Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1862 Page 4
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* 1 ' l I'nt EVENING STAR. DON'T IRr.T (From Um Beoton Joarnal ] Be patient. or von brrak tLe <r! nrw? of oar plat_7Se?i/j4 Xl*kt. Be patient with veur rulers, men; They caa't be la a hurry; N<> man la worth a feather'a weight When alwava in a flurry. And tpare th-1 nimble cracking whip, Your flery metal apare; Abe Lincoln la your aerrant, aure. But h* la not your alave. You charge that be wa? Southern born, I And winks at Old Kentock; Tbat wltcbea of the Border States Have stolen all bla pluck. I'll let you prove hi? woeful birth, And ma^n'fy the In; But only ?me Southern witch Could ever take htm la ! And in tbat very act ibe proved L' Don the tutiom aide ! And every prank of her's bat shown. The Union w?s her pride. You *ay our leaders hardly heed The foemwn's lightning rod; And that admit how cool thev keep In marching atraight ahead. Emancipation, you proclaim, la now wlth'n their power; But aince the fruit ia ripening fast, Await the gathering hour. For everything there 1? a time, We may not fix the date. But when we find the harvest ?ure, With glndnena we should wait In con?terna<ion soon the toe W1U feel the settling stroke, And Had old Lincoln's cool delay A thundering aort of joke! 1 am not e'en prophet's son, But 1 predict a rout, That toon will m?k<> the nation'* pans*, And bills and valleys shout We then shall bear the eagle scream Above the cannon" roar, And see the country * lla* restored From shore to faicue&t shore! Be patient with your ralen, then; They can't he in a hurry; No man ii worth a feather's weight When always in a hurry. Kkbp Cool. HOU8KNOI.D RECIPES riCKLS FOR RKD IABBAOE. Take a fine large closely-grown cabbage, strip the outside leaves off, cat it across in rather thin pieces, and lay them on a dish, strewing *alt usually all over them Cover with a cloth, and let them remain so for twenty hours. Then drain the cabbage, and put it in a jar with allspice, whole pepper, and a little ginger sliced Pour cold white wine vinegar over it. and tie closely from the atmosphere ORAMRK MARtfALADK One pound of oranges, half a pound of - - - * ? ? rk a ? lemons, tbree qu&ru 01 water. uou aiowiy for two honra: eat all, taking out the seeds To eaeh pound of fruit take two pound* of loaf ?Bgar and one pint of the water in which the fruit was boiled While cutting the fruit into thin slices, ?our the water upon the sugar, and then boil all together for half an hour. IXDIAN PCDDIXQ. Take one pint ot milk, and one-quarter of a pound of Indian meal, and boil it smooth; then add one-quarter and half a quarter of a pound of butter, and one half a pound of sugar. When cool, beat in the yolks of six eggs ; beat the white* of the eggs to a froth, and add them last. Pat in spieo to your liking. Bake the mixture on shallow plate# HICK PCDDLKO. One pint of cooked rice, one pint of milk, one teaspoinful of salt, and the yolk of four ggs. Bake till dene; then add the whites ef four ejc?5**beaten to a froth, with fonr tablespoonfuls of sngar Bake again five minutes Serve with liquid sauce. MIST 9ACCB rOR ROAST LAMB Pick the leave* off the stalks, wash and dry tnem careiuuy; cnop tnem witn a atiarp Kmte very quickly, to preserve their green color, pat it into a boat, add sufficient vinegar to nake it liquid, and powdered sugar to take off the acidity of the vinegar. TOA9T WITHOrT BCTTKR Pat in a pan a pint of milk ; when it boils, V*.~ ?... ??kU -r a J: 1 J umc IWJ lauie-DjjwuiUia Ui uuur UUSBUlT^a IU a litMe cold milk, and pour in, and salt, let it seald, but not boil; and pour it over tbe bread. LKXOH DROP CHI. One pound of flour, half a pound of butter, half a pound of loaf ?ugar. the yolks of three eggs, the white of one eg?, and the grated rind of one lemon. Baked in portions yf the size of a large walnu.. TO MIKE *crri?8. One dozen of eggg. two pounds of flour, two and a half pound* of butter, one pint of molasses, one teagpoonful of soda, a handful or two of brown sugar, and a tea^noonful of rinvir: ? i D O ' beat all well together, and bake them. BRIDK, OR POrSD CAKK One pound ef flour, three-quarters of a pound of butter, three-quarters of a pound of lump agar, one pound and a half of currants, firo gg*. a quarter of a pound of lemon-peel, two ounces of sweet almonds, a teaspoonful of yeast, and a glass of brandr SCARLET US WOOLEN Fur two pounds of goods take two ounces of cochineal and two ounces of cream of tartar. Boil the d je fifteen minutes, then dip in the goods, and air until the oolor suits. Color in bras* or copp?r. A SIMPLE SPONGE CUE. Taka twelve eggs, two cups of powdered loaf ugar. the grated rind of a lemon, and half its juice. beat to a stiff froth; then add two cups of sifted flour. and bake in a quick oven twenty minutes. POCSD CAEE. One pound of flour, one pound of sugar, one pound of hotter, and eight eggs; beat it well, and bako three-auartera of an hrmr BLACKI5G FOB STOVKS. A good blacking for atovea may b? made with half a pound of black lead finely powdered, mix witn the whites of three egzs, to make it stick ; then dilute it with aomebeer till it hweomefe as thin as shoe blacking ; after stirring, sit it over the fire to dimmer for twenty minuted. When cold, it is fit for use. ?0 FRKVI**! MOULD IN BOOKS A few drops^f oil of lavender will save a library from mould. Sprinkle it about. rrfiticfaia. It is (aid ttiat vr>untf people of some of the Northern Mttea do tbcir courting; on akatea But there are qol'p enough slip* where courting la done in the old way The Northern eueuiire of (iei.eral McClelltn puraue him, wh le bl? rebel mmbIm ?m _ ___ ? ? - ? -- w twiy (ran fclat. The rebel* rarely r :*k a battle were they bavn't one tl Mt ttllnxda to run away on. Floyd Mnplilm that he ia ?njua'!y treated W?? aw disponed to reply In tLe lanfca8m?