Newspaper of Evening Star, March 31, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 31, 1862 Page 2
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??W?jjM EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: >wn< H 31, ! ?!?. < <* M?ratii| Pr?w. Tte 4fprtr?ln "lb? moh plrtt" * evoked aga*n>t WeodeH PbMltpe a\ Ctnrtn ?#*!, and Rrr Sa^nuel Aaron, ?t Bnrllrgtoa. N.J. ?f>d take* nrrnlon ?r ?v?n?r?tt tbc avowrd AKI^J Ik - U f ? i ? * -?-** VI ??' ?? " Uiiiv r?'H 1/n.iurr f\IWllilOil wMrh w?? th? !atid*b>? purp^a* ?f ralat'tg "X" r^ople <*f Wa?h<npton *? 4,a higher plane In r**?rd to literature, loyalty and liberty," with tb? ronfMolm, ? I have labored nineteen rear* ?- take nineteen Stale* ont of fhla Union," of on* of ?h??e a^leckd <? aid In the benevolent work; rwiftwlv, VVeiMliU Phillip* Tbr Rtpnhltcan w y? It ron?to>nUv ?f the femoral of ?Utm to Maryland from tbl* DlMitct OUR MILITARY BUDGET. BOAT ?ei!T AT M'iSQl'tTC ISLET. CAFTAl>8 HVDD ANDMATHLR KILLED S!6HT MEN KILLfcD AND TWO TAKLN PRIPONF.RS. The gunbost B'envill? arrived st the tavy jard 1TI ^'ninC* from \ n >uaf knr n n ? ? ? > v??> *_-? f UBI!U|^ bcsrd ?he bodte* of t'apt Budd, of the Penguin, iad L'apt Matbe'.cf the Henry Andrew, ?b? were killed by the rebel* at Muequito Inlet on tbe Hat ln*t. From Mr F. W. Ualter, hoapital -ward of |fr? Wabaab, * be bad charge of the bodiea, we have the following particular^: On the 21st. Cictalm Rnrfd mid M?th?>r? fitted cut * boat expedition up the Inlet, con?i?t!ng of four boat*?the Andrew cros&ing the bar and fc> lowing up the boats for s?fne dlstance?tbe FenE*aln recsJnl^g outiidc.being unable to cross the t'?. The pre't"*"* day tury bad Inr.*!^ m tbe and were po*. welra'cd, bu* found on t*ie two white wtrnen who were rong ??rc4b. lacy prvOaDty lBirrmca me ietfi win't'? oj betf tntcntl n to retora the nt*l d*y. Ae 'h? g!g> erev, wh> were la advance. '*f't "bout teland, thcyvtre ired on by a bodyirf -otyccaled r'Semea. the two captain* being kiifcd nt'lgkt. Captain B'idd received a bail through fee ?igbt aide of b'# r>*ck, uhicb 5?"vertd tbc car-tied ar*ry Certain Mather ?-&? *hot rxectly i:i tin* sanse pTa??*, the only dltf?rem? being tUs* t'jewcnsd ? *? Tret red on ?he opposite aide of the nevk. Re alu? received a abot through the right breat', pa??.->g entirely through Lla body, coming oat tt tb? left aide of hia back. Th? whole crew of the gig, which conalated of ware mining, and the rebel* Informed ?h?m the aeat day, wli'n n Unz of truce wa? sent after the bcdir?, .ha' ?bcy were all killed with -c* exception 11 two, wno were fnfccn prisoners. In thither boats til mere were wounded, two ~f when d'.ed cn the Vod. Our men drcd ln*e the bu?bra and pulled off, net kncwtii? what force tbry had to contend rh?> ?>cHw* of tb?" optalni had been burled by to-' r*tvi?. when ?*??i after neat d<ty Ih^y V? H- ro?n ?n>vt Milk ol?A ?*-u?*l. ??! ? -J ? -, v IVB?|UW| *TTMI vuc wv.vU ami ^W7iu **I ? *" of the ^?crr?, and taken immediately to the abash, (t lag *h!p,} und after being enclosed In lead co?na were transferred to th?- Bienville, in " "'nick thev were brought to this city. Tfct Kd.e? vre this ttiornlm; escorted to the ?p l in the yard by the marines and crew of *he Bienville, wbcre they will ieu>>iln u .til the fuaerii. iC* t?Wor'(DIDkCLJillB5*T WIRcBnTtl. Secretary St-ward and several medical gentlem?j from this city, (Dr. Harvey Llndsleynnd juitta,; ten urrr on r naav morning ror WJnr hrwer, Va., to examine the boapital accomirod?Mon?, *nd *? ? what con Id be dow fur the comfort of the "ddler* wor.nded Jr. the late bettlt* The party returned ywkrdiy momlnp They found three becpttalc at WlrKhfte*. while many ilrk Ind vppnnd?-fl *>r? th? 1 - ?* *ate bouses. There are about three hundred 'vounded there, and of Iheae one-half are considered aerlou?ly ao About *uty have died of tbe^r wounds since tLe tattlr 0?~n. Shield! )? ab!e tc walk *?t. The party ha- r? rovle 'heir repuit. M'?a D:x, vr ih eharacterii'.ic lt-r here at c'cl??- k last r^entng f> th thr?e nuxaea. and a large supply ?t comforts aod delicacies. **he cairled with her trK*t w? m iMwik ? ? 4,1? - * - ' " * wm* -?iaC tMW.ll li-CUX U, A i^uuju-.j oi vegetal!** I wd ftii'li Tbc rebela bare ac eomplrted *h<"*r work ef darastation and ruin In tbat *tclnH? that pctato** ha*e bf*n wlila^c for $5 per butbel. and 9?k~e *' tbi?. A n^mbet ct Iron bedateads. wl?h ccc?foitabl? bedding, hare aiao b?rn sent i>p KtaJ^Wfttrs ProDoti )f*ri4<ri Ciljr of Va tkingtm, M i"k 29,1#2 \ c?^. ??i xr? ?: Vl??t nv ?! TLe require mart :f puses from person# ng Maryitna will ?ee?e frva *hi? date By order of Major W. E Jjotrt*. Frc^'*?? *??r?bsi. C'hAJkL?s E Fciifscw, Adjutant. AHOTBE* *XCrk?IO* TO M4PAS?lfi?IVBIID (.*> Tb? fellow nig diapatrb.'litf'i Manama#, March 1-9, Lu been rct^lved Conductor Fianka iotiay?f"kout ? !w>;f e*tu* party !? M:na??S,oons'rtiny of Col Bik';r, t b? ^ jTernm*!!td^'ecKTepolice, with anunjbcr "* oturt officials, accompanied by their lad'.ea The t>l^rapb line# were completed to Warren'on jnctlcn last nhrbt, and are working admirably. The Coi???l 'hi# afternoon found live cannon, ? fclch th r?-fcela b?<i burled about a mile and a ball beyood the Junction It appears that tbe A..? - -- * ?v - - ... ..... .v^U. .mtum were ltIiDDD'4 r>g to o-.u tide ?*( the tract and buried, and the K'ciad amootbed nicely over tbem Three of tbem are Iron, the otb^r br?aa, the heavleet weigh S forty-all hundred pouuda The gun* will betaken Ui Alexandria tomorrow KTtk\H? 1* ALEXANDRIA T?>p Mutt take tk* Oath of All* f vine* i* rt?|tnwi Alixandiua, March 39, 1M2 ?1 enclose you a Uat of ail vto,n ot be/err Mm 11 lb day of April mi', have to take tbe cath of fidelity and allegiance to tbe new government of Virginia or else r.t?e to be bank dtrector* /*!?!? ?? '? *? ?1? x ?? iiiwp^aucoii or oflcen of benka, whether bank* in pur! owned ty 'be s*tate oi aa Independent bank*. Ail directum a"d oScen. therefore, of the Branch Farmrr'a Bitik, I-ranch Kxchauge Bankof Virginia, or the Eank of the Old l>oirlnlon have to tasc lb* onth nf are liable to a ttne not exceeding 92,WO The ?ini" appllea to almost all profeoalona M'nlaters of tbe go p<*l cannot avlemnlze the rltea of matiitlMIS Plli.""' ?