Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1862 Page 1
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# . , ?. a. -- v v- ' - V - ,? HKl ? ' B , I ***4; , . ** j ? (Bbeutna Star * Vgt. XIX. WASHINGTON, P. C . FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 1862. IN9. 2,839. ?? ' i i i i ?? THE fcV ENlNti STAB j rva r mi i? r % ???.?? ? ? I ri/?M0nai/*rjiAi Ar i nnnuv n > (flWyiOAY EXCKPTBDJ AT tWE STAR BriLDl.lOS, mi* fi?Vyl*Mta mi?m m4 ?l. ?T D. WALLAOH. Paper* ?*rtM 1b p*ek*?r* by earrler* it Ml fear, or 17 rente per month. To mall aoboerlhwe Ike prion 1? S3.JH a year, *m S3 for atx Mratha; SI for three naoatka; aid for lwa Iku feree bob Im at the rate of li ceata a week. HI* fie ftcplra, on a c?ht; ta wrapper*, two emi rrr Ami .*rmiHTa ihmld be ant to 1W ice beforeo'clock a.; otherwise they ?*, M( appear until the mext da? IP THE TENNESSEE. The Great Tennessee Hirer Expedition? Arrival at tts Destination?Railroad Conuretionx Destroyed?Attempt on the Memf*? ??i/ Cfi-r'teiton Ro'vt?Knlisting 1 Lnwti Ten>r?j<'iviwj ? Pi nijxrl.i for Jmme- I dtute Work |Sj?f>rlai I'orrcipniidrnrr of Cincinnati Oautle | P?v?nh? Tenn . March 12 The greater psrt "l the renne^ee river expedition armed at .- iTannxh, Hardin c-?inty renne.-ee. ari the eveninr and !r:t?g th*? sight of the ! 1th infant As the sun rose over tbo csnebrake? that line the river bank*, it dtaclosed such a *-ene a n?>th?r tba? n?r indeed anj rirer on the mmliaaat ?v?f wifn?a??J ? - ? . ? - .. . ?u wv\i U?|UI?. C VI nearly two miles up and down the stream lay the fleet More vessels were constantly arriving, the channel was filled with -them, gliding about in search of landing* near their respective brigade headquarters, and the air was heavy with the murky ;moke from hundreds of puffing chimoeys. The shores were covered with the disembarked soldiers, eagerly rushing everywhere A.nri Mtrutini*in* . V ? v>^ kuiu^, will a 1^'JUUi UTJ Yanke* determination to n? whatever might he worth seeing ,4*w?y down here in Dixie." They early f>und the canebrakes, and the number of fishing poles carried aboard the boat* t" be cent up North and u>ed in more peaceful times was something astonishing Cotton fields were more distant, but lorn? be fjre dooo j?Ientj could bt heard describing how the fields looked, And exhibiting scraps of e 1 ^ _ 1 , ? - r. bdituu auu uauuima VI je?U IQCV DM OODDSOAtOd as specimens from the adjacent warehouses Officers were galloping over the bottoms, trying to get air idea ol the country?not a few private* deemed it their doty to gire the mule a little exercise by beating them into a jor trot through the country, too. Half a doxen regiments were brought out on dress parade, and the delighted inhabitants of the pleasant little country town of Savannah crowded into the afreets or peeped out behind the aurtainsef second story windows to see the unwonted sight, and convince their halting faith that, beyond peradventure, the Yankees trerr, there at leaat to defend them in their ill-concealed preference for the Lnion cause Conapicu'iu* among the Jroops were the noted Eleventh Indiana and Eignth MU*ouri, of w?iu?i'? n;-?? . - . ? > ?? *r lCiVO| n uvcjv' eieoaj I trend and precision of movement were unexcelled by an equally numerous body of regular* jut oi l army ever boasted; and amid all the ?houi1erng and presenting of arms, flushing of sir rJs, waving of banners, prancing of ga?ly caparisoned horses, and shouting of ortfr there came wailinr up through this pomp and circui :st*nce of glorious war the unutterable r: w of the I*oai March in Saul, as wi h r<*vcraed muskets *nd measured tread a c_ >i ui4 itt Ki J A^wMw^*"* ?viB|iaiuvu<i mir? i? ornve BUCKevc b y '>? his lene'jr rrave on the backs of the Tennessee. Poor fellow, he had left Pnducah. *11 life and hope; had sickened on the ri>er, and now?well, in a few minutes a regiment wa5 deploying bj companies almoat over nif grave GEOGRAPHICAL. The exp<*ditiun had indeed reached the ?unny Sou:h ^Ve were seventeen miles from t > M:-?i<?ippi line, and only twenty-five or th-.rty tr >111 the northwest c?m?r of Alabama, |milwl| a* far South as the northern line of > .uth i'ar lin.f. and farther down than any of owr artuic.". excepting the small i?ne? that have gv'ce around by the sea coast expedition. SolTHrR* TK^SB'SEK IHI'J.MS*. 1 here was evidence through the day that the practical I nion sentiment alon? th?? T?n. w*< o*>t wholly a uij?h "Reckon 1*1 [I r-i hate to jur. *r.y tD'<re m i bide r ?r?r| to k?ep hem hung, waMhe joyful coam?ut ?f ? h?>p?>*s bat not uncomely >?* ur.njh Mi*5, ?s iiie g?fd on the still increasing fie?t. " L*we-* mercy. replied her v Mip?ni--r. "I knnwd thi \ *nkwr wss a C^ortu! p? pi?. hut I neT< t di J ?re w man v ?t? n. ail mj !> rn tipj> before will hare peace n ?w ' Mure practical wa? Ihe niH valine re?p< n??' U> tb? reappearance of '.he H i->ine I >0citizen* of the town and county vclunieere.i f- r lh?