Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1862 Page 2
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- . V EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TIE.SDAT .. .MARCH 85, 1*63. Spirit ( the Mtralni Pr?>?. The InttlligtMcer trgum from the dlacuaaion in the English Parliament and the prompt action thereon adverae to Mr. C onfedera te-States-ay rci pa thyzer Gregory that "Cotton"' may be "king," but It la evident that bit material behests rannot override the moral sanctions of public law as held and acknowledged by civilized States. The R'pwblitan again argues for the right of Congress to abolish slavery in the District, and allegaa "that the number of valuable slaves being removed from this District, in anticipation of the passage of the bill abolishing slavery, is very large." ai m m. m a * r%w na UUPl rvili-l I MRT DUUUC. I . ? mTWSSTKtS **!?. That Jeff Dart* should b? about to go out Wat, at thla time, aa announced by a special telegram by two renneaaee seceoh Congressmen to tbe Memphis Appml. may be regarded, It strikes as, aa but an announcement In advance of bla belief that be will aoon have to cTtcuate Virginia with bla bogus Government at bia heel* ' Nothing could more surely aerve to afflict bla l>ll*MAM ( ? rnwmr^m ntlfk aa nanl/t Ikat urnnM tlft?plv 1VUVWCIV IU IWS W i?li V pvuiv *? ???? ?><V/ destroy the possibility of their miking tven a how of defense against the operation* of the army of the Potomac, than hla act in leaving the threatened city of Richmond jast now. No pleas of the Importance of hla pretence In a military point of view In the Mississippi valley, as he knows well, would counteract the effect of his contemplated Hegirm, with Manassas just evac uated by bis armv and Jackson signally w?t?n by the force under Shields?his whole army In Virginia being at the tame tlaae notoriously operating on a backlng-out?retreating?policy. Under these circumstances It m?nt be that he has already determined to leave Richmond, bag and baggage, as soon as he can make his arrangements to absquatulate. ^ a rraarir. According to our anticipation expressed yesterday, the combined force* of the rebels, Jackson. Smith and Lou^street. tu?t e??ayed to return and Ji2<>> :*h!e:aa on >aturuay ana vtmaav last, again turned tall In the court* of Sunday night, running away In the direction of Straabnrg At daybreak yeatrrday morning Shield* started lu purault of them, and must have overtaken them; at lead their rear, at an account of the lou of ten of hla men In the aklriuiahlng of tbe pursuit haa rraeked bore by telegraph. L'p to noon to day tbe Governmen'. had received nothing further concerning the atatua of aifolra In that quarter, ejeept that tbe puranlt w<i continued throiwh- I oat yeaterday. It U anticipated here tb?t On Skieldt must Uaye gained signal advantage* over them during the day, at he la believed to have beta In every ?e*pect wore ibau a MMkk for them Ttrirt nurx* t>a#hid. Our ae remarkably rredulooa fell6W-rltlz<>M? tbe anceab "jrmpatblaera of ibe iliauirt of Coluui- ! hll^WfP^ IP?*11 nla/ka la tt.* f ItiiiiU iVal^r.Ut' r>v?i the belief thai the rebels Ltd ventured another attack on Gen. Hbletdaat Winchester on tbai day, i and defeated tilm atgnally. In aniwrr to inqiil- j rlea on tbe part of ?omeof tlirni ii?ekiii? to ?crify that lnprewion, we asmred Ibem, la vain, tuat j na aurh Information bad b?ea icrelved byvi&? <?avernment They am?u better, however, though thflr lafornaticn bi\v come c.nly Lf imaginary telegraphic trttea. 't'o-Jay tbey are donbi<<?M ?itiat?a thst we were correct and tbey In error May tb*?? 'Mearn," aa well aa "live." Gen. Shields, before starting out frt?m Winchester yesterday morning, telegraphed here to ascertain where to aend, for ?afe keeping, three hundred prisoners h- had taken on thed*ybe. (Vit O ...4. f. ?.UU ? ...I... . ..4. 1- twu W. side* a thousand stand of small arms, two rannon with their caissons, and a large quantity of other campaigning "traps," three hundred prisoners xeii into cis nanas onibiidiy. two Hundred and twetity-flve rebel dead were also left on the field to be burled by our men. a cnRiicTns. A slip of tbe pen yesterday made ua Intimate that It Is tbe purpooe of tbe Secretary of War to cause tbe publisher of the Boatcn Courier to be tried before the special court martial about to be assembled in Waahington to cousider tbe charge* agatnat certain newspaper men for promulgating, In the shape ut new*, Information likely to aid the purpose of tbe rebels to defr-it tbe armies of the I'nlon. We should Lave substituted for tbe Ctmift the name of the Boston Joumul. Ain vnt pick aoLbllk*. Tbe iMd for tbe efforts of the Sanitary Cumm'a-lon, which l ai already ahown au much In: nrvoientc and liumaiaty, w;n hwir m? sunt a? n"W. All the b?splt<?ie of the army of the Fotomac are left by their reopen)* and division* The mcdlcal department oHUr a-m v of tbe Foto mac *\ n nbin^Utn is taking the field, so that transportation and supplies arc not readily ob iine.i. At and sear Lmgley the bospltsls con ala a number of patients who need looking after, lik men are Kitleoil abcut the country and dt? Tted camps, and sumt were taken <ick on the march, and stopped wherever they could be sheltered Cannot the r-inltary CommlMion widen their circle of operation* aid look after these tick soldier* r The medical corps of the armv cannot poaalhly da It under the present exigencies. The country will duly appreciate anything that may be done in thia direction. rarraa Ton* sxclcbsd from thk vails fo* txk mraorin rcBLiraTtoii or aiht mjvbPostmaster General Blair has issued the followin? notice to the PMtmaster* In the I'm ted PUtsa: Tbe Secretary of War now regulates the traneminion of Information by telegraph afi>rtlng (be conduct of the war In order to prevent tb? rommunlcation of aucb Information to the Kebela it la also thought neee**ary by tbe Secretary of War to pot restriction* on tbe publishing of facte of this character, however derive^ and tbe aid of this Department la requested for (bis purpose. You will therefore notify publisher* not to pnbliah any Ihct which ha* been excluded from tbe tele err* nh mi Ikit ? ?'