-WI .V * - " .u?k m> uviii, or uty are liable !c ? t?nc of not lev* than * 10 or more than 95U(> Wc h?w now quartered here. In addition to four companies of the 8fetb Pennsylvania, under romm&nd of Major title*, the Wth New York ?*^lment, under canmiand of Col. Velle. This gt- ntUaian Is alao Military tiovsrnor, In place of ??en. Montgomery, who baa gone to AnnapoiU. Gen Montgomery and the Union men here bad been somewhat at variaoca before be left, and ht? course to the &tb lU>n<>U cavalry In twloe aaklng 'heir removal from Alexandria to oblige secession sympathizer* brought matter* to a culminating I iilrit anil mnil- Vl?f ...... " 1 , - i I || >a>UJ 'H J UUjlUpUljr f. TBI OATS Of rifikUTT A.1D ALLIAIAHCS By tte %r? pmud ov tbe GtMid Aneniblv of ^ i.-gtnia on tbe lOtb of February iaaf, ih<, follow Ut^ peraor* art? required to takf tb? oath of allrgianr* and f4ei!*y prrarrlbtd by tbe convention which a tumbled at Wheeling on the llrh of 1961, Tit: Pt'sona desiring a lioen*? to prarticc any pr*> f *S? ton. or to rut* mm ??*? t ? ? ? ? - - . ? ?j vn.ucw oi railing I or which a ii< ?nse I* 'equlrid by extaflne laws. Kdldtal attorneys A^euisuf miaing or manufactulog rooipanles 51 associations. wbetoer incorporated or not, agents of coal or timber ronpani**. foreign or domestic, having a depot In the Stal*. All clerks aad agwi-ta cf persons who are required to tkke tko octb >1 tn!?i-ri (jeifrbce'.tag the rite of iruirlmony Fbystc'.ans. rorgeons aiid dentists Bene directors nd ofteera Kevpars ofjfcrtd^es, roads aad ferries m '* ana cw? ? ewrparaiiHH. association* usd institutions la v-'btch the bn tn in ?XT2*I. Co?ae1im?a ? lerks vnd deputy clerk* of eoort* 1 ommiM^Defi in ebaacery. Notaries Tbe s- * provide* 'or registering tbp oaths aad ferpur.isning naUttaoa of tbem Tbo n? continue* la force uatli the and of tbe praaaat war. *ad no longer Tbe oatb ba* to be taken on or before tbe 1 Ub day of April next Ipr TkeQnsrUrinaeterlDepartmeat will ber? After |*y for mo umy npplto wtiteh are ptuthu'd by uy oao Ml an iftetr of the Drptrtnriit daJf authorized to make ?uci> pureta?n la / . / rpjs. '* ? ?* ) . LATE NEWS BY TBLTORAPH.j, Baratai ( Great Bfllrt. Watt?' Cim, near Warwick, Vt., March I 27 ?The Rebel forcea under Gen Majfruder, prerioui to tbelr e??cuat1on of Great Bethel, net 4rt to the town about noon to-day, and com* pletely drtfrorpH it. leaving nothing bat msH of rains Thin In another set of vandatiaa) on their part You need not be surprised ?o hot of hurntwg VnrkU??*n In a few d?vs, wa on- h a coorut' mar naturally be ?*xpe?:ted. IATKHT IROMISLANDKf* 10 TUX OMR&KDXFNT ItKIWID VISO?OI?SlT Cairo, March 59 -^flrr a lull the bomhardroent of Island No 10 was renewed vigorously yesterday. The rebel* appe r lo have received arti pot In poeltlon new gun* of longer range. There Is notbln* Important from Tennessee An arrlT^l from Memphis to-lay reports a feeling _r * u,.# tan w/i j^riirnii urw^nucia y iunr. pui uiiir ruii* fidence Is felt even In the ability of the large rebfl force concentrating at Corlnib'o ?t?y the proge^a of the Federal arm* L4TKB8r. Lo"i*, March 30.?The array r?n?vipondent of the Rcmibllcati. writing tind?r d ?tc of Cairo, Marrb ??, says the firing on Frldiv at Icland No. 10 was quite heavy. Thcrcbfl* are opening from a new'battery mounting', it i? ruppoaed, impounders. Tbev are cutting away fees and rapidly pushing forwa'd t^rli incsi.? rt d*f?nse, with apparently no lde* of ? racuat!ng the place at preient Tb^v are d??'v .retting more c?nnon tn position. Word reached the A??* last nlfhtthat fum rcb") cunboata, partl> ciad vrl'h railroad Iron tasd appeared b-low Point Pleasant, but r.? Gen Pope'a bstttrlea ettend In an almost continuous lines for fifteen mi lea. It not hell?v< d they an fnrce a pasaag*. Nivl|iil?a Westward. WcrrALo, March ^9 ?Tbe prope)l-r Ei< wblch left fc?r?? yeflerday, arrived at Tnlf?dii thl* inoir.Jug, making Ler regular time Tin. Oltoii ?? reported still In the Ice below Dunkirk The iniegmz. Tax htll ?Tbc Jcadia* ufact'i'er* and u;tic bants now bcre in cor-sui:*t4?r| np*!? *he proposed t?* on U*d'-, estimate ?>>e p'odortlM of 4L? cenntrr ftJTW Mr butt, tie's etatlstic* at ?1 P0C_OOO(OOO, vrtalcb, deducting ^1,0u0,0iX? OOP for consump'inn nrar the plm?? of p-rodu'.uon aid for export, lr*ve# S3 OOtMiOO.OOO a? ?be basis of tr -de Lst'.uuitina tfcnt this amt-unt change* band* three time*, a revrnoe of from * jw,wilin cotiirt cvllKM a' 1 p?*r cent. i.jion tbc trade of ?be conutry. fT7* Front Hi;d?ott Taylor, 531 reuii*y!va;i!a avtcne, bay** Blackwood's Magnclnc (or Man;b; wblcb oddly eueu^b for tory Majta, brssn't a word of abuse of our Union. 1'hr woild ti)ovf? " Nominmki> ?We bear that Lev: Kline ba?be*>n nominated to be tbe Collector of the port of Havre, dp-lircce, Md. Ahrf.?tkd ?Mr. J. H. Tarr, a uiemb?r ?f tl<? Bar at tb'a place, wh* arrtatcd at Ciiup \V altace, at Salisbury, Md , on Sunday morning la?t The wrt'' j.iih dub, we ieani, ia tb?i 01 r :; ^ th?! soldiers not to yo Into Virginia.?D'ntc* {MJ.) Union |r>"Tbe pt a< h crop pioepects Rre nnnallf fine In Delaware In western New \vrk and Pennsylvania fruit of *11 kinds promises better than usual, and similar accounts reich 'is from New i'n^land. rrHf-KVKRV NIGHT THIS WKKK. THK J.H Fair and Feat;v?! at Parker's Bail, (<>ppoa> Br^*L's Hotel,) vocal ami instinmeutal H ii'i -.. re(;fabiii*nU, snbstantiais, every hmj atrefy iy. iK?a t fail to attend. mh 3' M* Y^P?>OTICK ?Union Grind Lodieinfo<>:o.-ed) I tjLj?s tree anc aooepterf. A. Y. >1 , are re^ufat-d t?> meet at thf.r flv", on K street, betwwi tsth an: Hth treeU, cu I UEJ*DA\. April >2 < "olook ni.. to afecd the i he era. of their Pa?t biand V?