Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1862 Page 2
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\ i ~\t? >tar. ? ARLINGTON CITT RiTCR'lAT *IAK<*M ?? flMfc i tC^Thw.jfb Tww >T4* ! pr'n'-^d th? fttfV wt * im pr?*? In t??? ao3th of HuH'mcr*. !! edition t? ao larjre *? to r ulre It to he f i* to pr??M at an 1 eaaly boar: .J ,'r?r>i'?wr?t j, therefore, *hou'd be I eat ia before 1* e'eiock ctbervrlae they may sot arrenr nnttl tL? n< rt dav. - r Ol* Fin*-* at the v&rloa* miiit&rv cam pa ar.d pr?1t' orb will confer a favor by keeping: ua pn?V-d m to UKTetorata acd affn!r? In the'.r Tlc'nlttea Spirit < the Marnlnt Treaa. The Intrlh ftnett treata on "English menu" of the principle and reaulta of the Na tlona* conttat. Tbe krpvblicam, In reference to the rnmor that tbe next discourse before the Washington Lecture A? ?elation at tiie Smithsonian Is to be de1'eered bv Fred. D 'O^lan, myg that "r.o proposition hi? e>er been made to or en'ertained by the V." ishlngton Lecture Association to InviV Mr. Douglass to lectors before theao, although a large number of member* of Cor great and other distinguished gentlemen have arged Its propriety." They sdd, however, "thst if, this year, or the next, the Association sees proper to avcU it?e.f of this distinguished and eloquent Virginian's talent* as a lecturer, it will do so, in defiance of any pro-slavery opposition or mobs which the enemie* of freedom can rally.'' "Thk R*vlbs Field Pie?-8s asd New Fitir Artulcst or Ector*, with !-oxk Accppst or Or* Own "?Pampb'ei, with **o diagram* Washington, ISO*.* Frsnck Tsy'er. Prlcc Tin r?i? This is tbe tbc Sr.ttsl uf ?he many p'jb t. a i ? ? * m. # J a? . ?_ t iicauon* woicn nave r-een nrreti irom me aiu?ed of the war, ae at ninl mm sprouted from the >11 where the dragon's lei to had i*<eii sown by Cadir.jii. We fl*d a ropy of it en our editor'* able, ' from the publisher It d?e? not seem elemcn'ary lit i's f-bararter, 3nd tbo-?e In need cf the A, B, C of artillery w?uid ptoba'jly l.e d'sappointed ia 'he treatise. Neither is it a " popular" beok, in the sense Jn which that term is u*ed ordinarily wfceu descib Ing ptihllratlois on physiology, ch?-mi*try, i?r comparative anatomy, in words of one cylltbie. for children Ave rer.m old. Thin ta what It in not. What it is mav perhaps b?*t b* gathered frrm tt? criticisms of a ccteonporary, from whl'h we copy the following n. tnct"It is an ace of artllterv. tiie *ubiec.t r*?ce!vpd a more w?lld and practical development In tue Crimean and Sardinian war* than perhaps in the hundred yeara which preceded them, and this haa again been largely amplified by the coatly aerlea ol Investigation, tt-ate, triala, and practice of mar y of tte military I'owera of Europe at nee <Uat time. 'It la tLe vrisb to bring tho>e Taluable result" within the ready re?cb of all, that baa prompted the present f liaphUt, wh!< l? 1s to be Mild ?' 50 enta. There Ik little ?o be pattered from ita page* which may not be obttiued by anv on* who pre.'ers to send to Europe for tbe many volume* of bongs, of report? of commissions, of military ana ecie ?lisc journiia tT England, J France, aad Gernri y, appearing mi tL!a nbje t j tluriui; the prea^nt i d two preceding >tsRra n<.d from which this iitt. '"rKhure ia ahn*< w Loliv e??mplled; b-jt In tb1a Jattt-r day of progrtaa' U ia I aaubject of pratalatlcn tLat so rnticL knowledge j i abonld be made portable in a amall apace, aud { rendered easily act easlbie to all ' It baa little or nothing elementary; it rather j i d?als with re?ul??; much of novelty there la, but \ \ nn mr>?a i># f V? Anallln ? ' .. I . ? ! iv mi>- v i?? >hc i^uiutv '? ui n'Oin j ?naii wr*n ? it li.r-ad c nn?*ct*a!4 ?l?> v&rion* aubj^cta of (be | ompuatioi " { KiVit!, Ta'.lor?li afford* ni pleasure to! W~ akf? ?. .. ?L.4 ?V - r* 1 J - * * ? * * ' uv au.c ii' h) iuci iur rrwi'i ai L a ifi.ucua i to Bavard Taylor, the dlatinguiobed American . traveler, llterateur, and i^cturer th- pott of -ier-etary of our Legation a* :?t Feteraburg, a position be 5a peculiarly w?ll sdapted !o ail with credit to himself and utility to his country. { Lut ertcliig llim understood lb*; Mr Taylor j had accepted the I'resident's tender *o worthily j i.-e* tewed. -?mp mmbl?, vrf .i Known throughout tLe | eouatrv for Let dramatic power anl the puti'?v J and wre-iifM of Let voice, offers a great treat to : lcveraofliterature tfcUevcnlnf She is ausounc- d to read 5ha*speare a great play of Henry V . at IMllaris' Concert Hall. The pro:teda arr to go to he ?ani'?i y Cnmmtaslcn fer the fceneflt of ?lck and wounded aold'*rs and sallora Lowim Fosanr. the renowued tragfd'.aa. whe has tru plavtiiz to riowdtdhnuaes in RaitImnr# the prearntwoek, will eonureoc*; an engagement I at Fcrd'a Ath?-u<-urr. on Monday tight, bring bis rat appearance In tble city for ttveol jearn Hit last engagcui?ut ct re was at the old National. i'.d bit toat of admirers will no doubt gladly ball hl? reappearance Rev. I)* B. F Tbfit, a yonng end talented clergy mau from Maine, will discourse In the House *f Representatives tomorrow morning, at 11 o'clock His subject will be 'Tbe present civil war, and the proper basis of tto?: forthcoming peace." Ma. Nicolat ?John G. Nlcolay, the President's Private Secretary, left Washington iaat night for his borne, In Illinois John Hay, E-o . Mr. N today's assent, will act u the President's Private Secretary pro ttn |?7"From StUllngion, Odron Building, we have the Continental Monthly for April, lu editor's table Is ^specially good, and we dare say that '-Maee Stoper" baa a hand it. irr P^rt 11 of Prank M<? >. o-i?? It on jut received, bu g<x d llkenwc i of Gen HalWk cod the late Maj Wlnthrop. Tk? li|kt at Pea Ridg? [Coceapondence of The Shir.] P*a R;mi Battl* Gaor*o. March 10. 16ft! ? Editor Star : A Hn* aft*.- a big flgbt, ri.rht from a spot wtere Iowa carried off all the bocon, and eot cut i?U to piec-a, may cot etmc ami.'i Gon. Vail Dfifn. with 1(1 tUfi trnnnm ?MaoV^ -? ***** ~ J -- , . ??? m - 4 VU( lime army oo the morning of tbe 7th. having taken a Celt ton on our rigbt flank. We fought al! > p?tb. and fonr beors tbcWh.wb?