Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WKD1KSDAT > LARCH 2b, 19<*. Spirit ( tki M?rall| Prtaa. The InttlUt'.nciT la occupied with newa inat'?* tn-dav. The eontlnuca It* underhand abuae of tie army ?f the Potomac and lta General. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. OCR. TV- r i-niikKiirn / fram urhlrh th*r? a ni \w? ** ?^ wa* a quotation la our telegram from Fortrm? Monroe yesterday) admits a rebel loa* of xlx killed and 1M wounded in tbe recent affair at C?dar Eon (near Warrenton Junction station) >>?tween the L'nlon reconnoiterlnj fore* nnder ?ien Stone man. and the rear of the retreating Manaaaax rebel army under Grn. Stuart. It* claim tbat the Union lo?a on tbat occasion waa forty killed and 10U taken prisoner* i? utterly false, of course. Our Inss. a* stated at the time, was but one or at mo?t two. ana ?i.x or eight wounded?none prisoners The number of each was published at the time?certainly not more than we state above COM PL1MIS T TO S1CRETAKT StWAKD While the Third New York Artillery were passing tbe residence of Mr. Reward, they halted and proposed three chreers for th<? S*eeretary of .State, after whom their regiment was uumed. Mr. Seward appeared oa the atep* and made a few graceful and happy remarks to me omcers, and then stood uncovered while the entire regiment marched by, each lie cheering vociferously. The gunner* at the navy-yard yesterday afternoon tested the English gun recently taken from the rebel battery at Kvsn?port, which has i?een put in compile Aider ami mounted on the wharf. TBt irv^B-incb >Utii ww rra mm a urgn, mi' rant l.7#0 x?t4-, romplHHy ruMUm; It, wbicli firt sprtkt as well for the accuracy of '???- "Unnt-ra u for gun lta?-lf **ni\V or <S*H. MCIOWKLL'* UiiliH. Thf iOfp?c d u( Urn McDawell reviewed fMrrday uftemoou i.y Jen JUrCIHlnn The troop# nevrr looked Letter. Tkedlaplav aurpjsa'd anything of the kind aim c the srand review of TU,0ta> men lust auinmer. v Among lb' dliUny nlabrd spectators wai tlie Adjutaat Ueiicrtl of Canada. rxovtsioti Vtt*. THE COSTliliSM The contraband* now bere arc quartered in Carrol Place, or " Duff Green* Row,"' Capitol Hill, occupying a considerable portion of the block. NOMINATED. The President yesterday nominated Col Ceo. B. Tompkins a* Hrlgadier General As Allt tok tub " Rti-rencAN."?The HtfHiiiew has been In a desperate way to find any ?nr io jecona u in lis oiny wars vi arincuon uj the army of the Potomac, but now Intimate* with ? chnekle of satisfaction that it has received an ally In the person of that terrible bore, the Major Szabid or Say-bad, who lectured lately at the Smith-toman on the "AH of War,'' and put everybody present Into a Mate of coma. Sz ibad or Sayhtrt It dafnn (it iKnu* vara Mri' IaI lun In a KaaV .<1 - wm gwi *v ?nv?? inwtviilill V ?VW? 5 Uliu the K<fi*bhcmm <wbo*e editor *lept through the whole of Hzabad's or Sat-bad's lecture) now expresses Itself at ' deeply increased with bis profound military knowledge.'' "Jets**:" And now where Utbe He*. Cbawiea W. Denlson, the R'p*Wita*'s poc: laureate, who is reaay always at an bour notice to immortalue everybody, from Fremont up, in lines ri infinitum, commencing with capital iettera ?nd ending with ravaied wordt f By ail means letChawi#* trot out a few hundred verses, more t>r lost, to the glory of Say bad ' PvB I r*? I V I? .! ^ -- m . ?. i/i 1'LWtJ j UM IC ir??r from pastoral duties ha* greatly improved iu health. So -^aya tkc Boston Tranxrijt. The New York LtmU't atatea that " Fanny Fern" Farton haa ?parted from her huaband on the ground of alleged mimaa^e, not only on hla part. but that of one of hi* relative*. The aepa. I ration between Fanny add ner huaband. haa re>. iilttd in the circulation of the fallowing, which i* set forth a* ' the aecond edition of Fern Let*e?:" ' In heaven a?>ove, where all is lov?-f There'll be no more Parton there r" Thla la tbfc jcke of up-towu c?rclr?, a* they -if ?iw?n Paiton whipping Fannv. Clark Mill*, the eminent sculptor. ha* two ?iu,t in K jrope. studying under the iu??t accomplished maatera the pr?!es?iou of their father. One of theui, T. T. Mill*, K*q., baa comp'eted a deaign in plaater, representing an Indian hunter in the act of combat w:th a tiger. The design bu been photographed. and the photograph sent to this country, and ia apoken of. by those well capable of judging of (ta merits or defrct*, aa brlnj; a brilliant specimen <>f artiatlc akill. Gen Cameron ia in town R.j4. Chilton. Eaq,*fthe !*tate Department, leaves Waahington next wrrk for Kurope. us bearer of dlspatchea, carryif g with him the ratified treaty betw en thia Government and that of Hanover foi the abolition of the Stad*- dues, ne , -'~rl <1 n?.ll - I. U 1? ^ ma mm 1/V IIu ill itvrriDBfr 1UH. M*? 1? to d?liT*r the Amerlran ratification* to Nfinli'rr J add, ia Berlin compliance with tU jutai rr?oiutiou of Conxrew, two hundred men commenced ofwrationa on the I*fitted SUU>? ?loop-of-war Koanoke, at tlte ,N?vr Vork Nary Yard on Monday. Sb?- ia to b? ra?'?d and ronwted tnto an ironclad hatitry. The work vrlll rapidly pwhed forward. ?mm - Ii_;- intelligence tr< -ived at Chicago bring* a report that Fort Pike, near New Orleana, In in po?*eaaloa of the Federal force*. Fort Pike In at the Riacleta, the eutranceof Like Ponrhartraln, and If ia our po?ae<sion, give* ua entrance to the Lake and water approach to within ten nil tea f New Orleaa*. Kipoktbd a:viM( or VutoB Tutli ?The Nashville Patriot of the 1-th ?V?: ? it was reported yesterday that a portion of he Federal army occupied Columbia, 1>an.. :*undav night, and captured there a portion of Scott's LouKana cavaly It waa also reported that Federal troops hrrt taken possession of Florence, Tuvumbta and Itika. Tbla wouid give them Important position* on the MemphU and Ctsrleaton railroad.'' Nxwseartm ofpbndbk* Pahuonui ?The Secretary ?f War has eaarelsed forgiveness towards me rweeaing newapapera, and lb* partlea who werearreatedyesterday aro to be releaaed on promiae of future good behavior ft iroETOD Aiivasri or on ..oor* to Kiseatos?Thi Stbajcib N*?rvil;. ?.?Advices by the UJcera who came by thesteaow Pea body at New York atate that, according to Informs: I on received Irom coetrmbanda, eur force* took Klntatcn N v. , on csturaay, without sustaining anv Iom. but the rebeU bad wveu killed and one wounded. TUj atatemrnt, however, ta not fully credited. Kingston taontb<? railroad to <j0ida>>0r?