^?? the Rev Mr fpun?eon?? W hat' out of I.rH.'ind com pi arts f?? A KBterire In tLe Old Testament turn? out to bave been one of the moet remarkable prediction* of the age of prophecy?"Manaaaaa la ours " A XEW SKALD SONi> Krlc of eld, Tbe Viking bold, Swept o'er the aeaa all uaronlrolled, And w* tWa VflTi ? ?- . K lauw UifC won, And rale ike km-through Hue ?-?u ' I# Y Sunday Timet ITT The A MtkM play actor* are living la I clover la London We read of Boarclcault coinJag gold and living aumptnouMy In what waa Lair.ley ' villa in the melropoiia John liruu^bam oeeupioa "Ttte Kuo^ry" at Fultaam, Dlckeaa' termor raa denco Georg? Jordan la the pet of the Frlaee?a' Thea'er, and the otbera are all well mh! comfortable, with no idea of returning to tbla country. fry A blghlr rttpteuw* todr In Concord Is badiy afflicted with "kleptomania" a monomania for Mealing?and at her r?aldence were found 9BHQ worth of tewing M!k, dreqp patterns, kid glove*, shawls, lncoa, bdkfs, Ac., which ahe Lad purloined In shopping excursions during several 7 1 10 'JRJifcAflL'RY HOKM, m / In Lftrr* or Ss?ll Sams, SOOIK * CO . h *-8w / <*? atrtit. ?"* vo"'1 <m!K#N??e u?ea?T> ?i,W TKAB, OLD ?OVgSNMSNT JAVA CO* PKE. KXTKA SU6AR-CUBKD HAMS, And all other kiada of FANCY liROCKRlkS! w*. coSTwin^UBSY, fv jt Cvrti*^fTa2ki?Kj3rTaih iu> , gCBKNHK'S PULMONIC 91RUP | 9 ill tnSSf blood Nmfiib* I Th?a Pirua TTliMfeh through every blood T#aael.equa i*ing Tbe ciraalation, printing hemormag? eeparaticg the bile from the biood, making it healthy and the circulation natural Wltb the of the SEAWEED TONIC and MANDRAKE PILLS, the ayatem reaumoa ita healthy condition, the purulent matter, abeeeeeee and all ulceration* of the langa nut yield to tbeir tower. In almoet every aquare of Philadelphia there are per?ona who hare been oared.of Conauwtion in ita cerera! atagea by the aae of Dr. Schenot'e medioinea. Many peraoua hare been reatored to health by theae remediea after being confined to tbeir bedi, redueed to mere akeietona, and troubled with ooug\n, mgbt aveau, h actio :erer and all tbe otter indication* of an advanoed etage of tte diaeaae l.?* k. ... wemirfttwin With thi R AIR 1 fH m AT OM lunc^&a been fourd to bo in a tolerably healthy condition. It oannot be doubted that many lives have been saved by a timely -esort to thee* remedies. It is true that id ail oases where ouresare r flee ted the patient must have some lungs remaining; but thousand* ol VICTIMS OF CONSUMPTION have descended to their gravee who might have been cared lfthey had oome to Dr.Sohenok intinie, and placed thameelvee under hie direotions. It ie not denied that some who taie Sohenok's Pulmonic Simp die also. They oommenee too late. All that Dr. Schenek claims for his mediorneis their ability to recalate and iavigorate the whole system. to ripen th? abao?ase*, and facilitate the diaoharge of the morbid matter, to relax the muooua membrane of the bronchial tubes, and to dislodge from those tubes the touch phlef m or purulent matter which obatrocta them and prodioee aeriona die aoei of the organs of re?p . ration SCBENCK'S PULMONIC SIRUP will prolong fife sometimes aeverai months, by keeping the bronohial tuba fieefrom the putrid matter which impedes their functions, when the lungs are too far gone to our* There ia no medicine tfaat can oare Consumption when both lungs arediaeaaed, and Dr. fchenck would rather e?ery one woe la know their traeoonditiou before taking hie medicine. He treats no diaeaee but tiioseof the Lungs, Liver and Stomaoh- and makes no chargea for advice, or examining lunga in the ordinary war, or an phyaioiara general It do; but for a thorough examination with t ? Reaoirometar he ohargea three dollars, mid wishes every one. noh or poor, thai has a <'ouch. Pain in the Side, or Shoulder-blade, troabied with Costiveness or Diarrhoea, Sallow Complexion. Loss of Appetite, Low Spirits. Restlessness at Night, or any other diseaie leading to Consumption, to e?ll on hiin and get hit advice. DR. i. H. SCHKNCK will beat his ae*nta(S. B. Wane's,) oorner Louisiana avenue and 7th ate., on Wednesday, Fetruarj 2Sth. and Wednesday March 36tn, to see patients oomplauung with Couchs. Colds, Liver Complaint,lJTsp?psia,orany uiseaae leading to Consuniptioa. He gives advioe Without charge, unless they want a thorough anamination with his Kespiroraetor, then hia fee is tbree dollars. Price of Uie Pulmonic Sirup, 91 per bottle or 95 per half dogea. Price of the He* Weed Tomo.91 P*r bottle or 95 per half dosen. Prlaa of the Mandrake Pills, 35 oents per box. leas Wtdlm* A NAVAL MEDICAL BOARD. Board of Medio*! Otftoera will convene at the Naval Aayiam. Philadelphia, on Maroh 17, ldtB, for the examination nfCandidatea for admiaaion to the Medical Corpa of the Navr. Gentlemen desiring permission to appear before the Board .Mist make application to the Honorable Secretary of the Navy, stating their reaidenoe, place and date oflorth, aooompanied with respect able testimonials of moral character. Applicants mast not be leaa than twenty-one nor more than twenty aix yeara of age. No expense ia allowed by Sovernmant to Candidatea attending the aemaiona of tho Board, aa a auo vvooiui v??mi:iakivu ia a iT7gc?i pi oia^uiiuo 1UI npooiatmer.t iu the ftavy. mh 6 eo2w NOTlc HK Put 110 is respectfully informed that the anderaifp.eo bu commenced run nine a LINK OF STASE8 fromAflflg^# Peun. tfvenue to Meridian Hill. t??