Newspaper of Evening Star, March 31, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 31, 1862 Page 3
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? LOCAL NEWS. AMramirrt To Ntoat. Fob?'? Atbixbvv ?Pint ppnrtix* of tb? gr**t tracvdlaa, E4wtn P?n*?t, ttala ewnlng. worn ur win ?uii^ kiwi vu?ibi-wi vi v?i<ttaal Rtchflleu " He will be aaalated bv (be brilliant >-ouiik actrrae, Mia Atbena, as "Julia," and the promising voting actor, John McCollougb. C*sti?k*t Hall ? PerctTal'sanrqaaledconstellation of star perfonnera baa been lncreaaed In a ill *v ^ . .a ? . k L. .it...* " unancy ounnjj tue nn wopi, ojmc au?ru? vi erml new "light* of the atage," and be can now ??td defiance to all competition, in the variety and excellence of hts troupe. oi?o Fellow's Hall?Grand Inauguration night of KnnkePa celebrated "Nightingale Opera Troupe," when an excellent bill will be presented Kunkel, Floyd. S*ynaonr, Lear, and other performer*, from Kunkel1* Opera Houae. Baltimore, will appear. Rav F. W.Ptl*?On Saturday last we reT'.*fd trc following pert and Impertinent note from tbe Re*. E W Srle: Tn >k> /-/Me* of thiWatkington R*'nt*g Star Kir: Allow me. through your columns, to ask the writer of * r???fraph '? rour yesterHiit. wh?l li inf?al rv the w??rd disloyalty1' at ?ppll?-d to myself I b?-j; that ?bi* qwstlon may be answered p""nipttv. f'HIv and distinctly? without reference ?.?(>ib?i pfi?pii> ?r other toptc?-a? a matter r?n ?*n?pg ntvself personally, and pne In whicb I ? r'gbt tnict for a clear explanation ?-o lone ne>Baiqi)l< at'ous to tbe fmbllc, papers ronMnc tb?in. elvc? to <he region of fa< t, or even of f). tion ? jvowedly soch?concerning the conduct of indWtriiM'a, no one need romplaln of journal l.-m It la But when inonvmoui writers tr*v? I cB into the wilderness of falsehood, i?d would draw others away with them, It may b*- worth while to call them back and give them a word of warnlug To th? first article? that of March 24?in which i?iv ronrv wa* Kferr?^t to, there waa no exception o he taken a* far an | m-.self waa roncemtd : r?hrr peeple'a afftlra I leave to be cared for by tb?ms*lvea But in the paragraph of yesterday, I a a atement l? wbicb IS* truth concerning mvseli I- Involved; hence my question. towhlch I iftin t'qiwit that ictauud simple answer may be ?tv#n. l/<'i mc ask sh*- writer to he ;;o?d enough In pHl my na?n?- correctly, whenever hr way bave Pl'I'MlWI ? UIH> it I ant, dor ?lr, \ours very trulv, K. W Stlb, M Indiana avenue >sj?iir<iay, vSnh March, 1*62 The Impudence of this categorical request of the reverend gentleman will strike the reader as refresh'. itglY eool Mr 3vie voluntarily places himself amongst ?ho>e preachers of thin city and elsewhere upon whom suspicion his teen arawn by their persist em ffinnii ?o reaa toe piayer 01 inanKsgiving ofrtpfrd by their church authorities for the tuc- i <#?sa of the arms of the United states against the j traitors now In hostile array against the Government; and now he baa the aasurance to aak ua , *%hat ?ef have to layabout his loyalty. Itatrlkea us that under the circumstances he Is the person to art h::r>?clf right upon the record We know ? nothing of blm personally, and he may be the ' V-st ITnton man llvine, for augbt we know, beyoi.d the fact of his refusing to offsr the prayer for the I it ion arms preacr'bed by Hlahop Whlttlnehsm Rut If he Is a Union man we venture * to suggest that It Is doe to bimaelf that he should explain hew it is that he Is found disobeying the . rrnrr* 01 m* oi?nop ana violating c:? i liiou con- i vl?*t1on?. Bv reference to the subjoined proceedings of he Vr?Uy of Trlnity Church, It will be n that | n the opinion of that body the action of Mr Sylc In om'.ttinjj the prayer orciered bv Bishon Whir- | thigbsm, ' 1* Juatlv calculated, If allowed to n?*a tmrebuked. to excite suspicions a* to their loyelty r* cifiier.? of the congregation worshipping In rild chrreh. whilst It would also thow ttat they are waiting In a proper re*p*ct for eccltsin?tl<-?> euthori'y ' Ano. -'that tie highett and best IrU :r?u of Trinity Church require that the connection with it of Rev. E. W . Syle abould lu> 4 nr nv. A ?T v* ni~ ?liuw:i f Mr. Svle oflVra u? tomr advice a? to the proper manner of condu tin* a newspaper. We do not consider that he La* been *ufll< iently happy in the ministration of the dutiea of hia owrn poalticn tc? entitle h.m to confidence aa a aafe advlaer in the affair* of othera. P 8 We have to apologize tn Mr Syie for uaing one * too many in oar heretofore mention of hia name. TBI ACTIO* or THI!*ITT C1CKCH VH'TRT. At a m^etinc of the Warden* and Ve?t*v of Trinity Church, present Dr. Gale (Warden,) H otdhea<1, Chlpman, Child*. Robblna, and Todd, (Vestrymen,) field at 'he home of Mr. Todd, on Monday evening. *2?th March, at <1 o'clock. ?be following preamble and resolutions were anantroouily adopted: We, the Wardens and Vestry of Trinity Church, Washington, believing that civil government 1* an ord;i;ati<ni of God. and that the attempt by a > ?nd of trailer* to overturn and destroy the Government cftke I nlt?d States without any declara? on of vrtrvim M. la an ft ft nnn?/?IUI.^ wVked*c*? and that it It the duty of all loyal ?lltsra* of the Republic to mantfiat their grattHilf If Almighty t?od for the rictfrUt acji'eved *?v the armiea of the t'ulon, do hereby KTeat the omlMlon on the part of onr I'-mporarT Hector, Rer. E. \V. Syle, lo read with Ibe aervlce* of tne sanctuary the prayer of tbankaZivlng frr ?he Tletorle* *niich?afed to the Federal arnile*. and alao for the pre-efvatlon of the NaMcnal Capital fToni tbeterrora of blockade and W.J k 4t tia.i - rrrnuv pr^nwi of inr Diiuop OI ID1I ? ?? . ti oflVnaivc to tbe loval feeling* of the Wardens andVeatryof Trinity Church, and if _ allowed to pas* unrebuked. the aatd omlaalon la J .?'lv ? akilated to excite aiiaplclona an to their evmllv aa e'tJiena oX the congregation worship pl-iC tn e*li church, wbilat It wonld aJao show bat they a?e wanting In a proper reaped for e?tlr?tar(lcal authority" (U'tJwf. Tht' the tugboat and beat Interes t of I rlmty Chnrrh rrqolre that the rottnexlou with It of Ht? K W >*ylf ahonld be ltniucdlately ? Terra By order cf the Veatry. L. J. Asr>K*?on, Register. tP W. Mlddieton. Senior Warden, Jo* H. PMdleT and John B Blake, Vestrymen, were not prtml at 5he meeting when the above order wu adopted 1 On motion? ktsn'vid, That a copy of the foregoing preamble and resolution* be encloaed to the Blahop of the D1oee?e and Rev Mr. tfyle, and alao to the daily papcra. On the tame evening, at 9o'c]ork,a meeting of the Veatry and Wardeut was held at the olBce of Jo* II Rmitlrv Mr. Bntdlav moved that the resolution of censure ?hould not be recorded on the Journal After considerable discussion the vota was 'akeu. and resulted u follows : Yeas?L. D. Gale, Jos. H Bradley, John B. Bis he. y Xaya?JchuM Brodbead Wm B Todd, Geo. Ch'.pman The met Ion being lost, Mr Bradley requested permission to eater a proteat agalnat the resolution on the journal, wklch was assented to Dr. Slake made a similar request; which also received the aaaent of the Vestrv f The following is the protest: 1 respectfully but earnestly protest against the proceedings of the Vestry a* abort recorded: Fir*t. Because the Ventry ought not to termlnate their contract with Mr. f yle until Easter, as It Is admitted that he has dlsrhar^ed hit duties to their mil satisfaction, except his failure to use the thankaeWlDg prescribed by the Bishop stecoad Because they ha#e not called on Mr. Syle for his reasons, and therefore do not know W k. _ JlJ ? ? ?