in as Margery, one of her best parts. Onn Fillowi' Hall ?Sanford's opera troupe I I lain the fnll tide of aucceaa. Their burlesque operas acd new songs and dances take well CasTBBBcaT Hall ?Peroral manages to keep up tbe Interest at the Canterbury, and his Immense comblnation of atars draws hugely. Those ? 4 who attend his place of amusement need not be urc-d to go i^tln; isne wno nm noi otciid ?ee tb? flrat class performers gathered ther?\ would do well to drop In. The matinees on wrdne*davs and Saturdays are rery popular with the Ivdies Tm* Fmtivil or thi Lnmiti* Church.? I.aat evening. Don't fall to go. ??oasr?-n Ckapsl ?The exhibition of the Pabbatb School will take place this evening. A model entertainment may be expected. 5*with?ohia!? Lacxtai ? Prcf Fairman Roger* will deliver the first of an Interesting court* of lecture* on "The Glaciers," Illustrated by diagrams. Free. CuiLiwii Mi'trx -Free concerts every af' TB00n acd evening. Washihstos M1>?ic Hall ? Open all day. [Music without charge In the evening. Whsbhll PHILLlPa o* ToVSSHAST l'Ovtii. tru -il negro ktro, grimt'r than CromiftU, ynpolton or Washington ' ? Wendell Phillip* lectured last night before the Washington Lecture Association, upon Tousseant 1'Ouverture, the statesman and patriot of St Domineo." Previous to entering upon his subject, Mr. Phillips reiterated the assertion (denied by a city paper) of his preceding lecture, that the ?oldlers of oar array of the Potomac are dylat; off at the rate of two thousand per month The speaker said that the subject of his lecture, who was one of the most remerkable men of the last century, was an unmixed negro, born In Africa Races lore to be indeed by two mode*? b\ their great men, and by the average merit of the masses. There are also three qualities by which races j lore to be Judged: 1st. Courage; 2d. Self-respect; Id Persistence Out of these three elements rome the English quality designated as "pluck." He shonld attempt to prove that the negro race, judged by either great men or the masses, is en- | titled to be counted amongst the best races. Re would illustrate by the history of the island of St. Domingo?an ialand about as large as tae State ; ot Sojth Carolina. First cccupled by "flllibust99 || fla??sr?Mla IKa MM# AAIahM A# r i ^ ?? aii?i v? mu.i vcvoiuo ?ut pet tvivuy ui France, and th* richest gem la her crown. The French revolution, with its watchword '-Liberty ? and Equality," burst upon the people of St Domingo, the black race sullen and Indifferent, the mulsttoe feeling bitterly the degradation of their I I n?!l?l Thev sent a deputation to Paris I atalng tbat toe yoke of civil and social degrada- I tK?n be lifted from them The French Government decreed that "all Frenchmen are equal be fore the law " 1 When the decree reached St. Domingo the ' planter* declared they never would submit to it; butchered the messenger, and committed the most horrid outrages upon the mulattoea, and upon the whites who bad aided them In getting up their petition Great wm the indignation in France when the news reached there; the decree was reaffirmed and sent out. In the meantime strange events bad taken place on the Island The whites had divided into two parties?the slaveholders proposed to hand the talmnd over to England; the "poor whitea" proposed to surrender It to the United State*; but when the decree reached the island the white* coalesced. In l?9l, Tousseant l'Ouverture, a born diplomatist, appeared in arms at the head of 15.00?> blacks, with abanner Inscribed, "Long live the ling," "Weask the old laws " Hts forces got their arms from the old French governor at hts request, and re-established the Governorflrmlv In his seat. They then asked some small privileges, as a day's tim* In a week, for they were "gradualists, 'as some men are now. [Laughter ] The smallest concession was haughtily refused them, and then they took the power into their ovrn hand-> We have to take the history of Tousseant from the unwilling testimony of his enemies. H Istory wy* that the negroes cf St Domingo ahed Che blood of 1,600 whites In fair battle and in tbe best of btood. But the white man acknowledges that when he conquered in turnhe destroyed 4,500 In cold blood ! It la recorded of Tousseaut that he saved his master and mlatressfrom th*carnage of what Is called the massacre of St. Domingo, and sent them by veasel to Baltimore amply provided with means for subsidence. He mounted by natural taleat to the held of the army He routed the Spaniards and aent them home, and re-established the French dominion. It has been said that Cromwell was greater than Napoleon, in that he never saw an army till be was forty, while Napoleon was trained to arms from hi* boyhood. Tousseant commenced his military career at fifty, and created his armv out or what we rail tuc despicable race of negroes. Out of tbla to-called coward m&sa he forced an army that conquered tbe beat blood In Europe, Spanish and French, and even sent the Kngllih kulklng back to Jamaica. Aa aoon aa hia hand touched the helm of State he showed a statesmanship aa profound as hia military qualities. This negro turned to bis armv 'Z">,0<rf) strong, their words dripping with blood, and sent them back to work for their masters, and in a week hia army bad melted into peasantry. He first founded a government upon free-trade principles On bis first accession to power he opened the porta of St Domingo to the commerce of tbe world. Again,when with scarce an exception tbe atatute-books of the State* of our Union were disfigured by the moat Intolerant bigotry, Too Meant l'Ouverture, Catholic, made religious freedom tbe corner-stene of his edilce of State. Iu !?0l Napoleon reduced Gaudalupe and Marttnlque back to slavery. Then came the questl on what to do with St. Domingo. He was advixed to let It aloee, Touaseant having proved himself a bora Mmmandtr. Napoleon rejected the advice, and cent 30.1)00 men to reduce St. Domingo again to aiavery. Report says that be was Ured of Learlog Touaae&nt called * the Black Napoleon." Tbev were In fact much alike, but If either was tbe copyist It must have been Napoleoa. aa Touaaemnt ?u bis predecessor by some ten year*. Like Napoleon, Toussesnt could dictate to two or three secretaries at ooee; like Napoleon no one coald even divine bis plans; they were alike in eoUrlty of BoremenU, and also la that utter con deace that genius always has In Itaeif. Agslost such a m?a