Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAtKihOTON OITT: mi DA Y MARCH 91, 18M. ILT Though Tn Ma to printed cm tha Mtrt preea In ore aonth of Bait]more, tta edition } ao La;?* utor *-ntre It to be pat to pteea at aa early hoar: iivmumnii, thereto re, aboul4 be eat la before 11 o'clock , otbervlee tkey may iw4 appear antll U* next Aav 1>v? fsiimm at tyjt rarlcma military maps tX poaltloaa wlli confer a t?*t>r toy keeping na posted aa to aenMife and ifkln In (Mi Vjlnlflea. Spirit a< th? H?r?ta| Preaa. Tbe I+tiUifintf* notices tbe Indication* of Tvcpglif aentlmeat In narta cf Tenneaeee sow pro tec tod from Mention violence by the presence of oer armies Tbe appalled by the storm of poV De Indlgp-.llon filling upon It and kindred ab iiiuoo ibitw ior lacir lonoioui touav 01 lao army of th? Potomac and 1 u CommandUffe General, baa to-day a whining, abutting dlaclaimer that It haa trf r sMailed Ge? McClellan !! Tbe Htpitbiiean tu another or its proiouna Bunsbyt?h articles, demonstrating uclear a* mad that raw soldiers are better tban trained ones. Also It cracks the whip again at tbecltltens of Aha District who do not approve of tbe bill for the abolition of slavery now before Congress, and says " that If the alavebolders receive with such aa 111 ffrae? a bill reallv so favorable to tbem, tbe ronsoquooc* iray b? aMiti** sr?i4c*' ?n A word to the wise " OUR MK.ITARY BUOQET. OW THIT DID IT. Oa the morning of the day on which General Banks' army entered Cbarieatown, Va., the bank lo?aled there absquatulated, carrying off nearly all tba money of any valne belonging to all the cltt. ?ena of the town and Its vicinity ' It tbas made tracks for Ataunton, as the thieves managing Its e*eape alleged It seems that everybody there had deposited their momtp in the bank as the safest plaoo to keep It In these timet, retaining In their pockets only ' Confederate-' and other shinplasters for Immediate expenses and change. As those, ob the retreat of tbe rebel troop#. Immediately loet absolutely <*?'? tbeir value, the people flod theoselvea wltb few exceptions absolutely without a penny with which to buy salt, sugar, Iron, coffee and other necessaries at the United prices at which tbsy could ?ew purchase them bad they the wherewithal. Thus they find themselves, through the roguery of tbeir absquatniatlng bank, aa poorly off?if tbeir prospects are better?as when teresfc had th?m by the throat. WATT TAID TV. (la* Willi.. ?? - 1?' 1 m w miu^ uitup v otuc up see? cvvum^ iium Wlow Indian Head, but report* nothing new from tbe flotilla. The workmen were engaged this morning In placing the large rifled gun lately uaed by tbe rebels at the Rvmnaport battery in position alongaid* iba battery. The gun la a splendid piece, ? * * * ? - * - f vw pvuuun, IUU unil IOC IMCflpQOB, " Biaklay'a patent, 1491," thus ho wing It lo be of English manufacture. It > calculated to carry a *oren-lnch shell, or a ISO pound rifled hall. Th? gun had the load taken 014 la the ordnance ahop yaaterday, which conalatod of two ahella. it naa dms spi tea with a rat-tall flic, which was wily drives through the vent. It la now la good eondltlen aa ever rinaioi'1 " liv tioom." r? tk4 Editor / IA? Star : Tbe JUpubltcan this (Doming, as usual, makes statement* to utter contradistinction to truth It states that the troops under Burn tide were raw and undisciplined. The fhet is precisely the contrary The Maasa. chcMtta 94th ia well known aa one of the btst4r*il*d cor pa from oar noble State?occupying ttMNox pcattlon u the 7th Regiment of New 7ork. The other regiment* engaged had all rred th? State for yean, and arrived at a high et torf drill and dlaclpllne Theee efiorta of the A4T?Mmw to dlaparaga the labor* of the oiBcere __ m ? - ~ of our umv id id?ir eodeavors to impro** lta condition are folly understood and appreciated. An Ovficbk vbom Ma?sachc?*tt?. TA9olid vok The Re* Mr. McVeigh, of Loodooo coooty, a yrranji oapusi preacner, oot long since educated at Columbian College, In this District, who wu mad* a prUoner a few weeks ago, while serving as ebsplsm to a rtbel regiment on the other side of the river, was yesterday released from confinement In the old Capitol prison on hta parole to return again within ninety day* and again de Urn bimMlf up, nnlea In that tin* b? might proco'? the exchange for hlmaelf and raleaae of the Rft tan P Lee, chaplain cf Colon regltr.ent, now a prlaoner to tbe rebel*. DOMtKiTIO. Capt Rieketu. of U 8- Artillery, so ?erarely wounded at Boll Run, and *ab*eqnenUy to long ft prleo ? and ao inhumanly treated at Richmond, ba? been nominated by the Preetdent to be a bri?. ' - "o idler general of rolunleer*. IMPORTANTCAPTrmf Tb? celebrated Or Merntt, the picket abooUr, hm 1 A xaiaw *-* ? ?i i wm*vwm wcww vvW^UBa, aUU LHUUgQl to Alexandria. OoKVTnMio ?1The Senate yesterday confirmed tie following Presidential nomination* V.?: John Lellyett,to be Postmaster at Nashville Ten r eases. John P Csberf. of la., to be AaalatantSecretary H the Interior. Cbarlae Eaton, of Mia., to be U. S. Marshal for Minnesota. Oeleb B n B. Wood, of Plorlda. to be U. S Costal st Monterey. Aim. Gatbrle, of Chicago, 111., to he Saperrls. lag Inspector of Steamboats, la place of Isaac Lewi*, removed Thomas Clowes, to be Postmaster at Troy. CT Tbe calumniatori of Qea. McClellan are greatly annoyed by tbe following paragraph la General Burnalde'a oOcial dlapatch from New twi: ?I beg to My to the General Commanding the Army, that I kat tndtavortd l? carry out tk* wj[ ??? ?? MtinultMi givtn m* fry ktm b*f*r$ l?r4*g Annnpoin. and Ikut fmt imtt Uci 6m? n*|?J?ri) WIlA *?? MlKIJHMlMi I orly hope that we may tn future be able to carry out In detail the remaining plans of the camSign The only thing I have to regret Is ths lay caused by the elements.'