Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1862 Page 2
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even"i staTT' - ""A ^hsutonoitt. tHCRUOAT !?1ARCH to, 1WS. 1 I* Tbnii'l. T?? '.v * u ntl nt?v4 nr. th< fMlcs. Vain pr-? in ?r ? oo'.h of 1U edlttrTi 1? ao large u to ntre It to i* put to presi nt an early boor : itinnifmnid, th^^of*. should be ant la befirtt- 1* o'clock v.; otherwise tfcey toay Mt appear tibtil tbf nest tin v. Ov* P*i*tr? at tbe *ariona mllltrrr ransj-a sod position* will confer a fa tot by keeping n? pfntnd te movetnetrta *nd affblra In their Tieinitiee. -1 - ' ? Spirit ! the n?ralaf Pr?n. The InuUigtrnttr treats of tbe very p?clflr? and reaamrThig feature of tbe lat? newi from Mexico, o Uif ntci ioa? me BJIWHIID ptrj-ciB wnicu cave btra asorltyd to the Allied Power* an? i.ow expressly disavow ed The Ktfru1 titan thinks th?.t Senator "omercy made ?PTti* palpabl%hl?s In the 3??nafe Chin.ber yesterday, In the discussion of the measure of abolishing slavery In this District?the "hit*" being apparently that "he did not see tbcnecessity of colonisation in tfcls ca?e," "hit. firm belief that slavery had no legal existence In lb * IM?trict," and that "be was opposed to paying for the slaves; and if the money must be expended, be would pay it to the alaves themselves for arrears of labor due " OUR MILITARY BUDGET. FAfcTlrVL&BS OF THK XVACfA.T10S OF JUJPIA C&IIE?COLLISION. Tba tog Leslie went to tie lower flotilla yrmtrrfcy afternoon and returned about two o'clock this morning, bringing three de?erter?, who hatl eaeaped from tbe rebels at Aqula Creek when they evacuated tbe place last Tuesday. Thev rvport that U>e rebels numbered abcut two thou and men, and previous to tbetr leaving th> y tore up tbe railroad tor n considerable distance, and Mt Are to th? ties as well as the building, wharf, and a large schooner, which were totilly destmyod. They say that the rebels were awfully scared, and that some tall running was done bv them when they started. The couutry abcut th? Creek had breu entirely devastated of cv. / thing that could be made use of by them On rueadav rooming the Yankee ran up nea: tbe batteries and threw among them a few aheil. wbleb bad the effect to batten their departure wti>cu had already been crruniencrd Th? fteamer T. F.Secor came np yesterd.iy rftoUMO for repalra, bavins bad a collision v. itb tb? L D. Oolllns, ?bon' 3 o'clock yea'erday morntftg, Mar Indian need, by %-hkb her paddle-bos *11 torn away. x EBLBASK or rKIPOXXKO. Yaaterday, after an examination before Adju taut Kress and Justice Walter at tbe Central guardhouse, tbe following military prisoners confined there were released upon taking tl? . o?tb of allegiance: James Hinallwocd. George Q Bayllaa, Herman Wilson, Joe. F. Dull acd Lewis F. D'.ehl, ail of Virginia They were takes oulaide tbe lines, and said that they had eome thus near the lines In order to escape b?ing forced tntn ik> p i .-...i? ?' - -?- - w ? - VVb* OCI *IVC< t>i I JIJUU u ut v r wb? bM b?en imprisoned upon a charge of a military character, bis lo-alty net btlng dl>putod, was also released One fellow would coc take the oath, and "pitched into" the 'Union" generally He wa? sent back to cocfiaemeat FATI>0 FOR 1BIIR WHISTLB Tba general prices for gocds in the Valley of Virginia and Fauquier, are aa follows. Viz: Liverpool ground alum salt per sack, 3j* bbls., tteaflO, par fcbl., tU SO; coffee. 81 per lo ; tea, ?4; cottons and calico, 40c p^r yard; bbrre-amle cloth, 94 90; candles. dtD and me:t;d- 45 r?; ? 1 lb i *agar, 35a43c , bacoa, all kinds, 25 j.; boots, per pair; ?t?oe?, SdiS?; iBRlaaxs, tl.Wi per e&lioti. No iiwdlea cr pios Flour, extra, 98{ fUDUy, < SO; ?nperflne, 96 50; torn,84jtr feifiaL tklMll ItlMt. Tb* foUotriog bridges on ib? Manages Gap Railroad bare bc?n burnt by the Coatc lerato troop# Vlf: North Branch, Bbecaedonb, 1 mile ta.s sla- ci fltrasbarg, 90 nalle# from Alexandria- thre* ?n .* 13* feet each Booth Branch, PhTandoah, near River S'?Cob, 80 mllea from Alexandria, tk'ee spar", 150 feat loog. Bridge* from Markham to R?ctortown, one ol Which la 100 feet loog. A dispatch received from Cairo, dated the 19th ( porta that Gen Pope had repulsed th- rebel gunboat fleet at New Madrid, sinking one and damaging the othera more or leas Not a mar fM loat on the FVderal aide KIW 41MT BKOCLATlCltS. irmf Ctrpt?1. Leaves and Furloughs . II Paaaea HI. Inaoectlom and Hnr*.n> 1V ?V11 Same as to other Comojttndtr*. VIII. Sunday morning Reports. IX. Orderly*. Orawly hour Repotts alter i Mk. X. Flags to designate Headquarter?. Htad}uar<?f j Army of tk> Potomac. i Cmmp ntar Altxandria Stmuary. Va , S March 19th, 18vJ ) General Order*, No. 1U2 I. Commanders of Army Corps have authority to gmnt^eaTes of absence trr periods not exreed lag fifteen days, and furloughs. II. Commanders of Army Corps may gran parses to the officer* and men cf their respvctlvt commands, within the limits of the Army of tb< Potomac Bueh passes must be signed by th< Cemmarder himself, or by not exceeding tw> Members of his staff, specially designated for th? purpose, whose names and signature* must h ( ported Immediately to the Provost Marsha. OfDinl and the Military Governor of the Dlstrici 01 Colombia. III. Inspections, with a view to the condemns t(M W ? B *? * ? .mK fnvpcoy, ?ua DOirai oi Survey, will l< mlw?d by the Comniaadfri of Army Corpa. IV. With respect to troops serving within the limits of his command, not assigned to an Arm) Corps, the Military Governor of the District 01 Colombia will exercise the functions abovtf dele fated to Commanders of Army Corp*. T. All troops serving in Maryland, Pennsylva Is tad New Jersey, and on the Eastern Sbore ol Virginia, not assigned to an Army Corps, wii] Immediately report to Maj General John A. Dlx, enmmsndlng at Baltimore, who will