**ter, i hash* lUTfHUi, Jk.. *11 MaaW Msk-ma in c> o < aL.l re*u a' i??n<3iu?, a-e Jfrat?rEa:'f invite*!It att?n?i. . y orcar of ttte R. W.t*. M. If JOHN A. GRAY. Artinc *? f*??" _ --? f W ? - ? -- " ?' w * ?? '**? M Ml B'lMl UL3 ?Bua*l ?f *'? Madiral Automation ol D. C. wiM br held la the Georgetown Mecical t Oi.epe, usTUF*DAY. Apri' Ut, a' lio'c.ock i . . ^ _ J- W. 11. LOVKJOV. Al.U.. irh g? at eecrrtar? r*?"lHE NEXT REGULAR MONTHLY ll*f iinwtinf vt the Board of Tr?i?te-e of fad o ifrthoo.B will be held in Ihe Al<Wmen'? Rem. Citr Ha?i,on rill.SHAY At- ft,KNO(i\, Aprii Vko-oo"*- WH B.DAYTON, mh^-dt _ Scor^ar*. > fcw fc V KRV ONK*8 INTKRfcBT- TV THE JJs ClTirsys. t>THA>VEKS, A>lf bolZwTifi.* ' J tiar*iDilT->ca>TM * 'fry lirjce mm! Su? a^scrimPki of OittliiLC. viiion I vu I M ct?r aeii! :ow prio?e, ?t >o- 460 i->v ntb itt >ci. orro?>Ui Poet office, pear I . J* 87 jm -yr??rHh UNION PR WEB MEKTiNS Wi i ' *? be hoM^n *rer? daj this to thr LotherI 2 ,*bnrPh.. R??. J-6- 1 ?.? ? ? J;u> atC H street*, ootameitciac at ?S 0 01 t?ok'? m *o<> eooMoued but oc? hooi. U if C^OURFCTIO^.?Ic fcdre*?teitf laa* week lot J ?a<tlea bavioi a?a1|aed pa* am<"int? of ofbeers ui ttie Is* Rett J?>?tiiot volunteer*, to no fy m*. 7 lie ?oroe having c ainn aia^cst the uftcen "f IM Regimfbt. w?'0 moorrecLv isamed A V. ELLIOTT, JL? U. S. Pay Ma*tor. | Wc.ALbD PROPOSALS will be received b? VZ3 me. tilttli rn?n ^>n lUc of A?? ! f/>? VS|! <?o? n a sewer ie%3!og from the Government FnnHnc Ofiioe to Tiber Creok Kor ?articoIa'?, lP^mre of Mr. L-ireoln. ?t the "ffioe. - UL1L '3>* Ch t,AVTh? ewbeeriher ti%vi us cvm?iete<l >"? ? -?^ fct^ted ?jTrter HtlooD. >a nn# # i t? lurnith to oitiaen% aVuoiera, the rablio gSEeralir. with Oraters f'otci r?j th? new *rso<?? of a'rurmur. fto the c*u *ffcH vi!i a|w*?a br on hHd, the Chenepetkn f*t*?vn O r???r Hil>on.No. 403 G ?lr#?t,n-?r ?li, ant *Mt o| Hie Patent Once, roti31-lm WM. P. WKBH. Proprietor. A 8TAI/K ton UAKtHSts ( i .. . ? r * _ - ?T . v/f t u ! > Mi X "* and Ctntnvillt. n i I i?n.e A: 'X-idria a?. 9 ' ' 1 "idMwT 11 ' if Ji M"n ?i wd 1 uct<l v. far **. House oiilj; uo WtdjutUj iouiviiii will etfcri for Mmiwu, and the rrtuitf <I*t? f<-r t*v'n? f r?*?ndr'? wili b? Mondnr. Wednrad*,, FrU*T. from th? 8*??inbt>*t \\ harf. foot or Km* a>ryi, ?> 9 o'Hoek h id., returning f om Mtnauii (in I aAjilla Thiira^a* U . t ?? a *???<*. / * a iiuiwva; i ?wiu OIIUI'UIJ? Pare for the round trip, 95. i* an eaa be jiooered in *V a thing ton at 6 ret o Tj'a B.ore Pennsvlvania avenue, south tide, two doors eaet ? f 7th atreet.or at Sigger'e Hook and Periodical Htore. No. 190 Kiu< street, Alexandria, Va mftn lw rr?K SLB80KJBKRBBEINS IN RKCKIPT | ? rf? unnalt ?il lM^?t f?at I.-mN> gho'da. the* reateotlilly e.lioit a oali and^BB tneoonbnutd fa*or? of their patron* and the aublio tenera iy. jTST J hayaleo rroue?t Beei*! *tt?r tmn nfih?i.?*? armr sod navy oottouiors to their nuppi? oi coo<1? in that lin?,ouasi?tu>K of t;worU?, BelU, ?i?ouidei 8-rap.. fcpaaleiu* eol.i Laoe,, ^apeauY. 4o. K J. HKlBt KiiER A Ci? . ^nooesaor* to H. P. LaDdOB * Co., m a.. 0?H?en and Military ration. NoticBj?All fcrto?? mritbt*] to the late firm of I Aitdon /r i n nrtiiair a.iAA<.... ? ? r\ " ???? ?UUUTH?I''I. (" u 1 if[1 TIT rs^uecteri to ?*:?Je th#> tama witho? U?inj F. J. HKlDfcRtfER <% OO . Snoc??*>r? to H f\ LMdon & Co . MW'frln Otiaan and Military 'faiiora. ifu* sa lk?a^oonpl t* ??t vt cakpkn ' . "'^'a 'WLS. Alio, a Giirdntonr, for OA?n. Vll: nttti llirt low O It kit ?, ? - ? ?? -?>? ? ? j ?vw? ituu i '"fo Vii k- 'M ufto?. ir__ INTEREST COUPONS or ^ 1 1A 'I'D L* I aim \? u#tmasca . ' ? ? * ?ua?3vii i iiuit,a C*r?<*n prMectatmn b* JAY CUOKK 4 CO.. BtAkera. "h ? I* *** Fifteenth .trot. FOR SALE? A Roe pair of ?v VERMONT HORSKS.U2R . . . 9o?t?blf k>r Oftcers. A/i fiiri V'?f''NUi U J)r. fir^caon'a 1> treat. ?*iow l?th mhgi-ft* NOTICE! fl*~\j \ i^i? a ?. _ DKJKJA4 Ar*v UTATJUPfEKY J?OLD VERY LOW ! | leflwaon'# V\ oiki e<>in?lrt*. 9yofoin?#, C?ih?>un* " > Jwtui Ad*nv?' " " t? M Webster's ** " ? " (Autctraph i K4luo*J tritn'a itohftter 6 , f uskik'a >!?'wb Faintwt.fbM Efflish Edition, VtU Pift'M.) 1 C< ma'al* Bet* Japan Exaaditton, r*u(ft< RailrOM. ??* #??' Bms?? ' PboUxrapiuo A bani*. l'7wrlUB* Ten,, ink L^r$?)ot'oJ oksutionerr. , Po?d rwr low. i mb A w* K* *' JOYCE, No 109 Pa, ? . ? - ?? nw zjin euer, i y iAu?ih? le*Te to "no ** 1 leu, Coomb*. and ? i?2Z3 VijSlL. S"*I 01 fcivioi?? 1 i ?h* tf - . , . w*w rr ? newt rmon thm ncth Tkc Otf?Mtl?a tf BMiArt-Affair* a Fortress Mum [Special Correspondence of BalttMote America*.] Fobtbbss Mo??ii Msreh*?, P. M ?The only news of say laterrst bere to-day was brought by tbe stesmshlp Bo wsnee. wblch arrived thi* mom twt from Hatterw ?u* N.w^rn Nor1h Carolina By ?hl* arrival wa l?*rnth?ltheclW of Beau_ fort; Nor Ik Cafoila*, Is beyond all doubt In the r>oaar??toaof our forrea, though the Rp*?l I^oin port Macon atlll hold oat. Gen Burnalde Advanced on Beaufort about a week alnor, and took POMMlon of the cU> without artnf a gnu. The Rebel* burnt a bridge on the railroad betwwn Newbern and Beaufort, but It was In pro^re** of repair and the road would noon be In operation between the two place*. So far if my informant* knew, all of whom ramefrom Newhern, and had not been to Beaufort, there was no deatructlon of property at the latter place, and a large majority of the citizens remained quietly . 11 their homea. On th? approach of the Federal force* all the Rebel aoldieri In the vicinity abut themselves up la Fort Macon. Their number* were varioualy k.. tV. nltt?n. <.# n. m . M rrjuc?ciiiru uy iuc tiutonn wi DWniOfl 81 ITOITl 3i>0 to <toO men. The fort was ?i?td to be but ?ltphtlv provisioned, and It wna not believed could bold out more tban a week Ita ultimate capture Is, of course, a matter of certainty, lieu. Butncide wim at Beaufort. Perfect quiet and tfder relgued at Newbem, and a uumbtr of the cltlieua had returned 'e the place _<?en. Foster waa military OoTerncr of tk? <-uy rrevionf to 'he arrival of oui force* in tbs city, the vicanl bcuvs wer? plundered by 'be nen'oe* *'td others, but Gen Fo?te? bad recovered tno?1 of the appropriated property and stored it for future disposal. Gen. Foster's Frlgade were ? tat i or ed in and beyond Newberu, tbeir pickets siouU extending nine miles Inland. The Rebels were believed to b?