Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1862 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, D. C.. MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1862 N?. 2,835 I THE EVENING STAR H PUBLISHED BVBtCT AFTEKNOOH, (SUNDAV K \OKPTKl),) AT THK STA? HU ILUliViM, (*f?r 1/ r?Mi|[.'WM<? *?mm mmd A intnik *1. IT W. D. WALIiAOH. Ptpm arrved la mkuea bv earricn it 14 s ymr, or 37 aenta pa month. Vo mall nbaerltan Ike price to ?3? a year, *m mimmmtt, Si for 1x oaths; SI for Uir<*e months; and lot 1cm thaa three aoa bs at the rite of U cent* a week. 81* fie coplea, on* cam; la wrapper*, two enrrs. Uy Arrt^mrtMnru should be *eat to the Ace before lx o'clock *.; otherwise they may act appear natll the next day. Expnart ( Papalar Fallacies Respecting Wmii. bt oiri wno cxpbrstasd* the<i. A wubid should always be neatly and elegantly dresaed ; she has do excuse for ap peanng other*iee:" Has she not. sir ? "What do yon call those five little animals in pink aprons and pinker cheeks, who hang round from "mem til! dewy eve >" What do yon call the baby, who al ways wakes jast when he eught to be asleep, and lifts np the full force of bis longs jast when he ought to keep still ? What do you call the soup, whiob must be seasoned to a cram of pepper, and the pudding, which must be baked just to. or there will be trouble among the lord* of creation The coat which must be mended * The cravats which need only a stitch? The ehina tbat'must be washed' The carpets which must be swept .' We should rail the?e very respectable excuses for a little dishabille now and then ! "A woman gadding abroftd is one of the most disagreeable sights in-the world; her place is at home We are not sure ef that either, not if she wears a pretty bonnet, and has checks like the runny side of a peach, and ripe, chcrry kind of Hps. Y\ eve feen a great many more disagreeable thing*, and confess a weakness for bright eyes and pretty bair. Undoubtedly her place is at h<>me. but there s no reason she should shut herself up there until she looks like a celery stalk or a lumb of chalk. Who would buy the coal and calico, the marketing and the new uiusie, if a vomnn is never to set her foot ever the threshold' The man that wrote that heresy neTer kep* house, we know. "Woman should always becalm and com posed, like a peaceful landscape or a serenely shining star, lier whole manner should carry * out the idea of rest and repose." All very well if the gentleman in possession of these '-serenely-shining eyes' would allow them to remain up among the clouds, high above all sublnnarv toils and turmoils, liut what is the luminary to do whea husband brings home a friend to dinner on Monday, when the liwash" is in a high procedure? when an extra chicken has to be broiled, and the best tablealoth whisked on et three min uses and a quarter'* notice ' Has onr critic a right to complain if his wife makes her ap pearance with face redder than the pickled beets, and manner decidedly Hurried 1 "A woman should never, under any circum stances whatever, lose her temper.'' Might as well tell the wind not to blow on a March-day, or the rain not to come dowu in April. It does them good to "explode" oc casionally. A woman to be good for any thing murft have as mui*h ?pioe and sparkle in her a* a bottle of champagne, and if the cork rlitAJ f*Amn r.txt i.rtoA in o u* k I ^ ?*-I * V% o why that don't depreciate the value of tbe g'xxla. A But let the men preach?it don't amount to any thing after all. We bold them captive by everj <>ne of tb?ir dickey strings and coat but ton-'?by the rent<? in their *toeking% and toothaches and keadachea they want to be nursed through. They can not do without u.?. and all thia good advice is only a very natural chafing under the invisible chain*. On the whole, we think it absurd to take tbe alighted no tie* of it. Talk away, 'gentlemen," you wou i nuri our leeuuga. Matriaaaaial* I have lire'! solitary long enough ; I want somebody to talk at, quarrel with?then kiu and make ap again. Therefore I am open to proposals from young ladies and fresh widows of mora than average respectability, tolerable tame in disposition, and hair of any other ec lor thaa red. As nearly as I can judge of my self. I am not over eighty nor under twenty five years of age. In height 1 am either five feet eizht, or eight feet five, forget which. Weight 13S, Sl?. or .) '! 