* CT Wendell Phillips was hissed la Phi lad el phis, at Concert Hall, on Wednesday night, on making a dlapsraglng allusion to Gen. McClella a, and adroitly changed his tactics, 7Y?*imm fashion, cn ascertaining the temper of hta audience. adding that If McClellan "should succeed In plsnttng tte stars and stripes upon Richmond and New Orleans, he, the speaker, would thank him from the bottom of hie heart " He also said that the "uneducated negroee of the Mouth were bettor fitted for liberty than those In powsr at Washington were It to direct the ship of State." Vide report la Philadelphia Prut. Pi-tirrT or Mm, ?0T hot mvch Ammttjutioh The steamship Atlantic, which arrived in New York on Sunday, from Port Royal, S. C., with e cargo of ootton, reports that ammunition is scarce la rebeldom, bit there was a rumor that there are between fifty and sixty thousand rebel troops Lelwesa Charleston and Savannah. Drrne m in L*ar Dun ?A greet deal has been said In Dlaie about dying In the last ditch. They ssvly talk about it, our brave boys net en It. Where have the Sooesh troops or people ever displayed toe h heroism as ahowa by ear gallant ftliow* on the filgate Cumberland f Iuiotu ?The nomination of Jaa E Dalllba, of Colorado Territory, wee yeelerday rejected for U 8. Attorney for that Territory. ITT The writing of letters by soldiers la the Aibt of the Pe omac now advanced lo V lrglnla, le prohibited by an order leaned from fcuaquarter* Mow lung this role will be eaforeod it it In possible to say. Those who hsve (Vends la v^aad reeeive no letter* will under eta ad I I LATE NBW8 BY TELEGRAPH. ntOM POhTREH HOMU. Balttmo**, March fl, (from Fortrwa Monroe, March 70 )?All la qal?t at Fortreaa Monro* A tettrm northeast form haa been prevail tag her* for Qm last two day*. Several small tsmIi hare dragged their anchor* and gone ashors, but will be rot off without d: Acuity. noioing dm dwq netra or seen ox uk -mwri* id ac.'1 The Monitor occupies bor usual position above tbe fleet. She baa received aotne alterations and additions that will materially add teher Impregnability. Th? t?le?raoh cable baa been partially under* ran, bat the bad weather haa put a atop for tbe time briar to operation* upon It. Tbe only Important Item of Southern new* la a confirmation of tbe rumor of the death of Buchanan, the oommander of the Merrlmae. He waa severely wounded in the thigh In the action of Saturday week, and waa aaaured by hiaaurgeona that amputation would moat probably be neoeeaary. Buchanan ahrank from the ope rail on, but, knowing that by auch a course only could there be a chance of saving his life, he finally consented Tbe amputation waa performed two or ? a 1 % a tk? LI. t.l.l W..t tw? IQrPC incur* unuw IUC UI^ JUJUI, wui iuc auwi upon bis system was too great, and he died upon the following day. THE CAPTURE OF YANCEY. Niw Yobk, March 21.?A letter to a New York paper, dated Fort Monroe, March 19th, aaya that a letter haa been received from aboard the R. R. Cuyler, at Key VVeat, 10th lnat., that the steamer Water Witch captured a schooner on the8th with Wm. L. Yancey on board, disgulaed In sailor's clothes. He was recognised and delivered over to the Fort. Latest trim Liverpeel Feint. Rebels Leaving Fredericksburg? Mutiny in the Army?Suspension of Work upen the Gunboats?Arrests of Union M*n. Livrafort Point, March 30.?Five white men and twenty-one negroea came over last night. The white men belong to F rederickaburg They report that the trocpa at Fredericksburg are leaving rery fast The foundatlona or plna at each end of the railroad bridge over the Rappahannock have been removed preparatory to Its destruction A mutiny occurred In the North Carolina regiment atatloned at Petomac Creek. One of th? whltea who came over. David Nolan, avi he uw over fifty tied with rorda marching with their regiment, on the road to Frederickaburg. He aaya tbe disaffection waa caused by their time of enlistment expiring a month ago. There are no cars on the railroad between Aqula and Fredericksburg. They bave all been transported acroas the Rappahannock river. General Walker, the commander at Fredericksburg, stated to the cltltena of that place that the movement of troops from there waa to spare the Inhabitants in case of attack. Tbe Impression 1 prevails at Fredericksburg that the troops were falling hack to Richmond captain Andersen, wbo la a resident of Frederic kaburg, arrived at Frederickaburg from Rich- j mood two boura before Nolan started to come | over Anderson stated that large bod lea of troopa were goirg down the James and York river* to Yorktown and Norfolk , aleo bv railroad through Peteraburg to Norfolk. Confederate money waa offered In Fredericksburg for 25 ceota on a dollar fo* gold. Tbe building of gunboataon the Rappahannock, under the supervision of Lieut A W. Maury, late of tbe United Statee Navy, haa been entirely auapended A few of their keela had been laid bat that waa all that had been done. Seven deaerters from tbe rebel army at Fredericksburg croaaed the river last night, and they all agree in their atatementa concerning the rebel army. They deacrlbe the condition cf tbe troops u id toe worm naw 01 aemoraiiistlon, and tbe j ur Jeff Davis may Issue as msny proclamation* as be likes but that It Is Impossible to obtain any more men from Virginia Tbe contrabands who came over to the Indiana cavalry and toe outposts of Hooker's Division, were clad In canvas clotbes made from old tents. Boms