Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1862 Page 3
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9 ' ~ * - ** -t - . J LOCAL NEWS. Ax-unm T lit * Fobd'? Atkesbcx ?Lut appearance or *oe charming actresa. Mlw Lucille Western, and lasi presentation of " Camllle " Tbnee who bare not een Miat W. in ttala great character should not loae thla opportunity I be performance conclude? with the ' Two Thieves ? Thbatrk ?The neat dramatic combination In tragedy and comedy, <n thla the I laat night of their appearance, rod of Mr. Bland's management The " Stranger" and the "Honey- , moon." A great bllL Cahtsbbcrt Hall?Debut of Barry Carter, otherwise railed the Irish Ambassador Songs % and dances every even ng by .Misses Julia Morttmer. Miller, Fowler, Llszle Francla, Lilly Brandon. Mary Blaka. Frank Secor, and Julia Richmond representations of beauty, grace and melodv. An at the Canterbury is like a dream of Fairy Land. r\? P., II . . . lul.l.kl^buhiJ'a www r b I.u w IJ iMtii ?lion ni^ut ? ? justly ffl'hrntpd cner* troupe. and ben?tt ! S. 8. San ford, "fiwle Tom's Cabin," nol eisellv Mrs. H B Stowe's version, wse reccl??d with bouts of laughter and applause last night, and will he repeated ^Vaua?'? Ball?Mr* kunme will rend Hbakspesre's crest play of Henry V to-nlgbt. Th'? ian?>iiKenirnl eight f? III the hall. Vumi') If a 11 ?How r.sti the e?? of Sundiy h? to11 opent. m in woodwork Tb*> Fair and f rat t to I of lb* lad** of the First Baptlst Cbwrtb. f??r tbr purpo* of rebuilding tbelr . bnr.-b nf'd an opportunity to all tbooe wLp prefer lo u.afcr an of pleasure ? <?,caalon It do tend. v ?.a**mx?h Concui Hall.?Music grain, ?.-ry cvritiug. Tboae wbo b*rr jo muilc In tbetr KMite can coMole tb?-DWfl??? with rrfrc*fait" ut?, 1?y fair waiting glrl? - i> thi piarnwr -Tbe btll lntrothe f^enntr wlwdjjr, br Mr. WrlfW, nt Indians, for lb? abolition of alnverv In the D'-ttri t of Columbia. <J fTrra materially rT"on the bill now pending. entitled " Ah art to relieve certain p^r-ona h*ld to aenrlceor labor In the District of Columbia " Mr. Wrtfcht'a bill, It will be seen, |-rup<-??*a a gradual em one I nation of slaves, ft is m #_ !t_ ?_ ?? IDIIUWK 1 No peno.i not inw within tbe Diatrict -( Oluinbti* nor nnw ownM Wy any person or I? r>?n? now resident wl'bln It, nor hemfter boru within it, *hall ere? be bvld In ?lavery within Mid D1?trlct. >*?c 'i So person now wUbin *? id DIArlct, or ... ? ? uvw uj viif p^iavu vi j/ri8un? uuw ini* dent withm !be nirt- or hereafter born within If ?halt crer be held In slavery without the limits of aald D'strkt: rrovirtrd. That t (Been of the liovernrr.c&t of tbe United states, l>elng dtii-ns I of the ?l?vpt?oldiiig states, coming Into said District on public business. acd remaining only so l?n?: as iimy be reasonably neceaaarv for that object may be attended Inlo and out of Mid District, aiifl vkhlie there, by the neceasary servants of tlwaurlTti and their families.without their right ti> hoidaoch ?erranta In aerTioe being thereby ltn- 1 j i? ru 1 All children bom of slave mothers 4 within said District on or after the flrtt day of , id tb<* vsr of onr Lord one thousand eight hunI dred and *txtv-two, shall be free; b it shall be rrtHMiably supported and rdwitrd br the respective owner* of their mother*, or by their heit* or r?*p:r*entatives, and shall s*rve reasonable service as apprentices to suefc owne>s, heirs and r-presentaMves until they respectively arrive at j the a^e of twentv-one Vears, when tfcey shall be 1 eti'irHy free; ?nd the municipal authorities of 1 Wasb.r.<;ton and Ueorgelovrn. within their re pective inrisdietU.uai limits, are hereby en>- ! powered <md required to make all suitable and ; nece*aanr provision? for enforcing obedience to ' tb>? aecuon on tbe part of both ir.eater* and apprentice*. Sec. t. All peraona now within said District lawfully held aa slave", 6r now owned by any person or peraons resident within anid District, abatl remain auch at the will of their respective iv.l. V-1 * ? ? ??., . urn unr^ ana ifgairfprf^pnTaTivw: fto* ? i<#?d, That any *nch owner, or hi? legal representative. may at any time receive from the Treasury of the United State* the fall value of his or her slave of the claia in this section mentioned, upon which such slave shall b? forthwith and forever Tree; Ani provide f*tik*T, That the Presidert of the United States, the i*ecretarv of J'tate, a d the Secretary of the Treasury shall be a hoard fcr det-rminlna the vslue of such ml?w? at their owner. may d>t!re to emancipate under th i iMH-t'.on. ai.d whoae duty It shall br to hold a for the purpose on the flrst Monday of a a calender n;on;h, to receive all applications, *nd, on aat.sfactnry ?vtden"e In each case that the per?>"<n pr'-serted for valuation is a slave, and of the c|n?? In tmx section mentioned, and Is owned by tbt' app icant, sha'.i value such slave at ht? or otr io:i C4M1 vuur, ?nd give to Ibr applicant an ??rder on tt Treaaury for the amount, and al?o to rich alave a certificate of fre*ilom r*e* A The nranlelpel authorities of Washingtf?T aid 'ieorjetown, within their respective jurisdictional limits, are herehv empowered and reared to provide active and efflrieut m*-ana to arreai and delivc up to their owa?'i ail fugitive lave-Waning into said l)l?tr'ct ' ' The cttMi w ? ?1 * .'>u v -? " nu.n ?UV W1U District of Columbia are hereby empowered and r*cuiredto open polls ?t all the u?ual placet of holding elections on the first Monday of April nei?, and receive the vote of every fr?e white male eiti/^ns above the agr of twenty-one years, h*v-i^ resided within said LV.str'ct for the pericd "f ore year or more nest preceding the time of s ii h votlnn frr or against this act. to proceed In taking said vote* in all respects not herein speclfU><i XI if *lar>fiAn? 1 1-?? J ? ?? v ' VM? ?n?n ?ut luui'i' ij-m i iaw?, SOU with at little delay aa jossiblr to trarsmtt correct .ta'ements of 'he *o'? so c*?t to the Pr?*ldtnt of tbe L'nlied States. and It shall be tbe doty of tbe President to cravat the gild votes lmmedlatMv, aad If a msj >rsty of thetn be found to be for this act to forthwith Issue bis proclamation giving notice of tbe fact, and thl* act shall hclnfull force and eflect o? and after the day of such proclamation see. 7. Involuntary aervitude for !be punishment tf crln.e, whereof the party shall liava b?en djiy evavlcted. shall la nc \v'*t be protected by this act. ^ec. 6 l or all the pnrp?se of this act the jurisdictional of Washington are eitmded to all parts of tbe District of Columbia not now Included within the limits of Georgetown. A t'ini * m T*orB!.