Napoleon sent tbe flower of hlaarmy. Holland lent Napoleon sixty ships, and England promised neutrality. Tousaeant recreated to the moaatalns, issuing orders that the cities should be burned, the wells poisoned, the toads destroyed, and the Invaders treated to tbe hell they sought. Wherever the French went tboy were met by Ire and sword, and beaten, nattl the French commander Issued a lying pro Lunation, which caxAed Touaseant's men to desert him He, after quietly submitting, was a _ 1 1 ^ _ 1 a _ 4 L a I D v. *' a irrv?orruu?iy umi wuu uy iuf rrroco; wis irri to Fraace, Hang Into a hideous dungeon. and literally starved t? death by order* of Napoleon. When tbe newa reached St Doinlago the people flew tc arms aad destroyed tbe Preach army. Let Utse who are accuatomed to doubt the courage of negroea go to Haytl and aak tbe graves .of Srtfl00 J-reach aoldlera what ia theiroplaioa of the black man'a courage. If that wan not enough, It might have been learned of trembling Virginia la 1869. The black race la the only race la ex late ace that baa rlaea from literal chains and achieved Its Independence. This negro nation of St. Domingo haa stood firmly for uxty years, while ao many white nationalities have toppled dm. Mr PhlUipa concluded with a glowing eulogy up? a Touaaeaat l'Ouverture. He would call him a Cromwell, but be was a greater statesman than Cromwell; he weald call him a .Napoleon, but be did not make hia way over broken oatha like Napoleoo; he weald call him a Washington, hat the irMst Virginian held alavea. A bore"all vu'lbt Midler, statesman, martyr, Tauweat lOarerture Th? Suuit Cods or tii DisTticr or Colcmbia.?Tbe above i? tbe title of a work towl tnm tbe press to-day It embraces a comeete collection ot the Uwi of tbe District of Gambia la reference to alaves and free negroes, and the judicial decisions explanatory of the mbk. It is a work of peculiar Importance to the people of this District at tbe preeent time. It ia rosapliel bva gentleman of tbe Washington bar, who is well qoalifted for tbe task so well performed It to tor sale at all tbe bookKtores. ft* Paaiovs Acamt -YnUrtif u Mr. .Edwk4 Tower* ?u dil*1ai by the nllnU depot is hts buslneaa wafoa.bu horse (alarmed by a locomotive) started suddenly, and threw hlmout, lb? wheel paining over bis tide and shoulder, In. Jitrlag him pcnfaUff. He was taken to the dwelling of Mr V. WUlert, and a physician called, who, alter examination, reported no bones broken and the Injury not dangerous, though painful Fibs ?About half-put nlaeyeste dav mornln* the stove ta tbe store of Mr t). J. O'Brlea fell ve* and set on flre a barrel of coal oil, which >?oo eaaght k? the bonding, sod for a short time wii every prospect for a destructive lire: through the rf >*ta of the poller sod soote ftl the stiKl>Wsthe flaaus *rreeitlB?iitil}<*d before ay serious damage was done. ' ' *+ ** j A titer or Noroaior* Pistons ?8*ftjrdr Sergeant R M Downer, with Patrolman Walke of (m Metropolitan Police, la the Second Wart arrested three notorlooi pickpockets and bnrglai on Pennsylvania avenue, between Thirteenth an Fourteenth streets. They were recognised aa HI Pox allaa Curtis, Bill Lee allss English Bill, >n Spencer Pettit. Ther were cloee upon snofhe I?/?V TUmav allaa Omi IaHb 1* V?v knt Y escaped The three arretted were committed ft a further hearing by Justice Clark. Vesterds ther were brougnt out for trlsl, bat no poe tive proof of any criminal act being shown, the were dismissed The swell-mob, however, ai made to understand that their movements ai cloaely watched by oar ottcera. Thb Distbict or CoimBtA in th* Alba* Lbgislatcbb ?'The N. Y Express says: Thi novel political creatare, the Negro, had powesslo of the Assembly yesterday, being Introduce th?f# hr a Mr OarH?n pImHaiV In mHm nf rM/ lutions In f-iTor of abolition of slavery In the Dii trlct of Columbia. Tbe resolutions were advi cated by a Mr. Pryne, but were opposed b Mpsara. Murphy, Lewi* and other gentlemei who thought that tbe Legislature had better d< ote It* If ito the bualness of tbe State, and let tl District of Columbia alone, for tbe present. Tt subject was finally referred to tbe Federal Reli tl?Ds Committ??. to Jail?Monday, a young man name H P. Lanphier was arrested by patrolman T. i Benson, for stealing twenty dollars from V Mallantvne. Upon examination before JustU Donn, It appeared that about two months ago tl prisoner went Into Ballantyne-s store, on 8even1 street, and atked him to change a twenty-doll! gold piece He put bis band In bis pocket i take the gold piece ont, and Mr. B laid tweni one-dollar pieces on the counter Just then b attention was called away a moment, and upo returning Lanphier had sloped with the change twenty-dollar piece and all. XT _ . ? ma w% - *-%s V IULAI1K8 TBS .1U1IIT niGCLlTlORS.?toa Brooks was arrested by corporation officer t Hurdle, for refuatng to place hl? wagon In tt position asalgned It by the ClAk of the Cent< Market on the 13th Inat. He waa taken befoi Jua*1ce Thompaon, who lined him *3.91. T1 regulation! will be atrlctly enforced. CB9TBAL GVABBBOrai Ca*B9 ? Btfort J mitt Thompson ?Luaan Dugan, drunk and dlaorderli lined S6 91. Harry Florence, drunk and profai Uy; do. 11.94. Jamea Brady, drunk aid dlao d<-rly, workhouae 30 dava Geo Rogera, lnnul ing ladiea, turned over to the military. Job Gorman, Charlea Hlnman and J. D Maaon, di Pat'k Montgan. A. Bayllaa, John Roach, J ami McDowell, Pat'k Herring, John Shrine and ft Owena, drunk; do. Ludwlck S. Green, Patrlc O'Donnell, do : ?1 91 each. M O'Donoho, do turned o?er to the military. Thoa. Roberta, do dlsmlaxed. John Daly, turned orer to the mil tary. Wm Willian.a, asaault and battery c Robert Campbell; dlamlaaed Robt Campbel guiing in ilib sireei; aiimiMa Anemui Ki enn, John Pumphrey, Indecent exposure; S3! each John Lee, robbery at Herndon House; Ja for court Ellen Barnea, disorderly; dismisses John Mc.Manus, drunk; turned over to the mil tary. Ax Eabnist Pbotiit acaijcst tbb abolitic bill vob tbi! DiaTBlCT,KOW BBVOBB corgkbs Because s 1st It contalna no provision to take the sea of the resident people of this Dlatrlct, which sue 10 loem unaer me guaran'ees, express an Implied, of tbe Constitution, snd tbe act of ce slon by Maryland and acceptance by Goveri ment. and lately enunciated by tbe Presldeni also due to tbem for tbelr general loyalty, latel evinced by tbelr protection afforded to tbe inai guration, without which It could not have take place here. *24. It makes no provision for the aged, tt young, tbe sick, the helpless and imbecile, wfc are numerous among the slaves, and would I thrown out upon the charity of the world. 