Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: MONDAY 24, ISM. ILTTkouuM Til STil to prlaM oa ihi MmI Ham prrm la nr toutfe of Ualtimora, Ita pdHloa U to larjtf u to rJQjutre It to be put to pce*a at aa early hour: thnrtote, sbnuld be mt In before 14 o'clock m ; otherwise they ifaiy uot appear until ibe neil day. "Urn Pminm at the varloua military caapa aid poaltlona will confer a favor by keeping 11a po?ted aa to moveaenti and alhlra In their vlclnltlea. Spirit af Hi Miralai Praaa. The Inttlhffnrer treaia on dlaroimgemwit at tbe South" an evidenced by the prevalent Imprea alonIn Richmond '-that ?erenlonwi?Miwnnded by await of Are from which their wan no escape," by " the deaperate efforta made to draft men Into the Confederate aervlce'- even In So'itb Carolina, bv the lone of lh? lonrnala and their diwatftfar. tlon with their prrsett Hag, and by the (act that "at every disaster the administration of Mr. Da via la treated to fresh dUqnlaitlona on tb* con sequence* of4 Imbecility,' favoritism,' Inaane defensive policy,' and other such catchwords of popular denunciation." The R'pvbliean continues ita Infamous and ?? patriotic attempts to create dlssenaiona and mu tinies in the army of the Potomac by detraction of Its otttcera. If the Republic**'! influence were equal to its malke It might do lnflnite mlachief. Aa a New York coiemporary says?a press cenaorahlp that does net reach the case of such treasonable at tempts ss these of the Republican and kindred nheeta, might u well be abandoned OUR MILITARY BUDQET. LATEST FROM WINCHESTER. Information from Winchester ha* been rerelyd here up to midnight laat night, per telegraph. At that hour Gen. Shield* expected to be again attacked at daybreak thla momlng, aitd antici pated defeating the rebela even more Ignally than in the artion there of yesterday; when, with bat ^,000 troop* he al^nallv dtaromiUed them, though they numbered near !>.?*? tlwaf. At the time h- telegraphed aa ai>nv * tinted, he bad every reaion to anticipate being aoie to rap ture or utterly destroy thfm If they dared oia?#t him tbis morning. The general belief In Wlaebe&trr si thai Kmc was that the enemy would 4,aUow flpht ' again, though we tear they Lave again run away, aa on the approach of the first portion of tUe rorp* d'armee of Gen. Banks, that arrived at Winches ter a few day* alnce. TBI UTBCAFTAIH ALf X A5DIR V'lAt A paragraph waa copied Into the Star of tUe -'1st Inst. In relation to thlalamented officer, who fell In New Mexico, which requires correction. We are Informed that be was the son of Colonel John McRae, of Fayettevllle, North Carolina, and that the father was among the last of tbe Union men of that State who were forced Into the ranks of secession. Captain McRae'a patriotism shines out more conspicuously from the fact that two of hla brothers are now in the rebel aenrice?one of whon waa a colonel in the battle of Bnll Rao. His name ahonid be held in grateful remembrance by hla countrymen, for his noble devotion to the flag under which he waa reared, and to the cause to whicn he ao gallsotly <*?>rltfed his life. "Faithful found Among the fhlthipss, faithful only he Among Innumerable faJse, unnerved, uanuurii, uaHruiii ru iinirrriDiHi Hia loyalty he kept, hta love, Lit ml." th* v. s. a?i? VttXuMT. The Navy Department Lave positive Informi Hon of the aafety of the U. 8. ship Vermont through the Aroostook and Saion. both of which ateamers recently left her (on conaecutlve days) Setting along comfortably towards her destlna natIon?Port Royal?which ahe haa doabtleas r ached by thla time. ftraeto* aTVtit. Dr. Stuart, who ao worthily tiled the post of brigade surgeon to the command of the late 1'ro oxt Marshal, Brig Gen Andrew Porter, we are happy to learn, contlnura Id tbe umc position to tbe command of Brig. Gen. Wadaworth, now Military Governor of thl* elty. APPOT^TMKNT* op military GOV RR XOR * . Gen. Montgomery has l*en appointed Military Governor of Annapolis and leaves to-morrow for tbla new post. C?l. Van Anubnrg, of tbe New York '2id, will take hit place &a Governor of Alexandria. DEAD. The veteran Captain Uriah P. Levy, U J*. N , died a dav or two nine*, at )ili rMidt-nr? in v_u> York city. * Island No. 10?Wtdtutd*Fight?Tteo R*bti Bv*boa:s Sunk?Four mort tUl'ooj>td A Fort Stlmetd.?A writer on one of the gunboats says: The Mound City and mortals have teen throw. Ing shot and abell all night, and during the morning at long Intervals. The Mound City has a good ranee, and la near the Missouri there In an eddy, where ahe la comparatively motionless sarly all ber ahot tell on the upper Kentucky Lore fort. No response from the enemy aince early last night. The flring beard here v**terday morning and the nltht before wss canard by tb<> attempt of rebel gunboeU to paaa l'olnt I'leasant. There were alx of them: two of tb*m were mink 11..1 tbe balance got by. Additional gniia have lx?eu planted at Point Pleaaant, so a* to prevent their running bark, and the rrlwi fort occupied and manned by Gen. Pope at New Madrid will pre veat tbelr coming further up. They are between two fire* and can do no barm. Gen Pope ha? euttclerit force to co-operate with tbe gunboat* and tbe rebel* In tbe rear on tbe Kentucky whore, but ha* no transport* to croa? the river In. Although thla point l<t known aa Inland No. 10, nlne-tentba of the rebel force and their guna are on the Kentucky ahore. The damage done the gunboat* In tbe engage meat on Monday I* of no conaequenee, or Apeak lng la military phra*e, "de?U woundt " FinviiL ?The New York Putt of ^jtnrd.iy aava: Governmenta are ?rm and rather l**tter uu the Registered ntieaof which if frr-rly taken at M. The Coupon* are quoted at !?ta?tThe 7 30 Treasury note* h.?v?? told at \ p-r c+ul. premium for tbouaamta and % for antali note*. liold la dull at 191 *. Tic vreakneaa tn ((old La ftooaewhat of a pnzzie to tbe old hankers ut the street, several of wrboiu look for a derided ad vance *oon- ThU. of courae, must depend upon tbe tlrtnand for eiport and tbe re*nwp<l?n i f l>n?1n?