* war to fill up the D**neli?"n thinaci rank- of the Illinoii regiments that were the brat to embark '1'lw t*r.*t movrmrni iu thr rnmyn^u of the fr ? r ty<!itin>i -(ti rrnl Wathic'* ri't ,.??'!/ in ' >' rt-w?,4 herd m a ck a?ul a operation. v?c.?i Correspondence Cincinnati Gazette ] l ot R Anvt SATiVVAH, Tk**esske, M?rch 14 ?Juit in froru an exhausting trip iuto the debatable territory between us and the enemj's force# I can but realize once | iii.>re tae tmpos*?mmy ot conveying to civilian readers an; adequate idea ot the hardships -ervic in the field entail* The march of General Wal!ace'? division last night and the night preceding was in no wise different from hundreds of marches the same troeps and other troops, all through the seat of war in the West, ha\e made, and yet. common as were its fatigues but few of the participants wiil ever appreciate them. PL AS Or OPERATIONS. | The plan of the movement was briefly this. At the two towns of Purdj in Tennessee. and Corinih in Mississippi, pretty strong Rebel fnrsee w*r* Unnwn tn k* iwiii*^ ? . . ~ ? ? fvvtvw, utiu vtmccu 'heni waa direct railroad communication. To attack one wu, therefore, to attack both, till the railroad connection could be destroyed. A trw mile? south of Purdy was an important railroad bridge, with long trestle work on each side. From this bridge a good road led t<? a landing on the river, four or five miles ahove Savannah. Gen Wallace was to more ud the river after nightfall, an a* ?? ?vir?? >t>* Kebel mouU off the saent, move out on the road fix or eight miles with hi* infantry, and meantime send his cavalry ahead to destroy the bridge and trestle werk, and capture a passing train, if possible. The infantry would t>e within calling distance to support the cavalry in case of atta?k, or prevent their being cut. off by a movement in the flank or rear. A ?vn*ss?V?l? tiVALKJ. The plan was carried oat exactly according to the programme. In a night ao dark that a rider could only tee his horse by the frequent flashe* of lightning, and under a pouring rain, Maj. Hayes, with a batallion of the 5tn Ohio cavalry, guided by a Union man of the vicinity. marched aorae twenty-six milea, reached the bridre at an *arlv hour, destroyed it *>< t be irwk and trettle-work for half a mil*, tried ?o catch the down train from Purdy, bnt were led by the conductor ? having been adriaed by the people of the neighborhood of hie propence in time, and got back to the poiat at which the infantry were reating at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. , 7BK RBBRLS BURNING THCIR CtyTTO* 1 >r .u.le* an ill-defined lurid glow of light wa* ma illuminating the murky sky. and hiring dimly through the wood*. As it was < ?? Irorn different positions in the curve* of the r"*<i the men imagined e?eh appearance to be a new light, and there wu much talk of : T.dl tree and admonition* to be ready for attach any moment; hut at la*t.juetat the iarheet before d?ylight.they came up toit,*?d , m * _ , J A * - 'oe mynery waa wirea. /\ epecuiaure farmer b%d b?nj?h? up soma fifty bales of cotton,which were ?u>red id aa old *had by the roadtide. Lite in the preceding evening battalion uf rebel cavalry had bwn down to the river, and returning, greatly alarmed at tha formidable nppearaM* of the fleet, had fired the cotton to prereet the Lincoloitej from getting it. TAKIR6 PRISONERS ?IBARP PRACTICE l.f PICKITIW. Throughout the day General Wallace kept scouting parties out around the position of hi* infantry. The results of thair labors vara the eeptare of three rebel privates and one eap *?J _?-? ? * V* #?L A*. I?, ? eertBiHiugwt with a fur?? that, wh? all aoM??trat*a? to foil 15 000, had aawhad from ?ardy th? day bafor* to fak? po????loB of tna very landing at which wa bad disembariiea, . (where a high bluff gave a splendid position lor artillery to oommand the river,) and that, foiled in this bj our arrival, ba was then lying within four and a half miles of our position . Our brigades were kept constantly changing their places, and if the rebel scout* could make anything of General Wallace's dispositions or nutnbers they must have p !&esaea extraordinary nn??rs fitr rimMr.ali.irn ihe rebel captain wu taken by a Yankee rare that tuust have straok him as exceedingly unchivalria. He was out on picket duty One of our scouts came suddenly on him at a point where two of his pickets were poated- Fortu nately the most was quick witted. or the capture might hare been on the other side. "Who are you he boldly inquired of the first rebel ...A.J it T? - M iiltf.1l ? . ? uv k co^u^ni A UJL a pic&Vl* " '"i will I, but a little off my post, looking around for the Yinkeea." 44 Where s your post-" ai?ked the Captain; " you've no buaineen to be away r *. it n n?