Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1862 Page 2
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EVENING *TAH. W/.-MINOTON CITY: FRIUAT MARCH 9?, lMil. ITT-Ttae new Do;tar Weekly Star, fuller than ewer of Metropolitan nevra and K?a?P, *"<* rholce library reaimg, ta now ?n wit counter ready for ?ieliTer-f v> tb<? public. Embraced In lt? entertoli'.inir content* ar* th* follnwliiF artirlei: I'ftrtry; Tbr Kaahlcna; How Rrt. H. Ward Bercher l.oat his Doota, <i?i hl? beat vein;) A *rry comical letter from OrpLfiw C. Kerr, wherein he trr?K on Chaplain*; Matrimonial, a chance for maidena fair; The mah who sat on the powtler rewarded; Gallant Men at Newborn, Don't Fret. Hon. Montgomery Btelt on Emancipation, (a rinltal \ ' to-v-i -??n ? --r ? ?vwr.i,| ACUTI otl UUI1W ?I IUC ?I tern i Naval Battle, Full particulars of the brilliant aft'alr at Winchester, and wounding of General Shields; Progress of the bombardment at Island No. 10; Latest news of military cperatious in every quarter. Trial of Enoch Ward, jr.. for the killing of Lieut. I>1 tierber, and acquittal of the prisoner; l?rvllirn lit (ll? ^Hillli^usiau n r ! ?... !*'? - - iiKurvnian n uv CiVCTVUCi^f K ' " ?rrdt.?|j? of tbr itapmae niid Criminal Courts; "^oow more" Bartrry l>?r, Bl?h<?p WhUtinp.* b-m'a prayer tn th*-? hurr b?-* hc'r; High Old Timr? at tbc Na*y Ya'd, and other news, lo?:*l aid rcneraJ. Asrlcultnral. horticultural and cardenlnc mlaccl any; Houvbold and (arm rcctprt, and other liitrrMlim? Tble I* ju?t 'be pitpcr above all t'tbirs for pcrwons flnjournlnc National Metropolis lo wid to tfacir friend* at a diatanc. Prl?-e only three cent* per copy, or St per annum; postage nroiMKM liaai ? ? a I "?|-???? wy auini|? wucu iu anai?mu. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. tTATi rBi?nNIIS HRi.K*?Kn Ihp following pnwncra were dUobargcd tciday by tbc enmniwtion relating lo Fl*lc prlv oncr* John F. C. Nobir H Mmhh, r Ponrlson, and Win L Ft?b?-', o? tbclr taking k. -.4L -?l un. wu m inqjisn' John A. Maf ha'i, Win. K. M"e?re. Wtp J I leeee, L?ushrcd W. Bavllo, and Thorns* t Poole, vete dlieharged oa giving their written parole to render mltbei aid aor comfort to enemies In hostility to the Govvtoment of the I'nlt -d State*. en AND RIV1IW. There was a grand review yesterday, by Gen McCleilan, of the divisions of Generals Franklin and King, of General McDowell's corp>. Among those present were Lord Lyons, M Mcrcier, the French Princes, and ?cveral (fflcers of the English Coldstream Guards. The distingulshed visitors expressed themselves in highly* 1,1 *" ~ a* - wuipuiuv u .oi j KVIIUI ui iuc api'cflrnncc oi mc troop*. iMPBt'BABLB. We place no faith In the iu>?or current ls?t evening of an engagement having occurred between a portion of the corps d'armee of General *urrner and a rebel force In the vicinity of the town of Warrenton, (Fauquier county) Va., not far from Manassas Junction; the fact being unknown either at the army headquarters here, or at the headquarters of the army of the Potomac. CA*LSCHVBZ. The New York papers are In error In stating that the nomination of fi?ri Srhnn h? r?i.? __ vwma>? ?*r VB ?* , adter General of Volunteers has been confirmed. It fa as not yet been reached in the courae of the Senate's proceedings In executive session. j DITATCH FROM 6BR. SBIBLDS. Gen Shields telegraphs that our victory at W luche?ter has m?n> '? ?' ? ?-- ?1?*- ? ? ?.?~ ?v me rrucn man at first supposed Union prisoner*, who escap?d from Mount Jatk?on prison, had just arrived, and saw eight wagons, loaded with dead and wounded, enter Mount Jark'on on Monday at 10 p m ?fourty-foar miles Jto-n the field of battle la 30 hoars. The rebels admitted that they had 11.000 in the field: also, that the* lo?t ?J # ? v* ? atiu 1,500 in killed and wounded. We are ilr.d'ng their gr?ve? ?ome dintance from each aide of the roed TLcl?iow ba* (truck terror to the heart of the Hhenandoah Valley. Th<- circnlarcf con^rat ilation font bv retary fttanton to CcB>bicldi haa been publish'd to his dlvlaion. T ? ?-?? ? - - Bcini pwiit" from the Command' 12 General of the Ariny of the Totcninc were also cnt to Gen. Shield*. F?ibk?x s mi.iart. Marcb "j# E'<s C?n ?Tbc General Commanding rorjiraMilate* you ?n?i the brave troop* under V^ur commend, ?n tbe tpiend'.d achievement roomie need in vour dfnarimrni u<ht?k ?,? 1 r * UIVU UV ?"!? iuat received dralrea you to follow up rapidly the rnrmy s troofi aa far a* JMraabur;;, If p?'? Ible S. Williams, A A G. Jl-ad^vaTttT* Army of tki Potomac, ) Fairfax Sftaimary, March -/ { To Brtgn-iur Htnttnl Sktthit ?Tljec^mmandi?S general congratulates yon, and the brave troop* nnder your command, tipon the victory gained by your own energy and activity and their ] bravery, on 'he '-'3d. li?- is i.> i-?? ....*>?? %- n.a ii iiiai i Itar wound you recetvrd lti tuc akirntisb, on tbe day btrfor?, tsraorr arricua than at flrat aunpoard. By command of Maj. Gen. ii f? McClcllatc (Muncd) s W"? r - ? ?? . TBS LATKT TEo M > r R A - El KG. W:*riiBeTK?, March 27 ? Intelligence from Mraabutg tuirt that no new movement hat occurred in that vicinity. Jackson, with the remnant of his armv, 1? supposed to be near Wood stock. Geu. Shield*' wound U lmprovluu rapidly, ami te h>'pes tobe again on duty In a week. The WMflimrnx Theatfr waa filled a^ain U?t evenini' in ?-?- th? * -*?' B V* I niuauu Bldr? III tragedy and comcdy. The flue play of " Damon and Pvtblaa, or the Teat of friendship," waa performed in capital style Indeed?the Damon of Mr. Davenport, the Pytblaa of Mr. Wallack, the Calanthe of Mi*s Denln, and the Hermeoni of Mrs. Wallack all being exceedingly good, and thr other characters well sustained. Theaatlrical ?#.? TL-n - ? v?wco) vi iacuniD3i:!! Weill CO Wltb aplrit, and Mr. Whcatley made the moat favorable impreaaien on the audieuce by bia animated and plcaatn$ rendition of tbe part of "Vapid." A great treat may be expected this evening, aa be take* tbe part of Rover in "Wild Oats." Mcaaff Wailack and Davenport appear in that piece, and Mr Davenport and Mt*a Dcuin in the drama of " Black Eyed Susan." This ta the last nl^'bt hut one of the star company. ? C5~The ateamer Columbia, at New York, from Havana, which port she left on the ?Jd ln>tuut, brings newt fr?