* Uf UIU UVl umc ?? Third. Because 1 do not think the Bishop k%s a:?y canonical authority lo prracrlbe a prayer for the use of only a part of hla ?lloce?e Fourth Because the Ventry has no jurtadiction ever that mattery It baing simply an ecclesiastical qiestlon, to be determined only In the aianner prescribed by the canon* Fifth Becanae 1 know Mr Syle to be pure and emphatically loyal to the United States, ana urged it before the Vestry, and 1 believe ne la actuated by reaaona unknown to ua, bat which he b <a a??tgned In hi* peudlug correspondence with the Rlahop, which correspondence be declines to vbniit to the Vestry without the consent o( ? ihe Bishop s'.ith Becsuse his allrgcd offense Is only sn ftof of j?tdffB*ent, snd ii?? of motive xvfnth Bicauae the reaslntton imputes to him disloyalty when be has not been brard la Mlf?trf?use. and that too tn fare at the farts that he I* tilt coiresponding on tbr subject with hla r,:ci*?iast ml superior, and ofi?rrd to give to the Vretry, in person or U writing, any information t h?-v mlirht desire. tfarehtt. 1993 J<>? H I unite writs Mr. Bradley in (be (wolug protest Jno If Bun S??to?a ickiteas prevented iuv being preaeut at fe? r?. fin *R?ting? of *be Veatry. wbtn tue peeinMe and rt?oiiiiton? In rrUtion t? the Rev Mr. ^vl< wctr adopted, or I aborJid bave oppoard ?thrrn, itad uaed eieitlona to uroap -b ? dia?rent reault, parti< ?narly in regard 09 one requiring an iuin?ed;a'> severance of bla ^namlon witb tbccburcb 1 therefore unite In tM crotoii of Mr. Bradley. d w. middl?r??n. Senior Warden. Marc* M, M*. II i* tta'ed tul Rev Mr. fyle denies th? authorit> of ide VmUv thu? to act, sad dw fivoo thru formal notice that k? win ?ubmlt the question to the membership He oAciatod ia Trinity Ckareh yesterday Jail F?e? ?The AttorneyGeaerml baa decided that the Marahal of this District la entitled to bat -tirea'yoae, Instead of tuirty-foar cenU per day. for keeping pr1aoa?ra * waiting a?-t'.on of the grasd t iio<M k AaiMpfu Niimi ?No pa ma will b? k?fiw ?/tet required to c**? tb? AuctWit 0fi4*? i < * Ibqvmt oh ti* Mvivuid Woman ?Coroner Woodward, on fcaturday afternoon. lanmoatd a Jury of Inquest on the body of Mrs. Mary Mahorney, who had died a bout 6 o'clock on the previous afternoon, at tho house of her brother, Michael Lai)ham, on H near North Capitol street Some ten or twelve witnesses were examined, and testified to the habitual cruelty of the husband to the deceased, he aometimes beating her with his flats, and at others with an axe-helve. Hereon testified that on yesterday week her hue band polled her down atalrsby her heir and beat her with an axe-helve, and atruck her with a ahovrl about the head Sometl me* be would beat and then turn her out doors, wuere ah- would remain all night Dr May testified that when he was called in to see her be fcnnd ber In a dying condition, and that her lllneaa was occasioned bv the Injuries ahe received at the bands of ber buaband She was metente at the time. i oe body wn examined and found to be much bnilsed, several of her ribs broken, and a severe wound on tbe back of the head. The Jnr> rendered a verdlrt that her death was occasioned by injuries received from her husband The parties resided on Maasachnsetta avenue, between New Jsrary avenue and NortK Capitol street, and seldom a week passed but that com plaint was either msde by her or by her neighbor* against her husband On the 13th of February he was arrest* d for 111-treatlnu her ami lined; and alao on the 17th of March The last x'attnx *hc received w?i on Snnday, thr 'ild in?t , fr?m the efferta of which ahc di<-d The buar<i!id, J^mpK Moloney. wan nrreated on thai WTMlon hv Oftlrcr Kenwfrfc, and committed to jail hv J tint Ice Walter J*hc wp? then b>ken to her hrpther't hmjar, In which abe died, aa above atated. Tfce hu*hand it about 10 y??ara of age, and the dere*?fd w*> about-15 The parttca acemrd to U. a j & ? ? ? ua?r ucrn Tcrjr poor, ina one Of me J'iry, in T|fw of the fact. made up a purae of ?I5, which bp presented to them. M?*? in Prathkr'? ?On Saturday afternoon, a Mr* Flgg. who reside* In Pratbcr'a Alley, entered a romplalnt at tbe office of Justice Clayton that a Uertnna named Antonc Thoin h*d aa?*ult?d her In her own hon*e Otflier* tfrown and Fen wick were sent aftpr the ofl'ender, and In H fp W mf lilltOfl fi'tnr iijs/4 milk him ?a nfti ? - w (vvuimvu tr?i?" mm w ,MV " "* ? when he wn? rorojnllWI ? a man who bad Just been dineharued from the penitentiary, having rerved nut hi* *enteiv,e for utedllnz a lot of bide? *ome two or three year* ?lnce. Tne complaint of Mri I'i^c Wrt? beard, and the Jiwtlce Hard him *1 or. When the o?cer* entered the bou?e to iiitke tbe arrmt they found In a lower room a - ? ? -? - " ? *?i iir^iocs t'i'i:aMru 1,1 0 ,rr"*" u^ui, wuirn tbey quickly quelled bv arresting the participants and brirgliic tbrm to tbe office along with Tboir, when they care tbeir name* ax Thomas Ru?aell, Virginia Rusaell, Martha McDonald and Bctav K-ndle. The officers state that when they entered the room tbev wete " sailing In" to each other Id tbe moat approved style, and Judging from the swelled faces and blood atalucd dr ttucs of the combatants some pretty hard blows bad passed. From tbe statement* given the muss was occaaioned by Martha McDonald interfering wltk the property of Virginia Ru?sell by harboring Tom Ruattll, and estraneine his affections from her who uu hi* lawfully wedded wife. The whole party were fined *2 each. 1)e*titcte Children?Yeaterday, the patrolmen of the Third War 4 picked np a small hoy, who has been roving about the atrceta In a very d>-atltuta condition?ragged, dirty, and without a place to lav bla head at night. He la ab^nt eleven years old, and *ay* bis mother I* dead, hi* father In the anuv, and he a wanderer. He was taken to the Central guardhouae, and the J usticr ordered bis retention, with the design of