Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY MARCH 92? 1969. Of* Fkisnss at the wlooa military caaapa tad poaltlona will confer a faror fcy keeping na posted ?a to movrnnh and alfclra In their tetnttlea. lE^The new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than erer of Metropolitan new? and goaalp, and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the pnblle. Kmbraced In Ita entertain! ng content* are the followinjf art irlea: The Hittle. from Schiller?poetry; iluvlns a Wnldinir C*ke a rarv narrative: Prentice'a inimitable Ion-mot* on the war; A National Hymn; The Great Naval Engagement In Hampton Riwdf, Interesting Incident*; l.atest news Crom the Southern papers The Battles of Pea Kldge, Newbern. Fort Craig. New Madrid, and the latent news from Island No 10; News from "be Upper Potomac; Evacuation of the Rebel Batteriea on the Lower Potomac; Call off your l)ogra; Grappling the Monitor; F.ant Florida ours; Idlest from Europe. Proceedings of Con^reaa and of the Court*; Rell<7)0111 I'nnfere!vw Vfiiri!' Men's Ithrstian A? elation; Smithsonian Lectures; Celebration of St. Patrick * I>ay; Scene in a Georgetown Church; and other interesting local news. Agricultural, horticultural and gardening miscellany; Household and farm recipes, and other interesting matter This is ju*l the paper above ali others for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to Mend to their friend* at a distance Price only (tirot* f<anU n?r c n r*a? ai &l nor tnnnm rtna! .. i m Ml tV | ^ VI V UUUUtMf J?VWV1^V prepaid by xtampo when so arr&ngtd Spirit ( the Mtraini Prtii. The I*tellifenrrr urge* that the condition of loyal citizen* in East Tennessee calU loudly for ?oe speeaiesi possinie succor n? tne 01 :nc Government thev love ?n well The K'/ ntl>tnn commcndi th? bill reported In the House from the Committee on Territories by Gen. Ashley, providing for civil government and the admlniatratlon of justice in the seceded region, to continue until the State* expected to be reconstructed at the South shall be again ad|n?.^ IT.IM UIIUOS JUW ?UC tlHiWU. Th* Tkka?tt*y Dipa*t*?^t ?The Treasury Department it now Issuing certificates of Indehtneas to public creditors, at the rate of nearly two millions of dollars a day This will soon clear off from the table of the secretary the locumV.ranrP a/ s/?<?nnn(c u>kl<?K Kawn lvaan ?n<IU^ &c , but not paid, because of tbe want of treasury note*. The latter will be Its tied again in a week or two, when anch creditors of the Government as have immediate "need of funda will take them in preference the certificates of indebtedness Tbe latter are for the gross amount in ronnd numbers of thousands for what la due. Tbe odd hundreds, Ac , are paid at once. 117" The Washington Correspondent of the Commerclsl forcibly writes: "Meanwhile, we have good news from other parWXf the country, and we may expect to see a change of front,' by our radical frienda. Finding t?at they rannot prevent a restoration of the Union by attacks upon its soldiers, and that the rebels are bring conquered without the 'maneipaiton and arming of the slaves, they are noic striving to stifle mil loyal feeling at the South by obhotuhs legislation." True, to* true" This obnoxious Legislation is more to prevent re-unlon, than for any thing else. fO-Klve Points tea-parties are among the last novelties ln.roduced into Gotham. A recent on* was attended by 250 children of the Mission school, and by more than 100 of their parents, who came " some In rags and some In tags, and some In velvet gowns," beard their own chll wich ivau auu sui^, a iiU USU UUf CVClUUg B| least of civilization, w]th lta concomitants of lea, bread, butter, and good advice. Letters from Gibraltar, February 27. atate that the Confederate privateer Sumter was (till at that place, nnable to obtain coal. The gunboats (no, Toscarora and Kearsage were so closely watching her that escape la Impossible. 1 he Intentions of tbeEumter are not known, bat If Cap*. Semmes endeavors to escape, his vessel will be either blown oat of the water or captured. JET* The news concerning Ysncey is conflictlag. Two accounts state that be was captured in the manner noted in yesterday's Star, but, on tbe other hand, a dispatch from Nashville says that the great fire-eater recently delivered a speech la New Orleans, In which be advocated retaliation upon the European Powers for their non-recognition of the rebel fctates. Tai Cosvalbsckxt Cosori^men - senator Wilson was fgaln In his aeat yesterday. Senators Rice and Pearce art; both recovering. Representative Ely la better, bat Representative Bailey, of Maaachusetts, has gone home, It Is feared. to die there Fobksst Coxiro ?Edwin Forreat, tbe renowned tragedian, baa been engaged and will anriMP at PapiCa AAmmmmm ?? ?J-.. * _rr?? ?. m ?<?vuvuu? mi iuuuuay WfCI He will give bis moat celebrated representations at the Atheneum, and fax re-appearance here will be an event. C^The New Yorkera are still perturbed about the Morrlmac Tbey bad a meeting of tbe Cltv Councils on Friday nlzht to eoi?)