>n? Mexico to the l'^tb. The newa ta not important. The French troops had left Vera Crux for Tcbuacan, and when Uat heard from bad nearly reachcd that tvwu A frightful explosion had taken place within eight leagues of Orlxaba, at & town where the Mexican trsope had encamped. The barrack* In which they wers lecatid were blown up, through carelessness, and from the ruins some thirteen hundred dead and w-nunded oiaiert baa beea taken. The news from the Mexican capital is not very eticouraglug to the b?pe that the couutry will ever be In a settled condition. fJJ/"Tbe tuwa from Havana la Interesting. ttiou^h not Important. Tbc abrupt departure of tbe t'nfclUii fcrceafrom Vera Cruz caused wine eicltcru^nt, and raisril the Ire of the Spaniard* to a conr'.derable extent. Tkw exeune the appareut b*d failb toward'.aud by alleging that the Capl*la-*i?(ril of Cuba, In dlipntchln^ tbe St?nl?b contingent to Vera Cruz before tb? a'?; ? ..0 ?i? 1? * ? ?>u ii uic riU^ioo, wu unaware of the Arrangement made In London, by which the AlUc? w.-re to act strictly in conjunction Tn Tax tro* NtwsrAfiBs ?The ?<?afo contniltt e turret yeateraay to reduce the tax upon newspaper advertisement* proponed by the bill before Coafcu, from & per cent to 3 per cent, and decided to establish an ad valorem tax of 3 per cent upon p?pcr, lnatead of tbe proposed . .ii ?in. ? ??' , a v> > mmmmm pti |?'unu. << Costkaiamm "?Last evening a train from liari rt' Fmy brought to Baltimore a lot of >-con'r-<Wau4*) estimated at over ono tunJrrd in Bumorr n route for thr. >orlo. They were m??t.y 1 ??bu Um re*: tun roundabout Cbailcv.own atd Wiofbriter. Tue ** e ^airabaada" were h-dnu.-aa *athr Pr^irtAit . li d lef: in a Iraia for tonne place In '.he No/tn f beir exuci destination nrr the object of their rt-aioval did not tan?pli>. KT.Th* Cleveland Herald tin t?*i tW ir*t l>*ie ol cuCtou fiuw IkxtMU pa?e4 ikreuxa ILat ? f-l-d W ut? rnw; turn. / LATE NTSW8 BY TELEGRAPH. LATtST FROM ISLAND FU. 10. ?? THE REBEL LOSS KILLED, SO FAR THEIR STRENG TH THERE. ? A S?UCCE!*3Ft L BALLON RfcCONNOldSANCE. ? . -i- _ A NEW REBEL GUNBOAT FL.fc.fcr. Cairo, March 27?10 P. M.?All is quiet aboul Island No. l<t this evening. The river is rising fast. Col. Buford. in a reconnoiKtance ha* raptured six men, who represent that the rebela have had sixty-Are killed In the con rue of our bof^barH. ment, and also forty negroes, uiCi Irt lepalrlng their fortiflr.ations. The rebel force*are 12,000 strong. The balloon observations made by Capt. Maynadier, yesterday, render it certain that we have caused great destruction by our mortars. ii la reporiea on mc auiaorny 01 ainereni persons from New Orleans, (bat the rebels have 13 gunboat* finiihcd and ready to move up the MiagHMppt river, bealdri the four or aU below New Madrid, and the ram at Memphis. L&TEIT FKO>l fORTRE** MOKKUfc. PAViMr: apv ttvv ^ni nu'ii'i * 1ft l (kiv VI ft v <1 < %--vr ftjft/tu ft?K.? THE ARTESIAN WELL. Baltimore March *>, (from Fortress Monroe, March-J7 )?V. ork en the Artesian well, Inside of Fortress Monroe, has been recommenced for the reason. It has now reach* d a depth of Ifcj fret. The last I'D feet has brcn through fine t^ugh clsj-. The stcnuirr Atlantic arrived from New York thi* morning, en route for [*i>rt Koval The arrival here of !>cvcral Paymasters is the causc of much joy to the soldier*. The t|j^ of trilcC that wrnt up this iii"ruln^ brought bark no tews froiu tbe South The Unr In Tennessee. ... J. ... n . J U / vp??Niv(u, ?ne/ otj jrufn Mtmphii Capita?United S'atts Troops Ad tamtnt; on Knojvtlle?No Cotton tobe I'lnnted. Lpci'ville. March .17.?Cot.Wtlllch'a Thlrtysecoad Indlaua Regiment occupy Columbia, Tenn The M?:cpb'? paper* contain Richmond d!? ^ ^ .V, w.w ?MV iw?m vratin^ ??U? V aa A UUUJ I I.T? v thousand Culled tHatt* troop* pa?td the Cumberland Mountain and captured twocomp^nle*, one cavalry. A conricr arriving at Kno?vlllc reported that the t ailed State* troops, four thousand to nix tUoujiud strong, were twenfy-flve mile* from Knoxvllle, and advancing. Rnth H niitipu t\f rnmrrMi Ka?9 nuuaiu) -* ? M ?V* x/vh^i v?(7 uatt J' u 'avu a I&CV1U* tlon. advlMnj; that no cotton ahould be planted this year from thf TIRNIIill rivrr. Chu auu, March ?? ?A apeclal dispatch to the Tlmts ??ya that a at amcr haa arrived at Cairo from the Tennessee River, with a number of prisoners taken near Plttaburg, Tennessee. A gentleman who has been for aome time con necbfd witb the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, arrived to-day, reports that Gen. Cheatham and Polk have left Humboldt with their forces to join Gen. Beauregard, who Is concentrating his forces at Corinth. Their picket* extend within eighteen miles of the United States troop*. IJ- V J -? ? Ajvuiunruiurm VI iliina Wii 1U? REPORTS FROM REBEL PATERS. Chicaso, March'^7.?A special diapatch to the Journal, from Cairo, say* that the Memphis paper* of the 22d state that only one man had been killed in the first four days' bombardment of I Island No. 10, who ww a citizen of Memphis. recoimoimahck? ribrl reixforckxknt*. Chicago, March 27.?A special dispatch to the Trlnune, from Cairo, ?aya a gentleman arrived on the steamer Coneatoga thia morning, with Intelli* gense from liland No. 10 up to two o'clock on \Vedne?day afternoon, who report* that Col. Bu. ford sent out a r??connolterlng party to the Ken tiicky shore on Tuesday night, wbo succeeded in ctpturin^ sii prisoners belonging to a Tennessee cavalry regiment. They report that the rebej strength iuar IsUnd No. 10 is fifteen thousand Gen. Bragg in command. A reinforcement of n#. * - * * ** - ? " niwvn nuiiarra rcxcnca mere irom Humboldt, havfrt^ tc nic by railroad to a point only fifteen mtlea distant. thf Bailie at Wlichrtlrr 1 b? following dcapatch from Ucii hhiclda wai rotclvcd In New York, yeatcrday, by Jud^c ]>aly : iVi.ichk*t*r, March 27 ?My wound la doing well- I will be able to ride in a buggy, in a ft w (Lava, at Iht! hr;id ?