* In strong for< e toward* vs?r>e?at. o- *w- ? * - ' ' * ' " ... i^..i . mi uiiic* vii uic fflu m> uuia?noro, ana tbelr scout* frequently appeared la the vicinity of Nfwbetn. Another brigade was enrawped on thiazide of the Trent river, occupying the works captured from the Rebels The expedition Kent to Washington was a eorrr'Jete success Washington ! *. t?r North Caroin>H. a ?;n?rt little vi'lage, lpeai?>d at 'he head of Pamlico Sound, near the mouth of T*r rlv?.r The Kipcrtillvu contlit-jd ?f about 1 ,(HH) mm, with an ?"?<;.ort of gunboat# TwoeomMulea of ?b? N?* w;hu*<ctta Mini l*nd*?l and t<?ok the town' Th" * *? ? and ?trlf?n wt-re nallrd to a trer before ih?* court boutc.aiid left ther?*. The cltliena received th?f ' Invader*" without any apparent enltemrnt or <ippr> hcu?t<.*n- ?"ine few'expressing Union sentireenta.whlUt the m?."* lud nothing to auyciUivf war. After Lo.'dlog the p!a< r one day. and j*a*b rrnt^ mi nr jimiruuuon ponioie, tbe expedition ffjliirn-d to Newtiern The hr?ith of tien B'lrmid^'a 1> vision, which h*?1 * offered miicli from Ion;; confinement on the transports, wai improving. Tbe coufldence of the I?!v;*ton in <?en Hurnalde la universal aid unit ulted It l? a p!ea?urc to bear the men talk of their Uenrrsl. He 1? Indefatigable and uu uring in taxing care or bi-> trc-ops, and It is only through his unceasing exert'ons that the expedition has i>een so well preserved through the continued ejpo-.ire and hard-hip* it ha*had to endure since leaving Annapolis The fine weather of yesterday has changed *o a tierce northeast storm, and Old Point is what it always is in a storm?dreary and unnleasant. The Moultor is receiving a new supply of wrouoht iron tis'l* an f nMni*?ts?i f ^ ? ? ?----J ?? m |-iv*WMiy V/"|? a#MM s;ren'* Ingenuity has overcome tbe objection that prevented the hm> of thcar mlsallca In her Brut encounter with tbe .Merrtmac. There were aome alj?n? of activity toward Norfolk thla morning A ateamtuv down to Sewell'a Point and the amoke from a larg* vea* *el could be aeen ofl' above Craney laland A propeller, apparrutlv a gunboat, also came down the Jainea river, within about three ml lea of Newport New#, and after reconnoitring, apparently, re'nrned up the rlv*r. Tbe. preaent hl^h wlild and low water, however, forbida all expectation of the appearance of th? Mrrrlnup until ih? unrm la over."" CONFEDERATE SHIN PLASTERS, obtunea at Poit Kc?a', ar? for a?ie at the Pair at Parker'a 1U11. Go <ind net one as a cur loeity. mh 31-5f Ur?. TWELVE MONTHS CERTIFICATE?, nought and S?l<i bt JAY COOKE It CO., BANKERS, mhzmw 4 fifteenth sutlers, who follow the army' sutlers, who follow the army. SHIP A* HOY' SHIP A'HOY! ho: for fortress monroe, ho j for fortress monroe. i nn a i d n L' i c u i \ un r?? *??' ?.?? ? ? ? iuw unnn DUO m i ADl' HIIHI C? IV I. AR fiPJ00 BARRELS 8PICED SNAPS. mo barrels sugar cakes. Th? |Ocd? ar? Fr??h HakH, aud far ?u p?rict t" tbc* shirred from Northern Cltte*. I/i? fn rsib. Arttr *t HAVTON'S Rakfif. 46ft lltn ir.ii ^ 3> |gwg 8 and H. J70U 8ALL An IKON 8AFK. nearly n*w. r Inquire at No 1# Market Ppefle, between Mh aii|l ^th ?U- TnhSP 2f Ml ? S E, W. W R 1 GHT baa opened A 8?'HOOL For \OUNG LAPffcS at no. *01 sbvchtb stbikt, And respsettoiW %?ks tuMic ratroMee. Ph " ' " SILR DRESSES FOR THE FRFSENT AND apPhoachin? SEASON. A nioit ohoie? iMorlinrnt, at onr rf>v?rbiaJlr low pno??. On? *rl"? onlr. the actual e*?h uttnda'd raiu?, marked in plain fiicnrM. FERRY ft BROTHER, mh 29 tr Pa. ftvent]* and Ninth ft. f -inD TUB MlllTTtt iti> VL-f i iiurofnafu p "" 1-,vfc"" 1 c,u,juno1 r' fort bknton,aA^s?ci;ri river. The?t?aiuer FMIl.IK.J, B I aOaiot, Master, wjll leave, on or abont tne tStb of April To pereon* de?t>oosof to Orfrfon aad ihe Territory Washii.tton, Ihl* is the ra<>?t desirable route, particular!? to Washington lerritor*, having from l-'nT t Hufitnn nnl* lAfi ?? ? ?1 tunw vt nu ildvou Ufrr B t" ?d r?ad, ??> the moat dftirable p*rt of the Territory. Id connection with the EmiUe will be a very liftil draught ude wheel sttamer, which will leav? here about the 2"th. destined to run J>om the \ !Inwetoneto the FaiU ol Mnaouri. For freight or pa*?ac e apply on board. ma a-3w WHY DON'T YOU GO TO NIGHT to the " Fair at Parker' Hall. Extra attraotiona th're. mh 3'-5t* 486 0A^OT?8ES.rH' 486 Card Photo*ra?h* in vnrlMT. imiuHir? ??>( ? Sr?? I w / #?*? nit , I 1 AM Nov lurni?hini the trade with the heat KKROtMNK OIL at Baltimore prices; a!?o, HAY, CORN. OATS, Ac., at loweat market price. P! W O'LAUGHLKN. fejft-lin* Oorser New Jeraey av. and K tt. ^rring or ess GUOiiS.-Many new ami n ohoioe thin*? A'ao.our luut!) full atook ofaW kinds ofForeitn ai d Oomeetio L>ry Good*, for the ourrent wanUof lamiiien and houaekeepera. One price only, iiiarkeJ in plain figure, tk? ?e tVlt CMtA PKRRV A BRO, inn i vr ra.av ?n<) Ninth ?traet. 1NTERE?TIN6 FOR THE COMMUNITY AT LAROE. Wf are now receiving RKAD V-M ADh CLOTHING ( the la?e?t deatgna three time* wee* from oar inanu'&otnvug ettahhehment in Baltimore,wtuoh wtofleratutoniehing low pricee. BAR ? BKO., nih 13 1m* corner E and Tth atreeta. yy ASHING I ON HOOP SKIRT FACTORY ! WANTK.n iMutniiTPi v ? -irr - . "V. If* ?? i ? JOOLADIKS To mftnxfaoturo Hoop Skirt*. XtnSPmfPJf&S''AW "h0rt ,lm*? fronl KJVKT/J um D0LL4K8 PER WHEK. Inquire, lor farther rartieulira, ocrc?r ol Moth md II atrteta, third floor, up ataira. mh?2w* M.eAM8T\? A CO. IT'JR ?Al,K^A toMUfal white MKXIC AN 1 I L)N \ . BArmMlt fln ii r>H iw1 auitaole for a. Ituj cr sentleiuan. aa he i? ?erj eaa? He will be fid ?erj cheap, kfcgra iisi A.'a7AM- Jtw '369 ^SSSVSSVSEhi 369 CHE A P CASH STORE ! jonaiettej oftwo TeU-a- Ute &ofa?. I wo Caetsr Uhalm and ux Side Chaira. The aet it in iood order. Peraona in a ml nf & mint u^.u >iii ?j 8&> """*** inb 8?-M 3*9 Errenth ?t., between 1 *><1 It ||EAD W|THpl>fcOieiONoAND ACT * 1TH OR. *. VKLIJ^Y*S PH/VA^K HOSPITAL. . lo the Federal ijjcok, opposite Uie General Foil tod P?Urt OIm, Room M up iUwr?. oornsr o(? h *cd H ete. WMkimtop, U. C. IW U v?l)??l. !?-. ? ? . *- > ' Uoewwrsou hun in wyln* thM b?ou oare&li s^wia ^tsaas?fi2ggjj,ft ? > ; W* "* ' *"j T^EPARTMEHT OF 9TATK. JL/ w A?ui!*eroi?, March ?, tS*J. The followimextract from a dispatch received at th!a Department from Mr. John de la Montage. the Conanlof the L'nltrd 5tate* at >ante>. U publi?hed for general Information : "I haw th* tanm r to nay that rr-ad* coming from the UtiltM Stat t<% this port roffer Ion* tbiwujh tb?> IgnonuH-e of owner* a* to exiting fact* here. 4,I propoac ?o briefly audcouclaely priaeat ttMl facta to the Department. Veaaela usually take charters to deliver cargoes either at Palmboeuf or Nantes. t't here I* water enonsh at l'aimbocnf, but the

