Newspaper of Evening Star, March 31, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 31, 1862 Page 1
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;^r ^ f firming Star. r ' V^. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, MARCH 31, 1802. N-. 2,841. i ????^?m? ?^ I "" I Tur n EiNliNG STAB L H 1 . EVERT *rTMRNOOn> f <;!NOiV KKM W'" ? ? - * * - UI At THK *T.VSl >l!iU}Jkia, V-wr -/ rt?nifiMm MtM< i?4 X^etaf* il IT W. D. WALIiAOH. ripen lerW la peekagw by oarrlera it ? > ear, or 37 cents per month. V* nail rubwrlfcera be price lir?i yew, to mdmmmt*; 8* for Ml Aoaini; SI lor three month*; tad (or lea Uu hree aoi ba tt the rate of IS eeeti > week 81a . ? ocple?, orb cist; la wrapper*, two mm LT Adti (T JimiTi ibontd )w ?eat to Iks ?*c? brfote It o'clock a.; otherwlM they my Mt appear nitll tta? next da?. THE WAR Ol THE MISSISSIPPI. The Island No. 10 correspoadent of the Chicago Times, writes rather a desponding * o letter under date of the 221 inst. We extract a few paragraphs which will show the extensive scale upon which the siege is being conducted. I KTRffiTH. SKILL AI*D SECRECY OF THE REBELS. Kach day make/ a revelation of added strength t<? the enemy's works here; and the industry shown by them in continually strengthening their old batteries, and adding new ones, evince their conception of the importance of this point, and the determination to make a long and desperate fight. So far we have obtained no decided succe?w, though shelling I >1 - ? \ncui continuously lor over a week, and in fact we have not ?uccecded in drawing the fire from a portion of their batteries, though our gunboat* and a poition of Col. Buford'a command hare been temptingly expo sod. They aro very caution* in showing us the exact location of their cannon by firing them and thus giving us the rango. Perhaps, too, economy of ammunition is noecssary, joined with an inclination to be foxy, and induce us to believe that we may safely venture farther down. But Commodore Footo thinks?too much of his gunboaU, and appreciates too well th^enor m<>u? cns^ueiices that would attend their low to venture with them upon foolhardy experiments His flotilla is sow not only the guard cf the river proper, but of Missouri, Kentucky, nnd Cairo, for we have above Island No. 10 no Army now that could withstand a well disciplined and effective force of 25 000 men, and it is precisely at this juncture in the Southern armieu that wo should look for bold and des perate measures?they aro neccssary to retrieve a failing cau?c and choer disheartened troops. THB REBELS ILLUMIMATK THE RIVER. The anxiety to get a boat down to New Madrid seems to be understood by secesh, and they.being fearful of rone of the togs attemptmjC a p*'5ijre in the dark, have built at night enormous fires at the head of the island, and astisted the illumination with a revolving reflector that at intervals throws its rays entirely across the river, making the Kentucky shore distinctly visible. It i* a ecene for a painter Above, some two miles, are the low, black hulls of car gunboats, surrounded with their transports, bo strong is the light that occasionally the dim outline of a soldier can be seen going around the fire. The inland itself is almost submerged, and, being covered near the banks, with thick growth of bushes, it secmes the covert at once of secrecy and (Jaeger. VULNERABILITY OF OCR C.CNBoATS. The enormous guns which we well know the seeesh have than, fired full upon our gunboats fn>ia the elevation which (be bank of the river gives at this point, would no doubt disable our floating f<>rl?, as we should, in passing, bo obliged to present oar broadsides and stern to their aim, and it may not be generally underftood that these are the most vulncrabla parts of our iron-clad western boats, the bow being intended always to face the enemy, and therefore triply shielded ixrarict knowledge or the enemy's SCHEMES. Too tenacity with which they hold on hore proves how valuable time is to them, and when driven from here it will doubtless be peen that, while fighting at Island No. 10 they b?vf bcei basr a.< beaver* or?wtin?? ??????? m ...V..6VI an 1 in ro formidable fortifies'.ions at] points lower down. Where the;e p-jints nre, we will onijF kn jw when we get to them, nnd, perhaps, a? in thid instance, sh?ll be surprised that such natural facilities for defcnce should be overlooked- The 1,SCO miles of river froui St. Lmis t^ the Qulf are verj imporfcctlj known to our Generals, and we aro dealing with en enemy perfectljr acquainted with ?verj wind. nS: cspe and headland. A Learafil ArgaaaeM ler (iiatral Edificettea. We affirm it In K? _.? ---?*?? - .. .. ?? n vii wiu^u yriUCipie of international law that negroes are no bettor than white men, unlets thej behave bettor.? Vujfendorjy r. i, p. 66. The conatitutiunal richt of the negro to the pursuit (jI happiness, consists in the right of being firmed in the event of hi? flight toward felic?*.y?WUeaton"? Rr?.. v. 7. ?? 