*n thcyfltd in coofualou. The Fonrth Division, compueed of Iowa troope, mostly fought the battle the first I day. and covered therm#-! v?s all over with glorv Sea IHdge's brig*d?* (the first) get* tbe credit ' cf boldng In check for ten hour* someB.Wi of the enemy, and eighteen plecee of ariillerv Our 1 Ices ?u frlhle?out of 548 men who wont uin the flxbt from the 4th Iowa, their loss wis l>-?5 ( killed and wcnuded. Tbey run ou' of amm.init *i? near dark, when th*v fixed bayonets and held tke em my at bay without a shot In tbelr 2UU The itfh Iowa lost 22t) killed and wounded; they lost a lary.e number when they fell back and were B>?'re exposed. Gen. Dodge covered his me& behind a ridge and fired over, and the enemy charged ?s eiibt tline* with fresh tires, out we never give an Inch. It is a great victory, ar-d the enemy's !oa? is very *e*ere Uoa Bra M'Culioujjh, Brig, (ten Slack, and 1 Brig ??n. McIdUmo. wrere killed; Col. Reeve*, I mortallv wounded; Cola Burba^e and Hebarl. I I jk ?*-t ? tm, * rm. - - HWA>jw iiucscr, Magerousiy wounded, on ttr enen>> aide. ? On cor aide we loat Col. flendrlcka, of Indian*, ki.led. Geo. Aaboi h, wounded; Co*. Cora, 3d IIIInol? ?aralrj, -jroaaded, Col t*intth. 35th Illinois i Infantry,wounded; <V. Vernon. 9tb Iow.t,wound?<?1. Fftso>i?r?? Mtjor Coyle, <Mh Iuwa; Lt. Col. i Ugti, 4th Illinois In Ora. '? brigad' rrv fl'.'ld ?#<? ? waa ?aa?M. Tb? Iowa i'oofw ei>jjagtd were? 4tk v.d Mb < intauU) tud 31 cavalry, L'.eut Col. Trimble wounded The lat lovn battf*i;-in? '* vi,IaJ - - ? , >W and wo ind'-d. 3d I .iltery?18 kiii?d and wound?d Tfcf 3d 1 *? cafnfry Io?i *7 killed In om charge. fbe fourth jy.tltiua iost mot: %l: th# killed R-d wourtdcd; It went into tLe JUid with about U u? flgbt'ng aiea. *''d Its loaa n 000 killed and woundrd Ouf whole l'? will net txcted 1,000 w ? go forwnrd la the morning. I trust that Iowa t com Uit fought alt day,<*nd tw? reginwrto * ?o'p In oa# d?? than al* d'd ?t ? !">??' ' will n?**. hr )?M a#?<f< u Ratuo took "tie ?f cut *> > >? prioouar, and Wheu he f<u:id Who J JLht'og hi* division ho arnt Gen ?>od*c bia ' otapllmesu, and Mid vra fought bovonf arjr tfcing ht over mw "*orDe of th? trcopa would give wiy under a gUlng fi*t, hot Iowa kooo %?ould i.o( fiv* a* t?c*. I ae ver aaw saah work The V h Iowa battery luot ibr<*e guoa. Wo hold 1 to i ar?, but cosu ar 1 ,ic^ thrm ouc? or 'Wtea. ' *~ arc o. ca ouiM^Eia aaa W? . I hte :? rxpoM oar btt'?ri?* to drive them (*ck. j U 'be ?:Urrajoa oar gun* run oat of mnnuliion | J iad tad to Irt-ve ti* 4?id. Oca i~d tLres I 1 andrr aap.. ?ndo3? vr ;a i-.Ud, ij?rf.! . j:H f ' m: bu i i fci? < ?r<'? ! mo# rr* > ou: wf 1 believe low* ua? ? jje.'d not hut i IftUlaagfct * OUR MILITARY BUDGET. *StH L IBIXLD* TO HI* MIN Genertl bns tendered the following ! itirrlnp congratulatory addreM to the men of bi* command : /ftndifunrtfr* Shields1 Division. J \VInchest*-r, Vm , March 25, > Brigadier General Shields congratulate* the nfllcfrs end soldier* ut hta command upon the glorious victory achieved by them on the *23d Instant, near Wlncheatrr, Va. They defeated an enemy whose forces out. numbered theirs, snd who were considered the bravest and best disciplined of the Confederate rmy. He aWo congratulates them that it ha* fallen to their lot to open the campalan on the Potomac The opening has been splendid * access. Let #Korr> 'nsori^a i(U*inok^?t?r') nnAn tKplr hsnnpfi and prepare fcr other victories. By command of Brigadier General Shield* B. G AftM4TKO*s, Major and A. A. General. sun n so ruimt occipikd. By the Steamer Mount Washington, whiru rr. rlred from the iowm Potomac la^t night, we learn idbi bocui i?" men ci me fticeisior un^aue crowed over yesterday,end took po?se?.iloii of the Shipping Point batterier The American flag wan raNed there yesterday afternoon, iu the >0^....* Ar . A# ?l.4i u ~.A ?kA I vt a laipC uuiuuti vt ?ut uuiixia attu tuc men; cue of toe band* ereet'njj Its ascension to the top of the staff which lately bore the secession fla#, bv playing the "Star Spangled Udnrer."' Aside from one or two roiminn cavalry companies, the rebels have all left the neighborhood. The Kiig i'hilllp left this morning for old J oint, taking down a large number rr prn?ior?, Members of the House, and omer dlgnltari'i, who go down U? tee the Monitor. THI MKilKIMlC. There ! re ?ily danger that the rclni* will not dare to let the Mfrrimac venture to come put from her tiding place behind the guns of the rebel fortitrations on the bjrka oJ blictheth river. <jr??at ar.x'rty exists among our naval officer* who await her appearance among them, least *he may not ventnre to rout out TTIi: ?TSAMER rK!*?4COlA R ports fcavr ieachrd uere that the. steamship I'enncoia, ?-t.: b bas ^cnf to the Gulf, doe* not promts iu'jcIi Hi lency on eceount or the baa work of her engines, which were built as an experiment. Thty '-cutoff" at it quarter o( the stroke, aad tbc foundations are said to be weak. 5CLARP !*rMBIR TEN. \'p to noon to-day, the Government here had received no advices whatever for thirty-Mix hours from Cairo, relative to the condition of affairs at U #*# r.1 V'? %4\ oiiu in uit ..tinny ?i i?iani? .w iu. ARCOCT1XO KXPI.OIT OX THI IWtl! PoTOMAt ? TFX THIS RA>6BR8 rAPTCRfcU Two aqnadronsbf !?e Fir*t New JeneygCavalry, rn^erthecoirimaud ??f Col. Wlndhaw, on Thursday rurrouuded a company of Texan Rangers, near I>uir.frie* tw?!ve mile* below the Occoquan. A few shot* were flred on both tides without injury, excepting that onctaf our men wis slightly wounded in the wrist. I>n Drisoners wr re taken and O.'t uytittc Washington. Uur troop* captured a numb-r of wagon* ioaded wl?h wbut owin^ to the want of horses we.t unable to bring ofT only .'uur of them to their camp. TEAN COMMCN<CATI<<S ?KTWKE!? roRTRKM MOSrok and wa'hiygtos. Arrangement* are nearly cotnolefed for eitabl'.shlmr a lire of >tecn<rra between Washington and Kortreai Monroe, ao aa to rcur*-a daily arrlvsl, tbe trip Ik to b* made In nine houra. The proprietor will extend facilities for carrying the maiia and lk la more *h?a pri bable the Post Offlec und War Dpnartir* t* III ^nrimrow tho p.