exercise, !u regard to them, all the functions of Army Corpi oommand*-* * ' VI. Until the divisions actus, ly joiu tbe A rmy Corps to which they hate b?en assigned, dlvisiun commanders will exercise the funrti?r>? ??r ?" ? ? ? ? ? *? Vi V ViU' mander* of Corp*. II. The commaudlng officer* ?i tte Artillery aad Cavalry Rr*erve? and of the Regular loft a try, will have the tame powers a? Coxa, auaders of Army Corps, except that all appliciUoas for leave* of absence to oAcera of the!r com. ?d* matt be forwarded for tbe action of these Beedqaarters 111. Commander* of Army Corp*, separate Divisions, aad detachment*, will make to these Heedqaarter*. every Sunday mornicg, a conooli4ated report of tbtlr commands. * IX The following provision* wiil be strictly observed, when not rendered Impracticable by the dletaaoe to General Headquarter*, throughout theaoOve portion of this a;uiy; let. Commanders or A^xnt. ? ?f ym, j/ivtiiuniena tgtachaeats, will Mad mnsei^en to these fUodqoarten at 1U, a m , and ft, r m , dally for . td Orderly hour at tac*o Haadqturfrr* w.U be it, m , at which time dally a guff oftcer from tbo Moadqoarters of each Army Corp* and aeparen command will attend, at the office of \hu AaaMUnt Adjutant ttfoerti at theae Ueadqaartin, for orders M Altar ?r?ry march, tbc commaader of raco ?>a.; wipi, or wporate conni. :nd, wi'l e . : r atteod In pcrtun. or w^d a ?tail tlctr to tLe Amut Um AaalaUat Adjutant Oeac ti at it-t-'c Bctdquartar*, fir ordart, aad to f?poM the Iocs tl#c of the fleadquirtfr* <-f bit Corp* nail t-cfc . W lla dtvUioM / Afear e?ar> ua/cA, u# l-m o < | ? i md d?Mrtm?nti attheee Headquartert will tttend la , or tend a Staff o?r?r, to the ofBcq of Um 4HB*ant Adjutant General, for o'der?, and to report the location of their respective oflcea. 5th. Commander* of Army Corps and separate commands will use mry mnns to keep themselves constantly Informed of the location of Genera* Headquarters. X Flags cf tbe following descriptions will be us?d to drsl?nate the locations of General Headquarters, and the Headquarters of Army Corps -ft . aiiu yiTian'ua . A>r Grnora! H> adquartert: To be of Blue, six fret squire, huTtap ? pl?ln white star vfrith four points, and 3 feet 6 Inches from tip to tip, In the cent*.-. Pot Htadquarttrs of a? Army Corps: Red, 6 fret square, baring a white ?tar with four points ard 3 feet 6 Inches from Mp to tip, in the center. - - ? ? ?* _ ? ? a* . The number of tuo corps in mace, in me miacue of the n'ar. ' Far tk'. HradquarUrs of Divisions: Six feet rq-iare, divided horizontally, Into three parts, the upper and l^wer thirds bine, the middle third white, the name cf 4be Division Commander to be borne ! i black, in the center.Th-.-se fla^s will be attached to a portable stall', Hi feet long, made In two joints of 8 feet each, a-d wiil be habitually displayed in front of the '?? f?nm mr\rr\o nrAtTilnunt nsri nf (Hp nr vraatl, <-rcupUd a., tbc Headquarters they designate In tbe movements of the Army, and upoa the Held r>f battle tbe positions of the Generals will be designated by smaller flaps of the same pattern, but four feet square, and attached to light poles rr H?alf4, twelve feet in length. ThMluarternuster's Departmei-t will take lmmed ate measures to supply tbese flags upon requl?itionfl approved by fumy corps commanders. By command of Major Gen.'l McClellan : y Williams, As*'t AdJ't G?uer;il THfc UPFR\TIONS OS THE (OAST QF FLOKIDA. The V(i i|>atiiin of St Augustine and Jack euTlllt. We gather the following interentlng particulars of the late operations on the coast of Florida from the otflriai di*patche?. Com Roger*, of the IT S F!*e f*hip Wabash, reports to Com Dupont the occupation of St. August!n?, as follows : s ' Having crossed the bm with some difficulty, in ohfd' !i ? to vaur orders I approached St Auh s'lre tinder a tlas* of t-uce. and a* I drew n?-ar ttie 'try ' white lis*; was hol?.' *d upon one cf the 4 i bastions ut Fort .Marion. " t,andlrg*at the wharf and lnou'rinf for the chief n'-thortty, I was soon joined by the Mayor, end c? iducted to the City Hall, where the mui nicipal authorities were ;issembied. I Informed them th*t having OMM to restore the authority of ?ne Ln w r>ta>s, you nsa 'e'liva It more kind to send an unirrmd l>oa'. to intorto th? citizen* of your d termination than to oeenpy tbe town at once by fjrc? of arms TLat you were deairoua to c*'m any apprehensions of lursh treatment that m'ght exi .t In their minds, and that you should carefully respect the persona and property of all i citizen* who submitted to the authority of the United 8tatjs. That you bad a -intrie purpose? to restore tbe s'&te of; ffilrs which existed Before the rebellion. 1 Informed the municipal authorities that so lon,? a- tfccy respected the authority of the government we gpivp, and acted in good faith, municipal sflairs would be left in their hands, so far as might be consisteut with th? exigencies of the times. The mayor and council then informed me that the plnce Lid been eva^ua'ed the preceding n'.ght by two companies of Florida troops, and tb~y gladly received the entire assurance I gave them. auJ placed the city in try hands I recommended them to hoist tbe flag of our Unloa at once, e.ud In prompt accordance with the advice, by the order of the mayor, the na' ? 1 : J t i - - vim t- ?i^u wc? uispiayeu irorn tLe tlug etafl' of tte Cm I The mayor proposed to turn over to me the five ca'iuon mounted at tfce fort, which are In good ror.ditlon rnd not ?p!ked, and aNo the f?w munition# of wur l?'t hv the r?*treitln^ enemy. I dei'red him to tsk?- rhirjfe <>f them for the'nrei?nt. to make careful Inventories, and establlih a j trc! a*\d EB-rd. informing htm that he would i>n h-id re?pnsiljle for the place until force tboulri enter the town. I called upon clergymen of the city, requesting t'jeir. to rriuuK 'h' ir ^eople^tid to confide in our *lnd intri'Uowi toward* item About 1 500 perron" r-main In M Augu*tln?