2-1?17 ir" ? "" The term status meaci all that the phrase import* It belongs peculiarly to the vocabulary tf the "Circumlocution Office" and is a gen'oel mode of dragging in Sambo, without Muting to drag him in. It cornea of a Latin root atb?it the top is decidedly African. It is a contraction or corruption ef status quo?in 'statuquo?E pluribus unuiu?iuultum in parro ?abequc hoc,?hie jacet?nildespcrandum? Erin c<i bra*h. ?t5.. A:??Or.i,irh ? q 'T o-l 1 ? ? * "I /' ?' The right to arm, equip and discipline the negro cornea of tho imperseriptable right to levy hlaei mail and was long practiced in the >rth of Europe, anterior to the commencement of the Christian Era.?Adam Smith's Theory of Moral 8'aliment, p. 190. Nor is bis length of heel any impediment ? C'otius, 976. ~ In actual war, either party-belligerent has the unquestionable right to seise the first weapon of offence or defence he can lay hands to, without regard to statu*?and the quo ante helium is not restored thereafterwards.? Vatttl, vol. 2, page 'J. A casus b'ltuM is determined by the ueremits of the ease.?Jaundice vs. Jaundice, 404. It is competent alone for Congress to say when a negro is a chattel, and a person, and when he is mixed ?Kent's Corn vol. 1 ,p 47. The right to covJi\eat* is a Venetian right, practiced by the Itoges, but not a right to be dodged. It was a Jtical expedient of the Oriental? ? 1 Pettrs, 122. The term "forfeiture" attaches only to contraband chattels, however strongly the attachment may be for them ? Story on Con. Levi. The right of contrabands to run is justified by the Latin maxim. "aqua currit et dehet cnrr?rt"?which being interpreted, affirms the suaoeptibility and the right of all fluids to escape down hill, saving and excepting ''Taunton water," which is too weak to endure the fa ? A 1 ? iMr uf^uq w iikj bu u|>vraiiua.?yi?jre* an rw airr Co Mrs n, pace 94. It is clear as mud that any army com posed of persons of different statii, or, in other words, "half black and half white." cannot coexist but will soon beeome all black or all white American Archive* "lying round I MM."?Btaitu Age. We said, ?ome time ago. that the Union armies would encircle the rebellion, as a circle >f fire the scorpion. And now the Atlanta < Jasette asks, tauntingly, " How i? jour circle of i??" Pretty wail, we thank you, how U your scorpion ? The chivalric Statf of Indiana did glorious work in the battle ef Pea Ridge u she haa J me in ?H the other battles. The Tezans and Miasisdippians are a fighting people in peaoe, bat they can't^ht in war lTketbelndiajiians. The Coofode rate General* and their troops are going to the De?il by the faet train, and they are entirely welcome to destroy the k ridges and tear up the track behind thein. Two month* ago Geo. N Sanders issued a proclamation inviting the great Northwest to cjme into the Southern Confederacy. The great Northwest ha* gone in. We ahould think the chivalry would be ashamed to run from Yankee* that Msg psalms, ay " keow" end talk through their nose*. The Iom of > great many rebel# in batUe may not necessarily he a great Iosj. ir>th?fliav? (liftl e a i/madil k>il m. JS3K rai?? ? MR. RUSSELL'S LETTER. A letter from Mr. Russell, dated New York, February 25, appears in the London Times of March 13. We quote: MR. STA*TO!?. The favorite of the day is Mr. Stanton; he ha* touched the heart of his countrymen. They like his sharp, clear cut manifestoes, and his sounding pronunciamentos. The recent successes are, they think, somehow or other conne'.dd with bis accession to power. 11 _ \ ; _ | 1 ? * * * ? " its um, iuumu, enueavorea lo disabuse the Northerners of tb?ir delusion that the movements of Qrant, Buell and Lander are portions of a concerted plan, each directed from headquarters in reference to the other, and has plainly intimated that their victories are due to individual inspiration, and to Fortune typifying the God of Battles. One of his bold9^t acta bag been the liberation of the victims 4k. /-i*? _ j. i _- ^ ^ * m iuv ?>hn ma cacnet gi xne omw i^epmriment, on the condition that tbej give parole not to afford aid or oomfort to those engaged in hostility against the United States, and his seizure of the agent of a journal which pretends to exercise groat influence in America as a spy haa been regarded with satisfaction, for it is proof of his indifference to the enmity he will no doubt provoke in the discharge of hU duty, and of his contempt for its power. 8TAI?TO!? AlfD M'CLSLLAlf. Some discussion has arisen in reference to l __ A (it " ? " nts relations witn vienorai MCLieiian, against whom something very like a cabal has been formed inside and outside the Capitol. I have what appears to me excellent authority for stating that Mr. Stanton gives bis whole support to the General, and is one of his most powerful and trusty friends. It may be antrue that he uttered the words of praise attributed to bim by the Associated Press reporter at the recent A. 9 * -9 - " " meeting 01 rawroaa managers at Washington, but be has privately repeated sentiments analogous to those which appeared in the newspapers. One thing is quite certain. The concentration of Federal troops in front of Manassas has paralyzed the best army the Confederates have in the fields and has ievt Jum airray from the West and Sout/itrest. It may be considered, indeed, as the only welleqaipped force (inferior as it is in that respect to the opposing army) which the Confederates have been able to assemble. THE rtJTCRB. Savannah is in much dancer. One of iti citizens told me to-day he did not think it could be defended, and that it would be obliged A. _ _ ti ? "*T ? * uu capuuisie; ana .