having him properly elad and cared for Hla name ia Joseph Iticard. Late In the afternoon, a very amart-looklng lad of 11 yeara of age applied at the FourthWard station for lodgings He gave bis name aa Walter 1-lanlgan, of Albany, NY. He worked, when there, in the tobacco factory of Alexander fcreer, North Broadway, and hit father, alao named Walter Flanlgan, worked on the dock* He w%? Induced to come to tbla city by a man of the BHth regiment, who promised to take care of him; but wh^n the regiment moved from the city be wa? not permitted to follow it, and was left wu&out a mend. He will probably be ?ent to Albany. _________ Disorderly Soldikr# ?Tbe m'.litsrv authorities wltl doubtless speedily attend to the case of the disorderly so.dim wbo roam about on the outskirts of tfcerltr, and thinklnu that they are beyond the rench of thi guard. commit all kinds of Improprieties A few days since, two lad es ! were grossly Insulted by a atuoken soldier on r ounferuu street, br>oTe 1., and no guard was near enough to arrest them; and one of our patrolmen cane across & drunken so'.dler who Lad hi* bayonet pointed at tbe breast of a woman, near the Park, and wbo scampered rtf immediately on the approach of tbe officer. The upper portions of the First Ward, and the Sixth and Seventh Wards, are becoming notorious on account of the doings of drunken soldier* The military farce here ha* been remarkably orderly a? a whole, but of course among such a large body there will be *nn?e black sheep. We hope that the guard will extend their line?, and pay a viiit to the lrv-alltlf-a n?m?t Pnuci ?Tbf S-*eerd Ward patrolmen reported on Friday?!*am'l Wror. ninn'ng hack without a number; fined 94 by Juatice Drurv. Ja?. Dlnry. Henry FlHther, disorderly; *1 91 ea? h. R MrKinley, drunk; dlamtiaed by Justice Clark. Tbomaa McGratb, attempting to aboot a cltlr?n; turned over to the military Frank Hineatein, at<>alln? hidea from J W. Haaher, of Georgetown, aecnritv for court, by Juatlie Dontt The Third Ward patrolmen reported?C F. Hailey, larceny; aet urity for court, by Juatire Olark Henry Sievert, sellm^ liquor on Sunday: diainttaed H Wtlaon, diaoriWly conduct; fin^d ?I SB bv J untie* Clayton. The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported??aml. Tonover. lylny drunk in the ?tree<, workbou?e 1*2 day*, by Justice Walter. Jam*** Tltcomb. ereating a nulaauc* by boiling bone*; tine 1 ?10 01 by J uatlce Clay .on. A IlarsMAK'a TftocH.cs.?On Saturday morning a colored hackman named Robert Adamn wai engaged by four "gemuien of color,'* who had .a civ returned irom rortrett >1 onrc wncre tney had been nervine at f?rvants to some of tbe ol&oert, to drive tnrm around tbe city. Accordingly they were driven about for lomr four or five hours, but. after teeing all the tigbta they wished, refuted to pay the fare. Officer Drane patting at tbe time, watcailed on and took tbe party btfore Juatlce I'laytn. who required '.betn t? fork out 94 for their ride, that t>eing contldered a lair compentatlon. It however leaked out during tbe that A^an.u Vs_.A <11 ?<* MWOIUO uuu iifiicoiru UIV horaea during the drive; at one time getting off hit box and striking one of them over the bead with tbe handle of hi* whip, until It fell For thla the justice fined him 93.94, and banded over to him 6 cent* change, the clear profit he had made on the drive. Rat vs. Kise, A2ID K;ns rj. Ray. ? Juat.ce Clayton bad two rather Interesting caaea on Saturday morning, the partiea Involved being Anna Ray, a colored woman of about aixty-flve turnmera. and a colored man of about forty, nam*d P If I vtrr KaIK p?a4<)tnn 4 ** Kahm ?V>? KaU? m mm. "W?u iV?iUlll|^ t M Will, MUI ?c , sue a widow and he an old bachelor. As a matter of course they could not agree, and often have had the'r quarrela Mn. Ray accused him of aasaultlag her. and he In turn accn*ed her of whipping talm; and at tbe same time be presented an accouut against her vt aix dollar* for rawing wood, and she presented a bill of nine dollar* and a half for washing bis clothes. After a patient bearing of the complaints, the Justice dismissed the United States cases, and struck a balance of three and a half dollars, for which be Issued an execution airalDst tbe '-ffoodit snd chattels of Kinix. in lavnr of Mr*. RayHorribli Accident?Death fry Burning ? A man named Cualck, from Baltimore, loaf hi* life at tbe ambulance camp on Nineteenth street west, on Suturdiy night, under the following circumstances: lie retir d into one of tbe vehicles to get some rest, and by aome accident aet the atraw on Ire When the watchman discovered the Are. th#? ton t%f th#? imhnlinr* ? n???l burned off. an<T Cuslck wu found on the floor horribly burned and ipeechleM, and died toon afterward* He wu a sober man, and is said to have a family and owned aome property in Haitimore Ridtko on thi Pavbmint ? Captain Cipparl, of the D'Eplneul Zouaves, wan lined fS 36 by Justice Walter, for riding on the pavement Friday. It appeared that tbe captain desired to take a tide with his lady, and ordered horses to be brought to tbe National Hotel. The horses were Drougni 10 id? paveme 01 oy me servant. the captain led one orer the pavement to the porch, and, when bla lady bad mounted, led the horse back to the street. This waa contrary to law; and the captain waa nurprlsed by bla arrest (or the offense, ny Sergeant Lronin. hit bdkb On Friday afternoon a colored woman named Ellen Thomas procured a warrant from Justice Clayton .charging her husband, John Thomas, wltb ill-treattnc ber because she bad left hU bed and beard The warrant wa* placed In the hands of mMnmt Crown, who aoon found John tad brought him to tbo olcf, when he stated that Ellen bad violated her matrimonial vows After considerable dlacuaslon the parti ft agreed to disagree, and the justice dismissed the case. Cx k kal Corn -On Saturday afternoon Job. C Cllne was (onud guilty of robbing J. C Chafer of a lot of tools. Char lea \V. Smith, for stealing S50 from Patrick and Michael Ualey, was fouud guilty The jury la the case of John Woodcock, In dlc?r<lJr Messrs Flint and Johnson, rendered ? verdict of guilty of stealing ?15^^ Stsalik* Flocb ?About noon oa Saturday a negro named George P.Taos picked op a bee of dour from the stored*?