1, one of the three, recollect each figure perfectly well, but as to their true rrau|cu!ou'.. aiu u |>ui?icu. 11 tvr a whole salt of hair, dyed by nature and free ir m dandruff. Eyes butternut brindle, tinged with pea green. Noee blunt according to the Ionfeorder of architecture. with a touch of the Compoeite, and mouth between a cat-fish and an alligator'*?made especially for oratory and the reception of large oysters. Eirs pal mated, long and elegantly shaped. My whiskers are a combination of dog hair, moss and briar bush?well behaved, fearfully lax "ri-nt. I am sound in limb and on the nigger question. Wear boots No. 9, when corns are troublesome, and can write poetry by the mile, with double rhyme* at both edges?to read backward, forward, crcsswise or diago nally. Can play the jewrharp and base drum, and whittle Yankee I?jodle in Spanish. Am ? W* J VW? ?%V? IU fcUV i ?! ? "WW H*?* ?"*W V VA* pins. Never drink onlj when invited. Am a domestic animal and perfectly docile?when towels are clean and shirt buttons all right. If I posse* a predominating virtue, it is that of f >rgiving every enemy whom I deem it hasar dou? to handle. I rteep every eight, mosqui toes permitting; and as to whether I snore in iny sleep, I want some one to tell me. Money is no object, as I never was troubled with any, never expect to be. ?maui-i|>ati?u in J?ma!<-a. In a work on the Ordeal of Free Labr>r, bj Sewell, we find the following description of the r?*ults of emancipation at Kingston : n * xcere is gni notice in decent repair; not a wharf in good onlc; no pavement, no side walk, no drainage*. and scanty water; no tight. There is nothing like work done Wreck and rain. destitution and neglect. The inhabit ants taken en ma**f are steeped to the eyelids in immorality. The population shows unnat ural decrease. Illegitimacy exceeds legiti macy. Nothing is replaced that time destroys. If a brick tumbles Irom a house to the street, it remains there. If a spoat is loosened by the wind, it hangs by a thread till it falls; if furnitar* is ?<v?id??r?r?ll? hr<.lr?n !.!? nf having it mended is not entertained. A godforsaken plnee. without life or energy ?Id, dilapidated, sickly, filthy,cast away from the anchorage of sound morality, of reason and of common sense. Yet this wretched balk is the capital of an island the moat fertile in the world It is Messed with a climate the most glorious; it lies retting in the shadow of moun tains thatoan be cultivated from the summit to base with every product of tropic and tenape rste region. It is the mistress of a harbor wherein a thousand line of battle ships eas ride safely At anchor. Tub Ritie Blociadx ?The Mempbla Appeal of Mareh 13 M|?: The transport* H. I> Hears aud Mary Keeae arrived from abo*e yesterday having paa?*d (be Federal batfriea at Point Pleasant without sustaining material Injury hlghtfrn sbota from the enemy's artillery ware fired at the .Mean and fourteen at the Mary Kwne?the first escaping uninjured, ? k%ll pasting tkrau^k tkt ?.*? - / <1. D?.?k ?U ? A ? - *? wr ?wm?f . uwNi i"U*tyr'J by one of ?or gunboata, aad pawed the Point under a fall head of steam. The guabont threw a ntimber af ihotit tbe eaeaa v. one of which It waa thought, from the coofuaion visible, dis mounted one of tbeir gun? Tbe eaemy aprxwed to hare fire guns mounted, and oar naval oflcers aatlaated tbe largest to be "fl*d 1% pounders Several of these shota atruck the trees on the opposite bank of the river We l~ara alaa that communication wit hoot delay, "i?h the troop* at New Madrid aod Island No. 19. ha* been aecared by aaatber route, of which, of couiee, no indication should be gi*en. With the aid of the gunboats and expected reinforce ments, our forces were cocttdeat of being able to malotala their posiiloa. C7" Koaaath still reoldea la Loadaa. where bW aoaa have recently graduated from the Uoi Ter*!!7 He la aow aiaty yeaiaof age. He la still worBlag for hungary, and eipecta aid from Na poleon III !f ever again that pore a tale interferes flair* of Southern Europe. *bo owned a lot la Sacramento, *,,ftnce waa washed away. He {*??*}*" h? had lest his fence, but had cai*? ? nae two story houac. Nkw? rios Gn Pmtn's Fxpkimtkw?The Florence (A'a.) Gazette of March 12 brings u? the tJrit new* we have received of the progrett of General C F. Pmitli's expedition, which started from F rt Henrv ?P the Tennessee river to take possession cf one of the Important ralload junc tions west of Memphis. 