- - a * ? * 1 irom 11. lyome *ni3 way. una i u enow you," responded the sccut The moment he got out of eight of the two private* he Quietly informed the officer that he was a picket on the other lid*. *n<i hnrn Ln tnbn him along ! And he actually marched the oaptain in, sword, pistols, shoulder-straps and all. GBX CHKATHAV rRRTHR PET" <ieu. Cheatham was ?e astonished by our unaccountable demonstrations that he neror dreamed of attacking us, and actually burnt a little bridge between the position? to prereat us from attacking him Tk* Advanre of th? Expedition Motes into Mississippi?Attempt to Destroy Connections between Charleston and Memphis. f <rvwlAl CnrrMiwindfiir* nt rinrlnmlt Ca?ii> 1 Ttlbr's Laxdi*o, Tibhomiugo Cocktt, Miss., March 15.?The National armie* have t laat made a descent from the North on the GulfStaie?. I write from the northeast o rner of the Rebel President's own State, and on the nnnnaiUt shnro is T.anil?tr?t?t* rnnnit ala. bam a. SRCRMAN'ft DIVISION ON THE MOVE. At noon ?psterday Gen Sherman's entire division moved out from the Favannah landings and steamed up the river, preceded by one of the saucy looking Cincinnati gunboats, the A.O.Tyler. On reaching Pittsburg, where the gunboat engagement was fought a few days ago, the fleet stopped, and alter reconnoitering for a moment or two, the gunbeat dropped in a shell on the bluff where the Rebel battery had been posted. There wad no response, and glasses showed nothing but utter aescrtinn on the shcre. A few miles up another dangerous looking bluff was reached, and another shell thrown with the same result. Without further deten tion tne ttoet moved on, and. a little after dark, came in at this landing, a mile or two across the Mississippi lino Orders were ia?ucd promptly to prepare for marching, and a'oout three o'clock the division moved out under another pouring rain. I'LAN ror. SHKRMA1S MOVKMK.NT. The plan fur this movement, like that for Gen Wallace's, was to send out the cavalry in advance to destroy a bridge on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, while the infantry moved up to support it, and save it from being ilanked or cut off. 1 fie cavalry started off at the proper time, but about nine o'clock in the morning they returned. They had got within six wiles of the place when they found a creek so swollen with tbo recont rains as to be impassable Meantime the infantry had only got out. with infinite trouble, some three or four miles from the boats. The rain wa? drcnnhing. and the poor fellows had a hard time of it in their first experience of marching in Miseiaeippi RI5K 1!? THE WATKF8. lbe lime Ftreauis rose so rapidly that the tr?op? had difficulty in returning A creek that they waded very easily arv>ut five in the morning they were compelled to bridge at nine, before they could get back. The artil 'cry li-id great difficulty in crossing at all. the caissons were Dearly carried down thenreain and the gun^ went under and almost mired iu the hottom of the creek, under eix feet water. f?ome idea of the freshet can be had when I repeat what a pilot told me?that the Tennessee rose eight feet in twenty-four hour?. The movement was a failure, hut it was nobody's fault ' The elements were against us*, inri ii/1 t Vi a 11 fiKfll* still Kbpo ""* MV v uuiuM:11 communication between Memphis and Charleston Agate. the adtakce pivisioi* rett'rnk from mlspj'jBirri?*ovii*o. (Special Correapmidrnce of Cincinnati GaiHtc I Pittsbcrg, Te*w , March 1? ?Gen bherman's fleet came down here in the night. The a no i nof i V\a \l Amnkia ?.! PL _1 a *??vi i b^viuci, vuv i-ivuij uio auu vUailWlOQ Iioad bad failed, and so we united here with Gen. liurlburt sDirition for a more important movement. The rebel? are known to be near us in strong I foree, and now we haTe the cheering newi that Manassas is evacuated, and the Potomao rebel arua j can just as well turn up here as not. The o!d rebel camp here?occupied till, the gunboats shelled them out of it?shows that a considerable force laj at this particular point, and we bear of considerable bodies at P'urdy, Corinth, and Florence. And besides, John* ston, Floyd, and Pillow cannot be far off. Oar troops are already disembarked, and before morning we are to more. Borne rebel prisoners, taken to-day, boast that before two days have pa&ed we'll be driven back into the river, and naif ?ur boats sunk. IH7"The Baltimore American notices, as oue of ttoe worst signs of the time*, " the Increasing evidence of a purpose to disregard the public sentiment of the border Stat**, but a little time since deemed of the very first importance In regard to erery measure that looked to the preservation of tbe Union." Tbe disposition here noticed la confined to tboee wbo have chosen for their motto?" No compromise with alaveholders " (TT We had not been in Winchester two hours (Mym the W beeilng Intelligencer) before