*. about one-fifth of V * - ? J * * *' , u? muaui juis uavuij^ II U 1 DfilfV? IDBT tU6r nt? rrany citizens wun ure earce?tlv attached to Vie Union, a lar^e number who are atlently opponed to It. ard a aMll larger number wbo care very little ! ah- e matter. I think that nearly all tbe men arquiev* l;i tbe condition of attain we arc now tftUblishlng There in mu'b violent and pernlntent feeling iuigiiv th* women. They aeem to miatnke treal eon for courage, a-id have a "heat-lcal draire to Ugure as heroin**. Their minds have doubtless \? fli flllfd wllh thp fn la?*h?Xnrla m.-\ I nil ?? -?->.-????? wv (uuuiuiuviaiy circulated in regard to tb~ lust and hatred of our troop*. Ontbentcht before our arrival, a party of ?uOf i pb*? mbKd in front ?>f tbe barrack* and Cc.t down ttif fla/stalf iu order that It might not 1 be used to support the old Tbe mcnseemtd I anxlru* to conciliate us in every way. I There i* a gr-at scarcity of provision* In tbe place. There seem* to be no money except wretched paper currency of tbe rebellion, and much pover.y exi*t?. la the wiler bittery at the fort are three fine a mv 32 pounder* of 7 OU" pound*, and two eight Inch sea bowitzrrs of 5.6*xi pound*, with shot and &on.e ]>o*der. There in a number of Trry nja ii. tiie foil, us<-le*a and not mounted. i*-v? :al j;ord guna were taken away a. me months aj_-o to arm batteries at other harbors. The gairleon ?>f th'- j?'a",e went from St. Augustine at 1 ifilduicbt on 011 the I0"h for Hmyrna where are ..Id to be about MX) troo: s, a battery, the steamer Carolina and a considerable quantity of arma aid ammunition !t 1? very positively stated that tbe Governor haa ordered the ubiiidoiiment of Last Florida and propose* to mak? a stai.d near Apalachlcola. Mr. Dennis, of the cosst sorvev, wfc.i accompar nird me, rendered me much valuable aid. Lieut. Stevens, of the gunboat Ottawa, reports th (c upatlonof J.cksonvllle aa follows I miecoedfd In crossing the bar with this vessel, ! the toirca and the Pembina, the day before yesj terl?y,-about 1 o'clock, having no water to spare onder our keels. The Smith arrived hull an hour afterwards, arid crossed without a pilot. ' As It was necessary to make arrangements to f land a company of soldiers for the protection of * the gun* before leaving the entrance of tbe rtver, i 1 found It too late to move up to this place that evening Near 10 o'clock I discovered lar^e fl??- heartn? ?-?i ?m W. N. \V from the anchorage, which proved to - be, on my arrival here, tbe burning of mills and . houses, and other property belonging to Northern men with inspected Union proclivities, burnt by order of the rebel commander. 1 i-ft .Nlayoort v< nterday with the veg#el* named r for this point, o'dering the Kllen to stop at 8t. , John's Blutl and take on board tbe gun> and mun't'ociof war at that point, and afterwards to Join me here, which mint Ion was ?urce?fully accomplished. We succeeded jn reaching Jacksonville withr out ditttcnitr, and at every house saving one found evidences of peaceful demonstrations aud returning reason On our arrival at this place, i the corporate authorities, through 8 3. Burnett, t q , c?m? of with a flag of truce and save ud I iw iu*rn. Fr>m conversations with intelligent citizens I ilnd that the Inhabitants are seeking and waiting lor the protection of our Hag; that they do not c?. nut their own people. From the occupat.uu of this important point, I am aatUhed if our opp< rtuntties are improved great results will low Many of theeluseof have lied, but many remain, and tnere is reason to believe most of tbem will return 1 have Just heard that the muuictpal governm?nt ha* been restored Cc m. Dupont sayn his officers and men have on all occasion* displayed great spirit and ability. A dMpetch from him, dated March IS, off St. Augustine, contains the following : ?? Fu'ther information from the St Johns river H satisfactory The burning of the valuable mills and lumber, with the line hotel at Jacksonville, and the bouse of Mr. Robinson, a Union man,was br order of the rebel General Trapler, who, after lngtorlously dying with his forces from the town, With ver v MSMMkla m ? ?? J?#? " * w w? uciciiic fti nana, aent a laiye detachment back for ttala Incendiary purpose, on diacovcrlng that our uunboato bad nd 6e? n able, on ttae'r tlral arrival, to croaa the bar" Down o* tat Tobacco Tax ?The St Mary'a Ittacon and the Marlborouzh 'inrett*, paper* ill tue n*rl<>hb<j/hgf counties of Maryland, atrenuou* Iv obj?-ct to tl^e proposed tax on their principal agricultural ataple, which they allege to be equal to morv than *nt k&lftb* i?*rw??nu>"?' ? IIVC1*TU 'fur It In ll?? market: Ttey recommend (be tarj ni ? to reduoe their crops of tobacco and grow j s'im tbln^ else 1 LtCa.NDUSI I'lkK*.?1 be Marlborough Gatttt* < fcv* > Nuoie.ous lucendivr *r*s hirolattly occurred i In Cu. ne? coboty, Aid The turn fodder fcotwc of Mr TLnrnan skinner of Hill Ton district, I J i? I . . :i flrrd n> >1 rntlrH,' COMOliwd Mr t 'irWti ?n:s,lntbr dwtrlrt, bad bis barn | ft>dd<* fecir, Ac., aiao if rod arid consumed. LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. PROM FOR TRESS MONROE. WILLIAM L. YANCEY, THE CONFED COMMISSIONER, CAPTURED, DISOUI8ED A3 A SAILOR. THE TELEGRAPH C A BLE CUT BV SECESH 1 JOB. SEGAR ELECTED T? t'U^ORESS. Baltimohi, M it rob 90, (frem Fortress Monroe, March 19 )?Ret arm from neafly all the p reel acta In Accomac and Northampton counties, shew Watson ahesd for Congress. Segfcr, however, received nearly a hundred votes there. The result In Hampton however change* the remit, and elects Joseph Segar by from 190 to 140 majority. * * ? ( A flag of truce went out to-day, but no newt was received from the