>, about M mllea west of Mewteru. Our troops found at Newbern Ave hundred of the I neat Enfleld rlftes, pott of tb<* c*r?o of tbe steamer .Nasavllle, which brought 3 000 Further Intelligence by thla arrival seems to < otrlraa the rapture of tbe Nashville, whicb wan but ?i?2htly damaged, and says Fort Macon la bat very little injured. The new* la Mid to he one day Inter tnau that brought by the steam fr Chancellor Livingston at Fortreaa Monroe. TBS WlSCHBiTBB I'PMOSEBS IB BaLTIXOBB. A special train from thr \V?t yesterday after noun brought Into Baltimore two buodred and thirty Rebel oAcer* Bad soldier* captured during the recent battle near Wlache*ter. The prisoner* were In ebargc of Capt. Banning, of the fourth Ohio Regiment, who, with hla cowpaay, ea> ? cor ted them from Winchester. The oewa of the i arrival of the prisoner* drew a considerable I crowd to the vicinity of "the depot, which wa* ] urjgly Increased a* they moved toward* the Inll. mm wrei, wure quarters bid been pre- i tor their reception. No marked demons:ration st any kind, however, was attempted. ?oae tf tbe prisoners were uniformed and seme net Their appearance generally wae net prepoe- < neeaing nor ralllUry looking, but as they were | soiled and fatigued from their ba/d aervlca uu Hundaynnd subatquent travelling. It Is serhnna le*H " tvr *',Ut ,h" l**7 j ?*\| -? - .-V Jl LATE NEWS BT TELEGRAPH. ail E, IS A 1 I L< ? |f r H IC1\ * LU Y? KY . THE RETREAT OF THE REBELS-A DISASTROUS ROUT?TH12 LOSS VERY HEAVY. WutclEaTM, March 25 ?Urn. Shield* b?? received a dispatch from Major Gen. Bank*, datfd Are milesheyond Strasbnr;;. The e*?emy are still la retreat, and oar force* are in hot i arault. The low of the rebela must have l>eiu enormou*. They hive abandoned wagona a lore the r?n?d Ued with dead and the dying, and the boo* a on the route of tbeir retreat art round crow?i< ? with the wounded and dead, whilst tbe dwelling in tbe town* adjacent to the battle Held of Pintdav re al?o fonnd filled with the enemy's wci-nded. The inhabitants aided tbe rebel soldiers in c trying off their wounded daring tbe day and In burying th ?na quickly as soon as dead. Our artillery makes terrible bavor amon<r enemy In th? Ir flight and (be rout bids fair tn he one 01 me mo J' areauim or m* war. A. S1VM1 FIGliT?BOLD CHARGE OF TW>; r\l \ TROOr*. WlKcHiSTRR, ?"?The following iire tbe main facta relatively lii* battle fought near tbtft place on Sunday: On Saturday, about two o'clock in tbe afternoon, tbe enemy aLowed themaHvea about n mile and a half from Winchester. The enemv'a for< ? consisted of of A?hl>v*aeavalrv. with tw? ^nns They drove in our picket* and then xklruiiilifd with the Michigan cavalry and a portion of tl.e Maryland lit regiment. Gen ShIHd* brought up hlr force* and fir. <1 several round* of shell and drove them back ard took aeverai prisoners uen r*Dieiits was, a* fee* fore atated, woundtd in the left arm by tbe flr>t llrp ef the enemyIt appeared that J ark son bad been info' ii?.t by some of the inhabitant! that tbe town wa- d aerted by the I n ion troops and bp advanced to retake It Gen. Shields' force *lept on their arm* on S;<iurday m^ht, and on Sunday morning ?t s>inri?e Jackson, beina reinforced, attacked our uriny near Keamstown, three mile* from Wincbeater > urrunny 101 ?~r, n? nr<r a? i.m nr KwrrtlI . waa ?l Ashhy'a cavalry. 5,tiM? infjntry, ami i l>iere* of artillery. With a reaerve of IH ]>!e< -< f artillery. The flulit Wilt kept up till dihih, when a rhnrwe wna luidc Ity the Ohio Infafttiy, Flr?t Ml. hi; in mid Klr*t Virginia Cavalry,on tlie eneuiy'a ri? hr. drid droVHtiiein hark half a in lie. when tbe rue. my got bl* tjnns ??a!n in j>o*itlou In a d?-i'?e woods, flunked hy his infantry, and drove <t back. A short artillery eri)??^eliieiit ttiMied. when Wen. Slticid*. IbtoD^b < Al Kimball nr arrf?i ?"oi ryirf ii> turn tlwir left flnnk, U'liii 1. wa* rirrntrd t?y our troop*, I nit with t?-rr ld>?, tlif t-iifiny Iwln^ jirotef t?-?l by a M-u?* Iptlg* Th?* I'lglity fourth I'twiuylvania at .1 Thirteenth Indiana t-hurgftt tb*ir centre, m.,1 the B::bt buW beriuitt with a lerriljt.?!a?i?;bur oil l>otb liilfi Cr.i Murray, of ilif KlL'htv-fourlli Pcuwlliuil. W-i* M1U . j 1 v**r> killed In this char-e The enemy retired slowly, bringing their ?ui'? to bear at every opportunity. Our men rushed upon the foe with veil*, when th" eneiny krok-ana fled panic-stricken. Our troop* followed and drove them till dark, capturing three gun* and three raisaous, and muskets, equipuimU. etc . almost lnnumeiahle Our troop* bivouar k<*?l on tbe ground (bey li id won for the night, complete victors. Our dead and wounded wife aeut here Veate day at noon. Gen. Williauia Ut brigade, Col. Donnelly. the -23th New York, commanding. reinforceGen Shield* forces. Gen. Hank* has auiur-.-n command. Meantime Gen. Shields' dlvlsi..: commanded hy Col Kimbnll, purtmd tbe ereui,beyond Newtown, shelling them the whole way farkiAn'i inon nno*po/1 i>?> * * IMVH 'JHU ?V? UC, 1 "i Uir IIIUIl I tit t perfectly demoralized and beyond control. Tr.?, threw their drad and wounded out of their wa^oni, to lighten them. It la noticeable that nearly all tbe rebel* wound ed are wounded in the tae;d or brtmt, attest the superiority of our marksmen. 'i'bos* of our troops pririti pally etmaged tbe 84th and I Ith Pennsylvania, tth. 7th. and Mh Ohio,,7th, 13th and lltblndlana, 1st Virginia an t Michigan Cavalry, and Damn'* Uaitery of Parti t. gun*. It wa?evidently tiiown to many of the eces*i?>. istsin Winchester that Jackvon vrai appruachii'u from the evident buoyancy of spirit* aiuouy sumof the men and women Gen. Shield*' command being screened from observation on tbe eaxt side of the town n* doubt lea Jackson* informant to believe all our trouj * were evacuating the place and that Jackiou won <1 enter unmoles'cd. rhl* U erldeaced by tVstatement* of the prisoner*. Competen judges ?ay tlie enemy's loo in kll'>< d is over JiO, and 000 wounded and JW prisoner* Including an aid to Gen. Jackiou Our lost li?killed 03; wounded about 1-5 CAPTCRK or R8BKL W AC ON* . W'.ncrbsiir, March -J5 ? It Is currently rt ported here tonight that Gen. Bank* overtotk anal HmIpawa^ '??? J L _.v>?v}vs >?ii< u inuiru ui jicmoii arm . *agon?. IATER FROM BT?ASBCB'. Winchester, March 25?Tbe lateat frmn Straiburg i? to the that Gentral Hanks, wilh General Shield*1 command and one of hi* own briiiadp*. wo? there with Jac*>on' t?