*.?Thursday afternoon. aTO..'. Are o'cicck, considerable ' xciternent took place near tbe west rate of the Caplt-1, In consecaweof a gentt?l!y dressed man beating a soldier In that locality Word was immediately la tk. of I ...I? p - ? . .v .?v v*? v vi # u?.ivc rri|uton, and V'BlCf' Miliind hastened to the scene of setlon Flodi n* th?; man scrfllng with two Midlers who apresred to be trying to get a baronet from him. "vhlch be had drawn fom the scabbard of one of the soldiers th# nflr*r hiibjjiJ ? ?? ??*? , ? ? ? ? 9 n i ?? oDbitanu. and on attempting to atmt him he wu by htm But Ottte**r Meredith comlas to the M*'.?tsure of Milatead, be waa aecnred with the nlppera" aad brought to the ofBce of Justice Ferguaon, In wblch Ee ?'ated "thnt be wii superior to any one In the efflce, and that he never thought of biaa'andlng would b- arretted by the contemptible Washtngt-a police '' or wonla to tbat effect He gave *? R>of ai John t^utnn, and sta'ed tbat he waa tbe captatc of a company In the Tammany regtneat. to which the men belonged, and toat be ut Authority to order them u b- pluwd, and fotc* 'hem to bit orders One of the men, Wllllim Kem, teattOcd that h? and John Frally (who ?m too drank to testify i hud Keen oa a little "bender," and catno acrom Qulnn. the aMaultlng party, who undertook to take them to the camp, bat be tried to get away from Quins and pet Praliyr.way aiw when V a'tark d'hein with hla fiat* and jerked oat tr.e bayonet with whlrh be nmd> at Krai I v, and n ?c hr>?u*ned to aboo'. tb?in. which he (Q.) in ihe cfllcf ?*id be would be rxrfcrUv juatlfird In dolnfc t he witneaa denied thnt equina wan a i tnU,a in lh#? r#alm?nt ultkAnnK ^ v*^? w bat had been d lamia* d from it rxhlhltrd ? paper which atated that be lad been detailed for recruiting service, and off-red te exhibit hia authority If tbe J i?tlr#wouid ?>?-o4 an r Acer with him to the camp of the regimes'. and accordingly they w^re aent with him, 4>nt ta<-y could not thVre ob-ain any evidence of hia beini: a captain at tba iweaent time. He then sent forTo! Ccggsw sU. who ha* laMy returned fro'i. R?-t:nond where he hid been prisoner, who that C^olnn had been a caputs hef?>rr he (the Colonel) was taken prisoner, bat he did urn know whether he wu i captain ?it present or rt A?>cu! ibis time , It b*?i i? been understood 'he regiment wa? nnder marchlrg orders, ?tkd the wu, ther*lore, could run rrm<tto to It* ury ax L*?n, mr jwwr gtTrng fjuitn a -ewrre lecture, lined him f5JP for disorderly tondutl. Haor<>ht to Teial.?Yeaterdav morning, detcrtlvr a R Allen proceeded to Haidmore with ' crtllrd warrant, l**ued bv J<i*t(r? Dunn under th? m*-* i <.f lh<? rifi'iiit PAiirl I tiH nHtaln^rff frnm the custody of IW mir?h*L a prisoner named Robert Welsh, who aland "harmed with passing In thtacttv upon W r J*mttha n, in August last four one hundred dollar eoaaterfelt uotrs, purrertlng to be of the Shoe arid Leather Bank, of he rlt* of New > ork Me 1? already in<l --ted In . a . ? *ii_ *% i ?a .< -M a Ttt? Jim.'iai court ul Uiia u.nnci, ana minfd:?irly upon bis arrival la?t night waa nentto jail hy Justice Uonn. In Baltimore th^re Incut trading against him for attempting to pass thirteen of those note* In that city, but by consent of c'T>n?cl he *m delivrrcii to detective Allen to ha rN for the offence committed here. _ "iTifJin* 09 Tun?Wi are bun ??*a, "** th*1 10 P,l? ot rutu wrought by tte ..'.'.?v7V . P",Ur,m ,B "* lorti.wlT-pw.p?rouB - untr or L?uiuun V lryi tv a d it>? impnwou-eui -I , f r^?'de?t? br tb? rrf? u^^.Vcbtt ; ft tr. r?o^i4 l!" tf 1, pr4>u :rr K* t?rr?Q that '' * ' l'|.( Brr w ?fi from t!T . t" A . 04I..VU r?M?<H?*~ <*?? Utt Orb or the Tbaoic Incidents or thk Wa. The preaent war abound* In material for future poets, dramatists, and novelists. Only tew days since we heard Incidentally of a aad romance, more deeply affacttag tban anything In the pagea of Scott or Dickens. A t?/inner man nf rara attal nmjnft tK# lAh tif >ft eminent lawyer of Albany, left hla Northern bomea few yew*aioce. to aeek fume and fortune In the ?nnnv *oafb He aettlM at Clarke*!lie. Tennraaa, where hla manly ch racier aoo i gained htm acoreaof frlenda. HeeataMtobed * ?etnlnafy there, and la a fear or two married a " native, young lady of grvat peraonfei attractions, aid of the moat amiable character thortly after the aeeeaaioa of Teoneiaee the seminary *ai broken up; moat of the pupils enlisted, and the bead of the establishment sticrumUd to tbe pressure, and enlltted alio Before le??iBR h?m-, be told bla wife to collect bis debts, nettle his affairs, and make herself a* comfortable aa poa?lMe nacng he/ friends, until happier time* As for be told her, be would deaert aa aocu :s be got within sight of the Potomac. ard rrlnln h a family In Albany, until the time* were settled. The parting was a sad one, but the hnsband promised tr> write often, and an oc casional letter from blm during tbe next few months r-beered tbe drooping spirits of bis helpmate Tbe letters rea?*d finally, and tbe devoted wife, fesrful for tbe fate of her husband, could not be reeonelledj but In Bplte of the pro trstat'ooB of her friends, Mgnlfled her determination to make her wty to her husband's Northern borne, lerhapn to r*Joln him?at leant wltb tbe rjpecUtlou of hear ng from ta in. She left hla huHnesa rtfalra nniettled, and started at once. After Innumerable trials, abe reached Albany, and found that her bu?band's family were In utter Ignorance of hU fate?they knew nothing tnd cad heard nothing from him since tbe stoppage oit&e malls Tbe feelings of this faithful and faring Wlte may ltns'ined. Wn'y thontbs passed, andatlll no tidings of tbr absent one were received. At length came news of tbe fall of Fort Poneleon, ard a short time aftrrwarda a number of tbe aecesalon prisoners passed through Albany, on tbe'r way east woiu i arse, ib? veoeranie lamer eageriy qursttoned, but they knew nothing of bis ton He had almost given up la despair, but finally one of the prisoners flippantly obseived 1*? reply to thequestton asked him, " What, the Professor? Oh, yes ' He was shot last Hummer for desertion." i he particulars of the attempted escape and subsequent execution were elicltcd from tie Drlsnner. who hflnnonl tn thn Mm* r?ulman? and tbe bereaved parents and wife v?t mourn the loss of tbe patriotic sou and husband. LKmsi. 