<tcr of harbor defences, and tbe matter la alao before the State Legislature. Uxapra voa AraiL ?From Shilling ton, Odeon Building, and from Hudaon Taylor, lit Pennsylvania avenue, we have early copies of the lntereatlng April number of Harper's Magazine Cy Right Rev. Blahop Potter of New York, haa qalte recovered from hla recent Illness ( B|rtaii*aal Klectien an the Eaatern Shore af Virginia. I [Correepondenc? of The Star ] Eastvillb, March 17.?We Lave had quite a time of It Id politics for the laat ten days, arising from a contest for the congressional representation of this district, between Hon. Joseph Segar and hia opponent, Dr. Arthur Watson. Seg&r waa the Union candidate, out and otH, and so announced hlmaelf to tbe people. Dr. Wataon voted against the secession ordinance: hilt *ft?? <w> ?j??.. ?? M ww pnnm ana adopted by I he popular to(i, acquiesced; so that be may be termed a Union man atquiesetng in secession ; which, being interpreted, means secession pore and unadulterated. Segar was asked whether, if elected, he wonld vote money and men to earry on the war. He replied, he would, to the last iloUsi and the last man. He not ?nly seosldered the war, ao far a* the South was consulted, a re- I eelllon. but be regarded It the right and the duty I of the Federal Government to pit* it down, at all I hazards; else there was no go wnment, and trea- I son would stalk abroad unchecked when Dr. I Walun <? --W?1 1--'> >- " i .M wucuun ue wouia vote men and money to suppreaa the rebellion, he replied, "he had always beeno?yoee<kto that.'* Ofcgurae, whatever secession W? wan given fell to the lot of Wataon?Sega**! extreme Union aentimenta being to the aec?aaioni*ta not only distasteful but atxioljtely revolting. But S??at would not abate a jot or tittle of hla L'nior, eplntona. From Kaatvilla to Horn town he againat and denounced aeceaaion aa lUagaL. unconstitutional, ntataken, treaaonable and rninona. And aa the sub>ect had never been J V. V- * * * ? ?wim acre uciuir, i IIWIM not be bu HWD ted which will ripen Sai? a goodly Union barThe reault of the coateat la doubtful, and tbo chance* U> this t;oc are In favor of Dr W atacn, bat tbe weatem abore vote may change the preaeat aapect of thing a. There la mnch bitter seceaalon feeling her#, bat at tbe aame tline there la a floe Union element. wdicq is on ine savance, sod which wHi ultimately triumph It hu received no small la Mtus since Gen. Lock wood's advent, and pisdance and circumspection on the part of the oflccrs In command will greatly pwoel It. One singular bet Is developed 4y the late election. On the Islands the people are unantmonsly Union. On Hog Island and '/angler, Segar received evorv vote, and on Cfclnquoteague nearly every one*. The reason of this singular unanimity is, doubtleaa, the fhet that they are removed from the mainland, and consequently detached from the pestiferous influences of the politicians. Thus detached, Uey have Judged this great cenllct for thflmaalvM, and making their living almost exclaalvely from the trade with tha northern cittee, the / have seen at once that their interest is % la the Union and against blockades, and hence, to a man, they ttaad by tbe Sum u4 !*trlpe?. Oh! that others could bavebeea as sensible! Yours truly, Union Mam. P. 8.?Since writing tbe foregoing, newa received from Elizabeth City, York and Warwick counties, make* tbe election of Segar certain ' # OUR MILITARY BUDQET. iivario.\a sen. Tbe boast of tbe Rebel* tbat they ire placing "Armstrong" guns on tbe Merrimac Is an untruthful one. Weareaaaured, from a perfectly reliableaouree, that there la not an "Armstrong" gun In the country: nor has there ever been a eun made by Sir William Armstrong for any other service than that of the English Government. The large rifled ordnance procured from England for the Rcbsls wer? made at Lowmoor works after the designs of Capt. Blakeley, formerly of the Royal artillery, who la one of the claimants for originating the method of constructing heavy cannon by rings or hoops; and upon a similar principle to that now adopted by Mr. Parrott, except in the application of the latter he uses a continues coil of wrought Iron. About twenty of Biakeley'a 100-pounder rifles only have been delivered to the Rebel*, which, together with thirty smooth aelge 6^-ponnder cannon, constitute all the heavy ordnance aent them, which has thus far escaped capture. Most of the rifled cannon used by tbe Rebels have been rmooth navy guns, rifled, many of which hare hnrst under the enormous atrain brought upon th?m. which they were not designed to resist. TUB KILLED, WOCNDID AND MISSING. The following official report embraces a full and correct exhibit of tbe casual'lea on the frigate Congress in the acHon of tbe -<th Instant, a' Newport New*: Philadelphia. Pa.. March 1!>, 1962. Sir: I very respectfully submit the following report of the casualties whic h occurred on board the l< S. frigate Congress in the action of the *th ins*., at Newport New*. Viz : Total number of officers and meu on board.. VII Number accounted for ?><> Killed, wounded snd missing j;*"< Wounded taken on shore l/ll ?> - " I nn icu aim ininiuk I lit Wounded, since dead 10 KIDcd, missing and died on thore !'?i I regret exceedingly to record the death ol Master's Mate I'eter Hargous He was a good, brave and .promising young officer, and is universally regretted. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant. AUSTIN riltDBBGRA'T, l,ieut. L\ P. N. To Hon. Uldeon Welle*. ffott ?Young Hargoua wa? probably killed by (be tame abell that killed the gallant Lieut Jo*. B Smith. Immediately after lta explosion, Inquiry being made for Lieut. Smith, the old gunner of the ship, pointing, anawered, " There he lays, sir,"?and beside him lay the remain* of poor young Hargoua ?Ed. Star. COSFUMAT!