Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL Ajtvanmrr* To Nioht. rv>*t>'* AriimrM.-TbWerw 'Ing Ml?* I.ncllle Weatern will appear In her great rbararter of Camllle, la the play of tbat name. Id wLicb part be 1? ?ald to be unrivalled. a fancy dance by Mtaa Olivia; and the aprljrhtly farce of "The Maid of tbe Milking Pall," In which Mr and M r? R t on inrt*ir "? ? ~r -rrv? Wahhissto:* Thiat**. Manager Bland of fers a rare treat to the dramatic public thla eve ning. Shakespeare's Immortal tragedy of Othello, with tbe following cast: Othello, Mr. G. L. Davenport; lago, Mr. J \V. Walls -k. Jr ; Oa<aIo, Mr W. Wheatley; Deademona, Misa Susan Oenln; Kmllta, Mrs. J. \V. Wallack, Jr. A great com bination, truly. C*ifTObcbt Hall ?Return of the old favor ites to perform In conjunction with the new. TLe Baltimore and Washington companiescom>flnrd. TLe manager of the Caaterbnry understands how to keep np tbe Interest, by a rapid succession of novelties, and ia therefore well patronized. f ft tit*. v mt's* K1 ft t ? Q?n ft\r<\ * fatflAna * ? ??u ? i.iit'iTii hi 1.1. . ^111 ?w ? mmw f * ? n troupe atlll flourish,and mirth and melody reign at Odd Fellows' Hall. The entertainments ore judiciously Tailed. Csmtial Hall, PennrvlTaniaavenue, opposite Eighth street Prof Nichols in his pleasing mafic Illusions, ventriloquism, and prestld'gl torial feats, Introducing bis wonderful life movln? figures Smithsonian L*crr*F ?Free lecture by Prof Rogers, on the "Glaciers.'1 Pskeke'4 Hall, (Young Mens' Christian As sociation Room*.)?A Festival and Fair by the ladles of the First Baptist Church, to aid them in rvuuiiuiiig luru UUUK di WOrsnip, laiCiy QC stroyed by a storm Htip the good cause. Bi?hop Whitting ha m's Prayrr or Thanks giving for Lat* Victories.?The Prayer Omit ttd at Trinity Church and the Church of Ike At cm ton.-On Tuesday laat vrr gave the form of a prayer Bent on tbe preceding Saturday by UI*bop WblUingham, of the Protestant Kpi*copal church f tbla dloceae, to a'l the clergymen of that church in parochial charge In thia District for use on all occaslona of pabllc worship within eight days following the Sunday after the receipt of his letter. A* circumstances have arisen to give consider able Interest to tb* matter, we republish the form of prayer sent by Bishop : Prat/tr of Th**k*g\ving for Late Victories. O, Almighty (iod, the sovereign Commander f all the world, In whose hand Is power and might which non* is able to withstand, we blet* and magnify Thy great and glorious name for the happy successes which Thou hast of late vouch safed In so many Instance* to the arms of this nation, and mare especially for the deliverance of this city and district from the terrors of blockade and selge. And we beseech Thee, give to us and to all this people grace to nsc this great mercy shown toward us to Thy glory, the advancement ftf Th? fsmnp). the Knnnr nf nnr rnnnfrv tnH mm much as In ua lieth tb* good of all mankind. H:lr tip our heart*, O, Lord, to a true thankfnl- ] nean. anrb aa may appear in cur li ve<< by an bum- 1 ble, boly, and obedient walking before The** ail our daya; through Jetua Christ our I.ord. to whom I with Thee. O Father, and Thee, O HoiyGboat, aa for all Thy merciea. to In particular for theoe victories and this deliverance, be all glory and honor, world without end. Amen. i It waa stated in Tuesday'* Star that this prayer waa naed at " the various Kpiacopal churches of Washington*' on the preceding Sunday. We l? J... -a ? utimu i? ucTuuuf wucivu wi ?ua? uajr as f J rate Church (Rev Mr Holtnead's), where It wu re sponded to by a fervent Am * from apparently every person in the congregation, and we had no reason to doubt that it was uaed at the other Kpls copal rhnrrhes of the ritv; but we fiud that It wai omltt-d at itro not only on yesterday week, but on yesterday?t ? at Trinity church (Rev. .Mr. Syles). and the Church of the Ascension tKev Dr. Plnckuey'*) Tue latter rhurch was crowded yesterday, in anticipation of "a scene." but noth ing transpired of an ontwardly-eiritln? nature The l.'nlon n?nliners of lhe*e cbiw he* are, how ever, deeply indignant at the oomsion of lt?e very proper prayer enjoined t.y Uish??p WLUtln-hjin ; and It Is evident that the vnJ .* not yet " As an attempt has Iwen mule to create the Impretalou 1L.11 the rm." of tie prayvr It only by lb* Ui-bop, and !a n??t mirte oMIfa* tory, we give below the circular l?=-tt?-r of HuLop \V bitting bam. accompanying tbe form of r.rayer, a:d aNo an extract trom the canon referred to lu LI* letter: Ktr. and Dear L'Otktr: In acco-dance with Section ll, Cmnon i t, Title 1 of tbe Digest, 1 transmit to you th? inclosed prayer, for nae in your parish on all oc^aalona of public woraLip within eight da\? following the Sunday after your receipt of this letter. And am, faithfully and affectionately, your friend and brother, William Roll;??on Whittinoham, Bi?b?>p of Maryland. Baltimore, March 14, The paragraph referred to by Bishop Whittiog ham In canon Kl reads: ' Tbe BUbop of each l)loce?e may compose form* of prayer or thanksgiving. a* the < ase may require, for extraordinary occasions, and trans mit them to eacli elergymau wlibin hit l?lo< es*, vk?$? Juty It shall 1?* to use such form* In his church on *ucb occasion*.'' At St. John s Church (Kev IK Pvne), Church of the Kbinhanv / Itcv Itr llilll. (irarf Cbnrrh (Re*. Mr. llolmea<9*7 CbrUt Church (Rev. Air. Motarll), In this city, and at John's Cbttrrh (Rev Mr. Tllllngbnrst), and Christ Church (Kiev. Mr Harris), Georgetown, tbe letter of Bishop Whlttlngbam has Ven promptly compiled with Tbe exceptional cases of Trinity and the Church of the Ascension make up the Ust of Episcopal churches In the two cities. U*io? at Faiifjix. Va.?On Satur day last there was a large gathering of Unionists at Fairfax Court House. The meeting was called toortfer by Mr. J. Hawkburst. Tbe Hon. Charles H Upton was rhosen to occupy the chair, and Mr Henry T Brooks to act as secretary nr. cprn aaarewea a irw rrmaru 10 iuo?c prevent, referring to the desolated fields and ruined dwellings to be seen almost everywhere, and saying that tbev bad come together amidst Mich scenes to we if tbey could not rescue what little remained from lawless anarchy. Resolutions expressing strong Union sentiments, and appealing to Gov. Plerpont to order an elec tion at an early day for rouuty odicen, were parsed; and Metwrs II. W. Throckmorton, J. Hawk burst, W. Waters, Danle Lines, and Henry T Brooks, were appointed a co.nmlttee to confer with the Governor. On motion of Mr. Throckmorton, the chairman wa* added to the committee A resolution