3d It make* no provision for the removal < tbe free people of color now in our midst, an whaae presence is conntitutlng a very great nui ance, and wbese numbers will be greatly ii creased by this act 4th It gives Inadequate compensation tihowi e*s of slaves, the maximum average of ?300 beln not one-tblrd of tbelr real value. This Is an Ii justice and a violation of the Constitution, whlc forbids the taking of private property wlthoi full compensation. 3th To pa?a such a bill at thia juncture woul be contrary to the plainest dictates of policy an statesmanship ; for both dictate that In civil wa firmness and vigor In the suppression of rebelllc should be accompanied by conciliation to the di affertrd aud assurance to the loyal. This war professed to be waged only to restore the Ufiloi and not for abolition; and as such It has been su talned bv the Union men of the South. Pass th bill, and it will be impossible to convince thei that It is n jt an abolition war, and thereby gre difficulties will be raised In the suppression i the rebellion and the futnre maintenance of peac Sth The act would place a thorn In the side < Maryland, a loyal State whose wishes should t consulted, particularly as she has done nothing < forfeit her claim to consideration; on thecontrar whose quota of troops are now aiding to supprei the rebellion. 7th- It would be a cruel Injustice to th? counti people around us, to take away their slavee at bi a third of their value and the payment at a dli taace, at a time when they are Impoverished an nurlv nilnrit hv Ihr H?nr?l1>l1niu nf the mllitsi encamped in thia neighborhood, tbelr fences an timber burned, their outhouse* destroyed, the tores of grslo, vegetables and provender take from tbem, and all without compensation, an without any provision yet made by Goveramei foT compensation Such should not be the set i a kind, paternal Government. t A Union Citizen or thk District. f.'onsc mption ctebd in the last staox. (Sworn to before hi* Honor the Mayor of Was! ington.) Washington, March 14, 'W. India Htrb Doctm?F. Tumblety, M D ; Oar Sir?Supposing that others afflicted as have been may be benefitted by the kuowledf and of your remedies and treatment, I am li dcced to make the following statement: For a long time I have been afflicted wli Consumption, said to be in the last stage t most all the Doctors in Washington ana tl District of Columbia. They all failed to eu me. I applied to Dr. Tumblety, tbc Indian Hei Doctor. Mv couching, spitting blood, pain cheat, are all gone, and have been for aoroe Urn My voice la quite restored. I feel aa atrong ever, and from having been reduced to akel ton, now weigh one hundred and tblrty-tv pounda. As I experienced ao much benefit from the u of Dr. Tumblety's medicines, I feel aa though could not aay enough in their favor. Still, Iff thankful to God, the author and preserver of n life, that He baa guided me to go to Dr. Tat blety, who has cured m? John a. Laud, U. 8 Capitol. MAVoa'a Owe*, } W as bins ton, March 18,1940 \ On thla 19th day of March. IBM, personally a peared before me, Wm. T. Dove, acting May of th? city of Washington, John A. Laird, ar made oath to tbe truth cf ?ald statement, mar 19 tf W* T. Dovs, Acting Mayor. D*. Jambs C. O'Niil, a graduate of tbe me leal department of the University of New Yor and Physician and Surgeon to the Hospitals ai ia. ui..wm..hl i.u. uuwut lUBiiHiuuus uu piatftwcu mau New York, and lately of Providence, R. I , ha lag opened an office corner of F and Ninth at reapectfolly aotlctu public patronage. P. 8. Partlss Buffering from alaeaae of tl cheat, aad particularly Consumption, woald < well to call. mh 18-*t* Pais awd aicaaaas la produced by the preacn of tbaee matters or humora which are retained I yond the time designed. Braodreth'a Pills i moves theae matters or humors, and their use i ways relieves, and perseverance Infallibly rmrt Oh, that the aick everywhere appreciated the li portaace of theae few lines. how much dl?ea would be diminished, and the general health the community Improved. Brandreth's Pills a sold at 35 cent* per box, with full directions, No. 394 Canal street. New York, and at the bran* oAce. corner Ninth and E atreeta. Washlncrta D C P 8. Sutlers supplied by the doten. mh 15-lw DIIBASKS OV THE THBOAT AND LCNOS. A Card ?Dr Robert Hunter, of New Yor editor of the "N Y. Journal of Diseases of t Chest," Ac , has arrived In Washington for tl purpose of tr?stlng Bronchial and Pulmonai Diseases, to which branch of his profession h practice is xtlusivtlw confined Dr. Hunter's visit Is definitely limited to ti weeks, and la only made to afford those affileV with tne diseases embraced la bis speciality (C tarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma and Consumption)! opportunity to submit their cases to him In perso Dr. H., Is the founder of the imkaUuien ?jittt ti ffctiet, oy wdicq medicines lor ine cure diseases of tbe turoet ud loin are applied <3 redly to the affected parts la tbe form of vap< By tale treatment, Asthma aad BroaekltU a rapidly cured, and even conaomptlon, which h ao loaf bafled the ahlll of physiclana aad prow utterly incurable under "Cod Liver Oil," "Con terlrr Nation" aad the various "Cough Sirups 11 Bala-ma" aad other qnsehlsh nostrums tahenl tbe stomach yields readily to the healing laftaen nf tiirm mMlrfUd vannrf. rfailv anDlSed to tl affected parte. In the cltjr of New York 0 deaUu from consumption, have diminished mo than a thouaaod a year since the introduction this practice No other form of medication gi* the patient the slightest cbanee of core. T srat of disease can only be reached by inhalatlo Dr Banter's rooms are st No 90S Penn. arent d door below 15th street, soaUaide Honrs fto 10 a m to 9 p m. ICm From S to o'clock dally will bo fevoto* to t gratultoua examination of soldier* uftrtsg fra uy dtWiM of tU IkMt 1pitTM % ' K * . ^ f v? ' < . * .