*ar guard in the latk?t. Wixciii-rek. March 25. |> in.?Our column ii now live iTiileS beyond tftiashorg, and we urt till in pursuit CVNGtihXSlUNA L. XIX VII th L'O^mK KM ?Ssrsnd Stiiita. Senate ?After our report closed yesterday? The joint resolution to transfer the miperintf.den. nf ...? ??-? ? ? ? -- ? j tuc liAirii^iuu 11uiii ic? war Department to the Interior Department, was iim>iul(il tud p&aed. The bill to ubollib slavery wa-? tb?*n taken up, and was under con?.deration when the Senate adjourned . Hor?? ? After our report closed ? The consideration of the Tax Kill took lip tfie remainder of the day. Yp'UNIONI-'lhi indniitri of the National 1 H Union l,rt(ur are >%rticulari? ie?.ie?te<? tu atterU the meeting of 'I'MI K^DAY KVKNlNt#, Alaiolt ?7,at ?,' o clock. to elect t ftcera for the enaumg quarter, '1'. O FoSTi-.K, Praa t. I'm* h Maa-oN. i*e<? inti ?it Hi fVTg* f MIT HSONIA N I.KC'I'l! K K^.-Krof LL-J Kor.aic? will Ircture on MONIIA* YV hUNKSIMV KVKMNCt!*. Marub 24tb at.I Mill, ou Die "tiiaciera " Admittance toe. l.eo lure* commence a' i f in. inti 22 ?t fY1 ?^.Al>l^ S, KKS*TlvAl. AND FA IK FOR l.S rel>m!<iiu( the Firat ilaptiat Oiureli. nt fMM'aHalf.(y?M Men Tinlatiaii AiaXM I ..... > '" f b?innioiiUi it nuiimt ( ihircii It*li, l*i cuiitin | uesvit'kurmnre. *<e*s >ii t>ck?ca ?" crntt; *iL( ?ail III lit* loll 10 COIll*. KolrMlilMCIits ill ??Cf| kl'tl. I*im? au<! u?*fwl aMiclit, niuJJca! and ?>lh?r at'ia tioiit. The ! ?*( piao? ti? >*-8 > vnt'ii l vaunic aim) ?f#D>l money id a giHx' canf. nil. ryV OFFICk OF JOflMT UOUMI*AI?n lis UNITED HfATEJ* ANUOOSTA KICA. Wa-iii.v. r??n, Match u. ui ? At a in ft nut ??<?= Board hmd tin da? it wa? ?.rd?r?d n.*t ?a? _ ...w> ?wv |?VI ul two ujoutlia (rout Una date la hereby ailowe.l loi claimant* to lit* their proofs agamst the Kepulhu or Costa Kica. ana n<> extecaion of said period wII be allowed at:leas good cause shall t>s ahowb for sue it delar. mil U Jw CHAS. W. PA VI*. i?ec. i|f EVKKY ONE'S INTKRKST-rO THk JJI ClTlZkNK. ZTKANMekS, A* U SOL JuSHS .'?I havejasi received a very larse an.i hoe assortment of !*prmi Clotbioa. wtiioh 1 am offering at our uauallcw prices, at N?- 4ti0 nth street, opposite Poet Office, near I', (e >7 Hui M^THE UNION PliAYEK MEETLN9 Will 111 i.? w..i.r? *- - - - ..?I u?T mil ??! ID Ilia but her fcoThnrcit,'K?*. J. ti. Htttler'a.) at the corner o 1 UUj and U aireeu, cuiumeuoiiif At 4J6 o'eiock m,. I Anil ooutiiiueti l>ul or.a hu?r. ji >' f,,( ?R tfALK?Om large WAttON, With Hoilki attached, suitable fur adacuerrean or ot?>er purpose* Will sell Wt|?n or Hons separately inquire at NAtiouai Steam Laundry, Penn. avenue ami IStU ?t. ash t6 ?* sWm Sowi,cask tir* t2iB- JAS ?' MotiUIKB k. ro. ?** * Aactionwa. piRE AND BUKULAK PROOF SAFES ! ' aubacfihara have conatant'.T in atora an itcsSSSffiH*ipw?ro?i!i: ImIm,.: Z.k;ZTVr: lu* ,D P'tce irom s?n to ?r:rr? A|?nU forHajrinic h Co. ' On* pnee onlj, mark? J in ?iam figure*. tnh rC e? n HKRrV i BRO , ,ab ' 6 P* *v?. >f!<t Niuth iir?t. P*ENCH I>1 POUTED HOOP SKIRTS. njy P<6? I Ith atreat, oor SKSsi ftes, kMl'* W"'U 0ILL'^B' ?ALK ?Kignt apiendid nddlr S.Sa^,iar?'j u&a:.a^s rar*M^S?r !a^~. jkfln I : r~x?idot vii! of so u \r \>w rJior"*? **#'f to WM. C MIL- I II " ^Th i; ol ?ro?? Hotol. ?**-?'. *mm r bkll. Atom. Fog Mug^'"SfeWlM. 1 JT?" ' ** ' ??rkot. I litvajutt I9C6IV*U * l*rg. iMiuawiili, bo Hi at BUt f l Ofl Oil Bl oiiA&p ft? ?ty.atNo.T33c>tr??t. i* , mhattf Wt HOMBEUlf, 1 % * -* - # ? < v. %. p * 1 1 " LltEST FROM THE MOTH The following extract! are made from the .Norfolk Diy Book of Mtrch tM! Seven thouiaod Confederate troops reachrd Norfolk on Marcb Mi. The Day Book orjjea the construc tion of carrlageft, whereby large cannon can be tran<ferrrd rapidly from point to point on the coast If thta be done, the Day Book thlaks that aggreulve operation* can be carried on agalnat our river craft. Gen. Jobnaton haaabutout the rtbel army of the Potomac from all Intereoura? with the public. New lerles are said to be pouring In, and a thorough ayttem of defense i? being inaugurated. A dlapate.h from Memphis, under date of March *23, is as follows ?' The steamer Meara reperia that the enemy helled Inland No. Hi yeaterday. No damage wa? done. The enemy kept at long range. They are preparing rafu with a view to slip by our works on foggy nighta.:' FROM TH* MI??tSSIf?f 1ST.A5!) MVMttl T**. Memphm, March 20?On Saturday, the 15?h, at Island Mo. Id. the enemy commenced ahelling the work* at a long distance, it was renewed __ I /v- *? - (Fit runaay amimiug \rU tHUliiiiiy IIIC UfllOIl troop* brought down el?bt gunboats, and six mortar boats, and commenced llrins; again. Three gunboata, lathed together, made a draperat#* attack on t'apt. Rurker's battery; it waa really terrific. Lieut. Clarke, of Capt. R .'s bittery, wa* the only person killed. The battery sustained conaiderab'e Injury during the bombardment, which lasted four day* One of the enemy's gunboat^was disabled <>n Mondav. and turned bark Oth??r n*'i> truck, but the extent of the damage done la not known. Our troops conducted theinaelvea with great aplrit and rcaolutton. MuMPHti, March 21 ?A ?teamer from up the river brln^a the Intelligence that the Yankees are moving down the we*t bank alowly. From Information received here thia morning from Corinth, Mia"., we learn the Yankees are retreating to Tenncasee river. TIIK KtBKt ARMY OF TH? POTOMAC. Tb* Norfolk Hay Hook of Marrh I!) Kiys : " The army of M*na?s?s li:ivin^ fullni ba? k, th-f la an Iwpreaslor abroad that Ihr KappaLtnnot k rlv?r I* to be tlir l>aii? line of operation. tor both Mul the Axilla Hrpartment iu.derO< ii. Ifuliiifa "NVe Lave report# that Hen. Jo*. I*. Jobntton !? at * point not far from Rap|Kiti:tiiii?