exposure* in reaching this roadstead are sometimes perilous "The loweat river w*U* between St. Nazaire and Nante* la from ten to twelve fett In winter, and as low as seven feet in aummer. ' A vf**el drawing over ten feet must lighter part or ail her earjo at a coat of money and Uine to her owners "If the vessel cornea to Nantes, she mu*t pay ntlotave. and. nntlnnallv tnwaur ' If partly dim hirgcd at St.TJaiaire, the carg? I* at the risk of tbeablp or the InauraiiT until do llrered at NatiVa 'The vt-aael paya half hroketageal ?t Naralre, and full brokerage added at Nantea The tlak* ?n the river are cen?lderablc Psmage from fouling' la frequent In a cwwdfi, narrow and awlft river " I icould advist nil rSntten (? t' "it4? its St Tfnxairt, net A'antrs or raim^e'itf Het? Ja a large safe dock "The fallowing cipenaes of a vessel of /??> Kmmdrti and hrtnty-fomr tons will give ?b1p owners an Idea of conta of river navigation : "Steam towage from 8t. Naralrr to Nantes 4**5 fran<-?. "Return towage to St Nanlre 250. ? ' I ( D Iver nUalaoA U? ? a? *v> Cl- itBtlUB ll' Nantes, with hUmih. *?J " l * River pllotagr from Nantea to ?t Nazalre. with *teara *?i " ''Total pilotage with "team. IG1 Irmit*. ' Fiver pilotage from ft. Nat&irc to >ame?, wiinour Moem 11" " | "Fiver pilotage from N*?ite? ?o ??t N?nlrf, without ?tea 111 110 " Total without steam ' ?!'? fnnrs. ' Ltgbtrrajt' from ?t Nazalre 'o Nante? aboui J francs per ton for tekent. " Lighterage on lyrnhtr. about franca rcr ion. "A work t? in rontrmplation on the Loire w hlcb eipe^l* io make fifteen feet wa'cr In the sboal part* or ?bc river. IU su^ceM !* p:oh lemaMcal. "Shipowners snnuld know that ad vanes "n freight are not usually in*d.~ here until all the freight is delivered." mar C9?3Mt PAUSES. J / rn ri uti /* / ** ? . /)?!. . \ City pj Washington, March IMi"- ^ Pperial Order. No. IP All Paws heretofore inued from tbe*e Head, quarter* to the 31*t inatant will not be renewed, but recognized, until further order*. ?y order of Major \V K. Doater, rrovoat Marshal. Chad. V. Ronnwoif, Adjutant mar 38-lw SOLDIERS' MONEY A5D AI AO TMEN T D li A t'TH THl". ADAMS KXPRKt?d COMPAIVV WILL FORWARD SOLDI PR!** RKMITTAKnvs To tii?ir FamiliM ?t any p ar? nr. tl>? imfs of thf ir KxprcM at a oharK* ?>f TWENTY FIVE CENT? Fox any km xot fxobedijw Fjftt Dollar*; And a proportionate additional charge to plaora reached by cwin*ot?nic Kxpres?e?. Tka .AmiHAn** r?-U ' "* ? " ? im loniivHiiiuv w urmwi f?Uin , I rc?lf UTf HiO|0l| or Allotment I>rafl?, should ! ? enoloee.1 >n an enve lope and urm'elj ii^alfd, rr.'1 havetho fu'l ?ddrewi unelndins town, 1'oet! Pt&i* and in oiue* the atreM and cumber) of the poraor. to wtiuin to t>e rent, and the amount lrgthly marked thereon. Knvelopen for this purpose m?y t-e had at our cffioe To faciM*at- prompt delivery the charge for re I mtttanee i Mould be ' epaid roh St-lm ADAMS BXPKFM* COMPANY. POTATOES! MT l/*>n Mmhr s I'hA H BL<?W |H BVCKKYK TorATPKH. for sale at low worn. JOlIN J. UKAI L. ml; S7-lw* 3T Wst.Ttt-6et. Gforgot'wn. MRS. ACKEN WOULD INFORM IJLK frienrta who are tcimua t? commune with pirtt lcT?d onM.ahehfu lo< ate<j at th* l>e!e*an Home. corner of ith and I'ennaj^ania avenne. 3h* hu an aaantant in Mrs. Th??m%a. who n clairvoiact, and th#j wouid aolioit tee patronage of all who are interested in what la termed apirtfua) I investigation iiih ?l lw* ? ^HKPHKKD'S FLAIl*?.?f vartnn* widthaand C textnies. With mat'* oilier New U?>ode. adapted for oarr^nt wante. Our northers a-"i ?rtftea??*!>d?nt* ?ei>d <i? new anppbea daiit. One ppoj on.?. I'KBH . % FRO,, luh V-W l'a. ave.ard Ninth etrre* OR?AM)lK5* ~L AWN*, A N l? OTHEJt thin and mediorn Dree* Good*. A!ao, our nana'lull atook of all the Pr? 6o*h1b Htap>8, for cenerai ?Dd er<e r.! tr?..u nf and housekeeper*. One prloe only. the fro: at I i>Mh ?tan<i%nl value, marked in p!(Un ficnr?&. . ? PKBRV >. HRO., mn ^7 ?t I enn. and 1th ?trpet jpiRE AND iM'AoLAK SAFES! The nbeertber* hav* iy>PBt*ntlr *e Ptore an an ortiaent of Herring A. Co 'e celebrated Fire end Burgtai frool t?st??. raocire in prio* from fit) to #5W* enc b, whicn th?j ?*Tl at the manufaoturrra' pnoee. J AH i'. Mcbl'IRK * cw? mh Si fit A(08to f,(r Hfrnre & Co. DEAL I'ARIt* RID GLOVK8. I-OR UIMMl It all suee and color*, ve y hA?t quality Also our usual full stock of l)rr in *11 the department* of family wants. One pnoe only, marked in plain Genres. PfcRKV A. UKO , mh 2*i M I'a av>. and Ninth street V* COAL OIL LAMPS r OR BALE Lowe? Uian they have ever been offJ'ed in th>> market I have ju?t teoeived ?w .*>te upply, and cfler unusual iodaoeni?nt*. b?>th At wholesale and retail. Best of Coal Oil a* ch?*p ?s can be bought in No. V2.1 C street, between fit 11 ana 7th, south side, old stand. Call before iciei e sewhere. raK li ?r i nt s mi* ? it J ?t iviuii^r?blii 500 ROUGH TALLOW and ARMY GRKA8K WANTED. for which the hifheat price wiil be paid at the National 80 A a and rnn(ll? ?V nrlra. Bron ! ? A Canal, Georgetown, D. C. mhl9-lm C. B> JEWELL, Proprietor, 40,000 BB,ci!. SASH, WINDOW ANDw'OOR FRAMES.and WINDOW *LLb For sale at the Infirma t out., ire- Inquire at 37 T First atreet eaat, between It sr ' C. _ii?h34j_w^ I R t TEBBIN8. (y|RS. BATON, ~ r?'moR??Li IHIB??