41 We learned yesterday that the Unionists had lmded a large 'force tr Savannah, Tennewee We suppose they are making preparations to get possession of the Memphis and Charleston Ball road. They must never b? allowed to get this great thorongbfare In their possession, for then we would Indeed be crippled. The labor and untiring lnduafry of too many faithful and ener getic men have baen expended on this road to bring It up to ita prevent fate of uaefulneaa to let It fait Into the hand* of tbe enemv to bs used against ns. It must be protected We, aa a peo ple, are able to protect and aave it. If unavoid able, let them have our river; but we bope it ia the united srntimcitt of our people that we will have oar railroad." A Noblb 803 or a Nobis Sib*.?We printed vesUrdav morning a communication, describing the rff'.>rta of Commodore Joseph Smith to hurry forward and asaist in tbc work upon tbe Mouitor. The sou of thia veteran officer waa lu command of hub i on^riM, inu 10*1 Lin iue oh mai iawi r*ai uraav. When the elder Smith saw by the flr*t dispatrh from Fortress Monroe that the Congress had raited the whlfe flag, he only remarked quietly "Joe's dead!" No Roman father crer paid a nobler or more emphatic tribute cf confidence to a gallant son, than is contained In the words to uttered, nor ever gave that aon to hlacountrv with more cheer ful aud entire devotion. And the sad assurance was well founded. Th flag was not struck ^ntll his son bad fallen?Boston AJvtttiser. A Wortht Citizss Flops* with a Leading F km at. e Member of Tit e Chttrch.?Matters have been rather lively In the little village of Decatur lately. Fol'owlng In the wake of the late trial J .....iti.i .t T\. n.\. -l a in. ? aiiu at ijuiiiai ut uaarr, wnu tuui* mitting a rape, that nsual'y quiet village was thrown Into a new eicltement last week by the eli pement of a V r Patterson, a weMthy resident, with a Mrs Dennis, one of the leading member* of the Presbyterian Church in that place. The guilty ps'r came to this place Dy carriage, ard then fl< d to parti unknown. Dennis wsi anient at the time When he came home and learned of the Infidelity of her whom be supposed to be a paragon of virtue and piety, he became nearly insane Hs has since left for New York, his former home, a broken and ruined man.?Kaia mizvo(Mick ) T'lrgraph, March 12. r x\ irA I IV* ui r U EST ? I UC (it ICtgO Ttmf.s says : Would the peonle of Ue North be In favor of emancipation If the prospective con?fqn??nce of emancipation wer* thit the four millions of ?*ma iripat^d negrces would swarm tbrongh the North ai d s*ttle down as permanent inhabitants? We suspeft net Here we bare one palpable rea*on why tae s'onth n^e not *n favor of eman cipation If s'avery b?! sn evil, how much greater would be tbe evil of four million of free negroes If it wss no! Solomon It was some other wise man who sa'd : Uefter bear the Ills we have than tly to those we know not of. J?5"(?en. Wgel is a strict disciplinarian. During the advance In'" Arkansas he halt* d bis command at Ke..lhville, and made a snort energetic speech to therr?flrst In Ce'man, then in Kngltah. He urged his otters to compel their men to treat nil firlvate property with respect, to allow no build ng* to l>e flred, or any wanton waste committed; telling them it was his imperative order to shoot the a^tmsn found doing any of these things; that he would take the responsibility Involved la this command. fty" The foUowtng it a correspondents account of an Interview with a contraband : ' We accoit'd one whose very intense black net* commended him as a genuine, unidnlWated scion ot Africa: 'Where do you hallfrom'' Cnlpepfer Court-house, Sah " 'What news do you h'lngV 'Nothing mawi, 'c.ept d?rsa man lost a mighty food nigger dar this mornln', and I ynt-ss he dun lose ?ome more 'fore night.' " |JI7"The reopening of the tobacco trade between Louisville and Northern Tennessee Is one of the firs' f'tilts of the *urc"*ss o( the federal arms on the Cumberlard end Tenne see rivers. Noleisthan iuriy-i<"ir unu^arai'^ u* \ur wrrr rrrrivru from the Cumberland at Louisville In one day last week. IJ^Ccllertionswfre taken np In all tbeehurchfs of Chicago on Sunday, March 9lh, for tbe relief of the rebPi prisoner# at tba? place. In addition to shirts and panto, tbey will be furnished with spelling book* and school-teachers, so as to enable them to return home wiser and better men. C7"Mr Kelly, the editor of the Messilli Time*, Arizona, wu lately shot by Col. Baylor, on ac count of acme permonallty la th?