of tbem came wltb the conaent of their masters who. ther say, are "fur de Union." Thirteen citizens of Fredericksburg wsre arrested snd sent to Richmond by order of MsjorGeneral Holmes, the charge against tbem being their refusal to take Confederate note* Tbey are also charged with belonging to a club of Unlon> lsts said to exiat at Fredericksburg. There are no fortifications at Fredsrlrkahnr? ??? ?? tw? any between that place and the outaklrta of Richmond The Fight at Fart Craig. fir. Lori?, March *> ?A correspondent of the tbe Republican, writing from the camp near Beat'* old fort, New Mexico, Merch 8th, aaya f t u arenmAAArfl O >V^U *w-u ?' * t. tm IV UWC11, W iCf IUQ11 TIClOry mr Port Craig, will march directly on Banta Fe and Port Union AU tbe valuable property In the department la belni( conoentrated at the latter point, and all the available force la being rapidly forwarded there to defend It. Th? property amouDta, It la aaid, to several million dollar* Col. Hough'a Flrat Regiment of Colorado Volnnteera left ttala camp yeaterday. and will reach Port Union by tbe 13th of March, In advance of the Rrbela. Fort Union la a strong fort, and a thousand men can hold It against the combined strength of the Rebels Col. Canbv la atlll suppo ed to be at Port Craig with 1,300 regulars, and a body of New Mexican volunteers, who, however, are not to be relied on. Tbe 8ante Fe Gaiette ear a that Capt. McRea'a battery waa raptured in the battle near FortCraig In conseqaence of tta support, consisting of two companies of volunteers, running away when the Texans charged, and resisting: the effort of col can by hlmaalf to rally than. Ali^ that Capt Lord*! dragoens refused to ob?y flie command to charge in* enemy. The charge of the Tex ana on the battery ia described aa being brilliant and terrible, and although acorea were killed by McRae's grape and canni?ter, they marched ateadlly on, killing every gunner but one or two. The War ! Keatacky. DEFEAT Of TUI KIBBLS AT POCHD OATCincihwati, March 20?The Calletaburg correapondent of the Commercial aaya that a boat haa Juat arrived from Plketon, bringing the particulars of Gen Garfield's expedition to Pound Gap, 12 ml lea beyond Plketon. There were S.000 r*h?ia * summit of tbe Cumberland Mountain*, at Pound Gap. Gen. Garfield aacended the mountains with his Infantry by unfrequented paths, and while hie cavalry, by advancing along tbe auln road and making a vlgorousat'ack In front, drew the rebela a short distance from tbe summit, tbe Infantry advanced along tbe ridge and oompletaly routed them, after a fight of leas than twenty minutes. The rebels abandoned everything. Sen Garfield pursued the rebels a'z miles Into Virginia, and after quartering hi* men all night In the captured camp, burnt their barraoka, consisting of alxty log huts, with a large quantity of store*. The rebels lost aeven killed and wounded. No.body waa hurt on our aide. CONGRESSIONAL. UlTUth OOlwam-jyM ImUi. Banat* ?After oar report cloud yesterday? Tbe bill for the abolition of slavery Id the District of Colombia was farther discussed and postponed until to-day. Th? Senate then went Into executive session. Hones ? After oar report closed? The consideration of the tax btU occupied the remainder of the day. Pbobablb CarTVts or Bxavvobt, N. C?The New York Commercial Advertiser sarr. "When our correspondent left Newborn on Sunday, It was understood that an expedition would leave the following day for Beaufort, N.C. "The expedition was Intended to be suftclently strong to overcome all oppeeltion. The town Is but 36 miles from Newborn, and we entertain no doubt of the success at the attack. In that case, the Nashville has probably been captured at last "We violate no confidence In announcing this movement, our correspondent having obtained the consent of Oen. Burnalde to Its pahUenUon " Financial ?The New York Journal of Commeroe of yesterday, says: " The market la steady, but good business paper continues sosree, while general trads Is unchanged. Tbe banka will Ind a targe business In leaning money upon the Government securities These certificates will bs held to s great extent by merchants and contractors who will qae tbem as collateral for document. The hanks will readily lean on them at 90, and soma perhaps at even lea margin?until prist pepsr becomes mors plenty." Tu Nauoatccx.?This Utile gmnbset will leave for Waahington, thla week, untase srdersd to some other point In tbe msaattaac. Various plana have been auggeated for an lmieovsmsnt In asr armament, and at one time It wee la ceetsmplated to pet tne greet Ualon gnn at Fertreea Menroe (which will throw a ball* 400 lhe.,) on board of her, but It haa fiaally been determined to keep the 100-pounder Parrot gnn and the two lfi-pound trsef tne Jamea patent, with which she wis Originally provided Jmmtml ifOtmmrt*. TwtitT Rmmm Wlr III Bill te Katacl* r*U the UtTM la til District ( CtiuMt ilraM Ht Put 1st The mearare la not asked for by the owner*, who are the nrlaclpal parties. M. It la not Med for by the general people of Dlntrlet. r 3d. No svldenoe exists tbst It Is asked for or real I v desired by the Slaves themselves, if uolocited thereto by the origins tors of the mtuurr 4th. It sppeers to be urged on party tad sectional grounds alone, In the face of the misery and desolation wbich the Indnlgenoe of party and actional passions baa already produced. ?u>. mere ia no wmmmw for we measure at tbla precise time any more than for the last sixty year* especially sa all the grosser features of slavery were removed from the District hy the legislation of 1950 0th. If the proposition