( !(? OF MILITARY APPOINTMIRH. The Senate were In executive aesslon several hours yesterday afternoon, and confirmed the following nomination* aa Malnr n?ni>raia a? ??i?? teer force#, namely; Brig. Generals Don Carlos Buell, John Pope, Samuel R Curtis, Franz Slgel, John A. McClernand, Charles F. Smith, Lewis Wallace; and to be Brigadier Generals of volunteers, Colonels John Cook, Richard J Oglesby, William H L. Wallace, J no. Mc Arthur, Jacob G. Lauman, J no. A. Logan, Rob'tL. McCook and Speed S. Fry. The Senate also confirmed as Brigadier Generals of Volunteers the following-named Maj. John G. Barnard, of Corps of Engineers; Cspt. Henry M- Judah. of 4th lntsntrv? n?ni u Kicketta. of 1st artillery, for meritorious conduct at battle of Bull Run; Jaa. Craig, of Mo.; Horatio P. Van Cllve and Alexander Asboth. A !?KW MILITARY DEPARTMENT. * A new Military Department, to be called the Department of the Gulf, Is constituted. It will comprise all the coast of tbe Gulf of Mexico, west or rensacoia narbor, and so much of the Gulf State* aa may be occupied by tbe forces under Major General 0. F. Butler, United States Volun' teers. Tbe headquarters for tbe present will be movable, wherever tbe general commanding may be. The States of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, with the expedition and forces now under Brig. General T. W. Sherman, will constitute a Military Department, to be pjIIwI th* n*. partmeiit of tbe South, and to be under the command of Gen Hunter XBLIAflD. The following prisoners at the old Capitol prlaon were releaaed last night upon taking the oath of allegiance, which was administered by Justice Johnson: William H. Swan, of Baltimore; James Toole, Prince George countv. Md ; James Kennedy, Alleghany county, Va ; Kdward Welch, Winchester, Va ; Jeremiah Maher, do ; George M lnlow, do ; Arthur Maikell,do , Joseph Wldmyer, Jeflernoncounty, Va.; Martlu Bergln, Fairfax county, Va.; Mlch'l Conway, Alexandria; Henry C. Brown, Fairfax county, Va.; Joshua Young, do ; Alfred Leigh, do; Thoma* >?. Gaddin, Baltimore; \V. I*. Mills, do. nrKT?.?i. orr t,w TBI The following paragraph (10th) of a m erit general order" musters out of service the itatf of Brig. Gen. Jsmtt H Lane, of Kaniaa The following officer* of the volunteer service, appointed additional alds-de-camp for aervlce with the army in Kansas under Brig Oco. Ja.? 11. Lane, are hereby honorably discharged the service: Col Wm H. Merrill, Lieut. Col. Jud>?on Kllpatrlck, Majs. J. J. Weed. Champion Vaughn, John Richey and Verplank Van Antwerp, Captains Volney Hlckoi, J. K McClure. Wm. Kyle, W. A. Phillips, Avery P. Russell. Wm. mell, Jmne* M. Rice and Richard L. Shelley | WAVY YARD. The Leslie and King PbUllp went down to the flotilla yesterday afternoon, and returned last night, hat reports nothing new. Tbe gunner* gang w# re In charge of the Kvans port gun tfcli morning, and were about testing it* accuracy. LIXUTKN4NT WORD??,t. S.N. It gratifies us exceedingly to be able to stite that Lieut. Worden's condition hu mat**taiiv improved. He la (till at the residence of Lieut. Wise, In thla city, where everything that can hasten hla recovery la of courae being done for htm. TIARsriKRID. Brigadier General Harvey Brown, U. 8. A., late the distinguished commander of Fort Pickens, K'ja Ka?n ?> mm I * a #k* ? J 41 m * V?vu <woiguv? IU ?uc v/vumioiiu VI ail me lOril in New York harbor. Brigadier General Lewis T. Arnold (major 1st artillery) succeeds General Brown in tbe comm&nd of Fort Pickens. 0BAIKAL VBBMONTGeneral Fremont left Washington yeatorday afternoon for New York. It la said that the bounds of his military department haye been enlarged ao aa to Include Ohio and other points. Fi!?Ai?rint.?The New York Poet of yesterday ays: Great firmness in government securities is stll1 the leading feature of the Stock Exchange. Notwithstanding the heavy tone of the general speculative list, governments maintain their upward tendency, and quotations of the tilxea of 1881, and the 7 titi notes are ? per cent, better, with large purchases bv the commission bouse*. *k. ?W 4 - ** oviiw ui me iuicwucii openion oi ue market, now that the overthrow of the rebellion la assnred, have taken up government* aa tbe moat desirable objects of spcoulatton, and tbe dullness Infancy shares may be attributed, to some extent, to thla. Tbe Sixes of 1SSI, the ~ 30 note* and tbe Fives of 1874 are tbe only loug loans on tbe market, the government reserving tbe right to redeem the new issues any time after Ave years, thus compelling the holder to give up his security at tbe very time be wants tonoid It, or leaving It on hla uanas wnen n is least desirable. Tbe Sixes of lb6l sold freely at 93X?<M for the Registered and 94?94^ for toe Coupons. The 7.JO notes are Irm at lUUalUO\?small denominations selling at There has been aome talk about opening tbe snhscrlptlons for the amount wblch Mr. Chase has authority yet to lasue, bat we cannot learn that such Is his loteotlon at present. Gold to a shade weaker this moraine, iOljg, which has aoine Influence on exchange. Tne transactions la gold amount to S350,UU). ID* Counterfeits on the Colombia (Pa ) Bank,: of the denomination of two dollar*, are very plentiful. They require careful inspection to be detected. lp*2?he maple ianr crop Is 1b process of gstbslng down Bui, but the unusual depth of now Impedes the collection of sap. l?