Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1862 Page 3
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UH AL iNhnS. ? AlVIIMIVTI T? Foed's Athkiw* ? Lut night b one of Mlaa Lncllle WiMifu, when the will appear In her great role of Lncretla Borgie, ami will afterward# perpetrate a ?? D -h good j*ke" on Mr. C. B Bishop. Those who have not aeen thlt charming voung artreta ahould not loae (hla opportunity of a-elng her in tragedy and comedy. Between the piece* a dance by Ml?a OllTla. wasningto:* Theatrk ?Thlala the only cotnedv nlgLt of the great comb!nation of dramatic - ? a A. ii ??n * J ><rs, ana infir >aai upprtraiRx om our. ? mm <Mi"in4 " Black Kfed Swan" are the pieces elertrd. J adding from the excellent manner in wblrh " The Dramatlat" wae performed laat night, a treat may V expected thla erenlnfc CaxTKaariT Bam..?A great bill to-night, in * vrblch all the excellent performer* of the B?ltl ni'iu aim ?? o?uiu|;iuii ^uiiifiamcn oj?jtoi . uinorrow aftcrncon grand matinee? remember, ladle*?when presents Will be again distributed, among them a splendid tewing machine. trmrbrance Hall.? Prof. Barnea' aelect co tllion party tn-nich'. Gen. Arth'a band will fur man tor muaic. Tbe?e deligbtrui weekly parucs jrr%CfMluf very popular. Opp riLLnw> IIall ? l.iat night but one of K^nfrM i Opera Tronpe. wbru "I'ik-Ic Towi'a 1'ahin" la *o be |-ee.-?-n?ed, and ? variety ?f aon-a ahd H in< c* Lookout for an evening of genuine WtMactlwi. Pa Ran* Hall, (Young Mm"* Christian Aa ?m latloM Rooms on Primivlnnla avenue, be?wern Ninth and Tenth streets )?The Ladle*' Festival and K?lr Mil continue*. Let our read m near in mma ma* it ifteyawpin ncrc incy can pwarc refreshments of all kinds, listen U> delightful music, and he waited npon by young, ladle* ns tn?drst aa beautiful, and agreeable aa modest. Then again the money spent here '.a devoted to the nohle canae of rc^uildine a houae of worship (the Firat Baptist Church) deatroyed by the tornado. t'lsbkmdon CoittRRT Hull?Refreshments, rirh and rare; spttal rigar*, muaic, and fair waiting m*td*, are the attractions. Taboo*. ? Marshal Laroon yesterday ttttI vrd thr following from tbc President, pardoning the partir* designated : To ill tow\nm tk*te pr?j?nts iknll mm?. Greeting: Whereas it appears that at the A?i;"st term of the Di*trirt Court of the I'niteri Stale* for the Northern District ef Florid*, James Gill and m' <111.... iviii...i1i i-.-j ./ .. ?W iiuiiiii WITV tvmitu u 1IH "irwilli^ and preventing Ibf matter and pilot of an American vfMtl In the free and lawful rwiclse <>f their authority and command on lw>ard thereof," and were by ?ald court aentenrrd to imprisonment la the District of Columbia pcuitcuHary for the period of even yours And whereas It appeara that the said James ?ulll and William Wltherllt were giilltlcaa of criminal Intent, and Were reflating a command to perform aervice agafnat tbr term* of the artlclea under which tbry ahipped, And whensaa the *aid James GUI and William WllberlU have already undergone thr e yeara of the term prcacrlbcd by the rlgorcu* sentence of *be court; . And whereaa theaaid Jam** GUI and William Wltherllt are eublect* of Great Britain and H it M Minister Plenipotentiary has caused special inoulry to b? made Into the merits of their caae and ha* besought me to eitend to them the Exec utive clemency: Now, therefore be it known, that I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United State* of Amerl- t ca, In consideration of the premises, divers other | good and sufficient reason* me thereunto moving, I bave granted, and do hereby grant, unto them, the said JamesGlll and William Witherllt, a full I ana unconditional pardon. Ia testimony whereof 1 have hereunto signed I mv tiame and caused the seal of the United State* to be affixed Done at th_* cltv of Washington on the twentyseventh day of March, A. D IS4W, and (L. s ] of the Independence of the United States the eighty sixth. Abiaiiam Likcolm By thr President: William H. Sewam, Secretary of State. ^mitbsos!*!? L*ctbib.?The third and last lecture on "the Glaciers of SwKierlaud." by 1'rofessor Falrman Rogers, was delivered Wednesday evening, at the Smithsonian Institute The lecturer commenced by describing the crevices of the glacier, which were sometimes of a blue, green, or white color, and which are often from two to three hundred feet deep. The top of the glacier Is often composed of angular points in serine, owing to the sun melting off a portion of the Ice, but as summer advances the surface becomes melted down and presents a knohhv anno?f*n/?? ?? 4U-*- 1 , .rr-..-..w k uiiituui'o vucy tiatA crrss at right an^le* and split np the ice Into cube*, which arc aferwards formed Into pinnacle ^ masa. The wclla or *hifu wh'ch arc ofte i found rnniiInc down Into the lr/ perhapa In Itii bottom, the lecturer explained a* being cauaeri by the water whir b la melted on the aurfiare finding Ita way to a crevl.-e, and belnz of a warmer temperature than the Iff wcara Ita way di wn, making a tube as it dra> end*. The phenomena of the morain* of the glaricr, whlrh la formed of dtri. r<?k, A- , Wotn from the ?'rte or the mountain* down whlth 1* pawes. vcam fully explained by the lecturer, who went on to tiplahi al%o the t*UKC of the *tr >t* observed in the giacl< rs. He stated that (be tlarlera w? re coi a'autiy ?ubildln2, teven-tenths of a foot being imlted ftnm the autf4re, while tbree-tenth* were worn ofl from the bottom. Frequently the watrr, which i-< constantly making lu wsy throneh. i?rma mi archway under the ceutcr of it. through which the water makes it* escape He noticed our of tbeae wboac mouth measured 110 feet In w l<llh and from j*l to Ml fret wide. The lecturer had little d?ubt but that the rlarlera were formerly much more numerous than now, and notlccd the evidences which go to prove th'a. In coBclnilnn ho alluded to the Ice berga which were often aeen in the Atlantic and tou'ended that Instead of being lminen* maaaes of aalt water Ice. they were portion* if the glacier* of Oranlani - * ? ?, wunu were uruscn un ov toe rising of tbc title. PoLICK M A TT RR* -FifJl Wttif^UrfOTr JllMticC l>rury ? John Hlnton and Matilda Booth, making threats; security to keep the peair J. C. McGuin, driving on the pavement; fined f*2 75 Seron'i Prtcimtt, (County.)