?? - ? ?" r , . ? !?>< "? ?u?i il*ir| will nbittt ikr paper to be rvlndfJ froin the mailt. (9l(Md) M. Bun, Poatmaxter lirix>til WAP GAZETTE. St. Loii?, MarrU ,'i, l.-ttt. Hoo K M tMStM, Herniary of War. A detachment of tli* Plrat Iowa Cavalry, aeiit out from J^ffniAR CJiy by brlsj Men. TiHO-w, agaluat a guerrilla baud, Lad a *klrmlah with i&? fwmy, Kilting two and wounding on#, and taking atvrnly-lff pr1aon*r?, ?*? twenty Loim, forty-^tt kt-ga of powder, aud a ntiUibi?r ul krm* raptured. Our 1mm U four KMiiJrd. II. VV. HiUKt, MaJ?r tirnrrat. H*a-lq * >'??? Mi/nary ihunciof IPa{ /r?r??l AlanM'i Ojfitr. MarrA ??, l-ii ) UMrn, .No. 1. All m4m bet+l?tole Ii'lrd (roiu ILfc beadqnarwa retatlT* to ti* K<""nnva( ikn i-Uf will contlan* la full iWe Ail violation* wf order will mtcl wltli prompt ptirtUUwul i Pf raooal appltratlon* wuat be mid* between tbo hour* of ? o'clock a m and 3 p. in during the wart, and front 10 a in uotll 4 p m on Sunday. Tit pui re will be open froM v o'clock a. Eft until 7 ?. m. during tb? week, and from s 'clock aatll Ma. m rtanday. By arder of M^or W. E. Doner, PrtToil MarabaL Ca&a. E Bratxeoa, Adjutant Bum or a Futm.-Tlx Bockvllle S#*/im(, Marl bora' Giztite, Maryland Xitri Sk*n, ui tlkr Jour sals with arcwalon procllvltlea in Maryland, quote with (rest guato tbe arttclaa la tka Mb If i i " ..? !> - a- 41 ?it?t |?Mruir the araiy of the Potomac. Truly ahoIltiooUpi i?4 eeceMleatMi are clearly aiMat' 8ieai?ic*rr ? It U lKull<?nt tlut the Europeea inmiIm paper*?the Timet u4 Perrt*, (M Ihretfa mw* la aaether eeltnaa)?ere mw ma?alMt mshmiIh A week ? iw? henoe fMV Wttl ra ?N?', iM ?.l! Mlrf tM 8NW* * * * MV?U< I ' . 1 _ j . _ A LATE NEWS BY TELE^HAi'iirf OMMMIMMffraUMRf io. 1 | The Upper Battery ( the Rebels l?em*l. iahed?The Rebels Drtwand er ll.eir Battrriet?The Frifht at 'rtcuiphU. Chicago, March '24 ? I he following la a ape ial dispatch to the Tribune, of thla city : Oft laim No. 10, 0 o'clock Sunday nigl t The firing continue* aiowly day and night, a' in tervala of half an hour. Our Are la rno?t I y concentrated upon th? upper battery, which Is now fairly to pieces. The battery haa not replied for two days; citfy one gun ran he teen In position, and that Is probably ?'* cI uaker " The bstterlea ou tbe main ahore areata u?- aterloualy allent. and the encampments grow lesa day by day. The rebel transport* still continue flying ab^mt, ?pparent!y carrying away troop*. The riv r is still rising, and everything Is overflowed The rebels were drowned oat of some of t*ieir batteries, and had been *een attempting to .-rert new one?, but the well-directed lire of our mm tars prevents them. Chicago, March 21.?A special to the Times, from Cairo, aays: The oflrers of the steamer Lake Frie No. a, wdicq ieii isiana r*o. mi at n o'ciock <? - nr:m, saw a large lire near the Kentucky ohor*, w> lch kept increasing as they got up the river It was supposed to be the rebel transport*, which had Ignited by the bursting of the ahells. Chicago, March 24 ?A gentleman just from New Orleans, says the Rebels are building <hlr ?t*u guuuuaia gt mai place, 10 w cumpi tea soon. Cairo, March 21.?A pedal dl?patrk t?. the Chicago Tribune, dated Saturday night, sa>> the gunboat Mound City fired twenty shots at the middle battery, with considerable efiVrt. Our oAcera, with a glass,Tounted five Rebels V iled at a tingle shot. On Sunday our mortars flred with consider ble regularity, but the reaulta wert not MNtMri ouiiug to tut unfavorable condition of Ibr w. itt?Tbe balloon reconnolaanre did not take pla e T1TE FKlr.HT AT MtMPIllS. At Meinplila all tbe rebH atorea arc b< ii?: r??Uovi'il to nlarra of isfKir In tl.n #wui of .in * rvk _ . I - / ? * ~ ? ? '* ? by tW I'nloii troop?. TL?r 1? but IHIIp known at Mmuj.Lu <>r ibr movrntrnu at lalaud No Hi ontiidr at miliary rlrrl**. Tbr ?np*rlntrndrnt of iL<? M obi If anil KaJIroaa had pia. fd fourteen Utcouiottvrs tint t?n> bundrrd <-ara ut Ike d!<pailtloii of <.?-.irr?i I'alk, for tbf transportation of troop* to C*??r:i u. lieaurt-'zara it at jark*uu, Tenn. On Tuesday, llic bridge arrow Turkey ( :r?-k, ou tbe Mobile and Oblo Railroad Wa? luirn^l by tbe lTu1on troop*. nifUKTANT FKOYl VHNCIIIMHI Fartlciluttl lit# I.ate Battle?C'?n(r<icrntea Driven Ba? k t? ?Urn?bnrg?Mare *Ur?m-b In* A dftpatch from a surgeon lu 9liirKU* aruvta tue Siirgron-Ueripralla Hilarity, ?ay in rrlatlvu to tbe halt If ot Sunday : "Our li.j-.ia from 7.; to loo kUlftJ, >ri?i 230 \v..uintr.t i i vr ??*eri 2Vj of the enemy dead " AViNrnt*TFit, March -* -Tke rrl?-l? ua\f ?.>-en driven i?arfc to StraaLiirg with teavy loai l'i..-r?* bit btm very Utile tr t?iinr to diy. in tt.r scircii ! ;&? to Uiy we Lave )?,'? .. i,?ui lo uliea and w?n&dta tar. I.nee. acliisi.i u? ? Afcert. sf Ice Tnannrmltteil Kmi> - ?? - - r o ? * **L" "' * " t wui tak?n prisoner by ifce recan \Yi h?ve raptarea mate itan 1,000 iinail, f ran th? ItnritN M1 v> r ai*o, March 24 ?An arrival from ft* I ?-nr?e?Ree river ays ' .Wmnn-ii. under ?ien. Wall.