Newspaper of Evening Star, 29 Mart 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 29 Mart 1862 Page 1
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J w f M # W^H^ ^**^^V"* %y^ J S B jiP fi P I fi I 8 fi 1 ^ I. I * . t ? - ?--f.?g? ? V2i. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C. SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 1862. IN? 2,840. - r "the evening star HJBL19HKD BVBRT APTSELNOOH, UNDAY LXCKPTKD.) AT THE STAR. Bl'lLDillM, ??1 ?f ?; r SMMM MM SHMIM N. It W. D. WALJiAOH. f?|xw mvtd 1* paokagoa by cantor* UMi f?f, or 17 wnk per moatfc. Vo Mil enbeertbew ft* prlc* la S3 J* fttr, ? Uw??, ttlwKl BNtki; 91 for tbree aentke; u4 (or 1m ttu kne BM hi at tk? nti?( 11 eei*i wwk. 81b (I* e*pw, oni cist; 1b wrmppen, two inn CT A cr*xrmi^Ti ihoukl b? sent to Dm Ac? bcfoto 1* o'clock a.; othrrwloe they Bty Bot appear aatll the aaxt day. THE BATTLE IN THE VIRGINIA VALLEY. Additional D't+''s of Get'. Shield*' Victory? liftrriptto.t of the Baltic?Strength ?r ru, n ?.*. f?/- ? -/ * iff. ShtilU*. The [<>lk>*iDg detailed narrative <H the battle ce*?r Winchester. Vra., on &andaj last, ia fr^m ?h? ?p*ria1 correspondent of the New Ycrk ilrraM. March 2->tb : The hall of the campaign on the Potomac waa at l?n,;th brilliantly opened at Winchester mi Sunday last, and the Rehola h??? j?f. fered a dreadful reverse in the first encounter of the M*Mn in this departmentThe object of the reeonnoisance made hy Gen. Shields to Strasberg may now be stated. It was to throw the enemy into the trap which ha.? so fatally (prong upon the rebellion Discovering the number and position of the Rebel*, Gen. Shields retired hastily, posted his ?n about tiro tn1!?3 nortfc of Winchester, In a few trots, as thoogh the force was unable to attempt pursuing Jackson's force.-, and there, after the withdrawal of Gen. Williams' division. awaited the effect of hi? movement upon me enemy, i He result showed that the scheme entirely succeeded At soon u the Rebel General Jackson heard that the division of Gen. William* had moved towards Centerville, .he immediately took up his inarch to Winchester. In the meantime he had received reinforce menta, and Generals Longs tree t and Smith, of the Rebv.1 army, had their commands united to that of the boasted Stone Wall Jackson 80 prompt and unexpected was the attack of the eoemv that it took our *>? surprise bvu everything was ready for the emergency. On Saturday afternoon, at about a quarter Sast two o'clock, our advanced pickets on the traaburg road discovered the rebel cavalry under the madcap Ashby about half a mile bevond them. rtcnnnnifuHii? ? , ?IUV WUVU3 VII both sides of the turnpike, and steadily advancing. Oar pickets consisted ef a few men of the 14th Indiana infantry at that point, and they fell hack half a mile to the namlet ef Kerns town, four milee from Winchester. The rebels, observing onr pickets fall bsck, were confirmed in the belief that onr forces here' did not exceed o,000 men. They then gare vun^-v. vvuiiu^ uy w no our men, Asnoy czied at the top of his roice, " There they are, boys; | bow gire them hell." Steadily did the troopers advance as our men wheeled to aim and ire. That fire sent many of them reeling from their saddles, and threw the rest into such coofusion tha' before they oould again be rallied for a charge our gallant little l%nd of infantry was beyond the reach of thwlr *m*?r - ? _ - - j. ? > j ntvvvui having'lost a man killed or wounded. Mean* while skirmishing progreesed on other point* along our advanced line, and oar pickets were everywhere rallying ?n our reserves. General Shield*. bearing of the advance of the rebel cavalry, supposed it to be a maneuver of Ashby atone fur the purpose of watching our movement* A? they were approaching so boldly ana so closely however, he ordered four advanced companies of infantry, engaged in protee tine the supply train, to rally to the support o? the luore advanced pickets, and try to n<?ld tlie rebels in check till h? could move down the division These four companies wore made up of one from the Maryland 1st, j one fri?in the 2>*:h Pennsylvania, one from the ( 4rt;h Pennsylvania, and one fr-in the 28th New i V..L MM. -1 -T ' i via. innr rc^imPDU li-.U already marched uoder lien. William?. A hattetj ( artillery wan aim o?l?r?rf f?f ward, an i <? ?. Shield?, after ordering out th* diriirion. r?de to th* frvnt. accompanied by bin wiaff While engaged directing tb?* fire ef the artillery and th<* defence generally, a shell j from the Kebe! battery of four gun.*, which j n->w b*gan to play on u*, bnrst near him, and * i rpllnter frem it struck him in ih? urt ? ?? i j??i above the elbow, fracturing tbo bvne Rod creating a painful wound Hi? Adjutant tien eral, Maj. Armstrong who was standing near, remarked, " 'ienoral, you are wounded in the aria " " Yes." replied tho gallant 8faieldi, ' but ?ny nothing about it." He then gavea fr?