Yankeeaora was in Its element and glory. Some half dozen of the Masachusetts soldiers' doffed their knapsacks, and soon oil-cans, file* and hammers were In requisition. The old "Potomac" snd "Virginia" engine* were hauled out and placed la as good running order as possible under the circumstances. |~?ARRIA6E8! CARRIAGES'! CARRIAGES!!! J arson* wishing to hav* their CARRIAtJKtf PAIRED would do well to oall and,, mnm.a Me in* be for* bargaining elsewhere. Vflfrnfcg*' Now on hand a Y*rjr superior lot of.MU ' *? StuuoM Wood Material of all kinds. Ala VIIPA V A Mn VMQI lau ' . PA1NT8 AND VARNISHES of the beat quauty, Ao., Ao. ILr Work done in the shortest possible time, ?4iU warranted to be as represented. KOtfEKT H. GRAHAM, , . COACH MAKEK, 4TT Eighth street, fHE UNDERSIGNED Wishes to inform his 1 friends and the ysblie that he has opeued a saw i- . i nv mmA u aminn? fikn. il. > vu fcU? wrnv or Tth And 8 atreeta, in I belie vjaj, from a long e*pfrieoce la the baaineaa. that he vifi he able to pietae tae wood aawjer *nd the batoher and ever? me ohams that naea a aaw and tioaw, hr a a?? iot at tearton to baaineaa that he will merit a .hare of the rahlio patronage. ~ JOHN lElNNbALLV. *rg? * Jtuu'i'O?ottustf ! | A| fV Coiui Tiirm St. akd Pa. Av.fBJ W PHINGTON CITY7?? h ABTEB N HAJ>E Ladi<*' Tipped Kalmoro]?....?l.? to |ti Ail kind! of BOOT* >U BliOGS vor; ohot?. inr Boots mad* to order ta tfe? b*?t by Blill lB' CHARLfH H MOKHE. poR PEKdONS^IN^MoUKUATK CJRCl M The great bulk of on' itook of American and fcaropean Ury 6oo<i*. in all thedeeat tmecu of geMffti ted epeetaJ fMBit7 *uM, fH nfccteU and prieee a. ranged te meet the regainment* of the e*aaof perwnnaboTe indionud. One prifl* Mir, the Mtwl oaah ralie. marked . < liieliaat fi ie? -a * T PER* V * BROTH KR, ! iota U-U ? ??. ?v. ftod Ninth ?t ' TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATEST FROM ISLAND Ni 10. rr*grtM af the llr|t-Str?if h it Ikt Canf?i|rriu Pircn. Pt. L"P'?, Mafrb 2* ?A special dispatch to the Republican, dated near l*lpnd No. 10, on (be evening of the ?(Kh say* Only thre? ?bell? were tbmwn by the mortars to day, to which no iv ponae wai made by the rcbela This morning Col. Kuford Hr.nt a reconnolterlng party of W m*n of the 27th Illinois regiment down the M'saourl bore. They arrwted thrtr. protnloeut residents, who report that?,(*H? negroes arc employed on the isiann and at ?t>e catteries along the ?h"rp. That st*ty-flTe of the rebel troops, Including thr?e lieutenant* and forty negr<?? had been killed by our shell* That th? upper shore battery had been abandoned, but others were being rap dlv strengthened; that the enemy la IS,0t>0 strong, and th? tr encampment baa Wen moved entirely out of the ranire of our nuns The rebels, tbrv s?v. are confident of lucre*!*, and ?ay they have n good road to Trenton and ?>ther points, by which '.bey can eecape whenever they choose, and they have plenty uf provision*. Three rebel iteamen, loaded with troope, were w*n watching the shore to prevent communleation fmm here The Itrtal 1 _e . - < * * numncr 01 me enemy ? transports 11 eleven Two or three balloon a?cen?1ons have been made by Capt. Stelner, but the weather wai too thick for favorable observations. _ une 01 me psruv nnubed gunboats was tired at Memphis the other night, but the ti*c was extinguished before much damage wu done Tbe new Tennessee levlea were dlabandlng, refuting lo light with plket, the only weapon* offered. ilewafrtn California. Sa.n Francisco, March 22.?balled, Meamer Sonora. Panama, with 170 nm?*na<?r? mH 1*10 In treuure for New York and S300.000 for England. Date* from Oregon and British Columbia are to the 15th. The Ice in Columbia and Frazer r!ver? has commenced breaking up. Thirteen miner* have been murdered by Snake Indiana In the Silmon rlvermlnes. San Fkamcmco, March 25 ?The Honolulu Ad ertlaer authoritatively denie* that agent* ever weni to bngiana 10 nypotuecate the enure group of ltlanda a* security for a loan There Is no necessity for a loan, much lrsa a forced one. The California Legislature to-day passed resolutions requesting the Governor to telegraph to the President if the condition of foreign affairs would render It advisable for this State to fortify her harbors. The Atlantic Telegraph. New York, March 27 ?Private from London of the 15th Inst, state that Mr. F^eld and otner gentlemen tn?l capitalists Interested In the Atlantic-'el'graph-cable enterprise were to meet Lord Palmeraton on the'21st,and (be prospect* of n satisfactory Issue of the negotiations with the British Government In regard to raising tte necessary capital to secure the laying of the proposed new cable were very encouraging. Mr. Field confidently expected to return to New York at an early day, With assurances of the earnest co ODeratlon of the Hritilh IJowernment In thl? ureal work. Prodnce Transportation