-I*. G'OiYfc K JH&8 IVh'AL. IX&VlJth C05IWKKSS?*ec?nd 3 8Na t k ?A It our report clrn-d yesterday? I be blil to rfrfund certain dutteaon arm* Impor?<-d by wan co'ildwd tod paaard. Thr Naval Appropriation hill vaa iben take; up. and after btrlntf amended by lntcrting an appropriation of ?763 1 for completlug" Hte ou? Miiriii wa? I'aeiru. The Senate ad)ourned to Mondav, lforss ?After our isport closed? 1 he consul?a' on of tbe Tax bUl occupied the remainder of tbe day The Route adjsumed to Monday. FALtanuoM or ihk English F*i?s ?The proi.-cMuf <l?-tecu and dtap*la, one by one, tu'r f?l*eho?<!8 with v bleb a part of the Ennli*b pitas ha? attacked tula country Tbe latest ex* po*urr 01 c?ir n.iarr.y is Tbs: made bv Lord John Russell, in bis reply to the mot on foroopleb of correspondence on theanbjectof the blockade. He answers the assertions" ao constantly made 'hive months a^o. of French Intrigue and urgency with th<* F>^lish Cabinet, by a lear and direct denlai that aiiy re,'res ntatioua front the Governni'-nt of F-ance, that It contidered the blockadc Ineffective, have ever boen made to that of England Hat the Time*, ra'ber than confers Its calumny, would dlt'ort his statement as boldly as It lately d!d Lord Derby'a apeech on American affairs, -f5?THF PAHTOR, RKV. W. W RFEBE, >j wi i praacn ic t.a?t vv?ariDKtuL Ma.h dut Pr eetm- Mission. Virgiui% sveniie ar?Jbth it tft eat O MORHOW i-und?y,)at Jl o'clock a.m. tud 7H o'ftlnct "? Th* tni-iio are invited It* (>-5=- .V.KTH PI1OTK8TANT CUUhCH, Uj? MNTH ST.?The Rev. W. Robet. ca tor of t its ohnro;., will p"aob To MORROW (Sabbath) at 11 a n %o1?H p m. A oordial inntaticn isextendsd to si;. It* Tfte*** W ESLF.y CHAPKL- CORNER FIFTH L3 AM) F tTS?K?v B. r*TTON Blows, ^?i!l by Divine permirsion, preach is Wesley C ap?:, to morrow (tftinds.j,)at II o'olcok a. ra , aafi 7S o'o i p. m seats Iree. The pibl'o are invited. It* I (I O F.-The m?Tb?n of METROHO 1 " LIS LODGE. N<> 16 are requesteri to m-et MtiiB he.1 7th ?.t;eet,ou T? MOIROH (Sun <! . AFT^RW'ON, at 2 o' attrnd the l'u.erai of our iate brother, Fdmohl L. Simo>d? Mem^ora in *cv1 Un 'inf of tiatsr fvdget are Ira: emally invited to attend. The -nPT>^?'B will meet THIS EVENING, at 8 <?"c n.&keU.e neoeapary arret'K*ir-enta for the lun-ra:. iij wder of the N. t?. It* WM. A. YATES, Reo.Seo. rrs5*MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.-The semi JsJJ aniiua: m?et itc of the Medical Auooiatioc oTTi. C. wiii be held in the Georgetown Medioa! Co: ?ge. on TTE ?i>A V, Apn' 1st. at 12 o*o!ook u , J. W. H. f-OVllaV m n n"t 29 2t __ _ Secretary. nrg-thtt NKxr kk?wlak monthly LN? Iiiwjtinc of the Board of Truate?e of PU' 1 o m'T'<Ji' ' w* held id the Aldermen's Rooiyi Citt Hall,on ftESBAY AFfKR^OOV. April iit,?t ?f %??r* wm u i>avt<?n, ' m i 23-3t Secretary. nflf*LA^' fK?TLVAL AND FAIR FOR yJf ,,,.ru !!!t,'v"e thVtir,t Church, at parker a Halt,< i ounj men a Chrmtian Aaaootatioajcummeusiac Monoay. March 2?tii, to oontin v mor*- ^*8 a tsoketa si' oenta; aincie ln? *** Ketro-hmsuta of ov?ry ki-d, CanoT ard naefai arti<v#:,, muaicai ana other at'r*'tion?, T -beat two. t? paaa ? p eaaaft n^rin. a& i *p:n<l nionty in % iootf caun?." mh 23-1 w* " VS? MKK.Ofc OK JOINT COMMISSION I q r\lIKO * liTW \NDC08TA RICA, WiTiiHroR, March 12 1S62 ? At a meeting of the Board :d it i*j it waa ordered that the period of two tt >; tin from tln? date te hereby allowed for clainai.ta to file tteir proola acanut the Republic of Coata Hsoa, ard n? exteraion of aaid period will be allowed u- ee* good oauae ahaii be.ahownfor aoch w.h M-2w CHA*. W. DA VIH, Sec. ,re-iiV?-KY ONE'S* IMKKr.ttT-rC THE JJf CITIZENS, aTHANOKRS, A> O SOLDIRKS 1 nave;a?t received & very large and asaonraent of Spring Clothier, which I am it our i?#?llr.? prices, at No. 4?0 rtev mth street, opposite If out Office. near F. f? >7 3m irM TttKUNlOX PRAYER MEETING Will JJ? be fcoldec *r*Tj day thie week in the Lathered 'jorch. (Rev. J. G- But!er*e,) at the ooroer of 1 ttii *1.1: H street*, coroir^i.eing at 4M o'eiook p, nj? ic! oonticued hot ote hoar. la 3D l/OR BALK?\ complete ?et of CAR PEN r rtK'? TuoLS. Alio, a Grindstone, for r*%>h, wilt be sold very low. Addreee *'<!,?" Star office. K U*. TWELVE-MONTHS CERTIFICATES, Ftonrbt ?n4 SoM b? JAY COOKE fc CO., BANKERS, ?s *** Fifi?a>h ttrar>l? "".NOTICE; BOOKS AND STATIONERY ISOLD VERY LOW f J Woiki ocw?Ut?.9*u'tfm?#. 1 uncus'* ** " * JoUi.A.l'VU' " " 10 " WiKfr1! " ? <A???crMfc t dt'.ltfR ) _ L: ua'? . . ftus?a< i ?ru PunUrB, Tbn? Eas^Uh Edition,'* M ) ma e -t?-iU J*p?n I x ed.'ti O. r. fc Ha ..* &'Oeo.otlc*l ru1 at l wo. Mfitioftl BuOks> Kelifiom Bow* > Jt- ?. ?U>., ?tc., ' V^iue*'bf^w'nM?if Mitwft'#, fw. Itk V * ' < f'V -TJ ... J JuiUK, No 109 1'ft.ftV . ntii tM* Nw? SMk ?U*t. i LATE NEWS BV TELEGRAPH. LATEST FROM KORTKESR MONROE. THKENEMYMAKfWQ DEMONSTRATIONS Baltimork, March 99, (from Old Point Comfort, March ??.)?Affaire here remain quiet; ao far at least aa to newa that can with prudence be communicated to the public. Tne weather la wplendid?clear, with gentle wind. "me Kebels nave oeen exceedingly busy ;rtx>tit Pig Point and Craney Island for the lait few days. Togs bave been buy plying to and fro, and It la supposed that they are strengthening their fortifications all along, from Craney Island to the point. They have also Increased their forces In that vicinity, or. for rfleet, their camps have been advanced along tlie shore. The Merrimac, continues to be th? subject of much speculation as to the possibility of her venturing to come out ngain. Glasses are directed towards Cranev Island, a id pverv indication ?f smoke or Meam In that direction Is closely Investigated by h nndreds of eager eyes. The B?nb?rdmeat ?f Island Mt. la. (Correspondence Cincinnati Commercial,j U. P Flao 8ejf "Bkston," March 25 ?la M. l*fci, three miles above island No. 10, Mls?lasippi. River ?From army officers who visited the Denton wc learn that our inortara >helh have, In Heveral Instances, proved very disastrous to the enemy. One shell tired from a mortar moored low down on the Missouri