>h 'der U# the artillery. and c?w>tinued on I *_ a ? ?? " " me qui nil nc satuili*^ hiujtelf that all was right A man belonging to Capt Robinson 9 cot>>pany of Ohio artillery, and * horse, were killed on this day by the enemy's gun*; but the-?e were all the casualties that occurred on outside til! the skirmish of the first day was ended. The wound of Gen bhields caused a pang throughout the entire division, and it is remarkable that he should have been the tint man nruck on our tide. Our division began t?> arrive in force on tho field towards dark, and the Rebels perceiving this did not push (mr .j ....... v_. u-u-.t _i?? *" m uiurj iWJU: iiirOelEllCS ?? Winchester for tha rn^hi, lighted their ?t?{/ firca and bivouacked, while our army lay Wwttn them and the town. It was generally believed that a general engagement would t*ke place an the next day (Sunday,) and the expectant* were not disappointed That night was one of terrible suspense on both tides. No I one knew what the Rebels delayed their ad- | vance for. while it was oar policy to postpone a buttle, in view of th? ' r - ? ? ? ^? w|fvuuvt IU1 CD of the enemy, in order to allow reinforcements to arrive from the division of Gen. William*, the rear guard of which had already advanced ten mile? towards the Shenandoah. Morning explained the reason of the enemy 's halt. About 10 o'clock, reinforcement* of five regiments of infantry and two batteries of ar* tillery were announced as arrived from Strasburg. under Gen. Garnett, by Ihe vociferous nd nrnlnnciKl ?1 * r ? ?0 - ~w ww uivu j>iwvwwi irum their line*. The attack wa? not now leng de layed. The metny advanced his army, which ?ow consisted of sixteen regiments of infantry. cumbering II. WOO men; Ave batteries of artillery. with a total of 28 field-pieces ; and three battalions ot horse under Asnby and Stewart. His line of battle extended about a tuileon the right of the Tillage of Kerostotrn, and a mile and three-quarters on the left of it, and the village lay on the road between the rebel riyht and center. There is a mud road branching from the turnpike, a mile or so from Winches tor, to th? right ef the road as you go to gtrasburg This road pasted through th? left of th? enemy's center, and was one of tL*u po.nti of defense Beyond that there is a grore of trees, sad farther a ridge of hills with a stone wall running along its summit about breast high. This was the rebel line of nffen** and defense oa the right of oar line. Oar moat advanced regiment was th? 8th Ohio, of OeneraJ Tyler's brigade, and on it the roheJa made a fnrioai onslaught a boat half past 10 o'eloek a. m on Tharaday, with the intention of toning eur right &?uk. The Ohio Sth met them aallantly, withering them like autumn leave* before the 1 / t-A W? - J "fMUi 1r\ Wiaior, vy ioo QMUIJ Ore Of FlflCS Fir* several time* did the enemy emerge from the moudt and from behind their none parapet with vaitly superior numbers, and try vainly to accomplish their otyeet Our left wing, enlisting of the 13th Indiana, 7th Ohio and n battery of the 4th regular artillery, ander Captain Jenks, had a feint made on it while the real attaok of the enemy ww being direr ted against our right wise. The feint on the left wu n heavy fire of artfllery posted on brtb side* of the villsge end the turnpike, whick, however did trifling damage Oor battery replied, silencing those of the enemy, though the firing waa well maintained for n long time on both aides. Out center consisted of the 14th Indiana, the 8th and 67th Ohio, and the 84th I'annsvlvnnim. and two artillery batteries belonging to '.no let Ohio artillery, and the cavalry, oooiutiqg of the let Michigan and the 1ft Ohio, were drawn P in tho roar. The whole of oar cavalry uBuuntod tc no more than eight hundred men, and thu arm piayad a vary unimportant part IB iha action OB aithar rida Our right win* "?<U up of. the ith and8thOhio r?*imeets end fcaturj of tb? 1st Virginia regiment Tb? rei?rr? consisted of tha 12th Todiaaa. the V) h ?n<| a mju* Ir^u ??f tha Michigan ca\ Arj ai shield* wu unahia to appear on |the field in person, and the command in the field devolved upon Acting Brigadier Kimble, who led our center; and our right was commanded by Acting Brigadier General Tyler, while Colonel Salliran directed the operation* en oar left. The battle raged along the whole line with crent far* from el*v?n a m to half past two p. m , when General Shields, who received accounts of the progress of the fight on his coach, ordered the right, where the contest raged the hottest, to charge upon the ecemy. That was an awful charge. The left of the enemy prepared desperately to repel our gallant tnop?. but their rash wis as irresistible a* the tide in the Bay of Fundy. Predion* to this time otir line of battle bad bean somewhat changed. The 94th Pennsylvania reinforced our right, and also a battery of artillery. Our whole force new engage! was about fi,out men, while that of the enemy was at the lowest estimate 8,000. The Vebels had alto changed their lib*, and extending both their wings, presented a concave front to our army. They had also reinforced their left wing, and the charge te be made by our right was all important in its congruences On it, at three o'clock, depended the fate of the entire battle. The gallant Tyler led the charge,?