from the \V?t. Cincinnati, March 2t> ?The btpment of ail kinds of produce from the West hat been so reduced within the pa*t few days that neither of the lines which are now open, viz the two ."few York lines, the Pennsylvania Central and the Grand Trunk, if Canada, are worked up to their caoacltv. Our Weatern road* are in a like condition, and owner* of produce will have no further cause to complain for want of facilities to nbip freight* cattward, from any point in the \Ve?t Accident ' * Troop Train ti the .loriliwrilcrn RdH. Chi' ago, March 'J7 ? Anarcidenton the Northwestern road, caused by the l-roakiatr of 'he site* of a troop train, ha* multed In the death of ten oldiera of a Wisconsin cavalry regiment, and the wounding of nearly one hnndred other*. threv irur m 11H Ihp n>at atioVitlu 'I'hu v v-? i * > ? <uv j a u v *? vnuutU) with the exception <?f three, are abk t<? continue vlth the regiment tram Fartreg* >l?nror \<1van<e el the . ** * ? ni_ t% - ?i?I i n.vD i??ps in oi| ni inri I'oktresr Monkok, vi* Cherrystone. Va , March '-'7?4 p m ?There wu a reconm-taftauce tbU morning to If It; He thel, which u -u occupied by about 1 .'<? rebels, who Bid on the appearand; of cur fcrrm, without any hostile demonstration?. Our Iroopa now occupy Ihe placc. I'?w<ler mill* Destroyed at ^nwCrlrnr. I,oui?villk, March ?The New Orleans Cresent of the 10th ln*t., aayt: The two powder mills on the opposite tide of the river were blown up yesterday aud five woikrnen were killed The 1o?k of property is principally in machinery Thi rc W"? only about ;0W pounds of powder on hand. i-art*n urtwaiiw. LonsviLLE, March '27 ?1'araoti Brownlnw liaa arrived here, and leaves for Clnciunall at nvon to-day. pnoroSALe FOR WOOD. UlPDT UniDTIVIfttVtl'i \ Cornt* of "ft \ and It tlrttl), > Washington. March U, Sialic I'aorosALs will be reoeived atthia oflloe 'until MONDAY, (tie Slat day ot March. at 12 o'clock .M , to furmah the troop* in Una eity and iU vicinity, north oithe Foiomao river. witnimS) live mii?a ot the city of Waahinftoo, with Wood for'6) an niontha.ooinmer.oi-i on lat day of April, 1868, and endicc the 9Hn day of September, lib. 'I he Wood to be of the beet Quality of oak or hickory, and to be delivered at th? campa or *uarteraofthe suoh *uautitie* and at ?uch timM u thu Il^ont Q iift.rtArmiat?r **> * Pa? menu to be ma<te at tr e ecd of each month, upon the return by the oontraotor of th* orders drawn upon him. The deliver? of ti>e Wood ordered ruust he stiovn by the receipt ol the off oer receiving it(specifying the amouct delivered)endorse'1 upon the orders. Wood ordered for regiments, briradM, or divisions must be reoeisted for by the quartermaster*. The proposals mast ipeofy the pr.oe per oord of (128) one hundred and twenty-eight oubio feet, and mutt be plainly marked Propoeals lor Wood." The ability of the bidder to 61! the oontraot. should It be awarded to him. must be gu?rantte4 by two responsible peTsuns.whose signatures must be appended to the guarantee. 'ihe responsibility ot the guarantors most be hown b* the offioial certificate of the clerk of tae nearest diatnot oourt or of Uie United States diatnot attorney, Hidden must be present in person when the bid* are opened or their proposals will not be considered. Bonds, in the som of ten thousand dollars, signed by the oontractor and botte of bis guarantor*, will be repaired of the successful bidder upon signing thi rnntr&At The runtto reject any oral! bide that may be deemed too high is reserved by the Depot Quarter"ISUi propoea'a will be rejected. ' _?vrm of thtarantt*. We , of the oounty of , and State or, .and .of the ooanty of , and State of . do hereby (u&rautT that la ft oontrftot in ftooo'dknoe with the terme of hie proposition, and that, ado aid hie pro position be ftooepted, he will ftt onoe eater into oontraot in ftoeordftnoe therewith. tshoald the oontiftet be nwftrded him we ftre prepared to beoome hie eecaritiea. (To thia cntrftntee must be ftppended the oertifioate above mentioned.) D. H. R lirK KB mh 12-dtd Colonel and Qi*7termiut*r. ISi /T^ TO TH^T1 PUBLIC IN OfclNERAL. ^Olif T it ? 008LIRU RESTAURANT, t> 4 % Dl.* Uami* ? ? ? -