>ew urieans may be reduced to the same necessity if tbo success which has attended the Federals in the West follows them to the South. The burning of Wlnton by the Federals is not likely to conciliate the people, and as yet there is but little proof of the strong Union sentiment said to exist in most of the State". On the existence _ e l _ r *? ? - - - ui siren ieenr.g mun depend tne ultimate and permanent success of the Federals. If they are obliged to garrison those enormous States, ruined in resources by the conflict, and if they must have an arm<*d occupation of a boatile South, it Is boyond one's comprehension to understand by what means they arc to bear up against the burden which will be placcd on the Eastern States. The mere ad ininiftratios of the laws in the States bj Federal officers will bo attended bj the greatest difficulties. ria?ting Sffdi. Am the ge??on hu llwtiit arrival ti?n should be planted, a fow remarks concerning this operation uiay not be amis?. As early as the ground is in St condition tho seeds of hardy annuals may be gown. They m*y not start, but if they do they will be so much earlier than those later sown, that it will be abvisable to run tho risk of losiDg a few seeds rather than tn Incn ?n ? ?!? <\f If a hot bed can bo had, seeds of half hardj and tender annuals may be wwn to be transplanted when the weather is ?ufliciently warm to make it safe to do to. In planting in the oi>en air. ."eeds should not be put into the ground until the surface soil is tolerably dry. If the fjrouad is hard and stiff it will be better to put m a spadeful of lighter oil In whinh to ?nw tlm ?*<! ?I - - ? ?? " f VIVUIU1 I J when .hey aro very small. Be very caroful not to sow the seeds too deep. A little ^rinkling of fine foil over small seeds is sufficient. Most of the failuroM of seed to germinate arise from too deep planting Do not plant too thickly. Where too many > _ * A * .? ? ' " nraa are planted tne plants come up so thickly that thay are spindling and weak, and it U impossible to thin them out roon enough to avoid this Of course more than enough seed must be planted, as many of them will fail, but in very many cases ao many are sown that the plants when they come up are crowded together as thiokly as they can stand.? Country Gmllrnuin Preservation af Leather. M. Jense, of Elgin, Kane Co., HI., writes *v. n :-i. T? ?_ - w ui? i mine farmer, in answer 10 an inquiry for preservation for leather, that he has two ?one for boots, the other for harness, which he "obtained from a man who had been employed in cleaning and oiling harness in the Rift T nrl i * ?o X k? ?-I * ~ ? w dvi f ivw ho uv oaiu wj pojllig tor it; the former was given him as an cspecial favor. He says : "I have tested them both for several years, and And them first rate. Thej are as follows: For boou and shoes, take six ounces bayberry wax, four ounces beeswax, six ounces mutton or beef tallow, ono-third paper lampblack pulverized. Melt and stir a good doal. Heat a brush to apply with. For harness?Beeswax, one-half nound: mnttnn Ullnw nn?.K?lf?un.nJ neatsfoot oil, one pint; yellow soap, one-fourth pound. Boil until completely melted, keeping them well stirred all the time. Apply warm; the leather being moist and clean. Hang the harness in a warm place?a warm, sunny day is best. When finished, if rubbed briskly with a dry. clean oloth, a fine polish will & obtained, giving every appearanoe of new leather. If any blacking is needed, add lampblack. I am confident that fifty per cent will be added to the wear of harness treated once a year with the above preparation." T? Prcttcl ticambfri, Mfltsi, Arc., from After planting, cover them with pieccs of glased cotton wadding, split, so that one piece answers for two bills, placed with the glazed side op, and pinned to the earth with slender smooth pins of wood slanting outwards, to prevent their blowing awaj. The plant* are thus protected in tome degree from exceaaive oold or heat. It need not be removed. The plant# will push through it or carry it away when they begin te spread memseives, ana me ougs ao not enow enough to or awl under it. Perhaps they are repelled by the fibres of the cotton.? Country Lrentltman. THE GOSLI1VG RESTAURANT. W4 7 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, SOUTH &IVU, (Formerly of N?? York,) Hm tho Mm* ftad tftine of b?io( On* of tk* Best Restaurants in Town ! u? ft trtftl, ftnd Judge for yon ietf.^31 l Every Uun* to U? hoaie i? BUST VET Don't forijK the ncmberv?7 Penaaylwu* ?venu?, . ... between lith ud lath atrMi, ?* i*-l? XMith M4?. THE Co?4rtntr?h? MiiUof between I ovu P. POIT and Tuoxaa D. llitmL haa M?a dimoIW. Aii P?r?ou? ind??tod to Hfe uid t firm ?U to ttJe iSmt aoouonia villi Lmih P rFiry. who will tiao aettla with th? ! creditors of tho arm. mo 17 2?W3W LOLIS F. PERKY. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE SOITH ATLANTIC COAST. Union Demonstrations ?'* East Florida?Procla m*tion of Gttitral Sktrman to tht Pecple of Florida. New Yoik. March 30.?The nteamor Empire City, froin Port Royal, hu arrived. The follow. Iflif is from the uNpW Smith" i.f thA Jit? InstGen i?herman visited Jacksonville on the 10th, and was waited on by a committee of citizens, who represented the feelings of all in the town as Mr nijly in favor of the I'nFon. Many citizensare r? tnrntnu to Jacksonville, among whom are deserters from the rebel army, anxious to take the oath of allegiance, and who state that desertions will be numerous The sentiment of K astern Florida la declared to he loyal, and many are willing to take up arms to defend thcmselvea against rebel tyranny. On one occasion, when the regulator! were reported .?* coming, even the women *eized arma to dcfend themaelvca. The national troopa are treated to every hoapltallty which the town a fi ord*, and the people state thev will go away fl'h the <;iinboab. If they leave, but measure* have been taken to fullv nrotpct thrm Some eighty of the inhabitants of Feruandina hsrvc returned to their homes. The news of our victories had greatly rejoiced our troops, and Inspired them with renewed en?