*word in hand, at the heiftd of the line. The Rebels c 1 e a i a _ _ ??? - iirou irelu me wooas wud arimery aim smsil arm*. while our men advanced agaiast their murderoue showers of lead and iron, returning a few *hots aod reserving their fire. Up to this lime the armies had not been much nearer to each other than three hundred yards, unless in some few instances. The wood was _ i j .4 - _ * ? ?* * * hwu ciemrea ai me p^int 01 tne oayonei, oar men discharging their pieces at twenty and even five yards diatai.ce from the Rebels, and then dashing at them with the bayonet The Rebels fought well, howerer. They oontested the ground foot by foot, and marked every yard of it with blood Retiring behind their stone wall, on the ridge, our men jumped over after them, and drove them alon* in tka mltxt mnfnainn and with fearful slaughter upon their center. The panio communicated Kimble ordered a charge along the whole line, and for a abort time the fighting waa most deperate. The roar of the oannon was no longer heard, unless in occasional bursts of fitful explosions, and the rattle of musketry was more boisterous than ever, and sounded like th* nni?* mad* Kv ? cry close thunder clap, except that it was sharper and continuous. The rout of the Rebels had fairly commenced, however, and two of their gurus and frur caissons were now ours, and though many ?f them turned and fired again ana again at our pursuing host, many more threw away muskets and bayonets with oat hesitation.* Darkness and the extreme fatigue of our troops, however, saved the enemy for the time, and we retired about two miles and bivouaoked till yeuterday morning. At daybreak General Shields ordered tho rebel position to be attacked, and the enemy, after I - r -t- * " lojiijiug wt n iew enois irom nis artillery, continued his retreat. Meantime General Bank?, who had been at Harper's Ferry, arrived, and taking command of the troops in person, is now continuing the pursuit with about ten thousand men, and at the latest accounts had pressed the rebels beyond Middle burg, cutting off many stragglers and preasin, 'he enemy very sorely. The object is to capture his whole foree if possible. it ww not till yesterday morning that any of the force of <ten Williams arrived on the i.u ?j ii? .1 - * ' u-rj. suu men vucj wore 100 itie U> participate in tbo notion. They ioincd in the ehase The Iocs of the enemy in killed and wounded will foot up about 900 men of which 225 wore killed The number of prisoner* taken from themu 236. These figures are independent of what they hare lost and will lose in the pursuit. The regiment which lost most on the ide of the rebels was the oth Virginia. Our loss in killed, bo far u a?r*rtain?<l ia leu than 100, and about 300 of our men are wounded. Though the enemy had a much larger force, four pieces ef cinnou more than our army, the acleotion of fighting ground and every other advantage, yet all the trophiec of the ocoarion belong to the Union army There were many deodaof heroism perform*J a. k.i<u uikiu ik. wmm! f?u VU ?uv wa%vtv uviu TV Uliv VUO 111 IU "UIU Wifl charging against the enemy the color bearer wai five times (hot down, yet another instantly replaced him at the rt*k of hu lifo. The lut color bearer of the fire wad a private sained T. B. Isdell. The flag-staff was broken, yet the glorious banner never ceased to float in triumph over this gallant regiment. The KebeU bad an Irish battalion'of one hundred and fifty men. ef whom forty were 1. 111 1 4S-1J J ?? " " - 1 much un me aeiu ana nearly an me red wounded. The lots on our aide was heaviest in the Kighty-fourth Pennsylvania Itegiinent. Of the fire companiM of three hundred men, in all engaged, they loat Col. Murrav, aa dashing iiM bravi an ? mm vwvvs w V* V? Vil V IT U OITV1U . one Captain, one Lieutenant, twenty-three private* and non-commissioned officers killed and wounded. The loss in the Eighth and Fifth Ohio Regiments in about seventv-five and sixty respectively, killed and wounded. Lieutenant Colonel Thoburn, of the third Virginia, is among the wounded on our side. These are the only field officers killed or wounded in the Union forces. The Rebels carried ao knapsacks with them into action, and all the rations in their haversacks was a email cake ot bread to each man. Thej counted to a certainty on capturing Wjncheater. The only wagons they brought with them were proviaion wagons. Thia explains bow it wu that they did not lose rnucu beaidea arm a in their retreat. The battle field after the atruggle wat a aiffht to bt