?J McNeal, drunk and fighting; Michael Brown, \V. R Green, and Michael Moon, drunk; turned over to the military. sur-t war*? uerore Justice Cull ?John Kelly and Bartholomew Murray; workhouse. Georgticten Polir* Matttn ?Barney MrQuade and Andrew Hundley, lighting; fined f2 h3 each. A Barker, disorderly conduct; tent to jail. M Reynold* selling liquor on Sunday; fined t'J) 9?. Henry Jones, S Vaosriyer, E. Bcaty, and M Conl'y, i-aaulU; lined 92.44 each btjtk Ward? Before Justice Ferguson ?John Jewell, disorderly; lined 98 5t. James Murphy, .. 1 V-*? * 1 * - m w?u muta ixjurry; nna ior I I iriher bearing Andrew Huaias.driink and disorderly; fined 92 5P. John Parker, col., do ; $1 5S. John Dally, John ^ullivau, Tho* Ferguson and Mirh'l O Brian, oldlers, drunk and disorderly; turned over to the military Stvtntk \Var4? Before Justice Stratton.?John King, Jesae Davenport, John Murnhv. R. 3i.d? and Ja* Gardner, soldier*, drunk and disorderly; turned over to the military. Bat Sbay. selling liquor on Sucday; fine and costs, f26.47. Mr. Tnomaa. do ; do. Tbos. Ryan. assault with intent to kill; held for a further bearing Daniel Harrnut, assaulting bis wife and profanity; fined * >.71, and held to security to keep the peace Geo \Ya?hingW>a, disorderly at a ball, and having I'sji vi nun iiiucim; nnr sua ci?w, f? 91. X Haiti St baling.?So many ease* of this kind fcnvr occurred of late, wblcb have been brought ofllriillv before our police magistrate*, that It ?eeins necessary and proper to caution citizens, as well as strangers visiting this city on horseback, status! the unsafe practice of hitching their fcor*e? to posts, railings or racks, and so leaving them whll<- the owners or riders go Into taverns. stores, public and private <>tflces to transact busi ncas We thus preface our notice of a late horsestealing case which waa brought before Justice Thompson, and thoroughly investigated by him, aid flaally diapoaed of on Tuesday laat. It appeared from the evidence that on the 12th Instant, at night, Mr Jos. C. Lewla, of thla city, left hla horae fastened to the railing of tbe Presbyterian church on .New York avenue, and that the bor*? was stolen while Mr. Lewis was In the church. Nothing beard or aeen of the mtaaiag animal until it wa aeen bvMr Uwli himaelf, barneaaed iu a Hjfh wikpii owned and driven by a person namrdVVm II Lewia.wbo ke**pa a amall grocery lore at the Navy Yard Belli;; arreted, Mr. I?ewta a lri;cd that be bought the borae of two n#r?nua at iiu? V awtr V a rA tarkn r-^ . ...? U'?J Ul 111^ Bitv a? I CM u a id Uken before Ju?Uce Cull, alleged that they bought tbe borae of a soldier' The J u*Ucc, after hearing all fie evidence in tbe case, decided to dumlM the< hargesgainst Mr. Lewis, sad to hold to ball Cbsrlts Scbrwepe and llenry Ulenborch, to snswer st the Criinlual Court to the charge of buying and rerelvlng Into their possession a horse, knowing It to have been stolen .The soldier who sold (?t?lc?) the horse to ttiein, and whose name |a Thoasrs >??. ta said to bc-loni; to a reiMiuent uua ?t For Up* Monroe. Niliuii Cuamu ?Brig. Gen. A. Dure* hh* ?>e?n detached from G'n Dli'a department ar>4 rttrrrd to report hlmaelf to Maj Gen. Wads worth, cvowiiidiBg the department In thlaelty AM?Ur<t Adjutint Gen Wm_H Van _l)oebm n?a Df*n aeucbct rroiu tne ?iu o( uen. Durr*, ad will report to Gen Cooper, who succeed* G?a Uuryes ?Republic**. St ?? li re a Pistol ? VretrrtUy morn log * man weut Into tbe tore of Mr. John O'.YJeara, ae*r tbe C tpitol, lo lo-jk at ?ouae platola, ud wbile there a- pf*d 4i> Aile? r**o:>rr lnt? hta pocket with I wuirb b-atart'd off but he waa ove/hauled oy I a > otkr-r, who took urn t*f?re J lkttee fergtaon, I w.o h.m for a fur her btauisg. i . * T L, ^ : The Robbkkt at the Cucli Hospital ? Yesterday afternoon, ihe etamlnatlort of C R letter and bis wife, upon a charge of stealing Gov. eminent property from the U. 8 hospital at the Clrc?. t&ok place before Justice I)onn. District Attorney Carrlncton appearing for the proeeentlon. Mr. Foley for the defenM. Eight or ten wltneasea were sworn, ana their evidence vraa, substantially. that Rleater and hla wife were at the hospital, ne ? a patient, she a* matron, from September to December, 1*?' Upon in ekafttlhatlOn rtf the return* of Government property, a very conaiderable quantity waa missed Upon making Inquiry, snsplcfon reated upon Rteater and hla wife last week; and a anarch Warrant wia nhtninrd and tho house of Rleater marched, when, m mi published in the Smr at the time, a large number of towels, abeeto, pillow, case*, counterpanes, chairs, ?c , ic., ?uch aa were uar d In the hospital, were recovered Alao, * large fly tent, with the ( o?ernm??nt mark, which hod been whitened t? obliterate It. Mr*. Ricstar appeared to be the principal, ar. Corriinir In Ik* iMllinonv nf two vnnntr wnrru n who wrre employed as 1 undrew?* in the boapltal, and who boarded with ber af er (he left the Institution: They mw the same gord* at Mra. Rteatcr'a that they aaw at Ihe hospital, and Identified tho*c recovered a? the tamr a portion of the articles had the hospital mark on them when thev law them at Mra Rlestcr'*: but tte mark* were cnl otit subsequently To Mr Aus'ln, who went with detective offlcer Klinbill on the search, Mr-. Kl?stcr uld the doctor* paid her nothing, and (he took these thing* lor p'y R mter aald he knew nothing about them; hut be got the key from his wife and bowed the offl< er where they were In reference to the tent, Ktester said he pot it in Kansas eight or ten years ago, and al?o said subsequently be got it from a Captain Kelly. The mark upon it is V. 8 , June, l&W) ? The CMe was submitted Without argument hv the counsel, and Justice Donn held both to ball !n ?300 c*ch for court. Rpbbrktof a Soldih ?Yesterday, two dlscharned soldiers (John Bower and Wm. Vintner) went to a house on Thirteenth slfret, near Pa avenue, kept by Kdward Uoerner,Where they enjoyed (bcmselves over ttaelt wine until, bavins; disposed of ten bottles, Bowers became very drunk They hsd been paid off on Monday, and Bowers had about him some forty dollars, accordInff to hin trutlmnnv Rautah ?-r <4r>mW _ w -- J . a'vnvl* vcill^ '*1 u'? 1 ic* fn?rd to pay ten dollars?the amount of tb? bill ? when he wa? knocked down, bsdly beaten, and bin money taken. Tt? police on the beat took thi proprietor, Bowers and Vintner to the Second Ward station, and this morning tney were brought to trial. Vintner and Koeruer occupied the same eeli last night, and appeared to b? in a friendly mood this marnlng From the testimony BI Bowers itapD' arcd that the barkeeper knoc ked hi in down, and with tbe aid of Koerner to?k bis 1 1 1 * * * * uuui ana money, ana give Dim Md ttir liver cban;r?. The amount he had waa not atccitalned He swore to having six flve-doll?r note*. Vintner aald be had only twenty dollar*, and the barkeeper took the two live dollar notca and gave him back the allver. The case was ?