* k station.on tb * Alexandria and Orange K a 11 road. ami l?e. I wren tbe Kapltl Ami and Kappalianuc. a river* A net another, that lie t* tailing l?a<' k to liordonavllie. wlitrh w?* do not rr*dlt The point ?Crti |iirn ny iirn UDiiliri inn lit", [lu a In.liter OI Tllin'if. imt of knowledge, We w; 1! leave the euelny to dl-rover." MoBtLK AM> PK\?ACOLA Thp Huntsvllle (Ala ) Sentinel. of the l:|?h, 8iv: ?' I'rnsafola Las not been evacuated, lint troop* enough are l?-ft tliere to man the batteries*, which can resHt Fort IMrken* and the llfet. ( . VIa\.1 ^ ?.* t.. 1.^ ? 4?iu??nr i ii irt in i?r ni?dnuu|l?u .11 rP|H)IlTI]. I IS mean* of defence are cousidered ample, and were arranged by Geu. Bragg, who knowi what be is about. M!?rSU.ANEOC<. A meeting of cilizana waa held at Kalei?h laat .Monday, to consider the propriety of asktn?; the Prudent to eatabiiih martial law in that rlty. After debate the proposition waa voted down liv m majoritv. it feeing the aenae of the meetiiiij that there is no neceskity for martial law at thfa time. A number of the wooden and othtt structures forming the village of York town, have twn removed lately, in nrd-r to facilitate military operatlons, ?tt>nalve and defensive. The HtnLam Iron Works neir Richmond, h-ive commenced operation* with a heavy (Jovernment contract for shot and shell Three men. wlio arc twlirved to be native* of Virginia, were arrnted at Richmond on Kri lay. by order of the J'rovoit M.uthal, for very dfidtd nianifeiiUttoas of duioyalty. F'OR SAI.U-TtarM HORSES, HARNK'S. Aw acn/iv? i ..i. i *u . B< >Nt*. '2?? Pa- aye mh S6 3t 9 hbphbww pki*e JACKSON WHITE POTATOES, 2iXi t*!e? of Clover tort 5'*i do prime Tunotliy HAV, For c?>e l?r ... pkter berry, lit h % Kf Hi IV A.(?r ctrAAt ..... *? ? ?? ! DVIWK UOUHCIUWI), ^I'KCIAL BaKGAIMS IN BI.ACK 81LKS, C? ol all the bei; qualitiea au?l widttia. Sprint ! print Wrapping*. Spring SUawia. Sprint Paranoia. All new Sir lea, at our provoi t.iaily lov prior*, marked in plain bcnrea. One prne oniy. the aotual c?*h tau<lar<i rave. ? PERRY A URO.. _ m? Pa avc. ?ntl Ni^tli 73 TREASURY NOTES 10 IIUU6HI WW SOLI) LEWIS JOHMHJ.N * CO.. BANKERS, mh S? Iw if _ ^a. ?*ei,ue,jcornt'r loth ?t._ NKW STYLES FOR hpr NG AND feUMMKK, 1*?02. LUiii' wrapping*? l.adiei' Wrapplni*! t renoti and fcngli*b Ph?rt Hacjuea, H a k Silk ('oat* and Mantilla*, Black and Colored Oiotli Ctoaka, Coat*, Mauti'la*, Duatera, Circular*. 4c , Ac. All of t >e n*weat and preltioat Oeaicna tor thr present *<ai<*n. now receiving in k'nioat dai'i *u>pliea, at M A V\V kl.i.'? Depot Icr Ladie*' Wrapping and mn 36 Stfo _ Farcy fioffln. 38V Pa ay. C* E RT1FIOATKU / vt INDEBTEDNESS of the GOVERNMENT, AND APPROVED CLAIMS. Purchased by LEWIS JOHNSON k CO., a i v tr m u * A* A if M a Jh tj 1 mh M lw.if I'a avenue, corner loth at. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. PRIVATE DR. LA BOMTA having removal liiaoflie* to Kootn No 6 ailj iulrg tlie r iinil*j Chronicle < inoe. in Washington IJmlil inc, I'a avenue, c??ri <t of 7th ?tre?f, ia tuw renlj to cure a I Miteaaeent v.m... ?? - _ ..... ?11 a vi w l? tu ^ tti? uae of Uftnc^rou* or iMactuliuc drug* of ?~j kitul. fcinl >'o iufi- f?<*r. :e With jour buamefS fcvocat:<>'ia lifcTlllg >ltVOl?<l III? whol* Mill* to It* atuJf *i^l <'>ira ol Privat? ItiiniU' of ImjIIi aerei fcn<l t? I'iitoltiu * IfeutMiiia ol tha Womb, l.iver, Ki<li.vf?, ^kin Kruptioiia, Jkc ,0[id trailuttihi; in tii? beat Mliufi! in the worl.i, ?n?* New Voik otj lioapiiala. unler Prole. (Multon aiJ Parker, to WliOfti I inn?? ft trn\I ~ 1 ?" "" I?iri . I will par HI 'Kl t<> the p r n turiiubiuc me & cv e of atij <>1 tl fcbjve tin Mik winch 1 o&tiD'it ?p*edil? an?i periiv nenilT cure, let the case I* o'?l or ii?w. N<< dieting required ; nothing J ratieeau.e in au j pari of the tr Ml meat. Coniultfttiom free. Koomi very privat*. M. LA HONTA, Know * (bret noon Washington Bui ding, inh Sfe-lin* l'fc *Tenue >nd lib >t. rpo SUTLERS\-FVR SAI K-iwo SDTLKr I VVABONJ*. in HORPK*. two TENTS,?B<1 a iot of Sut'er*' more?, at *f> per cent, biloweott A!?o, two fine i*AUlii.*. mtawkw No. Loumaua avenue, opf utile Cei.tral ?Hard Home. _____ mh 25-2t* |y!?90lut10n of copartnership. The copartnery1 ip beretolore rxietinc under the name ol Brown b ^chohtid le Urnr day di??oiveo. bbnj n schofikl.d. A exaodna, March 24th, 18S3. mli \bH* Attention, UiKiu BUT TICK for t, 9 and 10 cejU p ir lb. ii.? i'.n 500 BBL8. FliOL'R. Llll.oon! OALVTN WITMEII, No " tessaft. 369 ,?*5J!STOW,IS,.. 369 C.HKA P ( A C 11 CTVlU c > ? ? /? "J* M4 Ju*t raceivM a K9c"nd-haud S(>LI1) ROSE WOOD PLUSH COVER I'D PARLOR &ET, sonciitiac of two Tet?-a-tete i*ofti. twoCaatu Shaira and aix bide CUaira. The aet la in good >rder. feraonaia want of a good article will find ;iia a rara olianoa to proeuraoaeata treat bar (aia. BuNTZ * GRIFFITH. mti 21 6t 369 Earenth at. batweea 1 and K ASOO BET. 5500 BET, ?AO? BET. THAT DAYTON'* TU 4'r iu THAT DAVfoW'S aivci iff ft tfftBT AKt THE BE8T ARK '1 HE BEST MADE IN WASHINGTON, MADE IN WASHINGTON . MAl>K IN WASHI*6TO>. KiKfe-Ri Hi !!*,!! lilffi: BAKERY 4*6 IlTH Strut. nth 2Vtf y HE AMBRICA^^ELEGRAI'H COMII ftvmv ~ U k A NC 11 OFFICE [* WlLLABM Mdl OODiptOT 11 rillrid ^!S^fiS;g,V?!^r',fra FttlLAUBLPHiA. '"oVi -?warn^ j *?- k ? i *?$ ?} 0* \ , 1 t s=s FKOM Bni*StDE'6 EXPEDITION. Arrival of th$ TrmnfpSrt Gio. FeaboJy from Nrrcbcin?Optra dam.* in North Carolina? . The NothvU/r not Burned but Captured? RnmoYed Occupation of Kingston., If. (J? Movement* of B*aurezard?The EsyloXtOll of h'nrt Afnrau fir *rJ nl n Di i/,i?. ^ of Ft/teen Mile*. By the arrival ?f the George Peabody. we btyr Intelligence from (>en. Bnrooide'a ?xped>tlor, one day later than that brought to Fortress Monroe by the Chancellor Llvlagaton. The expedition to B??'ifort wi- under the r??. land of Gen. Parke, and waacompoaed ?f bit brigade. Thercuimen'a of Gen. Parkr'a brigade arc tlip Fourth and Flflh Kbode lalanri. tfce Klgbth and Kleventh Connecticut and the Ntnfc New Jeraev. They embarked on the I?tt?trn (.{ueen, the New Brunawlrk. the Colon and other venael* of General Parke's fleet. Tbe a u it boat Picket,Captain 1 vee, acted aa convoy to the tranaport fleet, and aiaa to caver tbe landing of tbe troopa in caae of realetaoce. rv- ota 1.? ?? - "? * ?? * * v?n i uuouay, me jum, me ex pr anion sai.ed from Newborn, proceeding down tne Nenae to the moutfa of Slotutn's creek. They steamed up thla rrffk t' out sixteen miles, and came to ancbor for