>f mu himnnnil J at. 9hiill>?. The WiBiheslfr Prittiifr* It be Iril ( f?rl Delaware. Halt'mork, .March 27 ?The Rebel prlsonert captured at Wine better, now In the Baltimore J*!l, wj!l b? acnt In a day or two to Fort Delaware. No VlBOalhiWta were allowrd ?n #itti thrn? to-day. UUliUKhSijSlUNA L. UlVlllh COMHRSIMUI. Kisatk?After our report cloard yesterday? The joint resolution to aid States undertaking to i tr.aiicinate th" ilavn. wu f. rih?? ra , ?? T ? uu and (>ost| oned until to-day. The Naval appropriatlru bill was then taken up and occupied the balance of the day Hot*je ?After our report cloaed yeaterday? The consideration of the Tax bill occupied the remainder of the day. Lai e from New Mexico.?We have from Sauta Fe to March 10. The Texan* have taken Santa Fe. Tke American mercbanta with their families have lied, mainly to Fort Union?dlatauce ouc hundred mllea Katt Major Dontlfon, flrat aid to Col. Canby, con* iL- * Ml ? * ' * ' " " -vuHOTii .11 iur vaivcrae, reached Kansai City, March v!5tb, en route for Washington. Tbe object of hia vlalt la to urge forward reinforcement*. Major Dunelaon commanded tbe Departmcul of r?auia r e. No opposition was made to tbe entrance of the Texnns luto Santa Fe, as all our troop* were at Fort Craly, with Col. Canby, or at Fort Union, under the command of Major Faul, U. S A. Major boutlaon bad prerloualv aent to Fort Union all the Oovernment property, commlaaarv store*, Ac. The Ttxaua In Hiuata Fe Kencrally renpecled private l-roD^rtW. hut the V ?r!mI th? t v ??.?- ? <uv */uv m vi *<uue of tbe leading merchants. Fort I olon 1* a well fortittfd eartbem work, in an open plain, and will wake a strong defencc. The losses of the American merchants at ?auta Ke must ?* large, as tbcy bad beavy stocks of goctis ??nt out to tbe sutlers, to supply tbe army. Tub Iior-cud Gcb? >at * Ualkha."?Tbe Galena (Illinois) Daily Advertiser says: We learn that Ihr Nin ?> - i i s j i ..... mmm vtawwM U|IOU CM or the iron-clad gnnboata, built under tbe act of the extra oeaslon of CongreM, the name of "Galena." Tbla hat heen done to benor the patriot. t*m of our city, which has not only furnianed the Ueueral (Grant) who haa achieved one of tbe OrealMt inilibirv trl 11 nr?A# 1? ^ . VI ?UV OKCj UUi UBS f.irnHh^d other brave otBcers and soldier*, whoso heroism end bravery will render tbe fame of our ctty a* enduring an tbe bills tbat surround It. A gcnUemsu who boa recently rill ted tbe "lialena" at Green Point, Long liiand, wberc abc 1? uuw fitting oat, describes ber as a most wonderful war ve*?l and destined for a great success Sue li completely lron-clail, and it is believed bhe can resist an> battery on tbls contiasnt. She bas a tonnage of 14 000 tons. Is 190 I iret long aort jv fret beam. 8hc la pierced for] I 18 g?n?, nut will only carry fl, beine arranged no I I that tbe aaruc gun* can bt uaed at different port- I boles Sbe wul carry for her arm* meat two too I E>uud rifled guna, and four ntm-lncb ahell guna 1 er crew will coualat of about !60 peraona, allf told She will be ready for *?a in about one I n <>nth and wilt be commanded bv Capt. Taylor, I of tbe Navy. Capt Ham'I B. Washburn, of WliA CDMla, will be the iUilinir.iuaiiM m >?> "? ~ Our 'cltlicni will watch the career of tbe I "lialena" with profound Interest, believing tbat I ?uch nuc-ens will attend ber aa will add further I honor to th? name of a town, which baa eveoi been tbe aynoaym of patrlotUm, courage aixfl energy. . ivy At the tattle of W '.nnhestet thl? remarkable I | incident > Kid to have occurred When tbe I I centre and left wing of the re?>el army were I I thowa -nU> coufu*i?a,and a d'ipeiate cflort was | 1 ?li- >-- - ...I. tuc .( > wiu(5, im iiiiu oatiauon In the r*b?l ranto, numbering 150 men, when brought forward *?<d ordered to Are upon the Union troops, refused t? do ao, and a Confederate regiment immediately drove them forward but could uot t.oinpel ineut t* be. P?W cornet! of | uie iw tnwwwd. atrewed the Held I *. *?. - ? i 4 from fort res* mo*rok. Mort Deserter* from Dixie?The Merrimae Expected?Lmte Newt from Shiv Inland? Movement oh. New Orleans?The Monitor and ths Merrin'lac. [Special Com apon^ience c* Baltimore American.] FoaTBkaa Monbob, March 26 ?There Is no change In military or naval affair* in this locality to note to-day. and no lack of energy or activity ia obaerv kle in any department. The expectart reappearance of ths Merrimac ta the aubjfet of converwation, and whiiat aome doubt her coning moat of the beat Informed in military and naval circle are confident In theontnion th?i tw?fnfc th?? cloac of the prrten'. wrek ahe will make one more dr?rcr?te attempt to dispose of the monitor And to the result of the conflict no doubt la eritertatned bnt that ahe will Vjecome * permanent h?ture In the bed of the Hoada from wclch navigators wlU be warned to keep clear. MORE DX?KRTSas FROM DIXIE. A party of four persona, conaisting of three men and one woman, landed at Newport Newa thla morning In a small baat, having deserted from the 11th North Carolina regiment, which Is tloned a ahort distance up Jamca rlrrrt, An the aouthera shore. T&o coihpaulea of the regiment art* placed at a battery near the mouth of Pagcn C * a *__ ????' * * crrri, juai ueiow rmimacia, ana it waf from this place that the deacrtera eacaped. They obr-. talned a small boat yeVerdayevening and art aall aftehtattoo, paaalng under the gun* of the battery without being noticed. Two of ths men belong In St. Lawrcnce county, New York,and the other In New llavcn, Connecticut The woman 1* a native of Virginia, and la the wife of one of the men. They were brought down to Old Point tbia morning ?>y the Expreaa, and were taken before General Wool. They slate thnt the battery which they left wot j manned by about IftOmcn?two rompanit't?aitl constated of Are guna, four abort U-poundcra aril one long 3-J-pounder. The remainder of the regiment la within a few milt's of the place, tTie whole number of troopa on the rlvrr from Smithland to Norfolk, under command of Gen. Hugcr, la auppoacd to be about Ifi fHM>. Keiufornementa were sem 10 wrioilt n Hurt time alnce from the north Mdc of the rlv?r, but thry have recently rerr"*?cd to the number of No nevi was received In the camp, and no newspaper* were to >>e bad A Kl< binond paper arrived there lout night, which waa the only one for aootf week*. It contained no telegraphic deapatcbe* or other newa of hnportan- c. The nece*?arlca of life were very acarce and dear. Coflec waa aellinsrfor f 1 "J5 a pcund. wbiaky ?it? a gallon, aalt 26 centa a pound, Ac. Tbc Meriliuat; h<fd been CApccttd to comc out for tbc ln?t tbrec day?. It wa? believed that during the height of the excitement In Norfolk in conseqHPur.e of tbc vl? torlei and proximity of liurnsute, s>oou' threeweeksago, Gen. lluger wan reidv to capltulatc If a demand had been made upon him. The fnors on James river are represented ? * well fi d and clothed, but terribly scared by tVt recent Uniop victories They arc arjned with old Springfield muskets. J'hc