^The man who piopoass to fill shells with some "siekonlag gas/ is buying up copitl of the M T. Tribune. LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Maaiclpal Electiaa at Harriibw|. Hakkisbcro, March 21.?At the city election, to-day, the democrats carried five Wards out of tiv Paiip ant nf flv# rW>iTinrr*tir notivw>Um#fi were elected. John T. W ilaon, Democratic candidate for City Treasurer,, baa a majority of 44o. Arrest ef Srciuiaa Abetters. Cnic&ao, March 21.?Six cltlssns of Sangamon county were arrested yesterday by order of. Gen. Halleck, and aent to Alton to be placed In close confinement. for aiding the escape of the rebel nri<nnpr< frnm fimn Hnflor The "Proviaioaal G?verameatM of Kea. tacky. Nashville, March 21.?'The late Provisional Government of Kentncky la at Sllbey, Tennessee, near the headquartera of the Rebel Gen. Crittenden Tne '(Arcn Ior tli^ t nitid i 9liip \ fr* at eat. New York, March2l ?The steamer Baltic has returned from an unsuccessful crulae In search of the disabled shlp-of-the-llne Vermont. 1h? Uii at Pea Ridge Sr. l*oci8, March 20.?The official Mat of the United Statea troops at the battle of Pna Ridge ! 2?2 killed, W6 wouedtd, and 17! missing. Pariti Brtwnliw Na?iivillk, March 21?Parson Brownlow leaves for the North to-day. CONURJiSSrOrfAL. ? XXX VII th CONOR ESS?Soeoad Kikate.?Aflcr onr report cloaed yeaterdav? The bill providing for the appointment of Light linute Inspector*, wn taken ap and dlfrcunned The biil for the abolishment of Wavery In the Dlntrlct of Columbia, wai considered. A communication wa* received from the President recommending a vote of thanka to Captain s. ? . uuponi, ror tit* service! and gallant conduct In capturing various point* on tae Southern Coast, which was referred to the Committee on Naval Attain The Senate adjourned to Monday. Horsi.?After our report closed? The consideration of the Tax hill otcupled the remainder of the day. The House adjourned to Monday. L* V Ptl A Dl>l n/\n unn ntnmt* | -we? ?? ooun i vaA r DLi? /IV IMi r 1 T I (1 LLj? AND F *JT8.?Rev. B. PkVTO* Brows, tlie new pastor of Wealey Chapel, will, by Divine permission. preaoh TO-MOKHUW (Sunday) at 10 o'olock a. m and p. in. It* fY*P?SMITHSONIAN LECTURt8.?Prof. LL5 Room* will leoture on MONDA* and vvisDNESDA V EVEN IN 68, March 24th and 26th, on the "Blaoiers." Admittance lies. Leotnree commence a'lp m. ah 22 it LADIES' FE8TIVAL AND FAIR FOR 1L9 rebuilding the Firat itaptict Ciuroh, at Parker'* Hall,< Young Men a Christian Association,) oommenoing Monday, March 24th, to oontiu ue a week or more. See* >u ticket* 5" c; at*; aingle admission 10oent*. Retreahment* of every ki'd, I ianey and useful artiolea, muaioal ana otiier attraction*. The beat ptaoe to pa** a pleasant evening I And spend money in a good came. mh22-lw* y\p? OFFICE OF JOINT COMMISSION I q UNITED STATES AND COSTA RICA, Washihgton, Maroh 12.1862 ?At a meeting o( the Board haid this day it was ordered that the period of two month* from this date u hereby allowed for claimant* to file their proofs against t*e Republic of Costa Rioa, and no extension of said period will do uiowra ncieia jot?a cause thai. bt shown for snoh delay. mh U-2w CHAM. W. DAVI*. Seo. If I THK LADIES OF THK FIRST BAPIL5 list Churob. invite all who wish to aid them in rebuilding their house ot worship, lately destroyed by a storm, to attend a FESTIVAL and FAIR, they intend to live at Parker's Hail, Pa. avenue, between 6th and 7th. (oppos.te Brown's Hotel.) oommenoing MONDAY EVENING, 24th Maroh Contributions suitable for soch an oooasion will be very aooept&ble, ana may be sent to J. W. CLARKE. 3M 7th St.,above 1. mW 4t* !> EVKRY ONE'S INTKRKST-TO THE 11 q CITIZENS. bTHANOEHS, AN It SOLDIERS 1 have Just reoeived a very large and fine assonment of form* Clothinc. whion I am offering at our usual low prices, at No. 4?>0 Seventh street, opposite Post Omoe. near P. fe T) 3m I Ml^THE UNION PRAYER MKKTinb w.n DJf be holden aver* day thie week in the Lutheran Cliuroh, (Rev. J. ?. Uutler'a,) at the oorner of lltii tuid II street*, ooiiiuieuoing at ?H o'oiook p mM auU oonti&aed but one boar. ja Jf> FUR HALK-A lot of good UKICK for aaleat the Infirmary very cheap for ctili. inquire at the eaat vine of the Infirmary. mh a 3t? W. B. SIMMONS, Handsome dress goods, opening this day in nob and atyliah fabrics. Ladiea' and Miaaea' HOOP SKIRTS, a large aaaurtinent. in ail the beat atylea and makaa, ail at low prices, at J W. COLLLY'B, mk 99 U O- ?l- _? -v ? ..... V. - ? .# UOTDUlll lk| OUU VO r &l IV, S~ PRIN6 WRAPPINGS FOR THE LADIE9 In Plain Cloth Sack* and Circular#, Hlaok an<l Stripe Shawls. J nil received and will be sold at the lowett oaah pnoos. J. W. COLLEY. nih 21 St #23 Seventh ?t .above Pa. av. HOY8TER3-OYXTEH8! OTKLS, Restaurants and Private Families oan Ne supplied dany with OYSTERs^^ fre#h from tlie shell, dry measure, and^^tt /_ j at tne lowest prioe. imm r .**?? ci v# u??<!*n, AVREH * CO., No. 504 Ninth at , between DunaA*. 117^ Ornter? ol tU? beat quality ipioel to order. inn 33 ASHINST??N HOjOF HKIRT FACTORY ! WANTKl) IMMICIHATf i.v 100 LADIES To manufacture Hoop Skirts, A person can make, in a short lime, from /von to five dollars pkh week. Inquire, for further particular*, oorner of Minth aii'l 1) streets, third floor, up stairs. into U WE HAVE JUST RECHVEIi A LARGE assortment of Raven, Hacod A Co.'s_? and Steinwaj A Son's PIANO FORTKSjBlBBft known as tne best now maiiufaotated.ll ' which we are ?