1'patt, the Gkbai America* TbavKJ-br , Robbed and Assatlted ? Yesterday patrolman Talbot, of the county preslnct, brought to the ofllco of Justice Donn a soldier, named Wm McCarty, of tbe 20tb Massachusetts regiment. who had been captured by tb* guard of tbe 54th Pennsylvania, fbr assaulting and robbing I>nn1fll Pfhlt Ika vosltaKU 1"Va*?i*?1 ? ?- .? ?} VUW >V11?UV>C l/HUICl) kuo American traveller, and self-nominated candidal* for the Presidency. Daniel testified as to how he was employed at th? lime he was a*?anlted Re bad just arrived, and getting in the vicinity of the camp, was admiring the beautiful scenery. The man came to h'.m and wanted to know what he was doing there. Daniel tried to explain, but the fellow would not accept his explanation He seized Daniel and a^ked hltu for "that pistol " Daniel said bfc had aone The fellow put hi* hand on hia pocket*. and feeling aometblng In h a bosom, aaked " Wbit'a that f" Danle! brought out hia book, containing numerou* complimentary notice* of blm, clipped from a hundred Journals. He searched Daniel's pocket*, took bis portmonnale, c mtalnlny a Confederate note and peukuife blade, an<4 ?f??- V *v * * iiu a tie i iuc ??it u iranin miara itxiut mrw dollars, which was loose In his pccket. but don't know If the prisoner got It or n?t The fellow also assaulted Daiilel, and struck him a severe blow on the face. -Da lei took to his heels and ran to the sentry, and the guard being sent In pursuit of tli* offender, be was captured and searched, and Daniel's articles recovered, except the money. Justice Donn, under the circumstances, committed the prisoner to jail. The prisoner said he waa drunk yesterday, and that's what's the mat* w. Criminal Cor*t ?Yesterday afternoon, Thof. Frier, frte negro, wai found guilty of stealing eVf-n pounds or beef fron Peter bill. The ca?e of John Woodcock, charged with stealing $63 from Messrs Flint and Johnson, was taken up, and had not been conch'ded when , the court adjourned The Jury in the caaeof Patrick Farrell, charged with au assault and battery on, and robbing of, Geo. K. Straynton, came, into court shortly after three o'clock and xtated that they could not agree upon a verdict, and also that one of the jurors was nick, in (.cDscqneuce of which they were dlicbarbed aud a new trial ordered. Skriocs Accident. ?Thursday afternoon, a little 4?irl? a daughter of Mr. !*mKb, rending on Tenth, between D aud E atrfceU?went Into the L I? l _?? ?- ? ?? "" " **- * iicarn eiwnea to me jamuy dwelling, and in a f?w momenta ran oat enveloped In flame*, f he ran Into her mother * parlor, where aome ladies were, and theae extinguished the flames, but not until the little girl was badly burned Her right | aide and arm and berk 'were moat severely corcDfa. ner mmaer's nana* were alto much burned, In the effort to extlngu lab the flames The child. It seeir.s, went Into the kitchen, and approached co near the (Ire that her drew caught by the flame Fori. Watbr ? Mr. Editor : Those person* of Washington and Ueorgetown who are obliged to use hvdrant wit^r. aiitrrrlno <rn>atltf frnm Ika foul and muddy condition of the water at prevent. It Is utterly untlt for cooking or drinking purpose*, and for washing the person or washing clothing is uaeleM. It mutt certainly have a bad effect on the heal'h of those who drink It at present, any one will be convinced who leU a glass of It stand for m abort time, and note* the quantity and character of the sediment deposited The rains hav? ceased lumc time since, and 4t mint Ka fKct maina ''? ? --.a ?? ww >uv iiibiij* mc iuui. vauuui the evil be remedied by "blowing out?* the pipes, or In lume other manner Ai^ua A (ilBL?Yesterday morning, an Irish "larsef sweet sixteen'' waa arrested by officer Crown, who eacorted her to the office of Justice Clayton, whrre a charge had been made that she had assaulted a man by pulling his ears She alleged that the man had given her Impudence and sauced her mother, for which soe bad given kl?. Hokt M J.... ?* H puiiisuuicuk u uv ucvrrvru. i uc Justice, however, thought that this was not the proper course for her to pursue, and although noted for his gallantry was on thta occasion eevf re enough to require her to give security to keep the peace, which ahe readily obtained. Thi Tenth Leoion or Niw Yoik.?V esterdav afternoon, a splendid flag was presented to the Tenth Legion (the Klfiy-slxtb Regiment of New York Volunteeis), by Major Morton, cf New York, who referred to the great Issue of the present struggle, and to the patriotism of the section of country from which the Legion came, the birth-place of DeWItt Clinton and \Tm H. Reward, and the headquarter* of Washington daring the Kevolution. Col. Van Wyck, In response, assured him, in the name of his regiment, that the banner sbould never be trailed in dishonor. They might fall, but falter?never A Fiohtino Woman ?A colored woman named ??aran r>m? waj armca jetteraay anernrwn, by City Policeman Conner, on the charge of being drunk and disorderly, and Setting ber neighbora In Pratber'a alley. After considerable difficulty be iucceede<l In gettlbg ber to J ustloe Clayton's office. where sbe ?y?ln became so uaruly tbat the senrices of Officer Crown werealao called into requisition, and abe was placed In a carriage and taken to the workbouae, where she Is to serve ninety day*. AiTUrrma to Stab.?About eight o clock last evening, a drunken aoldier, named Daalel Sbehau, got into a fracas with a number of cttlzeus u< ar the Sixth street wharf, during which be pulled out hia bayonet and waa about to use It on one of them, when tbev seized htm and ?ot him to tba Tenth District Station, where he waa kept all night, and this morning turned over to the military. Soldi aa Shot.?On Thursday night, t aoldler, who gave hla name aa Brady, waa ahot in the thigh, on L atreet, near Sixth, by aome person unknown. \V hen frat ahot, he moved off briakly. but it waa not long beforetbs wound ao atlffenea hla limb thai the patrolman had to help him to the guard house, where thaydeltvered hltn to the prevt-st guard He does not arem able to specify u to what time or by whom he was shot. Stat* Paiaonn* Kklkaskd ?The following named prisoner* were yesterday released by the eeainkMloa relating to State prisoners:?J Barrett Cohen. O Morris Bryan, A J Michael and William B Bryan, on glvlngtbelr written parole. J. P. Kills wa* discharged on taking the oath of allegiance, and E. P. Bryan. H. A. Stewart, P. W Casper and W J Raisin were recommitted. THE Ftixin OF Fairfax COCRTI.?A meeting of fkraers of ibe upper part of Falrffcx county was held yrsterdsy, at which it waa agreed to term au association for mutual date act, no that they coo Id plant cropa without grsat expanse. The also agreed to co-operate with each otner In building fences, 4c. Dunoi a uituisof unom&iTows -httai Bind XT. Rlaqae, a cltlttn of Georgetown, &a4 member of tbe bar brre, well known and blgbly ^in* In both clUee, 4ie<l at kliidUinettn Georgetown, yeeterday morning, of atrangulnted bornia, after a few day*' Ilinear Accidentally Bc&jtu?A colwad woman naiiM-a !