of thanks to tbe President and Secretary of State for the fidelity and maateriy sagacity with which tbey Lave managed tbe domestic and foreign affairs of tbe country in the rniHit tsf fka K?urtM?p1no ftlarvra anil trvimr scene* which bare encompassed them, was panned. On motion of Mr. H. T. Brooks, It was resolved to organize a Union Home Guard, having it* center at Fairfax, with branches in the neighbor ing towns and Tillages. After the transaction of some other business, more of local than general interest, the mee'lng adjoirned sine die. ImmedlaUly after this seed* were distributed at the instance of Mr. Underwood, and steps taken to organize the Union Home Guard under the direction of Mr Brooks. Three cheers, long and lend, were given for Abraham Lincoln, and the meeting adjourned. A s*noori*G Cask?About five o'clock on Sit urday ewnlng, at a colored man named Pox Shorter uraa nrATM^Irit# tn lit* hnm# on iVi# lilnn<i by way of the commons -lontta of tbe Virginia avenue bridge, he wan urartled by the report of a musket, and at the saute time fell, a ball having entered hi* tbigb. A companion who wax with him say* that tbe shot was tired by oue of the t^efnnd District Regiment who wa? on duty near the corner of U and Flr?t street, and at tbe time mme three or four hnndred yards distant. \V hetber the *bot was I red accidentally or malleiounly we have not been able to leara, as no arrest* were made. The ottr.era of the regiment should ferret the matter out aad punish the offender. The wound la not a dangerous one, bnt will prol?aMy prevent Shorter?who Is a qnlet and hard-work lng man?from leaving hie room ror *om?* wer a*. Hnllfl SfATTtt*.? Tt?ik District?fU-tore Jn* t>re Strattnn?Harry Turiwr, carrying concealed w^tpAM; lof and <~o?ts. Mlrbvl Null and Klien Nub, fighting; Michael wm dl?in1?*ed and Ellenpaid a'fineof 9> Timothy Mctinlrr, aaaault and battery on hla wife; sent In jail. Famrtk (!'??./ Stat ten CaMJ-Urfore Jnatlce Walter?Sunday?Margaret Smith, vagrant; wnrkhoo*?6t>daya. C. 8. Newell,drunk; lined 92. Monday.?John Wright, Urctav; for further hearing Thwnaa Mnrphy, drunk; dlftmtaaed. Hrarv GUntan, do . and Win. Reading, indecent rtpnaurt; turned OTCT to the military. John Anderson, assau.t and battery; jail for further hearing. Adolptaoa Grossman, drank and disor derly; ftoed 9*2. Edw. Cornelius, do , do , fj CiNTSAL GuAannovai ck*\*?B*fpT* Justice Wiltrr -Sunday?Geo Begler drunk and disor derly; workhouse 3* day*. John Thomss, col., lirceny; twenty stripes ' John Ktordan, drunk sad proline; workhouse K) days. Monday?William O'Brien and M. Carrlgan, drunk; turned over to the mllitnrv. John Tyl?*, aiding on the pavement; ined fi W. John Ross, drunk and disorderly; ao. f J. Skojb Win Btatioi Casks?B*ff* /?*< ?? Ci?*4._Sunday, Michael Daylv, drunk; turned ?*er to the military R. L fielding, W. A. Murray, flghttng; *1 M each. George E*an?, d'link; ?t 5?l. Mwdn -M<mm Rrown, charged with tbefl; l?eld tor trial. |?at Itarity, Fat Garrlty and Mo ea McCarthy, drank; turned orer to the mllllnry. rimiiAi C#riT -Saturday afternoon, James Cavaoangh, Indlrted for tte Urrruy of ivednitn beep tongues from Mrs. Sophia Werner, wan acquitted. -* Third Ward police reported the following raw>a before J notice Clayton on Friday: I lav Id Twine. a*nattli ?nd luttrrv: raid VI renU and wasdUmlssed Jnn Miwv, driving through n funeral pror?>aelon; fined ! ?l. V\'m Conner, ss*ault and battrrv; ined 93 5#. Henry Sbesner, mallrloua mischief; dNmisaed upon paying for the damage done. John Scott, drunk; turned oyer to the military. The Third Ward patrolmen reported?George W. Knright. passing Confederate money; dis missed-- by Justice Clark. William H. Lewis, charged with stealing a horae from J. C. Lewis; security for further bearing. John Adams, light ing; dismissed Abraham Douglaaa, do.; do.,? by Juxtlce Thompson. Kphralm Davit, larceny of a pair of boots; Jail for court. Lewla B Moody, suspicion of horae ateallng; jail?by Justice Clay* ion. The Fourth Ward reported on Saturday (he following caae* before Justice Clayton Adam Bright, selling ltqnor to soldier.*; dismissed Jan. Redmond, do.; ruled for hearing. Mary Polk, profanlt'; fined ?5 91 Patrick Dlgglna, drunk and disorderly; di?mi*sed. John tthaney, dri ving on the pavement; dismissed. Mary Polk, threats of violence; jail for court John Harl mond and Caroline Ilartmond, profanity; dis missed. Owen McDermot, Andrew Zeiger and El zabetb Foas, profanity lined f 1 each. Eliza beth Mourier and F.lizabeth Alocdter, do ; secu rity for peace. Mary Tavlor, keeping a bouse of Ill-fame, and selling liquor without license; dls micaikH T r> V* n Iturna tilamnl t? > m (n4li? Ar\ uaa.-wvi wmi uuuia, iiviruipi O ?? I HUir j uv# Theodore Ledbouch, assault and battery; fined SJ. Wm. Cook, do ; do Wm Zelger, do ; do. Jeff Davis, do.; d? Ignatius Bell, rol., larceny of a barrel of flour; jsll for a beari g. The fol lowing caies ?r hackmen violating tLe badge law were alao reported Tho* Cropgio, dismissed Joneph Codrlck, do. Robert Talt, do. James Devine, Francis Turnburke, Ed Willlains, S ini'l Tyler, I>aac Monteomerv, fined SI 58each Wm Johnson,do ,SI. Bam'lTanner,do ,*5 ; !. Thos. Cnhlvan riatri S> <>j>nt?rnih?illh?fnri> fna. tlce W alter? r I>arino Koi'.ncmY at thk Horm of Commo dori t* with.?Sunday morning, betw en 3 and I o'clock, tbe dwelling of Com. Joseph Smith, ?n Ninth at., wu entered by burglars, end a consid erable amount of money and valuables taken. The villains entered by a back door, which they succeeded in opening by means of nlppera. One of the gang entered a chamber, and the lady occu pying)! being awake she turned the gas on and Inquired who was there?supposing It one of her rervants. The thief showed himself, and told her to be quiet, and It would be better for her. The burglars then went Into the Commodore's rocm sad took bis pantaloons, also those of a rel xtlvo r?f tViP f^rriSlu roaidinrr tV.orx* on/) ?1 ?Kaim of their contents Anions tbe article* taken wa? a gold watch with a silken guard, to which wai attached several charm or trinkets. It wax a Geneva hunting watch, with white dial. The leu of this watch is felt deeply, as It was the property of the gallant Lieut. Smith (son of Com. Smlth)"who was killed In the conflict with the Merrimac, and for its return to Justice Donn?15U ! will be paid, and no questions asked. The other articles taken were a silver watch marked > "Smith,"' a lady's bredstbin. a topax encircled I with small stones, Scotch pebbles, articles of sil ver, and a quantity of money in gold and Treasury notea This is one of the boldest robberies ever perpetrated in Washington; and circumstances Indicate that it was planned about the day of Lt. Smith's funeral?probably that very day. | Stolkm Goods Kkcovkred ? For some time Cast many articles belonging to the Government ave been stolen from tbe hospital at the Circle, a:id last week Officer Kimball arrested a man named Christian Relster. who was "n?