regiment to which the de>erters belong ha? been in the service eleven months. LATER PROM SHIP ISLAND. The mammoth steamer Confutation arrived here last night from Ship Island, bringing date* up to Sunday, March lfi Commodore David 1). Porter1? mortar flfeet, With the Harriet Lane aa the flagahip, left Ship Itland on the Itth lnat., and wai to be followed In a few day? by Commodore Farragut's fleet of aloopa-of-war and gunboat*. Their destination waa understood to be the Southwest Pasa, from which tbey were to open Arc on I orta Jackaon and Phillip, which guard the pasaage to New Orleans The departure of this immtnae fleet la rrpcntu 10 oavc Dcrn a grand sight, stretching In line for many miles along the ocean a* far a* the eve could reach In the following order: First Division. Second Division. Schr. Norfolk Packet, Schr. /. A Ward, Schr. Olive A. Lee, Schr. Sidnsy C Jones, Schr. Pera, Schr. Mathew Vassar, Schr. C. V. Williams, Schr. Maria J. Carlton, Schr. Arietta, Schr. Orvitta, Schr. Wm. Baron, |Schr. Adolfh Hugel, Schr. Sophronla. Schr Geo. Alangham. Third Division. i Keservt Stratn*n Bark Horace Beals, jSteamer Octorara, Schr. John Griffith*, jSteamer Harriet Lane, Schr Sarah Brinn, |Steamer Owuka, Schr. Racer, I Steamer We?;tflfld, Brig Sea Foam, [Steamer Clifton, Schr. Henry Jamri, (Steamer Miami, Schr. Dan Smith. Steamer Jackson. t r* r? ? * - |.iir?iufi rv it rcrwi. Commodore Farragut's fleet conaiated of the 'oop-of-war Hartford, bli flag-ab'p,the Pen*.v rola, the Brooklyn, and the gunboats Pinola, Sciota, I tasks, and moatof the other ten newgunhoati, recently built, with other amall claaa war ateamcra, said to num)>er twenty-three In all. T1IK IXPKCTBD ATTACK ON NEW ORLKANi. It la presumed bv the n<Hr?r? nn tltutlo'n that the work of reducing Forte Jackson and Phillip was commenced ?ome days since It wassupposed that somr of the mortar boats would take position In an Inlet in the rear of Fort Jackton, whilst the others would advance lip the Houthwtst Fass within shellin<r distance, and en ucovor mi arive iu?* lorces of the forta In the meantime the gunbonts would silence the buttery erectrd about a mile below the fo-ts for the protection of a barricade in the river, intended to prevent the passage of Commodore Farragut's fleet up in front of the forta. This barricade wm said to be composed of lo^s chained together, and fattened to the shore:* by heavy chains. It was Hxrd so as to be open to allow the passage of rebel vessels at pleasure tli. i-- i -? ? " * * ? uca mm '>*mutae snail i)c removed and the channel of the river opened to the entire fleet, a harp and decisive contest may he anticipated. If the forts should continue Impervious to the bombs of the mortar fleet,those who are acquainted with the character and energy ?' Coin. Farragut anticipate that he villi lead his whole fleet directly under their gun*, and, by repeated bro.-.dsides of grape and shrapnel, endeavor to drive the gunners from their potts. We may therefore, expcct exciting news from New Orleans i # * in a icw aay. AFFAIRS AT *Hir Ifl-AND. The troopn still remain at Ship Island, and were in good health and spirit*. They were being perfected In drill and becoming inoj?t efficient troops. Gen. Kutler had not arrived when the Constitution left, but they pasted hiiu going In with reinforcement. Operations Against New Orleana. PORIERS MORTAR FLEET ASl E.ND1SG TUB MISMSsipri. A letter from Havana dated the OM instant, the following Important Information The Conatltutlon came in on the ?'j:h from Ship Inland and Key West. From the former place ?he brings the news that Porter'a fleet had started for the Misalaslppi River, and that they bad nearly all crowed the bar at the Southwest Pass, ao we ahall aoon have stirring u?vtafroin that quarter. !fV MABON IC.?A cslled m?etiur of Hiram iwTu.ti^l,& i*0.10' F'*,ld A. M-, will be hold *t botween H and I ?tieet?, on h K1DAV KVfcNllMG, Marob 28th, at 7>j o'olk. Bra nren U lood ttandint are Jraternail* invited to attend. My order of the W. M. irih 27 2t FESTIVAL AND FAIR FOR Prt.,'.rn.i!W,vl the Fint Baptiat Churoh, at I &. K0r I klfti 1 . ( 1 (llllir \1an t'litiuhan A .._ r , ? ? ? ' - ""n fiv-M ? vui ivtiBu ABfUUtlk* tion,)oomm*n3inc Monday. Maroli 2ltii, toooutin ue a week or more. Seaa >n tickets 50 c?ut?; tinrie admission 10 cents. Relr??hineats of every ki*d. fancy ted useful Articles, musioal and other afraction?. 1 he beat nacs to pass a ple&saat evening ana spend money in a good oauio. mil 33-lv* OFFIC*. OF JOINT COMMISSION I H I'MTKIt SIATfcS AN D COSTA KICA", Washington, March 12 1882?At a meeting "1 the Hoard held this day it was ordered Uiat tic period of two months from this date * hereby allowed for claimants to file their proofs against the Kepul ho of Costa Kioa, and no extension ?f ?aid period will be allowed ui.loss good cause shall bo shown for suoli delay. mh H-2w CHAS. W. D\VIP, Hee. Yif-KVKHY UNK'8 INTVRkBT-TO THE JJ5 CI TJX HNS. kTRANUEKS, AMj bOLTilERS 1 nave just reoeived a very large and fine aasonmeut of Spring Clothing, which I am offering at our usual low prices, at No- 4*0 Seventh street. r.ppo?ne Post Office, near F. fe 27 3m !* THK UNION fKAYEK MEET1N0 Will Ifl C^XviJ.- - - - - M~| rf irv iiviuvu VTVI J UBJ kUII WOOI ill I HO LUlIlSf" an Church, (Rev. J. G. Sutler's,) at the oorner of ilUi and U itrMU,oonun*noinx at Ot o'oiook p m.. and ooDticufrl hit on# hour. ji 30 P^R SALE-An IRON SAFE, nr&riynaw. 1 nqirre at Ni> 16 Market Spaov, Detwwi mh and9tb itr mh:s V." /^OAL Vj AT ft 6 OO > FOR 2,000 LB?. . V?ya,d N,Am B,"DS- Dipot. roll 28 tr J LaNUDon a 0<>? Ml 8 8 E. W. WHIG II T ?*. h&? npnned m ninuuL ruK yoiwe LADIES at No. #01 Bivwth And re?peottully aiks public patronage. mh 2* 7t* SILK DRKBSfc.8 FUR THE PR EHKN T AND APPROACHING REASON. A m'Mt ohoioe assortment, at our proverbially tow prices. One pnoe only, the actual oaah stsuda'd value, marked in plain figure*. PERRY A BROTHER, inh 28 tr Fa.avemae and_Nmth A r-%ns ? * -- --- u vn inn muuin ur itLLUWSTUNB r AMD FORT BENTON, MISSOURI RIVER. Theataamer EMILI(?, J, B UBuGl.WuUr, Will on or abuiit tn? kAth of jpo April To peraons dosiro?Botgcirg^^MMK? to Oregon aim the Tomtorr WaaUitgton, thi? ia the most desirable io?W>.partioniarlv to Waahington lerritorv, Laving from Fort Benton onlj 150 mi ea of land travel. over a good road, to Ibe luoetdtsiraUe fart of tne Territory. la connection with the Emilia winTU ??r? Ssasaha^tkmmK' "?"