* atajeewlil leave Wiliarrta'Hotel every morning at 8 o'clock and Meridian Hill at half aaat 3 o'ol'k, and will run regularly to and from Meridian Hill every hour, thus affording a aheap and apeedy oon veyanoe to tue various otmpi in the neighborhood. The cnd?re>2nfd hopes ro recede a liberal tupport, an he is determined to affora his patrons every facility in his power. Fare 10 cent* eaoh way. 6KO. M. M1Ll.ES. felt-eolm* Proarietor. ZBOTELER & WILSON. #7\ IRON HALL, PL No. 31* P*T?r<. Avnvvt, l^l Between 9th and 10th Street*. / 1 I We oordia'ly invite the at'eationof &'i who oontercpiate furiushinc to oar handsope and wall assorted stock ot CABINET Fl'IrolTURE. em hraoing every style ana quality, from the finest P?rlor Suit down to the cheapest Bureau,Bedstead and Chair, and at prices whieh defy competition. n . wa ilk m. /-> .) a nil n/\nmtiA* ammaIwa* * ? --<*4 ViTw ? v vox ?uu WUVIUUV TVUIBOlVVIi ID id * OUOl | KON-CLAU8TEAM KK 8 Nm DtriiTiiiiiTi w ABHINCTOK, Vtbru^ry ?, 1861 The Navy Department will, until the M'h ol March n?xt, receive propositions for the complete construction and eeuipmett of iron o'md vessels for river, harbor ana coast defence. These vessels, with the exception of those for the Mississippi river an<l its tributaries, will be pro pe ed by screws; those for the Mississippi river and tri; ntarie? may be propelled by paddle wheeia. rne hulls will be either wholly of iron (which would be preferred) or of jron ana wood oombined. aa the projectors inay consider moat suitable for the object proposed, but their aidea and daoka must he protect^: with an iron armatuieauAoieut to resist the heaviest shot and sheila. Tim vessel i tor the Mississippi river and ltatri bu'ariea are cot to draw more ttiac six feet water wuen fa! r eqmppeu and armed,at which draft th"* are to be ai>(a to ihat&tain a permanent speed of mho knots p?<- hour in still vater. and oarry sufficient ooal 11 the r.unkefs for six dars steaming at wiat apeed. Their armament will oonaist of not less thai: six eleven inch icuns The vessel for harbor defence are not to draw more that twel?e feet water when fully equipped ar.darm#u,at which draft they are to be able to maintain a permanent speed of ten knots per hour in smoott- water.and carrv ?u(SBi?nt nml in ik< bunkera for a^ven daya steaming at that ape?d. Tr.etr armament Will contiat of cot leaa than from two to four eleven inoh tuns. The veeselafor ooatt defence* are not to draw more than twenty feet water when fully equipped and armed, at whioa <*raft they are to be able to maintain a permanent apeed of.fifteen kcota per honr at aea, and oarry aumoient ooal in the bonkers for twelve days steaming at that apeed. Their armament will oonaist of one or two fifteen or twenty inch enna. Trie guns of ths vessels for h&rbor a^d ooaat defence are to train to ail poicta of theoompaaa without chance in vessel's position. Tae propositions inuat itatethe camber of veaaela, aubject to the e.eotion of the Department, vhink tKll nI.H* Bfftsraaa k 1~ .... rw../ r?^r 'Ttrm miuitll UUmpiOM ID every respect, embracing armour, plating, steam machinery and equipments of all kinds, ready for service, ?xoepting or. y tbe ordnance and orJnanoe tore* and provisions: the propoution muit be to oompm. ed by descriptions.sp?oifioaUons,drawings and models of auoh character that the vork oou.d be execute.: from them. The p.ace of delivery must be stated; the time within whion the vesaal or vesaeli are to beoom pleted. and the total sum to be paid for each. It will bo stipulated m th? contract that one-hf'h the tota: ainonnt will be retained by the Government until sixty davs after the reoeptiou of the vessel, in order to give it a trial, the remaining payments being made with due regard to the proper performance an<l progress of tbe work; theoontraot will also en?r?raoe forfeiture for failure to perform tne oonditions specified. The bids most be aooorapimed by the guarantee resuired by law, that if a oontract la awarded, it will be promptly exeouted; and the names of the parties who are to be?nm? th? uraiiM i? ?? - _ ? ... - wHi W??va M/ UIV amount of the f&oe of lite oontract will aleo be etated. J he Department will ooneider any otner propoaitiona that may be preaented in whioh the draft of water iho*? named is not exceeded. 1 n* Department will be at liberty to accept or reject any or all the propoairona feg iaw4w T>HK MO0I GRATIFYING 1NPORMA tion that we ean live to oar readera who are aufferinf from ColUa, la the fact that PKA RSON't* > MtDlG A'l KD TAR DROPO are really a good remedy. .Many of oar fnenda have tried them with aaooeaa for Coughe. Sore Throat, Hoaraeneea and Aathina. These oouieotioaa a'ao give reiiet to Cone uinptivne S.ngera and Pablio tfeeakera who are troubled with Throat Diaeaaea find re'ief by uatDt Pearson's Medicated TarDropa, whloh olear the throat ol husky and tickling aeraationa, produced by too mad. exertion of the vooal organs, and give strength, tone and feloness to the voioe. Rrepared and aold by GEO. PEARSON, No. 6 orth Liberty at., Baltimore. Sold also at 491 Kight street. W aslwngton; No. 4 Fairfax atreut Alexandria; A. II. Bant, Fredehok; and by the prinoipal druiaists and oonf?ntinn?r. ?? ki ?? per fe 24 lm 1H. O. llOOU 8 Constantly receiving,and has always on hand, a fo'l tupp y of all the muit oelebrated *v W A r<:H KM thai are