> mystified by the broken English of the partlea? an fierntanH?that Justice Clark recognjred the parties toappearfor further bearing, and In the meantime iasurd a warrant for John Myera, the baikeeper, who, Koerner said, ran away. ??cishon the Ramtagi ?1The following epistle from some rampant secesaionlat ?hm?i tV?t one more Episcopal clergyman of Washington Is entitled to the "bad eminence" of disloyalty. The Ul"hop of Maryland Is entitled to the thanks of all good citizens for enabling them, by his application of the test of loyalty, to know who Is who1' among the District clergy of his dloce?<* The trio v-ho refuse to offer the prayer of thanksgiving for the lucres* of the Union arms, promulgated by Bishop Whlttlngham, consists, then, of Or. Plncknev. of the Church of the . Rev Mr. Syfes. of Trinity Church; and Rev Mr. Momell. of Christ Church. Editor Star: There wm an erroneous statement In your paper of the 24th Instant, which should be corrected. It was stated that the " prayer of Bishop Whlttlniiham wa* ?n Church, Knit End (Rev. Dr. Moracll) Said u pravcr" was not read in that churcb; the rector probably knew better than to dtagust the b?at part of hit congregation,who live in the certainty of weing the holy causeof their country triumph, by reading the hldeoua, blasphemous, hellish 41 prayer" of the crazy Bishop of Maryland East End. Public Schools is the of Washington ?Mr. (irlmea, the chairman of the Senate I committee on the District, reported a bill lest Tuesday "to provide for the public Instruction of youth In primary achooU throughout the county cf Washington, In th- District of Columbia, wlthont the limits of the cities of Washington and Georgetown " The bill provides for the organization of seven school districts In the rountv. *ni( nnP ?" j j ? VVM.w.-?iuH?a ?v cacu uiainui It al?o piovids for an annual meeting of the Inhabitants of eacb of the district*, In which they shall elect thrc trustees and one collcctor, to manage the business of the distric'. Also, to designate a suitable site for a school hour; to levy a tax on the property of the district for school purposes! to build, leaae, or rent, and. keep In repair the school house, to supply furl, hnfikR ?latinn?#w *r?*l t.? ???.? -. i- ? " 1 ?iuiuiiuic, w pay igc ssiiiiy of a tea. her, and all other necea?ary i-ipen?e?. Tbe other section* of the bill provide for the manner In wbleh tbe tax on the property shall be levied nnd collected, and other provisions arc made essential to a ^ood school system. Fastokai. SrnrBiss Paety ?Rev Littleton F. Morgan, of the Methodist Katannsl t:hiin-.h. Ute. of this city, as Presiding hldcr of this District, and chaplain to Congress, win assigned by the late Baltimore Conference to the pastoral charge of the Charlss-street (M K ) Church In Haitimore, In which city he Is a* well and favorably known us In tbi?. The Influential congregation of the Charles-street Church, ascertaining the time when A!r M. and his family Intended to remove from thl* city to take up their abode in the paraonigc there, (situated on Kutaw street, near Fayette.) determined to i;reet them with a surprise patty, whiih accordinelv aaaeinhleri nn Thursday afternoon l<at, and met the faintly In number* A collation wji In rtadinea*, of which all partook,and a pleasant time ensued. Criminal Court ? Ycttcrday, the two marines, Joseph Price and Alfred McDonald, Indicted for malleloua mlachlef, were found not gulhy. John Conry, charged wtth an a>-a.?ult and battery with intent to kill 15 I-'. Klmmlun found not guilty. The same person, on tbc charge of robbing G. K Straynton, was acq allied. Patrick Farrel, chatyed with the same offcncc, was on trial wben tbe Court adjourned. A Baltimoriah Killkd at W incukm kr ? Francis Gallaher, K*o , of Baltimore, a promlnent lawyer there, and well known In this city, was killed at tbe battle of Winchester on Sunday last, while lighting for the cause of tbe Union. U? ..... at- J * * iic wu auuui any yror? oia, wu a noted Democratic politician, and at the time of his death held a commission In the Flrat Maryland Regiment He was unmarried. Cb.ntbal Gi'akduofsb C*?**?B*for* Juitict Waller.?Samuel Barvia and 1* McMann, drunk; t imed over. Geo. Drown, drunk and disorderly; dltmiavd. Featua DuRlvaan, vagrant; workhouse 00 daya. Franri* Nelson, Indecent exposure; dismissed. J no. Toepee and F. Flnt, turned over to the military. Gciltt but Deuke.?A number of persons were arraigned in tbe Criminal Court yesterday, among whom was a young man named William Conl/, Indicted for larceny, wbo plead guilty but drunk. a riw or TUI mart testimonials from the cit1eens of wash1nston to d*. tumble! v, the indian heeb doctor. reman Lompiatnt lurid. Mra. C.W. Blakeman, Lang's Hotel, Georgetown. Cure of Itervom* Debility. Frederick Rotaleder, F street, corner id, Inland. Scrofula Cured. J. Alaloney, corner 4th and il atreets. Enlargement of the Heart Cured. P. Downs, 343 6th street, Waahington, D. C. Scrofula Cured. I n I jkMH ?lk >._? kl. I'M *. v | w.? nv. uf. Consumption Cured. John Clark, Camp Duncan, D C. John C. Dty, corner 2d and D strMta. Bad cast of Jaundice Cured. John Hurd, No. WO New York avenue. Fits Curtd. David Dllon, 472 F atreet. Nervous Debility Curtd. John Donohu, No. 5UJ, corner C and 3d atreets. f%ir*A fkf #1 ? William Sullivan, corner and ti streets, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, I). C. Cttrtd if Dtbility. Charles Wilson, U. 8 Regular. Dytpfita Cured. Kan I nnrmi '>lMh at ?ml ------ __ -?? j j ? ?. ? m vmh?j a ? avtiiuV' Cured of FimpUl on Iks Fact. James Re?d, vU?th and L streets. Ckronii Rk*umatum Cwrtd. M. G Howard, loth street, near Finn, avenue. Net cotti Utbtltlf. Charles A. Courvelser. Ns*y Yard. IiUms a/Ur all th* Doctor* Jaxltd. 