*sr The gunboat Oliama had been I JO tulles up the 8t. John's river, beyond Jacksonville, meeting wiui 110 opposition. White flag* were displayed by the Inhabit nits, who clainicd Lt? protec Hon. The rebel steamer St. Mary'* and yacht America were also found sunk, but Capt. Stevens, of the Obama, was raising them. I'ennarola has been eVacuatcd, including also Forts Uaraneas and McKae, and the rebels anlion nee the entire abandonment of Florida The troops raised in Florida had been ordered ofl", but thev refused to go. Gen. Sherman has Issue i a proclamation to the people of Florida, In which he stated (hat tlic troops of the United Slates had come to protc? t loyal citizens and thefr property and ennblethem to re*usrltate their government All loyal people who return or remain at their homes In the quiet pursuit of their lawful avocations shall be pro. tected Id all their constitutional rights. The sole J f * ? * * " uciure ana mieniion or tbe government wai to maintain the integrity of the Constitution and laws and reclaim the States revolted from the national allegiance to their former prosperous condition. He expresses great satisfaction at the evldcncc* of loyalty, and recommends tbe citizens to assemble in their cities and towns and precincts, and throw off the sham government forced upon them, ..4 - * '? " " ouu swear nut; nanny ana allegiance to the Constitution of tbe United States, organize a State government, and elect officers in tbe good old ways of the past When this la done, he predicts a return of prosperous and happy times, immunity from want and suffering, and the enjoyment i?f the fruits of honest labor and the sweets of happy home*, and the consolation of living under wise and salutary laws,due only to an industrious and law-abiding people. At a meeting of the loyal citizens "f Jacksonville on the !H)th, a declaration of light* and a I protest and resolutions were uuanimo'is'y adopted to the follnwintt That no Stite has a constitutional rijjht to sop arate from the United StaUs. That the act of secession adopted by the State Convention of Fiorina is void, bein^ in conflict with the constitution, and never having been submitted to tke people for ratification. That Florida lawn Integra! part of the United Stab*, subjret to conHtltu.ioual jurisdiction, and it is hellpwil thousands of her citizens hail with j iy the rcstoration of the government, bringing deliverance froin the krrors cf an unrestrained military despotism. They protest against all the acta and ordinances of tbe convention ;is depriving them of their rights as citlins of the United State*; against the despotism which denied freedom of spm h HP(i of tho nrit?* 41? *",L " n^niIUC ruainouuoni ?I money, property and labor, ami military enlistment* forced upon them; a^ain-.t the tyrrtnny wlitrb demand* ihr abandonment of their liomn and property, ni:d the exposure of thHr wl?e? and children t<> m< knc?s, destitution at.a famine and untold mlxerh-a; a^aintt the barbarous policy which send* brutal toldier* to plllnu?* and burn m..A .1~. >??- * - pivfAitj miu ur?ii%ty iiic puniiuiiK'iit for rcir.aiuluij In tbeir horn* *; and against the government wnleh threatens to hraiul them be< aux- they Will not tamely submit to auch indignities. Having been icteased from ? icb dinners and Indignities and restored to tlie government of the United States, and the r^itrii "t 1 1 ? - , ?? ._-w v? iviiui ua?iil^ passed, it now becomes tbem as loyal citizens to tip and state tbat the State and government demands that a convention of all loyal citizen* be called forthwith to organize a State government of the Slate of Florida Also, that the < hiefof the military department of the United Mates be requested t? retain suflli lent force to maintain order and protect the people In their persona and property. Important from Missouri retreat of rkbels cnpeu vas uor.n and prick? j thk texan troops. Roll a, Mo., March lift.?Reliable persons just from our army in the southwest say that the rebela. some 3 300 in number, under Van Dorn and i'riee, hnve retreated entirely across the I m -i ? " t#ur?uii lui'uijiiiiu, mm or*' now SI VA11 ti'lfdl And Fort Hfiiith, receiving supplies fro'n Memphis and Little Rock, via Arkansas river, which is hich The Tex aa troops arc much disheartened at the death of lien. McCulloch, and Arkansas feels the loasof Mcintosh severely. The rebels are badly off fur clothing and shoes. Pike's Indians returned to the Indian nation, not belne formidable la battle, they having become panic stricken at the efl'eet of our artillery. Trie# has received a Major General's commission in the Confederate service. One regiment of Texas troops reached Van Buren on the 15th to reinforce Van Dorn. More are expected from Louisiana. The whole number of rebel reinforcements will not excceu 50UU for the next six weeks. Lieut. Col. Ilerron, of th? !>:h Iowa, who was taken prisoner, was in the hands of tbc rebels for two weeks lie says the rebels were budly frightened, and that they retreated very rapidly. During the fl'st three days of their flluht they had nothlllir to Mt 'rilflf / nnnii .nJ g. - ? 