-ld to bail by Justice Donn. Subs? quently a torch warrant was issued auati'Bt I'harlea S Seldfrer, and tbe rcfult of theatarch waathe finding of a new Gov ernment marque, waiters, towela. plllow-caaea, linen aheets, paus and knivea. The food a re covered remain iu tbe cnatody of Juatlre l>onn; and waa alao Leld to ball for a further bearing. The accused declare their ability to clear them vlvea of tbe suspicion. A Bad HosB*?tn ?TI?U nmrninp, roundamsn Fenv irk. of th>* I'otiilb ?Vard patrol, waa railed upon to arrest a man named Jns Maboney, who ie?i(|eaon G, near North i'aiiltol a'.rer-t. who I* chatgrd with besting his wife ?n badly that her recovery Is consulted dout?tfnl. Mahoney wa? taken to tl?e I'ourtb W ard station, where be will retained until tue Witnesses ran l?e summoned for trial, or until the coudltlon of hts w!f?* ts as certained certainly. RobribT?The grocery store of Fogarty, cor ner of l entb end 1J streets. was entered la?t night between the hours of six and leu o'clock, and robbed of about f-.mti No clue to therobberv has trt bfen obtained. The thief or Iblevea must ave been very bold, a? at the tliue person* are continually passing, and the patrolmen of the Second and Third Ward* are within a short dis tance of each other on that beat, at abort ln'e**als during the night. Trey are opening a new and plcndid collection of jewelry ana silver plated waee at the People'# Dollar Store, 4:i3 Penn av , near4,^ street, which surpasses in beautv and cheapness anything ever oflerril the Washington public. "Take your choice for one dollar." li? Brakbrkth'b Pn.Ls.?The occasional rse of th s safe mfdtelnc insure* health and preventa those sudden attacks of sickntsi to which al1 are more or lets subject such as dysentery, dlarrlur, headaches, dizziness, billions a flections, Ac., &c. Sold at No *?! Canal street N V., and at the Uranch Odice, corner Oth and K street, Wash ington, i). C. P. 8. Sutlers'supplied by the do zen. mh 2*2 lw What a* amockt of suffering and disease among the Volunteers would be prevented by the free use of Holloway's Pills and Ointment. For Wounds, Sores, and Scurvy the Ointment ii a certain cure, and for Bowel Complaints, Fevers, Small Pox. ic., the Pills are the best medicines In Iha tirApM Hnlu O^ rants ro Ka? av r\t\? 'W1 IU IUC "UUU. VU4J VCUW | CI UVA VI fIVl. C.I A FEW OF THE MANY TESTIMONIALS FROM THE C1T1ZIMS OF WASHINGTON TO DB. TUMBLtTY, THE INDIAN HEKB DOCTOR Female Complaint Cured. Mr?. C.W. Ulakeman, Lang'! Hotel, Georgetown. Cure of Her von* Debility. Frederick Roblcder, K street, corner Ud, Island. Scrofula Cmid. J. Moloney, corner 1th and It streets. Enlarfunent i>f tte Heart Cured. I'. Downs, 313 Oth street, Washington, D. C. Scrofula Cured. J. D. Lakeman, <i:b street, No. 430. Consumption Cured. John Clark, Camp Duncan, D C. John C. Diy, corner 2d and D streets. Bad cat* of Jau*dic? Cured. John Hura, No. 5U? New York avenue. Fits Curtd. David Dilon, 474 F street. Nervous Debility Cured. John Donohu, No. 506, corner C and 3d street*. Cured of Ckronie Disease. William Sullivan, corner and G streets, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D. C. Cured of Debility. Charles Wilson, U. S Regular. Dyspepsia Curtd. B?dj. Doraey, 2Wh st and Pennsylvania avenue. Curat oj Pimples on tut tact. James Reed. 26th and L itrerts Chronic Rhfumat tsm Cured. M. G Howard, lUtb atreet, near Penn. avenue. Nervous Debility. Charles A. Courvelter, Navy Yard. Asthma after all the Doctors failed. S. J. White, No. 35U D street, south side of Capitol. Cancer Cured. J. U'ackbnrn, Georgetown. Ltd Dream* frith Night Siceats Cured. R. Uausiacb, 417 7th atreet. Fits Cured. J.J. Kane, C atrwt, between titb and 7th. 1 desire your proatrnte hearts to lift, Your biefdlng wound* to run?. Anil urlth ()i? lrMvm? <?f V.ttkirt<Vt irtff Relieve the rich and poor. The Indian Herb Doctor will describe dlaease and tell hia patients the nature of their com plaints or llln?*a*, without receiving any Informa tion from them. No charge for consultation, utlire. No. II Washington llnltdlng, Pennayl vaula avenue,corner 7th atreet. mar 21-lw The i.cNos. A Card? Dr. Hunter will definitely close bit ottce la VVaahlngton on Saturday evening, the 2*>:h instant, after which date all persona afflicted wltli Pulmonary dlaeaae can conault him peraon a 11 v or by letter at hla office, No. 57 eeat Twelfth street, near Broadway, New York. Hit office here will remain open for the recep tion of patient* afflicted with Catarrh, Crone hl tin, Consumption, and Asthma, up to the evening of Saturday, VHth Inatant. 'Ju3 IVnnaylvanla are nue, Washington. mU2t> India Return boost. India robber Sheets .'or proteottng children's beds, tbat no lajnlly should be without; 79 centa each. Rubber BUnkHi, for nolduts, 91-35 each. Rubber Fonebes and tilankeu combined, S3M each. India RubberConta, white or blnek, Si.50each. India Rubber l?*Rfcl?s H per pair. And nil kln^ef Rubber tinods, Including Rub ber Boota and flbeen, Rubber Stoppera for bottles, Door Mats, Under nga for bc^Mn sickness, * ?A ?. * , II?JL ?+ A. U.I1U CC . SC.) at lutuuiwiu{ri iFiiWfdii. a uau India Rubber Warehouse, 3UJ t%. * ., tetwren Ninth and Tenth streets. fob 1-tf Co***, Ronton*, Bad Nails, Enlab*is Joints and alldlmrt of the feet cured without pain or In convenience to the patient, by Dr. White, Bnrvton Chiropodist, 446 Pennsylvania avenne. (mre bonrsfrom fta. m. toO p. m. * Atl r bisons ran Ind the beat stock of Cloth I of, Furnishing ijood?. Trunks, Hau and Caps, at Bnith's, No. 47t? Seventh sUeet, near F. ***-* Qimr. Why it it That Cihwdoio'i Baib Dti t? the Beat in the Work. i I!mium eminent obemiata My to * Ufo&asa it oontalna no eaaatio oonpoumii: liecaoee it weara longer than any other! lleeauae it operatea xmrtamtan/ously ! bec.mae it doaa not atain the akini Because it noariahea and atrengthena the Hair! Becauae it oorr*cta t ha bad efTeo ta of othar dyea! Because ita preaenoe oannot be deteoted! Bteams* it n*rtr/atl* I Manufactured by J. CRISTA DORO, 6 Aator Hoaae. New York. Sold everywhere, and aftiied by all Hair Dreaaera. Prioe ft, 9! So and 93 per box, according to size. No. 1. leibt4dop.O S mais fkks1rvativi, la invaluable with hia Dye, a* it lmpirta the nt raoet ?oftr eta, the