*IAI*I. Hm rttnovad from 4**4 Tenth to 4*9 1 treat. betveen 8th and !Uh. south mdt. 8. T. Tftylor'a ?lro??cattinK rale by Mr*, b. inti 13-lin" 9?Q 8KVKNTH 8TKF.KT. OOy BETWEEN 1_AXV K STS. tfOi* IIt VUHAr uADn SlUHfi. \\ e have just received a Urge aaeonment of renuraerj, bo&pa.and fancy artioiee, whiob we otter much below tue market prioe, at either wuoleeale or retail. , . . ALOO, In Store, two t*eooi:d haid Cottage Sete, in eseellent condition. ? ? ? Alto, One New Cnttare Set, in complete order, whioh we will tell oiieae for the oath. ALI^? A large aaaortment of Mabegan? and \V*ln?i I)ramio? Uurmim. WMhataoda, Marble-top Filil**. Rp***!, , Hair Seat, Can' acd Wood t*?t Ckaira, l?n<? varieties and pauarnn. , . Cottage Ucmn, Japan*** and Jmaj Lind Bed taada, Walkat and Cherry Leaf Tab!**, Feather lied*. Mattreeae*. 4o.,*p. Aii m t A - * aa ? .C? g" ? 'U^o I'Ji u??u. bSsrftut rtssg"-m "? ' mhiraw JJOWTZ * 9R1FFITH rpHK AMRFlC^^JTELEPRArH COM a?rui( r^??i)9d *? t* ?tt*d ft PMNni n r ! i fc *n WiLLAftDft' thi? ootnvu? le rre*??M sscs^wsattwjss-'&? ?amiwa?,aaiK PHILADELPHIA. ENKHAV^fir^4^l^e JS'BrtW. ?,?'.,? Ww?fPEt^EV.* ? HopenEfndFDt ^. H&waiNBo,L ? ur**.r* f?T Oo*l LMim, whloh rMDir* no lwVo? M <* I*-M. * -. ? MOUKE'8, WMt End Drag 8tor*( N 'SS KZMif.2Y**22AT? AND I ? mm&s. i ij ?Xij *--ih*i*-r _Tt ..j ?&t( )?Ut?tw4*- -O ^ % WANTH. WANTF.n-A WHI TF '"OOR. KlLLlAN'S. *10 Kl?tttli ?. _ mh JU__ W-* NTKi>? Two wort at '* r%nt&'oof. uJ one o iMra. %t No. 301 D trgfj h?trvn Uih%a<i 13:h '? 1'* m riidi n w A"X tki? ?>? ? cirl, l" n? ' n\mwwk fir n"rriii|. AfVf to ,\f?. Jo ?m mm If WAMTK. D -A F' R L tt> ?lw c#n??*l h"?M*ork 10 ft Itunt t, l<Mt o[ rrf'rtnOf* r*| %t Nr >tl K H n h ?1 ? WA I* rr.V-r ?*' ? private l?rniiT. f J?f '?nt CO*C!m4y '^vini ((>* h(n| rf ni(> r^f^r M1VI. Ap?l? At ?n KANI." I.ivmj SUHv H ?tr**l. b*t? y?'h *sd ti?t ft*. It* \\ "i n D ?k i.' R: J) BOY or MS, t* *? oyrt?r? nnd in?k? kii???'f (rnoril j u?*ful. An.i at :h* o rusr u( 2*?t ftn-1 fi rf?. n.b Si If WANTKl) -A r?*p*ct*b!*Pr ,tert*' t WO * N a? s**rr?*re*? ted cham*>?ri?*d ; noc# r? d nn'? w t li^> < .. Ai4 , ^ ( r.. a. i In 11 .?,?*? t. J' ? ? . v t?"M K VU iririri gr#?1/ ? ^T~~ twen 3 h au<1 <tth, * ?*r Ci j Hall. mh ?! ty VVf AN ? KD ?A NVR9E for a ycnn* irfjrt. 1* Mao, a tilKL to o"?k-wmIi arMl 11* n. fWt of r?f??prc-M? re^qirM CaP *' 4*?tX M h *rr??-t l r'..wr*n K and K. It* U'ANTKi' T< HIM Kroir "la* 11?. ft Ml * " f?uni?t?'?! in a central "oV.on. fr? ?1 1" .? P"j 3 "t*( * *<Ti nut M ?l AtVMim A &IITM, ( "? ?' " to?i*Aiii 2i> r? n?, i>fi? ?b? nwtiM* lh^ b? :< ? ?. *nd ?*n flow* w*J m'*i<a*4i '" ijoh ?)( ) wlit >* nv??n. Cftll It* WANTKl)--A ?U IT??| *ilti %ll d?*ii?b> nnii??nioo?*?, br * >n ? I fanvly witliou? rhiWf?n l.nonti"* to *>t Wlth< ?i? d'ffsr^oc^ III ?h<t r.lLrl of lk? olJ*. Ad dr?*g. t>tul V W " nih i* I <Q{J ANTKi> ?A t*ntloman in thu <*j*f ?uiu?1 ? * in a \>rr reep?e*Sh|e buntif??, ti *.t pr iri?? to p.',hl\t>le, ?iik?K to kH a a<i?:t Parf>*r with a oftait*! of *?? or #!.?*? AftirM*' W. P through Pc*' < 'ffi_ nh 31 -H* ARK^PCCTABLE Young voraa wiitif w vMmn * Hftofttior M rhfti?b*rn*ai?1ftiu tre?? ; ??nh.>*tion t? tra??l with a !a?l? ?< lot t** ?u muter a ii< m? )i?t put ?ip&! r.jxt. A p? 'y. *+*wtrn thtp nr?l 4 o'c>l iok t? mniini e\?. i lag, M 3 >7 Utli^treet. he'wee^Jx^And I, It* HO?'9E WANTED - A 6iii*IJ UmilT, witho* fh'ldreo, will ?ir?? a neMi? Hott**, oonl&iiiine c%a. wwter. And. if i?>?e?iMe all tH? rr.-vlerii mipowpieuU, treated between |*a. ave uu?*an4 I ?Ue*t atd 7lh and if-U at'. Ciotd refer, enoi" rir?!> The hert ff care wi ! b* 'akeu of Uie furniM're- Arfd^a* " W. G ??taf (.ftioe ?i?*i 31 9* WflNltil' ??aAUie:ic\n Mi?Iorr.3n r.r-i ?<? I volitate*; Bn rfc> History ofVirc:n>*. I>?*t U??'? youth Curo. irA '? voiun ? ; Nile'* Kauimv'p C*ro)t:iA, AViikinton'* Tn*!; Burr's TiiaI, O'd Coin*, Autoonpli*. UM I'aintini?; Old IV)OJ>n?; \Vi.tir.j?; Lott^ra; !, *'? M?moir?. Iu moving. *om? Voiutren wer? lott; l-b^ir valfte will t># paid, il ret?rn*l to ma Al>RfcD HUNTKR, mh 3; 3t* _ Over F*rk v' Washing-tie. U'ANTKll-r?i cood COLOKKI) VV AIT? "* TKKft. At t P> avenue wh ?? 2t* i WaNTKD-A fa. tl rate COOK. *t C. KLOTZ, on ?U- vtr^et.t-etreeu Avei.ce and I) street. rr h r9 2t* , \V/HTKn-B? two eir!?, SITU A1 ION2-one 1 ? Hr cook, anc rn? as ntitm^rmaidi woo id like empl<>Tir.eul together. Ad 1rm? fo: 2 (3?y?, Bo* HO St%r Office. mil ^S-2t* I %)L: A N 1'K l?-A G i RL.. to ?lo the rener*! hem* TT work in a mull faimlr. (?ood rtimaMI required * rP'J eiy *.( i\o. 4 14 K rreeet, te< v?en 9 *i and ipth al*. mh 71 21* W-ANTH? TO RKNT-A FIFNI9HKD i B1 UMviiD the reuulx.inooo of YVi<lard?' , H"tel, for a t-^artJtn; hou**. Addren* MN. A. I.,** Office. mh <?> at* Uf Ai\TKI>? A rood and careful MAN to duv? 1 four ho ee??one that nni?r?t&nd? drivmc [ ardjekinc c\r? of hor*e?. lc^aire at fl'M- i 1'^y h. V 'B i?iai>.c. C nt. re fa 29-21* * WANTED?A SITUATION, by a midd'e ?c?>4 I ?oii?n, a?oook or aauJren*. O 'cxl rft*reno? 1 civon if r?**uir-'d. Arply ?t brooery Store, 241k ' stre?f. bMueen 1 and K _inh'.-) MRS. FRENCH. w ANTED-By !i centleroan and hi? wi'e. a! y*' Knrti!?h?J Bet Room and Par or; ' or a ruriiifched ii an, in ?om? rea?ani tocaity in the oil* For frrth'r particular*, spp 1 to KMILK IMTKt. 3"" Pa.*?. mli S_ WHANTK1<-A Mnali farcirhed or uBfH>ni*hed ROU'JKt vith 8 or 10 room*, with water |nu an-1 alt ?n<xl?:n improvements. ?irn?t d wrn.n three b!o--k?ci Pennsylvaniaa*-rnue and h and 2o:n st*. AdUre?s "Kioliaraaon," Pott Oft'e. f<>t thrfe)1aj*. mh23 it* ?T? " > WAATfc.ll TO Kf.;? J-A a.-n&ll tiol SK, fo? miui jii.J wi(?. w:thm 2" nanut**' wilk or 7th tf^t&nd Pfr.n?y!**ma nrrnna. Any ona h%virf ? bouse to reu' will h^ar ol a pn rr-pt terar.t l>f KJd'Maiut & not? to "J. O. M Star Oftca. IT*il "9 Ji* \Va7TFi:D-A WHITK CUOK,M*? H et.. intwean 14th i?i ?jth ?U. inh SB -i>% j UTAfitHJ?In c p'imf? fern ?, a PAR M>R j J M.t >k - ?? ?? a nr.v >1. larunht-i,) ? r a t" d lar?? Bed locta, by the y?sr, f??r ait'u*l*iuia ar.d lady, within two t^c^ren ? { Wi;|?r<i? H'lel. Addr?i? C. C C MUNANi Will?rd?' Hotel. f?r one week. ah J* St* WANTfcll K ti I K 1/ t.? ?? ! and d" gnural ti'seewi-rk. Mant hrin? i<ni relerenoe*. g. P. \VILLl>N,33fr?'a are. in a OLD LF/I n:KS WANTfcD.