(TerinK at th* lowest factor* prices. Person* :u ??aroh ol a reliable Piano are requested to rail and examine Also, one Second band Piano for 86t and one for a ? a* - ' v* ?s- ?v uio inUBIU riuie oi mh a W^G. MET ZRROTT. ]MPORTANT NOII C E A? there h*? bt#n suoh trouble for the iaat two month* in securing SEASONED OAK and pink vvAi"? "5SU35S unwu nioj r?i a u?i i y rwaivinK ana delivering I fiom the veaael the very beat article the market atf.cHi at lover iat?a than have been bought elaevhere. 1>RY PINK <t'/<rer?4at $H Can early, J. t,. M1L.LKR A. CO., OAoe 343 F at ,<t>aokof Willarda' Hotel. mh ?-3teo lyrORE CONSIGN KD WOODS. nf.w AND BRAUT1FUL SF*7N? FABRICS. Having met with aueb aplrudid incoeM in their consignments to us. the aaaigiieee ot the large Silk House in New York have concluded to con tinna their tales here lor On? Month, longer, and have cent forward Several Large Invoices of NKW SILKS AND NKW SPRING FABRICS in beaatiiul textaree and designs, all of wkiok are bow ramAw f?r __ .J . v<. ?.V>l>VU MblC at our etore. The prioe at whioh the Goode are ordered to be old at for cask ie in reality not more thaa fifty oeuta on the dollar ot the original ooat of importaaplendid opportunity ie nov offered to the ladies of Washington aud vieiniu. to bur ohoioe '**' rt??aKysik? r. mh s gtif 394 Pa? ave . bet. 9th and loth ete. Iir fn 41 on ? *?-> w vrvnu vtu JLjnni D E Are now uresui uu shall kasi constantly on hand a good su??ly of Table, Hanging and Side wm jrm? which we oder to the merohasu og Washington and Georgetown at the lowest Eastern pnoes. homing they will give ns a call. Also, Coal Oil or the best brands, by the barrel,(warranted,) at Baltimore prioes. , ... Also, ordere taken for Western Glass Ware. Saneles and prioee oan be seen at onr aew store, No. 47 Seventh strMt, opposite the Post Offioe, W,*ftHgg- C' HENRY BAYLEY > CO. C?AL.T.? - ?.v jro* ?.??o LBS. mb U ?? Y"?

l\|K?. EATON, Hu ralnovfld fanTtSt^fwU? Mwef'to** ' 1 ft***?* bMween 8th and 9tn. south iid*T& T 5*tlor'i<fr?omttini roleby lira. fc. mhii-l"T a ? at f I <VAb VIli WF UTB.( ftKKOBENB OIL M L CT?., HER GALLON. Al?o, Burners for Coal L??Hu?)iok retain bo ohimneye. Ale*, lvi? variety of Luh. 4o., at ?* "iKJoVu. W? U Dr., g^., ITTA large apd (Utril etocl .OrKfMSSj *0*1 ways freeb tad pur* at above rlaea. Blfa UtW SPRING DRE&8 eOODS.-Maoy uev aad laioT ouMuuIi fall atook of all klnda of Foraira and i>omMt o Dry ttooda, for lha ourraut wants of plain fifttraa, tkt mt I tMJll eAlk ti/mr. PERRY * BRO., mkTtr PkftT.taiNinth ?tra?t. / OFFICIAL. fpREASURY DEPARTMENT, X March Si, 1*0*. Holder* of bonda of the United Statea dated October 1,1961, and payable three year* frrta date, are hereby notified that provision has been nude for the payment, in coin, of the coupon of aeml-annual late rest which will become dne on us m April, proximo, tgnnwy to l heir tenor, the Treuurrr of the I'nltod SUtetat Waahtngton, by the Atalatant Treasurer at Boston, New York, tad Philadelphia, and by the Depositary of the United State* at Cincinnati, Ohio. All such coupona, together with schedules showIns: the number of each coupon, and the aggregate sum of each parcel, moat be preaented for examination and verification at leaat three full bualneaa d?v? before oavment S. P. CHASE, mh?3-dtapl Secretary of tbe Treasury. Abraham Lincoln, Preaident of tlie United State* of Amerioa: To All Wkcm it hbty Conrtm. Satisfactory eviilenoe having been exhibited to me that Jo** Mahia Da ran ha? l?fi appointed Consul General, ad imlirim,of tlie Mexican HepiWio at New York. I do hereby recotine him at auoh. and declare hiin free to exerciae and enjoy uoh function*. power#, and privilege* aa are allowed to the Conaala General of the moat favored cation*, in the United StaU*. In teatimony whereof, I have cauaed theae letter* t?? he made patent, and the ieal of the United State* to ?>e hereunto aflixed. Given under mv hand, at the eify ?f Washington, the 19th day of Maroh, A. D. 186.', ft m 1 ami nT tiift I nrlaaAmi Ann* nf # ! * I < nila/i ?itata? I |/| Ql I w? ???w VH-UV V| ?I?V 1 ' III IW VWWW of America the eighty-lixth. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the Preaident: William H. Scwakd. Seoretar? of State. FOKB'i ATHKNKUM: FOKO'd AiHKNEUff! | FORD'S* ATMKNfcUM ! THE GREEN BUSHES. CiiiKTi'n Burrru Dvoo. liiiitritm o| Sctite* in America mud Ireland A HUNDRED VBAR8AGO: Full of fiMiint* P?l?? . _ .. an'i Rol.iokinc Fan ' MISS L U C I L L F WESTERN IN TWO CHARACTERS! MK. BISHOP IN TWO CHARACTERS ! DANCING BY THE BEAUTIFUL OIIVI A, an* MUSIC BY THE SPLENDID ORCHESTRA. Lkd by thb Famous Fbnblox! ON MONDAY EVENING (for that occasion only) MISS LUCILLE WESTERN M C A MIL L S ~ Or, The Fate of a C*quMt? ! A oharaoter m whion she la unrivalled. A Changs or Pkrfobmakci Evbry Nicht : Pine Acting. Pine Mvaio, Fine Oanoing, It And Knjoyable Fanli EDUCATIONAL.-LKoSONS IN FRENCH, at moderate terma, otiered by a young gentleman of good family aud education, who came into this ooonrry to volunteer for the war. Addreaa "Duhe." BtarOffioe. ^nhM-gt* ^Knii ur me. ruruji&i;: Offioera about to emDark for the tunny Sooth ahonld not fail to prooure one of STINEMKYZ'S INDIGO BLUE CLOTH CAPd.wftica ha virranta cot toohange its oolor. B U. STINEMETZ. 