# *> 1 ?t._ m % f,' Pmtim an Henntr -LMt week the utMl r, of Mr. M. Fitzgerald on a charge of stealing a 1. horae from Mafor Allen, and hla honorable aer* qulttal by Justice Donn waa mentioned In th* d Star. Mr. Fitzgerald to make hla Innocence 11 clearer, If possible, took palna to follow th? person 4 wt? sold the horse to him. Finding him la ,'l^LM.i.t. U ? U.J k I on/4 mam. r, i mriBiium, uc Bi? UiUi iric??n? mviv ?uu luim>e . m it ted ti jail. His name la James Hagan. On >r Monday, be was brought to this city, and commitiv ted to jail by Justice Doi.n. L Thm Dimhk m tat Canal ?The break In the c canal just above Georgetown would bave been re repaired yesterday if It had not been for the late heavy rain. It will not be passable before Friday. Eight boat loada of flour are waiting above T to come to Georgetown. Death o? a Cokehsposdwit.?Mr. Kdwln Harte, who was for sosne years the Washington ? correspondent of a New York paper but who has more recently been connected with the press of " California, died in tbn city Saturday night last >- y Opikiko Communication Sooth ?The super at InVndent of tbe New York Central Railroad shipped from New Vork on Saturday fout locoie motives to Alexandria to be u?ed on tbe Alexan|* drla and Orange Railroad. QVKKT. Wht is it That CmstADono's Hair Dt? is d the Beat in the Work. I | Beoause eminent ohemists say so ! J n A ^ 4! .J. I nrouH ii oonuuns ou o&aiuo ovBipuavn ' Because It wears longer than any other Because it operates mt'antantouily ! jr Beoanse it doe* not stain the skin! to Beoaase it nourishes and strengthens the Hair! ty Because it oorreots the bad effects of other dyes! Is Because Its presence cannot be detected ! >n B'chmm it ntvtr .fails ! e, Manufactured by J. CRISTADOHO, *> Ast?r House, New York. Bold everywhere,and applied by all Hur Dressers. * Price 91* 91 5" and 93 per tax, according to ' aiz?. No. 1. C*ieTAW?mo> Hair Prbsirvativk, p# la invaluable with hla it imp&rta the utnnat ?oftne?a, the'moat beautiful gloss, and treat vitality to the Hair. PrioeM oecU, 91,and 92 per bot'le, aeoording tt to aise. fe M M.WJtF.lm r> Coknk. BdMoni. Bad Nails, f". n?,a?urd Joists and all dlaeaaea of the feet cured without pain or inr* convenience to the patient, by Dr. W hltr, Surgeon ' Chiropodist. 4i? Pennsylvania avenue. Offlce lD houra from 9 a. m. to6 p. m. * ?. 1 n All fkksons can find the beet stock of Cloth - Ing, Furnlahing Goods, Trunks, Hats and Cape, k at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, near P. fe 27-3m i.; J. Etk and Ka*.? Optkalmic and Aural Inttim tutt, 227 Pennaylvania avenue, oppoaite W illard'a i Hotel, devoted to the treatment medically and i. aorgicallv of all diseases of the eye and ear. In M charge of Dr. F A. Von Moschzlsker, Ocullat ii and Aurist, from Clinton Place, New York. 1. Deafneaa, impaired sight, nolaea in the head, it. scientifically treated. Medical men will be wel- I corned at all times to witness operations. Hundreds of testimonials and statements from persons is who have been restored to sight and hearing can a be examined. Artificial eves Inserted. mar 15-lt k - . la oiru, id On the evaung of the 18th instant, after a ahort a- bat painful illness, UfeoRGK FKAlMCIt*. aon of ]. Ferdinand and Louisa Soh'.egel, aged 5 jMri, 1 i. month and 2 days. i' ' 1 take those iitt e lambs, said He, And lay them m my breast; u" Proteotion they thai find in me, In me be ever blest The lri*nds of the family are invited to attend the ie fon'rai, f om the residence of his parents, on the l0 oorner ol 6'h at.d O streets, Washington, to-mor >e ru v, luiroo viui ? j a oiuci. Jn Lelteriburg, Washington count*. M<i , Janu ary 19th, l'6i, MARY HkLKN BY>K. second i daughter of ?athanne and the late Dr. Frederiok Q Byer. [Baltimore Sun oop?.) WAATb. i K WANTED-A good CAKE BAKER. Apply to >- W HAVENNEK, 347 C it. V * \M7A NTED-A good COOK at 3331 ?t, b'tween ai " 18tbanll9;h A white woman with leoommendtttons reared. mh 19 3t* d \\ ANTED-By a lady, a SITUATION ascopy" ut or tminue'ista. Addre?? for one week r* MM. M.S." tola offioe. ir.h 19 2t* m ? - i . i. IV ANTED?A first rate COOK for a restaurant, i. A Gerrran girl preferred Apply at No &A6 - 7th at, opposite Center Market. mh -9 3t* ft, ?- VVAWle-U 1 XQ. AI E U i Alb Ll-JfO (OOd la " KARBERS.M 212 Pennsylvaniaavenue. m mh 19 3t* Bt WTED?For a privat* family. a HOUSE, of pleaiant y situated, oontainini at least four e. bed rooms. Address Box 677 PostOiCoa. 0f rah 19 2t* . EIOARD WANTED?A sentleiuan wirhea 10 *' Board in & smats fami It whore r.e can Lara r, y>8 oomfort* of a home. Addre?s f. O Box 7 3, is station terms and location. mh 19-lw* UMNTKD-A PARLOR with two BED' ROOM8 sdjoinint, in som* buildi"r no?tH of 31 the Avenue and within four squares of tb* Kirk> Houte. Address "B. K Kirkwo^l House, d _U2 1 ftOOD SALESMAN WANTED-Oue IQ *J well acquainted with the oitj trade; 19 to 35 " years of age. Married men need not astir in PKRKY ft KRO., id wh 1$ 6t Penn. avenoe ard 9th ?tr?et. QJ rpWO?E8PECTAB?.K YOUNG 01 a Situations in rf?reota> lepr v*te lam Uee?one as rood cook and to assist in wa- hint and ironi c ; 4he other as sempst 's* or hoasemii < BoM oltr rmaren-scoMi t>?* had Un n? i? d it i>o 340 4th a!reet. between F and &. it* ? VVANrK1>-A SUTLERS WAGON, atrusr " andamtah'e for two h >r?e?. and HARNESS far two horres; alio, an active. atront tiOKSb, to be warrant ?d aouod aud kind in all reapecta. i Addrejs *'L<. a. C.,1' care 343 Pennsylvania aveje now [Republican ) pnh 19 it_ n- 1-1F.I P WANTED-One COOK and three tl WASHERWOMEN?at the National Steam th hmmuarr. Pa av*nue aed 13th at. mh!8 3t* >y WANTED-A. NURSE. Icq aire at Room No. ?e ? ' A, Herndou House, oorner Ninth ud F sts., re . infton. P.C- nth 18-31* . pO<CHM\RKRS W A ? T B D-Ot? good rb v Coaottkiiuih ; also, a Pamtar. a Trimmer, and In one Wocd Worker. Good itew? hands oau hare e. fair wages and stead; employment; none others at ne*d ap?ly. " mh 18 at WALTER * KARMANN fo \\J A^TED? For 1st April or before, a* ?t> or yy #25 per month, a FiRS* OR SECOND se FLOOR, farninhwt or unfurnished, in a food t house, ooou>ied by a pleasant and resp' o'aUte famP ily. near Lafayette P aoe and not ease of th? Post ' Office. A permanent arrangement desired Address, *T with paruoulars and address, "A. U. D Star n- Office. mh ia-3t* ?j|7ANTBD-At the Gosiing Restaurant, 34T " Per.nsylvama avenue, a good WAITER? one wno understands his business perfeoti? well ; none t>qt suoh need apply. Oood re:erecos required. p. Alsoa ?IRL, to wash dishes, aaJ make herself or generally useful. It* ?d VVANTED IMMEDIATELY?A first-ola?s " COOK, (white A.ioa GIRL to wash dishes. A?plr 336 7th ?t. mh 17 3.* 4 7 4 VTtn_i SITIT A TIHM K. a'a m |||i <>/? sav?n en uniiviif uj ? wopvv? ? o " young woman, m ohamb*?mMd ; can brim *i good reoommendationa. Appir&t No. 191 I at., id botween ?