-t will fire from two t" t"n ar? f-?r l.<_U?ra written hy fceu'l \Va#hiiJ*: t *"I \fair r""e f-tf "'<l L*tt*r? wnt ten nr c^ienrwi * n-.?r w ?r ?. W yroltitioiMtry ( ? leoritiefl, 1'rfil^tti, ?>en*?nl?. Commodore, JnoR??, IJoctoi*. I)>un?e, Liwyra, Addrea* kokcfer spkjn^;, ni n. tw.u?*mma.? P l - K %f0 H:: ;kf fc f: 'i I AfT nti A mariA? be light. ' wih 3 itn* WANTKD--To *r?y na? fcr",r that tb?j CAE and ti:#? ?'?! t'r.ok of u-* CtH.Kt(h4t?r loiP4>t ??s?MlVll'<?. No. 4<su Seventh Atre?t. r te 27 3m WANTED?t"?rT porpon to ?r,o* that I %m m tii? mAifcet. tes'l* to p%* r*io for all Article* in the h>e?*furiiishing 'Ire. 1 hoe? i?*v?nc the city. or >>**inr a wrp'n*. will do well to calf. K. BUCHL.V.4 '5 t*?oiith ?t., hetw?en6 ar<1 H <?., (eA?te>d?. > fWier 10 New And Seoond hard FarPUgr*. no W tf W ANTL-D -tsmer? Ana t*oldier? to inow u<at . 1 AMP KHiVES Mi-: TiN lit AO* - ' ? ? ' ? nnnr. Pi-s? ri ti. J. HHbU?KY. SJ1 FWIL >T0T1D?. OUWk AGENTS WANTKU TO OPKN tp I *?"/ *n eftr* *-:d tfce wro!*?He M*noy, id ew? lor %J! of Lioyd'i 6r?M Miliary M%o?, u?n r?? owr ComirJMi<W-in Chief. I !? cheapest iiiap? id tii* vor <1. A forlnoe oar, he iu*]? on th*?? inap? in wh HtAie S of or.? of m? bi**" h??r wlrem-lT t??*n ?oM AI*o? man to ?i< ?. i iiit-rtia. F.n(iai?t and Ccr>& A*ent? M?o i? *i-ei? connif ?n<! i*i e?er? i*fin<er.t io CUI M 'iT. **i?i for 0?00l?i?. J. T LLOYP. niM tm\;l 164 Rrottivar, New York. WANT ED.- W? are now t'OTir.j: PKCONDHANDFVRMTCRE,n?n'Ee?iKl IJfcDtUNG. for whi"h _w? are mtK the fcubeet r?si prioef. i tmiliw tfooiinmf ho u in*. f :a?:nj siurp.iin-i forntu:e, wj.l fcnd it to tt?tr *dT*rUj# to ftre lit * o?ii. HONT7. * GRIFFITH, )e U t.' No. *f '? nh St.. b?tw. 1 ano K iti T'HE LADI'S OF THE FIRST RAI'TIRT *ii will h? .iAbi i in ?? A. ul _ -~t r ? ? ? t (i ivinjr *? i \s train* at the Fair iMt tuut%$. at Parker'i Hall. (oppntftft Prown'i Hotel.) wt r*a moit delightful enU?rainni^ut win p ond^d mn SI 5>* i> IIOH BtSHEl-SOF I'KiviK A,UUU JArtvSON WHll't POTATOES, ? *) bai?s o. Clover and 900 do prim* Tunotbj HAY. For sale bj _ PETER BERRY, rah T6-6t" Watar itrwt, G*ort*town. 73 TREASt RV NOTfcd 10 l> (' l' Q H T an?! ?OLP I'T LEWIS JOHNSON * CO.. BANKERS, m'i 36 lw.if P*. iTttiue, corner l?th *. CERTIFICATES INDEBTEDNESS mover nmknt. AHL> APPROVED CLAIMS. Purchased by Hi WIS JOHNSON A. CO., f a rt k a n s, mh 3* lw,if Pa. ?rrrmw, oorn^r l?Hh *. I^AMF l UHMri'Rt-: ANl> TIN WARK OK V/ all kioda to t?e had ?I W. H. HARROVKR. inhi *m ? % a Tth r ' " * FRANKLIN fc CO , OPTICIANS, 44 Pw>?' .. north m?t?,t W.Uth *n<l 1Kb tl* ETEG LAPPKP, flAHIIIE. AHU r ItiLU fcLAC^KS, OOMPABHhf*. *?., of U? bMt ta&litiM. oojteatlT on lt&od. 17?0? HALE? A put of wrj Utadr iu* light b?T T OAF " 1A6K H??RMM-behe\ed bs U? tu??t mlhaDtsU ot-br*4in MnrjnP H?my?^i>, 6 and 7 ya^r* 014, cu b? ?& "!?> "n* "? ?? .N&ra! istore, NaVr Yard D^l?n' D> C *>*? ? tt?fcoiraTT# 1%!: ClS^rn -WrTW- | .v aILIH .1 fcj :. B.J | AUCTION 8AJLi?8. I THIS AFTER NOP If * TO^OKROW t>t WALLA BARNARD, A I'truwi (V??f /**. *-. Urtrt. /J R OC KR I K p. LIQUOR*. M M>;t? ^ 1 * - . - - ? .... < >- i , i ^ ... m. t a i /\?i ?vm 0 v l MOR.NlNG. lat or Ami, ft? H o'e ??*. ? *1.1 a* I *' MM Aaci??a K'xw, an mmuwii of Orvwi-t, l.i? ara, hat aV Si.j? ?. *?., arm. * ? H? r?.? R-fcn*!. Va'taw, *r?t CraMi'ri ?a?*ra. *rf?.-n*ntin# u>' i"*ni *r?<llaa. firkin* Hkh an i Cum Wh:?ty. Hrjtdr.??<n. w.n# ?n4 C*r4i*it. ? tm Oltr?t u< S'tiMn v\ n>*?. Ca*ea Van JSaa'a <i a \4 ? A AI ft'/4 P ,i \V irfl Hlto/ff fr P+.*S t r * SirWl*" Jir'uV. arraU ?wi !-* ? il?r mi ? -< DarrcTlfti'uky. <? <r?'?nt f>ci? fr*rt#r r i d d* ft-d Ciiar*.d fer^t bra;.''t. Caa<? Bo<"? art A"**, a'? India JtnbS*r ii Ank?U. Fin re. tkiit!, Q!ov i, F>p*?. And ?th*r J,?t:wV?P!*!I l?to m A:? >, *n Iron ? 0? pperp.?l?- Pr??* 4 i ? f?*t naetl hj *t? I V. i>. T?r?>op nkP< WALL* HAKNAKD. AiM>. FUTVRE PA TZ. p* w A |,l * It Ms N p. Ank<,n**ri> rpfttrSTBEf* SALK ??F ViLOAlU KKAJ. i i >r? i in ir? C?ri?i ?? Wiaffft'ow^P. t:. 1 f ? ?. ft >? ?r??'. ifttf<d ''B tb* **ftT I ?n^ m 1M IWh d?? I n| N^wwi'^r. I vr in J A f? No. !H. Wio* t 'vi ?3\ ?*> ftid ."37. at<C "I tt?* fttod rf?oc?f4ft k" W ft*)>.nft"n rounij, in th# D??tr'?l ??C 0?1bi?N*. IV .?or I ?l' s <f Ap.i . i?. i M '?pV.?v* f HI . ftt i|i? Ht?? >( Wft1 ? I UvkvI. ?oriw>f Mli i<?*( mhI Tft im?Mi ?itf o( Wft? Ihb?Um . Ut? ? ont>?4 tract ( of m,t d, with tl|Mll(< ?D?1 mijroWn ?? ? lh?r*or, n.ti??UKt in lh?cmiiti ?*f ^Vft-hind n. in th? |?i? I (not of l.omntbn Th? Mid tract o< iaod h?<ir n-n* at tbe ?rd of ti,? f?nrth lias <>! a tract cl land u1 ed ,N ?w Seat, ai<l runnmii tht>ow a?jth I* p*rchee,th*oo* ?o?tr c; <Jesrae?, weet paroho*. th*ooe mrth r*d#>tr?a#, east U pofauas. tii*a< auwth W art re* * naat j: pe-C e? to it* in MWtiai with lha fifteenth lira of ?'#i?rc^r tract of l*?iio?*rnri-v*<f fc>r the heira aa-t ?1?vt?*e* ?f L??*iJ C- Fart'et to Beware .Iwior , lne-.e? a-utb ?"? decree* ?-eat ? parshe*. th*oc? ff'Cth ?? d<*reaa, ?wi II j>"T<>h?a a"1 S lm ?f ? psf'ti thetjoe, ?om'Ii *t rter??e?, wra? l*>p*reh'a ihe t<eri(i'iipc, owttainmc ? aorra. I cvwf *r,<l |? parehaa. ThA tArint f\f (k<? aftlA mi 1 hA nnA thiril aaab fca an*'? tvannt i?i?er*?t and paraM* in *q?al ik ?i* iw?I< ate, liiod tfi? >1c-r?rrari pat to U >?a?r?<l l>) a i?i ??n th? ian-1 ?n-lire .r d 4i>lar?of the oa-h patm*** to N? pa ddcwn %?th* p:*r?of mr, ard in ca?n th" tm cnacnrnr rnmha ?.n r*fn*ia< no to doth? ?rr>f?rtv wiilatonce he fmo <1 aitlteuak acd o"??t ?| tk*? deUuKli.c pnrcl>*?ernr turcl>a*? k. K. C. AM. mil 31 oortll- WALLA K A R N < N [) A ainlc ht J. c. NfGl'IRt k cuh a uetiotMcr*. Hor?fcs, carkiask!5, Ac. at a?ctio:? - ??n Wfcl?klM?AY MOR N INb, April at?1. at II at ??.