? r Ei ii ii o I it < a n i a a * i>n v bi soitth miss, | (Formerly of Now York,) Ilaa the MM and tone of botnt One of the Beet Rejtauranl* tn Town ID"sit# a trial, and Jodie for you eelf.^q] Every th'nc is tha houte la dakMu.' tl 'im tV H r a *?- ?? lU wi i ron'i iot no inner? between inh tad Uth atrMtn, U-l? ?WU??Kl?. Tr?M, <H>n?auoUM 1M?Treei of ot.cise van?,^ uejfc MO! Wtmmm oi cm venoord an ?W oikor llifiii Carrant* of all varletteri-3C anaott eTfraiU, *vg other Vit^larteroufoucnof loely greva Deeiaaoaaaad Krarrreen g*ad? and oraaneataJ Treee For prioee VrfFialiirmtt:on apply to JOSHUA PfclRCK, Nnraery nan. mil 1>-?oM* WaUlnctoa. u. C. 'fl OFFICIAL . rpREASURY DEPARTMENT, March 21, !? > Moldera of bond* of the United ^tatea dMed and pnyaM# thrrr ymn frvm daU, arc herrby notified that pro*bIou ha* beep iiud i tot the payment, fa coin, of the coupcna ofatnil anaual Inlerrat which will become d^?e on lb?- |?t April, proximo, (?s;reesb1 v to tbt'i by the i'rtaa.irpr cf the In Hod ?tntea ?t Waihiiigtrni, by the Aaaiitant Treasurer at Vcvtrn, Ney York, and Philadelphia, and by the Depo<ft*ry of the I'nltcd S'atea at Cincinnati, Ohio. /Ml mch con p??n?, together vithfchcdulcf 'bovine the number of each coupon, an! theatre Kate sum t feach parcel, iBuat be presented for I rumination a>id TerlB<:??lon at ]r*?t fhrre full tju^ days befbrc rnvwnt 5 P. CD ASF, u<^?i dt apl Stcietary of the Tfca?>?rv FpRKAtWRV DKI'AHTMKNT, JL " FtBSUART 1, 1"<M. .. ???? ? ? -ii A *'T ** A 19 UShKPT VI iUV n'OUinrM l!| Ibis Department to redeem the Treasury rotes payable in one year from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved December 23d, 1357, and tbe Treasury notes payable In sixty dfrvs from Jala aitlkAvWAil itu V* f\ art A# ' ^ - ? ? ?? uait, auiuviii.^ uj u*v aui "i vuii^icw ay }M U?t*i ad March, 1861. Interest on Treasury notee of the above Iftr.irt wtil ccnte on the ?th day of April neit by term* a ? ?<iaAAia(i ttoltr fc n? VI IUV7VC VwW . >?. U- r?|7i Department of state, \Va?H1!*6TO!?, Jtnuary 'i5, The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of CongTeaa on bntlneaa on Seturdaya. commencing with Saturday, the first of next ' month. Jan 27-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, 21, lrrti. Orpiric, That the War Department will be cloaed Tueadaya, Wednesday*, Thw^day* and Friday* against all other bualne*a but that which relate! to active military operation* In tht fl?!d Saturday* will be devoted to the builnew of Senatora and Representative*. Mcr.dr.ya to the bualneta of the Public. JED WIN M. STANTON, Ja0 tf Rfieretary erf War. ^ WORDS FOR PRESENTATION TIFFANY fc CO., No?.A50 and A4i Mkoadway, Niw Yk?*. And No. K's krcnuLiET?, Paris, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF A LI. KIND* OF MILITARY WARES, Solicit the a?t#ntion of t'lvio arid Military Arnooiatinn*. CnnnAndu ??ti Nation*: or J*tat? nerviae, Patriotio Cleba and individaa:a lo their larje (tlMlk of RICH STAFF AM) DKKS* ARMY AN J) NAVY 8 WOK US. Tti??ir assortment includes the ohoioest BLADKS OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE identical with those made for Wilkinson, of Loodon, worn by tueoffiaer* of tiie Linitaii Arm*.and inost approved b* e.TDTie-joed European auUiorities th<* eleeantly wronghT Dbaur<3i'r3(M,i??t,n TUB bbirbi in fihremd finmh the rr<wn.tM intiderii tjpoe t?l the oelet'rated Uomajrw* the excellent aud wrvtMtbl* BLAUbS OF COM,FN* OF HARTFORP, B???tde? tho*e "1 f'tjicr fa!>r'"ant*. The mounting* <r ttie it't r.a?e? e*e Nte4 within ?|im rr**liliph*r?ent. will lie found to oomirlee all re^r r>| nrr.*>n<?'itRtHii:. Uie jwwnl* tone of 4ilvm.Milvk? K&onzk, PLAl?? or t ft* Cu,T.SJI VSit 1'lATHD Bt RNi.-HETi St*el, K;< li 1 KAJMKR.efc . wiMi h.\i:o'? of Pi.ain. < Cha?fi? ?r Kmb'w-'KT> K i.t. or m Siuvkw; Hie WmrA and fir*Ri? "f rh'? pf.m? van*i? of material *114 6(1 Mil. and "f either re?nlet!?n MtU*n ??r nflftlftl rfftaicn PHnilld SI) ?l L*TR?ofpin*ht I.iimaww. of a p?hne?? and <?cer|iri*?? pel r"??raefi?e<i :a he rr*uirM lor praaeptaticn, tne oapMili ti?anfti,e oilabnattnienl for tUe maD>ua<M?re ot tbo choicaftt wctk* in *oM a.*i mi!v;*i. Rud it; *?c er?l artistic rcauureer ai<* n<>u??ai k uarantees ?f tt? ^atisfaotorr in<i epp?*]v redaction. Inanawei to order*, de?m ? *i.a e*hrr.atot wi!l ^opiompt'T lorwe.rtled. I Icli vhIiikIh pttroii&fline 8wmt:? nf 'i A Co lire ;nf"rme?l tlia! evcrj r?laue ip nut>j<<otnd to ie?t* evec i.iore evere titan f.lio?e enjoined by Lovernnwnl, b?icre it i> p*oe?i uu -a e -tii? te?iui* M?>ok in tn the eafablmhmerit. and at the oumniand of all who p eler iiiiineOiate proof of the excellence of j th ir gworria. <p lm 257 KLKVKNTH STRLfcT. 2()7 ' Jimt r*-o?tve<1 a freeh !"t <>f TIN WAKh. . WOODKN WAKK. WILLOW WARK. <JAMP BTOVK8, COAI. OIL LAMPS, Ac , at prices to ?uit tlia nio*t eoonousioai J A M lit* SK IRVING, W a*hmirtoa Stove Depot, n,h 1I_1U>.| )?* ii m r vii no j i um WM. C. MILLKR, NION I.IVKHY. HIKING, AND **LK I STABLK, I'prntr nf Sistk and C fly., Watkington, b. C ? Peraoin osn lit all P^. . I time* be accomicodated with Horeea, Carriage*, or Buciiet for hue, sale, or exchange. aMUL Livery by the day or month. 1 1 handaome brown L&dv'a aadil'e Pony for tale. She ia perfectly getitifl-?he raoka, trou. lopea or paoea, and ia ? peifeot beauty. Low fur caati. mh 12 eolm ALBERT IlKLL. Agent. |\1RS. EATON, ill FAaHIONABLI PaBxaWAICH, Uaa removed from 484 Tenth atreel Tn 46tt I tract, between 8th and 9th. ?onth aid*. 