*tm iMftawi, on* 01 100 itiniw or Ti. cup Alky, oa titf Uuiid. vu oadly toward 03 Tbandsv *11111 toy her eloUM taking due from ** ?P tut wiiaifis railioab oprxva -tknri a>> u- .. luftalne to mwumm, tud tfce road la paa four Bilaa bcy?ad. ? . _ ' TBI GrKAT AMBIirAS fBAVlL*I 1* Tow* ? Hon. Daniel Pratt, ft . well known to the people of the United Statea if tbe popular standing candidate for the prvtdenry ,but wbo,t naplrod by the highest patriotism, baa waived hie clalma-auceeahMkldMlu. Dnlk PUkv Tmlnr gy*MM the prvawit Incumbent. U now In WMntftWi Mr. Pratt propoara, through the ' WMblngton Lecture AMnclation," to addroaa tbe cltttena of Waahlnftton opob hia favorite * ' " " **** *' ? ??? ca m - t.i . mpic, " me war mieiieciiou oun, tuujn.. well calculated to call out hla remarkable power*. Thla Lecture Aaaoclatten, ke underatanda, la the fkvorite medium by which peraona of hla turn of ulnd obtain acceaa to Waahmgton audiencea, and he learnt that Juat now they are In want of a lecturer. Pa?to*a.l Sunrsias Ptima ? Laat evening, when Mr Hlrat (the newly-appointed preacher nf tk. L-- 1... CnlL.n.l (> lire I WUUUI T Lll'l V-M III V H IM this city) arrived with his family at their new home, the par?onage of thechurcn, tbey found the bouse newly carpeted, sad furnished with a supply of grorerleasnd Mel, by tbe congregation; a great many of whom were prewnt to extend a cord'al greeting to the worthy pastor, who has served the Church for twenty-four years. A similar furprls-was prrpared at tbe parsonage of the .Methodist Protestant church, for tbe new pastor, Kct Mr Robry (late of Georgetown). F.>foiui?? the Militahy 0*d**? ? Last irtght the taverns, ban and restaurants generally were closed at an earlT hour. The reason of this Is probably to be found in the operation of the provost guard yesterday morning,when Margaret Flf/gerald, Hannah Hogan, Stressel Iloffrtian. I ftkfi IV nwf Is 9>ef\Vi?n Uanlv I ar nV\ D kmrIa WUM ?? J' 9 u*.f?ucu UOMJI (?BV>UU nuppic* keepers of taverns and drinking ?aloon?,were Arrested and taken to the Central Guardhouse. After a preliminary bearing the men were locked up to await further orders, and the women released from custody. Most of the house* are located in the Second Ward. Criminal Court ?The trial of John Woodcock. for ateal^ngS43 from Flint & Johnson, wu concluded tbta morning, and given to the jury, but a rerdlct had not been rendered when otir report closed. The caae of John Mortimer. Indicted for robbing a soldier, was then railed, and after a state inent bv his counsel, the District A tlornev entered a nolle prosequi. Mary Jane Johnson, (colored) was tried aud found guilty of robbing D K. Boaweil of 815 Ko^eth WabtStat 105Cabt*?Befort Justice IT/ilt?r._Patr1ck Carberrv. W Gllnn,J. vicMera, D Leary, Michael Gallagher, J. C. Grimes, M McCarty. John Lynch. P McCoffcv, B O'Xell, John Filrvvnilil R l.?h?v. V r>ln?v fl Pitt. eerald, W Mathews, Jolin McKeare, Michael McCarthy, Henry Groa, Moaea Montgomery, aoldlers, for trifling ofH?nse?, turned over to the military. Johu Brown, drank and disorderly; fined Hi. Caapir L'irird, do ; do tl 5?. Henry Johnson, do.; do. 85.5P. Loving o? good jinaic will no doubt be glad ?a Ikl. XT C-1 w wen vuic uoua ?" lum ui?? nuutn i well-remembered Nightingale Opera Troupe, ? comprising all the uld favorites of tbe Washington public, Geo Kunkel, Harry (Bone*) Lehr, and other*: aa well a* many new and popular performers. They appear at Odd Fellow*' Hall on Mpnday night, and will no doubt receive a cordial greetl ng .. Ckntbal Uuardhovsb Cask*?Before Juttiee iv.u f ...*?- tim.. ttt t?r ?r->-t _. i itihht ? uuiht muirr, ?? . nr. vteicn, ina Thomas Robbina alias Dngan. vagrancy: workbouse JO dava each Morris Ryan, drunk; dismissed. Cordelia Maloney, drunk and disorderly; fined SI 59. Richard Barlow, do.; workh'ue 39 days Tbomaa Down*, drunk; turned over to the military. Sccpicios or Mcrdrk ?Tbl* morning. Coro. ner Woodward was notified that a woman who resiaea on h itrwi, in ?w?mpooaie, wiii dead, and It wai suspected that her denth was caused by a beatli.g given her by her hnsband yesterday. Her husband's name wt< not known to tbe coroner, but she has a brother In the cltv named Michael Lanham The Inquest will be held this afternoon. Stoles Pbomrtt.?This morning a negro named Nace Brown was arrested near the Marine Barracks, with a bag containing a number or chickens and a irreen ham, which are supposed to have been stolen from the neighborhood of Union* t. wn. where Brown reside*. Nace Is held for a heating. ?pxcul Policemen at tuk Dkpot.?The following persons were, by the Board of Police Commissioners, on the 13th Inst., appointed special policemen at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad t _ . o * a itt _ i -? ? *? iicnoi, yi? : oiiuuri a. v? antrum, jodd iviroey, and William Shipley. Not Dkad.?Francla Gallagher, Ksq , of Baltimore, Lieutenant of the Maulsby Home Brigade, It turn* out, was not killed in tbo battle of Wincheater aa reported, but a Pennaylvaula raptaln of the aame name waa Hicowb Warp Station Oa??-- Btfott Jxstitt Clark.?YAvr'A Koerner, charge of larceny; security for further hearing. Wm. Vintner, a witneaa, do. Frank Cofl>c and John J<roith; turned over 10 toe military. We have he< kivbd a communication from Rev. Mr Syle, of Trinity Churcb for which we have not r?om to-day. It wilt receive attention ou Monday. Health for thk Soleihe*.?For one who diet from the ettects of tnc bullet, ten perlab from damp and exposure to night atr. Small doses of Hollowav's Pills taken every other night will corrert all dlaordera of the Liver and Ktcniacb. purify the hlood. and Inure sound health to every man. Only 25 cents per box. KC. Limb' Lime" Lim* !!!?The subscriber bu on h;iud one hundred barrel! of the be#t wood-burnt Lime, which can onlv be bad at hla lime kilns, be havin<; dissolved all connection with any other Dlace or establishment for the sale of 1.1 me. O mint, &c., and wbicb will be ?t>ld iow for the cub. im?r 29-t?] W* H.Godit. 