* paper referring to the latter. Mr. Keily has been engaged at public surveyor In New Mexico for a considerable time. 1X7"The stories of the Quaker puna fourd in the deserted line* of the enemr, turn ont to be a boat of our own men, which was eagerly caught up bv the abolitionist* as a pretext against tten. McClellan. [17" A provost marshal's squad who entered a gambling boose In Richmond a few days since found "twenty or thirty men in the house, all in nnlform. and but one of them of as low rank as captain " E7~Phillipe mid he would send a hundred thousand rren into South Carolina; but will he so himself.' There is the field for yon, Wendell we could spare you for a short time if von would leave us a lock of yonr hair ?Boston Post. Right Kev Bishop Potter of New York was taken suddenly 111 while celebrating divine service la tbe Church of the Intercession at Car nnnavilie, N. Y , on Wednesday. I?^"rhel>ank of the Ohio river, at Vanceburgb, Kv., 'evacuated" slew days ago, and four botiw* iipo i it tumbled into the water. No lives were lost. According to a report lately presented at the Baltimore Annual Conference of the M. K. Clturch, (Bishop Janes) the white membership amoonfs to 2S" 751; eolored members, 13.7KJ. JTy"" Lite advices from Spain Inform us of the d-at b of or.e of the most distinguished of modern Spanish Htatesinen and poeta, Martinez de la Rosa, who was born In Granada in March, 1789. Bad it Bitten?The cotton speculators who paid thlitv-tive cents a pound and held for a rise. Twenty cent* are now ottered for the article, and the market la dull at that. |E7~ The Confederate cannoneers ram ladies' petticoats down their cannon. We suppose It la only proper for thein to go under the muzzlin'. |?7"Caleb Cuahlng is one of tbe candidates anpntioned for tbe Presidency of Harvard College. Fruit andornamentaltkkks, *c.~ Tfce underlined leipcctfully cff*ra an 101 meaio ataok of KkU IT TK K K8, of very vuoroua, ibriltf growth, and at greatiy reduoed pncea.viz: ?yxX' Peaob traes, 1)jat varieties. 5 V>X> dwarf Ream, Standard Pears, Apnouta Obernet, higt, otaricea, Quinces, fto ; Grate Vines,Concords Delaware, Cuyahoga, 4o ; Blackberries, Kaep barrlea, Strawberrier, Rhubarb tui>\ Asparagus Roots, fto ; Kvergreeen. 9r,ale, and Orraraenta! iufi; fhruoa, ko,?s Dahlias, Perennial Phloxes. Wltu all partaimng to the Nursery and Seed bcsmeps,aheap JOHN HAUL, mh U? acft* Bead atore, 396 7th at .oorntr H. fhQ %Q THE GOSLIMG RESTAURANT, >147 PtNNBVLVANlA A V e J| U e , fcfocTK Sic*. (Foinurly of New York,) He the name and fame of boinc On* of tk? But Restaurants *? Tovm ! 117*6i v9 u a trial, atd Judie for you ?1/--/TI ^ Every tHioc tho boaio ta 40r'?iL BK9T THE^MABKET^fl^ yblflL AFFORDS. 71 W C7* Don't lorfot the Bomber? , U?7 fencartraaia avenaa, betveao Uta auu uu etraau. mh IHa eoathaida. |gj BOOTS?KHOES ! VjQ^Cokneb TwtthSt. a*d Pa. Av.fgJ^ washington city amd eastern made ti|f?4 ?2.24 Gantr fu;m>fn?,.il m to ??* genu' fineotlf mooti ft 00to t* 00 All kinda of BOOTS tad SHOES vnj oha*?. 1C7" B^oUa.*d?toonj?r _ _ mi. ll l.n* CflAKLKS h. mor 'wj oavfi ware OF arb OF RROVER. pamp furniture an1) tin mh 7-lm h. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LITEST FROM ISLAND No. 10. The Attack Still Progressing. Catho, March 02 ?The latest advice* from Island No lOvai brought by a dispatch boat, which arrived he-e ?t 6 o'clock this morning. The poslfon of our gunboats and mortars la not rhangcd. Firing is kept up at Intervals to prevent the enemy strengthening or repairing the works. The river Is rapidly rising at this point. In the last twenty-four hours It baa risen a foot, and the streets are now covered to the depth of four feet in some nlaces. A balloon wm sent to Com. Y oote yesterday for the purpose of making a reconnolsaince of the works of the enemy. Steamers are continually arriving here with troops from St Louis and elsewhere A messenger just returned from Cape Girardeau rero-fs that the rumored attack on that point by Jefl. Thompson la without feuodMkto. A special dispatch to the Chicago Poet says that only four shots were received from the rebel bat teries at Island No 10 yesterday. Our fleet flred thirty. There are numerous reports that the rebels are evacuating the Island and marching acrosa the peninsula to Merr'weather's Landing, but It Is impossible to ascertain the truth of the reparta. KflltlnT rirrnmifinrM fivnr ?mi?Vi Krli?f P"? V I V ? WO Fr?m Fortress Miirie. Foktrvds Morkob, March 21 ? A Has? of truce was sent out this morning for the accommoda tion of an officer of the French navv, desiring to go South. The re>el officers and crew were very uncommunicative and we hear of no newa from the Pouth. No newspapers were received. Among the paasengera this morning from Ba' Mraore were the Prince de Jolnvllle and Miss Dii Hopes are entertained (hat the Ulegraph cable will be repaired to-4av or