to enact such a measure Is not purposely designed to frustrate a restoration of the union, ft Is exactly adapted to that end, since It will supply the rebel waders with some at that proof of their accusations against the government of the United States which they nave hitherto so much nesdsd. The pessage of such a bill will be playing directly Into rebel bands. a.WIU? 4* will SL. 4Li ??? * . T*uuat it WIU cm UW l Hi IU6 IlifUUB VI \BWJ union throughout the loyal border State*, aad the whole South; tad, by arousing aew aoubta la their minds, will paralyse their efforts, sod thai Indefinitely protract a bloody and expensive civil war. If tnere Is one thing In the world clesrer than all the rest it Is that new sgltatlons on the slavery question should have been held In abeyance till after the war, so that the war could have been prosecuted without distraction by all the loyal people of the country. The course that is now pursued Is calculated to re-unlte the South and divide the North. 7th. The attempt to pan this In a harry at thla juncture ia suggestive of the doubta of ita advocate* If it could be passed when both aides of the question coultfr be more fully and fcirly represented. It looka like an attempt to take a mapjudgment In the absence of one party. 8th. The attempt to abollah slavery here without the prevloua concurrence of Maryland, will be considered aa act of bad faith, the terma of the csssion of the territory of the District having been Klwaya understood to comprise the consent of Maryland to any act of abolition. 9th. The progaasd compensation is manifestly iiiaun^ustcj ana 1a many cues WOUIQ rflCD 01) ly to a half or a quarter of the value of the property proposed to be aurrendered. Numerous wldowa, orphans, and aged and helpless persona of both sexes who have been left dependent on the wages of servants, would In a great measure be deprived of the meana of subftlatence. 10th. The compensation proper to be paid In each case can be ascertained only by an actual appraisement of the property in question. 11th. The present status of slavery in thit District was determined by the solemn compromises of 1850, In wolch the loyal border States have still an equitable Interest. It becomes the people of free and slaves to respect and adhere to that settlement in a faithful and loyal aplrlt. l?tb. Theatandard bearer of the republican party announced nrlor in ih? l-i"-*1" - ? ? j- - ... ft witav u iiai ?icvtivu that though his party claimed the powcj of aboU lshlns; slavery In thl* District aa a bare constitutional right, yet that they did not Intend to avail ttaemwIves of that power. 1 be following extract from the speech of Mr. Lincoln at Qulncy, 111., is found In Fcllett ft Foster's edition of Political Debates, page 197. It will show that consistency and good faith should restrain the party now in power from violating principles, the profession of which gave them power : " I suppose," said Mr. Lincoln, "that in reference both to the actual existence of slavery In the nation, and to our constitutional obligations, we have no right at all to disturb it In the States where it exists, and we profess that we have no more inclination to disturb it than we have the rlaM ?i ?>? ,v ff ? kviuiiuci vuou IQBl WC aoni propose to disturb ft where, In one Instance, we think the Constitution would permit or We think the Constitution would permit us to disturb It la the District of Columbia. Still we do not propose to do that unless It should be In terms which I don't suppose the nation is very likely soon to agree to?the terms of making the emancipation gradual and compensating the unwilling owners. Where we suppose we have the constitutional right we rectraln ourselves In reference to the actual exiatence of the Institution and the difficulties thrown about it." Mr. Lincoln here shows that he had a consciousness that there were "difficulties" about abolition In thla Diatrict. 13th. In his speech at Cooper Inatltute, New York, February V>7, 1800, Mr. Lincoln claimed the Republican party to be " conservative" In contradistinction to the Democratic party He said: " We. Republicans, stick to, opntend for, the Identical ola policy on the slavery question which was adopted by our fathers who formed I the Government under which w?iiv?: wkii.i ? ? - V| ?? UliOk k UV. Democracy with one accord reject, and acont, and aplt upon that old policy, and tnalat upon subatl* tutlng aomethlng new The contlnuatlen of alavery In this District waa a conatltutional part of the " Identical old policy of our fathera who framed the Government." W hy ahould we be ao Impatient of their arrangementa, and " lnsiat upon substituting something new?" Can't we put up with what they did not find fault with ' 14th. The geographical position of the Dlatrlot In a alare region requlreatnat 1U status should be assimilated To that region Southern M-nabertnf wuginawa ovuinern rrwaeoil, Ulblntt OBc*r?, and Judge*, ought not to be debarred the courtesy of bringtng and aafely retaining here for their us*, domestic* from tbelr families at home. 15th It is pretty clear from what d ops in debates in Congress on this bill, that it is but the beginning of a social and political revolution in our midst. The same power that c?n liberate our negroes against our will, can and perhaps will confer upon them equality in clvli and political privilege* with t^e whites, so,for instance that negroes may vote for municipal or other officers; may hold such offices themselves; and sit as jurors, magistrate* and judges In our courts. 