mm inJ ranmititnil . ...vaawviWi. ll*?U? was dark and cold. After the battle the ?nbalanoes were busily engaged removing the wounded. The enemy carried off most oftbeir wounded and tome of their dead. The wounded were intermingled with the dead, and their sufferings were poignant. Yesterday was spent in ourymg tbe dead. The ghastly aspect of the field yesterday.after the wounded were removed, and before the dead were interred, was appalling. Some with their faces off, some with their heads off, some torn inte fragments and frightfully mangled by the round shot and hells, and others simply but quit* as effectually killed by bullet wounds. It is singular that mort of the enemy killed by bull fit VADIldl ??r? Ant thmaak ? ?? ucau VI the heart, showing the remarkable accuracy with which oar Western troop* use the rifle. The enemy'a wounds were not near so fatal to ns as oars were to them, and their weapons war*, as a general rule, dccidedly inferior to thoee used in oar army. About the stone will the enem? mi * itrwn ?! ?> ? ?? .. va. ... vrt w ?>vuv?v VU l(VJ? VI each other in heap* of dead At thia point alio many of oar br?v? follows also bit the dost. Captain Jonas, who commanded tbe Irish battalion in the Rebel army, h a prisoner in our hands, with tocth his eyas shot oat by one ballet. - . The calm which has sneoaaded the mighty tempest of tha vast faw days here is sometl J.n* exeeedina It lounn Wl" ^ ^ w- . w ? -m ??-?? ?? m Chester is now quieter and gloomier than ever. rpHK UNDERSIGNED Wishee to infom hit X. friends &Q<1 tae ?u. .13 that he has opened a Saw Films and Kopainuf Shop on the eotner of Ttfc aad S streets, aa J believing, from along apeiteooe ui the basinees. that he will be able to piease lae wood sawyer aad the batoher and e\mj me ohaaie that use* a saw. aad hopes, bv a s?<iot atvnuoo to bisinese thai he wiii merit ? -k*? *' ?!* wtfr? ?> ~ ' mkU-lmF JOBS KENNbALLY. gfft| BOOTS-SHOES I j|] f^C?i?n Tmi Bt. aiio Pi. Av.f^ W*ftUIMTOM.filTV>ni LimiMlftnu IS S3 i?iU Pm? -^i floot*...?..!# . 110 to $6*1 AH kiada o( BOOTS Md SHOKfl rmr aim*. ILT" UuoU ir?de to ord?r is tti? Mat ?un?', by mk u-ijm* _ C1UKLM H. MOAS&. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATEST FROM ISLAND If*. 10. St. Loci?,March2e ?The8t Louis Democrat Cairo dispatch says heavy and rapid (vaanonndiue at Folnt Pleasant was heard at tue fee' night before last. Capt. Marnsrdler and Col Huford, who accompanied l'rof. titclner'a balloon ret.ouuolasance on Tuesday, dl score ?1 that tb?> shell* front our mortars have generally fallen beyond ttaa ewny'i batteries, tbe elevation of tbe mortar and Uie charge ef powder both being too great ThJ# will be remedied Immediately, and greater execution may be expected hereafter. Cairo, March Y! ?An arrival from laUnd No 10 reports tb?t thp rffrflt of our 11 rr on the rebef osiienee dm r*?cn very seri^n*. i'ne upper oait:rv is entirely silenced 8lity-nlm* men have b*en killed on the upper batteries, and rmie twenty or thirty mere killed on tbe Island. Tbe rebels continue to fortify, and steaiuvi* can be seen continually moving up and down betwofrn tbe Island *tH tbe main laii^. <L No later tiding* have ffren rtTeJvrd fr^m Urn Pope An At-slltion Agitator .Mebkrd in Rn? Jersey. iiniarrn vs.?Key. sauviei Aaron, a Baptlit preacher of Mount Holly, N. J , attempted to deliver an abolition lecture at the City Hall laat evening. He commenced bydenouneln-j the administration, and the manner In which the war wa> conducted, when the crowd commenced hissing and pelting him with e^g's. The ladle* In the audience rushed to the window to eacape. whllat^he crowd kept crying out "kill him," "tar and feather him. ' etc.* The mayor of the Mty was present and tried to stop tbe confusion but did not succeed Finally Mr Aaron withdrew, and was taken away by bis friends. No one was Injured as far as known. The Late Railrsad Accident. Chicago, March 27.?Tbe aames of the Wisconsin soldiers killed by the railroad accident last night are Walter Snell, Wm Case, E M Burn*, company O; Charles Brlggs, I.uclen M. Ronmiu. James F Palmer, Charles D Hatoh, Kasper Stone, Wm. Davla, company A; also, (1 ?_U. l flk a r+1 * - .? ? . * niniiiisi oicwatu v> mi, oj waiwona rou ry Tne aerloualv wounded are 9. J Edwards, company O, ribs broken; Byron Wilcox, company L, both legs broken; Tweedle. Internal injuries in the left side. Colonel BaratoW cava there are about one hundred more or loss Injured, but able to continue* with the regiment. tlespening of the Baitiasre and Ohls Rail* fsad. Haftrr's F*r?t, March 29 ?The work of relaying the track between this point and Martinaburg la ao far completed that It can now be poaltlv#?lv iffltPil that th.P last rail ut'll Kn Ul<l K?. ? ^ J ?- - ? ? ?v .w. 