most beautiful cloaa, ard treat vitality to the Hair. PrloeMoenta, #l,and $2 per bottle, acoordinj oaiie. fe a M.WtF.lra Take no mork vnpLsasant a*t> wnsat* M*x> icinks ?For unpleasant and dangeroua diseases, use Helmbold's Kxtract Buchn, which ha* receiv ed the endorsement of the moat prominent physi cians In the United State* Is now offered to aftlrted humanity aa a certain cure for the following dis eases una abuse of the urinary or sexual organs: General debility, mental and physical depression, Imbecility, determination of blood to the bead, confused ideas, hysteria, general Irritability, rest lessness and sleeplessness at night, loss of appetite, abaenre of muscuhr efficiency, dyspepsia, emacla tion, liw spirits, disorganization or paralysis of the organs of generation, palpitation of tbe heart, and, in fact, all the concomltanta of a nervous ana debilitated state of the system. To Insure the genuine cut this out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. Cures guaranteed. See advertisement In Annthar onl 11 mn fcK 1U V?? H ***? . B1AKR1K1> On the 22d intftant. by the Re*. 8. D Pinckel, P 1)., Mr J. W. HEDIHCK to Mm E D. YOKK 01EU, On th? 7th and 33d instant, of scarlet fever, JKNNETTE. aged 6 yeara and c mutitlis, ana LKVVI8 8 AYMi'N l?, aied 1 year anil ? hi nth*, beloved ohildren of John H. and Mary Stewart. * On th* vw i of Maroh, at 12 o'nloak, after a short but painful lilneaa <>f typhoid fever, Mra. CARO LINE DOUGLASS, in toe 28th rear of her a(to. The fune?al wi I take place f om Mr, George Sanger's, No. 300 Eighth atreet, this(Monday) afternoon at 2 o'olock. 1 he friends am4 acquaint aroosare invited to attend, without Hither notice. ICitoinuah, Cleveland and Winchester, Ohio, papers oopy] Ofdiptheria, on the 23d instant, CAROLINE AUGCsTA. aceii 6yearn, e'dett ohitd of Dr. 3. A. H. an I Caroline L. McKim. Funeral on Tuesday efternoon at 3 o'olook. from the residenoeof her father, No.472 I street south, between 8th and 7th streets east. * On the 131 instant, ALBRRTA J CAREW, infant daughter of Charles H and Mariaret W. ed 7 months. * WANTS. WANTED?A Girl to do plain 86wing Apply atlha Ebbitt Hcute WANTED TO RENT-A small HOUSE or ?? Cottage on the Heights of Georgetown. Apply at Star Office. mh 2?-3t* WA N F E L> - A 61K L to wiuh and iron and two good COLORED WAITERS, at 347 Pi avenue. It* WANTED?A Woman to oook, wash and iron. Alat a naif grown ciri to teke care of a baby Ap?" v at 336 H street, comer 14th. It* ANTBD-A WATCHMAKER at 4Tf> Fif teenth streft. Alao, a BOY, about 15 trars of ag?. t'> make bimtrif gene-ally n-eful. n24-2t* AVOl'Nfi UI KI. wants a Situation to do cham berworlr arid s swing- Can be seon at l.t'? street, corner ol t' street, No. HO. for 3 iUt s. It* WANi'KI) ? (If a respectable yount woman, a Sl'i'U \ l'iO \ as clnin>erinaid or child'* nurse. Alihess a note to liux Nu. 1 Star Oihee. It' WAN TfcilJ- A grilJA'iiON.t.f a re?po< tab e woman, s.-. fcr?t claw cook, who utder^tarids her bo* moss in all it* branches. Aptly :J97 13th meet, between New Voik avtnueatid 1 st. lt'_ WANTKI??A Lld( to operate on Wbwler & Wilton's Sewtnr Maohioe. Also some Mil liuers M. WILLI AN. 33?> fa avaoiifl. mli 54 3'.* \\J AN I hl>-AUKN 1*8 to oanva? regiments for stoiicil w.?k;oan make S3 to #*. per day. /fP'y at REDMOND'S ?iat!ery, No- K Penn. f Teuue. It* WANTKI>?By a young man, a SITU ATION as barkeeper in a hotel or rest&uiaMt. Can britr beat of ref*ienees as tj ability. Addresa "1. II. E.," Star Office. It* UTUKK WANTED, ?# Bevontti atr??t Wtl', or O verity. A ny itrion having a store to rent or lease for rale ni\y iiear of apurehMnr by addresa irg a note to ?. W. G.," office of tin paper, mh 34 Si* * _ OFFICER'S SKR V ANT WANTKD?A olean, tnl> co'ored Hoy wanted as cook and general servant. Apply to Cap- OSBORN, Co. \, 63th Regiment I'onu. Vo'uuteara, Meridian Mill. nib 21 2t* BOARD YVANTF.1).?The advertiser doairea f r hit wi:e arid h'inafir. a large r?>oin, or suit of rooms on same floor, with or text above the dimr.K room, with good gen*rou* Ioard Refer encea exchanged. Auure??, lor three dais, "Ttiomas " Star office. mh 24 -2t* WO respectable 6ir s wiih SITl ATIONS in 1 respectable private family. One to oook, wa*n and iron; the other as se?mstresaor oharn bvmsid. or is capable cf wathint and iron-ng Would like to get a home in a family, if not, will taken them separate. Good references can be given- Addrees Box 32 Star offio". It* WANTED-A FURNISHED HOUSE, at a moderate rest, between Fa. avenue and k street, and 13th ana2?>th. Address, staling terms, No 233 I st. mh ? 2t? WANTED? Aljoutthe l?tof Aprl, by a small family 2or 3 HOOMS. furnished or ucfur nished. suitable fornousekeeplng. Address, stat mr prioe and wneie located, Box b97 City Poet d i o: u -1 ? : r ? ? ?i ^ ??* viuvx;. KDimriicn nivsu, u rs^uirnji mun jr WANTED?TOS ELL OUT a well estsblished Kestaurant. situated on one of the most fro tuented oomers on Pennsylvoma a v. Inquire at the Star Office. rohUSt* WANTED TO EXCHANGE-Valuable ground rent in Philadelphia city for a com fortable rtwe 'ire house centrally located in this c:ty. For partiou are apply to J AS. C. MceUIRF. ft. CO., mh 21 fit Auction and Commission Merchants. WANTED?A gond, oonvenient HOUSE con tainin? from six to ten room*, either fur nished or unfurnished. Apply at No. 71 Louisiana avenue. rahS'lw* Board wanted?a gentleman wiahea Board in a triv&te family where he can have the oomforta of a homo. Aadreta i*. O Box 7 5, atatlng terms and location. mh 19-lw? Dry eooD salesman wanted-o^ well acquainted with the city trade; 19 to S3 yeara of ace. Married men need not apply FKKKV k hro., wn 19 6t Penn. avenue and 9th ?trewt. Old LETTERS WANTED.-l will fire from two to ten dol ara for Lett?ra written br Gen'l Washington and a fair prioe for Old Lett'ra writ ten by celebrated Americans, Revolutionary Ce lebrities, Prraideuta, Generala, iJuramodorei, Jnrirfii. TVmtnra. Divine*. l.nwiAri.Ar AdrirMi KOUKRT SPRING, 44i N. Tw?Mth street, Phil adelphia. Rare Book* and Pamphlet* on America bought, nib 31m* H/ANTKD-To have every one krow that they " or.h find the best stock of Clothins, Hati ana Cspi. at the Tery lowest rates, at SMITH'**. No. 460 Seventh street, below F. fe tl-tm WANTED?Every person to know that I am in the market, ready to pay cash for all articles in the housefnrnishuif Uno. Those leavinc the citr.or Uavm< a surplas, will do Well to call. K. liUCHI. V, 4i2!? Seventh st., between b and H sts., (east side,) l>ealer in New and Seoond hand For feiture. no It tf tTK ? /\ m a Af? L'MIHI IA/ A KITL'll Til 11 li L* Ai v 11| A ?nu mi i 0 it aii a r<i/ uron qp lulF. &n office am) take the wholesale &feucy, io every State, for all of Lloyd'a Great Military Mapa, used by our Commander-in Chief. The oheapeat inapt id the world. A fortune oan be made on tbete mail id eaah fctate 3 ooojmoconaa of one of my mapa l?a?e already been eold. Alto a man to no to California, KotiauJ ami Tot*. A tent* aiao wanted in ever* county aad in ever* recirnent tn our army. Sou J for airoulara. J. T LLOYD, wil.l ttntyl 104 Broadway. New York. W/ A NT fc' l>?Sotlera and HolJierato know that ww ??? a m ii a'Piiuba ? ? -i mi u avenue ja U I*/ANTKD.-We are now burinc 8KUOND " HAND FURNITURE. STOVES and UKll D1NG, for which we are iUe highMt wH trices. Families OMlinmc harms a surplus of furniture, will And it to their advantage to giw us a call. BONTZ * GRIFFITH. feU-tf Wo. 309 Tth st. betw.I and K eta. W SPRING WRAPPINGS. E Have jnat received a large and beautiful assortment of Wrappings, in all the varied styles