0 __ _ vwwtivai hiiu ^r" n a III might Have been easily captured. Curtis' army fell back to Keetsvllle to secure forage Arkansas, north of Fayettevllle, is entirely eaten out. Our force* are now encamped where water and forage are plenty. Our pickets extend into Arkansas, and the rebel pickets come north to the top of Boston mountains. Fayetteviile is unoccuplcd. Very little Union sentiment ha* been developed In Arkansas. fllDALIA. Mo . M1 reh 90 ?Tliu iminti.... l--' , , ?W ? a uv ilVtVliUUl un* gand Quantrtl, with two hundred of Lis guerilla*, made a sudden and unexpected attack on a detachment of Col I'hilllpa' regiment of Mtasourl militia, under Major Foster, at WarreQtburg, on Wednesday last, but after a cpiriu-d klrmish they were driven from the town with a losa of nine killed and seventeen wounded. Twenty hor*e? were captured. Our loas waa two killed and nine wounded. Quantril made another attack on the town on the following day. The reeult la unknown. Lieut. Col Crittenden had left Georgetown with reinforcemenU frr Foster. Scouting parties from mu regimem nave capiurea over two hundred kega of rebel powder in Pettis county within the past few days. defeat of A eebel band in missouri. 8t Lodis, >?arch 30 ?On the night of the 26th Instant a band of from lire to eluht hundred rebels attacked four companies of State militia at Hammarsville, l'olk county, Mo_ They were buiupiriciy ueieawu wuoa iou oi n I teen killed and a large number wounded Our lots waa none killed, but a number wounded; among whom Captalna Stockton and Coegrove were eeverely wounded. < From Gen Uraut'i lrair> Operations of the Army ?* Soutktrn Tmntsset and Northern Alabama. Chicago, March 5W ?The Tribune's special illimb-ti fro-? ? * " r?_ ..V. U.HU may*. J% tcUiieUUU IfOlU PI tabu re and Savannah, on the Tennessee river, arrived here to day, and report* that on Monday laat a recounolaaance in force by our troopa waa made at Pet Ridge, on the Mobile and Ohio railroad. where the rebels were aald to be fortifying, but no enemy waa found. The latest advices from the rebel camp ai Corinth give the strength of their force there it 70,000 - On Sunday laat a Federal force waa tent to Nicholas Landing. Alabama, six miles sooth of Savannah by the river, where wss seized 13,000 Ki.ds of freah pork and 43,000 pounda of oured is and iibouidsrs. Par s Ion* tin* ?m? been a mart for the pork bnalaeaa of the rebeia 51U2KM?.large

mw w*n aen* oniBwara by tumi from tfcla point On Monday laat an engagement occurred be tween the gunboats Tyler and Lexington, and s masked battery In the vicinity of Eaatport, Mississippi. The gnnboata fired fifty nro^a- Jj,? damage was sustained except that the Tylers smoke stack was struck once. The effect on the e-emy's battery waa not aacertalned WEAR APPROACH or THE URIOH ARMY IN SOUTHEM TK?t*IK?SEE TO THAT OF THE REBRL* PSDER HEATH EG A R D Cincinnati, March 3"?\ special dispatch to the Commrriltl from I >>, ?.w,i i- tu?? n?? _ _ Kiunxf >?? -? ~ iu?? ? Hnell has a*suni<d comrhand of our force*, and it the latest ndvice* wna within flftifii uillcs of Beauregard'? army at Corinth, .Mis*. Morgan'a rebel guerrilla cavalry band captun d another train on the Lou'nvlllc and Na?hv;lle railroad, on Friday. Col. Corwln Pope, "f Kv , wm taken prisoner, with a few other Federal ofiiccr?. The locomotive of the train wm run luto a ditch, and the cars destroyed Later from ?hr <i?ll r-?.? | ojeka IIONX AGAINfcT new ORLEANS ? HEAVY tmiMG I1EAKD fUOM tue HEAD Of THE TASTES | or the Mississirri kivkiu Njw York, March 30.?The nunboat UimtsI vlllc arrived this evening, from Key Weft.which place (be left on the jtti lust. The steamer* Niagara, South C.tfolina, Water Witch, Mohawk, Marlon, and eight other vessels we c ct Key West. The prite Magnolia would sail for New York (iii mi- -ru inn. i nc itlp ."Nightingale sailedou the 21*t fur Tortugas and the 1'asses. Advice* from the Mississippi passes *Ute tliat heavy tiring heard from the lirst of the paws where tome of our vcaaela had gone. The remainder of Com. Porter'* fleet had all left Key West, together with some of our gunboats. Considerable cotton wassloredat Apalachlcola, and the place Is defended by U guns and a force ..f n _ ? ? o? reucis. The steamer Cuyler. at Key West, from Havana. report! quite a ntiutber of r?'bel vessels tbcrc. A French man-of-war, from Vera Crux, had "i' eases of yellow fever aboard. The health of our troops at Key Wc?t wm good. The small pox had broken out In tbc New Hampshire regiment atTortu<>a*. Two of the crew captured ops the steamer Magnolia report great preparation making at New Orleans to resist the attack of the Federal forces. Several gunboats were building, and martial law urnnlrl K*> VTVUtU *WU WC plVbiailllCU. The steamer bouth Carolina had been ordered to Boston. The report of the capture of Yancev prove* to have been Incorrect, lie had engaged paaaage In the schooner JVlallory, which wa? captured, but changed hia mind, and waa to aail from Havana In the achooner Break O'Day. The Huntsvllle bringa '200 br\lca of cotton and 237 balea of tobacco captured from the rebcla. 1111 ?' * .in uer cmcert ana crew are well. UFriCIAL. rpREASURY DEPARTMENT, jl r.iarra ?, Uoldera of bonds of the Unit"! States dated October 1, lSf>l, and payable three years from date, are hereby notified that provision has hern made for the payment, In coin, of the coupons of semi-annual Interest which will become due on the lit April. Proximo nirn-?-ahlif tn IViol* 1 I *MV" tenor, by the Treasurer of the L'nltod St-ites at Washington, by the Assistant Treasurer *t Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, by the Depository < f the United S'ates at Cincinnati, Ohio. All such coupons, together with ached'-s showln^ the number of each cenpon, and the a<*crc gate sum of ea^h parrel, must be presented fi-r examination arid verification at leuit three full business d;iy? before payment S IV CIIASK, nih'23-dt api S? - retary of the Treasury TI#: AJM K Y 1?K r A K T M J: N T, rRBBVARY 4, 1-<U. IN'oxir* !? s;?kn of the readiness of this Department to r>-<i?ein tLe Treasury nofes payable in on* year from date, authorized by the act of Uongrests approved Deeeinber?Jd, 1857, and the Treasury noUi payable la sixty days from date, authorised by the art of t'ongre?s approved ')A Uirch 1UT.1 InWrtt on l'r?"