~{fi,? ' P A #s fc 4. Head qua rtert Prtrost Monk mVf Oftir*. ) City of Wa$kmgurn, March 2!*, 1"<W | Special Order, No. 10 All raaar* herttcfrr* fro?n tfceae Headquarters to the 3lst instant will not be rerfvrca oui recognizee, unlit limner oraer*. By order of Major W E Doater, ProTWt >l*r bal. Ciias. E. Robin*om, Adjutant. mar 2& tw ? * I SOLDIERS' MONEY lib ALLOTMENT DRAFTS Tflfe ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY 11- f i t < ... U .. k. . . ..i . L 1YIKU iWHTVAIlU CUL.UIt.RS' UHUT* TANCK*? To thffir Families at any place on Ihe lines cf their Express at a charge of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Eoa ANY 8cm HOT ?X:IEI>iNli FlFTT DoLLAES! And a ?roportionate additional chart* to !*<)? reached by connecting Eipre?seS. The remittance whether <?o'd. Treaaart Notei, or Ali?tmeut Draft*, should !> enclo*0<t it (in en ve lope and *ecnrelj sealed, ?nd have th<? full ad drenat including town. l'o?t ! t*l*te and in cities the siren and nvmbar) of t|i?? person to wh<>in to bo sent, arid the amount lejihiy masked thereon. Kuvelopei for this purges* m?? te had at our rm<je To prompt (i?!i*eir tte cbar?e for le miltaiico ?t?ottla be p'^pAil mil ,8 Ini aDA.MS fcXPKfcbi* COMPANY. i . ^ALtv D PROPOHAI.H Are in?itH till the 1Mb

' ^ dn? of Anrsl lufi.'- Atno'nlfwL m - fur uabIiui* th? United f*?*teii ?<ah l?ep't with brad ul BGBF CATTi-E on the hoof. Tne Cattle to ha delivered at Washincton city, ?nl each auimAI to &v?ra?e I?9fr > pounds cro*g wmsht; no an mat admitted whioh weight Ifu ttiar. 1,W"> pounds RrcBi The Cat'le to he delivered at such time* and in ?uch <( ii\ntitie? a* the Government mar require. Oatue w'tl be ie?t?red under thu contract soon Af er the oonvract la oi?Kd. 11? f??ra ami t nl>a Hot wanted. A t?ond. with good and aatiafaotory security, nill lie ifquno ??pv?rnm?nt re*ei vei t > itielf the right to pay in Treaxur* not?*. No lid will be ert >rUine?l when pat in l>v run tritotma who have previous? la ltd 10comply wi'h their c ntiac s or where lb" bidder u not present to roapoud to Ins bid aulal! bids to be aocomparnn.I lit two cns.raiilien TIi? ii?irie? of firm* f hould l>3 utated in full, with the p'ccise a dore** of a I the members o( the li'm. Form of (iuiTint??. We. , oi th* oount j of .and Stale of , and , <1 the oountj of , and >tat? of . do heretij guarantee tLat ta al>'o to fu fii a contract in accordance with the l? mi hi* proposition. and tlist nhould In* prop<??i?ioii l?c aocrpted, lie ? it at once enter into a contract in ecjoMlonce therewith, bnouid lie contra* t i*> awarded p m we am pr?r*-e<1 to become lua eeou .. Ad rr k. I . I.M . a .. ' I' m 114? fk UO< illlltw IIIUQV I'U n^-IIU9i M/ ruui hid III h 2B DEPOT QUARTER MASTKR-S OFFICE. CoTK'r 1Rth n id U >Iritis, Washington- 1). O . l*l%rch &, IRfii t"*n*LKi' r?or?*Ai * ?i!l l>? received at this* fli ? imti. Saturday. the 12th day of April, 1862, at 12 o'clock in., for delivering in the city of Washington, at ?uch a point as the Depot Unartermaat*r mv^oirect, the following nam??l PINE LL'M)80.0j<2 feet 4-4Cl inch) oommon culling*. V w ~ D-mniDiini 2j,f>nn joist S by 6,16 fe?t lone, 3 by 6,14 ' 10,000 " " 3 by 6,12 " " 5oo? noantlin* 3 by 4.16 " " 10 0M " 3 by 4,14 '* 5J00 M " 3 by 4.13 " " All the Lnm'?er to be dehvared within day; after Bicmng the contract. The i,umi er .o be ins nectxl by > < unpeotnr appointed on the part ci tiie Uove, :*r. nt. PaTinent to be made i??oa the sr.ti factor* com p otion ol tr-e contract Protosas mutt be plainly marked l,f Borosats FOR LVXBXK." The ability of tho bidder to fill the contract, should it be awa.ded to him, mast be guarsiit ed by two r sponsible persons, whose signatures must be appended to the guarar tee. The responsibility ol tlio guarantor* must b" shown by the ? flici&i otrlificaie of the olerk of the nearest district cou/t or of the United State* district attorney u.aaers Rittit ne present in perron wlrn the bids are opened or their prcprtsa's w.ll not b> cons idered Bird*, in the snm offiv* thousand dollars, Uii'd ()? tho contractor and Itotu ol his guaran to:*, will bo re^mrea of the successful bidder up jn eirr inff the Contract Tlie ricbi to reject any or a!i bids that n ht be deemed too high ) reeerved by the Uep->i U uarterrnaster. Informal ;r<ipr.<als will be r?,ecUd Form (/ b'waranlce We, .of tttecounty o| , ai,d ?fate of ?, and ?, of the onn*y of , and State r f , do Hereby guaraitee is able to fa'fil a oantraot in accordance with the t?rms nf (an pr< petition. %nn that.ahou d hi* proposition be accepted M will at once enter into a c >n rao: in ao jo dince therewith. MlmtiM th? <*or.tPt/?r h? 1.1 ? ? _ .... ...? *? ? ? bm ?^u in tit wo air y C * pared t? become his Ffcuriti m. (To thin ci.arantee must b? npp*ii<lM Hip oortilioate above mentioned.; 1? H. Kl'CKKK. inli i8 Colonel n.?>*l ?h'^fle'*i''*?t<r O T A T O K 8' IjMM t.U?ii>Vg 1'EACH BLOW M,.I JltOKKVK roTATOKS, l or ?ale at low pr-ofR. JOJIN J. RKAI.L. m,'i7-1w* *>7 Watirit eef, <;e?>riet<>wn. it,? uu ti'iri.'M u??ut? * - ? IWI " nvn niruiiU inifUUM I! K'( ITl friends wlm *re anxious to cnwmun* witu fpirit loved -on*s, *lie lia* lo i?led at the Uflna i llou?e, corner r?l !Hh and Pennsylvania avonue. fho has an assistant in Mi*. Tho:?*?. who it clairvoyant, and ihej would solicit the ?atron*c? <fa'! who are interested ic what is tenne=t sjtritual investigation mIt ^7-lw* SIIKFHEHI*'.*' I*t?A11)>. < f various widths and textures With many o her New liood*, _ ?I f * ' BunpiVi i??r MMVBI VMHi Our nortiiern a?1 outer u o :>rreapo-i<ieuts *en?l us new *upplie? daily. One price on j. PKIIRV * HKO., mil 27 fit Pa. *v*.*nd Ninth *trret. 1 FRANCIS srKTirs 1 PHI I. A l?r.l.PHI A ALE ASU l.AhKli'BKbK JJKPOT. Cit&wi-a, Nckar ami Rhii.e Wine, WliiBki"*. Brandies, wine and Cigais. Wholesale and retail. inli?7 31* No. 319 fciih'h sliest weat. OKGANDIliS LaW.N*. AND OTHER thin and medium l>r??? Goods. Also, our uaual full stock il all the D,\ Goods Sup'es. for necetal and spec ai of laimhea, an<i tiousekfepera. One pi toe only, the actual cash standard value, marked in pAiu hfurea. I i .lill i K. mil 2? 