of this season, all of which we offer at oar usual low prices. M TAYLOR ft. CO., (formerly Taylor ft Hutchison,) mh >1 eott No 48 Cea'er MaHet Spsce. HMANOKEN OYSTERS! ARVEY Has another vessel up the Potomao WtU MANOKKN OYSTERS! , Q Alio, two or tbrM boat lo*da fromwlLl# r?hlo 1&uf?tBI VALVES of the M M^xtDrr^o^j^Eari? ^ tli* ueweat fa* mom. oonaiatinj of Uati Dr?MM. W raatto, Jfce., *0. liar MUkbUahment willIohi on Koii4?imiI. the 34th mat. Mh* r?peotfu Ir iRTitoa tb? Iftdlta of tne Fadertl MolropoUa toeHl. , DrtitM promptly MN to ordrr to tki cntir* Unfantiftw of iftiiaa who <lealra to ba ittirad in lb* fiMhiou, an t witli iu< 'I iast?. mb tl lw* llntohiianotr.) # AMUSEMENTS. W AS??NCTON THKATKR-Rf?? C.rwi&i*? K L. U%T?nport, Mr. J. W Wtl !?efr,jon., Mr W wWtlw,Mri. J W. Wallaek. t?n. Mil* ftuin Denin, Mr. C Barron, Mr E. hincilatd. This Eveninf, t*hafc?re6r*'? tre, 'dy of OTHELLO?Othello, Mr. K. L. l>*T*i?*>rt; i'CO. Mr. J. W W?J !*/?* Paaain Mr W. WhMt. f;~; be?d?inana. Min Su'tan U FORK'S ATHENEIM. iOHW T. Proprietor and John B. \y? OWT Stage Manager Unexampled Succeta or the sew TEMPLE OF THE DRAMA! THIS BVEHIXU. MISS LUCILLE WESTERN W ill appear in the grrat French Play of C AW I L L K ; Or, The Fate of a Coquette ! Fakct Dancb Mus Olivia To conoinde with THE MAID OF THE MILKING PAIL, Box ( ffioe c prn from s to 1 and frcm 2 toio'c'.oclr, when teat* oaa be secured. Admission. ereis Circle and Par4uette__~ ??S0cents sloonr S*eat? s?t fl trAk..?u O.-*. At *i uuotiia orau. <91 Fan i!y Circle - 25 centa No extra charge for retervel aeats. It CHARI.K& E. FORD. Treamrer. UOD FELLOWS' HALL! SI7BNTH Strut. FAREWElI, NIGHTS ? OF Sanford s Opera Troupe. MONDAY EVENING. M*roh2?, VARIETY NIGHT! TUESDAY EVENING ? THE KIVAL8 WEDNESDAY EVKNIN8 OPEN HOUSE thursday evening the PRIMA dona friday even'G-..-uncle TOM'8 cabin saturday eve'G "anford's benefit CHOOSE YOUR tVENINUS. Doors open at 7; coinnieuoinc quarter to ?. Admission 3d Cints mli 24 4t canterbury hall; canterbury hall ! COMBINATION EXTRAORDINARY! the baltimore company and THE WASHINGTON COMPANY In Joint Entzrtainmin? ! Return of th? Old Favoritea, DICK PARKER, JAMES WARD, FRANK LA FOLLE, And the Members of the Company ! Continuation of the immense artiate MISS MILLIE FOWLER, and MISS JULIA MORTIMER, and TH1 ClltTRT OF BBAtTTT. MISS LIZZIE FRANCIS, MISS MARY BLAKE, MISS LILLY BRANDON, MISS FRANK SKCOR, MISS JULIA RICHMOND TllE DELEVANTES IN NEW AND STARTLING ACTS! |[TNu oli&nja in t!.e Admismon Prioes^Uf A.lmisnun 2i ceitU; Oi cL.?aUr Okm. t i? nsnu. AftfT7ioon For l.& )iee &Ltl oil WKllNKSDAy AND SATL'KL?A Y AFlER N< UiNS, at2 o'civok, Wlitn a lavLih riiat. il.ution of Klocftr.t Presents la Uifctla - Kiel, and Costly Jewfl'j, books, Toys. Fftfioy Articles, and inat niLcent Si'k DreeEea. Admiasion ??cents ; Children H< oeut?. mh*4 (^LAKENDON CONCERT HALL. J ( UNDKK CLtRENT'ON HoTEI.) VV11 vyi.1% Jh M-* ? I'iH 1 U V UillilUi r,Y A FULL BAND' BiMhlal W?>iui oini, flood Liquor*, CUara, and mh24-lw* Everything in tli* ratine !ine. PATENT OFFICE CURIOS1TI ES-Guide to Patent*, Catalog ue of Curiosities and Govern ment Garden*,at Ihestand in Patent Office; K-ro Antnuanan Book*; Government Book*; Boon njenta furnished; Railroad Report*; Military He ?rU; Burnt Patent Office Report*; Cheap Hooks furnished to Podia**; Military Trials: Military Laws; Ariny Regulation*; Panorama of the Coast showing over 2,ixio miles; many thousand Cheap > Books. ReooLeot cheap rent. Large sales, low J arieee. ij p iiaira, urer osqi oi ?>a* nine ion. ja?-2m* ALFRED HUNTER. PtOF. O. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEM Y, at Temperance -J* Hail, t street, between 9th aiH t?>th Clae?ea jfc* every Tuesday aud Fridaf? afternoon olasa W]M at 3, evening ciasa at 7. Soiree * very Fndat IsS erenitu a< 8 o'clock. %lu?ic f>y Prof. <ieo. Arth. Temperanoe Haii wiii be let for Balls, Parties, 4c. Apply aa above. fe 14 2m* IiHE MERCHANTS EXPRESS COMPANY BETWKKN nti Trnmn* a tin xr a SHTwurnw. Are daily for^ardinc (wita ditpatoh) by the Washington Kail road ..Merohan- ? dise of every description, to snrH amount shippers may require, at" the lowest rate*. Agent l->r Baltimore, JOHN E. WIL.SON, Office, N. W. oorner Howard and Camden its., nearly opposite Camden Station I?. 4. O R K Office and Morage, ftSJ ??uth Seventh street, opposite Center Market, Washington, D.C. mh 6-lm* A. P. FITCH, Agent. I^HE AMKRICAN^I^SLESRAl'U COM Haviug re-opened And re fitted a BRANCH OFFICE in Will aids' liorll. this company is prepared to aooommoriate the guests of that h-uac, &lU the public, with every Telesraphic facility. Communication direot with BALTIMORE. ii 11 i a r\ r? i n rw * * r uliiAUJjiirilIAt NEW YORK, and al) Telejraphio Station! in the loyal Statea. GENERAL OFFICE, 43a Pim.ATnui W. P. WESTERVELT. mh 8-lra Superintendent. f^ENTLEMENS READY MADE 6ARM ENTS, OF FINE QUALITY. We offer oitisentaand atrancera a lace assort ment of OVEJl COATS. DRESS COATS. BUSI NESS COATS. PANTALOCNS and VESTS, of all oolora and tnalitiea, equal is make and ftnialx to the beat ouatom work. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., Merchant Tailors a?nd Cloifaera, Stttt Fa. are., bet) th and iota ata. 5?-tfi' a .? JUST RECEIVED AT L. A. BEALL A CO.'S, No. 3161 Seventh, between 1 and K afreets. a new atock of CLOTHING, FURRISH1NG GOODS, TRUNKS, HATS and CAPS. LA BEALL A CO 'S, No 361 Seventh street, between I and K, is the alaoe to bar your CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS. TRUNKS. Ha I S and CAPS at New York prioea C?MK ONE AND ALL AT L. A. BEALL& CO.