\?:irv notc? of th*1 abore lsmc* wHl r? a*- on th<- ?lii dny of April nrtl l>y t?-rm? of tho?? acU r??p? ttwly fc 5-tip7 DKI'ARTMKNT OF ?TATi:, WAxiiiNfiTot, January 25,IHty. tur r?ccr?*iary ??* uereaiier rrcciTf Member* of Con^rtm on buainen on ^nturdiyt, commencing with Saturday, the flr?t of uoxt month. Jan?7-tf WILLIAM H. PEWARP. WAIl DLl'ARTML:NT, J111111 / 31 l'<W Ohcihsdv Tb \t the War Department will ?>* closed Tuesdays, Wodr.< sday*, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that wblrb relates to active military operations in thv fUId. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senator! and Kepresentatlve*. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of Wax. READ! READ!! READ!!! AND UK CONVINCED AND liK CONVINCED AND UK CONVINCED. Extract fTomtheiiSt*rS'' Fibruary 27, 1HW. DAYTOS'B CRACKBRS AND KXCILLINT I 1*8.? Hotel A. nil HflstAnrH t W aa nar sin t O ? - * am v . ?rvi t_-M kiVI 9 I1UUBO* keepers, and Grooers'. ahouid Dot laii to aeoure a supply of the auperior Oaokera ami 1'ioa. manufactured by Day to 11. 48b llth itreet, l>*tweeu G and H. i>ayton m&uufaoturea all kind* of Cakes and Crackers of the tteat material, and every housekeeper ia veil aware of the grrat superiority 0f the lat?or. when freah from the ovens, to those skipped from Northern oities. Sutlers wili find it greatly to their interest to examine Davtcu's Crackers and Pies before purchasing elsewhere. We vill show the names of more than a soore of Sutlers who have use J Pies manufactured hy other Bakers, and were obliged to oome to us finailv, and pay as two do ia^s more per hundred in order to get an article which the men could eat without making th?m sick. From tkt Correspomltnt 0f t\t Ntw York Dispatch. ? "We notice with mini ih< popularity of our enterprising fellow citisen, Jas L. Ufcjton, in tlie Bakery busin ss in this cityhis suooess lies oeen sained by th^ excellence of his goods. We l^arn that members of the Pamtary Com mittee hava ate of hie Pies, and pronounce them healthful; and we mu?t say in justioe, that we never partook of more delicious Ties in our i:fe butlers from every seotio* and Families from all quarters of the oity, tend to hit Bakery. We afonslT invite families to try our PIC NIC CRACK* RS. BOSTON CKACKEKS, SLICED APPi.E PIK3, RA8HBEKKY PIES. lUVWMi u.u... ita ?fu??L * . w*? w juimviii ?vu moviuui urooi mh 25-tf Brtveen G and H. PJR IV AT E. PHI VA.TB PHI VA?TH DR. LA BONTA htvinf rtimovad hiinfRMto H.wm Ma & ..i;,,;-.? ? ? ? , " ww 4 1 V" w * ty i i mi ur the t_unday Citron ide itiioe, in YVaahiucton tfuiid?Bf. Pa avenue, corner of 7th atreet, la now rMdi to care a I Dieeaaea of a Private Nature, without1 the nee of dangeroua or diecuetioc diucaof any kind, &ud do interferon? with your bunn6ti fcvocation* bavins devoted idj whole tiiua to the tttdy and cure of Private iliaeaaes of both aexea and to Chronio * ffeotiona ol the Womb, Liver, Kidney', tjktn Ernptiona. Ac .end rraduatiiiK in the brat echool tn the world, the New Voik City Hoapitala. under Profa Chilton and Parker, to whom 1 moat respectfully refer. I will pay to the aereon furnishing we a oa-e of any of the abjve dta-aaee wbioh ! cannot ap?edijy andperm*nei.t I m ?inra 1*4 Ilia mama Ua nl.i ... ?- ? ai . ?""~j ?? 111n? ww ww ur new. rru uirun; re* u i red ; nothing disc reikis in any part of too Uoniultatioiu free. Room* v?r? yrnrat". Room (&rat floor) WaahiMcton Bui dine, gtli 26-1 in* Pa. areaneaud 7th at. UWM. 0. MILLER, J?ION LIVERV. HIKING, AND SALE STABLE, Conur Sixth and 6 ttt~ Wmtkimrtm, D. C ?Persona oan at all .. two" be aeoominodated vitb Hon?i. VBl ^?rriMee,or iluuiw fofhii?, aalo, or Liver* by Hmdt; or mouth ? * I rWlotiit brown Lftdv'a Mddla Posy for Mt'e She la perfectly t??ntla; aha racka, trota. !<->pe? or fMN. tiul ia * pa.iect f>a*ut?. Low for uuh. wtiia 90101 ALBEHT tffcLL. A??nt. 330 PENNSYLVANIA ATEKtK. ENILE DI'PRE. J nit Rccclwd and Opened, A large and ftrat-rtnaa atock <?f choice FAMILY G ROC UK 1 KS, roniUUnR of: tfUGARt?, of all grades, TEA8, COFFEE, 1IOTTKR, LAKD, 9 FLOUR, MAU.LA Kl) ^ CHOCOLATE, AC., ftC , Ac. All of which be cfleri at lowvst caali pilcca. HUE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. Wm l*rrcl? Magnolia, 5<>o barr<l! XXX, .VK) barrel! Mlllcri Kyc Monong&hela, fioo barr<*U flw Old K ye, ln>~ Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI Til ICES. All the favorite brand* of C II A MTAGNE, Mumm Verxeny, Green S?al, He1d?lck, which, being bought low, wf offer at unuaually low ratea. Alao, Sole Agent tor PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. frh 14-tf *30O I] KT, SAOO BET, g30? BET. THAT DAYTON'S THAT DAYTON'S THAT DAYTON'S SLICED APPLE PIES, SLICED APPLE PIES, SLICED APPLE PIES, ARE THR BEST AKK THE BEST ARE HIE BEST MAnR IN VVKiUINCTnV MADK jN WASHtNGToS,* MA UK iN WASHINGTON. IIAKKRY 4AH iiru STEtrr, UAKKKV 44* 11TH Strut, UAKhKV 456 11th Stkiit. uli 25-tf CH. H1VART A. CO. SILLER Y CHAMTAC.NE DEPOT REMOVED TO S. L. ConsKa or Pkxs. Avtsui and Sum St.. ClUfn-lon Hotel Duild:nt, Wa*kinpton. II. ROSEY,, New York. JAMK9 MOliAN, AGEKT, Washington, B.C. SHERRY, I'ORT and MADEIRA WINES. FINE OLD II RANDY ami WHISKT. in?