tbe night. The gunners and tbe officers of the Picket lay on tbeir arma to be in readiness for a aurprise or night attack from the Rebela During tbe night the flame* of a brid2e near them attracted their attention. It proved to be a railroad bridge in the vicinity, which the Rebel destroyed and th"n retired. Next morning our troops were landed and marched Inland, until the* struck tLe line cf the Mtlroad, about thirty milca from Beaufort The Picket remained until tbe afternoon, when a messenger brought dispatches which she wan to convev frotn I , : L . 1: Pmk? lA lliirri?i/l? ?>? purport of which waa that Fort Macon bad been blown up by tbe Rebela, but that our troop* bad urc^odcd In aeeuriiig ih* N'axbvllle before abe bad been arrloualy damaged. Fort Mafon ia very little damaged. arid five buudred dollar* will repair the lhjuriea to the V Ill* ?? n?u ? 111^ . Several contraband* who cam* into th** Union ratnp on Sunday last, atatrd tint our forr?a had takeji Kin^aton on Saturday, without a?atainln? any losa, wblle tb?* Kel^U lost wv^u kiil?*<t antl one wounded. (Tbla news, however, waa not fully credited at Newl?ern ) There waa a rumor at Newbern, originating With a document fonnd on a |?rl*on?r, tbat l!e ... I" wil r. .. . i Ifom U.- \\ . * , Mtid ut Ikr hmd <if gu,lN?i utrn.cblftty tieoiglaha, wu uinnliin? toward# Iteaufutt, N . C. The ?Uicff* of lh" JVabody state that thfv heard ihr ex}>lo*1uii of Fort Macon at a point "d the irtunlh if Slo< iiiii ciffk, thirteen mllra dwtunt, ami il.-.t they atM the ^lare oi the burning Naahvllle. WANTS. WANTKD? A (ilKL for homework; c??Oil ironer m.?I wa.aher; l.?t wagei. 377 t't. tv. it* iV ANTKU-A amart l a i crown 61KL. it the tv KoutliWfc?t curner ut Fourteenth and 1)?t? Jt" . ___ WANTED?Six WAITER WIKLS to attend a hrft-c!a?? concert hall. Apply to this office It* WANTED?A WOIIAN COOK AUo. an intelligent Krraud Boy, at the National ?tnm Laundry. Pa avenue and '3tl. at mi 36-at* U7ANTKU TO RKNT?A UIIIU1 W io the nei&hborho.d or lull or 16th atreet, above t.e avenue ; root to be from l|t2 to ft 15 per month. I.cave aadreaa at thta r.ffio*. if At i IR I, WANTS A SITUATION IN A PRl ra'e family aa otiambermai 1 or iiaraei wi.l mg to aa?iftt in wathing and ironing. Addte*a 'l.. M., Star itffioe It* WANTED? ABKNTS to caava* rerimenta for atoucij wo. k ;.can jnake |S to #5 p;r dar. Appy at'* >.a ery, Nu 1'i avenue. if WANTED?By a respectable tudmc woir an. a S'Tl AVION u> travel with a lady #r family to California Can <K?me well reoon)nie.<t;d. A<1dre?? "A B. C-," Star Office It' A WAITER WANTED at tlo Gotling Restaurant, 24 7 Ptmm van.a avetue? one who under?tan In In* bn*ine?? aiwt can coir e well rec ommecdti): to kLcli nooa vtiei will be given. Inquire ir.i;i?)iately. It* WANTED?A ceitlT FURNISHED HOUSE, ? ? 4 ? -?? ? - ?: *1 Oillll'K O UI IV rwinit with w&ior ana All Ue ma.t,o improvements, ntuated soinewhere between la avenue and I street, and 9th and lTtli streets, Address "1*. II ? tar Offlcs. WANTED?4 GIRL, to cook and do genera! LoiiMvork. Must brine good references S. 8. WILLI AN, 33b I'a ave. mn.j A YOUNG MAN WISHES TO BUAKO IN a private lamlr or fuiet i-oanhr# house Please address latter* *1. C. H." to the ?. fiice of this paper. mlt 36-21 WANTBD-Cop<*?of the WBKKLY STAR, date.! Aucimt 2d, l?6i; Nqrember 16 h 1M1, a-ii Deceml>er 6th. 18M A libra! prioe ?i!i be paid for *o>d cop es of the abore. on app nati n to tl.eSta- Office. mhJJS St* WA.-vrhU-* 6nit-r?teCOOK,fm*n frtferT**) onn who hi* br?. acmetomed to ci.i>kic( tor & r6*t&!?rant and fcot?l. Oood r ot>niiR?nO&ti<>n? reuiiirril, ami Itojral m ttf? llVin ItHUir* &' 3I<? l'e in. >x coc. ar tl;> PfeviiD Hate, rrh it ?t* ROOMS WANTKJ-I w:?h to reat two or three FurriUhsd Ro? nit on tli<* time floor, tor *. arn&>' rantily to kvp house, location to t>fl withi > 3 or4 muatee <>l :ne iiffit" A<i<1r?n, with ra.'?r<iioia,"S," H x Citj fo?t Ortue. ma 85 St* WANTl-.ll?A SALESWOMAN, in a fai,cy etore. (Vone nee?1 apply unlen they have & perfect triu*l?t;e ol the huei^e**. App y t?> ADul.Ph ADl.KH, US Market Space, httween 8th an' 9ih at* nih &? 3t* STORK WA NTK1), of food ai*e, on Penoarl vania avenue near Seventh ?tr?et, o' on Sev eutli atrcet near the Avenue The adv?rti er aeeka to locat- t>jf inanentT. Obiee.ioii will not i e mir? to tin I'titiuoia or referencta. Addrtaa "ox *13 Poat Office. mh Of I -WANTED?A LIKUVENA NC V in a I cavalry re: t '9tit, tij a competent young man of aeverai montha" experience. with the heat o! reoomiiiendationa. The al>ove amount w.ll t* paid (or the aatn?. Addrra* CHAKLKi* WEL Ll*tt TON, Nationa1 Hotel, Washiut on, 1). C. mh 2> 41* A LADY HAVING 0OMB YEARS* EXPErience in teaching tht aenal Engliah hiarcher, wiahea a ?I L ATM ?N aa teanherin a private taml!y. or wou <1 take the entire charge ot tw<> or three email ohndren, or companion to a a<h; fags no a' - jrm 'i iv i iu i: j p?ri oi uteoounu j. ur to ra? e vith <i (aim t. lle?i of refarenoeagiven. Addrcaa M Ueoruetown Peat Oft??, |or oae week. mti ti V W ANTKU TO K I.NT-A rmi .l HOUHK or < ot!ftc?<>n the lle.thts ?>f ???..rjetowo. A?piy tt ij'ar Ortia*. mli *. STOKK VV A NTK I), or t*eventti itrept wear. or v.cintr, An? f#raon haviug a atore to rei.t or lease for aala miy hear of a purpli%?er bp addreraipj a note tu"?. \V. ?i.." office of ttna piper. roll 'M :n* It a V? l.? r% -^w v r> w .??i * * vv iu i i i ii r > i . a a. " KrounJrent in IMii!ad*lpMa city for a c?>iu fortp.t>lA owe Iiok li<Tu?e centra:.y located in Mm c.tT. Fur pirticu ar? apply rn J AS. C. MoSUlKF. A CO., mil 21 lit AuetinB and Cotnmmion M?rcliant?. WANTKD-A tond, convenient liOt'SK con taiuiii/ from six to ten roon>?. eitherlurnuheu or uaiuruiihed. Apply at No. 7 i l.ouijiana a*enue. mh ? !w* iiiu LKTILKS WANTKO.