*S, No, 3<it Seventh atreat. Itetween I and K. to boy your CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS. HATS and CAPS. amw la V'OIIu TiMf rn mivr viim imi - - " i% I tu u " ?#v m * r w% 11 clothing, furnishing uooux, HATS and RAPS at Terr low prices, at A. HKALL, * CO.'S, No. Sol Seventh, between i and h etreeu. mh 18 Q?Q SK.vknth STRERT, 0/?#i O0 J BETWEEN I AND K S^TS. OUlJ ? w CHEAP CASH STORK. Wo have in at received a larco assortment of Perfumery, Soapa, and Fanor articles, which we otter niHoh below tlie market prioe. at either wuoleeaie or retail. . . Alio, In Store, two Seoocd liaad Cottage Seta, in uoel lent ooudition. One Now Oottaje Set, in complete order, whiofc we will aoll cheap for the cash. A v ar%. A l&rje aaaortment of Mahogany and Walnut Dreuing tiureaua. Wuhituili, Marble-topTablee, Soiae. Rookera, Hair Meat, Can* and Wooa beat Chairs, large varieties and pauerni, Cottage Union, Japaneae and Jenny Lind Bed eteada. Walnut and Cherry LeafTablee. Feather Unit, Mattreaaea. to.,to. Ail at a great saeufioe for each. Remember the number, 369 Seventh a tree t, "jXTtir* K ltr**L*iioNTZ fc aKIFFlTH. 462 464 Jfw IfcWI M^cl^f'vvINKS? ?B*A NblKB, gINB. esssriS for aaieat Wholeeale Pnoee. . WiorHfVPm ueeted to me tkem Ml lMw llnUUi(*ao?r.) IOUSB, FANT jk 00? Kara. >39 PmhhjItmi* it, bCKsl AND IOST?On Satur.Ia* ;nt, li?tvMn C!?(?l k a M&y'a Slor* ?<i the ooroer if 10th . mill trnutn *LKKVK-BUTTGN. A r*w?rd of .ft via te paid if leftat Mr. Scmften't, JMr*l?r, f4. av. inh S? CTRAYF.D OR STOLEN?Fr*m tk? SoMiers' ReU, near th? fiepjt, a licht bay SV? VT i U l' 4 ? I . ^-1 ? * > ??? " ?| SUVUi 1 JW! WJU. U'lUUIl"! Ml JaV tha({ntrterimuter'a Department,) wi? ? McCielan eaddle. The ?itif th?>fcndl? bad on it the lettera A I. C., in braea. A rf*27j^TJ5 he??i<1 for h^r return to the office of C?l. RUCK KR (1 uartermaa'.ar, corner I8U1 atd (i at.aata h'.4 lw LOOT OUT FOR BURGLARS.-* barrar entered my bouse, 349 Ninth street ietween 3 and 3 o'clock on Sunday mortmc, Ma-cli 23'. by anlookinc a door from the oataide, vhieh hala key :n the lock on the inaide He passed th:oa?h tbe hov.*5 undiaco>?r?d, depositing hie booty a* he oolleoted it in the dining roon., until be e term) the chamber of a lady whe-e a dim gaa light w barn int. cne awt ke at *eiri him at the rai timer, and ?*ned out, "who'a tha.a, whvt la vanticit." He turned to her ai d said. -'ke^p silent," and lelt. When the I ad "lam-erf the house the thi-.f *?' ti. He pick'' J all ihe poekeU an? got some t un dred doliare in sold and tilver and Tteaeuiy roier, with other va nab ei ofn!v?r. 1 h? most valnab'e thir.t to me wheh he totk wae the Ceoeva coid bunting wa'ch of mr eon, Lifut. J. U. tin tt>, which vai rescued tiotn tt? burning ehip' Con K'eea," and brought to me after rot eon had be-n kt led It ha-l a b ack silk guard attached toahich wer* several little charm*, a coral watoh key in the fo-m of a tistol.a little h'a-t. cold on one aide acd class with hair on the other aiJe. a email mo saic button, and a email silver wh'atie. The lady had a*w ol the robber, and de *e*ib-e him aa a young man ?>f o-dinarv h'ght, light hair, no hair on the ftee. with dark cloth?a i wilt ?ive a large reward lor t e reooverv oTtne vft'cfc and trinkets. rah24 If JOSEPH SMITH IT'OUND?On the21st ioatart. near the boundary ? li e and ?>th st eer a smai; dark brm die COW, with oru nplea h rnt. ani *h't?*4r *>pot m forehead Tlieoow will be returnedJEnJhw o the owner, by callicc at tb?> ooruer of N atd 20th ate. mh22 Zt* JAMK9 CHARLTON REWARD?Stolen, r.n Sunday rifW, & ) about 11 o'olook- a BAY MAKE, fry wi* i saddle and bridle. sta- in forehead, "LIJl au.l one white fore foot. II the hor?e ? - " ^1 turned to the owner, at Dr. Unrr's, on E st-eet. between 9th and 10th, the abjve reward will be given. inh24-lw* REWARD? Lest, in one of the oiati* busies, on l'een. avenue or 7tli str?>*t.a fii K!*K. containing some paaer? ana about forty dollars to cold en* ?il*er. Tim finder wil be re warded oy .eavinc the Kmc at the store ofM^ira. 6KO. ? ff. PAKKEK A CO., Pa. avenue. n iiS: a-.' JN>?. MQKSKIL I11STRICT OF COLUMBIA. Ccusitt of \J Washington - I hereby certify that fry on this 2fth day of March, 18^2, before ma, *L?n the subscriber, a Jaitioe cf the Peace. and for said county, personally appealed 6eorce Geddes, and made oath accord.i>k to law, that ne took up outlay on tl 6 12thda* March, 1863. a dark bay MARK, eprunr in the left fore kree; had on a rope halter whoa taken; aupporel to he 5 or 6 years old. GfcORGK GEDUV.j*. Sworn and inT>scritM before me thia2?'th day of Ma-ch.lf&2 H W. KKROI !-??M i l> The owner cf the abov* camel horie it re qqeated to ca't a' the offics cf the Metropolitan Police, No. 616 Uth street, par oharger, and take his property; it will otherwise be aold to pay chare'a. mh21 2aw3w tfTRiitl) OR STOLF.N?Near the bridge be C? sweer. Washington and Georgetown, fry on ifie I7'h instant, a dark brown HORSE,"l-?P weicnt about 1,'>40 Iba.; about 15>f hsDds^^rV high ; a:so a sadd e and bridle, with red tritmict# on tl.e holsters; with the mail of the 3d Maspachi ? aetta Battery strapped on the saddle. Tt>e finder will he rewarded by leaving the horae,equipments, ?nd m?il with H. O. NO*ES, 504 Ninth strfet, near Pa a*e. A.P.MARTIN, mh 2i St Capt. Battery C, Maaa. Artillery. FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?By the week or month, a PAR l,OK aaii CHAM 1IKR, <ooaneotei rcniMl & f(*e f frmn thw aiH* w? ir m?*><? *.?? - 1 ?- ? ? " lUJIJUflT, with * pifzxa >a the lou'.h front. A?i by'heftti or 3l*t two f!riaint>?r*. or a Par!?. arM t hainbrr, on second floor, very ne?tly furrish?d ; fa? * ve r\n?a on the south front; Icctti n ve y pleasant and healthy. and l.ut a few ?ard? east t f the put>i o paries n?arihe President* Huiiw and 01 ii'bus ' tie 10 the tJapitol?4*.0 N-w VorK avenue, rear Uth ?t. mh >4 tt IJ?OK KENT?A new two litory ami basement ' I.rick DWELLING HOUHK, No. io Proa pect Htreet, conlaiMui; 8 rnomc; ru ana Crtnro* in ll>?* house. And ij j. Ira hi at tiie kitchen <ti>or, all in fnirp:#t" order. To a K?>od fenaqr 'b? rert reason able. Apply to D. ENGLISH, l.'l* Prospect Lt. mil 22 Iw FOR KKNT?To a private family, a veil (ar iiihhe<l, roomy and comfortable Hot sSE. )a one ol the most dtsirahle locations in tha cit?. Ken: $125 per month. lor the prompt paymmt of which satisfactory security will be required; will no* te rented for a boarding house. Addr-?s "X Y / ." Star fittioe inh 22 3f Pur-A^AN'r i-uKNISHKD " OOM9 to r?.n, With hoard m a good location near the Casi tol. Those wiehing to pay a fair price for good ac oomn'odanons: :n?nire a: Star office- mhSl-if FOK KKNT-A fiinishei th-ee lory HOUSE to a private fsmiir. for a perto<l of not l<*ss than nix months. R efcrences exchanK?cf. *pptt alter 12 m at 170 K mreet, near 181b, noith tide, mh 21-61* IT^OR SAI.K?Two STOR hS on oneof Ul? b<set business atrce'.i in the city. Will )>e tild at a creat Stream, if application is rrado soon. For temn. Ac. spp*r to M II VV. KfcVDIO. F?1 Esta<e and Stoc? Uroker, 3-J0 E street. Wa?Hr.g toa. L? C. mhSI-Stt* AHAKF. ('H<NnK!