-**, vlalted Adamsvllle, eight m11e? from tbe r *' r<nnj Landing, where there wji nndnitrmrt ?. ?.? a large Rebel force. On arriving there i;.ey found that the Rebel* hid gone. Armed Rebels are ronrtntrating at Oorii.tb, Mlft*lMlppl, wbere a a'and will be nuii". Alt lljr l( HQ I 11 It- A i *IV Wvi*(| a f catur, Alabama. ?i congressional. Xlirilth CONGRESS? H?fH< Sauiaa. Hihiti ?After our report closed yesterd&T Tb? bill for tbe abolishment mt alaverv In the LMatrtct of Columbia waa t ik^n up and discussed for some time. Tbe Senate then spent a short time In Kxr-cutive Session and adjourned. Hor?a ? After our report closedMr. Ashley from tbe Committee on Territories, reported tbe bill providing for tbe temnoiary government of Arizoua Territory, whlcn was n.J. ?l a Ju- as - * Hiaue me ororr lor .Monaay nexi. Tbe Tax Bill waa then taken up, ;ind occupied the remainder of tbe day. !C/*The Wa*hln^'on corrcapondent of the I'hiUdelphla frw.<, "Occasional," states that liatlle Peyton Lit announced his adhesion to the National 'iove/miieut, aud that A O IV N'tcUol na, wLo ba? mtru quiet during ill tlic trouble, will probably follow the example. || /"Three hundred private* and forty-eight officers?a deta>.htncut of the Rebel prisoner# taken at the battle of l'ca Kid^e?have arrivtd at I.K'lll lp*Senator Tcarce. of Mar>land, It ill at bit lodglnpa la this City, and has not been abl<: tu take bis scat In tbe Senate fortuux- da>t paat f|fTS=?.-*MITHBl?NlAN LKCT U R KS ?Prof. IJ? Kor.tR' will lecture on *tONDAV and WKUNFSDAY KVF.N1N6S, Maroh 24th and Jb'h, 03 the ? lacier*." Admittance tre*. L?c tarda commence a? ? p m. mh 22 4t tf LADIES' FESTIVAL ANp FAIR FOR J 9 rebnildini the First Baatiat Church, at P^V.,>. U.n /Cl-? u - . . ???uf i muni ram tonillin AKIO014tion,! commtnoini Monday, Maroh 2tth, to oontin ue a week or more. Peaa<?n ticket# 9# ornts; ainf le admission lo cents. Refreshments of every ki-d. fancy and usefal articles, musical ana other attraction*. The heel piaee to mii a pleasant evening and spend money in a |oo<l cant?'. inh 22-1 w*_ ,*m OF KICK OK JOINT COMMISSION 119 UNITKO HTATBfe AND<;Oi*TA RICA, Wa?nm<.T<i>? Maroh 13. 1H63 ? Atameetmc ol the Hoard held this day it was ordered the period of two mooi lift from this date is nerehy allowed Tor olaimauls to hie their proofs agamst tke Kepnl hq of Costa Kioa. and no extension of Haid prrio<l will be allowed uniesa good came ?hau I* shown lor ?MOh delay. i.,I, U iw OjUj. W. UA V It*. *?e. UJS b# lio4U#ii raff J&? this tin jo the Lut!i?rSTrt.uro4i,( K*V. J. 6. Mutl*r'a,l %t tj,? oututu of asiesSfeaSF** r^rBUi^waiifl No. 2-1 Lomkiam fcv^nao, Owtral 6u?rd ?"" . lull ? 2i? I\l >Ml 11 ll'ri/lkl IX' . an. u? ! j.. 1*?v i< ?n ur V'TA H & r* Ml ? II11* ThA c??*tiu*f?v i(> k*r?t?ror? tlifUbt uhJar tli* Nkuitul Blown * BuliyltCM It till* iUx HKNJ ti 8Cd??PIH.I?. A'<?4utlni. M>iut> 2?rt>, IWi. wl.t. r' I/O HAI.K A |>4ir of v?ft kuidaome ii(ht i>Ay V OAKIUUK IIOBt*K*-l?#i.*T*l Ui?v L>? lb* ferifcfcl lb th* DltU Gt Ur*?l lb Ncvxjft llkin^atiiir ?*bU7 |Mri ? ??!. Can M*rw^? \j Mpitlug at IM N*v?i Nivt WiJ. W?>n.b|tun, D. C , Wfm th? tunra u* >? * ?. ibJ3f.ii nib a in. A 'rrKNTION. BAKKKH! /\ ^ iiCHJH BUT ii K lur l.HftiHi Menu p>i lb. AIm, BB1J Kl.Oujt. l u) ?ot.u: ,.VV'v,N, wmiKK, 3?? s<?9 CHEAP CASH STOHEf ! J net racatvM ft iwiad litsd *??U1? KOsK WOOD h.l?H COVbKM) K*KL<>K SKT, oouiatiBf of two *o(fta. IroCkitir Clwira bb?1 atx SuU Cfttira I'ha ?at ia in ??o4 orU?r. Canona ia fliil of ft good Mtiela will latf Uii ft rmr* iIubm to ?ro??r oBBftt ft trHl t-Bf (ftio. HONTZ * UKIFFITh. Bhttti 369 PQTontfc at . boiwoBB I ft?<l K mm """""" 3SE8 JPrfcE jIk* iJHSSiat , Kiftmiliitffi: UTK ntOM WinniMTKK. Lott Saturday** Mtrmith?Gen I Wounded?The Rrhela Pr\<ot? 9*<x>i to Strnshurg vritk llenvy TjO't?Uirr time Thousand Sm,itt A.nt?? Cnjit*r*d?Our /??? All Si tt ti ri * u ?( Fi O \A J-7 rnrnrWJJ * ?? t iiCM) " l/M ff-C+rtl . [Correspondence tf the Philadelphia Inquirer-] WrxcH?*TM, March -.O, 7 A. M. On KaUiMay, -23d Inat., abont I o'clock, tmall parties t>f Aabby a Cayalrv came wtthln algM of the Federal picket*, and a aerlea of desultory Br iiiirr unwirn men) i nn rnnunue? for come time without effect on elttoer side, until about three or four o'clock In the altem?on, when the enemy made their appearance In largfe numbers and commenced driving In the pickets. A messenger wan then despatched to *?rn Shields, but b* fore reinforcement arrltrd the Rebels were wtthln a mile and a half of the town, having ad vanred as far as the Stone House Mill, CU I he Stnulxirg l'ike, and within full right of the town I'rom this point they f rWi Into some )>ae uap<- wagona and tent* ??atloned on the outaklrta of the town, but without dtina^. Not knowing the preclae nature of the ettark, the whole of Wen. Shield*' Plvlalon wer*calh>d to arma, and held In readlneaa. Three batterlea of artillery were ?ent at once to the acene of action, and n sharpskirm'ah enaned. The Rebel* had four piece* placed at different polnta on tbfc road and hlila.anpporteri by Aahby'a OavalVy and aome companies of Infantry Sottee'ght or ten ftbota were (red by them, moat'y shell*. the ma jorny 01 wo!cb burst In air over the Federal troop*. V*oon after dMt batteries opened Are the Rebel troops sratteted like sheep, and were pursued until rf?ek put an eod to the affair. During tbe tight, Gen. Shields, who commanded In person, waa struck by a fragment of a shell on the upper part of tbe left arm, shattering the bone, producing a compound fracture, and It Is feared amputation would become necessary. The General remained on the field after being wounded, giving his orders until the clow of the Ul> ht. urhf*n li? rnnrror-oA 1. (k. _.-1 .. .. mm-w nvo WU??JVU IU IUC i evidence of Mr George Severs, formerly connoted vrlth tbe farmer*' Bank of Wlnciifstfrj On Snnday morning tbe General Waft 'n cheerful i spirit*, though suttering nomr ?