9. J. White, No. 853 B street, south side of Capitol. Camctr Cur id. J. Blackburn, Georgetown. Sad Drtatn* rcitk Nitkt Swalt Curt,I. R. Haunach, 417 7th street Fiti Cur id. J. J. Kane, C street, between 6th and 7th. 1 desire your prostrate hearts to lijt. Your bleeding wouads to core, And with the treasure of Nature's gift, Relieve the rich and poor. The Indian Herb Doctor will Aewvihe dlaum tad tell hi* pntienta the nature of their com- { plaint* or illnrae, without receiving any Inform a- i (ion from then. No charge for coMnltation t Oftce, No. 11 WMhlagton Building, Pwrneyl- ' vnnla iv?oe, corner 7th ?treet. au 'il-tw (, yi - j A Collision.?About 1 o'clock to-day, as Mr P. M. Henry, local reporter of the Republican, and Judge Purcell, of the Orphan'* Court, were engaged In conversation In Justice Giberson's office, Constable A. E. L Keese csme In and Interrupted them by calling Henry llsr. for a report recently made in the Republican In reference to a slave case In which Keese was engaged Henry replied rather tartly, and Keese nriwtng a piatol presented it at Henrv and was 7?_ -1 A i _ AM 1 I.. J II.....1I .Oil ; ippareauy idoui mj are, wui-u juu^r ruiwu others prevented him, and the parties separated. Attempt to Commit Rape?Yesterday afternoon, aorae of the county patrolmen arrested three soldier named Daniel Myers, Dennis Holbrook and Terrence Mahorney, on the charge of attempting to commit a rape on the person of Mrs. Peggy O'Dare. They were turnea over to th#?1r rr>oini?nt Ire times LiKt TIIB8K it behoorc* everybody to buy tho greatest possible quantity for the least possible num. To do this, you have only to call at "The People's Dollar Store," 438 Pennsylvania avenue, near Four-and-a-half street, and select from their large stock of jewelry and silverplated ware anything you want for One Dollar, f TV Wiiit*. t hp Phlrnnnillit. ii a wnnri#>rftil operator. Hts method of treating corns, bunions, bad nails, etc , l? perfection Itself. Suffer no lonKerfrom ibose terrible evils but submit their trestment to the srtencc and ?kill of Dr. White, at l~yi Pennsylvania avenue, bctwccu and 6th sis. # Bkandketh'3 Fills.?The occasloual u*? ?f in sare mcatcine insures neaitn an?f pre*cn's those sudden attacks of slckmss to which al' are more or lett subject, sorb as dysentery, dlarrbw, headaches, d'zztness, billions attecttons, Ac , Ac. Sold at No. 201 Canal atrcet, N Y., and at the Branch Office, corner 9th and K street, Washington, B.C. P. S. Sutlers' supplied by the dozen. mh --"J iw What an amount of ?uOerlni; and dl*ea?? among the Volunteer* would be prevented by the free use of llolloway'a Pill* and Ointment. For Wound*, Sorra, and Scurvy the Ointment ia a rertain cure, and for Howel Complaints, Fevera, Small Pox. A.c., the I'll la arc the beat mcdldne* In tbc world. Only &> cents per box or pot. v*i India Rvbbss boons. India rubber Sheet* for protecting ehlldrm beds, that no family should b# wlthou'; 75 rents each. Rubber Blankets, for soldler?, *1 'IS earb Rubber Ponehoa and Blanket* combined, f'i.jn each. mnia unnmfi.oaii.wiiucnr oitb, ??.: ? toqb. India Rubber Legclns *1 per pair. And all kind* of Rubber Gooda, Inehidlnc R "?b fcer HooUand 8boe>, Rubber Stoppers fer boltlef, Boor Mats, Under Sbcetlncs for bra 4ft n s'.cknesn, Ac , Ac , at manufacturer's prices,at !!. A. flail's India Rubber Warehouse, JJtib i'a. a?., f>?ewwn Mnth and Tenth atreeta. iteb 1-tf All Persons can find the beat stock of ClothIn,* T... 11^1. . J n.iv. iii^) ruinmuiu^ uuwui, i i uiifts, ii us nuu vap, i at Smith'*, No. 470 Seventh street, near t". fe '27-3m MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's father, on the SOth in'Mnt., by tt.e Rev Mr. Cox, Lieut E. T- BBNTOn. U. S. of Mortal mery count/, M<1., to Mia? EMMA V. SHAW, ot this oity, formerly o. Baltimore Md. I Baltimore papers copy ] * / \ il. ru-tL a. a a i w% _ * n a* ? uo insiDin inn&Di 07 inn rier, <, r. nioriu, Mr. PRANK HKNRY.ol Ph'ladelphia. to Mi?? EMILY MoELWEE.uf this city. On the 27th instant, by the Rer. Mr. Ooomba. Mr. R Ij MARTIN fo Mi?? CHARLOTT1K A. THOMPSON, all of this oity. Onth??7th instant by Dr. P*an Mr. HARRIS L. ATCHI *ON to Mm ELI/A BEAN. {Upper Marlboro papers 0 py.l * Dill). On the 77th mat.,of the typhoid lever, LAURA VIRGINIA DEVER8 ir. the loth *ear of herase. Sister. thou win mild and lovely? Gentte as the ssinmer br?eze? Ple*?ant aa the air of evening, W hen it fkata among tne tree*. Peaceful be thy ailent slumber. Peaceful, in the grava ao low; Thou no more will join our number? Thou no more our aonca ahalt know ! The rienda acU acquaintanoea o! tne tain11 y are reapootfully invited to attend her funeral, on Sat unlay next, at 2 o'c uck, on Fourth atree . between M and N?No lit. Ob the 27th inatant, WILLIAM GALLANT, in the ?Hh year ol hia ace. a native of Irela-d, but for the Iaat6n yeara a c.tixen of tte United State*. iiL I ma iiuiria; W'H u?kd \ju romiUB J II1UTU * inr.atio o'o.oc k, froin im late residence, on the corner of 5:h anil F st'eeta. if> friends are respeoifuUy invnel to attend. It* On Friday mornicn, the 28ih^1nst., F. W. KISQUK.a nativeof Lynchbu^F Vv.aad for the last IS years a resided of the Uptnct oj Colsmti* His funeral will take p!aoe to-morrow, (Saturday ) afternoon, at ? o'clock, from the residelioeof Mrs. Ann Fedkrell. Mo. 'J'i.lst St.. Seortrtuwn. D. C. " It* WANTS. WANTKD-A WIIITK ?.VI II ?t.. betwren Hth and I5i|i M?. nth It* WAN I ko-rj a johiu iirl.a SITUATION, to do ct>ainl>erwo?k. ami a?n?t in tho wa*li mi and ironmti * IxitH willing and obliging. I*l?a8? address U<-x No. fc. si .r It* fUANTKDTO HKNT A mial! HOIJ8K. or " part of a hoiMe for a mail respectable f'liii1t. Convenient to I'a. ave., and 13th at ; h? p ?ermanentand punc'ual tmatt. A<l?'ie*a * K. M ," Star offine mh gB at*gf WAIMTLU? In a pnvato family, a I'A K L.OK a> il BHD HOOM, i furnished,) or a sood larite Bad-room, by the j ear. for a gentleman and lady, within two F^iiar*" of Vvnlardu' Hotel. Addre*? C. C. CHAFMAN, Willaida' Hotel, for on? week. mh 28 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY,if n??t nooner*? every mar, wom?n,at<d child in the city, to known that they can gat ther beet C<-a! (Jllat the New Vofk Hrooery Stoie, enrn?r ci I aud llth ntrret, for << oniu per tailor. Adamantine Candle*, SO con?? per pound. Tallow Candler i& cent*, and other i'i.>d* in proportion It* WANTED?By the teut. t>l>nel of the 10M liffr I inrnt hi r tv VnrL Kttla VnliiHtaara at 1 'arr,p King.on 14lh street ( Meridian H i'l. J). < on# GKOOM. ' ho thoroughly understands In* busuies*. also one first rate COOK. No one need aprl> unie?* he cmi t>riijc a f.ati?laotoiT (writleui recommendation. in hi 8 21* WANTKD -A Gl Kl? for general housework, at 4 >4 Kigiith ?(.. r ear 1) nnjn 21' \AJ ANTED?A good COOK, for which I wi'l p\y liberal was?