* A libera.! ilmcount to dealer*. hiIi 19 I" AWES' RUDDER DOOTS~ j AND SHOES, AH tiara, at J. ?. I'llDNKV'S. 324 P*nn ttenue, back of Ciajrtt'p i?r? Uih*I? fru>re. MEN'S RUUliKK HOOTS 111 UNO SHOES, At J. U PHONEY'S, fe 12 ?f 3'i4 P*n?s. av.. Hack K<>?m. H oysters- oysters! OTKLS, Mrtu rauls anl Private Eawlie# caw t.e supplied dai y wiiu S I'. Jreili from tii'* <> * '.wti.-att'if .J iiiw ah f; P>e\s9 nive us * o*ii. ?fl? AVK1 ? A CO. N?.'?Oi! Nmtli h1 , >? wn?u llMtiAr. f iJ~ Oyslf .1 ol Sfst % ::n < : to OPl?r. inn 22 J HAIR NETl>UAIK NKliS. UST RomitoJ another ir?t of u<<i?e l<*c~aome doul'ie Clnr.oi^ >< t?. A >.",a fiiin .veoftuieiit of tviated Silt M'fl Ooriii*': Notts, j ? a\ color*, at the Irimmint fltor* of MRS. LOWE. U97 I'a. lVA..inulh &lii% ??. * inn W NEW STYLFS I OR KPR NG AND MMMKK, l*?i. lilies' Wrnrrirtr? t.adi<??' Wiappiiits! FrfiiCi; set * Ml' rt S.v?*u?k, U . k tf.!k ?-' a:s ami Ma;:ti;.,i8, li'scls sud Colored Cloth C "SW?, Costa, Msi.til&a, Un?ter?, Circulsrg, kc , to. All ol tti? ii?wp?t avt pretti*?t <1e?nn? l?>r the present KSii ii, now receiving in almuat <isi y tap fiiei, si MAXWELL'S Depot (or Ladies' Wrappings and mh 26 3teo Face? Gooda..Vi* Fa a*. Tmie merchants express company BKTWKKN BALTIMORE AXU WASHINGTON. Are daily forwarding (witn di?p\toh> by the Washington Rauroaa. Merciandiseof every description. to aur ^ n*aKjr' amount shippers may require, at the lowest rates. Agent for lUtimore, JOHN K. WILSON. Office, N. W. corner Howard and Camden aU.f nearly opposite Camden Station U. A O R.R. Office and Morace.663 Sooth Seventh street. opposite Center Market. Waahiacton. D.C. win s-1in* A. I'. FlTOH. Acent. Fruit and ornamkntai. tr kks, *r.Tiio underai(ned reaeectfull? offer* an iminenae Et*ok of FK UIT l'RKKS. of v*ry vnroroua, thrift? crowtti, aad at great y recucfd 4.1,l'<*aoh trees, bsat varieties. 'V'i'dirpI I'eara, Standard 1'eara, Apric ta diwrioi, Fur, Neotariuea, Quince*, *o ; Grase Vine?,Ooucord*. Delaware, Cujafcoca. Ao ; Uiaokbernes, Kaapberriea, Straw oerriet, Rhubarb and Aaparafua Kootr. Ac : Kverereeen.She.4e. ??) Tree*; Shruba,Rosea.DaMiaa.ferennia. I'n.oxes. With alt articles partaining to the Nursery and Seed buaine?a,eheap. JOHN SAUL, mh 19 ec6t* Seed Store, 30ft 7th at .oorner H. Tm HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the aub sonber hatli obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the Jietnot of Columbia, lettera testamentary on the p?rs?>nai eata e of Alexander Burrows, iateof Washington County aforesaid, deceased. All per*<">* havinc oiaim* against the said dec ased are hereby warned to exhibit tho tlinit. with the vmirhtn ?h?r?/if ?" the subscriber, on or before the fifteenth dsy of Mi'?h n?t; lh?j ran otherwise by law be ex eluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my ha&d this fifteenth da* of March. ?8?- , , JOHN DAVIDSON. mn 17-Iaw3w* Exeoator. We have just received a large assortment of Raven, tfaoon & and Steir.way * Son's PIaMU fgr.TKS.HKl known as the best now nsaan/aetured.'" 1H whioh we are offering at the lowest faotorr prioes. l'Ar art na m L At m rsi iakl> D.a . ? ? . mm *->?! vu VI iviwuiv 1 MkuU mi c rc^ucilfa to call and examit.e Alio, o?e H#oontl hand Piano for # > and one for $iS. At the Mano Store of 22 W. G. M^ETZEBOTT. C"?ENTLLMkNS UKADY MADK HAKM ENTS, OF FINE QUALITY. We oQ'er citisentjAnd otrancera a >ue amort mwstof OVFJl COATS. DR KsS COATS*. BUSINESS COATS, PANTALOCNS amf VESTS, of all colors and ?na'itiee. Hal in make aad fcniab to the bMt^castom worJ^ "Alili. Bl brBE 'C i;u., Merchant Tailon aa* Cl?thera, ? ,W r^,lkre- Mtfc m 9-tt ' & * ? > W7u *PR'NG WRAFPIN6S. E Hit# juit revived a fare* and l?antifal M?ortm_eBt of Wr?f?ins?, in *11 tie varied etvioe rwu, *! vn wiion w? cnwatoiir hbuU I low pin**- M TAYLOK A CO., r ((uiBinrl. Tailor A H?tchiM>!.,) mte 3t o?*t Wo ?' * C?n *r WfcrgKt frp?oe. A DAMS' KJLFK KS8_COM P AN Y. NOTICE oT ABMOTAL. I The de!nr?rr offoeof thi? oomp?T i?reia*v?<l from Third street to tbe j^i* depot on li s#tw?wm *t and ?d ?U W i rHAYE?9-KI?.N^^ 3C0wSi jt * DV&Oi. SAil'L. W THOMPSON, hWM'?{iw ' nnatWHj OB had ?%Tnm? T-Xjfc ? ?/>(? C#cUr M?Tk ri?U4tr* 43S -i ? - V * ^ TH* fffBKI.Y ST *\? .r*?r?a? Puch U4 Rmi iM ? 4t?!lU| I 1W<W ??IW? M UMrt.*| ! ? i| *tn MS l? >ill 11 U| ? Prllij ??ri)?j ?*pv, uuaM....M....9i ? "flN .aitltHMOaMMMMMI I ^ ! i? IIUTtrltblv Nitcu lk? " WUk!i|t*i M?v? till ku nidi n< JJ*%i* g^mtmg S*m ?lr??Ul? m fcaenily ikirukoit lie Mtatry p e?f?? (! tn^m) mm M ?iH at Ikr cocatcT, immptlttrly ?fV* tto to** fiiefw w fit? I11KE OKWTB DENT18TRY. |)^,,r, Atte '.? loan of bit p- t?t **** inont rwwB>m? rat*a for wh<f: c *** er*t;'ii* can b? performed Otto No. aw i>jiiir*'?*n * nTWtO" '" >?t?oen llUi a..d 12th rtr?rta.tvo doors ?I the Kirkvi'<)>! MnuM, M u*? iHltltliat *>"> Itr |N?Haxtx'u mi> 6 l? ?1** I\1 VbMTS. ? _ i?I? MH'V'?, N. ? , lh* r*t#nt?a r?o? MINhK Al. I I.Al t. rtbt.TM. at ln<(|pMMwW at .11 thi* c'ti ftpflMp" Many f wi ?hi Uiw t"rth wn?? aa'.nn* ar?*r oil wt, and wfMMear ?-)*ro4h?<* ?l > w?r Mum. P#ra??na ' ? uej at it* b?. ^"wwiomN witn K'.j >:?; ? ?ru) f - ,i # of Tr+Uk U?ry mv '> 1 to thru* ?lin?t? p&Mic* *r MK> w?li the tirMt, (iMnfvt.rtrnKiN'.un mr>*t wfeetW^tare th*t art ctn fr<?;u<f, I:.# MI.mK.ICAL> PLATE Vtli t# mrrofjlij wwrutenl. |I'?C!T?? in oit? -N? I1.mww.Miwi tth W><1 1<>Ui ?M. A te, V. 7 A ioh ntwt I hi *n? ?hl? UiAMlf,*" J^KVV ANU IMTKTTVKU INVfcNriOH ARTIFICIAL CHKOFLASTl tiONM V E B T . WiTi'iT Mmr. Cum. DR. H. 1J HlChSMON*. 10 Prtmdwmu. N~ ? ammt, b*tw?n Ui? *nd !1UA pH . tr?!