South by it. By order of Gen. Wool, the boat'* crew were not permitted to receive tout hern paper*; and, consequently, the press 1b cut off from the supply heretofore drawn upon. The iteamer Rhode laland arrived from Key West yesterday evening,with the malle, and sailed Immediately for New York. Wm. L. * encey waa captured a few days slncc on board of a schooner which wbi trying to ran the blockade. He waadreaaed in sailor's clothes, and waa recognised by one of the newspaper correapoodcnta. St. Mary's, Florida, has been occupied by our forces; also Jacksonville. The U. S. bark YouDg Rover, from the mouth of the Rappahannock, arrived here last evening. No newi in that vicinity. It haa been discovered that the telegraph cable was cut at about ten ml lea from the Eastern Shore. A man supposed to be the culprit has been arrested, and has been sent to Gen. Lock wood. An example will probably be mads of him. The wind here H east, and unpleasant. Late (reus Shipping Point. proclamation by 1 k*f. davis?viioinia militia callbd oct ?ribkl battbbie4. SHirriSG Point, March 19.?An intelligent con tin band, who has Just come in, reports that Jefi Davis issued a proclamation on the 10th call ing oui an xn? muma irom sixteen 10 sixiy years of age, end order* them report to headquarters by companies. Virginia, he says, demands every sarriiice, to maintain the dignity of her soil. He lays everybody has quit work and a thorough panic extends all over the country. Nothing is done in Fredericksburg but talking and raving about the Yankees. IMPORTANT FROM FRKDKRlCKFBrRG Thirty Thousand Troops Passed through that Place. * * "" Joseph Halstead, from Orange county, Nsw York, who has lived below here thirteen years, on his own farm, rnme in to-night: and says he left because he ^ould not take u? arms aval est his country. - He was In Fredericksburg day before yesterday. Troops were being thrown Ift from towards Manassas rapidly. Some '20.000 or 30,000 had paased tbrough, but not over 1*2.000 or 15,000 remained. An officer told blm that thev Intended defend* < *t i: # -j v... D wig mr iii?c luiiuru uy a^uiq v>rrr-ji, owvw Dam, the Rappahannock and the gap In the mountains. STATKMENT OF ASOTHKH FUGITIVE Juda? Primmer, another fugitive,' ?ay? he was In Fredericksburg ten d tysago, and that there were no fortification there then,but preparation! were being made to build a battery on tne river, live mile* below Fredericksburg. At that time, there was not a full regiment there, but the troops at the Potomac batteries have since marched In, and from ten to fifteen thousand are now there. Some of the troops marched there from YVarrenton Junction. CUNGH ESSIONAL. ? XXX Vllth C05j0RKII?-Sec?Bd Ssssisa. Penatb ? After our report closed yesterday? The bill for the organization of army forp? and tail* was passed The bill for the abolishment cf slavery in the District of Columbia was then taken up, and after being disi usttd byMessrs I'emeryand Doollttle, It was postponed until to-day. The Senate then went Into executive session for a short time, and on opening the doors, alJourned. House ? After our report closed ? The House continued the consideration of the tax bill for several hours; after which tbey adjourned. * OTf^THE LADIES OF TILE MRST BAPX*? tist Chnroh. invito all who wish to aid them in rebuilding their luusa of worship, lately destroyed by a storm, to attead a FESTIVAL aod FAIR, they intend to (tive at Parker's Hall, Pa. ^lAfWAiin firk anH ft K <AssAaits ww?W??H V?U ?UU III iwf ruiiv* UIWWU Hotel.) commeooinf MONDAY EVENING, 24th Maroh Contributiona auitable /or iiuh an oooaaion will be vary aooeptabie, and may be aent to J. W. ULAKKE, 3<>4 7tn at., above I. m!9 3t? ^^ "THE TRAITOR, AARON BURR." REV. WILLIAM H. MlLBl'RN, THE BLIND PREACHER, ' Will deliver hia SECOND AND LAST LECTURE AT WESLEY CHAPEL, Corner of Fifth and F atreeta, On THURSDAY EVESJNG, Maroh ?, Sut j sot? The Lift and Character of Aaron Burr, Tickets 24 Csirrs, For sale at the Bookstores tad at the door. Doors open at 7; Lecture to cdHtnfenoeatS o'olk. mil If-2t* J^WASH1NGTON([^KCTURE ASSOCIAFR1DA V EVENING. M*roh 21, Twenty fifth Lecture,* t>? WILLIAM GOODfcLL.fcSU .oiNew York. 9utjeot? TKt < onstitution ft* Hmanctpation, and Emancipation for tK* Constitution. irr Ticket holders will be required to exhibit thoi r Uokets at the door to iniii! ooHf uaioa. i>oors open at 7 o'cloo*; Leoture to ooaimwoaat o'clock. Tickets 25 oents each; to be obtained at the door and at the Bookstores. ?-* rah 17 |Y\J?HACit DRIVERS AND MACK OWNtl*J ER8?The number* required to be worn, under the s ro visions of tlie ordinance approved . n the loth of February. 1862, must be prooured on or before the 30th instant, or the peralties of the or dinance wili be striotiy eofo'oed Br order: mh 15 ?80th SUPkRIN'T OF POLICE. OFFICE OF JOINT COMMISSION 19 UNITED 8 FATES AND COSTA RICA, Washikgton, March 13 1883 ? Ataaateting ol the Board ruid una day it waa ordered thai the period of two months from this data is hereby allowed for olaimants to file their proofs against t^eRepnblio of Coeta Rioa, and no extension of said seritd will oe allowed ULleaa cood oauae ?hah be "alio wn for auoh delay. >nh M-2w CHA8. W. DAVIP, 3eo. rrW?KVl<,RV ONE'S lNT>*fcSr-rt> THE 119 CITIZENS. zTKAT+*EJtS, A* U HOLUIERS'?1 na*e mat reoeived rverr tvje and fine asaorimeat oi Spnug Ciottiini, which I &in oflisrinr at uur aaaallow prioee, at No- 400 H events alreet. opposite Poet Office, near F, fe 87 3m MM R3. BROWN TO MRS. ? K.-Unto God'a lracioua inercy and pi#Uctiou I oominit thee, l b i Lord uleaa thee ana keep tuee. The Lord ike his iaoe toahine upon ?ht?e aad beiraoioua unci vii ?o. mo uoru mi nil coucteuanoo upon th?e and civ# the peace, botn now and evermore Amen D* N HANDS LINK. OTICE TO CONSIGNEES.The ateamer E. Ch&mberlin haa arnved. Her o&rgo reart J lor denver*.