'nil " tli ?./* i?IU w ?UO morning of tbe 30th instant, and tbe tint through passenger trains from Baltimore, I'arker* burg and Wheeling, Will l^ave by Wednesday at the latrst Large quaatltlea of freight are already collecting at Harper's Ferry and Martlnsburg to pass over the road, east and west, as soou a? the track is completed on Sunday. Tsnhb??kk Riveu Expbmtion.? Accounts from thr I'rnnessce river expedition, of the date of Thursday liwt. ?tstte> thnt th* ?<n*i<iiiAn then at Ptttsburu landing in Tennessee, nenr the Mississippi line. The troop* were being disembarked from the transports under cover of gunboats The army is a large one?the larg?kt yet gathered at one point In tiie west since the b?gInning of the war, and the work of landing the several divisions, and providing them with camn ing grounds ta a country about which little Is kovwn, was necessarily slow. By this date. however, It Is provable (he whole army Is disembarked, and already on the march to the Ulterior. No couMdcrsblc body of the enemy's forces had been seen, and no tflort w?? made by him to oppose the landing. The rtbels have th^lr forces concentrated at Jackson, Hum boldt and Grand Jiimtton, in Tennt^aee, and at Corinth. Mies ; but thtlr strength at these point* ia not known Having command of rallroada, they will be able to concentrate their force* at o?e point, and they will, no doubt, do this for tb? purpose of restating the advance ?f o?r army. lltaburg Landing 1a about twenty five miles from Corinth, and It W'suriniaed that the latter place will be first attacked, after which Gen Grant, who now commanda the Federal army, will move dlrcctly towards Memphis It la not Improbable that Gen Buell is nctlag In conjunction with him, In North Alabama, and that we shall shortly b*ar of lmi?ortaiit and aiv nmeant events In that region.?5*. Lottit 'JlfA tntt. " VibyVinocla* Frockkdiugs"? Ei idenrt' of Union Puhng in Luuuiunn ?The New Ollcntl Creacent of the 1Kb asya : There were some later advices received yeaterday from Mississippi 8our?d, or the sea no;;it There la no doubt but what the cneiuy intend to permanently occupy the coast from Biloxl to l'as> Christian. The landing s few days since of the enemy at Hiloxl Indicated their intent* The officers of the expedition were very particular In their inquiries for the latest parera. In landing at tflleil they first came to at Commodore Roblnron's wharf. \V hether our Carondolet haWtue will consider thl? any compliment we are not aware. They, hflWtnrrp. tnoV iflunHlnu. hU u-hiff Inquired for the Mayor of Blloxl; not meeting with him tbey disembarked, and lar.dcd St Captain Brown1* wharf, went to the plntol gallery with aoaie of the 11rat families, ao our informant aaya, took a ''Miille," with withes of re-union between the North and South. These are very siugular proceeding*. HEAD' HEAD'! READ!!! AND Btj CONVINCED AND HE CONVINCED AND BE CONVINCED. Extract from FVfer*arjr si7,1S62. Dayton's Ckmk*rs and Kxcsujlit ? Hotel aa<l Heataar&nt Keeper*. Hntler* , Housekeepers, and Grooe'*'. nhouid oot <aW to teoure a supply of t&o auperior Cracker* and fies, m\oufaciured by Dayton. 466 Itth atrMt, between 6 and H. Dayton ma^afactur** ail kind* ofCak** and Cracker* of the r>eet materia!, aud e*ery ho??? awpur wcu swaip ui mo grr?i ?uporiurur ??i Hie iatrer. when fresh from the ovens, to those skipped from Northern cities, butlers will finl it f really to their interest to examine Darton's Crsokers and Pies before purohasinc elsewhere. We will show the name* of more than a score of Sutlers who have a ted Pi** myufaotarad b* other Bafcert, and were obliged to come to as nnaily, and pay as two do'lars more per hundred

lis viun IV Kvt mu ?i UOJ wuiUU 1110 IBOU OUBIU PW without making th?m Rk. From the Corrispondint of I hi Ntie York Di*paitk. . . . . .?we notjo? with mint peaiure ih* popularity ofonr auterpruinx fellow citinn. Jm L. iteyton, in tbe H&kery bu?in is in this oitr. tai* auoo*aa hu oeen named by the exoelleDceof taia gooda. W. Warn that members of the Sanitary Com miUee have ate of hie Fiea, and erocounoe tb?m healthful; and we man aay in fuatioe, That neror eartook of more doltoioue Fiea iu our i.fe Sutlera from every aeolion and FamiUea Itota all quartere of the eity, send to hia Bakery. Wo strong 1* invite families to try oar DAYTON'S Bakery, 496 Kiere'nth itreet. inn as-tf Between G and H. thQ tTntH'&,c T H K tiOSLVTVti RB8TAVR&IVT, #47 rCNNBYLViNIA AVKNUB, Socth t4ir?, (Formerly of Now York,) Hat Uto aarno ud fain* of beiui Out of the Bust Restaurants m Toten U7"6ivo ua a trial. and Jade* m JO% I K?ir> ?>ilnaja tha kiouta i? ^ _ xsr ? ' mh U-ln my (j| attic. ^HB MERCHANTS BXPBK98 COMPANY aMmfflSOZx srzxinz?' ? WlUk>N. iMkUT*. W. ^w'amiud o*R K? ***** *mtif Cmw BUUon It >u* tur im>? .v >???? ?- -I ,,'? OFFICIAL. Treasury department, March 21, 1*62. Holder* of bonds of tbe loitei States dated October I, IWl, and payabla throe yrars Irvm flllr OTA liAOaKtt lx\l i lUat Kaa \ I v ut.1 t w/ iivtiavu mat j'iu ? iwt'ii nan utm nude for (h?> payment, 4a ?