to-morrow, and com munication with Washington remmel By order of the Secretary of War, the name of Kort Ofclhnun, at the Rip Raps. ha? been changed to that of Fort Wool, In recognition of the faithful serviow of the General commanding that depart mwt The fallowing order explains iiself : Headquarters Department of Virginia, > Fortress Monroe, Va.. March 21, l^aW J In order to prevent the publication of informa Hon relating to military movements within this department, all repo ters and correspondents for newspapers now present or who may herenfter be n 11 ntvt t\ tn r/.mo intA ft sro nrnVlhlt^ from transmitting for publication any matter relating to military operation* without the appnval of the commanding General. Should any article! contrary to the tenor of ttila ordt-r appear In print, It will bo the algnal for vending away the reporters. Lieut. De Witt Clinton, aid de camp, 1* appointed censor. to whom all matter Intended by the reporters for publication, will bp submitted for examination. The attention of all officer* writing for news papers ia directed to the 57tb article of war. By command of Major General Wool. Wm D. Whipple, Ass't Adj't Gen. thk MKXHIVAC STILL M4KINO rrpairs. Fortrks* Mosror, March 22?The steamer Arago arrived here last night from New York. A flag of truce to-day brought back a French officer from Norfolk. No news or newspaper* m.ionf (V> A tlin X.1 a - ( r*\ o Is still undergoing repairs at the navy-yard, Nor folk Fifteen miles of tol<?gr?>ph cable were underrun this morning. The Search for the Vermont. Bohtos, March 22 ?The steamer Saxon, sent In seeich of the United States frigate Vermont, put into Holmes Hole to-day, rhort of cca'. She fell In with th^ United States frigate Vernont on the 15th inst In 1st. 36 51, long 63 .3ft, aa* wi her on the 18th In lat T7 50. lort. 63 45 The Vermont was In * better condition than before reported. The rudder talren out by the Saxon was lost in attempting; *>ang " to the V'ermont. The Saxon will return to tow the Vermont la. [*KCflE?D UlfcTATl 11 J Ho?to*, Marrh 23 ?The steamer Saxon has ar rived here. She report* that the aupplied the Vermont with nail*, rudder, and twothlpcarpen ter*. Alao, that the rudder wan lout while at tempting to han^ W. After towing the Vermont a nbort time the hawxer parted, and during a h'ayy gale lost ?igM of her; law her next day, the 17th, but th?? sea wm ?o high could not get within hoi I. On the 18th succeeded In throwing a letter or. board, Informing them that the Sixon had only four da>a' coal on board, and would return for a*?!atance Parted company at four o'clock p m on the 18th, In lat 3S 37, long. 6:j 21. from tli* TeniMite Hirer.

rED*HAt TROOPfi 13 rOSUK'SJO.X Or THK CHARLES IOM a!SD MEMPHIS railroad. Cairo, March 2*.?The gunboat Lexington, from the Tennessee river, has arrived and reports our forces concentrating lu the country about Sa vannah, Tenn., but are accomplishing nothing of importance besides the occasional capture of the scouts of the enemy, bringing In prr mlnent rebels. Our forces have entire possession of the Memphis and Charleston railroad, In the vicinity of Savan nab, Tenn. A skirmish occurred on Sunday last between a battalion of the 4th Illinois regiment and a yquad of rebel cavalry, near Pittsburg Landing, result ing lxi the defeat of the rebels, with tome loss. Four of our men were wounded. X X IB A ire in diiiib. Bostom, March'?2?The building on Devon shire street occupied by the Union Print Works for sponging and refinlshing cloths, was almost entirely destroyed by fire at an early bour tbla morning, wltn most of the contenta. The loss Is estimated at ?10,000. Arrest cf Secession Abettors. Chicago, March'it .?Six citizens of Sangamon county were arreted yesterday by order of Gen ilaileck, and sent to Alton, to be placed In close confinement, for aiding the escape of the rebel prisoners from Camp Butler. /CARRIAGES ! CARRIAGES.'! 1 / Pi DUIiH L'd t l l Person wishing to hive their CARRIAGES kkhairkjj wou.d Uo well to csl! aud*vSg7??a, see me before t.arg&iniug eUewheie. YQKEMdgf Now on hand a very superior lot o! w Seasoned Wood Material of all kind'. american and ENBf.HM Paints and varnishes of the best qnawty, Ac,, Ac. irr Work dona in the shortest poss'ble time, ana warranted to be as represented. ROBERT H. graham, COACH MAKER, mhtl lw* 477 Eighth street, T??K undersigned Wishes to infom. his a friends and the pabiio that ha has opened a t3 r>;i: -* u ? -?