Point, yesterday afternooii, was seen to burst directly over one of their camps ou tbe main (Kentucky) shore. Limbs of the dead and wounded conldbeseen flying In the air, while the enemy carried off several of tbelr unfortunates. l?unug laM night they likewise removed many of their tent? further back front tbc ihore, evidently to get oat of the range cf our mortar shell# if |>ofl*iblt A little moreclcvat:on, however, will roach their new quarter*. The enemy nigbtlyaend oouhot plcketato the sunken steamer Winchester, lying in the point chute, on the M store, to observe our moveuients. and lo give the alarm in case onr gunboaU attempt to rnn the blockade. Kr<-tn r. to * o'clock p. m vraterday, lighta in tne rut and from camp* on Uland No- 10 Indicate that the enemy vrererommunlcattnx From lit to I a m to day, the firing of <;reat g'ttn In the direction of Point l':ea?ant wu distinctly heard. I'be enetnv were a^aln, evidently, trylnv: to run our lottery at Point Floniit with their tun boats. The mortar* hav<- been paying their re?pecU to the enemy at Intervals all day?a number of the bells, apparently, doing execution. JNTERKST COUPONS 7 3 10 TKEAbUKY NOTES C*rti*?l on presentation by mV COOKE & CO.. Btnkera, mha lw 4 5-1 h lfteanth street. FOR 9ALEA Hue fair of cv Vt-KMONT HOH^ES.'LEU SuiUklilo lor Otfiof rs. ffc^ i Imnue of L. FlIZMoND, a* Dr ?K???on't Btniii?, L) atr??t, tx>low nth wh ?-2t* MADAME BLAROE beja 1mv? to annnnroe to tbe Ladm, that tbe : aa nov acorn~of Fre5i> ?PHhNO ?*OODS, such aa fiooneta, Flowers. Kib-J^^r bona, L.aoe? of ail kinda. tmbroidera.^^^^ > una, banlnerohiel*. Vein. Mti Bn- *1" recta, Illusions, I'erfumerT, Fau*. Fane* Bracelets, Oootnh*, and a ceimrai assortinent of belon?:ng to a t-,etoti tasty i*ior . N ii. Aiwajs on hacil a k oi? it?p!j ol Jouvin'a K >d Giovos, lor La :ie*' &nu 6ent!ennen. mil iB-3f No. 'i3t* Pa av.. bet. 12:b aad 13th. SUTLERS, WHO FOLLOW THE ARMY, SUTLERS, WHO FOLLOW THE ARMY. SHIP AHOY! SHIP A'HOY! HO: FOR FORTRESS MONROE. HO! FOR FORTRESS MONROE. 100 F ARRELS MIXED GINfiPB r*BM 100 BARRELS 8PICLD 8NAP8.~ 100 UAKRbLH SUUAR CAKES. The above f 0',ilt ara Freab O&kcl.&nd far *u p?'ior to tho?e shipped lro? Northern Ciur*. Low for oacb. Ap?lf at DAYTON'S Bakery. ISA 11th fcmiT, mh 7* V B?'we?n ft and HLM)K SALK-An IhON HAKK ?? I' I nqu rent No 10 Markat Space, *Hth and 9th ?t>. SB at* /^OAL AT ? ? 00 FOR 2,000 LB". At Yabd NKAK B ?SD O, Dbfot. mh 2? tr J paNGUQN A CO. Ml 8 ? E. W. WKIGHI ha* opened A SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES at No. 301 Sivintb Rthikt, And re?pecUailr aiki publics patronage. mh JB-2W UIL.K DKKSSKS FOR THE PKEBENT AND O APPROAOHIN8 SEASON. A mi?t cboice aaeortment. at onr proverbially low prioea. One prioe only, the aotnal cub atauda'd value, marked in plain &tur?s. FERRY A BROTHER, mta 28 tr Pa. aveeoe and NinU at. J^OR THE MOUTH OF YELLOWSTONE FORT BENTON/MlBSOURI RIVER. The steamer EMI LI E, J, B IaBaioIi Master, will ,leav? on or about the 26th ol 11 Apru to rtnom<lmi<ogiol(oir(s<4^^ to Oregon end the Territory Washington, thi? is th? most desirable ronte.partiou arW to V\ashington lerritory, Laving from Fort Benton only 150 mile* of land travel, over a 6ood r?ad, to the most d'sirab'e part of the Ternary In connection wiUi the Enulie will be a very Hint draught side wheel st?anierf which will leave here about the 3"th. detuned to run from the V ellowstone to the Falls ot Missouri. For freight or ? o t*yr< ? uii noira. ml) 20-2W SOLDIERS' MONEY A5I) ALLOTMENT DRAFTS THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD SOLDI KRB' REMITTANCES To their KamiiiM at any place on the line* of their L'm -? - -? u*piom ai m oirnrgs 01 TWENTY-PI Vt; CENY8 Fom ASV ?CM NOT IXOBKIUNU FlPTT; And ft proportionate additional obarge to pla?*a reached by oonneoting Expreaaea. The reniittanoe. whether Oo'd, Treasury Note*, or Allotment Draft*, ahonld h? eocloaed <n an enre lope and imu ely sealed, ?d<i have the full ad dreaa (including town. I on Ofboe.ani Ptate and in oitiee the street and number) of the peraon to whom to be sent, and the amount legibly marked thereon. Knvelopea for thia purpoae may be had at our cffioe To facilitate prompt delivery the charge for re mittanoe should be ?r?pai<i Bh & 1m ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. sXv ??&swsjsys Tue Cattle, to-be delivered at Washington citv. and e*oh animal to average l,?m pouud? crow weicht; no animal admitted which weichi; "w than 1,01" pcunda Krosi 1 n,a The Cattle to be delivered at inch time* and in uoii qaantitiea aa the Government m*? Catue will be ie*?ired under thia coniraot'aoon the contract u o!*>ee<i. Hsiffera and bulla not wanted. A bond, with good and aatiafiaetory aeeurity? will be le^uued. ? ^ tiuTPrnment reserve* to ltielf the right to pay in Treaaur? notea. entertained when put m byoontraotora who have previoualy felled 10 comply wi'h | their o<>ntrao'e or where the bidder ia notpreaent to reapond to hia bid and all bida to be accompanied by two guarantiee The namea of firma ahonld be atated in full, with the areeiao addreaa of all the mem ben of the firm. Bida to hedirceted to Maior A. Hwkwith, C.?. U. 8. A., Waahington. 1>. C. form q/ (iunrantu. We. -.of th* enunlt nf ?? * . - ? / 1 ??UU P!Air , and . of the of ,ant! MM* of -. do hereby guarantee that?? i? *Me to f'tlfcl a oontraet in aooordauoe with the teun* "f Ilia proposition, and that ahoald his propotiliou t>e aoeepted, he wilt at onoe enter into a oonuaet ta aoeordonoe therewith. Should the oontra71 be awarded hra we are prepared to become hia aeon nbee. Thia laaraute* must be appended to oh bid- ?h? D NOTiOK. ruuvKHitnt run Lfpi -'I (00 aaiua kind which ha< tsen reoet?ed br the U. S. ttorerumeut, and kuomiuNo ! rxt * bamplea of tkt? Fiour ou ba saoa kt tha Capitol bakery in Una oity. it t> dtairad to make aoontraot for W ?? bvr?ii< ShoiSd. Lc av*i, aoy p*r?'?n deatre toftrN fh ? i?*a tuantity, h?*will aU> ?< the preotae nafeter of a V u tract-' r will ba required to furoiali at tha I rate off? t>arrai? daily autu the oootraot u lfled No ? lour will ba raoei*ed whion doeaaot?