>r of Mr W. B Robertson. now tbe Northern Market, with which be ?adee4 b?t OMoesCrowa overlook him on 1 ? * Wlaa Ka#asa f??sl. ? j nreci, ma ?? ? vm^iuih, i , i?? " ?,.??' - * ?w* *#'% Tun Oiwim w rn Cinn ?v m Aiem ton?Sow* surprise ?M occasioned yesterdsy morning by tb? fact of tbe Church of Aacenston remaining unopened after tbe usual time, snd the appearance of two sentries at the door. The congregation, unaware of tbe closing of the house, nad gathered In front of tbe churrh, and were there Informed by the sexton that be bsd been directed not to open the cborch until further ordered by Dr. Plnkney, the rector. Nothing could be obtained from tbe sentries ss to what W8? tbelr basinets there. The congregation, after talking the matter over among then.selve* and surmising a* to the causes, aoou left the vicinity and proceeded either homewarda or to other churcnes. The sentries remained at the charch door until after 11 o'clock, and then left the plare. We learn that on Saturday afternoon Dr. Pinkney received a note algned by Charles E. Robin son, Adjutant to tbe Provost Marshal, advising bim "to close the church to-morrow'' on acconat of anticipated disturbances growing out of tbe rector's omission to use the prayer of thanksgiving for recent victories, as directed by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Whlttlngham. Dr.PInkney answered tbe note, stating that be was confident that no disturbance would take place; yet, aa directed, be would order the church not to be opened unless he was otherwise dirccUd by the Provost Marshal At noon to-day the Church of the Ascension was open for the customary services, and announcement was made for the usual services on Kflddl' HPTt - / ?- ? Central Gparpuovse Caur*? B'.for* Jnttitt 1 Clark.?Sunday ?Peter McUlnnls. overcharging hark hire; lined 9'2 94 Michael (.'awady, drunk and disorderly; do. SI *3- Philip Kergan,d??.; 1 do. fl.M. Panlel I'anldy, do ; do 9*2 (M Monday?Joseph Rtohard, orphan, sleeping in mr maun- iiuswre Lian gave mm a mii( 01 clotbea, and took him to hta honae unUl other arrangement* are for him. John Kupert, stealing Government property; turned over to the military. Conrad Jordan, John Kin;;, Conrad Yait, Roalna ?tahl, Jobn Mack, Bertram Lelna, Nick Myera, and Nick Zaitea, do The cavalry regiment at the camp near the Park moved away ye*t< rday, leaving a considerable quantity of | f >rage. atovea and pipe, and lumber The parties ( arreted toot poaaeMlou, and were currying off cart load* and arms full of the property when raptured by the Third Ward patrol. Lelns had at hit house over twenty bale* of hay, sacks of corn and oat*, sblpstufl and rornmeal mixed, Ac , In abundance The accused say they bought ; It from the sergeant, or from the quartermaster. I?elns had besides forage, three carbines and other Government arms In bis possession. It will be a case for further investigation. Jsmes R Kisk, drunk and disorderly; turned over to tbe I military. I Criminal Cocrt?Trial of a Murdir Cnte.? ! This morning tbe trial of Tbomas XorrU, charged , with killing bis wife, Margaret Norrls, on or about the 11th dnv of October last, was taken up . UkA ..... A J --.i ?v- r-i a our: w mm iuuiiu urau nv un 11"?IuriiLC C*2I lUC I si 111(1, , 1 her bend ai.d face being shockingly cut and | bruised Mr. Norris appeared a? counsel for the j prisoner The jurymen selected to try the case I are all from the regu'.ar panel, as follows : j Josiah Ray, Charle* I. Oucen, Wm. A. King, |1 Henry Newman, Benedict Hutchlni. David t?hoe- j maker, Jobn Walsh, Wm B Windsor. Francis Harper. Wm. H. Rliter, Patrick McDevltt and j Samuel Brereton. Tbe evidence wax similar to that before tbe coroner's Inquest and tbe examining magistrate | Thk Htprant Water,?OJfiei Washington Aqueduct, March 31, 1S*W.?Mr. Editor: Allow IIIP tn PftrrPrt t hp orpnn?nn* imnroaui/\n nf ?( ....... ... wctavvu* (U*!/! WOIVH VI nuua 8s to the caunc of the Impurity of 'he hydrant water at present. The water l* In precisely the same condition In the pipes a* in the reservoir above, and the recent rsln* are the sole cauae cf its muddy appearance. All poaslble precautions arp takfn hv th? pfflrUnt Bnrw?p>ntonii??* ^ ?J ?U|-V1 il.?t HUClil, JVJ I Robt. S Kine, to prevent any foulness or Impurity In the pi pen. There can be no remedy for the present annoyance except tbe completion of the entire line of work to the Potomac. Yours respectfully, Waltkr 8. Long, Assistant Engineer Wnsb'n Aqueduct. Drowskd ? On Saturday afternoon ai a number of boys were booking after a musket which had fallen over at tbe lower end of Sixth street, one of them drew up the body of a drowned man, who Droved to be John Canbv. who h?i h?n mlanlng *lnce thf* 17th lnat. He waa taken to hia late reaidence near Second and D *tre?t*. and an lnqne?t wa* held yeaterday afternoon by Coroner Woodward. and a verdict of accidental drowning rendered. Odd Fellow'* Funeral.? Metropolis Lodge, No lti, 1. O. O. F , preceded by Proapvri'a bend, yea'erday aft?rnoon attended tne funeral of Mr. Fdmona L Slmondi, their late fel'ow member. The funeral aervlrea were conducted by the Rev. Mr. Slre?._and the ceremonlea of the Order by I aaplain K t?. Campbell. I he remain* were depoilted In the chapel at Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown. ' Chksapeakk a sd Ohio Canal ?Water was let Into the canal throughout its whole length on Saturday laat. and we may toon expect to receive plenty of wot?d, coal, lime, grain and flour. Baltimore asn Ohio Railroad?Train* left here yesterday for Wheeling, direct. Tub lap'e? are gains In crowd* to C Wood ward's store, ou Pennsylvania ???nnr, between Tenth and Klevmth streets, Not. 319 and :?0, to see the largest and most beautiful ansortnient of new styles Child reus' Carriages that bai ever b"en seen In thin section of tbe country. He has certainly displayed gre t taste and judgment In his selection of tbeae useful articles, as well at in bis selection of Canary Bird Cages. The patterns are very rich and beautiful; and with his large as nuuueui ui uaiiunuui'- rmuri uu?i?r?(DV mp way, just the thing needed for onrduat beerlmcd city.) nttd Refrigerators in large quantities, hi* stock i? the most complete In the way of useful household article* that we have seen lately. We would advise our friends to give htm a call, thev will And tbat he end hla youn? men will take pleasure In showing them round It Deafness. and all Maladie* of the Eye aiid Ear ? Dr. Von Monschziiker. oculist and surlst, gives bl* exclusive attention to the medical and surgical treatment of the ey? and ear Persona wishing his services for the restoration /.# ainKt as Kaatinrr I <1 klm ?