>?ln; up to that time It was not known whether or not amputation would he neretfsa'ry. Our loss collated of one man killed, belong* In" to the 1st Michigan cavalry, one wounded, and wie or two tioraes kllbd or wounded. IJp to Sandfly morning twenty-nine bodies of tlie rebels had beeu discovered Indltt'erent parts of tbe *rme A# ..ll ? " * ~ ?.i .h i mil, miu a nutniwr or wo?nd?* wrrec?rTted ott' by Ibfiu In thHr r^trfnt The rebel fone In tlt*? atalrl* flllmaUdit from twelve to fifteen tlionund. The rapldHy of Hie tlrlnff of ?mr artillery saw* *l?e to the belief In town Mint a gvnrrat ai-ttou wai taking hlare, and that Jark-ota hud returned lu I'orr*-. It la tjnieraily ?<-< t<-?1 U-?t Uetr tliat Information iiiil I wen einlptl to tte Kebel* that ttir I ulou fuf< ?-m had Irfl th? trvwn, with tt>e exception of a | vusut for j*?llre duly. It was not genially known jnwitK the inhabitant* Ibat G*i?. dlvlMon wai ly}it-' *ome tbreeor four mile* nortii of tUe town. A>fln<i on Information conveyed to ! til-III, bii eaay recapture of the place was ant'.olj.ated It w&t currently reported tliat two or three of Aabby'a cavalry wete in the town ou Saturday omiiif, in iiie unguiae of rariuem, j*-d?llln;; ijiilipr, iti- , and. *finy a movement of troop* fcoiu lLsi place, conveyed information led to tb abuVe ikiUlllsb. TITK BATTT.K NK>* WISCIII?TI1I. WiNdii'tli, Mapti VI? II o'clock p in ? In rouM-i^iirace ?>f tlm forward uinvemt-nt of our forrea tbf reports of (lie kllWd, wounded ana uilMln?, rsnnot be ai-mratelv an^ettainert. hn??? u e?rin>ated ibat our !??* wsi fr?*m Hgbty t? one tiUudlred killed, wbom weie oiie colonel Slid fourteen I'tbUlH^ ?ild llenleliSut* Two Lund red wif vounded, mnotig wiioiu were ten nll^t. Tl?p enemy to?t nearly live hundred killed and wounded and el^Ul hundred i>il?oiier.s. TilK 1 Itlir Washington, March *J4.?A dlspfclc.b from W Iiii Ii^kIci Our ton** ti. day pnraurJ tbr rei-Ha wltti extraordinary roiirni-.r toward Stra* MirdtIviiif tiiem like frightened ibeep [Tbr dfjilli <?f report* from tbesiene of tont!i t ceim to Ijc owiug to tii>* alueoa of ibe <'orre'pnnrtpnti whn arc witb onr j?ur?nln^ Iwrn detwiiof tbeir po?l* In anticipation oftbefuture TturDif? been nodi*pat> bes received at Utd qunren tip tu lo o'clock la?t nljjlit, fur tun tban u.f4e wbWl? buve Ue*n telegraphed | 1 . . PNOTICK HOPO'*AI.S$, From <left:er? lud initl*r? arc touted till the lft'.h ot A?ril. Iwa.lor FUKNISH'Ntt FLoL'K to tbe Sab liep't "f tbe nine kind wbioli lvvij i?uei>?i uj uia u. a. ttoverLnient, tod known as Mo 1 fxt^a Samples of this FiOur can l>e seen at the Capitol bakery in this city. It i desired to make a contract for S'? o<> barels. Should. ho?erer, ?iy person desire to furn'sh a nieuW"' *tKt* the precise number of The ocntraotor will be rf qoireJ to famish at the rate oft") barrel* daily until the contract is fil'ed No?-lour will be resei vtd whiori does not ome up to the staniaid at the insprot on maae just l>e f rathe purchase. Th? P nnr l.i h? it?ii?>??^.l ? -1 ? - ' ' * .-WW Uvi.*v>vu a, mo fBliruiU Uf*pCH in Waahmtton or a any of the warehoniea in Georgetown, D. C (ji v-rnment rraei vea the ricbt to rfj?otai>y but for a: y ca naeHay menta to be made in Treaeurj not m, and tue bida to be iliieoted to M?j >r A. HKCKWITH. C. U. 9 A , Waalucjtou, 1). 0. nili REAP! KKAD! KKAD' AND HE CONVINCED AND HE CONVINCED AND BE CONVINCED. E 'tract from lAe"Star," Fl>>rniTy -il, Isfr-J. DaYTOn'h CKAf ?*S AND ExCILLI.1T Me* ? Hotel an<l Keataurant Ke?pcr?, J*utloiV, Houaek?ep?rk, and Urooera'. ahouid cot fail to aaanr* m. euppiy oi me aupenor Crackers and I'ie*. ininuJacmred by Dmylou. 4#?> lltn atreet, between 6 and H. Dayton manufactures all kinda ofCakea and 'raokera t < the twtt material, and every ho??okeeper ta wall aware of the treat superiority ol th? latter, when freah from the orena, to thoae akifped from Northern oittea. trailers will hnd It greatly to their interaat to examine Da? ton'a Craokera and Piea tefore purohaaioc elaewhere. W a will ?1?. ? * *' ' .. . .... .nuw vuv iiBiiiea 01 in"re iuaii ft aoora o( Sut'era who have used Pic* macufaotnred hy othfr Baker*, and were "blicea to oome to us linallr, and pay > ? twndoHvi mora per huudrM m order to *et au artiole which tna meu could eat without making them siak. From th ( vrr"j>OHilin! of 'hi N> w York Vi^potek. . vve i.otice with iimat |'?nr* 'he * " v J?U ?| n J Ui "Iir rnmrpriHIDC lellOV OltlSen. Jm I L. l??yton, in tM Bakery t>uain m in this city. I hit MM has Deen gained by the excellence > . I hlB goods. 1 we learn that members of the Sanitary Com mittee hare ate of hit Pies, and pronounoe them healthful: and we muit say injustice, that we never partook of more delicious Pies in our i<fe Butlers from every seotim and Families from all quarters ot the oily, sen>l to his Bakerr* We stroncl* invite families to try our PIC NIC CRACK MIS. BOSTON CKAOKKKS, A D ft* * L' ?_ m v? a -? m I l<n riCl^f RA*PHKRRY fIKS. L)A YTON'8 Bakery, 4A(i Kleyentli atreet. roll 25 If Hetweeu U and U. FOR SAI.U-A patrol HORSES. WAGON and HARNESS, auitahia for autfer or lilfht ?ifrwi Imaitiaaa, in c>o?lorcer. T'.T **.1 l.ouiaiaDaavenua.near'nh atreet, op?i. aita I'emra! fluaiU Houw. rn'i Ui-7l' f^OR CALK A l.sautifu1 wlnte MKXICAN PONY. Dirhfiiii " " .I * - suitable lor a iftiif or gentltnian, m he *er 1 Hi; 11* Will be Jld ?er? Cheap. M 71 the sartlxa dei're to leave tbe city. Apply to KID ft A HI) UUTLKR . 4*1 Nm>, at mh?? 6t? ATAKK NOTICK! I.I. liufa. limn tli* age <>( In jrara up, cau tow be lilted uut with litis and ounom, at HAK* UKO.'S^ I aalt ouab'0 iU.Uilu, Kstab isbuteifF inh im' Ooro*r 1'. arid Seventh ?ia 40,000 B *10 5 i?t a HiUll Uf I *-? ?k? ?? ' * "" * * 7. Wh.iT/ kam Ke'K* <?