8. T. Tarlor'e dr?oattiay rme brMn h. mh 18-1 ai* THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That th* tub , aonber hath obtai ea from the Orphan#' Court of Washington count?, in th# Jlatriot of , Columbia, iotters te?tame"tar? oa tue #*iecna! j ^.4 _* a J?- (B ' ?*? ? nu a ui AI?UUCI ogrniTi, IIMUI ?'MlllUf !.uB County aforesaid, deceased. All peraoca havmc claim* araintt the aaiddeo ased are hereby warned to exhibit the tame, with the vouchen thereof, to the anbeoriber, on or before the hfteenth dijof March text; they may otheiwue bj lawbsfx- i eluded from alt benefit of the said estate. i Given under my ha?d thi* fifteenth dar of March, < isa JOHN DAVIDSON. I ma 17-Iaw3w* fcxeoator. I \f Baxtimckb. Maroh 13th, 1861. 1 l'iR. RICHARD H. Jr. hariai , retired from the business which he haa bean e<>n f-- -- r~ ? ? 1 ??w?auft, ?B Bftvuv itfi u? XVI ^oiljr lime pull, W? DM | ieave to advise the public lhai Mr.GKOttGE T. LOKER will have charge ?f the same until father notice. Tharkfol for past favors, we shall endeavor to merit ili?ir conticnanee I mh 17-law4w* A. SEEMLLLER fc SONS. WE HAVE just rechveij a large 1 assor;m?nt of Raven, Bacon & Oo/s-jg^ and Steinwa; * Bon's PIANO FOH.TKSJBMI , known as uie best now manufactured."!! mi? whioh we are offei ing at the lowest faotorr prices. 1 Persons in search ol a reliable Pia: o are requested 1 to oali and tzimiii*. 1 Aiao, one S'oond hand Piano for $C) and on* for 9*5. At the Mnsio fttoie of I -> 23 W. Q. M KTXRROTT. W SPRING WRAPPINGS. IT D-. I - ? - i * - - " - * J? * r*o.Bi?oa a inrgs ana wautilal assortment ot Wraysicjs, nail ihe varied style* or t(us mmod, all of which we offer Hour usual low pnoe?. M TAYLOR k. CO., (formerly Taylor A HnHjhuoa.) inh 21 eo^t Wo 49 Cener Manet fp^ca. i /^KNTLKMKNS RKAHY MAUK 6ASMi* _ KNT9. OF PINE QUALITY. < W? offer oitisents and strar.iors a lace assort mMJtof UVfcK COAT*. UHKSa COATS. bUfclN?%i*8 coats, FANTALOl NS and VfcdTB. ? . ??Lor? *D<' e*tai is make ana tnish to the beet outom work. 1 WAI.I. MTKPUIl .H *. IVI ?? "J va ?.? IIU'^u a. v^'-l Merchant tailor* and Ciotherc, _ _ _ , P?. a*?., b^t 9 Ui and too d. ?ni'. *?m? ? Tti t- K. . ,J u ST, PUBLlMim Union Game of *e?aMi9n,9r HkMckae 01 Ju? R*b#lil01i: I Qui til ft tlilDf fur fcha U> ??a4'??the Union o'diot. " Pa w7?"bel""b j JOH * P. CHARLION, l'ki iwieirhifr. *o1 for *i*bj JOI* 9H1LL1N6TON. ' mh 19-*o3m it. and ?remi?. ( r|\.? N?*T1CK. ? 1 Hh Cnpurturrnhi* heretofore existing httffiwi Lovitt K. fuiv toil Thomas It. Dar>k^l Im been muolved. All p?r?oa? iridejted to the fcaid Iriu win iitiw to bmU? their imohu with Louie F. Perr^ who will tieo mUm wiiii the oreu.tursoi me hrra hJTJswaw LOUIS y. l'l.PHY. j h*v?.W CM.' y*l ln 'K?"^ t*ta?e*. we OM Wli Coal on vhyleaale and retail. cheaper than car be aa5i.,n ##$?&?,??. *t ipe 1 ! * Corn r Hth and H . Mfc 8UEE AND COlUt *U TliS ufeST II p.*o? to Tour OWlhiiif-No, 4t>o iicftuta | I S90 rei<NK?LTANIA ATE1I E. ?n(LE DIP R K. Ju*t Kc<K!r?d and Opened, A !?*g *n?! Ir?t claw / A M I L J' (. li U C H li IBS, _ ronvlMltig **f: tH'WA RW, ?( nil j TfcAC, COI Tfcfc, j VLJ7EF, I.A I. I) FIjOI'R, NJULLAJID'S CHUCOLATK, 4?., Ae., Ac. All of which be offer* a! low cat csafc prlcra. PIKli'S CKLEHK ATKD WUISiLlE2. 500 barrel! Magnolia, 500 barrel* XXX. 901 barnU MlUcra Kyo Mont-ajiaJieia. N*l barrcla flne Old Ry?, 500 barrel* in? Old Boorboa, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All the favorite bruid* of CHAMPAGNE, Mcmra Verify, Green SeaJ, He>d?lck, wltUW tulnir Kftnok* Ut? ? ? wwavHf wvugu? tew, WC <"iiri ftk WI1I11UIIUJ low ritn. Alio, 9o!e AroiI tax l!KE^ ARMY CORDIAL. frb M tr m M itii A.1D NEW TORK ri'JTP A A r.L EEEEKEE pp PIT AAA l,L EKfcEE&K IT PPI* A A \ A L" KB IT PPP A A A A I.I, KK PP PIT AA AA LI. F.KKK ITrPP AA AA LL KEEK PP A A AAA A A 1.L EE B & tfctfctfc ifes w* m Wx /# \\\ m XXX *xx XXX XX t ixx XXX YMV xl$}R YMY \\\\ XXXX X X X X XXvXX XXXXX xxxxV XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXV xxx xxx xx\ xxx xxx xxx m \\\ m v& m \\\ aV? kh gmi AAA A 1.1. KK A \AAA J.U KK A A AN I.L KEEK A A A A LI. KEEK A AAA. A AAA LL KK A A A A LI. RE A A A A I.I I I I.I I. 1/ ) * l* ! ' E I' I" aa" "aa llllllE klkkkkk vrtl!')! a>111 eh ai.e, rortrh, ajih kvth \ ukuhn stoi t, Im Wkotr, #/?'/, m4 I '<* *?, KRHWEf) I ROM THK tMItWICT BAULKY MALT AND HOI'S. MRfcWKRV. i*U? Slf?M.Mwwii 7th ?n<* **?? NEW YORK. fr77j!U^ L'VF.BY 1?KR*<?K':? lNTK.RE?r-Tk?l ?m Vj ?t<'ok f Cl-ithi'i? i-'r ?n ? < v i ??* i?' J*w?,ry tjtoro i# bow fff>: <s! At !c#? !.'.*n wh' > prtC#, H f.Mi l it f, rjo. 4? '.) urM, 0fP0?itf P???t Offino fe 37 'IMJK rKOI'LK- ?Xo TH;Nti H J OB K. No. 1 4firt ?*v*r.!U #i. A .?*?? ahJ**-:! M?w Arrival of Sprint (jovxl*, a I f!?^ >t*?t ?tj if Clotbiaf, it No. 460 Seventh it.-Mi. rear K 1*2> Sin |?'OR bALfc?A ht? of Clotting, Knmieh 1 inc tiooia. Tiunk*. Hftla *r.