^^*^^^^" UVDE A DAVIU8UN. A|ta.. It Georgetown. D- P? A FOE SALE TWO BORSK COVERED WAGON, amUble tor a aitier or uy ordinary RllM buaineaa; bit little ?aed, and will be^HK_ i a.Id cheap. J. FUS9BLL. MB an >t* North wet eornor 12th >tia r ?v?. H U T 1 K R _ A N 0 e 0 G 8! i lOOtnbi and keca prime Ooahen and Gladea Batter in atora ! an kega Bakers' Butter. I ?rO*E b6uTROW, No. 4H Eighth at, mh 10 et* Between Pa. aver, oe aixl P at. Restaurant andeating house, george b1tz. ' Having taken the BAR ROOM owted by Mr. ( Cmiwi for the purpoee of re-oMrua? AA | aid aaioon, 1 therefor* notify my m(m)ifAT and Ike eablie in general that I wltt oeenlfidU, I onTaeaday. Mpek S?tL l?l.vftwe viftTRrTn 1 be round every tiling re*uJe*? to a frat olaaa Bar. i mh 2""3t ^ j QC BBL.H. tK>UR KRAllT On hand and for sale 1 ?"?? '""^iyTcgrams-.,* < QH BBLB. OL1) R YK.'wari an ted rare, will ba , ttU oloaed oat very ohea? by KKY A COh I 44t Pena. avenue. ? /\ DDI a !*? ~ '* P?a?. avsnu*. i 1,000 j ?r**t,Jr "? ? <? ?f|M? hy FRY 4 CO., |

mh^?. ,* - j j j?~ j?v; v ? i#?l i \ M 0 OFFICIAL . Coecoeak'i SciLome, 1ST* Stkkit, (OJfitt of Commissi on on Contracts and Claims ' for Ordnanc? and Grdnanct Starts,) Match 17, 1802. Ordtrtd, That all pereona baring eontracta and j. claim* for Investigation and decision, under the b letter of apt ointment of the Boa. Edwin M. Z Stanton, Secretary of War. dated U>? 13th of " March, 19<K, and hereto aubjolned, be. and are r hereby notified. In nrninf Ika urn* Th? wim. nUaaionera will continue la aetslon for their re- 1 oeptton, from day to day, from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. 4 J. Wit*, Secretary. ^ ' ORDER RRSPCCTIRO CONTRACT! FOR ARMS. r War Drpartxrst, f Washington, D C., March 13, 1HM. \ \ Ordtrtd, That the Hon. JoaepH Holt, and the . Bob. Kobevt Dale Owen, be and they are hereby ? appointed a special commlnalon to audit and ad)a?t all eontraeta, orders and clalma on the , War Department In reapect I ? ?rdnance, arm* f, and ammunition, their determination to be final, B tnd conclusive aa reaoacta this Department, on all questions touching thj validity, execntlon, and 1 am dui> or to become due npon such eontrant, ud upon all other question* anting between e n- H tractor* and the Government upon said contract*. ? *24. Tte said commission will proceed forthwith to Investigate all claims ana contracts In " respect to ordnance, arm* and ammunition, In the War Department or pending settlement, and ' loal payment and idjudlcat- tbe same. All 7 Crsons Interested In *uch coutiacts, may appear Z Denton. hut not hv AHtornev twfnrw nairi i-nm mbaioners, and be beard respecting their claim*, at such tluif and place as the commlaaloDera shall appoint. The chief of rrdnance and all other * officers In the Department w>ll furnlah such books t and papers as th*; commissioners may require. Major Hagner, of the Ordnanoe Department, la specially assigned to aid and aaalst the comroin- I sioners in their investigations All claims that ' they may award In favor of shall be promptly paid. , No application will be entertained dv the Depart- - ment respecting any claim or contract which they 1 shall adjudge to be Invalid. 3d. If, in their investigation, they shall find ' reason to believe that any agent or employee of the War Department was directly or indirectly Interested in any contract for ordnance, arms, or \ ammunition, or received any consideration for its proenrement, they shallglve notice thereof to ? the claimant, and proceed to Investigate and de- \ termtne the fact, taking such testimony as they c may deem proper; and if the fact of such Interest ~ be established, it *hall be good cause for adjudg> lng the claim to be fraudulent. EiDWIIV m. 9TA.KTOR, mhW-3t Secretary of War. 1 /lN. I I < ! I NVj i 500,000P0UNM 1 1 ROUGH TALLOW and _ I ARMY GREASE { WANTtD. for whioh the bigheat price will be pail at the National Soap and Candle ?Vork?.Gre?n atreet aid Canal, Georgetown, D. C. mh 19-lm C. B- JEWELL, Proprietor. 8. ONE YEAR CKRTIFICATK8, . O U ARTKKM ASTK8H' VlllirHRRH g Bobi kt*by RITTENHOUSF, FANT A CO., Binkera, 332 Penn?y!YaLia at, mh 19-1w (Intelligencer] 7' 3-10 TREASURY NOTES. j U.S. BONDS, Bought and *old b? RITTENHOU?K. FANT A CO., Banker*, Sfis pf nmylvsma av. mh 19-lw tlnteliigeiioer] J?OR SALE-FOR $84 CASH.?The owner t 17 having no norther n?o lor him; a cv * Xlnted and gentle young BORSE, abutTXTk i wmlr* old. H* i? 15 hands high, and worka veil in harmn or under the saddle. He oan be seen at HAZEL'S Stabie, in Georgetown. mh 19 St J. V. COLLINS. l^OLD AND EXCHANGE ON ALL THE iJ PRINCIPAL CITIES Botuh'. and add br KITTKNHOUSE. RANT A CO., Banker*. 363 Pernsjlvaiua&v. mb l?-lw tintelluenoar.) PB ROF. ALEX. WOLOWfKi BE6S LEAVE \ to inform hia frienda and the public, that, having met with ao mucb auooeae, is oontinuing hia ? Courae of Instruction on the Piano and in Singing, ( br nla new method. All those who Genre to be- % Erne, info short time, fine sinters or exoelleat per- > j rmera on the piano should avail themaelvee of t i new aratera of inctrnetion, by applyinr at hia a residence, No. 4?1 Tenth atreet, weat side, be- ) tween E ana F atreeta. 7 Reception honns v etween 10 and 12 o'olook a. m , t Tueadasa. Thnr?daya ahd Satnrriaya. fe 24 lm D JNTERK?TINeAFOB^RTHE COMMUNITY f *r? are now reoeivinc K K A D Y-M A D E I CLOTHING ( the latest dMiiu three tim?? a T tMk from oar raaau'Mtarine eetabhahment in Baltimore,whioh vecffdrataa Urn ii tang low prices. mh inn* ass K ^^ |)E 8URE JfcND COME TO TUB BEST , D|tao? tow? *??? filothuu?No. 4M^8msu ^ 486 CA*?Ju'flS&ti.," *486 i M No. 4M Seventh atree*. P fa It t rioof *Nnre Oori Pet'owa* Hall. | UEALBD PROPOSALS ABE INVITED " 19 ti'l the 19th day of March, 1183, at It m., for a ?nrohaaini from the boeernmeat the flidea aod fallow Uoofa, and Horaa, ronraee, Chaeka, aad ^ ?hiEi, of all the Beef Cattle used br tM Are* of 91 the rctoMO. thOM wttkin the haeient li?