10th. Before achemea for negro Emancipation are aet on foot, the promoters of these schemes ahould agree upon what vhev mean ultimately to do. There la a radical and fundamental conflict In their views and purpose*. For Instance, the apeechea and writings of the President and W,?i. muter General fa*or oomprnsstlon and gradual emancipation, with removal of the emancipated blacks from the country; such men as Messrs. Lovejoy, Sumner, Pomeroy.fcc , scout these conditions, and sppear resolved to liberate all the slaves If they can, and keep them for a perpetual burden and annoyance to tne whites. 17th. The consideration of this bill on the abstract question of the right or wrong of slavery ought not to take place. It is as much beyond the scope of ordinary legislation aa any mere question of religion or morals. No being in heaven or earth will ever accuse the men of Maine or muiac&uMua 01 me sin or slavery Id thla District, If ain It be. They should not be anxloua to aaaume a responsibility and a guiltiness which cannot attaca to them. The reflection that In their own families and States they are free from slavery, ought to be auflcient for their peace of mind*, alnce they are In a condition to thank Ood that they are not as other men and States are. Hands off Is their true duty, and aeli-reatralnt from meddling la other men's matters. 18th. The example of the West India 1 aland* la not at all to the point. The b'acka of Jamaica In 1833 were five to one of the whites. There la no likelihood of any conflict of racjes there. It would be more to the point to ahow that If blacka, forming one-third of the whole population of England herself, had been liberated, they had gone on successfully. But w? kaow that no such .urn* c?r too* piace, tnd we see that poor I whites In England still flounder en under* heavy I weight of disabilities. All arguments from the I Weet India Islands are neceesarily fallacious. 19th. The people of the District of Columbia 1 ought not to sufffer from the Vengeance felt by I northern men towards the guilty seceded States. I This city has stood fkithful in all the past I troubles, and came cheerfully forward in the time I of need to defend the Government. Let the guilty I suffer for their crimes; but the slaveholders and I people of the District of Columbia ought not to I be made the sufferers far sins not their own. This I is but the commonest dictate of Justice.

90th In any bill of emancipation, Congress! ought to nsske pecuniary provision for the psu- I perism which mar result from it. so that the I white tax- payers shall not be pnnlshed two-fold. I JVSTITU. GUARD AGAINST FRAUD! j JJi Snbeonhe tor the NATIONAL BANK NOTE REPORTER, yabluhed by Feld A Lars, Pittabarg, Pa. Sab- I sonption prioe #1 a year, inadvaaoe. Sabeartp- I dons reosivsd bj 1 GOTTHELFA BEHREND, If M? Seventh si if THE LADIES OF THE FIRST BAPilji taTChoroh. Invite all who wish to aid I them in rebahding their honse or worship, lately I raj- gBws*. Mth Mar oh Contributions suitable for snoh an I oeoasion will be very aooevtabte, and may be sent I toJTw. CLARKE. lidTth sU. above 1? mil It* I Jg?WASHlNGT(^ljy?CTURE ASSOCIA- I FRIDAY EVENING. Mareh a, I WILLIAM York. I SaWeot? TU CauifistMs fm mmd I iMssdfsiws fm Ms (ssiiiisnis. JSTJULI Doors open at T o'olocA; Leotare to oommw at I Tickets as osato eaeh j to be obtained at the door I aad at the Bookstores ah 17 | orr gmwaafflMffi-g m pTSRS?l have last raeeived a vary 1arse aad I offsrtw^^r s^a^ow pr^^bs^o*h4?0 I I Tk? PrtpM(4 Tax oa llllltH TtblM. Amoaf those endeavoring to oooTlaeo lk? Wiyi ud Mnai CommlttM that the proposed tax oa thotr baslneta will destroy It, in the miaifieturor* of billiard table*. The leauwued Michael* PbeUn rapreaaali then here, aad la hla circular setting forth hie ease ho rronna m mnrh IiImmi. Ill; Information with reference to the game of Millard* at this time that we repnbllah It, aa flttlowa: Deer Sir: t deal re la behalf of thoee who tad a beathfol recreation at the case of hllllarda. the keepera of billiard tablea for public play, and the maaufacturera of them, to offer to roar attention aome considerations against a tax oppreaalve In amount, aad, therefore, Inexpedient aa well aa uajuat. The bill before von ?? to tax ttek table kept for uae twenty dollara a year. Now,Jf tbe sole object of the measure la to bring money to tb? public Treasury, aa it ought to be, thia ? ceaatTa tax la calculated to fuatrate the ?nd la tow. A aaaall Impoat apoo each would yield a larger aggregate amount, and thla ought to be ooocluslVe against the tax reported by the committee. It la erroneoualy conceived that almoet all thoae to be affected by thla meaaure are la Silent circumatancea. Thla la not the case, a makers and keepera of the tables are only moderately preaperous, not gatherinc any larger ?t from tnetr capital invseted than most other boss occupations. Nor are the majority of the playera, generally, In eaay circumstances. Tbe came la almost the aole means of healthful recreation to mechanics and clerka In eltlea. niuvuK iuc ucruau pupuiiuoa 11 IS IB CfpfCltl aw and ftnror. One or two tables are commonly kept by those who sell beer and wine. These persons are to be chargeable with a license of twenty dollars: and the twenty dollars additional for the billiard table will simply drive It out ( on la all each placet. Thep are thousands of other small establishments, frequented by clerks and mechanlca after bnslneas hoars for the enjoymentef this game, whose profits are too small to bear so great a tax. In these the tables will disappear. In thoee where three have been hitherto kept, one only will be retained; and those who have had nine