* Apply at F. HUThfciK'8 Restaurant. No. 4<i7 Fourteenth atreet, near Pa. a?enoe. inh 27 3t* WANTKD?By a competent, energetic woman, asiiU ATION as housekeeper in a hotel or at a waterlog place Huexoeptionable ralerenoo given. Address "D. C.t" Star Offiie. mli'/7-?t* WANTED?A FOR KM AN. and aeveral beiond Hands, to work on cakes and aiea. Nona hut ftrst-o'ass workmen need apply. N. V- Exoelsior Fio Bakery, 441 7M> street, between G and U. ma*7-2i* WANTED?A WOMAN COOK. intelligent Errand Hoy. at the National Steam Laundry. Fa avenue aud 13th st nih 26 at* WANTED-A neatly FURNISHED HOUSE, ooutaininn 8 or 10 rooms, with water, gas, and all tbe modern improvements, situated eomewhere between ta avenue and 1 street, a. d 9th and 17th atreetpi Address "f. H Star Office. mhS6-3t* /. WA N T EM-K ttlR'j to cook and do gtneral hoeaework. Mut hrini good referenoee. 8. 3. WILLlAN, 336 Pa. ave. mn25 ?W * NTED?A LIEUTENANCY ina 0 I can rj regiumt, by a competent joucg man of eevoral months' experience, with the beat 01 reoominendatioas. The above amount will be paid for the hiii). Addreai CbAKLfcS WEL.1 Li* 6 TON, National Hotel. Washing on, D. C. J mh? <t? WANTED TO EXCHANGE-Valuable grouu<l rent m Philadelphia city for a oom'cctable dweilinc house oentrall* located in thi? Oiiy. Forparticulara apply to , M . JAS. C. McQUIRE * CO.. inn >l-6t Auotion nid Cominmion Merohanta. \\7 ANTED?A go?d, convenient K0U8E con ? taming from six to ten room*, either iurmahed or nnfarniabed. Apply at No. T1 Loniaiana * nu>. mh ?? lw* OLD LETTERS WANTED-1 will rive from two to ten dol ira for Letters written by Ben'l Washington, and a fair prioe for Did Letter* written by celebrated Americana, Revolutionary Celebrities. Presidents, ttenerala. Commodores, JllHvm. llontAra Hi tri r I a. - *. At V mm a/t viuva* uowj?l?| (Lbt AUUrOII RO&ERT8PRINe,?4* fTTwelfth atreet, Philadelphia. Rare Books and Pamphlet* on America bought. mhS-lm* WANTED?To have every one knpw that ther can find the beat atook of Clotnina, Uau and Capa. at the very lowest rates, at BMlTH'rt. No. 4ft0 Seventh atreet. holow F. fe 27 3m _ WANTED-From April 1,1883 for a'permanent reaidanoe, a ainall CO i TAGE HOIjSE, either in w athioRton or Georgetown. Rent muat oe moderate. Reference* unexceptionable. Apply, bT

letter or personally. toR. IvniJAN, No. IT riral atreet. 6turi?lown, D. C. fe7T ifowlm* WANTED?Every peraon to kuow that I am A the market ready to pay eaah for n articles In the honaefarniahtni line. Thoee leavinc the ? !. m ke?..? ? J ?' " " vi*j ui hmvih|( iviiti win no wbii to okin n? llt'Cil LY?451? SoTfcth it-.lwtvMntf and 11 sts., (east aid*,) Dealer in New and Seoond hand Fsrnitare. nolstf WBB A NTKH? Sutlers and Soldiers to know that ther can bay CAMP STOVES Md TIN WARE cheaa of 11. J. GREGORY. S*1 Fena. a^ecae. . }a II U|/ANTED.?We are now bufin* SECOND HAND FURNITURE, STOVES and DlNtt. foi which we are panni the highwt Mflh ariftR* KamiIiaa rfMlmm* ? r-"- ? VWVIHMU| IK'IIOVKDOVlUKl Wi [^r-w,UiBdit 10 A#ir ? 1^ No. 3OT*. fe&f ffi'WL. I ,,? IMH* Nirrra-MAIE a ta rs. J U8T K?cMT?d *ooth?r lot of tboM h*odaon? double ta.u?li? NeiU. Also,a liue auortmoot of nruted Silk M.a Cord* Netta, m all ootort,at' tU'fnairaini Store m MRS. LOWE, ??T hk, avo.aoatkaTde. - ah* 1 * . " - ' / ' ? ? ' - ' ' b. '?- ftv ai* *. ^ J AMUSEMENT?. FORD * ATIERIIIN. Jobs T. Fo*? ? Propn?tor and Johm B. WtisHT 8Uc* Mimir Laat Night but on* of MI<M l liril l lr WKSTKBM. TWO GREAT PIECES! THTS MTE?INU. LUCRETIA BORGIA. Laoretia Borgia?- Miu Lucille Western Dines. ??... .......Miss Olivia Tn /> ino I tiHA #ii2i A DKV1LISH GOOD JOKK. Mus Lucille Western and Mr. C. B. Bishop. Bo* c ffioe cpf it from 9 to 1 and from 2 to5 o'olock. When seats can be securer!. Apmimto*. Dress Cirol? and Par*uetl? . renU Balcony feats 4t I tml ?.?.* u.?s. At O* AU. . . . . . . Fa 7 i!y Circle 85 cents No extra chftrte for re?er?*1 r?Mr. ? CHARLKh K. KOBP. Trcmnuor. 'I1 II KATE ?, A CORSHK C AND FLBVBNTI! FTS. 1; iff a v nroii itv m if: ht v ? ?1 I ' v v v ?? ms m-f * * * a \ m i M L&st Nishl but on?of lb? Gr*'?l Crtnbi'i&Uou t f Liumnnt Ui*tnouie Arli"te. In in Ni'lo'? fJwden Nnr Vnrl: WM. WHtATLEV. Th? Best Livmc Li?ht Comedian ; J*Mr.? w. WALLA? K. jfi. Tlie Ju?ttj Celebiated ftMm Act ?i , F-. I.. DAVENTORT. The Fniineot American I Mgedian . MRS J. W. WALLA*'F, Th? Great end Une^ualed Irasio AOtrOM ; MISS SUSAN DKNIN, ihe Vevatueand Po?ular Voncc Act??*?. FRIDAY KVKN1N8. March 25Ui, Performance* will Qoinin?t>oe with the Coined* of WILD OATS. Rover Mr Wni W*e?uieT Jo'tn Dor. _Mr J W Wnllack. ir hpina.iu Smooth Mr K L Daven^oit LAaj Amaranth - .MitBcuran l>enin To conclude %ith the PrMna of BLACK KYKD SUSAN. Will'am (* tailor) - Mr K L Pavenpeit (I'e-fornied by bim one thousand tune* in America and Ure&t Britain int oduouiK (lie topular ?u tical Oont* o! ''Columbia, tb? ttfin ?f the Uoean,'"A Yankoe Ship and a Yatk?e Crew " an>i aanon with Mm Siusn Penin a"L>o.ibe Sailor's llornp pe.) Blaak ey?<1 Swsai' Mi?? 5u*an P?uin MKb, K K M B L. L i I rea<1 PHARSHtARfi I'L A V CP IIKNKY V. At Wl[.LMDS' HALL, On BAH RDAY KVKNINO, M&roh 2T. Theprocreds ol the sale of Uokets will be ?taoed m tte hands oj t^ie SanitaM Couitnimun, M the benefit of onr Sick and Wonnded SoldL s &r.d Sailors. Tickets of admission One Dollar, to be obtained at the principal Bookstores and Hotels. Hnserred a*& s fifty oentt extra; m*y he secured at Pai.p 4. tfo.omorii* Metropolitan Booketore. 3?38 Pa. av. i>oor? open at 7 o'olock ; Readme will oornmr-ee a 3. mh 2* at f^DD FKLl OWS' HALL, ' / Stvtnlk si.. afar till Post OUc*. Gbori.i Kumkkl ? ??Letkeeand Manac'r MONDAY, MARCH 31.18??, HRAND INAUGURATION NIli/fT A SHORT ENGAGEMHNT by the famous Kunkel't Nightingale Opera Troupe 8KOR8E KL'NKKL, T.L FLOYD. HARK \ LfcHR. NELSE SEYMOUR. G W. Cnaries, Prof Ahrend.J.H. R&iner. J H. Ron. W. Oi'dner, C. C. L?wi?. W W. Wolann, Ferd'od Spouier, J. Alex. Fi?her, Hemrioh Don?one, Ma??er Emmerron, &r.d a number of popular and fITniert Auxt'iant*. making & Grand. Combination Company of ttl? LIGHT OF THIS PROFESSION, who have performed at K ON K EL'S OPE HA HoUSF. Thk Baltimore Academy or Music, for Mot* than Tteo Htndrrd Ctnffcutiri Niltkts! Mr. KUNKFL bets leare to inform the public of Washington >hat, witn hi* GREAT COMblN A't'lON COMPANY, lie inUuU* to make .% CHANGE OK PROGRAMME NIGHTLY. and will < ner to his patrons, NOVEL AND AMVMN3 SOIREES D'ETHIOPE, characterized throughout or THK UTMOST PUulCITV. Se? future adTTtiacmenta and ?mal! biiln for pirticu a s,_ mh 27 >t ATTKNIJ PROP. BARN Kb* HtSLKUT COTILLON PAKTV on FRIDAY K V KMMG, at PX o'clock.atTemperaro- Hall. JH K itrML Ticket* )?? lo ?