\oln, of the coupon* of fjin|.?ii?i]al Inter-M which wlU ketone due on the t?t April, proximo agreeably t? their tenc?, by the Trtaturer of tbt I altud g'attm' Wa?blngt?n, by tbe A?*Utant Treasurer at Bo#toof \ew l'ork, and Philadelphia, sid by tli* !> t pomory oi the UnlU-4 ^'aU?? at Ciaclnuatl, Obk?. A It tor h cou poM, together with ?l hcdu ie? s bowuuz the nnmtirr <?f cirh ro?ipon, arvd tb# wit* gate Him ?C cach parcel, must he presented for exninlaattoa and verification at Iwai fkrce full bmslnm d?T" before payment 5. P. CHA8K, infc_|3 dt apl fccrstart of ?h? Tr?*mjrv tSL*t;|t.Y JHtrAttTMKNT, F?xviri 4, ltM. Novr* m ubrkpt !*?? of the rtAdlufM of tii:a Ucp*rtmf*;it to r<*d*em th? Tr?iMiry nr?tw payable in onr year m>m aaic, r uniorizca ny me act of Conj?rc*? approved December i'Jd, I-5J7, and tbe Treasury notea payable tn alxty dnya from date, authorized by th? act olTCongrfta approved id March, 1061. Interest on Trcariry notea of thv above i?auea wttl ceaae on the 7th day of April next by terraa of thoae acts reapectivcly. fe3-tap7 Department of state, \V*?hisotow, January *5, liW. i ne r?rcrerary 01 cwie wui nercaner receipt Membera of Congrea* on bualneaa on Patardayt, commenalng with Satcrday, the Hut of next moatfe. Jan f!-Xt WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, iiltilT 91. i-*w. O&dsrij), That the War Department will be cloaed Tneaday*, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday* against all other baalne?a but that which relate* to active military operations in the fl*ld. Saturday* will be devoted to the businn* of Senator* and Representative*. Monday* to tbe business of tbe Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, ja ifci-tf Secretary of War. \f RS. BATON, _ 1"1 FA?niO^ABLK DllMMtm, Han removed froin 4*4 Tenth street to 469 1 street, between 8th and Sth.sonth aid?. 8 T. Taylor's dresscutttng ru.e by Mm h. mh 13-lm* pROPOSALO FOR WOQl>, 1>kpot 0>?*Ribbma?tw*> Office. ) n f ID hnmJ(* itvrmi t. i Wuthttao*. Marfch illttH.S SKAI.trj Proposal* Wlil h? r*o#lv?d at thin oflioft until MONDAY, (he tfl?t dar ?> March at 12 o'oiocfc .>1 , to fnrmsh ttw tioop* tn lUiaeitT ?u<i its vioiiiity, north c-f tU? Po'onww rsvir, *itnin (5) five mil*a of th? oity of Wanh'.nrton. with Wood lor 16) sik month*.eonircnnciT.c on tl;? Ut d&T of A nril. 1WU. a.nd rii.iu c rk<? S?tli .!?t of Sflrt -,.,!j?r. 1362. * The Wood to l?e of the tnabty of ?ak or hiokory, and to Ih> delivered at th - ctm?i or (uvters fl tie troop-, in anch qoautitie* and at ?uch times as the Of pot tjuartermteter mar direct. Payment* to l>e made at ti e erri of e*r!i moctti. upon the return by the cou'raetor of the order* d<awn upon lum. Tti? d*li?erT of the Wood ordered mu?t he ?ih>wti hy the receipt <4 the et?o*?r fAMHiniiv ># i f vi ii * al* *a kim.unt <1 a! I i-arul I a.. f ? v?-i ? III) ? * I It VI J lin HIV \J"l I ? VI f Wi. " dorani upon tfio Wiwt n-?irred far rrjiniM iw, hrisad*i>t t?r division* rami he re<-e>?t<?<i for h? the n'iaMtr ivstler*. The projv?**ji.!s tnnM npnoifr tbw prT'e ter cy?r4 of (liRi one linr.<1rr*l ?n<l tweiit? euUl oow? feet, and mint be piaiu y i<t%rke>t " J?>r VV.xmI." The of hH^r ?e #?<I th# wnfiaot, k/\i<U t * Kii i * .. I.. ... M. ... - I .A oii"Ui i i*. tjr: onoiyvJ ?? u- ?i* in ? ** ??? hj two re?ponai*>ie per?">D*.?lio*?m*niMjree in?*l be *ppcude<I to the gu&rftciae. Hie rf?*pon?it-iiit? n( the innajiloi* ir.rpt tr 8h"Wii ' ? the o(R;>i%. norttic Me f* the e;?rii (if tl-e i:?R'-?ft limtrmt o"Uil rr ol ti?o I,'rated SMitte* <! ?tnot&Uomej. Binder* inn?t he pre*<?rit ir *erm?n wl>e;; tbe>! *? are opened ?* tU?-?r profundi* vtui ;,ut t>V?oon*idexr>?l. Hoods. In ttieeumol ten lf>ou*%n<ldo!lM*. tcn?' h* I h? nnitf rft^liir anH ^ith nf hi?* mtl! bo required oi the *ncjti?iui li.dd*i ?p<>n gulag the sontraot. f lie rixUt to rejeot nor or all bi?? that may he deemed too huh is reserved hy the lVpvt Quarterinftater infnriiift.' nrnnnM e will ).? T*i?^otiwl form (if fiuarnn'.tt. We , el the conntr of . %n?l H%t? of,??.And .of ihe ooauty ul , a?l ftate of , do liereb? gttaraM? that- J* able to fulfil a contract in a^oo-tfanoe witb the termirof ht> proportion, an<l thM. ?' oni?l hi? pro po*iwt>u be aoceptM, lie will at otoeen?et ii.L- a ooctraot m aooordanoe therewith. Should the contract be awardod him we are jrtpared to become his ee< unties. (To this KUir&ntee mnst be ! tbe certificate above mentioned ) D H. RUCKKH. nib 12 dtd Colonei and yuarte: master. tt WORDS FOR I'K LL8ENT A TlOf* TIFFANY fc t'O., N?