manufactured in England, Switierland and Amerioa, both in SolddBff and Silver oases. He alao keeps a atge stoog of htne J KWKIjK V of the moat aenrable atylee set with l?iarn<>nds. Emeralds, Rubies and ail other Oems. Iif> ta alao manufacturing ?11 kinds of 8olid Sta- dard Silver Ware, and keeps Swords, Revolvers, Sword Belts and Sasnes, Bowie Knives, Razors, Soisaors, Gold. Silver and Steel Speotaoiea, and a great variety of other things usually kept ib a J ewe rr Store, and a>l at the very lowest pnoe. No. 339 ha. avenue, between 9th and lath streets. fe Ift-tif O jnt ?r?! Oriten I THE OVERLAN jj) MVS'?ER EXPRESS 6Uil oontiiiuo to raoeiva dai j thoaefamoaa planted PAl'LXEW RIVER OYSTERS. Reataaranta and private fwiuliMfl| #_J would do well to m!I and try thou. wlllf Tboae oyatera are aoid S? hour* after th?r oom* from the vatar. 117" OCge No. 41 Market 8>aee, below tha Avt-fie Honaa. <a?-?aa rj BALMORAL BOOTS. gmT?r %-^j| s A[.o.'aJ othn ctylM of LftdtM Md Hiwi? erisx"*""- '^sgjaKr*"' ?*-. ....... w???? w ??W W. NkWSUPP^^O^ENKDTO-UA.Y Whit* M?rMillM Quiiu, ftli iiin, with B fall atook of Orr Goods for th* f mctbI ud apMiBi wbbU of puniiiM. Ontprioe only. th? BotuBl ouh vBlae, mirkad 1b lltin Eju m fKKft i k. vno.. rah 16 o . Pasa. ITMM tod >U? ilml OHME VERY MCE ROSEWOOD CHICK artng Pibbo Bed oce G?iD for sb1? T?rr^Mk OhBBp, OQ BOOOffllDOdBttri( t?MHI Alao.EflBMI i?rc?ABaort(n?Dt of bteinway <k Sou' U4HI11I Bacon * Co.'a PiBnok, at tM Muaio Siort ?f W. g. METZKROT1 mh 10 intT U Uf?LMWI?f* - ?? ??p?i?1 n Dt josritoh. i DiftTIB?KI lock HoiriTAi, Hma MMtmtrU tkt mtt Cartmm, S?**df amd trnJf Jifmtmml Rtmidf m tkt WtrUL, . i FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRVDKIfOB. AIT NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY 1MMEDIA1ELY. A 9 WRE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAA9E, IN PROM ONE TO TWO DATE. VMbwW Ik* luk, ItiMtiHi, AfHttautf U? EM Tt tad BUM?> Dimuifn, Idmmm?, Mil DakUity, ? ' Bfffj, k*mm, CaaftatM af Idaaa, U* tpinu, rilpiuuau af Ul Klin, TlaiditT, TtvaWiuf , Dimaaaa af Bl(il * iddluaaa, Outui af tM (til, Tbraai, Mm* m Ikin, UmUmi af the Lun, ll? Mt ar lawai??tbaaa Tarrtkla Diaaadara amingitaa BattMltj Itklu af Tavtft?Oaaa Draadtal aod Daatnatlva PwaUtN which raadar uriifi Impaaaikla, and tanm fcatk SadT tad Mtad. TOONS MEN aa?*Uil7 wka kaaa ha?ana tka TleUm af Mun TIM. Ital dtaadfil and daatncUva habta wbiak aooaaUj rvaapa la aa ntliBaly ftmra tbaaaandi af Ytmrg Maa af tka aaal aiakad taianu and brilliant intallaat, wka migkt atkarviaa kava muanead Uauotng Banataa witk tka tkandaia af al? aaaoaa ar wakad la atauaj tka Urine lyr*, Mil wtlk fell aaaldaaaa. MARRIAHR Hrnil* PUIIII, n Tm&( Mu MaUaaplatlaf Hu> rU* , h?lnf inn ?f abjaical *?4iiw, iifult daMUif, 4Ifttrc u >, kx., iMtdllr airacL wha tlttn himitlf intir tkt wit ?f Br. J. air rtllfV It Mold* Id Kla hnn aa a faatltaaa u< msMmUV uly a^M hu (kill aa a phyalaiaa. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. iltl hand lid* rataf ftam Balumata Knit a f? w daan IrM Iki wnn. rati aat la rt?m mm aa* aiaktr, kftttn mi ki paid aad aactaia a (lamp. DR. JOHNSTON, NmUii af tha Im! CaiUf af hrfHii, WaaOaa, rradaII* fraia an* af th* mart eminent Calltfta In ih* Vnlttd tataa, and tha ri*aur part af whaaa lift ha* h**n *p*ol la ,th* haoitala af Wadan, Pari*, Philadelphia ana aUevktr*, hi mmmttimd a*ram a# tka maal >K>nlaKm# ?aaa. ik.i . ? ? ? -? - a ?..MH?m Ulkt WWW ) a*ar knavn; au; traablad with nnfing ia tka kaad u4 un whan ulitp; rraat narraaanaaa, tliu alarm*' at addao null, baahfalnaaa villi fit jUnl blaahtnf, attandad laauraat with d?rao(? let af atad, watt ?ar?d laaa* dUlalj, TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taaaf Man and athari ?ha hara ln)ar?d tkamaalvaa k; a Hruii pracuca Indalf ad in whaa alaoa?a haku fraqaantl* launad fraiB art] aarapaniaoa. ar at bebaal, lb* alatti M vkicb ara nightly fait aran vaaa aalaap, and if nat earad. randara marnaft tmpaaaibla, and daauaya balk Bind aad bad?, abaald apply iroraadiataly. Taaaa ara hoi af ika aad aad raalanahaly afaau aradaaad kr aarly habita af yaath, via: Waaknaaa af tba lack and trimba, Pair.a in tha H tad, Dimaaaa af tight, I>m af Mncaor ?i ta? isjwywjmj, n?rTvu irnui" killtr, D*ruif*m*nt af th* Lhfeau?e fmiuiui, Band hfuty, yinptame af Caaeamptian, 4*. MlKTALLT.?Th* f**rfal effect* an th* mind ua aaah la h* ditadad-Laai af Meroary, Caafialaa af Ideae, DairaiaiM f ptrita, Kril rarehadfafa, Aurasag ( tacitly, I a If-Die uut, Um *f IcUtada, fluidity, * .*., art Mm* *f ih* aril* |WM>*1 NUTdli DIBILITT?Ykaaaaade aaa aaw)adf* vkatla Ih* ** * af their declining health, laainf thatr rigar, bttamweak, pal*, o*r>*aa and emaciated, having a ainfalat afp*arut* akait th* iju, *H|k w ijmptaai a( H*aMp> DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Vhta the n'.egaided and impradent ralary af ple'aaare tat* ha kaa inahikec tk* a**d* af th'e pamfal dieeaae, 11 ta* aft*a happene that an Ul-tira?d *n** efebam* *r draad af diet** try datara him fram applying ta tbaee wha, fram adaeauaa aad reepectahiUty, tan alaua kafnead him * fa'le Int* tk* haade*fignarantand deaigning pretendere, wtae, incapable af liiuf, tlfth hi* pacaalary eaattknc*, heap him tnltag ataoib after maoth, ar a* laaf aa in* imalUat f*( can k* ehtatn*d, and IB daapair laara him with raina J health ta eirh ever at* falling dieappatntin*ni;.