-#s with tbe southern porta. The opinio* it very general thai uo rouiia?oi>u <h southern prodiveta ?UI kf released before June or July; and In the meantime our exp >rts of pro duce will prove lanufllrlent to pay for our In creasing imports Fiom Knt RotiI.? Mtrimrmtt T.wnfJi Sa i jkjmA? Fmtl Pulmiki Fully /*?!??<?A carret, f.ondent of tUe ttiUtmore American write* hcsa Port Royal. H. C., March liih at follow*: A large quantity of betvy aie?e and mor tars, ana shells and ammunition Lave been shipped frvm M iltoa Head la Tyuv Isiind vriUiln the pt^t Uw day*. We may riper: warm work la a snort time Ou Thursday, March 13th, Commo dore Tattnall stWmpted to pass the batteries on tflrd'a l?Uad and Jones' Island with a large fteft rontalalag soppilea of wood and water (or Port Fulaakl, but ha was driven bark. It la only a question of time aa to the surrender of Fort f?u laaai. it cannot hold oat much laager. H7" From the publishers Tlcknor * Field* and from Shilling ton Odeoa Building we have early copies of the Atlantic Monthly for April, contain ing articles by Emerson, Lowell, Prof Agasslz. Mrs. Stowe, Bayard Taylor and other authors of reputation. O^The Baltimore and Ohio Rail-road waa to day opened through for the carriage of paaaengcrs and freight. \?T Job* C. Hfaw, the "Bentcla Boy,"Mlled for Liverpool on S*ttr4a^ The gnat brataer'a Journey la set a profcaalonal one connected with the P R ., bat for the purpose, II la aald, of ra rrlvlig a large legacy recently left to hlaa la Ire land. If-r The City of Washington, for Liverpool from Now York on Saturday, took out la apecle, 'ho Haiamonla, for Mouthoaptoa, anklag a latai of 970ft,MP LATE NEWS BY TELEQRA1MI. FORT MACON A BAN DON ID BY THE RIB ELS TI1F.Y TRY TO BLOW IT UP. THKY HI'RN TUF. PIRATF. SHIP NASII VII.LK, AND RUN THF.IR FORCF. OFF TO TIIF SOUTH. 9 [Special Telegram to The Star) Bai.timork, Marrh 24,(Fcrtrean Monroe, Wtrrh ?! ) ? IVathmetQH Star : A ties met ha* Jivu ar rived from UaUeraa, bringing tbe gratifying In* telilgenre of tUe first frnlta of ib? recent tattle M Newtern. i uai victory piaceti tien curniiur rorre .11 tbe r?r of Fort Macon, tbe defence of tli?? en trance at Reaufort, tbe cbanntl for our fl?-et to Beaufort, Wilmington and Charleston by thr re* . It Ift on? of the atron?P?l cacuated fortlficationa on the wLole coaat, so far aa an attack from tl.e *ea side Is concarued The rebel troops In It anticipating an attai k from Uurnalde's army, wblch waa preparing at Newbern to pay tbeir re*pecta to It, took time i.y the forelock?burned thepirate>ltamrt Naalivil e which was lying at anchor under the prot'cllon of Ua guns, blew up the fort's magazine, d 4 abled and destroyed all Ita guni, Ac. they cor I not carry off in their ptnlc, and made a rk.n evacuation of it; running away South,aa tboupli Old Nick wai after them, and close on their her is at that. As the fort la ctftemated, and otherwiae a v- ry strong built one, It it not l.Plievrd here tLat lb- y have been able to do auy considerable damagr !o the work. IMPORTANT FROM WI.ICHKSTKR. A V other Snvday lint tie?(Jovfe<l*ratr.v r Gen. J.iekran Totally Defeated?Feilei / J.oss One llnn.ltfi tin.l Irtfiv Killetl at.! Wovnded?Confederate Lo<i Om ll?,< dred Killed, 'I'va Hundred Wounded. Teiefnptlc diipitrbra received b*re Wlncbnter, aMea ?iiiu<ijy nlzbt at half-pjkt l>) t> clock, wys a slight ?kimaUb crrurred Pa turd y afternroa, aoont a miie and a-baif from Wlwb? *. trr, on tk? Pl.-asourg road, between portion* < f Gen Shield*1 troops a;iti the r*bel cavalry w ii* tour pieces of artillery. The enemy retreated with 1?*-* ft* ( 011 t? o r giiM opened fire upon them. One man w.s tilled on cnr nlde^nd Gen. Shield* ?ufltrnl a slight injury In the left arm, above the elbow, from the tragment of a shell which burat near him. A pnaoner brought In ?ays that the were nnder the lmprexalon that our troopa h d left Winrheater, and Jarkaon'a force* were o.i the road from Stramburg, under the aame Im pression. Wischestsr, March 23,10 p. in?We have thla day achieved a great victory over the com bined forces of the Rebels Jackson, Smith anu I/oncstreet. The battle waa fought to-day,within four ml lea of thla olace. It rawed from hair 10 'dock this (Sunday) morning until dirk The enemy's strength was about lj,UGO,wbllat our troop* engaged did not number over h.OOo. <? r loss In killed and wounded Is not ascertained, but Is quite heavy. The enemy's loan Is at least double that or nnr*. We have captured a lvp.e number of prison*"*, some of tbelr field pieces, and tbe ground in ev< i / direction is strewn with the arms they hsve thrown away In tbelr flight Our cavalry are still In pursuit of tbe retreating enemy. Full partlculara cannot be accnr?f.-ii/ ascertained until daylight. The Ltttit frsni the Battle Field. WiNCHKsxKt, March 23 ?1 have just come in from the very front of the battle field?three mi Ira out. We have had a complete victory over the combined forces of the enamy. We have cap tured two puna and caisson*. The Ioks of the enemy is at leaat one hundred killed and two hundred wounded. Our low i. Urge, out aces not exceed one hundred and fifty killed and wounded. Our men fought well, and have brought In a lame number of muskets. I'ria the Ttai??r? River. St. i.ovi?, March 21.?The Savannah (Tenn ) correspondent of the Democrat, under date of the 17th, say*: " No move haa yet been made by our army here. A aecoud Hood in the Tt-nneaaee river and It* tributaries la prevailing. The Information In regard to the enemy la still quite meagre. His main force la auppoaed to be at Corinth. Mlaa , where it la probable be will be able to concen trate about r*o,MN> troop*. Our force moatly re mala* on l>oard of the tranaport*. Gen. Grant baa bf?