>?. *'? U444U Hroai>w*v,-Niw Yoa*. And No. 19 H t'l Kicbklibt, Pari*. IMPORTERS AMD MANUFACTURERS OF ALL hOF MILITARY. WARh?. Sohoit the attention ?f Cine ?nd Military A?aooiationa. Command* on National or 9tate ervioe, Patnutio Glaba and individual to thair iarj? look 01 RICH STAFF AND DRESS ARMY AND NAVY SWOK.DS. Their atsortment inoludeg the choioeat BLADES OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE, l.leiitic*'. with tHoM in&de for Wilkinson, of London, worn fey tlwi officer* ol th? Brititb Army, luid oak ??prove<i by exj*rit?ceu Ettropa&n authorities the elegantl# w<oo*M BLADES OF SOL1M6EX ON TUE JtHlNli, in Ghre uid finish the recpgbixed modern types ol tlie oelfDratec Varnuse*} Slut; the exoeilful and serviceable BLADfcS OF COLLINS, OF HARTF0&9. B eei'iee those of other domeeho faltrtoan ta. The mouctinca of the ail caseeexe cn'ed within the establishment, wiil be found to coBipaaeall retmsita styles oiorajuneutation. ttie aoabbard* being ofS?iLV*i.S?TLv*K wilt. Br<>m?, Plain or t i&* txiLr^siLvaa 1'mtko. Bukii'iiu) Stbil, Rich eathix, e?o .with t>*ndaof Plaix, I Cba??l or Kmbo-cbd Btlt. or Solid ?iirwa; tne I Smira and Guaki* ot the same variety or material and finish, and of either rccwauoc pattern or original design Should an artiofe of Uxi*aORDINA*T i of a riehneaa and costliness not repreaenied in stock, be required for presentation, the oapaujir ties of the e?tabiisbinent for the maun (act n ra ol tie ohuioeat works in cokl and silver, and ita teaArm. 1 apfiatiil ??- "" -* 4 ~ a. u?uu i oBwiuuo* ai o mmouai |u?iailW50| VI tt??au?factory and rpeetiy production. In answer to orders, designs and estimates will be promptly fonmw. Individual* purchasing Swoid* 9l Tiffany & Co. are informed that ev<*ry Made is subjected to tests even mote eevere thaii tuose enjoined by Government. beiore it ii placed on sale?the testing bloot is ?n the eatabuetiraeai. and at the oommaad of all , wLo j> oter ituic<x :&te proof of the exoelletce of th. \r fords. . ...... f?t>-lm ' ./""sOYBTliRS?OYBTKKi- /A ^fcr ov^hus of thA MM ka 0>d O rer i) and Avenue. _jnh IZ 1 in* AVRK3 <t CO. CARRU.KS^^^ fjftUAm!! . Rl- PAM?l7,i#h,a?'J4J*3! !? >' CARRIA?M $9SSggp"t AMERICAN AND KNai mu , jPAfWTB AND VARNHSBE8 I 'KNTLKMKNS KKAUY MADE 6ARM N|Ss CQ A LO^NPt>ritMT8. 2' *jLp?,or??|* ntunM,i?vtFritti ulf fcaSTsa low prioM. (vrewr! T wr^HeUhilo' ... rf#i < !< ??* ?* ??> ?* . . , i { .t 340 PENNSYLVANIA ATlNtlB. E9IILE mTPRE. " Jn#5 Kpct'i*** and A nn<t ?*?< I M? ?t??ck rhi<ioe J ,1 M I LI U li O C E K I B 8, r<vn?1*tlng of: ??U8AKP, ri all Rra<lc?, TEAH, COFPBK, HCTTfcR. t- f.onn. MAlLT.AIHXf CMOOOLAfK, *e., AU < ! which be offer* at lovr??t c*?b riKb'd CKLKBAATKl) W HlSHIfcS. 500 barrcto Magnolia, ,v?o barrrla XXX, 54*i barrel* Miller* R ye M?ncng?hela, barrrla in? Old Ry?, MM) barrel* Ane Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. ATI Ibe favorite brand* M CHAMPAGNE. Murr.m Verxeny, Green Seal, Hrid*lck, wblch, br'ng bonght low, we offer at uaofu&lly low ratre. A I*o, Sole Affect for PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. frh U-tf 0MITH A?n BROTHER'S NSW YORK PPFPP AA T.L FEF.KKKK PFM' AVA tfc ^EEE^I Pi' PPP A A A A hL KK FP ri'P AA AA LC F.KKK PPPP AA AA LL KKKK PP AAA AAA A LL K K rF . AA AA LL KB PP A A A A LLLLLL EEEEEEE PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEKEEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XX\ XXX XXX XXX XXX XVX X*X *XX XXX XXX XXX XX\ XXX XXX XXX XXX AXXX.X XX X X X XX X XX XX XX xxxx. X X X X XXXXX XXXXX X X XX X xxx. xxx jcxxxxx xnxxx XXX xxx *XX XXX xxx xxx m m \w m \\\ AVA H: Plggll A AAA .li r,h A AAA A jL KG aV AAA\ ? ' Ifell A \ A A A A A A 1.1. PR AA AA l.L fee A \ A A i.LLLLLL KfcEELEK AA AA LLLLLLL EBEEKEE 60iu1ob anoru ai.r, imirtkh, anu eitha brown ihtoc't, 1% WXt-l'i Ha./, ?*'f V**"** BR R\V Fill I R<!M THK rRllli'FHT bAKLEY MAT.T AND HOFti. HHKIV KM V, 1. m pfiwffn 7 in p. r*?t iij * 1 Iki L* II! V <1U U nn n I ? 'n >. ft- Tl dtjHt I?VERY PERSON'S INTEREST-Tbat fiw Fj ?took ?r Ci'ttims for *a!?? or^r ?*!t?* Jevelry Wl/tra i * r?f*?f ?\H ? ?? " l?? *" '* m-J w? t ii w - t - - u *'? ? ? . :> i? " ? I?* i J" I n'rv ? St SMITH'S, No. 4toO Serocth Poet Office frh*'PHK PKOi'LK'? riurHlhtt blORK, No. 1 460 seventh e\ Aitc alie?Kl! N?w arrjva! of Sparc G'hxJs.*. 1 tlx* Wt#it?u<u of Clothing, at No. 4fo0 Seventh near K f#?? im l/OK hALK?A 6a* Block of Clottuoc, Furnish r in^Hoo'U.Tiunki, ilat?an<1 Caps> at whole ale prices, at No 4*6 sereota atroet, opposite , Post Offloe. fe Jt 3n? CJhNT't) FnraiahtBg (foods, freak*. Clolhia*, Trunks, H&u &l*1 Cap*, all at Northe-n >'ioe?, at the !><>>! ' CloUunc ?tnr?. No. 4?0 7Xh atre t. WHiKTS, SHIRTS. SHIRTS!?Jail reoeive* O l<ft <io*en Sb.rt*. whioh we ofler at old ariooa, fSMIfHH No. 4KAlW.Mk.( r? n-tm ??UT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! CUT THIS ADVERTI8KMENT OUT! AND BRING 7T" WITH VO? ! The aubwsrttor irl!l in the nr *f p?r ii&M or io?u, imtll id ma for ?aort mtkkU, on DIAMONDS, WATCH KB. VALUABLE JEWEL!*, or any description of satisfactory securities. iir Wr or rentleraan who wooJd like to obcaui a row dollars temporarily, in a ?u?et manner, way do mo PT ftpplylnc at 4*6 UUt street, between 6 %?d H, from 11 to i o'clock. fs It-lm gOOTS AND SIIOgS^TO SUIT THE Ws art aow manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and SH9E?l ?id constantly reoeirm^ a^| upp.j i'i cMieri nutae wors 01 every a?