*ita of the District of GotkiaMs. O No bid wiU bd mtortauidd anldfa tkd bidder id c prdddnt to rdapond lo hia bid. ? The Hidaa. Tallow, Ao., obtained at tkd [ist of the oontrdotor-howill bd heldaeooaotabid V fee Hidea, Ao.. of all adimala killdd, whether kd , ^Thjtuto*ko?bd diroctdd to "Major A BECK- n WITH, C.U. 8. A.. Washington, D. C. fop ? IP?f? TIMK FOR opgMiyg Tg" g.'B? t >r the aoodd MTerriwuBi la rodtpoadd untji^thd g i i i ? til a n* i?i. - ?k" i)M?nD lb# ?r?mirt?,on tfo I7t?, l?th. 19:h. ti ird StU tMUat, ? 4 u'dook p. m . on.m^oojn* M ?l 4 i v P f* WANTS. IV ANTED-A SITUATION m vitnm. Call ' ?? U No. S6? I strMt.Mtweea 13th m4 14uT mh IP ?t* LTan servants wanted?For th?h<>a>? "1 acd 4rir? in o*rnM?> Cfc.l *t 4IS F ?txMt, Otwpf B <tk *nd 7 fc. ill W ?' LA/ANTED?A iMoad kud BUT1.KB TKMT ' Adcr m C. P. Ml .X8BLL. Star oSo*. tatiBf prio?, Ac . e. wt> ??-tt* I Jkl ANTKD? A WOMAN to tak* oar* of '* ohilareo. and do ohaiaberwora. Am.? to 8'?th attreat between G aad M. wh?'it* J|7ANTKD-A white WOMAN wba ander ? atarda making paatry, Ao. Apply a: the r?or? aom of >ha Metropolitan Hotel, oiCrt. ?h>D tf L17 ANT ED?A go^d, ooareaieat HOUSE oon '" tainioc from aix to ten room*, either faruhed or aaioixianed. Apply at No. T1 Loalaiaca ?mb* all 1 lw* lVA.N "ED-A food SERVANT for an ottoer " iati>e field ? ma aooaatomed t? horvea pre rred Call at PHI LP A SOL JMON8'. SSfl Pa. yppne. (Rwbticftn 1 mhso-t j lI/ANTED-A food COOK ftt 8X3 I ?t, b?tv?*n ' 18chandl9ih A vhitt vonu with i*oonrm rod. mh 19 >t* < LV ANTED-By ft lady, ft SITUATION m oopy'" ut or ra\on?c*i?. Address for en* wt*>k M. M- S ."tnlsoftoo. wifa t9 tt* yi/ ANTED?A first rftte COOK for* rMt*?r?nt " A Geriran sirl preferred Apply ftt No. th it. opposite Center Mftrket mh '9 ?* LVANTKD I M MTC D I A T K LY-Two Rood M HAH ilia Pennsylvania areata. mil 19 8t* LA7ANTED? For a priYat* family- a HOUSE, *? pinasanl y ?.tu?UHj, oontvniuc at least loir < *d roon. - Audresa Box 67 7 Post Ofioe mh 19 it BOARD WANTED?a gentleman viibN Board in a tnrate familr where he oan have he ocmforti of a home. AadreM P. O. Box 7ft, tatlng term* and looation. ?h l?-lt* r|RY GOOD SALESMAN WANTED?Oa? U well acqnainted with the oitr trade; 19 to SS MTI of afft. M&rrimt mar timH ?iaI ??al? . ~~ PKEEYVBEO., irh 1> 6t Penn. avenge acd 9th ?tr?*C WANTED-* SUTLKR'S WAGON, atronf n and auitaMe for two horaea. and HARNESS 1 or two horrea ; alao. an aotiva. atrong HOKSb, o be warranted aoaod and kind in alt rMfwU. lddreas"L. A. O." care 8*3 Pennsylvania avain*. [Repnblican 1 wh 1? ?t LI KI P W A NTKD?One COO* and three ll WASHERWOMEN?at the Nationa: Steam ^aardrv. Pa av*nne and 13th at. inh H ?t* k\r ANTED?A NURSE. Irqnire at Room No. " *. Herndon Houae, corner Ninth and l ata., _ ... tngton.D.C. mh tf-8t* i C0 4CHM AKERS W A N T K D-Oie good i Coaohhinith ; alao.a Painter, a Trimmer, and >ne Wocd Worker. ^Good. ateady hand a oan have >11 <a?c>MiU >VC?UJ CUlfiUJIIiem i DOBS OIDPT1 iced apsly. inh 18 3t WALTER ft KARM1NM- ' ! WAITED? Kor Ut April or before, at tV or 9i& per month, a FIRST OR SECOND FLOOR, furnished or nnfurniehed. in a good louee. oocntied by a pleasant and rrtpro'abie fam'y. r.rar u?fv"tt? P ace and not Mat of the rost Jffipo. A periraoeaiatranxenentdealred Address, nth partioaiara and addreea. "A, H. D Star 1 J?oe. - ah !?-?? ( WANTED-By ? food tenant, a SMALL I "" HOUS<E oonv*niMt to the Treaaary Deaartn?ct. Address"* B.." Ptar Oftoe. rohl6 6t* DLD LETTERB WANTED.?1 will fire from . , two to ten do! ara far Letters written by Beo'l Washington, acd a fair pnoe for Old Letters writ- < ?n by oeiebrated Americana, Revolutionary Co- I i ebrities, Presidents, Generals, Commodores, ludge?, Dootfrs. Divines, Lawyere, Ac. Addreaa iO&KRT SPRING, 141 N. Twelfth atroot, Phil- , , Helphia. Rare iioofca and Pamphlets on Amenoa >outht. mh I lm' , 117' ANTED?To have every one kcow ttiat they " oan find the beat stooh of CloUuns. Hata and >ps. at the very lowest rate*, at SMITH*No. I , 160 Seventh street, Now r. foTISm ' i WJ ANTED? From Asril 1, 1862 for a permanent * residence, a small CO I TAGE HOtPK, eiihir in W a*binKU>R or Georg< tovn. Rent mutt be nocWate. Referer.o?? un*x *ej?\iooab!e. Apply, by otter or personally to R. P. THiAN. No. 17 First tre't, Georgetown, il. C. fe?7-8awlni* { Sinn -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN ^ IUU. an offioeacd take the wholeealea?enoy, , n every State. for ail of Lloyd's Great Military Haps, used by oar Commander-in Chief. The iheapeit m*M in the world. A fortane can be made in the*e maps in eaoh State a nnn.nooeopiee of one if my maps lave already been eold Also a man to ;o 10 i.auiornia, land and UDt>a. Agent* also | rented in erer* ooonty and in ever* regimest in >nr army. f*?cd for arcultrt. J. T LLOYD. mh4 ImdAw.if 164 Broadway, New York. \JLT ANTED? Every person to know that I ib in TV the mariet. ready to pay oash lor all artioiee n the honsefnrnishing line. Those leaving the (ity.or havinc a anrplns, will do well to oali. R. BLOHLY, 4 2* Seventh st.. between6 and H sta., east side,) Deader in New and Seoond hand Farutare. no M tf U|/ANTED?Sot.ere aod Soldiers to know that V* they oao boy CAMP STOVES and TIN iVARK cheap of H. J. 6REGORV, iJl Pena. I tvenne. Ja U |*7ANTKD.?We are now bnyinc 8ECOND" HAN D FURNITURE, STOVES and BED- ' 3IN6, for which we are paying the hifbaet taeh prices. Families decliiuac housekeeping, ?r tavinc a surplus of furniture, will find it U> their kdratilaae to cive ns a BONTZ * GRIFFITH. l?H-tT No. 36?nh?Ubtw.laoaReia. II ATTRITION! < HE Un-'e-iignfHl bu reoeired a larce e'oek ot i ->lixa Reading ALE and LAGER BEER, to l rhioa he rtepeetfnlljr oslla tbe attention of all 1 ;otet and restaurant keeper*. < CHARLES MADRB, ( mh 19 lw* oorner Fa. avenneand 3d etraet. rkPERA AND FIELD GLASSES, SPECTA- J 1' CLES.Ao We open thia momn< a large assortment of Jpera. Manne acd Field Giaaaea. Aiso. Goid. Silver mil fiti? *t??l M. W GALT & BHD.. /eweiera, I S3? Pa av , 4 door* vest of the mhl9-St Metropolitan (late Brown *) HoteL I I |ORK & f(( , Binnt, 517 Seventh street, ( I " Waahinfton. D. O , bay, 11, refulana*. praiare, oolleot ai.d par Array, Navv, and all other nii?pnted Claims on the U. S. Government at | Vaehinfton or other oiliM. U 8. Bond#, Ceitifiaies an J other valne* nacetiated. Information t ven, p-r?on*ily or by letter. Refereno?