*r by toe aee af thai deadly paieao ? Mereary?haaten th* (aaatitabaaal ernptama af th(e terrible dteeae*, each aa Af ectiana af the *&tt, Threat, lead,' kin, *e., pragreaeing with frlghtfai rapidity, nil death pita * aerlad ta ale dreadfe, eafericge hy eroding hint a thai ? dleaarered eeatur fran vhaa* haarn* u* traveler retarme. UK. JOHNSON'S MMjULBT *VR OROANI9 WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY If tkla (Mat u4laMrlul rtaady fiUuunfttl at*ui in apatdDy aarad ana f?U *lf?r mUMl. ktuudidUi mi atrratt aad dakllitaud, fkt aad Imi all kapt, kati ktaa laatdlatt'y ralltrtd. All lapadlaaau ta Marrlafa.Pbyildal M Miaul taaaaltlaatiaai, haaa af Pnamllfi h?ii, IttrMi IrrltaailliT. TrtaHio* aad Witkatu at Iuiiuim a( ua bmi faarral ttad tptaally aarad. ENDORSEMENT OF 11IE P&ESB. TBI Mawt YBaws**?? carad at thU taatftatlaa arllkla tka lajt itTtntatn raui, aad tka naaarau tapartaat atrtaal paratiaaapaTfarraad ky Dr. Jaknatan, wttnaaaad ky tka ia**nan af tk? papara aad au; atkar iiimi, nMaii af vklak kart appaartd af aia aad agata kafara tka pakliat kaa'.dia kit itaadlaf aa a pititaia af tka rat l< i aad ra?aaatklllty, la a aajtlaat yaaraaiaa ta tka aBlaiad. ? l?-ly &K4 ft PKRR INI* oauuum Worcestershire Haace. rro??SB?9d by E K*TRACT OHMOISSKVRS H of ? Letter from ? t* b* the k] timtiltmrnm oMfcY eooD ^K% " 7~ ^Ka r? Au Brttktr AVCK." H?g9j| at Worcester. jESSl nn WIS;. k w s.m v that their Smut* tvb*Y hifhly esteemed aaSujlin India, and n. in vAftlKVY ImT opinion, the most MvUpiitible, u well u UK ill ah KuJncne most wholeeoroe U,DH ^p?ps??? ttuUra made." The above BAUCE u not only the hit and meet Hnui lAinilim knmn Kiilth*inn>t Ernm ?_ mml, aa a few drope in Soup, tira^y, or with *KjA, ctand oold Joints, Buf Sttmk, &*wu, #?.. impart . enuiaite *e*t, which unprxneipltd Sauoa manaffcoturera have in vain endeavored to muwi. On the Br?kfmst, Lmuk*om, Dinnir, or Sofm Tmblt, a oruet containing " LEA X PERRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ? mdiipenaable. To appreciate the txctllmt tMiiiiu of thia <Uliitcm preparation it is only neoeasary to purohaa* a am all bottle of the iimmm, of a reapeotable grooer or dea er, as many Hottl and Rutavra%t proprietor* aeldotn plaoe the i'urt Sauce before their guests, but substitute* genuine Bottlt filled witk ft rrirxous mil true. For Mle br Grocers ftnd Frmterera every where. JOHN DUNCAN Jt SONS, Vnion Stuart mnd Htk rtrttt, Nrw York, Sole Wholesale Agents for the UnUed State*.

A Stock ftlwftya in store.?Aleo orders received lor direct shipments from England. IC7" Brw*rt tf Cow%urftitt **4 sop?-ly.eo AN SOME1HIN# iffcw ! ? V\Uw^lt>lS>' D;?t:ov2*y tm3? I At 891 C ttrtti, ?j?MUS? <4? T**?>?r. OYSTKF.3 8A KAMfcD III tii* Bfcell un T! aroufhiy Cooked (far tifarier U * rout) in iwf tit /tutui ttmttu iMiri Call ana aee. Wh? aaderaigned reapcotfally informs hiafrieada la tad Dutriet, aud Tieitora to tho city, that he Km refitted hie o:.n and wxi.l-knowm iiTUUinmn in a moit thorough manner. and haa made oomjlete arranfeinenta to furnian (iVH'rRUH m *? etyie and in any * uantlty. 400 to ?c caliona shocked jer da jr. 1,000 to |,ooo cax* of 9>io?d and Froah daily?owe hermetically FuraiehM in theahe,rby t)ie buahel or barrel, #^*1 w,nt?r? M Baltimore aricea, without fear of failure, should call and nut arrangements at onoa, Freight, timeT aadmoney saved by turehasmr of mm. mm\ f.r?V.iTSS mJSiLii SpriAHjUtlM iow^1 b^tin,OT* |M,i4frrS7l*^n?n^ tMBiwnauu nMa.MriWOUble pries*. Hotel* and families supplied with Oritera, delivered without charje to any Hrt of the Diatnet, in UHoa.ij the money la seat with the order. Sr establishments open from ft a. m. to 11 at t, every day, exoept Sunday, when 1 oloee at 10 o'olook a. m. la? tf t. M. HARVEY. TRISSSBMAR. Protnttd by Koyal Lttitrt Pattnt of England, and ucurtd bf tk? Stalt of ikt Utol* d* Pkar ucu dt Pans, and >4? Importal CalUgt */ Mtdietnt, Fmsm. TRIEBEMAJI No. k la the effeotnal remedy tor Kblaxayion, Hpu MAToamcBa and kirttiros 01 rat Ststul. TRIKSKMAR No. 2. swtsws:%si{ I" ttTi,reat Md stlr^ren/^fofthe'oinlised world Meroury.ju waU M oth?F dniatorioiia \nI?J2?tS. ?d whiohalFthe SarwwcriJla in the world^lannal ramowe Tkikiuar Not. 1?2 aaAgtSitii?25i oid of tMt?or nMli.kod of all nauseatinc an&h Sft. StfWKtt toSaiH A }-JSSSMu wid wf yivm lUOir U* Mill ?J peeted. Sold in tra MM ftt JS eaoh, or fonr |) omm la one for R9, *:ul in ?? ouoa.tbni ?mog |t,u .adraiiuttered by V?f#e??. L*ll?uuid, Roox, 4o.t *o. WiioUulo and rauifbr DR. H. A. BARROW. 194 Bleecker street, U door* from M? Do??*l York. Imnodiateijon foeiif of. remittanoe, Dr. Buiow will forward TrlMomftr to nny eart of the world, Momrely Mtktd And addressed aeoording to Um lutrnottons of iht writer. WMbimtpE. P. C. dell-am black ^ . ?VW) ??BW? DO*. TkJJJ Stesgggs^ssi tosSHaegii w f jl?OmXAV#XO TAKIUll, L'flS:) .na?f r in. \ M??UW, MM pi - iba/'?.js :lm b*cs?*. ' . rf?' * SUTLERS, GROCERS, iR? OTHERS WILftlAH TVCU11 OBBAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, JfMfeff bttn jr*rck*i?d / Bankrupt Mtrckanti mmd Hhtrt. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquors, Wines, Cigars, 4c FOR FAMILIES, FOR BUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAB, FINK. U NION CIGARS." C RACKKRB, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AlSINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! Extra Brown Bagar........... 9 eeota per poaad UTIiUaQnM. ?? - ?? ? iUe ccnw pw puuna Fine Green Tea 50 centa per poand Fair Black Tea..... SO cento per pound Extra Coffee SO cento per poand Good Coffee 18 cento per poand Wax Candlee 35 cents per pound Malag? Raisins ..15 cents per pound r*. l a _ ? * i/ounao. ? an(* Imported Cigar* . 