236 Pa. avenue, near oorn?rl3th at., mh2l 3* between Willarda' anrt Kirfrwooda'. HMANOKEN OYSTER8! ARVEY Haaanother veaaei up th? Po'.oiuw Witt MANOKEN OYSTERS ! fZJ Alao, tvo or three boat loada from%2F\^Mf Tangier BarThe fineet BIVALVES of the ?eaaon. mh ?' 3t 2^ ELEVENTH STREET. 267 Just rroelvM a (recti lot of TIN WARE, WOODEN WARE. WILLOW WARE, CAMP STOVES. COAL OIL LAMPS, *o . at prioes to suit the most eoononuosl JAMES fKlRVlNB, Washington Store Depot. mh 21-Gteo U07 Peniwylvacia avenue. RS. DONOVAN, at 408 EleTenth street, (next to the (jas Office.) has jun arnvel from New York with a large and varied assortment of 1*aRI3 (iO'fl)S, the uewest fashions, oonsisttng of Hats.^jQ^ Sacs ues. Dresses, Wreaths, Ac., Ao, ' Her eatabU'hment will open on Monday next, the 24th mat. She rerpeotfu 1* invitee the lad if a of the Federal Metropolia to call. Dreaaea promptly made to order to ths entire eatiafaotion of la-hea who deaire to be attired in i the iMhion, and with food taate. mh il-lw* [lnteluepo'r.] MNEW MILITARY GOODS. . W. GALT k BRO, call attention to their I aaaortinent of very auperior. Military Goode.oonaiatinf of? General, Staff, and Line Offiaera' nohlvorn*. mented Pretentation Sworda, Babrea. Ao. S??ne?. Bella. Shoulder Strapa, and Military Embroidery of every deeonption. Alao, Piatola, Cartridges. Ao. The above Geoda are of very superior auftlitr, an't <" ff*red at treatly reduofd rate*. M. W. GALT k, BRO.. Jewellera, 331 Pa. avenue. 4 doara veatof the Metropolitan, (late Hrown'a) mh >l-3t Hotel. (CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES!! / CARRIAGES!!! Perton* wishing to have their CARRIAGES REPAIRED would do well to oall and,. see in* I-afore bargaining elaewhere. yoKijS^' Now ou hand a very miyerior lot o' w ~ "W . 8ea?one<i Wood Material of all kind*. AMERICAN AND MNBM3H FAINTK AND VARN1PHES i>j til* [iwi <|uaiivj, ao., AC. ID" Work don* in the ihorteit possible time. ?tk| warranted to be a* represented. ROBERT H . GRAHAM, COACH MAKRti, mH 21 lw* 47 7 Eighth street, Butter and k o g s : 100 tub* and kegs prime Ooslien and Gla-tee Butter in store 3" kegs Bakers' Batter. For sale by (\ ss KitTii f\rat & ... . . . v. b. u\j iivww, no. on Ktgtilh ?t, _inh ?? fit* Between Pa. avenue and I) st. RESTAURANT AND^EATlNb HOUSE. GEORGE HIT7.. Having taken the BAR ROOM owned by Mr. Caspans /or Uie purpose of re-openim h . .A aid sa;oon, I therefore notify my rnendsVflAy and the public in general that 1 will open?u^i^L on Tuesday, March 33th, 1861, where will alwaye be found everything requisite to a first olass Bar. ml. 20-3t? U8. ONE YEAR CERTIFICATES, Ol'ARTERMASTKRS' V(U;i1HEH? B?0fh KlTliWHOUSK. FANT & CO,, Bankers, Ji'J Pennsylvania ? . m)i!9-lw [lntoiluenoar.) J 3 10 TREASURY NOTES. / U. 8. BONDS. Bonchtand sold by RITTEN HOUSE. FANT 4k CO., Bankera, 35'i Pennsylvania ar. mh!9-lw tlntelilaenoer] OATS AT WHOLESALE. For sale fey J. LAR8UUN * CO., New Jereer ituii, f?tf tf R * <?bU t. I | N TE R EST IN FORarTHK COMMUNITY We Vs bo* reoeivict READY-MADE CLOTHING f tbe lateat dui(M tbree timM t week from our manu'aotunnj eetabli?hm??it in Baltimore, whioh we offer at aeUmitjun^ low prices. mh 12 lip* oornw K and Tth gwja A STAGE FOR MANASSAS VIA FAIRFAX Court Hoa?e,|i?inj ptu?|(rijnw-z^ an opportumtr ot viaitmc the battle Mlllln * J'Id, will leave oppoute HiUtorn'??53e2SE* ifar Store,above WUardt'HoM, uextS?tU7da7. and af er that every Taeeday.Thur.d*; and tetafday moraine, at 10 o oloofc, returning the foi,owing evening. Fare for the round trip, H, Refreek***** on b0*"!' i*UMi required. UNDERSIGNED Wuh?i to inform hia "S i?# Mbuethat kl hu 0HMi a ^T? } in'.aDd. *amng 8kop on tlis corner of 7u? an J 8 HtrceU, an i believing, from a long experience in Ihe baaineM. that he will be able to pleaee tkM,0<^,^WT#rlk,M,u* and every meohaiuo that uei a aav. aad hope*, b* a #?<* attention to buaineaa. that he will merit a ?hare of the nablio patronage. * JOHN KEHNfcALLY. ^|BW WHOLESALE DRY COOPS HOUSE. issnsftsrs at No. S47 WmI Baltimore treet, Baltimore. The entire stock *u purchased in September and October last, at prices enabling them to Mil to danlfs on took torn* m will make it the interest i ol both oitj and oountry merchants to sxamins T^iiir terms will beoash. fa 1 *fi2| NERVOUS DBBIL1TY, OR SF1S1obtained oi Um Advameor, whot rwi oared himselfaod, enbee^nentlr, naodr?ds of others Enclose one stamp. and iddrsa Box IT*, Charleston Mass- miHn A PAMB? KXPEKgfl COMPANY. ' NOTICM or REMOVAL. swsw&m** " ww, * i < f*> ?* - I . WANTS. t\y ANVED?Bj a r*K?tabl? vomu, I0ITUA" TION M IVN or eumbwuit IiNiww tiT?B, if raqvirvd. Addroaa JIT a etraac, bttVMi Tthaadtth- lt? WANTED?A FUKNISBED HOV*K, at a DMdtrtUriil Pi. arana* and K tratt aad 13th aaa ?'th. AddrM*. utaunc termt. No I ?. ?k a ?? IX/ANTKD-Br a Toun* man. a SITUATION TW aa barkeeper ib hotel wr reotauiaat. C?n briiig boat of at ( < ability. Ad.rpwa 'I. 8. tt..w EtarOftc . _ lf_ IVANTED-At the Goa in* Beataarant. W4? IT PaDDirlmiia &v?nna. & ?n?) w 4I*l* ? oae wbo nnd*r?t*?da fan Udti'M porfeotlr veil ; none mi aaeh D**d apply, vod re fere no j t+qmred. WANTED-Aboatthelatof Apr-l, bra email ! " family. J or 3 BOOMS, formatted or alfir; niched, am table for nonaekeeplnc. Addreae, eta t in* priae and where located. Box 69? City Poet Ctfioo. Kelorenoaa |iT?n. if