<UUA..t delay, aa hia stay will be limited. Office 2*7 Pa. a*., oppoalte Wlllard*'. Artificial eyea Inserted. Limb Lime ! Limb !!!?Tbeaubacriber baaon hand one hundred barrels of the beat wood burnt Lime, which can only be had at hla lime kilns, be having dissolved all connection with any other place or eatabllahment for the aale of Lime, Ce" A A - M 111 4., * ? - mem, ?c., ino wnicn win of sola low ror l&e cub. jm&r 29-tTj Wm. H. Godev. Ktagks fok thk Bull Run battle riKLa, via Fairfax Court House and Centervllle, will reave every dav from oppnsiie Hiliborn'r aegar store, above Wlllard'a, at 12 m , returning next afternoon; fare for round trip, Sfl Accommodation can be bad at Centervllle, wbere tbe stage atopa every night. Two special stages leaving on Sunda*. f2t*l Chas. J. Mcmht. Brandbxth'* Pills, combwd wholly of vegetable matter, are found by experience to be harmless to the roost tender age, or the weakest frame, under every ?tage of human suffering; the moat pleasant and benign In tbelr operation that were ever offered to the world, and at the aame time the most certain In searching out the root of any complaint, however deep, and of performing a core. B. Brakdkitu, M. D. Bold at No. 'J94 Canai street, Brandreth Build intr, .>ew y one, ana at the Kranch Office, corner Niuth and K atreeta, Waahlngton, D. C. P 8 ? Sutler* supplied by the doien. mh 29-lw The Indian Herb Doctor. Prom Canada. bt wisx be70rk it 18 too late. Call without delay, and Dr. Tcmblety, the Indian Herb Doctor By bo doing ton will mcam the iron prasn of mercurv and other half ful poisons. Nay, more, yon will becomc once more In possession of that greatest of all eartklv blessing ? -Health I desire your prostrate hearts to lift, Your bleeding wounds to cure, And with the treasure of Nature's gift, Relieve the rich and poor. The following is a list of the chroulc complaints which are treated by l)r. Tuniblety with unparalleled success.Dtsea?*sof the Luntrs Heart, Liver and Throat: HsAf^iM 1 I tra na n? i m LMlti Vit Vltns's haiim D U?.. a/iv?|'^f j a'j?f i * " i a/oiiuci i\ iiru* mat Ism, DiKaaetof the Kidney and Bladder, and all Diaea*** arising from Impurity of tbe Blood, uch as Scrofula or Kins'* Evil, Erysipelas, St. Anthony'* Fire, Cancer, Fever Sorea, of however lone standing. Alao, all other complicated chronic complalnta which have baffled tbe aclenceand aklll of calomel doctors "A good tree la known by tta good

fruits," and a jjood physician by hit successful works So d<*n't be cast down, be you ever ao llj, U .. ? ..4 . W L la - ?I ..Will out |U ami fWiaao UI U|S SUptTIOT OKI 11) That never baa tailed, there are hundredt can tell, Who are brought from death'a door, now bappy and well. Hia chargia are moderate. Mild treatment and food aoon purify the whole maa of your blood; Malignant dlaeaa* be aooa shall pat down, There are thoue&nda could tell bow who Uvea In this town. The Indian Hero uorw win aeacribe ilrim tod tell hie patient* the nature of their cemplainta or lilneea, without receiving any information from them. No charge for conaultatlon Ofloe, No. II Washington Building, PrnnaylvaaU hvenoe, ooraer 71k aCfMt. omt Ul lm -i) (1 f ? .iCUwA . \ r % 0 9V0r. WBT ii iv Tiat ClHtiNt#! Riti Dtb in Um B?ot la tko Work ? Bmmm mumbi ?iv*ranta Mr *> ' Bmmm it oonUUna no oMade toopoiidi! B?cmm it vwn tooh^r than ut o?h*r! Bnun it o^mtM * rm&nm it Ham ?Wo alri* I BtetiM it noariahM and atiengthem the Hair ! Became it oorroota ihe bad effects of other dyee! Beoanae its preaenoe OMBOt bo detected! Bteauti it ntrrr fails ! Masnfaotured by J. CRISTADORO, 6 Aator House, New York. Sold every where, and applied by all Hair Dreaasra. Price fl, $1 50 aad ?3 per box, aoeording to mmmmmm 11U? i. CmidTADoio'a Hair P*xbi*vativi. Ia invaluable with hie Dye, aa it impirta the atm^at oftneita, the moat beaatifnl |lo?a, and treat vitality to the Hair. Prioe SO oecta, fl.ansl $i per hot'le. aeoordinj toaise, fe28-M.WJtF.lm vr. w'hiti, tbe Cblropodlit, t* a wonderful operator. HI* method of treating corns, bunion*, bad nulla, etc., la perfection ItaelT Suffer no longer from those terrible evlla.but submit tbelrtreatment to tbe aclence and skill of Dr. White, at Pennsylvania avenue, between 4 X and 6th at*. India Rv*<tu &oor>s. Indli rubber Sheet* for protecting children'a bed*, that no family cbcnld b? without; 75 cen'a each. Rubber Rlanlrrti, for soldiers, 91.23 es^hRubber ranches and Blankets combined, # ? 9* psr to. Indli Rubber Coats, white or blaeb, ?7.V>eaeb. India Rnhbcr Legglns #1 per pair. And all kln4ssf Rubber Goods, Inelndlne Rubber KnnU unit SW. B i.hh? ? ? a?uvwi tVH "Wk ?itWj Door Mate, UnderVheetlnga for Wh In ifcknesa, k.c , Ac , at manufacturer s price*,at H. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, :MJg I'a. a v., between Nii(h and Tenth street*. fob 1-tf AtT, can find th? beat stock of ClorfcIng, Furnishing Good', Trunks, Hats and Cap*, it Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. fe 27-3m J1AK.T1IKD Tn??da* *T?cinr, 25th Instant, by the R?v. B. N. Brown.Mr JOBN h COLLINS to .Mm* RAjhkl 1. BKNJ AMIN, Ml of Georgetown. * OlEUi In foil ft?furano<? of a blisrM lmmorJalit*, on bandar eve^ lmtant, SIM' ?N F.TURLv. Formerly ol Aleaannna, Va . agedaojeara Hi* triond* are requested to attend his fanetal. to morrow (Tuesdari afternoon. at 2 o'o.ook, f-om Ui? Isteresidence, between Land M streets nor?h, on 20tii st. * On the 39th instant, in the 3d year or his are, &fter s lingering illness, SAMUliL WllLllS, roungestson of W. \v. and Elizabeth Bheed. of New Jersey. On the morning cf t*ie S'st, Mr* ANN ELIZA SMITH, aged Si. wife of Jam** G. Smith, alter Ion* and pa'ient suffering, which she bore with ohristian fortitude Her funeral will tslce ?laoe at 3 o'clock to morm ar avSl lnr let A nril fenm >tia Mai l.?. V w v?? uuiji a nv II "in ?uv i v c i ouvc ui lici husband. oorne* of St1" and H sts. Frierd* and aoquaintanoes of the family are reepeotfullj in vited, without farther notioe. * On the 3<>th in?tant, MARY A E. KANE, in th? 33d year of her are, wife of Jamei J. Kate, aud only daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Sylvester. May she r??t in ?eaoe. The friend* of the iami'y are invittd to attend the funeral f om the remdenoe of brr father, * OJ 11 street. at 10 o olook on Tuesday. April 1st. * March Slot in this city, at the reitdenoe o? her "ii in-law, T. Vsn fieswiok Mr?. DOROTHY WlLBURN, in the79tn year of h'r ace. Hflr fr.n?in viil t?kf? tn morrnw. Anril Int. a* 3 o'o ock. AMU8?MKNT8. FORD'S ATHEilElM. John T. Fobd__. .?^Proprietor and Manager John B. Wr.ght Stage Manager Firat Nitfct of th? Great Aferi'wvn Actor, !>IK. KUWIN FOK KfiS r. who will app^tr thi? evenirR in !;it trr-a* character of iJARi l\AL KICHKLIt- U Durme hl? et e^c^srient, M8. F< ?RRK3T will b? UiiitM hr tlis Br "iant Voimc Actress, Mis* athi:na . * no. hi i m'GH, W. H- ou-rlr JOHN M? ? J iS&f JSTVSSr "titled wmb??ct?dth?HtrWlEt. Or Tn* Co*** ^E<xyrxa Forroit J Box cflioe opfn f-o,n 9 to 1 ar.d frcm 3 to S o'clock, when *?aU oan tie reonred. Atjmtbsioi. Drew Circle and P.*r*uette . 60cent* Haicunr !*??ata .