6t P?nn. avenue and 'Jtli ?ti *v-t. FOR BALE?One larse WA0ON, Willi i^ouro attached. suitable for a da*uerreaii or other purposes Will se>H Wa?nn or Hous-separately, inquire at National strain Laundry, Penn. avenue and 13th st. nih '?6 ?t* SUPERIOR""ROSE WOOD-CASE PIANO FORTE at a sacrifice. We have in store au elegant Rosewood ca*e, Poarl keyed Pianolo'to, whioli o<??t wii. be eo.ui >r JAS. Ui AloUUIKK * CO., mli 26 at ___ Auotioneera. piRE AND BURGLAR PROOF SAFES! The aubaeribera have constantly in store an a? ortinent ol Horrio* Jk Co'a celehiated Fire and Uurnar Proof i*afes, rancm* id prioe from $ ? to 95"" each, wluoU they r.eT. at the manufacturers' rioea. JaS c.MAI1IER ? r.t. " mhjW 6t Afentafor Herring It Co. Real paris kid gloves, for ladies. all sizse and oolora, vey t???t Quality Also, our usual fui: s'ook rf Dry Gooda, in all the departments o" lairmy want?. One ?rioe oil y, marked in plain firurea. PERKY * HKO.. mh 16 6t Pa ?vj. and Ninth atreet. I^KENCll IMPORTED HOOP SKIRTS. MRS. S. COURTETLLE.46HHth ner I* t*ett kurai*ivad a new invoice of those eleeant and uraofful llo: p Sk:rt?. Ainu, a tpieuJid *?eortnn nt cf l'omt. Apa'on, Valensienna and Tlnead Lao* Jlarhes. Coiifur**. ?eu, Col am. etc. Caps, 1! .usion an I M jiIiq Wautt on har>( and mad** to orner to fit mil 26-It* HORSES FOR SALE? Hunt splendid taddle HOKShSfor aaie.'I hey aterectls, ^ kind, and stylish. J he *imv? h..r?*? have i een (elected by competent jud*e?, WR) for saddle purpose. The* trill 00 ?old AW f.lF i KAl. IIT Iff 1 1 tl I t *1 71 ivjw li/i VOQIli Pf <J w \V Wl? V/ i'llli* LEK.Sae and Li?ery S'able, corner 6uauuC street. rear of Ifrown'a Hotel. mh 26 31* ALBfr RT BELL. Aier.t. COAL OIL LAMPS r OR BALE Lowe than the? have aver bwn oflVed in this market I hav? jmt received a large supply, and nfler un<i?ual indu**tn?Dta, both at vavj?t&i0 ana retail hmcoi coat oh aa cheap m can be hoocht in the city, at No. 323 C street, between 6th ana Tth, aouth aiae, old stand. Call before coiug ?:Mwliere. nih a tf J. W. MOK8KLL Wl'RINU W HAITI NB* ^In Flam Cloth Sack? aud?C i r c ufar blie k\ud Stripe Schawl*. Just received and vill be sold at tlie lowest cash p J. W. COL1.KV. mh U bt ft'J.l Seventh ?t.above t'a. av. piiNSfON UFFIOfc, Juki 6th, 1P*1. TO ALL WHOmlf MAY CONCKKy. Application having ben inaae under the act of 23d June, I860, for the reiaaue of the Land Warrauta described herein, which are alleged to have been toat or deatroved, notice ia hereby given, that at the date following the dencriptioa of each Warrant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be leaned. if no valid objection ahneld then appear. i No- MZ73- for 160 aare?, i*anrd under theaetofl Ma'C j, iRii. ia the name of Hesekiah fcmith. a?Fl v&a rrftntm j una 9^ lftm?a ?n i * ibm i ?/. under the Mt of Maroii 3d. 1851. in the n*ice of Jaoob Bndtr. ^ *ran:?d Aug n*t 19. h, .8K-May Si 1832. No. 15,43. lor 12? &crM, u?ued under the ?it of Mftroti, IBM, in Uw sjuse ol ck?rlotte widow of Mm nr i882#*fta<1ae. w? No.TSJflJor 160 um. (MtlSIT.) in f&vor o/PMriok UrMf, Pti*&t* ol ?>OBip?Qf K.8d ImI JJ. b, Infantry, bearing <itt? 3 it lieceuiUr, lW'-Jan# 24.1K2. J OH K P M H. UillU I TT I liikiMtv Omuunmni, V ,fav /< t.J >4 I tfOft SALE?Thn* HORSRS. HARNESS, r and W AfiOOMS Apply to iAtt. I~ ?IH BONS. *9* Pa iw ?h X * 2nnn of P*J*E? ^ ^ _ ,UUU JACKSON WHITfc POTAtOBe, m kA.iM /if r* a?.?. 5* do"' rnm. T:moUr HAY. For uli by u ~ ... PETER BERRY, mb 16 ?1 ^6 Wnt^r ?tre#t, Georgetown. SPECIAL BARGAINS IS HLACK AILKV. 01 ail ti* qualities *n(t widlM. Spring Sitka f-prin* Wrappinjs. Spring Hhawla. Spring Pftr&eola. Ail n*w St?i*a, At our proveil i&lly low priofa, marked in fl^in ninrea. (Ino Bflflft nn't hn VtnRI r*s} * t it?ni o'u? PKRftV A II KM.. ?nh 36-*t 1 ? tv?.?ni| Nrth NEW STYLES FOR ^PR.NG'APII) MMJf KK, !<ca. Ladies' \V r%ppm?e? indies' ! Frenoh and tnjlish ihort ^acqaes, w, l. . Kia k S?!k ('oats tfcd M*?t?.!a?, B ack and Colored Cloth Cloaks, Coats, Mantilla*, l>us(ers, Circulars, A o , *o. All of t!ie mfMt and prettiest designs for the present eeatun, now receiving in almost daily sup pop* *1 MAIIWELL'S for Lfcdi**' Wia?nit? and mh M 3tfO Karcy <?op<U. .v."* Pa a*. 73 TREASURY NOTES 10 BOUGHT and SOLD LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., HANKERS. mil *b iw il l'? ?v<*nue, c??'iiei it CCERTIFICATES J of INDEBTEDNESS of the GOVERNMENT. i ftf It 4 ???>? ?? ? " - -n?u jtrrnur Bit < LAima, Fnrotiued by LEWIS JOHNSON &. CO., BANK B R S , tnbtfilir.if P>. corner t?Hh at. PRIVATE. J?RI V ATH DR. LA BONTA h?Tiuc rwnovsd hisoflic??to Koom No 3. adj^mu t tbs Mind** I liromole< flto3. ui Washington Bui <1 ? as vT<'U<ir| uvi lid "I fill PH WBI? ! HO" ir?U* | Incurcal UirMnesof a I'nvMf Nature, without the use oi dancerooa or (1isc">tiD( dings of any kind, ?r.?1 no inle fponce wild *?>nr rusiness ??< cations having devoted in* *l?o!? tnn? to tlie ( Hi n. I Aura nf Priuii* I i. ** 4 L " ? * ? v. x-1 a ? ? I/in vmm. v3 vj u"*n and to CUronio ? ffoctiom of 1I10 Womb. Liver, Kidney", fkin Kruptiona, Ac .end cradnttiac in the bret ashcol in the world, the New Vork City Hospital*, under J'rofe Chilton and Parker, to whom I mmt raapeetfnlly refer- 1 will par ftl.fuo to the person furnishing me aca-eofacyof the at>jvc du aaea which 1 cannot apeedity and permanently cure, let the caae t?e old or new. No diefnc required ; nothing d * Agreeable in any part of the treatment. vocioiiaiiuui irrr. jvoonu vpry prirai*. M. LA HONTA. Room i (ant floor) Washington Bui dint, mh2ft-lm* Fa. avenue and 7th ?t. P NOTICE. . R0P08ALS, From deaeni and mill?r? are 10- , vited till the 10th of April. 18b"?, for FUKNISHiNO i Ldt K to the Sut> iWp't ?f the Mine kind which naa r<een received by the U. 8. ttoyercmer.t. and mown as No 1 rxtta samples oi tM* Flour ean be seen at the Cspitcl oakery in this oitr. it i- desired to make a contract for 20 V tt znfUm. 1 SUo'Jd. hovever, ?*y person desire to l.t:a:sh le?s quantity, he wnl sta? s the precise _ut>er of barrels m bis bid. The or ntractor will be rrquired to famish at th? , rate of ?00 tarrels daily ur.tu tiie contract is filled NoHourwiM be received wnicU doe* not come up to the standard at tbe inspcctcn made iu*t l<e I for* the purchase. Tne F our to be delivered at the railroad depot in YVashirtton or a any of the warehouse* m Georgetown, D. C Government reserves the rifht to reject any bid for at.) Ciurei'ayinetts to lieraade in Treasury notes, and the bids to te directed to M* i 3r A. HKi KWITH- fi &..V.9 A . WMhirslbn, D. O. "'inhas' RKAD! RKA1)!! K K A1)!!! AND B<: CONVINCED ANU MB CONVINCED AMU BE CONVINCED. Ertrart from tk'."Star," Ftbrvary 27, ISftt. Dayton's Crackkb? a."