rMaired. mh23 3t* \JU ANTED-TO SELL, OUT a vail eetahliahart " Reatauraot. situated on ooe of the moit fre qeented oomera on Penaayivonia av. Ineaire at the Star Oflea. ?hY K' WANTED TO EXCHANttE -Valuable (round rent in Philadelphia oity for a eomfortaM* dwe.ling hoaee oeatrally looated la Uii? Jty. For p?rlicu'.ara_apny to J AS. C. MoBUIRE * CO.. mh >1 6t Aaotiop and Coanmiea ion M*ri>>>k WANTPD-A (mail ROOM, niUblt for a oh**nbar. farniaoed or acfarnisbrd, h> arcane man, north of Penaarlraaia avenaa aad b( vwn Mh aad inth atieeta. Referenoaa given if aeeeaesr?. Addreaa **D., tftar Oflce, etatinc location aad term a. wH-O* MAN SERVANTS W AN*ED-For the h >n?e atd drire in eamafe. (All at 4 3J F atreet. between ftth awd 7ih- ?h ? at \\7ANTED?A ?o?d. convenient HOUSE ?oa 1? taiaiDc from atx to taa roowa. either taraiaiiad or anfarniehed. Aypl; at No. 11 Loviaiaoa avenue. mil 1W vA7ANTED- A food SERVANT for an cflieer " in the field Uce aoon?toiu?d to horaea pre ferred- <*H at PHIL1' * SOLOMONS', 33U Pa. aranna. _J Keeubhoaal mh m-jt BOARD WANTED?a i?Btl?mu withea Hoard in a *rirate faimlr where be aaa have the oviuforta of a home. Addreta P. O. Box 7 , etatlng i?riua and location. inh tt l<' I1RV ?OOD SALESMAN WAN TED???ne |J Willi Rio 11B.1 ntRii ?&tli thR Alft tr?ilA- lO /> 7*?r? o? a*e*. Nirrirj m*n need not apply KKRKVl flRO., mfa 19 6t Peon- arena* ml 9th ?treat. WANTED-By a good tenant, a SMALL HOUSE oonv'nient to the Treeuory Department. AddresauA tl.." gtar Oftce. mUlA-a* Om LD LETTERS WANTED.?I WtU give from tvo to ten 4ol art for Letters written by ben'I Washington, and a fair prioe for Old Letter* writ* ten by oelebrated Americana. RevoIationary Co- ! lebntiea. Preeidenta. General a. Commodnree, ' Judjee, Dootore. Dlri nee, Lawyers, Ac. Addreea ROBERT SPRING, *49 N. Twelfth street, Phil, i adeiphia. Rare Booka and Pamphlets on Amerloa t?ou(ht. ahUp* V17 ANTED?To have every one know that thev ! " ou find the beet atook of C otiiinc, Hata and Ce?a, at the very loweat rataa, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh atreet. below F. fe Tl-tm WANTED?Every pereon to know that I am in the market, ready to par oaah for alt artiolee In the honaefnrniabinc line. Thoae learinc the city, or having a eurplua, wiH do well to oal I. ft. BUCHLY, 44S Seventh it, between? and H iti., (east aide,) Dealer in New and Second hand Farmtnre. no la tf WANTED?From April 1,1863 for a permanent reeideuoe, a email COTTAGE HOUSE, either in Washington or Georgetown. Rent mnat be moderate. Referenoea unexceptionable. Apply, by letter or peraonally. to R. P. THlAN. No. 17 Fire! atreet, Georgetown, D. C. fo?7-2awlm* ft 100 -AGENTO WANTED TO OPRN <3)11/11. an offkoeatd take the whoieealeacenoy, in every State, for all of Lloyd'a Great Military Ham ii>a(4 f,w nnr r.AmaiftMlMwin PKi^f the "/ T ? V??? IVIl ? UV I ohM^it rnapt in the world. A fortune o*n to intde | on these mtii is each State 8.noo,oouoopi*s of one of my map# un already been sold. Also a man to go to Cahiomia, England aad Caba. Agent* also wanted in ever* county aad id erer* regiment in oar array. Sand for circular*. mh4 tmayl 164 Broadway. WANTED?Sutlers and Soldier* to know that they oan bay CAMP STOVES and TIN WARE cheap of 11. J. 6RE0ORY. 3?1 Pmul arenae. ta U C|7 ANTED.?We are new bavins SECQND" HAND FURNITURE. STOVfiSaac BED DINS, for whlc.'i we are paying the highest flash prioe*. Families declining housekeeping, ay oaring a surplus of fa ml tare, will ind it to ualr advantage to give as a ca. 1. rdntt a obictitn N?. 369 7th at., btw.fumfc ?u. /) "Nv ^$1 * I ^Ss^s\. \ % mtr sn-tf soo.nonPOIJNDi ROUGH TALLOW tad ARMY GREASE WANTED. for whioh the hifhMt prtoe will lc pai 1 kt tfc? Ni tional Soap and Caudl* A orka, Gtmd itrHt ud Canal, Georgetown, D. C. mh 19-lm C. B JB WELL. Proprietor. 369 Bl&SBSllSl'r,*. 369 w. ?, Perfamery, ?<> . and Faac? artioiee, vkiek we offer maoh balow U* Market prior, at either wnoitviiv or rmui. lifoonih^Ton8**** 8*t?t i> ?*o?iS"w7uLl?^*f(5#^flT?1-to ord#T' wki#h Urge ***ortm*nt of Maliocuf ud Wklait htoin. U,,. v?ri?ti?? ud Hhwni, COrtMdSUai?a' JMaa6#* *** b^ffA^'^OWW A #RirriTH. I J un iH^ilMo't^ot of 'tkMlMMiaiM doubt* ChlMlk Nwh. Ala*, t fin* laaortpaat of tvutad Silk tad Cordod Natta, in aJi oton.M IteTnuiluMN of Mil. LOWE, ilT Pi If*, ??tk iil>. mk* B%StltSg, JB#WU?,l!?iS .Li L 'i * r I AUCTION ailLB. FUTURB DATS, fly WALL * BARNAID.Aurt.oeMr*. ?mUK Ownr / ?. ?t\ mmri *k r ROCKI1K8. LIQUORS. PLTI.KRS' VI 9tock?j #<" *T Ati Tlew ?0? TULSUAV MORNl>9. roniiiKnoinf we trill Mil at our Ai^MRooM.t(ilMM? 8at>ra' *?a??li?a. *?.. oonpriaarg Barrel* Reftswi. WHov.tini Craafetd hiivi Roxm Adamant:** and t*t#nna < aix)'** H irkia* eoahM Bailor. bo?M iW jp*?S?M,Sa<<l brnw TobtdM, CMnWlniit, Brwdr, Gib, Wim. and Cor4?li CMM Vm L<iw. and B?-kw'. Stouch ? * VMUMI. HMMItMl roft 4HM, Brudi PhcIim< Barro'a Stray, t arrala at>d boxat Harnn? **4 ViMW, er?.< Wawky. d ffjranl traaaa. ka Hrandt. Jawaf a Pptrttf. Hotlftftd 6ib. Barilla P oar, 1 MT9! b?at !*^ra Oil at J CaM Oil Ca?. tiwjre low rriood S???ri u< Oheroota, CtM Boots, k?t>b*r B a'ktta. Cam> Stovaa. Flannal Hhlrta, FipM.filorM. Aud other fillw'aSitali tMorea. 1 Alao. large Iron Haf* flbd ?'o?Lt oi rooaa Daeka. mk 99 IV A i t A DArta-W Br J. C, M06L IKK 4t CO., AuatiMMn. ADo".,a!rjstAmAA^5i^,iAr o'ejoofc,?ctheAuctionfmRt ??