>ih and 21at atreeta. inh 17 8t? 2' WANTED IMMEDIATELY?At No. 2T8 H r~ Tf at., near 18th itreet, a good WOMAN, to dp * > the general hoaaework of a amaU faini'y. Refereooee required. A whit* woman preferred, lie mh 17-at* lo IA7 ANTED? A few aotivsaod intellicent yoong "" MEN, to act aa agenta f?r oor new puolioation,"'l be Offioera of our Union Army and Nayy; ? their Larea, taeir PortraiU. etr~ ** L PRANG * CO., 'A. 54iA 7tK aifAat A Hnnra AKava H /? %wm \ J. mh 17 3t" Wellington. D C. ll/ANTED-By ? good tenant, ft SMALL a- "" HOUSE oonvaniant to the Treasury Departm m*pt. Add re? ' A.a." *t>r Offiow. whig at* /\LD LKTTKR? WANTKtf.-l Will give fro? yj two to too ?ol ftra far L?tt?r? written by een'l ftt Washington, and a fair pnoe for Oid Letfrt wnteh ton by oelebrated Americana, Revolutionary Cain, lebntiee. Preatdenta. Ueneral*, Conmodorea, 1 jJ(M. h?<^? IESm I . .r. i. ko?KkT-fcpkW,"l4? fTf^itUT;^: rhTfa<ieiphia. Rare Book* and Pamphlet* on Amenoa booght. mh S-lm* V|7 ANTED?To have every one kcow that they he T can find the beet e'oek of Clothing, Hati ana he Caei, at the very loweit rate*, at SMITH'S, No. ry 460 Seventh etreet, ftelow F. fe>7->m ' ft inn -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN qplUU* u oAoe acd take the wholesale agency, ro in every State, for ail of Lloyd's Great Military Ml Mafii aeed by oar Commander-in Chief. The

?. oheapeet maps in the world. A fortune oan be made on tbere mate m eaoh State. 3 OOOjOOOcopisa of one ? or my map* have already been eold. Also a man to n* go to California, England and Caba. Agent* also wanted in ever* eoanty and in ever* regiment in of oar army. Send for oireaiara. ssh4 ladAw.lf 164 Broadway, fe?v Ifork. u/ jui a !/? ot?i7 pvisoii w iiuv mil i hi m M TT the market. ready to pay oaeh for ill arbolee id In the houaefnrniahmc line. ThoM leavrnc the ' (eut ei!fe,)' Settlor in Nov and Second hand FnrJJ nicare. noU tf | ^r^vnr?sr?f Z* *" Z'lHte. aw situ r la^-awuvr-aa * *"r^~1 ** i t*? 1*4 ?u V CAM ,-?*.* x ( Sk'g ! py ft k , 1 W I - 1 11 J" AMU8EMENT3. T H E * T R ?! * Hit ot R. J* 8. CLARKE ia *re*t part oT TOOULKS, tktVlllttMW to-richt ia ThreeOtarMttn. i The beautiful MlHSPUS&N DENIN _ . Ai MAMUT- . C*?iUl bill! ?e?te ?ec?- ed 3 date in tdnnt*. CANTERBURY HA. Li.! V-/ CANTERBURY HALL ! TO-N19HT TO-NISHT The Brilliant New Compilation of IJeanty ! PKRCiVAL'8 IMMENSE COMBINATION! MISS MILLTE FOTTLSR.. By far the ino?t perfect nxd beautiful Dane* me presented to the American public. MISS JULIA MORTIMER, The Idealixa'ion of Me ody and Beauty. MISS LIZZIE FRANCIS, MISS MARY Rf.AKK. MISS LILLY BRANDON, MISS FRANK fcKOOR. MISS JULIA RICHMOND THb DELhVANTE BROTHER'S, CHARLEY NEIL, , BILLY QUINN. "AM I RlfiHT M JEAN CLOSKI, JOHN HEANV. AND NUMEROUS OTHERS. ITT No oUauiie in the Adn.iaeion Trioee^y AlmtMion 2ft cents , OrokMtar Ctera #f> oenu. Afttrnoon For I.adiea and FBnul???.n? WF.DNK9DAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, atJo'dook, When a lavish distribution of Klacant I'reancta ia itirHa Rinh al?n?tlv JawIh V Toys, Fancy Articles, and rr.acmfccent Si'k Dreeeea. Admiaaion ?oenta ; Children Hi c^tiU. wih IB ODD FELLOWS' HALL! SlTKNTH 81NBIT. Sanford's Opera Troupe. OJVF WEEK MOHE' Thii Vvrti'nr new bonus, dances. &o. Miscellaneous | Gens of the Opera, Drama, and Comedy ! Conoludinc with the mo?t I&'igblMe Af!"-ptece of the day. eutiteu OPEN II O U 8 E ! In whioh Mrs. and Mr. Bordwe I, fan ford, Hughe?, Edmonds. and the Entire Troupe will appear. During the piece, a ORAND ?KAIIN6 SCENE Will be lutroduoed. Doors open at ?; commerom* quarter fo tAdmission 95 Cents Obchkstsu Skats _ ?.50 Cxars mhJ'Mt CLAREN DON Ml Corner nth $trt't nnd Pa. aktnre, toi k side, nnd-r the Clarendon Houl ? FreeOono*^t E*ery Kvenin* Iron; * nntil 10 o'clock by the Brass Baud, tfentieinsn vUit ing this place oa* be waited on byTnra'e wgiteia. The heat of Wi.e Liquor, Cigars, and every thing in season f'?r t'<e inner man inh 13 lw * 1VASBIN 'TON MUSICAL HALL-KRKE > d~\ t k at t? a * ? ' n ? tri n tr at 1? ?n i m . '* 1/uur.n i fivrikt ?ntni,ir ibso oioci to 9 p. in. Bitt of K6freshm?at8. Fine Female Waiters. Op""n all daj. At the southeast cnrror of Pennsylvania avenue and coraei ol Sixth street, under ths Cent-a; House, opposite the National, Brown's.arfl u 'aretden Hot is. fe ia 1 m* PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Gutde to Patents, CataToxue of Curiowtien ami Government Garden*, at ths atatid iu Patent ofrce; Maro Antuuaaan Books; Government Books, 1)g amenta furuiohed; Kailroa^ Reports; *11:itarv Re Dorte; Kurnt Pat*nt Office Reports; Cheap it^nks furnished to IWiif; MLirary Tria's: Military U?'; Army S^filiations; Pacorani* of theCoast showing over milea; many thousand Chaap Ronlc a. raiif. Inrrn rmIm in m pricev Up stairs, orer Bank of Wagnmrtou. _ja 89 2m" ALFltKDHUNTFR. Prof. c. f. barnfs' fashionable DANCING AC A DFM V, at Temperanoe Hall, iu street, between 9th and < tii Clae- es ^3 ererj Tues^iaj and Frida?? afteraoon c'ass/yJS at 3, evenine claes at 7. Soiree "ve Fndar urJft evening ai 8 o'oloc*. \lu?0 hj Pr-jf Artti. Temperance Hal! win be let lor Halla, Part.ea, Ac. Apply as shove. fe 14 2m* JUSf RKCFlVKl) AT L A. IJKAi.L. fc CO.'S, No. 361 Seventh, between 1 aud K streotn.a now stnok <f CLOTHING, FL'RRISHINO GOODS, TRUNKS. HATj a^d CATS. LA BFALL It O '8, .No ^01 ^arontij street, i>?twt,ea I nnu K, is *l>e place to hnr I CLOTH I NO. FUR>"lhHf*t* bUODM, TRUNKS,HA18 and CAPsat New York prioe COMK ONt AMI) ALL At L. A. BFALL A CO-'S, N>>. 361 Seventh street, between ! & K. ?o buy jonr Cl.OTHINti, Fl RNISt?!rV3 GOODS, H AT!* aid CAPS. IVJOW i? VOUR TIMK To tiUY YOUR 11 CLOTHING. FfRNISH'NO GOt.JjK HA is a.r.rl r. A P < At v?r? (iw nrinn* vL !.. A . BFALL A CO 'S, No. ."*61 Seventh, bbtTreeu ] and K street*. mh 12 CAMP FURNITURE AND TIN WARE OF U \ Skiu U to c>e had of W. H. HARROVER, mh 7 8m S3 -i 7b>"" U/KOrFER TO MILITARY MEN * !?rr? assortmentoffiKEv anatiLUL FLANNEL OVLK-fHIRTS. WHITE SHJRT8. DKArtKKi*. CAMP BLANK*, i:*, HALF HOSE. Ao., whion we invite a I cash turobasera to examine before m&kinf tn?ir selection*. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. m 22 3U2 Pa. ar . between 9th and 10th ?? COAL Vy . AT ?b.aO FOR a,000 LBS. At Yard Nkar B. and O. Drpot. mh IS tf J. . ANUDuN A CO. T COPARTNERSHIP. HE CopartaereiMf heretofore exictinc between Waiter, Karmann A Bopf, havini dissolved in A?ina?anAn(iAitf th*dAAtn nf nnA ni thft f mi th# business will hereafter Mourned on cnder tbe mine and firm of NValtkr 4; K* r* a!