^? ? - - - saw rinni uu >?pmnn| snupoo lot coiner oi 7th and tf ?trrela, an 1 believing, from a long expe rience in the but!ne??. thit he will be able to pieaae tne wood sawjer and the butcher and eiery me chante that uses a saw. and hope*, b* aa'Jiot at tention to buaiue**. that he will merit a -hare of the pnblio patronage. ma U-iro* JOHN KKNNhALl.Y. RESTAURANT AND EATING BOUSE, GEORGE MITT, Having taken the BAR ROOM evned by Mr. nuMrii for tha mnnw of r?.j??lllii?a - - * aid saloon, I therefore notify "'T friend* 9 and the poblie in (enera.1 th?' 1 will open I oa Tuesd-tj, Mar oh 85th. M?. where win &i??- I be found ever?thin* re^areiW to a first olajv ' mi. ?-t? |v.Ky wtini.yHAl.t'' frUYOO*^**HOUSE. . l'JfraoBUTZK'!;<j1CO. SBWfffiSB' [ heir termi will be OMh, ft M-3w* RVOU8 DEBILITY, OR 8FER ORRHCEA. ?A permanent and laat i>K uURE for thu terribleaieeaeemay be btainedoi the Advertiser, who haa thee 101 oh eurfcd hiireeifand. in era -so one ttamp Cliarleelown, Mm A DAMS' EXFRKBB OOMfAHY. 11 NOTICE OF MMMOVAL. teas cs4?s?fi&ss Liuie:. official. Treasury department, March 31, 1?6-2. Holders of bonds of the United plates dated October 1, 1861, and payable three years from date, are hereby notified that provision has been made for the payment, in coin, of the coupons of temi-annual interest which will become due VII IU^ ? npiii, piuAllliU, a^rcrnoiT w ?urn tenor, by the Treasurer of the Unltod States at Washington, by the Assistant Treesurer at Bcsfo. , New Vork. and Philadelphia, and by the De positary of the United States at Cincinnati, Ohio. All such coupons, together with schedules show ing the namber of each coupon, and the aggre gate sum ef each parcel, must be presented for examination aad verification at least three full uusiiicw ucry? uuure payiucai 3. P. CHASE, n;h 23 41 apt Secretary of the Treasury. Treasury department, Fkbbuabt 4, \**i. NoTtcB is BIKBBT ciTBif of tbe read!ne? of tbis Department to redeem tbe Treasury notes I M AHA l>0 9 A ?M^Knrl ?/./4 k tk? payowic III vuv JV?*s IIVIU uaivj BUIUVIIAHI Uf IUC act of Congress approved December ?id,1657, and the Treasury notes payable la sixty days from date, authorised by the act of Congress approved 'id March, 1861. Interest on Treasury notes of the above Issues wlil cease on the 7th day of April next by terms of those acta respectively. fe 3-tap7 EPARTMENT OF STATE, XJ Washington, January 25,1&?3. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Consrress on business on Saturdays. commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. ,tjan 27-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, JUU1T 21, lSKW. Oeliuid, That the War Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that whlcb relates to active military operatloas In the field. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representative*. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, la 2s?-tf Secretary of War. y V, & gWORDS FUR PRESENTATION Tirrtiiv ir i n . No*MO and #39 Broadway, Niw Yoke. \nd No. 79 Rci Kichkliid, Paris, 1M fORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF MILITARY WARES, Solicit the attention of Civic and Military A??t oiaUoft, Command* on National or Stale aervioe, Patriate Club* and individuals to their larre took i>i RICH STAFF AND dkesjtj abmy an# NAVY SWOKDB. That' assortment inoludea the ohoioast BLAIES OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE. ideutiAl with those made for Wilkinson, of Lon don, vfrrn by the officer* of the B ntish Army, and moat approved i<t experienced European author* tie* ue eleiantly wrought Mf.AlKR nv tuil INCCM flN T""1 *nh,?l BLAOtS OFXV-^NB. OF flAKTFOBn ???.toKa4t ? lS^rd.^Lf^ttf,ite tTleV"rfo'raamaototwB. the J&bbarda> boingof Bilvm. 8ilv** Gilt. Ukokzk. lain or Fik? Gilt,Silvml Platxd. Bcsmhuis TUMLt Ricu Lxaihei, cto , with btndi of Plain, Jhasid. or Kmbocsko ?ilt, or Solid Silvm; the 6*ip# and 6vaki? of.the same variety of material iM iuiMh'iidVr 'ii*???' or origins' aeugn should an artieie of Extkaokdimakt, re?curo8? ar? Ui.aiaAl (urutMiOI r#- atoef&otorj and ?peedjr production. In anawer Lordcii. decicHMul eetimaU* will be prompt It ljji pirohminf Sword* of Tiffany * Co ire infupwed tut every blade u auhjeoiea to teeU OVM mfe severe than those enjoined by Govern meat, Wore it is plaood on wle the tMUu block 'nrsjggS COIN WANTEDI Tht HighMt Pno* ptid tor iOOLD AND SILVER! Qtcim Fax 8jjj a 8nu to ton. > &KWII JOHNSON * CO., B A N K M R 8. 1 i?n4 Psrxitlvajqa Atutik, i Corner tttik itorti 1 d sg-tkc^ op^loihiw Hit sw Wft.tWtfS? "Wfi-" 320 PENNSYLVANIA ATENl'E E71I LE DUPREt Just Received and Opened, A large and flrat-rlsM stock of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: SUGARS, of ail grata, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, M AILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac | Ac. AU of which he offers at lowest cub prices. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 500 barrels Magnolia, 5<>0 barrels XXX, 500 barrels Millers Rye Monongahela, SCO barrrls fine Old Rye, 500 barrels fine Old Boarbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. AH the favorite brand* of CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verxeny, Green Seal, Held?lck, which, being bought low, we offer at annaually low rates. Alao, Sole Agent for I'IKE'8 ARMY CORDIAL, feb 14 tf IBMIT AXD LOT NEW PPPPP PP Ppp PP PPP PP PPP PP UPU AA AAA AAU AA AA YORK L b . L Iz EEEKERE FKKEEEE II , . ( i i n/\ A a l<u r> r fib pppff aa aa juu krkk t?p a aaa aaa i.l ee fp aa aa ll. ek aa aa llllll keeehee aa l.lllll eeeeeee xxx ..xx xxx , xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx ?xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx* xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xsfxyw vvvvyv XXX. xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx Wk m YAIR YA aa ll eeee ?ttk \? KEEE AA tt .AA. . . AA ll 14 AAAAAAAA A A A J A A* AA LIXLLLL KEEEF.EK AA AA LLLLL.LL EEEEEEK vrmoi AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, In Whole, H*lf, and Quantr Casks, BKHWKil FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND llOrS. BREWERY, 19th Street, between 7th end 9th Atcobe?, NEW YORK. IC ?/-utiw EVERY PERSON'S INTEREST -That fine took of Clothing for ?a:e over Gaits' Jeweiry Store is now offered at lee* Uian i^?M( pric^e. at SMITH'S, >o. 460 Seveuita kiiMKcppoeite Hoat Oflioe le ?! THE PEOPLE'S ?:LUTHliNG STORE, No. 4 60 Seventh ei. A lwa*e ah^a-l! N-w arrival of Serine Good*, all tUs latest atrlei of Clotning, at No. 460 t?*v?ntb etrwet.-osar P fe27 2<s FpOR SALE?A fine ?tock of Clotning, Furnish inn Goods, Trunk*, Hats and Cap3, at vliole l&]A BrifiAJ. NA 4 fin* - r ?MWV?? "ff" W Fost Offioe. fe *7 3ra f KNTd Furnishing Good*. Trunfca, Clothing, vl TrniJts, Hats &n<l Caps, ail at Northern p-ie*s, at the People'a Clothinc store. No 4?o 7th etre t shirts. shirts. sh1rts!-Just rcoeived C3 10 tloi??n Slurta. which we offer at old price*, at SMITH'*. No. 4fiO Seventh ?t f*97-Sm The finest anh best stock of READY-made CLOTHING id Waahinitoti can l>e found at BAR A bro.'s Establishment, oorser of ? and 7th ata. ALL size boys, from the age of 4 years up. j oan be fitted ont at bar A bro.'s. corner t siu /in uroeui. ai mncn last than ueual ynoea. CITIZENS AND STRANGERS, look to /our .ntereat! Look for the caruer of E ana Tth tr6eu?it it the place to bay flue CLOTHING for but little mocey. ftTOP WHEN YOU COME TO THE COR fc > ner 01 fc acu 7th atraeU, anJ bur a suit of fine CLOTHING at flu, $15, or *18. At BAR A BRO.'S feao-lm* Kaahionabla Olotain* EstaL.ufcmect. ??UT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OU?! AND VR1NO VT WITH YOU! Tha subscriber will a<J vsnoa, in tha way of fir chase or loan, small cum* for short perioua, oa DIAMONDS. WATCHK8. _ ^ V ^ LLIA BJLKJEWELKr^ lady or genilein&n who would lit? to obtain ?Bii dollars temporarily, in a <*iet manner, may do so by applying at 466 llth street, between 9 and H, from II to io'oicok. f# 27-1 m BvoilS and shoes to suit the t1mk& We are now manufacturing all kipds of BOOTS and SHOKS, ar.d constantly reoeivioc a?A| supply of eastern made work of every d?-WJ eoription, made expressly to order, ana will* ] be sold at amsob lower prioe than baa been* Mb heretofore cfcarjed in this any for muoh inferior *rtic:es. Person! in want of Boote and Shoes of eastern or olty made work, will always find a io?d assort meet m store and at the lowest pmc<?*. Given* a all. GRIFFIN * BRO-, apt-r 314 Pennsylvania avenae. ? w furniture! f?\ v furniturevL furniture i m (of the Ira of kLtl Pe^k*imPkilad'a,) ssasBsas Krery nilftT of UPHOL8TLR1NS ana neatly exooated. Store of9m d?* eod erealn* for the umsb?4? UParoh**?r? wfe study their interest to Mil before looking eleewbere. ja224a* CURE?CORNS?BUNIONS. JVf*- PEKDKIAT. Sargton CMrojod?U fro? LTI Paris, bogs to inform yon that ne o\n effootu - kily remove Corse and Bau*iie. without jam, eo ibat the ehoe oan be wora Immediately af er the nut iaoJ?rsto? ti tI?S5 at rtuocft^A YH* WBBKLY STAR. W? amimt rxmiij u4 Dm H?i nwaiac grmm wktr ? ui? Mi Blagla cry* F? 01 " *? **yl> m?>??hh???m??hhh 4 1 Tm ?cpis> -? ? > ? ? >?! ? <?