#! Oroheetra Sf*t? ? ? ? Fan ily Ciroie 25 oenta No p*tr* charge for res<?rv??l aeats. _lt CHARLKfe K. FOHD Trjwnrer. (TANTKH HI RV HALL ! J CANTERBURY HALL' In fvulenc^ of a ' COMBINATION OF STARS ! the wfj"al of wbioh e*n b? nowhere ("nrd in the World of Amneeni^nts. Observe this Brilliant List of Namrs : MISS MILL 'E FOWL BR, MISS JULIA MORTIMER, MISS LIZZIE FRANCIS. MISS FRANK LA FOLLK. Ml** MARY BliAKK, MISS LILLY RR ANJK?N, MISS FKANK SKCOR. MIHS JULIA RICHMOND HARRY J. CARTER, DELEVA nTE BROTHERS, DICK PARKER. BILLY HUINN, JOE CHILDS. MASTER JOHNNY, JOHN HKANY, SYLVA8 CLARK. JOHN HAMILTON. Tun Hl?t OrcHHTKR PoTTH of Pmlactlthlk. JC7*No ohanie in Uie AdmiMion PrioM^Jl AdmiMion 16 ohU ; OrobMUr Cteirt W cents. Afternoon Bnttrtmmmmt For Ladiea and FtaultM, on WKDN B8DAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, *t 2 o'clock, W h?n a lavish dirtnbotioa of Elegant Present* la nua?: n.1011 ?nu uuiu; <?wri<;, dooii, Toys, Fanor Artio.ea. and mar nificent Si'k P-e?s??. AdmiMion V oenta ; Children 10 acuta. mh M A NOTICE! N EXHIBITION OF VISSDLVJNO VIEWS viil be given at the Mission Chapel corner of Uucth and N street*., on MONDAY" KvfcNINQ, Ma<oh Slat. Tickets J5 oents ; ohildrea 10 cents. C?mnunoes at 8 p. m It* ^ R A N D CONCERT! Madam Henry C. Watson, (Of the Philharmonic and N. Y Classical Concerts) will (ive her FIRST BRAND CONCERT At WILLARL'S HALL, THURSDAY EVENING, April 3d, on whioh orcmon the will b? aiaiated by tht follow m? ixinknt ak iara: MR. 8. H. \UlLS. MRS. ELINOR ORUMMOND, And MISS NINA Fb&TKi?HOMAS' (ther^nog.aooomeliBhed aud '-tautiful Iccutioei?t, wnuae recant r<*dinca in New York have KMn in hrillitntlT auftfiflufnl ) MR HKNRY C. WATSON .J'SSlS'Silrt^tw .""' uw?' UK OM. MIHWI C~"?LAKKNOON CONCERT HALL, J ( LTrDSK CLtRlNDON Fl0TKL.< OONCfcRT bVKRY liVKNING. BY A FULL BAND! U*aati(al WsitiD? GirU, Good Liquors, Clear*, %nd mhJ4-lw* Kvryttiinn id th? r^hnt lin?. DATBNT OFFIDR CURIOSITIKS-Gnide to C PntAnU, ?? of Cariowtiw and Govern ? ?- A ! > h* aUnH i !> u . ^ IllfU t U?> uru?? BWUU IU A BWUI VfUUC, n Air Antiquarian Hooka; Snremroett Books; Doc a ments famished; Railroad Reports: Military Re aorta; Bnrnt Patent Oflioe Reporta; Cheap Books famished to Pillars; Miatary Trials; Military ^irs; Army Regulations; Panorama of tha Coast wing owr 2,wuo miles; many Uoownd Cboap Books. Raooheet cheap rest. Large saJea, low .?r.. PKfw^<^?r?fssa?*' Hail, Jl street, between 9th and Ma Claatoa Jti at S, erasing oiaw at 7. boiree rrenr Pr idey (A M. Ay^yaa above. f?U ti* in tmk amn rouii ?n tiir rmt , .. X 1 A .a *.'?' tf? vf ^ ^ *4* UOT aed rotmn. O0T?OaTfcarnday.rnk mat .inthaKirfcwood L? Honaa a Core* .an t*+\' KlNtt. 1 h<" Iix*?r will b# liberally rewarded by i*tnr*i??i tfca * Mitiaa f&mi y rmio. Addtoaa "B.K. A," 8 ar 0#M it* THK 6BNTI.EMAN WHO TOOK AN' I'M br*La, on !a?t SatHrday, with lh? Am^noar Qw ootravod on tb* k,r.l . ?'?? ? ratin it I to J fl SMITH'S c'lothlni VujM?r No.?G? Tth ***** get umu rnh 31 3t LOST? Batwean Mr Karr'n J?* ry t&e Nary Yard, on Saturday i???ninf.a adi*? HRKASTP'N. A reward of one wilt Mid to any p?t?oti leaving name at MM. K * KK'S. \Vntchmaker and Jeweliar'a JM^ra, 4?o I \?n M?nii?. beiw en ?d and ?X ?tr?et?. It* PAME TO THK SL'HS :RIKK.? I M * RK abont 1? hac'? hi*h Tti? owwr if requeitcd t? oorae forward, pruva property, pay ohtrcM, ard tak* him awa?. __ KICHSrKR k. 8CHONFO?V, rah 31 !'- H'P^'ry. Navy Y ar.'. P C. C^AMK TO MY PKKM1HK8, a medium ! !* > wh'te HOR9K, yejtersay mormnwh-.oh the owner can ha?e ?y prof.n; pr p erty an-' pay ni expsti?e? ?'a 1 at No 43** ' * Seventh street. n?ar lha B.und&ry !in?. _mh 2' 3 t*. LFINB. %ll trpi l> t' f ' " " * * ? ? imivuvr. -ajinxi I A 1 I I.Uimi to fh? 11 ?ub*>crit ci's p-emi'#?. 6 c?tra? CA I ILK, onthe .ith d*j < ! March, l*-: Am J person o *imirc i. ? ?m?, wi I p^os-AaJka oome forwn-prprope. i?. p?t eip^ciT. oan r?e?'T<? tfi?'rrt h? nppl;m? to MICHAKL HOOVFR. on 7th *tr**t r.o. th.b?M weer O arid P Street*. ni'i J6 3' * RHAN AWA^ 0->tn<? /7!h n<-.. mT M-XiiO \V? M AN.(n%M:oR hWMtf Klleti Nor* ^ Rail I With ir.nllatn A " ??" ?- ? ~ . fm m * U 'V . ? ? ? ?' 'J I V mH old Hm on *ben ahe !*ft a light colors ''""B. wi h black and I riwn air p*? ia ^Ka# abort 5 fact hisn; and ia alow of eps?oh. A " perariia a o r?r*bT cautioned aga>iiat h\rfconi? or employing e*:d w^ the law will I* enforce a*aiuat anT *n oid*. . MRS. BAFAH J. O'BRIBN, mh23-3t* oorn>r of 13th ana !'a a-.*a?t. O* 'n RKWAttD-Kutritf f'om the retideroe of the ai:??pr*iiii*d, nn Mondar M niornicr. 2<ih, ehout i?? o'clock, a *t(iRO woman. eal'id< ,er*e!f Jmi? L-f ; "f a bright coppor oolor;SOTea?'i??fa?e, witti a child S year* old. Thabo* is rtar<e. ** ? oo or. 'J li? woojaii it ver? f>aMuc loofcuif, w!im? apolren t >; about 5 feet huh; and lad oa a bite ea'ioo dr*?* Mi'i piain shawri; ami has a husband be'iogin* to Hon Chas H. Galv*r*. I w:II? reward i/delivered to ins. o' arou*eJ ?o aa to get hrr. una v rimiiifnoii _mh r6-l*?* N?. V}4 ?4. K oo'n?'r ' < ? . JOST?Ou Satur^a* ia*U Itet^een V a?*tt & . t May'? Store and tli* corner ?[ l?th an.) D ?a . a sin%ll (trnroiD SLKKVK-BL'TTCN. A rew?rt ot will hep&id if left at Mr. Seiaken't. Jeweler, Pa. a v. inh H STRAYED OR STOLEN?Fr^m Ihe Soldier*' Bent, near ihs ileeot- * li^lit M A < E. about 4 years o!d. tn ^Lwfl the Uuvtermaet-r's Depa*tment.) with %^-d MoCiellar saddle. The Mt< f the bridle V al on it tke letters A I. C., in A libers! rew*rd w 1 be ?aid for her retu n to ? >? f.ffjee of Col. HUCKKP. na'termaa'er, comer 19th and G rtreots. _jmhi4 lw nlSTRlCT OF COLUMHA. Cocitt or Wa*HI*<5Toi? - I b'reh* certify that ey on thi?^*h da? of(Maroh. ISSSi b^'or- me. ?uw u UOUI I i/O lb ?# Ui HOW * I I HO .til and for slid ooun.r personally atp-are4 Peorte Gtdde*, and made oath aooordtnt t*> lav, (hat be took up ??*ray uc the 12th tfa* Maroh, H6J. a dark hay M ARE, ?prun* in the left fore kree; ha<1 on a rove haltsr v hen taken; eupp<>?? J to be 6 or 6 rears old. UKOHGE SEDDKS. Sworn and nubront ed before me this 2?uh da? of Ma oh.UoJ B W. FFROi i-ON. J. p. The owner of the above named horse is re one?te<l to oa'l a' the cffioe o( the Metropolitan Polio?. N?. #1# IHh street, par oharce?.an?l ta*e hi* propertj; it will oti:e wi>-e be eojd ??* pa? o^arcs , ??' J' fifc.'ir RKWAlll? ? S?"ler., r ti su^Iay r!?h*. %P& ) af>nut II o'eloolt. a PA\ M ARE, fry witti ?a<Mi" aud t>ric!ie. la: ii. forehead, and one whit* lore foot I! the hor*? :e turned to the ?>wcert a? Ur. Knri'a.on E it-eet. between 9th aaJ 10th, the ab rs reward will ha (inn. mktt-lw" BOARDING. |>OARl>?Tw? )a-je Front Room*. rurmrlied I) rach. rnMa^ie for gen i^man and ln-'j-ortvo toittari aa. l lfa**ni!j cituMed. at AQv K nfe-t, hetwten 2J Mid ad. Tcrma moJera'e. mh S St* 'WMMMNnHnMPWMMWHMVHHNMMaMMMaw^ it)K HAU& A.nt AiSS't, LpLRM^HKU ifoOMrt TO RK*T7wjth Ii Uoa.J, i-i a pl'-'.aant n???r !h?5 Capito:. Transient B ,:ir>ler? acc mni xlat?