-fa| senru'n, madeexpreeeW to order, and mllfW| be told At acftioh lower prioe than bat been* vVte he'etufore charged lb Una oily lor much inferior trticle*. Penaona in want of Boot* and Sboea of eaet^ra or otty made work, will aiwaya find a food aeaort meet lb store and at the loirjeym^ea^ tthre^ae a ayt-r 3l*^?nMiy^lvania aTenee. j*mmm vim /v ttttr k t a ZFURN1TURE ! FURNITURE! I of tkt firm of Moieit PackSirnPhllwl**,) Manufacturer will Who.e^le a.nd Ret*] OMitr ia i:\n^ Mt Clmxk Cotuc^ rarlor ai^a Diniiu room Furuiture?Thora'? Bttildir f, *09 mtmIa " Ererrnflrtr of UPHOL8TERIN0 promptly an* neatly exocatad; gt?nw mm day aad *T*ain? U*i tha aaconmada Cob of tiw pablie. Puichaeara will study tLau iatoreat to aaU Mart iQokinf aUowfc are. jtW CURE?CORNS?BUNIONS, MR. FKR0R1AT. SmamC^ropodMrf, from fan*, bag*to io/ora you taal he oaa e&eotaally remove Corna and Bam ana. witboatpain, ea that the* hoe can be wars imaK JOaly ti>er the operation, without ir.oonvenijaoe. Alao ra??**e Wartaand other aaperflaona fWb^?n the tiandi, o that they will appear ?ma!l and de io*.t*. No. If tltatreat, near City Hall. Chanree iodfr*tf. JCT* Refers to the dooton of Waeltufton jetier HIT. fcJI'RINe CA881MKRK3, Also. medium wM nStj tl SSW?1BS^ U?1 Cmii m?r*e. ' OftTftU. Neck Ti?e? ( ro &*, P. ckal lUndkereiiiei*, I ndereiurto. PrMrere *<J. j , ? . 0?r Northern *r.d hMtarn eorreetondeoU #e?4 ?OM^frtMoS^T. thMi?U?J OMh eUndi.rU r?lne. narked in flata fitoree. An inspection of stock laenr* no obliniiee * ^DAM8 KXPUaB_COMPANY. NOTICE OW MXMOTAL. . Vfe* 4?Hvery o?o? of this *MiMf U rtM^ smmm&i ho|9M ?z: w&pitoJt'E^SfEbtr-jcB > J r*f ^ I vn* wm Mi/i v/ o?r * .. Mi nwlUil Ftmitf ni MatKlalac I |NMt fwMT ?ff It fwDq ill In ? W In*4 I* ? ? i?w I* fvti M M4?TMTtl?| TllW?-#(U, I* ?4.w? Wm*U >?. pw ? ? f plW , ++# imi I ^ Wmm ' ft M WW* >? ?? !? w *? # ? ?? ?" n limiiMT m?H tta u IV MklmtiM urn ?? ? km mat* T*? Dmif fit* drtiKH M ffCMrslly t?ro?*H?w1 IM outrrnyHt?nl? coplna (U r*>pfrt m* Im r? ?ar?4 si tk* coaetn, Immediate!* Or i lac peper r'.o*-TBK?B rf;NT* DENTISTRY, |\R. J. H. 1'fc.ABODY, 1' D M If Tt ST, Alton It toft!: of hi* profeamoa ?t tM moat r?u* tm* ?Uioii guuU uf ?r?ti4>o? c\n he performed ^mmgf * OB ? No. VTS KMn'fiur<l <*'1 " ?u*wwo? housa, in butiuiiii ten pr. coo a d* 0 nh?lt?*.1M " w ? | -. 5k A8s^Ji.^I?S(3"W*? "issr ipnipiii 'i m omo? * V*??i Htf t' t?*h ?i xtB3S' *r nof ??ar r>th<?r?. no r?r*?s ?M W oliw* *r .?*nnot Ir?f % Pfr? c? tuylirj a> >nj r* <***?? ?*?>''? * with en* rttlf ai?J wn*? ?i Tmki %to?f ?>*? kbI to rhn?* who m Hi"" *** *nf? Mail tt-e ?*** ?. C>?*re?t. rtri ucMCMii u>o?t ??rf<?rt <4*: tut* ta?t art ?*m Un MlNKRAL PLATE aril! * onfdtl* vwrtvM, K' oni? ia Uuaoili ?No. *?" Vt.?e.! *h *!ui ; 4b ?:*. A*?o. ?07 Area nr??t rbll***! rH??. M. rttiBLU RT HOTEL!n. JDF^TTIST * (>. TS < . P v. v !\. . * . i ? > ? ? ? * * tfBTWMH ?TU AW II lOTH STf. t i?v:H, _ J\!KW ANU IMI'JtOvKD INVENTION n M ttttrfciai. chkorr.mxrt hopm T K K T 1. Wifuii KCTAL PitTloiOuirin*. H. H *ieK<aMONl>. 11* Ff?Ai0%y. firm j'?ry.4* *M, tiiiWHi I2lt A*.! iS'H (!., !*? -> amrto". Cfrl'f the )*?!.Uoa ot Ut? pubtiu t/? ti:<? l?!lowtn? of Me mpreeed sveteiR . 1. fl?* Isflh of ma i.i*c?f?otcre v. CNw B**?r enrod* nPi ?hAr.c? orkr hy fcri<!?, beio* thr*e-fovrtfcr "*tt?r thM Mr other. X. No teeth or root* b??d : ? niJMt?i, a* Uf ftrti|6ial obn ??*n he lnn^rte-i orer thetj. S. Tf.f root* viU ?r tiftde latrtTeneive. ?a trrm e fcsbe. ?. No temroiary teeth i" o?e<ied. *? r?<^nenet* mm oar. be irt-i# ini?neui?lel?. th?ret>? ??? Jp* h c of Ui? faoo, wu*n to:* B? Ci<i at?t?0i i? frofuenti/ <ii#f.|ar*?. ^l*?n t?a? UWUM1 oror IT* Dy IDfcPf 01 thfi ctst OhtQUlU lod f w?tAi|pf Uui *i!f.JKTv.0I1^fc Whl* ~??tr?OtiTO met^ ' *nltl the mo?t oluuv* tMl o*u belli.*] without au build u? ? ?erf?c?, Bocad tooth on *ny <! root#, whiob wu; i* ?? thronfh lifetime. T.:e beat of raferenoes cirtn-to Or. V- Matt. Dr Lvromne, Frof?<?*or orChemiatrr, N. tfoa Ja-le* Wayne. of the f*vrrrm* 0?art of Waakioc ton, and Uioaeacda of other*. Call and ex&ciine for yoaraatf. nol-tia GASTFITTING, kc. AW M V. OOUE * OO. __ ^ KK flew ri(Mr?4 tc execat* air er?en TtU wnieh inar &f nyorfi in tfte ffctMtJlNi. ?Atf OR 8TKAM PlTViNC PW8INKPH fry 8tor* *r at* street, a ftw 4**rt Mrtk ( Pa, arm*, wherr scar ha foard a eoaifteie aaaertaaai ttOHANnKi.iKIMuiatk.aiii H?T.u..i r tTH ki tr W9 A 3 PIXtl KEI. K Riff <u xtor- ?r,?t fcrw rtai y raoMTtng, A 5 tllTC KMHoinitir*;; New P*t|?>n??nd D*iin? udFiiusn, ?n***>or ie r *! to tByuunf ffernd in i!u* m**keL Wo icv.ieeiLter r to M : *:.l ex^min^ o*i r ft-vk of ?iJ W ? ? Pix* ?r<w,f?ehoi eocSdaot k?T? U>t t t?.?cW stock io W%*. iztlcn. Ail \\ orfc ib >fc? ?' ?? ? b# ibtr??te4 k r* h;i will t* pr? aiiecded U fcYMRS * *sllA1, Mr S7? P?c??r. AMERICAN WATCHES FUR AMbKlCAMSr . !*I?r? 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