- 01 tained at/? KUi?'k M u?io i'tnro. wlaiiohaid A Mohan lUMl Hookstnre, urn fti 'h? Hot*i* ; also \i the door. | Georte /inn's co'wNmtel l?\n?1 is Look out for * t'Mxl linn* inh T> it* CANTERBURY HALL ! CANTERBURY HALL ! COMB IS A T!Oy A X TRAOfi MNAKY! THL BALTIMORE COMPANY and THh WASHINGTON COM I AN V In Joint Entkktiinmbnt ! Retain of tii? oi?| Favcntea, DICK rAKKKR, JAML3 WARD. FRANK LA FOLLfc, And ths Member* ?>f the Company ! Continuation of the imnienoe artists iuioo j*iiijL,'jc . rutv hctt, kHV MISS JULIA MORTIMER, ANl) IHKC9DKIC1 BRAA'Tl. MISS I.l/ZIK FRANCIS, MIPS MARY BLAKK, MISS LILLY VR ANl>ON? MISS FRANK SKCOR. MISS il'LIA RICHMOND THE DELEVANTES IN NEW AND STARTLING ACTS: rrrNo ch&i)j,e iu the Admission r.-ioes-ni Admission 29 cent*; OrohMUr Cfturt mu, A ftmm s> f\ >i ^? * 1 ^ ' ir?? XJ rw^W VT'VWWrr rn For Latliec and Ftwiliea, on WEDNESDAY AND 8ATUB DAY AFTERNOONS, at 2 o'clock. When a lavieli diatrihution of Klerant Preeeuts la made: Riohand Coatly iew?hy, Bocks, Toys, Fanoy Artialea. and m? nikoeot 8i'k Dre.'aeAdmieaion 30 centa ; Children I ?JLARENDON C' CUNUfcRT BY I Baautiful War Go (Hi i mh241W PATENT O. Patents, (.'a m?nt Garden*, a. Antnuanan Boo* ments furnished; R. forts; Wurnt Patent O-. tarnished to Pedlars; Mi.. Laws; Arm; Regulations; t showing over 2,(?0 miles; ma*.. Books. Recoheet cheap rent. . prices. Up stairs, over Bank of Wasninstwu. ja29-2m* ALFRED HUNTER PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE I DANCING ACADEMY, at Temperance 3* Hs.ll. b. itrMt. hutwMn 9th und 10th nluiM M I ever; Tuesday and Friday?aflercoon c!hm/M at S, evening oiase at 7. ?oiree every Friday (A evening at S o'olook. Uuuo by Prof. Geo. Arm. Temperance Ha!! will be let 1 or Balls, Parties, ?o. Apply aa above. f* U Jm* iOO BKT, S400 BKT, 9 909 BET. THAT JIAYTON'* THAT BAY TON'S THAT DAYTON** 8LICKU APrLK IMKS, SLICKi) AiTub riKy, w I ant tt a .era* -k. isuuru ?rrur< i ir.3. ARE TI1E BEST ARK THE IIEST * ARE THK BtST MADE IN WASHINGTON. MADE IN WASHINGTON MA OK IN WASHINGTON. BAKERY 4ft? IItb ?tint, UAkKRY 4t? 1 1th Stsbit, BAKERY 49b 11th Stbmt. nli iVtf ^ I A DIES' RUBBER BOOTS Li AND SHOES, All mm, ft* j. ti., 344 Fonn linu, I sck of Citfttt'i Dry Goads fctois. |\fEN'8 RUBBER BOOTS *1. UANDSOMK D*K?9 GOODS, ofalug tbia "Sfe n. . assortment, ir all Iks bast etries aad naafcss, an at iow snoM, at J W. COLLET '8. LOST AND FOUND. REWAR 0?Scared in' ca th* M'h, a laice black HORWK'i white face, and with letter "C.." on tbe left etioelc'er. The abn?e reward v111 he eeid at C BOYLK'8 P-f?< H?e?r. on ratera of !h? ahore no roe lt*_ * ? A a. 1 ? n m a ** ?- > * a l?f * _ _ _ I uri-ft n?c* nr,Hnu narrow Li t roe he* border. i(ima*h?r? h?t*Mi l?h ?tr? t *"d tw Kngbv Hon*,*ii)iN on H or 14 U itreatn. The finder will be ?oitah:y rewarded by having it at 41* lot h ?t lt? rOST-Oi WelceatftT evejinc in roirg frt'in _J 7th. betweon G arui H ?tre#t* to intn, between G and H alone txili aide n( H street, a ofcilfl'* I AK RINi;. arc.!, with white and rid ttli A '<?ward will I* paid tli? lin<W tor it *? 4IO 1*U ?t. nih a 2f WAS UROl SHT TO ,MV I'RK.MISi s, iMt Ta?a<iav * etna! I surrel jcv_ lOHSK. with p!f>c^?of hitnd n??n him. 1 li? owi er ia r??nMit?<l to for OJrX vr?>. I hr<.tr* ... . ..? fa La I. ? wai'i, |MVf n f.vvriiy, L1J < <| ' - II i fll aw*?. ANTONK PAt'ljV. mhrssi* Stfthl*9'h. h*t V%. ?v* ti<l K rt. IVIOTICK ?ESTRA Y CATTLF.?Om? to the i~ aabacritrr's p'ttnifAP.6 ? trr~ f 1T M TLt?, on the i?th d?? of Marth, 18ti2 An? Mrt >!1 C Aimirr nnui *i i ml t r ffi m e<>ms forward prove properiT. and p?? eipectean%o reef re them by appljinc to MltHAKI/ HO(tV KR, on 7th street r.O-th.t>stw?eii Oud I' strfg's. nh 2S St* Ran awav-uum 27th pit m:gro VV(?M herself Kl'e. Not* Hell,) with rl)<l< , Mw>?t 4 tnonlns rtk >l<i H vl on when she Je(i ft lit hi oolored dre?s. wi.h IjIacI and ipwi; pir pet Is A* *i-?>ot h'ce. siid i? i'nf of *p?e"h. A Ij o 9?raoas a rt hprei f caattoar* "jft'nM - imp' ?. i, I i. n.* tur nw ?'M "rrn fOro# aiV"?t an* nrfplni. MR.v f<HAH I. ? -BRIKM. tnh 2? V conipr "I IKfc an.? JP*. a*. ea??. F^BTR A V ?Ther?eain? t? Il'? fiiflln??i? of lh? J *h?OTih?r, thin Ma'ch K h. tw?> av IIORSht*. Alio had tue "' T |F harmc h?rn ridden v*<y hard Ti?? own?r r* oan hitve th? ?ain? ly pr<??in* p'Op?r?y. aud payI n w fitp fKic a/l?(vr?iM.?*..* ? J '' - auy* |.?1 ?hip wiii'iur-niaiii, *?' 'i mn i L< U $ui'e of .VKS. C. W A LHRHJ-JK, a* |f*'??wa, nVf a mi!* north of Colin^t * mh ?1 3t* U? r KKWAI(i:-l.m( (in Friday !m(. a dark brown MC'l.K.wm *%id to in*!!e?t oti? m \\ a*hinct?>r; wm !o?i>WA h?iw??r W*ahir????a aid Al?zandna; hvl a ?om on hi* baok. Th? alw>v? ward will Kw (inn and no q-:#?ttoti? ankcd.ifl^n at WI I.LI AM'S Liv?ry on 8th >tre*t, heiveeu i> and K ...h * u'M "? *? ,a>.. w w* ? ??? i?i n ?\ i r *? r KWA r |l~Str?TWl from itit prrioises, on V'' Satur.iaj last. ft inllc and fMT?j?iJ colorel COW, nl??u? fonr ?>r bve )??;? wMf oil; ftnd iu bad condition. The abov? re JEaJtaa ward w ill h?> riven to ant '?ne retnrniLs her to ine, at No 43.? 6tii street, bftve-n K and r. wih w r," o. \v voitnu. C? r/| RKWARII-BmvMf.on, tne residence <i| the nnderrieti'd, on Mondat M imriiinr itth, ft'-out ie o'clock, a oEGRO WOMAN, cal mi herself Jane L?e; uf ft l-ri(ht copper color; y ??arm>(see, ?- i ?>. :.l Q ... ~ -4 fi-~ 1-- - ? W 1*11 <a vunu d T UOI ? UI'U A :iC UVJ IB fr**-* 00 or. The woman ia very pirating looking, when rpoken tt; about 5 fret mill, and bad on a blue oalioo dreia and plain ahawl; ai:?l lia? a huahard belonging to Hon Cha* U Calvert. I willr<ve |W reward if delirered to m?. or aeeure i ?o aa to (jet her. MRS. E CHAW FORD. mh;6-lw* No 'iM S h oorner*Hfi an'l l< ?t. | OST?On Saturday !aat, betw*?n Clagett & I^j May'a Store and the oorner of l?th an D at* . a amal! etriiecin SLEF.VE-BIJTTON. A reward 01 91 will te paid if leflat Mr. Serakeu'a, Jeweler, Pl V w* mm-WW Hill ? * CJTRAYED OR STOLEN-From tfce So.d ;?' Rest, near the d?pot, a light bar gy MAKE,about 4 years old. (bilonccc toT .F the Qua terinaater'n Department.) with ? McClel'an saddle. The bit cf the bridle had on it the letters A 1.0.. in braaa. A liberal rew?rd w?l he paid for her return to t*e offioe of Col. Rl'CKER. Quartermaster, corner 181& and G atreeta. mh ;< lw AltfTDIPT AD nrn tium a n ? I */r WljLfmniA. \ O'lTT CF \J Washi*6TOI? - I h^rebr certify that^y on this 20th d&T of March, 1632. before nie.