*n rrlnatated In the command of thta ex pedition, and here to-day. It la not like ly that any actlfFoperatlona will take place befe abouta for aeveral dayt." Lauit !Yewa fram Earape Important Dthntt i* Parliament ontkr A mm cm Blorkadt?Yiturs /the l.onilon Press, (ff.. The ttramablp America, arrived at Halifax, bring* later and Interesting foreign news In tbe nrltlali Home <>t Commons, on tb<? 7(li ln*l., Mr. Gregory raited up bit motion of Inquiry as In tb<> Ineatctenry of tbe American blockade Tim Solicitor General of tbe Government, In a pcerii that was lordly applauded from all parti of tbe lloiue, defended tbe ettrlemy ?>f tl:e blockade, and Mr. iirej?nry'* motion wat ron tcruptnouily rejected without u division. Tbearre-<tof tbe Lieutenant Of tbe privateer Sumvr inti 01 Mr. TUomp?r>n, late l,'niu?1*>? ronan' at t'adl*. 1* and It lola'.ed thai IL^V ww> plarnl In ttor rnntedy of tb?? rniu*<1 Sut<?s naval a>iih??rttl^? It L?? aim been ttiu>d in th* ftrltlab llou*> of r.wninons that tbry were Hiiiivqnr-ntly rf-Uaa^J TUe Slimier Mill laid at Gibraltar watrhrd by tL* Tnacarora T|,? a?n*ral rnmBiowl ?l ?-* 1 4 B ui ? " ?? ? ? * II' ?f I* II IIUI I IIIIHiriJ ||l Tbe steamablp City of Haiti more arrived c.U Holyhead on tLe ~tb Instant. The Kdinbnrg and Jura hart arrived nut The steamer Annie Shields baa arrived at i^ueenaU.wn, havinp run lb* blockade oil' IV I mtti^lon. Nwrtb Carolina, with a car wo of rnsir. cotton and tobacco She bat on boardtbe crew or the American ablp Kitty Carrie*. abandoned at aea on tbe ViJot l-ebnurv In a atoalog rondltion. Tbe l.oudon Timet La* an an editorial to ab?.w that tbe present pba*e of tbe Amerlran war-ex hibit! al in ply a routed fur tbe border Stare*. ?.' MYtibattbr federal* will aiinpiy ^3vean<*r?e?t?;1, In tbe lentb month oI id* war, In plarinf tteru Hv#* wliKf everybody e*perfed lo ?ee tbeni ad It* liPpinulng. Xbey will aland upon a Troiaitl ' l ??>' * i?w ??)-? ? < (brt> manfP, aiiTl 1 will be called upon lo rcnuiienre ttf work of aubjugatlng an eMoimciia territory Inhabited i<y , a toatlir and exasperated population The Dally Newa regarda the Fiirrfsenrtw IVa. n#--pe a* of Immense importance, and predlrU now tbat the North Sa or?* slied and on tbe move, St wlii continue to ahnw Ita "iperlorlty over t?,#? , ^ i 1 *v- it: j ? -- ivuiB,ii?t unpi iur ifiuiDfioniiirrncr* are invincible It baa act tbe slightest donut that tbe next tbree men lbs wiil ebow rainy mnr-> capitulations. Tbe Array and Nary fitzett? sn?pe>-u lb* strength ?f tbe sculbera armtee In Vlrgim::, v.*hen It finds teem ?o cai'.iy dl pot^d of in Tea nfiMf, The Herald runpialnt of the late Mr. Gregory's motion in tbe Commons, aa abowing tbat l.nt' iand baa no rule of conduct, no principle? of policy beyond tbe dirt a tee of aelf-lntereat. Tnt G*lf Monram Furr.-We are much mlwtaken, if we do not hear the atlrrtng newa itoiii uommoaore rorter, ore lone, it some Im portant point on th* Gulf. As alreadyannounced. Bis flotilla left Key West on the 5th Instant, bound W?t. By this time, therefore, the? have reached their destination, wherever It may be. It Is quits probable that the Xew Orleans people have, In some way, made the Commodore's acquaintance. The eiteat or stre ?*th of their defences has wvr been clearly ascertained, but Ccmmodore Port' Is Just the sort of man to hunt up that sort of knowledge, Irrespective of the dffltoulttea that may be Tn the way. Prisoners, recently taken near the Mississippi Passes, stste thai the mo?t formidable obstruction placed acres* the Mlssi< sippl by the rebels to prevest the passage of tbi Federal men-of-war is an Immeese raff of log*, containing eighty thousand to snared to the buki of the rWer on either Bid'' by heavy chaiae, which are dropped down when cay of the Confederate* cteemera dm. Tbia for midable obetructloa U c&mmanded by a strong tottery, but atroag Indeed mutt It be toreatat the force which woo will, If Mi already, brought agala?t It.-JT. Y. Ezprut. LATE NEWS FROM THE MITtH. Tfjf Dan* Going Writ?TAr Battle of Pra ttxilce?Southern Account*?Urn*. Mc~ CnUoch anil Mclntoik KtUnl. f Prom the Mernptala Appeal, oftbe l*tb 1 RicHMoxn, March 14.- Editor? Appeal- I'real drnt Davta la coming Wctt^oob' Rally, every body to hla atandnrd' D M.Cvkttn, J. I>. C. Atki!*?. TH* 0? ! Font Smith, Mareb 9.?Our troops under Gen*. Van Dorn, Price and MoCnllocb, engaged tbe fii'my for three daya, tbe 5th, Otb and 7th, at IVrry'a Ridge' In Benton county, IbiaPiale, near the Mlaennrl line. The fighting waa tbe moat desperate on record. ! Onr loas waa Immenae; tbat of tbeeiH>nriy un known. Gena MeCnUocb and Mrlntoah were botb killed on tbeTtb mat. Gen. Stark waa mor tallv wounded Gen. Price was aliuhtiv wnnn.Uii I tut be arm Col. McCrea reported killed. Col. Simaallgbtly wounded In the arm. Our fort** are now lu the rmr of the enemy. aril driving ihem aonthward. 