*? '? ? ? buiiJiiij. iuatiir* at _mhS4J? I W. W'l'KbblNH. ^ MIAL A'l' KKIHU^irTKlOtpl lit utJai lt> uluie omI our yfcielil kloot. m* will uiitdr C,+i IB,M, ?a/t flf tbi, o tf at Wl" ??><i>0 tut a uwu a* ^t;vu;u.Mr","a UoX LU w,u Mth2?tr <??io. Vui'"ohu/.uiut. PIANO?! PI A NOR PIANOS'" r,*nu8!! Pl AN(?S KOM MAl.K ANl* TO KKNT.-I.MI k lIMvoJ tltlu 1 tipfclf of VJEItL4^ vhioi. i win i?iilTTiP r. ???? *? iiMM*raie U'uia at Hit Pi*lu No.4USmi, sir??t, ?b<>te 1*4.AUo Slf' Me??e for mi* or f?nt. iuh? i? 'pKAIN'S UNION HPKKCHKH' ~ "? 1 TOtfKHL, WAIN* km'u.jdjj.inu AgFlhafSP* MV 12 Vikbu p i n * ... v?vhub r llallvyl? 'MAIN, lit Q?, or tio*UM, UuiUI M?IM. Containing Twattty hva??aaahaa mall, W|?H A MKDMIIUN UKKNKBH OF GriOMttK FRANCIS TR A IN. CmmMi in ?na tare* ootavo voimna, ynnletl i a tha b?at sty la. Pi laa Js Mats a l>? JOHN C. FARKKR. Naw. Aiant Periodica: Malar, room 17, Rol.l.iin building, ??r?aiia Poat Office, Waau.ugion, D.C. mb M-2t* i^OR HALK-A loi of good 11 RICK far MUaat r iha loUrmar) vary ak?M for ouh. Inamra at '":ry B. UU?I?. COAL OILotJ. nk 01'? AIm?. BwtMl tot whi'oii IMMiM M MOOHb'S, WNI Kt?J ur? 4 $ $ ' & ftftSKRAL OKUKftt, N?. 2. Ihad'lknittts Mtliiaiy Dittrirt %f nr?ii WA8Rinsto!?, MarrhSO, l!*?. } 1. TUe fcograpblrai limits oT Ibis Military jrmuii-i wtt- ai pre?em aennea as rouow* :?TV I D'rtrlct of Colombia, the cliy of Alexandria, Ok defen'lT* Work* south of the Potomac, fcorti tbe Oc< oqnan to Difficult Cr*ek, and tbefvoat of Foit \Vnhligtoii. i. Commandert of Brigade, of Reglmenta not yet frlgade^i, and of Independent Batta!'<*ns or Companies nerving In this District, Will fend to theae Headquarter* every Ftlday a consolidated morning report of thtlr respective command* for

that ?hr, i. All orders laaued from the Headquarfra of the Army of the Potomac for U,e maintenance of good order and military discipline among the troop*, and tlie existing regulation* lu regard to pUM, furlongba, Jfcc., rontlnne la foil fore Until nlb?rwli* illiwW 4-. Commander* of trAopt striving In nr leaving this TMstrlct Will furnish to the?e Headquarter* a Held return of their commands. 3. Major William K. Doster, of the Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry, I* appointed Provost Mar. ftbal of the city of Washington, and will be ol>eyed and reip^ted accordingly. By ordrr or Btlp fien. WadsWmth : Th*o. Talbot, Asst AdJ't General. .John A. Kn*??, Alde-de-Camp. Not*.?Commanders of Brigades, of regiments not yet brigaded, and of lndepenAe&i Battalions or Companies within the above limits, will repnt Immediately at these Headquarters the ttttioh tnd commanding officers of their com'&ands, without further notice. Nineteenth street, corner of I. Headquarter* Military District of Washington, Washington, D. C., March 21, 180*2. mar '21-dlt QK. J. H. 8CH(5 NCR. Tills eelrbr*ted phjsioian. who haa Won such a high refutation i>j Ins eminently mcoesslal treatment of Consumption, that terrible disease whieh his lone l?een rexarde > as incurable by the great iHtdr or physicians-, trill be in Washington on WednMrity,the26th instant,at bis rooms, No. 444 Kighth street a few doors above Fenn. avenae. to examine ptueuu. nil ion? practice, MM to hit thorough knowledge, and tneperfcnneea of the instrument which he makrs use of id the examination of the lungs, enab.e hi"! to detect the slic htest ?ymaroma ol disrate. Ilia -'Pulmonic 8irup," Sea Weed Tonic "and "Mandrake PiNa," hate b'conie wideiT oelel, rated lor disease* of the Lungs, l iver and frtomacu. We advise all wh?? mar tliink lliey need Ins nervifM to o.\ll h ton him at lis room*. Hi* charge for examining the l.nnta vitn the Kei (urometer tu th'??- do lara hut lor ordinary examination and advice, without that instrument is free ui onarge. nr. sviiiencK would leal gratelni to thotre panenta who have Ieen benefitted by hia treatment if the/ would call upon him during lna visit and make Vnown by a written matem*nt the benefit lie*/ have received. It would l>e a great aatiafk)tiou (o him, beaidea beiug of beuekt to uitdreda of othara who ma/ be mil ring trom aiiuilar diaeaaea ?leriona vho wou I >kr to I c cured, but who are doubtful of hm ahil j t?? cure them in-!*. H' NVAITK, corner Laiiuiioa avenue ami ?U? atra't, la agent tor all of Ur. Pchenoa'a M^liaiuat. uik 2? 2t* |MI?OKTANT NOTICE! At there hit been kucli trouble for the Wit two months iu trciirin* ^KASONKD OAK ami PINK WOOD and l.KHir.H f*oA Ithe tubxcriUer* ?im'J n-#i>dntfu Iv iiilorm tue rftnent of With ineioii (hut nre ?1? I? rocnmnt auil delivering lr<>in the vet??l the very l*??t article the mai ket art fill a* l>-wer rat'? than have been baucht elee Wl.ote i?K i PIN I'. I'h 'it.l at 9 : Call early. ?. m * * r . ?? ? ??? * j. iv c 0(fic<- <?:i I It ,(t?ok ut WtllftriU' Hotel. Illtl H _ |\|N\ DoXOVAal, at Klevel)tli ttieat, ill <ut>?t t? 1 tie Ihu juitkrMvel from mew Vo-lL with a large tnJ Lm rKnkl aasorun?ut uf I'ARIS CtHM)?, ulAuir tlm newtet faahioca. c?>i?alalioi ol Han.TT. *ac*tiea. Prectea, Wrdttln. A..1., Ao. ? " Her ectaMiatiKiout will open on ur*i ilia litti iE-it. recftH tin it mviiea ibe laJur ol li.A 1 "A.t ? . A \l^lf ?/-> 11 ,rav ? u|TWIia ?PU V*ll < Drdipi'fe prvOiptly n.lie to i.lJef to ih*?li<lr* t4l>?l?n(lon of who .letlfc t l.i kt!ifo?l lit ili? l*?lnou. Mij with jooJ i&Dta. inhtl lw* |lnt?lii(*iic?r | SPRING hRKSS eO(Jl>9.-AUuy haw acrt choice thin**Al?o. our utuail lull atock of all kinda of foreign and IK>m?ar<o Dry Wood*. lor ilia current wanta ol annua* ami houaakaepera. One price cn'y, mariaJ id pllio t<ure?, ikt at tual tatk vai+c. tlL'D U 1/ *- u n /? i oniii a DRU * mh 7 tr Pt iv and Ninth streot. INicRtsal'lNG For tiiu community AT LAK8K. We are now receiving RKADY MAD K CLOTHING f the la'est designs three timet a week from oar menu'Mtvnng establishment in Baltimore, which we offer at astonishing low prices. BAR A BRU., mh 12 1m* oomer K and 7th streets. "r 3 10 TREASURY NOTE!