?d Excbllbnt ? ibs ? Hotel ami K'rtaurant Keepers. sutlers', House kfOD^ri. K.nd iirurAii'.ihcu d nnt fail tr\ M-tnrm SB supply of the superior Crackers and Pies. manufactured l>y Hay ion. 4#tt llth ?treet, l>etween ti and H. i>ay ton manufactures *11 Hindi of Cakes ai.d Crackers ( ftl:ei>e?t materia . aode?ery hosaekeeper ik weii a?orc the great superiority of the latter, when frerh fr<?m the "tens. to those shipped from Northern cities. i*utierF wi fin<l it ureal ? to their interest to examine J>n> ton's Crackers and Pies l efore purci.asut ols:-wliere. Wo vi'! atiow the uam*g of more ma score of Snt>r? who have u?ed l'im mv ufaoture.1 hj other Baker*. and were ohhfed to come to ua hra'lf, and pay >u twodn'iara more p*r hundred in order to net an article w! !cti thfliuen cud eat without making ttfm aick. from lift ('oirupcM'l' nt ct tk*y<te York Dt^pa'ik ...? "V\e not ce with mu?t p'eaaure the ropuift' 11 ot our eiiterpribinc fe iow ciliirn. J at ,. l>at ton, in t e Bakery i?u?n a* ir: this city, tua ruocesa iia? . een si ned ! ? tlie exce'ience of IUB f OtHtB. We lrarn that member* of the San'Ury Crm mitt?e have ?te ??f ]<is Pie?. ai' l pronounce thein healthful: ami we mnst *ay in ju?tioe. that w? never partook ? ( more tlei'ciou* I'ioh in our ..fe Sutlers from every tectioa and Families from all quarter* of tiio city, *en1 to hta Uakery. Wo strontl' invite fainiU** to try our Pit- NIC CRACK HIS. IKIS I'IIN I'RAl'K HHS. SUCKD PIKs. It ASPKhK RV ribtt. l)A VTUN'S U\k<M j, 426 Kleveutli *lreft. mil 35 t! Between 6 and H. |i*KUIT ANDOHNAMfciMTA L TK KKS, *t 1 Ttio underauueil lespcctlullr ofl?r? an iiutfiOn*e -t* of fk i' IT TR kk?, of ver? vi; foui, thrifty ?rowt&, and at treat y reduced pric *,vil Poach tree*. t?e?t varieties. 5',w > warf Peam,sumdaiJ i cms. Apnc u Cherries, Kmc*. r?ew*ariue?. Bicore, Jrr ; urwi v me?.Coi,ooru?. Delaware, CniaiiofK, .*o ; ItlaokbeTiea, Kmpl>arrH'?l 8*lrawt>ern?t, Kliubatb Mi<l A'paracu* K>'utr, Ac . Ewfrgreeen. S ,aie, and Ornamental Tree*: Miruf'B, K?>*?s l>a? lias.Perennial Phloxe*. Witaaariiccs ff.rtan. i.r to the Nursery and Seed bu?tne??,oheap. JOHN SAl'L. mb 19 e?'6t* Seed r5tore^3067th >t..oorner H. THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH COMPANY ll_ ? ? 1 r" ' - uckviut rr*-??priicu iwi<i rr nueu a UltANCK OF F1CE in Wili.abds' HotSL. this company is prepared to aooonuiioGftte the uect* of tnat home, ar.d the public, with e*erj Tele*raphio facility. Communication direct with BALTIMORE, PHILADELPHIA. NEW YORK, ukI all Telegraphic Statioua in tlie loyal State*. UtiNLRAb OFFICE, 43i I' Avi>rt * . W. P. WESTERVELT. nih 8 1m Superintendent. ^TJENUINE GARDEN v?. . AND FLOWER SEEDS. JOHN SAUL oalla tiie attention ol market gar denera, farmer;, anJ others i<> In* iarte and selected atojk or Garden Seed vh cfa have heen aeiected from the beat grower* in England, franco and Germany, with aacti a*ticlea of dcftnea tio growth as are in a*ua! demand, ?n t Extra Karly and Champion I eav; Premium Flat Dute* Caboage; Blood Tump Beet; Beans, Parsnips, Carrots. Celery. Ac. Flower S?ed,aii eitenuve collection, raiiable for any I % tit nee in the I'mon , 25 varieties, seized for any lama le, for 91. iiis experience of o?er *' years asa practical fed grower is fie best Ruarar'ee that all are pure, accurate, and of the most genuine description. JOB N MAUL, tieed Store, mh 18 fi>eo* *1)6 Seventh st.. corner H. T NOTICE. HE Public la reepeetfvily informed thai the undersigned has onn: roeneed run nine a LINE OK S l AttKB from^iflH^* Peon, avenue to Meridian Hill. TheJEKJSSS Stages will leave Wiilards' Hotel every niornirg IM 8 o'clock anil Mrndikc Hiilit haJf ??.t <a r>'^ ? and will run regularly to and from Meridian Hilf every hour, thua affording a cheap and apeeoy oon eTunoe to the various in the neighborhood. The uaderaicned hopes to reoeive a libenti support, as he la determined to afford his patrons rwj facility in his power. Fare 10 cants each way. . ?KO. M. MILDER, fo l?-eolm? Proprietor. MKS. DONOVAN, at in* Eleventh street, <next to ihe was Oflics.) has justar \mt?j irum I,cW ^"fBPARl?Vool?. \ Vwimt "7rKLt. coa?.?t^? of b*U.flE? ^HhV--*nd wuiS?^j -_ ' jnruklAnr NUT1CK! Aa there hu ?>*eu auoh trouble for the last two months in SEASONED OAK and PINE WOOD and L* hH.H COAL, the eabsoribera wouid rmtflUu lf mlorm the eiUnens ol Wash i in ton that the? are oailj receiving and delivering (rum the veesel the very beat art'c-a the market afl ?dt a< lower rat-** than have bren bought elsewhere. DRY PINE dtlxvertd at *8 n-Ji ?r . I J t. Mii.r h.k ft CO. L Oftoe 443 F it. i back oi W illtrti' Hotel. v\h 2J-3UQ ^ OAL OIL^ 40 CTB..JCBROSENE OIL 9 Alto. Burner* for Coa^Lamps? which require no ehimneye. Also, large ^anetj of Luih, An., at rmrr low prioee at _ ftlOOKE'S, W??? Knd Dng Bin*, lis Pcan.aveuaa. try A large and general stock Drag*. Modioxnaa. >?T iniR ana fir* U tbun flMt. _mbJ4?w IV] EW HTVLK SFH1NU O VKRCOAT3 AN I) IV fin* iilaofc frock U?aU ju?t r*o?iv?d at ?bU-aw* oorrttr K im TU mtmIi. 1 Vj ^mm?m? AUCTION SALES. # T U TM jm-BWrtnui < i *-? ?viTv/v/f v / a v Pr ?l.wll,i*j,ajlna|u>- a?o*u>b*wi ?<?* ?W? f?. * mnd Aiarl imw Auction mi.k o' blooded brood and Worn fu*fc. .? >_? = A Mrc nor*. A L?o? . On* buy Hor??. |UT('tPAV MoKN'NG. Ii. '?:?*?. i? front of tie A?otM?n K cihiff WALLA harnar I?. Ann*. |ti J. C. * CO., Aurtioii*?ra. ADMINISTRATOR'* 5< ?>" * Lnt c**.Ac.-l/tfeATt'RllAV MORNING. M%rch 9*h, at Jn o'clooJ, ?? fr-mt of th# A??tiou w?> (tioll ?e.J a .m?l; U?l of Win**, *t>0 I urn o?'ir.?>!?irc ? Old Port, nod Cltr?t. >*00'Ch WMtlf,ud ttiK IB (itM, *4 ran<1 LV kiai a m' VI. k a * n <ia<f ? I auu J I W? M 4 ? at ' ? nMU Tl I l>C? IM W * ?'?! , Tohacc.> an?1 Cinn ALSO? C'^r^'wl W*cod, Hor?? and HtrcMi, Term* auk 4 J NO. O'DONNKLL. Jr- Admin.ito' *> C NokUIRh k. CO.. A hc ? IMMKINATKLY AFTF.B VNu r, b?'l ? ! *tu9ed liud*. and Animal*. ALSOJ. r. Mcc,t?i K i: ? i * . A?-U fly WALLA HMNAK1I, A?c?io?w*m?. f? ?' (?*/ i(. CI.VKN *Ur?.KIOR WORK HOH^ANII *7 roPB * OVEhBP \V ?i, Oft*, (< < tt A r? TICK ? ??n ?,mi rihv morimi??. ?-hi, mat. at it o'clock, w* will ae.l, ir fV"Bl "i tka A action Kunmi. without rar*'*#, th? ?ntirw Wnvkinc Ati'ck of M?*?ra. K Van Vtlkuchirik k Cc . Matter*. who have no fertile* aa* for Ikeia?aar?tior Work and twaddle H<>rae*. oo?(?re<l Serine Wafoni, 1 lar*e Kxvrest Wa?oo, 2 ieU Dotht# and 2 ??? tfirt I* H*rnf **, Lt anketa, Ha'ttn *o wh i?7 WALL k HARNAKP. Aaet?