'fitaftm for thk bcll rujf battle virld. via Fairfax Court Houm and Ontervllle. will lrare every nay rrom opposite Hlliboru'r se^ar store, above \V Hlnrd's, at U m , returning next afternoon; fare for round trip, $6 Accommodation can be bad at Centervllle, where tbe at ape atop* every night. Two special stages leaving on Sunday. f2t?] Cbas. J. Muepht. Brandkkth 's Fill*, composed wholly of veg eianie mower. Bre louno oy experience 10 ue harmless to the most tender age, or the weakest frame, under every Mage of human suffering; tbe moat pleasant and benign in their operation that were ever offered to the world, and at the same time tbe most certain In searching out tbe root rf any complaint, however dep, and of j?er JortolnK a cure. B Bkanukstii, M D. Sold at No. 2W Canal itreet, Brandreth Building, New York, and at the Branch Oflirt, corner Ninth and E streels, Washington, D. C. P 8 ? Sutlers supplied by the dozen. mh 29 lw Eak Vapouriser and Inhalatcr for the treatment oi aearne?a ana noises in tne neaa. 1 nese instrument* hare been Introduced into medical practice by Or. Von Moacbrtsker, Oculist and Aurlst, and have received the highest approbation from the medical faculty both la Europe and this country. Persona who are afflicted with deafness or uolaea la the head have now the beat opportunity of re ceivmje mruicai ircaimrni, nuu iuuuiu uui unoj doing no If they with the fall benefit of Dr. Von Moacnzisker'a treatment Opthalmic and Aural Inatitute, for the inedlcal and aurglcal treatment of the Eye and Ear, in charge of Dr Von MowcbzUker, 227 Peuhaylvania avenue, opposite Wlllard's. * A VW nv T II V WiMV VVaftlfAV! AT ? VDAV VUt C1TISKNS OV WAIHISOTOM TO St. TCHIIRTT, HI 1NWAN HBBB DOCTQK. FkmaU Complaint Curtd. Mra. C. W. Blakeman, Lane'* Hotel, Georgetown Curt of Ntrxou* Dtbility. Frederick Rohleder, F street, corner <d, Island. Scrofula Curtd. J. ftlaioney, corner 4th and B streets. Enlargtmmt of the Hi art Curtd. P. Downs, 343 6th street, Washington, I). C. Scrofula Curtd. J. 0. L&keman, 6th street, No. 430. C on sumption Curtd. John Clark, Camp Duncan, D. C. John C. Diy, corner 3d and D streets. Bad eatt of Jauudit* Curtd. jonii nura, no gw ?w i or* arenu* Fits Cured. David Dllon, 478 V ?tr?>?t Nervous Debility Cured. John Donohu, No. 506. corner C and 3d street*.

Cured if Chronic Disease. William Sullivan rnrner 4 U unit O ilrmh Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D. C. . Cur?d if Debility. I Charm Wllaon, U 8 Regular. Dytftftia, Cured. B?nj Doraey, 30th at. and PenftiylvanUi avenue Cured of Pimp lee on the Put. J a nana Reed. Mth and L atrerta. Chronic Rheumatism Cured. M. A Howard, loth ilrctt. Mar !* JVirtfM Uebitity Chtrln A Ooamlier. N?ty Y?rd. Jttkma afitr all tkt Doctors fa&td. 8. J. WbHe, No. *53 B street, *outh nldq of Capitol. Cancer Curtd. I. Blackburn, Georgetown. Bad Dreamt with Night Svtatt Curtd. K. Haunscn, 417 7th etreet. Witt Otrtd. J. J. Kane, C etreet, between ?th u4 TthI toll* your proetrate heart* to lift, Yoor Meedloc wotinda to care, And with the Ueeetue of Nature's gift, KeiieTB rics ana poor. ; , The Ini'u Beth Doctor will doecriba dlmit and toll his patient* the nature of tholr aosCnU or 1Ub?m, without rmelvtngaay Informs* from theoi. No chart*- for roD?iuut)ou Oftc*, No. 11 WaahlAMtoft Balidlnc, t*f?ta?^Ln&U avenue, cotter 7th ?reet. mu tS-tw < ' H|xi jfa / 9 ?%???? it I: H DM ONhTON. of Wiahillft > . D. C (Ba.timor*, BurMBfton, Iowa. fcn4 WtruT, Hi., P*^?r* pl?M* oofi ] JUifeU. On the 3?h invtant, WILLIAM Hl'KLBV, ced C6 TMirt Th? fhenda of the <aiti iit arc invited Ui atterd hia fuijo.-fci, on tu rn>rro?(ViirtdaT>ft' S (/olook from hi* reudrnoe.No 441 N atraet, bt tveenlStk acd istii. Of the diathena. JANF. IRFNX HOLT, the foangest ohud of 3ar\h P. an I VVwIlam O Ho t I ft rosebad opepirc tair. In he&n 'j'a IoY?!i4?t djra ; A ???hyr o*t? ire s?e?t? to haa* la fracranoe to tii? ?kies ; Abd tbas thy b ?oiiiing Ctiernb smile. TojNfcrth a rnoraiCK ?iven. Ti l virtueoit "me?J bar <a?orite oiu.d, Arfl took it at to h?v?n ! Th?" raiat tm and friends a r???eciiu. j 'n?ited to attend the f?Mral, from hor ra?orta' residence, Seventh atreet; brtwe a tt sad 1 ?< .Navy Yard,) at Scfoljck. * On t*ia iP-.h mstnnt. EDMON0 l.< 8IMONDS, *S*6ef 'er^?of tiiefainilv arer*?fr*otfo fy requested to attend hi* tuorra on to-mptrjir ifs^'ay > afternoon at 3 o'binrtk from hia 'ate rMKft&xr. OV'Ti&T 7th and G at*., opposite P?tent ofla#. Oaths 5?th instant, ? MM \ J1NE. onlr haufliter of Ed wad asl EitnMt*! *?%'? ana " months. j>?e>f<Mit Emma th-u has left vis, W e tor Iocs most deeply tees; Hot 'tia God that rath bereft u?, H? can all out sorrjirs h al. 4 n? icn -la. wm jaae piace to irorroir (fusnar ) at s c'ctook ?. in., from to* restdef!o?of hsrfa'har. No 4T3 lft?n street, ><etwo*n D and Thoirtenda ot the family arc u.v.t*! to atteod without farther notion. * .. * AMOo&M&i* i'a. r Vitu s /vi ntnKi.i. Joaw T. Fokb Proprietor and M*naf*r JOHH 8. W'tuoBt? Stage Manager La?t appearaaee of MIPS LUCILLE WE8TKBN. La ttime of C A MIL L E. THIS Tr? VINQ. C A M I L L E ' n*mil I a Mix I.nnill# Armando? .... Mr.KiiWbt To scnc!n<l? with THE TWO THIEVES. 8?x r ffio# rp?s from 9 to 1 s?id frcm 5 to 8 o'oi'xsi, when sMtg oaa b? eecared. A bMIM10!t. Drew Circle had Parjuetie ... ...if rent* Ba'oony 8wt? i ?rohe?tr% $rat? ?1 Faniiy Circle ...... ... .15 oenu No extr* ch*r?e for reserve! seats. It CHARLKb K. FOKi>. Trea?m?r. ^yA8HINGTON THEATER! Leaae* ud Mara*N HrKPBKtT Rlakd LMt Nifbt of the GRAND COMBINATION E. L, BW&ft'"' STA*'' JAMKH ^LACK MEa /. w, WALLACK, . , M18S BU8AN DENIN. TWO STAXDAkD PISCES TO FIGHT' A ft ESAT FLAT A.M) A srHIHi-D COMKSTt THIS (SATURDAY) feVKNING, M&roh 23, Kousbut'i thriUini ruI ftff otirg Pl*y (in6aot?iof . TUK ssTRANUfciR ; Or, Misanthropy anJ t, tptntance. The Stranger Mr fc L Davenport Pr?noi?