'l'bey arc whipped beyond a doubt ere tbl?. We are etpectlnp later Intelligence every moment. On Mc.Cnllocb (ell while leading bla com mand to a charge. The bodle* of lien* Mrlntosh and McCullocb will arrive thla evening. OscioL*. I, AT Fa FROM FORT SMITH. Font Smith, March !?.?I'p to the present mo meni nothing further bas beard from the fight, which Is still raging. It seems that our army have rotten to the rear of the enemy, and, It la reported, are driving tbem southward. The following, from the quartermaster at thla place, baa beta published : * Ko*t dmitu, March ? ?The brave General McCulloob Is no longer on earth. He fell wbi'.st bravely fighting at the head of his division. In a hardly contested battle with the enemy near Cross Hollows, on the 7th Inst. His lemains will be Interred with military honors on Mondavatl'2 o'clock. The officers and troops of the command ttilll vi/^l/l I- -? *- - " * "i?t uuiu lucuikcivri in rramnws to perform ib it melancholy duty. OlM'i of this command will report in person at the adj Kant's office, at nine o'clock. Sojourning officer! of tbe army are in vited to participate. Officera and soldiers of tb? battle of Oak Hill are Invited to participate, alao the command of General Pearce Tbe invitation la likewise extended to all citizens to unite In tbe procession. All colors and flag* will be at half inist and draped In mourning. Officers will wear tbe uhiiiil badge of mourning. Geo. W. Clabkk, Major Commanding Post. amlittosal particulars. port smith. m*rnh 11 ?buwa..* da?? ? | VHJ/l . MIVsAtrty I* I arrived here yesterday In charge of tbe ammu nition wagons. He brine* with him official and som* very Interesting details of the battle between our forrca and tb* enemy at Klkhorn, four miles from tbe Missouri Hue. (.'apt Rogers says tbe lighting was terrible A larger portion of our troops beliig armed with the common hunting rtttes and shot guns, charged tbe fiicmy time and again, clubbing tbelr guns and driving tbe enemy, wbo were armed with tbe li->st of guns, from their llrst position. Tbe enemy gained a much stroncer Position, wben. fioin the exhausted stale of our troops, they fell lock. Geu. Mc.Culloch's division having lost no many of their officers, l?en. Van Dorn, fearful lLat they might become disorganized, deemed It advisable to withdraw, which he did In splendid order. The next day he attacked the enemy In their sec ond position, and while the lighting was going on withdrew bis whole army. Gen. Van Dorn says he Is not whipped, and cannot be, with the reinforcements which he shall receive and by giving his troops a few days rest. He says he will drive them back to their starting place. ?> HP K -? *?i ?' ? ?? * ? - miuurawai ?i sw ?arge an army in suc.b line order, after losing to many valuable outers, it looked upon aa one of tbe most brilliant acta of tbe present war. When It lierame known to tbe troopt ttat Gen. McCnltorb waa killed, tliey were frauilc with rage, and bin command fought like rtpiwni, charging at times,and putting to flight five timet tbelr number. Oen. M> lutotb fell at'tbe bead nf bit command early In tbe action; aUo fJen Herbert. I'rlce received a tUau wound in tlie arm the fiiat day of the flglst <ien. Slack, of tbe Mia*oud army, rerelved a mortal wound. There were a ^rrai many ottWri of lower nmd^t lira nun wonudtil, and it will he *?-vftal ?1a^ y?'t before an exact list of the kl]f?d and wounded ran be got at. Our 1o?h In round numbera la eallmated at two thousand killed and wounded.' Our train la now at Stlrkrr*. on Hoaton Moun tain, out of reach of the army, and will be up ?oon. Singular Advrnterr* of a Banc Bill.?A ten dollar bill of Ihe Old Colonv, Plyinoutb, waa brought to th*a city, on Saturday last, aa a curioalty. The bill while In the handa of a per son In Brldgewater, wa?aei7/"d by a dog, chewed and awnllowed before it could be raacued from him. The animal waa at once killed, and the mangled piroti uf lUc urn act uird. The ninrir juice had arted aomewhaton the edeea, destroying them, but they were very neatly paated together, to as to paia current. "The bill recovered of the uhp; me aog, it waa, that dl<-d.'? Boston Tran script. NO TICK ? Merehaiit'a Ban*, Trenton. N. LL5 J ? CIiijU.ii L'aak. >14 , aud Hoone ocur.t j Hank, lod ai'i 'ihouraiuia of dollars have fe?-n raved the puMio Ly ca;e iu tl.e siiotationa of the J\niioMat /{ami Note H-poritr. The above oon cerua wrra never quote:! as eoan<1 currency is ita o'lumna. The Reporter la paMia*ted monthly l.y FF.L1) ft LAR K. 1'ittnhurc. I'a , at one dollar a year. INo aiueie c.?aie? Bold. Sntiaoriationa re ceived t.y COrTHKLP * KKHRLND, 3*0 :th treat. It' SMITHSONIAN LKCTU K KS.-I'iof. KctiBBA Will IfOtlire on MIlNOAV m.l orr. vv KJ>INK?DA V EVENINGS, March 24th ?d , ttth. ou the ''Blaciera " Admittance free. L*o turea commence a* 8 p m. inh 33 ft nre^LAUIvy festival and fair for , 1LJ* ret>mi< ing the First iiaptiat Church, at ! Pa-ker'a Hal ,(Young Men a Christian Amoca tion,)commenaiiif Monday, Marnh 2<th, to oontn ue a wesk or tnore. Seaa >n ticMBi&flo.-nt*; ainjie ' aduiiarion lo centa. Refreahmenta of every ki-d, fanoy and uaefol articlaa, muaioal anu other at'rac- . tionr. The heat piaca to paaa a pleaaant evennj | and apand money in a good oautc. mh 22-1 w? (Y^? OFFICE OF JOINT COMMISSION 119 united states and COSTA RICA, ( WasniKGToN, Maroh 12.1862 ? At a meeting ol the Hoard held Una day it was ordered that the period of two months from thiadate la hereby allowed for claunanta to tile their proofa agamat the Repulhn . of Coata Kioa, and no exteoaion of said period will bA AlInVMil a--* ' usiiec snail l*fl SUUVOror iiclitlelftf. Hill M 2m CHAH. W. ttwii*. ?<ac. t KVKKV (INK'S I NTKK HiT?TO THE I Uj# < ITir.KNB, STKANUKKS, Aftb SOL 1>1 hHS .'-I have nut r<?< eiv<xl a ver# larr? and ( line atioiniiMut of Opting Clutlunr. wln-Ti I am ' ort?im?. at our u?nal low prioen, at No. ??; f?v ureet. op?