^L^P the subscriber, a Juitice cf the Peace. in?^^? and for slid county. pers^a!* appeared Georse ieddos, and male r p." to lav. that he took up mmj on tl 0 12th da* March, 1862. a dark t>a? MARK, rprune in the left fore kr ae; had on a r<>pe halter when taken; suppose 1 to be 6 o e T*?r? Old. GfcOKGE SKDOK9. Sworn and sabscril?Hi before in? this 2c h d?y of lUt'oh ioc) n ?*/ i-iuci'-i'M ? ?y ivv* m ?? i r>na ' i */??. rf. V The ow^er of the abov* i.ame:l hor?? i? req ueated t-> c?H v the cffic? of the Metropolitan Police No. 516 lllli street, pat oharget, and take his property; it will otkerwi'e be ?oM to pay c Bargee mh 21 2aw3w .iREWARD?Stolen, on Sunday night, about II o'clock, a BAY MARE.ftv with saddle and bride. ?ta- in fnrehea.1, and one white fore foot if the hor*e : le /~u^ "* turned to the owner, at Dr. Kurr'n, on K ?t-eet, between 9th and loth, tae above reward will te given. mh24 1w* FOR SALE AND RKNT. ABIDKb fUK KfcHT A IN I) f*T<"'K AND HXTl'KKS FOR SALK? *?o<1 Man) for a nut er or retail tro jerr and lienor?No 404 G Btrnet. he'.vwiifitn and 7th. It-* AI B&KKBY H>R BALK. Ira location at a parnfeoo. I ?r canli. The present proprietor oljlijeo to re i'f ib oonpe^nenoe of ill liea th; <?? u-?n .j ttke a partner. Tbi? i? an opp >rtuit ty tf rvt orourrfiNloia'^in tke_Bhoyel n_s nr ?. A t-? p.) iu ? an. jtniii i n" w .x I Vi r*o b??> 71 h ?ti?ct. N*tt Vnr<1. nih?.*g a* I/1 OB K fc N T-T?o well f^rnishf-l l KOONS ?hms MitVI, ?mi >*nok'l 4*-0 l'".t*VPJ)tll holW^Aft ? " ? !|J iT mh ?1 31* I/L'KN|7uKP IIOI SK I'ltR RKNT Thea.1vvtiaM* vi>l rem In? fm * * month* to a puvate at 9**" P?' iiinotli pm %! i# in advance liOcMmi ri?ai G-ii<?r?l Mn l? lau'a. Hon** contain* 13 rooms find w?ti farmah^. A e??o<i ? j<> 1 *tal>!e <>n lhe prrmtrc- Adifw Itox uilf ham . mli77 2t* I/OR RKNT-TIiim> ro.uf.MtM.:* K<?OM9, M 4 3D Tw??iIth Kt <v?t ?:!?*, irt?'?n H and II mrfft* i m<i < ! t'lem fuim h-?! &? & i.Hn c ro??m Mi'1 th? om?i? a* r hvnl>*r? l lio !pp*ii.?d m ?>ne of the n.oatdon rati ein YV&sliiiittort ma ti Iw I;M?K 8ALK OK K J.N T A <J?* ? DWELLI Nl? H<?l'Sh, w'H f.:rni?h??<, in the iniiue<tlll6 Tl"inilf "f 1111 (?rr?f!mrtiU to JA>.?' McGI'IRb ft CO.. Auc' tuMid Commission M*ioh*nt?. iwh PORTION o| ^ \VM L, rt'KNISHKD HOUSfc I OK IM NT. Th* m.-m>ti??r? ftuthoimetl to lei * ponum ?! * ' BNISHKO li'?in the hi vicinity ?iftli*P"?t office I)-, piirliuciit, comvnuns a'te p*r'or and chain tier, (limit iu?in. kitchen,*n<! 'I u< Un iUK room bveniMt e?tr*noe Mid would nuke it 6lie oflue. i*atii.l?Ptorj reference re^nifd. AdpI? t ? JAJ>. C. MeGl IRK A. fill-. ?nrn?r iftU? and 0 ?t?. mh iS fit* F^HOR RENT? II? the week or month, a PARLOK ami CHAMIiKK, (conneoted i ele?ated b fi*?t from the sidewaik, ?er? neatly furnish*1*!, with a piszta on the south frort. Also, by the ttrh or 31(t. two Chambers, oi a Parlor and Chamber, on seooml floor, vfry neatly furnished ; has ?wran*a on tfao south front; location Te-y pleasant and healthy, and but a few vardc east of the publio parks near the President'* H<>a?e and oauuhna line to the Capitol?460 New Vork avenue, near IMh t nih H if fi^OR RENT?A new two itorj ard baaemeiit 1 brick DWELLING HOUSE, No. 60 Pro#peot itrNt, contaminc * room*; km anu fixture* in lite honee. lud Hydrant at the kitohen door, ail in onroelete order. To a good tenant the rent reasonable. Add* to It KNBI.I?H.n? nrn..??lil ~m?rfw F^or sale-twofirst-oiau milliard taliLKS, marble aiaba. and otptj arrangement complete. Those dealing the above will atudy then intsmat by calling immediately at the Kuropean Hotel, oorner 11th aireetaod Pennsjivar. a assume. _ inh 8-tf >r?btown advekt'mts NOTICE -LICENSES -All 'persons hore lioeuses from the Corporation of wu expire on the 3 at mat&ct are hereby >roraptly to renew th? sam:; otherwise ect themaeivea to & fine, sad the law i? ry up>n the proper Officers to enforce ??id natui delinquent*. No further notice will Jawt A plo WM, LAIRD. Clerfc. StORSKTOWN TAXKS FOR 1*?U.^ * Notice la hereby given that a diaooum of .en per cent, will be allowed on the taxea of t' e current yur, if paid oa or before the firat of April lext. (.'HAS. D. WKiXH, mh 81-2w Collector. HOR?F. AND COAL SCALES FOR 8ALKA good Draft Horae. ptir of a*e- c\ ond-h&ad Coat Soa.e*, for aaia ciiaaa for H caah. C. MV KHS & ?ON, /Cn Office and Yard Water atree:. ijjrth S<-lw Georgetown UUCK8K1N G L O V E 8! Rantburf H. Eb?rl, 104 HIGH STIIR, GBOKUETOWN. D, 0. Theoul* m&nu?Mturara of* BUCKSKIN S,L^KSk MILITARY GAUNTLETS, and MITTENS in the DistrioL Offio^rB' (jftnntieta ni*Je to ordtr. Uuekakin JDrawera *u<1 Sinru. ja II Qi*? 8KVKNTH STRKKT, ?J<:Q Ou%/ blTWiin 1 AND R Simrt uDlf CHEAF CASH STORE ! Jaat received a aeoond-hand ROPK WOOD I'i.LSH C(lVfcKf.ll PARLOR HKT, oontiating of two Tete-a-tate N>fu. Ivu < a*t*r Chair* and aix Side Chaira. fhe *?t laiufood order, t'eraona in rant of a food article will knd th?a a rare ckaaco to proem* oae at a ?re*t har sain. UuNTZ A. GRIFFITH, nil 25 M fe?eutti at., Mvmi I and K CH. R1VART * CO. SILLERy CHAMPAGNE DEPOT RKMOVUD TO 8, E. Caimt or Pun. Anna abb nuii St.. ClArrn<lOij Hotel Bulling, * Washington H. KOSKY. A asm, N?w Tott. J AM KB MO LAN. AaiHT. Wa.biho ro?, B.C. fltfvivv i?nor *<< u a ntia & ummm WMMMW ? I VM* ?? " WAVBIAA n 111 ClOl PINt OLD BRANDY aud WHISKY. 1 ID* A libvrti (UMOttat to CHlttt. au I* '? )*. ''m . Jijli t . u second Korrit? -. nmu rttin, r. m. OUR MILITARY BUDGET Arr*!B* ppwm in nival ? jibw? r??? ? l?m roor??.*' Tie ?tnaiff Vnnkrr irrlrfi from below Iwt earning, for repair*, brr macklnrrf bavins her* dlaabl?<t From lb* '> *ra wc Irarn tb* follow. ???! On Monday morning, about It o'clock, tarn hoata' rrrwi of tbr Vuker. tiuder ikr < nmmand of ("aptaln Kaatman landed at Shipping Point, to remove the c"D? which had been left by tbr rrhela; but.'