-l will cive from * f ?wo to ien ?oi art lor written hv flen'l Washington, and a fair prtoe for Old Leit'ra written Iit celebrated American*, Revolutionary Oalehritiea, Preaiiienta, beueraia, Oommodorea, Judges, Doctor*. Dtvinea, La era, Ac. Addreaa KOHKKT WPRINU( *46 N. Twelfth atreet, Philadelphia. Rare Dooka and Pavyklete on America bought. roll i Iw* WANTKD?To have every one krow that thej can find the beat ?took of Clothing, Hat a and Caps, at the very lowest ratea, at SMITH'*, No. 4i;[l klauantk P ^ * ? -1 w ? v vihii ati voi * iroiuw r? lO W-](T1 WANTED? Every poraon to ki>o? thai 1 am in tko market. reatir to pi) cub for all article* 'i the l.ousafaraiahtnc line. Those Imviu tbe ( ti.or having a aurplaa, will do wall to ca 1. ft. Ul/CULY. 496 toveoth at., bMweenti and H ata., taaat aid*,) Dealer in Nov and Second hand Furnitura. no U tf WANTED?From April 1,1?2 fur a permanent resilience, a mall CD f I'AGF, HUlSK. eiih r in ?% a*JiioKton or Georgetown. Her.t nioVt f* I moderate. Reference unexceptionable. Apply, by 4 letter or personally. to R. P. Til I AN, tfo. ff Kirtf # etre?t, Georgetown, 1). C. fe ?7-2awlm*^ ftinO -AGENTS, WANTED TO Wlit W I "v an office acd take the wholesale ageroy, in every State, for all of Lloyd's Great Ali'-tary Maps, uud by our Commander-in Chief. The obeapest hum in the world. A fortune oan be made on these mail in each State. 3 <*?,ooeoopie? of one oi my map* ha?e slreiwly been eold. Aleo a man to go to California, England and Ceoa. Axenta aleo VintM in fifPFf nnnnN RnH in ?varv r??imAn? ? - ?~mm ? * ? ? a Ui oar army. Send fox oiroulau. J* T LLO \ Dt mh4-tmayl 164 Broadway. W?w York. WANTED?Sutl?r? awl Sotdisralo know Uiat they oao bay CAMP BTOVB8 and TIN WARE ohaay of 11. J. 6RE6ORY, 3*1 Pm. 1155Swlto,l".,L * "tod HoTK.^IS^SflK,. Families etntKIUIIiMdUlT vitlillV<iTAl<4 * ft? k ffoin tne ?h?li,dry Hurt, ^ at uo lowest pros. WllJi {' tut givo ua a call. , AYRK8 4 CO* No. Ninth at-, hMweaa D MM A*. fjy Oyatera of tho bout ?a*ht> apioot to onior. in li 23 J MAI* NUTTS-HAJIt NKTTft. 1)8* KaootyaJ aaotfaar lot ?>Utl?.aa bmUa..*# ilaubu ruii.*:.- n; ai?? *1? - a -* i 4' / >k i GENER AL OH DEI % * 9. HtadqfTttrs Jdilifrt District $f Watkimffn, ) \Vahiis?to!*, Marrb *J0, r*2. { I. Thr geographical limits of tbls Military . District are a( DrcMiit drinM ?? fnlinvn _n,.. District of Columbia, the city of Alexandria, the defensive work* *ooU? of the rotoma*-. fr?>ni tbr Octoqnan to mfteult Crjek, and the jtwl <-f l oit Washington. *2. Ctmmtndr'i of Brigad>a.of Reglnenta nnt yet brtgadrd, and of independent Battalion* or Companies serving in ibis IMatrict. will ' ' nd t?? iur*r iiena<jnirirr* every rriaay a ronm; rict'-d morning report of tbcir respective toiuti.a.d* fur tbatday. 3 All O'der* iwued from the Heart quart era the Ariny of tl?e Potomac for the maintenan<e of good order and military discipline among the troop*, aid the exl?tlng regulation* to regard to passes, furlougha. \c., continue in full force until otherwise directed 4. Commander* of troops arriving In or leaving this District wrill furnish to theae Hetdrparten a field return of their command*. 5. Major William E. Doster, of the Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry, is appointed Provost Mar. shal of the city of Washington, and will be obeyed and respected accordingly. By order of Brig. Gen. \Vad?worth : Theo. Talbot, A?*t. Adj't General. John A. Kri^, Alde-de-Caiup. Noti?Coamanden of Brigade*, of Regl mruis not yei ungaaea, and of independent Battalion* or Companies within the above limits, will reput Immediately at the** Headquarter* the station and commanding otli er* of their command!, without further notice. Nineteenth street, corner of I. Headquarters Military District of Washington, Washington, P. C., March 21, Mii. mar -'l-dlt 1i nuni;fi. KOPO*A LS. From oea era aud m ll*ra &' invital till the null of AtriMMU,for FL'kMSH \? FMHIK tJ tl.e Sub tb? same tit.l wl.icb bat ( mii r*cei?*d liy Ui? IJ.*. Uoverunieiit, aud kiinVii u Su 1 itk? Satrifle* > (tin* F our can be ??*?ij tt 'h? Oap.t >1 '.aleiy in tins city. It i ilt aired tu make aoccUact fur i? ? ' e HIiovM b??a ever, a- r rer?'>ii deeire to furj? rli % Imi hr will ?taf ? the pircise u: .iii>er ? f | i>ar??!? in In* lu<i. T*>e ooiit'tct?r wiil l>? riquirsJ t > lurmt.'i at tt e rat6 01 i'111 arr?i i tiai'* unin iii? (*intr?.<i i No Hour will l>? ton v*d e i t'oen not oumfl up t'.? tli? stir.-iii.l at tut* impcct mi ni*<io ju*t t>n I rj the purc'ia*e. The Fiuur t'> <lehv*rcHi a* the rat.road ! in Washmatuu or ? any of the warehouse* m Georgetown. 1). C (vovroinent re?e: ve? the ruM to rrj?ot ary l.;d for *? * caute Pit fi? lift tn?l* in T?#?. _ m ...__... w . ? t u?'i n'iu ic bid# to be dtr?*ot?d to M-j ?r A. HbtKWiTH, C. 8.. U. 9 A , Waaiiicgton. t). C. liih Jf READ! , head:: i Read::! AND BE CONVINCED AND HE CONVlNCRp AND BE CONVINCED. z > ;rn>i jrom tM"Star," Fe'-rwiry ?7, 1 ?02. Dayton'* Cuackeb? aud Exobllbit ? ik?? Hotel and Restaurant Keepers. Sutlers', Huumkf?*pers, Mid Urore's'. nhcu d cot iail to se-iire a suppiy Of the superior Crackers and ftes. ?n*mtfactured by Dayton. 45?> ltth street, \ etweep M Mid H. Dayton manufactures a'i Hindi r.fe*itM and Crackers of the best materia', and every housekeeper is well aware of the superiority of the latter, when fre?'i from the ovens. to thos# skipped frci.i Nortuern cities. Sutlers wil bn?t it crrAtly to i their interest to examine Dayton's Crackers and ! Pies tefore purchasing elsewhere. , We wilt show the nam** of more t'ian a Mire of i Infers who have u?e1 Pita mat tifactured t.? I other Eakerr, ?cd were ob:i*fa to to us f r.ailt, &i;<1 par .?i two co ia'a inore per niscdr*1 tn order to icet an artic> wbioh the men could eat without them aiek. From lh( Cmrf<poH'l-n' oj thtS"r Yuri. V *p?frA. . ? ? ? ?.