* ?r",*a*r,CtSrt ia iim ?o HM> fw< or^orstioa of WMbiDttoa 8 mi ewk SlOOli /* ?f th? Metropolis Stool Terms c??h. ft<?SA O'tiRlhN, J NO. P. fe.N NlC . *?< i.C. MoT.UIR Kd* ' Bt 6RKWN* WILLIAMS. AmctM?m. HOPfKIIOLP AND K1TC?KN rUANI1CU AT irctlo?,-Ol THI'isDAYTlii /n>? iwtut. Mil at loo'oiooka B-iltM reaidaac* o| Mri Waddaavar, No. 444 *t at, next to taa wm? of G. a f?o<l and (Marti tMortMolvf Farmtara, t b: Mafcogftor folM. Hair t*?at. Parlor, aad Am Ruokics Chdra, M?h?iany. Draaainj tsd other Bureau*, aad WuMaadi, Maii?c&uf. Cantor. Card. Dining and otkar Tfthlaa. msiuiv tu> yi>iu|l UHllBMr B4L Prwtoh and other B ^Wardrobaa, ud Kin? Km'.wi Hair and Muk Mtttnpn, Lirt* aaaortni+nt o! B*d-li i>(, ai>4 Ftalkw Bo< tara.and Pillow*. | China. Ulan. Crockery and fttoaa Wara, TaUa CkHJi< an?J Cation. Silt and Maltofaay Praia a Mirror*. and ClMfca. Window Curiam* and Bbadaa, Can* aad Wo?d Chair*. KJue mur uu rairuof, luii lot Kurtmn, ?1>3? <*??.) ftKKF.N A A not* M*i!S 2?i2? .S^si'i JfftA? A3 a.;.0"1ivtt-MUjiaw ill 'xf(*u to vublio n>?. lor ouh, it front of tb* Court Amm door of au</ oouoty, on MON DaP. ? **<M* of M?rok. instant, IlT No. 5, in Mnirc No. 43, k* No. fj, in ft. lot No. l? m Hurt No. I), ud tot No. IUi J iiuri No.H, ii (k? oity of WMkuulM.O.Ci together with all and amnlar the improve Mote thereon, eeised aa4 levied tpon aa the proeem of Brook Maokall, and will be ?o.d to eatwty todioial gOj ii, to May term 1K1, ia fev<n oMjooe hrutiier rah 7 dte late MarehaT, V. *C. BALLS, PARTIES, kc. Wl A WT * TU ?? ?' ? - ? U'? "*? na uu lBli 1 tie f IKLUAVA1N: maiabara of Ui? HIAWATHA CLUM iauij _5-fau^^u^u* ??n.^ TIK vrh GRAND COTILLON PARTY 1 rf\) ,;a k atrnrt. I.Mwawar ath mj-.s luk On FRIDAY" EvY:Si?"N?, Mar?\iS* GHk Dumii to oomiMiMtt 8* o'clock. M a tie h> Prof. Georf Arth'? o*i?br*t?wl b*?A liotMl 01 admitting a centlaman and ladiw. iih 22 8t* PROF.C. F. BARNES.Mui(ir. t or* ctiD PRnrofiitPM *oo _ it t ?9rt?^r I r"?**=^fe?Sir? ^ ?* ?- K^. KEROSINE OIL at Baltimore pnoee; alao. J HAY, CORN. OATS. Ac.. at Iowa* martat prioa. S. W O'LAUGHLEN. fa 36 1m* CorMr Ntw J?n?T tv. nxi K it COL01KR8' DRAFT* ? ON ALL POINTS, Sold by JAY COOKE k. CO , fiinni. mh?2w Fifteenth atrcetFOR SALE-MALT GRAIN. tillable food for hot*. Aovi.eto., kt 10 O0OU per baebM. Apply at LOEFFLER'8 Brewery. New York trme, between 1? Notice is herebv given that u* aaatractfor BEEF CATTLE advertised mtkia ?A L. _ r *m L i * li i iv ui n?rri dm noi o*m (MM.The following bmmd bidden are n^iimttd to fonrard to me tueir addreee, m order thki titer Mr be ooaunnmoated with, with a riew of closing tit* oontimot: A. J. LtxinnV) j a.mi* fkkxlam>, h. f. ktirra ? Co. A. BKCIWITH. _mhji Major Cotn. Rab. The ondetigned ( oispejir trt" " eellinc ofl thwr entire took,ooneistinf of 17 mr toe WORK I'd SADt'LK HOR^fcS, Icew KJCPRK&S WAGONS. HARM K48, Ao. Aleo. Tib C?i>?. Tnlie, and other mvteriai* belonging to the establishment. iiitstre at the eUv*? of S. A W.MKVKNRKRS. 4& Market fpaoe. between Tth ai.o Rib street si under the Avenue Ho'ih. n.hUMw OVERLAND OV8TKR EX CO. Black bera6e ukrnane. in nar row and extra wide, fur dreseaa and lUwli, considered the heat article is in for rhio b'*ok. A>io, oar usual fall a'ook of all the taioker Biaci Fabrics of th? t>eat cradea. Our noitberc and eastern oorreapondenta send us new supplies daily. Onepnoe only- the aetaal cash standard rane, maiked in ai&iii fitaraa. An inspection ofatook solicited, it ir.oura no obliltbon M ^ureiiMt. PKRRt 4k BRO., mil lfr-*t Penn. avenue anfl ?th atreeL T ATTENTION! HE Ln-tcriigned lu received a iarte t*oek ! Felix Rmu1io? ALb uxl LAbfcR BtKR, to wfcioh he rrapectfelly oalla the attention of all hotel and reatauiant keepera. CUARLB9 MADR9. mh 19 1W corner Pa. aeeaua and Si atreet. UrBKA AN u mfclu ula?h*ks, SPECTACLES. ft*. We ons this morning a tare* assortment of Opera. Marine and field titaeee*. A so, Gold, f? !ver and fine* tee 1 Spee*aoles. M. W. 6ALT ft BKO./fwUn, S?t Pa a*., t doers vest of the mhi9?t Metropolitan date Brown s) Hotel. ORE ft CO . BiHtni. 41T Seventh street, Washington. D. C .bay, soil, recelariae. prepare, ooileot acJ pay Arinr, Navj. and all other anaisputed Claims on the U 8. tiovensment at WukiMtmoxOkonKu 1' ? !??/?. onto* Hi J other vnlnes n?c<-unt*l. 1. formation fivon, poraonfclly or by 'ottar. lifMMMi-wa. * H. AipiLW* I!, K? ; Wilson G. Hunt, Esq.; M?*ara. HsofTurd, TiiMtot k, Co.. of New York ; Mamra. John t. Thnyar * Mrothnr.ot Boston. nth V? St* CH. R1VAKT * CO. s 1 t t K"P I' n u a d an iu t? n p o#r?? REMOVED TO b. E. Coim or Fwmt. Amvt awo Sixn St., Clftr*n?fon Hotel BaUding, Washington. H. ROSEY, Icht, Niw Yoll. JAMES NOLAN. Aax-. l, WaiiMtoii, 0. C. SHERRY. PORT and MADEIRA WINES. PINE OLD BRANDY ud WHISKY, mr A liberal dtaooMDt to dwlor*. mh ? /<~\OY8TK*&-OYBTE*t. OYtfTSRS ^&LMf of the b*?t ?u*Hty aan t* gy-?e5if.,7s tnuvK*. ?!L n>M? lm' AYREfl*CO. /"loin nun BV/>n.u<.? ^v*. ... K3KCJMU ^ , Boi?kt u4 eo a b* RITTfcNMOUBK. PANT * COP?OF. AL.KX. WOLOWU1 BhGS tUVK ? s? !K";rass? ?:r.u,;;,'ifv. Co*re# of lntr uouoii op Ut Pitoo ud il r>i -it r.f, jffummw method. All tho*e wuo 6mire u? beoom?. il % *Dort time, ftne cticera or exeeiieat eer?E ~ r: ?1 ^ K scepuoo houn htttM M Ml U o'etee* a. ?. Toeedaie, Thurtdert a.u ; J*etnrc??? ieM In I AJHKS' tVMU BOOTH Li AND MOW, .. IVfEN-e RUBBER BOOTS i'l AND SHOES, . 'nA* r.l,bJ'LB^'VZ\~.

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