<?ita Poat (tfflw. naar K. fa Y) :>hi ? WW*1HK UNION I'KAYKK M KKTINb Will 1 IkS l>? huitlen avtfri day Una week in the hith?r aJTburoh, i K?v. J. 6. lltflier'f,) at tho corier of IIUi ai>?J H mtrMU, f?iiiin?auiii| at 4H w'uiovk f in., f aixl oo(jUDu*I I.hi ui 6 Uuur. ia ti> I/OR HAI.K-A aairol HiiBava < , ?? BUM I" H AH NI>S, BUi'.abiM lor mlltr ur light oxpiet* buameaa, in t'-od order. I^iurt jmB *:? l.oumaoaaveniie.near 9thatieet,oppo-^*^ ite Central ttuatd Houae- inli ii 21 K,M>K HALE-A l>?auii(u' while MEXICO l'??nv. perfect!* ?ouc?1 and suitable for a la?f or tentieinaii. a? he ii>?P verj ea*T lie will l>e a-ld ?erf cheap. K""1 the pailiea ilea: re to leave the oity. Apply >0 KICHAKII U0TLKK.4WI Niblli ?t. mhS< fcf A TAKE NOTICE! l^. lioja. from the a?a ol luycara up,can now l>e tiHed out W.lh t&?td and VOU'-HII) at HaH i BKO/S Fashionable Ololhia* Eatab tahiuent. nib 74 liu* Corner K. ar<1 reveuih 10,000 " R 1 c 5 u SASTI. WlNDOW tiyniuinor>n???>"? 1% r it*\ itl r?B?Wirt 1 WINDOW WU.? Voraalail tlis Inlirmarv liuitdicf. lmuira all STT Firit .WMlaamt, between B i)i>li4 If 1. R. W I KHUINa. {MIAl. Ai KKUUCKD PRICES! In ord?r to nutM>r BTAaent fct>>ok, wa will iMitar Coal ia of tin* oity at t?.50 vo? 9.000 ?b< Any ovfera a tlraata4 H** 1 j i will rtestv* ptumpt attention. ran it* tf j. L\N?uON A (-?> |?"""! mN<?? PIANOS FOR WALK ANl? TO KKN't1 _i week itooivwi acam a i?*i? ? ? naroa irom th? oeleb a tea ficWy of VVi? Kmbe ft Co., Baltimore, whieh I will tJ|i or rent on ver? moderate tenne it mi ' No. 490 lltli street, Above Fa. * venue. At loleone for aaie or rent* mh R. J. H. a 0 H K N C K. 1 Thia celebrated ehyaieian, who haa von iUk . high repntauon by hie eminently acooemim trmit ment ofConaaiaption, that terrible diMOae which Wedneid*y,the26thinitAnt,et hiaro< Eigtitli street a few door* above Penn, avenue. aexaanne patienta. Hia long pracfioe, widea to l thorough knowledge. and the aerfeotnma of tha init r u men t vbtoh he inak ea nee of in tha ? UOB ol the lunge, enab e his to detect the avmatorna of diaeaaa. Hie 'Pulrronio , 'eed Tonia "and "Mandrake PiJiaJ Widely celebrated for diteaaaa of the Kansas: riss SBJ? H? sswa tionto ma. bee idea being of benefit fn MntiadVi'r othara who may be aotfennr Irom aimilar diaeaVL ?t>ertoi>a who wooU like to ba oured. tint w tuT?7l doontful of hie abili*; toonre thme are H7"S B. W a l i b, corner Lnuaiana a???..* f? m X^.noy'. flRNIRAL ORDERS* * *. Hta,l</natttT* Military District *f XVaiktHgten. I Washington, Match ' &), ihU. \ 1. TLp geographical limits of thla Military District are at prevent defined a* follow* TLe District of Columbia, the city of Alexandria, the defensive works amilh of the Potomac, from '?>? On oqnan to TMttcultCr.wk, tad tLe pott of Foit

Washington. 2 Commanders of Brigade*, of Regiment* not yet brigaded, and of Independent Battalion* or Companies serving In this Dlatrlct, will *?nd to tbeae Headquarter* every Friday a consolidated morning report of tlielr naper.tlve command* for tbat day. :i All oiden luued from tbe Headquarter* ol tbe Army of tbe Potomac for tke maintenance of s-n? .uurr ana loiiiury atscipune among the troops, and the existing regnlatlons In regard to l'??v?, foilough*, Ac., continue In full force until o?herwlae dlreei^d. 4. Commanders of troopa arriving In or leav ing tbl.s District will furnish to theae Ueadquar tera a Held return of their commands. 5. Major William K. Doster, of the Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry, la appointed Provost Mar shal of the city of Washington, and will be olx?yed and respected accordingly. By order of Brig. Gen. Wadsworth: Thko. Talbot, Asst. Adj't General. John A. Kress, Alde-de-Camp. vi uugaurn, oi llfgl* ments not yet brigaded, and of Independent Battalion* or Companies within the above lim its, will rep >rt immediately at these Headquar ter* the (tation and commanding officers of ibeli commands, without further notice. Nineteenth street, corner of 1. Headquartera Military District of Washington, Washington, D. C., March 24, 196*2. mar '24-d3t TRAIN'S UNION SPEECHES! TRAIN'S UNION SPEECHES! TRAIN'S UNION SPEECHES: TRAIN'S UNION SPEECHES ! TRAIN'S UNIOn SPEECHES, delivered in Enclftod DURINW IHK PRESENT AMERICAN WAR BY GEORGE FRANCIS TRAIN, Of Boa'on. Unit?J St&tea. Containing Twenty-fi?e Speeohea in all. WIVH A MEDALLION LIKENESS OF GC.OR6E FRANCIS TRAIN. Complete in one Inrce oot&vo volume, printed ia the beatfljle. Pi ice 25 eentea 0<?of?ft'e by JMHN C. PAKKKR, New? Ajent Penodic&l Dealer, room 17, Robbina Hutldinc, oppuaite PoatOAoe, WaainurioD. 1).C. mh 24-21* H r-uK ?-nut,-A ioi 01 goua UKii'h l'ir aa'e&t the Infirmary very cheap Tar oaali. Inquire tt the out wiDg of the Infirmary. mh a 3t? W. ? HMMONS, ANDSOME UOODS, openin* Una day in rich and atyliah fabrics. Ladtee' and Miuei' HOOP SKIRTS, a laflpe a*H<>rtinent, in all the t>est ktylea and make*, a low pncea, at J W. COLLEY'B, mh 22 tt .Via Seventh at, above Pa. Pl'RINB WRAPPIN6S I IS FOR THE LADIES! I? Plain Cloth Sack* and Circulars, black and Stripe Shawle. j ubi reoeiveu ana wtii t?e aold at tl>e loweat culi P'ioas. J. W. COLLKV. iqh 21 bt ft'i.T Seventh >t, ahove Pa. av. HOYSTfcas-UYsTtws: OTHL8. Restaurant* and K'.vate Famtlie* oan be supplied dai;y withOYSTKRS freali from the abell, dry meanure, ai-.ij at tne lowest price. I'teue s've na a call. AYRfcS A. CO.. No.'iOi N11<Lit Bt., l*H?een DauciAv. 