-K0? Fsl.K-K Isrpe double UK CK HOU^K,oontatnine It to >ms, with p.\sw.R u cei.ter; va'er *.Ld ;as throughout the bundtnc ; alt > attached a fine large brick ?ta b.e with two etails. with servants' room* and car riage hi>u?e attached t' eretn. 'I lie ah. v< men tion d >rofortT u fitn&ted on Eieven'h etrert he tween f. and M it'eeU K>rth. For terms inquire of GEOKtiK T. I,ANGLEY, Wool and Coal Dealer, corner Ninth and K sts. inh 18 lw* Li"OR SALE?A two story hiaau DWELL r INS-HOUSE 5130 Fijhth^Pflt, between M and N, in good order. conUinirr ?Ti room*. Price 91.300. Apply to LEVI LOOMlS, 513 K it. inh 17 lw" I/OR HALF?two firs -ola?8 B1LI.IAKI* TA r B j,Et?, marble s abs. and every ariancement oompleto. Thoso desiring the abov<? wilt study their inteicst by oa line immediate W at the Euro KAI n U ntal n.'irnar ll#l> i r oa* m w*A !!??. .? ?? ?.i * vivi, w i uwi luu si i w y uuu k chub; t*aii i a avenue. mil 8 tf GE >&GKTOWa ADVKAT'MTfe i.^i GEORGETOWN TAXES FOR 1*6*. JJf Notioe ie hereby nven tlitt a dieoonnt of Can per cent, will be ailowod on the taxes of t' e ourrent year, il p&iJ oiur btlore the h-at ol A?nl next CilAS. II. WELCH, mh 2l-2w Collector. HOK-K AND COAL SCALES FOK SALE A good Draft Horse a ?o pair of ere- c\ _ ond-hand Coal Scale*, for sale cheap for l r* ? t* .??i o * v ?i omd, V/. mi r.n.a a. sun, ? ? Office and Yard Water ctreet, mh 24-lw Georgetown jg U C K 8 K 1 N 6 L O V E S! Ramsburf A. Ebert, 105 Hich Strut, GEORGETOWN. D, O. The only manufacturers of Genuine BUCKSKIN GLOVES, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, and MITTENS in the Dictriot. Officer*' Gauntlets made to ord?r. UnofcikiD Drawer* and Shirty fa II PROPOSALS FOR WOOD. Depot QciiTiiMiim'i Orrici, ) Cerntr of 18 K and O rtrcet.t, S Waskinfton., March It, liw.\ Skimp Proposals viil be received at thia ofnoe until MONDAY, the Slat da; of March, at 13 o'olock M , to famish the troopa in thia city and ita viomity, north of the Potomac river, witoin (5) fire inilea of the city of Waahlngtoo. with Wood lor (6) aix month*, commencing on the lat day of A^ril, 1862, anl end ilk the 9*tn day of September, The W ood to be of the l??et quality of oak or hickory, and to l?e delivered at thi campa cr quar ter a iflhe troop*, in auch quantities and at auoh timea aa the Depot Quarterm later may direct. 1'aymenta to l>e made at tie eod of each inooth. upon the return by the contractor of the order* diawn upon him. The delivery of tiie Wood or dered muat be ahovo by the receipt of the officer reoeivinc it(apecifying the amount delivered)en dorse') upon the onlera. Wood ordered for recimenta. bricad*a. or dlvi aions must l?? receipted for l?j the qua'termaatrrs. The proposals must specify the price per oord of (128) one liund red and tweMr eight culno teet, and must to plainly marked "Proposals tor Wood." The alulity of the bidder to fill the oontraot, should it to awan'el to him. must he gimautiei h; two responsible persons,whose signatures most to appended to the guarantee. The responsibility ol the guarantors most to shown by the ottloial certificate of the olei k el the nearest distriot court or ol the United States dis trict attorney. . . *?, Bidders must to present in person when the bids are opened or their proposals will not to considered. Bonds, in the sunoi ten thonsand dollars, sit red by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will to repaired of the suooeufnl bidder apon signing the contraot. ? ^ '/he right to reject any or all bida that may be deemed too high u reeerved by the Depot Uuarter nuuter. informal rroKula will be rejeoted. Form ?f &uaraate*. We , of the oounty of??, tad State of,?.and , of the oointy of , and State of , do hereby guaranty that ? able to fulfil a ooutraot in a?co duo* with the term* of hie propoeition, and that, bo eld hit pro pomion beaooepted, he will at onoa eattr into a ooctraot in acco'dai oe i herewith. Should the ooatraet be awarded kia we are pre pared to become hie eecuntiee. (To thia guarantee muit be appended the oertifi eate above mentioned.) D. H. KUGKER. nh li-dtd Colonel and Qnartermaefr. ^EMY OF THE POTOMAC! offioeri about to emoark for the tunny Boath hoiId not fail to prooare one of RTINKMS1 Z'S INDIGO BLUK OpUTH CAPS, whieh he war ff'fc'; RTINEMKTZ. SSe Pa. aveaae. Mar eorner 19th et., nih 31 St between WUlarde' and Ktrhwoode* SECOND EDITION THKKI O'CLOC*. P. M. ' OUR MILITARY BUDGET * tan d rmoM runnm1 The Secretary of W?r la about to assembleb?r? a apecial court martial for the trial of sundry publishers of newspapers for promulgating In formation likely to rmbtrnm. if not to defeat, the operation* of tbe Army of the Potomao. bj to the enemy news cooremi njr its Intended movements. t?. The run of tbe publishers of the Boston Cotrrtrr and Now York Jmmmal #/ /"* A?n wi?ve? Ira fkn fWA Hpflf tk*( am In Kn KeAtm k to the nid court martia'.'a attention A Paib or RooiBACKa.?We tnd the following trance ?tory in to<da?*a Philadelphia Jnquirtr : "Stiaxsi Rrvoaa Afloat ?Some strange rumora are afloat about a Cabinet e Hirer who. It la alWed, la a party to rxten?lve frand? la bta Department it fa not the War or Navy Depart ments this time " This is but the creation of the exuberant fancy of aome "talented and highly imaginative" cor respondent of the /sf?W?r,- nobody rlae in Waab ington having beard anyaorh rumor. ia inr aamr laut 01 iDfnmr piprr, aouwim from tbe nmr pen, we ird a second roorback from thf* city, a* follow* Vtt: " SptcctATiow i? Whtkt ?Speculation here has run high In whisky. R tggs, the baaker. a aeceah bought five thousand barrel*. Sloe* the house *srer^l to change the tax upon all whisky In present band*, the price haa gone down four cents per gallon." Wa are authorised by Mr Rlggs to state that he never In hla life* bought whlakv to aell either by the gill, the barrel, the hundred barrels, the thousand or the fire tbouaand barrels. It 1? well known to all our fellow citizens that the capital of Mr. Klggs, instead of being em ployed in speculating ofl the Government, la em played In making advances to Government con tractors who are necessarily compelled to wait the ability of the (Government to oomply with Its engagements to them. I a this way be baa at thla time quite employed In practlcall? sus talnlng the cau?e of the Union. THE LATEST HY TK LEG RAP H. BEAUFORT, M. CM TAKF*. Baltimore, March 24, (from Fortress Monroe, March 23.)