<I. Inamre at Hiar Qfli;e, tTh si-tf FptRNlSHXD HOUSE KOK RF\T. ? For rent, a arte atd well Farn aned H >nne, m a moat ceairabie Mtuttion. To a punowi*i t^iatt tr.e ten*, wi i b? 8;? prr in >ntn. Ac<lrM? "W vi. g.t" t>f?r Office m*-. 31-31* I * > ? > ii n a *-? t* / ? ? 1? '*? ' v ? >?><> ?* * - ^ rv tj.i i?\jun isrco c i ijiif, Huua situ a 1 iarse noil*'?& fi>o tari ft.r an? kind of I ticiueai; Iccatoc No 4 27 7;h ttrl>?twern b af.<l H ?traou. I will rent it to a cood tewau forocp y?aror more at a low r*nt. It would b? ? rooJ p'aar-for a ecuera! voduon hu?nie*i< ktairc en tU<* premises cf J AS A. VVI?*K, <>< *t Capitol, mi 3t ?i* J AS. A. Witt. CVUMKR RKSIPKNCU FOR RKNT upon tkt"Vl*n kll*n Farm," U. C. about i!> mile* abort Utjtt'.ioitm. mtitr Mr. Lovrkherir???'?)?A <le*ir%t?io lurrtBh?) i?out>!s we!! rh&doii, fin1* water, Ac , -with sta!?iiiis< wi?? hone?*, | Ac.. Ac. Tkea.t* Member* of it>e I ...? L>,. ? if - j _ ... 4i r _ ii?, rvrrun iMii.miGie ?< u iwi'iaBiBii wnu IMI1I J ic et&eciVlj to thi? sdvrrtic'ratil- For examination of the p'froi'ce avptv to the n<ansrer upon tfce farm (Mr. Jamea ) %u0 for fnrth?r part:oal?ra r-*3? raptam VV. a T. MAD DOX. U S M . lvf'21 ttro<l. Pb:.*it. 'pli a, Pb. nit 3'-Ini* j'MjK RENT- On? nevlj Furjntixvi Kecm, oo r 2d floor. ?i?h Brar<3,111 * str ct r p'iv*t?laini!j, at N;> 402 8ti', betw^a G r.r>l *1 st;e^t*. inn ? *. B*I7RNI8H12l>~ ROOM T ? l~KT?^uitsb1* lor 1 goMieinai. fir.a wif*s < : *irc> ?ectIemAn. H<?tis?? p.e*?fc(r.ALt:? trusted, s;.: U>rim t?tMin ab'c. ir^nireaorth c .rc;r Urii Liti. mb S? fit* I^OR RKNT-A H' IT OK H Of IMS. A)i-o. * two Chara^fi *il! t i r -ate<' t > ?>n?n on th? mo-t rttt-'Mlils :rrm?, Lj a.pp!j in* to No. 442 Fifteenth ?tre<?t o.- the corner i f aew York a*. mh 29 IfUKNlbULD UOO^-Pauor aad four com lort&bly (t!!ai?h*4 Cbvntort, p.ta>aauy i:tnated for ti e rcnmtr, wii! ! e rented un very sea ao-a Me Wma to aitg!? geutleiren or Umilie*. A pp! at 159, ocrctr of PeLitajlvani* avenue and 22i at Tha oc&tio.i i? a drn.ab o oue, aa m*a'.a can be obtained within a few door* of th* rea; deuce. mh&St" F'OR RENT?Three comfortable ROOM*?, at 430 Twe<f?h at eet, ea?t aide, tetween 6 and H atreeta , one of tliem furnuhNl aa a attiL* room and the omera aa ohatnbera i'he location :a one of the moat dea.raHe in Waahimton. r-a 26 Iw LTOR 8ALKOH R KNT-A deiirable DWELLr INO H0U8K. v?ll fornuhod, in the immediate violnit* of th? Sut* Department. Apny to JA9.C MoGUIRK k CO., Auotion and Coromieaton MerotianU. mh 26 6t DORTION OF A WF.LL FURNISHED r HOUSB FOE RENT^-TE? aut*erib?ra are aatbonaed to let a portion of a FlRMSHEl) ia the Immediate vioicity of the Poet wmoe in pan mem, oompruisg large parlor an?l chamber, dining loom, kitchen,and atat> ?. The du lug room > at % bacemeiit ei rrai.oe aud would uiU* a fine cffioe. SatirfaoUiry reference re^iirfd, A?pi? to J AS. C. MoQUIRE & CO., oorrer l?tn ami 0 at?. mh 8S-?t* L'OR RE.NT-Kt the week or month, a PAR " LOR and CHAM BER, loouneoted ) f e*ated 6 feet from the aidewak. rrrr neatly farniahed, with ?. ! a Via on th? intifh A an K? t or Sl?t two Ctamb-n, 01 a Parlor and Chamber, on aeoond fio->r, very neatly lurniah^d ; a reranca on tfae aonth front; Icoaticn vwy p.eaa*nt and healthy, and bat a few Tarda eaat of the publie parka near the Pr?*ident'* Hon*e and ooisibaa tins to tne Capitol?460 New York avenae, near 16th at. mh 84 tf L'OK SACK? ? wo fita'-olaaa UILLUKU TA 1 BLKS, marble a.aba. aad every anangemeiit Aitmnlain H?i<rin> tha Knva will atiiHa their intereat bj oailing immediate-!* fttthe KnroHotel, oorner 11th aireettcd PenniTi*&nia tvannc. mh?tf GE JKUKiO WN AD V EKT'MTfc OT1CK-MARKBT STALLS AND 113 BENCHES IN GEORiiETO Wy?Ail the tt'alia and beechee inaide and onuiueof the market house in Georgetown. on whieh the aaseaan.ent b?s not been paid, will be eold to the hijnetbidder foroaah on SATUKDAY, the Am of April next, at 19 o'clock a m; and at tb? ante tfice three additional Stand* at Ue hetd ?i the market honeo will be aold to the hicbeat bidder tor eaah. mh 31 -*>t WM. LAIRD. ClerK. rrS?6Kt?RGKTOWN TAXKS FOR 1*6*.JJ5 rtoCieeiBhertbT fiv^n that a dieoount of ten per own. win r>e mowea ns uit i?xm oi it.e current 7*?r, if nid oa or heiore the fir?t of April next CHA8. D. WKU H. mil ?!-? lolleoipr. vip*N 1)T I C E -LICKNSKS-AU eereona |L5 whoee licenae- from the Corpuratwn of Georgetown expire on the l'?t io?t?vnt %i e h?robj notified promptly to ienew t??e ?*m*; other viae they aabfeot i tiudm!re* to ? fine, and the lav is oon'pn eory ne-n the proper offinera to enforo* Mid fine aaamet &!1 dehn^urnts. No farther notice vili ^mh^Sawt* pw WM. LA IB P. C|?rt fc? run BAbl*\ W?,?' S? ??ok?ktp*Dmwe^l^t W A XAKh. NUTlCfc! All Boy a, from iht- i(i of yon *?< ? ><>* b? ftttod oat with teat* Mid >p ?. u.^0^' g^&ffuarir t* m- 4 tt a* 'Hr* V ?.wm> * > i M' ** v- ? y ?.: ? ??- 1*1 'I * SECOND H3JTTK* . hum utlooi. r. m. Riortum or rat {Ultimo** a** Omro Railkoad ? We leara tint the flrat r*r*lar through train \VMt.?TfrUf Baltimore and Ohio Raliroid. will leav tr-morrow mo'nlng. tbo 1st of April, it 7 40, and that through tickets will he old to til points IVtst. and will coatinue daily (Sunday excepted> ! *?v*>rr nar? ?<v?4 if .T 1 W? a j ?ur VT?T|V| ?NB Wf I* ihor^u^hiv rebuilt, and Is uow Id ei?-ell?t order. ? ~ OUR M1UTAKT BUDGET another fight ih sa.r0 itoKSH vr. official Information hiibwa received that* detachment of tbe lit Intra cavalry, under Capt Tl-ompaon, overtook the guerrilla bend of Col. Parke. od the night of tb* i?'k. aboui ten m\Vm Wf?t of WarrenaburR. Fifteen of the rebel* were killed ard twt nty lff taken prl??i?*r> Bincnt; tin utter C. Ptrkcr and Capt WalWn Oar 1^* two killed ?:.d ?c*er?! wonr,d?d thi MtrBDRit or Litrr. rMMtnem i?ri>r a*t? ACriINt MkMFC. Nltllk. The following it an extract of nn nflklil d?a patch jaat received ?t 'be Nsvy LVpsrtroeu' froir Commodore Dupon'. dst?d March H, off Mu? quite Inlet. Fla , whereto tbe circumstances ur der whl"h Lieut l>udd, commanding tbe Pen guin. and Acting Master Mather, commanding the Henry Andrew, acd 1 ve or all other gallant U.t* aatlora. were ambuscaded and klli?4 bv?b? Mihi Ifl '1 ordered the I'eDgulj, Artlne Maatw Com raatidlmrT A B'idd. and the Henry Andrew, Acting Ma?tpr 9 \V Mather, to proceed to thla place (off Moaq-itto Inlet, rcmf. of Florida >?4be letter to rroa* ih? bar, eatabllah an Inaide blockade, rapture anv rebel Tea?ela there, and guard from Inct diarlem lar-e quantise* of live oak uuiimtt vd i?c Ki'?criitiiHii nvti cnt md r**dv for shipment to wh.cb tne Department bad called my attention. "On reaching bere inraelf on tbe 23d I Ml., I wma boarded by the ne?-utive olftcwr of tbe J'rnjnln, and Informed that I.lent Commanding Sudd, with Acting Master Mather, bad organized a* ?r r%?