~ MrC B?rr?m Mrs Halter. Mri J W Wallaok To oor.elude with th? tx>aatiful Comsdy of TH? HO N K> M?M> V . Or, Hotr to Rule a Wife. Duke Aran** Mr J w Wallaok. jr Jio'ando _ Mr Wm Wbeatiey nhaca Miaaeaaan Demn On Monday Next March 31, THK bHAM) COM BlftA HON haaAir * 1 Nll?LO'> GakT>8N. Naw Votn. It* TCARIJ HEATER.?Mr. Bi.ANl). on retiring fron the muuesnett of the Wathintton ?heater becc to ten4?i nia unce-e thanki to the patr>oa of the drama for their liberal mrport. and hop?<i nhort y to a*ain cater for their ainmein?"l. It* M R t*. K K M H L. h f l'l rpvl PHAI?rFASV? PtAT (f HENRY V, At WILL 4ADS' HALL, On HM l HiiAV EVENING, Maroh *?. T!.e ?ro?eet}ii f the ?!? nf tick*''? will be p ^o?si tn toe o| tbe tfa-a'a'* CoiKimn?!oa. f? r the foeneitt ol out hick auJ '.YoaBdfd Soldiers tn^ ga?lor?. Ticket* of vlrnitsum Oue Dollar, to be oMai&Sl at the prinoipai bookstore* ftiid Hitfi*. K?Mrr?<< Bee * fifty o?>ii? extra; m?? r?e secured at Phi p A pPiOtroos' Metropolitan B?>ok?t?>re, Pa av. Doora cpeiiKti ooook ; Kcaumt will oonmteoee ?' 8. miiSi at /~kDD FEU'-OWtP UAL!,. / Sivmlt St., r.'.ar ih Pet Ofitt. 6*olt<;* KrMt*L t.e??ee?i?<i MUNDA\ , M ARCH 3I,I?MW. t,h a v:> i x a ef* irtt j tin v isirnrr-r A fHORT ENGAGEMENT lit the i'viuouh Kunkers Nightingale Opera Troupe GEORGE KUNKKL, T. L FI.OYy, HARK \ LEHR, NEI.8E 8KVMOUJt. G W Cnarlea. Prol AhrenU, J H Rainer. J. H. Rom, W. Ga-dnor, O. C. Lewie. W W. **>o!?nn. Fcrd'nd c?>uior, J. Ale*. K'?her. Hemrich Don*obe, M a*>e- Emme.?ou. aud a comber of popuiar aud f ffi >iert AujiUarie* m*ki&c a Grand Combination Company of the i iBiiT nr tm x: PRiimninv *? r?. h~?if <*???'<? 1J1IV?,, bBI5 .e?T? u>ipfo.mth??ttbiwof great^OWa^cuXfany. "K he intend* to ?? ? CHANGE OF !'0O6RA*LME NIGHTLY, atid trill cfler to birpatrotu, MOTKL AND 1MC<IN? SOIREES D'ETHIOPE, ohar&ot^nzed throughout br THE UTMOST fUulCITV. IDTB?? futareadTfrtiMiMtiU acd small oiiia for parttcu an, mh 17 at CANTERBURY HALL I \y CANTERBURY HALL! COMBlJiAT10N MXTRAORDIJIARTI THE BALTIMORE COMPANY and tnc nasninurun wsirAixi In Joint Khtiktajmibxt : Return of the Old Favorite*, DICK PARKER, J AM Ed WARD. FRANK LA FOLLK, Aud the Members of the Company ! Continuation of the imtnenee artieta MISS MILLIE POWLRR, ajid Af/SS JULIA MORTIMER, and thi conr cr biuctt, MI8B LIZZIE FRANCIS, MI88 MARY BLAKB, MIS8 LILLY BRANDON. MISS PRANK SKOOR, Mlt*S JOLIA RICHMOND THE DELEVANTES m NBW AND START UN Q ACTS: fCTNo cbanj# in th? Admiwlon PrtcM^JJ Adraiaaioa J5 tanti; OrohM*?r t>l' n Xs eeftta. Aft*rno+H tmmmwi For Lftdtaa fttd PmmIim, on WKDNKPDAY AND PATl'BttAY AUKR NOONS, ?t? o'ak*t, Wh?v % tftTtah dietnbvtfon of E!ac ant Praam to la nftda i Rich and Ccttly Strwn?*, Book*. AflmiMion?'<M>nta ; CaiMraa l?aatiU. nk M PLARENDON CONCERT BALL. v> ( Urdu Cl'ebudok Hotil.) CONCtRT hVKRY EVENING. BY A FULL BAUD' War.LDC Girlf, ^' ""^,'sai r,th. i,.? Patent omen ou?iq8itib?-6ji<? M a raicn-B. <jaiA.< cu? 01 i;?rn>i!u?? w wov^ru mact Gftrtfeaa, *t the atuMl ta PaMtt OSoa; Kara Anti^afc'iAn Book* I tiafanuMtt JBoott, Doo*^ maeta foranbed; K&ur ?a*J Report*, MlutervjB> USSia^ Kwat Amy Rfciiatun*; moranaof UsCoaat ivlsc owr 3,9*> stitM cms 7 ClMk Kaooliaet ?ha?f r?uI. uarr* a* **, o? LOST AMD FOUAO, rAME TO WT PREMISES, t n.?Jirm III'"'H HOR9K, iMUroti morrisf? *V_. which thsort^r ou h**?bT jiititi ruf l"%T rtf %b 1 pir k Oi l u No 8cr*r.tti t.-Mt, Cf?r th? B?n^rr tis*. ir.h f? IJ r. LF1X8. r?AME TO TBE V/ Marok, I hr:>?B ftirf VklM ' orxad HOW ?ho?|i:i i'iri?'4,vmak Uton f mwi hftv* hr p*? n# c ivk't** DAVID moiirl, H* Nt rth C?p'to! ?t. ? OPT?On Welcwdftt ?wr*p?iie In ?oini I rem Li 7th, h???i G Mm 0 ?tre*t?. to M, h?tw?-:i t mi-1 H Horn with n4? of H street. t obi:-'* KAK-RiNO. or%'. with white ud rr<! rflt K ?ew*rd wiil t* Mid lh* fouler by l;?Yicf it at 410 7tti ?t. nih??t? NOTICK -KSTRAY CATTLE.-r.?mi to tn# -uhecfi! ??' p'eui;?ee, 6 e*tmt CAT TP I I.* ??? Vi?l. A * - r> ' Kim ?rJ, " ^ > . - ^C/JV Li WH ?MC ??M1 Vi i??i W ? A U I p*rn >u e mmuix the eaai.e, wil oone forwarv! pr^re pn'fer?y. and p?r kmlim; md rwt6 th*nr b? %?pl?ii?? tn MICHaKL HOOVER, on 7th ttreet lou. between (> a*d f utr+rt*. m>? ? St* RAN A WAT?Ot the 27th In*'., rer ISKGKO Wf'M.\*lltrirhwMlf Mien Nora m Bell.) with iini.ato eft,] , atx.ei 4 m?nt * ? old Hft'! ? ] wjtru ehe !en a .uht ecior A dre?#. vi.h barV aod r r -?vn ?:r ?i>ovt 5 fret iiijn; and ia ru? c ip>eoa A \JDL-m. pprB^n* a e np-^bf caetion'd a<vctt b*rt*?rir.t iw fimc tinnr i\ * w. * ? l *?? force PO 'o'zx' MPS j?A' AH J. "'DRIEN, ith 23-st* ao?n'r aaa P> IJ^STH - V - There etm-i trt the eDo'i??nTe of the J ?n'>8cnber. titu "vffceh Sf e. tw? jy HOKSKS. ?v#o h?d the eppemia-e* - ' |F havini: been riJren rerT hwl T- ownfr^-'^* e*n h*^e the aim ?j proMnc ?"o?"?rtT.*Bd r*f it?f for th'? *<1verttr?rneDt. (udttiei/fep.E?. Kaqoire of M KB. C. W ?LBRll)-?K, at l'i half & nit north of Co.ii'g'j a Co']etc reii ?7 3'* A 'A RKWARD?B*t a* a? f'??m the re?Jenea of the uwttrtfio d, ca Mor.?la? M murmur 24th met.. ?u>ut K o'eioelr, & A \VOMA>, csi tuc hsrself Jaae -40%, L.?e, la .r:f ht oc^fxir ooSor, .r ?ear? i.'e.te. Pj witiii ociM3|?tr> old, The b4r i* >r<e?''fV oo or. t be mcxzia i? ve.-f p ?a??r; lc< fc dc, wh^n tpoten t'i; about 5 feet huti, Auu I ad on a Mae o% !Oo dre-e p!a>n shaw : ami ba? a ba*t-ar4 be!?nfir??c Hon Cha' tf Cslvert. iwalr.Ts#SB r?WErd if C4 irered to me. o* s?cureJ to a* ic get * ? -?o r~m .. m ** r- , , ri n rr. _ wnr. t i<nn ? r > > n u, nih S?34 ?* > e*>? ?*"?*??; * !. . Lost?On S^tnr^ft* j*?t, btl'**c ?' ??-tt A M*t'? Stor? \ou ib* oo.ner nf lnh *->*1 D . nmi:i uii*c*.c *LKRVE-BUTToN A reward ol fl wi.i be pwd if leCa? Mr. 8>emien'?, Pa av mh 94 JjJTRAYED OR STOLEN?From a# SoMUm' C Re?t Df?f the depot. & iickt Uy?v_ MA * E. %ho3t I T^ar? oitl. (Sfioaji c the'J.i'* terirs!ter'? l'fpi ti?if?rr,) with MoC.el'ftn evldle. The ?it if tfc* bri4i? raJoalt tti6 ifettfre A I. O.. lu !.ra??. A :ib?r*l rewM tr | t<? m<4 fur h?r reto n tf> t*>a odio* of Ooi. Rl/CftER. Qaa-twriuaeter, corner 18th acd Q etr#9U. mh *4 Iw REWARO ? Stolen, rn Pnrd?r n^ht, v mt>oni ii o mo"K With BAdt!l*> acl h-uile. st%- ir. foreneko. j^Tn And one white fore f jot It t&? t.orr* :? -r ? turcf j to the owner, *t Or Han't.OD E it-tet, between 9th &cd Ma, Ue &bov? reward wt 1 be liyti- mh Xlw? BOABDING. OOARI)? T*i It'te Front Ro?iu. FurcirfaeJ 1) *aoh. ?nit?*'!a ft jea >tr,?n and !