win zoep oni mree. a uz oi nve nouars eacn would produce a larger revenue than thla proposed of twenty; and If revenue la the object, it ought to be substituted. If, however, the real aim Is to prevent plsylng the game of billiards except by the rich, to demroy the manufacture of the tables, and distress the mechanics thus employed, the measure Is sure to efffect it. If It is persisted la, billiards will become what some thlak it is now, an exclusive amusement of the wealthy. Some think they have found a sufficient justification for this exorbitant tax In the allegation that billiards is a luxury?"men can do without playing billiards." Yes! and if thlatax Is laid, the majority %eill do without them; la which case, how is the Treasury to get the money It might have received under a moderate Impost? A lax so high as to amount to a practical prohibition te large claaeta of the people, cuta lta own throat. The committee appear to me to have made an unjust and invidious dlatlnctlon between billiard tables and aome other articles not of prime necessity. A carriage worth more than six hundred U ks I* a- *1-1 ! wc MAvli KU UUilW. Ik IS ou ai WtIC of luxurv and display aolely within the means of tne wealthy. For convenience and utility one worth half as much is Juat aa good. Upon this article, only uand to display the luxurioua oatentation of the rich, there la out half aa much tax proposed as upon a billiard table. The reason why ts<* rate upon the six hundred dollar carriage was put at ten dollars was probably tbe conviction of the committee that a greater tax would dlacourage the use of these particular carriages, and thus defeat Itself. Why did it not apply this sound reasoning to billiard tables also? was It because mechanics, clerks and others of like station play at billiards aa well as the wealthy, while only the latter use the costliest carriages J It ! not ruy to Imagine any other reason. The proposed tax, by throwing great numbers of tables oat of use, will destroy the manufkctuje of them root and branch. The capital invested In the business Is above t2,000,000, and the mechanics the manufacturers employ are numbered by thousands. Moreover, all the materials they tue In the manufacture contribute largely to the revenue, and they are to be chargeable with a license as well. In view of these considerations, sir, and others which may with Justice be urged, I submit that a material reduction of the amount of this proposed tax will be wise and expedient. It will not, at the rate of twenty dollars each, bring the largest amount into the public exchequer, and this aloae should be conclusive against it Yours respectfully, Ac., Michael Phklak[?OR HIRE-A imart aotive SERVANT BOY. a 16 rears of a<s. suitable for a dining room and generally nssfal. ln?airs at Mrs. QUEtN'S. No. *?? 7th street it (EDUCATIONAL?LEoSONS IN FRENCH, Mid at moderate terms, oflered Dy a yonnc jentlam*aof good family and eduoation. who otme into Una oountry to volunteer for the war. Addreaa "Dnbe, Bit Oflioe. mh ?l-2t* W_ M 8PRIN6 WRAPPINGS. K H?t? jmat reoaived a Larce and beautiful aaaortment of Wrajainfa, inall tb* varied style* of thia aeaaoD, all of which wa offer at oar nanal low moo*. , M TAYLOR * CO., (formerly Tailor 4fc Hutchiaoa,) mh?l eott No 42 Cen'er Marfcet Bpaoa. ^RMY OP TEE POTOMAC * Oflloera about to emDark for the annny South ahould not feu to prooare one of STINEMETZ'S INDIGO BLUE CLOTH CAPS, whioh he warrants not tooh&nje ua oolor. B H. 8TINEMETZ, 236 ra. avenne. near oorner 13th at.. maxi D?tTMD w iii>ja?'ana Kirfcwoodt'^ HMANOKEN OYSTERS! ARVEY HMUjotheT thmI up tbs PotomM WIU MANOREN OYSTERS! Alao, two or throe boat loads Tiagtor Bif' The fioeat BIVALVES of tho ?? on. ah V at 2f^7 ELEVENTH STREET. 9fJ7 J jut r^oelvH a fret b lot of TIN WARE, WOODEN WARE. WILLOW WARE. CAMP STOVES, COAL OIL LAMPS, *o . at prioei to suit the moat economical JAMfctt PKIRVIN9, Washington Stove Depot. mhtl-6teo 26T Pennsylvania avenue. MRS. 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Eeraona wiahint to have their CARRIAGE* PAIRED would do well to a>llmd>ji?g in m? before bargaining elaewhere. Vg*L?pr New on hand a *er7 auperier lot ot ? " m? Seasoned Wood Material of all kinda. AMERICAN AND ENGLISH PAINTS AND VARNISHES of the beat quality, Ao., Ac. [rr Work done in the ahorteet poeeible time, and warranted to beaa repreeented. R 0 B WaSSt* A " iyh tl-Iw* 4TT Eighth etreet, A TWO HOR*K 'COVKSED W AGO N, suitable lor a antler or any ordinary ?BR.. baaineae; bat little uaed, eudwilT~be old cheat. J. rL8i)KLL? ^[^3 mh 30 ?? Northweet oorner lltb anu r ate. g U T ? E R ^ loo tab* and keen prime Goehen ami Gla&e ter in a to re 30 keca Baker*' Batter. For eale by _ D K. DUTROW, No. 4*0 Eighth at, mb??? Between Pa.arenae and D et. DBSTAtJKANT AND EATING HOUSE, GEORGE HITZ. Hanac taken tke BAR ROOM owned by Mr. on Taeeday, Mar oh IStb. Ml. where witHdwaye be found everything re^alaite to a first elaae Bar. ah IMt* OK BBLB. SOBR KRAUT Oa band and for aaie zo ?.'?fafeg 20 IP Sfift b<MI? eoatb aide. JNTBRBITING^POR^Jjtp COMMUNITY o5fr?.r*f srmuAAM'ASi Mam- iml3Viiak WANTS. ?15; WANTED?A k?lf-frova GIRL. White or oo or*l. Apf\j at 366 H street, ooroer cf l?th. It* - 1*7ANTBD-TO SELL OUT a wl\MUbUahad Itltlirut IIIOktM OIOB* of U? Mit fr* i*at*d oornara on PwaariTOBia bt. Icaaira at taaStar Olw. hY-tt' WANTED-A ?ood FilMER. Artraohacoa * will baofforad bt oBJliiwtat 41S Tanth atr-oi, bKuwi O and H, from I to a. b. or from 4 to t ?J1I. _ It* %JkJANTKD?At tb? Ooahac Raatauaat. 947 Paaaarlvaaia aveaa*, a rood WAITER? OM who BM?rataads his baaioaaa MrfooUy wmI ; bob# Ht aaoh iaad aaalr. Cood nforauM m. Ittirod. " " " WANTED TO EXCHANGE.