*. I V. 8. BONDS, Bought and (Old t.y RITTENHOU8K. FA NT * CO., Hankers, 334 Pennsylvania av. mh 19 lw llLtelUgeooerl Q?0 BKVKNTH STRBKT. OOil BETWEENJ_AND K STS. CHKAP <?A8H STOKE. We have just received a large assortment of Perfumery, Soapa, and Fancy artioiea, whicn we oflar muoh lielo* the market prioe. at either wnoieaaie or retail. Alio, In Store, two Seoond hand Cottage Seta, in exoellent oondition. Al?o, One New Cotta*e complete order, whioh we will aell oheap for the caah. Al??, A large aaaortmont of Mahogany and Waluut Ureeeinc Buieaus, Wa?hatandf, Mart>le-top TaM*a, sofaa. Rookera, Hair Seat, Cam and Wood Seat Chaira, large vanetiea and patterua. Cottage Union. Jaaanese and Jennt l.imi h?h. irteade. Walnut and Cherry Leaf Tab"*. Feather Bcde, Mattrraaee. 4o.,4o. Ail at a great aaonhoe for oash. Remember the number, 369 Hereuth atreet, between 1 and K street*. mh 17 2m BONTZ * GRIFFITH. AaO B. WBRTHK1MER * CO- A a A iD? No. 469 ash 464 SarsifTH ?*., Offer their mwkof WlNK8!*B^?Nbll?8,61N8, CORDIALS, eto..alao their tarce assortment of BK?AR9, TOBACCO, FANCY GOOIW, *., for sale at Wholesale Prioea. ETheykMf oowtanUT on hand fine PHILADELPHIA CKKAA1 ALhy in keg| and bottiea, for kra or family dm Tne JubLic in general are ra?nested to give them a oall and examine llieir ylendtd stook of gooda, 8. WERTH ELMER 4k CO., 464 and 464 Seventh ?tre?k, H l"i o??o. I'oat OIUm. I V I 'a*V D L'l'L'l V/L'lk A'l< I A DPI I ff a. in U t T I i L/ At U A* OUtAlili ^ ' 'J D| No. 361 Seventn, between 1 tnd K atreeta, a new a t<>o It cf CLOTHING, FUR RISHlNU GOODS, T RUNES, HATS and CAPS. rA HKALL * CO 1i, No 361 Seventh atreet, i. t>etween I and K, la the alaoe to bay your CLOTH I NO, FURNISHING GOODS, TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS at New York price* CiOM K ONt AND ALL AT L. A. UKALL k. j CO.'S, No. 3til Seventh atreet, between 1 and K. to buy your CLOTHING, FURNISHING NOW IS YOUR TIME TO BUY YOUK CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS. Li ATM nut CARS at ?er? low L A. tiKA I.I. A ro.'S, No. 3fil Seventh, between I and K mh 13 hiie american TKLKttRAPH comi fany. Ilavinf re umdN and re litted a iiKANcii orfice iu Will&biik* lloim. ilua cumpauv ta prepared to accommodate the Qiieata that liouae. aLd the piiiiitu, villi every i ei*grtfinc itoilitr. C<niuiiurii6?ti?>ii direct with KALTIMOKK, I'HII.AUKLJ'III A, ^ NF.W VOKK, Aiiit ftll lelegrieliio HtUiona m the lu;*i yttita. UKiNI KAL OI'FllJK, 4.'W PlNNt. Avinui W. V. WKHTKN V Kl.T. * __ HuMrintendeuC. 11 S. ONKYkAK UKKTinCATIM. I >* UUAKlTKKM AffVKKs' VOU(!nKKM, Huu|iil l.t , . KiT'xiLN HOUMK, PANT A cu? l ta .Sir"''4* Hih H-' w (lnUlTiteiieer. | f AUIIStt' KUliUKK BOOTH I J A Mil ?ftlflL'ta M - ? i^fe-sS^SWC ww** is* DKAP?f? IN WATCHK8 Wo.Id do voil U oollandMMIUthertook of 8.* J.MYKR8. wtuoh Ihey fere Mlling ? Mr OML lower '*??" an* other house in the oitjr. Id WMiuniton BmU mEswm Jeweller*' Jobbing M?en*T?. BeiMiec. ________________ Hmm ft J.!*. tteviM (U( uv eftitrtvelieg ?edlft{? **m> lepreeesteil f|*l U>*> pi* (MiauNiM will Utelr hcnee, Mtf eeilmf m fVfertor Araele, the* UM tbit ?Mu<r4 n mm(|I the KM* * >?? ?? * ere ( to w*f tff i ABUSKMKNT3. WASHINGTON TUKATK*-?f ? CM'-Nr K.LM)?nn)rt,MrJ. W WHliotonn^Mr W Wiwfonijig. j.. W. WlUffc. ?? ' i j i?ir. v jiktoii, ?nr v>. K'tualard. rhia LvMing, i*hakap?ar*'a tra My nT H AM I.KT~Kan>t. Mr Urn Da^B^or/r ?if?% Mr J. W.Wa lt' i; f aertra Mr. W. *V!>rtU. Qa*en STtn;J? Mra. J. W. Waliask. U rOKhS ATntNElM Jona T. Proprietor an?i Manager John B. \V*:gut_?. Stag* Manager L'oeumpled fiiooMi of the nev TEMPLE OF THE DKAMA ! this MtSrrttrth wi?9 lUcillf. Western Will appear in her treat obaraet^r oi CTNThlA i In the Startling Drama. THK WILD FMWFRS OP T1IK FORF.flT. Fasti DiHri Mim Olivia To conclude with tha Mf Fire*, JOBN WOPPS. Kox < Aia* r p*n from 9 to I &od frfnlto I o'clock, when imu can b? WPorenJ. amimim. I\r?aa PIVAIA *M/4 Il> MA A_ A/I VM v/ii uio WiQ I M ^ flPUB. .... ?. .W CCB.'l Balobny Seat*?? . ( Orcheetra H?ata Faotly Circle 25 cents No extra charge for raeervnl eeate. _lt CHAELEb E. FOM1). TreaewrT. ODD FELLOWS' BALL) Sivkkth Srxnr. FAREWELL NIGHTS Sanlords Op?ra Troupe. MONDAY EVENING. March ii, V A B 1 ffTV V/?1/Tf TUESDAY EVEN.'NG THE RIVALS WEDNESDAY EVENING .OPEN HOUSfc THURSDAY EVENING THE PRIMA DONA FRIDAY EVEN'S....UNCLE TOM'S CABIN SATURDAY kVE'G SANFORD'S BENEFIT CkOOSE YOUR tVEtilNUS. Door a open at ?; coinmecoiSK quarter to t. Ad*imioh.... iii ClitTS Qi 4* ma w i? CANTERBURY HALL! CANTERBURY HALL ! COMBINATION EXTRAORDINARY: THE BALTIMORE COMPANY and THE WASHINGTON COMPANY In Joint Extirtaixmbst ! Retarc of tee Old Favorite*. ? m -w? . ? * uivr, rAKitEtc, JAMK9 WARD, 1 RANK. LA FOLLK, AuJ th# Membra of the Company Continuation of the lmmenae artiata MISS MILLIE FOWLER, AND MISS JULIA MORTIMER, MISS LIZ'/.IK FRANCIS. MISS MARY 11 LAKE, MISS LILLY URANDON, MISS FRANK SKCOR, MISS JULIA RICHMOND THE I) E LEV ANTES IN \l.\v tNiiirmri iMi: inrji . , M .. . ar w m ? i? V V 1 O . fE^No oh&nie m thf Admiaaion rrim-Tll A.ln.iu on 'ij c?fatc ; OrobMMr Clkiii 4?