\ve notice with mnit p'eaan-e ?he t>?ulan'y of our eatertristoc feliow eitisen. Jt* liayton, <n tv.e Bakery t>u?:u aa m true c:ty his success has ueer. gained by the cxce' encctl . ? ? - _? - J BIB KOOOB. , _ We Warn that rocmb?ra of the Sanitary Com I mitree hare*te ofhu Pie*,and pronounce tb*iu ' hea't!ifu!: ana we muvt say in justice, that we never partook of mare del.cuius Pies in our i f? | Sutler* from every sect o-. a*l I-amines Iroin ' all quarters i>l the citv, rend to Ins Dakety. We stronel* invire famiii's to try our PIC NIC CRACRi KS. BOSTON CHAOKKH*. SLICI'.D APPl.K PI KB, KASrBfc.HR Y PlfcS. DAYTON'S DaWfri.45t? KlevOLtii street, mil 25 tf lletween ?i and H. MRS. DONOVAN, at #n? F.leveaU ' (next lo .he t>M Office ) ha a ju?t v , riTel frcm New Vo-k with e n/? iti ' -levari*! aasortm"rt of PARIS* GO'?D^. otjr J the newest faihior>? confuting of j frac?uea. Dreeaea, Wreath?. *o? <fc | Her e?tabti*hir.?nt will open ?n Monday next, | the 2ath inct. She ret peotfu It invilea the ladua of ; the Federal Matropous to ea!l. Drette* promptly inide to order to liie entire aati?faction of ia'iea who d?aire to b? atwrec in the faihion, anl wi'h good taate. rilhtl 1 ?* I I nt*l i?ar>A.r I SPRING HRESS eOODg.-M?&T new >l1 choice thing! Alxi.our u.uall fir. stock of ft ! kicda ofForeiti; ?n?i l?oir.e?('c I)r? (joude, for the current wft^u ol IMltlMand housekeeper!. O' oprioe on!j, marked in plftiu bRure?. :ki m tuni Cft.'/k va.V. PERKV & BRO, mh 7 tr Pvftv ftn?^ \itith atrewt. 1 INTERESTING FOR THE COMMUNITY AT l<AK6 E We are now reoeivinf READ Y-M ADR J-% M ?? ? *1 /? ? * ? Lbuininti I me !?:eit awiiiia t.iree tunes a I week from oar iii&lu'acta ring eetat>liahn.ent in Baitiicure.wbich veciler at wtoniatiinc low pric?a. BAR Sl UKli., ml) t2 1 mi" com?r K and t?;> ~ 3 To TREASURY NOTE*1, 4 t. t?. BOND*, Bought an-! x?'?i br RITTENHOU9K. FA NT Jt CO.. Banker*. 36vt retina?! v;n;a av. wh 19 lw llntaliicercerJ O^Q PKVKNTH STRFJiT, O/'A OO J BETWEEN I^ASU K STS. OOU CHKAP CASH STOKK. We have in at received a !ar*e arsortmer.t of Perftfmerf.8oapa.aor) Fancr ar?ie:ea, wiuc-i ?o ctTer much below the market jnce. at either Wholeaaie or retail. . .. , Also, In Store, twj Second hand Cottage Seta, in excellent condition. a m ^ _ AL???, (lr.( New Cott?L[ r Se'.iu u.-irp el* order, Which we will sell cheap for the cash. ALso, A large assortment of Mahogany auJ Walnut Dressing Uiiimit. Waehitands, Marhle top Tal?>s, sofas. Kocteri. Hair Seat, tian- at.d W?k<u Seat CLairs. large varieties and patterns, Cmt?c* I'uion, Japanese and Jecnr Ltnd Bedsteads, Wainut and Cherrj Leaf Tal> es. Feather lltds. Mat trusses, Ac.. *o. i il . t a f? ' ? ??? m\ m |ie?i ?nu niuv ll'l caru, K?inernMr the number, 369 Seventh atreet, betww?o | and K atreeu. mh 17 iw BONTZ 4. 6R1FF11H. I U8? RKCK1VKD AT L. A. BKALL * CO.'S, tf No. S<jI tu, kotv^n 1 ud K atrMta. a caw stock ?f CLOTHING, Ft'H Rl^tllNU GOODS, TRUNKS. HATS aid OAfS. m m. IktJ t a ?-* <? - | A I?Li IV" 3?>I t*?T?Mltll ttrMt, 1 tidiireen 1 and K. it the a ace to bay your CI.OTHINB. FURBISHING GOODS, ffKUNKS. HAl r* and CAP.* at New York pricea CBUMK ONE AND ALL AT L. A. BKALL* CO.'S, No. 301 Seventh street, tiftwwn 1 and K, to Wy yoar Cl.OTHINU, FURN18UIAG GOODS, II ATS aid CAPS. mow is yoijr to buy your iyclothing furnishing 6 o o oh, hats an?t CAP.4 at wrf low .rio-i, at l a. bk a ll k. co.'s. No. 361 tfeveotb, wv?m i ac?l K ttr???. ,nh J2 F<nlf.v^LE~A Willi? MEXICAN PON\, perfectly toucd and trl!(. ioitaftlefor a laoy or :eutieman. at be ltl^TR ftrti ea% He will be Id ?err oheap, a !?> ?amet det:re to leave the oit?. a>a!? ?n 'RICHARD BUTLER. 4Sl Ntnth ?tl wi"h"l'? fet* " A take notice: LL Boy ?.if oik the ace of 3 y?araup,cau cow be fitted out with titte and *001101117 at * BAR k. BRO.'S %# Fashionable Clothing Etu;> lahmeut. mn ?4 Im* Corner E ar.d fevetith eta 40,000 b r 1 c a lot or 8At*H, WINDOW AND DOOR FRAMES,and WINDOW SILI.S For eale at the lulinuary Huildinc. lnaaire at 377 Firat atreet eaat, betwef n B and C. >1^84 lw? I R. &TEBP1N8. f^OAL AT REDUCED PRICES! V ? lr. order toeloee out oar present stock, we will deliver Coil i? air part of tbn c.t? at 9b.iu fou 4 000 i h* Any orders a dreeeed Box 111 will receive prompt attention J. LAN8D0N * C"., tf Office op?o?>te Bait- and Ohio depot. PIAN.OS! PIANO*- P,ANO,:! PIANOS FOR 8ALK ANu TO K?NT.~LMt week rteeired actm a auppir oi new^^n^ PiftDOl from the nalali ? ?? K?&b* * Co., Baltimore, which I will ?elflfTT^ sfj V>n?^,T7T\Fa?<^OTft* u'm* ?t mj Piaeo St or* qOAL O.L M C^. OIL ? ^Ala#. ihtryri for Coal L&?m. which r?^itir* no *o? ?, MOoRh'fl. Watt Kh.i ih-H( . It/" A IWl<U(l (Mitll kUitl ri I ^ ? W.MI* - rnutV ad *w# * KwlK ' J AUCTION SALES. 4 HY C K L ClOWN * COJw wil na, at um Ui rw oe --W- wfr,, vv vn r-[ IU IB ' w ..u.fB-Df. (Tfcori^T., mh iadui at ? o*?Jooti. t* lil?K?iI??ki Wort k*cU orOr. P?"4DV in Watlt Vf?o< k. iHilrf ta VI 'Ad to lltMKl th? M tjCTTt, ??? Tfriat oa*b. I' O.r^wltr mCM mIm will ' "'"tmimo" tain Mat r .the rati icatast. at7H"'?"o>. C. K I.. OKftWN ft <TQ. |f if *vall. ft BAKNaWO. Ai?n'imn, * AM>4 ^ IV ? ? ? A.i ? I I k*i? ?"Vf-;?.1-,;:, ? a ? m?mm ? * \ t, IV3> VH ? V H T # ZTf iukt&Bt. v* thtil a*l! ? to o'o ?>ok a m , at t':? retiden act Mn WeJdanrur, Wo 444 Tt M, I sail to tha rorsM ol ti. a |ou4 ud canaral aoaort- 4 m?iit ?>f Farmtnre, M?Vog*CT i-ofaa. Hatr t^aat, Parlor, a?4 Arm Hoekirt <*h?ira, WaiotaL; Diaaaiac and otnar Burtaua, a ad \V Mh?UU>dl. I M^hotarj.C^otar.Card. Dinicga*4 oUiarTaHaa, * I t*ainto>l Marble top Cottage Ckamhar Wat. Franc.i and other Baditaaca. Wardiobaa, aad Stwdi, Fin* R?'a U?ir m*A at >i?k M?<? .... Law aaaortmtnt ot tftidirc. arid FHtktr Hoi tera.acd Piiiova. Chin* li %? . C rookery ax.d i*tWa Ww?,Tat * Cloth* and Cut'e-y 61 tand Mah<>??iy Kim* Mirrora. tad C)?o*a. Window Curtain* and Shade*. C*aa U4 Wood Chairs. Una fine Oi! Pairtinf. 'are# lot Entravioci. Ck< p*t? and Oi olo'h, Co-iit-j aid other rioroa, With a good ot Kitchen Iteqaiaitae. ' o'm* oa?h. mb2< ( Hep l^flRKKN A WILLIAMS, Aaota. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW _ FUTURE DATS By VAHSHAl.t. k. PA6E. AtolioMfri iOM 7:n l ? l,r (id.t H*tl. ON PATt'KDAV MORNING, MarchZ> ii HI* o'clock re *i I mII la front r fob r ator?A fine l*r<e Mar N?;m.Hiioi Ha -t>r?? md Hull?. Mtnn(io? to a intlcr. an<i but nua na*i, Alan, a (arte Tectarwt Fixtures, Stool of bMxIi, tc ?? vi* : <iroo?rirs l.innura. Woo'wii tiouda. 1 iu Wiw, llfOti 4 SIioh. Al??, & arg* ititol Kuiiiiidre. I Or .eker* ?!?.?* . I>?? A<*. tixrie. VN *iki lltrnMitt ptivaeaa?? oiitil Patcrda*. . Will ! ? xlilel I* ?<" 8' ^yt'l'T PlC%r?. n.t. 'Jt >t M AM SHALL A I'AUK, Auet?._ Ht liRKKNft .VILI.IAMI*. AactiocM.-a ANU KITCHFM Kt'RMtt <? at Atvt-?.v-FKIDAV. CtU i?.t . w? ?h? l ?eii. at the I a geatiewan <! c it ii.