0 Havana Cigar* ^ P61 Almond* 1 ent? per pound Salt Good Butter .....I* >t ?*efponn4 Extra Butter 30 cent per pound Pine WUmr ?? uioBcy o 23 VO AU other kind* ol LIQUOR ?. Call and tee tor yo TUCKER'S, 325 PfnntylTMta Aveaoe WILLIAM TUCKER* CHEAP GROCERY WAEKMOUftB, 88# PENNSYLVANIA ATBNUE, 88* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having btm pm i>a?d V Bmmkrmpt Mtrckanti ami mktti, Stuart's Refined Sugar* from to U eta per pound Extra Fide Green Tea 73 " " Good Green Tea 90 " " Extra Fine Black Tea.....73 " " Good Black Tea SO " ? Old Jin CaffiM "* ? " Good Coffee 16 " " Every thing rite In proportion. REMEHBEB, VVCKKK'8, ? PENNSYLVANIA AVEMVE VVOKEE'S, M? PENNSYLVANIA AVEMVE WullMtll. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS. AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TUCKER' CHEAP WHOLESALE AND KETA1L GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 39* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 39# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. QROOERIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, tin pmrtkttid of Smnkrmpl Mmtkamtt mud otktri. V T U C K E R|> 8 TUCKER'S W>n^IIUl AMD 1 IT AIX. Grooeritt, Liquor*, Clears, Winet.fto FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS. FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCH UPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AISIN8, MALAGA. _ * EE AD OUR FRICE8 MEAD OUR F E I C E 81 WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, t9* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Mf PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUB. QOODWIIT8 TOBACCO. II H aiTM'B VAMTimn mat/uin GROCERIES AT HALF TU USUAL MUCKS, Khmi tirt rwruaud of Bmtknmt Mmtkamta mmd ttksra. MSMSMBMM, TUCKER'S, IM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S, 3N PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUB DENTIST BY# rUL J. H. PEA BODY, .t U. zsjzztetizeusw n'0 n ,ooa 09* pcfifcoe Wo. a/SlKSn?TlT*iu? sveeie,^^^^ Eetpaea 11th and 12th atreeta. two floor a MM of the Kftwood Hoaae, la mm baitdim with Or. Don aldeon. rah I la*J14 51; .nf-sss tskssl'ji ms ??? ? mbnot wear olhara, ud bo paraon ou wear otkm who ****** vnr tua*. Pereona oalling at mj oBoe oats be aooommoaaM with any ?tyle and prioe of Teeth they may deaire; bat to those who are particular and With the pureet, eieaoeet, atrocreet, and moat perfect den tare thai ttt ean erodaea, the MINERAL PLATE will be artrally warranted. jLooma ia thia city?No. M9 Pa.ajrecae, betweea ] niMNiiuiH. aibq, ?wt jtrofc street. Phi *3*1 yki*. m?r ?-l j ,*> Oft. CHARLKS R. OTKLtK, * tiiT^rr MO. 3S6 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Bbtwbki 9th ajis 19th Sti. l?4-eeton J^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHSOFLASTI BOIfM o ii ( n, WlTKOTT Mnu Plat* ok Clears. DR. ft. B 8UJK8MOND, 111 Brtmdway, Stmt Yorh?i160 it a^M, ttlww 12l& Mrf 1X4 in , Wm/ktmtlo*, the attention of Uie public to the loilovuif nnttcN of hia improved aretem : o 1. The Teeth of bia manufacture wi. m/Jmjf never oorode nor ehance etelor by any*""** Midi, being three-fourth a lijbter than ar.y o: re*. t. No teeth or roots need be extracted, aa the artiieial one* can be inaerted over them. i. The roots will be made inoffensive, an never ^ asks ?. No temporary teeth ?r*> seeded, & permanent enea oan be made immediately, thereby preaerrini the natural expreaaion of the feoe. which under the old ayatern ia frequently 4. Thia work haa been fc .y tested over five yeara by many of the firet ohemiata ud phyaioiaaa of thia MUtn. Dr. S. haa alao Invented a white undeatructive metal ftllinct with which the moat aenaitive teeth p be filled withoet pain, end oan t>uild up a per feet, aouDd tooth on any aide roou, which will laat throuf h lifetime. The beet of refereccee riven?ta Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Doremna, Profoator orCtiemiatry, N. V.; Hon. Jedfo Wayne, of the Supreme Court of WaaLington. and thouaanda of othera Call and examine for yonraelf. not tm OAS FITTING, &<% Awm v. dove * co. EE Now prepared to exeoau any erdera with wiuan moj mtf re ia*orea it tee fMMftfifil. ?A8 OR 8TKAM PIW*ill? D wo* X^l fc?.23* Stora ?e Hk rtrtet, a ?ew do9r? nt-m ?f Pa. WD. IA'8 FIIIIREg, EJSMK.1Vtor?> *r-! ?J3 (it: y rec?TlBj, *11 W1ATVHMSof ontireiy New Patter u? aua Deairna and Finiah. eajanor ir. mi? to aaythinf nereioiVa fwil in true market. W# invito cifcieiui renera It to aail and examine oar atock of tiaa and Water PMC ?rea. foelinf confident that we hate lha t?*t Mieewa atooc in vvaatuatton. All Work m tfceat<ove Tine atr??iaa tc ear Mr* will M pronf\d i attended te. MYfiKB * MMIIAN. mnr Itf ItCDatrMt (hSTABLIJHVB IK 1 339.) Bet leave to tnforin the pjb'io that the* have extended their Kxpreaa to W and are now rapared to Tranaport MeghanJiae, liark Note*. Specie, Jewelry, ie.,to all parta of the MiHAU, Srt0 Em I and and Wtttirn ?! (?.< an<l Camada. Connecting with the most re?o< ."#.i> e kxpreneea throughout the oonntrj, w? are enabled to oner Mfw/lid /?eilitus to all who may favor with their patronage. For terroaand further mforma non appu v> k. n >mith , Agent. Third at.. *d door below Ha. avenae, Waehingtoa. P C. p E C I D E D BARGAINS. Linen Good*, a tail aaaortment all kinds of tbe beat o.aca. Embroideries and Pocket Handkerchtefa, reoent supplies in all f radea, Fine an" medium White Flainels, Plain Wbi?e and Plaid Cambnoa and Muatiua. All of theabovea' onf proverbial.? low price, marked in plain ficurea, the actual caab standard alee. An lnapeotion of stock imeliM ro ot>. nation to ?nroh*M. PERRY A hR<?.. mh 7 6t P?nn. tTftw and 9tl< ?t. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY ANli NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dxalixs in SWORDS, SASHES, BELTS. EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS. GAUNTLETS, GLOVLS.&t. AX'i every variety of KBADY MADE CLOTHING. At Rbasonabl* Pbicm. WALL, STEPHENS* CO.. 3'Jd Psiiiieylvania avenue, between ja 11 tlntei. A Kc?jh.| ?t.'i and lt?tb ?u. rjpo MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS, BATCHSLOR'S GENUlNr. HAIR ?TM. Thn ItMt In Ik* I TU Omh tuiuilimmd HmrmUit Hmiw Dyt 1[mm. Bold bv all DrnggKta; ?.?, at rxzxa*o;?'e Patent Medfome Bture. tp. Patent OEoa, cor. P &. *Ui, and at Cilii'a nair Store, *49 Penn'a arena:, whera Ladies can ha?a it n*p':ed, if?le*:red. Paetarj?81 Barolaf at. (-ate -fe Lroauwaj) N. Y. oo kit G watch f.s, OLD AND 91LV ; 11? KN6LISH, 8W1B8 AND AMKKICAN. 1 have now on band a large ?tooJi / all the meat oelebrated Watciiea, Ut' 1 am at the very lOVAAt BriAM ro<).i a.nil MliahlA f:mn kammmrm oan be afforded at; and ever; description o^fine JEWELRY on hand; a!! new styles received ai soon as manufactured, and offered at the lowest rates. Silver ware mamifaatured in mr own ahoa. All kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand, such ri Revolvers, Swords. hashes. Baits, Bowie nives. Pocket Conquers, Ac.. Ac, Aiso strong Arm; Trunks and Bed Combined: a?* nan; other things useful and omamenta: at J J* Pen:. M .vacia avena* ii. v hood. Dm R. dupont's sug a r-coated feMALE regulating pills Read the following unsolioued enoomi * "I cannot oommend them too hith'y." "They are the beet female Pills extant." "I have ueed them with oompiMe auoeeea." "Would aot be withoat then* jp ..any oooaider**??<???. ~di j an<l effectively." Pnoe 91. Sient by np. Sold by 9. O. UPHAM, 403 Cfceanul etreet. Philadelphia, ar. 1 in Wa?hlactoi by 8.0. FORI), oorner lltn at eat and Pa. avaane.; la Alexandria, by 11 K.NKi CO< K * CO.. Ormiiata. aoat-ooly ? / BU?B' UUU'I'HIMi. IT E Have reoeired within ti*^ai>t d?T or two a Urea assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHlNG. enbraoiqc all >tT lea of low-prtoed, mod mm, and fine tualSiea, which we are seihng at very low prioea for oath. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO . yj j Pa. av , between ath and lotb iu. lit lou>* A Bee.I DR. GODFREY'S ANTlfoOTK WILL CURE GONORKH(EA in six dan No okanxe of diet required. It ia an En*ash Spec.ho of sixtt-hvs years statu ininflL and will not haria the moit deuoate btation. It ooutama n* mineral.*, Prioe jjl. jiold^y S. C. UPHA.YL403 IbMnatjrtreet, 1 WlilllBi n 1U TTSBiIlll{TOQ DT >*1 U. ruftllf oorner 11th street and Pa. a*e ; id Alexandria, by HKNKV COOK A CO.. l>rmtits. bo ? eoly A ISAAC HKKZBKKtt, /(v AWA The Only L.ioense<l PAWNBROKER. 9 4 10,000 too* loaned on Gold ar.d Silver VN ate ies. Jewelry, Gam and Pistols. Silver Ware, ai.u Wear in i Ay pare?at the old stand. No. 3 il C street, back of the Nationa: Hotel, between Of and Mo ate. de U-?m* CPRIN6 CAS91MEREL;. A'.so, medum and i5 fine Cloths acd Veatings. Navy lilue Cloths, Flannels, and Casslroeres. Cravats. Neck Ties, ttioves, Half Hon, l'mbrellas, Pocket Haudkerohieis, Underskirts, Drawers Ac. vbi tivi tuui u ?uu i j? u w. loapuUUVfiU I0QG wv supplies daily. On* ?noe only, the aotual Mik standard valve, marked in plain fi jures. An inspection 01 stook monrs no obligation to purSkSST ? I'EKKY A HKO-. mil 3-tr PffnB. aT^nae *.nd N.uth ?t. UTA*r BOOKS! At the National Bookstore, No. ?78 l'eaaaylva' P*arenas,all the New Military J^ooke are to to IVfUUM ?wu M IHNH irUIU UM riMI. Call and examine oar atock. juvsjixssssl. NEWft?BURNSIDE'8 EXPE aswnsre ""TOTT" QOU9HB. COLl)^yH0AJL8ENEfSrt. *?. COMPOUND SYRUP *OF 9VM ARABIC. Sua llWMt and popular Couth Kuntdj haa ?r.issss1 ?ssrJS2sH.,ta.,k,'n-''1 ???1? e< TRAVKLLKB8' DIRECTORY. PAttUOXE TRAINS Om mmd Aflm MONDAY, Mmr? V 1ML Pamowii mm* invtii WMHIMTON AND BALTIWlORB Will rMM lb'. OVI : Si* Dmih JVitw ? ?U Own IT?Mhft? mh> to iw i4? wtk. mmd hn ? Iw <?m. For PklMtiMM Md Ncv Yof*-L?w Wia> in*ton at MO 4 k, U.M a n,ud IA r . For Baltimore? L?a*? Waatinctoa at tMud j a . aod s.k> and ? no p h. ror Ai.capp.ia M 7.? a M. Mid ?.<* P a. For nUMM^hia ui.?ra. For Hunabarg ud tit* Nortft lad Wm, |<?t* H'Mbirgton M 6 (? a m. and 4 a? or S.m p M i- or r reooriok at l.?e a m, and s.?a p a. ? . TRAINS MOrifW NORTH. MffrtT^pr?. V\ aaM??w>? A i now m uiuvn ?jf . rr.watia.?:..a UJt> p. a New York ? P. Barnabarj l.ll p. M. Morning Aoootrmodation f?*v? W Mtucjlot ? a.m. Arrive at Ba o>> * u No tct-w tioci at Ba'Umoro. Tim ia Um Mornrng oonneaiot I for Am.Ap?-.ia. New York Man Tmin-leave WaakiMt?. at It a. arrive at Baltimore \l.? p. rLi ada ?L:a LV r. New York lo p u. Philade >hia Train loa.ra WaahinftAa atS?*> m. roaohin* Baltimore at 4 S? p *, and Phi adeiphia at 10 p mAftarcoon AeooTsmodation-leave WukiLiU i m?rx,arriT? ac ua:tiatore ?t (ph. No connexions it Baltimore. This u tne afternoonconnexion for Annapous. Evenmj Expreee? :o?vo W aa' icf ton I p. m Arrive ?t Ha. timore i.?S p. Pb: Meipfaia AJ p. h.; New York 4 a. k~ Harrlsbarf 1 m. On Sun<iaj? eave Waahi-.ttot at S.'? tu! 1 p. v. St..m. train from Washington ?or.secti U?^ouiU to Nov York every daj dannc the weoi. TRAINS MOTJSH SOWTH. Leave New York M 7 a. * P: ade'.phia IIM a. ha Unoiti <* p. m. Arrive it Waakir^U l __ _ _ . mnn** I ore M P. rtliM*(?kl? IP P. m? 4JI a. k. Arrtnu WMfctncton ?.? a. h. Leave New York at 1? p. hhi.AdelptiA jn a. B?Jtlaicr?7Jfi a.m. Arrive ?t WAAjuuitau ms a. k. lrfxmu AooomroodAtiot initi b*:t!ner? it i l. And 4 si p. m . for WMtinctoB. trrlve ui^r* at (1 and ittr.i. On SuDfiAT* At 43' AI:<' T3b A *. ODiT from |.