-J ?."sp?. %? vliofo M> iriPM. ?t 4 Ml llrMt- '? i'ost'oiftce. rRENT'S Fonii?liinc Goo<U. Trunk*. Clothing, Trunk*, Hft'mr.d Caps, a 1 at Northern pricee, ht the l'oop'*** CioUime ytore. No. 460 7tk atra t. WH1RTS, 8HJRTS. SBIRT8 reoeivad kJ li? iloin Shirt*, wluoh we offer at old pricea, ItHMITH'H No.IKO U p?L'T THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT Ol'?! AND BRIN6 7T WITH YOU ! The aabaortber will advance, in the way ?f fir BhMe or loan, email auraa for rkort ponoda, DIAMONDS. WATCHES. VALUABLE JEWELHY. or any description of aatufaolorr aeonritiea. Amy or gentleman who would !ilre to etaatn a rrv loiiara temporarily, In a ^aiet manner, may do a* by applying at 4 36 liib street, between (i ud H, from It to a O'oioofc. f* 77-1 w |JOOT8 AND SHOES^TO SUIT THE ?Vea'? now m&r.afsoturin* all kind* of BOOTS knd SHOES, and oonatanty reoeivinc agA* supply of eastern mad* work of otott ^Ml loription,madeexpreetiy toorder, and wiliv Hi M cold at a muob lower prioe than baa boon' Mte heretofore oharged in tbi* oity for L-ncta inferior triolet. rersona m waot of Boots and 8hoea of eaatarn ?r city made work, wili a) way a find a good aaaort ment in atore a ad at (be ioweat ?no?f. ?! aa a J* - GRlFFiN * BKO , a> S-t 314 PecnaylTar.ia a?*cu?. Z FURNITURE! #J> FURNITURE! EL. FURNITURE I W. B. M O 8 E 8 , (of the firm of Muaea ft. Peekhaai. Pini*j4?*_> llacBlSAtarer and W bo>ee&le ana R?Uu! Deaie'r in [luMMt Chfcwa, Cottage, Parlor ?d Dining room Farnitiu-e?Thorn'a Banding. *08 BeremU ,t5?WTbwi??y ?< UPHOLSTERINe >rom?tly ina neetly exoo?M4. ... Store open d?y and ere?ULg for the accommodation of the aubiie. Pareita^ora wiTI atudj Uetr ilIoi eat to etil before looking elae where. jaS-lB' I fjuit a?v un Pta?a UlilO IV S. MR. PERDRIAT, Pnrjeon Chiropodist, from Pari*, beg* to i&form you that he oan flectn aiiy removs Corn* Mil Bnm?os. wit bom t pain, so litat the shoe ear. be worn immediately al-sr the operation, without iucooveuiMtoe. Aleo reaievee Wart* and other euperflaou* fle*b from the baud*, fthattbey will appear small and delicate. No. I* 14 street, near City Hall. Charge* moderate. IIT Refer* to tne doctor* o| Waaiii.gton jcrerally. wh fe tf SPRING CAWIMKRte. Also, metium and VnrflnH bi?llM. Pueket tlaadkercbiata, I'nderabirta, Drawer* Jko. .... . 4 . Oar Northern aid baaiera eorreoyoDdeiite Mtd a* tew anppliea daily. Oce pnc* orrtr, the ??tiial oa?h ?tao4ard t%1m, rr??rfcad mi plam Sii'M. an intrnUrn tti rt-rih inm-T wo ohlicatioa in >?uo?M?. Pfcnav A u AO., 01 h 3 If Pfpn. U<1 Ninth (. ROAMS' EXPHKOS OOfltPANY. NOTtCa Of REMOVAL, 5' ?- i , H*?d?lMr*ir tin of tkn Moiur ? r*nn<n4 w V&"4rm ?'.Wf i t5??5 h^u " h<1at^. m KMI .** THB WUfcLV i?l 4K. VlH rSMilnt rxmit* 1*< Pr?? .*M>< |'w>> ntc* ?4 t| ik?? -?i k* 'hH 1b tay mm- k r* riliy Mfltlf Timi-ftu, *wf?| m m?M um* PTi F* '**** ? *? ?? ??w ? fl?l ? -* Tn Hpia T W4|Ij-|T| ???# ??? ? ? ? K limltklT Mttiiu it ? "tui'nui >f#? Ika! iM BU( IV Omuf l??wy M RMPTliiV IkmrhMI Iki DMikv e?plM (la wrapper*) eaa K* ^r? ar*d al ?h# ?-mibK*, lniiw4MMy *fVr ?fc? lara* t U< paper Price?THKhfc CKNT* ncvpionniv i/rni i loiBX* rTj. H. rtABODV. D KxrrsT. Attend* to htuiefcea of h?? prolMatcc ?? tfc? moat r?*Mn?lft? '? ? mr which |"od of rnUmii* oAit N? LOikM No. tf7?. I>HMI tMI* a***!!*.**11133 iV.b kc4 tJlh ttro?t?.i?0(}o?>r? Mft of t>>? K?r*w-??*d Mon?r, tij imh? taiJJ ut ?! ? 1H !*?*-. Milf.'i. nli i In'jli i ; VTW _ ill. UMIMIM, M. |?, .1-rwfitwsw1 oftr? M t#"1 ' '* ? I.'* r ?' .? ?'!? MMr Mfcr.? ?? ? ' w?*? th"?* ?< ?> ?' " ? ' - Ct/i? ?. *? <? 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Sfv ' oce* ?*D -f i^a^'re-i over tM?rr * acie r6c^* ws!i fc* ino(l>D?lr?, *Q ne**i t/No temporary teeth are seeded. * aermacect ec** o*c be awde nmcM.ataly, thereby irtumci tee cat era ezrreef iOr of tue ikee. wLieb ilcf?5 the Old is freeaectir diafigared. . *Ma work uaa b*->a faliy U?Uvl orer Ire riari rrr totter or ti.e firat ohonicta and phvaioiaas of Uia D?*? a?aa'ao a w^ste inJMtraotlT* in eta fcliini. with which t^e ?Do?t aecMttTa teeth oan be 6 'oa withoat pain. and can build ay a a*r feet, aonnrf 'eotli on ant aide root*, wluoh ww] laet tfcronfh lifetime. T>e beat of refe*er< e? ri?ea-to Dr. V. Mott, D'. Por*p.i?j?, Profheaor <>if*Wen>iaiff, N. Jk .. Boa. Jv<ig9 Wayne, of til* *ujrense Court of >v*aWtr?c hiu, ua ipcnnca* o: oltsr? *r?l ey?,nin? for rcvraelf. bo i to <JAtf F1 TTiNoTl^ A HM ? miv * a rto fiooiu UMrm VLU ' I>IT L? f?Y">r?K! p U>? rfclMBlNl, ITT* !?o nh t t?w &*?n Mrtfc : r*. Vk 5^?'J1;IL V, w>ytj ? !x*fc8j_?*. tf ? w lift rrsvatM. WJfroiSofentirs T ISrw Pa'trr:_?w, 1 Pm im W<1 r inialt, BB^ennr in *tjr:p to BCTth'nf r;wHor?r? Iwv' ?n ti?'? uAriM. Vve itntceitiMri tort" * ir tj e?uaj?l exan <i.? ?ar vtock of Suite W Fur *;e?,fee.iDf nor.&deit tl^lva Urt li< feM* id Washington. A<: y* err :n lii# ItDtUtrMM tc tir* ?nii t? frtzyt; atVtfW u?, mvkm * miihan. 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