~tn? up u> tho stao4aid at laa inapt ot oa maaa juat be f >r? thw aarohaee. fheFourt.b- dalivarad at tha railroad depot in Waahictton or a. any of the w&rehoaaae la Saorcatown. I)- C ?o5-iaaoat rtearroathari?M to rejsetac? bid for <. Ptymvata to ta TrcM Jrr ?rd tb? b?d? i? Mdue<n*l te M-l jt A BKORW I I B, Q. ?.. if. 8 A . W*?h)Cgt?n, f>. nib 26 ?.?? ') ?f AW lit. UKrVf -rOCK Oi OLOYU1N6 iN 1UK uh.uii*. 4?o NtHtkii, (i!Hn f 9 0 OFFICIAL. ThEPAIlTMENT OF STATE, " \va?hington, March 2s, | The following; extract from a dispatch recelvrd 1 tkl. ?\ - mm* ? - * - ^ ? i tun vcfiwwi"ni irom i>ir. join at 11 Hon ttgnle, the Consul of the United i*tat^ at Nutni Is published for general Information UI have the honor to say that vessel* coming from the Unlled states to thbs port suffer loaae* through the Ignorance of owneri as to existing facts her?. "I propose to briefly and conclaely pr??ent these facta to the Department. "Veaaela usually take chartera to deliver eargoea either at Palmboeuf or Nantea. ?? fbere ia water enough at l'almboeuf. but the Mpoaure* in reaching thia roadatead are Bom;tlmea periloua. "Tbe lowea? river water between N?t%ire and Nante* la from ten to twelve feet in winter, and aa low aa aeven fret in aummer. A ves*?t drawing over t<-n feet mnat lighter part or all her car^o at a coat of money and time to her ownera. I tit* A\? .? - ? ? ii me mifi conift io niMi, ane mn*t pay pilotage, and, optionally, towage. "If partly dts<*har?ed at St Nsnire. the rar^o Is at the risk of the ship or the Insurance until delivered

at NanUs ' The vessel pay* half brokerageat rtt. Naraire, and full brokerage added at Nantes ' Tbe risks on the river arc considerable. damage from 'fouling' U frequent in a crowded, narrow and swift river. I would advise alt tharters to be mad' to Ht. Nazaire, not Nantes or Fatmboeuf. Here Is a large safe dock "The following expenses of a vtuei of four hundred and iwntyfour ton? will give kb!nowner* an idea of conia of river navigation : "Steam towage from St. Nazaire to Nantes 405 francv "Rftnrn tnwmnitnKI ''i" ? ' River pilotage from St Nnntre to N antra, with otearn wl " * River pilotage from Nantes to St. Nazairc, with Meum b3 ' "Total pilotage with steam. ...1M francs 'River pilotage from St. Natalre Jo Nantes, without steam 110 "River pilotage from Nantes to St Naiaire, without steam ll? " 'Total without steam franca. ' Lighterage from St. Nazaire to Nantea, about 3 franca per ton for wkea.. 11* a - ? - - ~ -ijijjiuerage on turner. about 2 rranca per ton "A work ;? in contemplation on the Loire which expects to make tlfieen feet water lit the moit ?hool part* of the river. I la aucceaa Is problematical. "Shipowners annuld know that advances on freight are not usually trade here until all the freight it delivered." mar 29?3:1 f I " PASSES. }{ra. liivart'TS Proton ManhtiPs Offtct. ) City of Wa.tkingt<m, March StT { Special Order, No. 19 All Pi??e* heretofore Issued from thete Headquarter* to the 31st Inttant will not be renewed, but recognized, until further order? By order of Major W E. Doiter, Provoat .Marshal. Uha?. K. Robinson, Adjutaut. mar 1 w I hEPOT Q U \KTER M ALTER S OFFICE. 1 f 10sL ? rr - ? ? v vvrn?r ir:i uitt VT *trcf?5? Wa?hin?ton. t?. C.. March 2?. 1H6? HIaLXT1 Pio*ocat 111 I* received ar thi?rfl::? cattl baturoar, ti?? litD <ay ?t Apr i, uw, ai )?' o'clock m. for ?le!ivenu? id f-.eoity of Wfwhinc ton. at socti a point aa the Lepot Uuartermwt'r mar direct, the following named PINE LUMh j?r 180,0ft"* feet 4 4(1 inch) common culling*, 4n.'oi " 6-4<lXinob> ' 26,000 " ioi8t S by 6, lfi fe*t lone. In ?>00 " * 3 l.y b. H " 10.000 M a by 6, U '* M St'OO " scantling 3 t,jr 4 !*> " " 10 <ioo S by 4 14 " " 6.<00 " " 3 by 4,12 * " All tne L.ninSer to h? w. VU n ikUiit * ' UHJQ af> - t ?it;rir^ .tie contract, Ti;e L.umt cr o tc in?peot?<i b) ?n n=pect r appointed on the part of tri?> *? vorr.imnt Payment to r>e mule upon tiie i*,ti?faot Dry c::ip'etton '>( t e ccstra^t l*ro#oa? s muat La plainly marked "l kop<>*ai.s for l*.mbk&." Til? ab !ity of the bidder to fill the contract, tiould it to avrvtiad to tiim, mqat be ruarant'td by twor *pnnsib'?>!>?rAorn. wh<*?eun*T<ir?? rmst be app?n i?k1 to tf-e Kusrai.tte. The rcejooi^ility o! 'ho i?ufirartcr? inurt t>* hovn by thaofiioia o^rtihra eof the clerk of the nearest uistnot courior .>f tho l*uite>i ?;atOi d,? tjict "tt-jrcey B dd r" miss?1 * p^goV. in pjMf- *h*n th*? bi-'.e are opened or their pup>?a'? will not bj eon??<l ?r?i Moid*, in the sum of fiv < thousai.a dollars, s>ga tl i'T lae con'.rao or &kj ' tu 4 Li? gu\r?a ton, will be re* ireicf the ?ioce?*:n< IvUer np 'n signing the ccutraot Tee rijtn tu rejact aur nr a!: ^ y> ?ha: n&7 ho d eined t^o high is reierved bj the l?ep^'. * ?i*?r*rrmaster. Informal proposals will beiwjeoted Form rf O'uaranlr* We, ? , of theoouuty 01 , at d J tate of . aud . of the oounty of , aad 8tai? f . do hereby guarantee chat is a'?!e to fa fii a contract id aooord?noe with the t-rn s "f proportion. ano that, shon d his pr< p sit;on be accepted. He will at okoe enrer !? ? * ooii'r*.r. in ao;ordanae therewith. r:.ouid tneoootracr b1 aw a, led t m we are prepared to beoome his neourui ?-s. '.To tbis guarantee be app't Jac the certificate above inent.ooed.) Ji H. Kl'CKER, mh 28 Colone' am' <?uarterma?ter. O T A T O K SI 1 fgv'< t>u?hc's PEACH II' nw >.h Hi nsfii v t- u/it?-p?. o ? ? V ??V i ri i v *A 1U r<C| For Sale at low pr>o- s JOHN J. BKAI.L, mh S7-lw* **T Wait r ?feet. (??or get > w n. MK8. acken would inform HTkr fii?nda who * re anx'ou* to commune oith epirit loved onea, (he has lo< *ted at th? Deletaa Houte, corner of jth and Pecc?y Ivaoia avecae. Snp baa an aanBtant in Mra. i hom%?. who ia oJairvojant, and the* would ?o!'c.t tne patron**-* of all who are interested in whatia tetuieo apiritual investigation n.h 27-lg* SHKFHKRl)'f*PLA108. of vanona widtha and textures With many other New owdf, adapted for oarrent wauts. Our iiortiieruaad eiatsin oor;ea^o>deuta sen ! ua new aupphee daily. One price ouij. PERRY * MHO, mh 27flt ! ?. ??? " w w w - WM?