*K. W e are prepared to batld to order, and koep 0ou*tacUy on utLWJ, ail kinoe of the moil fa?hion?bieCAKKIAQfr8ofthe very best workmai.ship. Repairing promptly aad carefully attended to at the most reasonable prices, Thankful for past favors, we hope for a contibdacosofths same, at our old ea?aVlts raent. on I) street, between 9th and loth sts., No 340 up stairs. fe 16-1 m WALTER * KAK MANN N FOULARD SILKS EW SUPPLIES OPENED TO-UAY. Whit# Marseilles Quiits, all sixes, with a full stock of t>ry Goods lor the general au l speoial wants of families. , . Oce prioe only, the astual cach value, marked in plain futures PKItRf & VKO.. mh 15 6. Pagn. avenue snfl 9th street. FRAMtLIM k CO., OPTICIAN S. 44 Penn'aaT.,* north aide,) bet. ISth and lfth ita. EYEGLASSES, MARINE AND FIELD GLASSES, COMPASSES, Ae., of the beat tuahliea, constant? on hand. fa PKACH TREES, GRAFF- VINES. Ol'RRANTS, Ao. The aubacriber offera f?r talo hia atook of Peach Treea, ooctaioins >0.0i>0 Trees of ohoioe varie- *** ttAfl il>n 4 (tnA Viaaa t\f the PnnAMil an^iH 'A(IU| W|W" ? 1UW? VI HIV WVHV?n<* t?u | P other Qr&pet; 18 fW Oorr*n>? of all v&rietiAf lo.onn Law toe Blackberry, < at'awisra R&ip^rry and otter fruit*, together with a large oolketicn of finely grown Deoiduoaa and Kvargreen S?w and Ornamental Tree* For prices and injormition PJlj to JOSHUA PfclRCK, Nursery xan, inh 12-eo6t* Waahlngton. 1>. C. Nm EW 8TYLS SPRING OVERCOATS AND fine Hlaak (rook Coat* inst reosiveil at UAH A UftO '8, mh 12 2W oorner K ana 7th atr?e ?. J POTATOES. U8T Reoeived a lot of PotatoM of different kiuaa. rii: BUCKEYE, iw??ssfem?h. CaRTEKM and PEACH BLOWS Alao.a lot of DRIED APPLES and DRIED PEACHESforaalaat low?at ratea in loU to aait b) BUSEY A BARNAKD. mh H lw Ceorggtown, D. C. INTERESTING FOR THR COMMUNITY 1 , AT LARGE. We ?r? now rwinai READ Y-M ADK CLOTHING ( Mi* laieat dMliu Umudm a w?k from oyr mnnu'aoliriDK establishment in Bait:more,wliioh weotTer at aaton;sMrn low prices. BAR A BKO., roh 18-J oorner E ai.d 7th str*f ^DAM8' EXPRESS COMPANY. ~ NOTICE OFJEHOTAL. ? Thi d?)1fery *>*?? Of this )! ; is remaved from Third street to the 'arge d>?oton D *troet, between Id and sd (U W-tf ANE VERY KIOR ROSEWOOD CfllCKvJ trini Pitou ud oci Gtinfbr Hie ob?p,ou aoooatiKXtaCiBtf Utrce *Morun*nt ol Stftavfty A Son#' *nfl"? mSSSS* It Ca-'.f.&uw.. ? tl?* fttort, of W. ?. MKTSKROTT. mh 10 * ' i 7ny v ?. } tt*j? 'i 5f>p ,<?< <tkM #l *? ? i 1 ? LOST AND FOUyg f 08T?On the IMh lstt. ft Mir of GOLD i-? SPBCTACLK*. In ft pnrp e ?e!tre? oa*e. moontrd with *teel and ft steel book to it. rb* finder will be tatiefaotarily rewarded by leaving ltftt No. 3?T 13th itreet, between F ftad 6. mh H-?>* _ 'T'AKEN UP AST KAY-A irtt OX, eolor a. .White and brown; the right ear nt r(T rfuM tne 1- A. a pieoe cut with large'orae The owuer is r*^uee*?d iar?m? f n-,_ fm ifc i irovn BrnnertT. Mt nhirrd u.<) i>ta ki? - - ? w? >tM p"P??"" mh lJhS1.* oornT 7Ui t., and Ponnriarf. rr,A&EN FROM THE NOMTHKBN LI HKR1 tj Hoc?-,on -atnn1?r ev*n yy irg, th* t5tli * c'ark hrcwa H??RSK ot noJium b:z*; with citiier* saddl* aad^^-^-* bridle; tunkrl under r?? mt-lri reooli'ct^J bJl? ?c%' nr.d?r th? f l ock ??fon* i nJ teg. a^d ^p^v ned; ihoit mac*. and heavy t>oiit $ 0 reward wili !> Mid lor th? r?toru ?>< rax. borce, or information. WILLIAM PUirP?. inn Ifr 3t* B^veatli and tfosndary ? re^i*. IOST?A CARPET IMG, r*d frnce around it, -A yrim oontecU, wa? lust ?**t Fuda*. The finder wC< deiiver t? d hsj to C-apt WLTLLK, at L&nc'o H tM, HriiJif" ttreet, Georgetown. tfth .7 .f |\06 LOST?On Saturday e?eoin*. a very ama ! Lf b'ack and 'an Terrier, with a eoi ar on. marked 'Dr. P. A. Von Moaohs's kn'." A very liberal reward will be gi\ " en if ieft at No. 2 .'7 Penn. avenue, o??r?ite Wi,'ftrtia' Hotel- mh 17 Si* W " ' " - -~~ V f lU'P - il r?? - ? ? Iiigi -d"i* era me uo if Din -i or> f'? %vor>ue. (i * UfcOK ?o the amount ei 31SS". Ni 7 to be ttwc in the TrM?!"y ?l f* i :;e i/*j;'!iiii; on e?.td ohTk ha* hcc-. . r ?C. and Will r?'-! i o Bto "X'- - ft t<> tre o ?p?r, n? *n<4eviJi ! >? ?utahW icaaidro by leiurmcc t' ??m> to *t>& Pft. ?' <?i.uo?H. A K*. ' tr. Co '* R i' !>er W&roiioaM. ma lS-tt R. JOPSEI.YN. H<< 1W *i A I U A V I OIi^-'T i V/A? uauu UXJJ 1, F'OR RKNT-A fcrnnhfd front PARLOR, with or without board. Apt!? at No. 243 D tt-aat, bat ween l4?h ant o'h ?tn. mh 9 a.* Kl^TALkANT FOR ?ALK-Th? be*t R?-J?T*l'KANT for i?'e on Per?Ls>iT?Lia ave. near \a':or>*; a'd i)row:.'? H >ia . K?tab:mhrd tan *aar?; whars twa fortunes hu I ?*n rrada. Kn' particniara addreaa "A. R. Keatauraut." i.; tl.:? otfio?\ etatinr whan and wnere an intaryiew rraj t>? h <1. mh 1? >t* I^UR SALF-Th? <M>OD WILL and FIXTt RES of an Eating Room. Ala", >arr? ?'aapiut apartment titled up Apply ooroar of and t'a avanu*. mh *3 St* A RARE rH?NPE:-FO? SALE-A large do-b e BRICK HOUSE, contaimrt II iuhei, v ith p%s?*g* iu cfli.ter; wa'er *r.d ra* throughout the bui ding : a ? < attaohed a fine larte ' nek ?ta b twiuiwo ata.1' t, With Ifvsn'i' rooma and carriage home attached theieto. 'I h* a?> v ? mention d property i?#itua!et '-n E!e?*tiili afreet between I., an t >1 atreets north. For terms inanir* of GEOKUK T. L.ANGLKY, Woo. a<M ' ?al Pea er. corner Ninth anJ K sts._ mh 18 lw* P)ft BENT-A FURBISHED HOISE Ci'y leferenoes r??*ireJ. / pp-y on th? prfmses. No 4>*4 t street. uih 17 5.* ipOR SAl.F-A two etnry FRAME DWFLLr IN6-HOUSE, U'tO tuhtb a'reet, l-#tweer. M and N, in food order containing aiz room;. Prira 91.3'fl Apply to AjKVI LOUMltf, U3 K at. frlh 17J w* POR RENT?One or two comfortable BKI? RflOWS iLn/f ft. imftll Aittin# klnAm. a!I r?it t and comlortAi j fnrr'shcd, at 4 ?0 l*th street, emt side, between G jvlq ?1 streets lh? location la one of the moat desiraUe ic Washington. mil H Iw ' F"OR SALE?A two-story HOU8F, ' ih 'jaofcbui.ding. containing six rooms. locate on Fourteenth street weit. nea' I. street north. The lot ha* a tr^nt of 20 feet on Foaneanth street, and rum ta^fc to Ve'moi.t av?nne. Pomp iu the jard. brick nullr house, anl atable. Title perf-ot. Addrew No. C73 Seventeenth st. mh 14-5t? LHRM5HCD ROOMS FOR REM', at 170 1 K street, between 1JUU and 19:!i (treats, ur >1 pref-rred, the wiio.e tarnished tvuse wuu'.' be i :n e?l ^ inh 3-?;" CM>R 8A1-K-Two fira -class BILL1AR !> TA I. BLKS, marble s a!