-ValaaWe ground rant In Philadelphia oity for a oonfortwl* dv?;Ung bosse oeotrally looated m this aity. For partioalar* apply to JA8. C. MoSUIRK A CO., bih B-<t A notion bm Commission Merohanta. WANTED?A small ROOM, ssitable for B obamber,fs massed or BBfarnlsh?d. by atonnc ibbd, north of PsnMyl vbaib arense Bud between 6th and 10th streets. References fires if ssoessa ry. Address "D.." Star OSoe, stating looatioa and terms. mhH-8* \WTANTED-A SITUATION as wetaarse. Call ** at No. ?M 1 street, between lath and 14th. rah S> *t* Man sbrvawb wanted-Fot tk? *?<> ud driro in aarriftc*- Call ftt 433 F atrMt, botw?n <th and 7th. ali?M W^hantkd-A Moond hwd BUTLER TENT' Add real C. P. MUNSELL, 8t*r oIm' lOitiDt yno?, Ao..*o. ?nh >?-?' ANTED? A WOMAN to Uk* o*r? of children, Ib4 do ohwnborwork. Apply to 49 Wh frooOfctWi ftud H. m>? ?) It' 1*7 A NT KD-A wkiU WOMAN who aador Ituds Mkmc Motrr, A*. Apply at th? ?tor? rooa of lb* MMroNlitU HoU I. oi C it. nldD M* 1*7ANTED?A ROM], oonreiuent HOUSE ooo TT taimni from aix to ton room*, either farntatood or aafarmiahad. Apply at No. T1 Loaiaiaaa ay?ma. mh ? lw* %A7 ANTED?A good SERVANT for an o&oer tt ;n the field One %ocaatomed to horaee preferred Call at PHI LP * SOLOMONS', MS Pa. areaae. CRoaabttaaa.l mb xv-at 1*7ANTED-A good COOK at 8111 at, between Tt 18th and l*ch A white woman with reootnmandatlot'a ream red. mh lB-?t* U|7ANT1SD?A firat rata COOK fora raataarant ff A Gei man cirl preferred Apply at No. 4*6 7th at, oppoalte Cantor Market. mh 13 3t* H7ANTK0. J_M MEDIATE LY-Two food M BARBERB.M ?1? PennnlTania avenne. mfa 19 f 1 BOARD WANTkD-A lentleman wiahee Board m atrivate family where lie 0*0 bare the oomforte or a home. Addreee P. O. Boi Ti, i elating tenae and loeauon. mh l?-lw* 1 nRY SOOD SALESMAN WANTED?One U well ao^aainted with the city trade; 19 to J5 w?mh 19 8t Penn. avenne and ?th ?tree? WA^TEBI A food .tenant, a SMALL v v nuuot ?onT-nieni 10 id* jreaaory Department Addr?a -A B..'7?tar Orfoe. mhl&6f nLD LETTERS WANTED.-I will |iy* from v/ two to t*n iol are for written by Otg'l Waahmiton, ud a (air prioe for Old Letfra wntUd by o*l*br*tmt Americana, Rerolutionary Calebritlee, PrHkletti, eenarala, Commtdoree, WKhV9?iaNTsr<.^R'.'i,(ih*&Ait,sr adelehia. Rare Hooka and Panrhieu oa Amenoa bonhU ? lm* 1*7 ANTED?Ta bar* every oa* know that they I Iff can fiud th* beet etook of ClOthinc. Hata and Cava, at the vary loweat rataa, at SMITH'*. No. 460 Seventh etraaC below F. feTT-aro mmr A IMTKn Rmrr mw in kn?? ? I I? V "tfi rtwt. ra^fta |?y oaah 7or ail artiolM In the hoatefor&istii&f lias. Thoee ittriu the ?fepra^?sgj-?'iiSi^I5; (Mat aid*,) is New and Seoond hand Paraitare. no W tf inn -agents wanted to open v 1UU aa ofl<M aod take the wboleeale acenoy, in arary State, Kw all of Lloyd'a Great Military M?M. need by our Commander-in Chief. The eheapeet anaM in the world. a fortune oao be npade on (OVtV l??f? 11* WJB o?w. ?.VW^WWIIV| ui OX2C of my m?M ha*? *lroady boon ?old. Al?o a mm to go to California. Ec eland and Cnba. A tent* also wantod in o?or? pointy ud in ererr roc lmoat in onr army. Bond for oiroaiara. mh4 lmd&wJf 164 Broadway. NtwYprV \%/ANTEX>?Sottortaad ttoldiori to know D1.N6. for wbiok wo (fa. pay lac U*o faigMtt S3n to glv* u ?kiL _ f l?-tf No. .gfefcy/gfiv i <0? 500,000 roul,D8 ' ROUGH TALLOW lad AJIMY GREASE WANTED. for wktek tha klrkMt priM wall t? paid at tfce National Boa* ud Caadla A wki.GrMs itrtM ud GamIi etorgrtova, D. C. mh 1t-!? C. B JB WELL. Proyrttor. 71-1# TEEABCEY NOTES, jM.htwd.pM to ?. BOND8, toilet]A a2kl? aumi&SlELf ? *?? T 4? 6ol1TN b. J. LAN ?DON * OO., ?m : I ???????? AUCTION 8ALBB. , THIS AFTERNOON + TO-MOMJLO^ \ Br WALL * BARNARD, AMtttwrt DAY BOB TAIl Rl'Uiv >> * ? ?"* tnat. vill aall ia front of Ua Aaeuoa - oaa Fin* Bob toil Barer Boraa a. ? WALL ft BABNABP. A fa. FUTURE DATS Br i. C. MoBUIRE ft CO , Aaottoaaara. at? o'olook, at too Aaotion Boom. va .ha aatjk oMar of ma Oranaoa*: Coart. in iim io mt~ |] in i orforuioa or widioiloi p?r aaal ttook. $t/a> Bank of Uo Matrepolia Btooit itauMMIin. mbiod I C. 4 CO.. Ante. Br 8REEN * WILUAM8. amuoomxi HOI BF.HOLD AND EITCBEN FUBNI ten at Auction.?On TBUMDaY. Uo STtH iBitMt. wa ?u?.. aoli at u< o'oook a >.. i v.? rooiduvo o( Mr* Waddanvar, No. 44t Tt w. naxt to tua eornar ol O. a good aad (Moral aooort meet of Faroitnre, >? : Mahogany Pofaa. Hair Boat. Parlor, aad Am Rooking Choirs, Mahogany- Drawing aad otbar Baraaaa, aad Waskitaad*. Mahogany, Cantor, Card, Dtniog and oU>ar TaMao, Paintod MarMa top Cottaga Chambor Sat. Frenoh and othar Badotaada, Wardroboa, aad Stand.. Fine Feather He:?. Hur and Skuok Mnttri?ea. Large MKrtB?Bt of Beddinc. aa4 FntW IWatera.and Pillow*. _ CLid*. ului, Crockery and Stoae Ww,T?klt Cloth", mm Cetlery, . Gilt and Mahocaay Frame Mirrara.aad ClMka. ^ Window Cnrtaina and t*badee, Cane and wa*4 Clttlrs, _ One fine Oil Pairtinc, tarfe lot Eurannf a. Carpel* and Oi olo'h,Cookiof aacntber fttorae. With a *ood lot Kitohen Beqtieiiae ferroa oa?h. __ mn f I ivtry ' *??. ' *\>1 LUIAM9, AjMk MARSHAL'S BALE.?In rlrtee of ft writ of fieri ffteifta. mt?i! f'om the e erf* ofiteef lift 01 roet oonrt of the Dietnot J Celiabie, tor Uf oosnty of Wftehincton, ftad To me diroetod. I will expoee to emblio eftle. for oftek, in front of up Court Home door of nld oootty .on MONDAY, the Slet d*y of Mftroh. inetert, 1MJ. at M o*eio?t m.. the following property. to wit. tii Lot No 15. in equftre No. 41. lot No 3. ift aaaftre No <Liot No. 5. in eea&re N<>. <}, lot No. If, it. mimNo. K. lot No. lo m square No. ?, ft&d lot No. lit m?r?No.W,iD the eity of WftetoiBctoft, D C , together with ftll ftad ei"g*er the improTemeeli thereon, eeised ftnd levied npon fte the property of Brook Maokftil, end will be eold to efttief? lelletftJ No^S, to Mfty term 1861, in bro^ofHw)* Brother mh 7 dU lftte Mftrehft]. I?. 