^HUn #?*" *K* 4 a r ?... V?< ywi?,?!lQ Did RIOTM Southward, through tb? Inland paaaage leading Into Mu?qulto Lagoon, pawing ?mvrm, wt'b four or flve light boat*, carrying In all ?ome 43 >oon after this report, wblch I hwd with anxiety, the reanlu were developed It appeara that after going aome flle^n or etghteon miles without any Incident, and while on their reborn ?? 1 Ik. u~~ '-1 " _?? ? ?. iof oraer of tbe line being no lnn*er ob?rrvrd?the two ron?rr.on*' n,r officer*. quite In adv*?c?f landed under certain ?*arthwork? (wh'oh bad b en abandoned or never armed) near a denae grove of litre oak, with underbruah. A heavy anl conttnnou* Are waa unexpectedly opened upon tbetn from both cover* Lieut Com'g Budd and Acting Master Mather, with tbre? of the live men commanding the boata crew, were killed: tbe reniaintnf two were wounded and made bh??b? ' A? the other ho*u cm me an they w^re also fired Into and aafferM more orli< The rear boat of all had a howltfr, whlcb, however, could not be properly secured or worked; the boat not belne fitted for toe purpose, and could, therefore, JrT?fX11,,le u*' rbe m*'n ha<1 aeek cover on Mclatoah ??*?". r. "J,d fk Acn** . body of one of the creMK ? *?, brought away the the arms. ammunition and ntg been killed, *11 witter into the river, passed close *?r the hopickets, who hailed, but elicited n? refB^*b*i arrived aafely on board the Henrv Andrew. " On bearing of thlanotoward event. I directed Commander Rodger* to send off the launch and cuttera of thl* ahlp (the Wab-.ab) to the support of the Andrew. Two boata crossed the bar at midnight, and the next morning thevenael waa KmiUM rlAM tin in th^ of ! #? ttt^k but no enemy could be di?c<>ver?d 'Tbe bodies of I.Uut Kudd a?;d A'ting Master Ma'hft were rectvul under a flog of truoe, and the commanding officer, a Captain Bird, who bad come from a cimp at a d'atanoe, mode some abow of courtesy by returning oaprra and a watch, aa If ashamed of this mode bf warfare; for tbwe were the very troops that, wltb aifl^ient force, means, and material for a respectable defense, had m^o rioudlv fled from ct. Aug'istlne on our approach " m i * _ m .1 Ji a A A _ _ ?. -A i rje re?i oi me ai?paicn if afTom to a nmo home eulogy upon the two dead oficeta, fcc. THE LATEST Br TELEGRAPH. AFFAIRS AT WINCHCITKR . Wiucheftki, March 30.?'The follow:nic, wh? were wounded In the lrtc ' tile, died yesterday and tod*v, end were burled by Capte'i Van a u * . Aiarri; a21 : Mfcbad Martta and W olfe, of the K?lb Ohio; Gw.ltsrdlD'f, of Hth Indiana; unknown, of CPth Ohio; Wb Whttewav of 13 h Ind'ana, and Grace Jackaon, of 27tfc Ohio. The following dlfdoffrw:-H. li Il'own, ?th Oh'.r; Wallacc Colburn, 7th Ohio; E K. Bjnce, *th OL.o?body deliver-d to his fri~xd?; J a* Gordon Kniu, rebel company C, 21*t Virginia. Previous to tbf foregoing our low ?tood 10? killed and died of their wound*. Onlr a few of the details of tbe regimental reports have fet bee i received. Owing to the distance and scat ter'd position* of the regiment*, three or fo?r days will elapse before a fall list of names will Dr. Kenney. the medical inspector of tbe army, hi* Imhu ben* looking into tbe condition of the wounded, in connection wltb tbe medica! director, Wm 8. King, of tbe Ptto artillery corps (h> fffnt irirrllv at (mi < * tin, crockery and htr.^wif, for hospital pur pones, the dtticieiicy tu been In a great meaanre applied The wounded are now contained in two hoapi tal* and are under the immediate charge of f>r H. Bryant, Medical Director of Shields 1)1*1?ion. About230alck ml wounded have beon aent to Frederick. Slxtv of lhe rebel woundnd hare been taken from the'hoapitala and placed In the houaet* of their friend* on parole to report oa their recovery to the iieeret>t commanding oflcer of our forces Our wounded are reported aa generally doing well. Thev number here about 30U The atato ment that Major Perkins, of Geo Banks' staff, was mainly Instrumental In advancing thebatti*, la contradicted, although his preaence and advice were of great service to Cot Kimball, who cots mands the field under the direction of Ocaarti Shields. Medical Director Kins of the corpa/and Sur geon Jackson, of the *9th Prnna^leanla, *et? prrwrni H TWIUUKT B, ?uu Icawritu vHivivHt Oiu in clearing tb? field of wounded. Gaatafe Arnheim. of the Zouavee d'Afrlqoe, acted a* aid to Colonel Bido), chief of Shield*' artillery. Col AnntMhel. of the 1st Virginia Cavalry, rendered great aid to Col. Kimball, and wu in the hottest of the fight He baa just b?n laformed of hl? acquittal of the charge of cowardice, brought againat him by the late Gea Leader. war civiiry iu*uay uiuunui in iwu KurmiiU from Hampblre, one of ttem belonged to Sheet's mounted militia. The following Is a complete list of the killed of the 5'h Ohio: Private*?Pieasant A Brown, r \V V.^kA.1. n KerlM mil Wm u . ? ? A* UVU? I VIMI Wilt, ?? KM. |? VVMMI. Henry Hill, Martin Halley, Henry dipper. Fetor Hopel, Won B Majora, Corporal Charles Talbot*, David Jobnaon. J. B. Sheridan, Thomas B Ordell; Capt Geo. B. Whltcom; Sergeant David Johnson Wounded?1st Lieut. I bomaa Starehman, Sergeants. Edwin Swain and Frederick Fash ; Privates, Patrick Maloney, Jacob Kauat, Peter Keef art, James Slmpaon. ali^bt; Jas Craig, alight , xsaaiei ncirauiui, mikui. Private*?Joan C. cushion, Wm. Miliar, Philip Llppart. John Nolan, Wm Freak, Joseph Uocdall, Joseph Hunter. Aloes* Vila, Frederick Lamporabick, P. D Hollow, Alfred Coleman light. A lonxo CoUobaa. Cha? Peel, Teddy Vaughn, Martin How, H A Ha!sau, 'orporal Henry Teal, Corporal chas Laff. Corporal Henry (iartrlll, Corpora! John O Edaonda, Wm P sandy, Tbot A'ken and J?a Cord. Additional?110th Pcanaylvanla, W H Roc* herder m To-day It painfully gloomy The raia la faUln>: and freezing In cvfytuui*. Ti?e irattfconder a?orin of the tprlng to-nlgbt. Gen Shield* continues to Inpror corf OK BBS JO l? A L mTnifc^wwiMi <?>WM ?m<I? Mokut, Marrti 31 *?ir?? Mr L*thana lntrodoced a bill t?< c?o ate ? burrau of irtMportttloni referred. The House resolution appointing President Tbf-odore I> Wooiaey ot V?ie C ollt^e, CI. a Recent of the <*aaltbaonUa Institution, vice tb? i*te President Fel ton, of Harvard Oalivt Mm deeeeaed, was taken op aad paaaed ^ * Theblll providing for the eppeletmet of teeenut oflcrra aa l:};ht bouae ! i aprctora wea taken en end debated >y M^eare Feeeeod'it. Srlnte* CaUuier aa4 Clarke It, m4 Cku4>?r for It Hocii *r. Dtvn, fro?a tic C??nin? *" Election*, Introduced a reooimUxi *?larta? ? P Vlrlcb . aol entitled to a e*ia?Eepwwela#w from tk? T?h D atrnt of Va . wttek waa al*p<H > Tl? Tax kill waa ikaa ink? ?p I h*CI >4* a jnur' t ??; #<- -u ? ? ^ J' ( 4

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