*? Wm. 1 Asptnwall, K?? ; Wilson G. Hunt, Ei^ I iI'mtb. Hpotf .rd. Tileston 4. Co.. of New York ; rlessn. John K.Thayer fc Brother,of BoiDb. inh 19 3t* ' < CH. R1VART * CO. I SILLERr CHAMPAGNE DEPOT REMOVED TO I. E. Cornkr or Pxirn Avxitvb aud f ixth St., Ciaienron Hotel Building, Washington. H. h(isk V. A.?vr N? V?.r AME8 MOLAN, AGSRT, Wuiihotoii, D. C. SHKRRY, PORT and MADEIRA WINES. PINE OLD BRANDY ud WHISKY. IET A liberal diaoonnt to dealer a. mb 19 j E T"T H E Vest"DETECTOR! ' NATIONAL ! BANK NOTE REPORTER, pnbliahed on the 15th ol eeoh mont* by I FELD A LARE. Pittabarg, Pi, At 0*4 Dollar Ytar, is advmtut, 1 ia the LviMt and Beat Deteet*r of < COUNTERFEITS, < BANK FRAUDS. i IKOIII iiltc blished in the oountry, and, by living the rates rf disoourit for . Nsw Yon, Pittimbs, ass Clsvklahb, , he advantages of an Kastern tad Waatarn Da rotor are oomb?ned in one. Kaoh ninb?r ooutatna J ha ateit intelltcacoe of fr*w Coumttr/iiu, Bmmk < Rsi/urei, and a variety of mforaaation aaaral to i he t>usinees public Thoa* who may wish to aaa < sample number of the Reporter ehoald aall on i feeara Gotthelffc Behren. Variety Store, No IM th at., between H and I where they may alao laara t heir aub'onptiona Each aobaonbar ia alao fWr- < laked with a complete Coin Chart Manual oonunina f-aimilaa r\t all tk* A > ??1 ?? Ml NiV ?WiU OS I *W? OUiUi a the world, with the U 8 attached. For ? he reliability u3 ataodiof of the "NuioMj." we efer to the Banke, Broker* and buuMM umm |?Brally of Waahinjgon City. w FELD LARK. Pahlirhara, mh 19-2t* Pitteban. Pa. r NOTICE. HE Copartnership her'to fore astatine bstwaaa outs P. Pun and Tiokh D. Daanaiu. baa een diasolead. All persona indented to the aaid rm will pleaaa to aattla their aoooanu with tODis P. Perry, who will alto Mttla with the red 1 tore of the firm mh 17 2aw3w LOUIS P. PERKY. ] ^OK^ALJ^AnjiDaammoBlj ^aadeoaM^ well IOFSE, oolor bay. Can ba aaan at K KaRNKVS 8tabla>, oornar of 8t Pwl*" rd Caatia ttraata, Baltimore, oa Tkaraday ao4 nday next, ?th and Matin*. mk II ?t* y^>.OY8TKE8?OYBTKRL OY8TKR8 of tba bart taahtr oan ba had treat arerr day, at tba ? 'Id flyater Stand, No. In Ninth atiaat, batwaaa k ? mJ A ? ~ inW A YEK8 h CO. k STAGE FOR MANA8t*A8 VIA FA1BFAX 4 X nwrt Ho? .aiTtng imiiinn I a of po'tumty oi visiting the b*ttleMflH?E2? Id, will !??> opposite Huboro^SOBSSS i tear Store. abore w i Wd?? Hotel, next Batarday, j nd af ar that evary Tueaday, Thnradav and Bate ?y moraine, at 10 o eloak. rataraing tna fettowiag ren ng. Para (or ike romnd trip. 9* Raftaaa- I tente o?n ba had on board. Paa*aa ra^airad. wXlMW 1 rRtt I'NDERBIONBO Wiahaa to la/orm hia fnania and the pafclio that ha haa apaaai a 1 aw Filing a?4 ? aaamng Shop oa the aoraar af J 'ih Md B ?trf?t?. **"- - ? )0? 1* ih? bueinMeJ hslb# will be able to ?i*?m | i? wood Mtytr ud the bate Mr ul e\erf nr ? hftnio rhftt ? Nf ftft* hopfte, b<r ft i? ?t n ion to buamMft. Utftt lift Will merit ft -U:? of aar" ?)?uwuut. i ? ?"*- W W * r Ii Iiim AUCTION BALK. THIS AFTERNOON k TO-MOKMOW Br WALL * BARNARD, AntMim w#f NCHiN.fti instant, at 4 ' took, v* vifl mI| la front of tba prwuM, port of Lot I, k*m? a part rf aaMjv|?100 of Lot *4. 'Okt M*. tr?ouac H r?ot 9i(M>ko*oti L atrrot %nru\, and ranmag fcoaft hi ? ? * ia a 11 A o* 1 U. >i -- ? ? w-r w mm ' ?? ?*M? 'J ' IU Lav MMfcV IOT?a* ntion ud *4jo>aiac <?? K fad focuti ?4 foot lookoa m L atroot aortb. n4 rtiiiKl*ek M M U Ukl *t Kook Lot whotW ly a ik-o? tiory l)n?k k)vtiiit|. Taima; Om tkl 4 ooak; bolooaa ia Ikroa Ml HXtM MUw.bNII'lf IDtarOat, Old MOIlW t>r dM of irift on the irraim. laSlS WALL * BAINAKD. AMto. TV| AR?H AL'* SALB -Ii *irtoa of a writ of tan lu BMi iM*r lien law. ioaaad from tko Clwyi oAa? of tko firoait Court of tko Diotriol of Oolaabia. mt tba ooanty of WMfciac toa. a=d to mo diraetod. 1 will ?xpo?? U) nhM aolo, for ooaA. n front ?1 tha ooort Loaao door of aatd ooaaty. oo PRIDaTTUm Slat far of Mar ok i?xt. 1HL kill o'oiooft . tba lollovia? d*oo?i?>od aioaaity? 10 wit, via*?kli dafaadaat'a rukt. utla. aim of l?taraat in mm to a oortiaia aval'iag kaaa>Maatad oo tot No. aad Um aoatk 1* M4 jjiakaa ol M No, B. ia aqaara No TTt. 10 tko ?ty of WkoklactM. p. C-.OOUM tanad apoa aa tko aroaarty at jaliaa Viadt. aa* wi.J baaoid to aauai* iHloiaB No SM) to Ootobor torn. 1W>, is fkror of /ooatkM T. Walkar. J. D. 1UQVBK, fa ?-du Maroon I. FUTURE DATB. ~ Br 4. C. MoSL'IRK * CO., AiitMMm A DMINIWTAATORB RALB OF *TOC*R./V On MONDAY AFTERNOON'. ftUroh Nik. nt 4 o'eiook, at the Auction Room*, w tfcnf Mil b? Drier oftfce Orph*n?T Court in iini to ratt? 93 im Corporation of Washington C pt twt. !"