'c. if ALLS, PARTIES, Jfcc. T<Ht 8TH GRAND COTILLON PAJITY X Wu; b? iitm at flA tempkkaSce hall. m K street. Imwmb mh ac^. intk? On FRIDAY EVENtNG, MaroBSl.fl|k l>accin* to oommM ce at 8fc o'clock MssTe bj Prof. George Arth's celebrated band. Tiokeu %i admittirr a ceDtteman and ladies mh l*-&- PROF. C. F. BARNES. Mutfer. 486 ^AV^PffSIl"8 486 Card Photofraphs in wimi, incod.m ooetee of CboioeViotnree. A so CARD VI8ITE aad OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, the tartest uwrtMii. from the best manufactory in the eonntrr. for eatk, at J. MARKRlTfik'8. No. 4M Serenth etree'. f? 1? ? doore ahore *?4d P?H?w' Hall SB EALE1) PROPOSALS ARC INV1TSD ti'l trie l.Hh da? of Marab, lttt. at !J mlor aarohasicx from the boTammant the flilNU< Tallow Hpofa. and Horn*. Tonenaa, C?ook?, u4 8hin?, orall the fceef C.att e used by the Army or of the Potom?o, eice^t tho?e kiliad TiUm Um ancient limits of the Distnot of Columbia. No bid will ba entertained unlati the biddar la resent to respond to hip bid. The Hides, Tallow, fto.. obtained at tfca risk of the oontraotor-he will be haUl aoooantatMe for Hides, Ac., of all anima.s killed, v tether ke geta them or not. The bide to be directed to "Major A. BECIW1TH.C. 8.. U. 8. A.. Washington, 1). C. fe * JT^THK TIME FOR OPENING THE BID* ofthe above advertisement la Postponed antil the Cd March. 1863, at 12 >. war l?-td 1COAL OIL?COAL OIL! AM Nov famishing the trade with the beet KEROSINE OIL 1~ Bjpi r>?M, tlao. HAY. CORN. OATS, *o? *t lovMt markot pnoe. 8. W O'LALSHLKN. fe28 1m* CorMr New J*rooy >t. im K at. COLD1ER8' DRAFT!* O ON ALL POINTS, Sold bj JAY COOKE A CO . fiiKKKU, mh ? 2w Ai i Fifiooolh ?tr?I IPOR BALE-MALT GRAIN. ai.tabl* foot for boca. nova, eto.,ftt 10oaiti jot baabol. A^r ?t LOEFFLER'8 Bravery. Nov York tmM, botveer u l? B-li?* |\OTICK IS HKREBl 6IVEN that the ?fr>tract for B KEF CATTLE Hwttirt ia tLa MJff 10 h of March haa not baaa o.osad. The fo.lowing mnM bidders are r*?aa*t*4 to forward to ma tceir addraaa, ia order that they Mr be ooounamoatod with, with a *iaw of el^lac tka oootraot i A. J. ltmiktor, J a mm F*a bland, H. P. Kurrn ft. Co. *? A;SS^TS:.. - HO.8% WJJQM. * ? The and?"-?irned Company ar* M M eellinc off their entire took^oooeiati l* of IT t*tt fine WOil a- d SADDLE HORSES, Soev EXPRESS WASON8, HARNESS, fco. Alma, Tib Can*. Tube, and other material he loafing to the establishment. icentre at the eto'e of 8. * W. MKYBNBRR9. 48 Market Spao*-.between 7th and nth iUwk, under the Avenue Hone*. mhl3 1w OVERLAND OYSTER EX CO. DLACK BERAGE HERNANE. IN NA1D row and extra wide, for dretaee and efcawia, cor.ii ;er??: tbeet artio id nee for thui bae* A ?o, oornua; fall stock of all the thiokor Slaofc Fabric* of the beet c radea. uur noruiera and eutars oorraepond acta eeed ae new auppliea daily. One pnoe only, the aetaal oaah atandard Taiae. matkod in plain tnurea An inspection of atook iaeara no obligation tc pnrouaae. PERR\ * BRO., mh lft-6t Penn. arenne aad Kh atreeC T ATTENTION! HE Undersigned baa reoeiveda iarie atoefc of Felix a Readme ALE aad LASER UK BR, te whiob he reap*c?fo ly oalla too attentloa of all hotei and raatauract keepara. CHARLES MADRS, mh 19 lw* corner Pa. aTecae aad ?d at root. OPERA AND FIELD 8TLASBE0, SPECTACLES*. Ae. We OND thlfl morn in# a Ir/** ?mi Opera, Jeanne aad Fieid'Gtaeeea. Alao, 60id, Silver aad ?ne *taal Bpoetaol?, M. W GALT * BRO~ Jrvaie/a. 304 Pa av.,?door? VMt of tM mh!9 ->t Metropolitan (lata Brown THotK. DORR fc fo , Birani, SIT Seventh all ML, Waahiniton. D. C . bay, eeil, racalanaa. pro pare, oolleot am pay Army. Navy, acd all etaer nnaiaputed Claim a cn the U. 8. Gorernnjant at WMhinjtoc or other oitiea. U 8. Bond a, CeiUloatea and other valeea :.?*<*c lLfo'mat:pn liven, peraonaily or by letter. Refer laeaa Wa M?Mrs. John E. Th*y?r ft Brother, ol Borton. mh 19 8f CH. RIVART ft CO. SILLER Y CHAMPAGNE DEPOT REMOVED TO 8. E. Coann or Pkmm. Armmva abb Bixtw St.. Clarendon Hotel B?Udin?. Washington H. ROSEY, ieuT, N*w Yoke. JAMES MOLAN, A?m, Wimikstom, D. C. BHKRKY. PORT ul MADEIRA WINER, FINK OLD BRANDY Md WHISKY. f?7~ a liboral diioout to daolors. Mb IS .-fe. /^OYSTERS-OYSTERt, /^V ^I|v OY8TKRB Vkar of the boat?uBhty ou bo o?3., ibtsUZZm D&od Arenao. 1? ln?* AY RES A OO. qOi-D ANpEf*Cftf ?*<>? ALL ... o*?bt ?ij?4^NHOC5E.ANT 4 CQBar.tera. *#9PoeBa?lvBBiaa?. Mil t?-lw 1 Inte ,.|>acr PtOF. ALEX. WOLOWSR1 BEOS LEAVE to lafornhia frionda Bad tbo pabuo, ttot,ka*lag met with oo imict aaoooaa, la oonUaaiag bia Conrao of luatrvcUoa oa tbo Piano mm laSlafiac, bf bia bow method. A . tbooa who oeiira to booonae, ia*a abort time, Im a lac era or aiottliat pmrforraoraoa tbo mho ahonid avail U wmiIwi of hia now ayatoni ofioatr notion, by bm't'm al bia reaid?Loo, No. 4tl Tenth at root, wart aide, bo- I t ween E Ud F atreeu. Reception Lonra hotwaoa It Bod 13 o'oloofc a. m.. rne?CB?a. Thartday* and Saturdays fail ! ASTA6E FOR MANASSAS VIA FAIRFAX Cotrt Uoaao.civiBg laaaaaaara . B& opportoaity of vlaibac tha MWMPCC3 fid, will leave op?o?.t? H i. !>ora*aJEKSEBS Oicar Store, above W l.iarde' Hotoi. BOxrSSurtBF. and Bf or tbBt orary Taeedag.Tb?*BJ Bad Saturday Borflicc, Bt 1? o c.ocfc. reMiriuilf tha followiM avec nj. Faro far Uto roaad m?, H MMlr manta bo bai oa board. Paoaoa ra^m&W. mR-nsssaesSSSS^ munw-m BJjHHit-m:. m T,Wff

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