*df.or two jflr.t!?rT?T, &' 400 E u4tW{*n ttacd SI. Tartna modara*#. uiii?)3t* rOtf bAbfc 621) KENT. A STORE TOR RENT AND ?f(?Cll AND A KiXTLKKS FOR tfALK-ft ?ood for a nt!ir or retul rrojary a'.d Inuor?No 404 0 itrwt, i?Kwe*n 6tb ami Ttu. H* f?OR RKNT-Obp newfw Furnished on 17 2J floor. ?ifh Frard, in * ?tr of* privatef&riu!/. %t >o 403 3tb, between 6 and H mtitrit. mias:' FjH'RNISHED ROOM T ? LET?em rat e tor K?nt'eanan acd wife; or air*'* gmtieineb. Hruit' p?a'ftnt*ritiT situated, atri Irru* rruvB ab>. lr?uiro north ocmtr J?th aatj Lata, irh 5? Bt" I7?OK RKNT-A *' it OF ROOMH. AJso, F iJh&mlerf writ ha t ) gent e-neti on th? u.o?t rea?onat.le term*, hr applying f? Mo. 449 fift street o.i the o*'ic?r 0? New Vo: k ? . ir&2* 3t* a FUHN1SHKD K?Parlor ar ' four com jorta' iT l<iini?Uod Ch*T'tx?r?, p.easan'iy ntuaten lor r^e Mimtner, will te reotel or t?rr reano^a-le t nu to ting)? (entlemen or famiite* ArpiJ?' i??'. corner ci r<H.n?y van.* a recti? arc S2I ft The uoatiin l? ft draiiftbla o-.e, as iu?i'i ean obtained wittiin a tew dnvrt ??f t&e reei det.ce. mb 39 St* A BAKERY FOR IALI ba goo-i location at a nentioe. f->r ?a?h. The pr*e?or protnetoi J oblige to re t*e ic eoDxequej.u-j of nl hea ta; ui i woii.'l t?ke a pa-tiiT. lhi? lr r.a oppo'itii^j ol 1 sars ocenrrecetom'B in the aboveNua at??. Atj r'y t.. H?L JOH.N THORNTON. .No 646 7ti 2 Vivt Vftr/f . ? K? w? ? i ' t? ^ a iai u i "iu **'" *f L1 (t H K K N T-Two large. weii fun.a**! KOOMS&ad ub* rat... ??n ??oond floo*, 4*1 fc^(>v*nth itraet. *.=eHre?n r a-id (y. m*> ii> X' i L/OR RKNT-Thr?e~e<>tDfo'^M? R?X)?t?, a< F 4#0 Twe'ftici?t uuiaid*. t?ttre?n 6 ?a?i H crrete ; or.? tiiPjn tu;mth*o ? a roos , amJ ths o.'cm r-.-h?ml < lie .<>cat<ou now of IM inert Jn WmLi jS 1 W ! SAT-KOF. Kl->T ^?oiit(vlf DWGLIr P I lur U . I U 1' ? : ' J k n'noi., wi i?i. UJ' airf, in u;r ihjiijoviotnitr of tbs IVpsrtmf ut. Apaiy Ui JA9.0 MoGUiKif fc LH' |Aiic ir!iu><iUonnJi ?ton mi: as i' PORTION ??!- A WKl.L, M HNjaHKE HOUSR FOR RKNT.-f ? n. * >?*? ?r? Mtnorimd to i?t ? p-Jr;:- n ci ?. I't K^'SHKIl U"UbK, in UiinjtiiAU ; tj I th? Oftio? D<p&riiueuf, c?>?r.p'i?ir< *-t? p*r ?>r ami rhtmber, dining ;<.>oi:i lr:*;be^.a-.j Tim ?li* icg roim Kn* 5 ?-v?M?ert fiiiivo* ftcl would w\ke> A tin* v* i>(?et?i'T rc!er?nc?r*?Kir'<] App'?t> JA* O. ARoGt 1Kb tt G??? oorner l*tt IC 0 at*. if."- 35-ff I 1IIU ItL'K T ;? ?J;X ?' #? 'if ? I 5 f?et from the tal* k. ver? f'TPJ?. . -,;h ? ni&gtft "3 tue ec?-h fr<>1A I'l.1'!1!" J81 or Sl'l two Olift>nt?*r?. c?i a F*i tor i'i t *Mo7 ?0 r- v.rr EM?W fnm^h.d ha. * ? rwci on Ue ?o?th frost; Ko?t: u T"y and r>M.tbr. aud i??t a few Tarda eaat i f to* par>!>< B*&r ths PrMidcci'^ llcu*e acd o^'.cue t? t?> lue Capitol?460 New YoTk avenue, r.ear Ltti it. gifi t< tf L^UK RtN I-A new two aturr and liunswl r^ bnek DWELLING HULSfc, No, M Pro# fwv* VVI.M?IMH| O ?' U B*iurw 11 the liouga, and utdrant at the kitchen d<ur,ai: it c??rp!et* order. i'o a tnoj tennn* ?h? rect ret* jl able. AppytoD. KN6LISH, 139 Proepeotat. rati? Jw FOR t?ALE-*wo fin- C M* UltMAKI) TA BLKS. marble nab*, aad every arraaceireL' complete. Those ueeirinc the above will at ad] their inteiMt bt calling luunediat?4? at tae Luro peau Hotel, ooraer lltti rirMtacd Pccntjiv&nii arnae. mhl tf GEORGETOWN ADVfcJttf'WTi (y^GEOHGKToyN TAXtiS FOR 1*??^ i>. ?c r*ouoe is newey given that ft euoonn. o tan per cent, will ba ftilovftd on u.e 'vies of t i current year, ll paid 01 or btfore fi:et of Apn next. . tHAS. 1). WKU'B, mhgl-?w toi.ectir. HIBUKM AMD COAL. SOA1 E5 F??H SALtA good Draft U< >rae ft so >tu of mo- cv oml-taftud CoftlSoft e*, fur ?:? cheep [orTLri cftftU, C. MYMIH * SUN. Office ftbtf \Ard Water street, nk C< I. ? -? IHH ?viw g V C K UK 1 N OiiO V E 81 Ranuborg Jl Gberl, . 105 BUH bTKlkT. VBOtiUETOWN. V, 0, Thecu> mmoiMturer* of Gentiae BUCKSKIN ffLOVEP. MILITARY GAUNTLET*. *O< MITTENS tn th? District. Offlcera* Saont eu mad* to ?rdar, Uackikip Drawer* ant Shirt*. ) II BE SURE AND COME TO THE BE81 plica to ?> ? *??r OtbUaox?No. 460 ?cvetiu HWdt f'WJl Fianus: . rtAXHOSi: Pianos !.m. PIANOS FOR SALfc. AND TO RENT.?Laal veek teoeivea ac&la ? ray ply of Piacoa (rum the celeb *tec (\clon of W c..B|Ci Krabe ft Co., Baltimore, whioh I willeaU'l *1' or rest on *er j mo<!*rait to ma at my Piaro Stere N<? 49a litto street, abote Pa. mdlu. Alao.Mekidoone lor aa:e o r ront. trb&t-fRead with decision and aot hid PRECAUTION! DR M.VBLLNY'S PRIVATE HOSPITAL, is Lite Fodaial mock, uayoaite the tieocral Pun and Patoot Ofio?. Hot m Map atatrt. corner oilkh a.ld F ata . Waatkittgtox., v. c. KataHiahed for the ? oppressor: of Qaaefeery The Oar Ret alar pbyaioian Adverti?ac. !>r. M. Vallnr'i loss exparieo** in hospital pr*otm vifub inn la ajiiii .ul fa*?ao oa:?a:l atMA-M wf * privataratare.or k? wilt forletttdt of fir* hundred doHAr*. Cui! fcitd i? bin;. No o bur re for oontulU* ou. A perfect and radical our* verfeoted lit* u? te hui 869 H69 CHEAP CASH BTQHBt J?*t recMTM a Mooad-tuuid B'MLIU EOfH PiA/Sit JoVJbRtl) PAkuOK I**?, <H>i?l4tiEg vf tvo T#t^a-Ute Hvf^r !?*< art r Ohrir* Mid p* Ckaua- fke ?? ir In ??>><* J f r*OM ia tot of A C~{H ftrttotft v.l t *4 Uit? % r*r? efcv.ut to p-<>cjr? ct / *! ? reat tain. _ BMItfiklHlH. ih ?M ' aw Minn m.. Itiwiw 1 ?d 1 ?F$CUL, B'MiAI!*? IX BLACK IMUe, K/ Ut ?il IB* P?N fWIM >H VMS. a!' d?w'Sty?M?iH our proverbially ! ? prim**, um 'kwl ir pi* in iiim. (yriM ouly, u>* >o??i^gy^?^u/era u?. >Wwn^j'teii^ ( \) u,*j I sboqnu anrn;r?; , _ mu f. n. . ""o Mfi a.'nfih r K/IKX i'1 I J J t 1 M v.- - ? * ! r TVt IIIU rOtTTtO*. A portion of tb? fnloft ?'mr of ?b? PiMiV i I; iifcW (p pP?t'OB ?f tbf WlftTntOII j?IK tt?fi of tb<- <*rmnn? u4 Ale&?a4rU tat!rMtf. foly-two mile* oat trvm Aicnsdrla, *?4 KfW~ m!ir> Nihm Junction Tb? ft ebrla bad ue focr* to spr?k ( oc tfel* rf t".? lanmkunwk rlwf (1MB ikMUtU - latins from Manuw. Tbelr rear ruard labrtwvcn lb* Rapp&Uaaaork and Rapidan, U?i. ?toart (wbo cmmud4* it) tenon hi? b?*dqu?rtera at C;<lp?pci Ooari How. Tfcefr art !n bnmlnR tbe Rappabanawk river ra'lroad bridge vcatrrday la a ?uaranr**tbat they will kkrdly dare attcnpt r**n to acout ob th)? aide of tbat rlrer In fntnre S?, wi ??y a d Fitqilw couiitr, Va bring fairly rid of rebel* ta arm*. tinlena ioik of It* citlieua may ecaav to pre*. about at nipLl le 4>turb Union men If they do. tber icuat >* course take the coaaeqaescoa. \V 1th oar army at Warrentoti Jaacttoe acd the Rtppahaunock bridge burned Stuart wtil take due caro to ketp hla maraud t* on the other e:do of the rlrer?ten m:le< eff Thoa la Ea?