*i?in?, Ca.Ik el UiPff'iio to i:.e ij< ow>nc nf h'? infr"**-1 I. { 9 r*?tb of M? r<? *:< MfPr nc?rr <*o" e nor oliMigr c;? <r i j ? r if ?ci I* n:{ J . "? ft.arf ' t iitci 1 l:*n *? oi T. ?. >)"> t?r*h or i Kiti r**l O f.? !* trt:t. * ? ? < *r 'P'l ?*- t- ?: >. t. t'.f fcc;? w..: t*> u.+ti* nV :* , id i. No i!*TT.? k l l*'lh *'? IIM.IO'.M nps "*n t.e ma u i"u i, ihcte' ? im nuiim exfraiiPiofi o' the lac*, which inj?r the o!-l lufn i* li u*nt.? 4isl>i . t Thia work has l<ecn fs' j tflnl o?er It? t*A' ? by mar? of the first eltenrats atvf ph??ician? of thia couutrr. l)r. P. '?*?*'*? invented a whit# a&ieatrBOtiv* metal fi. itr, w th which tr e moat renr-ti^e teeth can be hi.*! without *a in, and oau band ?? a foot, eoj'd toctri or, a: * a.iie rcota. w.ic* w?il .a?t throufh lifetime. The beat of refereaeea i.rca? to Dr. V. ,Mctt: Dr. foreicua, Profseeor of Ctieifiiatrj. N. > Hor J ode* Wayce, of t/ie Satr'vne C^art of >Va?! i: r ton. and thoaaanrfa o( otbera pE'.i BnH ?wa? i^? *" ?" vaMimuv ?PI joprnil. rn * i T. GAS FITTING. 6c. AWM f.WVKjTcor RK 'uw tp act trlni triU W" 'np; ?.*? *i tHf ??<* <>|f fTTKXM. FtStNKHR. ij~ tic. i 2L ,?w deer* t?r"k t. f:. a?f, :ikj b* fo? t co?nj e' % -ira^r . riCgANU! T??wr.r rtAf.f-'V WM| It8 FIXV1RE9. K lia?? <b Btorr, si i %,o ii*i T recrf*:nr, 9 A t * FllTCRES vI e :!;. r' V w Patt*n.? a; J j3i>p (hi and Finish, sspt nor <; * ? < to arrtt ; t h < *?* fffrod in tf!? mSTSK. C?itf*Olt>S*r* f*n*T% !T to sa.11 an?: entr ;i:? ?i. ?t?rlc o' .'*? r Fittrcs,cocBu-nt uib.*s tn* U? ?s rtpck in Wvtucitor. * !' Work ;n the *'*> ?< TmaiatrssM * r - '* rrrTrst.j siteo-i**! to. h m? a.i*. nrM! mbitrni C^KNUINK GARDKN * A Nil FLOWKR J*KKIMS. JOHN S*AFI? rtiii tiirattcutiouoi ntrtct|t: (tancc, farmers, ati'l ottiT* iu? l%*c' a*-i c*r< fu;iy ?elect?U took m l.a -a wa-cti n?\* t>?en i>p:?cte?l from Ui? I'eat g>.?r? ? >i. i.nKlAn<t. KfAi o? *r.<i Oermanv, witli ?nch Arrclpn of i * t'o (rovtb AO a:p in uauAl demand, ? : I'.iHk ar..? ?*L.?I ? - ? - - " ,, _u~ -/.wirivu von, a nuiBHl 1 ?' muiH Cahlxito; H!no4 Tnrn ? Iteef; I'n'nt.ip* I'lTuU, Celery. Ac. t w?r collection, ?u<tar<le Jora-iy itttlu rui tun t'uon. iS vnnepe*. ee;?ted fcr any %tit? ie, for $1. Hia oaperionee of over v*ara a*a?raeueM ttcii ir'jwrr la the J ??t guarantee that al. are fire, acccratc, am! of tl.e nmat s?nrm? d*<rr?ptioa. JOHN I<AUIm Store, roh IS 6t*o* i*e*erilh el.. o-? il* M If ah M*r-h R. K iCHAIi I) II OHlHIfll. Jr. Uvn.t rAt 1 r tfwf 4 r<tm tiia !, ?? 1 ? - V iivni <' I inuvr- T? ' V?? |i*J iuclluK, a* acent fit Cor i?mf tu; ? pwl. leave to liilTio* tut p-iti'.ic Mtai Mi.fci'.i'i SI I LOKt-'.K * * r" < ! t'<? *\inr ?:* luft)."' notice. Oiimkfal for p?t?i I*tct*,w? f j. ieav or to nerti tli< ir coiiii'iufcuc*. >:Ii 17 l>f It' A M-.KMI |.i r.R A - v PENSION Ol 1KJB, Jul fcih. I "Ml. TO Al I. WHOM IT MAY CoW / /..v. Application havmt mfK Mfr in?H f 29*1 J?'!: , !.? , i?t t .? rw??u? of tiio U: Wft rur.t* t<*r?n, ftiir1 ? * * '**?<; '. > ! *? ? t,??<*:i or <i*?;,"* :,notio? is ' crrt * ?;*"?, Miat at tha data I'o f ha ipi oil # ; W* rant,* riaw Car?ihc%??t "f Mm tr-nr.wil 1 > i? ?aeu,:: no vaua ?*ri >a!<i tuaaarpear No. fH.JTj. for itv; ncrr?. ihiim' aiAn u.o nc* of Ma-ci, 1RV?. in the . iim< of Hp* a' Hi.iitli, a 1 *M grant*! Jnn<?3t>, H?7 Arm ft. ISt*. No,37,*>34. lor urM, mio ! ti-o aot I Maron S-J, litjl, in tit* nimc of Jaoot* ISi-art^r, a^u wa* srauio.i Anju*t 1 < .i. '<=- Mar t. u ... No. 4' 4."2. 'or 1* I Bcroe. undo; the ast of Ml-' tl. IV>S, ID trie ?'l ? l* W>.??W "f W?i?r C? '?. and was tra-tr-. * >. I?* Maj 17, lfW. I/ind W?rrai,t Cyrillic* t?. N ?-> 147.: r if-** (*ct K-17.) in of fatr.. k i; *<:*, !'r ^%:e o.' Company K.^d K??c*t XL t*. Iu'a: Ti y. 3 ?t , lttl-Ji!r.r .4, 1 ' i. JUSLPH H. BARRETT. mli27-law ? <wmii??i.,i ? . IT <t.STABLI*HID IN 1*S?.) B??t 1i*tp to inform tho sab io tii%t the? Lave e*tenrled their Kxpreg* to W Miner'.on, ft i CJ"* t.<tw ropared to Tia .s?ort M"r?h?Miiie. Rut Not*, SP6CI0. JtiVt ry, Jkc.jto ? part* of the Ml'VIlt, A'ik England ud U'?5j#r* Stmttt aixl (mulm. Concoctme with th? most rwpooaii ? KxprMtaa throughout the country. we arc ?n?" ?d to ofor %*f to a wiio ma* liTnT lit v :h their Mtrouftc*. Fur torm* %p4&rtfeer inf?r?%~ Hon ?Vp!t to K. 5. ?M1TW, Ater.t. Third ?t.,W door t>*iow J?a. ar?mie. )?? It I) 1 |) E C 1 i> L 1> UAKVAIM8. Lin^n Go**;*, a fullM?oftf?<<?j,t & i ii.e I r t Ol*M, Kmhroi(i*fi<Mr and l''K<ket Haa<ik^icii r'?. recr t appii&a in a'! cradr*. Fine an" medium Whit* Fanne'?, l',a:c VY)iie*i.U 1 mcI C*a.lir.o? and Vuiiiira. All of the above at one proverbially low priae. marked in pans ligurec, the actca. cr.?h ctauua. t value. An inspection oi stock impltfe no oi.iration to porohaae. PERRY * HRO? tnti 7 61 Peup. aTerne and ?Kh ?t. Wall, 8tephenn Jl Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. Asa Dialus m SWORDS, SASHLS. BELTS. LPAULETS SHOULDLR STRAPS. I "'r i'l2rw""' I .... fwm u (iUVOU |\?fVU|J VII AflC IfWi lU1 rpu MILITARY OFFICERS AN DOT Mi f . BATCHKLOR'8 GKNVtyF. FA ' Tb? Bc?t la Ui? Wot!*. TU Onli Ku%*t.* Mrf Mtir />*; Jnirm. Mtf.oice &U,r?.cj. >*wwb? Ofica.oor. K * rtk, SjlBi'i H?tr 9tor?. ?ti P^g'* at?> ?.*, wfcf. t mVjg~ Bar*4** * ?!** ? Fr?*.:rtl> ' . 1 . W? _ OYe- clothTNIT J* fc Have rooeiv^c w*tli<Q day ct tTo % Mwf-e J***?* ?* 5?v>' n t .THING, ??!????[ !I ttjiw?f low prio?i. P bm wbioh v* veaeiliucat v*rt low ?rio<w for cuh. WALL. HTKPHK.NSJ * C*? . P*. *v . WtWA?a -HL ?nd lot-. aa * a (m?> ? r??.i sm% Tfin^rr ?> */FiRirs "w r <C"i Wiwrfat A?M.r? ?t(iM <>,<j ?uu>? *? &41 r *IM Nalwo* But* . vi?w, 4* fMW* d*l* S ? iimoiw VhOIUTY. 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