< ritfui cif K. H. HM (rn?,hM .Mb tlrfrt, *:te t>?? Cit< Hill, we ?li&H r?>!l h! hie r?rrin(??, Hkinw, 4e., ootrpnur.j!? 2 Cai&'he carriage#, 1 c."?o Cutis'. j Top Hocfie*.3oot >p Buret'*. 1 Two nrWncon wiU> top 1 1 wo a j do v thoit top, I RocIiti;, "vr four per?ou*. 1 Haodsoms Kretch C"??ee, by Brrw*t?r, bi!et? Doable ha*ae?f, R !>?U hiOKie Harr.e*1 ^a*r fine larre i>ay lior*?e. 1 I'ak k>hlas:Ca uate IJoree*. S tfircls ISuggr Horn??. 1 Lady'* t nd two g< ni ?m?r'i S??Wl?? Vojether with binnktm, Hot re u??ri, ctisim, Luting t> im, t >-rk?. }*fcovel?, Iahinim. A? ' Ts? aNrrr iii?f he ?**mit?d any <t?T 9nr 1 o?* totMWlt. P-rewptcr* Term* mil. 11.h T> A J C. Mcbl'IKL A CO , AuoU. (1 AVE YOU TAKEN VOLE WIFE, OR 1 daughter, or frteod. to the treat Fair, now be ing held at Parlrer'? Hali? Go ihia evenng. Md TO a catiot fail to tc r ^a?e<1 tuhST ? Depot quarter masters office CorMr \lth nd (j ttrtftn, Wuuimtur. U. Maroft fl, IK1. ^t*Lrn r??n>?at * ?ili h? rooeirad ni tiiiaoft?? untii SMuidnr. tn?? Utr, day "f Apr.!, 1S62, ai 12 o'clock M. for delivering in the city of Waahinf tali, at roch a point a? tne L'epit tJaartermaeter may tiirect, U.e following named PINE LUM UEK : lfHi,no*v ?.4(i mch i oommcu culling*. - 6-t(IKin?b> 25 mm loiat S by 6, IS lone, l*a.?K?t 3 by 6.1? ** lit.WW M M 5 by 6,11 SO 0? ?c*rit inr I uy 4.1? " M 1??W " 3t>y?. 14 ** ** t.tno M " S by 4. IS ? " Ai! tfco Lfcin^r to bo dol.vorod witfcio jo after tiRrir* ti?? contract. Tho i.un>nor -,c bo iiiapectod by an mcpeclcr appointed ld tho pari c 1 ino <TOTornmODt. Pn?imi to be ro&'to upon the satisfactory eow p o'.i?>L of t o oobtract I'ropoM * mnat t? m?rkeJ 'Paor??AL* roa'' Tf?o a!> (ity ?f tho biddor to ill the oontraet. ?bo?t<] it tio a?-*.<iod to him, tnnut bo raarr:it>?<t by two r F^o'i?iti!? p*rfon. vk?? iimaturft iim?( bo U pon Jed to ibe taaranteo. T^<* ro?po3riKility of ?ho gnt-aotor* uiu?' * ? ?nown I* th* omoiai "trtiht*'? the oiork of th? cartel ^intnot court or of the I'nitcd t?t?to? dm tnct attorn#? BxMtrf oiHrt b? procont in p#r?o?j ?Ii?d the M? are "pcsod or h?r prrpomta will not h? c?n* id *r*d M>i d?. ID (h# ??im of fiv? thousand doil?r?, if nc?1 bj tk# ootitrm^'ot awl hrt* o| ki* ciarita lor?, will b# ro^aiwt of tfc# fn--?>??fii! bolder ?f?ii ismat the oontraci Ytoc ri(b* *o reject ic< or*1: bi<??lli*t ir?? be d :eme<1 too high is re-ervec bj the Depo; <^n*i ! ? - Infnrmt' ?ro*onala will he reieettd Fnrm cj UmmMk We, - .nftbecoBntjoi ,n,d8Wi? nf ?. and ?. ?f ttaeo9nrU of ?,?n1 St*t?c I , ?t? herehy ju?'?tl^e iba* -? m able to (al?l a ~>r traol in accordance wah (tie toriua ?f tie profo*' tion. ?bo that. ?h"a <1 hi* proposition heaoo?r?^. he will at M?? m*w i?t?* a e9atr??t in eeae-dane* therewith. rhoa'm the<3ontiA<?t h? awarded him we are pr? pared to benoir.e hia aeonnti ee. (To thin guarantee mant ba arpendeo the oertifi eateai'Ove mentioned.) I? ||. MI'CKbft. mh 28 Colonel and <J uar termarter. CK\I> U PROPOSALS Are levited UlTthe l.Mh ^ <\nr of Apt1Ifc,;. at IIo'okx k M . for anas tin. t>n I'm tod fmu* fcub Itopt with fc ?<0 hrtd of BKEK CATTL.K on tho b?<if. Ttie C?tt> to hedaliveted at WaaiiingtMi oitr. and caca acimai to av?ra?? i??tu p ur.da groaa wwrtt; b? ar una! admitted whicn *?if.iia tnan l,w poun<<a c'oaa TfaMJatUt to b? delivered at each time* Md in rueii qaantitiaa m ib? On*fn,ni" t ma? reauira. wf?! he finnHsr thv* r?n r%oi #oon af or the contract uoi^Wtl. and ?.?!.? not wanted. A ? t L. _ J a r _ n M iii. ?iv.i i.-'-.i mi ?nii?innor? ??ri r:l' will be r?qutrei. Jov?rnm?nt re-erve? t.? it?elf the r:?bt to ear m Treaaur* note*. No bid wi! be entertained when put in by eon ttOton Wto hive previously faced '0(0? Ht wIm. their ocntrao or where tii* hi<Jd.?r ie not prevent to reepond to ma hid aru a!i Mds to be aoooapa aied by two raarantiee The ntmee of Lrm? mouid be stated in fall, with t ha araaiiu. - > ? i t ' ' -> iv yivviw ?"ui? t ilia lucnr ffi ni n TIT'. bid* to h*dir(ot?<l to Miuor A. Hem with, C a. C,P, A., W??hm*ioij. I?. C. Form of W?. , of t?* ouitiity of . Mid But* of , nod . of the ooncty of . and Mat* of . 4o S+T**y t naratw t^?t ?? i? ?hl* to fnifil ftoon'ract in Mtnrdt<.M wiUi lUo t?nn??f hi* p70p.??iti<?n. ?l<1 Uin timid hit proposition h* MICWtMl. .it Wll It KlUMl !???> ? ? " aosurdona* therewith. Should the oor.'rtct ho mrflcc h m we are pr?pt~ad in beaoine bit a*oo riUM. Thu cnarantee wui tie appended to ??ob M ?h * * ?OPO^AL8, From JJafern aad miller* ar* inviUd tiU the loch ofAini,IMS..'or F('KMKRiN? b LOU R tc the Su h D?f'l*r thr HUTM kiM wbicii na* t>a*u raoel red by the I', S. tforernmor.t, a&d icDvg m no. i 'iir? _ tJamp.e# oi thu Kioar eaa be eeer a.t the Cap* to I rntrj ill this city. ? . . It i> to make aooatraot for *> ow barrel*. Hhovld. hoe ever, deeire V> tare ah a leas ?aaotity, be will ataf ? the preotee naaibar o( barrel* in his bid. , . ? _ , . Th" erntraotor wiJI be repaired t-> farniah at the rate of Mm harreia oai'y notii ueoontraot ia tort No e'loar will be reoeired vhieh doee not *oae up to the standard at the taaptet'oii maat jaet be 1 re the earehaee. Tbf Fioar to be delivered at the railroad depot in WaahiDKton or a. any of tfce warefcoaeee is eeorjrtown, D. C. eoY.-r*m*nt rN?nr? the rif bt to rejeet any M forary o&aee Paynecu to be aiade in Treaearj ootee, aw1 tbe bidf to be dir*otad to M*Jor A. BfcCR WITH,C ?..? ? A . Waetofloa. p. C mk ? fcLKVKNTh BTKKt.T. ^67 J vet rcoaived a free* lot *f TIN W'ARfc, WOOl?F.N WARJb. WILLOW W.t*K, prioea to ??it ih? aoat - n piiMiim I _ wh ?67 Pan??)*? .? * ">***. Tul* ..H-rrfltLIBBEO. 7.P . L?^ W??*H G?hh? wff ?M'|^B.ot SkHrlma of the Rebellion; la*t ttof thin* f?w tfce ImiIt e?i V5**.0 5f t'cloc *o 4>9f. rat>uah?d t>? r. <;n a hi, rMiM??hia. tad fat *V7. *?II i/N?TON. *>'? <*? ?*> *. MK? P?. >TWi? pKAcM rikM, *1L GRAPK VlNfcit* ?M'BRANT?, Ae The sabecnber ofera for ?e.r t a Block oTPwrh nr-^sTtsp safe'.'c. amuLttsneSB (3<>AL AT EEDUCBD PRICES! A?y or>Uf. fcTrw-tf Bui 111 VtU t?vf 4'lS&faW|Bia5lS1jf??"??^t3gi

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