* 4* IU U BIKTM EpRANCIS SPETH'S i r philaoklphia jILJT LAOBR BEER DEPOT. Catawba, Nekar and ...L. , ? Rhine '.Vine, W iusiies, iirasdiM, Gins auU Cigars. Wholeaaw an<1 retail. mh 87 8t* No. 319 Eighth street west. OR6ANDIKH LAWN!>. AND OTHKR thin and mediant Dress Woods. Also. o?r usual fail stock of ail tha Diy 6o*ia Staples, for ceceraj and tpeoial wai.ta of lanniies, ted hocsekoepers. I > AA Anlr ?Vi a A AS >. a I _L _ ? _ A uin>iivo<'u:jii;iC au;un CHI) llinatrd VS IP, marked in plain fisnree. PERRY A BRO., n?h Tt 6t Penn.avenue ami 9th ?tre*t. FOR HALE?One taise WAGON, With Houio attacked, suitable lor a dac uerreai: or o-frer fur poses Will s?il Waicon or ttuus * <eparat?iy. nsuueat National Steam Laundry, Penu. avenue and 19th st. inh if. 4t* 1 piRE AND DURGLAR PROOF SAFES! on i? ?.t *? ? a no ui>?,;rii>or? navp c"nBT&Gr,y in etar. assortment of Herring * lio.'t oe!et?iat#d Kire and Surg ar lNo<>! Safes, ranging in prioe from %H< to 50ft each, which t)iey sell at the inauufanturera' pnoes. JAS C.MebUIKK * CO.. mh ? 6t ^Agents for Herring A Co. Real Paris kid gloves, for ladies. all sizes and oulor*. ve y b*st ?nality Also ourusaa! fall stock cf Dry Goods. id all the department* of Xaimir wants. One price only, markM in plain fienres. PKKRr * BRO.. mh 36 6t Pa *v3. and Ninth street. t7? coal oil lamps * t\m O A t L? I ? _mh g? if0re K9i*>t it?w'lZ<a.0ld ,Und- '**' be"J I SSSSkil. I -? ?WivwrCE I ? nuTii, mi* com?*.ar ic irMirN Ssrss^fti^sf.sfcr*3iht SKYimo?V'!1,~' *"h fHli-AUKLrm*, W.P. WKSTERVKLT. m"?'m f ur?npt^ndfiit I\1? #0?_El?Mth rr*ei. i IU Itw U?; UUOB 7UM uu?r '1**1 from N?w Yo?k with a laice and ffTli 1 varied assortment of PARI;! Go'?!>?<, o? tna uewpftt Ja?hior.? confuting of Dr**n, Wreatas, 4o., 4c. i ..H?r cii&btuhMta. will opm on Monda* next. i !k? ?? I' 1b?*J?V 9 *f '7 invito* OMIRIM O/ ; tha t-*ieraJ MKroMu to otlf ^ ?T<,or to th< eot:re 1 ttijfiiolvw of ifttM who d'streto b? allied it' TBe rMiuon.fttu vitit uata. ; wJn >1 If* 1 lQtaliic?o?6r.| c^-/"fc|o??. ?*; ^ ?Ri5JVK4;?iKCS . MOOHK'S, Wmi KDd Dm, SWr?. us rean avet.u*. ITTA 1W(* U'l c?n?ral stock Urnf?, Mtlicinaa, tr*uh ard >nr* at abu?? pi* *. wh U tw W tfTYLJfi WPJUNG OVKFOOAltf AND c? Ffpcr Oosta Ju?t r*OMr?2*i x BAM A tido.'S, I aHU-IV WMr ? Md ?U MTMM. WANTS. I WANTKD-Tw* too4 COLORED WAlT" TKK8 >t>U Pi ?TenB?. ?h? ? W*NTRJ>?A CHAMBERMAID. a. >i ?<?l. to co pi'Q wvil*. Appl* &t tii.* Khhrt Horn I * WANTKD-A fir?|r?t? 0. KLOTZ. on atrset, between A*es?* erd 1) ?treet. h 28 at* WANTKT*?A srr.&rt HOY, to *tten?l in a i'nntinc Ofo? Aiu t rome veil reooRMtirfKled. AtpW i it-iii vhate'y. at 41 4 7th -t., m m No 3 I >* WANTED TO KKNT, by tb* 1'n filrm . MA/i li iW 1 \1 fnr * mr*tlar-i? ? k)? ...... J. ? ? ?*??? .??? ? ' ) J ?? ' O for ? c ami r-r. A^tMn ''B.T." SHrd^i'v 't* WANTED?A COLORED a frirato fanu y. a->uut >S or 14 rMnofaii? inquire, wtita re.'ereie^i, at 517 i wrijtii it, oppo:itr K irk wood Hour* It* WM AVrbl>-Bjtwoful*,SITUAlIOK?-op* a? o ^clc. an<! cnp a* chambermaid; wecifl like u>pl<-jra?nt tojoUier. Addrrsj for 2 iaj*. Bo* tfo 8t%r Off*. ?k ? WANTED-A ?tu*:i HOU*E. wi"fc a 1;." ^arrten. Apr y to Mrr. yTU" %lFb!.8, it Coiramt'* Hotel, between ?iti and ?H ?reet, ra. ave. It* WANTK1>?AtilR!.. to do t?>? ren-rai lint*work so a Finaii family. 6oe<i refer euoee rafairoa ? iir fludtawy at No. 414 K re?? . ce.wewr 'J nan loth ?te mb 21* WAVrhD TO K E N T-A FURNISH *"1* H I -:i?, u tha letehh rh"?d ofWt:iAf<l?" H.-tf!. ,ir t ^ ^d1r?**"\. A. 1 , Star Offi< t. 111 li '.8 2t' W A NTKD-A *ood ard careful MAN to drive * f"Mr ho ? > ?on* that urdenr-inCe dn*ioi aid iRklm n+T? (if knn?? ? ?nu t'HKK V'? St&ble, C >t mil 2*-2t* IV AN PKD-A SITUATION, by a rnuldi* axed ' * w om? i, a? coo* or iae ndreen. 6ood re fe: enoe eivej; if required. Arply at Grocery Store, i?!h stre-t. between 1 and K Wfc * MKS. KKENCH nTANTK-D- B? a fectleman atid hit wife, a *a<f?oin*l? Knrutcheri Bel Kooniaa<t Carer, or a Kursuiici Home. in aoae p ea. aal i< oai tj 0,Ai._ ^iL1 '"fthT reticulars, app y Ui KMII,K llVruB, ?2? Pi,?T mh 2# A WAITER WANTED, at the G??Jinr Rre taii'ant "47 la n?e . pe? who no rretend* th? and can ooine will reorinaied; in uoh ct>cd vtiicei wiii r*e given. Call iiuniMUate y If IVANTUt-* GARDENKR on a ?m*U iunv ce*r >V aitiiiifton. He limit he wil'ms t? make to m*ell ceneralir ate.w:> A man with * f?milT er#?'?rrAii At?o, tor rent, ? wnall Cott*r* oontainiB* thre? r om?. lruuire cl MK?. KA iJ,. 2IU and U- h<1*ry at*. It* WANT' lt-A ftnali farntthel or unru ncneJ HOI'-'K, wiih 8 or 10 roumi witi ? Ate-feaa ani ali inrj^rn 'wip'ovem 'nla. cituat d within thro? b'ooknol l>cnc*lrar.ia arciiu? *".d I li an<l SflHh at*. Adara?a "Kietiardacn,' foat o* e, fur t)i rf a; ?. trii 29 3t* WANTED TO RliiMT?\ lull HOllgfc:. lor * ? man *n, witbiaS" niinute?' walk of itli tratft'd Peuii*yi??aia areciia. Any one having % br-.n** to r??nt w!'! hear rt'% prtirpt tet ar t by atjUwm? & noto to "J. C M sJt*r Offioe. mil ii> it* . J f KFT HIS HOMK ON THE EVENING M U. ??*l- ? ? -?? -* - * u VI 1U01CII Kill in IP lo I||8 IOOI O' bin ItfMIi rtevetlh Ward. JOHN CANBV. He vu last sen upon a I'mtrd sta'?? vessel at 7 o'o oek p. | in., tinea vhich time he ha* rot hfen <wn or haard ot. Hiatus ib about S3 year*, anl i?5 feet 7 or 8 i?ohea hiju. It i* supposed t .at he i? drowned. Any information cf Mm will be thankfully recaired by nis dfatr**??<i w.f* JdHAN C?NBV. i ?ti Ward, between 2a and 3d atiatu. It* and Va av. and 1> rtrwtr <V&ni' li-a v>tllll'1 H at , l * t.?tw?*Mi l?t.h fci 'i IS'ti tU. roh 38 3t? UWANTBD TO F F..MT-A 'inkll HOUSK. or * * pa-t 11 a liou?e. for a ?i(iaii r??pectabi? ftmi1t. Co:.vfaier I to fa ave., ar.d 13th at; b? a ?er^l&T!er , anJ punctual teaart. Addre?? * F. M.," i Star offipf mt 28 2t* j WANTED?!n r. r-ivats fafr.:ly, a PARLOR ' * a ?d KWMl, furciahed,) or a good ares H ' ro > r., fci t;,- y?ir, for aB-a*lem*n and la>ir, witMii tvo fev.arcn of v\ i lar u'Hotel. Addre-? C. C. CK\i*MAN, WiMards' Hotel, for oa? wrnlr ?L "* ^ nm g | I* A.\T? D? By the teat. G?