<? >W>t> ? Wwfily-lTf M i >mM ii It lavarlably uiUlu Ik* uW?kli?lM Hi*)1 lit has ntede I\i MJy |?mf filar ilndiH M geaerally Uiroax kc?t th? oamatry. Cystafla copies (la wrappers) Ma he pr*. tcrcd at the oonntar, imjecAiajielf altar Ue laii ot the paper Prlo#?THRKE cknts ILELMBOL.DS GtvNILNE PREPARATION. / I M H&HLT CONCENTRATED99 Compound Fluid Extract Bmohv, A amd Sfri/U For Oinum of tt? BLADDER, HUNK VS. 6RAVFL,iW DftOP B1CAL SWELLINGS. t TVs M*4i?ir.e I'wkmm the tow?r of f ifMttot, Md ?*cilet the amokbbnt* lcto haaJt imIim or w..ct tee watibt o& caltb&ous Oeeoeiuone, And *M vwatvka; KXiiAbUtatiTs &re roduoed. U Wil U rAlM AMD UnrLAMHATlOB. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCUO For Wfui.wM Armsi from Kxc*?s<ie, Hibite of Dleeip*Un?. Earl* Indieoretion or ANim. witk Ik* Following 6fmpt*msi Indisposition to LxerWon, Lou ot Power, Loss of Memorr, D-Boa'ty of Brntthiof, Wnk N'rv?s, Ttm?Miqc. Horror of D:r?u. WUsfklaM, Dimness of Vision. Pus in the Bu' t lint versa1 Lassitude of the Mniesisr *?Tston?, Hot U*'!4?, Flushing of tee Bod? Dry nres of the *fcin, Froption* on the Psee, PALLIP COTWTKlLAJtrm. Tk*se symptoms. >1 a toved tc co ?u. w?lek ttis macicice inrartaWy rwriorw, nod fo Joira IMPOTKNCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, M o%i of which tii Pmtimt m*y Erpiri. Wno can ear * at ?Key are not frata<titl7 M loved by ttoso"nmarcL M INSANITY AND CONBUMP Man; are avar* of tbe caaM of tliair nac, pct Nona will. confbm. I HE RECOB LfS or THE INSANE LVMS And t\i Xtlemcholy D**lkt fry Cemrmmptim, ua AJtrLa i to tkb tbvth o? tib aaannon. * ? wff'j.TOfowakwaif3 4*irM the aid of mftdiouie to atreactheo - ad Invigorate the ??*t?? hull RL'I uum 111) I. \ tb ?l'T Ulll'ij f, WtlrW it do*4 TllJu WILL C05TIRC1 TU KOIt tUTTKU. FEMALES-FEMALES- FEMALES. OLD OR VOUNft, 8IN6LK. MARMLD, UK CONTKMPLATING MaKKIa&K. In Many AfftcUcni Ptcnliar to Females the Extract Buo)>? it urx-eu* 1?-<1 hr ?i T ? 'her rem edy, a? ic Chlorous or RetMtior, Irrecatftrity, PainfulDeM, or t**jppr?*BHMi o: Cr?ton.ay ?vm B?tior,?. I,'.crated or SchirroKt lUteot itie I ts rn*. Leuoorriee, or White*, Sten:ny. ?uu ?or ?l ooMp ainU iu&ideut to the *ex. whether arUin* from lad-rorstion. Ha tut# of D.Mi??tiur, or in Um DECLINE OR CHANGE Of LllMt ?? ITIRUII A?OV*. !f0 FAMILY enorU/ ?1 WITHOUT II. T*b4 ? m ft Laitatn, fifrmwy ar Cm flu Mtdicim* for Cnjtltataml Ml U?{<r*M JiWMH. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BDC'tiU CUM UCAST DJSIA1 tSact'eJr. Di.t, itfS if?< !/ tcaa?'? a fra^uut iletirt &U0 (ITM lUeift .*i U Jrinat*, th<?:o! f R n.^vivj ??bat;ua -f, t'revact'.nt an<i Curinr stricture* oi * ? ITratt.m, Alt??:nc i tun ?:id 1 nt.^.rimnuon, aa froaner.t :n t::* cli^ ?if <1;: a-e?. ?< ; eix .r?? li I'mcnoui, ?nd wm M Matter. THumMK DPCM TSOC315LI WHO HAV? CESN THE T2C1 J.MS 0? V VACKS, trd who hare aaiJ to becored is a 'herl tiiro, tare font i tae* w?r? dpoeived, and tfeat tt? "roi?o>i" hu. bj iLe u?oof'>??ir/w (itrwii*n bsrn dried up m the ijittu, *.o break oat in au\t cravat*! forra, a&t FMAUAiS AiTXM MA A1A9*. teRRLMPUL.D'B KTTW.A V BVCMt all iffMtlioLJ an - aiseagfc o t the lIKINAEf VKUAM, srictter ezlatioc is KIAL& OR VEKIAIJ^ S?a wttf ter air* rnri^aUnxa?d D? miter ?*<? * jjunu iiAnui.iu. D itMol taen Oriui r*?il the aid af a Di f > HELMBOLD'B EXTRACT BUCUV 10 VH? 8RLAT DiL'KETIC, ?'<1 U certain to hare the <U*ired effeet la b.iriit?/ ? vita it ii mntiMUii BTiDHOi or Tra kost aasroasiau ak U UAtlJi CSlKtem vUUaeacapaaj the ntxlioire*. CERTIFICATES OF C0KE8. i roaiu (Mara' itaollii with Xuih mevn t? tClENCE AND FAME. "tHTBlCIAXS" tLEASE "NOTICE VI Kill "BO ?*r*BT" OB "IH6MKDIMTI. '* HKLMBOLD'S KXTiiACT SUCUU laoompoMd of Uuchn.Cuhebu *nd Jumper Bern* mInM witii r?t cxre by ft competent drK<(iat. PKE FARED IN TACVO, UT H. T. HKLMBOL1I, TMtiAAi tnd Acalrtiotl Cb*rm?t. ?.nd Bon. Mu nlubrer of HXLMBOLO'B 0KNUIBB PBJSP AAATIOL 8. ATTlliA" rKASSTiS. beiac duly rrorn, aofb uy. nU prMMbex ooi Uiq qo ufcrootio, ao mercury, or oUw injunoN drnt?, but Me purely ?e??Uble. R T. HELMBOLD. hvorc and ?u been bed before me, tiuaij cdx* NOTdBiber. IBM. WM. f. AltibkHU. Alderman, Ninth above IU?e .tu a THYS1C1AKS lit AnBXDAItCM FROM 8 A. M TO 6 P. M. rri? si ft tottl*, *r 111 iff II. Itoiiwad to ur addrM, wirt; h?i*? baenrttioiL kUrmi letter* for laJ?rm*tiM to i H. V. HKLMttOLl), Oi^wt, ?) ? (, 1M Soitk Tntk at., botov CkMUit FkiH BEWARE OF OOSNifcBFKIFB AND WStRIHClTLMO D* L*K8 who ndHTtr to (hwwi "o : ?r va' uti?)o mi Bi? imlilln i uuiai t IT it N ^ K ? Mm ??ii by S. B. Watt*, *. 0. tiuui, VlUT. 8. C. IU>Mf D. B. CUU, L NiMl. [AMD

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