|t ; more. No Annapolis or Frederick co&cettoM ol bbdoafb. paesecrer tr*:m lattinf wmh:ryrtcn ?t7*v a. m. And 4 w P. v., And M Alt. more At? At a. m at : < % P.m. rnftke direct n?nr< notioni for a l. :iApr- i At tlie Jn notion. The7 4<> am, And S* r m o<?nn*otAt R?)at (or Frederick, HAier?u>wc, Ac., to., except BUrdATi. ttaili leave Antiapom for Baltimore tad wuiinjtod tt fcjfa. m. and s40 p. m _ . iiMiaiwiDi ? ?iIi'r|W)B It S.'W I, M.,11 a. M.. ar d ? r. m.. and us timore at ?.? ar.? 7.S&A. M, Will ftor<ml\<U An+nptHit Way Pa?aeu< era must tike tha Actomm*dat%? T>at%$ only. Traira Will Waahmjtoc and Ha tir?K?i? momrtly w>m tmrd trmt, except : t that the 4 3f a *t,7 55 a M, and 4 "ftp m trat:.? will wan * mu utea if neoeaaarr. to aocure the paaaeugora and Ma from 'he Kaat. For Sick atd Woundad goluwra?A asocial car. with an attendant. with hoda, win leave \\ aatunf ton twioe 4 fit for Phi!ade.phia J i root at II a u, for tha aooommodaUuu of lirk and wounCad aoMwi. W. P. ft 4 Maater of trnMr ' tatioa, Hat. IMtlj TH t [1*?J Pennsylvania Central Railroad, 8M? (with ita eonneotiona) I? A FIRST CLASH ROITE , to all the western cities speed, safety and comfort stone ballasted and free i-Aom dl>t: baggage checked through from baltimore : (Illl M I T THIN! FFOM PHILADELPHIA TO PlTTftMl R?HI Two of thom m&inni CLOfB CONillCTIom AT liMIHITM with tmni on tba northern central rail road, Mtd forming TUb GREAT CENTRAL ROUTh now WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all poiota in the Win, Noitb-v?t as? Soiti wiit. ITT' For Through Ttckeu, applf at the OAo* ' the Northern Central Kail Road Coiu pany, Calvert Station, Baltimone. Splendid Sletmng Cam on all N\gkt Tratm Smoiing Szioon Cart on all Tratiu. FRO,* WASHINGTON. Paaaenc era vili take the 6 a. m. ud 5 p. m. trama. arrmnc BaiAmore at 7Jn a. m. and b 44 p re., where eio^e oonnect;cna are maie with train* on tae Normeri. Central R. K.,and arrive in Harnr burp at I p. in. and 1.46 a m , there ooaaeotint witn tut traioa on the Pennsylvania Centra Railroad for all parte of the weaL. FREIGHT?. By thia root*, freighta of all deeor>ptione can :<e forr-'.-ed to and from any point on Uie Rairuada of Ohio. Kettaok;, Indiana. liiiao.a, Wiaoonam, Iowa, or Miaaouri. by Ratiro*d dxttt The Penes? van:* Central Railroad ale* oonaeota at FitUbnrc with J*teamen, by which tioodaeaa be forwarded to any pert on UteOhio. Mark r.ti r . Kentucky, Tennessee. iJnnjMw'.and. f'.moie. Mies isaipfi, WlaeoBain, Miaecari, Kansas, Arkansas, and KM K ivers, au<i &t Clev* and, Scndasky aaa Chicago with stealers to a.i Noriuwestera Lakes. Merchants and shippers entrusting the transportation of the:r Freight to this Company, oan re.j with oonfidesoeot) ita transit. THE RATES OF FRK1GHT to aad frost ait E;nt in the West, by the Pennsylvania Oatra. Ulruad, art at mil ttau; mt I**ormbU as an tkmttd bit MUr Km.tlrmmJ. fiaisssi fry Be Mrtioniftr to i&&rk pack*** "via Pue C?KT**l R K." MAURAW ft MOONS. Fr*itht Ai#ut?, No. to North tract, Ba tmort, ENOCH LEWIS. ?er.\ SuM-.ft.AitMH, Fa. L. v- HOLPT.een'l Ticket A? l. Pui ade!?hia. H.Tl HOUSTON, titii'. Fieutt A*?nt. Phnadeiphta. j* 4-uly ^OHTHKRN CENTRAV RAILWAY. Tk* Skort?tt, QttvJHit ?wi B*fi Komi* '*tm\ b*MWtST, NORTH?AND*NORTilWE8T. fiiHinyi W1XTFK SCHEDULE. CHimt or Tims. On ud iIjt SUNDAY ,Mtk Noreiahar, Cimi?er "frame will arrive ud depart tr%m ( SUtioc n fol'ovs: t*&:iu No*th Ljura Mail at a. m. B18U0 8 p. rn. Parr ton Acoomtnodauor i ?. m. PitUbart and Harnvbarg kiprMiijPa n ? . Tuiii? Sotth Ax h i vi Parkton Acaoinniudation it? a. m. Baltalo Excreta s 3t< a. m. FittaNirc and Harriabmt Ki^ran | p n. Man IS) p. m. Th# J ?. train fioin Wailiititot tonMni with the 8.20 a. m. train from liainmora for it* VV??. and for Buflalo. l.,mira, ftoch??t?r, Dan kirfer. n a ti.<i i a __ \i York city. ?-s-? r^u. lor new m* *r*IB fro? WuhinilOB OOCC0CU with tne3?. m train from Baltimore to Vyml North and Northwest and KJnuraaiid Hihloii] K ochMtar. .'ff-m-kr*iE from Washington oonnasta witt the 8J0 ?. m. train from Baltimore for Pituoara. Harriaburg and the W>?t and la a dtraot oonnootoon for Lebaeoa. Kaatcu AMentows and New \orkria Cehtrai of New Jersey. Trr thia route for New Van KTTht onli trait ?avr.g on Xindftj la.the > *. n. tra.n. for Hat: - ttarj, l'.twt.L . g, i'licuoud tii? WmI. _ The onlr tram Ba!tim<?r? on gnnaar ia the * a m. train. J AS C. CL^RKI , noHly ?BpriptotJ<)?Bt TNOTICK TO TRAVELERS. -E rattninater uerii ihy.uc ordered lk? si; irnoi benroer. WuiiuUil, jr* to_ ud Oi>' l'o,:.t , I'o: aonroe)tn be nniuM, on and OndAT. the ttth mar*-> D-* I <?* ~r-*?? ? - _ ,a , ? w . ?* ?!?? unw ?i wmiilVT| will l???e Hk rii>K?re KVK.K\ DAN iMc^lCan O&r > froir tr.oir wtt?r(, loot of It. lot, Dock. M ??4 'olock r. 111., ot iiiilMdlfttoi* UUr til* arrit*. of th? WEkhicctoD Trail . wu- > ?*ve? WMhiactu* at JH o'clock a. niVtf M. V fALi.% Pr?t MU TOfHAl's * MM H r m a m i ? n t i a n k W *4X0*Arro*r, III BiriXTi limit WtMiMna,P.t, LmMwlal ?war?ic4 by Marytenfl I?II Ba.Un <x?. N..T?ttb?r lHtt. : 4JM? MM&l Me.ropo'.iUL.VOceania*'iKUtot*, I'-SSS8*****" p"r4ife??|*SjgS8w*-? ^oifvnvr MMin ww uimw inui IHI W Vruki ?otand awl ra/a-rad U ?h?ri aetiaa. oo^i 0f .:y?.rr> ' ^ of U' acrtparl ( Om alvar? ap haad.or aJ??o criar at li? aAorta* , < $rv -assftgrai TBJWfA?MjHM A'SAJS'ttTi. h*i? MiaCltki^Fyrm

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