1(7 Oysters of the l?ent qualit) apicei to or-ler. Ulfc 22 ASHiNOTMN HOOP J*KIKT FACTORY ! \V A N T KIH N~M RIM ATK1.Y, kio riiiiiiioi w i?? i>iiiiir.n T.? maiaitacture Hoop Hkirtt. A a*raor? can make, in a short time, from touk to hvf. jwi.lahs rh:r wrek. litMune. lor further partieulara, comer of r^inili n?i ami l> aumu, third tloor, up ataira. mh it 21 yy f. IIAVE JUST KBCF1VKD.A LAR6K and #. known as tne boat now inanufaotuird,* assortment of Haven, ilrtcoo A ro.'i, au?l Sieii.way A icon's piano I OK'l>5, m Inch we are ottering at th? lomt iaotur* prloea. Persona in search ot * re'iat.le p<au? are requeated to call and examir* Aleo, one geoond hand Piaso fur ffi) and od? for $&. At the Music Moie of inha W.G.M KTZKKOTT. Itf II U I-' i< n n a i <: M t n '' '> " '> 11 IYI w ? vr vr w 1 v *? K 1/ X# V V/ kJ a % NKW~~81LK8 AND BEAUTIFUL SPRING FABRICS Having me* uoli splendid iuomii in their ??ai>uuianu to n?. the inign^M of the large Hi Ik (louse in New York hare rnnoludeu tooon t'nae their Mies here for One Montk longer, ami have ?ent forward Serfral I.arg? Invoicn of NEW HII.KS AND NEW SP41NU FA It K ICS in beautiful textures and designs, all of whku ar? new ready for exhibition an* sale at our store. The ?rico at wh oh the (;o3ds are ordered to he - -i, > in imur uui more wan uity cer ts on the dollar oi the original oust ol importa tion A apiendid opportunity it now offered to tha ladies of Washington and v.cinitr,to buy chcio# ind seaionatle goods at about half priee. ?; LAttfclla M?V. mb 22 It if 334 Pa. ave? bet 9th aod nth sis. WCOAL OIL LAMI'd E Arc now opening an<l shall keep constantly on hand a go?>d snp?l? of Table, Hanging and Side LAMPS, OHLUNEYS, PAPER SHADES, WICKS; also C111NA and GLASS WARE vhich we offer to the merchants of Washington ind Georgetown at the lowest Eastern srioei. noping uiay win kits us a call. Also, Ooal 'Oil of the bast brand*, by the barrel,(warranted.) at Bal timore price a. , Also, orders taken for Western Glaaa Ware. Samples and pnoea can be aeen at our new store. No 476 Seventh street, oppoaitethe Post Oflioe, Washington, l). C. mil l?-fw * HENRY BAYLKV A CO. POAL U AT 96.40 FOR 9.000 LBS. At Ya*d N?a* B. asd O. Depot. mh 15 tf J. I.ANGDOM A CO. MRS. EATON, Ifl Fa*iitonabi.* Pr??smaish, Has removed from 4*4 Tenth street to 469 1 itreet. between 8th and 9th. south aide. R. T. Tay or'a ilresscuttiDg rule by Mrs. b. mti ll-lm* MOAL OIL ?0 CTS., KEROSENE OIL U0 U CTS., HKR GALLON. A I? I? - ? * ni^vi uiirucn iur Lanipi, WHICH HO ihtnineja. Alao, large variety of l.imMi 4o., at rery low inoM at MOOKK'di Weat Knd Drug Stores 113 Penn. avMiue. ICTA large Mil general (took l)ruga. Medictnea, to., al ways freuli and pure at above pla.e. nil U 2W SPRING ORKSS ?OOD3.-Manr new a?d ~ choice t hi nr.* Alao.our usuall full atock orall kinda or Foreign .nd llonieatio Dry tfooda, for the current wanta of aMiiliee and houaeke??era. ual c* k vai*< nili 1 tr PERKY A. UKO Pa. av. and Ninth atraet. J?uca rf niii^imUt HK New I'men (i&meof t eceMion,nr SketcliM I the KelielUuu; iu?tthe tiling for the fauiily otr le. or in aeud '??(lid Union ru diar. I'uMiahed by Ullft P. CHARLTON, Philadelphia. and for net* JOS KHILLINtiTON. mh 19 eiain lit. 4ml Pa. atenue. INTERLST1N*! FOR T11K COMMUNITY L AT LA Ken. Wa arc tuv rtotiviDi RKADY-MADK il.oTUINii ( the latent rteeiuui tliree tunas a reek from our tuauu'iMtarinf aetaMiehment iot la. tmiore,which we offer atattoniahiuc low ertcea. BAR i BKU.. mh12 1in* corner K and tth atraafa. r3,"'"BASURvNolK!b.8.i.dN1?.. Doutht anil aolil l>v " ttlTTKNHOUftF., tan7 h CO., Bank* , Ha* l'ennlj'vania av. inh lit lw Unt?l>Kfpo?>r) Kt.KVKNTH 8TRKKT. 2()T "ju?t r*o?lv*l a freali lot t?f tin WaKjO, VOODKN wakk, WILI.OW wakr, ami* *rovKS. c.iUl, on. i.amps. *o . at VT """"""'WSitKIRVINS. WMlikiitton rtu>v* Oep?t. 'JC7 H?niwylv>ni> INTKIWj' ??? - - inh II7ANT rwWcnce, rVKK*MOu?Th^?!th - L *jp.?y*n ?.?* &I otter or personal Iy. t<> R. P. I^VlAN.^p. 17 KriB treat, Ueorjelowu, li. 0. fe *. -iawlirr^l SIAWAT11A BOYS IN THE F1KLD A%<INTT > members of the HIAWATHA CLUB IdUm I f J See fr tire advertueante. wkn-iliPi Thk Cowtwrth^^ritofortttUAjof between j*Vwlr. Puit and T*o*a.s D. Daambh. hu s.v'^raffeSri^ fiWiSlf MHM1F. HKRRY. *ao?m ir od *u3H5 ?t ?*?, * ?tf ^ Sgy'aM fiflSjB!? TIIR GRKAT 44A MER If All KKMKHl CIM Known aa HELM HOLD'S GENUIME PREPARATIONS, viz: hkl.mbollfs extract "buchu," " M sarsaparilla ? improved rose wash. Hhl.MHOI.l) > GENUINE PREPARATION. "HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU A Positive ?nd Sp*o Ke?#dy For Piaeuea of the BLADDER. KID.MKY8, ttRAYEL.tsd DROPSICAL DWELLINGS. Tku Mediome laorMNi the power of D:ca tion. and rititH the AB90RUKNTi> into heal thy Mtion, by which the WATERY OR CAL CA1KOU8 demolition*, ud Ml UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS ne reduced, u well M PAIN AND INFLAMMATION. and it good for MEN, WOMEN, < R CMILDREN. HBLMEOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV, For WMkB?o?i Anting from Fxmmm, Habits of DiMipation, Early Indiecretmn or Ab??i, Atttwil'd milk tktSymptom- ? * fndispotition to Exertion. Lot* ot Piwcr, Wtt of NfMBOif, of Rreathinc. eakN*nr?e. Trembling. Horror of Pieeaee, Wtktfu tew. Dinnitiof Vition, Pain in the Back. Universal Laititude of the Mnteelar t*Titem. Hot Hanrlt, Flathinc of the Body, Dnnest ot the Skin, Kriytioni on the Pace, PALLID COUNTENANCE. Theeeeyaptomt. ifallowd to co on. which this mediome invariably removes, eoon iollowt IMPOTENCY, FATUITY EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of vhieh the patient mar expire. Who cin ear that they are not freqatnUy f?l lnBnll?il.?M?miiririii *>? """ .Vwv? vt i/mpr vu uicd > roc, "INSANITY AND CONSUMPION." Many are mr? of the oau?e of their aaff, rm?, BI T NONE WILL TJONPESS. THE RECORDS OP THE INSANE ASY LUMS. Anitkt M*lamch$ly D**lk* by Centumfon, BVAB AMFLK WITNB88 TO TKI TBC1I1 OF THIS WHMM THE CONSTITUTION ONCK AFPECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Requires the aid ol medicine to atreacthen and Invi*ora'e the Syttem. Which HSLMBOLD'S EXTRACTBUCHO in variably do**. A. TBUL WILLCON^KCB THE MO<T 8 KIPT10AL. FEMALES? FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OK VOIMtt, SINGLE. MARRIKI) OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In many Afftrliom ptrmhar to Ftmalt?, the Extraot Wwhu ia ant?u?lleJ by any remedy, ai in Chant or Retention. IrreculantT. P* itfalneaa or Su?pree?ioa of Caatomary * vacu sviuua. nueiti >o nr ocir rnoui Kate or tlie I Urni, Le?oorrh<r& or Whit*?. Sterility, and lor all complaint! incident to tn* ? *. whatner arming from IndiacrctioB, Habits or Di?