>1 ?cel of the loll ! ** Kpsiireot New York State Voinnteere, at (-amp K'lit.or: 34'ii ?t-e?t < MenJiAD Hi<l. 1>. C ,? one ijKOUM, who tkorouxbly understands his busmers. a ? j ons ?rsi-rat? CO'>K. Mo Oue nee<l apr<!y on;*?e briar a ssttstootory (written) recomirT.dation. mh 28 it" W/ANTBI>-AcodCOOK,for which I Wl'l p*y ;it*ral w-**e? Appty at F. ttllTufcit S Kestaaiaitl, No. 4?.T Four tee:r.tii street, near Pa. avgcce. ir.h & St* WJ AMKD?tf? a o.)n?9al?nt. * * &M i U viiO.N as iiuuaek p?er inihofel or at & wa'.erug p'*ci i';:pxo-ptmi.abia refwrensa nvn. Ad?1r<? * 'JJ} C.," star CUBoe. inhS7-If V4/ ANTBW? \ GJKl* to cook %n4 do leuTa! ?? 1 Ati!?>r hriu* fO<H1 ref^rene**. g. 6. WII.UaW. 3.'56 l^sn a;n ?j fin --WANTED?A LI KUtENANCY in % ^ I *J"P . c*'i r? rse h? * hh???i?t ? _ i-i ? - ?r- J h4:i ui lewiii mui.iLis ixptrieuce. viUi U?e beet i o! recoinnaondaiiona The above amount will oe >sid for th? uarrf. Addrre- CMAKLK8 WEL?Ltl ?b TO M, Nauona Hotel. Wastimi ?n, 1>. C. int. ii 4f WANTLD A %o d, convenient HOUSE ooa uuniux ikji six to tea roooia, either l?rciahed or uUtmusked. Arf'j at No. 71 Louisiana averne. _ wih 8' lw* OHLU LETTKhS WANTtD-l wii; give from two to ten ?iot are for Letters written b? ben'l Washington, and a iair price for Old Letter* written bv oc etirateu Americana. Revolutionary Celebrities. i'rcsicleuU, becerals. t"< inmodoraa. .. J VY ?? - uocir-rr, L'lriDf*. L.awjerp. Ac. Addreet RiirtKKT HFKlN?, 444 N. Twelfth trast, Fhii&.r:p'u&. K*re iiooie auo I'mphieU on Ainfriea boutbt. tan >1 nr.* WANTKD-'ii) nave every one krow that they cm. fiud tl.e tjf st c'cck of Ciothioc. HaU and Cap*, at the very lowest rata*, at SMITH'*. No. 430 ?-ever,th street, neiow F. fe ?7 Sni WANTbD-A GAB DEN ER or FARMER, a sober and mdnstriuua man. either on K*r?? or to hue ; a pe'iran^t p.ace. if suited. Appl* at DO L b Las' Grcc-n, opposite the ?ute I?eps'tT.ont mil 25 eoSi* WANT b.L>- Uvery person to know that I am in the lUftrkat. ready to pay cass for all articles la the ho5*efurni?hinp 'sue. Those le&vinc the city, or h'.vinf a *u.-pla?, will do well to mil. R. bL'OH l,Y, 4'2* SWeiith ?t.. between? and H ?., !, i l>ea;er ia New and Second hand F erauure. no it tf \\l ANTED? Sutieri and Soidieratu know tint ry they can bny CAMP bTOVES and TIN WAKE cl cap of II. J. GREGORY. 5*1 Penn. )?1? Cinn -ACF.NT8 WANTED TO OPEN IWU. ii od^ea-d take the whol<?eale a?erey, in ever? Stat?, for all of Lloyd's Great Military Maps, ua*.i Dy oar Cominauder-ni Ciior. The cheapest maps in tut world. A fortune can be qittie oa t?>e?e nap? n oacl. State. 3 ?ww,n<iooopin of one fil m? * 1? * , T ifTcu num. Attu ft mm 10 f J to 1.6 -tortuft, fc.Ii|.?L?i KLu t-ili V A|?lita aJ?o ? :u e*-M* oouutj and iu er?rr rejiniei. tin ourarTTiT. fend for circular*. J. T lil-OYD. mh4-linA7i IM Un***?. N?w Vi.rt tm/ANTED.-W* ar* n<?w bnyini SECOND ** HA> U f'L K >1 i'L'M i?? tilt> Vfcs aod Ut.D DLNb, iff vhiaii *d are piji.m tue highest L?b prices. Faan'tea doelijjir.r homaiteeFin*, ( havst * aurpltt* ?f faraitcre, vlli Lad it to their ad?a;u.js ta jive us a*.!. JUiKTZ * 6RIFFLTH. le 7^if No. 3')** "th et.. henr. 1 and K iU. o nnn bushei.s of primk *,u\nr JAOH8UNAvhYt'k potatoes, 2<*> t?uea of Clover and 5*X> do prim? T'motLj HAY, For e tor PETER BERRY, iii ? 26-Ct* Ad W?t? Georcetovn. 3 TRBAWRY NOTI5S 10 BUV6HT vatl p O L D hy LEWIS JOHNSON h CO.. BANKERS, mha? Iw.if PI.UKU,oorner loth ?L Certificates of I IL UVUTL'nVIUAil mrw A/Eto * r l/n DCJ J of the QOVKK.NMtt.NT, AXl> APPROVED CLAIMS. Puro, s.k?<l by LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., ? A iY ? A R S, Ulh V 1 W.lf P?. irrn ?. Mm, lfwh .? r R I V A T H. PHIVATB FHZVAT1I DR. LA BONTA il nH&inilOB DUifl- I inc. P* arras*, cottar of tth atraM, ta now r**6i I to out* a I Ui'MMi of a Pnvate wuhoc; I the uae of cangaria* or tiiagaaUng U ug ut u; I hied. and no intcforenta with your bajinaaa aro- I eatioae having devoted ibt while una to Um itU'ij an1 oar* of PrtTate Weetues of both ris? to Chronic flection* ?>f th? Womb. Liver, Kidney", Skin Eruption, to . end rradottioa ib the b*et e?ih o< in the world, tne New Yoik Ottj Hoipitais. under Profa Chiltoa and Parker, tp whom I nwit r8?p*etfnl!y refer 1 will w fl?n to the <-r*'-u UrairLicc no ac*?eof any ai the abjve die MM w hi oil 1 oaanot areedity and yoratan?ntly care, tat the oaao ba old or new. No dieting re?imed ; nothing d aatre^abU iu any part of tSa treatment CiUMlMtiau ? " ? ' Boa"* i (Srrt floor) WMhULc?<-1 Bu^m, .. rm i?wmmi nS at. i WAl'i NfO*rS?H-aIK MlfTT . > 'Jffl (WDOth** M4 0< ?? *! '0<M ?i ki *"v> A 1A V?1- A * ? w " - w. v,, wviw nw, B r ??![' : '? * Ol | M?* CorfcJ N?i ?- mI * tiuuiAiiu Hlwt ulhKK. 1.0 Wh, 5i #? i'Tt ?T*.M?U a4*, W| AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON fr TO MORROW MARSHAL'S SALR. * *lrt?? of a writ of f.eri utueC ; ? #rfc'? office of tt oi'PBf c >?rl of Ui? Di' Col in Ma. lot th? ointt oi \\ *?Lir?t n, n>* 4ir*ot?u{ I Till < ? 'o nkiK W t> K-. in (rout of IM Coart float* loorofrart! MONDAY, the Sift ?*a* <>1 M&rob. t ?ta* , imi. *t IS o oloek m. in- !? ;??vipi -#er j ?iu Wa 15, tni?r?r? No ?i. lot No i ! Me a, iot No,5,itiHWre lot No. Is. II. ??a?r?r??. K, l?i iNo i" in ? o. k., ?ad i?t Ao UJ? ,urc No. * in tli# ci?t ? r W*?hii?rtpr f> C, lofetbsr vith ?ll ?r?J n^rrlar tt>? thereon. misw! **4 U?ie? #p?>u u U?<- ol Rrook M?ri?i +u& will h? *>ld to ?a<<ta?l o. ?s, to M?* t*ra? 1*1, is favor of Hoof ?rotfc? & Co VV. sfcLDKN, bah 7 dts Ut# M%r*ha!t ft*. C. FUTURE DAYS by tVAI.LA BARNARD. Aictlnawri. t tut A One Pm. mr. mmtl *tk /nOCKRIbH. iiyUi'K"*. fUTLKRP' VJ 8r?riLtr, at A?cru?x?On 'iUt!*UAV MUKNINV. l?t uf April, at 1" o'c net, ??*i ] sell at tfca Auction Knuui. an aMurtmoiit ?| Oro-?nae, Li?oi>rs, VaCars' Sapp'.aa, te^ c*m P'ltirjr? Hurra s ReSsfd, Veilow, %rd Cru*he?! Mucar*. Koaea Adamantine auc t*?*r?c? and.**, S firkin* ho; , en Kufter. ani Ch?