*ern Vir g'.n'a being step b;- mtrp if ilerrd of the prfeaf of rebela In arm* LATEST Vtor VTI? r HltTtR S*eceah h?re la "on the rampa^*" afila to-nay on a story aaytn# tbat rtiKtitr Jackson fc Co returned Berth and defeated acd captured tb? am y cf Genet..'. Bn.ks, and caw again occupy mm*A O?V ?uu ? 'w ? ov?n. A 4>tpatcb b&s been reoelved bare from Owners! Melds. dated at Winrhec*r U<e last wbrn til was aacalm Id tbat qoarVr M a auatn^r's OBomJng." If teceab ia tbe Dlatrlet baa not bad eeoof h of Banks' army ye:, Jackson A Ce certi!nty bar*. a a?co!riro:aa*i*cB. bovond Warrecton Jnnstton waa made 7eater UBj Uf VUi - A wuuf Ol i8?WfHiyi r * ry rflrwH M our troop* ad**ae?4,*ndb?r9t tfca bridge orer tbt Rappabaocock Tb?r? ?u iwm light skirmishing, bat no Iom of life tr asy wounded on oar side Latest Hews from the Ponth REBEL ACCOL'NT* OF THE PIGBT Al ltn.A'yr N?. 10. *-? m#v?( ? r t . ? ^ ?r>eu> ? vlAA/Ji I I MP<^ I ni CENSURE OF GF.N. BRANCR FOR THE LOSSOFNKVVBERN. MEMBERS OF THE V|*QIN1A SENATE CHARGED WITH BEING ANXIOUS TO CRAWI. our OF THEIR -HARE OF THE SECESSION SCRAPE THE EAST TENNESSEE UNIONISTS CUT Tflfc SECESH TELKQRAPH WIRES WONDERMENT OF THE" REBRL8 AS TO THF. DESTINATION OF UNION TROOHS ALLEGED TO BK PASSING DOWN RIVER [By Telegraph to the Norfolk Day Rook J THE riOHT AT 1RLAHD KVMPKB TBtt. Mosilc, March 25 ?The special correspondent of the New Orleans Picayune at Mempbia, u^i The enemr are moving cautiously toward- Decatur. Ala One column is moving ?onth towards Columbia, end another is morln? acroc* Tennes ?**? from 'hp direction of tV'intS belit-ved for the purpose of uniting the!: two main column* ?* 1 omr point on the Mnpphl??cd Cbariiftja Rail road, near Decatur The apectal correspondent of the AlrtrXxt? and from Memphis. w.lfi f.:a? ih? bombardment cf No 10, coatincad dee [ perately day and u!.hf. The main ?tti?rb i directed to Rucker's Battery. The Confederate* work knee deep in water, displaying ^reat va!or. The low on our aide i? alight Tw? erf (be er [ ewbouta ?i* certatnlv sank Not ?r?e\ Er Sra* ] . Tbe enemy ! mc?1a? down on tw woatatd^ i through swamps and bvrk inter la They have four ?aw mill* ittnwk making Issi txrtfl h'li.d hita'J ( lut island la imply for and the Coa'cden'*"* ?* In jjofd spirit* t We have before us a copy aI liie Norfolk V*y ! Scui of the ^6lh lnit i From It we learn (hat the SerJj t'lrel'na paper* are loud in their centres of ireaerai L> O'B Drtncb. for hl? defeat tt Nrwlieto. The Dxy Bock la gloomy over the abnenoc of twenty-four member* of tbe Virginia Senate from . their ae*t* at thia time. It erMentlv iookaoe It sa a s'gu that they are aoi'.ona to crawl out of their ahare of the aert-aaioa acrape. Wm H. I'ritchard, a*tnt of the Baatfctn Aa. a?*, la ted Preaa, died In Kichmond on Monday nit;ht lLat. ; The GreeiifTilie.Fa??w? ??y* that theCaatTev* ntuee Loioniau on Monday mgnt im trlrgraph wire mlie wwt of that place, carrying I off tb ret spasa of tbe wlro, k.c. J Capt David Frre, a Lturel North Carolina to ( . allst?accttaed laat tamm* r of bridge barnllg? | it accustd of having beaded a raid into Or?nr i county and rcagbly treating the arreaslMiata ; there, taking ail tbe powder ib<-v oonid And, and other thing*. I The Memphis Appt*l anv? that on Wsdneadsy of last week. Yankee cavalry from Savannah, | Tenn , aucceeded In tearing op a portion of the track of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad ncu Purdy, but were driven elT by tbe Rebel picket*. The Charleator. Co*rur atya that the plaster* In Mltaiaalppl are piling up thet* cotton, ready | for the fSgjrot. ' Gov. Andy John?on baa eupp-e?*ed the pnblf. k cation of the Naahvllle Dm*It' Ti*u* TU. r.^a U^IJ ik? *! ? A u" r(niviicftiuui| >i iur iwi ir^?vr ? 10,000 of oar troops uwrDumfrtttn tb# previous dsv?" ten thousand black cat*.'' Tbe sane p?p?r uc< uiiees the pMiaf de?a the river ? f from 00 to 26 lf?r (tram tr*Dipt'U, [ tiled with more than 10,000 Union troop#. ana , wonder* where thev are f otu* to. It alio tays that the rebel pk-kots la that qaar ter have eapturrd large autuber* of negroes, as deivor'.ne to make their wav down to tbe backa of 'be Potomac, and sent tbem hem* again n? Unrrntva 4nIna# (ha ilahdma A/ ' ? WfaWWWf pr* l? V*. UWH t * ? ? I V VT1 IW i Pmltentlarv, at Wetampka, bu been mjrdereO bv * cotJTlel. Dr W. 8. Bell, chief of the medic*' depart ment of tbe rebel army of tbe Mia*i??ipp , dirda' Memphis on tbe lStb. A trial trip of tbe gunHoata Morgan and Galoot, Jaat built at pro-icur.crd *at1* actory Clarke eo unty, Miaa , with a population of 1,100 i? aim -d to haw eleven fall compuatea la tb? If Id. and a twelfth aearly organ laed. (What * I whopper!!!) Lt A. D. Butt la deputy Prevoel Marshal fc tbe district of Norfolk, V* Neatly every new advertisement in Day Boo* la to the end of coaxing people to volunteer la thr rebel service. i itl , THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH i SECRETARY ItVARD AT WINCHES. - Ttft. Wixcbkstks, March W ?Secretary 8ew*rd, with bis friends, arrived here at atae o'clock last alght, sad were escorted from the ears to Gaa. Shields' quarters by the 110th Pcanaylvaoia aad idth Ohio reglmeats, aad s troop of cavalry, the escort preceded by a bead of music. 1 This morulag the party, ia company with Oea. Shields, Askistsat Adjutant Gea. Armatrong. and Col. Clark of Gen. Banks' staE, visited tbe Ufa fleli of battle. Secretary Reward and bit frte?4? will bin la tbe 111 m train of c>ifor Waabia*too In tble Tlclaity all la qetet Lrftoa't Tb? aler will be opee>* bere aud on Muuday Bight tbe preaeed* of tbe ptt furmaare are aauoaaced for tbe heftef: of tbe wounded aoldlefe, wbe ataad la m* fc'r*et r?^ of aaaiatancr Tbr nunpW is a aeble eee. a?d worthy ofbelag feUewed by etb?rt % TFRHIRt r ? A ? IkTBrtPHC it Mil A KLfHUU raiLXBSLraiA, Mwrb W?Jack***'* pvrafe-ch k factory, aitaated oa tha eerarr of TmII aad -&?ed atreeta, npMtj this mnm'.r.g, n4 four < < * fir* penro* kfkm|l>y la tk> nMUibnMal wrr killed, lacladlng * **? tkc M*wr aa?a wt Mr Jaekaon Of mf 0^ ^r A *1S ble*u by the ?u^agth o( the ripioataa for a dta laoc * iwriy iW'mMrn Ike Iik#arc*'a at hum*alt> Mat'rn-^ ik??< ib# i bHm la wrlm 4li??U?*es, u4 ; n ?' borkiag **0* I * <4 iwtw trffc- Wit ?a4 girU n f?*r4 < !? Ikf WM* t *> H ?lv laJuraA. 'IIU >9 *-' iiif t h iHi ? ri H4U/lA*t .1 .. ,4 it*

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