* ik?u -eaeepin . No eaet ?<* of ?th. I *tw *er M acd N aireeU, at 1 -?o'cfocR a ?., i(io>l a- aortnieat ef Farmtire. f ia ? Me lioracy Sola* ami Charr* H areaa* ano Tat **. Co rare and other B'linear* Kedi. OMotof and Mattreeaer. C,\rpet?, Can? and o her Chair* and Waeitataaie, Coolrirt ana other Move*, Chira. 6 **e and Crcokerj Ware, Kitchen Ream*.fa. With macT Other aniciea which we deem untecesrarf to enumerate. . Ter?a oath. _m_h 2?d tiWV.V.S ft WILLIAMS. A to** MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a wm ot fieri iacias, ia*ned from the c erk's office"! t) e circut court of the Diatrictof Columbia. for the oounty of Waahiniton, and to ire directed, 1 j will expo?e to public aa e, for eaah, n front of tee i Court Home door of caid count*. on MiiMDAV. U.* 31st day of March. lutUn', 1*3, at 12 o'olock m. .the-following pratwlr. to-wit. tij Lot No. 15, in e*?are N? ?i, lot No 2. in i?nar# No <3, tot No. 5, in Mnaro No. 45, lot No. 12. in uvara No. 66. lot No. |M m fquare No. ?. and lot No. in, in iiiare No. rs.iu tb# citf cf \Va?huitton. !?. O . torother wiiii all arrf rmcular tb# imrrovf>m?ti*a thereon. eeisH and ier:ed a poo u the trowrti of Urook Mackail.and will lieaoid to Mtiaty indicia. No. <}, to May teem 1361, is favor ofHco# Prother * Co W. PEL DUN. nch 7 dU :it? Martua., it. CBALLS, PARTIES, Itc! I'Mfc 'J fH bKAMt COTILLON rARTY wui 14 iiv? m m TEMPEXANCK HALL. M K atr^et, M*N| tlk and MU, <?r. t KIPAY tlVEN.KC, \;%rchT HB l>*no'iip U? ?'OiiintfTi ce at r,S o'oloofc. Moaie l?f P;<>I. U?x>rse Arth's celebrate I bati?i. Ticket* fl admitting* (rntieniRiiaiui Iftrfie* tn'i^Hf PROF C. t . BAHNKf.MaoafT. pRO!*OSAUS FUR WOOD. l>ir<?T Qmtmwt'Tti'f Urnff. J | < * ? <? t<{ U A and I <r J ok, unroii hk 1 1 Sr?: ' I'lnroMi i wm be received M tin* oftc* niitil MONDAY", tli* 3lit da* oi Miroii. At I,' | ?'?N>ok M , to (urcikti tue troop* is 1Mb ritt arid I it* vieuuty, north cltne Potomac rirer, witiun ki five *ii?is? of the city r-f YVaah iictoo, with Wcixl | lor(6;?tt ii;oo2hs.cor<me?ete( or. tl* iBt fB? of | A pjii, J8t^. ami Biiditt t^e 3?ln day of ?eiteniher, ) 'l he Wood to f>e of the heat quality of oak or hickory, and to lie de i vered at th? <amps er ?etr> tersoftne >roop?%ia ?uoh <&arutie? aed at inch 1 times a? the ltapot (^<iart?rin?ster m*r direct. Payments to t<e mvle at tt e etd of eieh month, i upon the return toy the oontraotor cf the order* I d (IS iu n him. The ?1enw*<? rf U).wwi ?. d*reel must be atiovn h* the reoeipt of the off or r receiving it (specifyint the amount delivered Jetdorse* upon trie o'd*i. Woou ordered for regiments. t-icad*s, or divisions ir.ust be receisted for ht the qn%MeroBaster*. Th? yrrfo?s!s mast spec fy the price per cord of 11^8 > one hundred and twenfy en lit canto tee U and must be eiaia.y marked "fropoea's lor Wood" The abi'rtv of the bidder to fill the contract, should it be awarded to turn, must be (a?raitt?ei by two responsible p*rs:ms,w noses natures mast be appended to tf.e (uarantee 'I hi re??-tn?iM'it* of tk? ^ howu jj the official certificate o! the olwk of neareat distnot oourt or of th? Umt?d Slates district attorney. bidders must be preaer! in p?r?or when the bida re opened or their proposas will lot betotrtdered. Bunds, in the sum of ten tiiouaaod dollars, rtfied by the contractor and boUi of bi> ruaraotors, will be r**u;red of the successful b.dder upon aifnlnf the contract Iliericht to reject any o.-aM bida that may l?e dt?enmi ia rr?*rv?i: t.? ti<? UuuIm. master li.foriuai propoe&'i Will be rejected. t'o'm ?f Uvmra.M.ltt. We , of the oouutf *A?, and Stat* of. , aul .of tae coast* of -. ami ?tar? of , ?io lieret* guaranty th|| la ai>le to fulfil a oootract in a?co <iano?4W<th the tertn* of Lib proposition, and that, ahoald hi* pro poritiou ?.e acoopfej. Iiewll at or oe enter into a contract ia accordance tuorewnh. j-ii.iu u lua co&iract im> aw&ttfeu him t? are >rapttrrv.1 t? Income lua aaruritiM. I'l'u tin* cuarant?? mutt l?a a.pp^B?ia?! tfea eartiL* cat* atn>v< manitoaad i II. II. Kl'i'KF.K. ii.I. i: ?M i!i>l<>nel at <1 l> ?iari#r?t?aa?ar. IMC, 486 Oar.l Pitrttographs in vari*i?. iDcluriinf eoaiaaol Ciioioa I'letaraa. Alao OA K U VISITKaaU OVAL PICTURE FKAMKS. U.e Jar teat at?ortui*bt. XT' :n tiiO liMt uitliuiaotur; in the OOur!r?, for tMMk', at J. JWAHKKITER J?. No. 496 Seventh tree*. fit It I ilrori t)-ov<? Odd F?l'nw>' H? . J~ COAL OIL-COAL OIL! 1 AM Nf? lurni?h:nf tue trade with the bMt KKROSINK OIL. at Baltimore prices; alto, HAY, CUKN, OATS, *e. at lowcwt mart* ?rioe. S. W O'LALb HLI.N. fe26 lm* Corner New Jerier sr. and E et. < I^OK ?ALK-M[ALT GRAIN. eiitabieiooc fm m. noii i-dvi, (is., u Mr buM. Anir it LOEFFLER** Btmrr, New York ?mi(, botwpon 1> ; * W-1ir? Notice IS HFRKBvCIVEN that the e->rtnf t f.>r HKEK uaTTLK ?wti??a in llui 4 paper 10 h or March bu not been c o?ed. The following name?i bidder* are rt steeled to forward to rae t?.eir addreee. m order that they "*? be oommur.ioated with, with a view of closing th? contract: a. j. l?v.p*kto<t, J??l! FSBILANP, tl P. Ktirrik A Co. A. BECKWfTH. mil 1* Major Com. ? >?. 'I' A i isniii.i: 1 HK Uu'srvicnod hfc* r*o*ive<l a laric fork of Ffl x s Reading ALE and L\*>KK BEER, to viiicn he rrspootfu ly oalit the attention of all tote, and restaurant keeper*. CHARLES MADE?. inh ^ lw* corner Pa awnm and 34 ?tr?et. 500,000 roLNWS ROUGH TALLOW and ARMY GREASE WAftTtD. f??r winch lit? lusii*cl p;i?e will l? psi I ftt Ike N? tu>asl 8<>m %*<1 ?'-at<118 Aorkt. Green ?lreet ?id Uuftl, Georgetown, D. C. mhin-lm C. B JK<VK).b. Proprietor. 'piib MERCHANT* KXTKbSS COMPANY M. hlTWrlN BALTIMORE AND WASHIKVTOI*. Are eeilf forward iu< (wiU airmail) t?y u? WmIiin*t<> kailroa*!. Merehftn Jiaecf every deaenpUon. to etcount ikintrinj A|*Bt|?r BilUmorf.JOliN K. WILSON, Office. N. W. coreer limit xr< C?r^Jen aU , beer# o?oKite Oemdet Station 0 4t Ofioe ud >tora?*. MS South Ser*atli street, TiS, < ;#nUr Market, Wwkmitor, dTc. A. r. I' I x t n A|m:i? 462 464 for aaia at Wnolaaaia ?'11 cm. kara ?r im...i ? mm tii* aui.'T? .a f?a*rai trt r* ?n?at*4 tA >>( ra*M a Mil aU tWn rlAUitl aivok o? |?Mk H W I if THKIM CI A (VI . ... v

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