*ipatioD, or m lb* DECL1NK OH CHANGE OF LIFE. S*l?TMPTrtM? ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD Bl* WITHOUT IT ! Ta kb no Hulk IUt =? v. M itffB v.op. ANT MBtitriNE* Vol CI?pi.ea?ANT and IIAlko BRot'4 IUSBASB* lIRlMr.OI.D'S EXTRACT BVCHU r(Bt> SECRET DISEASES In all tit Air StacM. At ituia K?p#n?a. I .iUIm or n>i olitut* in Tl.?i W.? ? And no t 'roam, It cunts a frequent deai'eand elfeniUi to Criri&td, Hieialjy reiTioviQC ? I'r?v6bl.ii( a&U ('urine StrioturM of the lliethra. A'lajinf ** '" *nJ Ibtltrnrnatton. e? frequent in tlieclaaaol iIuhin. ad * xpelini futntut, D.uanrt and worm out Matter. THOUSAND* UPOS THOC?MCDS WHO HAVE BEKH +HK VICTIMS OF QUACK *, and who havetaid hiavt rt:?to be cured in & abort tune. have found tbey were deceived, and Ibat tbe'TOIi*ON" baa. bv the uaeof rowarn i?Tl!SiiHT?i" Men dried np in the ayaiera, to break oat in an accravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. U?x Hklmbjlb'* Fxt*act Bivm for ait elec tion* and diaeaeee of me URINARY ORGANS, Whetuer exietiwc in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever canae originating, and no matter o| HOW LONG STANDING. Diaeaiea of tfieae Organa require the aid of a DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE fiRVAT nnrnripi/. ? ..WML* A/i V UCi/l j And is certain to nava me desired effect it all Diseases FOE WHICR IT IS RECOMMENDED. BLOOD!BLOOD' BLOOD! Helmbold't Highly Conantrat:d Compound FLUID EXTRACT 6ARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. This is ie an affection of the blood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS. LININGS OF THE NOSE, EARS, THROAT. WiNUriPE AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES. ' Making its appearanoe in the form of ULCLRS. Helm bo Id's Extract Sarsaparilla, Purifies the Dlood, and removee all Soaly Erup tions of the Skin, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It beinc prepared expressly for this e'aes rf com plaints, its Blocd Purifying Properties are pre served to a greater extent than any other prepara lion of Sarsapaniia. ir r f /?>/?? " n r.i. .u r>ui- i? a kuse WASH, An eiealient Lottos for Diaeaaea of a Syphilitic Nature, and aa an injeoticn in V'aeaaea of the Urinary Organ* anaiax froin HaUta of Dissipation, uaed in eonneetioa srith the Exit acta Bnahu or Saraapariila. in anch Diaeaaaa aa raoommeodod. Ecidenci tjtht mhI rthablt and rnjHmitbh tkarmttir will MttoMya** the mt-iigiuu. CERTIFICATE'S OK CUKKM. From 8 to 20 y?ar>' Mtmmdmw, With Namib kxowa to SCIKNCK AN1) FAMK. For Medical Propriatiea of BUCHM,aee l>.a yenaatory of tha UniUil Statea. See Piofraaor DKWEK'S valuable ?<>rka on tba praotice of Pbjain. .. ....... > ??? ?j me i?m e*i(ttrtltd D% I'HVWCK. PUMMMi* Ktft rtnikrlri niada by Dr. hl'UMAIM Mo IHfcMhl.K. a oalel.ralad Phytoian ar..t M?fuUr if pb Kufftl Coiloc* of t*urt?un?, Iratairi. actl ? a. Utah ad in tha i riMMlioiia of tha King ana ({iMb't Journal. Saa %l*dico CLiruraio*! KtTiev, aubliahad by BKNJAM1N TRAVKKP, Fallow of Koya> ?'ol laga ?(Sarieona. Saa luoat of Hi* lite Standard voi ka an MaJiain* EztTftot Bncha, IIWMr 1-otila, or a'x for M. Extract Saraiptnlia, #! ? par l>ottia, or an for liH. Iiaprovad Moia Waah, M par u?uia, or aix f<>? * im. ?>r, hufdoxaa ofaauh lor #12Vhiak will U iiMbeiant to owe the moat obatinate aaaai, If dt rattiona ace aAhorari to. I *1. rated to any Addraa*, aecuraty pukn from olaarvftMon. DftSCMIBS SYMPTOMS IN ALL COMMU NICATIONS. Citraa G uriate *d! Ad* ioe liratiafl . AFFIDAVIT. f P4rioM.Hr ftOM&rad bafora ma, an AMarntM of the city of t&iladelplufc, M T. Hklmkold. who k( cu'y iwff^. doth nay. hit preparation* oon ?iu tarootic, a? aaeroary,or other mjanoaa hklmbolo. jgastet'&naMtmst* Ktatft bum*. aboT# Kmo, >VIfioIfX2J A4<f?u laitara for iafonaaliM ia oonG. 9*P<X> ^VW?iUl>nth 8t Ul?8SSfc Pkiia. 9EWAKM OP COUNTERFEITS w.***> U*MUNCIPUM> ftSAUUM. 4l*pom t?n owi"ud A.TIOM ATTAINED e?Ut fcr ALL JWDOB7ST8 tfMMYWHEME. AS* POR HKLMBOLIva. TAU MO OTIEK. Cat oat (ft* limm?rt im Mi (or tt? AND AVOID *NO WTO ak)?u AUCTION SALES. TH18 AFTERNOON k TOMORROW Itr C. k. lm ckdwln ft CO., aaclion**r*. Sftl.k of hok?ks at atction.-w# wi'l ot) rft n??t on lc tii-moiiow mork* the h-r? MrkK. r? ?thitrwt 9 fen* r*nta?k? wo'l Uo i?. to u old wittoat r *' * t"r?* .?*?h c. ft. l.. now* * *?? ? .? vrvi* /* w* h ih mo i$l eorct fctk ?t. %a4 p*. ?t. bi wall a barnard. amtioinn. Fair ok horse* and'* was "ij.nt.KT at Arm?. -?. tubf day MORN in . ?l w e'eloe*. ?t the a^olwe fceww pur ol horaeaud h*rr ff/issarijskrgs-i. . "v.'.v t"tu#f,.hlain?i? aueta owfl oi w? # . ts m corfotmoii of wwtinctoa S ft e?bu stock. ... ^ trmmm. ut w WW llfWh BHK. Termirasti. K<?HA O'KRIbM, J N O. F. EN Nik Adrr. r. wtyfttora. inhao d i.C. MoOUlRK it CO. Aorta. Cf WALLA BARNARD. An?boM?rf. tomtk Otrmrr P*. mr. mm4 M strut. i:ROCERIK9. LIQUORS, BUTLERS' Stcc**, Ac, at A?fTio? -OiTVuiiAV MORNIN6. Mtreb SS, oontm^BRinc fttl*o'eTook, we will Mil at oar Aaetioa Rooaa, to oIomoob ic anient. an aMortment of OrorortM, Lt?un, Batters* SaaaliM. Ao., ooiajTUirt? . Barrel* Rflnwl. V* low, and Craahed h(in, Kcxm ' n and Steria* rand ?, H aikin* eotbao Batter, boxM Chin, im Hoar, 8aidin??, boxM Tob*ooo, n W hi??y. Bratdr.Gtn, Wine. and Cordial*, i Van Liew'a and B?ker'e Stomac* Btttora. i Gin Cocktail, Madeira ana Port ?Vidm,and Brand? Pfaabrt. Barrel* Sirap, tarrela and boxee Herring and V in war. Bar re. h YVaiain. diflirent braaaa, ('ask* Fraud?. jaaau a ?amu. Holland 6in. Barrel* F oar, 1 barrel beat Seerm Oil am Caaa Oil Caw, low arioed Seear*.and Cheroot*. Case* Boot*, India Rahber Blanket*. Cama Slovee. Fl'nnel Pkirfa, fipee, G.oree. And ether faUer'sSmII Ptoree. Alao, large Iron Ha?e and ?