*U>r ft . M/W Buk of U? Netrofolii Stock. h mh?'d J. C. McGUIEK k. CO.. AaoU. Bt 6IEKN4 W1LL.1AMB. AaoUoDMrt HOI BEHOLD AND ElTCMKN FVJUHI I tr?i a* AECTlo*.?Ob THCBBDAYV UM Of instant. we eh*. Mil atI* o'elooi a a.itlM rMideto* of Mrs Woddonvar, No ??? tth st, next to tli*corner of G. a good m4 fmnl niirtmoot of Furmtare, ni: Mahoggny BofM. Hair Bant, Parlor, a*d Ana Rooking Chtire, Mahogany. Draeeing and otter Bureau*, aad \N &?rntADd?, Mahogany, Center. Card, Dining and other Tafcee, fainted Marble top Cottage < hembor Het. French ?nd other Bedsteads, WardrobM, aad 8t*Lde, Fine Feather Be:?. Har and Bfcuol B}?ttre?ef?, "" i" "I Dniaigfi IOI rWDFT HOIetera, end Pillow*. ChinablAee. Crockery and Stone War*, TftWe Clothe, and Cuter j. Gilt aad Mabogarr Fnmf Mirrore.aad Cioeke. Window Cartaine anJ Snacee. Case awl Weed Uhftira, l)M fin* Oil Purtiag, ior*e lot Engr*vinfa, Porpata *nd Oi olo'k, Cocking one oihar ftorM, With o food ot Kitcbcn Kcqnisitoa forma oo?h. h? (* ?.) CKBEN A WILLIAMS, Aoctn, MARSHAL'S BALK.?In Ttrtoo of writ of L~l. fieri facma, laanoi from the o ork'a o?<o ol tt? oiront oonrtof tha Dwtnotof Columbto. for ttf nonnty of Woahtngton, ud to ma di roc tad, | will axtow to aobiio aola, for wk, in front of too Court Boom door of aoid o?acty, on MONDAY, tha SUtwV of M%roh, inaUnt, 1882, ot M o*olook m. tha follow tog property. to-wit mi?Lot No. 16, in aqaora No. 41, lot No 3, in uurr No O, lot No.ft, ip Bfoora No. 41, lot No. Is. In aooora No. I 16, lot NO. 1? in rqntre No. 62. ud lot No.J&jn i <nir? No. 19. in (fee pit* of WtiJ|in?to?. DC , I u>f ether with til t^U ?i"(Bt*r tie lm>roT??ea*e thereon. aoisod and lev ed upon u the property ci I Brook Mftekalt. And ri| he ?old to rttiafy Jb<i?iSi NM1, to Ml; term 1861, in f?*oj^on^wo RjotMr k mb 7 dta L*te Nui am. ; BALLS, PARTIES, fee. f TIK *TU HAND COTILLON PA1TY it A Will b? I1TM M I TEMPKKASCK HALL, fl B itraet. b?twtn Mb ud loth, M^k On FRIDAY KYBNiNS, Marot>S1.(2fc DuMing to oorani?n oe at 9M o'clock- M me bf Prof, George Artb's oeebrurd band. TiokMa Ri fcdmitticf a miD : iadiM mh iS-tt* PROF.C. F. BARNES, Hukw. I COAL OIL-COAL OIL! AM Nov tarnufti&i the trade with the bait KEROftlNR OIL Kt BaltiMM mrimmm mamm HAY, COKN. OATS. A?.. ?t 'lowest HrM pnoe. 8. W O'LAL'ttHLKN. Je 38 lw* Corner New J?n?T st. *nd B ?t. SOLDIERS' DRAFTS ON ALL POINTS, Sold b? JAY COOKE A CO . mh >->w 4ft? Fifteenth ettssC F OK SALE-MALT GRAIN. ssitabie food for hoee. rows, eto? ?t 1?? oente per beekol. Afpir at LOEFFLKR's Brewery. New York tmM. between 1? <? a-1 in* |\IvFTIUK IB H KK KB V RIVEN that tha ?ortimet for BKEK CATTLE tdrtrbwd to thia P?f*r Wkof March haa not baea a:?aad. Tha followta* named bidder* are rf^aaated to forward |o metLeir addraar, to ordar that they r>ar ba oommanioated with, with a view of elneiDt tha oontraet: A. J. LaManron, A. BKCK WITH. mi. u* aann cow. ?nt. BO"%svee*- ^ &gt? ** * ? The ?nde-??*D?d Cotsptny trt 1 M 6line off their entire etock, ooLBietin* of IT T*ry WCIHR ft d 8AUHLK tlOllSKg, Snew K\ IE!^ WAGONS. HARNESS. Ae. Aieo. T^n J?na. Tube, and other nuerikls belonging to the Mtabliehmont. lcenire it the eUre of 8.A W. MEYENBER0. IS Market Seeoe. between 7th and ?th etreete. uder the Avenue Honee. inh IS lw OVERLAND OYSTER EX CO. f Um WM C. MILLER, NION LIVEKY. HIRING. AND BALE STABLE, C-erneref Stitk mmd C ttt.. ? VuiwiiM, D. C ? Perecua ou tt til time* be nooomcodftted with Horees, bBI ubttwc"*! or pncfie* I or kire, aa.e, or /I^LI nekMi? atUL l,i very by the day or month. 1 hand tome brown Ladr'a aadd'e Pony for aaia. She u perfectly (entie: aha raoka, trou, lopea or paoea, and ia a perfect benntr. Low tor oaah. mh H eolm ALBERT BULL, t- _ Q^NUINE GARDEN pLOWI?_ gEKDS. JOHN RAUL oalla the attention of narkat carjenera, farmers, and other to hi a area and aarofuily aeleoted atook of Garden Seed which have been aolaotod from tha boat growore la Eorland. I Pranoa and Germany, with aaok articlea of doaaaatio crowth aa are in una. demand, vis: Kxtia Karly and Champion I aa?; Premiam Plat Dvteh j^uuato, muvu lamp DWIJ MMI, Dtreaipe. Carrote. Ceipry, Ao. Flower Seed, an extenaiee solieotion, mi table for u; Utitade in the Union ; B varieties. eeietei for any laUtaae, for #1. His experience of o?er SR mn ae a praetieei Mad |rower is the beat faaraotee uat ail are pare, accurate. and of the moet geniune desor.puoa. JO?N SAUL. Heed Store. mh U 6tee* Hwmib it enrnw w. A NATAL MEDICAL BUAKD. Board of Medioal Omoera will eomveoe at the Earal Asylam. Philadelphia, on Maroh 17. lA, r the examination of Candidates for admission to the Meaioa. Core* of tfae Nan. Gentlemen desinnx permission to appear before the Board aiaat make application otba Honorable Beoretary of the Navy, stating their resideoee, piaoe and date of fcirth, aooompanied with reepeot able testimonial* of moral oharaoter. App.ioants must aot be lees thaa twenty-oae Mr ore vnaa nran u ;?n ola<e. No UNSN ia allowed by Sovernmeot to Cudtlatoe attend in* the MMiooi of the Board, ae a aa?- a. jeeefal examination ia a lecaJ prere*aiaite far a# oiaUnent in the Nary. aih> ooTw TIB PaMi? u roaji*ot&!fo informed that tha Macee will laare Willarde* Hotel every n.or mac U t o'oiook and Meridian Bill at half east S e'ark, t im will ran ra?alariy to aad froa Meridian Hill ?wi hoar, that affording a eheae and epeedy toereyanoe to tha varioaa oamye m tha aalchborhood. rhe andorUcned hopoe to reoefva a liboral n^ort, u ha ia date named to afora hia patroaa erecy fitvjxt i BLiCK BBKA6K BERNA.NE, IN MAX Lf rvwaad extra vvi*, for draaaaa aad ehawia, toMldorad tha boat artiele ia aae far thta b aok Alao, oar aaaai fall ?'oah of all tha thioke'niao* , ik? mm oMh ittoteM TV?*. Aa icsp?oA>n ofatook aoliaited, It iacere no obiiattonkV??ku*. PERE* * B*0.. mh \k-9t Peon. tT?BH Md ?h tr?C ? READ W,T?f?EC.^O!J ?D ACT ? .T? D*. M. VELLNY-8 PRIVATE ROePJTAU A In thb Fidkial Block. *_ Orptiu Uu &nml P?tt mmd Pmtmt Q/U*?, W Koom 94 rr aVAiu, M OorMrofnku<Fil?. Wwkiiftoi, D. C? W? iWA.UM^ggj^jurreEwo* V THt ONLY KmVLl*lJ'JTTSlCHII Dr. H. Vallar'a lon< axparteaoe in koqilt. pr?? *om vwMika ia aayiac ttM Imm mm all ? " ? ? ? k* milt T * BLACK ^ RiCH LUiT?JL?." I JMt r?I? ijTu? b*^L itwU*. ud ilU? i? W. COLLLY. | IV!KW tfiim MMOOOOIjlLMT n??M. I qSSSiw. .Tw* ? ??u* tgs S*vwtt, ?n?-< iJy'wVn*?, _ -m," ]

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