>s, aud every a'laiigwont complete. Those de?!riii? the above will s'nilj t eir inta:e?t i>? r *: \zt iir.medi Lt^J? > l.i-rn p an Hotel, oorner llth sireetaud Ptnne?irr.iiia avanii*. roh8tf GE ai vsCT'Mrs I i ll til ' 'USnKLS BUCKKVE AND PEACH I I ,UUU BL.OVV i*OTATuV-A wiJi oo ion) low I to oIob? out con&igLiaeut. Jin-. < BcAI Li mh 15 3t . *<T Watwr at . t>-~>rge nwr. PRICES Ki-.ilUCEU! WOOD AND COAL ' Th? aiil>>ftri)x>r will, *.lt#r ti-d&r. rw1n<?i* th? price-, of Wood sua Coal: Bnet froMo: ed Oak Wood at $8, Htckorr at 89. h% i ?ea-onf*l at 37, Fakers Fine at 88, fialf-ceac ned Fine at $6 ?. Acthra-itd Coal, Kel and White Aati, at 8? per ton. Delivered in Ger.rcetoqrn, or f lr?t Ward, Wuh in:ton. Terns Cash. JOHN A. GRIMF8. Agent, mh ia-l<r* vJa'^ai W harf, T.enrge o? n. JgUCKliiiiN 6 L. O V BB! Ram9burg & Elwrt, 103 ii.?n Kirht. SBOKUFTrtVH. l\ C The on'.j raanufac'nre" of Guanine 'JUCKHKI* 8L.OVFB, Mu.iT.'.RV GAUNr?.KT?. MITTJENSia the Imtrioi. 0!fi?era' G&uct'eti made in Unckaki;. i >& ? ???? &a?j faint:*. ja li MA^KV, rt?l.M\S ? GO 'S tHi'.ADF' ? tfJA UtiAVnUT ALE. W? fc?T3 j.-Bt ' oe.irej i -uef.j o' thetUove Aie 9u.on :t oi?.u:eni t?: - ofa r<-rt ?..p?ri<.r aaalilT. ? ?{ injir.akl- nc S19'' .*17 1 V W- Ui ' 'Fli AK \V % SHirtN, ftO* J'^rF^' >wr Ql^O f^VKNTH STRUCT. Q?Q OUr? BRT& FWN I Aff V K bTS. '>01# rHSAT OASri STOPS We have j-ist v, ft Inr^o (Mecrtment of Perfumery, Kancr trtioici, vkiq* ?<i ?ff>r muoh b"ivw ;n? market piiK, a' wtuleiaie or i rtait. Also, In Store, two "eoond Nana Cottare Beta, in excellent oocdition. At?o, One New Co?ta-e Se'.iu complete order, which we will aeli cheap for the cash. Also, A lane assortment of Mahocany and Walnut l>r*?eing L'ureaus. lVash?t*ndsf Marl>!*-top ral>i*s, Sofas Rooters, Hair aeat. Can- a'.d Wooa Stat Chairs, large varieties Mid pattern*, Cott?ce Umoi, J * and Jenny Lind Botiateads, Waimit and Ch*?ry 5 oaf Tab.ea. Feather bed*, Mattrrc*ea. Ac.. Ac. Ail at a gieat kaoufioe for rash. KenemMr ?he number, 3b9 Seventh street, between i &ad K etreeu mW 14 9mm Ul?WT7 ^ ?3 D 1 CCITU Miu if *w * Mm ?v vmr ri u IT* OR A FEW DAYS ONLY^-T hare removed r my fine sock of Clothinr from orer ttalu' Jewelry ftlore to J. H. SAUTH'f, fto. 460 !*?r euth ttreet, near F, where I tutu offer it at leu tb*n Tto,e?aij cost prio*e, for a few days only. fer 3n J. W KF.KP, | ' KFAT ilAKGMNBIN CLOTH?N8 ,at the VJ Feople'a Clothing St* re, No. 460 7th atroet fall lm QUARTERMASTER GKNKR'L'SOFFMIK, Wa?uin0TO!( City, March 11.1M2. WANTBD&t Ship Island, Mtamasippi. two lightdraught Steamers, suited lor town * boats. Proposa's, Mating t*?rms and time* at wbioh they will be ' elivered at Ship island, with descriptions ol tha boats offered, will be recused at the otRoe of the Quarter master General until the xlst of March. P.oposa'.a should be ear^lofeJ ac>1 endorsed "Proposals for steamboats for rh p legend," and addressed to the Quartermaster beoeral, Washington, 11. C. M C.MEIGS Quartermaster General. ah 12 <Intel.. Repub. A Chmn 1 jyEW WHOLESALEJJKY GOODS HOUSE. J. H. HOBLITZF.LL * CO. have just opened a large (took ol DRY GOODS. NOTIONS. *o., at i>o. 347 W est Baltimore street, Baltimore. The entire stock was puiuliand in September and October >ast, at prioes enabling taem U> se I to dealers on such terms as will make it the interest oi iHJia on J auu ouuuirj iiioiiubum w vmiuuiv their stock. fhetr tarmi wiM btawb. fe28-?w* PROF. ALEX. WOLOWBKI BESS LEAVE to inform ma friends ana the ynbuo, that, Lading mat with ao muoli sucoess, ia oonUnuiu< h:a Course of Instruction on the Piano and in SitgiLg, Lj hit new method. Ail those who desire to b?oome, in a ahort time, fine tinier* or eioei.ebt periormers ?n the piano slioaia avail tbtinae.'ves of hit new system of inatruoUon, by applyii>r hia residence, No. 431 Tenth street, wf?t aide, between E and K atreeta. Reception hours between 10 ai.d 12 o'eloek a. m., Tuesdays, Thur?days and gaturdays. ieirt lm A PERSONS IN BLACK RE Solicited to inspect our itrge &nd complete -i? > - J. r_T - 1 tw &L lUMtl "I nooniui U?LU?, uuw IU m Miv wir rioi adapted L t tue present and approaching aeaWMk Una pnoa os! y, tkt actmtl cash ralut, mirk ad in plain fcgarM. An in*p ouoa of atook and pnoea ao: loitad, it inpuoa no obligation to paroba?r. ' FKEKY * BIU.. h t? St Paun. ay^n aand9U atraot. < SILK 8._ K^fc.LiE(*JI Dn?..c?in riais risbti wn v^r.r' ??. ft. twitiM ib B'.mk Mikaoi ?'l *rr*l ami w.dtm. Muurninc bilca o/ the p:op*r *rnas. One ?rio? only, <4* actual cm?k ta ut m? k?d in P'mb tifnrea VEn.ILY tt bit0? at U 6i Ptnn. aynae and 9th UmL Hcoal oil-co al oil. A VINO The %gencr of one ot the large*: i'oal OH comptaiet in ihe United HttlM,?? oan *11 Co?l 4>u ? ta-.i?a*le aad re'au, c heaper tt an uau u? bouth: in A a?h.ngtoii Also. Ltcfa. *n4 bhviea. GfcO. W. STtt ?*Hf k HON. all I ! ?* Com-rlgth ??1 ? ?Te?'?. A A I t ' WHULmU AND fLK'f AIL. Aloiroe?#, New iener ?mu, oppoeite C it ta!>f "r " i i ivaiLiM %, I'n '? .? ? - . : - *?r, :? < ?' H KV ?l 15. '!. ;- {.* . ' , . * ? - ?.? v<, i-;* I _ -. .*? i ?*-<? * *<?4 ?U . * g* V. SECOND EDI ri . THRU O'CLOf*, P. M. MORE IMO* irCCEWM. FORT MAOON, AT ST. AUGI'STINB, FLORIDA, IN OVR POSSESSION. THE TOWN AUTHORITIES RAISE THF. U S FLAG WITH THEIR OWN HANDS JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, ALSO Ol*R*. THE GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA RRCOMMENDS TOE ENTIRE EVACUATION OF K AS r Fl.OKIUV IMspVt?|torlr4 nt th" X?ry Drpr.rtmo*. from Tiag Offlrpr Pul'ont iu>:ivubc<* that tbf B of the I'Dllfd statu float* om Fort Macon at ts Augustine, Florida Tte town wai ?urrcnder?l without ?gbtlng. the town authoritlea rrecmag lotrimiodw Rodgera in the Town Hall, and after being a* aured that he wonld protect the loyal ettlsena, ttev nUed the fla^ with th?lr own Lind* "Xhe reb?I fro*-pa eracua'ed the nl*ht befum the appearance of the punboata. Th!a la thr second of the old forta re taken Jackaonvllle. Flotida. ira? 4'.an aurrendered :a like manner The Governor of Florida haa recommended the entire evacuation of Eaat Florida. DMTHrCTIOH OF riOFIITT AT L**?Br?-. ?T TH? COSflDlitIM?DlATHf OF WKLL tllOWJI TI?9ima.ii*. M or vlna. 1 ^ in Ilea from Leeaburg, at the foot of the Catoctin Mountains, a flue boaae, rbe pro pfrty of Tbca. 8?ud, Esq., of Baltimore, waa burned by the Confederate* before they evacuated Lresburg Tbey alao burned the railroad depot at LeeabniVi tank home and turn tabl?