^blle %o ^n^a^rd, a large numoer of rebel cavalry?aald to be the Dutnfrlea Cavnln, nnn Ivrlntt 1 'Ulimnilo tkal 9 amiMrinr* An w hill, and our men pulled ofl after weuring two gun*?one a 9-incb Dablgren and the otber a long 32, botb omooth bore?which were brought up to the Yard, and found to be double-ahoi ted. The Yankee Ml Into the * cream and had trained her K?nN, nui vnr ravauy "U? m r*iijcv Tb? Yankee's rrew brought off a harvlaomHy ml on which ia fvainted Iff itaaae of Colonel J.J PHIgrew, of the itth Norlfa CarrMna Vol unlreta I he ?" la aiarii <>l bruoela cvipe*. a?4 haa abeat i? pucke's fo? th* reoepllon of platcl* AM iBf sullen btoff?, which lou.lattd or era! bac? of peanuts, boie* of cigar* a:id toboi cower? brought off N?m?rwii bottle* tod juga were found labeled 'old n*," Ac., but oot idmpw.n found in them. The Yankee alon brought up It" 9 loch a bell, loaded, and ?? ? Ineti bell not loaded, which were t?k?n from tb? vaimi* rehel batteMco. At Er?n*p?rt tb? fctx-'f b*vt left tbt naw mill untotK bed, * log bt in^ yet w unted for aavlng up. A Urge quantity of luir.tor la about tb> mill, and logs la ?ukr lumber rauugb to butid q??rwT? IPI irTcrii luoimno lflr? Two dencrtrrn from Aquli Cr**k a ? day* klnrf and *tatrd that thrv wm from Cap lain Eldella'a ("Lwm Coopera") company. ?f tb* Firat Ma'yl?D<l Ffglmrnt, which they eacapM fr?<m at I rrderickabur^ Tbey atate tbat "Lum" bad cot a furlough for bia company f?? mir im nth, to vi?it Richmond on account ofaom" meritorlou* rvice himself and companr fctd performed, bat what crrlcc it waa they cnu'd iipi ten. incy mt 't?ai large numbers ?f troop* are congregating along the bank* nf thrRappahannock. where thrv (tba rebeia) aa>- tba* they will make a atand. One of the denerter* gavp Lis name aa Brown, but the otber'i nanrw wr were unable to ascertain. They arel?oth Bal tlnaorean*. and were tent over to the Military authorities. The "contrabands are coining off dailjr to th? flotilla. On oue day, lately, thirty-arm of them came off from the vicinity of Dumfries and were sent over to the Maryland shore f'tfpru now unit thrn rrtnotr flnria hta wirln tome vessel of tbe flotilla Among tbe l&at who escaped la a L>r Ksstman.a New Vorker by birth, but who has resided near Dnmfrle* for aeversl year* put. He states that the Rebels had cleaned him out, stripping hi* farm of every thing The last horse be had wa? confiscated by Brigadier Gen Bayly last week for his own use. These refugees are sent up to this city, snd at the present time quite a number are h-re ASSISTANT HCaiTAKT W4T*??. Aulttant Secretary of \V*r, P. H lVat?on. Esqleft Washington on tbe evening before last #A> trlM tA aa*k^M M 4^ iui vi in ?iip iv i viurM .?jwiiiut , wuct ii i? hoped that he will rapidly recruit his health and strength, so impaired of late by over-labor in (be discharge of hla otbclal duties. THE MKW LEGAL Tk.NDER ROTES. Thcf notea, authorized uuder the recent 8-t of Con^rem, are expected toon to be ready for delivery to tbe Treatury Department, and will be i'tAiu vui cany uuiiii^ uca? iu uivu OI.NEEAL trSCIAL PERMIT* for trading have recently been granted by the Treasury Department, for trading between Nash Title and intermediate points. The intercourse ia atr.ctly confined to loyal men. TUB LATENT BY THLHr,HATH m ? ? LATEST FROM WINCHESTER. ANOTHER FIGHT. m IHL UNIONISTS MAKING IHfclR Al*PKAKANCE KROMTHK MOUNTAINS. WipcmsTtR, March 7< -VmMit, A?h??v. with four gu??, appeared upm StrMburg. ?*"i thrrvv wrral Ibrlll Into our nmn killing onr wan. HI* positIoii *m sorb as prevented bl? being cut on Our guns drove blm oil Gen Hanks rc< onnoltercd all (br |?iMlion within miles of our < amp, returning after dark J ark so ii Is believed to be very quiet below Edlnbsrg. Most ox the population ol Miasourg bare oeen Uiuonl-ta throughout the war, ti>d are ao ?MII. The a^eut of th-; Manama* railroad eud the >>ia tton maatrr Lave been bidden In the mountain* in order to avoid Jaekacn They have mow returned, and are givlnc Inraluablc aid '? Bank* Many of the Inhabitant* have been for W'e*k* r? t>lditi? in tbe mountain* and iivfAll 1* qnlel In thl* vicinity today. CONUK ESS lOt ? A L inviiu nimoRKHMMoK itniu. FaiDAY, March # Senate ?Mr Ten Eyck prenenled a petitlrn irorn ciuzcn> 01 rsew jera- y azainn lurthT traffic lu and monopoly of the pubUc land*, referred Mr. Wright presrnUd a petition of eltixens -f Indiana relative to the proposed tax on spirit*; referred Mr. King reported from the Pension Committee. a bill to prevent U>e allowance hereafter of pensions to widows and children of revolution, ary *oidlers unlet* their claim* are establUbrd , 4c ; passed Mr Morrill presented resolutions of tb? Mali.* Legislature relative to the Reciprocity treaty referred. Mr Fessenden presented resolutions of tbt Ktmr Legislature, relative to Internal revenue; referred Mr. Harris presented a petition from New York asking that 44 The Caucaasian'' and certain other newspapers be allowed the same privileges In tbe t!. S malls ss aholltlnn nan?ra Mr. Wright Introduced a bill for the abolition of slavery In the District of Colombia. Mr. Grime* moved to take up the bill relative to the brigadier generals in the volunteer service; agreed to The aaid bill ?u then debated by Mr. Grime* for it and Mr. Wilson against It Uovsk.?The Committee on Nival Affair* reported back the joint resolution* of thank* to Captain John Errlcaon for tbe skill he dieplavd in building and fitting out the Monitor, which waapaaeed. I Mr fWlanA raanln" -- ran n?ft Secretary of the interior to canoe PennayTraala venue between the Capitol and Presidential Mansion to be sprlakled with water daring tbe summer month*, and appropriating two thousand dollars for that purpose Mr. McKolght said that there was now a subscription on footamong the merchants for the purpose. Mr. Delano ventured tossv that no subscription was on foot, nor never would be, for it had been Uled repeatedly before and always failed Mr. Bufllngton rose to a question of order and stated that the resolution made an appropriation, and therefore. naio> Ik* ml? mM tLa fei mmmmrn be conMdt-red In Committer of the Whole He the resolution tailed The Hoii?c (ben reaoleed tterlf la Committee of the Whole and took up the Tu Mil. i i TP t n/' j i at t* n? ? iini n i/wnii nowo Cbiminal C?r*T-T?-4iy, tbe trial ?f tkr < * C Patrick I'arrHl, cbar^rd with MaauU and >??' trry on and robbery of tiMirp E. iMnriioa w.ii roi? hidid &nd given U tbe Jury, wbo bad n*t rei'inifd into court with a verdict wben out report rl(?d. In thr uk of \\m Orlrjr, charred with itral tog Lour cnIs, ic , from Ueorge ? McLelian, tbejkry, without N*tn the be?, retmmd vetdiet uf guilty as Indicted UC iw u iwmmi rm ', 'r? ? ?-vr?. ro' r^< n with the larceny of arrt-n pounds of beef fi> on Peter Dill, *u then tafceu up. 9kuii?ii Pinomu ?Flo* a*r?a>i<>a soldier* Mid to oave traa captured ia Plate yafcitoy wrr* brought past our ole? thla afWeooob ia cbaryr of a nllltarv cMrd. Tk*?AMita?k<fM w^';d bo pwticoUra of tfeetr arrwi Tb*v mtr* i? be taken ?ff "r Ocu W?4*w*rtli !? ? *aiin??;oM ifeuevtaiag.

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