\>ant at room d**ke. D>h2; WALL k. BAKNAID, Aaeta. FUTURE DAYS. Bj GREEN * WILLIAMS. Aaotiocaera. Household and kitchen furni I Tta? at Acctios ?On FRIDAY, 2ttk mat, we ha I the resides** of m. o iiinc hou'ekeepici. Ni SSSeaat aideot ?th. be tvMi M ud N iirMti, at 1-' o'clock a m.f a gcod a?sortmoLt cf Furnitire, vis: M?.1 >*?ct S^fiw and Chun BitMii Ud Tablea, Co'ttfe Mid other Bedi teals Beds, Bedding and M attreeae*. CvHti, Cane and o'her Chaira and Waahataads, Cook.rr and other ftorea, Cmoa. d an end Crockery Ware, Uttshen Requisites, With maiw other articles which we deen ? ei~arj to enumerate Terirs caah. . fcttd 8KEEH t william!*. Aieti. i Bt bKKKNA williams. AueUonr:-a. Household and kitchkn ri'rni II itii at ArcTtoM.?On Tlll.'R9DA\. me ?Ith imtact. we shall e?ll at 1# o'clock a m., at tse resident* of Mn WeddenTHf. No. aa* * ? DAXtju the corner of (J. a good tad general aaaort inetiTof Furtiture, via: Mahogany t*?faa. Hair Saat, Parlor, and Arm Rocking Chura, Mabotary. Dreaaing and othar Bureaus, and Waaketaad*. >1? hog any, Oer.ter, Card, Dining and other Table*, \ Painted Marble top Cottage Chamhor ?et, French Mid other tiedateala, Wardiobaa, tad Stand*. Fine Feather BeHair and *1 nek Mattrfwee. I.arge aaaortmeut oi Bedding,and Feather Hoi* alert , and Pillows. China, lilaaa. Crockery and Stone Ware, Tai. e Cloth* ami Cutlery. Gi'tauu Mahogany Fiatne Mirra;a.aad Ctcc|a. Window Curtain* and Miadee,Caue and Wood Chain, One knefiii Panting, large lot Kng ravin**. t'arpeu ai.l <h clo'h.Cuuku t an.: other Suivea, \\ ith a good lot Kitchen Ke^niiiiM. VeriUR caali. Kh2? (Me> )_tJK^CKN A \V I (.1.1 A MH, Aucta. (\ | A K*HA1.'!* HALK.-U inrtae ol a writ u| l"l hen facia*. leaned troiti the e erk'e ?.*iee of U a ci rout oowrt of the I Hat not of Columbia. lor 114 comity of Wachiitgion, and to * ? ui reeled, 1 will ex/uae to enblie aale, lor oa*h, in froat ol the Coart Honee .].?.r of ea.?l ooiinty.on MOMItAV, the slat day of March. ir.etant, iki, at IS o'el??t m.. th? following properly, to-wit. visLot No. 15, in Muare No. ?l, lot No 2. la aaoare No. <i, lot No. 5, in Muare No. 43, ?>t No. II, is r<nare No. ww, n?, i? in i qrsre mo. nx, ana 101 no. 13, in e?aare No. 78, in ttae oitj of WathiBttoa. I>. C together with a!' aud ?he innprovemcL'* thereon, eei ted MM le*ieo MM the proeertr of Brook Mackan. and will be eold to eatieiy indiotal No. 41, to M aj term Iw i, in lavor of Hoce llrother A. Co W. SELDEN, nah 7 du tale Marshal, u. C. BALLS, PARTIES, 4c. T^ltK *rn ti KAMI) COTILLON PARTY Will t? fiven at mjk tkmpehauce hall, A E etreet. between 9th and luth. On KRIDAY KVEN?N?, March Sa life Danomc to coniintn oe at IK o'ol>>ck. MuetcTr Prof. 6eorge Artit'a ce et>rau.i band. Ticket* 91 admittirc a ten' eman and ladiee mli 22 6t* PROP. C. F. WARN K9. Mana*er. 486 486 Card Phot of raphe in variety, including ooeiee ot Choice Piotui?*?. A so OAK D VlSM E and OVAL PICTURE I HAMhft. U-e laryeM aeiortmeci. from the beat manufactory nn rYtV' eM^< No. 4M geren?h etree*. fe II ? doore eNrre Port PellowV Hall f COAL Ol L-f!OAI. nil.' M AM Now tarnishing the trad* with the UKROSINK OIL. at Baltimore rio?(; MAY, CORN. CJATS, *o.. at Soweat i fries. 8. W O'LALtiHLV fe36 1m* Corner New Jereey a*, and SOLDIER*' DRAFT* ON ALL POINTS. Bold by JAY COOKE A CO . Baku**. mh 8 ?w 4 Si lifteoeth street. FOR BALE-MALT GRAIN, mtabl* lood for bora, nova, etc., at lo ooate r*r btiebol. A it LOeKFLKR'9 Brewetj. New York mnii, bttwMnli ' N' OTICK 19 IIKKKUt filVKN that the tract for BEKK CATTLE advertited is Una Hier 1# h of March lift* not be*n oo?ed. The fo. lowing bidder* a'e rt q nee ted to forward to me t..eir addreee, in order that they mar t>e oom ma moated with, with a new of oloeisc the M&tiaot: A. J. Ltxinroif, J AMIS PMIUSC, HrF. Ktirru A Co. A. BECKWITH. mh I* Mator Com. ?eb. r ATTENTION! HE Un^oreicned bae reooived a lam e*oc* of Pel x a Readme ALE and LAbER BEER, to vbioh he rri^eetfii !? o? ? the atten'.ioa of a.: lotel and reetaurant keepers. v/uaivii In mh 19 1 v* corner P* a*?aaa and 3d atraat. CH. RIVART * CO. SILLER Y CHAMPAGNE DEPOT REMOVED TO kE.Coim or Pim. Atirci and fun St., Clarrn'on Hotel Building, Washington. H. ROSF.Y, Agint, New You. AMES MOLAN, Acnt, WaaHiKGTo*, D. C. SHERRY, PORT and MADEIRA WINES. FINE OLD BRANDY ud WHISKY. A hbaral diaaoant to daa era. iahl9 ^ ^NOWTKRa-OYBTKIl !^, (ay# OYtfTRU of the beat quality car r,a I'td IretU avery day, at tka ? >14 Ojllfr stand, No.#u-i NmUi ?feat, batvaan J and An-iM. n>??l? lm' AYR Eg 4 CO. \f NEW Ml 1.11 A K Y 6<<?DS. 'I. W.OAI.T i liKO, ca? auantioa to tfcair . aortmantof very auparu>r Military tfooda.aon iatiu| of? Uauaral, Star, and Liaa Officara' ricLlyorta aantad Pre,*uiaiioti >wurda. *abraa, Jta Saahaa. --- ?>-?-? gty t tiooda are of t?j up?rior Mti'O, 3<*? p?. trnui,4 Uuow *mof ^ ? ? UM Metropolitan, ilau Brova'a) >u? tl-? oft, WLD AND P XCHANti 1. ON ALL VUK \Y * PRINCIPAL ClTlKS tt?t|ht U< *J ?1 by* ' !. FA NT A CO* I PMnaj Iraaiaav. mh l?-li tltiWIIOUH. FA! Itenkws, Sit Pmi lw jl?UUi??no?r.> r DIES' ftl/'UBKR BOOTH . Li AND lion. J. B. rUDNIY*S, . S94 Peru, *?? ,Mt of Ctmctt'i Drj6o#i Bton, KUIiKCK UOOTS

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