> ?euia. A firm-nil N ( I ui I4 li*i fcu?l ( Mllttt, till vV hDNKSDAY AM) BAfUIUAV AI'IKK NOONH.UlA'alMI, W li*b & diatriWation of KUf aU PrMtnti la lu&da : Ricli tod Coat I y Jewfl'y, Hooka, Toy a. Fancy ArtiotM. tnd ma? tiibc?Lt fli'k DrntM. Adiniaaion aooenta : Childm ) Mnta. mh 24 CLARENDON CONCERT HALL. (L'XDBK CLIEI*DO\ HOTEL,) OONOI RT bVKRV KV EN I .NO, ft 1' A FULL BAUD BeauUfui Waiting irla. Hood Liquora, Cic&'a. and mh24 lw" Everything in th* tating inc. PMATKNT OKFICK CURIOWIT!K*-?iude to Patenta, Cataiofue of Curmaiti*a and Government liardena. at the atand in Patent Ofioe; Karo Antiquarian (tooka ; Government Booka: Docnmenta furmahed; Railroad Reporta; Military R* Krta; Burnt Patent (iftoe Reporta; Cheap tiooka rniahed to Pedlara; Mi.Mary Trial a; Military Law* Army Reculationa; Panorama of theCoaat allowing over 2>?i milea; many tfcotiaacd Cheap Booka. Reool.ect oheap rant. Lara* aaiee, low anoea. U? alaira, over Bank of Waab'ngtnn. ja? awi* AI.FRF.D IIITStkR. Ot)F. C. F. BAKNK8' FASHIONABLE ANCING ACAUKM V, at Temperance H Fatreet, l>etween Wi and loth Ciawea every Tneada* and Frula??tfUruio* at 3, evening oiau at T. Soiree ever* Fndu Gift evening ??8 o'clock. Mutio Prof. ?eo. Arth. Temperance Hall will be let (or Halle, Partite, Ac. Apply M above. le 14 Ira* ORE CONSIGNED GOODS. NtW~~SILKS AND BKAUTIFULJSPKINtt FABRICS. Haying met with euoh *?Undid sacceee ia their oonaurameDta to the "tNi(n??a ??( the larce Silk House in New York litre coo eluded to con t>noe their ealee here for 0?? Mont* Imiit, ud have eeot forward Several Large luvoioee of NKW SILKS AND NEW J*PR*N<. FABRICS in beantiiui texturee and designs, all of vhich are now ready for exhibition ana sale at our store. The price at which the Gojda are ordered to he eold at for task ie in reality not more than fifty oett? on the aoii*r o! the original oo?t of importation. A splendid opportunity ie now offered to the ladiea of Washington and hu? choice tnd hmouMs (oodi at about half pnee.' CLAGKT1 * M \ V. nth a 3tif 39t Pa. aye., bet 9th and loth au. Wm COAL OIL LAMl'S K Arc dov opening and aha: I kMf ennatantly on band a good of Table. Hanging and Bid* LAMPS, CHl.VN&YS, PARISH ?HADbS. WICKS*; alao CHINA and ti LASS W * R EWhioh w* otter to the merchant* of Waabington and Georgetown at the lowaet Eastern prioea. hoping they will live aa a call. Alao, coal Oil or the beat branda, by the barrel,(warranted.) at Baltimore prioea. a iso, ornere men lor wettera Ulnae War*. 8am?le? and pnoea cm be eeea it oar new ftore, No. 4Tb Seventh street, o^oeitt^ke Poet OAoe, Washington, D.C. mil ll-lf MKNKV RAVLKV * CO. /^ OAL AT tb.ftO PGR *.000 LBS. At Yaed Nui B. and O. DnroT. iwh 15 tf J. i.ANGPON A CO. || ANDHOM K DRK8B GOODS, ofeniaf tbie IA day in rieb end sty 11 ah fabric*. Ladie*' nod Miieee' HOOP gKIRTS, a large assortment. in all the beet ctylee aod matee. all at low rrioee, at J W. COLl.KY'S. ?W "Vi a* X.ta AS ** ?- ? ^ .. gevepui bl, ipcve rk iv( (JKNU1NK bAKDKN * Uklullll AND Fl<OWKK HKKDH. JOHN MAUL ealla lh? attention of market car dauera, farmer*, ami other* to hia large ami oaraliiily aalaoted afook u( Cardan t*?ad winch fcava baas aaleoted from tha l*?*t srow?r? in England, I- racoa and (iarinan), with each article* of dome* uo growth aa are ia aauai demand, n?: Kitm Kir f iru (yh&iriftion Pm?- FrAtniniii '!*.? hniMi. (-M'ljfcg*;.Wood Taray ItoM; fmr.iyi, ' VP#- Ac. Fiowar the!, an axtanaiva AolMMMa, auitaLla for & ) ItUUitt ill On Union; 2?> nrWiM. aal?ta?i tor an? iatii?<ia, for f 1. Ilia PiM"?n<!? of t??ar -v mn m?hU(imI aaad grower 1a the beat guarantee itaal ai! fcra aura aoeurat*. ana of the moat genana daaeriaiioa: * . J<^N ?AUL. HaadStoSa, _iafcl?Cieo- >faHamtk aUooraor if. WI'KINtt WKAPl'INtt? 3. ?w m Stn?? flLawla. J? ! received and will be aold at tta lowest oaah I mr mi l wv mm ww VVI ml> n St >81 mmtii et. >bo\ e Pa. >t. U OYSTK*8-OVtfTIC?S! liOTKLA, jlMtMruli ami Pnni? Fa mi I lea eau t>e supplied duty with OYSTBRS^^ fr?*h from the ahell, dry MMirt, pod^^t ZVj at UP l?veat price. Fieue |iTe ua a call. AYRKH 4 CO* No. 404 Ninth at., between D ua A*. ID" Ojatera of the beet |ulil) ipmd I* order. wb ii yy ASHIN0TON HOOP 8K1RT FACTORY ! WANTBDJMMKDIATKLY, * To nuilutirt Boo* Muu. mnmasmm mfa n tw* u. BAMTA8 * CO. w Ejaa./s?. jm* CUicm * Sua*. HI A Nil ll?2 _ ? . '/ ? #?!* ... /" AUCTION HALES. rUJVKB DAfrS. M \VAU. ft FAR nA!* D. AV.Mione*f?. Ci'iut r*. mr.mn4 9tk itrwi. r?iour nnnn vim w unp?r*i * * ?? rl ? w n iiwn rr.c m | All A 110%-Front of til# Auction Rno >.?, TH I'M1)\Y MOKNlNtt.S9tliianU.ftt M o'eUk,?uhl rood Work Uonni, wi'l h* fid for no 'no t. neU v.?r| niliblt for farming K/roi**s?nln Pouuvn. 1 . _mh56 WALL k BAflNAR&? Attota. H? 0Rfc.K.\ A WILLIAMS. Aoottocrtrt. H"V*?>._iP? S.HJU ?? *- *1 Awinn ?vn r r\ i t/n i t *? ia?ki W* ha 1 Mil, At i h? reaideqp* of * ??ct?*<AL 0* innchou - keeping. t%p 2?? alat all# of Sth. ) ? tmM ard JS nrwti, it li> o'cfoet ft )., a good k'aortir.a.-.t m Kirnitare, vis: Mail utaoj 8o(m ??d t'haira Marfan a and Tables, Co raxe and oiher P.-liteaca, B* lu'ice ajj<t Mattreeaea. I'triotj. I "ax* and a k?r I'kairi ('ookitt and other Mivn, China, 9'?m and Crc ekerf War#, K itehee Keqnjeitra, With man? oth?r a>t'o'M which We deem uftce? Mf to ea'uta?rafe Tenre oa?h. ^ . nhNH RBIilMt tt'lllUMI *???? H? 6REKN 4 tILLUMB. A uetjoneara HOU8KHOLD AND KIT ?KN FIRM n il a* AT'etrbll.?On iTfUiBDAY, ttk STts instant. wealtali a?(i tt 1" n'oloak a m., at lt? reai'lpn of Mra WadflauvC.r, Nc. 44? ft at., Oe*t to tharurner of G, a |w 4td jenerai aaaortCiant rf pVrLirrr*. VI: Mahogau* ?ofaa. Hair Seat, Parlor, and Ana Rockirg f'htire, Mahogany. l>r?uir.g and otbar Bureau*, a ad Watbitaadi, n>nn|uT,uMifr,i?ril, Uiningand otktrTltlNi Painted Marble to* CotUf Chamber Pet. French and other BedaUada, WardrobM, aad t*tasda, Fine Feather Ba:*, Hair and 8h?#k Mattrewee, Larg# amortment of Bedding, an* PaaUer tert.and Piuova. Chir.a Ulaaa, Crocker) tad Stone Wkr?. Tfibl* Cloth" and Cvtlff. . , _ Gi'tand Mahogat * Frarne Nirtort.aod Cloeka. Window Curtama and Pitadea,Case and Wood Chair#. One fine Oil Pairting, large lot Engraving#. Carpets and Oi elo-H, IVkmi and other Stove#, W ith a good ot Knohen fteaiiaitaa. ?KKKN * WILLIAMS, Autt. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In vlrtm of a writ of fiari facma, inuad from the e ark's oftea of u a oirout court of the Diatriot of Colombia. for in* county of Waahiccton, and to ma directed, I Fill axaoae to aublic aale.Tor cuh, in front of fko R.?"U r count*, on M<?Nf>AY, tha 31 at day of March, inatact, life, at U o'oiook m. the following properly, to-wit, ni .?Lot No. 15, in a?uara No. 41. lot No in eaatra No It, lot i'o. j. id iiJ'rt ni" m, 'ox rxo. w. is Main Mo, f&, lot No. 1? m f^uar? No. M, and lot No. IS, in iu*re No. 76, in ttio city of Watbinctoa. B.C., together with All a:.rf rncular the imjroTfmetita tberaon. aeitH and lerie<f upon aa the proaortv *f Brook Maokali, and will ha aokd to a&tiafr Jadtcial 8*4*.. >? tnh 1 dta late MtrahaJ, l>. C. BALLS, PARTIES, Jtc. rrHE 9TH GKAMi CdTii iiiM rtiTv A Win b? given et ~ ?4 TKMPERAfiCt HALL, fit K atreet. between Mh fcLf i?tk, M^k On FRIDAY EVKNiNG, Mft'cr.: Dacaing to oommfneetttX o'clock. Mauabr prof. George Arth'a eeiebreted tend Tieketa#! admitting * gentlemen end led lea mhaSf PROF. OF, BARN KB, Manager. 486 486 Cer l Photocrepha id vtriMt, ineleding eopieeei Choice 1'iotor*?. Alau CARD VIHITKand OV AL PICTURE FKAMfcB. the largeet sawrtwK from the beet manufactory to theoonntrj tfor oaik, w i* g. I ? I \ u | Ali CM I i'7>? , ii*n K;^Usfnk '""" hi>.? i,ie tk?*?C "p,- <???&*. w-sT^-rAr * '?; o'L*u5yL?rtW -5AW NOTICK IS |4blO.MY tilVKN tilM lh? contract (or bkkk :4ttlk *<1 verumd id llna ?*}* ( M< It oi Ma rl, hit not t.e*ri o Tli* otinM t>:dO?*rt t'? rf^uMUJ to forward t? nw f,.?ir aJdres#. iti ?rUer t?.ai ti.oy u?t i? c<-mm.< mealed viih, wilU a vi?w 01 eioainc u>? oon'rvt: A. i. LaMBKITOV, j amu frmlanp, II. t. Kkiri.k A Co. A. BKCKWITH. mu ia .nnor ion. >wti. T ATTENTION! HE Uu4*r?ifnod baa raootrod a laria a'ock of Pel x Reading ALK and LAUKR BEER. to wfieii he napoctfaUy e\l!a the attention of all hot* and reataurant keeaera. CHARLR9 MADRft, roh 19 Iw* corner Pa arerne and art atr?t. CH. RIVART * CO. SILLER Y CHAMPAGNE DEPOT REMOVED TO S. E. Coixu or Pns. A viiri ?wn Puts St.. Carrn^on Hotel Bailding, Walking tun. U. HUSKY. IUST, Nbw Yobk. JAMES MOUN, Agent. WtoiiKcron, O. C. SHKJtRY. PORT ?n<i MADEIRA WINKS. KINK OLD BRANDY aad WHISKY. |I^ A liberal discount to de*i?ra. mh 18 ^^OYBTKRS-OYSTKRL OYSTERS . of th? bart ??altt? an be _.. Z7~[ DM lre?ti every day, at tM D % |3AveiiMM(1, ^?" ^ iDt^ ,t:e#t? b?tVMB ",>>M 1>"* AYRKg A CO. |JOLD ANI> F\CHA.\?j; ON ALL THE PRINCIPAL C1TIK8 Boitht and io 1 tit RITTKNHOUPE. FANT A CO.. K^Ilk PTI. 1 .1 'i Par HBk I M oia AM mh U-lw^ecr ) ' P^?El'AL^*VWf!fc0W**I BK68 LEAVE to itifurhi hi* frier?1a and the public, that, having mat with ao imok anoueaa. >? <u>ut*i nuu ina Coarae of I natraouon on tiia Piano tad lb Slkiini, by hia new method. AU t.'.oae who deaire to b*ooine, in a abort time, (ineaiacera or eiott eii aerformera tn the biile 1 ihnniii axil - - - - - - * hu new ijiten of inetrMotion. by mpItid' kl tua PROPOSALS FOR WOOD. Dmror QrumHtumV Omcs, i O**" *.f ' A mm/t O nr*4l?, S a . ? "r??*i?(rfe*, March 11. ltllS Hi 4 T WYi PtAMi ? a mm 11 - ? - - -* . ^ ^ jtirybkykyr&?*.?T^WSr i7?: p clock M .to furnish the troop* in thiaoitytad lte vicinity, north of the Potomac river, vitnm <?) five milee of the oity of WMhlnitoc. vMWeeli |or(S)Bii months.ooiumenoieK on tbe 1st da* or Ajrtl, 1W2. and cnlug the Suth day of September, 1 he \% owi to he of the boat teality of oak or hickorv.and to he de inr*^ rn? th . rtau mr tors ofthetroop*. "> oh taantitte* u< et seek timet u the Or pot ({atrttnnuur mar direeC I'itmdu to b? m?(l? &t UtndofMehaoiU. pon the return t>r Ue eontmetor of th* order* drawn upon him. The delivery of Ui? Wood ordered mutt be ikon by the reoeipt ol the oCoer receiving it(e?ecifyinc the arooaci ce ivered)?acor?ei apon the orders. rrooa oruerM ler ranunu, truad't, or dlej iom mast be r*cei?te<i fjr bj tkl^utanimtm*. Th? proposals mast apeofr fhe sn?s Mr cord f(iai)OM howlrad u4 twenty eight 00U0 tee*. Woo?"1 ** marked 'TPropoeaU lor The ability of the bidder to ft|| the ooatraet. Should It lM *W*Tfl*d III hm nail Wa bf two rMpouibn pwi9U,whoM mutarw nut beappMrffxl to the lairuid. The responsibility ot the iniuton must he shown I7 the oftoial oertifeonte oi the ekerk of the neorest aistnot oosrt or oftfce United St*tee diet'ict fcttorcif. Hidden mast he preeeu! in per eon when the hade Ore opened * their proposals will eot bee<>neeeeeod. Bonds, in the earn oi ten t)ioussDdd?llorm,at(nod hp the oontmctor ond both of hie geometers, will l>e repaired of the mcoessf* I bidder ipot signing the eustrs^L The right to r'jMl ur oral! I>uis that Mr be dwmed too high u rMtrvtd hy the 1*pot Uururinformal ?ro?oeals will he rejeoted. *orm mf UMfOlrl. We??-, of the eonBty of , and Btue fiC'-TTTa?* ?? .?*? '" ? *t . /T77"'40 Mtrutf that ie ahtetoletftl a eoatraet m aaoo'daeoe with the terms of his proposition. sad that, ai.orld hia am pomiiHllMaoMrtMt, K? Vtll M MMNttrnio * ?'15i rM:i'? "Inr*i"i u??r?wiik. BiiOUd IM ooatTMt h? awarded km W til ft*PCMKJ to become hi* MrvritiM. ^j/ssssar " s'srwdfff " _*k U-d:a ..neiand jj?rfrw?Hi. Ann onn pounds ROUGH TALLOW aatf ARMY GREASE WANTED, for vkioh tfce kit he* t price will be paid at tke National Sou ftBd OtMU 1 Hh Hi? street it< OmaI, Gaortatovn, IX C. mkW-tm C. B JEWELL. From**. yEEMKICHlNT^ KX PRESS COMPANY . BALTIMORE 'SJWASBirreTOM. An dnirfonrwo,a* (vit* fiipMft) Wj t*? 4uw of ?r?rj dMonphoo. to Owtaa au., Mtr* ?pfaali PuhOm S?um H. 4 ""'aSriiui'^iu''

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