_ U. IIAIIHIIAI t > I>1CV i * ? W J i?i rm ? ft li ?% n " WV?I' 'irr^-1 ? Mii 7:A ftrui. Vn4n Odd H*ii, ON SATURDAY MORNING, Murrh *>>h. at l? o'clock, w ?t will m>|] in front of our ?toro? A liiieUr?e Bay Wa*??: n* nw?ud iMjlkr. l*loiigii)f In a ntlfr.tnd hut iiUto imI, * Alao. A lane* Tent end I'marri, ot Ooods, 4.O., via: Grtve^ri *s, i ;qn->ra. Wooiim Good*, Yin W?r?, B"(Hi?u4 SIiom, Alio, a 'ar?? iotol Kuruttvr*, I *rfwii a* 12 Ik. f ' . A. _ Horn*. Wagon lltrnrss ?i privft!* &!? vndl MirdtT. Wilis*1 added l? *? fi"* ?ufc l?T Cic*r? Ii)h v?n MARSRAI.I. ft I'AKIC. A?r'>. FUTURE DATS. II; T. IM>WMN6- Auetionwr. G'emtftotm. It. C. HORSKM, COWS. CORN, FARMING t Tiri-ILS, Ac.. *0 , AT A roll' > ?' will M> Kt auction. Ob WI'.DNhSDAY MORNING neit. April 2t*, IRK2 at II o' the Farm known ? the Moaeidin Farm, about one mile am** Tena ijtown. or. the Rockville Turnpike, ali tl? Stock and I-am mt Utenaiie, conatalmc of? 3 e?oel!ent Work Horeee, u Wacona and Harr.eai , 125 ^arre a of Curn. 8 Cowa, Pl??i|tha, Uar'nvt, C?lt?vat<?re,:-Uke?, Hot lied Sa?h,and all kind* of l arming I tenaila. too ruireroui to mentioa. Terma cxti.. The Flax willd<*aicnate the piaoe. mh J8-4t THOMAS l>OWLIN6. Auct. MAKMIAL'S SALE.-ln Tlrtne of a writ of fieri faciaa, iam?2 from the e erk'e of c? of , tl e eircut ooart of the Die'net of Coiamtna. for th? ooncty of WaahircU.n, and to me dirootad, I will eiP^ee to public eale. for oaah. in front of the 1 Conrt Houae rionrof Mia ?.uirtr, on M<)> 1>A S , ^ the SUt day of Ma-ch. inetant, lMt, at 18 o'eiooh fll m.- th? following property. to-wit. vis Lot No 15, in a*nare No ? , lot No 2. in nuare No <2, ,ot ! No. 5, in equare No. 4S, lot No. Ik. in e^uare No. 6, lot No. I" in tquare No. 62. and lot No. IS. in s?uare No. 16, ic the eity of Wa?hnwton. D C toc>ther with *i: ar-d nifniar the improvement* i thereon, teised and levied upon &* the propert? of Rrook Maekali, *ud will he aold to aatiify ia<Jiciti o. 43, to Mat term 18t?l, in Uvor of Hoce Hroti.e* A Co W. BKLDE.V rah 7 dta late Mftrtnai, U. C. BALKS. PARTIES. Ac. 1'Hfi 9TM GRAM) COTILLON rARTY Wu: b* g:vec at m%. TRy.PKKAfiCR HALL, 41 f; e'reet, betvMD 9th and loth, JB On FRIDAY KVENiNG, MarohS" Qfe Daccng to comm?n ce at o'clock. MueicTr Pr5f. George Arth'e cerebrated hand. Ticket* 11 admitting a gent and ladiea mh 22 St* FROF. C. F. KARNES. Manager. 486 486 Card Photograph* in variM*. mousing eoiiMot Ufaoice Picture#. Also (JAKU VltMTEttid OVAL. PICTU&K FRAMhS. the latest uwrtnect, from the heet nuMjuj'actory in tbeoountry.for cub, M J. MA RKK ITER'S, No. 4*6 Seventh ?tree\ f* in > door* ?U>v? Odd K?i n?t' H* I COAL OIL-COAL <HL! AM Now farm*hii)( tlie trtd? with the Uiit KXKOSINK Oil, lit l>a!tnn<>re jiiceg. t mi, HAY. COKN. OATS, Ac., at i?'wc?t market jnw. S. W 0'l,AI*<iNI<K.N. Cm. h! I ?? ? > > . .. 4 L' . ? ic *r> m ? ??i uvr w .? -?j ?r v mt.aimi r? n, 5(H),000ro?",us ROUGH TALLOW aai ARMV GthAfC ujiniBUi for wliicli the hij licet puce viil N? p\M at the Nft Soap an-1 Cen<tl? Acrkt, Green ?tf**t ami Canal, Georgetown, D. C. mh 19-lm f. li. JEtVELL, I'rupriMur, TMIE MERCHANTS EXPRESS COM PAN V IITWII!! BAi.TlMOKE ANV WASHINGTON. Are daiiv forwardm* iwth ditpatehl by tt.e \\ at! ;ini?'fc Hanroad. .M*rchaa-^MI^^^^^^n < i every description, u? *"T rmount ?Uipper?m?T roouir*. .? 1 the lovMt tftto*. At^nifor Baltimore, JOHN r. \VIL,tM?N, t'ffice. N. W. cornor ll^w?r<l *n?1 r?nitlen cU., ue?rl? oppoeit? Camden i>UUor V a. O R R J - -? "illCO WIO roam P?T?Wli MfWW. ** opposite Outer Mtfket. tVMhmctor, D.C. ?nti ft lm' A. I'. FITCH. Arwil. ^SPRING MRUS8 GOODS.?Man? an?.1 C7 choice Unties. Alio.our mn*!! full irtock of nil kind* ofF<u*i{n ^ ftnd Domestic Dry Good*, for the current war.U of ^ ikHii 'iri housekeepers. One price only, iii&rkej 111 plftic hsure*, tk$ at. tuai i*fi ralut. PKgRV A BRO, ^ 1 tr l'?. >t win Ninth itrwt ' INTERESTING FOR THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE ^.Ek.!WLR0W, rPO*'v n? READ Y M A I) E CLOTHING f the lft*e?t dMitni thrM timn a week from our mftmt'antarinc eatabliahmeut id B&lUn>ore,wtaiob wecfler ataatorratiini tow nee*. u . . P** ? VTih 12 1 til oorn#r k Ar d 7th atrMti 4*fiU tJKVKNTH STRKKT, QUO ?>Dy BETWEEN 1 AND K STS. .. , CHKAP CASH STORK. We have juat reoeivM a iarice assortment of rerlumery, t*oapc.*nd Fanct article*, wind we offer much below tfae market pnoe. at ei'-fcei wnolcsaie or retail. nt'Ui In Store, two ??ooE(l hini Cottac? Setg, is ex*?.leot oondition. Also* One New Cotta;e complete order, wh eh , we Wili Mil cheap lor the caah. Alio, A larce assortment of Mahoraoy and Wainit Dreuinc liureaut. Wuhiltniii. Marble-top Tabl??, tsofaa. Rook era. Hair seat. Can* asd Wood Seat Chairs. lart* varieties and pauerns. Cottage Union, Japanese and Jenny Liod Bed* sUadg, Walnjt and Cherry Leaf Tables, Feather Beds, Mattresses. Ac., *c. All at a great sae itooe for eash. Rem*'mt.^r thu r.umt#r. !lh9 KA?An(k itriyit. hetwMO I ami K atrMU. * .. mh 17 2? KONTZ A GRIFFITH. ^yASH!N6TON HOOP SKIRT FACTORY? WANTKD IMMF.niATKl.V 100 L&Dlfcft To muittctura boof Skirti. iK ? 1 !">" ' i ? . from foot TO FirE DOLL*KS PER. WEEK. ?Vj^!.'or ,Birtiie^'srtieelsre'e(>rcer ol Mutt uwl 1) atreeu. liurd floor, up at&ira. mh njr; M. SAM9TAG k. CO._ 8ALK-A wiuta MEXICAN V i aontd aud ne>-.tle, jy . > >??? ior ? iwt or ecnuem&n. m h* ia wp J*rl e*T H* will fo? uid ??c? otiml#, u?-*" d*?'re to l??v? Uic oit?. Am'* '? RICH ARD 15UTLER. 4*1 Ninth ?t. ir.i. .? ?* A,t ? TAKE NUTICE! ,EE Hot?, from tl e ?? of J tmd i^.ctr now tf fUtad oat wth t\?t* and *v>n .m* al .. bar* I-aahionab!* Cloihiac Kstai> uhmfut, tin 24 1m* IT .. J - - |\ .1. ? uri |j nuu * rfrum <? m 404MW 8R,cJu.f 8AM1, WINDOW AND HOOK KRAM EH, And WINDOW SILLS ,v VorMlaat the lnbrm?i* Baiidiac. Imurt at 377 First ?tr?et tut, Mvmd Dim C. mh?4 !? I R. fTKBBINS i^OAl. AT UKIH'CKl) I* KICKS * V> _ I n ord*r to elose out oir preaaat ?t<*ok, w?. will <Miv*r Co*! ia U?yit> H Anr orders dr?M*d Box 111 will r?o*iv? prompt attention i. L\N?iHJN * O*'.. wh?l tf OfB?omw"? B?'t ?d Ohio H OV8TkES-OYt?TKK?! M.M.KJ IT.L9, Ana rrirne rim '? o*a b?Mrr'ixldAiiy vitfe UYSrKKs^.. / -N frvAk/runi tn? Ab*Il, dry Mtwr*. aeu^V / > At IM lo*Mt VUlf P eue iit? u a ocil. A YKttt ft CO.._ No. IM Ninth it, totVMc 0 IM A". 117 Ontcri of Ua Iimi ?Uiilf uiald In hiiMT. |_a

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