* of the Alexandria, Loudon and Hamp?blre Railroad Company. Tbey bnrned 4. P. Smart <k Co a (Smart, Bentley k Clajctt, proprietor*) itiill, con tainlng 13.000 buabeU of wheat. Tb^jr aLao KnrrMl U h rwi M ' TpiiritU^I Hnfr'ann'a \f ra Carver'* and Hempatone a stack yard*; end al?o Kdwa'd Krown'abarn and Hi? atarka. laa&c H. Robbir?. of Guilford Station, formerly of Leeab'Jrjr, ated about alx werk* alnce Francla E Jobnaton. of vVeat (irove. Fairfax rouatv, died of typhoid f?ver on the 17th intt. He was a valuable citizen and much reapected. tutAaO. The following pM?onera at the O'd Capitol prlaon beve been released. In addition to thoae mentioned in the Star yesterday, the oath of al iegiance being administered by Justice Johnson ; Cb-istopher Rochford. Fairfax, Va ; James W McCurdy, cf Baltimore; Bernard B Pcol, Fairfax, Va ; Thos Ilaycoek. do.; Hoaea H. H. Williams, of Toronto, Canada; John W. Cranford. Fairfax. Va ; John McDanlel, do.; Wm. Ogd?n, do ; Wm. Eaton, Charleston, S C ; Lewis Johnson, Fairfax, Va.; Horatio, Cbas. F. Elgin, do ; Chas. IV. McGlaccy, Jefferson county, Va; Abraham Shepherd, do; R D She;>herd. do.; Geo. H. Johnson, do ; Jtmaa U Pool, Falrfix, Va. THE LATEST BIT TELbORAFB. ARRIVAL FK<)?? El F.OPE OUR LATE VICTORIES ONSIDERI D "1MPORT AN T.** AMERICAN SECURI V Al VAN 1N6 I'oRtla>d, March 19 ~1 ie An;jloSax >i?. from Londonderry on lheT:h bi? arrl'fd. Th*- new* of tbe reptui of F-wt Do eia^n ? regarded S3 very i;r portant. American securities bad ad vane *d CO NGKESS iOi\AL 1IX VII lb coimw k? WKDXE9DAV, M rrh 19. Senate ?Mr Kinff f ff^red a joint resolution, autboriz rg tbe importation of arms ordered prior to tbe l?t of January, by the different States for use tn the auppreaa on of the lebellloo. free of ail duty Mr Ftsaenden la d there wsi a toll* alrt_*4y I In course of preparation on the tame aubject, and the resolution better lav over On tno:lon of Mr Herderaon Hojne olU "To aecure p?y, penaiona and bounty to th?- effl<-era and soldlera actually employed la the Department of.the West,' vraa takeii up. { The bill 1? i intended to apply to certain ifllcera and *oldler? not prop?cJy ccuatered Into tbe ?erv!ce 1 After bein? dlacuaaed by Meaara H nderaon Feaaend^n ai d Carlile. ana aotnealleh amend menu being adopted, the bill vra? pua?U Mr Morrill Introduced a btll to provide (or toe public defence, aid authorities; thj acceptance cf ! iar.? from toe several 8?t?* fir liie pu"pot-, referred. On motioa of Mr. Wilson, the bill for the organization of army corps as-dst-ff- wet -*ken tip. dtscav *d '-if Wiiaon, Ha.t*od. uerntai a^d was rill under consideration when t if report closed Horsi ?The House. ? as ctiled, on mo) ii uu v* .ui . ovofruP) irnw.vwi AH vviutui of the VV^ole, and returned the ^on^!d?r?tlOB of tKi> Tat hill Ub A ?* Villi LATE LOCAL NEWS. ? Robbkkt and Captth* or tbb Tatar ? Th ? morning, * man named John Lee wu brougbf out for trial at the Central Guardhouse before Jot tire Thompson upon a charge of the larceny of a ?u!t cf clothes, In 'be pockets of which were ?S37 50 In gold and psp^. The clothes and maney belonged to Mr T. C.Clark, and wer<? stolen from the Herndon House, where Mr C. boards Justice Thompson thoroughly in?e*M rated the case, and from the testimony it appears that yesterday morning a young man applied at the Herndon House for a rcom for himself and a friend, and was assigned htm He went away, and was seen no mere till 11 o'clock last n?gb , when two men were seen by a gentleman to enter the room which had been engaged. About 4 o'clock this morning, Mr. T. C Clark, a boarder, nwoks, and saw some person moving about the room en dukabtllt He supposed at si ? it I < - J #_ k..t ? Ji. ^ L. i- t urvi it ins wur, uui miii aiKUvrrni ma d: ? take, aaA attacked lb# intruder, who seized Mr. Clarke* clothing and made off That fceaileraao followed, and raught htm before be got out of the house, by this time tbe boarder* were fully aroused, and came to rbe aid of Mr. C. They threw the robber down and tied him. and sent for patrolman Steele, who took tbe thief in custody and conveyed him to tbe watcbhouae. His ccuirsde escaped. In the struggle the robber dropped the clothes, and they were recovered with the money. Tbe witnesses identified Lee as the man they captured, and Justice Thompson committed him to jail for court Lee says he is a native of Virginia, but came from Baltimore; is profeas'.onfillv a har tanrfpr a< d was emnlovirt last bv Mr | Chu Swearer, In Carrol atr**t Lee, during atruggle, bid an inatruin?at iu his band, which was probably the skeleton key with which he entered the room Robbkby On Monday night, a number of peraous were in a atore. kept by Fell* Dugeo, or. ( m. t*i mr iiura. en me uiiua, among waom wa? a man named W Dennia, who h?ti ?103 In bis pocket. While there Dugau persraded Dentils to have his money cour.ved on the counter, and while thu* engaged tome on* rapp. d at the door, when Dugan requsted Dennis to open tt. While in the act of ao doing some one behind him dealt hiai a heavy blow, knocking him Into tUe atreet Oa recovering from the effects of ths biow, he found that he waa barred out, and immediately went into pursuit of the p^'ee, who gained an entrance Into the bouae and arrested Dugan, who waa in possession of the money when Dennis was forced from the bouse. Hr?u? taken befbre J ustl^e Stratton at the 10 h d strict stat ? n v uo be Id him to ball for bla appears nee it court Fatal Actn>ai?t.?Yeaterday aferno* n a boy na?r?d Heury Kalaar, rttidlng ueai the ? ornrr of tMxtb and <) at-eeta, au rm ore- by a Art tad killed at meat Uataatly. Tie lit In f-ii via tngaued in playing maiblca at tbe iluf, ?-d hefore ha could gtt ont of Ike vae of !b? crlt waa knocked down, mad tba v L-el riaaed *rr Ma head A aaitnrai)? nf th? Kav a t It* at r>* tut . named G. , who Jjat i*. jeering from* (pell of lUom, at ? tlm ?i# t a accident wm looking fr-tn fcla J fx* ffbfi he *aw the little fallow fall he wu ?o (r1x'ahm<4 th ? he went directly to a sofa wt re he .aid t it r. fc*/ momenta htforc he w&a a ce pa*. A RxroiTBD PmtLTiiD ? Mr. Her rr^Mtc at tfcr ?:j-*? ?{*?. i4derlv trick' a wlto para))*M, ibr ofll - - t Jn.?'w Johnson i?it rr-ni'f Tt? atu * drprr wi film ?f ifwch, bat he retained hi* coa? loc . (? u br I Air-dart by wrlilu*. He ww mi amce t kov>^l to hi* hone and we kw h thl* Bornl; K a the lue ccu4ltlo? u be wm wbn wt be wr rt ii.ovrd trom Ik* ? M

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