?The Fortnu Monroe boat brings word to Baltimore this morning, that Beaufort, N C , is evacuated br the rebels, and occupied by Sen. Burnside's troops. Fort Macon was blown up, and the steamer Nashville burned by the rebels. I will send particulars as early as pomible. COMKESSIQimA l XXX Vlllh CUNUREM-Sksb4 IissUi, Mo\dat. March 24. S cm in?Various resolutions of sundry State* Legislatures, inaby with reference to coast de fences were presented and referred. Mr. I'omerov introdu. ed a bill for the rnnanli. datlon of Indian tribe*; referred. Mr. Wilson Introduced a bill to promote the efficiency of the Knglneer corps; referred The joint resolution to elve aid to Htate* that may emancipate their tdaves. wn taken up, and Mr Saulshurv opposed its passage. Air Davis moved a nabtimtf for it. Hor?s.?Mr Blair, of Va , presented the cre dentials of Hon Joseph Segsr, representative elect from the drat congressional district of Vir ginia. I.aid on the taWr Mr. Cox Introduced joint resolutions of thanka to General A K. Burnsldeand Commander S. C. Kowan, and tUe oSlcers and men under their command, for their brllllaut victories In North Carolina Referred Mr. Conkllng Introduced a joint resolution of thanks to [.lent <.?orge II. Morris and the officers aud men under his command, for their gallant conduct In the lateencounter with the rebel steam er Merrlmac Referred Mr Arnold Introduced a hill to imkt freedom general and slavery sectional Referred Uje'serretarToJ ^oTTfJf^STtVon Totbi'de Jay in meeting me exroanre or u<m uorroran, and requesting tbe suspension of txebaages until Col. Corcoran ia released. LATE LOCAL NEWS ("BiMiNAi. CocaT ?Trial ?f a Murdtr Cant ? Tbia morning in (be Criminal ( ourt, Judge Itunlop presiding, tbe eeae of Knoch Ward. Jr , rhanrrd with tbe k'itlne of Lleat. Col Guctavus Von tierber, on l'euna> Ivan la avenue la thlaetty, on or about the Mtb dav of November last, was Uken up. Tbe deceased cfltcer waa killed bir a blow en tbe back of bis bead inflicted by tbe stroke a slung shot, and lived four or five dajra after betr.c struck. District Attorney Carrlngton is assinted in th? pronerution toy Mr Wbarton. Mf?t* Joseph H . Ilrsd'.ey, sen., and Walter D. Davidge appear for the defence. The regular panel wan called and exhausted, ten jurors being < Uotf u from It as follows: Pres ley \V Mart n, Thompson Van Reswlck, Pat rick M"Devitt. Wm. Van Reswlck. ias. MeCoi gan, Benedict H'itch Ins. Richard W. Burr, 8aro uel Brereton, David Shoemaker, and Wra B. Windsor Ton talenmen were then summoned, and Thos. W. Johnson and Jo?iah Esoex were chosen to 111 the pane'- The eleven jurors tr?t named were nworn. Mr Ksaex was notified to attend and be sworn to-morrow morning at 10o'clock, at which hour the other jurors ana witnesses were sum moned to appear Court then adjourned until| to-morrow morn ing, the adjournment being to allow the jurors to make the necessary arrangements for their absence from home during the trial. K?c*pk or PaisnxKR* ?Last night, some of the soldiers confined st the eentrsl station cat a hole through the wall of one of the upper cells on the east side large enough to allow a good sized man to pass through. A plank was lsid from the top or the wall mrroiindlng the lot to the bole in the building. Two of tbe prisoner* suc ceeded In getting ont and eeeaplng. A third made tbe attempt, and bad got out upon tM plank, and ww crawling down like a lizard, when tbe end of the plank 'lipped from tbe hole and let him down auddenly into the ptpe-jrard, ana so prevent'-d any further escapes Tne result w-t that all the prisoners In that cell were put In Irons. Tbe unfortunate prisoner left behind put the bent face possible upon his " accident," snd made the stereotype rebel plea against further punishment by saying that the others made him attempt to escape; In other words, he was " Im pressed into their service." Anothir Roeiiit.-A laboring man, aamed Richard Muller, was robbed of some ninety-Ire dollars on Saturday evening, by John Maher. la a bouse near tbe depot. It appears thai Mailer bad just returned from tbe fortifications, where be bad been at work, and fell Into tbe company of Maher. who soon made him drunk While la this state be went Into tbe bouse of Mrftpal and filling asleep, Maher emptied Lit pockets and made rC Officer M Id die ton was made known of tbe facts, and succeeded yeaterday In arresting Maber and recovering tbe money M was ihla morning committed to jail by Justice Fergasoa. Maher had lately been released from tbe peniten tiary, where he bad served out a term for stealing oats from Mr. W. H Kdes, of o'eorgetown, some two years since. Fa-umo CoC!iTKkr*>T Mojiit ?A maa, who gave bit name as R C. Vincimp.wM arrested ot Saturday night byOfflcer Borland, for passing counterfeit monfjr on Mr. Joha f. Mont, |B tb* First Ward Hs was taken before Justice LHnry wbo committed him to jaiL At the tlacsf his arre*t t" had sbout bin. SM| I* gold, silver, and notes of different banks sataMpf socks, cravat* and pocket handkerrfaleA.Sfcjci are aup posed to 'have>*en stolen. They are the otf e of ths Chief of Police. D&iiko Btbglakt ?On rentordar (Sundae) week some bold burglar* effected an entrance Into the office of Messrs. Stewart A Feswlrk coal and wood merchants, la broad daylight in as frequented s th< ronghlhre as Seventh street near tbe mar icei. i nev opcawa m mm in mam, and rummsged P?>c? gea*rally, doing mm wanton mischief, hut got uardly roougb to par tbeto for their trouble, aa the proprietors bad prudently not left any valuables on the premises over Sunday. Passagk Tbbit -Yesterdayafternoon WlUlaas Cooiey, went late tbe dsretUnx of Mr. MeSellan on tbe corner of C street south and New Jersey avenue and took from tbe rack four overt?> and anlte a number of caps, with wblcta be made off. lie was arrested shortly afterwards having on eao of the coats, and the reet of the property was recov ered . He eras taken to the Flf't Ward station and this morning wan committed for trial. Stkalim Boots?A yeoag man named F.phratm lis vis on Saturday afternoon entered the bloe stove of Mr F W ttmlth ea Seventh street, aad made off with a pair of boot*. Be was psr rotd nr the p/upr.- u; and Oftoer ftbeldd whe arrested htm at the oorner of Klght aad K street. aad takenbefsre Justice Clayton, Whe cnssmUted I blmUjail to answer at court

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