*??, Kin'i Starjh. %Si?l ' ick'ee, Can* Wliisij. Uratdr.Om. Wice, and Cwdtals, ( asea t'laiet and Beimcn Wiaei, Ca?M V?n ?ioo> HiUara, fern CocktailMadeira ai4 |'v>;t Wiraa, Hrandr Peacliae, Barrels Sutip, :i?rr*<a and b?x?? Herring an<t Vinegar, tfarreia Wiaakjr. d tS<*r?iit trinaa. Ou? quarter > id oce mnth <J? Hrtarty. Barret Mo> r, H xm T'hactu ard Ciiam. dihraml?. CaeM Boot* *rd eu-**, a * U na KaU-?r B.ankau, I P'?rt*' ei-irts, Gloria, A wkA . W i - * _ II ?Xm ? ?. uu % iu7i caiicii cmwi cu? va Also, an iroci Pa/*,am a copper? at* 1'rrat, 4 l>y " ftet. umhI by tb* :af J. V IS. Turoop mh y? W A l.lj H A R ,N A H D. A v?t?. By J. C. Maftl'IKK * C<i? Awetionewa. OAKKlA?Kt*. kr . at Atrrios ?On WbDNfc.SI)AV MoRMl!V8, A^rii yd. at II 'c'tni, at tr? fxtf.nw > able*, ?IK. H. Hat'-criif, Km < Hh atraet. o?p? ite t'~e Litf Ha.l, we aha.1 ae.i al< M* Oarr***, Ho iei. Harnea*, Ac , Ponirr;a!c?? i i ,%m? in ?r " .ni:rw. I Oli'M I V'i?ir 3 Toy Uuttif i, H a<> t' p Hutklf*. 1 Two I'M W*toa wnk toy ITvp do 'to w thont top. 1 Rockvaa*, ??r f??ur pefone, I Hatdeont* Free eh Coupe*. ?>y Bt*w??e?. ? Seti tVuhlt t.fti nets. * Seta budgie Harrea* 1 "air line farp* bey Hor*??. 1 1'alr IiOb-tailCe-riaaaUofe**. 8 finale Uurty hor?*?. 1 Ladj'? ??<1 two gt lit ?en'? i?teth*r with Blanlte'e, dorte i*<<\ere. f*?ro? ifl?*, CMttirj Koxec. Fork*. P.iovete. Muter ne, Ac T ie above-im b? examined an* d?r rrevioaa to tiie **'e. 8ai# P'renrftcy. Term* caali. mhS*d J. C. Wotel'IKb A CO , AuoU. BALLS, PARTIES, fcc. | MAY PALL' i HE HICKORY CL< H AND THK UNION FOR* ,'KR ! The of the Hckory Cloh take great f eiture i - *ioi? to tw wary fA. n- we pnt>;io W? ibat U*r v .J unfl t .?ir El G h T H b K A N D ttlL L at/A Teuip-r%ro? H&l!. E 'tree: b ? b |-rf|B an THLHMJaY M?? i?t. Tiok??? fl, %fi inittinvft jcentlcra&oKiid *d.*t. H. o derof ta? Couau)itt*? ot Arrai.K'r.enu. For parngtila'r >eo ?atare ad it #u'? u* J|1A\VATH A HU\g I X TUE I IKLIT-VGATN! The meoberi o' the HIAW ATHA CLUB ictend their g% 7THG RAN u Co l 1L.LON PARTY M OnEASTFR MbUT. Jm At Frank! n Ball. HBk S?e fotcre advertisement*. mt ?-wSt* 4 Of? CARD PHOTOGRAPHS ft QC *OV> AND FHA.MbS, *00 Card PJioto;,-*pi.? in variUT, too adicf oopies o: Choioe Pictur?a. Also CARD VIS1TEand OVAL DW ri tf ! ' CUAMt-M Ik. _- ?<?> froir. the Lot masufiictorr n the ooentrj for oath, at j. varkriti;k S. No. 4!?? ^teo'h ?tre?*, f* It I tinny t?ov? Oil-' <->w' HallI COAL. OIL?COAL OIL! AM New iorcicbiiiS trade with the beet KKROSINB OIL tt Batiirwre pnewe; a!*o. HAY. CORN. OAT:*. *c.. at cweit market ______ ?_ %l; m v? 1 * fnw. J?, vv u LAtoxiur^* fe &-liy?* Correr New J*r**r %v. and E rt. 500,0(10 ,our-u* R"l'CH TAI.I.OW i.4 ARMYGRKA9K \S ANTLl'. for which the him?ct pno? wilt be pail m ?h? N* tiona' i?oap an?l Candle ?\ orks. Green etreet a.<l Gtu!, Georgetown, 1?. C nixi^rvjn^ v. i? Jtw tHi. Kr?pnelor. SPRING i>RK89 600DS.-Matr uew ao* choice thine# A eo, our uatial! foil at.-ck of all kicde of Foreifn aod Dorf.tic Dry Good*, for the current want* of lam; lie# and bouaekeecert. One price onir, marked iu plain tiram, tk* M tun* c**k coint. PERRY * BRO, wh 7 tr l'? tr Mil Nicth rtreot. INTERESTING FOR THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE W# tro new receiving U E A D Y-M A D I". CLOTHING ( U>e iatMt de?;?c? three time* a wwt froai car mam: aoluiint eetabluhment in Baltimore,which we offer ataeton. tunc low prise*. BAK k. BKO., tnh 'J 1m* eorn?r K and wh _ 2(57 " ELE VEN ?h STREET. 267 Joit r'oeivd a fre?h i??t of TIM u ah k WOODEN WAKE, WILLOW WAKE, CAMP tsroVfc.8. CoAt. OIL I.AMP8, Ac . m price* to suit the uioat economioei JAMES SKIRViNS. . ? *>liirfton etuve Depot. mh UGT ^eniyylvtcim V T \JL M r* Mil V L-D Iwh?*? l:,vekye . ?]*'>? a.\n s*alk STABLK, Cvmt 9/ Stj-r* and C f!f . _ Waminttcn, U. C?Per ion* oau at a J t;me? be aooctnico^at^o v.ih Hortet, Vh> Carna*?", or BntriM for hire, u e, or eachacre Lirery by the da* ?r motth. 1 h&ndiume brown Lad?'? a<1d> Pony for ca:e. ?fj? 10 perfects fent.e: ahe racke trota, !?>? ? of PMM, and la a pe:feot boauty. Low for caatu ah .3 oolm ALKKKT RKLL.AiMt. T JU#TPlBLIfHED, UK r?OTr In tor. ceowti >u,or 9k?tch<w of the Rebellion, iuat toe Uun* for tl.eianuly Oir ole.or to lend o the Union ao tltor. Pib!iihe4 '? JOH* P. CHARLfON. Ph. tod for awebv JOS HUISLINGTON. mix 19 acSm iS ?t- ud Pa. tvtim*. PKALU T|Kk8, GRAJFF VINES. currants, Ac. Th? a?b*crih?TPif?ra f?r m hi? atnck of Pttch Tr??a, oos'MDiif .;<?( 1 rwi <A \-nrifr ite*. AI*U, o,w itu? iu? Vyt'ucora is oiher?r*p*', 15/00 Ccrru'i of ?Il L\wtnr Bl&okh?rr?, ( attiuriMH H*??b?rr? tod otter (rtitt.'otttker with ? Itri*ov t<oticn of finolf grown IteotiaviM&nd kvsrgroea S'ju!<- ao<t Orn&Mi6ataJ fr?M For priort &&?! tnjorraition Mfl) to JOSHUA I'EIRCK. Nirwriau, mh ia-oo?t* Wfbl'tton 1>. C. Q??Q 8KVENTH STRKKT. OOif BETWEEN 1 AND K STS. Of)5f CHEAP <?Af*H STORE. We hay* juat re<**!T-d a lane aaaortmert of Perfajnery.ttoape.atid Fancr ar'ic.ta. vtuei * oiler much below the market pnoe. at either waoleiaie or ret v.. . ALM?, In Store, two Peoood kud Cot*ace Seta, is eac* lent ?o edition. Alio, OneNew Cottaje Se?,!t complete order, wi.-ch we wfU ?e . cheap f?r the oaeh. I Al?o. A lAfte a*eortment of Mauofany ao4 Wilnit Dr???in? Wuhitudi. Marbla-top faM?e. Sofia. Rockers, Bwr aw, Ubi a .d Wood Stoat Ctoaira, l?r|f variatica and paucrr.t. Cottage tuw, Japanese anc< Jenny Lin4 Hr? ttida, W?ir.itand Cherry Feauej Ue<le, .V?ttrr*ees. Ac., 4 c. All at ft jreat aacifioe for run. K etc ember the number, 369 i* etreet, bat ween 1 and K atreeu _mklltw BONTZ * GRIFFITH. WASHINGTON HOOP PKiKT FACtORY ! WANTED IMMEDIATELY. 100 LADIt.8 To miomikctiire Hoof Skirts ^ AHr?"n can muK*. i?- * ?bort i n?. (f"nj ^ FOOKTO FITS DOLLtHS PEH WEKhIiMinre. for tnrlii?r f?ruo?lw?, oorrer cl >int0 W ?^MBTA? A CO. _ Fob PALB?A >*?uni! wiut# Mexican tfoNY, M' leot f cmtd and mtat'efor ?kill or fMUeir-A*. M he MJmP Ter* ?M* lie wih ?w >ld * "'t M1*"1 K. Mrtm dn'.n to ! * - ' ' ?*M. ICMABD mJTLKBJI-i ^ ?* *?" A"^" TABE PHmC^' r n ? - - - *?Kb nora.poauikK' i * Vfiif.tu I? * ba&tUu With u?t???i3 * h.u at A. i A B4U?^ FuklouaMo Clo?h-?< i>*tae UknMrl lb M |?? Cart* K ?iii *mw ?h_?u 40.000 " "1 c " SABh. WINOO W^AgJl >? IW I tTEHHiN** C?AL AT * PricKS? HZ"'"* ' ??5?&??i 4 ?* "A w?U ? * ? n> j? ft ,.* J. LANGIViv 4 C ?* 'Uir iJ??" l c ???? jU mt *

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